North Alabamians In The War of 1812. (X) marks soldiers who have been positively identified as being from North Alabama.– 16th Regiment (Burrus’) Of Mississippi Militia Jones, Moses, private May 1809 — Names of tenants on Doublehead’s Reserve May 25, 1809, Original lessees 20, under those 18 (total) 38; A list of the tenants under Doublehead’s claim (O.S. – Old Settler) Jones, Moses (among others)

Names of Lessees under the first Lessees: Jones, Moses (among others) 1810, 1811, 1812, 1816 — Taxable Property in Madison Co., MS Territory, beginning 19 July 1810 Jones, Moses 1816 Madison Co., AL census lists 2 Moses Jones (my Moses Jones would be about 13). “In 1816 a special census was taken of the MS territory in preparation of MS becoming a state. Part of MS Territory became the state of AL.” Original records at Dept. of Archives & History, Jackson, AL

Sources: 1) Valley Leaves, Sept 1967, p. 100, 16th Reg. (Burrus’) of MS Militia; 2) War of 1812 Soldiers From North Alabama, Madison Co., AL website: 3) list from “Publication of the MS Historical Society” Vol. 4, published 1921 at Jackson, MS: