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Last Name
First Name
Middle Name
BabcockHelenUnk02 Apr 1960Maple Hill
BabcockVerleE.02 Oct 191127 Jan 1994Maple Hill
BabesFredJ.15 Jul 191329 Jan 1984Maple Hill
BablyBennettUnk04 Feb 1953Maple Hill
BachmanJohnH.Unk03 Apr 1961Maple Hill
BachmanRonaldC.28 Mar 192730 Dec 2003Huntsville Memory Gardens
BachmannMattieG.UnkNDDCedar Grove
BaderFredueRay03 Aug 190703 Aug 1907Charity Baptist Church
BaderGeorgeBuford19 Apr 191221 Apr 1912Charity Baptist Church
BaderMaryM.19 Jul 192821 Jul 1928Charity Baptist Church
BaderShirleyAnn2 Jul 190822 Jul 1908Charity Baptist Church
BadgettJamesF.16 Jul 192619 Dec 1974Maple Hill
BaederEdwardG.15 May 188114 Jan 1961Charity Baptist Church
BaederFredJ.12 Jan 186011 Jul 1936Charity Baptist Church
BaederH.D.18861970Charity Baptist Church
BaederIdaKay13 Aug 188803 Jul 1974Charity Baptist Church
BaederMaryEllen02 Sep 191726 Aug 1998Charity Baptist Church
BaederMary28 Mar 186013 Jan 1917Charity Baptist Church
BaederMattieH.25 Apr 188713 Dec 1978Charity Baptist Church
BaederMitchellM.19 Jul 192812 Nov 1984New Sharon
BaederNellieHobbs14 Jan 191007 Nov 1994Charity Baptist Church
BaederThomasE.26 Sep 191331 Jul 2003Charity Baptist Church
BaffordDanielUnk04 Nov 1899Maple Hill
BaffordEstelle09 Aug 192730 Dec 1994Brown
BaffordJohnJ.19 Sep 189412 Jan 1964Fowlkes
BaggettJamesA.09 Feb 195614 Dec 2003Charity Baptist Church
BaggettJimE.05 Jun 192305 Aug 1982Charity Baptist Church
BaggettLloydUnk18 Apr 1957Maple Hill
BaggettR.Unk20 Oct 1901Maple Hill
BaggettRosalindH.28 Jan 192624 Apr 1997Charity Baptist Church
BaggettThelmaH.07 Oct 191626 Sep 1947Moon
BagleyHubertD.30 Mar 191716 Jul 2004Maple Hill
BagnallSamuelF.27 Apr 190723 Oct 1983Maple Hill
BagwellCatherineS.Unk26 Oct 1986Maple Hill
BagwellT.C.Unk18 May 1964Maple Hill
BagwellTruettUnkNDDMaple Hill
BaidleyJ.Unk24 Jun 1924Maple Hill
BailesB.E.Unk08 Mar 1883Maple Hill
BailesBulahM.15 Dec 189820 Aug 1927Charity Baptist Church
BailesCarlC.Unk16 Oct 1984Maple Hill
BailesEddieChester26 Dec 188117 Oct 1966Charity Baptist Church
BailesEdwardT.29 Sep 190901 Jan 1981Maple Hill
BailesEdwardUnk17 Dec 1923Maple Hill
BailesEvieHarrisUnk10 Mar 1949Maple Hill
BailesHarry01 Jan 191125 Aug 1976Maple Hill
BailesImogene04 Jul 191516 Mar 1994Maple Hill
BailesInfantUnk1917Charity Baptist Church
BailesInfantUnk1912Charity Baptist Church
BailesJohnW.10 Jan 188328 Feb 1913Charity Baptist Church
BailesKatherineElizabethUnk11 Mar 1959Maple Hill
BailesL.Unk31 Jan 1915Maple Hill
BailesLillieF.10 Jun 188309 Aug 1910Charity Baptist Church
BailesMaryUnk12 Nov 1944Maple Hill
BailesMattieF.26 Jun 189323 Oct 1941Charity Baptist Church
BailesMildredI.08 Jul 191726 Jul 1996Maple Hill
BailesMinnieLee07 May 187727 Nov 1910Charity Baptist Church
BailesRossieCurry08 Dec 1892NDDCharity Baptist Church
BailesSallieE.21 Dec 185625 Mar 1914Charity Baptist Church
BailesVeronaL.25 May 191215 Sep 1986Maple Hill
BailesVirginiaD.13 Nov 190417 Oct 1992Maple Hill
BailesW.L.18 Jul 184911 Mar 1916Charity Baptist Church
BailesWilliamLewisUnk1918Charity Baptist Church
BailesWilliamUnk31 Dec 1946Maple Hill
BailesWillieMae19 Mar 191709 Jan 1920Charity Baptist Church
BaileyAggieM.10 Jun 191311 Jun 1956Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BaileyAlbertE.Unk06 Feb 1961Maple Hill
BaileyAlbertUnk14 Sep 1913Maple Hill
BaileyAnniePearlUnk12 Jul 1976Maple Hill
BaileyBroydenB.Unk24 Dec 1898Maple Hill
BaileyC.B.07 May 189729 Nov 1972Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BaileyCarlM.Unk10 May 1957Maple Hill
BaileyCarrieMaeUnk03 Feb 1975Maple Hill
BaileyCassieL.16 Oct 188121 Oct 1970Maple Hill
BaileyCharlesL.Unk16 Oct 1959Maple Hill
BaileyCharles27 Feb 193329 Jul 1985Northside
BaileyChildUnk17 Feb 1872Maple Hill
BaileyClintonLeeUnk26 Dec 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
BaileyCloydH.Unk28 Jun 1916Maple Hill
BaileyCora11 Apr 187313 May 1964Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BaileyCordiaUnk02 Jan 1991Maple Hill
BaileyCurtis02 Sep 192303 Sep 2005Maple Hill
BaileyDanaLeaUnk16 Dec 1987Maple Hill
BaileyDeweyC.19231988Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BaileyDonaldBennettUnk13 Dec 2004Maple Hill
BaileyE.L.Unk15 May 1966Maple Hill
BaileyElbertUnk09 Aug 1920Maple Hill
BaileyEllaUnk22 Jul 1931Maple Hill
BaileyFannieM.Unk29 Dec 1944Maple Hill
BaileyFrancesM.Unk13 Jan 1870Maple Hill
BaileyGeorgeAlbertUnk25 Mar 1963Maple Hill
BaileyGeorgeL.Unk07 Jun 1958Maple Hill
BaileyGeorgeLukeUnk25 Sep 1948Maple Hill
BaileyGeorgeLuke13 Apr 193403 Feb 2006Maple Hill
BaileyGeorgeUnk03 Feb 2006Maple Hill
BaileyGeorgeUnk04 Oct 1946Maple Hill
BaileyGeorgeUnk29 Apr 1934Maple Hill
BaileyGertrudeB.Unk16 Jun 1989Maple Hill
BaileyGonziaJulius29 Jan 192327 Oct 2002Maple Hill
BaileyGradyUnk10 Oct 1927Maple Hill
BaileyHarriettUnk03 Mar 1894Maple Hill
BaileyHarrietteUnk11 Jan 1899Maple Hill
BaileyHattieS.01 Feb 187903 Jul 1978Maple Hill
BaileyHattieUnk03 Mar 1894Maple Hill
BaileyHoyt27 Feb 191301 Feb 1994Maple Hill
BaileyIdaC.Unk21 Nov 1923Maple Hill
BaileyIsaacJ.Unk05 Jan 1931Maple Hill
BaileyIvyUnkNDDMaple Hill
BaileyJ.A.Unk21 Oct 1957Maple Hill
BaileyJ.T.UnkNDDMaple Hill
BaileyJack27 Mar 192211 Jul 1980Maple Hill
BaileyJamesA.Unk08 Jul 1971Maple Hill
BaileyJamesOct 177905 May 1843Bailey
BaileyJamesUnk03 Apr 1941Maple Hill
BaileyJamesUnk21 Aug 1929Maple Hill
BaileyJessicaBobo15 Feb 192117 Feb 1990Golightly
BaileyJessieUnk16 May 1951Maple Hill
BaileyJimmieUnk31 Oct 1974Maple Hill
BaileyJohnH.UnkNDDMaple Hill
BaileyJohnH.Unk21 Nov 1921Maple Hill
BaileyJohn13 Mar 185221 Nov 1902Center Hill
BaileyJosephF.Unk21 Sep 1912Maple Hill
BaileyJosephUnk23 Oct 1884Maple Hill
BaileyJosephUnk23 Jul 1871Maple Hill
BaileyJosephUnk05 Aug 1871Maple Hill
BaileyJosephUnk12 Mar 1867Maple Hill
BaileyJuliusSteve05 Aug 191122 Dec 2001Maple Hill
BaileyJuoUnk23 Nov 1920Maple Hill
BaileyKaitlynMarieUnk04 Mar 1995Huntsville Memory Gardens
BaileyKylieAnnUnk05 Dec 1993Huntsville Memory Gardens
BaileyLauraLee08 Jul 191604 Nov 2004Maple Hill
BaileyLauraUnk12 Jun 1920Maple Hill
BaileyLawrenceUnk25 Feb 1959Maple Hill
BaileyLeeP.18 Jun 189831 May 1975Maple Hill
BaileyLeraMae02 Jun 191502 Dec 1915Fowlkes
BaileyLewisW.Unk03 May 1943Maple Hill
BaileyLewisW.Unk22 Apr 1924Maple Hill
BaileyLewisW.Unk01 Mar 1911Maple Hill
