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PMaryUnk27 Aug 1928Maple Hill
PaceAndersonM.Unk29 Aug 1898Maple Hill
PaceChristopherRobin30 Aug 196607 Sep 1984Northside
PaceT.A.Unk30 Aug 1967Maple Hill
PackAdelineUnk05 Sep 1951Maple Hill
PackLillieEarleenUnk05 Jan 2001Maple Hill
PaddockBarbaraJaneSmithson24 Jan 194210 Dec 1989Valhalla Memory Gardens
PadenJohnUnk07 Dec 1886Maple Hill
PaelianOwenUnk16 Sep 1978Maple Hill
PaetzHeinrichRobertUnk09 Jul 1998Maple Hill
PageCarltonC.Unk11 Jul 1998Maple Hill
PageClaraLucille22 Nov 191111 Oct 2002Keel
PageDeborahUnk13 Jun 2005Maple Hill
PageGeorgeStanleyUnkNDDMaple Hill
PaigeWalterUnk07 Oct 1950Maple Hill
PainterCaryleanUnk23 Aug 1982Maple Hill
PainterCharlesEdUnk20 Oct 1987Maple Hill
PainterDoshieSitz06 Sep 188529 Aug 1968Ryland
PainterElijahS.21 Mar 189617 Nov 1985Ryland
PainterEllaUnk12 Jan 1976Maple Hill
PainterFloydT.Unk20 Jun 1982Maple Hill
PainterGraceUnk22 Mar 1972Maple Hill
PainterIrene31 Jul 192915 May 1930Ryland
PainterJamesLuther185713 Jan 1925Pleas Mount Baptist Church
PainterJamesLutherUnk31 Dec 1973Maple Hill
PainterJamesUnk14 Jan 1925Maple Hill
PainterLillieBruce09 Jun 189808 Feb 1963Pleas Mount Baptist Church
PainterMaryPearlGipson28 Jul 190514 Feb 1940Ryland
PainterSuzanneBerry185805 Dec 1938Pleas Mount Baptist Church
PainterThomasUnk19 Dec 1927Maple Hill
PainterWandaCarol30 Dec 195719 Feb 1958Pleas Mount Baptist Church
PalaciosCecilioUnk13 Oct 2005Plainview
PalaoraHansR.Unk21 Jul 1994Maple Hill
PalickiStephenR.Unk16 Nov 1991Maple Hill
PallardLattieT.Unk06 May 1871Maple Hill
PalmerCatherineUnk05 Feb 1969Maple Hill
PalmerHamilton07 Aug 189422 Jan 1976Northside
PalmerHelenM.14 Jul 195318 Oct 1995Pine Grove - Deposit
PalmerLouUnk10 Jan 1901Maple Hill
PalmerSisUnk05 Mar 1876Maple Hill
PalmerUnkFemaleUnk27 Dec 1874Maple Hill
PalmerleeAllenUnk29 Jun 1945Maple Hill
PalmerleeFlorenceF.Unk09 Apr 1976Maple Hill
PalmnoJ.Unk29 Jun 1925Maple Hill
PalstonRuthUnk22 Dec 1923Maple Hill
PamDanieneEdward22 Apr 197517 Apr 2005Indian Creek
PamplinCoraUnk07 Mar 1952Maple Hill
PamplinIdaUnk07 Dec 1955Maple Hill
PamplinJ.Unk08 Nov 1944Maple Hill
PamplinJoeHenry27 Dec 192508 Dec 1982Northside
PamplinJohnUnk23 Aug 1955Maple Hill
PamplinJohnUnk10 Aug 1900Maple Hill
PamplinMaeBooneUnk25 Dec 1962Maple Hill
PamplinMariaS.Unk20 Jan 1976Maple Hill
PamplinNolenUnk04 Sep 1944Maple Hill
PamplinThomasYantUnk14 Sep 1958Maple Hill
PamplinUnkFemaleUnk22 Dec 1901Maple Hill
PamplinUnkMrs.Unk05 Feb 1957Maple Hill
PanellElizabethUnk05 May 1888Maple Hill
PanigoniAlbertVictorUnk24 Nov 2002Maple Hill
PankeyGeorgeUnk12 Mar 1879Maple Hill
PankeyLoulaUnk31 Mar 1884Maple Hill
PankeyMattieUnk01 Apr 1884Maple Hill
PannellE.Unk23 Jun 1911Maple Hill
PannellJamesUnk15 May 1946Maple Hill
PannellLeemanR.Unk16 Jun 1890Maple Hill
PannellMaryUnk03 Mar 1896Maple Hill
PannellSamuelUnk01 Dec 1924Maple Hill
PannellTempleUnk19 Jan 1900Maple Hill
PantreesAliceUnk08 Jan 1934Maple Hill
PanzeriCarolynF.14 Dec 195906 Mar 2000Bevill
PapotConnieUnk01 Feb 1981Maple Hill
PapotGeorgeW.Unk31 Mar 1995Maple Hill
PapotGerogeUnk14 Mar 1968Maple Hill
PapotSarahUnk28 Aug 1946Maple Hill
ParadiseCharlesHowardUnk27 Mar 1981Maple Hill
ParcusBettyUnk11 Apr 1951Maple Hill
ParcusEmmaBellUnk14 Nov 2002Maple Hill
ParcusErskineUnk01 Dec 1972Maple Hill
ParcusEthridgeUnk24 Jun 1987Maple Hill
ParcusPercyUnk15 Sep 1978Maple Hill
PardonUnkFemaleUnk15 Feb 1869Maple Hill
ParentRickeyLeeUnk01 Nov 1983Maple Hill
ParhamDeborahUnk31 Jul 1961Maple Hill
ParhamH.N.09 Sep 186726 Jan 1952Madison
ParhamLarryE.29 May 195108 Nov 1993Burks
ParhamNannieJ.Cartwright20 Jul 184201 Sep 1892Madison
PariesKoryJames18 May 198623 Dec 2003Huntsville Memory Gardens
ParishJewelUnk02 Mar 1974Maple Hill
ParishL.M.28 Oct 187404 Jun 1952Charity Baptist Church
ParishLindaUnk05 Dec 1942Maple Hill
ParishMaryF.ToweryUnk27 Dec 1993Maple Hill
ParishNelsonM.Unk03 Feb 1982Maple Hill
ParishNelsonM.Unk04 Nov 1964Maple Hill
ParisonInfantUnk06 Dec 1972Maple Hill
ParkEmmaL.Unk13 Feb 1985Maple Hill
ParkeHazelUnk31 Jan 1902Maple Hill
ParkerAlbertUnk09 Jan 1970Maple Hill
ParkerAliceRenoUnk12 Feb 1988Maple Hill
ParkerAllie19141981St. Ruth
ParkerAndrewJ.184501 Nov 1900Locust Grove
ParkerAnnieK.30 May 191702 Feb 1978Northside
ParkerAnnieMae12 Jun 192416 Sep 1999St. Ruth
ParkerAnnieUnk25 Oct 1920Maple Hill
ParkerAnthonyL.Unk07 Feb 1992Maple Hill
ParkerBeatriceUnkNDDMaple Hill
ParkerBenMilesUnk02 Sep 1959Maple Hill
ParkerBerthaLaddUnk16 Feb 1981Maple Hill
ParkerBessieLee18901947Madison Crossroads
ParkerBettyUnk08 Jul 1968Maple Hill
ParkerBeulahMaeUnk03 Dec 1981Maple Hill
ParkerBillieDaris02 Mar 193517 Jun 1936Camp Ground
ParkerBillieGeierUnk10 Apr 1974Maple Hill
ParkerC.Unk17 Aug 1923Maple Hill
ParkerC.Unk31 Aug 1923Maple Hill
ParkerCapitolaUnk21 Jan 1934Maple Hill
ParkerCarlG.19261926Madison Crossroads
ParkerCarrieR.Unk07 Aug 1976Maple Hill
ParkerCarrie16 Jul 189305 Apr 1975Penny
ParkerCharles23 Oct 192116 Feb 1964St. Ruth
ParkerCharlieWallaceUnk05 Apr 2003Maple Hill
ParkerClaraUnk06 Dec 1973Maple Hill
ParkerClevon12 Jan 189320 Mar 1955St. Ruth
ParkerCrawfordD.Unk14 Aug 1981Maple Hill
ParkerD.Unk05 Dec 1900Maple Hill
ParkerDorothyNewman14 Dec 191419 Jan 1934Camp Ground
ParkerE.B.26 Sep 193704 Feb 1938Camp Ground
ParkerE.Unk08 Aug 1950Maple Hill
ParkerEarnest21 Apr 194221 Sep 1976St. Ruth
ParkerEddieLee09 Jan 189216 Jun 1960St. Ruth
ParkerElbertP.27 May 191102 Aug 1965Moon
ParkerEmbreeEvansUnk20 Jun 1899Maple Hill
ParkerEmmaW.18771952Camp Ground
ParkerErmaJoyce22 Sep 194404 Mar 1993Moon
ParkerErnestD.30 Sep 195506 Jun 2001Cedar Grove
ParkerErnestE.Unk03 Oct 1979Maple Hill
ParkerErnestL.Unk22 Nov 1958Maple Hill
ParkerEstell19142002St. Ruth
ParkerEuniceK.19 Jul 191927 Sep 2001Moon
ParkerEvalineGentry06 May 184607 Feb 1896Locust Grove
ParkerFannieP.15 Jul 190018 Jun 1983St. Ruth
