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Last Name
First Name
Middle Name
CrabbLeonardLarryUnk12 Jul 1991Maple Hill
CrabbMargaret07 Oct 192515 Jan 1971Maple Hill
CrabbMaryUnk03 Mar 1899Maple Hill
CrabbMatthewUnk25 Jul 1899Maple Hill
CrabbPalmeliaUnk08 Jan 1955Maple Hill
CrabbRubyL.Nelson08 Jan 192020 Nov 2004Cameron
CrabbUnkUnk16 Jun 1923Maple Hill
CrabbeSallie02 Jul 187019 Aug 1967Maple Hill
CrabtreeAda08 Oct 187603 Jan 1896Maple Hill
CrabtreeBenjaminF.17 Feb 183920 May 1914Maple Hill
CrabtreeBerrymanLee186805 May 1929Maple Hill
CrabtreeBettyN.18931937Charity Baptist Church
CrabtreeBillUnk17 May 1985Maple Hill
CrabtreeCarlM.Unk12 Aug 1948Maple Hill
CrabtreeCharlieA.01 Jan 190706 Jan 1972Maple Hill
CrabtreeDeweyD.20 May 189830 Apr 1989Taylor
CrabtreeEmmaSmith18 Nov 189807 Dec 1977Maple Hill
CrabtreeFlorenceL.Unk17 May 1997Maple Hill
CrabtreeGarlandRoosevelt08 Aug 193128 Dec 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
CrabtreeJessieS.Unk01 Feb 1931Maple Hill
CrabtreeLeeUnk17 Feb 1927Maple Hill
CrabtreeLeo18891938Charity Baptist Church
CrabtreeMildredUnk02 Nov 1940Maple Hill
CrabtreePatriciaUnk06 Oct 1968Maple Hill
CrabtreeRozelleParsons187930 Oct 1941Maple Hill
CrabtreeSarahE.05 Sep 185109 Aug 1927Maple Hill
CrabtreeStella19 Sep 191014 Jun 1980Maple Hill
CrabtreeVictorDonaldUnk03 May 1974Maple Hill
CrabtreeVictorMrs.UnkNDDMaple Hill
CrabtreeWilliamHoward20 Feb 192130 Oct 1982Maple Hill
CrabtreeWilliamMrs.Unk17 Jun 1887Maple Hill
CrabtreeWillieUnk09 Dec 1893Maple Hill
CrabtreeZelaSwafford05 Aug 190418 Jul 1991Taylor
CraftA.J.10 Dec 192010 Dec 1920Bush
CraftAleneIkard19 Sep 191427 May 2003Moon
CraftAlexander12 May 182506 Dec 1896Byrd
CraftAngeline20 Jun 183825 Dec 1916Byrd
CraftBaby30 May 193030 May 1930Moon
CraftBerthaB.04 Jan 190131 Dec 1997Bush
CraftCharlesH.27 Mar 186013 Jan 1919Moon
CraftChesterC.26 Jun 190810 Apr 1994Maple Hill
CraftEdwinUnk06 Sep 1945Maple Hill
CraftElbertO.Unk09 Mar 1979Maple Hill
CraftErnest29 Dec 189626 Aug 1923Byrd
CraftEthel05 Sep 188924 Feb 1978Maple Hill
CraftEzekiel10 Jun 176217 Oct 1843Moon
CraftFreddie14 Nov 190213 Sep 1903Byrd
CraftGenevaAcklen26 Jun 191717 Oct 2004Byrd
CraftGenevaUnk19 Nov 1960Maple Hill
CraftGeorgeRobert15 Dec 189703 Oct 1977Moon
CraftGladysEaly16 Apr 191206 May 2004Maple Hill
CraftGraceC.Unk22 Mar 1980Maple Hill
CraftHarryBubby20 Feb 191211 Jul 1968Maple Hill
CraftHarry24 Nov 1891NDDMoon
CraftHattieMae01 Jun 190207 Apr 1989Moon
CraftHattieSue12 Jan 191014 Jan 1998Maple Hill
CraftHerbert09 Jan 189814 Feb 1964Moon
CraftHesterB.31 Jul 190725 Jun 1908Moon
CraftImogene27 Apr 193730 Oct 1938Moon
CraftJ.F.28 Mar 182730 Jan 1898Moon
CraftJamesM.24 Nov 185428 Oct 1910Moon
CraftJamesWilliam05 Sep 192025 May 2004Sneed
CraftJimmieWilliam23 Aug 191018 Jan 1911Moon
CraftJoannaLemley28 Mar 187007 Jan 1943Cedar Grove
CraftJosephFrank23 Nov 182720 Jan 1893Moon
CraftJuliaThomas07 Sep 194323 Feb 2005Byrd
CraftKathrynUnk25 Feb 1952Maple Hill
CraftKatyW.01 Dec 189712 Oct 1967Moon
CraftLaraM.27 Jun 191205 Jun 2000Moon
CraftLillyGay19 Apr 190505 Oct 1905Moon
CraftLonnieG.30 Apr 190903 Jun 1985Moon
CraftMargaretA.29 Nov 191315 Feb 1993Maple Hill
CraftMarthaJ.26 Feb 1857NDDMoon
CraftMaryJaneGreen22 May 1845NDDMoon
CraftMyrtleIrean14 Feb 190308 Oct 1911Moon
