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Last NameFirst Name
Middle Name
CabanessJ.Unk14 Apr 1903Maple Hill
CabanissAndrew186323 Jul 1923Townsend
CabanissBeatriceCraig09 Sep 189912 Nov 1930Pleas Mount Baptist Church
CabanissCarrieEllenSanders02 Apr 189424 Dec 1986Gurley
CabanissCharlesP.Unk05 Jul 1880Maple Hill
CabanissCharlesUnk20 May 1825Maple Hill
CabanissEllenDouglass28 Dec 184914 Jan 1855Maple Hill
CabanissFrancesSheperd20 May 185618 Jun 1937Maple Hill
CabanissFrancisLafayette04 Aug 189109 Feb 1970Gurley
CabanissFrancis06 Jun 192314 Jan 1995Gurley
CabanissInfant13 May 186113 May 1861Maple Hill
CabanissJamesB.Unk01 Jan 1903Maple Hill
CabanissJasB.Unk14 Apr 1903Maple Hill
CabanissKatherineS.11 May 184401 Jun 1845Maple Hill
CabanissLillaVirginia16 Feb 184830 Jul 1852Maple Hill
CabanissLucyWhiteUnk29 Dec 1927Maple Hill
CabanissMaryElla29 Jan 185502 Jul 1856Maple Hill
CabanissMildredA.Unk30 Jun 1985Maple Hill
CabanissS.D.Unk30 Apr 1889Maple Hill
CabanissSallieS.01 Jan 185805 Mar 1859Maple Hill
CabanissSeptimusD.18 Dec 181530 Mar 1889Maple Hill
CabanissVirginiaShepard01 Oct 182421 Mar 1907Maple Hill
CabanissWilliamH.Unk01 Jan 1890Maple Hill
CabanissWilliamM.Unk08 Apr 1890Maple Hill
CabanissWilliamUnk08 Apr 1890Maple Hill
CabeWalterUnk09 Aug 1984Maple Hill
CabinessEunicePearlDale20 Sep 192015 Apr 1999Gurley
CabinessJamesEdward05 Jan 191920 Jun 1999Gurley
CabinessRalphUnk15 Feb 1999Maple Hill
CableJoe04 Jul 189704 Sep 1969Northside
CableJohnMelvin24 May 193018 Mar 1984Northside
CableLilaS.01 Feb 190227 Jan 1978Northside
CadleJamesW.Unk31 Aug 1968Maple Hill
CadleKennardRayUnk01 May 1959Maple Hill
CadwellMichaelMay 1984May 1984Pleas Mount Baptist Church
CaellhoInfantUnk14 Feb 1955Maple Hill
CagleAddieLouHilliard11 Jan 191214 Oct 1975Maple Hill
CagleAliceUnk29 Oct 1927Maple Hill
CagleAnitaK.26 Jun 193419 Dec 1938Cochran
CagleAnnieB.Kramer05 Nov 187621 Jul 1966Rice
CagleBerthenaUnk26 Dec 2003Maple Hill
CagleBethelL.Rose1889Dec 1926Fowlkes
CagleCliffordE.08 Sep 191406 Sep 1986Maple Hill
CagleCoraLeonaJones08 Apr 188728 Nov 1962Maple Hill
CagleDavidL.30 Jul 192815 Sep 1932Cochran
CagleDorothyL.14 Mar 191622 Mar 1993Maple Hill
CagleEarnestUnk08 Dec 1946Maple Hill
CagleElijahRomulus16 Apr 189602 Jun 1984Pleas Mount Baptist Church
CagleEllaMoore12 Apr 188315 Mar 1980Rice
CagleEllieRichardsonUnk07 Jun 1979Maple Hill
CagleErnestBuford27 Nov 192111 May 1993Maple Hill
CagleErnestJames01 Nov 194608 Dec 1946Maple Hill
CagleEstherUnk23 Apr 1952Maple Hill
CagleFlossieDellUnk12 Jan 2002Maple Hill
CagleFloydEdward29 Nov 192616 Jun 1996Plainview
CagleGeorgeUnk13 Jan 1955Maple Hill
CagleGeraldine07 May 193703 May 1938Cochran
CagleGladysP.20 Aug 192619 Nov 1982Maple Hill
CagleGordonH.03 Feb 191915 Dec 1967Concord
CagleHarveyE.Unk23 Apr 1996Maple Hill
CagleHoyleDenver21 Jan 192527 Jan 2001Maple Hill
CagleIdaThigpen24 Sep 190601 Jan 1996Cochran
CagleIsaacBenjamin JacobMay 18661949Baker
CagleIsaacLee1936Nov 1936Fowlkes
CagleJ.W.Unk18 Sep 1970Maple Hill
CagleJamesEdwardUnk22 Oct 1987Maple Hill
CagleJamesLarry16 Aug 194816 Aug 1948Charity Baptist Church
CagleJohnFloyd10 Jun 190521 Dec 1977Cochran
