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YamashitaKennethUnk08 Apr 1992Maple Hill
YanceEvaUnk06 Oct 1903Maple Hill
YanceyH.B.Unk10 Jan 1950Maple Hill
YanceyHettiUnkNDDMaple Hill
YanceyJamesUnk08 Jul 1919Maple Hill
YanceyJaneUnk26 Mar 1922Maple Hill
YancyEdnaUnk26 Jun 1902Maple Hill
YancyHenryUnk14 Oct 1967Maple Hill
YancyJ.W.Unk30 May 1878Maple Hill
YancyJaneUnk25 Jul 1901Maple Hill
YancyMayUnk25 Jan 1899Maple Hill
YancyPolkUnk27 Feb 1896Maple Hill
YancySallieUnk05 Oct 1903Maple Hill
YancyWilliamT.Unk21 Jul 1971Maple Hill
YancyWillieUnk02 Nov 1903Maple Hill
YankowskyJohnW.Unk04 Dec 1970Maple Hill
YantMarilynOliver07 Jun 194816 May 1999Green Valley
YaokumMarkUnk21 Sep 1978Maple Hill
YarberMaryUnk15 Mar 1918Maple Hill
YarbourghAnnieUnk10 Feb 1932Maple Hill
YarbourghCharlieUnk23 May 1931Maple Hill
YarbourghJimUnk12 Dec 1933Maple Hill
YarbroughAdaUnk17 Dec 1992Maple Hill
YarbroughAdaUnk20 Nov 1969Maple Hill
YarbroughAlmeda22 Feb 182502 Nov 1893Rice
YarbroughB.Unk01 Jul 1927Maple Hill
YarbroughBettyAnnUnk06 Apr 2003Maple Hill
YarbroughCharlesO.26 Aug 182413 Dec 1857Rice
YarbroughCharlesOsbernUnk26 Jun 1895Maple Hill
YarbroughDavidD.17 Aug 189012 Mar 1896Rice
YarbroughE.Unk06 Nov 1952Maple Hill
YarbroughE.C.Mrs.Unk15 Jul 1949Maple Hill
YarbroughE.C.Unk18 Jun 1898Maple Hill
YarbroughElbertCloudUnk03 May 1949Maple Hill
YarbroughElizaJ.Unk04 May 1862Yarbrough
YarbroughElizabethA.Unk23 May 1987Maple Hill
YarbroughElizabethM.12 Nov 184-25 Oct 1879Rice
YarbroughElizabeth09 Jun 185323 Jul 1854Rice
YarbroughEllaPauline22 Jul 190708 Dec 1936Fords Chapel
YarbroughElvira24 Sep 184519 Feb 1900Rice
YarbroughErasmusD.20 Mar 184404 May 1862Rice
YarbroughFrancisUnk05 Oct 1898Maple Hill
YarbroughFritzUnk07 Aug 1961Maple Hill
YarbroughG.WalterUnk02 May 1962Maple Hill
YarbroughInfantMale07 Dec 193607 Dec 1936Fords Chapel
YarbroughJ.B.Unk02 Nov 1864Wright
YarbroughJ.22 Nov 181116 SepRice
YarbroughJamesHenry22 Oct 190718 Mar 1971Fords Chapel
YarbroughJohnSullivanUnk17 May 1986Maple Hill
YarbroughJohnUnk28 May 1941Maple Hill
YarbroughJohnUnk05 Oct 1922Maple Hill
YarbroughJosephM.Unk13 May 1980Maple Hill
YarbroughLelia30 Jun 190402 Jan 1971Maple Hill
YarbroughLenaUlmaUnk13 Apr 2000Maple Hill
YarbroughLizzieUnk18 Jul 1977Maple Hill
YarbroughLoisHopeUnk24 Jul 1968Maple Hill
YarbroughMarthaUnk04 Jan 2004Maple Hill