CraftPerryB.30 Jul 187731 Jan 1934Byrd
CraftRitaK.27 Mar 190826 Feb 1983Moon
CraftRobertM.24 Aug 189119 Oct 1977Moon
CraftRosaE.14 Oct 187504 Nov 1928Byrd
CraftSearcy29 Jan 191313 Jul 1970Moon
CraftVennieLucyBranum01 May 190127 Oct 1980Moon
CraftWilliamFrank27 Jul 185118 Jan 1919Cedar Grove
CraftWilliamW.22 Jul 189516 Jun 1941Bush
CraigAnnaS.Unk30 Dec 1998Maple Hill
CraigBettieAshburn18761913Pleas Mount Baptist Church
CraigClariceUnk12 Mar 2003Maple Hill
CraigCurtisFranklin14 May 193611 Sep 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
CraigDentonMonroeUnk01 Oct 1962Maple Hill
CraigElmerS.14 Mar 191124 Dec 1994Maple Hill
CraigEuniceE.21 Jan 192812 Jan 1998Maple Hill
CraigFlorenceM.15 Jan 188517 Jan 1978Maple Hill
CraigFrank08 Feb 189426 Mar 1970Charity Baptist Church
CraigHannahJ.Stephens22 Feb 184419 Mar 1892Cedar Grove
CraigHelenLee06 Dec 193626 Dec 1936Charity Baptist Church
CraigHenryL.07 Feb 190817 May 1999Pleas Mount Baptist Church
CraigJamesAlbert13 Dec 193825 Jan 2000Northside
CraigJamesWiley24 Dec 184009 May 1909Cedar Grove
CraigJosephS.18741958Pleas Mount Baptist Church
CraigLaraM.27 Jun 191205 Jun 2000Moon
CraigLauraMayMay 191026 Aug 1911Cedar Grove
CraigMaggieM.Unk14 Jan 1953Maple Hill
CraigMinnieJ.Unk20 Jul 1996Maple Hill
CraigNannieB.10 Dec 1914NDDMoon
CraigPrestonS.26 Dec 192413 Apr 1993Maple Hill
CraigR.Doe01 May 191120 Jun 1926Pleas Mount Baptist Church
CraigRosieL.05 Dec 191203 Jun 1956Charity Baptist Church
CraigRoyR.11 Feb 190430 Mar 1940Pleas Mount Baptist Church
CraigSam11 Nov 186126 May 1955Charity Baptist Church
CraigSusieUnk20 Sep 1934Maple Hill
CraigTerryDwight18 Mar 194818 Mar 1948Moon
CraigVirgil190716 Jul 1908Cedar Grove
CraigW.D.26 Mar 189813 Nov 1911Pleas Mount Baptist Church
CraigW.Unk06 Sep 1952Maple Hill
CraigiePatriciaAnnUnk09 Mar 1985Maple Hill
CraigieStephenK.Unk25 Apr 1991Maple Hill
CraigieVickiUnk28 Mar 1975Maple Hill
CrainMaryHelenUnk03 Jan 1993Maple Hill
CrainMaryJoseyphene20 May 186625 Jul 1912Maple Hill
CramE.Unk03 Apr 1924Maple Hill
CramerCarlPhillipUnk29 Sep 1989Maple Hill
CramerCarlUnk08 Nov 1954Maple Hill
CramerCarlUnk10 Sep 1902Maple Hill
CramerCarlUnk16 Sep 1882Maple Hill
CramerDorisSueUnk18 Oct 1932Maple Hill
CramerFannieM.Unk01 Jan 1919Maple Hill
CramerInfantFemaleUnk18 May 1946Maple Hill
CramerJennyUnk17 Nov 1884Maple Hill
CramerLeoUnk11 Jun 1886Maple Hill
CramerLilyMayUnk01 Jan 1909Maple Hill
CramerMaudeUnk12 Nov 1965Maple Hill
CramerNormaE.03 Jan 190730 Jan 1978Maple Hill
CramerPatriciaMitchell11 Sep 194724 Sep 1987Maple Hill
CrammerAdeleUnk01 Jul 1932Maple Hill
CramsieEffieUnk05 Jun 1959Maple Hill
CraneGlennWilson18 Dec 192404 May 1984Maple Hill
CraneJosephMichael31 Jan 196802 Dec 1973Cochran
CraneOliverUnk17 Oct 1925Maple Hill
CraneVeraN.17 Mar 189605 Jul 1984Maple Hill
CranfordThomasB.Unk08 Jan 1888Maple Hill
CraryDorisUnk30 Jul 1956Maple Hill
CraryGeorgeUnk22 Jul 1935Maple Hill
CraveMariliaUnk26 Feb 1920Maple Hill
CravenEmma26 Mar 190121 Jan 1978Maple Hill
CravierTannieUnk22 Dec 1919Maple Hill
CrawfordFrank05 Apr 189502 May 1981Northside
CrawfordJ.R.Unk09 Sep 1896Maple Hill
CrawfordJamesC.Unk03 Jun 1948Maple Hill
CrawfordSallieUnk26 Nov 1900Maple Hill
CrawfordThomasUnk22 Feb 1938Maple Hill
