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EakerRachelUnk17 Jan 1934Maple Hill
EakesCarrieS.UnkNDDMaple Hill
EakesElizabethCashionUnkNDDMaple Hill
EakesElviraE.28 Sep 1890NDDCharity Baptist Church
EakesHaroldTheo16 Aug 194019 Oct 1998Green Valley
EakesHermanT.14 Jun 191728 Aug 1982Green Valley
EakesIdellaUnk08 Jan 1944Maple Hill
EakesJ.Unk06 Nov 1953Maple Hill
EakesJessieJ.27 Jan 191723 Jan 1982Maple Hill
EakesJohnM.14 Mar 188317 Jun 1965Charity Baptist Church
EakesLillyP.Unk18 Jun 1988Maple Hill
EakesOliverE.Unk02 Aug 1962Maple Hill
EakesR.Unk17 Oct 1950Maple Hill
EakesRobertHugh24 Dec 186413 Mar 1946Maple Hill
EakesVelmaLorine30 Apr 192206 Apr 2000Green Valley
EakesWilliamThomas07 May 189210 Jul 1963Plainview
EakinJaneUnk30 Dec 1919Maple Hill
EakinJasUnk19 Mar 1926Maple Hill
EakinsJamesUnk13 May 1934Maple Hill
EakinsNellieBelle18 Apr 189520 Nov 1982Maple Hill
EakinsO.Unk24 Nov 1953Maple Hill
EalyAlvaLee27 Jul 187813 Jun 1942Charity Baptist Church
EalyCharlesR.25 Apr 191508 Sep 1996Maple Hill
EalyDoyle29 Jul 192106 Dec 1997Maple Hill
EalyEffieG.24 Apr 188727 Nov 1964Maple Hill
EalyElizabeth09 May 191325 May 1913Maple Hill
EalyJohnF.02 Mar 191726 Mar 1988Charity Baptist Church
EalyJohnLavern06 Nov 191006 Mar 1933Maple Hill
EalyJohnWilliamUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
EalyJohnUnk07 Jan 1925Maple Hill
EalyMarjeanUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
EalyMildredS.25 Jun 192230 Jun 2001Maple Hill
EalyOpheliaUnk05 Dec 1997Maple Hill
EalyRobertSamuel03 Apr 192014 Nov 1966Charity Baptist Church
EalySeanDavidUnk20 Nov 1992Maple Hill
EalyViolet28 Jul 188905 Apr 1959Charity Baptist Church
EalyVirginiaE.26 Apr 192518 Oct 1962Charity Baptist Church
EalyWallace05 Mar 188119 Mar 1961Maple Hill
EarlAlmerUnk02 Dec 1939Maple Hill
EarlHazelG.02 Jun 191825 May 2003Maple Hill
EarlIla16 Sep 188807 Jul 1970Maple Hill
EarlTomFrank29 Jul 191516 Nov 1993Maple Hill
EarlsAlexEugene12 Nov 192120 Jun 2001Maple Hill
EarlsDora15 Aug 189113 Dec 1930Merrimack
EarlsFloraLee02 May 191818 Dec 2004Maple Hill
EarlsIreneM.02 Sep 192106 May 1999Maple Hill
EarlsJames27 Mar 191129 Jan 2006Maple Hill
EarlsJohnB.07 Feb 191919 Aug 1995Maple Hill
EarlsJohnW.16 May 1932Jun 1985Northside
EarlsTimothyM.11 Nov 197311 Nov 1999Maple Hill
EarlyJohnA.Unk06 Aug 1960Maple Hill
EaryJohnUnk08 Mar 1933Maple Hill
EasleyBobbieB.10 Feb 190710 Mar 2006Maple Hill
EasleyBurtonWilliam11 Oct 191014 Feb 1980Maple Hill
EasleyJohnHorace02 Oct 191820 May 1972Maple Hill
EasleyLemuelH.25 Aug 190529 Nov 1991Maple Hill
EasleyPaulUnk04 Oct 1884Maple Hill
EaslicBudUnk22 Dec 1924Maple Hill
EaslicRaymondE.18 Jun 190401 Dec 1981Maple Hill
EaslicRubyLucille25 Nov 190904 Oct 1993Maple Hill
EaslicWilburnR.15 Mar 190828 Jan 1917Merrimack
EasonAlcainUnk01 May 1867Maple Hill
EasonAnnL.04 Aug 184330 Mar 1850Maple Hill
EasonAnnLavinia12 Jul 180030 Aug 1835Maple Hill
EasonAnnLavinia19 Dec 185002 Oct 1852Maple Hill
EasonBettyLee23 Jul 191719 Dec 1983Northside
EasonCharlesE.07 Mar 193302 Jun 1979Northside
EasonEdmundUnk17 Oct 1874Maple Hill
EasonHazel06 Mar 192101 Mar 1979Northside
EasonHerbert28 Jul 191327 Dec 1974Northside
EasonMarthaAnnPowers27 Sep 181711 Mar 1860Maple Hill
EasonMaryFrances17 Jul 193025 May 2000Maple Hill
EasonRosieLee31 Jul 190415 Dec 1988Northside
EasonWesleyMorris11 Sep 197024 Jul 1972Northside
EasonWilliam23 Feb 178114 Sep 1936Maple Hill
EasonZoeyAnnTar Mesear17 Oct 185104 Apr 1852Maple Hill
EastAgnesUnk09 Feb 1954Maple Hill
EastAllieUnk10 Dec 1924Maple Hill
EastAnnieUnk03 Aug 1929Maple Hill
EastCharlesB.Unk19 Feb 1947Maple Hill
EastChasUnk21 Mar 1935Maple Hill
EastEdUnk14 Jun 1968Maple Hill
EastEmmetUnk07 Jan 1926Maple Hill
EastEmmitUnk04 Jul 1938Maple Hill
EastHenryUnk20 Mar 1941Maple Hill
EastIreneA.25 May 190329 Oct 1937Kelly
EastJoyceM.11 Nov 193411 Sep 1936Merrimack
EastMandyUnk10 Nov 1903Maple Hill
EastMaudeUnk22 Dec 1899Maple Hill
EastMildredD.12 Jul 186301 Oct 1880Pleas Mount Baptist Church
EastOmahUnk24 Jan 1918Maple Hill
EastTommieMrs.Unk07 May 1960Maple Hill
EastWoodyJ.25 Mar 187102 Nov 1939Glenwood
EasterlingIveyEleanor28 Nov 190607 Aug 2003Maple Hill
EasterlingW.R.Unk04 Mar 1967Maple Hill
EastmanJosie02 Apr 184402 Nov 1907Madison
EastonRobertC.Unk14 May 1947Maple Hill
EastonSusieUnk17 Nov 1950Maple Hill
EatonAlbertUnk06 Sep 1918Maple Hill
EatonAnnieUnk02 Feb 1963Maple Hill
EatonBettieUnk11 Jul 1935Maple Hill
EatonCarlton05 Oct 191714 Jan 1957Hayden
EatonCharlesUnk25 Nov 1942Maple Hill
EatonEdwardUnk08 Feb 1947Maple Hill
EatonGarnerB.05 Jul 192109 Feb 1989Hayden
EatonJimUnk10 Feb 1945Maple Hill
EatonJoe04 Apr 188106 Dec 1936Hayden
EatonL.Unk01 Dec 1922Maple Hill
EatonLigeUnk19 Nov 1922Maple Hill
EatonLoreanUnk01 Feb 1918Maple Hill
EatonLuraBelleUnk07 Oct 1973Maple Hill
EatonMathieLouUnk22 Jan 1962Maple Hill
EatonRosaUnk17 May 1925Maple Hill
EatonRoyUnk14 Apr 1923Maple Hill
EatonW.V.Unk26 Jan 1910Maple Hill
EchardC.Unk08 Apr 1915Maple Hill
EcholsA.T.Unk30 Jun 1897Maple Hill
EcholsAllieBell06 Feb 190506 Oct 1991Plainview
EcholsEdward16 Jul 190308 Aug 1939Plainview
EcholsEricaAnn09 May 197229 Feb 2000Plainview
EcholsHarveyB.10 Oct 185719 Jan 1920Merrimack
EcholsHowardE.23 Dec 192721 Jun 1995Plainview
EcholsIdaMae09 Feb 192620 Jun 2001Plainview
EcholsJohnT.06 Nov 192309 Sep 1962Brandon
EcholsL.W.Unk1878Maple Hill
EcholsMaryBeirnePattonNov 183808 Jun 1924Maple Hill
EcholsMaryJaneUnk11 Dec 1923Maple Hill
