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OakesHazelI.Unk05 Jul 1980Maple Hill
OakesLucyD.Unk02 Jul 1956Maple Hill
OakesWilliamMatthewsUnk28 Nov 1956Maple Hill
OakmanJessieUnk25 Nov 1972Maple Hill
OartelGeorgeUnk15 Jan 1899Maple Hill
OatisUnkMaleUnk07 Apr 1869Maple Hill
OatsMaryJaneUnk23 Aug 1875Maple Hill
O'BarrWayneUnk06 Nov 1968Maple Hill
OberleInfantUnk30 Aug 1971Maple Hill
O'BrianColleenUnk20 Feb 1992Maple Hill
O'BrianMargaretUnk08 Jun 1984Maple Hill
O'BrianNancySueUnk29 May 1995Maple Hill
O'BrianRobertS.Unk02 May 1971Maple Hill
O'BrienAnnieMooreUnk03 May 1947Maple Hill
O'BrienFredEllsworthUnk10 Jun 1988Maple Hill
O'BrienHesterA.Unk26 Oct 1989Maple Hill
O'BrienKevinF.Unk04 Jan 1965Maple Hill
O'BryantCarvelMasonUnk25 Apr 1983Maple Hill
O'ConnWilliUnk04 Jun 1897Maple Hill
O'ConnerSallieE.Unk07 Oct 1899Maple Hill
O'ConnorJohnRobertUnk24 Mar 1979Maple Hill
O'DayMattieUnk03 Oct 1900Maple Hill
O'DearRobertH.08 Dec 191912 Sep 1971Moon
OdellGertieUnk10 Sep 1944Maple Hill
OdellJamesUnk05 Jun 1938Maple Hill
OdellJoeUnk07 Oct 1941Maple Hill
OdellVeraUnk12 Sep 1967Maple Hill
O'DellBillyClayton19 May 192407 May 1989Charity Baptist Church
O'DellBoydUnk13 May 1954Maple Hill
O'DellJamesUnkNDDMaple Hill
O'DellMaryE.Q.12 Aug 192808 Jul 1988Charity Baptist Church
OdemJamesR.Unk23 Feb 1981Maple Hill
OdemJamesW.Unk09 Dec 1973Maple Hill
OdenInfantUnk18 Jul 1953Maple Hill
OdenLillianJollyUnk14 Apr 2001Maple Hill
OdenLouiseS.Unk16 Jul 1977Maple Hill
OdenMaryE.Unk09 Dec 1985Maple Hill
OdomAgnes08 Jun 190423 Jul 1904Merrimack
OdomZellineB.05 Nov 191621 Dec 2000Cochran
O'DonnellHelenF.Unk16 Sep 1990Maple Hill
O'DonnellMargaretV.Unk14 Sep 1999Maple Hill
O'DonnellThomasC.Unk05 Jun 1972Maple Hill
OdumFloraUnk17 Jun 1915Maple Hill
OevceritWilliamUnk02 Sep 1920Maple Hill
OffikWolfgangUnk09 Sep 1973Maple Hill
OgdenUnkFemaleUnk19 Feb 1902Maple Hill
OgleJessieLouiseUnk14 Nov 1993Maple Hill
OgleJimmieR.Unk07 Jan 1990Maple Hill
OgleJohnLeoUnk31 Mar 1965Maple Hill
OglePatrickC.Unk22 Aug 1995Maple Hill
OglesBonnieS.Unk15 Jan 1995Maple Hill
OglesClarenceR.Unk04 Aug 1984Maple Hill
OglesRichardD.Unk21 May 1991Maple Hill
OgozalekAnneMarieUnk03 Feb 1984Maple Hill
O'HalloranAgnesUnk10 Jun 1978Maple Hill
O'HalloranAlbertUnk02 Mar 1980Maple Hill
O'HalloranDonaldM.Unk19 Sep 1984Maple Hill
O'HalloranHelenF.Unk31 Jan 1986Maple Hill