CrawfordWilliamUnk10 Jan 1887Maple Hill
CrawleyAsaA.07 Dec 189213 Oct 1950Hayden
CrawleyCarlaChilders24 Aug 189429 Apr 1968Hayden
CrawleyEddieG.Unk07 Mar 1947Maple Hill
CrawleyLucyJ.McDaniels27 Jan 185926 Sep 1938Camp Ground
CrebbH.Unk22 Feb 1927Maple Hill
CrebbsNoraUnk30 Apr 1936Maple Hill
CrebsC.N.03 May 191523 Nov 1984Huntsville Memory Gardens
CrebsEthelUnk26 Apr 1925Maple Hill
CrebsGauntUnk09 Jun 1933Maple Hill
CrebsH.HomerUnk01 Jan 1927Maple Hill
CrebsHomerUnk12 Mar 1954Maple Hill
CrebsLoveliteUnk25 Jan 1939Maple Hill
CrebsOllieUnk27 Apr 1948Maple Hill
CreekGordenUnk21 Jan 1920Maple Hill
CreekmoreRobertN.25 Nov 195623 Nov 2004Huntsville Memory Gardens
CreelAlanDaleUnk09 Sep 1948Maple Hill
CreelC.V.Mrs.Unk13 Apr 1958Maple Hill
CreelChesterV.02 May 188802 Jan 1968Maple Hill
CreelKarenLynn24 Jan 195813 Jun 1980Maple Hill
CreggJoeUnk01 Jan 1917Maple Hill
CremarBettieUnk29 Jul 1898Maple Hill
CrenshawClaraUnk21 Jun 1893Maple Hill
CrequeBarbaraUnk25 Jun 1977Maple Hill
CrequeCharlesE.14 Jul 192501 Apr 1972Maple Hill
CrequeCharlieUnk18 Apr 1952Maple Hill
CrequeJuniorE.Unk14 Aug 1991Maple Hill
CrequeMaggieTroyUnk05 Apr 1963Maple Hill
CrequeMamieJeanetteHollingsworth20 Sep 191731 Dec 2003Maple Hill
CrequeNellie03 Oct 1881May 1964Maple Hill
CrequeNonaBarclay188208 Dec 1968Maple Hill
CrequeOdie12 Oct 188822 Mar 1966Maple Hill
CrequeRandyAllenUnk02 Feb 1959Maple Hill
CrequeWillieLeeUnk02 Jun 1969Maple Hill
CrewsBillyH.05 Sep 193324 Nov 1978Maple Hill
CrewsBurley11 Apr 190824 Oct 1929Merrimack
CrewsLizzie13 Oct 187325 Jun 1935Merrimack
CrewsLouisUnk20 Jan 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
CrewsSallieAnn10 Oct 189802 Jun 1980Maple Hill
CrewsThomasFranklin12 Apr 188528 Nov 1965Maple Hill
CrewsWalterUnk10 Jul 1968Maple Hill
CrewsWillieH.Mrs.Unk24 Aug 1994Maple Hill
CrewsWilmaSandy09 Mar 194107 Nov 1999Maple Hill
CrickA.Unk06 Aug 1921Maple Hill
CrickAdaJaneUnk04 Dec 1961Maple Hill
CrickAmandaAnnUnk25 Oct 1987Maple Hill
CrickAudrey15 Feb 1892Oct 1948Merrimack
CrickCarmonUnk01 Dec 1945Maple Hill
CrickCorneliaUnk18 Jul 1932Maple Hill
CrickCorneliaUnk18 Jul 1931Maple Hill
CrickEdwinUnkNDDMaple Hill
CrickElizabethUnk27 May 1954Maple Hill
CrickHallieUnk23 Mar 1929Maple Hill
CrickJuanitaMay13 Nov 190626 Mar 1999Maple Hill
CrickLelaPaulUnk04 Jun 1959Maple Hill
CrickLenaMaude12 Oct 192019 Jan 2002Maple Hill
CrickLloydB.Unk27 Mar 1950Maple Hill
CrickLoreneSlayton25 Oct 191802 Nov 1997Maple Hill
CrickMaryUnk09 Jul 1915Maple Hill
CrickMyrtleUnk03 Jul 1933Maple Hill
CrickOliverUnk07 Aug 1927Maple Hill
CrickPaulineG.Unk24 Jul 1995Maple Hill
CrickRebeccaLynnUnk07 Jan 1992Maple Hill
CrickRobertDoyle31 May 191114 Jun 1992Maple Hill
CrickSaraDawnUnk24 Jan 1987Maple Hill
CrickSusieJacks188626 Sep 1962Maple Hill
CrickW.Unk18 Aug 1940Maple Hill
CrickWilliamEdward12 Dec 190907 Jan 1998Maple Hill
CriderFlorence22 Feb 188831 Dec 1975Maple Hill
CrimAndrewJacksonUnk03 May 1959Maple Hill
CrimKellyUlusUnk11 Jan 1968Maple Hill
CrimMyrtleUnk15 May 1964Maple Hill
CrimmJ.HomerUnk12 Apr 1982Maple Hill
CrinC.N.Unk19 Sep 1896Maple Hill
CrinerAlfred02 Feb 181822 Sep 1847Graveyard Hill
CrinerCabe14 Mar 188718 Apr 1918Graveyard Hill
CrinerG.W.23 Mar 181608 Oct 1836Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