ParkerFannieBaker08 May 1896Aug 1985Locust Grove
ParkerFlossieOdellUnk28 Feb 2003Maple Hill
ParkerGeorgeM.Unk04 May 1997Maple Hill
ParkerGeorgeW.Unk15 Jul 1983Maple Hill
ParkerGiles183617 Oct 1906Bloucher Ford
ParkerGlenaceS.Unk15 Dec 1929Maple Hill
ParkerGordonL.17 Nov 195105 May 1988St. Ruth
ParkerGraceH.Unk28 Jul 1994Maple Hill
ParkerHesterC.Unk11 Oct 1992Maple Hill
ParkerHoraceMrs.Unk18 Apr 1974Maple Hill
ParkerHughUnk19 Jul 1969Maple Hill
ParkerIdaJaneUnk03 Jan 1979Maple Hill
ParkerIdaJaneUnk03 Jan 1979Maple Hill
ParkerInfantFemaleUnkNDDCamp Ground
ParkerInfantUnk27 Jan 1953Maple Hill
ParkerInfantUnk17 Dec 1950Maple Hill
ParkerJ.B.15 Jul 191713 Oct 1918Madison Crossroads
ParkerJacieMyrtle E.04 Jun 191004 Dec 1934Esslinger
ParkerJamesT.Unk23 Jan 2000Maple Hill
ParkerJanetC.Unk29 Aug 1997Maple Hill
ParkerJimmyR.Unk09 May 1980Maple Hill
ParkerJoeEddie02 Mar 193120 Sep 1956St. Ruth
ParkerJoeW.03 May 190924 Mar 1983Northside
ParkerJoeW.20 Sep 193003 Nov 1986Bevill
ParkerJoeWilliam25 Sep 195501 Nov 1998Bevill
ParkerJohnMelvin07 Feb 1924Jun 1992St. Ruth
ParkerJohnUnk01 Sep 1930Maple Hill
ParkerKatherineUnk15 Jun 1969Maple Hill
ParkerLawrenceUnk15 Feb 1986Maple Hill
ParkerLelaA.11 Aug 190026 Sep 1974Camp Ground
ParkerLeonardE.29 Dec 194616 Oct 1998Penny
ParkerLige18921961Madison Crossroads
ParkerLillianT.01 Jun 189827 Sep 1973Northside
ParkerLillieC.19221924Madison Crossroads
ParkerLocieG.Unk17 Jan 1990Maple Hill
ParkerLondaUnk07 Jan 1946Maple Hill
ParkerLynnM.26 Mar 196627 Jun 1977St. Ruth
ParkerMackH.Unk05 Sep 1991Maple Hill
ParkerMamieUnk28 Sep 1976Maple Hill
ParkerMargaretUnk23 Mar 1970Maple Hill
ParkerMargieUnkNDDMaple Hill
ParkerMarthaJ.Unk21 Dec 1993Maple Hill
ParkerMartinEdwardUnk30 Jul 1896Maple Hill
ParkerMaryRuthUnk16 May 1990Maple Hill
ParkerMauldanWayneUnk21 Feb 1962Maple Hill
ParkerMildredPorterUnk28 Mar 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
ParkerMilesB.18621941Camp Ground
ParkerMinnieBelleUnk28 Dec 1980Maple Hill
ParkerMinnieUnk22 Jun 1996St. Ruth
ParkerMollieT.07 Jan 187605 Jun 1958Madison Crossroads
ParkerMouldanUnk17 Jun 1992Maple Hill
ParkerMyraPauline25 Jun 192522 Oct 2001Cedar Grove
ParkerNancyUnk09 Jul 2004Maple Hill
ParkerNannieUnk15 Jun 1953Maple Hill
ParkerNettieUnk08 Jan 1931Maple Hill
ParkerNormanElliott09 Apr 196807 Jun 1967St. Ruth
ParkerOpalE.03 Jan 192519 Feb 1963Plainview
ParkerOtha19111924St. Ruth
ParkerOwen01 Apr 190328 Apr 1970St. Ruth
ParkerRayUnk09 Mar 1938Maple Hill
ParkerRufusUnk23 Feb 1943Maple Hill
ParkerSam04 Jul 183818 Jun 1918St. Ruth
ParkerSam16 Aug 192104 Oct 1999St. Ruth
ParkerThomasWayneUnk08 Aug 1962Maple Hill
ParkerUnkFemaleUnk29 Nov 1917Maple Hill
ParkerUnkMaleUnk20 Jul 1917Maple Hill
ParkerUnkMrs.Unk20 Jun 1897Maple Hill
ParkerVeronica25 Mar 197927 Aug 1996Bone
ParkerWilliamK.18651934Madison Crossroads
ParkerWilliamL.27 Aug 187411 Sep 1952Madison Crossroads
ParkerWilliam02 Jul 189120 Nov 1969Royal
ParkerWilliamUnk03 Jul 1901Maple Hill
ParkerWillie24 Apr 189512 Nov 1953St. Ruth
ParkhillEdwardN.18341904Baker - Owens Cross Road
ParkhillNancyAnnCarpenter15 Mar 183504 Aug 1904Baker - Owens Cross Road
ParkhillSarahJ.19 Dec 1912NDDRedstone
ParkhurstWilliePaulineUnk09 May 2000Maple Hill
ParksAlbertaM.04 Aug 191707 Jul 1987Big Cove
ParksAlicePauline14 Jul 193718 Oct 1978Northside
ParksAllenFranklinUnk05 Jul 1964Maple Hill
ParksB.L.Unk15 Dec 1919Maple Hill
ParksBarbaraE.Unk19 Feb 2003Maple Hill
ParksBrownell08 Oct 191427 Nov 2004Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
ParksBudW28 Apr 191223 Jul 1982Concord
ParksBuddieUnk03 Jun 1945Maple Hill
ParksFloydA.Unk27 Nov 1989Maple Hill
ParksFredMaynorUnk24 Jul 1978Maple Hill
ParksGeorgeUnk14 Jan 1938Maple Hill
ParksHazelUnk28 Nov 1980Maple Hill
ParksJ.Unk26 Jul 1900Maple Hill
ParksJamesL.20 Jul 191004 Mar 1977Northside
ParksJohnUnk03 May 1934Maple Hill
ParksJohnUnk17 Nov 1927Maple Hill
ParksJohnUnk24 Jun 1914Maple Hill
ParksLeeDaraUnk15 Sep 1928Maple Hill
ParksLucyUnk04 Jan 1930Maple Hill
ParksM.D.L.Unk07 Aug 1902Maple Hill
ParksMaggieUnk15 Nov 1932Maple Hill
ParksMaryUnk13 Jun 1925Maple Hill
ParksMildredS.Unk24 Apr 1990Maple Hill
ParksShelbyLee16 Feb 192101 Apr 1975Ryland
ParksTomUnk29 Mar 1932Maple Hill
ParksW.W.Unk30 Sep 1885Maple Hill
ParksWillieMae15 May 190205 Apr 1963Penny
ParmerPaulaManning06 Jun 197212 Mar 2001Cedar Grove
ParmleyBufordUnk29 Sep 1959Maple Hill
ParnellBettyUnk11 Jul 1955Maple Hill
ParnelleMaryFrancesUnk08 May 1993Maple Hill
ParnelleUnk19 Oct 192619 Oct 1926Merrimack
ParrJamesA.Unk30 Mar 1897Maple Hill
ParrisTheopilus02 Jul 192304 Jul 1973Northside
ParrishDorothyJ.Unk23 Feb 1994Maple Hill
ParrishElizabethCoyleUnk08 Jul 1983Maple Hill
ParrishEllaB.20 Jul 192414 May 1982Northside
ParrishFelixElmerUnk05 Feb 1959Maple Hill
ParrishNolan13 Mar 192721 Dec 1989Pine Grove - Harvest
ParryTheodoreWallace31 Oct 193915 Feb 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
ParsleyAnnieUnk20 Jan 1978Maple Hill
ParsleyCarolynAnnUnk27 Oct 1997Maple Hill
ParsleyJohnD.04 Jul 190226 Jan 1971Maple Hill
ParsleyJoshuaK.Unk16 Jun 1985Maple Hill
ParsleyWilliamH.Unk12 Jun 1979Maple Hill
ParsonsAliceUnk03 Aug 1993Maple Hill
ParsonsAnnieE.Unk22 Mar 1900Maple Hill
ParsonsDonaldW.Unk29 Jun 1961Maple Hill
ParsonsElbertH.Unk02 Aug 1968Maple Hill
ParsonsGertrudeUnk17 May 1973Maple Hill
ParsonsGlennGarland21 Mar 189830 May 1985Maple Hill
ParsonsHattieBeverlyChunn12 Nov 187020 Oct 1949Maple Hill
ParsonsRobertAcklin187103 Oct 1947Maple Hill
PartainFredP.01 Feb 194018 Jul 1992Brown
PartainJoyceB.13 Dec 1940NDDBrown
PartainRobertW.Unk23 Oct 1936Maple Hill
PartainWillieUnk10 Nov 1944Maple Hill
PartamMinnieUnk06 Oct 1916Maple Hill
PartenInfantFemaleUnk23 Apr 1867Maple Hill
PartonAllenOdell26 Nov 192408 Mar 1926Pleas Mount Baptist Church
PartonBerthaA.02 Aug 189412 Aug 1958Pleas Mount Baptist Church
PartonCannonUnkNDDMaple Hill
