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UhlmannCatherineR.Unk12 Oct 1987Maple Hill
UhlmannRebeccaA.Unk11 Jan 1973Maple Hill
UhlmannRussellR.Unk15 Dec 1989Maple Hill
UnderwoodA.Unk24 Jan 1923Maple Hill
UnderwoodJ.C.Mrs.Unk09 Jun 1882Maple Hill
UnderwoodLauraUnk27 Feb 1917Maple Hill
UnderwoodLouiseButnerUnk05 Jan 1966Maple Hill
UnderwoodMaggieMaeUnk03 Oct 1982Maple Hill
UnderwoodOscarFranklinUnk19 Jun 1983Maple Hill
UnderwoodOscarFranklinUnk24 Dec 1957Maple Hill
UnderwoodP.Unk01 Apr 1953Maple Hill
UnderwoodWilliamKenUnk07 Oct 1978Maple Hill
UnkChuckUnkNDDNeal Chapel
UnkEdmund09 Jun 183108 Sep 1857Kincaid
UnkF.J.Oldfield10 Jul 180102 Mar 1890State Line - Hazel Green
UnkHollisB.Craft29 Apr 193011 Dec 1907State Line - Hazel Green
UnkInfantUnkNDDMaple Hill
UnkJimmyJ.25 Oct 190807 May 1909Neal Chapel
UnkMaryA.Oldfield29 Oct 182612 Jan 1880State Line - Hazel Green
UnkMaryLorene03 Apr 191312 Apr 1997Neal Chapel
UnkMary01 Jan 183314 Aug 1914Briar Fork
UnkPollyApr 1817Jun 1856Kincaid
UnkUnkFemaleUnk24 Apr 1904Maple Hill
UnkUnkUnk09 Apr 1903Maple Hill
UnkWilfredL.Kolle17 Mar 184406 Nov 1852Golightly
UnkWillieMaeUnkNDDSt. Ruth
UnknownCharlesWesleyUnk18 Jun 1902Maple Hill
UnknownCynthaUnk19 Aug 1885Maple Hill
UnknownInfantFemaleUnk18 May 1942Maple Hill
UnknownInfantFemaleUnk13 Nov 1934Maple Hill
UnknownInfantFemaleUnk15 Jan 1927Maple Hill
UnknownInfantFemaleUnk01 Jan 1898Maple Hill
UnknownInfantFemaleUnk18 Nov 1897Maple Hill
UnknownInfantFemaleUnk06 Sep 1896Maple Hill
UnknownInfantFemaleUnk21 Mar 1895Maple Hill
UnknownInfantFemaleUnk08 Jul 1892Maple Hill
UnknownInfantMaleUnk09 Mar 1932Maple Hill
UnknownInfantMaleUnk02 Jun 1917Maple Hill
UnknownInfantMaleUnk12 Nov 1897Maple Hill
UnknownInfantMaleUnk24 Nov 1897Maple Hill
UnknownInfantMaleUnk23 Apr 1896Maple Hill
UnknownInfantMaleUnk26 May 1896Maple Hill
UnknownInfantMaleUnk23 Dec 1896Maple Hill
UnknownInfantMaleUnk14 Feb 1895Maple Hill
UnknownInfantMaleUnk21 Feb 1895Maple Hill
UnknownInfantMaleUnk31 Mar 1895Maple Hill
UnknownInfantUnk12 Feb 1965Maple Hill
UnknownInfantUnk03 Feb 1960Maple Hill
UnknownInfantUnk28 Oct 1938Maple Hill
UnknownInfantUnk11 Sep 1936Maple Hill
UnknownInfantUnk30 Dec 1896Maple Hill
UnknownJuliaUnk21 Oct 1874Maple Hill
UnknownUnkFemaleUnk25 Apr 1921Maple Hill
UnknownUnkFemaleUnk26 Jul 1897Maple Hill
UnknownUnkFemaleUnk18 Nov 1897Maple Hill
UnknownUnkFemaleUnk26 Jul 1896Maple Hill
UnknownUnkFemaleUnk30 Sep 1894Maple Hill
UnknownUnkMaleUnk21 Apr 1921Maple Hill
UnknownUnkMaleUnk10 May 1920Maple Hill
UnknownUnkMaleUnk04 Oct 1918Maple Hill
UnknownUnkMaleUnk14 Oct 1916Maple Hill