CrinerIsaacMcClure25 Nov 182722 Sep 1863Liberty Hill
CrinerIsaac22 Apr 178315 Dec 1876Graveyard Hill
CrinerJoseph15 Feb 176716 Oct 1843Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
CrinerMarthaJaneUnk1957Graveyard Hill
CrinerNancyMcCain13 Jul 179123 Jul 1842Graveyard Hill
CriscoeA.B.Unk04 Aug 1959Maple Hill
CritanC.C.UnkNDDMaple Hill
CritanClaraEarl05 Dec 190520 Jan 2002Huntsville Memory Gardens
CritserArthurEarl28 Feb 193331 May 2002Huntsville Memory Gardens
CritzHarriettToney04 Sep 184009 Apr 1860Triana
CrockerJohnMilton13 Mar 185731 Dec 1897Briar Fork
CrockettSamuelUnk18 Mar 1920Maple Hill
CrockettWilliamUnk08 Nov 1943Maple Hill
CrockranWallaceUnk24 Jun 1929Maple Hill
CromellCharlesUnk20 Jan 1928Maple Hill
CroneInfantMaleUnk10 Feb 1942Maple Hill
CronsonArthurUnk25 Feb 1933Maple Hill
CronsonJacksonUnk14 Dec 1933Maple Hill
CrookBessieUnk06 Nov 1951Maple Hill
CrookKeithUnk18 Nov 1977Maple Hill
CrookOllie19192000Chandler - Carter Grove
CrooksEarlUnk30 Oct 1937Maple Hill
CroomWillie11 Mar 182521 May 1844Maple Hill
CropperKathryn06 Nov 190027 Dec 1968Maple Hill
CrosbyHannahUnk25 Mar 1933Maple Hill
CrosierEdith23 Jul 192127 Dec 2001Maple Hill
CrosierJamesEugene26 Jun 191720 Jan 1987Maple Hill
CrossAbbyUnk27 Nov 1962Maple Hill
CrossCharlesUnk16 Feb 1939Maple Hill
CrossElizabeth14 Sep 185122 May 1896Gipson
CrossFannieUnk14 Jun 1900Maple Hill
CrossJ.M.Unk04 Jan 1879Maple Hill
CrossJamesD.Unk05 Mar 1879Maple Hill
CrossJohnM.Unk08 Mar 1900Maple Hill
CrossJohnM.Unk03 May 1878Maple Hill
CrossLucyT.Unk11 Nov 1873Maple Hill
CrossMarthaJaneUnk21 May 1949Maple Hill
CrossMaryAgnesUnk23 Sep 1948Maple Hill
CrossNorman18 Apr 192413 Jan 1984Green Valley
CrossPatC.19 Mar 190302 Mar 1980Maple Hill
CrossRubyUnk08 Jun 1961Maple Hill
CrossStanleyUnk22 Sep 1901Maple Hill
CrossUnkFemaleUnk27 Aug 1871Maple Hill
CrossWillieBelle26 Feb 191812 Nov 1974Charity Baptist Church
CrosslinMichaelPrice21 Aug 195501 Dec 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
CrouchCarolUnk26 Jul 1944Maple Hill
CrouchClarkBenjaminUnk07 Mar 1965Maple Hill
CrouchJohnnie16 Sep 191816 Oct 1974Maple Hill
CrouseJosephS.11 Jun 191602 Mar 1982Maple Hill
CrouseJuanitaCabiness21 May 192101 Dec 1980Maple Hill
CrowBirdieUnk26 Jul 1922Maple Hill
CrowDavidAndrew29 Aug 193410 Sep 2003Maple Hill
CrowFrancisUnk11 May 1913Maple Hill
CrowW.Unk16 May 1925Maple Hill
CrowderAlvieLee21 Sep 194204 Mar 1991Plainview
CrowderGenevaRoberta21 Nov 192329 Oct 1985Plainview
CrowderGordon08 Jul 191212 Dec 1982Plainview
CrowderHowardUnk17 Feb 1897Maple Hill
CrowderJ.M.Unk29 Jan 1879Maple Hill
CrowderJ.M.Unk06 Mar 1878Maple Hill
CrowderLeon24 Sep 191002 Aug 1993Plainview
CrowderMaryUnk16 Jan 1919Maple Hill
CroweMarthaUnk26 Feb 1920Maple Hill
CrowellAshleyUnk28 Sep 1928Maple Hill
CrowellFeliciaDiane04 Nov 199720 Apr 1998Brown
CrowellJamesUnk12 Oct 1927Maple Hill
CrowlBillyUnk18 Jul 1938Maple Hill
CrowlCurtisUnk04 Mar 1935Maple Hill
CrowlErnestUnk12 Mar 1935Maple Hill
CrowlGarrettWeaverMrs.18 Dec 190421 May 1987Maple Hill
CrowlJamesAshley01 Sep 197601 Sep 1976Maple Hill
CrowlJimmieUnk01 Oct 1951Maple Hill
CrowlJohnT.UnkNDDMaple Hill
CrowlJohnW.Unk19 Aug 1937Maple Hill
CrowlKatieL.14 Sep 189505 Jan 1973Maple Hill
CrowlLucilleH.29 Dec 192707 Nov 2005Miller
CrowlLucilleMooreUnkNDDMaple Hill