BaileyLillianB.10 Apr 189502 Dec 1986Maple Hill
BaileyLillianM.14 Aug 189721 Jan 1980Maple Hill
BaileyLouiseUnk22 Apr 1924Maple Hill
BaileyMabline05 Nov 192726 May 1928Maple Hill
BaileyMaidieUnk27 Dec 1923Maple Hill
BaileyMarcel11 Jul 191906 Apr 1964Charity Baptist Church
BaileyMarjorieUnk09 Dec 1997Maple Hill
BaileyMaryBellUnk21 Feb 1888Maple Hill
BaileyMaryJaneUnk16 Jul 1925Maple Hill
BaileyMaryM.Unk28 Dec 1911Maple Hill
BaileyMaryM.Unk20 Nov 1909Maple Hill
BaileyMaryP.Unk25 Apr 1970Maple Hill
BaileyMarySueUnk30 May 1952Maple Hill
BaileyMaybellene05 Nov 192726 May 1928Maple Hill
BaileyMildredE.Unk21 Apr 1992Maple Hill
BaileyMildredZornesUnk15 Aug 1982Maple Hill
BaileyMollieN.Unk16 Mar 1966Maple Hill
BaileyMollie30 Mar 188902 Aug 1917Merrimack
BaileyMurphy01 Aug 192127 Mar 1978Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BaileyNatashaMichelleUnkNDDMaple Hill
BaileyNorthiaL.02 Mar 191527 Jan 1981Fowlkes
BaileyPearlieN.14 May 189816 Aug 1977Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BaileyReneGraham04 Dec 192025 May 2006Maple Hill
BaileyRobbieKing03 Sep 188931 Oct 1981Madison Crossroads
BaileyRobertN.30 Mar 191708 May 1979Maple Hill
BaileyRobertW.Unk16 Nov 1947Maple Hill
BaileyRobertW.Unk01 Jun 1933Maple Hill
BaileyRomieT.Unk12 Oct 1968Maple Hill
BaileyRonaldEarlUnk06 Sep 1916Maple Hill
BaileyRoosevelt12 Jan 191515 Jun 2005Royal
BaileyRoyE.13 Mar 189823 Aug 1965Fowlkes
BaileySallyUnk26 Oct 1994Maple Hill
BaileySamuelUnk16 Apr 1938Maple Hill
BaileySamuelUnk05 Apr 1926Maple Hill
BaileySaraR.Unk28 Jan 1911Maple Hill
BaileySarahT.Johnson21 Apr 178012 Oct 1857Bailey
BaileySavoniaMae09 Feb 190428 Jan 1997Maple Hill
BaileySeabC.21 Aug 188807 Mar 1986Maple Hill
BaileyShelbyF.24 Jul 191528 Apr 1993Maple Hill
BaileySusieAnnUnk26 May 1962Maple Hill
BaileyThomasB.Unk03 Jul 1982Maple Hill
BaileyVirginiaUnk03 Oct 1945Maple Hill
BaileyWalterUnk25 Aug 1898Maple Hill
BaileyWilliamC.Unk15 Jun 1908Maple Hill
BaileyWilliamH.Unk26 Aug 1957Maple Hill
BaileyWilliamUnk22 Dec 1918Maple Hill
BaileyWilliam23 Jan 189601 Jan 1969Royal
BaileyZelmaL.12 Jul 191507 May 1992Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BainJamesUnk08 Dec 1925Maple Hill
BainMarshallUnk25 Jan 1927Maple Hill
BainMinnieM.188822 Aug 1955Maple Hill
BainVaderUnk01 Feb 1927Maple Hill
BainesEdgarJamesUnk11 Mar 1939Maple Hill
BairdMarthaUnk13 Nov 1991Maple Hill
BaitesAnnieMae04 Dec 191206 Mar 1998Maple Hill
BaitesBarbaraH.Unk22 Nov 1980Maple Hill
BaitesBessieS.11 Mar 190011 Nov 1982Maple Hill
BaitesBobbyMcEwinUnk07 Oct 1961Maple Hill
BaitesCharlieUnk27 Oct 1981Maple Hill
BaitesDeenieUnk16 Jun 1930Maple Hill
BaitesG.J.21 Mar 185802 Dec 1924Madison Crossroads
BaitesGenevaL.16 Mar 191911 Mar 1936Charity Baptist Church
BaitesGeorge25 Oct 181928 Feb 1885Charity Baptist Church
BaitesIdaS.18641953Charity Baptist Church
BaitesInfantMaleUnk07 Sep 1910Shady Grove
BaitesJennieUnk07 Mar 1943Maple Hill
BaitesJohnD.18581908Charity Baptist Church
BaitesJohnM.Unk16 Jun 1995Maple Hill
BaitesJohnR.19 Apr 188904 Dec 1919Charity Baptist Church
BaitesJohnUnk22 Jan 1951Maple Hill
BaitesLonnieUnk07 Feb 1919Maple Hill
BaitesMerleE.MaloneUnk26 Jul 1980Maple Hill
BaitesNancyJ.28 Nov 186012 Sep 1936Charity Baptist Church
BaitesOla19031973Charity Baptist Church
BaitesSarahF.Unk30 Aug 1966Charity Baptist Church
BaitesShelbyUnk15 Nov 1965Maple Hill
BaitesShelleyBurwellUnk16 May 1948Maple Hill
BaitesSusanJ.15 Apr 182625 Sep 1886Charity Baptist Church
BaitesT.Unk05 Jan 1918Maple Hill
BaitesW.A.15 Mar 186115 Jan 1924Charity Baptist Church
BaitesW.C.19011961Charity Baptist Church
BaitesW.Hammond08 May 188814 Jun 1942Shady Grove
BaitesWalterHammond03 Sep 192307 May 1924Shady Grove
BaitesWillie07 Dec 193317 Mar 1956Charity Baptist Church
BajaminUnkUnk06 Sep 1870Maple Hill
BakerA.D.24 Nov 187007 Nov 1936Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
BakerA.Unk22 May 1934Maple Hill
BakerA.Unk07 Jan 1902Maple Hill
BakerAbsalomPerry21 Aug 182113 Oct 1899Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerAbsolomPerry09 Jun 186218 May 1944Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerAlbertA.03 Apr 182821 Jul 1901Maple Hill
BakerAlfredFred14 Feb 190924 Dec 1984Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerAliceUnk10 Oct 1941Maple Hill
BakerAllenUnk16 May 1948Maple Hill
BakerAllie09 Mar 186107 Dec 1912Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerAlvaA.06 Sep 186021 Mar 1880Maple Hill
BakerAnnieH.19 Mar 190222 Oct 1970Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerAroleUnk27 May 1929Maple Hill
BakerArrenaJ.17 Apr 188211 Oct 1884Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerBaby08 Oct 190308 Oct 1903Baker - Greenfield
BakerBigGeorge196308 Jan 1979United States Space & Rocket Center
BakerC.Odell19001969Collier - Owens Cross Roads
BakerCaraUnk16 Oct 1973Maple Hill
BakerCarolynVirginia31 Jan 196331 Jan 1963Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerCatherine29 Oct 188823 Sep 1911Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
BakerCharlesL.20 Mar 196728 Nov 1971Northside
BakerCharlesT.25 Sep 190915 Oct 1993Baker - Greenfield
BakerCharleyR.15 Dec 188314 Aug 1971Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerCharlieF.20 Aug 183807 Jun 1885Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerChildUnk06 Oct 1868Maple Hill
BakerChristine04 Oct 190702 Sep 1987Pine Grove - Deposit
BakerClarlee20 Mar 192117 Jan 1924Merrimack
BakerCleamonO.14 Jan 192202 Sep 2005Moon
BakerCleaonsV.14 Feb 192307 Apr 1984Moon
BakerCliftonL.01 Jan 192710 Jun 1928Moon
BakerConnieR.07 Jun 189216 Mar 1979Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerCoraUnk28 Oct 1945Maple Hill
BakerDacquivesLamar14 Jul 199329 Aug 1995Pine Grove - Deposit
BakerDavidS.15 Mar 190428 Jun 1985Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
BakerDontae19911991Pine Grove - Deposit
BakerDorisM.10 Feb 193210 Jun 1999Maple Hill
BakerDorisSue01 Aug 193219 Jul 1936Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerDorisUnk04 Feb 1968Maple Hill
BakerDorothyJeanOwens19 Apr 193730 Apr 2005Green Valley
BakerDorrisS.09 Sep 191611 Jul 1993Maple Hill
BakerE.Unk30 Dec 1950Maple Hill
BakerEddieCleveland20 Aug 189815 Jul 1981Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerEdith08 Jul 192305 Jun 1926Charity Baptist Church