EcholsMaryHobbs18101879Maple Hill
EcholsReuben182524 Dec 1913Concord
EcholsUnkS.UnkNDDMaple Hill
EcholsW.H.Unk03 Jun 1894Maple Hill
EcholsWilliamHolding11 Mar 183413 Nov 1909Maple Hill
EcholsWilliamHolding186025 Jul 1891Maple Hill
EcholsWilliam18001863Maple Hill
EckardRickyWayne15 Dec 195926 Jan 1992Maple Hill
EckerleIsabelB.23 Feb 188725 Nov 1972Maple Hill
EcksteinEsterUnk28 Feb 1981Maple Hill
EcksteinHerbertPhillipp04 Aug 191321 Nov 1976Maple Hill
EddinsBenjaminE.21 Feb 179402 Jul 1852Bayless
EddinsBenjaminG.23 Nov 183631 Oct 1914Briar Fork
EddinsCarrieUnk07 Jun 1913Maple Hill
EddinsFrankO.19001978Chandler - Carter Grove
EddinsHarmonUnk18 Apr 1937Maple Hill
EddinsIdaUnk04 Apr 1910Maple Hill
EddinsMaryA.02 Nov 180707 Nov 1899Bayless
EddinsMattieA.19021957Chandler - Carter Grove
EddinsOmaEarlUnk18 Aug 1992Maple Hill
EddinsSusanUnk02 Sep 1937Maple Hill
EddinsW.P.Mrs.Unk11 Feb 1970Maple Hill
EddinsWilliamUnk15 Dec 1924Maple Hill
EddlemanMableUnk25 May 1971Maple Hill
EddyFlossieO.05 Jun 191923 Jul 2004Bevill
EddyGeorgeUnk27 Feb 1966Maple Hill
EddyPamelaKayUnk12 Jun 1962Maple Hill
EddyPaulUnk27 Feb 1966Maple Hill
EdenBettyJane08 Mar 192006 Mar 1987Maple Hill
EdenWilliamJ.Unk03 Jan 1971Maple Hill
EderAnnieF.18 Sep 192116 Dec 1999Maple Hill
EderRobertJ.23 Sep 190612 May 1973Maple Hill
EdgarCharlesF.10 Jul 190427 Jan 1995Maple Hill
EdgarMargaretInez18 Aug 190727 Jan 2002Maple Hill
EdgarVirginiaC.26 Mar 193520 Apr 1969Maple Hill
EdgemonDaveL.15 Aug 189316 Jul 1966Maple Hill
EdgemonJ.E.Unk17 Jul 1937Maple Hill
EdgemonPinnieE.09 Nov 189629 Dec 1987Maple Hill
EdgemonWilliamUnk07 Aug 1950Maple Hill
EdgerAmousO.B.25 Jun 192115 Jun 1980Maple Hill
EdgerAndrewScottUnkNDDMaple Hill
EdgerAnthonyCharlesUnk26 Jul 1976Maple Hill
EdgerArnoldIsmur27 Feb 191803 Feb 1989Maple Hill
EdgerAudreyMildred13 Mar 192514 Aug 1974Maple Hill
EdgerEdolisUnk02 Jul 1929Maple Hill
EdgerHermanUnkNDDMaple Hill
EdgerHesterLockart07 Jul 190106 Mar 1972Maple Hill
EdgerJamesHermanUnk16 Jul 1984Maple Hill
EdgerJohnM.16 May 189416 Dec 1974Maple Hill
EdgerJosephW.Unk21 Oct 1957Maple Hill
EdgerJoyceW.Unk01 Nov 1988Maple Hill
EdgerKatherineH.Unk17 Dec 1991Maple Hill
EdgerMargaretElizabethUnk05 Aug 1987Maple Hill
EdgerPerlieChristineUnk31 Aug 2004Maple Hill
EdgerRobertLee30 Jul 194823 Oct 2001Maple Hill
EdgerRobertUnkNDDMaple Hill
EdgerSallyUnk16 Feb 1953Maple Hill
EdgerTommyH.03 Apr 194102 Jan 1988Maple Hill
EdgerWilliamF.Unk09 May 1970Maple Hill
EdmondsWinnieW.17 Nov 188227 Dec 1914Maple Hill
EdmondsonEarlR.Unk14 Aug 1971Maple Hill
EdsleyMargaretA.Unk20 Dec 1895Maple Hill
EdwardCarrieBell15 Aug 188021 Nov 1957Graveyard Hill
EdwardElvisG.Unk02 May 2000Maple Hill
EdwardJ.T.Unk14 Jun 1870Maple Hill
EdwardLeonardF.17 Mar 1876NDDGraveyard Hill
EdwardMildredUnk18 Nov 1917Maple Hill
EdwardsAlbertP.07 Feb 190117 Jan 1980Maple Hill
EdwardsAlfieGeorgeta27 Mar 187610 Jul 1944Graveyard Hill
EdwardsAlonzoUnk11 Mar 1950Maple Hill
EdwardsCiceroBryanUnk29 Nov 1961Maple Hill
EdwardsClayton19 Sep 192523 Jan 1988Maple Hill
EdwardsDelphiaLynn196930 Mar 1998Northside
EdwardsDewey27 Jul 191115 Jul 1913Graveyard Hill
EdwardsEarnestJan 1914Jul 1984Cochran
EdwardsEddieMack15 Oct 189811 Sep 1998Pine Grove - Harvest
EdwardsElizabethMae08 Nov 190504 Sep 1965Maple Hill
EdwardsElizabethMarthaUnk19 Oct 1980Maple Hill
EdwardsEmmaVirginiaFuqua25 May 186403 Dec 1908Rice
EdwardsEthelJaneRhodes25 Mar 190823 Apr 1979Maple Hill
EdwardsEugeneUnk25 Jul 1964Maple Hill
EdwardsEzekielUnk13 Jun 1893Maple Hill
EdwardsFloydDelano08 May 188411 Aug 1968Maple Hill
EdwardsForrestW.24 Aug 191301 Aug 1994Maple Hill
EdwardsFrancesJean28 Jan 193929 Mar 1996Northside
EdwardsGeneralWade23 Dec 191213 Oct 1996Maple Hill
EdwardsGeorgeUnk01 Apr 1961Maple Hill
EdwardsGeorgiaUnk15 Jun 1949Maple Hill
EdwardsGilbertUnkNDDMaple Hill
EdwardsGrace04 Nov 190126 Oct 1942Graveyard Hill
EdwardsHannahUnk07 Mar 1918Maple Hill
EdwardsHenryH.Unk03 Feb 1962Maple Hill
EdwardsHenryRichard11 Nov 189407 Oct 1976Graveyard Hill
EdwardsHomer26 Nov 191925 Feb 1998Maple Hill
EdwardsIdaUnk30 Aug 1878Maple Hill
EdwardsInfant07 Oct 193907 Oct 1939Graveyard Hill
EdwardsJamesGlenwood24 Apr 197419 Nov 1992Ryland
EdwardsJamesR.28 Aug 193019 May 1995Bush
EdwardsJess24 Jul 187801 Jun 1976Graveyard Hill
EdwardsJesse10 Sep 181020 Oct 1905Baker
EdwardsJohnBuford13 Aug 194025 Aug 1940Graveyard Hill
EdwardsJohnRobinsonUnk06 Jun 1982Maple Hill
EdwardsKatherine16 Aug 191302 Sep 1989Maple Hill
EdwardsKathrynM.10 Nov 189725 Sep 1980Maple Hill
EdwardsLaurineJuanita11 May 192525 Nov 1943Maple Hill
EdwardsLeeDaniel30 Sep 194814 Jan 1974Maple Hill
EdwardsLelaNaomiSanders22 Jun 188604 Dec 1969Maple Hill
EdwardsLenaC.20 Dec 189430 Mar 1989Maple Hill
EdwardsLenaUnk28 Nov 1914Maple Hill
EdwardsLilaUnk04 Dec 1969Maple Hill
EdwardsLizzieMae04 Oct 191114 Aug 1984Maple Hill
EdwardsLucille29 Oct 1920Jun 1983Cochran
EdwardsLynnW.11 Nov 194515 Jul 1969Maple Hill
EdwardsLynnWarren29 Jan 191316 Oct 1998Maple Hill
EdwardsMableDavidson27 Apr 193102 Jun 1998Northside
EdwardsMarionJosephine15 Aug 192714 May 1964Maple Hill
EdwardsMarthaNichols183808 Mar 1909Maple Hill
EdwardsMaryDean27 Apr 191407 Mar 2005Rice
EdwardsMaryEllenJones06 Aug 192028 Aug 1995Pine Grove - Harvest
EdwardsMaryUnk15 Dec 1916Maple Hill
EdwardsMollie30 Aug 191229 Nov 1975Maple Hill
EdwardsOlaUnk27 Sep 1988Maple Hill
EdwardsOnieS.Unk13 Jun 1914Maple Hill
EdwardsOraUnk27 Dec 1925Maple Hill
EdwardsOscarUnkNDDPine Grove - Harvest
