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LucasElsieMae19 Feb 190715 May 1991Maple Hill
LucasJackH.Unk03 Apr 1960Maple Hill
LucasKennethM.18 Jan 190710 Feb 1981Maple Hill
LucasPeytonR.Unk20 Nov 1966Maple Hill
LuddenJamesUnk09 Jul 1939Maple Hill
LudieAnnL.Unk01 Oct 1991Maple Hill
LudieAnnieUnk01 Jun 1953Maple Hill
LudieCharlesE.Unk02 Jul 1961Maple Hill
LudieCharlesEdwardUnk23 Jan 1947Maple Hill
LudwigAnnieUnk10 Jun 1923Maple Hill
LueneburgKeithMichael28 Aug 197520 Jun 2000Brown
LukeDorothyC.04 Feb 190714 Mar 1997Maple Hill
LukeMargie01 Sep 190731 Jul 1994Maple Hill
LukeRaymondH.29 May 190319 Oct 1970Maple Hill
LumpkinThurstinUnk19 Aug 1877Maple Hill
LunaAdaPearlStaggs09 Nov 190508 Oct 1947Charity Baptist Church
LunaAleaseHarbell18 Jan 192802 Sep 1985Maple Hill
LunaAndrewD.14 Oct 190826 Jan 1990Maple Hill
LunaAnnieL.14 Apr 188724 Apr 1978Maple Hill
LunaAnnieL.Unk25 Aug 1959Maple Hill
LunaAnnieGuthrie188918 Oct 1964Maple Hill
LunaAstorAugustus10 Mar 188609 Feb 1958Maple Hill
LunaB.Unk12 Feb 1928Maple Hill
LunaBettieUnk28 Nov 1929Maple Hill
LunaBettyFay14 Jan 195316 Jan 1953Charity Baptist Church
LunaCallieLeeDelong19 May 189207 Jun 1975Charity Baptist Church
LunaCharlesH.03 Oct 1903Jun 1978Charity Baptist Church
LunaClellaMoore04 Jan 189910 Jan 1981Maple Hill
LunaDavidEnoch10 Aug 186528 Oct 1948Charity Baptist Church
LunaDeweyBrown26 Dec 192128 Dec 1929Charity Baptist Church
LunaDixieE.DunhamSep 186325 Dec 1947Maple Hill
LunaEarlAstor29 Sep 191417 Jan 1993Maple Hill
LunaEarlQuinethUnkNDDMaple Hill
LunaElmerFranklin21 May 192620 Jul 2005Maple Hill
LunaEnochElijah30 Apr 189521 Jan 1963State Line
LunaEnochElijah21 Feb 191901 Jun 1992State Line
LunaErnestUnk19 Sep 1923Maple Hill
LunaFloydRuthUnk11 Feb 1980Maple Hill
LunaFredClifford23 Jul 191615 Jan 1980Maple Hill
LunaGenevaUnk18 May 1923Maple Hill
LunaGracieLeeBaker30 Oct 190025 Apr 1965Charity Baptist Church
LunaHershellC.26 May 192110 Mar 2005Maple Hill
LunaHershellFranklin06 Jan 190007 Oct 1977Maple Hill
LunaHowardWayne26 Dec 192831 May 2005Maple Hill
LunaInfantMaleUnk24 Dec 1941Maple Hill
LunaJamesThomas03 Mar 189222 Mar 1964Charity Baptist Church
LunaJessicaLeigh30 Mar 198529 Apr 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
LunaJessie12 Aug 194129 Dec 1942Charity Baptist Church
LunaJohnJ.29 Jan 190231 Mar 1946Charity Baptist Church
LunaJohnUnk02 Mar 1924Maple Hill
LunaJuneUnk18 Jul 1930Maple Hill
LunaLaraB.12 May 191003 May 1993Maple Hill
LunaMargaretC.02 Jul 191809 Sep 2001Maple Hill
LunaMaryL.07 Aug 193309 Aug 1933Charity Baptist Church
LunaMaryUnk27 Jan 1930Maple Hill
LunaMinnieA.26 Oct 189905 Jul 1957Charity Baptist Church
LunaMollyCantrell03 Oct 189509 Jan 1938Rice
