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SrygleyJamesUnk31 Jan 1944Maple Hill
St. ClairAlbertHenryUnk10 Sep 1957Maple Hill
St. ClairAltaMae29 Sep 189523 Jan 1959St. Clair
St. ClairAnnieRuth17 May 192130 Apr 1970St. Clair
St. ClairBeatriceT.UnkNDDSt. Clair
St. ClairBessieV.25 Aug 187602 Sep 1900Lawler
St. ClairCarrieMaeUnk30 Nov 1975Maple Hill
St. ClairClarence29 Feb 192225 Apr 1922St. Clair
St. ClairElijahB.31 Dec 184929 Mar 1900Pleas Mount Baptist Church
St. ClairErnestO.24 Jul 191510 Feb 1970St. Clair
St. ClairFrancisB.12 Oct 184715 Mar 1905St. Clair
St. ClairGeorgeRiceUnkNDDSt. Clair
St. ClairInez15 Jun 192815 Jun 1928St. Clair
St. ClairInfantMale30 Aug 1900NDDLawler
St. ClairJodieUnk04 Mar 1953Maple Hill
St. ClairLurie20 Aug 1883NDDSt. Clair
St. ClairMaryA.15 Nov 185222 Dec 1924Pleas Mount Baptist Church
St. ClairNoraBell06 Jul 189122 Mar 1965St. Clair
St. ClairRichard08 Mar 179913 Apr 1882Pleas Mount Baptist Church
St. ClairRobertV.09 Jan 192926 Sep 1967St. Clair
St. ClairSarah28 Mar 181425 Jun 1871Pleas Mount Baptist Church
St. ClairThomasLuther18751917Lawler
St. ClairVirgil22 Feb 188919 Aug 1965St. Clair
St. ClairWilliamE.Unk06 Nov 1959Maple Hill
St. ClairWillieB.Unk23 Nov 1966Maple Hill
St. ClaireFrancisR.Moon19 Sep 1885NDDSt. Clair
St. ClaireG.W.10 Nov 184204 Sep 1915St. Clair
St. ClaireGeorgeAudie08 Feb 188519 Jun 1953St. Clair
St. ClaireJ.C.15 Mar 192610 Sep 1961St. Clair
St. ClaireJamesHenry14 Jan 187529 spe 1949St. Clair
St. ClaireKennethG.03 May 194717 Dec 1975St. Clair
St. ClaireRice17 Mar 187913 Dec 1928St. Clair
St. JohnMaryUnk05 Jan 1914Maple Hill
St. JohnUnkUnk01 Jan 1917Maple Hill
StaceyClaudeUnk16 Feb 1951Maple Hill
StaceyJackOltonUnk25 Jun 2001Maple Hill
StaceyMaryCatherineUnk29 Jun 2003Maple Hill
StacyDoraK.Unk16 Sep 1989Maple Hill
StacyWillieAnneUnk14 Jul 1991Maple Hill
StacyWillieWynn01 Jun 192402 Jan 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
StaffordArevieT.18 Jan 186824 Sep 1937Charity Baptist Church
StaffordBeatriceUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
StaffordBirdieBlackwell11 Dec 190928 May 1990Madison Crossroads
StaffordClaraBell22 Aug 1889NDDCharity Baptist Church
StaffordDonaldH.12 Jan 194023 May 1976Madison Crossroads
StaffordElmer22 Apr 190229 Apr 1942Charity Baptist Church
StaffordFlonnie19161918Charity Baptist Church
StaffordGeorgeO.14 May 188820 Dec 1961Charity Baptist Church
StaffordGeraldUnk23 Sep 2005Maple Hill
StaffordH.B.Unk05 Dec 1901Maple Hill
StaffordHamon18 Sep 191811 Jun 1920Charity Baptist Church
StaffordHassieH.29 Sep 190022 Nov 1980Madison Crossroads
StaffordJosephA.B.11 Apr 184508 Apr 1916Charity Baptist Church
StaffordJosephW.18761948Charity Baptist Church
StaffordLaVennaJune18771952Charity Baptist Church
StaffordLonnieB.19001959Charity Baptist Church
StaffordLouisaJaneReynolds15 Feb 184524 Jun 1933Charity Baptist Church
StaffordSharonBlackwell10 Oct 194425 May 1949Madison Crossroads
StaffordVelma19021917Charity Baptist Church
StaffordWilliamF.05 Aug 186618 Aug 1941Charity Baptist Church
StaffordWilliamF.18 Jan 190429 Feb 1968Charity Baptist Church
StaffordWilliamLester08 Dec 192306 Sep 1947Charity Baptist Church
StaggGeorgeUnk25 Mar 1924Maple Hill
StaggJohnUnk10 Oct 1986Maple Hill
StaggsCarlWilliam01 Apr 192813 Jun 1929Merrimack
StaggsCharleyF.Unk03 Jun 1979Maple Hill
StaggsHoward18731936Charity Baptist Church
StaggsLillie18691952Charity Baptist Church
StaggsLonUnk10 Mar 1993Maple Hill
StaggsLonUnk29 Feb 1952Maple Hill
StaggsV.Unk03 Dec 1921Maple Hill
StagnerPaigeLeclayUnk13 Dec 2000Maple Hill
StahlWilliamUnk09 Jul 1915Maple Hill
StalinElizabethUnk25 Dec 1929Maple Hill
StalvaMaryUnk27 Dec 1898Maple Hill
StamateCyrusUnk16 Oct 1878Maple Hill
StammlerErnaUnk20 Jul 1972Maple Hill
StampsDillardUnk16 Mar 1928Maple Hill
StampsOwenUnk10 Aug 1974Maple Hill
StampsVirginiaCatherineUnk24 Jan 2002Maple Hill
StanardBettyUnk29 Oct 1997Maple Hill
StanceyMollieUnk25 Mar 1953Maple Hill
StancilEliasN.15 Mar 185009 Oct 1899Briar Fork
StancilHarrisonD.19 Nov 186922 Apr 1931Briar Fork
StancilIreneScott11 Jun 187916 Apr 1951Briar Fork
StancilMaryJ.26 Mar 190112 Jan 1904Briar Fork
StandardJoanneButler29 Feb 194617 Jul 2002Hayden
StandardJohnUnk23 Mar 1949Maple Hill
StandishFrancesSpivyUnk11 Feb 1998Maple Hill
StandridgeDeweyJeffery26 May 198809 Nov 2004Ready
StanfordMaryE.Unk03 Apr 1980Maple Hill
StanfordWilliamC.Unk08 Dec 1988Maple Hill
StanleyAliceSnow14 Apr 188024 Feb 1953Camp Ground
StanleyAmyUnk20 Nov 1987Maple Hill
StanleyCharlesThomasUnk17 Oct 2002Maple Hill
StanleyDonaldRoyceUnk10 Aug 1980Maple Hill
StanleyDonnieUnk07 Feb 1924Maple Hill
StanleyEldridgeUnk07 Feb 1994Maple Hill
StanleyEthelMaeUnk02 Feb 1992Maple Hill
StanleyEuniceUnk24 May 1979Maple Hill
StanleyFannieLee10 Apr 190519 May 1985Bevill
StanleyGeorgeLeeUnk30 Oct 2000Maple Hill
StanleyGeorgeUnk10 Jun 1972Maple Hill
StanleyH.O.Unk20 Mar 1978Maple Hill
StanleyHattieUnk03 Jun 1943Maple Hill
StanleyHoward23 Dec 193524 Jan 2005Charity Baptist Church
StanleyInfantUnk03 Dec 1954Maple Hill
StanleyJ.G.Unk02 Apr 1960Maple Hill
StanleyJackUnk18 Dec 1966Maple Hill
StanleyJamesH.UnkNDDMaple Hill
StanleyJamesRoy15 Nov 190220 Feb 1983Bevill
StanleyJohnN.02 Mar 1873NDDPlainview
StanleyJohnUnk29 Nov 1939Maple Hill
StanleyLessieLouise10 May 191824 Oct 1984First Flint River Baptist
StanleyLisaLorraineUnk25 May 2003Maple Hill
StanleyMargaretUnk05 Nov 1987Maple Hill
StanleyMaryF.Floyd20 Nov 188513 Nov 1946Plainview
StanleyMaryFrances17 Nov 192608 Nov 1932Plainview