YarbroughMaryA.Unk01 Jun 1900Maple Hill
YarbroughMaryAliceUnk22 Nov 1985Maple Hill
YarbroughMaryUnk08 Sep 1898Maple Hill
YarbroughMaudeUnk20 Jan 1946Maple Hill
YarbroughMinnieE.Unk15 Aug 1997Maple Hill
YarbroughMinnieVirginia11 Oct 191908 Apr 1933Fords Chapel
YarbroughMinnieSmith18851966Fords Chapel
YarbroughNancyUnk25 Aug 1962Maple Hill
YarbroughNonaCooperUnk26 Oct 1959Maple Hill
YarbroughOscarUnk23 Jan 1966Maple Hill
YarbroughRillaUnk23 Jul 1974Maple Hill
YarbroughRobertF.Unk03 Oct 1986Maple Hill
YarbroughRobertNewtonUnk27 Mar 1998Maple Hill
YarbroughRobertUnk01 Oct 1951Maple Hill
YarbroughSamH.Unk26 Aug 2004Maple Hill
YarbroughSamuel27 Dec 179925 Nov 1877Rice
YarbroughSamuel27 Dec 179925 Nov 1877Rice
YarbroughSamuelUnk07 May 1915Maple Hill
YarbroughSarahHamakerUnk25 Sep 1949Maple Hill
YarbroughVernonUnk16 Jun 1918Maple Hill
YarbroughVickyM.07 Oct 195127 Aug 1971State Line - Hazel Green
YarbroughWalterD.18771943Fords Chapel
YarbroughWalterUnk13 Aug 1943Maple Hill
YarbroughWilliamUnk20 Oct 1970Maple Hill
YarbroughWilliamUnk21 Feb 1930Maple Hill
YarbroyMeddiUnk08 Sep 1899Maple Hill
YatesCharlesC.Unk29 Jul 1986Maple Hill
YatesCindyE.Unk06 Jul 1978Maple Hill
YatesClaudeE.Unk25 Oct 1974Maple Hill
YatesElizabethUnk02 Sep 1946Maple Hill
YatesElvaV.Unk21 Mar 1974Maple Hill
YatesFrankUnk03 May 1923Maple Hill
YatesImogeneBryantUnk14 Oct 2000Maple Hill
YatesMurlC.Unk05 Mar 2001Maple Hill
YatesRosieHindsUnk18 Jan 1947Maple Hill
YatesWilliamH.Unk01 Oct 1948Maple Hill
YawnJamesMichaelUnk26 Aug 1980Maple Hill
YeagerJanieH.Unk25 Sep 1991Maple Hill
YeagerK.W.Unk10 Jan 1986Maple Hill
YeatmanCharlieH.Unk14 Jan 1957Maple Hill
YeatmanD.Unk07 Apr 1913Maple Hill
YeatmanJ.R.Unk04 Oct 1969Maple Hill
YeatmanJennieS.Unk29 Jun 1911Maple Hill
YeatmanJennieUnk21 Sep 1980Maple Hill
YeatmanJohnUnk20 Feb 1944Maple Hill
YeatmanLouisaUnk03 Jan 1897Maple Hill
YeatmanMinnieUnk12 Oct 1927Maple Hill
YellBecky22 Jun 187526 Mar 1928Merrimack
YellDorothyUnk19 Feb 2006Maple Hill
YellElmerRayUnk17 Feb 1995Maple Hill
YellFrancisW.Unk14 Oct 1987Maple Hill
YellJamesR.Unk17 Apr 1979Maple Hill
YellLillieMaeAllenUnk22 Jun 1989Maple Hill
YellMiltonLee18 Feb 190206 Mar 1923Merrimack
YellMyrtleC.Unk28 May 1999Maple Hill
YoakmanMarkUnk06 Jan 1987Maple Hill
YoakumLillianUnk05 Jan 1998Maple Hill
YoastBarbaraUnk17 Oct 1947Maple Hill
YoastBarbaraUnk29 Sep 1945Maple Hill