CrowlNannieUnk18 Jul 1944Maple Hill
CrowlThomasUnk14 Sep 1915Maple Hill
CrowlWilliamE.02 Oct 192304 Nov 1991Maple Hill
CrowleyCoyH.Unk08 Feb 1983Maple Hill
CrowleyG.B.Unk22 May 1993Maple Hill
CrowleyMamieS.08 Jan 191117 Dec 1981Maple Hill
CrowleyMargaretAnn01 Dec 193508 Feb 2000Maple Hill
CrowleyMelvinG.12 Apr 192903 Mar 1993Maple Hill
CrownoverAllenUnk16 Oct 1935Maple Hill
CrownoverAmmierAvaritt07 Nov 190005 May 1992Pleas Mount Baptist Church
CrownoverSallieJaneUnk13 Feb 1950Maple Hill
CrowsonA.N.06 Dec 183307 Nov 1906Madison Crossroads
CrowsonAlleE.30 Oct 192226 Sep 1937Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
CrowsonAlleE.03 Feb 189814 Nov 1959Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
CrowsonAlleE.30 Oct 192226 Sep 1937Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
CrowsonAmandaToney15 Jan 187304 Dec 1961Ryland
CrowsonBentonDavid22 Oct 186922 Mar 1946Ryland
CrowsonC.M.West24 Feb 184606 May 1906Madison Crossroads
CrowsonEddieUnk28 Nov 1944Maple Hill
CrowsonFannieRuth10 Jan 190908 Jun 2000Maple Hill
CrowsonFloraWebb09 Oct 189824 Aug 1930Ryland
CrowsonHerbert11 Apr 189310 Jun 1914Ryland
CrowsonJ.D.UnkNDDMaple Hill
CrowsonJ.L.21 Mar 183827 Apr 1906Ryland
CrowsonJamesJ.10 Jun 192426 Jan 1976Ryland
CrowsonJohnB.21 Aug 192121 Jan 1923Ryland
CrowsonKathrynUnk19 Jul 1980Maple Hill
CrowsonLawrenceB.06 Nov 190218 Dec 1995Maple Hill
CrowsonMableP.13 Sep 192323 Oct 1988Collier - Owens Cross Roads
CrowsonMarjorieHerrin18 Jun 191701 Apr 2002Collier - Owens Cross Roads
CrowsonMarvinA.07 Feb 191622 Aug 1995Collier - Owens Cross Roads
CrowsonMaryElizabeth13 May 184231 Mar 1916Ryland
CrowsonMarySueWebster16 Aug 190030 Oct 1990Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
CrowsonOscarB.13 May 190115 Jun 1902Ryland
CrowsonR.P.UnkNDDMaple Hill
CrowsonRufusUnk05 Feb 1940Maple Hill
CrowsonRuthSherrill11 Mar 191118 Mar 1953Maple Hill
CrowsorsInfantUnk06 Jan 1951Maple Hill
CructerNannieUnk03 Jul 1928Maple Hill
CruiteJosephUnk10 Mar 1934Maple Hill
CrumlyKathleen22 Apr 192101 Sep 2003Maple Hill
CrumpHelenBlue10 Aug 191721 Apr 1994Maple Hill
CrumpWilliamLeeUnk27 Mar 1972Maple Hill
CrumrineErwinUnk05 Dec 1945Maple Hill
CrumrineHelenUnk22 Nov 1939Maple Hill
CrumrineInfantFemaleUnk21 Nov 1946Maple Hill
CrumrineIrmaUnk03 Oct 1893Maple Hill
CrumrineJ.C.Unk27 Jan 1946Maple Hill
CrumrineLawrenceE.11 Aug 189330 Jan 1977Maple Hill
CrumrineMargaretteUnk05 Sep 1914Maple Hill
CrumrineMawdUnk29 Nov 1896Maple Hill
CrumrineNancyUnk16 Feb 1942Maple Hill
CrumrineOliverRichard10 Feb 194110 Feb 1941Taylor
CrumrineRobertE.20 Mar 192321 Nov 1972Plainview
CrumrineRuby31 Jan 190717 Jan 1988Maple Hill
CrumrineUlysesUnk14 Sep 1903Maple Hill
CrumrineWilliamUnk04 Jun 1896Maple Hill
CrumulsJohnUnk19 May 1935Maple Hill
CrunkElizabeth26 Jan 192516 Jun 1985Maple Hill
CrunkHenryGrady30 Jan 192808 May 1987Maple Hill
CrunkHenryGrady23 Sep 189308 May 1987Maple Hill
CrunkItaPermeliaCamper20 Apr 190218 Jun 1976Maple Hill
CrunkLauraUnk27 Jan 1946Maple Hill
CrunkMaggieUnk03 Feb 1923Maple Hill
CrunkTomUnk24 Dec 1950Maple Hill
CruseAliceM.Unk27 Nov 1959Maple Hill
CruseAllenDale29 May 194222 Nov 1989Maple Hill
CruseAllenMorganUnk16 Mar 2001Maple Hill
CruseCharlesDavidUnk19 Jan 1959Maple Hill