StanleyNettieO.Unk12 Feb 2005Maple Hill
StanleyOllieH.Unk03 Apr 1970Maple Hill
StanleySusieUnk30 Jun 1942Maple Hill
StanleyUnkUnk26 Feb 1954Maple Hill
StanleyW.Unk09 Sep 1951Maple Hill
StanleyWilliamB.01 Jan 187017 Apr 1934Camp Ground
StanleyWillieNancyUnk10 Oct 1993Maple Hill
StantonJ.S.Unk22 Mar 1893Maple Hill
StantonJosephMillsUnk01 May 1999Maple Hill
StantonLilyUnk05 Oct 1955Maple Hill
StaplerAlbertD.29 Jan 191522 Apr 1996Kennamer
StaplerAltieL.27 Jun 190001 Jun 1971Kennamer
StaplerAmosFrank09 Aug 189927 Nov 1970Green Valley
StaplerAnnieL.23 Mar 190429 May 1980Neal Chapel
StaplerBertieC.14 Feb 191416 Jul 1978Kennamer
StaplerElizabethJewell06 May 1938NDDKennamer
StaplerEunerFaye16 Aug 193605 May 1938Neal Chapel
StaplerEverettL.27 Apr 192510 Aug 1996Kennamer
StaplerGeorge08 Aug 188926 Nov 1947Kennamer
StaplerGradyH.14 Feb 192808 Aug 1987Hayden
StaplerHarveyF.23 Jul 195614 Sep 2001Neal Chapel
StaplerHelenG.Unk09 Oct 1985Maple Hill
StaplerIlarJ.04 Sep 191228 Aug 1997Neal Chapel
StaplerInfantFemaleUnk14 Jun 1937Neal Chapel
StaplerInfantMaleUnk14 Jun 1937Neal Chapel
StaplerJ.Jack18 Feb 189718 Jan 1957Neal Chapel
StaplerJamesHoward09 Oct 193410 Jun 1947Kennamer
StaplerJohnD.04 Dec 1929NDDHayden
StaplerJosephThurman09 Mar 193307 May 1934Neal Chapel
StaplerKatieLucilleMay 1937Sep 1937Kennamer
StaplerLeoThomas04 Dec 191925 Oct 1991Neal Chapel
StaplerLester14 Jan 193527 Apr 1972Neal Chapel
StaplerMattie08 Feb 187108 Dec 1964Neal Chapel
StaplerMay12 Oct 189224 Mar 1951New Hope
StaplerMyrtleWebb11 Apr 193103 Jan 1983Hayden
StaplerOttoBernard05 Apr 191901 Feb 2002New Hope
StaplerRaymond03 May 192713 Sep 1990Green Valley
StaplerRonaldDale06 Dec 196006 Dec 1960Hayden
StaplerSilas12 Sep 186326 Sep 1938Neal Chapel
StaplerSusanM.12 Nov 196122 Jun 1992Hayden
StaplerTommieL.01 Jan 190606 Mar 1997Neal Chapel
StaplerW.S.18621938Neal Chapel
StaplerWillW.01 Jun 188925 Nov 1962Kennamer
StaplerWilliamNeely04 Sep 192607 May 1928Neal Chapel
StaplesJimUnk25 Mar 1973Maple Hill
StaplesKayranUnk22 Sep 1955Maple Hill
StarkeyBeulahEstaleeUnk12 Aug 2002Maple Hill
StarkeyRossP.Unk14 Aug 1998Maple Hill
StarkeyTheoTedTench28 Nov 192106 Aug 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
StarlinOwenUnk29 Aug 1926Maple Hill
StarrElizabethO.Unk14 Nov 2004Maple Hill
StarrEwellUnk05 Dec 1953Maple Hill
StarrGordonUnk05 Sep 2002Maple Hill
StarrMaryUrsula22 Dec 188923 Apr 1971Maple Hill
StatemAnnieMaeUnk23 Aug 1962Maple Hill
StatomFannieC.Unk17 Sep 1991Maple Hill
StatomJamesT.16 Jul 193129 Feb 1932Merrimack
StatomJohnUnk13 Mar 1957Maple Hill
StatomMildredE.06 Feb 192711 May 1928Merrimack
StatumBerthaMaeUnk15 Aug 1998Maple Hill
StatumDeweyUnk08 Jun 1976Maple Hill
StatumElmerL.Unk19 Feb 1964Maple Hill
StatumJoeWayneUnk01 Dec 1991Maple Hill
StatumJohnD.Unk22 Dec 1992Maple Hill
StatumJohnJasper03 Oct 190124 Jul 1966Maple Hill
StatumJohnW.Unk25 Apr 1948Maple Hill
StatumRichardA.07 Feb 190814 Dec 1967Maple Hill
StatumTabythaUnk16 Jul 1944Maple Hill
StaufferMerrickL.Unk20 Aug 1965Maple Hill
StavageHarryUnk30 Mar 1883Maple Hill
SteadmanClarkUnk18 Mar 1973Maple Hill
SteadmanEarlP.13 May 191915 May 1919Merrimack
SteadmanG.Unk12 Oct 1938Maple Hill
SteadmanLaunaA.22 May 192201 Jan 1929Merrimack
SteadmanMarthaFranklinUnk22 May 1969Maple Hill
SteadmanMarthaUnk26 Jun 2004Maple Hill
SteadmanUnknownUnk12 Sep 1933Maple Hill
SteakleyAllieCurry17 Feb 188527 Mar 1956Charity Baptist Church
SteakleyBerthaViola30 Nov 189615 Dec 1946Charity Baptist Church
SteakleyBessieBell17 May 191122 Feb 1915Charity Baptist Church
SteakleyC.C.04 Jul 184216 May 1917Locust Grove
SteakleyCharlesUnk21 Aug 1951Maple Hill
SteakleyClaudeUnk10 Dec 1952Maple Hill
SteakleyEddieL.15 Nov 188702 Jun 1920Charity Baptist Church
SteakleyEulaL.25 Jan 187010 Jun 1949Charity Baptist Church
SteakleyGraceM.Unk02 Dec 1971Maple Hill
SteakleyJamesB.18981931Charity Baptist Church
SteakleyJohnM.27 Mar 186220 Jun 1923Charity Baptist Church
SteakleyJohnUnk09 Jul 1960Maple Hill
SteakleyJoyceAnn24 Oct 193824 Oct 1938Bevill
SteakleyLinda06 Jun 184419 May 1916Locust Grove
SteakleyLondonMrsUnk16 Nov 1956Maple Hill
SteakleyLucyUnkNDDMaple Hill
SteakleyMaryUnk10 Mar 1954Maple Hill
SteakleyNannieUnk15 Sep 1978Maple Hill
SteakleyNellieUnk05 Jun 1961Maple Hill
SteakleyShelbyGean01 Sep 193901 Sep 1939Bevill
SteakleyWalterEarnestUnk22 Mar 1980Maple Hill
SteakleyWaymonL.Unk11 Mar 1977Maple Hill
SteakleyWileyUnk07 Feb 1960Maple Hill
StearnsSamuelUnk07 Jan 1899Maple Hill
SteedTheodosiaMcDonald25 Jul 191624 Mar 1980Northside
SteelFrankUnk22 Sep 1917Maple Hill
SteelHaleyM.29 Jun 192301 Nov 1962Charity Baptist Church
SteelHenryUnk10 Dec 1928Maple Hill
SteelMildredL.UnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
SteeleAgnesUnk24 Feb 1986Maple Hill
SteeleAlbertO.13 Jun 192020 Feb 1967Northside
SteeleAlfredR.Unk05 Feb 1957Maple Hill
SteeleAnnie15 Mar 188612 Jan 1954Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
SteeleBobbyUnk18 May 2003Maple Hill
SteeleCarolineRigney05 Oct 183830 Nov 1911Rigney
SteeleCharlieL.Unk19 Jul 1985Maple Hill
SteeleDeanUnk30 Jul 1979Maple Hill
SteeleDeanUnk30 Jul 1956Maple Hill
SteeleDoraHill09 May 190831 Aug 1966Maple Hill
SteeleEddieUnk08 Dec 1950Maple Hill
SteeleElizaUnk27 Aug 1877Maple Hill
SteeleEvieMaeUnk15 Apr 1997Maple Hill
SteeleFredUnk29 Sep 1955Maple Hill
SteeleGertrudeUnk16 Jul 1959Maple Hill
SteeleGordonUnk23 Dec 1957Maple Hill
SteeleIdell17 Sep 191510 Apr 1944Center Grove
SteeleInfantUnk18 May 1955Maple Hill