O'HaraThomasUnk25 May 1913Maple Hill
OkeefJohnUnk27 Jul 1874Maple Hill
O'KeefeAgathaUnk10 Jul 1987Maple Hill
O'KeefeMaggieUnk06 Sep 1933Maple Hill
O'KellyJosephUnk21 Oct 1938Maple Hill
O'KellyMamieUnk07 Feb 1945Maple Hill
O'KiefJ.Unk13 Nov 1868Maple Hill
O'KiefJohnUnk24 Feb 1879Maple Hill
O'KiefJohnUnk28 Aug 1877Maple Hill
O'KiefS.Unk16 Feb 1867Maple Hill
OlamarClevelandUnkNDDLocust Grove
OldfieldBirdieUnk30 Nov 1925Maple Hill
OldfieldCecilBufordUnk11 Nov 2004Maple Hill
OldfieldEdnaUnk29 Jan 1978Maple Hill
OldfieldEdnaUnk06 Jul 1938Maple Hill
OldfieldEdwardEarlUnk18 Jun 1989Maple Hill
OldfieldElizabethJ.Stewart24 Nov 182620 Apr 1888State Line - Hazel Green
OldfieldGeorgeE.23 Feb 189506 Nov 1961Charity Baptist Church
OldfieldGradyUnk29 Mar 1959Maple Hill
OldfieldJohnUnk31 Jul 1926Maple Hill
OldfieldLillieUnk27 Oct 1914Maple Hill
OldfieldLutherUnk30 Jan 1954Maple Hill
OldfieldMamieNeeley30 May 1893NDDCharity Baptist Church
OldfieldMarthaW.13 Nov 183531 Aug 1915State Line - Hazel Green
OldfieldMaudeE.Unk19 Oct 1981Maple Hill
OldfieldMaudeUnk13 Jun 1957Maple Hill
OldfieldRebeccaUnk21 Oct 1943Maple Hill
OldfieldRichardUnk03 Aug 1953Maple Hill
OldfieldSusanah08 Aug 183313 Sep 1912State Line - Hazel Green
OldfieldTheoUnk16 Feb 1901Maple Hill
OldfieldTomUnk05 Feb 1955Maple Hill
OldfieldWalterUnk08 Mar 1936Maple Hill
OldhamGreenfieldUnk24 Dec 1960Maple Hill
OldhamInfantMaleUnk31 Dec 1941Maple Hill
OldhamJohnW.Unk04 Nov 1984Maple Hill
OliverAggieUnk28 Nov 1935Pleas Mount Baptist Church
OliverBarbaraAliceUnk30 Dec 2004Maple Hill
OliverBessieL.22 Apr 190306 Dec 1973Pleas Mount Baptist Church
OliverClarenceR.27 Feb 193225 Feb 1967Pleas Mount Baptist Church
OliverDavidScottUnkNDDMaple Hill
OliverFrankEdwardUnkNDDMaple Hill
OliverFrankEdwardUnk01 Apr 1973Maple Hill
OliverHarveyP.16 Mar 190224 Jun 1985Pleas Mount Baptist Church
OliverHarvey22 Feb 192805 Jun 1947Pleas Mount Baptist Church
OliverJ.T.Unk28 Jan 1940Pleas Mount Baptist Church
OliverJamesRobert09 Mar 192530 Apr 1990Green Valley
OliverJohnM.Unk02 Jul 1971Maple Hill
OliverKathleen11 Nov 193324 Aug 1999Pleas Mount Baptist Church
OliverMaryLee17 Sep 189902 Sep 1980Brandon
OliverMelvinUnk02 Nov 1975Maple Hill
OliverNannieB.29 Nov 193911 Sep 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
OliverRichardE.11 Oct 1924Apr 1990Faith Memorial Park
