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MeadeGloriaM.Unk11 Dec 1991Maple Hill
MeadorEstelleWoodallUnk03 Jun 1998Maple Hill
MeadorJamesTaylorUnk01 Jun 1984Maple Hill
MeadowsGeorgeEdwardUnk12 May 1999Maple Hill
MeadowsGeorgeUnk29 May 1983Maple Hill
MeadowsGladysUnk28 Jan 1939Maple Hill
MeadowsMeriamUnk28 Feb 1941Maple Hill
MeadowsR.G.01 Jun 186821 Jul 1904Merrimack
MeadowsViolaB.Unk04 Dec 1988Maple Hill
MeansBradfordN.Unk22 May 1975Maple Hill
MeansSarahUnk18 Apr 1935Maple Hill
MearsArchUnk09 Aug 1933Maple Hill
MearsBettyE.11 Mar 193801 Feb 1993Moon
MearsCecilE.13 Sep 1935NDDMoon
MearsCecilE.Unk20 May 1957Maple Hill
MearsFloydUnk07 Apr 1919Maple Hill
MearsJudyUnk01 Apr 1949Maple Hill
MearseJ.D.17 Aug 193530 Nov 1987Bevill
MechlingBrendaPeoples18 Oct 195929 Aug 2005Ragland
MecklingTrumanEugene08 Oct 196103 Dec 2003Hayden
MedenicaMarkUnk06 Jun 1962Maple Hill
MedlenAlSpraginsUnk04 Sep 1989Maple Hill
MedlenCoraW.Unk18 Dec 1991Maple Hill
MedlenEarlUnk26 Sep 1984Maple Hill
MedlenJosephineUnk11 Jul 1955Maple Hill
MedlenJosiahE.27 May 183714 Jul 1910Camp Ground
MedlenMagieLeeUnk01 Jan 1963Maple Hill
MedlenMargieL.Unk04 Nov 1995Maple Hill
MedlenPatriciaUnk13 Oct 1955Maple Hill
MedlenRubyJewelUnk20 Nov 1999Maple Hill
MedlenWaltonD.Unk11 Dec 1985Maple Hill
MedleyAliceF.Unk18 Apr 1979Maple Hill
MedleyCharlieH.Unk02 Dec 1971Maple Hill
MedleyCurtisA.13 Oct 193213 Oct 1932Camp Ground
MedleyDorothyUnk07 Jan 1928Maple Hill
MedleyE.Roy31 May 190305 Apr 1984Camp Ground
MedleyEllaA.02 Sep 188012 Feb 1972Camp Ground
MedleyInfantUnk15 Jun 1953Maple Hill
MedleyJamesA.19151944Camp Ground
MedleyJamesEdward21 May 188117 Jul 1973Camp Ground
MedleyJenny18691953Camp Ground
MedleyKathryn19121964Camp Ground
MedleyLilaL.Unk16 Oct 1977Maple Hill
MedleyLucyUnk27 Oct 1946Maple Hill
MedleyMattieL.06 Apr 191412 Jan 1993Camp Ground
MedleyMiramSusan19 Aug 195508 Jan 1956Charity Baptist Church
MedleyRubyUnk09 May 1951Maple Hill
MedleyVirginiaKnox20 Jan 192701 Jan 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
MedleyWilliamA.17 Nov 190515 Sep 1982Camp Ground
MedlinCharlesA.Unk28 Jun 1954Maple Hill
MedlinDickUnk16 Apr 1889Maple Hill
MedlinJohnA.18311876Camp Ground
MedlinJohnAlbertUnk16 Mar 1975Maple Hill
MedlinJohnGraysonUnk11 Sep 1945Maple Hill
MedlinRichardHenry20 Oct 184003 Mar 1909Camp Ground
MedlinWilliamM.Unk06 Aug 1974Maple Hill
MedlreffElizabethUnk28 Jun 1911Maple Hill
MedrickMollieUnk20 Nov 1956Maple Hill
MeehamRuthUnk29 Jan 1899Maple Hill
MeehanB.Unk20 Jul 1885Maple Hill
MeehanWilliamUnk06 Jun 1896Maple Hill
MeekBeulahS.Unk26 Jun 1999Maple Hill
MeekRobertL.Unk06 Mar 2004Maple Hill
MeeksAdaV.28 Jul 191423 Dec 1967Brown
MeeksAllenZ.07 Aug 190913 Dec 1978Brown
MeeksBillyGlenn06 Apr 195306 Apr 1953Brown
MeeksBobF.22 Jul 191007 Mar 1980Brown
MeeksCarl05 Jun 191616 Apr 1980Gipson
MeeksClaytonUnk20 Dec 1925Maple Hill
MeeksClevelandH.24 Nov 190630 Nov 1993Moon
MeeksCoraLee30 Jul 190913 Jul 1932Moon
MeeksDannyRay11 Jan 195615 Jan 1956Brown
MeeksEartteUnk10 Dec 1979Maple Hill
MeeksEmmittLinzy13 Jan 191801 Mar 2001Byrd
MeeksEthelL.22 Apr 192421 Aug 1997Brown
MeeksEthelL.26 Jul 192401 Jul 1991Gipson
MeeksFredEmmitt29 Oct 194609 Apr 2002Byrd
MeeksGeorgeT.Unk08 Sep 1983Maple Hill
MeeksGeorgieUnk23 Apr 1947Maple Hill
MeeksGlenFranklin11 Sep 195211 Sep 1952Brown
MeeksHarveyUnk12 Apr 1938Maple Hill
MeeksHenryFloydUnk23 Feb 2005Maple Hill
MeeksHoustonUnk23 Oct 1972Maple Hill
MeeksIdaMae03 Mar 191611 Jun 1985Gipson
MeeksJ.C. Marvin24 Oct 192107 Jan 1998Brown
MeeksJamesAlton18 Dec 191923 Sep 2001Cloud
MeeksJamesErskine11 Sep 193901 Dec 2001Gipson
MeeksJamesI.25 Nov 192401 Jan 1986Brown
MeeksJesseO.18 Dec 191930 Dec 1972Cloud
MeeksJodieW.24 Mar 190502 Oct 1989Moon
MeeksJunior08 Jun 192916 Apr 1982Brown
MeeksLeoZ.22 Sep 192523 Mar 1992Gipson
MeeksLeonaF.11 Mar 192823 Sep 1985Byrd
MeeksLillieB.18 Feb 191106 Jan 1997Moon
MeeksLindaGail11 Jan 195102 Mar 1951Merrimack
MeeksMargaretL.26 Dec 193113 Mar 1979Brown
MeeksMargaretS.27 Apr 1936NDDBrown
MeeksMarthaJaneUnk11 May 1991Maple Hill
MeeksMarvinE.02 Jun 193113 Feb 1971Brown
MeeksMaryL.Unk02 Dec 2002Maple Hill
MeeksMattieGraceUnk16 Nov 1986Maple Hill
MeeksMattieLee11 May 189510 Jun 1976Gipson
MeeksMinnieL.26 Apr 193321 Jun 1980Brown
MeeksNancyL.18 Sep 1942NDDGipson
MeeksOraJ.08 Aug 190519 Jun 1996Brown