EdwardsOtisB.03 Jul 190123 Oct 1971Northside
EdwardsOtisUnk08 Mar 1923Maple Hill
EdwardsPatriciaAnn22 Apr 195123 Apr 1951Bush
EdwardsR.ElizabethMrs.07 Aug 186706 Jan 1965Maple Hill
EdwardsRebaM.19 Jan 193529 Mar 2002Bush
EdwardsRobertCaves05 Oct 192811 Jan 2006Maple Hill
EdwardsRobertaC.01 Nov 190107 May 1971Northside
EdwardsRoyEgbert18 Jul 191521 Jul 2005Maple Hill
EdwardsShelleyLynnUnk28 Sep 1978Maple Hill
EdwardsUnkFemaleUnk25 Feb 1868Maple Hill
EdwardsVernonWade05 Nov 195813 Jun 1987Bevill
EdwardsW.W.Unk22 Dec 1886Maple Hill
EdwardsonMcInleyUnk04 Dec 1897Maple Hill
Eei LeeSun NamUnk26 Apr 1972Maple Hill
EgbertRoy18 Jul 191521 Jul 2005Maple Hill
EgeJohnDonaldUnk18 Apr 1960Maple Hill
EgeRobertL.Unk09 Aug 1979Maple Hill
EgglestonRobertLee12 Sep 194217 Nov 1978Brandon
EgolfAliceMarieUnk04 Apr 1970Maple Hill
EgolfCharlesUnk21 Aug 1978Maple Hill
EhingerAdelaideF.19 Sep 191130 Dec 1995Maple Hill
EhringerElmerUnk13 Jul 1990Maple Hill
EichelbergerRobert12 Jul 192129 Dec 1983Maple Hill
EidenEdna14 Nov 190212 Sep 1974Maple Hill
EifertRayUnk12 Feb 1978Maple Hill
EigenbrodWalterUnk08 Nov 1990Maple Hill
EisenhutGertrudK.F.23 Apr 191021 Jun 1973Maple Hill
EisenwineAltaGertrude05 Apr 190724 Dec 1986Hayden
EisenwineJuliusW.29 Feb 190403 Apr 1995Hayden
ElainOceolaUnk28 Dec 1921Maple Hill
ElasonJohnUnk23 Nov 1914Maple Hill
ElbertsMaudeUnk20 Nov 1947Maple Hill
ElderCharlesThomas18631936Locust Grove
ElderFannieMay18651936Locust Grove
ElderJosephWarren04 188927 Jul 1966Camp Ground
ElderLorena18 Aug 191523 Mar 1987Camp Ground
ElderShirleyLaverne22 Apr 194023 Nov 1944Camp Ground
EldersInfantUnk02 Aug 1954Maple Hill
EldersWramdonR.01 Oct 188109 Apr 1946Charity Baptist Church
EldridgeChristineUnk22 Jan 1927Maple Hill
EldridgeFrankW.16 Dec 191329 Apr 1945Brandon
EldridgeJamesLincolnUnk19 Sep 1949Maple Hill
EldridgeMillicentT.Garson25 Dec 179912 Sep 1867Harris
EldridgeNancyW.30 Nov 189103 Feb 1960Brandon
EldridgeSallieUnk25 Mar 1922Maple Hill
EldridgeWilliamUnk11 Jul 1900Maple Hill
ElersonThomasUnk29 Jun 1897Maple Hill
ElginGeorgeA.Unk27 Apr 1877Maple Hill
ElginWilliamUnk12 May 1870Maple Hill
EliffMinnie01 Dec 190727 Jul 1988Charity Baptist Church
EliffYounger09 Oct 189313 Oct 1976Charity Baptist Church
ElisonS.W.30 Dec 184126 Nov 1896Norris
ElizabethEmily29 Aug 181206 Jan 1813Maple Hill
ElkinBlair12 Sep 189505 May 1982Maple Hill
ElkinJune10 Jun 190830 Sep 1989Maple Hill
ElkinLeonUnk17 Mar 1968Maple Hill
ElkinsAllenG.07 Dec 194026 Oct 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
ElkinsAnnieLois22 Mar 189922 Sep 1999Maple Hill
ElkinsBernice04 Jan 1921NDDMoon
ElkinsBill16 Jul 191503 Nov 1989Moon
ElkinsCharlesUnk14 Jan 1922Maple Hill
ElkinsChasieE.16 Jan 185814 Jan 1922Maple Hill
ElkinsErnestE.13 Sep 189208 Feb 1986Maple Hill
ElkinsLillian17 Mar 190817 Mar 1908Cherry Tree (Rigney)
ElkinsRichardHorace23 Jun 191413 Jun 1993Maple Hill
ElkinsRobertM.Unk12 Nov 1987Maple Hill
ElkinsRoseLeeUnk13 Nov 1969Maple Hill
ElledgeClaraB.11 Oct 190504 Sep 1993Maple Hill
ElledgeJudyUnk11 Feb 1951Maple Hill
ElledgeLarkin11 Nov 190924 Feb 1987Maple Hill
ElledgeM.J.Mar 186106 Apr 1880Charity Baptist Church
ElledgeMaryUnk11 Dec 1953Maple Hill
ElledgePaulineUnk12 Apr 1971Maple Hill
ElledgeRexH.04 May 193025 Aug 1996Maple Hill
ElledgeS.M.19 Dec 186309 Apr 1880Charity Baptist Church
ElledgeVernieA.20 Feb 191107 Jul 1991Maple Hill
ElledgeW.E.Unk13 Jan 1961Maple Hill
ElledgeWalter18721954Charity Baptist Church
EllenLutherDean26 Aug 193730 Nov 1967Maple Hill
EllettAliceWann18551887Green Valley
EllettAnnieMaeUnkNDDMaple Hill
EllettArchieM.09 Jan 189205 Apr 1968Maple Hill
EllettBerthaUnk09 Nov 1918Maple Hill
EllettBynamTheodore24 Jan 190627 Dec 1988Maple Hill
EllettCarlMoody22 Feb 191124 Mar 1964Maple Hill
EllettCarlUnk12 Jul 1952Maple Hill
EllettCharley15 Apr 191527 Dec 1989Maple Hill
EllettClaraL.Bunch21 Apr 189902 Mar 1985Green Valley
EllettClarenceH.28 Apr 190207 Mar 1970Maple Hill
EllettClaudeD.06 Feb 188716 Jul 1969Green Valley
EllettClaudeD.11 Mar 192924 Nov 1985Green Valley
EllettClaude25 Feb 195925 Feb 1959Neal Chapel
EllettCloraK.10 Mar 191321 Jul 1985Maple Hill
EllettConleyUnk11 Jan 1921Maple Hill
EllettE.M.Unk14 Nov 1959Maple Hill
EllettE.Unk23 Jun 1899Maple Hill
EllettEdwardD.20 Oct 189608 Jul 1973Maple Hill
EllettEdwardHoustonJan 18521923Moon
EllettEdwardN.Unk30 Mar 1985Maple Hill
EllettElizabethS.Esslinger18 Dec 185112 Oct 1930Esslinger
EllettEmmaD.03 Feb 184010 May 1922Hayden
EllettEthel23 Aug 191028 Apr 1995Maple Hill
EllettFrancesC.18631920Neal Chapel
EllettFrank02 Jan 193112 Jun 1993Maple Hill
EllettG.W.Unk03 Apr 1950Maple Hill
EllettGeorgeS.21 Oct 192603 Feb 1968Green Valley
EllettHarryGordon29 Jan 191313 Feb 1969Maple Hill
EllettHarveyJ,29 Jan 191301 Jan 1921Neal Chapel
EllettInfantUnk05 Oct 1921Moon
EllettIsaacEmerson13 Jul 187806 Jun 1926Moon
EllettJ.Unk31 May 1954Maple Hill
EllettJamesA.18611924Neal Chapel
EllettJamesEdward17 Jan 194317 Jun 1943Neal Chapel
EllettJamesW.08 Feb 191209 Apr 2002Maple Hill
EllettJerryW.23 Sep 194119 Jul 1980Maple Hill
EllettJosephA.22 Feb 191112 Jun 1980Maple Hill
EllettJosephFletcher17 Dec 183503 Aug 1920Hayden
EllettLulaBell18871887Green Valley
EllettLulaUnk14 Mar 1944Maple Hill
EllettMargaretInezIvey10 Sep 191109 Sep 1968Maple Hill
EllettMaryE.16 May 188314 Feb 1919Neal Chapel
EllettMaryEllenSpivey05 Dec 189509 Sep 1959Moon
EllettMaryLouEvans14 Dec 189822 Aug 1985Maple Hill