BakerEdnaP.Glover10 May 190530 Mar 1965Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerEdrickDeon28 Oct 198010 Jun 2001Pine Grove - Deposit
BakerEleanorIsabella12 Apr 192417 Jul 1926Collier - Owens Cross Roads
BakerElizaC.26 Feb 187627 Nov 1959Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
BakerEliza04 Feb 183601 Aug 1905Madison Crossroads
BakerElizabethA.03 Dec 183122 Jun 1888Maple Hill
BakerElizabethAnnUnk01 Nov 1977Maple Hill
BakerElizabethL.02 Nov 194828 Nov 1971Northside
BakerElizabethPartin09 Apr 183218 Jul 1902Baker - Greenfield
BakerElizabeth18781957Charity Baptist Church
BakerElizabeth07 Mar 183131 Jun 1905Merrimack
BakerElla24 Aug 188316 Jun 1937Charity Baptist Church
BakerEllenA.31 Oct 187231 May 1908Charity Baptist Church
BakerEmily01 Jun 188704 Jul 1974Maple Hill
BakerEmmaJean23 Oct 194208 Feb 1992Pine Grove - Deposit
BakerEmmettB.23 Feb 189220 Oct 1973Moon
BakerErnestUnk22 Sep 1973Maple Hill
BakerErnieT.19 Jan 192414 Feb 1965Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerEugene22 May 193119 Jun 1933Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerEulaM.30 Jun 188131 Aug 1941Baker - Greenfield
BakerEvelyn19 Nov 192108 May 2006Maple Hill
BakerF.M.18621935Charity Baptist Church
BakerFerbyMoon18741957Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerFloydUnk28 Oct 1974Maple Hill
BakerFrancesH.19 May 192324 Mar 2004Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerFrankieLee27 Mar 196307 Oct 1992Pine Grove - Deposit
BakerFred15 Aug 192217 Jun 1985Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerG.J.Unk20 Sep 1878Maple Hill
BakerGaylorB.02 Mar 191015 Mar 1973Fowlkes
BakerGeorgeW.29 Dec 187508 Aug 1960Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerGeorgeUnk13 Dec 1976Maple Hill
BakerGeorge19121981Pine Grove - Deposit
BakerGeraldThomas06 May 192717 Jul 1999Collier - Owens Cross Roads
BakerGregoryAllen14 Mar 186220 Feb 1963Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerHarold07 Jun 192108 Jul 1987Bevill
BakerHattieE.Mann29 May 189326 Jan 1975Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerHerschellOtis07 Sep 193016 Feb 2002Charity Baptist Church
BakerHester04 Mar 188129 Sep 1897Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerHughH.07 Nov 190416 Jun 1991Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerI.C.15 Mar 182913 Jul 1910Briar Fork
BakerIdaMaeUnk22 May 1912Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerIdaDuff10 Apr 189303 Nov 1977Moon
BakerInezJeanette18 Nov 1915NDDNeal Chapel
BakerInfantMale23 Jul 192923 Jul 1929Collier - Owens Cross Roads
BakerInfantUnk07 Dec 1939Maple Hill
BakerIraRay20 Jan 200420 Jan 2004Brown
BakerIreneP.21 Jan 1922NDDKennamer
BakerIreneP.13 Oct 1912NDDMoon
BakerIreneUnk16 Jul 1991Maple Hill
BakerIrvineUnk23 Jun 1931Maple Hill
BakerJ.D.191605 May 1950Graveyard Hill
BakerJ.Unk26 Sep 1919Maple Hill
BakerJ.Unk19 Feb 1903Maple Hill
BakerJamesA.01 Sep 1933NDDBaker - Owens Cross Road
BakerJamesF.18741957Charity Baptist Church
BakerJamesHoward12 Oct 192804 Oct 2002Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerJamesP.13 Jan 188828 Dec 1978Hayden
BakerJamesRobert15 Aug 195216 Aug 1952Kennamer
BakerJamesW.05 Dec 192213 Sep 1995Moon
BakerJamesUnk24 Apr 1944Maple Hill
BakerJamesUnk15 Sep 1895Maple Hill
BakerJeanetteWilsonUnk01 Apr 2004Maple Hill
BakerJesseUnk16 Apr 1887Maple Hill
BakerJim07 Mar 189116 Aug 1968Graveyard Hill
BakerJimmieMack10 Apr 195022 Feb 1951Bevill
BakerJoannM.03 Aug 1933NDDBaker - Owens Cross Road
BakerJoeL.27 Feb 190624 Nov 1979Pine Grove - Deposit
BakerJohnA.16 Nov 184416 Jul 1892Maple Hill
BakerJohnG.21 Apr 186715 Sep 1938Charity Baptist Church
BakerJohnG.Unk16 Jul 1892Maple Hill
BakerJohnJ.Unk15 Mar 1947Maple Hill
BakerJohnL.24 Dec 191615 Jul 2001Maple Hill
BakerJohnL.Unk08 Nov 1948Maple Hill
BakerJohnM.25 Jul 194328 Nov 1971Northside
BakerJohnW.Unk18 Jan 1975Maple Hill
BakerJohn18871938Charity Baptist Church
BakerJohn18991920Charity Baptist Church
BakerJohn18 Jun 182627 Jul 1910Madison Crossroads
BakerJohnUnk09 Dec 1938Maple Hill
BakerJuliaLyon28 Jan 187917 Mar 1956Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerKarenLynne19 Sep 1955NDDBaker - Owens Cross Road
BakerKatheyAnnUnk28 Oct 1974Maple Hill
BakerKatieB.16 Jan 189226 Sep 1985Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerKeithWayne05 Jul 193529 Nov 1938Fowlkes
BakerLaviniaC.Leek24 Jul 182407 Jan 1902Maple Hill
BakerLeonard23 Aug 191411 Jun 1991Neal Chapel
BakerLeroy04 May 19121913Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerLillyVelmaUnk14 Aug 1983Maple Hill
BakerLouGehrigUnk19 Apr 1994Maple Hill
BakerLudieUnk19 Oct 1934Maple Hill
BakerLuteUnk26 Jun 1870Maple Hill
BakerLuteUnk09 Jul 1870Maple Hill
BakerLutherWilliam04 Mar 191428 Jul 1991Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerLuther07 Jul 188808 Aug 1964Moon
BakerMaeB.Shubert28 Jul 192117 Jun 2005Bush
BakerMargaretIsabelleCollins19021963Collier - Owens Cross Roads
BakerMargaretSharp18661936Locust Grove
BakerMargieA.02 Jun 191703 Sep 1923Charity Baptist Church
BakerMarshaLynne10 Jan 195715 Nov 1968Bevill
BakerMarthaArminda09 Jan 190718 Apr 1979Maple Hill
BakerMartinD.28 Jun 195116 Mar 1984Maple Hill
BakerMaryDean05 Apr 194818 Dec 1972Northside
BakerMaryE.19 Sep 185203 Aug 1925Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerMaryE.Unk24 Aug 1980Maple Hill
BakerMaryFrances08 Mar 190101 Jun 1970Pine Grove - Deposit
BakerMaryLouise16 Nov 1916NDDKennamer
BakerMaryOpal03 Dec 192330 Mar 1924Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerMaryV.02 Sep 184928 Feb 1928Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerMaryUnk30 Jun 1948Maple Hill
BakerMaryUnk01 Mar 1945Maple Hill
BakerMaudeConnally12 May 190220 Nov 1990Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerMildred12 May 191312 May 1913Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerMiss195729 Nov 1984United States Space & Rocket Center
BakerMollieLewis24 Oct 190827 Sep 1996Charity Baptist Church
BakerMosesC.24 Mar 189301 Apr 1908Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerMurphyJulian27 Jan 191502 Oct 1985Kennamer
BakerNellieL.13 Mar 189024 Nov 1988Hayden
BakerNettieUnk28 Oct 1920Maple Hill
BakerNinaUnk12 Nov 1933Maple Hill
BakerNinnerT.02 Dec 190809 Jun 1909Moon
BakerNonaJ.Unk28 Sep 1990Maple Hill