YonkaCharlieMrs.Unk23 Oct 1878Maple Hill
YorkFrankUnk04 Jun 1978Maple Hill
YorkMaeE.Unk26 Jan 1977Maple Hill
YorkMaryLavonia02 Apr 192726 Jun 1927Neal Chapel
YorkOlivaUnk24 May 1930Maple Hill
YorkPaulineL.10 Jan 192403 Sep 1985Bevill
YorkVirginiaM.12 May 192516 Sep 2000Bevill
YorksBettyLouise01 Oct 192623 Feb 1984Green Valley
YouellGuyO.Unk14 May 1979Maple Hill
YoungAliceLanierUnk15 Jun 1963Maple Hill
YoungAlliceLeeUnk07 Apr 1877Maple Hill
YoungAndersonUnk01 Jul 1941Maple Hill
YoungAnnieUnk29 Dec 1948Maple Hill
YoungAthaB.09 Jan 189329 May 1953Madison Crossroads
YoungBenLeeUnk01 Jan 1937Maple Hill
YoungC.Unk27 Apr 1920Maple Hill
YoungCarlEdwardUnk11 Oct 1998Maple Hill
YoungCarlUnk19 Aug 1971Maple Hill
YoungCharlesHermanUnk18 Aug 1968Maple Hill
YoungCharlieUnk19 Sep 1975Maple Hill
YoungD.B.Unk12 May 1895Maple Hill
YoungDavidUnk24 Jan 1938Maple Hill
YoungDillardE.Unk09 Jan 1983Maple Hill
YoungEdnaYellUnk12 Feb 1998Maple Hill
YoungEmmaN.Unk22 Feb 1974Maple Hill
YoungEmmaRose05 Aug 192505 Aug 1925Merrimack
YoungEmmaUnk27 Apr 1932Maple Hill
YoungEugeneWilliamUnk28 Oct 1981Maple Hill
YoungEugene26 Apr 193628 Apr 1936Merrimack
YoungGarryUnk11 Jul 1958Maple Hill
YoungGraceUnk10 Dec 1985Maple Hill
YoungGraceLangstonUnk10 Dec 1983Maple Hill
YoungHelenLouise27 Jul 192911 Sep 1930Merrimack
YoungHerbertLeeUnk15 Jul 1973Maple Hill
YoungJ.Unk20 May 1953Maple Hill
YoungJamesD.Unk29 Apr 1977Maple Hill
YoungJamesH.13 Oct 192409 Jul 1964Bush
YoungJamesUnk13 May 1951Maple Hill
YoungJefferyStevenUnk10 Dec 1998Maple Hill
YoungJesseUnk07 Aug 1938Maple Hill
YoungJohnB.Unk18 Dec 1936Maple Hill
YoungJohnUnk09 Aug 1924Maple Hill
YoungJonesUnk25 Aug 1918Maple Hill
YoungLenaPearl05 Oct 190115 Jun 1999Neal Chapel
YoungLizzieB.09 Sep 189707 Oct 1991Madison Crossroads
YoungMamieUnk29 Dec 1943Maple Hill
YoungMargaretB.Unk27 Oct 1983Maple Hill
YoungMargaretW.18961971Maple Hill
YoungMargaretW.Unk04 May 1971Maple Hill
YoungMargieUnk05 Mar 1926Maple Hill
YoungMargueriteA.Unk02 May 1994Maple Hill
YoungMarieCrawford14 Apr 193704 Sep 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
YoungMarjoriethH.Unk16 Jan 2004Maple Hill
YoungMaudeFearsUnk14 Oct 1937Maple Hill
YoungMichaelAlan07 Aug 197724 Jul 1994Baker - Owens Cross Road
YoungMinnieUnk11 Oct 1980Maple Hill
YoungNoahUnk18 Dec 1943Maple Hill
YoungOscarT.Unk13 Sep 2000Maple Hill
YoungPeggyUnk19 Aug 1985Maple Hill