EllettMyrtle16 Aug 189421 Feb 1987Neal Chapel
EllettN.M.12 Feb 184411 Feb 1916Merrimack
EllettNannieW.19 Aug 188423 Feb 1946Moon
EllettNolen24 Jul 191227 Sep 1924Moon
EllettOdisDuevall15 Feb 191916 Aug 1998Green Valley
EllettOrdieUnk22 Jun 1926Maple Hill
EllettPauline09 Nov 191823 Aug 2001Maple Hill
EllettPeggyUnk05 Jan 1935Maple Hill
EllettPercy13 Oct 188903 Aug 1960Neal Chapel
EllettRobertJ.09 Aug 184814 Nov 1910Esslinger
EllettRubyNichols06 Dec 191410 Sep 1996Maple Hill
EllettVernieStolz10 Jan 190623 Mar 1992Maple Hill
EllettVinaW.Unk08 Mar 1971Maple Hill
EllettW.T.Unk25 Jan 1948Maple Hill
EllettWilliamGordon17 Jan 188028 Nov 1947Neal Chapel
EllettWilliamRobert28 Oct 188822 Sep 1974Esslinger
EllettWillieLeo24 Aug 192112 Nov 1964Green Valley
EllettWilsonFloyd14 Dec 190209 Jul 1967Maple Hill
EllettYoungerUnk26 Nov 1918Maple Hill
ElliffAgnesL.21 May 192831 Jan 1993Charity Baptist Church
ElliffJaineUnk01 Apr 1927Maple Hill
ElliotJosephW.01 Sep 190223 May 1980Maple Hill
ElliotSarahLouTipton10 Sep 193915 Mar 1959Shiloh
ElliotWillieE.Unk03 Feb 1855Maple Hill
ElliottAltonDoranUnk15 Feb 1962Maple Hill
ElliottAnnElizabethUnk05 May 2001Maple Hill
ElliottBettyUnk12 Jan 1970Maple Hill
ElliottBillyJoe25 Mar 193224 Jan 2006Maple Hill
ElliottCarlton30 Apr 186119 Mar 1885Maple Hill
ElliottCharlesW.Unk26 Aug 1984Maple Hill
ElliottElbert02 May 1894May 1983Brandon
ElliottElvinnie05 Apr 190523 Nov 1966Maple Hill
ElliottEmilyUnk09 Jan 1888Maple Hill
ElliottEulaA.17 Feb 189613 Feb 1982Maple Hill
ElliottGeorge21 Sep 190005 Feb 1974Maple Hill
ElliottHarveyF.24 Jul 191908 Jun 1987Pleas Mount Baptist Church
ElliottHelenM.01 May 192102 Jul 2001Maple Hill
ElliottHelenHolmes16 Sep 190012 Aug 1980Maple Hill
ElliottIdaT.18 Feb 188419 Oct 1969Maple Hill
ElliottJamesUnk11 Jul 1945Maple Hill
ElliottJeanette28 Jun 188930 Nov 1977Brandon
ElliottJimmyRay08 Jul 194511 Jul 1945Maple Hill
ElliottJohnUnk18 Jan 1979Maple Hill
ElliottJohn14 May 192814 Aug 1978Northside
ElliottJosephM.Unk12 Jan 1982Maple Hill
ElliottJosephWilliam01 Sep 190223 May 1980Maple Hill
ElliottLeroy26 Mar 190818 Dec 1967Northside
ElliottLesterEugene22 Aug 192826 Nov 1997Maple Hill
ElliottLucyUnk25 Feb 1959Maple Hill
ElliottMargaretAnn14 Mar 194014 Mar 1940Maple Hill
ElliottMaryUnk08 Mar 1902Maple Hill
ElliottMichaelDavidUnk02 Jun 1968Maple Hill
ElliottNellieUnk25 May 1931Maple Hill
ElliottOary28 Apr 192016 Nov 1980Brandon
ElliottRichardI.28 Nov 182203 Apr 1867Maple Hill
ElliottRichardUnk03 Apr 1867Maple Hill
ElliottRobertK.24 Oct 188701 Aug 1971Maple Hill
ElliottRobertL.Unk24 Jun 1959Maple Hill
ElliottRoena19081937Pleas Mount Baptist Church
ElliottTexie19 Apr 188331 May 1970Penny
ElliottVan20 Jun 191401 Jan 2002Maple Hill
ElliottWalter29 Oct 191304 Aug 1978Penny
ElliottWilliamThomas30 Nov 188906 Dec 1969Maple Hill
EllisAnnaUnk17 Apr 1952Maple Hill
EllisAnnieUnk01 Mar 1961Maple Hill
EllisBenjamin02 May 178430 Aug 1853Ellis, Old Benjamin
EllisBufordClarkUnk26 Jul 1937Maple Hill
EllisClarenceEdgar16 Jun 191213 Jul 1974Maple Hill
EllisDorisUnk24 Jun 1943Maple Hill
EllisEarlR.28 Nov 190014 Mar 1981Maple Hill
EllisEllaD.04 Oct 188914 May 1969Penny
EllisEmmaE.Davis10 May 183411 Apr 1856Ellis, Old Benjamin
EllisEmmaL.29 Sep 184816 Mar 1886Murphy Hill
EllisEvelynB.11 Nov 191512 Oct 1984Maple Hill
EllisJamesB.14 Aug 191303 Feb 1987Maple Hill
EllisJamesB.Unk06 Mar 1884Maple Hill
EllisJamesB.30 Nov 182108 Mar 1884Murphy Hill
EllisJohnM.06 May 186222 Nov 1952Madison Crossroads
EllisJosephFrancis01 Feb 182504 Jan 1897Ellis, Old Benjamin
EllisLesterCraig07 Jul 194301 Nov 2003Twickenham
EllisMargieUnk26 Dec 1937Maple Hill
EllisMarthaA.R.16 Apr 182825 Mar 1854Ellis, Old Benjamin
EllisMaryA.R.25 Oct 186005 Jan 1875Ellis, Old Benjamin
EllisMaryT.29 Aug 189411 May 1958Bloucher Ford
EllisMary14 Feb 178804 Jun 1852Ellis, Old Benjamin
EllisMattieP.Unk03 Jul 1989Maple Hill
EllisMildredP.Unk09 Jun 1961Maple Hill
EllisMildred30 Apr 190803 May 1984Maple Hill
EllisNancyA.03 Nov 186402 Sep 1968Murphy Hill
EllisNancy01 Aug 182428 Nov 1881Murphy Hill
EllisPholicUnk08 Dec 1933Maple Hill
EllisRuth06 Jan 193003 Aug 2004Maple Hill
EllisSallyBennettUnk16 Dec 1965Maple Hill
EllisSarahE.M.04 Jan 186923 Sep 1930Madison Crossroads
EllisTillman15 Oct 188821 Sep 1947Taylor Chapel
EllisUnkUnk15 Aug 1884Maple Hill
EllisonClintonUnk03 Jul 1894Maple Hill
EllisonCoraL.04 Mar 187219 Feb 1956Glenwood
EllisonEmmaMae01 May 191416 Jul 1985Northside
EllisonJamesM.Unk04 Nov 2000Maple Hill
EllisonJames19111918Maple Hill
EllisonJamesUnk30 May 1919Maple Hill
EllisonJamesUnk27 Jan 1899Maple Hill
EllisonJanieC.19121912Maple Hill
EllisonRobert25 Jun 194519 Mar 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
EllittElizabethUnk27 Nov 1923Maple Hill
EllzeyGeorgeE.Unk27 May 1974Maple Hill
ElmoreAra26 Dec 192811 Aug 1930Merrimack
ElmoreClaraAileneUnk20 Jan 1969Maple Hill
ElmoreDonH.Unk13 Nov 1977Maple Hill
ElmoreDorothyL.07 Dec 191102 Sep 1983Maple Hill
ElmoreJ.P.14 Jan 191523 Aug 1980Maple Hill
ElmoreJamesE.05 Mar 189705 Feb 1973Taylor
ElmoreJoyceEsteel08 May 193224 May 1990Fowlkes
ElmoreLeonaS.Unk26 May 1994Maple Hill
ElmoreLutherB.03 Mar 190808 Sep 1984Maple Hill
ElmoreM.Unk02 Aug 1955Maple Hill
ElmoreMandyC.Unk01 Nov 1960Maple Hill
ElmoreMaryF.14 Dec 1898Aug 1987Taylor
ElmoreMelvinaUnk26 Mar 1954Maple Hill
ElmoreOlenC.Unk26 Sep 1966Maple Hill
ElmoreOwenR.14 Apr 191331 Mar 1998Maple Hill
ElmoreRichardP.Unk18 Dec 1962Maple Hill