OliverRobertUnk01 Jan 1972Maple Hill
OliverRomelia19 Apr 190525 Oct 1964Pine Grove - Harvest
OliverThelmaUnk31 Jan 1987Maple Hill
OlmsteadLillieFay12 Jun 190021 Feb 1902Sublett
OlmsteadViola14 Oct 187827 Aug 1911Sublett
OlsenHansUnk16 Jul 1879Maple Hill
OlszewskiJosephV.Unk18 Aug 1989Maple Hill
OmahundraOscarB.Unk01 Sep 1962Maple Hill
O'NealCharleneClark01 Aug 196217 Oct 1985Kennamer
O'NealCharlesUnk14 Mar 2005Maple Hill
O'NealClareForrestUnk29 Dec 1962Maple Hill
O'NealCloydUnk16 Dec 1946Maple Hill
O'NealDorothyUnkNDDMaple Hill
O'NealEllieG.Unk24 Aug 1964Maple Hill
O'NealEllisEllieMrs.Unk03 Oct 1975Maple Hill
O'NealEmmetUnk24 Jul 1913Maple Hill
O'NealGeorgeUnk19 Apr 1955Maple Hill
O'NealHowellHarrisonUnk17 Jul 1960Maple Hill
O'NealJamesWilliam18 Jan 191628 Dec 1987Keel
O'NealKatyeLoweUnk17 Feb 1990Maple Hill
O'NealLacy28 Dec 190718 Feb 1979Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
O'NealLeonUnk13 Jan 1927Maple Hill
O'NealLillianI.05 Mar 191829 Apr 1991Keel
O'NealLucyUnk05 Jun 1979Maple Hill
O'NealMaryUnk01 Dec 1994Maple Hill
O'NealMaryUnk30 Oct 1867Maple Hill
O'NealMorrisH.Unk10 May 1969Maple Hill
O'NealNancyUnk01 Mar 1984Maple Hill
O'NealNannieWaltonUnk27 Oct 1959Maple Hill
O'NealR.Unk27 Feb 1941Maple Hill
O'NealReavisC.Unk29 Nov 1981Maple Hill
O'NealReavisUnk07 Jul 1974Maple Hill
O'NealRobertLinnUnk16 Jul 1962Maple Hill
O'NealRobertUnk05 Sep 1935Maple Hill
O'NealRobertUnk26 Jun 1931Maple Hill
O'NealRosaB.Unk12 Jun 1870Maple Hill
O'NealRosaUnk06 Dec 1946Maple Hill
O'NealRoyUnk29 Dec 1952Maple Hill
O'NealSuleyUnk03 Dec 1955Maple Hill
O'NealVirgieC.Mrs.Unk06 Dec 1995Maple Hill
O'NealWalterUnk08 Oct 1945Maple Hill
O'NeilJohnUnk23 Feb 1928Maple Hill
O'NeillJohnW.Unk10 Jun 1950Maple Hill
O'NeillPeterUnk12 May 1939Maple Hill
O'NeillSaraUnk20 Mar 1942Maple Hill
OpalIreneUnk11 Jan 1989Maple Hill
O'QuinnInesB.Unk09 Oct 1984Maple Hill
O'QuinnLanualWilsonUnk12 Feb 1950Maple Hill
O'QuinnLauraF.UnkNDDMaple Hill
O'QuinnMamieUnk12 Nov 1971Maple Hill
O'RearCarneyElmoreUnk20 Nov 1961Maple Hill
O'RearJessieEugene20 Mar 190511 Feb 1930Ryland
O'RearL.D.13 May 192402 Mar 1991Keel
O'RearOpheliaUnk08 Mar 2004Maple Hill
O'RearRobertC.Unk09 Sep 1965Maple Hill
O'ReillyCharlesB.Unk04 Mar 1958Maple Hill
O'ReillyCharlesB.Unk16 Jan 1896Maple Hill
O'ReillyErinElizabethUnk06 Nov 1947Maple Hill