CruseDorisJean13 Feb 193028 Mar 1993Maple Hill
CruseElvaMae07 Jun 190714 Jul 2005Maple Hill
CruseH.F.Unk25 Jun 1961Maple Hill
CruseHazelUnk21 Jan 1974Maple Hill
CruseHermanO.31 Jan 191025 Jun 1981Maple Hill
CruseJamesUnk13 May 1923Maple Hill
CruseJerryWayneUnk23 Feb 1948Maple Hill
CruseJesseE.Unk27 Oct 1948Maple Hill
CruseJohnnieT.Unk26 Apr 1997Maple Hill
CruseJosephWoolforkUnk28 Sep 1999Maple Hill
CruseKate13 Sep 189612 May 1977Maple Hill
CruseLela04 Apr 189729 Jan 1968Maple Hill
CruseLucyW.Unk27 Aug 1990Maple Hill
CruseM.E.18 Sep 187606 Dec 1916Gibson
CruseM.E.18 Sep 187606 Dec 1916Gipson
CruseMaryElizabethUnk21 Jul 1981Maple Hill
CruseMerleWalker12 Aug 191330 Dec 2000Maple Hill
CruseMinnieSwinford22 Feb 189429 Sep 1982Maple Hill
CruseNormanC.19 Jun 192412 Jul 1993Maple Hill
CrusePercy06 Oct 188927 Feb 1968Maple Hill
CrusePercyUnk25 Dec 1913Maple Hill
CrusePercyUnk29 Nov 1884Maple Hill
CruseRubyMay20 Feb 190828 May 1910Gibson
CruseRubyMay20 Feb 190829 May 1910Gipson
CruseS.R.Unk25 Jan 1883Maple Hill
CruseS.Unk14 Sep 1950Maple Hill
CruseSamuelUnk02 Feb 1914Maple Hill
CruseT.A.MrsUnk29 Mar 1956Maple Hill
CruseThomasUnk26 Oct 1943Maple Hill
CruseThomasUnk10 Feb 1899Maple Hill
CruseUnkFemaleUnk20 Jan 1878Maple Hill
CruseW.H.Unk28 Jun 1958Maple Hill
CruseWilliamO.Unk19 Apr 1867Maple Hill
CruseWillie02 Feb 190401 Apr 1970Maple Hill
CruselleSallieUnk27 Mar 1970Maple Hill
CrushingJ.Unk13 Feb 1924Maple Hill
CrustingLucyUnk18 Dec 1923Maple Hill
CrutcheGeorge21 Apr 192211 Feb 2005Indian Creek
CrutcherA.B.24 Aug 182706 Feb 1892Center Hill
CrutcherAliceM.02 Dec 190626 Dec 1960Brandon
CrutcherAliceM.12 Oct 197012 Oct 1970Glenwood
CrutcherAnnaAcklin20 Jan 190710 Dec 2002Valhalla Memory Gardens
CrutcherAnnieL.Lightfoot14 Dec 192805 Apr 1998Northside
CrutcherBeatrice03 Jun 193329 Apr 1974Northside
CrutcherBeauford05 Feb 195705 Feb 1957Royal
CrutcherBirdieAn05 May 190011 Aug 1935Pine Grove - Deposit
CrutcherCarrieB.09 Apr 189718 Oct 1992Northside
CrutcherCedricLamont03 Jul 198216 Jan 2000Haygood
CrutcherCharlieM.15 Jan 193924 May 1985Bloucher Ford
CrutcherConiele20 Mar 192509 Jul 1945Crutcher
CrutcherCoreyBernard18 Jan 198330 Sep 1984Northside
CrutcherDaniel03 Jun 188418 Apr 1954Crutcher
CrutcherElla16 Aug 187614 Feb 1953Bloucher Ford
CrutcherFannieA.19 Jul 183406 Aug 1906Farley
CrutcherGenevaM.17 Jul 192611 Oct 2000Maple Hill
CrutcherH.V.20 Feb 183322 Jul 1902Center Hill
CrutcherHenryE.Unk17 Apr 1886Farley
CrutcherHessieGillespie22 Jul 186801 Jan 1939Farley
CrutcherHomerB.23 Mar 1900Mar 1904Center Hill
CrutcherIra22 Jun 193212 May 1978Northside
CrutcherJamesEdward27 Nov 1936Apr 1962Penny
CrutcherJenniferA.Unk17 Apr 1948Maple Hill
CrutcherJohnB.Unk16 Dec 1864Graveyard Hill
CrutcherJohnL.09 Dec 191625 Dec 1983Northside
CrutcherJosephUnk15 Aug 1870Maple Hill
CrutcherKing24 Feb 189601 Oct 1972Royal
CrutcherMaeUnk01 Jul 1965Maple Hill
CrutcherMary03 Aug 181324 Nov 1848Bailey
CrutcherMattE.02 Aug 189002 Oct 1982Northside
CrutcherMattE.04 Dec 192431 Mar 1976Northside
CrutcherMattieA.23 Sep 187223 Dec 1906Center Hill
CrutcherR.W.12 Apr 181210 Jan 1867Bailey
CrutcherSarahJane30 Dec 183702 Apr 1856Adams-Crutcher
CrutcherTabitha186106 Oct 1862Graveyard Hill
CrutcherThomasEddie31 Oct 195816 May 1984Northside