UnknownUnkMaleUnk16 Nov 1916Maple Hill
UnknownUnkMaleUnk24 Jun 1915Maple Hill
UnknownUnkMaleUnk29 Oct 1901Maple Hill
UnknownUnkUnk10 Jan 1925Maple Hill
UnknownUnkUnk20 Jul 1922Maple Hill
UnknownUnkUnk07 Jun 1920Maple Hill
UnknownUnknownMaleUnk07 Dec 1927Maple Hill
UnknownUnknownUnk02 Dec 1967Maple Hill
UnkownUnknownPauperUnk25 Sep 1963Maple Hill
UpchurchSylviaAnnetteMiller29 Jun 194605 Apr 2001Huntsville Memory Gardens
UptainBeverlyUnk27 Nov 1991Maple Hill
UptainDorothyTate13 Apr 191911 Jul 1967Maple Hill
UptainEvelynUnk16 Jul 2002Maple Hill
UptainJames10 Apr 184504 Feb 1922Bethel/Old Bethel
UptainJaneJ.Clark17 Feb 185025 Sep 1943Bethel/Old Bethel
UptainMargaretM.Unk14 Jan 2001Maple Hill
UptainMaryVirginiaCountess29 May 190825 Nov 1983Maple Hill
UptainMattieMartha07 Mar 188218 Apr 1967Maple Hill
UptainRoyCarterUnk26 Feb 1992Maple Hill
UptainVirgilCountess14 Oct 192921 Dec 1990Maple Hill
UptainVirgilJ.Unk08 Dec 2000Maple Hill
UptonBeatrice02 Oct 190302 Nov 1989Plainview
UptonClifton07 Jun 190116 Jul 1972Plainview
UptonEli26 May 186705 Feb 1954Plainview
UptonMarieM.29 Sep 193206 Dec 1996Plainview
UptonNormanA.10 Sep 191023 Oct 1965Plainview
UptonOllie02 Aug 190021 Oct 1982Plainview
UptonPaulR.01 Feb 192501 Nov 1981Plainview
UptonPhillipG.22 Jan 189722 Apr 1981Plainview
UptonSadie20 Feb 187319 Dec 1958Plainview
UptonWilliamE.29 Jun 192911 Jan 2002Plainview
UrbanskiArthurUnk20 Jan 1977Maple Hill
UrbanskiEllenK.Unk06 Jul 1987Maple Hill
UrbanskiLinaUnk01 Aug 1955Maple Hill
UseltonAgnesUnk04 Feb 1929Maple Hill
UseltonAlfordUnk08 Mar 1938Maple Hill
UseltonDennisB.Unk08 Nov 1982Maple Hill
UseltonDewey19051913Charity Baptist Church
UseltonDonaldGene13 Nov 195423 Oct 2004Fords Chapel
UseltonEster19091910Charity Baptist Church
UseltonFlorenceUnk28 Nov 1995Maple Hill
UseltonGradyLeeUnk18 Oct 1997Maple Hill
UseltonHubertEarl10 Dec 191119 Jan 1971Maple Hill
UseltonJamesC.18821945Charity Baptist Church
UseltonJimmieRay29 Aug 194629 Aug 1946Charity Baptist Church
UseltonMontieB.18861965Charity Baptist Church
UseltonNoraLonUnk24 Jul 1973Maple Hill
UseltonSarahElizabethUnk31 Jan 1949Maple Hill
UseltonWandaUnk24 Jul 1941Maple Hill
UseltonWilliamUnk25 Feb 1926Maple Hill
UsherInfantUnkNDDMaple Hill
UsreyLenaS.13 May 190422 Dec 1923Camp Ground
UsreyMamieL.Unk25 Feb 1989Maple Hill
UsreyT.L.19 May 191927 Jan 1925Moon
UsreyWileyUnk31 Jul 1973Maple Hill
UsseltonElizaUnk20 Feb 1903Maple Hill
UsseltonRogerUnk10 Aug 1959Maple Hill
UtleyEllaUnk22 Apr 1982Maple Hill
UtleyW.Unk04 May 1953Maple Hill
VackaGeorgeM.Unk20 Nov 1898Maple Hill
VackelSilasUnk23 Apr 1925Maple Hill