MeeksOzellMattie01 Apr 192129 Jun 1976Moon
MeeksRayUnk18 Aug 1974Maple Hill
MeeksRobertUnk09 Jan 1961Maple Hill
MeeksRobertUnk06 Nov 1954Maple Hill
MeeksRonaldG.03 Dec 195603 May 1997Brown
MeeksRoscoeLister16 Feb 192127 Jun 1922Gipson
MeeksRosieUnk12 Sep 1952Maple Hill
MeeksSarahE.Teatle14 Dec 191321 Mar 1978Brown
MeeksT.Franklin20 Aug 192814 Dec 1999Brown
MeeksVirgilM.03 Aug 190809 Jan 1975Brown
MeeksWillieH.06 Aug 189727 Mar 1961Gipson
MeelerAnnieIreneUnk23 Aug 1957Maple Hill
MeelerHelenE.Unk21 Sep 1976Maple Hill
MeelerHermanUnk07 Oct 1996Maple Hill
MeelerJoeUnk15 Mar 1978Maple Hill
MeelerJoe02 Nov 189118 Nov 1966Maple Hill
MeelerLucyOpal22 Oct 191204 Jul 1928Camp Ground
MeelranLillieUnk15 Jan 1951Maple Hill
MeffordAnnieLara29 Nov 189827 Jul 1989Hayden
MeffordBillyR.Unk02 Apr 1980Maple Hill
MeffordBirtieL.Unk10 Aug 1975Maple Hill
MeffordCatherineLouiseUnk10 Jun 2001Maple Hill
MeffordCatherineFoster14 Feb 187911 Jun 1962Hayden
MeffordCharlesDavidUnk25 Jan 2001Maple Hill
MeffordDarlusE.01 Aug 1937NDDHayden
MeffordDewey07 Apr 190030 Mar 1970Hayden
MeffordDollyThompsonUnk24 Jun 1959Maple Hill
MeffordDoveLee08 Oct 187513 Mar 1947Hayden
MeffordEthel21 Nov 191115 Jul 1958Hayden
MeffordGeorgeUnk15 Jan 1992Maple Hill
MeffordGeraldThomas28 Sep 193609 Mar 1988Hayden
MeffordHettie11 Aug 188701 Jul 1971Ryland
MeffordHugh15 Nov 188826 Jun 1959Ryland
MeffordJ.M.UnkNDDMaple Hill
MeffordJakeUnk21 Mar 1978Maple Hill
MeffordJakeUnk23 Jun 1953Maple Hill
MeffordJamesEdward02 Aug 193309 May 2003Hayden
MeffordMargaretD.16 Feb 1926NDDHayden
MeffordMaryAileneUnk18 Nov 1998Green Valley
MeffordMaryDay10 Oct 1953NDDHayden
MeffordMildredE.Unk02 Mar 1981Maple Hill
MeffordNellieM.03 Sep 190717 Dec 1989Byrd
MeffordThomasA.Unk04 Oct 1992Maple Hill
MeffordW.M.20 Jul 192321 Aug 1980Hayden
MeffordWalterHouston29 Apr 191530 May 2005Green Valley
MeffordWilliamH.Unk07 Sep 1989Maple Hill
MeffordWinston24 Sep 192718 Mar 1929Ryland
MehanBonnyUnk21 Mar 1888Maple Hill
MehroozMojtaba30 Nov 192521 Jan 2005Twickenham
MeighenHelenUnk09 Dec 1954Maple Hill
MeigsStanleyR.Unk03 Nov 1983Maple Hill
MeindersKlaraSigridUnk04 Jan 2000Maple Hill
MelfiMichaelUnk19 Dec 1981Maple Hill
MellettDeldaAllison20 Feb 189915 Mar 1984Ryland
MelletteCallieMae09 Mar 191318 Mar 1981Ryland
MelletteDorothyHodges28 Sep 190830 Apr 1998Ryland
MelletteFrankL.19 Apr 185627 Jun 1918Ryland
MelletteJesse13 Apr 182814 Oct 1906Ryland
MelletteJosephSteger02 Mar 190520 Oct 1972Ryland
MelletteLinaSteger23 Nov 187717 Jul 1961Ryland
MelletteMaryTaylor15 Oct 183229 Jun 1892Ryland
MelletteSarah02 Jul 186026 Dec 1936Ryland
MelletteUnk24 Apr 189224 Apr 1892Ryland
MelletteWalterW.12 Jul 187415 Jul 1968Ryland
MelletteWilliamEarl15 Apr 190312 Jan 1982Ryland
MelletteWinnieE.07 Jan 190416 Sep 1904Ryland
MelletteWinnieE.12 Jul 187323 Jan 1904Ryland
MellingerCarlLeeUnk15 Jul 1962Maple Hill
MelochickGeorgeJ.Unk09 Nov 1997Maple Hill
MelsonLillieMay06 Aug 191025 Sep 1916Merrimack
MeltonBessieMae14 Apr 190130 Aug 1950Merrimack
MeltonBobieLee06 Aug 189115 Apr 1907Merrimack
MeltonJohn04 Jan 192929 Aug 1941Merrimack
MeltonLydiaUnk03 Sep 1985Maple Hill
MeltonOdis29 Nov 193231 May 1933Merrimack
MeltonOkley01 Dec 187505 Jun 1948Merrimack
MeltonSallieB.13 Sep 187623 Mar 1953Merrimack
MeltonThomasH.Unk17 Sep 1993Maple Hill
MeltonTimothyUnk01 Feb 1971Maple Hill
MeltonWalterUnk27 Oct 1937Maple Hill
MelvilleElisaChristinaUnk13 Oct 1974Maple Hill
MencheyElsieEstellUnk09 Jan 1965Maple Hill
MendalDavidUnk28 Dec 1893Maple Hill
MendelsohnRobertUnk04 Oct 1988Maple Hill
MendleDaveUnk29 Jan 1899Maple Hill
MendleDaveUnk11 Mar 1893Maple Hill
MenefeeAllenHatcher27 Mar 191620 Nov 1932Charity Baptist Church
MenefeeDicieJ.18831935Charity Baptist Church
MenefeeJohnM.18831952Charity Baptist Church
MenefeeOllieH.1885NDDCharity Baptist Church
MenefeePearl18881952Charity Baptist Church
MenesEmilUnk10 Jun 1976Maple Hill
MenesPiroskaUnk17 Jan 1992Maple Hill
MengeEsabelM.Unk02 Jun 2001Maple Hill
MengeMiltonA.Unk14 Jul 1982Maple Hill
MercerEllenUnk20 Oct 1940Maple Hill
MercerHarryUnk21 Dec 1901Maple Hill
MercerJerryL.23 May 193903 Jan 2003Huntsville Memory Gardens
MercerJoeUnk09 Jan 1975Maple Hill
MercerMaryEllenUnk04 Dec 2005Maple Hill
MerrellAlphaWalkerUnk13 Sep 1965Maple Hill
MerrellCliftonW.UnkNDDMaple Hill
MerrellElsieDeeUnk07 Jan 1961Maple Hill
MerrellEuniceUnk17 Feb 2004Maple Hill