PartonEllaUnk06 Sep 1987Maple Hill
PartonEmmieJaneUnk04 Feb 1969Maple Hill
PartonG.T.16 Jan 192719 May 1994Plainview
PartonG.T.29 Jun 189414 Mar 1979Pleas Mount Baptist Church
PartonGordonL.Unk04 Mar 1973Maple Hill
PartonH.L.Unk03 Aug 1965Maple Hill
PartonJennieUnk24 Feb 1934Maple Hill
PartonJosephUnk11 Mar 1869Maple Hill
PartonL.Unk13 Jun 1935Maple Hill
PartonLouEllaUnk21 Jun 1958Maple Hill
PartonMaryUnk10 Feb 1925Maple Hill
PartonSimBeasleyUnk10 Jun 1973Maple Hill
PartonWilliamUnk23 Jan 1887Maple Hill
ParvinCharlesP.Unk06 Mar 1956Maple Hill
ParvinCharlesWayneUnk04 Nov 1988Maple Hill
ParvinJesseAnderson26 Jan 184628 Dec 1930Pike
ParvinMaryKathryn07 Mar 193227 Mar 1986Fowlkes
ParvinSusieElizabeth03 Jan 186023 Oct 1937Ragsdale
ParvinWillieK.Mrs.Unk11 Jun 1987Maple Hill
PascalInfantTwinsUnk06 Jan 1897Maple Hill
PaschallAnnieMaeUnk11 Mar 1999Maple Hill
PaschallMarshallH.UnkNDDMaple Hill
PaschallPaulUnk24 Jul 1915Maple Hill
PaschallRobertUnk13 Nov 1931Maple Hill
PaschallStellaUnk18 Jun 1981Maple Hill
PaseurAllenWayne17 Jun 1951NDDGipson
PaseurCharlieDavid12 Jun 192603 Sep 1980Kennamer
PaseurCharolette16 Jun 189019 May 1924Kennamer
PaseurClaraNell25 Feb 193628 Feb 1936Kennamer
PaseurDavidS.01 Mar 184921 Dec 1937Kennamer
PaseurDavidWiley10 Jul 188920 Oct 1955Kennamer
PaseurDeborahCertain27 Nov 195015 Nov 1984Gipson
PaseurDickeyRay04 Sep 194822 Dec 1996Kennamer
PaseurEssieS.05 Jun 189721 Jul 1975Kennamer
PaseurEvaBates17 Aug 190030 Apr 1967Kennamer
PaseurGeorgeWiley15 Apr 191201 Jul 1999Byrd
PaseurGladysB.13 Aug 1925NDDHayden
PaseurGracieAnnMaples19 Sep 191425 Nov 1969Byrd
PaseurHenryL.15 May 192420 Apr 1999Hayden
PaseurInfantFemale26 Jul 191026 Jul 1910Kennamer
PaseurInfantMale28 Dec 191528 Dec 1915Kennamer
PaseurJamesEarlUnk20 Feb 1984Maple Hill
PaseurJamesS.26 Apr 193028 Aug 1989Kennamer
PaseurJohnDavid27 Feb 1919NDDKennamer
PaseurJohnM.13 Oct 187718 Feb 1948Kennamer
PaseurJosephC.28 Sep 195119 Nov 1951Hayden
PaseurMarjoryMarieBaker25 Oct 192226 Mar 1969Kennamer
PaseurNancyAnn22 Sep 185908 Feb 1940Kennamer
PaseurRoyAllen27 Dec 193229 Nov 1999Gipson
PaseurSarahS.20 Mar 188410 Feb 1971Kennamer
PaseurSidney16 Nov 190821 Jan 1911Kennamer
PaseurVirginiaIdellaSchrimsher16 Mar 1935NDDGipson
PaseurWilliamDelbert05 Sep 191909 Jan 1997Kennamer
PaseurWillieS.24 Mar 189331 Jul 1974Kennamer
PassionMamie11 Jul 187301 May 1961Plainview
PassmoreGeorgeH.Unk31 Jan 1898Maple Hill
PassmoreLinaUnk14 Jan 1919Maple Hill
PassonArthurB.10 Nov 188913 Feb 1963Charity Baptist Church
PassonDenaUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
PassonEzell06 Mar 191028 Apr 1945Madison Crossroads
PassonInfantFemaleUnk21 Mar 1947Charity Baptist Church
PassonJamesN.02 Jul 191912 Mar 1993Charity Baptist Church
PassonJohnW.11 Nov 186727 Jan 1933Madison Crossroads
PassonKate26 Mar 187322 Jul 1940Madison Crossroads
PassonMaryR.13 Jun 189019 Mar 1966Madison Crossroads
PassonOrleanUnkNDDMaple Hill
PassonStellaUnk31 Mar 1938Maple Hill
PassonsJohnH.24 May 189608 Jan 1921Charity Baptist Church
PassonsRemusHerman13 Dec 190629 Aug 1976Plainview
PassonsSallie29 Oct 186828 Oct 1952Plainview
PassonsSam15 Nov 187124 Apr 1931Plainview
PatrickForestUnk18 May 2004Maple Hill
PatrickGeraldineRamseyUnk14 Oct 2002Maple Hill
PatrickHughL.24 Jul 188126 Apr 1966Maple Hill
PatrickJohnC.04 Mar 188319 Oct 1918Fords Chapel
PatrickM.Unk17 Nov 1955Maple Hill
PatrickPles19181970Conley Chapel
PatrickR.P.UnkNDDMaple Hill
PatrickR.Unk08 Jul 1954Maple Hill
PatrickRobertA.Unk29 Dec 1963Maple Hill
PatrickVeraUnk26 May 1931Maple Hill
PatrickWilburnH.Unk01 Sep 1977Maple Hill
PatrickWilsonUnk20 Feb 1924Maple Hill
PatterVarnell19431967Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
PattersonAgnesW.Unk28 Jan 2002Maple Hill
PattersonAllieMaiUnk23 Sep 1979Maple Hill
PattersonAlveaD.21 May 187129 Jan 1917Baker - Owens Cross Road
PattersonAndrewThomas18 Apr 187505 Oct 1915Charity Baptist Church
PattersonAprilJoyce19601960Charity Baptist Church
PattersonAubrey01 Sep 193201 Jan 2002Valhalla Memory Gardens
PattersonBarbaraF.19 Oct 193903 Mar 1941Charity Baptist Church
PattersonBernardUnk16 Dec 1943Maple Hill
PattersonBernellUnk22 Jun 1985Maple Hill
PattersonBetsyUnk04 Dec 1912Taylor Chapel
PattersonBobbyRaymond20 Oct 193707 Aug 1938Charity Baptist Church
PattersonBrianKeith04 Feb 197422 Feb 1974Moon
PattersonBruceC.24 Dec 191411 Aug 1944Moon
PattersonBurlaA.Unk08 Mar 1989Maple Hill
PattersonC.Oscar25 May 189027 Jul 1973First Flint River Baptist
PattersonC.Unk09 Jul 1950Maple Hill
PattersonC.Unk08 Sep 1920Maple Hill
PattersonCarlosUnk27 Dec 2003Maple Hill
PattersonCatherine18721963First Flint River Baptist
PattersonClarenceLeon02 May 192703 Oct 2001First Flint River Baptist
PattersonClydeA.07 Oct 192620 Apr 1998Moon
PattersonDonnaTownsend02 May 191201 Jan 1979Bloucher Ford
PattersonDonnieBelle16 Apr 190521 Jan 1997First Flint River Baptist
PattersonDoshieUnk09 Dec 1972Maple Hill
PattersonE.A.29 Jul 187709 Jan 1908Baker - Owens Cross Road
PattersonE.B.Alamon27 Mar 191810 Feb 1920Charity Baptist Church
PattersonEarlH.Unk08 Apr 1982Maple Hill
PattersonEddieA.07 Jul 194409 Jun 1963Charity Baptist Church
PattersonEdnaLillian09 Nov 191128 Jul 1918Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
PattersonEdnaUnk12 Dec 1966Maple Hill
PattersonEffieO.Unk15 Dec 1977Maple Hill
PattersonEldonO.Unk30 Dec 1978Maple Hill
PattersonElsieS.Unk10 Jan 1914Maple Hill
PattersonEugeneUnk23 Jan 1926Maple Hill
PattersonFannieMaeCraft27 Jun 188816 Mar 1976Moon
PattersonGeorgeUnk08 Sep 1929Maple Hill
PattersonGradyMillerUnk28 Dec 1983Maple Hill
PattersonGuerlan19391940Charity Baptist Church
PattersonGwendolynUnk15 Sep 2000Maple Hill
PattersonHaroldEugeneUnk30 Jan 1994Maple Hill
PattersonHarveyL.28 Oct 188814 Nov 1966Maple Hill
PattersonHattieV.28 Jun 189226 Dec 1982Moon
PattersonHenriettaThomasUnk30 Jan 1987Maple Hill
