The following is a listing of the graves in the Fellowship Cemetary of Bullock Co thanks to Mary Norman of Auburn, Al who supplied the following information. June 1997

This cemetery has been taken twice. First by Mrs. Lewey Dorman of Hurtsboro, AL in 1932 and 1933. It was taken again by Mrs. Mary Norman of Auburn, AL in November 1983. Some of the graves Mrs. Dorman found could not be found by Mrs. Norman. However, when Mrs. Dorman took the cemetery in 1932, she did not include the months and days in her recording. Mrs. Norman went back and has included that information. The graves Mrs. Dorman found and could not be found by Mrs. Norman are enumerated here with an asterisk. Mrs. Norman’s interest in the cemetery is the number of her family members (John PRUETT line) that are buried here.

The Fellowship Church Cemetery

The Fellowship Church Cemetery is located in Bullock (Originally Barbour and Macon Co.), Alabama on the west side of County Highway #47, about 2 1/2 miles north of the intersection of Highway #82 in Midway, AL. The cemetery is in poor condition, and many of the graves were hard to reach due to the thick undergrowth of bushes and vines. The tombstones, however, are in remarkable condition. The cemetery got its name from the Primitive Baptist Church that used to be across the street from it.

Iron Fence Surrounding:

Elizabeth, wife of A. H. KING b. 10 May 1820 d. 18 April 1877

There is one more marker in this iron surrounding, but is so thickly submerged in the ground, it is illegible. There may have been other graves in here, but they are not marked.

John TAYLOR b. 10 March 1805 d. 9 Dec. 1846

Mrs. Elizabeth TAYLOR b. 18 April 1802 d. 26 August 1878

*J.J. TAYLOR 1840-1902

Dr. David A. TAYLOR b. 17 May 1842 d. 23 June 1864

Anna M. TAYLOR b. 10 June 1865 d. 1 August 1890

Green B. MCGEE d. 1882, age 65

*Susan B. BEASLEY 1810-1896

*L. CAMERON 1786-1856 *C. CAMERON 1786-1867

* John Franklin CAMERON 1826-1904

*Mary Rebecca , wife of J. F. CAMERON 1837-1882

*D. Haywood, son of J. F. & M. R. CAMERON 1858-1868

*Mrs. Luna DICKSON, 1st consort of Elder J. J. DICKSON died 1863, age 58

FEAGIN LOT- surrounded by wrought iron fence with the name FEAGIN on a bronze plaque on the gate.

Mary Ann, wife of F. M. KNOWLES born Barbour Co., AL 19 June 1838 died 13 June 1875

G. W. FEAGIN b. 2 March 1821 d. 27 October 1868

James Madison FEAGIN b. 27 February 1814 Jones County, Georgia d. 23 November 1899 Bullock Co., AL

Almira Cole FEAGIN b. 11 December 1822 Covington Co., AL d. 23 September 1900 Bullock Co., AL

Samuel Jefferson FEAGIN b. 1841 in Bullock Co., AL Mortally wounded at Cold Harbour 3 July 1862 died in Field Hospital 19 July 1862

There is another marker at the side of this marker: Samuel J. FEAGIN, Alabama Pvt. – Co. B, 15th Regt. Alabama Infantry, Confederate States.

In memory of Mary A., daughter of Jas. M. and A. FEAGIN b. 14 January 1858 d. 11 May 1858

Our little Brother (Small marker, obviously a child) Boshe B. FEAGIN b. 16 March 1843 d. 11 Jan. 1847 age 3 years, 9 mos, 25 days.

Samuel FEAGIN b. 8 October 1782 d. 5 March 1848 age 65 yrs., 4 mos, 27 days

Mary Feagin Jordan, wife of Samuel FEAGIN b. 28 November 1804 or 5 d. 26 July 1896

James Madison FEAGIN b. 23 March 1854 d. 27 December 1909

In memory of John Richard, son of Samuel and Julia FEAGIN b. 7 January 1854 d. 23 September 1854

There is one additional marker, a cross, with no inscription, plus on additional grave that is not marked at all.

PRUETT lot – Surrounded by wrought iron fence, with the name S. G. PRUETT in bronze on the plaque. Fence was made by Stewart Iron Works Culverts, Cincinnati, Ohio.