MerrellFlorineH.Unk02 Aug 1979Maple Hill
MerrellG.C.Unk25 Jan 1966Maple Hill
MerrellJamesLesterUnk16 Mar 1980Maple Hill
MerrellLeonardUnk20 Feb 2002Maple Hill
MerrellMorganUnk13 Sep 1977Maple Hill
MerrellMurryRayUnk15 Aug 2001Maple Hill
MerrellPaulT.Unk07 Jul 1987Maple Hill
MerrellRayburnUnk06 Oct 1981Maple Hill
MerrellRobertLewisUnk20 Feb 2001Maple Hill
MerrellW.M.Unk08 Jan 1958Maple Hill
MerrellYvonneUnk17 Nov 1978Maple Hill
MerrillGeorgeC.Unk16 Jan 1974Maple Hill
MerrittGraceUnk03 Sep 1959Maple Hill
MerrittHarryEdward20 May 188305 Feb 1966Maple Hill
MerrittWilliamUnk21 Nov 1927Maple Hill
MertsAnnieUnk14 Feb 1955Maple Hill
MertsAnnieUnk12 Aug 1941Maple Hill
MertsHarryUnk08 Apr 1955Maple Hill
MertsHarryMrs.Unk08 Mar 1950Maple Hill
MertsMaryUnk21 May 1920Maple Hill
MertzJennetteUnk11 Sep 1899Maple Hill
MertzPeterUnk10 Nov 1891Maple Hill
MesserFlossieM.Unk15 Dec 1985Maple Hill
MesserHomerDeeUnk10 Jan 1984Maple Hill
MetcalfMaryW.05 Jul 194030 Apr 1992Brown
MetcalfRichardM.Unk19 Jul 1993Maple Hill
MetcalfSybleUnk27 Nov 2003Maple Hill
MetcalfeMaybleHumphreyUnk14 May 1961Maple Hill
MetcalfeSterlingPriceUnk27 Feb 1960Maple Hill
MetzgerAronUnk22 Dec 1943Maple Hill
MetzgerJeanette10 Apr 187823 Mar 1964Maple Hill
MetzgerMinnieUnk23 Mar 1947Maple Hill
MeyerGeorgiaM.23 May 189902 Oct 1968New Sharon
MeyerKatherineAnnUnk09 Feb 1980Maple Hill
MeyerPaulUnk26 Mar 1940Maple Hill
MeyerRudolphW.07 Jun 190313 Aug 1975New Sharon
MeyersNettyeUnk16 Oct 1963Maple Hill
MichaelAlexanderRayUnk15 Oct 2000Maple Hill
MichaelAlice28 Aug 194016 Feb 2002Brown
MichaelBirdieUnk26 Sep 1893Maple Hill
MichaelChristopherLeeUnk15 Oct 2000Maple Hill
MichaelClaudeJ.Unk07 Jan 1978Maple Hill
MichaelCoyW.Unk15 Jan 1987Maple Hill
MichaelDickeyA.Unk24 Jul 1975Maple Hill
MichaelEdmundUnk21 Apr 1939Maple Hill
MichaelEdwardNoelUnk15 Jul 1974Maple Hill
MichaelElmerE.Unk02 Mar 2003Maple Hill
MichaelKathleenUnk21 Feb 1955Maple Hill
MichaelKennethE.Unk04 Sep 2003Maple Hill
MichaelLogeniaUnk12 May 1968Maple Hill
MichaelLouisaUnk13 Apr 1924Maple Hill
MichaelMamieUnk05 May 1980Maple Hill
MichaelMaryW.Unk28 Jul 1978Maple Hill
MichaelNeelUnk31 Mar 1958Maple Hill
MichaelRaybournUnk19 Apr 1973Maple Hill
MichaelSamuelClaudeUnk04 Jul 1979Maple Hill
MichaelWilliamH.09 Dec 1935NDDBrown
MichaelWilliamHowardUnk05 Apr 2004Maple Hill
MichaelsDaisyeUnk02 Jan 1991Maple Hill
MichaelsEthelC.19131999Faith Memorial Park
MichaelsFinusUnk11 Feb 1969Maple Hill
MichaelsHazel19221925Charity Baptist Church
MichaelsMaeLauerUnk29 Mar 1998Maple Hill
MichaudMargaretBeverlyUnk13 Feb 2005Maple Hill
MichelRaybornD.Unk25 May 1949Maple Hill
MichelbacherLeonardG.Unk10 Feb 2005Maple Hill
MichelbacherPriscillaUnk30 Aug 1977Maple Hill
MichellGladysUnk30 Jan 1920Maple Hill
MichieSarahH.Hartman13 Mar 181705 Jan 1837Triana
MichuellyWilliamUnk08 Dec 1929Maple Hill
MickleFrankC.Unk06 Jan 1991Maple Hill
MickleWillC.Unk28 Jan 1961Maple Hill
MiddlehurstElizabethH.Unk12 Dec 1992Maple Hill
MiddletonAnnieM.Unk01 Aug 1988Maple Hill
MiddletonHelenUnk18 Jan 1922Maple Hill
MiddletonHenryUnk28 Feb 1926Maple Hill
MiddletonIraUnk28 Aug 1969Maple Hill
MiddletonLindaLeeUnk15 Apr 1973Maple Hill
MiddletonMaryUnk28 Jul 1930Maple Hill
MiddletonWilliamE.Unk14 May 1983Maple Hill
MidkiffJ.G.Unk28 Feb 1925Maple Hill
MidkillWilliamUnk09 Aug 1930Maple Hill
MidlinCorrineUnk11 Apr 1900Maple Hill
MidskiffJ.Unk28 Feb 1902Maple Hill
MikesellRosellaE.Unk11 Oct 1992Maple Hill
MikesellWilliamJ.Unk10 Mar 1981Maple Hill
MikitishHelenL.Unk24 Mar 1996Maple Hill
MilamAliceV.18671952Charity Baptist Church
MilamEvaLeona18971965Charity Baptist Church
MilamFloydV.18971953Charity Baptist Church
MilamGeorgeColumbus02 Sep 188823 May 1955Charity Baptist Church
MilamIrmaB.19 Jun 1888NDDCharity Baptist Church
MilamJ.T.30 Jul 190225 Aug 1909Charity Baptist Church
MilamJ.W.18881945Charity Baptist Church
MilamJackUnk14 Jul 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
MilamJamesW.08 Dec 191001 Jul 1994Charity Baptist Church
MilamMargaretJamesCrunk12 Nov 188827 Mar 1970Charity Baptist Church
MilamMaryAnn30 May 186001 Jan 1918Charity Baptist Church
MilamMichaelDeWayne20 Sep 195108 Feb 1989Charity Baptist Church
MilamRobertA.24 Apr 188504 Jan 1931Charity Baptist Church
MilamRussellM.Unk15 Apr 1948Maple Hill
MilamThomasGeorgeUnk18 Sep 1945Charity Baptist Church