PattersonHerbert19181984Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
PattersonIrene28 Jul 188217 Aug 1919Baker - Owens Cross Road
PattersonJ.L.Unk28 Dec 1973Maple Hill
PattersonJamesEdgar18971992First Flint River Baptist
PattersonJamesM.Unk17 Sep 1984Maple Hill
PattersonJeanJ.05 Jun 193123 Dec 1996Moon
PattersonJesseR.Unk02 Jul 1993Maple Hill
PattersonJesseUnk04 Jul 1914Maple Hill
PattersonJessieDavid14 Oct 188923 Feb 1955Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
PattersonJessieM.Unk10 May 1978Maple Hill
PattersonJimmyCarl18 Oct 196329 Dec 1996Moon
PattersonJohnE.13 Sep 193720 Feb 1970Bloucher Ford
PattersonJohnKnoxUnk20 Sep 1956Maple Hill
PattersonJohnL.10 Jan 190927 Nov 1983Bloucher Ford
PattersonJohnT.Unk17 Jun 1987Maple Hill
PattersonJohnW.05 Sep 187927 Dec 1962Moon
PattersonJohn18571938First Flint River Baptist
PattersonJohnUnk15 Jan 1885Maple Hill
PattersonJosephWheelerUnk25 Feb 1958Maple Hill
PattersonJosephineW.03 Feb 191713 Apr 1993First Flint River Baptist
PattersonJosieMoon187203 Apr 1915Baker - Owens Cross Road
PattersonJudsonB.29 Jul 190109 Apr 1991First Flint River Baptist
PattersonKatherineReeceUnk18 Jan 2002Maple Hill
PattersonKatieMayUnk02 Dec 1895Maple Hill
PattersonKatieUnk06 Dec 1883Maple Hill
PattersonKittyB.07 Jan 191919 Jan 1988Bloucher Ford
PattersonLarryD.15 Jul 194125 Oct 2004New Sharon
PattersonLelaM.Unk12 Oct 1979Maple Hill
PattersonLellaWright09 Dec 192630 Oct 1994Bevill
PattersonLillieUnk28 Feb 1973Maple Hill
PattersonLillieUnk16 Mar 1952Maple Hill
PattersonLouellaUnk25 May 1934Maple Hill
PattersonLowellScott07 Aug 196214 Dec 1987New Sharon
PattersonLukeM.19061938First Flint River Baptist
PattersonLydiaMagdeline24 Jan 189615 Sep 1994Baker - Owens Cross Road
PattersonM.Lowe11 Dec 188211 Jun 1962Moon
PattersonMalcolmThomas26 Jan 193603 Dec 2003Charity Baptist Church
PattersonMargieJacks19041973First Flint River Baptist
PattersonMaryK.Unk18 Mar 1895Maple Hill
PattersonMaryL.Unk02 Mar 2000Maple Hill
PattersonMaryHumphrey20 Jun 191307 Apr 1972Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
PattersonMaudEllaUnk13 Mar 1896Maple Hill
PattersonMaudeLamb13 Feb 189431 Oct 1921Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
PattersonMaudeUnk16 Jan 1975Maple Hill
PattersonMelvinUnk02 Feb 1926Maple Hill
PattersonMildredE.Unk12 Feb 1994Maple Hill
PattersonMinnieUnk30 Jul 1989Maple Hill
PattersonMosetta19 Mar 193701 Oct 1986Brandon
PattersonMyrtleUnk28 Mar 1970Maple Hill
PattersonNoraBelleUnk15 Jun 1963Maple Hill
PattersonO.L.Unk22 Jul 1966Maple Hill
PattersonOthelV.Unk07 Jul 1987Maple Hill
PattersonPallieAnn20 Sep 188828 Apr 1976Moon
PattersonPat09 Sep 191726 Jul 1986Moon
PattersonPaulL.05 Oct 188421 Dec 1963Moon
PattersonRebaP.Unk14 Oct 1995Maple Hill
PattersonRichardW.Unk24 Jun 1985Maple Hill
PattersonRichardUnk26 Feb 1926Maple Hill
PattersonRobertWileyUnk10 Sep 1995Maple Hill
PattersonRonnieUnk29 Dec 1986Maple Hill
PattersonRoySanford08 Sep 192412 Dec 2004First Flint River Baptist
PattersonSandersM.Unk26 Mar 1895Maple Hill
PattersonSarahA.Unk03 Jan 1889Maple Hill
PattersonSarah31 Jan 188015 Mar 1968Charity Baptist Church
PattersonTeresaUnk12 Dec 1966Maple Hill
PattersonThelmaG.Unk06 Dec 1989Maple Hill
PattersonThelmaIlene14 Nov 191912 Dec 2000Moon
PattersonThelmaUnk29 Apr 1939Maple Hill
PattersonVancieLecterMcLean25 May 190230 Jan 1989Baker - Owens Cross Road
PattersonVeila19051909Charity Baptist Church
PattersonVirgieUnk25 Jul 1999Maple Hill
PattersonVirginia18991901Charity Baptist Church
PattersonW.Dwight29 Feb 195225 Aug 1972Charity Baptist Church
PattersonWilderUnk19 Nov 1996Maple Hill
PattersonWilliamUnk12 Apr 1940Maple Hill
PattersonWillieUnk07 Jun 1978Maple Hill
PattonAndrewBurney19 Jul 187931 Dec 1953Penny
PattonAnneP.Unk09 Jul 1965Maple Hill
PattonBettieUnk07 Mar 1918Maple Hill
PattonBettyG.Unk25 May 1979Maple Hill
PattonCarter19 Jan 193019 Feb 1974Northside
PattonCatherineUnk16 Mar 1915Maple Hill
PattonCharlesBruceUnk10 Jan 1992Maple Hill
PattonCharlieE.Unk23 Dec 1958Maple Hill
PattonDorothyJanice29 Apr 195015 Nov 1965Charity Baptist Church
PattonDorothyS.Unk04 Mar 1930Maple Hill
PattonEarskin02 Nov 191711 Aug 1990Penny
PattonEdwardUnk02 Sep 1876Maple Hill
PattonEllaUnk21 Dec 1913Maple Hill
PattonElsieNaomi21 May 193802 Jan 1939Charity Baptist Church
PattonG.B.Unk23 Jul 1871Maple Hill
PattonGreenUnk22 Sep 1902Maple Hill
PattonHarveyP.Unk05 Aug 1994Maple Hill
PattonHellenUnk17 Feb 2003Maple Hill
PattonHumesUnk19 Dec 1955Maple Hill
PattonHumesUnk13 Feb 1915Maple Hill
PattonInaRachelUnk14 Jan 2002Maple Hill
PattonIndinar25 Apr 185530 Nov 1932Royal
PattonInfantUnk06 Sep 1951Maple Hill
PattonIrvineWhiteUnk01 Jul 1936Maple Hill
PattonJamesE.Unk15 Jan 1993Maple Hill
PattonJell15 Jul 193906 Mar 1977Penny
PattonJerrylA.08 Jan 196725 Dec 1984Penny
PattonJohnA.Unk12 Apr 1982Maple Hill
PattonJohnUnk21 Dec 1913Maple Hill
PattonJohnUnk11 Jul 1888Maple Hill
PattonJuverne09 Oct 191520 Jun 1969Northside
PattonL.C.05 Feb 191419 Sep 1983Bloucher Ford
PattonLauraUnk24 Dec 1963Maple Hill
PattonLeeUnk05 Dec 1916Maple Hill
PattonLeorna20 Nov 1904JulPenny
PattonLouiseUnk10 Feb 1892Maple Hill
PattonLouiseUnk06 Sep 1887Maple Hill
PattonM.L.Unk07 Nov 1881Maple Hill
PattonMarshallEdwardUnk26 Apr 2001Maple Hill
PattonMildredLouiseUnk19 Sep 1979Maple Hill
PattonMinnieUnk03 Apr 1931Maple Hill
PattonOphelia19331993Bloucher Ford
PattonR.M.Unk02 Mar 1885Maple Hill
PattonRebeccaWallace01 Sep 190925 Aug 2000Bloucher Ford
PattonRobertDaleUnk17 Mar 2001Maple Hill
PattonRobertUnk22 Nov 1966Maple Hill
PattonRobertUnk15 Apr 1902Maple Hill
PattonRosalieUnk24 Jan 1998Maple Hill
PattonRupertE.Unk23 Jun 1967Maple Hill
PattonSarahB.25 Sep 189011 Sep 1946Penny
PattonSarahL.Unk24 Sep 1987Maple Hill
PattonShelbyWalkerUnk30 Oct 1963Maple Hill
