Ferner Family
Ferner Family

I’ve recovered two old photographs belonging to the FERNER Family of Chicago. The first is a family photograph including the parents Belle and Dr. FERNER with four children including, Inez, Thelma, Dan, and Herbert. They are also identified as “Aunt Belle’s Family” in the photograph which was taken at the W. R. Banks Studio in Chicago, IL. The photograph appears to have been taken in the early 1900’s with the parents in their 30’s or 40’s and the children ranging from infant to 9 years.

The second photograph is identified as Inez Lea FERNER at ate 7 weeks and 6 days old. The photograph was taken at the Elite Studio though there is no location referenced. It appears to have been taken in the 1890’s.

Based on limited research I was able to locate the following information regarding this family:

Daniel Andrew Johnson FERNER was b. 29 Sept 1866 in Jay Co., IN to parents Daniel FERNER (1826-1896) and Sarah BERGMAN (1834-1919) who were married in 1852 in Jay Co., IN. Daniel was one of 11 children born to this couple including, Delilah A.; George Washington; Samuel L.; Barbara E.; Lavina; Christopher S.; Daniel Andrew Johnson; John Wesley; Abraham T.; Harvey Ross; and Sarah Rosetta FERNER, all born between 1854 and 1878. Daniel married Sarah Belle NICKERSON (1867-1936) on 12 May 1895 in Mercer Co., OH and they had four children including, Inez Lea; Thelma L.; Daniel Andrew Johnson; and Herbert L: FERNER.

After Sarah died Daniel remarried Martha Maude STEVENS (1882-1973) on 5 Nov 1937 in Jay Co., IN. Daniel died in 1954 and he is buried in the Green Mound Cemetery in Fort Recovery, OH.

Sarah Belle NICKERSON was b. 11 Feb 1867 in Fort Recovery, OH to parents Joshua E. NICKERSON (1826-1904) and Sarah MCDOWELL (1824-1881) who were married 24 Jan 1848 in Mercer Co., OH. Sarah was one of 10 children born to this couple including, Elizabeth Ann; Phebe; Joseph; Ruth; Phebe II; Martin; Albert; Christina; John; and Sarah Belle NICKERSON, all born between 1848 and 1867. Sarah Belle died 29 Nov 1936 in Chicago, IL and she is buried in the same Green Mound Cemetery in Fort Recovery, OH.

Their daughter Inez Lea FERNER was b. 3 Jun 1896 in Chicago, IL and she married Edgar Allen PARSONS on 12 Dec 1918 in Cook Co., IL and they had a daughter, Beverley or Beverly Allen or Allyn PARSONS (1919-1978). Inez died 9 Apr 1925 in Chicago, IL and is buried in the Cedar Park Cemetery in Calumet Park, IL. Their son Herbert Lincoln FERNER was b. 28 Sept 1906 and married Esther Berg HENRY (1912-1992) on 23 May 1957 and he died 14 Feb 1984 in Huntsville, AL and is buried in the Faith Memorial Park Cemetery in Madison, AL.

Their daughter Thelma L. FERNER was b. 29 Jan 1904 and married Charles Burton VERNOOY (1903-1989) on 20 Nov 1926 in Cook Co., IL and they had two children. Thelma died 23 Jun 1955. Their son Daniel Andrew Johnson FERNER Jr. was b. 8 Dec 1908 in Ottawa Township, LaSalle Co., IL and married Mildred Agnes Sofia VOSS (1910-2001 or 2005). Daniel died Oct 1981 in Woodridge Township Du Page Co., IL.

I am hoping to return the photographs to family and would appreciate you contacting me if you are a member of this family or if you know someone who might be.

Shelley Cardie
[email protected]