BakerOllieA.28 Feb 190231 Jan 1993Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerOllieBert09 Sep 192925 Oct 1936Moon
BakerOmarE.07 Sep 191927 Mar 1992Green Valley
BakerOscarG.19081943Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerPaulD.12 Aug 188313 Dec 1966Maple Hill
BakerPaulineSibley29 Aug 190521 Jun 1984Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerPurneyA.Mrs.16 Feb 190113 Aug 1988Maple Hill
BakerRaymondCarnellUnk17 Jan 2005Royal
BakerRaymondUnk30 Nov 1992Maple Hill
BakerRichardWebster17 Mar 183724 Mar 1912Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerRobertC.21 Aug 192101 Jan 2004Union
BakerRobertL.03 Nov 191925 Oct 1989Kennamer
BakerRobertW.18701955Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerRobertUnk12 Aug 1918Maple Hill
BakerRogerG.08 Nov 195510 Jun 1997Green Valley
BakerRomeoW.16 Dec 185004 Jan 1904Maple Hill
BakerRonnieLee31 Jul 194403 Aug 1944Fowlkes
BakerRosieCobb18821952Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerRoyUnk01 Mar 1986Maple Hill
BakerRubyC.06 Apr 191527 Nov 1997Fowlkes
BakerRubyIrene15 Jun 192213 Jan 2004Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerSamuel25 Dec 190822 Mar 1909Baker - Greenfield
BakerSamuel05 May 187508 Mar 1956Baker - Greenfield
BakerSilasC.05 Apr 188612 Jul 1897Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerThomasEzzie21 Aug 189903 Sep 1985Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerThomasLewis23 Sep 184620 Jul 1917Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerThomasN.02 Mar 191029 Mar 1983Maple Hill
BakerThomasN.01 Jan 191430 Jan 1976Maple Hill
BakerTommieMae14 Jan 190923 Dec 1969Northside
BakerTroyM.11 Feb 196418 Jan 1982Northside
BakerUnkFemaleUnk17 Aug 1885Maple Hill
BakerVirgieM.25 Mar 190529 Mar 2001Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerVirginiaCarol31 Jan 196331 Jan 1963Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerW.Unk27 Dec 1939Maple Hill
BakerWandaLeeStewart15 Aug 193508 Jun 2005St. Ruth
BakerWesleyEugene21 Aug 190929 Oct 1980Maple Hill
BakerWiburn26 Jun 191711 Jun 1951Kennamer
BakerWill01 Mar 188125 Aug 1971Pine Grove - Deposit
BakerWilliamArchie186002 Feb 1940Locust Grove
BakerWilliamBradley24 Mar 191321 Nov 1977Maple Hill
BakerWilliamGardner29 Aug 189028 Mar 1974Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerWilliamH.28 Dec 190216 Nov 1986Charity Baptist Church
BakerWilliamHenry25 Nov 190813 Jul 1975Northside
BakerWilliamT.18681937Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerWillieFlorence04 Mar 191403 Dec 2001Baker - Owens Cross Road
BakerWillieL.27 Mar 191323 Oct 1992Pine Grove - Deposit
BakerWillieRuth11 Jun 193803 Dec 1944Kennamer
BakerWillieUnk10 Feb 1899Maple Hill
BakerWilmaL.07 Jul 192525 Dec 2000Bevill
BakerWoodrow24 Jul 191229 Oct 1913Merrimack
BakerZorar26 Aug 189521 Sep 1895Baker - Owens Cross Road
BalanceJamesO.Unk24 Jul 1982Maple Hill
BalchAnnieR.28 Apr 188014 Jul 1905Fowlkes
BalchBonnieMcKinny25 Feb 190902 Aug 1984Mt. Zion
BalchDavidR.24 Feb 190401 Mar 1971Mt. Zion
BalchEugeneE.21 Jul 192415 Aug 1955Mt. Zion
BalchHenryH.UnkNDDMaple Hill
BalchJames18 Mar 190506 Jun 1973Mt. Zion
BalchJesse15 Jan 190622 Mar 1982Mt. Zion
BalchJessieBurton21 Jul 187805 Sep 1953Mt. Zion
BalchLoraI.16 Jul 185712 Mar 1913Mt. Zion
BalchMargaretO.Unk06 Dec 1979Maple Hill
BalchMarthaS.18741940Mt. Zion
BalchMettaUnk19 Nov 1969Maple Hill
BalchNellieHillard15 Apr 187620 Mar 1912Fowlkes
BalchOscarA.06 Mar 193312 Feb 1939Mt. Zion
BalchPatricia17 Dec 185215 May 1934Mt. Zion
BalchRobertO.29 Dec 188706 Aug 1896Fowlkes
BalchRockyUnk07 May 1954Maple Hill
BalchRuthCertain07 Mar 190719 Feb 2004Huntsville Memory Gardens
BalchRuthaGertrudeClutts30 Mar 188330 Mar 1972Mt. Zion
BalchSamuelAnn18811936Mt. Zion
BalchShelbyUnk30 Jun 1966Maple Hill
BalchVirginiaW.18821942Mt. Zion
BalchWalterRicketts03 Aug 191510 Mar 1916Fowlkes
BalchWendellN.17 May 192005 Mar 1980Madison
BalchWilliamG.06 Dec 190527 Aug 1968Mt. Zion
BalchWilliamR.12 Dec 184107 Feb 1914Mt. Zion
BalchWilliamV.Unk07 Nov 1973Maple Hill
BalchWilliamWalter30 Jan 187118 Jan 1916Fowlkes
BaldmanAnnieUnk02 Oct 1878Maple Hill
BaldmanH.H.Unk05 Sep 1875Maple Hill
BaldridgeAliceB.Unk23 Jul 1961Maple Hill
BaldridgeElizabethC.03 Nov 181519 Mar 1866Bouldin-Hammond
BaldridgeJaneC.25 Nov 183731 Jul 1858Bouldin-Hammond
BaldridgeMiltonC.Unk09 Jan 1895Maple Hill
BaldridgeThomasO.27 Jul 185810 Jan 1860Bouldin-Hammond
BaldridgeW.F.Unk14 Aug 1885Maple Hill
BaldwinAnnieUnk12 Apr 1899Maple Hill
BaldwinCharlie03 Jul 188715 Dec 1966Maple Hill
BaldwinClydeE.24 Sep 192002 Sep 1982Bevill
BaldwinDorothyC.25 Nov 192105 Sep 1996Bevill
BaldwinHowardLee23 Jul 192225 Feb 1987Maple Hill
BaldwinHowardUnk28 Sep 1946Maple Hill
BaldwinJohnUnk12 Apr 1980Maple Hill
BaldwinJosephUnk05 Apr 1988Maple Hill
BaldwinJulia16 Nov 189411 May 1924Merrimack
BaldwinLeeolerUnk16 Mar 1961Maple Hill
BaldwinLillieSullivan22 Oct 190513 Jan 1956Fleming
BaldwinLois20 Nov 191801 Jan 1925Merrimack
BaldwinPirlClarkUnk10 Oct 1971Maple Hill
BaldwinThomasUnk02 Jan 1951Maple Hill
BalesGarlandUnk16 Apr 1926Maple Hill
BaleyWilsonR.184917 Mar 1925Merrimack
BalisokColeman04 Jan 191730 Oct 1968Maple Hill
BalisokJerryBibb08 Sep 1955NDDMaple Hill
BalisokMarjorieE.21 Nov 192023 May 1983Maple Hill
BallLauraMillerUnk15 Oct 1960Maple Hill
BallLeslie05 Oct 191226 Mar 2002Maple Hill
BallardBettieM.13 Apr 194013 Jun 1997Brown
BallardJacobB.Unk24 Jun 1990Maple Hill
BallardJennieUnk08 Dec 1931Maple Hill
BallardLermanD.24 May 1933NDDBrown
BallardLeroyUnk19 Dec 1950Maple Hill
BallardLindaUnk14 Nov 1953Maple Hill
BallardMoses17 Dec 193017 Aug 1931Madison
BallardMyrtle26 May 190518 Feb 1988Maple Hill
BallardRalphF.05 Jul 190129 Jan 1965Maple Hill
BallardSusieUnk24 Dec 1950Maple Hill
BallengerMaryA.14 Oct 181101 Feb 1843Triana
BallewMaryUnk09 Oct 1963Maple Hill
BalleyWilliamUnk06 Mar 1871Maple Hill
BallingJamesUnk26 May 1925Maple Hill
BallingKatieUnk04 Jan 1922Maple Hill
BallingerJaneLeaUnk03 Jun 1970Maple Hill
BallouMattieMae21 Apr 192023 Nov 1985Maple Hill
BallyC.A.Mrs.Unk23 Sep 1870Maple Hill
BalshIraL.Unk05 Dec 1949Maple Hill
BaltimoreFrancesUnk06 Jul 1936Maple Hill
BaltimoreHenryL.UnkNDDMaple Hill
BaltimoreLillie15 Nov 190415 Oct 1977Maple Hill
BananH.C.Mrs.Unk01 Nov 1897Maple Hill
BancomCharlesUnk16 Jun 1924Maple Hill
BancomG.Unk27 Apr 1926Maple Hill