CrutcherUsia10 Feb 188031 Mar 1983Crutcher
CrutcherVelmaMoore31 Jul 192417 Nov 1981Northside
CrutcherWilliam15 Jan 182117 Mar 1885Graveyard Hill
CrutcherWilliam15 Jun 178706 Apr 1868Graveyard Hill
CrutcherWillis24 Nov 193118 May 1999Maple Hill
CrutchfieldB.F.UnkNDDMaple Hill
CrutchfieldHarrietUnkNDDMaple Hill
CrutchfieldKennethH.28 Aug 189912 Dec 1977Maple Hill
CrutchfieldMildredC.Unk25 Oct 1971Maple Hill
CruteBirdieUnk23 Oct 1923Maple Hill
CruteCharlesA.12 May 192218 Nov 1980Maple Hill
CruteCharlesUnk12 Apr 1939Maple Hill
CruteEdwardC.Unk17 Apr 1893Maple Hill
CruteElliottUnk17 Oct 1895Maple Hill
CruteInfantUnk01 May 1868Maple Hill
CruteJessieUnk20 Aug 1938Maple Hill
CruteM.S.Unk22 Sep 1894Maple Hill
CruteMalcumAlexanderUnk18 Aug 1889Maple Hill
CruteMary29 Nov 186205 Jun 1863Maple Hill
CryeChesterLee19051906Maple Hill
CuchoisJaneF.Unk21 Mar 1970Maple Hill
CuddBarbaraM.Unk25 Dec 1991Maple Hill
CuffAnnieB.02 Nov 192505 Oct 1997Maple Hill
CuffAtholW.J.01 Oct17 MarMaple Hill
CuffCarolAnn18 Apr 196413 Feb 1999Maple Hill
CuffWinfredJ.Unk17 Mar 1980Maple Hill
CullmanWilliamUnk02 Sep 1925Maple Hill
CullnerMaynieUnk01 Oct 1936Maple Hill
CullomElnaR.07 Sep 190519 Jan 1981Maple Hill
CullomEvelynUnk23 Jul 1938Maple Hill
CullomHallie08 Oct 190926 Apr 1984Maple Hill
CullomOllieUnk22 Mar 1952Maple Hill
CullomOnieL.12 Mar 190724 Aug 1984Maple Hill
CullomOtis02 Jul 190001 Feb 1967Maple Hill
CullonOboUnk16 Mar 1930Maple Hill
CulpCharlesN.29 Jul 185531 Jul 1869Maple Hill
CulpepperDoris10 Jul 192305 Dec 2003Maple Hill
CulpepperHenryUnk28 Jun 1898Maple Hill
CulpepperJuanita09 Mar 191418 Mar 1987Maple Hill
CulpepperWilliamL.19 Mar 191004 Feb 1979Maple Hill
CulpsGeorgeT.29 Jun 190912 Nov 1969Maple Hill
CulpsGeorgeW.26 Dec 187430 Dec 1956Maple Hill
CulpsLillieHenderson01 Jan 188017 Feb 1966Maple Hill
CulverCharlesN.07 Jun 191818 Feb 1976Maple Hill
CulverDavidHume03 Jun 192324 Sep 2005Maple Hill
CulverEdithP.Unk07 Jun 1980Maple Hill
CulverHarryR.Unk23 Aug 1968Maple Hill
CulverWilburnM.Unk03 Aug 1971Maple Hill
CumbaaDeLome28 Aug 192327 Oct 1999Maple Hill
CumingsJoeUnk06 May 1925Maple Hill
CummingsAgnesK.02 Dec 190427 Oct 1999Maple Hill
CummingsAliceSherrillUnk10 Dec 1958Maple Hill
CummingsAnnieL.12 Feb 189104 Dec 1985Maple Hill
CummingsBessieUnk24 Jul 1954Maple Hill
CummingsBettieJane14 Mar 193412 Aug 1936Maple Hill
CummingsCharlesH.10 Jul 190402 Apr 1973Maple Hill
CummingsCharlesH.01 Oct 195027 Oct 2000Maple Hill
CummingsCharlesH.19 May 192913 Feb 2005Maple Hill
CummingsCharlesUnk10 Apr 1934Maple Hill
CummingsCharlesUnk10 Apr 1887Maple Hill
CummingsCharlieUnk12 Nov 1878Maple Hill
CummingsElizaUnk23 Jan 1890Maple Hill
CummingsJennieUnk06 Feb 1937Maple Hill
CummingsLloyd09 May 192010 Feb 1992Maple Hill
CummingsMaryUnk17 Jul 1918Maple Hill
CummingsMiltonK.12 Aug 191107 Mar 1973Maple Hill
CummingsNannieS.Unk02 Aug 1882Maple Hill
CummingsSiverReeUnk19 Mar 1985Maple Hill
CummingsW.H.UnkNDDMaple Hill
CummingsWilliamH.22 Jan 191530 Dec 1984Maple Hill
CummingsWilliamUnk04 Jun 1944Maple Hill
CumminsAliceP.Unk17 Apr 1937Maple Hill
CumminsImogenW.Unk22 Feb 1990Maple Hill
CumrineDoisUnk09 Sep 1926Maple Hill
CumrinneElizaUnk10 Aug 1926Maple Hill
CunninghamClaudeLeeUnk10 Jan 1937Maple Hill
CunninghamDaveUnk27 Feb 1919Maple Hill