MilamVernonF.19271966Charity Baptist Church
MilamWJ.18581923Charity Baptist Church
MilamWileyA.18611936Charity Baptist Church
MilamWileyAdkins27 Aug 185720 Oct 1936Charity Baptist Church
MilanMattieUnk10 Jul 1985Maple Hill
MilbourneSamuelChristopherUnk15 Mar 1972Maple Hill
MilburnErnestUnk21 May 1965Maple Hill
MilburnInfantUnk10 Feb 1954Maple Hill
MilburnRhonaUnk05 May 1969Maple Hill
MilesCorneliaB.13 Jun 188025 Jan 1946Rice
MilesGenevaUnk19 Apr 1973Maple Hill
MilesH.Newton04 Nov 187625 Sep 1967Rice
MilesInfantFemale19 Mar 193119 Mar 1931Rice
MilesJess10 Dec 192903 Aug 1936Charity Baptist Church
MilesJessieMyrtleMitchell04 Nov 190323 Mar 1944Rice
MilesJohnD.23 Dec 192808 Apr 2002Rice
MilfordGuyUnk27 Jul 1975Maple Hill
MilfordJohnJamesUnk11 Jul 1962Maple Hill
MilfordMamieUnk11 Feb 1968Maple Hill
MillarMildredG.Unk14 Aug 1966Maple Hill
MillarRichardH.Unk11 Dec 1989Maple Hill
MillarRobertD.Unk02 Sep 1983Maple Hill
MillarSaraK.Unk16 Feb 2006Maple Hill
MillenAlbertaHyter25 Feb 192114 Jan 1987Brandon
MillenCarrieUnk28 Aug 1982Maple Hill
MillenDorothyM.Unk03 Apr 2002Maple Hill
MillenWilliamG.Unk05 Nov 1978Maple Hill
MillerA.N.Unk28 May 1968Maple Hill
MillerA.N.Unk03 Nov 1960Maple Hill
MillerA.Unk21 Nov 1921Maple Hill
MillerAliceMurryUnk22 Oct 1949Maple Hill
MillerAnna10 Dec 188827 Jun 1947Penny
MillerAnnaUnk25 Jul 1969Maple Hill
MillerAnnaUnk24 Nov 1950Maple Hill
MillerAnnieRebaJ.30 Apr 194005 Jan 2001Pleas Mount Baptist Church
MillerArthurA.Unk25 Oct 1978Maple Hill
MillerAugustB.18841942Camp Ground
MillerB.Unk14 Jan 1917Maple Hill
MillerBessieTaylor09 Sep 183225 Apr 1917Ryland
MillerBessieTaylor24 May 188921 Oct 1958Ryland
MillerBeulahFowlerUnk20 Aug 1983Maple Hill
MillerBruceUnk24 Oct 1944Maple Hill
MillerBuffeyReneUnk06 Jan 1980Maple Hill
MillerCarlosUnk17 Jan 1973Maple Hill
MillerCharlesJosephUnk10 Dec 1972Maple Hill
MillerChristopherUnk27 Mar 1977Maple Hill
MillerClarenceUnk30 Jan 1965Maple Hill
MillerClifford05 Jan 190019 Jan 1973Northside
MillerCliffordUnk01 May 1986Maple Hill
MillerD.H.Aug 1849NDDMoore-Holmes
MillerDavidL.Unk02 Oct 1999Maple Hill
MillerDorothyUnk03 Feb 2004Maple Hill
MillerE.P.Unk17 Aug 1957Maple Hill
MillerE.Unk02 Sep 1950Maple Hill
MillerEarlD.04 May 190401 Feb 1976Bellview
MillerEdPayneUnk29 Oct 1977Maple Hill
MillerEdwardUnk27 Nov 1933Maple Hill
MillerElaineUnk06 Jan 1999Maple Hill
MillerElizabethAnn18721938Camp Ground
MillerElizabethButler16 Feb 193212 Sep 1986Charity Baptist Church
MillerEllisUnk10 Sep 1925Maple Hill
MillerElsieR.Unk28 Jun 1968Maple Hill
MillerEmmaUnk26 Jun 1973Maple Hill
MillerEthelM.B.C.12 Apr 188719 Mar 1960Charity Baptist Church
MillerEugeneV.04 Sep 187811 Jan 1924Charity Baptist Church
MillerEunice31 Jan 182718 Sep 1892Moore-Holmes
MillerF.Unk07 Aug 1950Maple Hill
MillerFallUnk06 Jul 1918Maple Hill
MillerFannySisk187018 Aug 1907Rice
MillerFlorenceUnk03 Feb 1943Maple Hill
MillerFrancesEarlUnk12 Nov 1982Maple Hill
MillerFrancesJ.Unk16 Nov 1988Maple Hill
MillerFrancisJuanita09 Nov 192630 Jul 1936Fowlkes
MillerFrankUnk01 Dec 1938Maple Hill
MillerGeraldUnk02 Feb 1961Maple Hill
MillerGeraldineBarnard18 Jun 194705 May 2000Bloucher Ford
MillerGlennUnk17 Feb 1896Maple Hill
MillerHarryE.Unk17 Nov 1989Maple Hill
MillerHenry18971969Collier - Triana
MillerHimanUnk06 Dec 1980Maple Hill
MillerHumphreySmithUnk19 Dec 1999Maple Hill
MillerHumphreyUnk15 Mar 1945Maple Hill
MillerIngeTraubUnk22 May 1997Maple Hill
MillerJ.K.Unk10 Jan 1897Maple Hill
MillerJ.W.02 Jun 183506 May 1891Camp Ground
MillerJ.W.08 Jan 188604 Sep 1900Gurley
MillerJacobD.Unk20 Mar 1991Maple Hill
MillerJamesE.04 Aug 188429 Jan 1964Gurley
MillerJamesFredrick22 Jun 192211 Sep 2004Huntsville Memory Gardens
MillerJamesM.18611924Charity Baptist Church
MillerJamesW.Unk21 Dec 1979Maple Hill
MillerJamesWillie05 Nov 1948Mar 1979Northside
MillerJamesUnk27 Feb 1942Maple Hill
MillerJamesUnk03 May 1930Maple Hill
MillerJerryW.Unk10 Nov 1966Maple Hill
MillerJewel19261926Madison Crossroads
MillerJimmyWayneUnk10 Feb 1983Maple Hill
MillerJoeUnk07 Jan 1951Maple Hill
MillerJohnM.24 Nov 188731 May 1963Ryland
MillerJohnUnk10 Aug 1951Maple Hill
MillerJosephUnk16 Jan 1943Maple Hill
MillerJoyceUnk09 Mar 1966Maple Hill
MillerKennethLeRoy24 Oct 192801 Sep 2003Camp Ground
MillerL.P.MrsUnk15 Oct 1956Maple Hill
MillerLaihamPattonUnk16 Jun 1966Maple Hill