BancomMatthewUnk18 Sep 1931Maple Hill
BanconDonaldUnk06 Mar 1933Maple Hill
BandgreenH.J.Unk14 Mar 1967Maple Hill
BandyOtis01 Jan 195415 Oct 1994Penny
BandyWillieK.Fairbanks21 Aug 193129 Jul 1991Penny
BaneMarthaUnk10 Oct 1917Maple Hill
BanfordMarthaUnk16 Feb 1919Maple Hill
BanisterAnnieW.Unk03 Apr 1920Maple Hill
BanisterJohnMonro14 Mar 181829 Mar 1907Maple Hill
BanisterMaryLouisaBrodnaxUnk02 Jun 1897Maple Hill
BanisterReginaldHeber05 Jul 187112 Apr 1938Maple Hill
BanisterRobertBollingMay 1849Aug 1889Maple Hill
BankheadAdelaideEugeniaSledge14 Jul 188023 Feb 1902Maple Hill
BankowskiVictorC.Unk28 Mar 1972Maple Hill
BanksDonaldRay22 Apr 194328 Jan 1972Moon
BanksEdwardWaldo15 Feb 193305 Jun 1997Maple Hill
BanksEvelynDorsey07 Apr 192021 Mar 2005Indian Creek
BanksInfant14 Dec 194114 Dec 1941Merrimack
BanksIsadora28 Jan 190824 Sep 1992Maple Hill
BanksJ.Unk29 Mar 1918Maple Hill
BanksJake05 Aug 191016 Feb 1986Maple Hill
BanksJohnL.Unk09 Mar 1924Maple Hill
BanksMaeBelle20 Apr 1939NDDMoon
BanksRobertW.18 Oct 194124 Nov 1941Merrimack
BanksRoseStermanUnk28 Jan 2002Maple Hill
BanksUnkFemaleUnk02 Aug 1917Maple Hill
BankstonJamesR.01 Mar 194901 Mar 1949Cochran
BankstonLeonardFranklinUnk14 Sep 1955Maple Hill
BankstonNoraA.18 Apr 190613 Aug 2001Bevill
BankstonWalterA.27 Aug 190926 Nov 1984Bevill
BanvilleCharleneUnk09 Jul 1963Maple Hill
BanvilleRobertA.Unk09 Jul 1963Maple Hill
BarbeeGordonS.20 Nov 193126 Feb 1993Maple Hill
BarberIvyreeMaryUnk27 Jan 1971Maple Hill
BarberJohnUnk29 Jul 1878Maple Hill
BarberJulieUnk14 Nov 1967Maple Hill
BarberLoriUnk14 Nov 1967Maple Hill
BarberMaryK.Rich24 Sep 192422 Aug 2001Maple Hill
BarberRobertT.24 Oct 190519 Apr 1987Maple Hill
BarberRobertT.195518 Nov 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
BarberRusselD.Unk07 Dec 2000Maple Hill
BarbhamArthurLeeUnkNDDMaple Hill
BarbourBoydCecilUnk30 Jul 2000Maple Hill
BarbourGeorgeIrvin02 Jul 188511 Dec 1956Bellview
BarbreJewellH.24 Jan 191721 Nov 1997Moon
BarclayA.F.Unk14 Nov 1911Maple Hill
BarclayAlfredFassitt11 Sep 184514 Nov 1911Maple Hill
BarclayBessieJun 186604 Oct 1867Maple Hill
BarclayCecilBrooks02 Dec 191606 Dec 1995Maple Hill
BarclayElizabethA.Hayes1820NDDMaple Hill
BarclayElizabethM.Nov 1859NDDMaple Hill
BarclayGeorgeWilliam20 Feb 191030 Aug 1990Maple Hill
BarclayGwendolynM.Unk28 Nov 1991Maple Hill
BarclayHarryWoodrow20 Sep 191701 Mar 1968Maple Hill
BarclayHellenUnk25 Feb 1904Maple Hill
BarclayJamesUnk29 Nov 1926Maple Hill
BarclayJohnW.27 Aug 190928 May 1983Maple Hill
BarclayJosephO.Mar 185403 Jul 1934Maple Hill
BarclayJosieSwasey188826 Dec 1960Maple Hill
BarclayLulaE.Unk28 Sep 1903Maple Hill
BarclayMargie21 Feb 189901 Mar 1975Northside
BarclayMaryP.Unk30 May 1899Maple Hill
BarclayMelvin25 Aug 191124 Dec 1974Maple Hill
BarclayMinnieEuniceBeck10 Oct 191402 Nov 1988Maple Hill
BarclayThomasCushing18 Oct 181826 Sep 1886Maple Hill
BarclayThomasFassitt1878Dec 1950Maple Hill
BarclayTionneShamar25 Mar 200504 Apr 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
BarcusDeborahL.05 Dec 1963NDDRagsdale
BarcusMarcusJ.16 Jan 195801 Mar 1997Ragsdale
BardonWilliamS.Unk27 Aug 1862Maple Hill
BardyJosephUnk04 Jul 1934Maple Hill
BarfootBessGray19 Nov 190120 Sep 1980Maple Hill
BarhamMargaretElizabethUnk21 May 1965Maple Hill
BarkerDellaE.02 May 190715 Oct 1980Maple Hill
BarkerEdnaCotton10 Jan 189021 Sep 1982St. Ruth
BarkerElizabethUnk23 Oct 1841Maple Hill
BarkerHarryUnk06 Mar 1896Maple Hill
BarkerMinnieLou25 Jul 190227 Mar 1984Maple Hill
BarkerR.UnkNDDMaple Hill
BarkerWilliamUnk24 Feb 1836Maple Hill
BarkleyAlvinJoe02 Jun 195031 Jul 1995Maple Hill
BarkleyBarbaraUnk08 Jun 1945Maple Hill
BarkleyBillyUnk04 Feb 1991Maple Hill
BarkleyBoyceT.12 Dec 189612 Jul 1968Maple Hill
BarkleyGwynnUnk27 Feb 1956Maple Hill
BarkleyHomerB.27 Mar 191830 Sep 1998Maple Hill
BarkleyHowardM.15 Jun 192027 Dec 1974Maple Hill
BarkleyHugh01 Jan 193212 Aug 2002Maple Hill
BarkleyHughUnk09 May 1960Maple Hill
BarkleyJamesR.26 Jan 189406 Aug 1972Maple Hill
BarkleyLouUnk21 Oct 1902Maple Hill
BarkleyMaryE.Unk05 Mar 1972Maple Hill
BarkleyMaxine25 Sep 189524 Feb 1985Maple Hill
BarkleyNealJean05 Feb 193015 May 2003Maple Hill
BarkleyUnkUnk19 May 1917Maple Hill
BarkleyVioletTaylor25 Sep 192323 Sep 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
BarksdaleD.G.Mrs.Unk19 Oct 1966Maple Hill
BarksdaleD.Unk08 Sep 1955Maple Hill
BarksdaleInfantFemaleUnk30 Jun 1908Ragsdale
BarksdaleLucyR.06 Dec 183506 Apr 1904Locust Grove
BarksdaleMamie02 Dec 190006 Oct 1901Ragsdale
BarksdalePaulGiddens15 Mar 192115 Feb 2002Maple Hill
BarksdaleR.B.22 Feb 183330 Dec 1919Locust Grove
BarksdaleVirginiaMcLellandUnk20 Feb 2002Maple Hill
BarlettMichaelWayne07 Dec 196325 Sep 2005Cameron
BarleyAaronL.18 Jul 196628 Feb 1991Center Grove
BarleyCharleyN.18 Feb 190302 Jun 1987Bevill
BarleyDanielL.02 Apr 191402 Sep 1997Center Grove
BarleyEarl04 Aug 192008 Dec 1999Valhalla Memory Gardens
BarleyElsieN.20 May 191125 Jan 1988Bevill
BarleyHenry24 Jul 190116 Jun 1981Northside
BarleyHosea18 Feb 190222 Nov 1949Center Grove
BarleyHowardJ.27 Apr 194114 Apr 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
BarleyHoward05 Nov 191630 Jun 1974Center Grove
BarleyInfantFemale29 Sep 190529 Sep 1905Cochran
BarleyLizzieLueUnkNDDPine Grove - Deposit
BarleyMildredL.Jul 190528 Dec 1913Kelly
BarleyShafter24 Feb 189923 Dec 1963Pine Grove - Deposit
BarleyWalterMae21 Jul 190914 Oct 2004Center Grove
BarlowJ.H.04 Jul 187502 Jul 1909Charity Baptist Church
BarlowJohnM.13 Aug 190212 Feb 1995Maple Hill
BarlowMinnieLee27 Jul 188008 May 1969Maple Hill
BarnacleJohnF.30 Mar 191911 Oct 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
BarnardAlex25 May 187222 Oct 1919Penny
BarnardAnnieR.10 Mar 189719 Sep 1979Maple Hill
BarnardAnnie08 Oct 189409 Feb 1972Maple Hill
BarnardBillyG.Unk04 Nov 1990Maple Hill
BarnardHarryF.Unk17 Oct 1970Maple Hill
BarnardHubbard19 Jan 188806 Jan 1976Maple Hill
BarnardLillianD.21 Oct 191019 Feb 1996Maple Hill
BarnardMattieS.Unk04 Feb 1917Maple Hill
BarnardThomasM.Unk18 Mar 1993Maple Hill
BarnesA.EugeneUnk08 Jan 1997Maple Hill
BarnesAlbert08 Nov 182304 Jan 1986East
BarnesAnnaLeona22 Mar 191114 Feb 1979Maple Hill
BarnesBeulahF.189421 Jan 1988Maple Hill
BarnesBillyL.17 Sep 192030 Oct 1983Maple Hill
BarnesCatherineUnk10 Jul 1923Maple Hill
BarnesClaudeEdward189114 Mar 1948Maple Hill
