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SublettAlecGuyUnk19 Jun 1958Maple Hill
SublettAlonzoUnk12 Jan 1973Maple Hill
SublettAlvieL.24 Apr 191125 Feb 2001Madison Crossroads
SublettAndrewM.Unk03 Feb 1897Sublett
SublettArthurE.Unk07 Jul 1958Maple Hill
SublettB.Unk14 Aug 1951Maple Hill
SublettB.Unk24 Jul 1950Maple Hill
SublettBernardUnk20 Feb 1978Maple Hill
SublettClydeUnk18 Jan 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
SublettElizabethBelle15 Aug 189608 Jan 1985Jenkins
SublettElizabethM.08 Jan 185105 Mar 1941Jenkins
SublettEllaV.05 Jul 185607 Jun 1943Jenkins
SublettEmma15 Oct 186802 Feb 1939Sublett
SublettEuniceJ.19 Nov 191513 Jan 2003Madison Crossroads
SublettGeorgeW.10 Jun 184905 Feb 1927Jenkins
SublettGraceUnk08 Jun 1976Maple Hill
SublettHarryOrville17 Jul 190930 Nov 1916Jenkins
SublettJ.Unk10 Jan 1926Maple Hill
SublettJacieErnestine09 Mar 189209 Dec 1966Esslinger
SublettJosephineUnk07 Mar 1982Maple Hill
SublettL.Unk30 Jul 1951Maple Hill
SublettLawsonUnk14 May 1935Maple Hill
SublettLeoUnk18 Apr 1969Maple Hill
SublettLeonUnk11 Sep 1973Maple Hill
SublettLittleberryM.28 Aug 185102 Jun 1922Jenkins
SublettLloydS.11 Sep 189510 Apr 1981Moon
SublettMagieUnk08 May 1973Maple Hill
SublettMaryM.Unk11 May 1963Maple Hill
SublettNellieMillerUnk25 Feb 1979Maple Hill
SublettOdaWilburn30 Oct 188605 Aug 1965Jenkins
SublettPollyAnn182627 Oct 1900Sublett
SublettTommieS.10 Feb 189618 Mar 1958Moon
SublettValeriaMelvin10 Sep 189830 Mar 1922Jenkins
SublettViolaElizabeth20 Feb 190523 Feb 1905Sublett
SublettWilliamB.07 Feb 185604 Mar 1908Sublett
SublettWilliamO.Unk11 Nov 1957Maple Hill
SublettWilliamRoyUnk05 Apr 1987Maple Hill
SuchnerDonaldR.Unk11 Jan 1976Maple Hill
SuddethCharlieUnk28 Sep 1947Maple Hill
SudduthHenryUnk04 May 1951Maple Hill
SudduthZadaUnk15 Jul 1973Maple Hill
SuggHarryB.Unk11 May 1980Maple Hill
SuggHarryUnk19 Nov 1930Maple Hill
SuggHenriettaV.Unk05 Dec 1990Maple Hill
SuggHenriettaUnk17 Apr 1942Maple Hill
SuggJuliusUnk02 Feb 1915Maple Hill
SuggL.Unk13 Feb 1929Maple Hill
SuggLeroyUnk02 Jun 1944Maple Hill
SuggsRobertF.25 Aug 192315 Apr 1965Northside
SulengerLelandUnk12 Jul 1893Maple Hill
SullensCordieE.Unk13 Jul 1991Maple Hill
SullensVelmaO.Unk09 Jun 1996Maple Hill
SullinsBircheyL.Unk04 Apr 1992Maple Hill
SullinsPinkC.Unk02 Feb 1970Maple Hill
SullinsThomasUnk23 Jul 1975Maple Hill
SullivanAlf18871951Big Cove
SullivanAllenBenjamin21 Feb 191505 Aug 1918Charity Baptist Church
SullivanAudreyUnk13 Aug 1987Maple Hill
SullivanBerthaM.12 May 189523 Sep 1983Pleas Mount Baptist Church
SullivanCarrieL.Collier24 Feb 186821 Sep 1892Gurley