PattonSpenceDarwin12 Oct 186320 Feb 1952Charity Baptist Church
PattonSpenceL.04 Dec 193431 Mar 1972Bloucher Ford
PattonStertor23 Feb 186304 May 1952Royal
PattonThomasUnk26 Dec 1943Maple Hill
PattonThosUnk31 Jul 1926Maple Hill
PattonUnkMaleUnk22 Mar 1870Maple Hill
PattonVergiaScruggs04 Jun 192220 Apr 1958Penny
PattsCharlesUnk11 Jun 1929Maple Hill
PattsWilliamUnk21 Jan 1926Maple Hill
PaulAnnieUnk06 Aug 1902Maple Hill
PaulCarrieUnk15 Feb 1919Maple Hill
PaulEdgarUnk18 Jun 1918Maple Hill
PaulFlorenceM.Unk09 Mar 1976Maple Hill
PaulInfantFemaleUnk07 Oct 1897Maple Hill
PaulJohnUnk24 May 1904Maple Hill
PaulLauraS.Unk17 Nov 1957Maple Hill
PaulLillianUnk11 Jun 1951Maple Hill
PaulMaryUnk18 Feb 1921Maple Hill
PaulNannieUnk15 Apr 1952Maple Hill
PaulUnkUnk07 Feb 1983Maple Hill
PaulUnkUnk02 Aug 1884Maple Hill
PaulWallaceL.Unk25 Aug 1936Maple Hill
PauliFritzK.Unk26 Apr 1969Maple Hill
PaulsenMildredL.Unk08 Mar 1987Maple Hill
PauperInfantFemaleUnk08 Feb 1868Maple Hill
PautlerA.C.Unk08 Mar 1959Maple Hill
PaviaBernardC.18 Jun 194014 Jul 1988First Flint River Baptist
PayneAlbertD.10 Jan 189508 Dec 1976Plainview
PayneAlfredUnk18 Jun 1954Maple Hill
PayneAliceUnk14 Jan 1922Maple Hill
PayneAllenUnk19 Oct 1951Maple Hill
PayneAmandaL.Unk13 Apr 1978Maple Hill
PayneAmericaL.Unk21 Jun 1973Maple Hill
PayneAmieUnk17 Jul 1942Maple Hill
PayneAnnieBell27 Feb 192008 Aug 1958Plainview
PayneAnnieJ.16 Apr 187302 Feb 1891Cochran
PayneAnnieL.Unk12 Sep 1993Maple Hill
PayneAnnieT.10 Oct 190625 Jun 1993Plainview
PayneArchieE.193503 Aug 1972Cloud
PayneArthurUnk16 Jul 1946Maple Hill
PayneBenW.22 Sep 187601 Feb 1965Plainview
PayneBenUnk28 Oct 1952Maple Hill
PayneBerthaUnk12 Aug 1975Maple Hill
PayneBessieI.18 Jul 190518 Oct 1919Cloud
PayneCarlUnk23 Oct 1934Maple Hill
PayneCarrieUnk28 Nov 1942Maple Hill
PayneCharlieLandisUnk08 Mar 1977Maple Hill
PayneCharlieUnk10 Dec 1946Maple Hill
PayneCharlotteA.18 Dec 194629 Apr 1985Gipson
PayneCoraB.25 Jul 187929 Mar 1962Plainview
PayneDonnaUnk20 Aug 1957Maple Hill
PayneDoraUnk15 Apr 1937Maple Hill
PayneDoraUnk16 Oct 1931Maple Hill
PayneE.Unk30 Jan 1953Maple Hill
PayneEarlClayton05 Jul 193524 Oct 1935Plainview
PayneElisha06 Apr 189623 Aug 1986Plainview
PayneElizabethUnk30 Apr 1975Maple Hill
PayneEllisH.Unk26 Jul 1993Maple Hill
PayneElmerUnk25 Apr 1991Maple Hill
PayneEmma16 Nov 185729 Aug 1891Cochran
PayneEmmaUnkNDDMaple Hill
PayneEmmaUnk04 Dec 1974Maple Hill
PayneEssieUnk19 Mar 1913Maple Hill
PayneFloraD.21 Sep 192218 Jan 2006Bevill
PayneFrankPatton01 Sep 1907NDDCochran
PayneFrederickUnk29 Mar 1984Maple Hill
PayneGussieMorris23 Jun 191911 Sep 2005Rice
PayneHaustonUnk20 Dec 1948Maple Hill
PayneHeningUnk12 May 1929Maple Hill
PayneHenryBouldinUnk16 Sep 1981Maple Hill
PayneHensleyUnk15 Apr 1934Maple Hill
PayneHerbertE.07 Apr 193206 Sep 1993Plainview
PayneHollisB.14 Apr 188626 Sep 1906Cochran
PayneHoward08 Mar 1946NDDGipson
PayneHubertC.10 Jan 192422 Jun 1982Cloud
PayneInfantFemaleUnk09 Jul 1942Maple Hill
PayneIrene20 Feb 190803 Oct 1991Plainview
PayneIreneUnk14 Oct 1930Maple Hill
PayneJ.Unk06 Nov 1928Maple Hill
PayneJ.Unk17 Jun 1924Maple Hill
PayneJamesFrenchUnk13 Sep 1983Maple Hill
PayneJamesHoustonUnk26 Apr 1976Maple Hill
PayneJamesL.Unk23 Jan 1985Maple Hill
PayneJamesL.Unk27 May 1964Maple Hill
PayneJamesUnk21 Jun 1931Maple Hill
PayneJessie27 Jun 191606 Jul 1979Plainview
PayneJoeE.11 Aug 192207 Mar 1984Cloud
PayneJoeEd12 Nov 190117 Dec 1994Cloud
PayneJoeThomas12 Mar 187101 Nov 1939Plainview
PayneJoeThomas18 Apr 192211 Mar 1990Plainview
PayneJohnE.Unk01 Feb 1979Maple Hill
PayneJohnR.Unk27 Jun 1971Maple Hill
PayneJohnW.Unk07 Mar 1960Maple Hill
PayneJosephMoses05 Nov 1855Jul 1929Cochran
PayneJosiahPoindexter03 Aug 183907 Dec 1933Cloud
PayneJoyce10 Feb 193810 Feb 1938Plainview
PayneKatherineLeeUnk11 Apr 1983Maple Hill
PayneLaraMaeUnk12 Apr 1982Maple Hill
PayneLauraMyrtle16 Mar 189514 Jan 1966Cochran
PayneLavreneUnk12 Dec 1927Maple Hill
PayneLelaUnk09 Dec 1931Maple Hill
PayneLewisL.05 May 191619 Jan 1970Plainview
PayneLindseyLeanUnk01 Oct 1956Maple Hill
PayneLoisUnk11 Aug 1924Maple Hill
PayneLouEllaUnk04 Dec 1940Maple Hill
PayneLouiseC.Unk16 Nov 2002Maple Hill
PayneLucyUnk29 Mar 1977Maple Hill
PayneLucyUnk01 Jul 1927Maple Hill
PayneM.L.UnkNDDMaple Hill
PayneMableToddUnk23 Sep 1992Maple Hill
PayneMadgeUnk25 Jan 1961Maple Hill
PayneMaggieLeathaUnk22 Oct 1967Maple Hill
PayneMaggieUnk29 Mar 1946Maple Hill
PayneMargaretE.Couch06 Dec 182728 Jul 1926Cochran
PayneMarthaC.09 Mar 184121 Jun 1919Cloud
PayneMarthaElizabethUnk10 Mar 2003Maple Hill
PayneMarthaUnk05 May 1926Maple Hill
PayneMarvinLloydUnk11 Jul 1988Maple Hill
PayneMaryA.Unk18 May 1896Maple Hill
PayneMaryWynne05 Nov 190708 Jan 1995Cochran
PayneMattieLee16 Oct 187702 Jul 1966Gipson
PayneMicajah12 Aug 182414 Jan 1887Cochran
PayneMildredT.Unk10 Jun 2001Maple Hill
PayneMilesUnk02 Jul 1921Maple Hill
PayneMinnieMae28 Mar 188130 Apr 1954Plainview
PayneMyrtleUnkNDDMaple Hill
PayneNancyMaeUnk12 Jul 1987Maple Hill
PayneNellieUnk12 Sep 1903Maple Hill
PayneNinaUnk25 Sep 1931Maple Hill
PayneNoreneSatteryUnk06 Jul 1998Maple Hill
PayneNorrisM.Unk15 Mar 1961Maple Hill
PayneNorrisUnk06 Sep 1974Maple Hill
PayneOllieW.27 Apr 191530 Nov 1991Bevill
PayneOllieUnk04 Jun 1945Maple Hill
PaynePeggyElaine14 Apr 194819 Jan 1949Plainview
PaynePeteUnk19 Jul 1949Maple Hill
PaynePhilB.11 Feb 189128 May 1961Cochran
PaynePhilipFranklinUnk30 Aug 1957Maple Hill
PayneReitaHall19 Apr 188508 Jan 1976Gurley
PayneRobertLee22 Nov 192614 Jun 1952Fowlkes
PayneRobertUnk08 Aug 1960Maple Hill
PayneRobertUnk10 Aug 1945Maple Hill
PayneRubyUnk15 Jan 1918Maple Hill
PayneSadieUnk09 Sep 1975Maple Hill
PayneSarahW.Unk21 Oct 1979Maple Hill
PayneTempieM.06 Sep 192524 Oct 1995Plainview
PayneThomasUnkNDDMaple Hill
PayneTravis04 Mar 186911 Sep 1942Gurley
PayneVirginiaAnn17 Oct 193503 Dec 1984Plainview
PayneVirginiaB.01 Nov 189918 Feb 1978Cochran