BarnesDarrelLaveal200529 Mar 2005Royal
BarnesEdwardUnk18 Jan 1942Maple Hill
BarnesEleanorW.Unk27 Jul 2001Maple Hill
BarnesElizaUnk04 Apr 1939Maple Hill
BarnesEmmaSue03 Dec 189512 Nov 1976Maple Hill
BarnesFritzell188918 Oct 1971Maple Hill
BarnesGeorgeUnk02 Nov 1895Maple Hill
BarnesHarrietUnk14 Jan 1942Maple Hill
BarnesHattieUnk01 Dec 1993Maple Hill
BarnesHenryUnk23 Sep 1942Maple Hill
BarnesHermanD.Unk17 Jun 1970Maple Hill
BarnesHomerUnk24 Mar 1939Maple Hill
BarnesInfantUnk01 Dec 1952Maple Hill
BarnesJamesE.23 Dec 190725 Dec 1980Maple Hill
BarnesJamesF.Unk23 Aug 1991Maple Hill
BarnesJamesUnk05 Apr 1946Maple Hill
BarnesJohnH.09 Dec 189917 Jan 1981Maple Hill
BarnesLarkinHartwellUnk22 Nov 1941Maple Hill
BarnesLouiseR.14 Apr 192122 Jul 1973Maple Hill
BarnesLulaUnk02 Oct 1953Maple Hill
BarnesMaryUnk08 Nov 1925Maple Hill
BarnesMeliaS.10 Jul 190327 Mar 1981Northside
BarnesMeredithAnn12 May 195016 Nov 2003Maple Hill
BarnesMichaelShane06 Dec 198102 Apr 2005Maple Hill
BarnesMyrtleFears02 Jul 189415 Jan 1978Maple Hill
BarnesOnaUnk02 Aug 1942Maple Hill
BarnesOra12 Aug 189702 Mar 1995Maple Hill
BarnesP.Unk22 May 1923Maple Hill
BarnesRaymondR.Unk03 May 1992Maple Hill
BarnesReubenUnkNDDMaple Hill
BarnesSallieUnk11 Apr 1955Maple Hill
BarnesThomasMarvinUnk03 Dec 2000Maple Hill
BarnesWilliamAndrew02 Dec 192027 Jul 2005Maple Hill
BarnettAlmaJoyceUnk22 Jul 1989Maple Hill
BarnettAndrewR.05 Apr 192427 May 1991Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BarnettAnnieEstelle27 Aug 190711 Nov 2005Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
BarnettAnnie/AliceHonea15 Jun 188117 Jun 1906Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BarnettAuburnLeon04 Nov 192701 Dec 2003Maple Hill
BarnettBaby26 Jan 194526 Jan 1945Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
BarnettBerthaUnk17 Sep 1931Maple Hill
BarnettBonnieI.30 Oct 192226 Sep 1935Kennamer
BarnettE.A.18941970Shady Grove
BarnettEdithChaney02 Oct 192823 Mar 2002Maple Hill
BarnettFannieL.18841971Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BarnettFloydT.20 Nov 190412 Apr 1991Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BarnettGuy1899NDDCharity Baptist Church
BarnettHenryE.27 Jun 189122 Feb 1949Charity Baptist Church
BarnettJamesUnk29 Jun 1951Maple Hill
BarnettJessieH.Unk11 Oct 1987Maple Hill
BarnettJohnA.04 Jan 187413 Aug 1923Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
BarnettJohnE.09 May 190114 Oct 1985Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
BarnettJunieM.18 Jun 192904 Feb 1979Maple Hill
BarnettK.Unk14 Feb 1930Maple Hill
BarnettLouiseUnkNDDMaple Hill
BarnettMamieUnk01 Feb 1986Maple Hill
BarnettMarionW.22 Aug 187217 Dec 1957Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BarnettMaryLouUnk18 May 1935Maple Hill
BarnettMaryPauline26 Nov 191111 Jul 1938Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
BarnettMarylinC.Morring31 Aug 186616 Sep 1945Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BarnettMickeyW.18 Jan 195514 Jul 1996Bevill
BarnettMinervaK.16 Nov 187320 Mar 1952Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
BarnettMinervaUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
BarnettMorrisUnk16 Jan 1938Maple Hill
BarnettOlenR.11 Aug 191507 Nov 1994Maple Hill
BarnettOnnieMagdalene09 Jul 192113 Jul 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
BarnettR.L.12 Feb 193706 Feb 1943Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
BarnettRichardF.17 Apr 187715 Dec 1962Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BarnettRobertH.22 Feb 192325 Apr 1998Maple Hill
BarnettRuther20 Jan 191221 Oct 1912Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BarnettSarahElizabeth26 May 184008 Oct 1911Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BarnettSarahUnk25 Sep 1920Maple Hill
BarnettScottie09 Aug 197108 Jan 1972Brown
BarnettSheilaRay01 Sep 193623 Apr 1937Fowlkes
BarnettWilliamA.10 Sep 191131 Mar 1969Fowlkes
BarnettWilliamD.11 Apr 191326 Mar 1980Maple Hill
BarnetteRubyA.Unk19 Dec 2000Maple Hill
BarneyJohnnieUnk01 Jul 1927Maple Hill
BarnhartMargaretUnk11 Apr 1999Maple Hill
BarnhartRobertG.Unk02 Jun 1973Maple Hill
BarrChesterUnk08 Jun 1960Maple Hill
BarrE.N.Unk29 Jun 1899Maple Hill
BarrJohnUnk29 May 1964Madison Crossroads
BarrLidieB.04 Aug 192013 Sep 1998Maple Hill
BarrRobertD.12 Sep 192329 Sep 2005Maple Hill
BarrWalker25 Dec 191927 Nov 1986Maple Hill
BarrMaryAnn12 Oct 193122 Feb 1997Maple Hill
BarrazaPatriciaUnk29 Aug 1973Maple Hill
BarrazaRobertO.19 Apr 191718 Oct 1998Maple Hill
BarrellettSamuelUnk29 Nov 1929Maple Hill
Barr-EnnisFlorenceM.Barr04 Apr 196009 Nov 2001Oakwood Memorial Gardens
BarretCharlesT.MrsUnk27 Nov 1956Maple Hill
BarrettCharlesT.Unk12 Dec 1968Maple Hill
BarrettDaisyF.Unk22 Dec 1968Maple Hill
BarrettElsie22 Jan 191729 Apr 2002Maple Hill
BarrettGeorgeUnk03 Oct 1929Maple Hill
BarrettGranvilleJun 186904 Sep 1942Merrimack
BarrettJamesE.Unk19 Oct 1990Maple Hill
BarrettJim01 May 189404 May 1974Maple Hill
BarrettNannieLee02 May 189511 Jan 1978Maple Hill
BarrettRosemayLynnUnk24 Oct 1962Maple Hill
BarrettTeaUnk31 Jan 1915Maple Hill
BarrettWilliamD.Unk03 Mar 1897Maple Hill
BarrettWilliamRobertUnk06 Feb 1967Maple Hill
BarrettWilliamUnk17 Jun 1933Maple Hill
BarronCharles14 Jun 191514 Apr 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
BarronMargaretMcAllisterUnk23 Aug 1975Maple Hill
BarronW.Unk08 Dec 1901Maple Hill
BarrySadieFrancis16 Oct 190805 Dec 1973Maple Hill
BarryW.A.Unk16 Apr 1971Maple Hill
BarrzaIreneUnk30 Mar 2003Maple Hill
BarteeClanysCokerUnk29 Aug 1971Maple Hill
BarteeEdna09 Aug 193305 Mar 2004Maple Hill
BarteeEllaB.Unk26 Dec 1989Maple Hill
BarteeJesseW.02 Sep 185908 Dec 1921Gurley
BarteeJohnThomas23 Sep 188009 Nov 1957Gurley
BarteeKate17 Aug 186130 May 1898Gurley
BarteeLewisUnk01 Jun 1972Maple Hill
BarteeMaryE.Unk07 Apr 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
BarteeTommieGurleyHall30 Nov 189007 Aug 1991Gurley
BarteeWaltonH.06 Dec 189628 Jan 1971Maple Hill
BarteeWilliamGlennUnk16 Mar 1980Maple Hill
BarteeWilliamGlennUnk10 Feb 1962Maple Hill
BartelsonCarlO.07 Nov 190311 Feb 1985Maple Hill
BartelsonJohnKemnerUnkNDDMaple Hill
BartelsonMaryK.19 Jan 191016 Aug 1994Maple Hill
BartholomewF.Unk15 Oct 1913Maple Hill
BartlettAmericaK.14 Mar 188915 Dec 1977Maple Hill
BartlettAnnieUnk20 Oct 1939Maple Hill
BartlettGeorgeWilliam22 Nov 191516 Oct 2002Maple Hill