ValentineWendyUnk18 Aug 1985Maple Hill
ValerioDorothyL.Unk28 Aug 1983Maple Hill
VallelyJeanetteL.Unk25 Jul 1981Maple Hill
Van HornInfantUnk13 Sep 1868Maple Hill
Van LeeuwenSylviaUnk22 Sep 2002Maple Hill
Van PeltCliffordUnk03 Sep 1997Maple Hill
Van PeltMargaretUnk11 Jul 1978Maple Hill
Van ValkenburgAvlynUnk10 Oct 2002Maple Hill
Van ValkenburgCharlotteUnk15 Nov 1887Maple Hill
Van ValkenburgEmilyUnk20 Nov 1938Maple Hill
Van ValkenburgMargaretUnk09 Oct 1960Maple Hill
Van ValkenburghJ.Unk14 May 1921Maple Hill
Van ValkenburghJoeB.Unk19 Nov 1963Maple Hill
Van ValkenburghJosephUnk09 Apr 1942Maple Hill
Van ValkenburghRichardP.Unk16 Dec 1986Maple Hill
Van ValkenburghWilfredR.Unk05 Dec 1968Maple Hill
VanceFrancesBeeUnk31 Jul 1982Maple Hill
VanceLucianB.UnkNDDMaple Hill
VanceLucianB.Unk17 Jun 1986Maple Hill
VanceSarahE.Unk25 Sep 1982Maple Hill
VanceWilmaJeanUnk29 Dec 1983Maple Hill
VancilFrancesAnneMoore28 Jan 193418 Jun 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
VanderseeFritzA.Unk29 Mar 1976Maple Hill
VanderveenHaroldWallaceUnk26 Sep 2001Maple Hill
VandeventerCherrillUnk04 May 1883Maple Hill
VandeventerGeorgiaUnk02 Jul 1899Maple Hill
VandeventerJohnUnk01 Jan 1881Maple Hill
VandevortEdmundL.Unk12 Feb 1979Maple Hill
VandiverTerryUnk15 Aug 2001Maple Hill
VandughnDonUnk01 May 1929Maple Hill
VanemonDoctorUnk27 Oct 1874Maple Hill
VanhoozerSueTalley17 Sep 192020 Sep 1990Madison Crossroads
VanleeuwenLeonUnk29 Aug 1992Maple Hill
VannA.J.19 Feb 182626 Mar 1906Cedar Grove
VannAmandaUnk17 Jun 1889Maple Hill
VannAnnieC.Unk08 Apr 1989Maple Hill
VannBaby30 Jul 191330 Jul 1913Moon
VannBerthaWilbournUnk30 Jun 1962Maple Hill
VannBuford07 May 181528 Oct 1864Drake - New Hope
VannC.A.03 Oct 184327 Sep 1919Gibson
VannC.A.Mrs.08 Oct 184327 Sep 1919Gipson
VannCassieVurbeer07 Oct 192206 Jan 1923Bush
VannCharlesUnk03 Oct 1998Maple Hill
VannCharlie09 May 188601 Jul 1966Brandon
VannClaudS.01 Dec 188118 Jan 1971Maple Hill
VannCorneliaS.06 Jun 190210 Sep 1994Bush
VannD.M.22 Mar 186113 Mar 1926Cedar Grove
VannDanielEverett09 Dec 188418 Feb 1940Moon
VannE.S.MrsUnk09 Jul 1956Maple Hill
VannEarevestUnk29 Aug 1923Maple Hill
VannEdwardUnk17 Nov 1943Maple Hill
VannElberR.Unk14 Sep 1980Maple Hill
VannElizaHunt31 Oct 187504 Jan 1951Bush
VannEmmaUnk04 Sep 1923Maple Hill
VannGeorgeE.18491934Cedar Grove
VannGeorgeUnk12 Jan 1927Maple Hill
VannHesterLeeCarpenter18801970New Hope
VannHubertC.03 Nov 189519 Feb 1970Bush
VannInfantFemale28 Dec 191709 Jan 1918Drake - New Hope
VannInfantUnk02 Feb 1969Maple Hill
VannJ.Newton Edward27 Oct 185506 Sep 1935Cedar Grove
VannJamesUnk08 Oct 1970Maple Hill