PayneWilliamH.Unk16 Apr 1988Maple Hill
PayneWilliamHoustonUnk14 Aug 1962Maple Hill
PayneWilliamHoustonUnk01 Sep 1962Maple Hill
PayneWillieThurmanUnk23 Jan 1993Maple Hill
PaynorBelleUnk02 Feb 1918Maple Hill
PaytonAndrewJ.Unk14 May 1930Charity Baptist Church
PaytonAnnieL.Unk26 Feb 1978Maple Hill
PaytonElushiaR.13 Jun 190721 Oct 1993St. Ruth
PaytonEula07 Oct 190310 Mar 1968Northside
PaytonJamesDarwin29 Sep 195314 Nov 1965Charity Baptist Church
PaytonJamesM.Unk14 May 1981Maple Hill
PaytonJermeyRayUnk05 Oct 1998Maple Hill
PaytonJohnLee15 Oct 194525 Sep 1996St. Ruth
PaytonLucilleLove24 Jun 190830 Sep 1994Center Grove
PaytonMarthaA.08 Aug 1882NDDCharity Baptist Church
PaytonMonieDelois19431943Charity Baptist Church
PaytonRobLee11 Nov 188231 Aug 1960Charity Baptist Church
PeaceAlmaS.Unk30 Mar 1989Maple Hill
PeaceDennisUnk12 Feb 1931Maple Hill
PeaceGradyUnk01 May 1927Maple Hill
PeaceMabelUnk26 Nov 1968Maple Hill
PeaceNoraUnk22 Feb 1960Maple Hill
PeaceWalterL.Unk02 Feb 1981Maple Hill
PeadenAlbertaUnk14 Apr 1999Maple Hill
PeadenFloydL.Unk09 Apr 1985Maple Hill
PeakeEdwardC.05 Jun 194307 Jun 1992Cloud
PeakeJamesErskineUnk13 Aug 1965Maple Hill
PeakeJamesUnk20 Jul 1943Maple Hill
PeakeJeanieE.Unk09 Jan 1995Maple Hill
PearceJamesC.Unk07 Feb 1969Maple Hill
PearceNancyUnk12 Sep 1893Maple Hill
PearceThelmaB.Unk19 Jul 1961Maple Hill
PearceThomasNewtonUnk18 Jan 1888Maple Hill
PearceW.W.Unk30 Nov 1896Maple Hill
PearmanGertrudeR.Unk15 Aug 1948Maple Hill
PearmanJewelRayUnk30 Nov 1951Maple Hill
PearmanTerryRayUnk12 Aug 1948Maple Hill
PearmanW.S.Unk01 Mar 1958Maple Hill
PearsallB.J.Unk12 Feb 1976Maple Hill
PearsallChesterA.Unk10 May 1992Maple Hill
PearsallDorothyL.Unk12 May 1985Maple Hill
PearsallElizabethUnk02 Jun 1937Maple Hill
PearsallHarryUnk26 Jul 1951Maple Hill
PearsallHelenC.Unk13 Oct 1990Maple Hill
PearsallLaverneUnk13 Apr 1989Maple Hill
PearsallRalphUnk12 May 1980Maple Hill
PearsallRonaldX.Unk30 Nov 1993Maple Hill
PearsallRoseMaryUnk17 Apr 1947Maple Hill
PearsallTonyUnkNDDMaple Hill
PearsallTonyUnkNDDMaple Hill
PearsonBeatriceA.Bayless01 Apr 184414 May 1910Shady Grove
PearsonC.Unk03 Mar 1951Maple Hill
PearsonCharlesUnk04 Feb 1941Maple Hill
PearsonCharlesUnk29 Jan 1915Maple Hill
PearsonCharley16 Apr 188031 Oct 1943Charity Baptist Church
PearsonCurtisH.Unk08 May 2003Maple Hill
PearsonFlossieS.UnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
PearsonGlendaW.10 Jun 194302 Mar 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
PearsonGrant14 Jan 191229 Oct 1978Northside
PearsonIdaMae20 Apr 188117 Jun 1948Charity Baptist Church
PearsonJamesP.Unk16 Mar 1995Maple Hill
PearsonJoanna01 Apr 187519 Feb 1917Shady Grove
PearsonJohnC.12 Jan 189202 Jan 1965Brown
PearsonKarineUnk09 Oct 1895Maple Hill
PearsonLennaRebeccaUnk21 Feb 1999Maple Hill
PearsonLorenaUnk10 Oct 1887Maple Hill
PearsonMargaretC.Eldridge26 Jan 190810 May 1967Brandon
PearsonMarthaSusanUnk13 Jun 1991Maple Hill
PearsonMaryT.Unk11 Jun 1982Maple Hill
PearsonR.C.18731919Shady Grove
PearsonR.T.19041956Charity Baptist Church
PearsonSallieE.08 Jan 186712 Dec 1920Shady Grove
PearsonVan30 Jun 192701 Jan 1979Northside
PearsonWalterE.Unk02 Sep 2001Maple Hill
PearsonWilliamJames25 Dec 183916 Dec 1899Shady Grove
PearsonWillieMaeUnk29 Aug 1990Maple Hill
PeckA.L.Mrs.Unk16 May 1878Maple Hill
PeckA.Unk15 Apr 1875Maple Hill
PeckAlfUnk26 Mar 1875Maple Hill
PeckAlfredUnk20 May 1876Maple Hill
PedenJ.Unk19 Apr 1932Maple Hill
PedersonClarenceW.Unk07 Feb 1960Maple Hill
PedersonIreneUnk04 Dec 1986Maple Hill
PedigoAdaBelleMullican14 Jun 188023 Apr 1964Maple Hill
PedigoCharlesUnk24 Nov 1969Maple Hill
PedigoJohnUnk12 Jul 1934Maple Hill
PedigoRobertUnk10 Sep 1977Maple Hill
PedigoSamuelPageUnk27 Sep 1958Maple Hill
PeeblesEdwinaB.Unk20 Jan 1993Maple Hill
PeeblesRichardLeon19 Sep 196029 Nov 2004Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
PeelHanselH.02 Jul 192517 Oct 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
PeelerLeonardW.Unk25 Nov 1990Maple Hill
PeelerMarjorieB.Unk21 Nov 1991Maple Hill
PeelerPhillipWoodsonUnk17 Sep 1958Maple Hill
PeelerRichardUnk20 Apr 1949Maple Hill
PeeneyHenryHindsUnk26 Dec 1963Maple Hill
PeeneySarahUnk09 Jan 1930Maple Hill
PeeplesHazel24 Jun 192617 Apr 2005Ragland
PeeveyIsaacM.18361863Camp Ground
PeeveyLeroyUnk12 Aug 1881Maple Hill
PeeveyWilliamH.18441962Camp Ground
PeevyLeroyM.Unk28 Mar 1897Maple Hill
PeguesNanniePriceUnk13 Jun 1992Maple Hill
PeldzusOscarM.19 Nov 191217 Nov 1982Neal Chapel
PelhamBonnieEdward16 Oct 193714 May 1938Kennamer
PelhamDorisMaeUnk22 May 2004Maple Hill
PelhamEarlUnk30 Oct 1980Maple Hill
PelhamHolderUnk18 Mar 1942Maple Hill
PelhamMaryE.Unk01 Dec 1990Maple Hill
PelhamPeterPaulUnk02 Jul 1977Maple Hill
PellegriniLucyUnk30 Apr 2004Maple Hill
PellemBonnieMaeUnk17 Mar 1999Maple Hill
PellemHoldieUnk06 Apr 1991Maple Hill
PellemHoldieUnk21 Dec 1939Maple Hill
PellemInfantUnk14 Aug 1964Maple Hill
PenceBabyUnk14 Mar 1935Kennamer
PenceBertaRuth14 Jan 1927NDDKennamer
PenceCharlesAlvie04 Sep 195508 Mar 1971Kennamer
PenceCharlesWonnie24 Mar 192825 Aug 1946Kennamer
PenceDallas22 Mar 1932NDDKennamer
PenceDenton04 Jun 192014 Aug 1984Kennamer
PenceDorisA.27 Jan 1937NDDKennamer
PenceDorisM.11 Feb 190511 Feb 1978Kennamer
PenceE.S.19 Apr 186925 Dec 1944Kennamer
PenceEdieT.16 Aug 1900NDDKennamer
PenceEllaH.05 Nov 188824 Feb 1976Kennamer
PenceErnest02 Jun 192118 Nov 1981Kennamer
PenceErnest24 Aug 194209 Nov 1992Kennamer
PenceF.Graham17 Dec 193006 Jun 1985Kennamer
PenceGeorgeAllen12 Jun 185806 Apr 1935Ragsdale
PenceGeorgeW.18 Apr 189931 May 1966Kennamer
PenceHarleyC.29 Apr 1929NDDKennamer
PenceHerman15 Mar 192823 Aug 1972Kennamer
PenceHerman16 Oct 193715 May 1938Kennamer
PenceInfantFemaleUnk09 May 1930Kennamer
PenceIraE.Unk30 Oct 1969Maple Hill
PenceIraMarie30 May 190717 Mar 1945Kennamer
PenceJ.E.03 Oct 185802 Oct 1911Kennamer
PenceJamesE.14 Sep 192801 Nov 1928Kennamer