SullivanCarrieLee19 Jun 188416 Oct 1917Fleming
SullivanDanielUnk24 Jul 1877Maple Hill
SullivanElmer04 Jan 191028 Jun 1992Fleming
SullivanEulaUnk26 Jul 1993Maple Hill
SullivanFloydB.09 Nov 189621 May 1959Charity Baptist Church
SullivanGertrudeE.08 Sep 191705 Apr 1977Fleming
SullivanGraceUnk13 Mar 1961Maple Hill
SullivanHoward23 Dec 190716 Nov 1964Charity Baptist Church
SullivanIdaE.18731927Charity Baptist Church
SullivanJ.Unk20 Sep 1937Maple Hill
SullivanJamesEdward13 Feb 192725 Apr 1995Golightly
SullivanJamesF.16 Dec 189207 Aug 1961Charity Baptist Church
SullivanJohnB.1874NDDCharity Baptist Church
SullivanJohnUnk26 Jan 1894Maple Hill
SullivanJohnUnk29 Aug 1891Maple Hill
SullivanJohnUnk01 Jan 1887Maple Hill
SullivanJohnUnk22 Nov 1874Maple Hill
SullivanJohnnieL.25 May 191223 Jul 1965Charity Baptist Church
SullivanJohnnie10 Oct 188329 Apr 1950Fleming
SullivanJosephUnk27 Jan 1919Maple Hill
SullivanJuliaR.Unk23 Mar 2005Maple Hill
SullivanJulia05 May 192823 Mar 2005Murphy Hill
SullivanLarkinT.21 Aug 189227 Jan 1968Charity Baptist Church
SullivanLouiF.Unk19 Apr 1994Maple Hill
SullivanMamieO.15 Sep 188931 Oct 1968Charity Baptist Church
SullivanMargaretS.18701965Charity Baptist Church
SullivanMaryAliceUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
SullivanMaryE.11 Feb 1894NDDCharity Baptist Church
SullivanMaryL.20 Aug 190028 Oct 1943Charity Baptist Church
SullivanMaryL.Unk19 Jun 1998Maple Hill
SullivanMcNeilUnk03 Mar 1963Maple Hill
SullivanMertieUnk22 Jan 1938Maple Hill
SullivanMichaelS.13 Feb 195228 Mar 1979Northside
SullivanMollieBranche12 Mar 188812 Apr 1971Maple Hill
SullivanNathanJun 1914Feb 1937Fleming
SullivanOliverM.17 Jan 188914 Sep 1972Pleas Mount Baptist Church
SullivanOscarWashington26 Jun 186314 Jul 1873Madison
SullivanP.Unk12 Mar 1953Maple Hill
SullivanRillaUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
SullivanRobieJoe21 Feb 194315 Jul 1983Fleming
SullivanSarahUnk29 Nov 1923Maple Hill
SullivanTerryRay26 Jan 196828 Jan 1993Charity Baptist Church
SullivanUnkUnk01 Jan 1909Maple Hill
SullivanVirginiaLou20 Jun 193211 Sep 1990Golightly
SullivanWarrenE.Unk02 Jul 1981Maple Hill
SullivanWillieE.26 Apr 190131 Dec 1958Charity Baptist Church
SumehardVirginiaUnk16 Jan 1895Maple Hill
SumerfordFlossieBoggs10 Mar 1894NDDCharity Baptist Church
SumerfordGeorgeG.01 Jun 189429 Nov 1960Charity Baptist Church
SummerfordCharlesUnk01 Oct 1989Maple Hill
SummerfordMargaretJ.17 Jan 186920 Oct 1929Charity Baptist Church
SummerfordReginaFayeUnk30 Dec 1987Maple Hill
SummerfordRobertA.09 Aug 186702 Dec 1938Charity Baptist Church