O'ReillyGeorgeA.Unk13 Jul 1998Maple Hill
O'ReillyJamesP.Unk05 Feb 1890Maple Hill
O'ReillyJamesUnk16 Aug 1886Maple Hill
O'ReillyMargaretUnk19 Sep 1896Maple Hill
O'ReillyOraH.Unk08 May 1983Maple Hill
O'ReillyPatrickS.Unk03 Jul 1990Maple Hill
O'ReillyRobertUnk31 Mar 1896Maple Hill
O'ReillyTerryMrsUnk06 Jul 1956Maple Hill
O'ReillyTerryUnk02 Dec 1945Maple Hill
O'ReillyVennieUnk07 Jun 1940Maple Hill
OresterferUnkMaleUnk10 Apr 1900Maple Hill
OrgainAnnieLouUnk07 May 1944Maple Hill
OrgainEllenStrongUnk29 Mar 1980Maple Hill
OrgainEmmaUnk29 Oct 1927Maple Hill
OrgainFrancesW.Unk24 Aug 1982Maple Hill
OrgainJohnLoweryUnk09 Apr 1982Maple Hill
OrgainJohnUnk27 Oct 1921Maple Hill
OrgainMaryUnk26 Feb 1930Maple Hill
OrgainRobertE.Unk13 Jun 1936Maple Hill
OrgainRobertUnk28 Apr 1914Maple Hill
OrgainRobertUnk21 Aug 1900Maple Hill
OrgainWalterT.MrsUnk07 Apr 1956Maple Hill
OrgainWalterUnk31 May 1964Maple Hill
OrgainWilliamUnk10 Sep 1940Maple Hill
OrileyC.Unk21 Feb 1917Maple Hill
OrmanElizabethCarmichaelUnk11 Nov 1979Maple Hill
OrmanFredH.Unk08 Jan 1987Maple Hill
OrmanRuthUnk20 Feb 1967Maple Hill
OrmandKatherineUnk07 Mar 1918Maple Hill
OrmandThomasUnk28 Sep 1932Maple Hill
OrmandThomasUnk09 Nov 1918Maple Hill
OrmondL.Thomas23 Nov 183728 Apr 1915Steger-Ormond
OrmondMarthaA.20 Sep 183901 Apr 1916Steger-Ormond
OrmondMarthaJ.07 Sep 188204 Aug 1947Steger-Ormond
OrmondWalterC.14 Jun 187214 Aug 1904Steger-Ormond
OrrAmbreUnk28 Nov 1923Maple Hill
OrrBerniceB.Unk17 Oct 1972Maple Hill
OrrCharlesW.10 Jul 191028 Aug 1999Northside
OrrClaraUnk01 Jan 1917Maple Hill
OrrCynthiaD.Unk24 Mar 1949Maple Hill
OrrDorothyD.Unk18 Nov 1992Maple Hill
OrrEdward25 May 192501 Sep 2003Brandon
OrrFrankC.Unk23 Nov 1984Maple Hill
OrrHesterWilson17 Sep 191217 Mar 2002Northside
OrrInellT.14 Jan 192201 Nov 1983Northside
OrrJamesP.Unk16 Oct 1966Maple Hill
OrrMaryAnnUnk12 May 1979Maple Hill
OrrMildredKibble17 Feb 192602 Nov 1959Brandon
OrrRichardM.Unk22 May 1993Maple Hill
OrrRufusUnk14 Nov 1954Maple Hill
OrrSallyHillUnkNDDMaple Hill
OrrSamE.Unk13 Dec 1974Maple Hill
OrrSarahUnk01 Jun 1926Madison
OrrThomasUnk12 Oct 1902Maple Hill
OrrWilliamUnk16 Jun 1947Maple Hill
OrrWilliamUnk21 Jan 1924Maple Hill
OrrWilliamUnk28 Oct 1923Maple Hill
OrrWilliamUnk09 Oct 1899Maple Hill
OrrZulaBenjamin25 Dec 192626 Apr 2003Brandon
OrsbornMaryUnk17 Oct 1928Maple Hill