CagleJohnWilliam24 Dec 186019 Jun 1936Cochran
CagleJohnWilliamMay 187501 Sep 1948Fowlkes
CagleJohnnieLester01 Oct 191413 Sep 1936Madison Crossroads
CagleLackieUnk05 May 1926Maple Hill
CagleLeoFranklin10 Jul 193021 Nov 1987Maple Hill
CagleLeonardC.16 Nov 185410 Dec 1929Maple Hill
CagleLester19141936Madison Crossroads
CagleLettieJane18 Jun 189630 Mar 1927Baker
CagleLigeR.16 Apr 189602 Jun 1984Pleas Mount Baptist Church
CagleLillieMay01 Jan 191928 Jan 1981Maple Hill
CagleLinzeyAndrew01 Dec 18721962Bellview
CagleLoisUnk11 Jan 1925Maple Hill
CagleLunaHargrove02 Feb 190612 Sep 1972Fowlkes
CagleMargaretAdelineSharp05 Jul 18811962Bellview
CagleMargieGenevaSisk30 Nov 192908 Jun 1988Concord
CagleMarionFrank06 Feb 188025 Apr 1935Fowlkes
CagleMarionGlenn01 Jul 194425 Jul 2004Cochran
CagleMarthaEllaBeard31 Aug 185907 Jun 1954Maple Hill
CagleMarthaJaneChristian04 Jun 185207 Aug 1916Baker
CagleMaryAnnMiles19 Aug 187429 Jun 1951Cochran
CagleMaryElizabethUnk08 Aug 1947Maple Hill
CagleMaryBeshears28 Jun 191009 Aug 1989Maple Hill
CagleMildredLeona14 Feb 192729 Dec 2000Maple Hill
CagleMorrisLaymonUnk15 Feb 1948Maple Hill
CagleNaomi18 Jun 190507 Sep 1979Maple Hill
CagleOliverDavid23 Oct 188519 Feb 1950Rice
CagleOllieF.27 Aug 192528 Oct 1928Cochran
CagleOtisEdward12 Dec 190618 Sep 1978Maple Hill
CaglePearlI.Unk10 Jul 1989Maple Hill
CagleRalphG.13 Mar 189004 Dec 1940Baker
CagleRichardB.10 Jun 190523 Aug 1905Cochran
CagleRobertEmmett22 Jan 188605 Aug 1947Fowlkes
CagleRomieAndrew04 Jan 190920 Nov 1991Maple Hill
CagleRosaLeeSharp27 Nov 190711 May 1987Rice
CagleSamuelB.22 Oct 187104 Jan 1944Rice
CagleThomasM.07 Feb 189316 May 1971Maple Hill
CagleVeraUnk06 Aug 1986Maple Hill
CagleWalterC.19 Nov 190712 Nov 1932Locust Grove
CagleWilliamB.24 Mar 192724 Mar 1927Cochran
CagleWilliamHenry25 Oct 188230 Apr 1954Maple Hill
CagleWilliamLee20 Nov 184814 Sep 1929Baker
CagleWilliamMathew24 Aug 187701 Mar 1969Rice
CagleWilliamW.20 Nov 184714 Sep 1929Cagle Mountain
CahalanJasonM.Unk20 May 1971Maple Hill
CahillJohnJ.Unk04 Dec 1970Maple Hill
CainAnnaOwenUnk25 Dec 1889Maple Hill
CainEdwardUnk13 Dec 1886Maple Hill
CainEleanorHarrison12 Apr 190426 Nov 1995Maple Hill
CainGeorgeMaddin10 Apr 184212 Jun 1844Maple Hill
CainJamesHenryUnk27 May 2005New Sharon
CainJohnSylvesterUnk21 Jun 1949Maple Hill
CainJosephUnk26 Jan 1951Maple Hill
CainLottieUnk04 Apr 1941Maple Hill
CainLucilleW.Unk15 Mar 1993Maple Hill
CainMattieUnk28 Jan 1983Maple Hill
CainR.E.Unk11 Nov 1957Maple Hill
CainTeddyW.05 Mar 195411 Sep 1999Murphy Hill
CainWillieUnk27 Apr 1888Maple Hill
CaingenJohnUnk28 May 1904Maple Hill
CalahagerJamesUnk02 Feb 1868Maple Hill
CalahagnPhilipUnk08 Apr 1868Maple Hill
CalahanLillieUnk06 Jun 1961Maple Hill
CalahanM.Unk01 Nov 1870Maple Hill
CalathasDennisUnk07 May 1943Maple Hill
CaldwellCharlesA.Unk01 May 1997Maple Hill
CaldwellDavidFraserUnk15 Aug 1998Maple Hill
CaldwellDavidThomasUnk20 Jan 1834Maple Hill
CaldwellEdwinV.10 Sep 188222 Sep 1966Maple Hill
CaldwellEmmaPoor187220 Jul 1919Maple Hill
CaldwellFrederickForrest187317 Dec 1935Maple Hill
CaldwellGiles18351912Maple Hill
CaldwellHowardA.190206 Jul 1953Maple Hill