YoungR.G.Unk23 Aug 1895Maple Hill
YoungRichardW.Unk27 Jun 1930Maple Hill
YoungSarahUnk01 Jul 1927Maple Hill
YoungSevenuiaPitcockUnk07 Dec 1993Maple Hill
YoungSophyeL.Unk16 Oct 1993Maple Hill
YoungStephenC.Unk12 Jul 1890Maple Hill
YoungStuartM.UnkNDDMaple Hill
YoungT.Unk27 Apr 1918Maple Hill
YoungTheresaJ.L.Unk18 Nov 1972Maple Hill
YoungThomasJ.Unk07 Jan 1966Maple Hill
YoungThomasUnk19 Jul 1934Maple Hill
YoungWalterUnk11 May 1941Maple Hill
YoungWilliamDayUnk19 Aug 2002Maple Hill
YoungWilliamE.Unk05 May 1984Maple Hill
YoungWilliamH.Unk30 Jul 1994Maple Hill
YoungWilliamP.Unk01 Jan 1981Maple Hill
YoungWillieL.15 Oct 191628 Aug 1917Madison Crossroads
YoungbloodCynthiaC.Unk01 Jan 1905Maple Hill
YoungbloodDanielUnk30 May 1920Maple Hill
YoungbloodEttaUnk01 Jan 1907Maple Hill
YoungbloodIdaB.Unk21 Aug 1969Maple Hill
YoungbloodJamesAlvieUnk09 Sep 1995Maple Hill
YoungbloodJimmieUnk12 Dec 1968Maple Hill
YoungbloodMarthaUnk19 Sep 1926Maple Hill
YoungbloodMelvinH.Unk16 Nov 2000Maple Hill
YoungbloodNancyUnk22 Jun 1902Maple Hill
YoungbloodPhilUnkNDDMaple Hill
YoungbloodSteveA.Unk22 Jun 1994Maple Hill
YoungbloodUnkUnk26 Dec 1952Maple Hill
YoungbloodVelenaUnk26 Jun 1952Maple Hill
YoungbloodWilliamL.Unk14 Jun 1990Maple Hill
YoungerJamesT.Unk19 Apr 1985Maple Hill
YountJamesL.Unk28 Jul 1964Maple Hill
YovellLauraUnk26 Oct 1971Maple Hill
YuckleyM.Unk02 May 1921Maple Hill
ZabroskyLefaAnnetteUnk10 Jun 1958Maple Hill
ZarbroughJ.Unk15 Aug 1927Maple Hill
ZarzourEmeleneAnnUnk17 Nov 2004Maple Hill
ZarzourJamesPatrickUnk20 Jun 1982Maple Hill
ZbindenWilliamW.Unk06 Nov 1990Maple Hill
ZeanahWalterMorrisUnk11 Dec 1997Maple Hill
ZeiglerIrbyUnk21 Sep 1983Maple Hill
ZeiglerMarthaUnk16 Aug 1942Maple Hill
ZeitlerA.J.Unk19 Aug 1889Maple Hill
ZeitlerHenryUnk08 Jul 1943Maple Hill
ZelicksonJoanCarolUnk14 Nov 1998Maple Hill
ZelicksonMichaelUnk21 Jun 1988Maple Hill
ZieglerGertie14 Oct 191406 Sep 1994Bush
ZieglerLawrenceR.05 Mar 190731 Jan 1963Bush
ZierHaroldGeorgeUnk28 Apr 2000Maple Hill
ZierdtJohnGrahamUnk30 Jun 2000Maple Hill
ZieschHansJurgen24 Sep 195029 Oct 2005Madison
ZippertLouiseH.Unk10 Nov 1981Maple Hill
ZippertPaulF.Unk27 Jul 1985Maple Hill
ZuhnMarjorieDuprasUnk21 Feb 1972Maple Hill
ZumbroMaryE.Holland01 Jan 189822 May 1946Charity Baptist Church
ZumbroOtisLee11 Feb 1889NDDCharity Baptist Church

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