ElmoreRonnieUnk20 Oct 1940Maple Hill
ElmoreWilliamVirgilUnk22 Oct 1961Maple Hill
ElrodClarenceW.11 May 190825 Nov 1982Maple Hill
ElrodClarenceW.31 Aug 192921 Dec 1929Merrimack
ElrodDelaneyO.Unk22 Dec 1996Maple Hill
ElrodWillie22 Apr 191220 Mar 1999Maple Hill
ElseaBillieCarmen18 Dec 193215 Nov 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
EmanuelLillieHenrietta31 Aug 189817 Aug 1976Northside
EmbreyBetty15 Oct 189014 Mar 1978Maple Hill
EmbreyI.Unk09 Sep 1952Maple Hill
EmbreyJamesClayton16 Apr 188701 May 1977Maple Hill
EmbreyMyraLeeUnk03 Dec 1968Maple Hill
EmbryKennethPaulUnk04 Apr 1965Maple Hill
EmersonAddieLorenaUnk24 Dec 1961Maple Hill
EmersonAnnDeloresUnk06 Aug 1991Maple Hill
EmersonBenUnk21 Feb 1893Maple Hill
EmersonCharlesDukeUnk26 Dec 1958Maple Hill
EmersonCharlesUnk22 Apr 1985Maple Hill
EmersonFloyd18 Mar 190515 Jan 1971Maple Hill
EmersonGladysWallace24 Jul 191917 Aug 1984Maple Hill
EmersonMargaretUnk16 Nov 1976Maple Hill
EmersonMiltonB.18 Jan 190804 Aug 1978Maple Hill
EmersonMiltonUnk08 Jan 1929Maple Hill
EmersonMollie10 Aug 187107 Aug 1949Maple Hill
EmersonRobbieL.Unk26 Jun 1990Maple Hill
EmersonRoyR.23 Dec 191303 Aug 1982Maple Hill
EmersonWilliamRoy02 Jun 190213 Nov 1966Maple Hill
EmertAudieE.Unk23 Feb 1989Maple Hill
EmertJoeT.22 Oct 190302 Sep 1995Maple Hill
EmertMollieUnk19 May 1938Maple Hill
EmertWilliamWest14 Jan 187901 Jun 1968Shiloh
EmeryAddieS.UnkNDDMaple Hill
EmeryBobby15 Jan 194902 May 1988Charity Baptist Church
EmeryBurlinE.14 Nov 192121 Oct 1984Charity Baptist Church
EmeryGaryUnk22 Feb 1954Maple Hill
EmeryLutherRaymond25 Jan 192510 Jan 1993Brown
EmeryMarieUnk13 Oct 1953Maple Hill
EmeryMaryLou07 Aug 196329 Dec 1984Charity Baptist Church
EmeryRaymondL.Unk11 Jul 1983Maple Hill
EmfingerAlonzoE.25 Jul 190815 Sep 1996Maple Hill
EmfingerEugeneUnk10 Sep 1976Maple Hill
EmfingerInfantUnk11 Nov 1962Maple Hill
EmfingerMarySue30 Oct 190818 Jan 1995Maple Hill
EmfingerUnkTwinsUnkNDDMaple Hill
EminJ.A.Unk30 Jul 1875Maple Hill
EmmetElizaUnk15 Dec 1893Maple Hill
EnchAnnieUnk20 Oct 1892Maple Hill
EnfieldInfantFemaleFeb 1946Feb 1946Maple Hill
EnfingerElizabethUnk31 May 1944Maple Hill
EnfingerSusan18 Feb 195301 Sep 1973Maple Hill
EngborgElaineB.Unk01 Nov 1993Maple Hill
EngerMartinO.20 Apr 190511 Dec 1971Maple Hill
EnglandCharlesEzellUnkNDDMaple Hill
EnglandJamesUnk02 Feb 1986Maple Hill
EnglandLeola01 Jun 191501 Feb 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
EnglandMary27 Mar 191127 Mar 1998Maple Hill
EnglandPearleMaeBaites08 Oct 188409 Jun 1946Maple Hill
EnglandSteveA.UnkNDDMaple Hill
EnglandW.B.09 Nov 188212 Oct 1918Maple Hill
EngleBarbaraJoyceUnk24 Nov 1947Maple Hill
EngleBettyUnk28 Feb 1987Maple Hill
EngleJ.B.Unk02 May 1990Maple Hill
EnglebertCharlesBrownUnk16 Nov 1962Maple Hill
EnglebertPearl31 Jul 187613 May 1974Maple Hill
EnglebertRobertW.03 May 191516 Jan 2000Maple Hill
EnglebertWalterW.Unk26 Feb 1980Maple Hill
EnglishFloydUnk12 Mar 1917Maple Hill
EnglishMaryGertrude02 Jul 192411 Nov 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
EnnisBelleUnk04 Jun 1900Madison
EnnisBensonP.10 Jul 188415 Jan 1918Madison
EnnisBill11 Aug 192721 Jul 1994Madison Crossroads
EnnisCorneliaF.Unk01 Nov 1892Madison
EnnisFannie17 Apr 187420 Dec 1950Madison
EnnisLouiseM.30 Jun 192513 Sep 1993Madison Crossroads
EnnisLucyMastinUnk12 Jul 1964Maple Hill
EnnisToddMastin20 Oct 196516 Dec 1999Maple Hill
EnnisUnkFemaleUnk10 Sep 1878Maple Hill
EnnisWilliamH.06 Apr 189018 Sep 1905Madison
EnnisWilliamH.25 Dec 185930 Oct 1935Madison
EnsenideUnkFemaleUnk21 Nov 1896Maple Hill
EnsleyBashaLula08 Aug 193524 Jan 1981Northside
EnsleyFlexUnk24 Dec 1929Maple Hill
EnsleyJohnW.25 Dec 188226 Feb 1961Brandon
EnsleyLula17 Sep 189129 Jul 1981Northside
EoffElizabeth25 May 191411 Apr 1991Maple Hill
EoffShermanH.18 Nov 190009 Feb 1981Maple Hill
EpleyDoraUnk01 May 1927Maple Hill
EppAdaRoseUnk26 Oct 1967Maple Hill
EpperlyHaroldS.11 Mar 191712 Jan 1982Maple Hill
EpperlyVirginiaE.27 Aug 192004 Jul 2003Maple Hill
EppersonManuelH.Unk20 Dec 2000Maple Hill
EppersonTheresa13 Dec 191807 Apr 1986Maple Hill
EppsColsUnk01 Jan 1882Maple Hill
EppsEdmondUnk31 Mar 1888Maple Hill
EppsMollieS.Unk11 Mar 1932Maple Hill
EppsTennesseeC.Unk29 Dec 1893Maple Hill
ErbertDavidLeeUnk07 Aug 1972Maple Hill
ErbyJesseD.27 Feb 192126 Apr 1995Ragsdale
EricksonGleraE.01 Mar 192418 Mar 2003Maple Hill
ErkelHazel24 Dec 191015 Jun 1994Maple Hill
ErkelRaymondH.29 Jan 1911Jan 1978Maple Hill
ErskinAlbertUnk24 Mar 1903Maple Hill
ErskinSusanC.Unk17 Apr 1892Maple Hill
ErskinWilliamM.Unk11 Sep 1895Maple Hill
ErskineAlbertRussel187101 Jul 1933Maple Hill
ErskineAlbertUnk04 Dec 1933Maple Hill
ErskineAlexander11 Apr 179105 Jul 1857Maple Hill
ErskineAlexander12 Jan 182409 Sep 1827Maple Hill
ErskineAnnieUnk30 Aug 1938Maple Hill
ErskineFearnUnk06 Oct 1889Maple Hill
ErskineJamesArthur28 Apr 183627 Feb 1889Maple Hill
ErskineKateUnk10 Jul 1903Maple Hill
ErskineLukeUnk15 Aug 1921Maple Hill
ErskineMargaretAnn27 May 182129 Oct 1925Maple Hill
ErskineMaryJanetUnk22 Jun 1959Maple Hill
ErskineMaudUnk04 Oct 1920Maple Hill
ErskineSusanCatheriRussel14 Feb 180217 Apr 1892Maple Hill
ErtlEdwardW.26 Sep 191820 Mar 1984Maple Hill
ErtlSidneyB.Unk07 Jul 1979Maple Hill
ErvinAlmedaGladys03 Apr 192116 Apr 2003Maple Hill
ErvinGeorgeT.Unk17 Aug 1890Maple Hill
ErvinJamesC.Unk21 Dec 1989Maple Hill
ErvinMajorieA.Unk25 Feb 1978Maple Hill
ErwinAlexanderRogers12 Jan 182010 Jan 1860Maple Hill
ErwinAveryUnk20 Oct 1902Maple Hill