VannJamesUnk24 Jun 1926Maple Hill
VannJennieM.25 Mar 190019 Jun 1975Bush
VannJennieW.04 Jan 1910NDDMoon
VannJeseC.Unk06 Mar 1900Maple Hill
VannJesseMarvinUnk24 Mar 1962Maple Hill
VannJosephBenjamin11 Sep 186703 Mar 1929New Hope
VannJosephPatrick05 Nov 185905 May 1939Cedar Grove
VannJulieA.18541913Cedar Grove
VannKatieScrogginsUnk08 Jul 1947Maple Hill
VannL.D.20 Jan 185706 Dec 1939Moon
VannLauraUnk20 Dec 1955Maple Hill
VannLeeR.21 Jan 187906 Dec 1965Moon
VannLillieN.Unk05 Nov 1972Maple Hill
VannLillieUnk20 Apr 1915Maple Hill
VannLillyLouise19 Sep 1932NDDHayden
VannLucyL.Unk18 Oct 1983Maple Hill
VannM.E.06 Jul 182206 Jul 1899Cedar Grove
VannMacklynMorris25 May 184621 Feb 1932New Hope
VannMarthaC.Unk17 Jun 1970Maple Hill
VannMarthaE.31 Oct 184707 Apr 1909Cedar Grove
VannMarthaEzraMay 185923 Jan 1933Drake - New Hope
VannMarveleeneUnk08 Sep 1920Maple Hill
VannMarvinE.04 Jul 190221 Sep 1989Bush
VannMatildaA.DrakeUnkNDDDrake - New Hope
VannMaymeDelilah25 Jan 190827 Jul 1908Moon
VannMelvinUnk07 Dec 1895Maple Hill
VannNoraL.Unk22 Sep 1986Maple Hill
VannNora27 Nov 188607 Jun 1924Moon
VannOppyJ.27 Jun 188009 Apr 1957Moon
VannPearlClembMar 1890Arp 1973Ryland
VannR.D.Unk14 Dec 1963Maple Hill
VannR.E.05 Nov 1902NDDMoon
VannR.O.Unk29 Oct 1979Maple Hill
VannRobertD.Unk08 Jun 1999Maple Hill
VannRobertWiley02 Mar 187125 Nov 1945New Hope
VannS.Unk18 Jul 1914Maple Hill
VannSallieC.24 Apr 183806 Nov 1916Vann
VannSamanthaCarolineBranum30 Dec 184907 Feb 1921New Hope
VannSarahM.29 Feb 183810 Oct 1914Cedar Grove
VannSusanUnk06 Mar 1923Maple Hill
VannSusieUnk10 Sep 1920Maple Hill
VannT.J.10 Jul 183422 Apr 1905Cedar Grove
VannThomasHerman03 Jan 191423 Jan 1980New Hope
VannThomasHermanUnk24 Jan 1980Maple Hill
VannTomFrankFeb 1863Jun 1930Ryland
VannW.P.15 Dec 187222 Sep 1904Bush
VannW.T.Unk10 Oct 1984Maple Hill
VannWilliamG.Unk09 Jan 1992Maple Hill
VannWilliamUnk19 Aug 1955Maple Hill
VanticeThomasUnk28 Sep 1922Maple Hill
VantreeceAliceUnk08 Jan 1934Maple Hill
VanvalkenburgJohnUnk18 Aug 1883Maple Hill
VaradyEarleenH.Unk22 Sep 1998Maple Hill
VaraudiTiraUnk07 Jul 1955Maple Hill
VarenFabienUnk23 Mar 1891Maple Hill
VarinCharlesH.Unk17 Apr 1948Maple Hill
VarinCharlesUnk19 Jun 1890Maple Hill
VarinClaraUnk05 Aug 2003Maple Hill
VarinEugeneG.Unk15 Jan 1984Maple Hill
VarinJohnUnk19 Apr 1943Maple Hill
VarinMabelC.02 Nov 188520 Feb 1966Maple Hill
VarinMaryS.Unk05 Jul 1928Maple Hill
VarinRubinUnk26 Jul 1912Maple Hill
VarinThereasaUnk07 Jan 1928Maple Hill
VarnerRayE.Unk31 Mar 1978Maple Hill
VarnonBeatriceTroupUnk28 May 1976Maple Hill
VassarBufordLoweUnk10 Apr 1994Maple Hill