OrtainSwifthUnk12 Dec 1898Maple Hill
OrthAlbertaHomerUnk11 Jul 1962Maple Hill
OrthPaulG.Unk16 Jan 1961Maple Hill
OrtizAnthony26 Jan 198010 Apr 2001Huntsville Memory Gardens
OrtnerEdwardR.Unk19 Nov 1980Maple Hill
OrtnerGladysE.Unk20 May 1994Maple Hill
OrtnerJesseJ.24 Jan 189827 Mar 1971Maple Hill
OrtnerLillieUnk01 Dec 1954Maple Hill
OrtnerMaglenUnk19 Jun 2004Maple Hill
OrviardLouiseUnk06 Apr 1920Maple Hill
OsbanGeorgeUnk05 Feb 1920Maple Hill
OsbornDianaLeeMcFadden15 Sep 195406 Sep 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
OsbornJamesEdward20 Apr 193019 Feb 1974Hayden
OsbornJennieUnk03 Jan 1940Maple Hill
OsbornWilliamUnk20 Jan 1899Maple Hill
OsborneA.G.Unk08 Dec 1979Maple Hill
OsborneA.G.Unk29 Dec 1973Maple Hill
OsborneArmintaElizabeth MinnieKennemer11 May 187602 Aug 1921Kennamer
OsborneC.W.Unk12 Oct 1959Maple Hill
OsborneCalvinLee30 Nov 190831 Oct 1937Kennamer
OsborneCoryLee03 Jun 189508 May 1896Kennamer
OsborneDanielWilson05 Mar 187217 Mar 1944Kennamer
OsborneDorothyB.Unk04 Jan 1989Maple Hill
OsborneErnestineUnk08 Feb 1989Maple Hill
OsborneEttaP.UnkNDDMaple Hill
OsborneF.S.Unk27 May 1961Maple Hill
OsborneH.Unk14 Jul 1938Maple Hill
OsborneHenryW.Unk17 Jan 1969Maple Hill
OsborneJamesUnk24 Nov 1984Maple Hill
OsborneJessieUnk17 Apr 1944Maple Hill
OsborneJohnRichard28 Jan 191417 Aug 1924Kennamer
OsborneJohnnyE.05 Dec 195023 Feb 2003Hayden
OsborneJosephH.Unk07 May 1977Maple Hill
OsborneLillieMaeUnk03 Jan 1995Maple Hill
OsborneLoisJ.Unk01 Feb 1973Maple Hill
OsborneMaryNolaUnk06 Jan 1962Maple Hill
OsborneMaryUnk26 Oct 1929Maple Hill
OsborneMaryUnk02 Feb 1899Maple Hill
OsborneMinnieE.Unk08 Mar 1958Maple Hill
OsborneMinnieM.21 Nov 190514 Jan 1985Hayden
OsborneNancyUnk03 May 1952Maple Hill
OsborneO.A.Unk19 Jun 1960Maple Hill
OsbornePollyAnnUnk11 Oct 1899Maple Hill
OsborneRobertW.15 Jul 190629 Jun 1971Hayden
OsborneRobertUnk10 Jan 1952Maple Hill
OsborneRogerDaleUnk06 Jan 1965Maple Hill
OsborneSarahAileenUnk03 Aug 1995Maple Hill
OsborneTinaM.Unk26 Jan 1949Maple Hill
OsborneTomW.Unk22 Dec 1987Maple Hill
OsborneUnaA.Unk06 Dec 1989Maple Hill
OsborneUnaJeanUnk10 Jan 1966Maple Hill
OsborneVernieMaeUnk14 Sep 1987Maple Hill
OsborneVirley20 Jul 189711 Feb 1899Kennamer
OsborneVivianUnk04 Nov 1936Maple Hill
OsborneW.Unk13 Oct 1954Maple Hill
OsborneWillDanielUnk22 Apr 1962Maple Hill
OsborneWilliamA.14 Apr 190401 Sep 1975Northside