ErwinCharlieMae01 May 189423 Feb 1999Maple Hill
ErwinCharlieUnk16 Mar 1918Maple Hill
ErwinErnest02 Jan 190222 May 1903Ragsdale
ErwinEugeneUnk17 Jan 1975Maple Hill
ErwinGroverUnk12 Jul 1922Maple Hill
ErwinHassieUnk16 Feb 1918Maple Hill
ErwinHenryRobUnk19 Jan 1962Maple Hill
ErwinInfantUnk04 Apr 1953Maple Hill
ErwinJ.A.22 Mar 184824 Jul 1928Locust Grove
ErwinJ.S.Unk23 Apr 1874Maple Hill
ErwinJ.T.Unk30 Sep 1884Maple Hill
ErwinJosephFenner06 Nov 1852Dec 1911Locust Grove
ErwinJosephUnk16 Jan 1925Maple Hill
ErwinLeeO.10 Aug 187623 Aug 1966Maple Hill
ErwinLinnieMae18 Mar 191207 Jun 1997Maple Hill
ErwinMarcusA.16 Aug 184627 Feb 1882Maple Hill
ErwinMarthaAdkinsHodge07 Nov 185217 Jan 1926Locust Grove
ErwinMaryUnk03 Jun 1938Maple Hill
ErwinMattieC.22 Oct 186517 Jan 1940Locust Grove
ErwinMollieUnk21 Mar 1893Maple Hill
ErwinSusieUnk25 Sep 1898Maple Hill
ErwinThomasUnk28 Feb 1898Maple Hill
EschickIkeUnk28 Jan 1930Maple Hill
EscoJamesC.Unk27 Jun 1978Maple Hill
EsherdGeorganniaUnk03 Dec 1926Maple Hill
EshmanAnnieUnk17 May 1914Maple Hill
EslickBeaulahHoots188313 Jan 1940Maple Hill
EslickBillyUnk25 Nov 1945Maple Hill
EslickHarveyH.22 Jul 190705 Oct 1989Maple Hill
EslickHomerT.Unk15 Feb 1948Maple Hill
EslickJamesArthurUnk12 Mar 1937Maple Hill
EslickKathlyneC.24 Feb 190631 May 1979Maple Hill
EslickLillianHallUnk21 Dec 1959Maple Hill
EslickMaryUnk02 Nov 1939Maple Hill
EslickRobert16 Sep 190924 Dec 1977Maple Hill
EslickTillmanL.05 Dec 190023 Feb 1974Maple Hill
EslickWilliamO.187718 Feb 1932Maple Hill
EsslingerAgnesJuliet24 Apr 190709 Feb 1972Maple Hill
EsslingerAileenSherrill24 Dec 190120 Sep 1953Maple Hill
EsslingerAllenJ.05 May 190008 Aug 1953Bush
EsslingerAllen22 Feb 192821 Feb 1997Bush
EsslingerAlvieUnk25 May 1956Maple Hill
EsslingerAndrewJ.25 Mar 184412 Mar 1929Esslinger
EsslingerAndrewUnk14 May 1913Maple Hill
EsslingerAnnieStallings26 Nov 186321 May 1921Esslinger
EsslingerBenjaminF.15 Oct 185528 Apr 1931Esslinger
EsslingerBessieMyron14 Apr 193214 Apr 1932Bush
EsslingerBessieSherrill24 May 190318 Oct 1961Esslinger
EsslingerBlancheUnk25 Sep 1957Maple Hill
EsslingerCarrieB.27 Oct 189401 Sep 1900Esslinger
EsslingerCatharineMargaretFennell05 Dec 184209 Oct 1884Esslinger
EsslingerCeliaBrooksUnk13 Jan 1959Maple Hill
EsslingerCharlesA.Unk17 Nov 1993Maple Hill
EsslingerCharlotteAndraUnk25 Oct 2001Maple Hill
EsslingerCherylAnn21 Jul 196423 Mar 1979Esslinger
EsslingerClaraMae19 Apr 191006 Dec 1999Maple Hill
EsslingerDavidUnk30 Apr 1974Maple Hill
EsslingerDonaldChandler16 Jan 192304 Feb 1924Esslinger
EsslingerDonnieG.16 Sep 189227 May 1934Esslinger
EsslingerDoraUnk16 Feb 1997Maple Hill
EsslingerE.Alva18721918Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
EsslingerE.Neel01 Oct 188321 Feb 1885Esslinger
EsslingerEdgerUnk30 Aug 1940Maple Hill
EsslingerEdna09 May 189611 Jul 1978Esslinger
EsslingerEdwardE.12 Jun 191126 Nov 1982Maple Hill
EsslingerElizaUnk03 Dec 1924Maple Hill
EsslingerElizabethJ.Collier07 Jan 187325 Jun 1902Collier - Owens Cross Roads
EsslingerElizabeth07 May 190906 Oct 1986Maple Hill
EsslingerEllisE.18 Jan 188624 Aug 1889Esslinger
EsslingerEssieUnk01 Jan 1975Maple Hill
EsslingerEthel07 Nov 188215 Sep 1915Bush
EsslingerEthel16 Dec 189311 Jul 1897Esslinger
EsslingerEvaAileenGrady29 May 189114 Jan 1974Maple Hill
EsslingerFannieUnk08 Dec 1951Maple Hill
EsslingerFrancesAlberta04 Jan 192706 Jan 1927Esslinger
EsslingerFrancisUnk28 Dec 1924Maple Hill
EsslingerFrankUnk20 Feb 1951Maple Hill
EsslingerFredT.09 Aug 189827 Feb 1975Maple Hill
EsslingerGardinerUnk07 Jul 1985Maple Hill
EsslingerGladysStephens08 Dec 190705 Mar 2001Esslinger
EsslingerGordanUnk03 Dec 1917Maple Hill
EsslingerGordon19 Feb 191726 May 2000Maple Hill
EsslingerGradyWinston17 Apr 192109 Nov 1980Maple Hill
EsslingerH.B.01 Sep 191626 Oct 1916Bush
EsslingerHannahWeatherlyUnk01 Aug 1961Maple Hill
EsslingerHarryUnk28 Nov 1970Maple Hill
EsslingerHelenM.10 May 191518 Jan 1990Maple Hill
EsslingerHelenUnk24 Dec 1987Maple Hill
EsslingerHermanTateUnk30 Jan 1962Maple Hill
EsslingerHoraceWalterUnk02 Nov 1990Maple Hill
EsslingerHoraceUnk20 Apr 1955Maple Hill
EsslingerHughH.08 Oct 188212 Nov 1882Esslinger
EsslingerIdaRuth04 Oct 190222 Feb 1985Maple Hill
EsslingerIndiaL.Unk08 Oct 1981Maple Hill
EsslingerInfantFemaleStephens12 Dec 191012 Dec 1910Esslinger
EsslingerInfantMale28 Jan 190728 Jan 1907Esslinger
EsslingerIrene12 Feb 189105 Apr 1972Maple Hill
EsslingerJ.Unk07 Apr 1954Maple Hill
EsslingerJack10 Jan 189923 Apr 1971Esslinger
EsslingerJamesA.30 May 191206 Sep 1977Brown
EsslingerJamesNorment23 Nov 189023 Aug 1965Esslinger
EsslingerJamesWesley22 Jan 18501909Esslinger
EsslingerJasonC.07 Jan 186630 Dec 1945Esslinger
EsslingerJennieSpivey04 Oct 187104 Apr 1907Esslinger
EsslingerJesseUnk18 Oct 1946Maple Hill
EsslingerJim12 Aug 187429 Sep 1948Bush
EsslingerJoeR.14 Mar 190207 Feb 1923Esslinger
EsslingerJohnUnk29 Jan 1922Maple Hill
EsslingerJohnUnk01 Apr 1917Maple Hill
EsslingerJohnUnk09 Mar 1896Maple Hill
EsslingerJuanitaPerry14 Oct 192312 Apr 2000Maple Hill
EsslingerJuliaJosephine28 Sep 189006 Oct 1890Esslinger
EsslingerKathleenC.25 Jan 191711 Dec 2001Maple Hill
EsslingerKatie13 Oct 190014 Jun 1980Maple Hill
EsslingerLeotra23 Nov 190920 May 1989Maple Hill
EsslingerLeviPickett05 Feb 1915NDDCochran
EsslingerLeviPickett25 Nov 187506 Aug 1917Cochran
EsslingerLeviUnk15 Nov 1927Maple Hill
EsslingerLielaUnk19 May 1972Maple Hill
EsslingerLillianD.31 Mar 190304 Nov 1991Bush
EsslingerLizaUnk27 Dec 1957Maple Hill
