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Madison County Cemeteries – F’s Surnames

No portion of this page may be copied without the consent of Richard White. Permission for non-profit or educational redistribution in original form via electronic or print media is explicitly granted. Commercial redistribution...

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Moses Jones Family

North Alabamians In The War of 1812. (X) marks soldiers who have been positively identified as being from North Alabama.– 16th Regiment (Burrus’) Of Mississippi Militia Jones, Moses, private May 1809 — Names of...

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Josiah Lancaster Family

Josiah Lancaster (b. Cumberland Co., VA 1792 – d. Madison or Jackson Co., AL ~1828-1830) m. 1st Sarah Ransom (b. Cumberland Co., VA 1798 – ~ 1819) m. 2nd Lucy Ann Hudson (b. Prince Ed. Co., VA 1803 – 1867 TX – place &...

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Miscellaneous Cemeteries

The following small cemetery was transcribed by the WPA in the 1940’s, and was located at the time about 1 mile southwest of McCaleb Mills. Baker, Henry, b. 4 Jun 1858, d. 14 Apr 1915. Bragg, Nettie, b. 1856, d. 1882....

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Biography Of Samuel Wesley Fordyce

That the sources of our power lie within ourselves is demonstrated in the career of Samuel Wesley FORDYCE, the measure of whose greatness is seen in thousands of miles of railroad, in banks and business enterprises which he...

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Biography of William L. Alldredge

William L. Alldredge was born on April 20, 1864, near Huntsville, Alabama, the son of John and Elizabeth (Byrd) Alldredge, natives of Alabama. The father died in 1867, and the mother when our subject was but six years old. The...

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Biography of Shelby S. Pleasants

Shelby S. Pleasants was a native of Alabama, and of a long line of ancestors early seated in Alabama. He was born at Huntsville May 2, 1872, and was the son of Samuel Pleasants and Marie Shelby. He died in the city of his...

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