SteeleJ.C.Unk24 Oct 1899Maple Hill
SteeleJ.Unk26 Jul 1928Maple Hill
SteeleJamesHenryUnk23 Aug 1949Maple Hill
SteeleJamesW.Unk02 May 1888Maple Hill
SteeleJaneT.Unk19 Jan 1892Maple Hill
SteeleJohnR.29 Sep 182709 Jun 1895Rigney
SteeleKennethUnk01 Mar 1999Maple Hill
SteeleLeonaUnk04 Feb 1990Maple Hill
SteeleLulaOtey15 Jun 189204 Sep 1972Northside
SteeleMaggieFloyd06 Jul 190906 Jul 1909Rice
SteeleMargaretR.Unk26 Aug 1987Maple Hill
SteeleMarthaUnk02 Jan 1929Maple Hill
SteeleMaryUnk12 Aug 1920Maple Hill
SteeleMollyUnk30 Aug 2004Maple Hill
SteeleN.Unk31 Jul 1924Maple Hill
SteeleNancyJaneUnk01 Feb 1959Maple Hill
SteeleRandallJ.Unk15 Apr 1993Maple Hill
SteeleRobertUnk04 Jan 1944Maple Hill
SteeleRubyUnk09 Jul 1928Maple Hill
SteeleSandraAnnUnk04 May 1963Maple Hill
SteeleSteveUnk10 Jun 1951Maple Hill
SteeleTazzyV.Unk01 Nov 1993Maple Hill
SteeleTheodoreE.05 Mar 188905 Jan 1894Briar Fork
SteeleThomas16 Oct 191304 Nov 1983Northside
SteeleUnkMaleUnk27 Nov 1916Maple Hill
SteeleWilfordUnk28 Oct 1911Maple Hill
SteeleWilliamH.01 Jan 190124 Mar 1968Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
SteeleWilliamH.Unk29 Aug 1978Maple Hill
SteeleWilliamThomas21 Jan 190523 Jul 1965Graveyard Hill
SteeleWilliamUnk17 Nov 1976Maple Hill
SteeleZanaUnk07 Jun 2005Maple Hill
SteelesJosie12 Oct 189014 Dec 1960Brandon
SteelmanAleeneUnk08 Apr 1915Maple Hill
SteelmanArthurUnk11 Feb 1950Maple Hill
SteelmanBufordUnk04 Apr 1968Maple Hill
SteelmanGlennW.Unk07 Sep 1984Maple Hill
SteelmanGraceUnk17 Feb 1948Maple Hill
SteelmanJoelUnk09 Jan 1938Maple Hill
SteelmanLeonaUnk05 Sep 1928Maple Hill
SteelmanLeonardUnk05 Sep 1941Maple Hill
SteelmanMarbieUnk16 Aug 1946Maple Hill
SteelmanMattieUnk05 Jun 1924Maple Hill
SteelmanOdelleUnk08 Nov 1978Maple Hill
SteelmanOlaFrancesUnkNDDMaple Hill
SteelmanRaymondBuistUnk23 Dec 1986Maple Hill
SteelmanRaymondUnk03 Nov 1933Maple Hill
SteelsG.L.23 Apr 189922 Mar 1942Pine Grove - Deposit
SteelsVergie02 May 189919 Jan 1944Pine Grove - Deposit
SteenburnJanetUnk14 Mar 1971Maple Hill
SteffeyTenyLeeUnk04 Jun 1973Maple Hill
StegaMargaretUnk06 Jun 1934Maple Hill
StegallEmmaUnk04 Nov 1899Maple Hill
StegallFrankD.Unk24 Jan 1977Maple Hill
StegallJ.R.Unk12 Feb 1896Maple Hill
StegallLouiseUnk02 Feb 1995Maple Hill
StegallMaryE.Unk29 Feb 1883Maple Hill
StegallO.K.Unk08 Jan 1899Maple Hill
StegallO.Unk03 Sep 1954Maple Hill
StegallOrzeroUnk22 Jul 1951Maple Hill
StegallOznoKnighntUnk30 Sep 1958Maple Hill
StegarJohnW.18 Feb 191517 Apr 1962Northside
StegarMamieUnk16 Jan 1972Maple Hill
StegerAllen18741916Crowson Hill
StegerAllieF.07 May 188427 Dec 1917Ryland
StegerBirdieP.31 Dec 188807 Dec 1972Maple Hill
StegerBobbyJoe05 Sep 194426 Jan 2000Big Cove
StegerCharlesUnk02 Dec 1951Maple Hill
StegerClifford05 Apr 1941May 1982Crowson Hill
StegerDaisyUnk03 Oct 1974Maple Hill
StegerDavisM.Unk27 Aug 1958Maple Hill
StegerEdisonLy-Briant17 May 197004 Jun 2002Big Cove
StegerEdithL.11 Jun 192720 Jul 1989Crowson Hill
StegerElbertHenry09 Mar 193311 Jan 1992Big Cove
StegerErnestE.16 Jul 189315 Mar 1948Ryland
StegerEvaOrmond16 Nov 187324 Nov 1950Steger-Ormond
StegerFannieMoss21 Jul 183912 Aug 1920Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
StegerFredUnk26 Mar 1928Maple Hill
StegerJohnA.Dec 1845Feb 1948Steger-Ormond
StegerJohnAlexander04 Nov 187023 Jun 1951Steger-Ormond
StegerK.H.23 Jan 180612 Jul 1892Steger-Ormond
StegerLewisL.12 Feb 186818 Mar 1955Crowson Hill
StegerLouis04 Oct 193530 Jan 1974Crowson Hill
StegerLucyBroganUnk16 Sep 1975Maple Hill
StegerMandy18761978Crowson Hill
StegerMarcusS.19751997Crowson Hill
StegerMarthaJordanUnkNDDCrowson Hill
StegerMaryE.09 Aug 182106 Jun 1899Steger-Ormond
StegerMaryE.SimpsonOct 1848Mar 1896Steger-Ormond
StegerMoss03 Apr 187320 Jan 1883Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
StegerOctavia13 Apr 192205 Jan 1956Crowson Hill
StegerOtha01 Mar 191429 Jan 1998Crowson Hill
StegerReuben18581926Crowson Hill
StegerRichard17 Dec 190825 Sep 1992Crowson Hill
StegerRobertRaginal01 Nov 196830 JanCrowson Hill
StegerShelbyUnk13 Apr 1946Maple Hill
StegerSpencer11 Mar 191003 Jun 1996Big Cove
StegerStevenOrmondUnk09 Feb 2006Maple Hill
StegerThomasB.20 May 188710 Oct 1970Ryland
StegerUnk05 Mar 191307 Apr 1913Ryland
StegerUnk23 Jun 194823 Jun 1948Ryland
StegerWilliamH.02 Apr 188022 Feb 1962Ryland
SteinMaryEllenUnk15 Mar 2000Maple Hill
SteinOscarUnk12 Mar 1977Maple Hill
StelleMinnieUnk11 May 2005Maple Hill
SteneyChildFemaleUnk05 Dec 1897Maple Hill
StensbyJohnL.20 Sep 192027 Feb 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
StensbyPriscillaB.Unk23 Aug 1999Maple Hill
StepanoJ.Unk31 Dec 1928Maple Hill
StephananJoyceUnk17 Jun 1930Maple Hill
StephenDelmaUnk19 Dec 1945Maple Hill
StephensAdaBell18861961Charity Baptist Church
StephensAliceMae01 Jan 191123 Jul 1977Hayden
StephensAlice29 Dec 189804 Jun 1970Maple Hill
StephensAltaB.Unk24 Oct 1989Maple Hill
StephensAnitaJeanne16 Oct 193327 Oct 1933Charity Baptist Church
StephensB.G.18581930Briar Fork
StephensBenjaminE.17 Aug 187807 May 1953Briar Fork
StephensBernieW.Unk18 Feb 1971Maple Hill
StephensCarltonC.31 Oct 197127 Dec 1987Moon
StephensCharlesH.Unk18 Nov 2000Maple Hill
StephensCharlieEdward16 Feb 193519 Feb 1979Charity Baptist Church
StephensCharlieElmerUnk05 Jan 2000Maple Hill
StephensChesterUnk01 Aug 1975Maple Hill
StephensCurtisD.01 Aug 192430 May 2005Bibb
StephensCurtis23 Sep 191003 May 1968Moon
StephensDannyLee13 May 195214 May 1952Neal Chapel
StephensDwightDee01 Oct 195301 Oct 1953Byrd
StephensEffieMae15 Jul 193808 Jul 1964Byrd