VassarJames190730 Jun 1999Huntsville Memory Gardens
VasserJerryRay08 Nov 195328 Jun 1986Kennamer
VasserJoAnn14 Jun 1945NDDKennamer
VasserPatriciaA.12 Jul 1951NDDKennamer
VatzIrvinP.Unk15 Dec 1991Maple Hill
VatzRuthElizabethUnk28 Jul 1986Maple Hill
VaughAnnUnk25 Aug 1927Maple Hill
VaughAnnieUnk19 Jan 1928Maple Hill
VaughCarlUnk28 Jun 1928Maple Hill
VaughanBessieUnk22 Aug 1888Maple Hill
VaughanCortis29 Apr 190521 Jul 1935Gibson
VaughanEarl29 Dec 189515 May 1957Penny
VaughanEleanorUnk25 Nov 1939Maple Hill
VaughanMartinUnk14 Apr 1877Maple Hill
VaughanRobertUnk09 Feb 1887Maple Hill
VaughanVivianUnk21 Sep 1946Maple Hill
VaughanWilliamLouis02 Jan 191020 Mar 2005Fowlkes
VaughenWilliamUnk25 Dec 1936Maple Hill
VaughnA.S.MissUnk27 Aug 1954Maple Hill
VaughnAmandaChristinePatrickUnk24 Apr 2005Faith Memorial Park
VaughnAmandaUnk29 Jan 1901Maple Hill
VaughnAnnieM.Unk05 Dec 1969Maple Hill
VaughnBessieUnk08 Oct 1920Maple Hill
VaughnBeulahT.02 Mar 189521 Feb 1984Bush
VaughnCarl29 Apr 1900NDDMt. Zion
VaughnCharleyUnk14 Feb 1902Maple Hill
VaughnClaudeniaUnk29 Mar 1993Maple Hill
VaughnCoraUnkNDDMaple Hill
VaughnCortis29 Apr 190521 Jul 1935Gipson
VaughnCynthiaRenee19631963Briar Fork
VaughnD.ShelbyUnk23 Apr 1994Maple Hill
VaughnD.Unk03 Dec 1930Maple Hill
VaughnDorothyC.Unk29 Dec 1996Maple Hill
VaughnElijaUnk22 Jul 1933Maple Hill
VaughnEugeneUnk29 Apr 1936Maple Hill
VaughnFannieUnk19 May 1903Maple Hill
VaughnG.W.15 Sep 189016 Oct 1919Gipson
VaughnHelenGarner27 Apr 190707 Aug 1978Mt. Zion
VaughnHelenUnk13 Sep 1993Maple Hill
VaughnHubertThelmerUnk21 Oct 1996Maple Hill
VaughnJ.H.06 Nov 186208 Oct 1917Gibson
VaughnJ.H.06 Nov 186208 Oct 1917Gipson
VaughnJakeA.27 Jan 190103 Apr 1966Maple Hill
VaughnJamesT.Unk22 Mar 1979Maple Hill
VaughnJamesThomasUnk04 Jan 2004Maple Hill
VaughnJennieUnk12 Jun 1927Maple Hill
VaughnJoeUnk23 Aug 1974Maple Hill
VaughnJohnEarleUnk16 Dec 1967Maple Hill
VaughnJohnWesleyUnk29 Sep 1959Maple Hill
VaughnJohnWilliamUnk10 Jul 1977Maple Hill
VaughnJohnUnkNDDMaple Hill
VaughnJohnUnk13 Mar 1938Maple Hill
VaughnJohnUnk20 Oct 1903Maple Hill
VaughnKathleenBeamUnk19 Dec 2004Maple Hill
VaughnKatieMaeUnk07 Jul 1958Maple Hill
VaughnL.D.Unk28 May 1961Maple Hill
VaughnLouieJ.Unk21 Sep 1981Maple Hill
VaughnLulaUnk28 Aug 1919Maple Hill
VaughnMarthaUnk04 Feb 2004Maple Hill
VaughnMaudUnk03 Oct 1917Maple Hill
VaughnOleneUnk09 May 1993Maple Hill
VaughnOllaver10 Mar 189501 Jan 1899Ryland
VaughnOmaEvelyn20 Nov 188102 Nov 1970Maple Hill
VaughnRaymondL.Unk29 Sep 1990Maple Hill
VaughnRobertE.08 Apr 191301 May 1971Northside
VaughnRooseveltW.11 Aug 191928 Apr 1947Madison