PenceJamesE.22 Jul 191931 Oct 1991Kennamer
PenceJamesE.24 Sep 192804 Nov 1928Kennamer
PenceJamesEdd08 May 194430 Jun 1956Kennamer
PenceJamesElic28 Jun 189609 Jul 1975Kennamer
PenceJamesS.14 Dec 192721 May 1984Kennamer
PenceJamesWiley01 Dec 193029 Oct 1975Kennamer
PenceJoe03 Feb 188818 Feb 1930Kennamer
PenceJohnH.02 Mar 188628 Apr 1952Kennamer
PenceLina16 Sep 188921 Oct 1947Kennamer
PenceLoreneO.10 Sep 1920NDDKennamer
PenceLucilleM.21 Jun 192026 Feb 1994Kennamer
PenceMargieB.22 Dec 193727 Jan 1999Kennamer
PenceMargieM.06 May 1926NDDHayden
PenceMaryA.08 Feb 189418 Jul 1913Kennamer
PenceMaryAnn22 Jun 193417 Oct 1998Kennamer
PenceNonaM.15 Apr 191130 Mar 1996Kennamer
PenceNoraMae29 Oct 193217 Feb 1978Kennamer
PencePercy26 Jul 191710 Dec 1993Hayden
PenceRobertD.08 Mar 189329 Dec 1972Kennamer
PenceRobertEdward27 Dec 192510 Jun 1946Kennamer
PenceSallie03 Oct 183022 Oct 1890Ragsdale
PenceSarahF.09 Apr 193407 Nov 1939Kennamer
PenceSarahV.Unk29 Nov 1974Maple Hill
PenceTee09 Aug 190809 Jun 1955Kennamer
PenceThomasE.04 Nov 195409 Nov 1993Kennamer
PenceThomasE.11 Aug 192317 Sep 1966Kennamer
PenceThomas02 Dec 1948NDDKennamer
PenceTurnerO.15 Feb 190709 Aug 1969Kennamer
PenceV.R.31 May 182831 May 1902Ragsdale
PenceVeraD.27 Jul 1899NDDKennamer
PenceVidaM.23 Sep 192823 May 1994Kennamer
PenceW.Odell19 Nov 191811 Dec 1977Kennamer
PenceWileyO.10 Sep 193111 Feb 1978Kennamer
PenceWilliamK.08 Jun 193328 Jun 1995Kennamer
PenceWilliamPaul15 Dec 192521 Jul 1967Kennamer
PenceWilliamR.02 Jun 189024 Apr 1959Kennamer
PenceWilmerWiley16 Dec 190604 Apr 1975Kennamer
PenceZulaA.17 Oct 190505 Sep 1991Kennamer
PenderChristyRoachUnk06 Nov 1948Maple Hill
PenderElizabethUnk01 Jun 1929Maple Hill
PenderMarcus21 Jun 189401 Dec 1967Maple Hill
PenderSergantUnk28 Aug 1875Maple Hill
PenderVivianUnk09 Jan 1979Maple Hill
PendergraftCarsonUnk06 Jun 1925Maple Hill
PendergraftFrazierUnk23 Jun 1983Maple Hill
PendergraftJ.T.14 Apr 192809 Jan 1929Merrimack
PendergraftJohnT.Unk27 Sep 1974Maple Hill
PendergraftKatieUnk15 Dec 1952Maple Hill
PendergraftSuzanneUnk19 Feb 2000Maple Hill
PendergrassHubertT.Unk12 May 1938Bethel/Old Bethel
PendergrassRobertUnk31 Dec 1919Maple Hill
PendergrassSarahUnk03 Sep 1931Maple Hill
PendergrastCarrieUnk03 Dec 1954Maple Hill
PendergrastWillieUnk16 Jan 1980Maple Hill
PendetonMinnieUnk03 Oct 1926Maple Hill
PendigassDellaUnk03 Mar 1913Maple Hill
PendleMaryNellBriggs14 May 192410 Dec 1995Penny
PendletonLorene19 Dec 193504 Feb 2002Burks
PendletonMyrtleUnk23 Sep 1926Maple Hill
PenhallSusanUnk09 Dec 1954Maple Hill
PenhallTheodoreUnk05 Jan 1980Maple Hill
PenionCommodoreUnk05 Jan 1932Maple Hill
PenionVernonUnk01 Jan 1929Maple Hill
PenlandAlexander19 Jun 181919 Jun 1896Ebenezer
PenlandDavidA.11 Aug 189810 Nov 1918Ebenezer
PenlandEdgarW.03 Sep 191014 Feb 1921Ebenezer
PenlandFannie12 Dec 189921 Jan 1900Ebenezer
PenlandIsabellaJ.Unk16 Dec 1856Penland-Cooper
PenlandSallieJamar20 Jun 185318 Aug 1888Ebenezer
PenlandW.Cooney04 Dec 190217 Feb 1996Ebenezer
PennFearnUnk18 Jul 1889Maple Hill
PenneyA.W.Unk04 Jun 1934Glenwood
PenneyAdelineMcElmoreUnk05 Jul 1965Maple Hill
PenneyEffieR.Unk28 Oct 1990Maple Hill
PenneyGordonH.26 Jan 192617 Oct 1983Huntsville Memory Gardens
PenneyGordonH.Unk09 Apr 1959Maple Hill
PenneyHenryUnk03 Jul 1898Maple Hill
PenneyJosephineUnk22 Dec 1975Maple Hill
PenneyLilaB.Unk22 Sep 1958Glenwood
PenneyPearlUnk18 Oct 1955Maple Hill
PenneyRichardM.Unk14 Sep 1966Maple Hill
PenneyRudolphJ.Unk19 Jul 1977Maple Hill
PenneySallieUnk07 Jul 1939Maple Hill
PenneySarahUnk04 May 1952Maple Hill
PenneyWalterUnk01 Oct 1931Maple Hill
PenningtonBertaP.19 Apr 1899NDDHayden
PenningtonCarrollR.Unk19 Aug 1983Maple Hill
PenningtonGeneMatthew07 Mar 195604 Jul 1990Hayden
PenningtonInfantMale14 Jul 1936NDDHayden
PenningtonMadisonS.Unk21 May 1992Maple Hill
PenningtonMadisonSheltonUnk07 Apr 1970Maple Hill
PenningtonNellieMarie16 Oct 190903 Oct 2003Hayden
PenningtonNevaJane15 Jan 195304 Apr 1984Hayden
PenningtonOscarL.26 Sep 190105 Feb 1966Hayden
PenningtonShannonHeath26 Jul 197406 Aug 2003Hayden
PenningtonWaltonDelbert17 Oct 190802 Dec 1958Hayden
PenningtonWilliam04 Jan 191114 Jan 1996Hayden
PennistoneMaryP.Unk25 Sep 1887Maple Hill
PennyJesseD.05 Apr 187814 Jan 1960Penny
PennyJoeUnk20 Jun 1951Maple Hill
PennyJohnUnk30 Oct 1928Maple Hill
PennyJosephineUnk02 Nov 1922Maple Hill
PennyMargaretUnk07 Feb 1952Maple Hill
PennyRuthHambrick25 Jan 189504 Aug 1952Rice
PennyWilliamThomas30 Oct 188918 Jan 1936Rice
PennyWilliamMrsUnk22 Aug 1956Maple Hill
PennyZachariah09 Oct 190621 Jun 1995Penny
PentecostDavidJames26 Apr 192128 Jul 2003Valhalla Memory Gardens
PentecostDorisUnk03 Apr 1990Maple Hill
PentecostEdwardB.Unk08 Jul 1971Maple Hill
PentecostRubyE.Unk11 Sep 1986Maple Hill
PeoplesFrankUnk19 Feb 1953Maple Hill
PeoplesMaryUnk03 Mar 1938Maple Hill
PeoplesSallieUnk11 Feb 1937Maple Hill
PepperAndrewCalvinUnk13 Nov 1995Maple Hill
PepperHelenUnk31 Dec 2005Maple Hill
PepperMichialUnk19 Sep 1951Maple Hill
PepperVickieJoeUnk17 May 1957Maple Hill
PepperVirginiaCarter03 Jun 191929 Oct 2004Huntsville Memory Gardens
PercerTomM.Unk22 Aug 1993Maple Hill
PerdenMaryUnk14 Jul 1924Maple Hill
PerezJoeyCarlUnk09 Jan 1981Maple Hill
PerkinsAdaLue12 Aug 190001 Apr 1927Glenwood
PerkinsAlexander24 Dec24 Jan 1867Perkins
PerkinsEarlUnk29 Aug 1927Maple Hill
PerkinsEdithM.Unk24 Dec 1977Maple Hill
PerkinsFrankN.Unk15 Feb 1998Maple Hill
PerkinsGlendaF.Singletary19 Jan 195415 Mar 1981Northside
PerkinsJackUnk14 Jun 2003Maple Hill
PerkinsJoanUnk26 May 2003Maple Hill
PerkinsJoeW.Unk12 Oct 1974Maple Hill
PerkinsMariaLatetia13 Sep 1823NDDPerkins
PerkinsMelbornEugene14 Jan 192609 Jan 2006Baker - Owens Cross Road
PerkinsWashington07 Feb 182820 Jan 1849Perkins
PerryAndrewJackson07 Mar 184415 Sep 1920Miller
PerryBobbyUnk06 Dec 1946Maple Hill
PerryBobbyUnk24 Jan 1941Maple Hill
PerryCharlesR.Unk15 Jul 1969Maple Hill