OsborneWilliamUnk05 May 1973Maple Hill
OsborneWilliamUnk07 Mar 1964Maple Hill
OsborneWilliamUnk16 May 1943Maple Hill
OsborneWillieUnk21 May 1945Maple Hill
OsbourneJohnUnk11 Mar 1946Maple Hill
OsburnBenjaminUnk24 Feb 1868Maple Hill
OsburnCory14 Jul 187817 Sep 1896Kennamer
OsburnJosephUnk19 May 1876Maple Hill
OsburnWiley06 Sep 184520 Nov 1896Kennamer
OsburneCassieUnk02 Oct 1956Maple Hill
OsburneOliverL.Unk26 Sep 1959Maple Hill
O'ShaughnessyContradUnk20 May 1898Maple Hill
OsmerDollieJ.15 Jun 191926 Dec 1994Pleas Mount Baptist Church
OsmerEmmettH.Unk25 Jan 1973Maple Hill
OsmerHomerE.19 Jun 191630 Dec 1972Pleas Mount Baptist Church
OsmerRobinReneeUnk20 Oct 1966Maple Hill
OssipDavidUnk16 Nov 1979Maple Hill
OstnerCharlesFrederickUnk01 Oct 2004Maple Hill
OstnerConstanceEversbergUnk23 May 2000Maple Hill
OstruckeDorothyUnk30 Jul 1985Maple Hill
OteyAliceIngram09 Feb 193908 Aug 2003Center Grove
OteyAnniePowell17 Jul 187802 May 1975Taylor Chapel
OteyCarlB.28 Dec 194306 Jun 1997Northside
OteyJamesA.Unk03 Feb 1896Maple Hill
OteyJames18831957Taylor Chapel
OteyLirlean15 Sep 190719 Feb 1959Penny
OteyLulaConley01 Jun 188018 Aug 1965Northside
OteyMollieUnk30 Nov 1867Maple Hill
OteyOnezean192224 Jul 2003Baltimore Hill
OteyPatsyW.02 Sep 190719 Feb 1993Northside
OteyRosieS.02 Feb 190914 Jul 1976Northside
OteyThomasH.22 Feb 187314 Jan 1961Taylor Chapel
OteyWesleyUnkNDDTaylor Chapel
O'TooleHarryUnk26 Dec 1957Maple Hill
OttRoyUnk08 Apr 1919Maple Hill
OttViolaUnk08 Apr 1919Maple Hill
OttawayJohnPatrickUnk22 Dec 2003Maple Hill
OttawayJohnPatrickUnk21 Jan 1999Maple Hill
OtwellJoeC.06 Mar 188530 Dec 1910Rice
OusleyFrancesPlaxcoUnk06 Aug 2002Maple Hill
OusleyMaryUnk10 May 1900Maple Hill
OuterbridgeEllenGeronUnk04 Jul 1874Maple Hill
OuterbridgeJ.C.Unk22 Jun 1874Maple Hill
OutlawMarieUnk28 Aug 2004Maple Hill
OverbyAnnieUnk31 Jul 1922Maple Hill
OverbyGusBeeUnk27 Jun 1965Maple Hill
OverbyThomasMelvinUnk25 Apr 1981Maple Hill
OverbyWadeneC.Unk18 Mar 1992Maple Hill
OverlyDorothyUnk08 Apr 1996Maple Hill
OvermanMichaelGlenn30 Nov 196930 Nov 1969Brown
OvertonAnnieUnk04 Feb 1899Maple Hill
OvertonDavidUnk20 Mar 1917Maple Hill
OvertonE.Unk08 Nov 1925Maple Hill
OvertonEraUnk26 Jan 1929Maple Hill
OvertonEthelUnk18 Jun 1998Maple Hill
OvertonH.C.Unk21 Jan 1948Maple Hill
OvertonHermanUnk26 Oct 1952Maple Hill