VaughnRosaUnk03 Feb 1930Maple Hill
VaughnSarahUnk30 Jul 1946Maple Hill
VaughnT.B.Unk02 Mar 1907Maple Hill
VaughnThelmaUnk23 Jun 1925Maple Hill
VaughnThomasW.Unk17 Jun 1948Maple Hill
VaughnTroyRichard04 Nov 197124 Dec 1971Green Valley
VaughnU.S.17 Nov 188621 Dec 1917Gibson
VaughnU.S.17 Nov 188621 Dec 1917Gipson
VaughnUnkUnk03 Jan 1867Maple Hill
VaughnWillieDorisUnk21 Jun 1986Maple Hill
VaughnZuleikaUnk24 Jan 1924Lacy
VaughnZuleikaUnk08 Jan 1924Redstone
VaughtC.Unk06 Feb 1914Maple Hill
VaughtCharlesUnk18 Jan 1902Maple Hill
VaughtRobenaUnk02 Apr 1915Maple Hill
VeelsElmerUnk06 Apr 1918Maple Hill
VeitchRobertH.Unk12 May 1981Maple Hill
VenabeeWheelerUnk02 Dec 1923Maple Hill
VenableDaphneUnk04 Apr 1984Maple Hill
VenableJ.J.Unk27 Aug 1897Maple Hill
VenableJamesE.Unk05 Mar 1937Maple Hill
VenableMarthaUnk08 Feb 1925Maple Hill
VenableMaudeUnk22 Aug 1944Maple Hill
VenableTennieUnk24 May 1958Maple Hill
VenableW.A.Unk21 Mar 1950Maple Hill
VenableW.A.Mrs.Unk15 Jan 1949Maple Hill
VenableWilliamAndrewUnk16 Feb 1982Maple Hill
VendettuoliMarieUnk25 Mar 1984Maple Hill
VenellWilliamUnk11 Oct 1885Maple Hill
VentrellaMaryAnnUnk11 Jan 1968Maple Hill
VentressEllaI.Unk08 Dec 1988Maple Hill
VerbleAdasJamesUnk18 May 1996Maple Hill
VerkuylCarrieSueCrowson13 Aug 193607 Jul 1994Collier - Owens Cross Roads
VerkuylHermanE.14 Jun 193503 Aug 1999Collier - Owens Cross Roads
VermilgerOraL.Unk10 Jan 1921Maple Hill
VernonBethieUnk09 Jul 1957Maple Hill
VernonCharlotteUnk21 May 1989Maple Hill
VernonVictorUnkNDDMaple Hill
VessElmerUnkNDDMaple Hill
VessMaryM.Unk08 Apr 1982Maple Hill
VessOscar26 Jun 192516 Jan 1926Merrimack
VessTammieL.22 Apr 196914 Feb 1999Moon
VessWallaceRonald05 Feb 195805 Dec 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
VestAmeliaUnk24 Feb 1942Maple Hill
VestBenjaminH.Unk28 Feb 1991Maple Hill
VestHellenUnk16 Jul 1921Maple Hill
VestJamesUnk13 Nov 1920Maple Hill
VestJesseUnk06 Nov 1945Maple Hill
VestLindaMcAnallyUnk19 Feb 2001Maple Hill
VestMargaretT.Unk01 Apr 1853Triana
VestMildredUnk16 Oct 1976Maple Hill
VestShelliaUnk30 Oct 1950Maple Hill
VestUnkFemaleUnk21 Feb 1889Maple Hill
VestWilburnL.Unk02 Dec 1977Maple Hill
VesterHowardUnk12 Dec 1968Maple Hill
VickersBenUnk09 Oct 1893Maple Hill
VickersDewittClintonUnk11 Feb 1949Maple Hill
VickersDouglasUnkNDDMaple Hill
VickersElbertAlbert15 May 194611 Jun 1946Fowlkes
VickersFrank03 Apr 193812 Aug 1986Fowlkes
VickersHarleyR.Unk29 Aug 1962Maple Hill
VickersHenryF.28 Sep 190301 Oct 1978Fowlkes
VickersHenryM.04 May 188807 Dec 1967Maple Hill
VickersJohnUnk23 Dec 1914Maple Hill
VickersLarryG.Unk25 Apr 1959Maple Hill