PerryClaireUnk27 Dec 1932Maple Hill
PerryClaraD.Unk20 Jan 1980Maple Hill
PerryColumbusUnk03 Apr 1937Maple Hill
PerryEckfordT.Unk13 Oct 1989Maple Hill
PerryEckfordMrs.Unk19 Apr 1961Maple Hill
PerryEdwardUnk02 Dec 1921Maple Hill
PerryElsieM.1916NDDMadison Crossroads
PerryEttaS.18801961Neal Chapel
PerryGordonUnkNDDMaple Hill
PerryHattieUnk11 Feb 1950Maple Hill
PerryHenryLeoUnk30 Nov 1964Maple Hill
PerryHoustonUnk05 May 1955Maple Hill
PerryInfantBoy19061906Madison Crossroads
PerryInfantUnk30 Dec 1953Maple Hill
PerryJamesE.20 Oct 189004 Jan 1981Mt. Zion
PerryJamesEarlUnk16 Mar 1967Maple Hill
PerryJamesUnkNDDMaple Hill
PerryJohnC.05 Sep 187110 May 1947Madison Crossroads
PerryJohnL.Unk03 May 1974Maple Hill
PerryJosephineMadkins16 Nov 191211 Nov 1999Northside
PerryJuanitaM.Unk21 Nov 1989Maple Hill
PerryJuneUnk27 Dec 1932Maple Hill
PerryLenaUnk20 Oct 1927Maple Hill
PerryLeoma19101910Madison Crossroads
PerryLeonUnk10 Aug 1991Maple Hill
PerryLewisBentonUnk30 Dec 1962Maple Hill
PerryLindyUnk03 May 1952Maple Hill
PerryLucyFlorenceUnk03 Aug 1994Maple Hill
PerryM.Unk10 Jul 1902Maple Hill
PerryMargaretLouiseUnk31 Aug 1997Maple Hill
PerryMaryE.25 Dec 192625 Jul 2003Valhalla Memory Gardens
PerryMaryLelar10 Mar 190427 Jul 1912Moon
PerryMattie18861916Madison Crossroads
PerryOliverGreenUnk21 Jul 2001Maple Hill
PerryOliverUnk03 Mar 1937Maple Hill
PerryOllieMaeUnk17 Mar 1984Maple Hill
PerryPearlMaryUnk30 Dec 1998Maple Hill
PerryPernieL.19141928Madison Crossroads
PerryRockyJoeUnk17 Jan 2005Maple Hill
PerrySamuelUnk01 Apr 1924Maple Hill
PerrySavannahLynn04 Sep 198613 Aug 2004Locust Grove
PerrySavannahP.04 Mar 190001 Dec 1977Mt. Zion
PerrySusannahCagle16 Apr 184301 May 1899Rice
PerryWilliamUnk07 Sep 1932Maple Hill
PerryWilliamUnk07 Oct 1932Maple Hill
PerrymanA.L.Unk30 Aug 1874Maple Hill
PerscottEtta04 Jun 190310 Jun 1985Kennamer
PershingGaleCooperUnk28 May 1965Maple Hill
PetersEugeniaC.Unk03 May 1982Maple Hill
PetersGeraldLamarUnk06 Jan 1975Maple Hill
PetersJosephF.Unk06 Oct 1983Maple Hill
PetersonInfantUnk06 Apr 1975Maple Hill
PetersonLeoG.Unk26 Nov 1977Maple Hill
PetersonThomasG.Unk17 May 1960Maple Hill
PetesColaH.Unk20 Nov 1889Maple Hill
PetreeAnniceUnk21 Jan 1977Maple Hill
PetreeSidney14 Mar 190516 Dec 1967Maple Hill
PetryGertrudeJ.Unk20 Dec 1975Maple Hill
PetryGilbertM.Unk21 Mar 1981Maple Hill
PetryRobertC.Unk13 Jun 1965Maple Hill
PetteyElizabethWilliams03 May 183301 Jul 1854Pettey-Spragins
PettieAlbertaBirchfieldUnk03 Jan 1971Maple Hill
PettieAvoRillar15 Dec 190009 Jun 1958Charity Baptist Church
PettieBernieUnk21 Mar 1957Maple Hill
PettieClarenceUnk09 Aug 1941Maple Hill
PettieClydeUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
PettieJodaUnk13 Aug 1970Maple Hill
PettieMinnieBellUnk20 Jun 1963Maple Hill
PettieThomasB.28 Sep 189917 Dec 1940Charity Baptist Church
PettisJamesC.Unk23 Nov 1982Maple Hill
PettisQuincyHoustonUnk20 Jul 1983Maple Hill
PettisRichardUnk30 Mar 1914Maple Hill
PettusAllieUnk27 Sep 1937Maple Hill
PettusAnnDew16 Apr 184323 Jul 1916Douglass-Pettus
PettusAnnie25 Nov 187202 Sep 1928Douglass-Pettus
PettusAntonietteLouisa29 Oct 184817 Jul 1883Douglass-Pettus
PettusCarlos10 Nov 188501 Jul 1886Douglass-Pettus
PettusCharlotteH.29 Dec 182923 May 1903Douglass-Pettus
PettusClaudUnk05 Aug 1931Maple Hill
PettusClaudeUnk31 Dec 1973Maple Hill
PettusDannyD.Unk06 Aug 1997Maple Hill
PettusEthelT.Unk24 Dec 1986Maple Hill
PettusFlorenceUnk08 Nov 1987Maple Hill
PettusFredD.Unk20 Mar 1991Maple Hill
PettusHattieS.Unk26 Apr 1962Maple Hill
PettusHelenUnk22 Jan 1971Maple Hill
PettusHerbertA.Unk04 Feb 1966Maple Hill
PettusInfantFemaleUnk04 Jan 1870Maple Hill
PettusJamesC.Unk24 Sep 1982Maple Hill
PettusJuliaUnk10 Jan 1940Maple Hill
PettusLauraUnk25 Mar 1961Maple Hill
PettusLavaniaDewOct 188517 Oct 1885Douglass-Pettus
PettusLeo191423 Jul 1974Battle - Mt. Lebanon
PettusLouiseUnk14 Oct 1994Maple Hill
PettusLucilleUnk15 Aug 1979Maple Hill
PettusMarthaE.Jun 188117 Aug 1881Douglass-Pettus
PettusRichardB.Unk26 Sep 2003Maple Hill
PettusRichardE.Unk05 Apr 1929Maple Hill
PettusRichardUnk06 Apr 1929Maple Hill
PettusSamuelWilburn04 Oct 184909 Jul 1916Douglass-Pettus
PettusThomasJ.29 Sep 186817 Mar 1963Douglass-Pettus
PettusThomasJosephAug 188812 Aug 1888Douglass-Pettus
PettusWalterA.Dec 185901 Jul 1864Douglass-Pettus
PettusWilliamDavid12 Apr 184313 Aug 1905Douglass-Pettus
PettusWilliamR.12 Dec 180825 May 1864Douglass-Pettus
PettyA.D.Unk25 Jun 1950Maple Hill
PettyA.M.Unk24 Nov 1976Maple Hill
PettyAlex15 Oct 189617 Jul 1950Graveyard Hill
PettyAlex18581937Graveyard Hill
PettyAliceLucindaDrake20 Oct 1902Jan 1973Drake - New Hope
PettyBessieL.Clutts15 Mar 189122 Nov 1964Charity Baptist Church
PettyBetty10 Apr 1958Apr 1979Pine Grove - Deposit
PettyF.J.Unk30 Jan 1975Maple Hill
PettyGaryWayneUnk16 Jan 2004Maple Hill
PettyGeorge19252003Pine Grove - Deposit
PettyGloriaWalker06 Oct 195027 May 1977Northside
PettyHelenUnk15 Mar 1956Maple Hill
PettyJ.F.Unk09 Nov 1870Maple Hill
PettyJ.V.Unk31 Jul 1897Maple Hill
PettyJ.V.Mrs.Unk16 May 1889Maple Hill
PettyJamesA.Jul 194616 Dec 1979Pine Grove - Deposit
PettyJamesE.19441976Pine Grove - Deposit
PettyJessieLee19231986Pine Grove - Deposit
PettyJimmyL.25 Jan 1927Dec 1972Pine Grove - Deposit
PettyJohnUnk26 Nov 1934Maple Hill
PettyLulerUnk19 Jan 1897Maple Hill
PettyMableC.Unk14 Jul 1987Maple Hill
PettyMarionFrank12 Sep 188129 Jan 1955Charity Baptist Church
PettyMaryWillieGraham14 Jan 189524 Jan 1967Bloucher Ford
PettyMaryWillieUnk04 May 2004Maple Hill
PettyMattieUnk04 May 1981Maple Hill
PettyRebeccaUnk01 Jul 1963Maple Hill
PettySusanAnnStone25 May 181609 Jan 1859Stone
PettyThomasE.Unk27 Jun 1991Maple Hill
PettyUrsulaG.Unk24 Apr 2005Maple Hill
PettyWileyE.Unk19 May 1978Maple Hill
PettyWoodrowWilsonUnk02 Mar 1988Maple Hill
PewittHarveyMacUnk14 Jan 1979Maple Hill

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