EsslingerLouiseR.13 Dec 190126 Mar 1997Maple Hill
EsslingerMaggie15 Oct 188324 Jan 1893Esslinger
EsslingerMargaretAndraUnk14 Jan 1958Maple Hill
EsslingerMargaretLucindaHodges07 Oct 185106 Nov 1932Esslinger
EsslingerMarthaCaroline06 Oct 182111 Jan 1893Esslinger
EsslingerMarvleneUnk21 Mar 1976Maple Hill
EsslingerMaryS.Unk04 Feb 1927Maple Hill
EsslingerMaryUnk26 Dec 1950Maple Hill
EsslingerMaryUnk20 Jun 1904Maple Hill
EsslingerMattieLou19 Jun 191119 Jun 1911Esslinger
EsslingerMattieUnk27 Dec 1925Maple Hill
EsslingerMaxineUnk02 Jan 1966Maple Hill
EsslingerMiriahL.Sublett11 Sep 185916 Nov 1895Esslinger
EsslingerMollyMay 188918 Feb 1916Moon
EsslingerMorie08 Aug 190603 Oct 1909Bush
EsslingerMyrtleKaylor08 Feb 191412 Jul 1995Cochran
EsslingerNannieG.29 May 187414 Dec 1932Esslinger
EsslingerNannieJaneUnk22 Dec 1961Maple Hill
EsslingerNellUnk01 Aug 1996Maple Hill
EsslingerOdieLeeUnk07 May 1990Maple Hill
EsslingerOliverMarvin12 Feb 189917 Nov 1987Esslinger
EsslingerOllaUnk15 Nov 1927Maple Hill
EsslingerOscarUnk15 Nov 1927Maple Hill
EsslingerPatriciaUnk03 Aug 1945Maple Hill
EsslingerPattieSpivey18691919Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
EsslingerPaulClifford188604 Jan 1962Maple Hill
EsslingerPhyllisGailUnk04 Oct 1973Maple Hill
EsslingerR.W.15 Sep 185702 May 1926Bush
EsslingerRebeccaCallieUnk23 Oct 1961Maple Hill
EsslingerRhenaL.Unk11 Mar 1963Maple Hill
EsslingerRiggiseCordeliaBrooks20 Mar 190911 Jan 1990Brown
EsslingerRobertUnk23 Sep 1919Maple Hill
EsslingerRosaCochran03 Jun 188325 Aug 1972Cochran
EsslingerRubyBell24 Jun 191404 Jan 1994First Flint River Baptist
EsslingerRuthUnk23 Jan 1946Maple Hill
EsslingerSarahE.19 Oct 187703 Apr 1943Bush
EsslingerSusanT.Haden16 Oct 185906 Feb 1936Esslinger
EsslingerThomasHodges05 Nov 1891Aug 1968Maple Hill
EsslingerThomasUnk16 Aug 1968Maple Hill
EsslingerThomasUnk28 Jul 1944Maple Hill
EsslingerTracyMarieJul 1959Dec 1959Bush
EsslingerVeta28 Jan 189325 Sep 1977Maple Hill
EsslingerWilliamAllen11 Jun 192121 Jun 1921Esslinger
EsslingerWilliamE.Unk15 Dec 1979Maple Hill
EsslingerWilliamF.Unk13 May 1989Maple Hill
EsslingerWilliamH.Unk17 Mar 1970Maple Hill
EsslingerWilliamHosmer03 May 192326 Sep 2005Esslinger
EsslingerWilliamNeal17 Jul 188702 Nov 1978Maple Hill
EsslingerWilliamO.14 Feb 190503 Apr 1986Maple Hill
EsslingerWilliamW.15 Aug 185726 May 1944Esslinger
EsslingerWilliamWright19 Dec 181517 Sep 1889Esslinger
EsslingerWilliamUnk12 Dec 1958Maple Hill
EsslingerWilliamUnk01 Dec 1948Maple Hill
EsslingerWilliamUnk13 May 1939Maple Hill
EsslingerWillieB.18 Dec 189422 Sep 1968Maple Hill
EsslingerWillieJ.11 Aug 190621 Oct 1976Maple Hill
EsslingerWillieUnk12 Jun 1911Maple Hill
EstelElmerUnk19 Aug 1899Maple Hill
EsterAlliceUnk12 Sep 1903Maple Hill
EstesAnneNealUnk16 Sep 1891Maple Hill
EstesBerniceRobbins01 Aug 190424 Mar 1994Maple Hill
EstesClaraBelleUnk25 Aug 1988Maple Hill
EstesGlenDaleUnk26 Dec 1972Maple Hill
EstesJimUnk21 Aug 1922Maple Hill
EstesLudwellHunterUnk23 Oct 1887Maple Hill
EstesWilliamA.03 Dec 191511 Dec 1993Maple Hill
EstesWilliamUnk09 Jul 1923Maple Hill
EthenridgeEvelynUnk12 Feb 1930Maple Hill
EtherbyInfantMaleUnk31 Jan 1897Maple Hill
EtheridgeBillUnk04 Feb 1966Maple Hill
EtheridgeCelia22 Jul 190304 Aug 1989Maple Hill
EtheridgeEarlUnk20 Nov 1896Maple Hill
EtheridgeEllaR.22 Oct 192615 Mar 1994Maple Hill
EtheridgeEstelleUnk24 Feb 1915Maple Hill
EtheridgeEthelUnk22 Mar 1945Maple Hill
EtheridgeJ.F.13 May 187906 Jun 1926Maple Hill
EtheridgeNancyKeithUnk15 May 1987Maple Hill
EtheridgeSamUnk22 Jan 1977Maple Hill
EtheridgeSamuelUnk26 Aug 1897Maple Hill
EtheridgeSamuelUnk09 Jun 1894Maple Hill
EtheridgeWilliam14 Jun 192601 Aug 2000Maple Hill
EthertonWillieRuth22 Jan 194827 Apr 1957Rice
EthertonWillie27 Sep 192215 Dec 1991Rice
EthridgeAlaBelle30 Mar 188201 Mar 1915Maple Hill
EthridgeAnnieUnk02 Nov 1946Maple Hill
EthridgeBelleUnk02 Mar 1915Maple Hill
EthridgeBrooks04 Oct 191422 Mar 1915Maple Hill
EthridgeEllaUnk20 Oct 1896Maple Hill
EthridgeEverettUnk12 May 1947Maple Hill
EthridgeJamesUnk21 Oct 1953Maple Hill
EthridgeMarthaUnk20 Sep 1913Maple Hill
EthridgeRubyUnk08 Apr 1997Maple Hill
EthridgeWilliamE.30 May 192310 Jan 1978Maple Hill
EubankBillUnk19 Nov 1931Maple Hill
EubanksAnne03 Feb 192110 Nov 1979Maple Hill
EubanksBilly23 May 192528 May 2004Maple Hill
EubanksEdnaL.04 Apr 190227 Feb 1986Maple Hill
EubanksEthelPearlMarkham07 Oct 192911 Apr 2005Charity Baptist Church
EubanksInezBradley19 Nov 191702 Jul 1987Bush
EubanksLloydElton19 Feb 190725 Jun 1974Bush
EubanksLucy06 Jun 190615 Aug 1977Maple Hill
EubanksNewmanT.19 Mar 190905 Nov 1978Maple Hill
EubanksNewmanUnk04 Dec 1931Maple Hill
EubanksPhillisBower29 Oct 191401 Sep 1986Maple Hill
EubanksWilliamVernon17 May 192929 Nov 1989Charity Baptist Church
EubanksWilliamW.Unk09 Nov 1976Maple Hill
EugeringFrankUnk04 Sep 1878Maple Hill
EulitzElfride22 Jan 191221 Sep 1978Maple Hill
EuniceUnkFemaleUnk24 Sep 1867Maple Hill
EustaceVernaIvey05 Feb 189011 Jul 1969Bethel/Old Bethel
EustaceW.Logan15 Feb 189121 Apr 1959Bethel/Old Bethel
EvanAnnUnk14 Dec 1919Maple Hill
EvanceTinaNicoleWalls29 Mar 197404 Sep 1995Moon
EvansAdrianneElizabethUnk09 Dec 1980Maple Hill
EvansAlmaFrances07 Dec 191629 Mar 2002Maple Hill
EvansAnnieUnk25 Nov 1926Maple Hill
EvansAverellaR.181718 Dec 1901Charity Baptist Church
EvansBerthaUnk11 Jul 1939Maple Hill
EvansBurtonE.190103 Jun 1979Maple Hill
EvansCharlie11 Jul 191729 Oct 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