SummersEffieMartinUnk27 Feb 1968Maple Hill
SummersGeorgeW.Unk15 Jul 1895Maple Hill
SummersGeorgiaA.Unk20 Dec 1993Maple Hill
SummersHollieUnk14 Jul 1954Maple Hill
SummersJamesC.Unk01 Mar 1959Maple Hill
SummersJamesO.Unk17 Jun 1979Maple Hill
SummersJoeUnk03 Dec 1956Maple Hill
SummersMaryEtheleenCantrell Gurley01 Apr 191426 Oct 2003Maple Hill
SummersMildredIreneUnk27 Jun 2000Maple Hill
SummersPalmerUnk06 Jan 1955Maple Hill
SummersPleasUnk10 Jun 1940Maple Hill
SummersSarahUnk25 Mar 2002Maple Hill
SummersThomasH.Unk30 Apr 1993Maple Hill
SummersVestaR.Unk19 Oct 1976Maple Hill
SummufordLibbyUnk23 Nov 2004Maple Hill
SumnerLouisaA.Unk03 Feb 1833Jordan/Lanier
SumnerLucilleHooksUnk20 Jan 2006Maple Hill
SumnerWilliamH.Unk20 Apr 1991Maple Hill
SumnersMarthaPaulineUnk21 Dec 1995Maple Hill
SumnersW.A.Unk30 Sep 1888Maple Hill
SundbergCarlJohnUnk26 Nov 1994Maple Hill
SundbergDerwinUnk17 Aug 2003Maple Hill
SundbergMiyoUnk12 Jun 1993Maple Hill
SundeArinGailUnk26 Jan 1959Maple Hill
SunsForrestUnkNDDMaple Hill
SunsNanieMayeUnk02 Jul 1981Maple Hill
SurlesAmanda19 Mar 191126 Sep 1991Pine Grove - Harvest
SurlesCorettaDenise10 Nov 198226 Jan 1998Pine Grove - Harvest
SurlesDarrylLamont13 Mar 193030 Apr 1991Pine Grove - Harvest
SurlesLamontA.20 Jun 196616 May 2001Pine Grove - Harvest
SurviaHattonUnk11 Apr 1920Maple Hill
SuttlesCharlesUnk22 Oct 1896Maple Hill
SuttlesFloraMae30 May 191929 Jun 2005Faith Memorial Park
SuttlesJamesUnk26 Nov 1954Maple Hill
SuttlesMichaelWayneUnk18 Sep 1962Maple Hill
SuttlesMiltonWallaceUnk08 Apr 1998Maple Hill
SuttlesPatrickDeanUnk29 Aug 1969Maple Hill
SuttlesVirdiaViolaUnk27 Sep 2000Maple Hill
SuttonDellaUnk18 Mar 1903Maple Hill
SuttonE.Unk16 Dec 1901Maple Hill
SuttonEdUnk15 Dec 1902Maple Hill
SuttonHermanJ.Unk14 Jul 1981Maple Hill
SuttonIraUnk23 May 1960Maple Hill
SuttonJohnF.06 Dec 190025 Dec 1972Maple Hill
SuttonJosie09 Feb 189927 Nov 1911Brown
SuttonLizzieEloiseUnk06 Aug 1991Maple Hill
SuttonLucyClarkUnkNDDMaple Hill
SvellaMrs.Unk09 Apr 1973Taylor
SwaffordBilly02 Nov 193509 Jun 1936Pleas Mount Baptist Church
SwaffordC.L.Unk11 Mar 1987Maple Hill
SwaffordDorothyLedbetter24 Aug 192826 Nov 1955Hayden
SwaffordEssieElizabeth14 Oct 189915 May 1980Taylor
SwaffordFloydM.05 Sep 190918 May 1982Taylor
SwaffordGordonA.19 Apr 190821 Aug 1993Taylor
SwaffordHomerFranklin14 Oct 190101 Aug 1977Pleas Mount Baptist Church
SwaffordInfantFemale10 Aug 192811 Aug 1928Pleas Mount Baptist Church
SwaffordJeremyW.12 May 197812 May 1978Pleas Mount Baptist Church
SwaffordJerryW.12 May 197812 May 1978Pleas Mount Baptist Church
SwaffordL.L.24 Mar 192409 Dec 1997Pleas Mount Baptist Church
