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Thank you, Dennis

Schrimsher, Hamilton, Schmalr, Cowan, and Grimmett – 27 May 2010 I am searching for information about my great-great grandmother and her 4 husbands: Sarah Catherine (Kitty) Schrimsher, Joseph Hamilton, Joseph Schmalr, Jason Cowan, and Thomas Benton Grimmett. I’m told that the Schrimshers are one of the first families of Northern Alabama. My brother and I were adopted out of the family and we’re trying to put together some idea of what our ancestors were like. I found Joseph Hamilton on the 1870 census and the record of his marriage to Kitty, but can’t figure out what happened to him. Did he die,run off, what? Same with Joseph Schmalr, who is my great-great grandfather. I can’t even locate the birth record of my great-grandfather, Daniel Austin (11/16/1882). Kitty married Schmalr in Tenn. in 1881, so what happened between 1875 when she married Hamilton and 1881 when she married Schmalr. Schmalr susposedly died, but is there a death certificate? She married ! Cowan in 1887. Was it even legal? She supposedly divorced him and married Grimmett in 1903. In fact, I don’t know when or where Kitty died. Four husbands in a relatively short period of time is quite curious to me for the time period in history. It wasn’t the norm, if you know what I mean. If you can help us with any of this, we would be eternally grateful. Rhoades, Deborah

Landman, William and Frances – 15 April 2010 Looking for other descendents of William and Frances Landman who lived in Madison County, Alabama. They are buried in the Landman Cemetery on Redstone Arsenal. Any descendents of this line or those of Samuel Landman, please email me. Kaye Sass

Lock(e) Family – 15 April 2010 Looking for descendents from these lines; John H Locke, Sr., Hinton Ebert Locke, Clarence Locke, Jacob Edward Locke, Nancy Locke, Mary Locke, John Locke, Jr who married Rosa, William W. Locke, James T. Locke, Berry Locke, Pearl Locke Stewart. Kaye Sass

Ray, William Henry – 29 March 2010 We are searching for information about William Henry Ray who, according to oral family history, was b. ca. 1822 in Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama. His parents are unknown, but the oral history is that he was orphaned at a young age, and he went to Mississippi. Any information will be welcome. Helen McClendon


Smith, Joseph & Rebecca19 Feb 2010 I am seeking information on the history and founders of the church called Ebenezer at Hobbs Island. I was told that in the 1830’s Joseph & Rebecca Smith (brother & sister) were instrumental in the founding of this church. Author Frances A Nalls wrote a book The Church Called Ebenezer: Madison Alabama. There may be info in this book, but it is out of print and so far, I have been unable to locate a copy. If anyone would have any resource to this info or know of a source I could contact, I would greatly appreciate your sharing of info.

Dorothy Smith


Manson, Isaac – 26 Jan 2010 There is an Isaac A. Manson shown in 1840 in Huntsville. There is an Isaac D. Manson shown in 1850. Of course, my suspicion is that these are the same person, but this is not yet proven.

Myself and several other researchers are seeking info on how Isaac, who says he is from SC, fits into the larger Manson family in the US. Anyone with info on Isaac or his family please contact me.

My page with all of the info I currently have on him is here: Plenge/Manson Family Tree.

My current email address should always be found on that page.

Karl Plenge


Hanna, James A. – 26 Jan 2010 Looking for information on James A. Hanna (1835-1910) from Madison County, AL. I want to find out who his father’s name and place of origin.

James Hanna


Stone, Bennett, Jacob and Elizabeth  –  17 Jan 2010 Searching for parents of Bennett, Jacob and Elizabeth Stone, supposed to have been b. in Tennessee or Alabama.

  1. Bennett Stone b. abt. 1811, married Mary Bankhead, dau. of Thos. & Martha Bankhead, in Madison County, AL 2 Oct. 1833.
  2. Jacob Stone b. abt. Aug. 1818, married Mary Jane Williams in Fayette Co. TN 30 May 1842.
  3. Elizabeth Stone b. abt. 1821, married James Woolsey possibly in DeSoto Co., MS Dec. 1842.

William Stone


Jones, Moses  –  Jan 1 2010 Looking for Moses Jones (~1802-1873) who was in MS Territory before Jackson County was established. Census lists him as being b. in TN. Was there a Moses, Sr.? who is listed as a soldier in the War of 1812 as from North AL? Any help is appreciated. See more: Moses Jones Family of Madison County, 1802?-1873

Lucy Miller


Lancaster, Josiah – Jan 1 2010 Looking for information on Josiah and Lucy Ann (Hudson) Lancaster of Madison & Jackson counties, AL; Josiah d. abt 1829 & Lucy married T.M. Rector of Jackson Co. Haven’t been able to find a trace of Josiah who was reported to have land in Madison County. See more

Lucy Miller