LunaNoraArlenaJackson27 May 191103 Aug 1971Maple Hill
LunaOdasUnk02 Jan 1928Maple Hill
LunaPerryGreen24 Oct 192321 Dec 1966Charity Baptist Church
LunaPerryGreen10 Dec 186911 Oct 1920Maple Hill
LunaPerryThomas04 Jun 192306 Jan 2004Maple Hill
LunaPoseyE.24 Dec 192515 Sep 1982Charity Baptist Church
LunaRobertAllen15 Mar 194019 Oct 1994Maple Hill
LunaRoyceLevonne23 Jun 193118 Jun 1975Ebenezer
LunaSalleyJ.Roberts18761936Charity Baptist Church
LunaSammyUnk24 May 1928Maple Hill
LunaSamuelLeon28 Oct 192722 Jun 1982Charity Baptist Church
LunaSandraAnneUnk03 Dec 1969Maple Hill
LunaSarahFrancesJones03 Mar 187201 Apr 1932Maple Hill
LunaSidneyUnk02 Jun 1929Maple Hill
LunaTedUnk06 Dec 1967Maple Hill
LunaWilliamA.Unk27 Jun 1975Maple Hill
LundquistDonaldM.25 Mar 191505 Nov 1981Maple Hill
LundquistVirginiaM.05 Aug 192310 May 2003Maple Hill
LunnaPercyGreenUnk01 Oct 1920Maple Hill
LupoAnnieL.21 Nov 190128 Mar 1987Lawler
LupoJosephE.27 Mar 192613 Nov 1962Lawler
LupoMiltonMurray25 May 192122 Nov 1966Lawler
LupoMilton21 Nov 190128 Mar 1987Lawler
LuraElizabethUnk18 Dec 1925Maple Hill
LurkW.Unk27 Apr 1923Maple Hill
LusayProfessorUnk05 Jan 1885Maple Hill
LuskHarveyUnk03 Dec 1947Maple Hill
LuskHoraceUnk25 Dec 1942Maple Hill
LuskJennieUnk15 Mar 1935Maple Hill
LuskLeonardE.06 Mar 192907 Mar 1993Maple Hill
LuskMaryLeonaUnk15 Jul 2000Maple Hill
LuskMinnieSiggersUnk07 Jan 1960Maple Hill
LuskNannieP.17 Feb 190828 Aug 1995Maple Hill
LuskPattie28 Dec 186310 Jan 1901Hayden
LuskSynthiaUnk28 Mar 1975Maple Hill
LuskW.H.Unk27 Feb 1923Maple Hill
LuskWarrenP.18 Feb 184018 Apr 1886Bethel/Old Bethel
LuskWilliamOliver27 Feb 190912 Apr 1963Maple Hill
LuskWilliamUnk21 Apr 1930Maple Hill
LuskWilliamUnk12 Jun 1929Maple Hill
LuskWillieUnk31 May 1925Maple Hill
LutherMargieReeUnk18 May 1958Maple Hill
LutherPeterE.11 Sep 189524 Feb 1969Maple Hill
LutrellJamesUnk08 Nov 1920Maple Hill
LutrellMattieUnk09 Jun 1924Maple Hill
LuttrellGeorgeUnk30 Jan 1897Maple Hill
LuttrellJamesUnk25 Apr 1939Maple Hill
LuttrellM.E.Unk18 Jun 1921Maple Hill
LuttrellMarkE.16 Mar 189218 Jun 1974Maple Hill
LuttrellZelmaFaningUnk27 Oct 1955Maple Hill
LutzGrayMrs.20 Feb 190622 Mar 1977Maple Hill
LutzHartwellB.Unk17 Mar 1959Maple Hill
LutzJamesUnk29 Nov 1973Maple Hill
LutzJohnHartwell08 Nov 196515 Jan 1994Maple Hill
LydaAlice28 Feb 189427 Jan 1969Maple Hill
LykinsJessicaNicoleUnk16 Feb 1984Maple Hill
LyleAliceTrippUnk26 Jan 1941Maple Hill
LyleAnnaB.09 Feb 192010 Aug 1975Moon
LyleC.D.Mrs.Unk25 Jun 1957Maple Hill
LyleCharlesD.Unk26 Mar 1958Maple Hill
LyleCharlieUnk07 Aug 1928Maple Hill
LyleClaraM.Unk01 Jan 1923Maple Hill
LyleClarenceM.Unk17 Aug 1890Lynch
LyleEdwardE.Unk13 Feb 1953Maple Hill
LyleEmilyUnk08 Nov 1968Maple Hill