BartlettJamesUnk29 Jun 1920Maple Hill
BartlettLawrenceUnk07 Jul 1903Maple Hill
BartlettLois20 Jul 192420 Jul 2001Maple Hill
BartlettRobertJames16 Sep 198405 Mar 2006Maple Hill
BartlettRubyM.Unk08 Oct 1967Maple Hill
BartlettS.Unk26 Nov 1901Maple Hill
BartlettWilliamUnk11 Mar 2000Maple Hill
BartletteM.G.Unk25 Dec 1898Maple Hill
BartleyMatthewUnk09 Aug 1979Maple Hill
BartleyPatriciaWhittUnk10 Nov 1988Maple Hill
BartlowJosieRene13 Oct 200313 Oct 2003Bevill
BartonBertieUnk08 Aug 1943Maple Hill
BartonCarrieUnk14 Jan 1929Maple Hill
BartonClaraL.12 May 190917 Jan 1988Maple Hill
BartonInfantUnk26 Aug 1891Maple Hill
BartonLillianUnk26 Aug 1891Maple Hill
BartonUnkFemaleUnk31 Oct 1885Maple Hill
BartonWilliamThomasUnk17 Oct 1961Maple Hill
BasdenErnestL.18 Jan 191716 Jun 1993Maple Hill
BashamFredUnk28 Mar 1913Maple Hill
BaskinsLouiseM.19 Sep 1928NDDHayden
BaskinsRobertR.C.20 Apr 193007 Jan 1998Hayden
BassC.Unk17 Nov 1900Maple Hill
BassClementineUnk28 Nov 1898Maple Hill
BassGarlandB.25 Jan 191913 Sep 1974Northside
BassGlennL.27 Mar 191720 Jul 1984Maple Hill
BassJoanMarie03 Apr 192615 Oct 1986Maple Hill
BassSusieE.1866NDDCamp Ground
BassUriah11 Jun 176630 May 1819Bass
BassWilliam18661945Camp Ground
BassettCarrieUnk07 Jul 1918Maple Hill
BassettH.W.Unk20 Nov 1882Maple Hill
BassettJohnY.12 Jun 180502 Nov 1851Maple Hill
BassettJosephMrs.Unk16 Jun 1871Maple Hill
BassettLauraS.Unk23 Mar 1914Maple Hill
BassettUnkS.Unk14 Nov 1916Maple Hill
BassettWellsUnk12 Jan 1934Maple Hill
BastieNolenUnk26 Feb 1929Maple Hill
BastinMonicaAnnUnk30 Mar 1972Maple Hill
BaswellAndrewUnk24 Aug 1943Maple Hill
BaswellDorisMarieUnkNDDMaple Hill
BaswellGrady04 Mar 192301 May 1977Maple Hill
BaswellMarthaA.25 Dec 189406 Jan 1978Maple Hill
BaswellTobyLeeUnk12 Jul 1977Maple Hill
BatemanAltaS.03 Jan 192722 May 2002Madison Crossroads
BatemanMyrtleMae26 Jul 188313 Mar 1954Madison Crossroads
BatemanRandyArthur22 Nov 196416 Aug 1980Moon
BatemanThomasE.08 Jul 188310 Apr 1958Madison Crossroads
BatemanThomasL.03 Oct 192013 Jul 1977Madison Crossroads
BatenGilbertO.Unk14 Jun 1978Maple Hill
BatesAdaMae05 Aug 188104 Oct 1950Kennamer
BatesAliceP.16 May 187612 Apr 1899Kennamer
BatesAnitaJaneUnk16 Dec 1986Maple Hill
BatesBeatriceUnk15 Feb 1963Maple Hill
BatesBillyInselUnk30 May 1989Maple Hill
BatesCharlieClinton19 Oct 190726 Apr 1952Kennamer
BatesClaraE.10 Aug 188025 Dec 1920Charity Baptist Church
BatesClaraBrewer28 Feb 1935NDDKennamer
BatesDavisUnk25 Apr 1957Maple Hill
BatesDonald23 Mar 1941NDDKennamer
BatesDorothyL.23 Nov 194114 Jan 1991Brown
BatesDorothySue13 Feb 1945NDDKennamer
BatesDorothyUnk11 Sep 1931Maple Hill
BatesEarlSmith18 Oct 190604 Jun 1908Charity Baptist Church
BatesEdwardDouglas27 Jun 192102 Mar 1993Maple Hill
BatesEffieSue05 May 191011 Apr 1996Kennamer
BatesEttaLouUnk22 Sep 1969Maple Hill
BatesEvelynUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
BatesFannieLucinda28 Jan 186101 Aug 1906Madison Crossroads
BatesGeorgeA.18681947Charity Baptist Church
BatesGreenWidener22 Nov 185926 Jul 1937Maple Hill
BatesHermanUnk02 Sep 1963Maple Hill
BatesInfantUnk15 Apr 1954Maple Hill
BatesJ.Sue28 May 192005 Jul 1988Kennamer
BatesJ.V.25 Sep 184706 Oct 1905Kennamer
BatesJamesUnk09 Aug 1936Maple Hill
BatesJasperNewton07 Jan 187605 Feb 1941Charity Baptist Church
BatesJasper20 May 189903 Apr 1975Maple Hill
BatesKathreenC.28 Nov 192818 Jun 1930Kennamer
BatesLanniceJoeUnk22 Apr 1979Maple Hill
BatesLauraC.18681953Charity Baptist Church
BatesLeah02 Dec 192523 Sep 1995Maple Hill
BatesLillianUnk26 Jun 1983Maple Hill
BatesLonnie19131967Charity Baptist Church
BatesLouisUnk04 Oct 1948Maple Hill
BatesLouiseGreen05 Aug 191307 Oct 2001Maple Hill
BatesMammie13 Jan 191412 Feb 1916Kennamer
BatesMara10 Mar1959Charity Baptist Church
BatesMariettaUnk24 Mar 1892Maple Hill
BatesMarionSchild09 Jan 192908 May 1978Maple Hill
BatesMaryA.05 Sep 191519 Apr 1983Maple Hill
BatesMedy18821918Maple Hill
BatesMildredK.09 Oct 1922NDDKennamer
BatesMiltonH.22 Jun 192421 Aug 1994Maple Hill
BatesMiltonUnk24 Dec 1953Maple Hill
BatesMorrisRay10 Jan 194728 Mar 1947Kennamer
BatesOdellUnk16 May 1957Maple Hill
BatesOllieC.26 Nov 1932NDDKennamer
BatesOraMae04 Mar 188807 Jun 1969Maple Hill
BatesPaulUnk21 Oct 1975Maple Hill
BatesPennyC.22 Apr 191021 Jul 1925Kennamer
BatesPennyL.08 Jun 196418 Sep 1995Kennamer
BatesRobertM.08 Jul 184809 Jul 1929Kennamer
BatesRobertS.20 Mar 190727 Dec 1957Charity Baptist Church
BatesRobertT.19 Mar 187905 Mar 1936Kennamer
BatesRoscene19361937Charity Baptist Church
BatesRoyC.Unk07 Mar 1990Maple Hill
BatesShelbyUnk24 Aug 1938Maple Hill
BatesSue04 Feb 188105 Apr 1967Kennamer
BatesSynthiaUnk20 Jul 1930Maple Hill
BatesTelfordJ.08 Apr 193914 Apr 1984Kennamer
BatesVaneesaKayUnk05 Jun 1979Moon
BatesVirginiaA.31 Aug 194530 Sep 2001Kennamer
BatesW.L.Unk16 Oct 1987Maple Hill
BatesWalterB.29 Dec 191215 Feb 1929Charity Baptist Church
BatesWiley13 Sep 185219 Feb 1913Madison Crossroads
BatesWilliamM.04 Jul 190927 Feb 1993Maple Hill
BateyBill15 Dec 190428 Feb 1973Kennamer
BateyJ.W.04 May 1944NDDKennamer
BateyMyrtle03 Sep 190503 Sep 1981Kennamer
BateyWilliam11 Oct 1926NDDKennamer
BathesBettyS.Unk27 Sep 1870Maple Hill
BathesGoldsteinW.13 Feb 182710 Jun 1860Maple Hill
BathesMaryBetts21 Jul 185426 Sep 1870Maple Hill
BatsonEzraO.26 Apr 191313 May 1983Maple Hill
BattFranklinB.27 Sep 190627 Oct 1986Maple Hill
BattGrace18801945Briar Fork
BattJohnnieJ.18861909Briar Fork
BattSerenaTalley07 Sep 191116 Oct 2003Maple Hill
BattWilmaLouise22 Sep 192230 Oct 1971Charity Baptist Church
BatteLemurlHillmanUnk09 Aug 2000Maple Hill
BatteWayneEdwardUnk21 Mar 1959Maple Hill
BattenFlorenceN.Unk03 Apr 1981Maple Hill
BattersonHelen16 Aug 190701 Mar 1991Maple Hill
BattersonJohnE.10 May 191011 Jun 1991Maple Hill
BattleAmandaLanierNov 190822 Jan 1967Center Grove
BattleArthur22 Feb 192102 Oct 1969St. Ruth
BattleBerthaUnk09 Nov 1914Maple Hill
BattleChesterUnk19 Nov 1940Maple Hill
BattleDamie19131972Battle - Mt. Lebanon
BattleDarnell22 Jan 194818 Nov 1989Battle - Mt. Lebanon
BattleDavidGrey23 Jun 191620 Dec 2004Maple Hill
BattleDavidLee03 Jul 195129 Jan 1977Northside
BattleDianaApr 182718 Aug 1907Battle - Mt. Lebanon
BattleDonnieM.14 Oct 191918 Apr 2005Bloucher Ford
BattleEddLee16 Feb 195426 Apr 2005Northside
BattleEdnaDec 189002 Dec 1918Battle - Mt. Lebanon
BattleErnest19392004Bloucher Ford