James Madison PRUETT b. 8 November 1815 m. 17 May 1836 d. 17 November 1878

Louisa PRUETT b. 28 May 1818 d. 8 December 1891

John PRUETT b. 3 January 1785 d. 11 July 1842 age 57 yrs, 6 mos, & 8 days

Mary PRUETT d. 29 October 1855 age 62 yrs.

Infant son of S. T. & Cora F. PRUETT (no dates)

Jacob D. PRUETT b. 15 September 1853 d. 28 April 1857

Lula J. FITZPATRICK b. 4 October 1856 d. 2 June 1898

Seth G., son of E. H. & E. S. FITZPATRICK b. 19 November 1881 *d. 1883

There is one additional grave in this lot that does not have a name or headstone, but has a footstone with the initials, J M P.

William B or C. SMITH, Sr. b. 5 October 1817 d. 31 May 1898 age 80 yrs, 5 mos, 26 days

*Jeanette, wife of W. C. SMITH 1823

*William C. SMITH, Jr. 1846-1868

R. W. HALL b. 16 June 1813 d. 4 April 1857

Jordan D. STINSON b. 24 September 1826 d. 25 January 1839

Jasper N. STINSON (no dates)

Jesse Franklin STINSON (no dates)

*Elizabeth Ann KENADY, daughter of Jesse & Mary KENADY 1849 – 1851

Carrie E. JOHNSON, wife of W. E. JOHNSON d. October 1904

W. E. JOHNSON b. 19 November 1838 d. 9 March 1898

Daniel CALLAWAY 1799 – 1865

Elizabeth Hill CALLAWAY 1800 – 1863

Willie E. PEARSON age 55 d. 10 December 1855

Robert PICKETT d. 17 October 1851

Susan E. GANUS or CANUS b. 2 May 1821 d. 23 October 1860

Thomas J. H. PICKETT b. 12 January 1835 d. 24 March 1858

Lazarus N. PICKETT b. 6 August 1819 d. 15 December 1841

3 unmarked graves built above ground with brick

Son of Eli N. & Jane E. FORD b. 3 August 1850 d. 14th day of the same month

Elizabeth FORD, wife of G. FORD b. 1791 d. 27 May 1851

Martha Sauls, daughter of Gardner and Elizabeth FORD b. 31 December 1816 d. 31 May 1854

Gardner FORD b. 1784 d. 22 August 1854

James Wm., son of W. A. and C. BENNETT d. 13 November 1855 age 3 mos, 15 days

Carolina?, consort of W. A. BENNETT b. 8 June 1833 d. 16 July 1856

one unmarked grave

James F. MALLOY b. 29 January 1838 d. 24 July 1857

May Ann MALLOY b. 5 January 1842 d. 29 July 1856

two unmarked graves to the right.

Francis Marion MOSELY b. 4 October 1815 d. 26 August 1869

*Susan Amanda MOSELY 1848 – 1857

Victoria Elizabeth MOSLEY b. December 1843 d. 25 May 1864

Henry Lamar MOSELY b. March 1856 d. 22 October 1857

Sarah BRITT, consort of Edward BRITT d. 22 February 1857 age 85 years.

PIPKIN LOT – surrounded by wrought iron fence, with the name PIPKIN on the bronze plaque on the gate – However, non of the tombstones remain inside the lot.

Amanda M. THOMAS, wife of J. S. THOMAS b. 14 August 1825 d. 3 February 1906

S. T. E. or *G. T. B. THOMAS (hard to tell the indentions in the initials) b. 6 May 1861 d. 3 June 1891

*Elizabeth, daughter of J. S. & A. M. THOMAS 1856 – 1863

Annie Thee, daughter of S. T. E. THOMAS & A. M. THOMAS b. 18 September 1884 d. 10 March 1885

Willie, son of S. & A. M. THOMAS b. 17 October 1858 d. 30 July 1870

J. S. THOMAS d. 23 December 1862 age 35 years.

Elizabeth, daughter of S. & A.M. THOMAS b. 31 July 1856 d. 6 May 1863

There is a black section in the back of this cemetery that contains many newer graves. Many of these graves were not marked and they were not taken.