LyleHarryUnk02 Dec 1916Maple Hill
LyleIdaMiller1870NDDCamp Ground
LyleJamesThomas05 Apr 191313 Jul 2005Gatlin
LyleJoAnn08 Feb 193408 Jun 2000Maple Hill
LyleJohnM.17 Jul 190602 Dec 1964Moon
LyleJulia10 Sep 190105 Aug 1988Maple Hill
LyleOwenUnk24 Feb 1901Maple Hill
LyleRhondaK.12 Nov 196228 Mar 2005Maple Hill
LyleRobertJ.18651942Camp Ground
LyleRobertUnk22 Feb 1951Maple Hill
LyleRobertUnk07 Sep 1918Maple Hill
LyleWilliamL.15 Mar 191413 Apr 1976Maple Hill
LyleWilliamLeroyUnk31 Mar 1959Maple Hill
LyleWilliamT.18 May 190029 Dec 1969Maple Hill
LyleWilmaUnk27 Mar 1940Maple Hill
LynchAltieLouise8 Feb 190505 Feb 1989Maple Hill
LynchDoraUnk12 Sep 1897Maple Hill
LynchEmmitt02 Dec 189426 May 1960Brandon
LynchFannieM.14 Dec 184612 Feb 1868Lynch
LynchInfantUnkNDDMaple Hill
LynchMaryUnkNDDMaple Hill
LynchMiltonB.Unk04 Jan 1962Maple Hill
LynchNannie10 Apr 190114 Aug 1956Pine Grove - Deposit
LynchOwenUnk10 Aug 1939Maple Hill
LynchWillieF.15 Dec 189412 Feb 1979Maple Hill
LyneElizaUnk22 Dec 1938Maple Hill
LyneManervaUnk27 Dec 1883Maple Hill
LyneRobertUnk12 Feb 1932Maple Hill
LyneThomasUnk30 Jul 1914Maple Hill
LynnBerthaUnk11 Jun 1927Maple Hill
LynnGuyR.21 Aug 191109 Dec 1964Maple Hill
LynnKirkPadgett22 Jan 193421 Jan 2006Maple Hill
LynnMattieUnk01 Apr 1927Maple Hill
LynnVelmaT.06 Nov 191001 Jul 1973Maple Hill
LynskeyMaryStellaUnk10 Nov 1881Maple Hill
LynskeyW.E.Unk10 Nov 1881Maple Hill
LynskeyW.Unk15 Oct 1916Maple Hill
LynskyChristopherUnk09 Jul 1935Maple Hill
LynskyFrancesUnk09 Apr 1925Maple Hill
LynskyGenevieneUnk09 Sep 1935Maple Hill
LyonCharleRamon16 Feb 190007 Jul 1949Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
LyonGeorgeWilliam29 Oct 187218 Mar 1949Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
LyonGraceKeel23 Aug 190121 Aug 2000Baker - Owens Cross Road
LyonHarrietC.16 Sep 187314 Jan 1911Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
LyonLillie18761936Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
LyonLizzieMalindaDuskin02 Mar 190129 Oct 1992Bethel/Old Bethel
LyonMaryEdnaUnk02 Jan 1996Maple Hill
LyonNinaAnn26 Nov 1935NDDBaker - Owens Cross Road
LyonOllieL.25 Jun 190222 Dec 1984Baker - Owens Cross Road
LyonRaymondSeaborn04 Dec 192421 May 2005Maple Hill
LyonRuthA.13 Oct 193031 Jan 2000Byrd
LyonTedWilliam08 Jul 192915 Sep 1984Baker - Owens Cross Road
LyonsDoraUnk22 Sep 1881Maple Hill
LyonsElizabethUnk06 Jun 1904Maple Hill
LyonsJessieKeithUnk20 May 1970Charity Baptist Church
LyonsM.Unk27 Feb 1869Maple Hill
LyonsMikeUnk27 Dec 1876Maple Hill
LyonsOllie01 Jul 188123 Sep 1972Northside
LyonsPeterW.Unk02 Feb 1894Maple Hill
LyskeyC.Unk08 Nov 1920Maple Hill

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