StephensElmaV.22 Feb 1912NDDMoon
StephensEmmaBellUnk15 Dec 1982Maple Hill
StephensEmmaRice17 May 1929NDDCedar Grove
StephensErnest12 Oct 188412 Feb 1946Charity Baptist Church
StephensFannieE.06 Dec 189008 Oct 1966Briar Fork
StephensFateF.25 Jun 188706 Jun 1945Cedar Grove
StephensFloraUnkNDDMaple Hill
StephensGaryOliverUnk14 Feb 2002Maple Hill
StephensGeorgeA.02 Aug 189217 Aug 1968Briar Fork
StephensHarryUnk03 Aug 1919Maple Hill
StephensHeymanH.1924Dec 2001Valhalla Memory Gardens
StephensHomer06 May 193322 Jul 1991Cedar Grove
StephensIdaM.Unk06 May 1984Maple Hill
StephensInfantUnk28 Dec 1954Maple Hill
StephensJamesR.12 May 189311 Jul 1963Glenwood
StephensJefferyFrankUnk27 Jan 1958Maple Hill
StephensJohnH.17 Jan 189225 May 1977Hayden
StephensJoyceElizabeth02 Jun 194003 May 1942Charity Baptist Church
StephensKatieIrene22 Feb 190817 Jun 1994Hayden
StephensLeforeUnk18 Dec 1975Maple Hill
StephensLelaUnk12 Feb 1904Maple Hill
StephensLorettaFaye08 Jul 195308 Jul 1953Neal Chapel
StephensLouellaRandolph28 Mar 188412 Jul 1945Charity Baptist Church
StephensLynnUnk17 Mar 1977Maple Hill
StephensM.E.18801950Charity Baptist Church
StephensMamieSue25 Aug 193211 Nov 1940Hayden
StephensMaryC.17 Dec 189016 Jul 1981Hayden
StephensNoraM.04 Sep 191008 Jul 1980Charity Baptist Church
StephensOla19031959Charity Baptist Church
StephensParvinD.20 Mar 190812 Jan 1988Charity Baptist Church
StephensRaymondS.Unk24 Mar 2005Maple Hill
StephensRobertOdell03 Feb 190517 Jan 1990Hayden
StephensRubyMaeUnk21 Aug 1994Maple Hill
StephensSarahM.18581945Briar Fork
StephensScottUnkNDDMaple Hill
StephensShirleyA.15 Oct 1936NDDByrd
StephensThomasO.26 Oct 190008 spe 1988Hayden
StephensVivianInez193619 Sep 1937Moon
StephensW.E.18881955Charity Baptist Church
StephensWalterEdwardUnk02 Jun 1998Green Valley
StephensWilliamCarlUnk05 Mar 1926Maple Hill
StephensWilliamD.06 Oct 1928NDDByrd
StephensWillieLemley14 Jan 188718 Aug 1952Cedar Grove
StephensChesterUnk10 Dec 1976Maple Hill
StephensRandallJedUnk19 Nov 1981Maple Hill
StephensonAlyceUnk10 Mar 1974Maple Hill
StephensonBeulahUnk04 Jul 1991Maple Hill
StephensonClintonUnk04 Apr 1969Maple Hill
StephensonDioL.01 Sep 189704 Sep 1967Maple Hill
StephensonDollieUnk09 Jul 1939Maple Hill
StephensonEtoileD.Unk26 Aug 1979Maple Hill
StephensonFrancesA.Unk10 Oct 1978Maple Hill
StephensonFredS.Unk15 Apr 1990Maple Hill
StephensonGenevaUnk15 Apr 1986Maple Hill
StephensonHettieUnk18 Apr 1976Maple Hill
StephensonHughL.Unk20 Dec 1949Maple Hill
StephensonHughUnk15 Oct 1938Maple Hill
StephensonJamesG.Unk27 Nov 1993Maple Hill
StephensonJamesR.Unk16 Jun 2003Maple Hill
StephensonJesseUnk02 May 1981Maple Hill
StephensonJohnDavidUnk10 Feb 1983Maple Hill
StephensonLorenaUnk27 Dec 1985Maple Hill
StephensonMarieUnk26 Jul 2004Maple Hill
StephensonMavisUnk01 Dec 1975Maple Hill
StephensonSaraJ.Unk10 Nov 1992Maple Hill
StephensonThomasUnk21 Mar 1955Maple Hill
StephensonWilliamUnk20 Aug 1942Maple Hill
SteppNancyUnk03 Oct 1972Maple Hill
SterlingGeorgeW.Unk13 Dec 1899Maple Hill
StevensAlvaS.Unk06 Jun 1960Maple Hill
StevensBonnieBerryhillUnk25 Dec 1998Maple Hill
StevensElizabeth01 Dec 189010 Feb 1979Glenwood
StevensEllenUnk26 Feb 1940Maple Hill
StevensEmmaJaneUnk27 Mar 1950Maple Hill
StevensEmmaSeaton16 Oct 187826 Dec 1958Briar Fork
StevensEthelUnk17 Oct 1918Maple Hill
StevensJ.R.Unk16 Dec 1875Maple Hill
StevensJ.R.Mrs.Unk23 Dec 1875Maple Hill
StevensJamesHenryUnk18 Nov 1964Maple Hill
StevensJamesR.Unk04 Dec 1936Maple Hill
StevensJamesUnk05 Apr 1903Maple Hill
StevensJanieK.Unk16 Apr 1957Maple Hill
StevensJohnUnk29 Jun 1951Maple Hill
StevensLoranzaUnk19 May 1938Maple Hill
StevensLucy10 Oct 190515 Aug 1976Northside
StevensMaryJ.18541925Camp Ground
StevensUnkFemaleUnk27 Aug 1913Maple Hill
StevensVermieUnk06 Apr 1918Maple Hill
StevensW.Unk07 Nov 1919Maple Hill
StevensWallaceW.18571894Camp Ground
StevensWilliamH.Unk30 Apr 1990Maple Hill
StevensonAliceMaeUnk16 Jul 1958Maple Hill
StevensonCharlesW.Unk22 Aug 1932Maple Hill
StevensonEffieV.UnkNDDMaple Hill
StevensonGeorgeMitchellUnk19 Feb 1947Maple Hill
StevensonHarrietUnk03 Nov 1928Maple Hill
StevensonHomer13 Jul 190319 Feb 1971Northside
StevensonInfantsUnkNDDSt. Ruth
StevensonJ.Unk22 Dec 1937Maple Hill
StevensonP.J.Unk08 Sep 1963Maple Hill
StevensonRaymondE.Unk13 Aug 1990Maple Hill
StewardIreneUnk13 Feb 1920Maple Hill
StewardUnkUnk21 Sep 1920Maple Hill
StewartAdaM.22 Dec 188202 Mar 1965Charity Baptist Church
StewartAlanda15 May 193124 Nov 1988St. Ruth
StewartAlfordE.UnkNDDMaple Hill
StewartAlmondUnk09 Dec 2005Maple Hill
StewartAltaM.30 May 188807 Jan 1963Bevill
StewartAlvieF.08 Apr 189601 Apr 1968Cloud
StewartAlvinUnk23 Apr 1958Maple Hill
StewartArthurLee01 Aug 189308 Jan 1967Bevill
StewartBenJ.22 Jan 188302 Nov 1962Bevill
StewartBessieUnk26 Sep 1996Maple Hill
StewartBettySueUnk30 Sep 2004Maple Hill
StewartBillieAnnUnk23 May 1988Maple Hill
StewartBlonie02 Aug 191114 Sep 1925Battle - Mt. Lebanon
StewartBobbie20 Mar 193925 Mar 1939Meridianville
StewartBobbyG.04 Jul 194204 Dec 1997Kennamer
StewartBunaUnk07 May 1976Maple Hill
StewartC.R.14 Apr 187825 Feb 1929Charity Baptist Church
StewartCarlC.Unk28 May 1985Maple Hill
StewartCarlGlennUnk02 Mar 1968Maple Hill
StewartCarlton15 May 194715 May 1947Moon
StewartCatherineA.Unk05 Jan 1892Maple Hill
StewartCatherineUnk30 Jan 1900Maple Hill
StewartCharlesWilliamUnk23 May 1988Maple Hill
StewartCharlesUnk10 Sep 1945Maple Hill
StewartCharoletteUnk01 Mar 1951Maple Hill
StewartClarenceL.30 Dec 192715 Dec 2000Pine Grove - Harvest
