1871 Map of Huntsville

1871 Map of Huntsville

Hi! My name is Dennis Partridge and I host three county websites for ALGenWeb, Bullock, Madison, and Marshall. This website is where I’ve hosted them.

What’s New

Bullock County

Barbiere’s Cavalry Battalion, Local Defense Troops
Major Joseph Barbiere’s Cavalry Battalion was organized in 1864 from several independent companies, which had themselves been created as supporting forces for the Conscript Reserves. The battalion served principally in central Alabama during the fall and winter, 1864-1865 as local defense troops.

We have added some new cemetery transcriptions to Bullock County:

Madison County

  • 1810 Taxable Property in Madison County
    This is an index to individuals who were taxed in Madison County (Alabama) in 1810. Use this information as evidence on whether your ancestor resided in the territory of Madison County. Unfortunately it is just a list of names, and no further information was provided.

Marshall County