MillerLarryRayUnk14 Feb 1999Maple Hill
MillerLathamPattonUnk23 Sep 1980Maple Hill
MillerLaymonGeneUnk10 Nov 1981Maple Hill
MillerLeeA.Unk26 May 1990Maple Hill
MillerLenaFearn20 Oct 191201 Nov 1994Northside
MillerLenaM.Unk13 Apr 1978Maple Hill
MillerLenaPooleUnk03 Mar 1987Maple Hill
MillerLenaGlennUnk26 Apr 1937Maple Hill
MillerLeoraBeatyUnk15 Jul 2002Maple Hill
MillerLilianWilsonPutman28 Jun 190203 Jan 1987Huntsville Memory Gardens
MillerLillieUnk28 Jul 1965Maple Hill
MillerLindaFayeUnk11 Feb 1946Maple Hill
MillerLoisM.Unk25 Jan 1997Maple Hill
MillerLoretta18 Apr 195426 Dec 2003Huntsville Memory Gardens
MillerLouis11 Dec 189318 Jul 1966Maple Hill
MillerLouis08 May 192607 Jan 2000Collier - Triana
MillerLouiseT.16 Nov 191011 Apr 1972Collier - Triana
MillerLouiseUnk19 Apr 1978Maple Hill
MillerLuciaD.Unk05 Oct 1965Maple Hill
MillerLucyJ.Unk12 Sep 1909Maple Hill
MillerLulaUnk17 Jan 1973Maple Hill
MillerLulaUnk09 Sep 1970Maple Hill
MillerLulaUnk23 Feb 1938Maple Hill
MillerLutherG.Unk12 Mar 1966Maple Hill
MillerM.C.T.01 Oct 183512 Dec 1852Moore-Holmes
MillerMaeP.Unk18 Apr 1975Maple Hill
MillerMaggieM.Unk28 Dec 1988Maple Hill
MillerMaggieUnk06 Nov 1937Maple Hill
MillerMalvinLeeUnk09 Feb 2006Maple Hill
MillerMargaretBrooksieUnk05 Feb 1986Maple Hill
MillerMargueriteW.Unk19 Jun 1992Maple Hill
MillerMaryE.Unk22 Oct 1995Maple Hill
MillerMaryElizabethUnk08 Dec 1964Maple Hill
MillerMaryJaan18 Oct 186112 Mar 1926Ryland
MillerMaryLucindaUnk29 Dec 1961Maple Hill
MillerMaryUnk13 Oct 1942Maple Hill
MillerMaryUnk28 May 1928Maple Hill
MillerMaryUnk06 Oct 1916Maple Hill
MillerMaryUnk28 Oct 1881Maple Hill
MillerMattieUnk25 Mar 1972Maple Hill
MillerMegUnk13 Feb 1953Maple Hill
MillerMikeSielickUnk24 Sep 1968Maple Hill
MillerMildredUnk04 Dec 1984Maple Hill
MillerMillieT.19241989Collier - Triana
MillerMinnieL.Unk06 Jan 1897Maple Hill
MillerMirahElizabethMacrum03 Jul 183702 Jul 1926Ryland
MillerMollieM.Unk13 Feb 1947Maple Hill
MillerMoseA.27 Jul 190010 Apr 1939Rice
MillerMoseLouis24 Jul 191510 Sep 1983Ryland
MillerMoseLouisUnk12 Aug 1961Maple Hill
MillerMosesUnk18 Jul 1887Maple Hill
MillerNaomiM.29 Dec 191325 Feb 2001Bellview
MillerNeidraUnk25 Feb 1940Maple Hill
MillerNellB.Unk31 Dec 1980Maple Hill
MillerNellGraceUnk29 Sep 1982Maple Hill
MillerNettieFord15 Apr 189228 Mar 1981Penny
MillerOdell27 Dec 193204 Jan 1991Pine Grove - Harvest
MillerOleviaM.21 Sep 191224 Jul 2002Pine Grove - Harvest
MillerOmaUnk21 Feb 1963Maple Hill
MillerParalee18 Apr 189604 Oct 1976Collier - Triana
MillerPatriciaG.27 Sep 194323 Jul 1987Bush
MillerPearlJakubouskaUnk28 Mar 1975Maple Hill
MillerPhillipJ.Unk05 May 1988Maple Hill
MillerRobertAlvis21 Apr 195306 Jan 1996Brown
MillerRobertUnk20 Mar 1899Maple Hill
MillerRodneyAdolph30 Apr 192405 Oct 1995Camp Ground
MillerRosaUnk05 Sep 1943Maple Hill
MillerRosemaySmithUnk07 Apr 2002Maple Hill
MillerRosieT.16 Sep 190516 Oct 1992Rice
MillerRoyUnk11 Aug 1961Maple Hill
MillerRoyceUnk08 Mar 1966Maple Hill
MillerSallie10 May 185606 Dec 1942Charity Baptist Church
MillerSallyAnn27 Apr 194629 May 1983Northside
MillerSamuelMarshallUnk27 Mar 1963Maple Hill
MillerSamuelT.22 May 188003 Jun 1963Charity Baptist Church
MillerSarahL.16 Jul 185314 Oct 1927Gurley
MillerSheliaUnk14 Mar 1940Maple Hill
MillerSholomUnk14 Feb 1951Maple Hill
MillerSusieL.30 Aug 193531 Oct 1985Collier - Triana
MillerTemekaMaria17 Apr 198329 May 1983Northside
MillerTerryWade06 Nov 191206 Aug 2003Fords Chapel
MillerTheoUnk14 Feb 1915Maple Hill
MillerThomasF.Unk24 Feb 1987Maple Hill
MillerTinaH.Unk27 Apr 1991Maple Hill
MillerUnkUnk27 Jan 1918Maple Hill
MillerVeraFayeUnk21 Aug 1984Maple Hill
MillerVernonUnk19 Sep 1969Maple Hill
MillerViola31 Oct 188830 May 1966Maple Hill
MillerViolaUnk22 Apr 1915Maple Hill
MillerVirginiaUnk18 Jul 1938Maple Hill
MillerW.Unk29 Apr 1952Maple Hill
MillerWaddieBuchananUnk17 May 1960Maple Hill
MillerWalterC.Unk31 Jul 1936Maple Hill
MillerWalterHarrisUnk19 Jul 1963Maple Hill
MillerWalterT.Unk30 Jan 1979Maple Hill
MillerWeebieUnk10 Oct 1998Maple Hill
MillerWillUnk11 Nov 1917Maple Hill
MillerWilliamC.01 Jan 185203 Apr 1906Gurley
MillerWilliamC.Unk26 Apr 1983Maple Hill
MillerWilliamC.Unk06 Oct 1981Maple Hill
MillerWilliamEdward30 Dec 195906 Mar 2002Brown
MillerWilliamJ.Unk07 Oct 1983Maple Hill
MillerWilliamL.18581937Camp Ground
MillerWilliamMarionUnk05 Jan 1964Maple Hill