CunninghamElizabethMooneyham18 Sep 190409 Sep 1960Bevill
CunninghamFrankUnkMar 15Brandon
CunninghamGertrudeUnk29 Mar 1979Maple Hill
CunninghamJamesFloyd01 May 190814 Oct 1985Green Valley
CunninghamJennieFrances10 Jan 190819 Jun 1992Green Valley
CunninghamJosephMartin01 Mar 191602 Mar 1916Rice
CunninghamMableBobo11 Jul 190426 Oct 1982Golightly
CunninghamMadgeS.Unk14 Jan 1914Maple Hill
CunninghamMarcenaPower26 Aug 190707 Sep 1908Rice
CunninghamMaryUnk07 Sep 1901Maple Hill
CunninghamRichardC.05 Oct 193931 Aug 2001Maple Hill
CunninghamRoyE.Unk02 May 1967Maple Hill
CunninghamRuthM.02 Sep 191402 Feb 1996Maple Hill
CunninghamSusieMaeUnk11 Oct 2005Indian Creek
CunninghamT.P.Unk06 Nov 1965Maple Hill
CunninghamWilliamB.19 Mar 192711 Jun 1973Maple Hill
CunninghamWilliamUnk25 Oct 1923Maple Hill
CunningsGeorgeUnk04 Oct 1927Maple Hill
CunningsMarthaUnk27 Jan 1932Maple Hill
CunnuttJerryUnk22 Sep 1939Maple Hill
CurbowThoddeusD.Unk29 Oct 1968Maple Hill
CurlConradE.13 May 193715 Dec 2002Maple Hill
CurnettOraBelleUnk25 Aug 1956Maple Hill
CurnuttAlfredE.Unk21 Aug 1974Maple Hill
CurnuttJames06 Oct 189512 Jun 1971Maple Hill
CurnuttRobertUnk29 Nov 1943Maple Hill
CurrieThomasLuther17 Jun 198102 Sep 2000Brown
CurrierAmandaUnk15 May 1931Maple Hill
CurrierEthelLouiseMason Gallagher190412 Dec 1965Maple Hill
CurrierJohnA.Unk31 Oct 1948Maple Hill
CurrierLonnieUnk13 Mar 1939Maple Hill
CurrierLucyUnk11 Sep 1969Maple Hill
CurryAlvieD.26 Dec 188727 Dec 1852Maple Hill
CurryAlvieUnk29 Dec 1952Maple Hill
CurryBessieMaynard07 Apr 189716 Apr 1950Charity Baptist Church
CurryBettie22 Apr 185623 Dec 1925Charity Baptist Church
CurryBettieHammondUnkNDDMaple Hill
CurryBettieUnk09 Sep 1902Maple Hill
CurryBurwellJ.UnkNDDMaple Hill
CurryDonUnk05 Jul 1985Maple Hill
CurryE.Hammond08 Sep 1872May 1917Maple Hill
CurryGeorgeThomas05 May 192304 Feb 1997Maple Hill
CurryHammonUnk29 May 1917Maple Hill
CurryKoreyUnk31 Oct 1980Maple Hill
CurryLueHelen17 May 193418 Aug 2002Maple Hill
CurryMaryMills20 Jun 189226 Apr 1969Maple Hill
CurryMattiePearlUnk28 Jan 2003Maple Hill
CurryNathanH.17 Apr 189503 Sep 1958Charity Baptist Church
CurryRuby11 Oct 192114 Mar 1995New Sharon
CurryTallieHatcherUnk09 Jan 1963Maple Hill
CurryW.D.Unk02 Feb 2002Maple Hill
CurryWoodie18 Oct 188804 Jul 1986Maple Hill
CurryWoodrowW.14 Jan 191921 Dec 1999New Sharon
CurtisAdrianUnk24 Feb 1966Maple Hill
CurtisBenH.Unk29 Nov 1936Maple Hill
CurtisJ.W.Mrs.Unk09 Jul 1957Maple Hill
CurtisJ.Unk21 Sep 1955Maple Hill
CurtisJamesC.15 Aug 192225 Apr 1990Maple Hill
CurtisJohnMack09 Nov 192612 Feb 2001Maple Hill
CurtisLawrenceElla18 Jul 194501 May 1999Booker
CurtisLisaAnnUnk19 Apr 1971Maple Hill
CurtisMarthaSueUnk16 Feb 1990Maple Hill
CurtisMaryUnk16 Sep 1970Maple Hill
CurtisNancyLou Ella10 Jan 192307 Apr 1970Northside
CurtisWillisP.UnkNDDMaple Hill
CushingJoeWill20 Jan 188217 Aug 1965Moon
CushingRosaMae03 Jun 190008 Apr 1993Moon
CutsingerEthelEdithBeck05 Nov 191025 Apr 1990Maple Hill
CutsingerJackEarl25 Dec 191321 Apr 1992Maple Hill
CutterJosephM.Unk27 Dec 1980Maple Hill
CutterLesterHenryUnk03 Dec 1991Maple Hill
CvitanCarloC.17 Mar 192216 Jun 1991Maple Hill
CvitanSaraBarnsPumell20 Jan 192627 Dec 2004Maple Hill
CzachowskiAlfredStanleyUnk03 Aug 1980Maple Hill

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