OvertonHomerUnk08 Jul 1957Maple Hill
OvertonJamesUnk30 Jun 1930Maple Hill
OvertonJohnH.Unk28 Jan 1969Maple Hill
OvertonJosephUnk28 Feb 1903Maple Hill
OvertonLillianUnk08 Mar 1923Maple Hill
OvertonLucyUnk09 Mar 1940Maple Hill
OvertonLulaUnk01 Jul 1934Maple Hill
OvertonMaryUnk19 Sep 1934Maple Hill
OvertonMattieStuttsUnk12 Jul 1962Maple Hill
OvertonNorahUnk10 Jun 1950Maple Hill
OvertonNormalUnk15 Sep 1941Maple Hill
OvertonOteyO.Unk28 Jan 1983Maple Hill
OvertonOtey12 Dec 188603 Mar 1971Maple Hill
OvertonSallyUnk17 Oct 1964Maple Hill
OvertonSepUnk04 Jun 1941Maple Hill
OvertonShelby05 Sep 189703 Apr 1967Maple Hill
OvertonSueUnk17 Jan 1969Maple Hill
OvertonTimUnk08 Jan 1918Maple Hill
OvertonTimothyUnk24 Jun 1931Maple Hill
OvertonVernonD.Unk21 Mar 1979Maple Hill
OwenAlvaTemperanceDrake28 Dec 191709 Jan 1918Drake - New Hope
OwenAubreyW.Unk27 Dec 1978Maple Hill
OwenBernard08 Dec 192231 Aug 2003Huntsville Memory Gardens
OwenBessieBallardUnk01 Mar 1980Maple Hill
OwenBettyUnk03 Apr 1953Maple Hill
OwenC.Unk09 Nov 1955Maple Hill
OwenCallicT.Unk05 Apr 2004Maple Hill
OwenCandiceLeighUnk30 May 1961Maple Hill
OwenCharlesWilliam30 Sep 185130 Sep 1865Jenkins
OwenCharlesUnk16 May 1975Maple Hill
OwenCharlieM.19 Aug 185514 May 1931New Hope
OwenDanielE.19 Nov 192105 Oct 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
OwenDavidAndrew17 Feb 179007 Oct 1827Jenkins
OwenEffieUnk17 Sep 1967Maple Hill
OwenElizaKansasPotts14 Feb 186021 Apr 1935Camp Ground
OwenEllenG.Unk15 Jul 2005Maple Hill
OwenEvelynM.Unk20 Feb 1991Maple Hill
OwenFredUnkNDDNew Hope
OwenHarryH.Unk06 Feb 1984Maple Hill
OwenJamesCurtisUnk23 Apr 1956Maple Hill
OwenJamesS.26 Jan 185818 Jul 1860Jenkins
OwenJesseBernardUnk10 Sep 1979Maple Hill
OwenJesseUnk16 Oct 1923Maple Hill
OwenJessieI.Unk29 Mar 1988Maple Hill
OwenJohnD.Unk07 Dec 1982Maple Hill
OwenJohnDimue28 Apr 18201879Jenkins
OwenJohnFarmer30 Sep 185320 Mar 1929Camp Ground
OwenJohnUnk25 Dec 1931Maple Hill
OwenKatherine (Catherine)P.Childress10 Nov 182124 Apr 1864Jenkins
OwenLeeDillardUnk06 Feb 1991Maple Hill
OwenLeroyM.26 Jan 185825 Mar 1864Jenkins
OwenLutherUnk12 Dec 1924Maple Hill
OwenMarthaJaneFlipper18291902New Hope
OwenMarthaDouglas23 Feb 181626 Jan 1897New Hope
OwenMaryE.UnkNDDNew Hope
OwenMaryHelenUnk10 Jul 1981Maple Hill
OwenMaryU.01 Aug 186815 Feb 1961New Hope
OwenMoncieLeeUnk24 Apr 1962Maple Hill