MillerWilliamT.Unk08 Apr 1981Maple Hill
MillerWilliam15 Mar 188901 Jul 1961Brandon
MillerWilliamUnk30 Dec 1982Maple Hill
MillerWilliamUnk09 May 1889Maple Hill
MillerWilmaL.Unk22 Oct 1995Maple Hill
MillerYate12 Sep 191213 Jun 1980Northside
MillesLouiseUnk19 Nov 1935Maple Hill
MillicanNancyJeanUnk07 Jul 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
MilliganCecilUnk23 Oct 1999Maple Hill
MilliganJamesUnk20 Sep 1913Maple Hill
MilliganJenibelUnk26 Oct 1979Maple Hill
MilliganKateUnk16 Feb 1938Maple Hill
MilliganLeoUnk11 Jul 1953Maple Hill
MilliganMaryUnk15 Jan 1971Maple Hill
MilliganParrotUnk25 Sep 1897Maple Hill
MilliganWilliamUnk13 Dec 1931Maple Hill
MillinerFredDavid26 Feb 1952NDDHayden
MillinerRubyD.05 Apr 192023 May 1952Hayden
MillingEdwardC.Unk08 Sep 1987Maple Hill
MillingLorraineM.Unk13 Jun 1997Maple Hill
MillironsElizabethM.Unk21 Feb 1994Maple Hill
MillironsPaulC.Unk10 Aug 1971Maple Hill
MillsAlexanderUnk02 Jan 1939Maple Hill
MillsAndrewJ.UnkNDDMaple Hill
MillsAndrewsJ.Unk15 Jan 1978Maple Hill
MillsAnnaWadeUnk14 May 1947Maple Hill
MillsAnnieUnk21 Nov 1955Maple Hill
MillsEdnaMaeUnk27 Nov 1987Maple Hill
MillsEdwardB.Unk14 Feb 1991Maple Hill
MillsElviraH.Unk15 Dec 1966Maple Hill
MillsFannieE.Gray22 Jun 187313 Feb 1956Ryland
MillsFlorenceUnk11 Jan 2003Maple Hill
MillsFlorenceUnk22 Dec 1932Maple Hill
MillsGeorgeWashington06 Oct 186916 Nov 1939Ryland
MillsHattiePearlineParton26 Nov 190806 Jun 1958Shiloh
MillsHenryUnk08 Dec 1970Maple Hill
MillsHenryUnk25 May 1956Maple Hill
MillsInfantMaleUnk06 Jun 1945Maple Hill
MillsJ.Unk07 Dec 1939Maple Hill
MillsJerryJoeUnk18 Jun 1969Maple Hill
MillsKennethClairUnk27 Apr 1981Maple Hill
MillsLeoUnk22 Dec 1928Maple Hill
MillsLeraMadgeCorder10 Sep 191424 Jul 1983Maple Hill
MillsLunaUnk27 May 1973Maple Hill
MillsLuther18 Apr 188110 Feb 1980Glenwood
MillsMargaretTownsend18741922Bloucher Ford
MillsMaryElizabethUnk14 Jul 2002Maple Hill
MillsMaryV.Unk05 Jun 1999Maple Hill
MillsMaryMooreUnk16 Apr 1989Maple Hill
MillsMattieB.Unk13 Apr 1987Maple Hill
MillsMaudieG.Unk02 Mar 2002Maple Hill
MillsMelvinaUnk16 Jul 1914Maple Hill
MillsNancyO.Unk10 Jul 1960Maple Hill
MillsOdiePorter22 Sep 188705 May 1965Maple Hill
MillsPercyE.Unk28 Aug 1958Maple Hill
MillsSandraOdeanUnk23 Apr 1980Maple Hill
MillsSaraUnk 14 Aug 1965Maple Hill
MillsSirvellMorton15 Nov 193016 Jun 1998Brandon
MillsThomasA.Unk22 Feb 1898Maple Hill
MillsThomasMelvinUnk22 Jun 1947Maple Hill
MillsThomasTerie25 Feb 1906Nov 1977Shiloh
MillsWalterUnk11 Mar 1955Maple Hill
MillsWilliamJayUnk09 Aug 1981Maple Hill
MillsWilliamRobertUnk17 Oct 1969Maple Hill
MillsWilliamUnk05 Apr 1934Maple Hill
MillsCharlesJ.Unk25 Dec 1980Maple Hill
MillsLutherCecilUnk07 Jul 1964Maple Hill
MillsapEvelynN.Unk10 Apr 1990Maple Hill
MillsapGeraldA.Unk03 Sep 1980Maple Hill
MillsapeArthurEugene16 Nov 189515 May 1964Maple Hill
MillsapsBettyAnnSmithUnk28 Apr 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
MillsapsEssieM.Unk21 Feb 1983Maple Hill
MilneWilliamUnk01 Jan 1894Maple Hill
MilnerCaroline1825Jul 1884St. Clair
MilnerDentonUnk24 Sep 1966Maple Hill
MilnerDorothyUnk17 Sep 1995Maple Hill
MilnerEmbreyPerryUnk28 Dec 2003Maple Hill
MilnerHenryTerryUnk19 May 2001Maple Hill
MilnerIndiana18621912St. Clair
MilnerJerusha18601884St. Clair
MilnerJohnWilliamUnk12 Feb 1990Maple Hill
MilnerMableC.Unk06 Jul 1980Maple Hill
MilnerMargaretPaulineUnk05 Jul 2002Maple Hill
MilnerMary18641948St. Clair
MilnerRobertW.UnkNDDMaple Hill
MilnerSolomonUnk30 Sep 1939Maple Hill
MilnerWilliamM.1813May 1896St. Clair
MiltonGeorgia18641968Center Grove
MiltonLillie14 Jun 191016 Feb 1975Northside
MiltonMarthaUnk27 Aug 1924Maple Hill
MiltonMelchi10 Jan 190827 Sep 1992Northside
MiltonThomas19031988Center Grove
MimsNellieUnk26 Jan 1986Maple Hill
MimsW.G.Unk12 Feb 1894Maple Hill
MimsW.Unk07 Dec 1955Maple Hill
MincherFredUnk03 Jul 1987Maple Hill
MincherHarveyUnk06 Sep 1958Maple Hill
MincherJuanitaUnk21 Nov 1942Maple Hill
MincherMattiePearlUnk06 Feb 1961Maple Hill
MinerRosalineSimmonsUnk02 Dec 2002Maple Hill
MingJenniferL.Unk04 Sep 1976Maple Hill
MinnerCornelia28 May 190303 Feb 1960Taylor Chapel
MinorA.Clyde02 Apr 190622 Jun 1981Charity Baptist Church
MinorA.ClydeUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
MinorA.W.Unk10 Dec 1974Maple Hill
MinorAthieClyde18 Nov 193815 Jan 1994Charity Baptist Church