EvansClaudeVan25 Aug 189117 Feb 1964Maple Hill
EvansClayThomas20 Oct 191613 Oct 1974Maple Hill
EvansClevelandJones10 Oct 189122 Nov 1943Concord Cumberland Church
EvansElizaUnk15 Jul 1904Maple Hill
EvansEllaS.20 May 189023 May 1980Maple Hill
EvansEmmaUnk18 Jun 1929Maple Hill
EvansEuniceR.19 Dec 189820 Dec 1981Maple Hill
EvansFannieUnk22 May 1964Maple Hill
EvansGuyDrake17 Dec 190004 May 1989Drake - New Hope
EvansJamesA.181309 Mar 1896Charity Baptist Church
EvansJamesDeweyUnk06 Jan 1990Maple Hill
EvansJaniceP.Unk13 Jun 1988Maple Hill
EvansJennie25 Dec 187017 Jun 1933Charity Baptist Church
EvansJephthah12 Jan 186228 Aug 1937Charity Baptist Church
EvansJereUnk05 Mar 1958Maple Hill
EvansJewell26 Oct 191729 Dec 2003Maple Hill
EvansJohnJoseph16 May 190026 Feb 1973Maple Hill
EvansJohnWilson191531 Mar 1958Maple Hill
EvansJulius11 Oct04 Feb 1974Maple Hill
EvansLawrenceDouglas25 Dec 195031 Jan 1956Maple Hill
EvansLela09 Feb 191029 Jan 1998Maple Hill
EvansLenaBrock22 Nov 189619 Jan 1943Concord Cumberland Church
EvansLloydByron22 Jan 193417 Jul 2003Valhalla Memory Gardens
EvansLucyJaneDouglass25 Dec 187017 Jun 1933Charity Baptist Church
EvansLudieMae12 Aug 191303 Oct 1976Maple Hill
EvansLuther03 Apr 190917 May 1961Maple Hill
EvansM.Unk23 Jan 1919Maple Hill
EvansMajorLevoidUnk24 Feb 1968Bevill
EvansMargaretP.26 Mar 192206 Nov 2005Maple Hill
EvansMichaelJerome18 Jan 196414 Mar 2005Valley View Memorial Gardens
EvansMildredUnk01 Aug 1920Maple Hill
EvansMiriamMcCrary190328 Nov 1992Maple Hill
EvansNannieUnk16 Feb 1946Maple Hill
EvansOllieUnkNDDMaple Hill
EvansOrpha03 Dec 189826 Aug 1985Maple Hill
EvansPeggyUnk25 Dec 1937Maple Hill
EvansRosaH.30 Jan 189831 Jan 1993Maple Hill
EvansSamuelUnkNDDMaple Hill
EvansSindaUnk14 Jan 1965Maple Hill
EvansSondraJane02 Aug 194421 Dec 2004Twickenham
EvansThomasUnk09 Mar 1953Maple Hill
EvansUnkFemaleUnk30 May 1904Maple Hill
EvansUnkFemaleUnk07 Sep 1892Maple Hill
EvansWalterG.01 Jul 192216 Apr 2005Maple Hill
EvansWillardF.Unk01 Jan 1997Maple Hill
EvansWilliamF.05 Dec 194718 Feb 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
EvansWilliamFranklin15 Nov 185827 Dec 1946Charity Baptist Church
EvansWilliamMichaelUnk30 Nov 1963Maple Hill
EverettAlfredSherill25 Mar 191314 Jul 1972Shiloh
EverettArthur21 Sep 188221 Jan 1962Shiloh
EverettCarrie15 Mar 1922NDDShiloh
EverettEuniceO'Rear10 Aug 191603 Jan 1998Shiloh
EverettGertrude09 Jan 190910 Apr 1975Maple Hill
EverettHermanH.15 Jun 192208 Nov 1965Shiloh
EverettHubF.28 Dec 188408 Sep 1962Shiloh
EverettNancyKimbrough17 Oct 189201 Oct 1982Shiloh
EverettNannieUnk09 May 1974Maple Hill
EverettSarahB.19 May 188829 Oct 1967Shiloh
EverettThomasGrady15 Jul 191712 Jul 1992Shiloh
EversonAdaT.23 Nov 191616 Sep 1975Collier - Triana
EversonBobbyM.05 Sep 195101 Mar 1996Collier - Triana
EversonCharlesH.30 Jun 192524 Jul 1991Collier - Triana
EversonCharlieLee14 Jan 194118 Feb 1983Collier - Triana
EversonCynthia11 Nov 196301 Apr 1981Northside
EversonEd12 Jun 191625 Apr 1976Collier - Triana
EversonEddieRobinson12 Apr 189123 Jul 1978Collier - Triana
EversonEdwardAnderson03 May 194205 Aug 1997Collier - Triana
EversonFred10 Nov 192826 Mar 1997Collier - Triana
EversonJohnC.01 Aug 1894Mar 1977Collier - Triana
EversonJohnK.10 Sep 195022 Aug 1998Collier - Triana
EversonJossieAnn08 Sep 195022 Aug 1998Collier - Triana
EversonJulia27 Jul 191321 Jun 1979Collier - Triana
EversonMaryB.17 Aug 192519 Sep 1969Collier - Triana
EversonMary15 Feb 194812 May 1985Northside
EversonThomas06 Dec 188321 Dec 1981Collier - Triana
EversonThomas10 Apr 191403 Nov 1970Collier - Triana
EversonWilliamH.16 Jul 194420 Mar 1999Collier - Triana
EvesDanielUnk09 Apr 1995Maple Hill
EvesEllen20 Jan 192415 Mar 2003Maple Hill
EvettArchieA.Unk27 May 1957Maple Hill
EvettChesterG.08 Apr 191001 Nov 1975Green Valley
EvettCrystalDawn12 Jun 198330 Jun 1983Green Valley
EvettDora26 Feb 191316 Jul 1985Maple Hill
EvettDrusillaW.08 Jan 191408 Oct 1997Green Valley
EvettEmoryJ.26 Sep 191609 Feb 1970Maple Hill
EvettGeorgeWesley13 Mar 193725 May 1997Green Valley
EvettJohnnieBarto18 Sep 191121 Aug 1995Maple Hill
EvettLillianUnk27 Jan 1946Maple Hill
EwaltCleoraMary07 Jun 190713 May 2001Huntsville Memory Gardens
EwingArlanford04 Oct 192317 Dec 1990St. Ruth
EwingBillUnk10 Sep 1969Maple Hill
EwingCledusL.21 Feb 191918 May 1923St. Ruth
EwingCoatneyW.25 Nov 188210 Aug 1985St. Ruth
EwingDonaldStewart17 Jun 193823 Mar 2005St. Ruth
EwingFred11 Feb 190005 Apr 1980Crowson Hill
EwingGertrudeWinnetteUnk10 Feb 1967Maple Hill
EwingGladys14 Apr 190228 Nov 1974Crowson Hill
EwingGlen19391991Crowson Hill
EwingHattieMae06 Aug 193208 Feb 2000St. Ruth
EwingJamesH.Unk29 May 1900Maple Hill
EwingJohnW.25 Dec 187801 Jul 1948St. Ruth
EwingJohnUnk30 Sep 1951Maple Hill
EwingJohnie14 Sep 190319 Oct 1916St. Ruth
EwingJuneWard27 Jun26 JanNorthside
EwingLeslie05 May 188214 Aug 1938Crowson Hill
EwingLeslie09 Jul 190204 Dec 1964Crowson Hill
EwingLucyFordJulJulSt. Ruth
EwingLueEllen23 Mar 191517 Dec 1984St. Ruth
EwingLula11 Mar 187712 Mar 1962Crowson Hill
EwingMaryE.Unk06 Mar 1900Maple Hill
EwingMaryH.CarterUnk01 Jan 1849Maple Hill
EwingMaryUnk25 Sep 1934Maple Hill
EwingRobert25 May 190928 Dec 1978St. Ruth
EwingSamuelLeslie13 Aug 192006 Oct 2000St. Ruth
EwingVirginiaAnn20 Nov 191812 Sep 1995Northside
EwingWalterLee04 Mar 191208 Apr 1987Northside
EwingWilliamL.07 May 189910 Feb 1973Brandon

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