SwaffordLelaJuanita17 Sep 192922 Jun 1932Pleas Mount Baptist Church
SwaffordLouisIra20 Jul 1920NDDTaylor
SwaffordMackTony27 Jul 194226 Jul 1964Taylor
SwaffordMaryA.08 Jun 190219 Mar 1954Pleas Mount Baptist Church
SwaffordMaryUnk04 Sep 1970Maple Hill
SwaffordNannieM.Unk15 Mar 1995Maple Hill
SwaffordNoraBettyRuss11 Sep 188908 Mar 1955Taylor
SwaffordRolandAlva13 Jul 191029 Nov 1939Pleas Mount Baptist Church
SwaffordRoyC.25 Nov 191507 Jul 1984Taylor
SwaffordRoyE.Unk21 Apr 1987Maple Hill
SwaffordVivianC.12 Sep 192729 Jun 1996Pleas Mount Baptist Church
SwaffordWendell24 Sep 194117 Nov 1945Taylor
SwaimArtieMaeUnk19 Jun 1962Maple Hill
SwaimBenjaminUnk25 Aug 1954Maple Hill
SwaimCharlesThomas29 Dec 194309 Jan 1944Browning
SwaimCoraH.Unk19 Jun 1976Maple Hill
SwaimCorneliaUnk25 Feb 1945Maple Hill
SwaimDorisUnk29 Mar 1983Maple Hill
SwaimFelixServerusUnk24 Aug 2000Maple Hill
SwaimFredA.Unk01 Oct 1992Maple Hill
SwaimGeorgeUnk01 Jan 1984Maple Hill
SwaimGeorgeUnk31 Dec 1951Maple Hill
SwaimHarryUnk28 Jan 1951Maple Hill
SwaimIdaMaeUnk11 Apr 1961Maple Hill
SwaimJohnH.18891931Camp Ground
SwaimLawrenceDocUnk17 May 1986Maple Hill
SwaimLillieViningUnk18 Oct 1962Maple Hill
SwaimLizzieFrances02 Aug 192615 Jun 1928Browning
SwaimMargaretMildredUnk07 Dec 2004Maple Hill
SwaimMaryS.Unk21 Mar 1991Maple Hill
SwaimMaryUnk06 Nov 1956Maple Hill
SwaimOllieG.Unk10 Jul 1965Maple Hill
SwaimOllieUnk19 Jan 1952Maple Hill
SwaimPochontasUnk13 Dec 1989Maple Hill
SwaimRobertUnk05 Feb 1948Maple Hill
SwaimRoyWilliamUnk20 Feb 1992Maple Hill
SwaimSamuelWalterUnk22 Jan 1962Maple Hill
SwaimSusieC.Unk11 Jan 1961Maple Hill
SwaimUnauUnk11 May 2002Maple Hill
SwaimVirgieLockeUnk18 Aug 1997Maple Hill
SwaimWilliamD.Unk01 Feb 1980Maple Hill
SwaimWilliamThomasUnk26 Jun 1997Maple Hill
SwaimWilliamUnk08 Jun 1962Maple Hill
SwaimWilliamUnk03 Jun 1943Maple Hill
SwainAgnesUnk24 Oct 1957Maple Hill
SwainJosephineK.Unk14 Aug 1937Maple Hill
SwainSallieUnk07 Mar 1935Maple Hill
SwainW.Unk10 Jan 1924Maple Hill
SwainWilliamErnestUnk30 May 1931Maple Hill
SwainsMarionUnk03 Jan 1929Maple Hill
SwanJennieUnk14 Oct 1885Maple Hill
SwanerMariaElizabeth09 Mar 191226 Sep 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
SwannSamuelUnk24 May 1925Maple Hill
SwansonWayneL.193013 Nov 2004Huntsville Memory Gardens
SwapshireWilliamUnk18 Aug 1870Maple Hill
SwartzEmmaUnk02 Feb 1921Maple Hill
SwartzGeorgeUnk16 Nov 1931Maple Hill
SwartzMadgeUnk22 Aug 1956Maple Hill
SwaseyJohnD.Unk27 Jul 1893Maple Hill
SwearingenGradyUnk18 Nov 1962Maple Hill
SwearingerCharlesUnk05 Jan 2005Maple Hill
SweeneyEdwardUnk04 Mar 1915Maple Hill