StewartClaudeL.Unk15 Nov 1938St. John
StewartClydeV.Unk02 Apr 1993Maple Hill
StewartDorisUnk19 Mar 1952Maple Hill
StewartDouglasUnk04 Jan 1951Maple Hill
StewartE.C.27 May 193806 Nov 1938Charity Baptist Church
StewartEarl26 Sep 190614 Nov 1975Moon
StewartEddC.30 Jun 188111 Jan 1954Charity Baptist Church
StewartEdwardLafayette21 Jul 186024 Jan 1930Madison
StewartElbertE.13 Sep 189730 Jan 1971Bevill
StewartElgieThomas05 Jul 190401 Apr 1956Maple Hill
StewartEliseUnk27 Jul 1994Maple Hill
StewartElizaJ.14 Aug 185414 Aug 1929Moon
StewartEllisF.13 Apr 191430 Jul 1956Moon
StewartEmmaUnk06 Apr 1918Maple Hill
StewartEstellaMaeGibson10 Aug 188924 Jan 1990Huntsville Memory Gardens
StewartEsterMayUnk13 Jul 1956Maple Hill
StewartFannieS.Unk22 Aug 1918Maple Hill
StewartFlonnieUnk07 Jul 1971Maple Hill
StewartFlorenceC.Unk09 Jan 1988Maple Hill
StewartFlorenceUnk11 Mar 1987Maple Hill
StewartFrancesA.Unk05 Jan 1981Maple Hill
StewartFrancesE.08 Jan 1917NDDKennamer
StewartFrancesUnk10 Jul 1941Maple Hill
StewartGarlandMartinUnk04 Feb 1984Maple Hill
StewartGertrudeUnk05 Apr 1987Maple Hill
StewartGertrudeUnk31 Aug 1934Maple Hill
StewartGordonUnk08 Oct 1924Maple Hill
StewartGussie17 Dec 189906 May 1993Brown
StewartHarveyL.Unk14 Feb 1992Maple Hill
StewartHarveyUnk02 Feb 1971Maple Hill
StewartHarveyUnk09 Aug 1941Maple Hill
StewartHarveyUnk27 Nov 1939Maple Hill
StewartHoyettUnk27 Nov 1938Maple Hill
StewartImogene02 Feb 193225 Mar 1975Bevill
StewartInfantGirlUnk30 Dec 1957Maple Hill
StewartIreneE.Unk16 Sep 2003Maple Hill
StewartJ.A.Unk17 Jul 1916Pine Grove - Harvest
StewartJ.T.11 Aug 184802 Jul 1911Locust Grove
StewartJackD.05 Oct 193524 Jan 993Moon
StewartJamesA.Unk07 Sep 1984Maple Hill
StewartJamesAlfredUnk02 Apr 1965Maple Hill
StewartJamesFletcher31 Jan 189617 Sep 1918Madison
StewartJamesH.Unk18 Oct 1979Maple Hill
StewartJamesHaskellUnk26 Jul 1987Maple Hill
StewartJamesM.Unk06 Nov 1986Maple Hill
StewartJamesM.Unk08 Aug 1983Maple Hill
StewartJamesR.Unk21 Mar 1957Maple Hill
StewartJamesR.Unk04 Apr 1957Maple Hill
StewartJamesT.17 Aug 194323 Nov 1990Pleas Mount Baptist Church
StewartJamesW.Unk28 Jan 1900Maple Hill
StewartJamesUnk31 Mar 1985Maple Hill
StewartJamesUnk09 Oct 1972Maple Hill
StewartJamesUnk19 Mar 1952Maple Hill
StewartJamesUnk08 Jan 1949Maple Hill
StewartJamesUnk13 Jan 1943Maple Hill
StewartJamesUnk01 Mar 1913Maple Hill
StewartJasonUnk26 Jun 1954Maple Hill
StewartJerryW.25 Feb 195417 spe 1996Moon
StewartJimUnk02 Feb 1975Maple Hill
StewartJimmy11 Feb 194414 Aug 1976Northside
StewartJoeUnk16 Jan 1899Maple Hill
StewartJohnUnk01 Jun 1903Maple Hill
StewartJosephE.07 Dec 187118 Mar 1947Locust Grove
StewartKateUnk05 Jan 1892Maple Hill
StewartKatherineE.Unk27 Oct 1999Maple Hill
StewartL.R.22 Aug 184515 May 1931Locust Grove
StewartLauraM.Green29 Nov 187403 Jun 1960Locust Grove
StewartLawrenceA.Unk08 Jun 1961Maple Hill
StewartLeeMrs.Unk27 May 1965Maple Hill
StewartLeliaUnk11 Feb 1967Maple Hill
StewartLillianS.Unk10 May 1981Maple Hill
StewartLitzyUnk03 Feb 1955Maple Hill
StewartLockieUnk19 Aug 1951Maple Hill
StewartLorettaBlankenship16 Dec 192728 Dec 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
StewartLouisaUnk27 Apr 1915Maple Hill
StewartLucyMaeThompson05 Dec 194422 Jul 2005Conley
StewartLusilla1 Apr 188209 Oct 1966Maple Hill
StewartLydiaRuth09 Oct 193326 Aug 1986Moon
StewartMaggieUnk08 Feb 1986Maple Hill
StewartMamieBell23 Oct 192531 Mar 1960Crowson Hill
StewartMamieL.04 May 192503 Apr 1998Moon
StewartMargieP.21 Feb 1956NDDMoon
StewartMarthaE.30 Aug 191613 Jun 1953Moon
StewartMaryD.Keel19 Oct 1945NDDKennamer
StewartMaryE.Battle02 Oct 187714 Jul 1913Battle - Mt. Lebanon
StewartMaryEileen08 Jan 190712 Jul 1986St. John
StewartMaryLee24 Dec 190025 Apr 1953Bevill
StewartMattieB.12 Apr 191010 Jul 1988St. Ruth
StewartMelissaJeanShaneyfelt17 May 196104 Jan 1997Gipson
StewartMildredP.Unk28 Apr 1989Maple Hill
StewartMorganUnk07 Jan 1951Maple Hill
StewartMorganUnk02 Jan 1917Maple Hill
StewartMorganUnk09 Aug 1889Maple Hill
StewartMyrtleW.Unk12 Mar 2006Maple Hill
StewartMyrtleUnk29 Apr 1962Maple Hill
StewartNancyT.Jan 1870May 1944Locust Grove
StewartNannieJ.29 Aug 190306 May 1986Cloud
StewartNinaLee25 Sep 191805 Oct 1990Bevill
StewartP.Unk07 Feb 1914Maple Hill
StewartPearl19041967Shady Grove
StewartRethaL.09 Aug 190212 Mar 1990Moon
StewartRobinUnk20 Mar 1993Maple Hill
StewartRodneyD.Unk22 Sep 1907Maple Hill
StewartRubyM.17 Apr 1894NDDCharity Baptist Church
StewartRubyS.Unk25 Apr 1983Maple Hill
StewartRubyJanette06 Nov 195713 May 1974Moon
StewartRuthDouglass2 Feb 190801 Jul 1945Douglass-Pettus
StewartS.Unk19 Jul 1954Maple Hill
StewartSamuelMorganUnk18 Jun 1924Maple Hill
StewartSamuelMorganUnk06 Mar 1890Maple Hill
StewartSkyeAshanda16 Nov 200211 Sep 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
StewartStevenAndrewUnk05 Jun 1962Maple Hill
StewartThomasC.05 Sep 189430 Nov 1959Gipson
StewartThomasC.22 Mar 185219 Aug 1936Moon
StewartThomasC.31 Dec 192825 May 1999Moon
StewartThomasD.31 Mar 194904 Mar 2001Moon
StewartThomasUnk18 Jul 1978Maple Hill
StewartThomasUnk10 Jun 1976Maple Hill
StewartTomUnk22 Dec 1950Maple Hill
StewartUnaD.Unk21 Feb 1992Maple Hill
StewartUnkFemaleUnk24 Apr 1917Maple Hill
StewartUnkFemaleUnk04 Jun 1904Maple Hill
StewartUnknownUnk21 Feb 1929Maple Hill
StewartVeronicaE.11 Apr 196514 Jan 1966Moon
StewartViolaUnk18 Apr 1991Maple Hill
StewartVirgilUnk18 Apr 1938Maple Hill
StewartWandaSueUnk03 Feb 1986Maple Hill
StewartWilliamFrancisUnk23 Nov 1994Maple Hill
StewartWilliamUnk11 Oct 1951Maple Hill