OwenNancyDimue06 Nov 17881827Jenkins
OwenOdgenN.11 Feb 186102 Mar 1865Jenkins
OwenQuintonV.Unk02 Apr 2002Maple Hill
OwenQuintonUnk17 Jan 1974Maple Hill
OwenR.B.Unk22 Aug 1945Maple Hill
OwenRobertY.31 Jul 185020 Aug 1850Jenkins
OwenRobertsonH.13 Dec 179608 Mar 1857New Hope
OwenSusanM.07 Apr 186315 Aug 1863Jenkins
OwenThomasHopson05 Apr 182015 Dec 1868New Hope
OwenIreneK.Unk03 Mar 1989Maple Hill
OwensAnnieMaeUnk14 Sep 1968Maple Hill
OwensArchieL.24 Jun 191008 May 1982Green Valley
OwensArlonTherman11 May 193212 Jun 2003Neal Chapel
OwensAustinLeoUnk02 Feb 1989Maple Hill
OwensBirdieUnk07 Mar 1964Maple Hill
OwensCalvinClaytonUnk12 May 1994Maple Hill
OwensCalvinUnk13 Aug 1961Maple Hill
OwensCharlotteLacy21 Oct 188103 Nov 1938Brandon
OwensDannyLynnUnk17 Jun 2003Milner
OwensDonnaL.26 Feb 195621 Dec 1991Northside
OwensFrankUnk05 Feb 1919Maple Hill
OwensGeorgeW.Apr 187825 Feb 1933Brandon
OwensGeorgiaAnn08 Mar 190410 Oct 1916Brandon
OwensGregoryLee12 Aug 195820 Nov 1974Green Valley
OwensHermanUnk30 Nov 1945Maple Hill
OwensIbraW.UnkNDDMaple Hill
OwensInfantMaleUnk15 Feb 1945Maple Hill
OwensInfantUnk26 Feb 1952Maple Hill
OwensJerryG.22 Apr 193409 Feb 1986Green Valley
OwensJohnFlippenUnk06 Apr 1965Maple Hill
OwensLonieA.Unk18 Feb 1962Maple Hill
OwensLouisUnk26 Mar 1936Maple Hill
OwensLuther03 May 188321 Sep 1945Neal Chapel
OwensMargaretL.Unk16 Oct 1967Maple Hill
OwensMary18471883Drake - New Hope
OwensMattieG.Unk22 Jun 1988Maple Hill
OwensMinnieUnk08 Jan 1935Maple Hill
OwensPaulUnk13 Nov 1989Maple Hill
OwensPaulineUnk16 Jan 1932Maple Hill
OwensPeggyNormanUnk06 Mar 2006Maple Hill
OwensRichardL.Unk23 Apr 2000Green Valley
OwensRobertUnk01 Dec 1973Maple Hill
OwensSertieMaureenUnk28 Mar 1991Maple Hill
OwensThelmaO.10 Mar 191707 Jun 1975Green Valley
OwensThomasUnk16 May 1942Maple Hill
OwensThomasUnk14 Jan 1932Maple Hill
OwensThomasUnk03 Nov 1917Maple Hill
OwensUnkFemaleUnk21 Oct 1870Maple Hill
OwensW.D.184904 Jan 1905Neal Chapel
OwensW.T.Aug 187723 Mar 1893Neal Chapel
OwensWilliamPurnell16 Apr 197309 Mar 1822Bouldin-Hammond
OwingsEdgarUnk21 May 1923Maple Hill
OwingsIdaPearl16 Mar 189827 Oct 1983Charity Baptist Church
OwingsLotaUnk27 Oct 1965Maple Hill
OwingsThomasUnk13 Jun 1930Maple Hill
OwningsLucyUnk21 Oct 1933Maple Hill
OwsleyNarcissaUnk29 Jul 1901Maple Hill

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