SweeneyWilliamUnk12 Aug 1940Maple Hill
SweetAnnieUnk21 Mar 1904Maple Hill
SweetonCarlEugeneUnk27 Dec 1980Maple Hill
SweetonEdnaE.Unk17 Sep 1974Maple Hill
SweetonJamesL.Unk17 Jul 1966Maple Hill
SwelerElizaUnk28 Jul 1927Maple Hill
SwelerMattieUnk18 Jul 1933Maple Hill
SweneyAlfredUnk21 Oct 1876Maple Hill
SweneyAlfredUnk23 Sep 1874Maple Hill
SwiftJohnUnk12 Oct 1924Maple Hill
SwindallSarahKatherineUnk13 Dec 1964Maple Hill
SwindellElbertUnk17 Apr 1978Maple Hill
SwindellFrankUnk09 Aug 1970Maple Hill
SwindellNonaW.Unk11 Mar 1983Maple Hill
SwindlerRollinLelandUnk18 Feb 1963Maple Hill
SwindlesBellUnk04 Jan 1929Maple Hill
SwineaE.Unk20 Nov 1913Maple Hill
SwinehartLenaUnk14 Jan 1929Maple Hill
SwinehartSamuelUnk12 Jan 1929Maple Hill
SwinfordBerthaMaeUnk09 Oct 1963Maple Hill
SwinfordConnieUnk05 Oct 1955Maple Hill
SwinfordDouglasUnk19 Mar 1964Maple Hill
SwinfordLesterL.23 Dec 193107 Oct 1970Maple Hill
SwinfordPaulClarenceUnk23 Apr 1964Maple Hill
SwinfordRonaldDavidUnk17 Aug 1989Maple Hill
SwinfordThomasRay11 Oct 195911 Apr 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
SwinfordVeronaUnk29 Jan 1970Maple Hill
SwinfordWalterUnk13 Jun 1914Maple Hill
SwinfordWilliamHowardUnk20 Aug 1958Maple Hill
SwingJ.RodneyUnk19 Jan 2000Maple Hill
SwingJoeUnk02 Nov 1985Maple Hill
SwingPaulineCromwellUnk17 Oct 1997Maple Hill
SwingleCharlesUnk16 Jun 1979Maple Hill
SwingleEdwardUnk04 Dec 1946Maple Hill
SwingleFannieUnk16 Sep 1939Maple Hill
SwingleMildredK.Unk09 Jul 1994Maple Hill
SwinneaOllieUnk14 Jul 1934Maple Hill
SwinneyLizzieUnk03 Aug 1938Maple Hill
SwoopeJudgeW.21 Jun 189928 Aug 1964Brandon
SyerCharlesS.Unk12 Feb 1988Maple Hill
SykesEmmaJ.Unk23 Aug 1998Maple Hill
SykesGeorgeDonaldUnkNDDValhalla Memory Gardens
SykesJamesThomasUnk15 Jan 2003Maple Hill
SykesJanieUnk07 Jun 1950Maple Hill
SylerGeorgeUnk25 Jun 1938Maple Hill
SylerGeorgeUnk22 Jul 1917Maple Hill
SylerRobertUnk03 Nov 1932Maple Hill
SylerUnkMaleUnk05 Jun 1913Maple Hill
SylerUnkUnk12 Jun 1951Maple Hill
SylvesterAliceUnk09 Feb 1951Maple Hill
SylvesterBarbaraUnk24 Sep 1950Maple Hill
SylvesterJerryUnk01 Jul 1942Maple Hill
SylvesterKathrynUnk29 Jun 1969Maple Hill
SylvesterM.C.Unk08 Jun 1982Maple Hill
SylvesterMarvinV.10 Oct 189401 Mar 1959Shady Grove
SylvesterTollie22 Jan 192315 May 1966Shady Grove
SylvesterUnkFemaleUnk30 Jul 1889Maple Hill
SylvesterWoodrowUnk03 Mar 1941Maple Hill
SzamierVincentUnk20 Jun 1969Maple Hill
SzilagyiLois12 Apr 191230 Dec 2002Huntsville Memory Gardens
SzilagyiStephenJ.30 Apr 191215 Sep 2000Huntsville Memory Gardens

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