StewartWilliamUnk07 Feb 1946Maple Hill
StewartWilliamUnk14 May 1913Maple Hill
StewartWillisC.Unk03 Mar 2000Maple Hill
StewartWoodrowWilson03 Jul 194421 Jan 1969Kennamer
StewartWoodrowWilson06 Sep 191701 Jul 1969Kennamer
StewartZoeSearsUnk28 Mar 1962Maple Hill
StidgerBufordCharlesUnk31 Jul 1996Maple Hill
StidgerEvelynP.Unk14 Aug 1994Maple Hill
StidgerMollieUnk01 Nov 1956Maple Hill
StiffordDessie06 Oct 188329 Jan 1906Merrimack
StilesBillieMarkUnk14 Mar 2001Maple Hill
StilesBillyJoeUnk04 Feb 1998Maple Hill
StilesCharlesR.Unk26 Jan 1993Maple Hill
StilesDorothyL.Unk31 Mar 1981Maple Hill
StilesEarlMrs.Unk01 Jul 1975Maple Hill
StilesEdwardLeeUnk13 Dec 1977Maple Hill
StilesGladysUnk18 Jun 1987Maple Hill
StilesJ.Unk26 Jun 1929Maple Hill
StilesJimmyS.Unk26 Nov 1976Maple Hill
StilesLouiseUnk15 Nov 1998Maple Hill
StilesMinnieLeeUnk25 Oct 1948Maple Hill
StilesRobertB.Unk13 Oct 1978Maple Hill
StilesRobertLewisUnk11 Jul 2002Maple Hill
StilesRobertUnk24 Nov 1969Maple Hill
StilesUnkMaleUnk10 Oct 1901Maple Hill
StillInfantUnk22 Apr 1967Maple Hill
StillLeslieJeanUnk15 May 1968Maple Hill
StillWilliamArthur15 Aug 193308 Feb 1995Plainview
StillWilliamArthur28 May 195607 Feb 1998Plainview
StilwellJesseHenryUnk03 Apr 1971Maple Hill
StilwellOpalL.Unk07 Feb 1987Maple Hill
StilwellStellaB.Unk07 Jan 1991Maple Hill
StineL.Unk06 Dec 1901Maple Hill
StinnettBerryT.Unk17 Jul 1991Maple Hill
StinnettBuffordUnk08 Feb 1999Maple Hill
StinnettCharlesF.Unk22 Jul 1988Maple Hill
StinnettEthelA.Unk25 Jul 1992Maple Hill
StinnettGeraldDonUnk13 Sep 2005Maple Hill
StinnettJamesUnk03 Jul 1957Maple Hill
StinnettJimCalvinUnk01 Mar 1934Maple Hill
StinnettJosephineUnk07 Feb 1952Maple Hill
StinnettWayneT.Unk15 Feb 1988Maple Hill
StinnettWilliamJ.Unk17 Aug 1962Maple Hill
StinsonLucyUnk03 Dec 1975Maple Hill
StinsonMarieM.28 May 191601 Jan 1987Northside
StockholmDonaldUnk22 Dec 1933Maple Hill
StocktonB.A.Unk19 May 1980Maple Hill
StocktonBentonUnk16 Mar 1952Maple Hill
StocktonMarieF.Unk31 Jan 1991Maple Hill
StocktonOliveUnk02 Jun 1997Maple Hill
StocktonPaulA.Unk23 Nov 1990Maple Hill
StocktonRandallKeyUnk09 Jan 1958Maple Hill
StofleClarenceW.15 Mar 188315 Jul 1935Ryland
StofleElizabeth28 Apr 183516 Mar 1885Ryland
StofleG.W.F.06 Mar 183413 May 1900Ryland
StofleI.T.06 May 186312 Jan 1893Ryland
StofleJamesM.Unk10 Jan 1910Madison Crossroads
StofleMarshalR.03 Jun 189110 Mar 1960Ryland
StofleMinnieBellRoe13 Nov 188427 Dec 1971Maple Hill
StoggsRubyUnk02 Jun 1933Maple Hill
StognerBettyI.05 Jul 187924 Mar 1966Ebenezer
StognerEmmaC.17 Mar 189302 Oct 1954Ebenezer
StognerHermanUnk06 Aug 1941Maple Hill
StognerJamesC.02 Sep 190331 Jan 1954Ebenezer
StognerNevaHuntUnk01 Jan 1995Maple Hill
StognerRuthUnk13 Mar 1969Maple Hill
StognerSarah02 Aug 181503 OctEbenezer
StognerThomasUnk18 Jan 1972Maple Hill
StognerWilliamCurtisUnk24 Jan 1960Maple Hill
StokesDoraUnk06 Aug 1895Maple Hill
StokesMaryUnk17 Mar 1926Maple Hill
StokesPink05 Oct 192803 Jan 2001Green Valley
StokesTracyAlexis08 Jan 198526 Sep 2003Oakwood Memorial Gardens
StokeyGeorgeUnk10 Jul 1923Maple Hill
StoltzEdnaUnk24 Dec 1972Maple Hill
StoltzRollieUnk20 Nov 1952Maple Hill
StoltzVictorJamesUnk10 Mar 1965Maple Hill
StoltzVictoriaMaryFrassrand16 Feb 186411 Oct 1943Maple Hill
StoltzenbergElizabethUnk01 Mar 1948Maple Hill
StoltzenbergLouiseUnk16 Mar 1960Maple Hill
StolzBelleUnk22 Feb 1974Maple Hill
StolzBrooksieDurhamUnk13 Aug 1974Maple Hill
StolzCharlesW.Unk17 Jun 1950Maple Hill
StolzDeloresUnk05 Mar 1929Maple Hill
StolzEdnaUnk19 Sep 1934Maple Hill
StolzEmmaUnk19 Sep 1923Maple Hill
StolzGeorgeE.Unk23 Jan 1968Maple Hill
StolzGeorgeUnk09 Oct 1940Maple Hill
StolzJamesE.Unk15 Mar 1970Maple Hill
StolzJamesErnestUnk06 Mar 1989Maple Hill
StolzJohnUnk25 Jul 1918Maple Hill
StolzLauraAnnUnk16 Apr 1973Maple Hill
StolzMaryUnk27 Oct 2001Maple Hill
StolzNinaT.Unk02 May 1986Maple Hill
StolzPearlieUnk04 May 2003Maple Hill
StolzRichardH.Unk16 Mar 1982Maple Hill
StolzRollieUnk20 Aug 1934Maple Hill
StolzVictorC.Unk31 Mar 1997Maple Hill
StolzVirginiaJannieUnk21 Mar 1980Maple Hill
StoneAlbertVernon04 Nov 191527 Oct 1945Moon
StoneArthurThurman12 Aug 191111 Jun 2000Crowson Hill
StoneBernardS.12 Aug 189623 Sep 1973Northside
StoneBettyeL.23 Aug 1931NDDMoon
StoneCalvin22 Dec 190630 Jul 1970Maple Hill
StoneCharlesUnk05 Feb 1986Maple Hill
StoneClifftonNorrisUnk22 May 1980Maple Hill
StoneDelehahUnk09 May 1915Maple Hill
StoneDonaldB.UnkNDDMaple Hill
StoneEarnestStanzilUnk25 Jan 1988Maple Hill
StoneEddJ.11 Oct 192429 Apr 1983Pine Grove - Deposit
StoneEddieLee26 Aug 194915 Sep 2005Pine Grove - Deposit
StoneEdwardB.Unk06 Mar 1978Maple Hill
StoneEmmaSue06 Dec 187902 May 1960Rice
StoneEthelPearlUnk28 Feb 1994Maple Hill
StoneEttaE.Unk22 Jul 1975Maple Hill
StoneFrankDhue01 Jul 186524 Feb 1937Moon
StoneFrankR.12 Nov 188905 Dec 1977Bush
StoneFredLee26 Sep 190502 Oct 1946Pine Grove - Deposit
StoneGarlandM.19 Sep 184906 Sep 1917State Line - Hazel Green
StoneGeorgiaA.17 Mar 190722 Jun 2003Penny
StoneGlendaB.05 Jul 194009 Oct 1998Valhalla Memory Gardens
StoneH.Blanton10 Mar 187921 Dec 1966Rice
StoneHattieF.13 Jan 190203 Jun 1974Moon
StoneJadieG.Unk14 May 1994Maple Hill
StoneJamesA.184711 Nov 1867State Line - Hazel Green
StoneJennieElizabethUnk04 Apr 1998Maple Hill
StoneJesseM.24 Aug 186617 Aug 1867Stone
StoneJesse16 Mar 178727 Aug 1862Stone
StoneJimmieBraddock03 Mar 194115 Jun 1991Northside
StoneJimmieHoward25 Aug 189130 Jun 1967Bush
StoneJimmyLeeUnk28 Jul 2003Maple Hill
StoneJohnC.Unk03 Nov 1920Maple Hill