BattleEugene26 Oct 194927 Jun 1967Battle - Mt. Lebanon
BattleGarthel11 Oct 189618 Feb 1967St. Ruth
BattleGloriaAnn28 Dec 196509 Jan 1982Northside
BattleGovernor18941952Battle - Mt. Lebanon
BattleHiawatha30 Jun 194209 Jul 1999Big Cove
BattleJ.B.27 Dec 194418 May 2003Battle - Mt. Lebanon
BattleJ.Unk15 May 1875Maple Hill
BattleJacobUnk28 Sep 1869Maple Hill
BattleJacob28 Feb 192711 Oct 1973Northside
BattleJamesThomas25 May 193902 Apr 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
BattleJames30 May 193510 Feb 1974Northside
BattleJessieUnk28 Jun 1928Maple Hill
BattleJimmieLou12 Sep 192829 Apr 1971St. Ruth
BattleJohnH.Feb 184106 Sep 1910Battle - Mt. Lebanon
BattleJohnH.19171985Battle - Mt. Lebanon
BattleKillian04 Feb 188926 May 1967St. Ruth
BattleLauraA.Scruggs29 Feb 194405 Oct 1981Battle - Mt. Lebanon
BattleLaura185108 Sep 1928Pine Grove - Deposit
BattleLeroy11 Jun 190212 Sep 1967St. Ruth
BattleLilliePearl29 Feb 190606 Dec 1991Bloucher Ford
BattleLucille19301989Pine Grove - Deposit
BattleLucy18531938Battle - Mt. Lebanon
BattleLynnRaymond05 Aug 196314 Sep 1999Valhalla Memory Gardens
BattleMaryT.26 Jan 188328 Dec 1896Battle - Mt. Lebanon
BattleMinnieReeLove04 Dec 190705 Jul 1980Bloucher Ford
BattleNeal30 Dec 190727 Oct 1990Northside
BattleParileeH.03 Jan 190715 Oct 1985Maple Hill
BattlePatriciaA.19 Dec 196208 Jul 1984Battle - Mt. Lebanon
BattleRickeyL.21 Oct 195607 Apr 2005Valley View Memorial Gardens
BattleRobert14 Apr 191421 Sep 1978Northside
BattleRuth21 Aug 191329 Sep 1990Northside
BattleSallieA.17 Sep 190408 Aug 1974Northside
BattleSarah03 Apr 190802 Jan 1969Bone
BattleSusieMae18 Feb 190812 Nov 1971Northside
BattleTennessee16 May 189917 Jan 1963Northside
BattleTommyLee19651997Pine Grove - Deposit
BattleWalterLarkin19051972St. Ruth
BattleWillieE.Oct 1916Oct 1979Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
BattlesAdam09 Sep 192908 May 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
BattlesAmanda183830 Jul 1912Pine Grove - Deposit
BattsArthurF.Unk05 Jul 1937Maple Hill
BattsFannie184825 Apr 1904Batts-Ward
BattsMamieWe03 Jul 191824 Oct 1980Northside
BattsPorterLee20 Dec 194206 Jun 1999Northside
BattyJanisUnk29 May 1993Maple Hill
BaucomAddieG.06 Jan 188726 Jun 1981Maple Hill
BaucomArthurLeeUnk22 Feb 1948Maple Hill
BaucomBelleUnk03 Apr 1940Maple Hill
BaucomBufordLee27 Aug 191027 May 1980Maple Hill
BaucomDavidE.Unk25 Sep 1989Maple Hill
BaucomDennieMrs.Unk25 Mar 1972Maple Hill
BaucomDonaldLee19331933Maple Hill
BaucomElizabethO'NealUnk13 Dec 1999Maple Hill
BaucomErnestL.Unk24 May 1970Maple Hill
BaucomHattieUnk07 Mar 1977Maple Hill
BaucomLonzoT.Unk14 Sep 1969Maple Hill
BaucomLouieUnk06 Jan 1983Maple Hill
BaucomMarthaUnk16 Apr 1946Maple Hill
BaucomMaymeE.Unk27 Apr 1994Maple Hill
BaucomMettieUnk31 Dec 1945Maple Hill
BaucomMildredUnk08 Jan 2001Maple Hill
BaucomNinaFrancesUnk10 Jul 1979Maple Hill
BaucomOscarUnk02 Oct 1937Maple Hill
BaucomPearlJ.03 Jan 189606 Dec 1970Maple Hill
BaucomRobertBifUnk20 Nov 1982Maple Hill
BaucomRoyO.17 Jan 192222 Jan 1997Maple Hill
BaucomTroy15 Sep 189022 Jul 1969Maple Hill
BaucomZ.E.Unk28 Nov 1968Maple Hill
BaudendistelCatherineM.07 Nov 191003 May 1990Maple Hill
BaudendistelRonaldL.24 Jun 193120 Dec 1988Maple Hill
BaudendistelTheodore23 Nov 190730 Nov 1982Maple Hill
BauerWilliamUnk30 Dec 1968Maple Hill
BaughCarlUnk13 Oct 1900Maple Hill
BaughDavieUnk03 Oct 1938Maple Hill
BaughRobertT.Unk19 Oct 1989Maple Hill
BaughRobertUnk07 Dec 1940Maple Hill
BaughThelmaUnk20 Nov 1999Maple Hill
BaugherCharlesRoland21 Sep 194109 Jun 2005Maple Hill
BaugherCharlesW.29 Jan 193512 Nov 1979Maple Hill
BaugherClaudWilson04 Oct 189227 Aug 1962Gurley
BaugherClaudWilson10 Dec 192623 Aug 1928Gurley
BaugherClaudeUnk08 Dec 1943Maple Hill
BaugherEthelUnk18 May 1975Maple Hill
BaugherJacobUnk02 Jul 1944Maple Hill
BaughmanJessieP.29 Dec 191807 May 1993Maple Hill
BaughmanVernonC.Unk05 Oct 1977Maple Hill
BaumannJamesLee14 Feb 198024 Mar 1980Maple Hill
BaumannSusan11 Jan 193816 Feb 1980Maple Hill
BaverbandFrederickUnk08 Nov 1977Maple Hill
BaxleySarahK.17 Jan 1898Feb 1987Northside
BaxterC.Unk21 Sep 1954Maple Hill
BaxterCharlesUnk28 Aug 1893Maple Hill
BaxterColleElizabeth03 Jul 189914 Oct 1978Maple Hill
BaxterDwayneLaShar13 May 196123 May 1992Valhalla Memory Gardens
BaxterEloiseUnkNDDMaple Hill
BaxterJamesW.23 Jan 193205 Jun 1997Maple Hill
BaxterLillianW.27 Jan 189913 Apr 1980Maple Hill
BaxterMaggieUnk08 Feb 1945Maple Hill
BaxterMaryC.14 Jul 186606 Aug 1956Glover
BaxterMaryJaneUnk23 May 1970Maple Hill
BaxterMuzettCooper23 Aug 193612 Aug 1998Valhalla Memory Gardens
BaxterO.W.Unk04 May 1948Maple Hill
BaxterOrvilleW.22 Nov 190603 Dec 1992Maple Hill
BaxterRaymondO.Unk25 Feb 1997Maple Hill
BaxterRichardA.02 Aug 192205 Dec 1987Maple Hill
BaxterRichardUnk12 Sep 1932Maple Hill
BaxterRichardUnk12 Oct 1932Maple Hill
BaxterSusieGlenn06 Oct 188408 Nov 1969Maple Hill
BaxterThomasS.Unk25 Jan 1992Maple Hill
BaxterUnkFemaleUnk08 Jun 1895Maple Hill
BaxterUnkMaleUnk07 Oct 1903Maple Hill
BaxterWynn05 Jan 188302 Jun 1971Maple Hill
BayLandmanUnk05 Jan 1927Maple Hill
BaylesJaneEvans176228 Aug 1837Rice
BaylessArthurH.18541946Madison Crossroads
BaylessCyrilMcCaleb09 Sep 190614 Sep 1961Maple Hill
BaylessEarnestJ.UnkNDDMaple Hill
BaylessElizabeth03 Sep 178506 Dec 1862Bayless
BaylessFrankW.11 Sep 190916 May 1979Penny
BaylessJohnA.23 Jun 184913 Jan 1929Maple Hill
BaylessJohnB.18 Jan 183918 Aug 1916Cochran
BaylessJohnO.23 Jan 188316 Apr 1931Maple Hill
BaylessJohn23 Dec 178008 Mar 1860Bayless
BaylessLeonaV.18601942Madison Crossroads
BaylessLolaM.02 Nov 188624 Jan 1968Madison Crossroads
BaylessMaryA.09 Sep 182417 Aug 1911Shady Grove
BaylessMaryLouiseMcCown13 Nov 190520 Jun 1985Maple Hill
BaylessMildred29 Oct 190831 Jul 1910Cochran
BaylessMinnieG.05 Sep 188018 Mar 1965Maple Hill
BaylessR.W.28 Sep 182116 Jan 1866Bayless
BaylessRaymond07 May 190302 May 1931Maple Hill
BaylessSammie25 Jan 185708 Feb 1942Maple Hill
BaylessThomasUnk03 Nov 1955Maple Hill
BaylessThomasUnk06 Jan 1935Maple Hill
BaylessVasthi09 Sep 191802 Jan 1969Northside
BaylessVelma06 Sep 191205 Dec 1988Penny
BaylessWalterS.29 Oct 185724 Dec 1903Shady Grove
BayleyA.E.Unk13 Feb 1889Maple Hill
BayneInfantUnk11 Jun 1969Maple Hill
BayneMarionUnk31 Dec 1977Maple Hill
BazierEdithUnk03 Feb 1926Maple Hill

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