VickersLizzieUnk25 Mar 1978Maple Hill
VickersMattieUnk18 Jan 1966Maple Hill
VickersMinnieS.Unk11 Jul 1915Maple Hill
VickersOmegaL.31 May 190716 Oct 1996Fowlkes
VickersVirginiaUnk15 Jul 2004Maple Hill
VickersWilliamBurton25 Aug 192924 Dec 1999Fowlkes
VickersWilliamUnk07 Aug 1991Maple Hill
VickersZellaMaeUnk27 Jun 1994Maple Hill
VickeryBabyUnk07 Jul 2001Maple Hill
VictoryJasperUnk21 Jun 1951Maple Hill
VictoryReppiePearlUnk29 Aug 1958Maple Hill
VincentHarryF.Unk03 Jan 1987Maple Hill
VincentJennieUnk02 Mar 1893Maple Hill
VincentMary15 Aug 189715 Apr 1966Northside
VincentSollie15 Nov 189018 Oct 1964Northside
VinesRoseUnk28 Jun 1998Maple Hill
ViningCleveland15 Apr 188928 Jan 1949Fowlkes
ViningLottieW.Unk23 Feb 1962Maple Hill
ViningUnkMaleUnk02 Nov 1903Maple Hill
VinningE.Unk28 Jun 1900Maple Hill
VinningKennethM.Unk07 Jan 1962Maple Hill
VinsonAnnieUnk09 Dec 1947Maple Hill
VinsonCaldonia25 Dec 181001 Apr 1901Vinson
VinsonDeboraJea18651966Charity Baptist Church
VinsonEttaM.Unk28 Aug 1989Maple Hill
VinsonFannieB.18 Oct 185527 Jun 1937Fowlkes
VinsonJohnRobert12 Oct 184621 May 1929Fowlkes
VinsonLucille10 Dec 192106 Oct 1973Northside
VinsonNancieA.26 May 187422 May 1932Fowlkes
VinsonPercyJacksonUnk16 Aug 1950Maple Hill
VinsonRobertEarlUnk09 Jul 1990Maple Hill
VinsonRobertS.26 Apr 188102 Jan 1962Fowlkes
VinsonThelaLee23 Apr 192925 May 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
ViriusouMaryUnk03 Jun 1920Maple Hill
VoekelEdwinUnk13 Aug 1945Maple Hill
VoekelPaulUnk07 Oct 1950Maple Hill
VoekelRuthElizabethUnk05 Apr 2006Maple Hill
VoekelTommyMaryMrs.Unk19 Sep 1971Maple Hill
VogalJohnUnk25 May 1923Maple Hill
VogelCarrieUnk08 Jul 1939Maple Hill
VogelElsieUnk08 Sep 1920Maple Hill
VogelGeorgeUnk13 Jan 1922Maple Hill
VogelHenryH.Unk25 Mar 1948Maple Hill
VogelLelaUnk17 Mar 1928Maple Hill
VogelLizzieUnk18 Mar 1900Maple Hill
VoglisJohnUnk22 Aug 1918Maple Hill
VojticekAnnVirginiaGrdicUnk17 Sep 1991Maple Hill
VojticekDavidPaulUnk15 Jan 1983Maple Hill
VokelHenryUnk24 Mar 1894Maple Hill
VolkelCoraUnk02 Sep 1929Maple Hill
VonkonitzOttoUnk09 Oct 1893Maple Hill
VonsaurmaFrederickGrafUnk12 Dec 1961Maple Hill
VooreesDonaldL.Unk14 Jul 1984Maple Hill
VoorheesElizabethUnk04 Dec 1995Maple Hill
VorenburgIssieUnk11 Jul 1889Maple Hill
VoskressenskyAndreC.Unk31 May 1979Maple Hill
VossWernerErwinUnk14 Aug 1993Maple Hill
VoweMarthaW.Unk08 Feb 2000Maple Hill
VoweTheodorKarlUnk07 Jun 1989Maple Hill
VowgleHenryUnk01 Sep 1897Maple Hill
VunKannonRuthFowler28 Mar 192009 Jul 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens

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