StoneJohnD.Unk21 May 1978Maple Hill
StoneJohnE.19221979Pine Grove - Deposit
StoneJuliaC.12 Nov 183919 Apr 1923Rice
StoneKatherineG.Unk17 Sep 1983Maple Hill
StoneKathrynE.Unk13 Dec 1980Maple Hill
StoneLeonB.Unk23 Jun 1981Maple Hill
StoneLottieE.Unk02 Oct 1993Maple Hill
StoneMaeH.Unk17 Mar 1984Maple Hill
StoneMarthaJaneAug 187925 Oct 1934Moon
StoneMarvin26 May 195105 Jan 1999Pine Grove - Deposit
StoneMaryR.06 Mar 184828 Sep 1939Rice
StoneMaryTurner09 Oct 189131 Dec 1955Gipson
StoneOrpahDrake28 Dec 191709 Jan 1918Drake - New Hope
StoneOtisOdell04 Mar 187713 Sep 1958Rice
StonePaulUnk31 Jul 1999Green Valley
StoneRandalCurtisUnk21 Jul 2001Maple Hill
StoneRebeccaFrankieUnk02 Nov 1998Maple Hill
StoneRickyLeeUnk07 Sep 2003Green Valley
StoneRobertEarl19 Jan 1948Aug 1975Pine Grove - Deposit
StoneRoyLandersUnk23 Mar 1962Maple Hill
StoneRoy15 Sep 189820 Feb 1983Moon
StoneW.A.03 Aug 186902 Oct 1917Rice
StoneWalterL.12 Aug 190519 Apr 1987Penny
StoneWalterPurcellUnk14 Mar 1999Maple Hill
StoneWalterScottUnk29 Jul 1977Maple Hill
StoneWilliamCue15 Jan 184628 Dec 1888Rice
StoneWilliamE.05 Jun 194013 Mar 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
StoneWilliamE.14 Mar 192620 Jul 1993Moon
StoneWilliamE.Unk11 Dec 1964Maple Hill
StoneWilliamMapp01 Oct 182720 Sep 1885Stone
StoneWillieP.22 Jun 194012 Sep 1968Crowson Hill
StoneWillie17 Jan 190222 May 1954Pine Grove - Deposit
StoneWinnieL.19 Dec 187221 Nov 1878Stone
StoneWinny11 Sep 178617 Oct 1862Stone
StoneCarl06 Nov 189715 Feb 1947Merrimack
StoneJamesW.Unk13 Oct 1971Maple Hill
StoneJudyC.Unk11 Jun 1947Maple Hill
StonemetzEvelynGraceBellows10 Sep 19352004Huntsville Memory Gardens
StonemetzRichardE.19331991Huntsville Memory Gardens
StonerAmandaJaneChurch186226 Aug 1948Maple Hill
StonerAnnieR.Unk20 Mar 1971Maple Hill
StonerDavidNewsonUnk25 Apr 1997Maple Hill
StonerErleneW.Unk16 Jun 1989Maple Hill
StonerJohnCalvinUnk03 Nov 1920Maple Hill
StonerJohnD.Unk06 Feb 1975Maple Hill
StonerJohnDaniel18 Sep 188812 Dec 1972Maple Hill
StonerRaymonE.15 Nov 193408 Jan 2004Faith Memorial Park
StonerThomasPleasantUnk21 Jun 1987Maple Hill
StorieLeonardD.Unk10 Oct 2002Maple Hill
StoryLukeSamuelUnk25 Sep 1997Huntsville Memory Gardens
StorySybleGoodUnk25 Jun 2000Maple Hill
StoryTaylorDavidUnk18 Apr 1997Huntsville Memory Gardens
StoryThomasH.Unk07 Feb 1974Maple Hill
StoryW.H.30 Jan 192130 Jan 1921Merrimack
StottleBurrUnk02 Nov 1986Maple Hill
StottleChristineW.Unk01 Feb 1980Maple Hill
StoutElizabethUnk01 Jun 1929Maple Hill
StoutzLouiseUnk10 Dec 1925Maple Hill
StovallCharlesNewtonUnk19 Oct 1897Maple Hill
StovallHettieUnk22 Feb 1968Maple Hill
StovallRobertLayneUnk13 Jun 1978Maple Hill
StovallThomasUnk27 Mar 1977Maple Hill
StoverBruceAllenUnk08 Oct 2002Maple Hill
StoverEllaUnk29 Apr 1944Maple Hill
StoverJamesUnk01 Dec 1936Maple Hill
StoverJaredTuckerUnk03 Sep 1999Maple Hill
StoverMarthaM.Unk10 Sep 1986Maple Hill
StoverMattieUnk06 Jan 1899Maple Hill
StoverSaraTuckerUnk23 Oct 2000Maple Hill
StowersJosephH.Unk29 Dec 1960Maple Hill
StowersJosephH.Unk29 Dec 1960Maple Hill
StoymerWilliamUnk13 Oct 1920Maple Hill
StrambergLenaUnk23 Aug 1898Maple Hill
StrandKathleenC.Unk29 Jan 1992Maple Hill
StrandThomasUnk11 Nov 1930Maple Hill
StrangAmbroseUnk23 Nov 1891Maple Hill
StrangEdithUnk16 Jun 1987Maple Hill
StrangElmerA.Unk02 Jun 1977Maple Hill
StrangHaroldC.Unk10 Mar 1984Maple Hill
StrangeNancyE.Unk13 May 1948Maple Hill
StrangeRitaK.Unk25 Dec 1996Maple Hill
StraveW.F.Unk15 Sep 1875Maple Hill
StrawberryPhillipUnk13 Dec 1899Maple Hill
StrawbridgeDorothyP.Unk26 Apr 1983Maple Hill
StrawnEthelUnk02 Mar 1987Maple Hill
StrawnFrankUnk15 Oct 1987Maple Hill
StrebRaymondF.Unk11 Sep 1993Maple Hill
StrebTimothyG.Unk05 May 1979Maple Hill
StreetAlfredUnk20 Jul 1973Maple Hill
StreetAnnieUnk10 May 1947Maple Hill
StreetBettieUnk31 Mar 1896Maple Hill
StreetCharlesLafayettUnk18 Oct 1890Maple Hill
StreetFrankUnk14 Sep 1889Maple Hill
StreetFrankMrs.Unk23 Dec 1871Maple Hill
StreetGeorge29 Aug 186303 Dec 1956Glenwood
StreetHarold19331933Charity Baptist Church
StreetHarry19331933Charity Baptist Church
StreetInezC.Unk10 Jan 1993Maple Hill
StreetJoeF.Unk14 Dec 1875Maple Hill
StreetJohnUnk09 Jun 1917Maple Hill
StreetJosephF.Unk25 Jun 1876Maple Hill
StreetJuliaUnk13 Apr 1948Maple Hill
StreetLucyBaker17 Oct 187523 Apr 1922Glenwood
StreetMarthieUnk20 Oct 1896Maple Hill
StreetReubenUnk12 Sep 1887Maple Hill
StreetRichardWalterUnk04 Sep 1957Maple Hill
StreetRubenUnk22 Feb 1929Maple Hill
StreetSophiaM.08 May 190007 Jul 1988Glenwood
StreetUnkFemaleUnk13 Mar 1900Maple Hill
StreetW.FranklinUnk17 Sep 1894Maple Hill
StreetWilliamUnk25 Jul 1900Maple Hill
StreitAlexanderE.Unk11 May 1974Maple Hill
StreitGeraldineJ.Unk10 Jun 1992Maple Hill
StrekMargaretC.Unk07 Jul 1982Maple Hill
StresselPhilipUnk11 May 1961Maple Hill
StrewlAugustusUnk29 Sep 1881Maple Hill
StrezeleckiC.Unk15 Jun 1964Maple Hill
StricklandAddieUnk01 Oct 1956Maple Hill
StricklandArizonaUnk06 Feb 1953Maple Hill
StricklandE.Unk03 Jan 1931Maple Hill
StricklandHarryUnk28 Nov 1955Maple Hill
StricklandJamesUnk18 Dec 1952Maple Hill
StricklandJohnC.Unk17 Jun 1960Maple Hill
StricklandJohnUnk20 May 1988Maple Hill
StricklandMaisieUnk28 Sep 1984Maple Hill
StricklandMarthaUnk11 Nov 1952Maple Hill
StricklandRaymondUnk23 Dec 1975Maple Hill
StricklandSamuelWayneUnk12 May 1969Maple Hill
StricklandUnkFemaleUnk28 Apr 1917Maple Hill
StricklandWheelerR.Unk21 Mar 1976Maple Hill
StricklandWillieF.Unk10 Dec 1956Maple Hill
StricklandWillieUnk02 Mar 1934Maple Hill
StrickleA.Unk09 Nov 1903Maple Hill