MinorBettyUnkNDDMaple Hill
MinorBillUnk04 Mar 1978Maple Hill
MinorBrassUnk30 Jul 1959Maple Hill
MinorClaraC.Unk12 Jan 1980Maple Hill
MinorDavidT.13 Sep 194115 Sep 2000Charity Baptist Church
MinorLulaUnk09 Jun 1973Maple Hill
MinorOtisA.Unk20 Dec 1969Maple Hill
MinorPaulineN.14 Jan 190920 Jan 1969Charity Baptist Church
MinorS.Unk18 Dec 1914Maple Hill
MinorStevieMatthewUnkNDDMaple Hill
MinorWilliam08 Dec 178605 Jun 1844Minor
MinorWilliamUnk27 May 1941Maple Hill
MintonDleeneFayUnk17 Oct 2001Maple Hill
MintonEdgarV.Unk01 Dec 1987Maple Hill
MintonFannieP.Unk03 Jun 1985Maple Hill
MintonHazelGreenUnk11 Jul 1979Maple Hill
MintonIdaUnk23 Apr 2003Maple Hill
MintonRobertF.Unk07 Mar 1984Maple Hill
MintonWilliamC.Unk10 Dec 1975Maple Hill
MintzEstelleUnk15 Jan 1973Maple Hill
MintzSidneyUnk29 Sep 1985Maple Hill
MintzStephenRobertUnk02 Oct 1963Maple Hill
MinyardEdmundDale09 Jan 193331 Mar 1995Neal Chapel
MinyardLindaGay15 Jan 195830 Sep 1983Neal Chapel
MireeAudreyR.Unk25 Feb 1977Maple Hill
MireeJuniaD.Unk19 Dec 1980Maple Hill
MitchelCliftonUnk04 Jul 1917Maple Hill
MitchelWillieUnk01 Aug 1917Maple Hill
MitchellAlexA.Unk21 Jun 1992Maple Hill
MitchellAlexA.Unk07 Aug 1983Maple Hill
MitchellAliceElizabethUnk14 Jun 1992Maple Hill
MitchellAllenUnk18 May 1985Maple Hill
MitchellAlvin11 Dec 193912 Dec 1939Madison Crossroads
MitchellAndrew23 Sep 190710 Mar 1992Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
MitchellAnneUnk23 Jul 2005Maple Hill
MitchellAnnieBelleGord01 Jun 190018 Jan 1970Charity Baptist Church
MitchellAnnieF.Unk18 Feb 1981Maple Hill
MitchellAnthonyUnk30 Dec 1960Maple Hill
MitchellAudreyUnk05 Feb 1972Maple Hill
MitchellB.F.25 Jan 188119 Jan 1914New Sharon
MitchellB.Inez22 Jun 190926 Sep 1985Bush
MitchellBenjaminE.Unk15 Mar 1896Maple Hill
MitchellBerthaL.Unk29 Apr 1983Maple Hill
MitchellBobbyWayne22 Nov 193409 Nov 1939Charity Baptist Church
MitchellBruce08 Jan 194808 Jan 1948Pleas Mount Baptist Church
MitchellCalvin11 Dec 193912 Dec 1939Madison Crossroads
MitchellCarolynUnk06 Sep 1968Maple Hill
MitchellCharlesH.06 Mar 191818 Nov 1970Maple Hill
MitchellCharlesVinsonUnk25 Jun 1948Maple Hill
MitchellCharlieWesley02 Jun 191013 Oct 1962Booker
MitchellClaudeM.Unk17 Nov 1978Maple Hill
MitchellClaudeO.27 May 188627 Jul 1938Madison Crossroads
MitchellClaudiaPatton03 Dec 189001 Jul 1974St. Ruth
MitchellClydeUnk20 Jul 1914Maple Hill
MitchellConnieUnk24 Dec 1963Maple Hill
MitchellCordeliaUnk01 Jun 1961Maple Hill
MitchellDavidUnk02 Apr 1955Maple Hill
MitchellDean04 Nov 189801 Sep 1931Charity Baptist Church
MitchellDelinaFrancis07 Nov 186320 May 1946Charity Baptist Church
MitchellDollieM.Unk26 Mar 1989Maple Hill
MitchellDoraMaeStanford19 Feb 192914 Apr 2005Taylor
MitchellDorothyUnk14 Apr 1987Maple Hill
MitchellDrisLeota12 Apr 192509 Jul 1925Charity Baptist Church
MitchellE.J.Unk28 Feb 1968Maple Hill
MitchellE.Unk01 May 1933Maple Hill
MitchellEarlineUnk20 Jan 1992Maple Hill
MitchellEddie03 Dec 190110 Dec 1984Northside
MitchellEdnaLeeHardin22 Jun 191216 Oct 1993Booker
MitchellEdwardBoydUnk16 Feb 1962Maple Hill
MitchellEdwardE.16 Dec 194228 Jul 2002Booker
MitchellEllenUnk26 Jun 1985Maple Hill
MitchellEvelynL.Unk06 Dec 2004Maple Hill
MitchellEverettC.16 Dec 191910 Feb 1922Charity Baptist Church
MitchellEvieSue05 Jan 188408 Feb 1968Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
MitchellFleetaM.Buffaloe17 Mar 189507 Sep 1980Madison Crossroads
MitchellFloydUnk05 Dec 1928Maple Hill
MitchellFrank04 Dec 188909 Oct 1987Northside
MitchellGenevaAline02 Nov 192220 Nov 1927Charity Baptist Church
MitchellGeorgeN.Unk05 Nov 1982Maple Hill
MitchellGeorge02 Feb 192231 Jan 1975Brandon
MitchellGeorgia16 Aug 188429 Nov 1973Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
MitchellGertrudeB.Unk18 Dec 1983Maple Hill
MitchellGrady04 Oct 189723 Sep 1930Charity Baptist Church
MitchellH.R.Mrs.Unk22 Nov 1973Maple Hill
MitchellHarrisToneyUnk13 Jan 2002Maple Hill
MitchellHarveyR.Unk05 Apr 1986Maple Hill
MitchellHarveyRichardUnk06 Jan 1987Maple Hill
MitchellHelenO.Unk20 Jan 2000Maple Hill
MitchellHelenUnk22 Mar 1917Maple Hill
MitchellHerbert10 Jul 190803 May 2003Murphy Hill
MitchellHermanOlinUnk24 Jan 1999Maple Hill
MitchellHowardUnk20 Oct 1982Maple Hill
MitchellInfantFemaleUnk14 Nov 1945Maple Hill
MitchellInfantUnk1954Charity Baptist Church