StrietzelDonaldTherseUnk28 Aug 1968Maple Hill
StrietzelMaryUnk22 Feb 1984Maple Hill
StringerCecilSmith14 Jul 190125 May 1968Plainview
StringerDaleE.Unk19 Jun 1950Maple Hill
StringerJohnE.Unk04 Sep 1973Maple Hill
StringerMattieA.Payne26 Oct 190412 Feb 1949Plainview
StringfellowRuthGrahamUnk29 Apr 1978Maple Hill
StriplinJeffMattUnk28 Jun 2000Maple Hill
StrodeDockUnk10 Mar 1878Maple Hill
StrodeE.Unk28 Sep 1871Maple Hill
StrodeMaryA.Unk05 Aug 1888Maple Hill
StrodeWilliamUnk18 Feb 1933Maple Hill
StromeckaJuliaUnk09 Feb 1982Maple Hill
StromeckyPetroUnk20 Jan 1965Maple Hill
StrongA.Unk10 Sep 1954Maple Hill
StrongAlbertUnk02 May 1953Maple Hill
StrongAlbin05 Dec 189427 Jun 1932Norris
StrongAlfE.UnkNDDMaple Hill
StrongAlfordE.UnkNDDMaple Hill
StrongAnnaW.05 Dec 185931 Mar 1942Norris
StrongBaldridgeUnk06 Sep 1913Maple Hill
StrongBenUnk04 Jul 1913Maple Hill
StrongBerthaE.Unk10 May 1988Maple Hill
StrongCarolE.20 Mar 18921970Northside
StrongCarrieP.Farley22 Nov 188503 Aug 1972Maple Hill
StrongCharlieJ.Unk11 Sep 1981Maple Hill
StrongCliftonEverette09 Aug 195913 Oct 1979Northside
StrongDavidUnk30 Jan 1920Maple Hill
StrongDixieLee07 Jun 191229 May 1972Northside
StrongGretchenUnk20 Nov 1959Maple Hill
StrongH.R.Unk07 Sep 1869Maple Hill
StrongHarryW.Unk12 Dec 1978Maple Hill
StrongHarryUnk12 Sep 1930Maple Hill
StrongHarryUnk16 May 1898Maple Hill
StrongHenryLaceyUnk06 Jan 1978Maple Hill
StrongHoraceNunleyUnk12 Jun 1936Maple Hill
StrongHoraceUnk11 Nov 1954Maple Hill
StrongInfantUnk31 Dec 1961Maple Hill
StrongJackRaymondUnk01 Nov 1979Maple Hill
StrongJackieMotlonUnk30 Jan 1965Maple Hill
StrongJamesJoelUnk12 Aug 1970Maple Hill
StrongJamesS.Unk09 Nov 2003Maple Hill
StrongJamesT.Unk08 Mar 1978Maple Hill
StrongJanieMcCowanUnk18 Jan 1990Maple Hill
StrongJannieJ.08 Jul 191715 Jun 1979Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
StrongKatieMae05 Apr 192627 Nov 2000Penny
StrongLeroyUnk02 Sep 1968Maple Hill
StrongLucyJamesDouglass20 May 181109 Jan 1862Liberty Hill Church Cemetery
StrongM.H.Unk05 Apr 1957Maple Hill
StrongMargaretUnk08 Apr 1935Maple Hill
StrongMargaretUnk28 Feb 1926Maple Hill
StrongMarieUnk25 Sep 1945Maple Hill
StrongMary18 Nov 187809 Oct 1970Maple Hill
StrongMaryUnk15 Nov 1928Maple Hill
StrongMastinUnk19 Oct 1950Maple Hill
StrongMazellWade20 Jan 193925 Aug 1978Northside
StrongNewmanTurner19 Oct 188701 Mar 1967Maple Hill
StrongNormanArthurUnk27 Mar 2003Maple Hill
StrongRaymondHarrisUnk02 Mar 1963Maple Hill
StrongRobertP.02 Jan 186004 Nov 1927Norris
StrongRobert20 Dec 180222 May 1856Liberty Hill Church Cemetery
StrongRobert02 Jan 191318 Nov 1970Center Grove
StrongRuben15 Apr 192016 Apr 1969Penny
StrongSarahPearlUnk17 Jan 1958Maple Hill
StrongSusieL.28 Sep 188018 May 1968Northside
StrongThomasUnk29 Dec 1896Maple Hill
StrongWilliamMason188401 Oct 1955Maple Hill
StrongWillieUnk01 Jan 1923Maple Hill
StrotherJohnC.Unk09 Aug 1970Maple Hill
StrotherLouisaW.Unk07 Mar 2004Maple Hill
StroudCorbyJaneUnk18 Jan 1984Maple Hill
StroudEmilyT.Browning11 Apr 185324 Mar 1928Madison Crossroads
StroudInfantUnkNDDMadison Crossroads
StroudJessJ.10 Sep 188919 Feb 1915Madison Crossroads
StroudM.Columbus03 Dec 187720 Sep 1899Madison Crossroads
StroudMargaretUnk26 Feb 1943Maple Hill
StroudRobertF.10 Sep 188919 Feb 1915Madison Crossroads
StroudRobertL.Unk29 Mar 1988Maple Hill
StroudWilliamF.04 May 184718 Jun 1906Madison Crossroads
StroupeBurtonUnk18 Feb 1995Maple Hill
StruveHenryUnk16 Jul 1904Maple Hill
StruveJohnnieUnk16 Nov 1957Maple Hill
StruveUnkUnk15 Jan 1918Maple Hill
StruveWilliamUnk13 Feb 1943Maple Hill
StuartAllieWallaceUnk14 Aug 1993Maple Hill
StuartChildMaleUnk09 Nov 1879Maple Hill
StuartWoodrowB.Unk18 Feb 1975Maple Hill
StubbsConnieJoUnk12 Mar 1962Maple Hill
StubbsElmer26 Nov 193008 Mar 1998Plainview
StubbsFrankUnk26 Aug 1975Maple Hill
StubbsJamesCliffordUnk24 Apr 1986Maple Hill
StubbsKatherine12 Aug 189924 Feb 1966Maple Hill
StuckeyRoseMary21 Jul 195328 Sep 1994Northside
StudardMattieLeeUnk30 Jan 1979Maple Hill
StuddardElizabethS.Unk30 Dec 1993Maple Hill
StuddardJamesL.Unk10 Jan 1996Maple Hill
StuddardJoeUnk23 Jan 1965Maple Hill
StuddardMcArthurUnk25 Jan 1997Maple Hill
StudersCassieBattle27 Aug 189212 Apr 1983Northside
StuernamRobertM.Unk07 Oct 1887Maple Hill
StumpJeanUnk01 Dec 1938Maple Hill
StumpNolleyBurtonUnk24 Jan 1966Maple Hill
SturdevantS.W.Mrs.UnkNDDMaple Hill
SturdivantG.S.Unk05 Nov 1982Maple Hill
SturdivantJamesR.Unk17 Aug 1996Maple Hill
SturdivantJennieUnk08 Aug 1956Maple Hill
SturdivantLenaR.Unk29 May 1969Maple Hill
SturdivantPauline01 Nov 190425 Jan 1908Madison
SturdivantRachelB.Unk05 Nov 1996Maple Hill
SturdivantRobert28 Jan 190311 Feb 1906Madison
SturdivantRubyUnk26 Dec 1960Maple Hill
SturdivantSarahFrances27 Sep 187128 Apr 1915Madison
SturdivantSolonUnk13 Feb 1986Maple Hill
SturdiventJohnUnk27 Dec 1938Maple Hill
SturgisMarshallUnk21 Dec 1894Maple Hill
SturveW.Unk16 Jul 1903Maple Hill
StylesAlmaUnk08 Oct 1992Maple Hill
StylesEdmonHaleUnk31 May 2002Maple Hill
StylesInfantUnk07 Jun 1955Maple Hill
StylesJamesW.Unk14 Mar 1991Maple Hill
StylesLouiseUnk25 Jul 1984Maple Hill
StylesLuendaUnk20 Mar 1946Maple Hill
StylesLydiaP.04 Jun 185620 Sep 1891Ragsdale
StylesMaryUnk03 Oct 1943Maple Hill
StylesNancyUnk02 Feb 1946Maple Hill
StylesOllieR.Unk18 Nov 1977Maple Hill
StylesPaulL.Unk20 Feb 1980Maple Hill
StylesSeanMichaelUnk22 Feb 2001Maple Hill
StylesWilliamV.15 Apr 185415 Jan 1913Ragsdale
StylesWilliamUnk20 Dec 1946Maple Hill

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