MitchellInfantUnk12 Feb 1886Maple Hill
MitchellIraV.Unk13 Aug 1989Maple Hill
MitchellIsaac08 Oct 1820Sep 1871Rice
MitchellJ.B.Unk20 Aug 1964Maple Hill
MitchellJ.B.Unk23 Jan 2005Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
MitchellJ.Clyde19121978Huntsville Memory Gardens
MitchellJ.Unk24 Feb 1922Maple Hill
MitchellJamesC.18841973Huntsville Memory Gardens
MitchellJamesEugene26 Jul 192019 Feb 1986Huntsville Memory Gardens
MitchellJamesM.Unk07 Jan 1993Maple Hill
MitchellJamesPatrick18551931Charity Baptist Church
MitchellJamesW.07 Mar 191510 Jan 1933Madison Crossroads
MitchellJamesW.25 Jun 191831 Dec 1974Cloud
MitchellJamesWilliamUnk21 Apr 2004Maple Hill
MitchellJamesUnk19 Jan 1957Maple Hill
MitchellJamesUnk28 Apr 1893Maple Hill
MitchellJamesUnk17 Feb 1916New Sharon
MitchellJennieMae31 Jul 189215 Aug 1975Madison Crossroads
MitchellJohnEdgar19 Sep 188820 Nov 1965Maple Hill
MitchellJohnUnk01 Jan 1879Maple Hill
MitchellJoshuaAdam05 Aug 198715 Oct 2000Gurley
MitchellJosieM.09 Sep 188203 Nov 1883New Sharon
MitchellKarenL.Unk18 Mar 2003Maple Hill
MitchellKateUnk14 Dec 1967Maple Hill
MitchellKathryn29 Mar 193622 Feb 1937Charity Baptist Church
MitchellL.D.Unk07 Jan 1895Maple Hill
MitchellLauraMaeUnk03 Mar 2005Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
MitchellLeleciaUnk13 Feb 1888Maple Hill
MitchellLenaOliveUnk18 May 1986Maple Hill
MitchellLenaUnk21 Aug 1959Maple Hill
MitchellLenaUnk25 Nov 1944Maple Hill
MitchellLinaUnk30 Jul 1955Maple Hill
MitchellLouisaHudson11 Nov 187620 Mar 1945Pleas Mount Baptist Church
MitchellLouiseNadine11 Sep 193020 Nov 1966Northside
MitchellLucilleMarie27 Jan 194001 Jun 1996Ragsdale
MitchellLucindaM.Unk15 Jul 1985Maple Hill
MitchellMadelineL.19101972Huntsville Memory Gardens
MitchellMamie10 Dec 189315 Nov 1980Northside
MitchellMarieToneyUnk12 Jan 1971Maple Hill
MitchellMarthaEllen28 Jul 191307 Apr 1992Golightly
MitchellMartinUnk15 Sep 1944Maple Hill
MitchellMaryF.17 Mar 184416 May 1911New Sharon
MitchellMaryJane28 Jun 187729 Oct 1970Cloud
MitchellMaryUnkNDDMaple Hill
MitchellMaryUnk22 May 1944Maple Hill
MitchellMaryUnk23 Feb 1941Maple Hill
MitchellMattieLouUnk19 Dec 1999Maple Hill
MitchellMaudeUnk02 May 1945Maple Hill
MitchellMayWaggoner11 May 189512 Feb 1973Cochran
MitchellMelvinMitchellUnk25 Mar 2000Maple Hill
MitchellMildredB.09 Jun 191624 Mar 1987Northside
MitchellMildred01 Nov 191410 Oct 2001Murphy Hill
MitchellMinnieB.18851969Huntsville Memory Gardens
MitchellMollieButler08 Feb 190114 Nov 1947Charity Baptist Church
MitchellMonroeE.11 Apr 187821 Dec 1960Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
MitchellMontgomeryG.184302 Mar 1894Cloud
MitchellNancyJaneChristian17 Sep 189613 Jul 1982Keel
MitchellNannie21 Jun 188131 May 1953Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
MitchellOla14 Mar 190214 Dec 1927Gibson
MitchellOla14 Mar 190214 Dec 1927Gipson
MitchellOltaLee23 Aug 191808 May 1994Cloud
MitchellOmalinaL.Unk10 Sep 1993Maple Hill
MitchellOscarV.Unk20 Aug 1965Maple Hill
MitchellR.Unk12 Aug 1904Maple Hill
MitchellRenaSusanUnk31 Dec 1975Maple Hill
MitchellRobertL.Unk04 Apr 1889Maple Hill
MitchellRoy06 Oct 191002 Aug 1946Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
MitchellRoyUnk06 Jan 1968Maple Hill
MitchellRubyJean11 Nov 194731 Jan 1960Booker
MitchellSamuelUnk13 Aug 1941Maple Hill
MitchellSelmaM.Unk02 Mar 1982Maple Hill
MitchellSidneyYoungUnk04 Aug 1968Charity Baptist Church
MitchellStevenV.Unk28 Oct 1991Maple Hill
MitchellSusieUnk29 Apr 1930Maple Hill
MitchellT.B.Unk30 Jul 1956Maple Hill
MitchellThomasLee16 Jan 195222 Nov 2003Royal
MitchellTommieLee29 May 193823 Apr 2002Booker
MitchellTyeBoud16 Feb 187502 Jul 1952Cloud
MitchellVeraPearlJohnson08 Dec 189321 Aug 1917Cochran
MitchellVirgilCarter07 Mar 192526 Dec 1998Madison Crossroads
MitchellVirginia21 Jul 186808 Sep 1960Brandon
MitchellVirginiaUnk11 Aug 1968Maple Hill
MitchellWClifton28 Apr 190613 Jun 1970Bush
MitchellW.Unk07 Nov 1932Maple Hill
MitchellWalterG.Unk09 Aug 1949Maple Hill
MitchellWalterHall08 Jan 188726 Mar 1976Cochran
MitchellWiley14 Feb 190330 Apr 1991Green Valley
MitchellWillUnk13 Sep 1975Maple Hill
MitchellWilliamUnk29 Mar 1926Maple Hill
MitchellWillieLeeUnk25 May 1956Maple Hill
MitchellWilmerUnk05 Apr 1965Maple Hill
MitchelsRalphUnk21 Apr 1876Maple Hill

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