CaldwellJamesLee18 Mar 191423 Jul 1991Maple Hill
CaldwellJosephUnk11 Jul 1946Maple Hill
CaldwellLanierUnk06 Aug 1946Maple Hill
CaldwellLenaConnally187723 Feb 1956Maple Hill
CaldwellLonnieUnk30 Aug 1981Maple Hill
CaldwellMableBoyd11 Oct 191931 Aug 1970Maple Hill
CaldwellMarieUnk19 Feb 1940Maple Hill
CaldwellMarion16 Sep 188814 Sep 1980Maple Hill
CaldwellRalph187029 Jul 1915Maple Hill
CaldwellRosieB.08 Aug 189305 Dec 1969Byrd
CaldwellSarahElizabethUnk06 Mar 1987Maple Hill
CaldwellThomasUnk05 Jun 1928Maple Hill
CaldwellUnkMaleUnk24 Mar 1874Maple Hill
CaldwellVirginiaChandler22 Apr 190221 Feb 1971Maple Hill
CaldwellWilliamUnk18 Dec 1924Maple Hill
CalesRobertUnk12 Feb 1925Maple Hill
CalesThomasUnk24 Aug 1922Maple Hill
CalhounCharlie19 Feb 191020 Jan 1989Northside
CalhounDelbertUnk05 Jan 1962Maple Hill
CalhounFredrickRobert02 Aug 192722 Jul 1999Maple Hill
CalipoCoraE.Unk20 Jun 1966Maple Hill
CallAveryL.15 Oct 190628 May 1934Merrimack
CallElizabeth01 Sep 193014 Nov 1930Merrimack
CallJamesHenryUnk26 Jan 1960Maple Hill
CallMadieE.17 Feb 191312 Sep 1972Maple Hill
CallMelinda06 Nov 188601 May 1973Maple Hill
CallSallieUnk28 Nov 1919Maple Hill
CallahanGeorgeUnk26 Mar 1946Maple Hill
CallahanJakeUnk01 Jan 1899Maple Hill
CallahanJamesErskine18 Nov 1898Mar 1978Monrovia
CallahanJessie10 Sep 190508 Apr 1967Charity Baptist Church
CallahanJudyUnk22 Apr 1957Maple Hill
CallawayMamieLewter08 Apr 189408 Jan 1992Maple Hill
CallawayR.C.Unk13 Sep 1960Maple Hill
CallawayRichardC.18 Apr 192025 Apr 2003Maple Hill
CallawayRichardC.24 May 189113 Sep 1960Maple Hill
CallawayT.P.11 Jan 185504 May 1919Maple Hill
CallenderKathleen28 Jan 191717 Jul 1991Maple Hill
CallierLucyUnk17 Nov 1924Maple Hill
CallowayC.Unk14 Nov 1955Maple Hill
CallowayThomasUnk04 May 1919Maple Hill
CallwayDoraOwen12 Jun 192629 Jan 2004Maple Hill
CaltonWilliamUnk30 Dec 1921Maple Hill
CalvertWallaceUnk17 Dec 1952Maple Hill
CalvertWalterUnk22 Aug 1918Maple Hill
CalvinDerrillAlexUnk29 Jan 1978Maple Hill
CalvinMellieUnk29 Sep 1920Maple Hill
CambridgeEllaL.08 Nov 192801 Apr 1969Northside
CambronAudreyA.24 Feb 188523 Dec 1913Rice
CambronDannyLeeUnk04 Dec 1948Maple Hill
CambronDellaA.Newman03 Mar 187520 Mar 1942Ryland
CambronEdmundGreen25 May 187310 Oct 1949Ryland
CambronJ.R.Unk30 Apr 1967Maple Hill
CambronJohnAlbert23 Jan 184305 Aug 1912Rice
CambronJohnR.17 Nov 192608 Aug 1992Maple Hill
CambronJohnnyRayUnk26 Nov 1989Maple Hill
CambronMarguerite11 May 194001 Dec 1983Maple Hill
CambronSarahJ.Walker23 Feb 184219 May 1929Rice
CameronHenryG.21 Feb 186508 Feb 1936Maple Hill
CameronInezR.Unk26 Sep 1985Maple Hill
CameronLillieLee29 Dec 189321 Nov 1914Maple Hill
CameronLouisaEmily17 Sep 186521 Dec 1937Maple Hill
CameronWalterH.Unk20 Nov 1938Maple Hill
CampJenny26 Apr 187707 Mar 1975Maple Hill
CampEphriamE.22 Oct 190911 Sep 1995Maple Hill
CampbellA.Unk05 Mar 1902Maple Hill
CampbellAlfredPress27 Dec 190614 Jan 1983Ragsdale
CampbellAlfred10 Aug 189230 Jun 1967Bethel/Old Bethel
CampbellAliceJ.07 Aug 186324 Oct 1949Concord
CampbellAllenUnk20 Oct 1920Maple Hill
CampbellAlvinApr 1894Sep 1920Ragsdale
CampbellAnnaMaeUnk16 Nov 1978Maple Hill
CampbellArchibaldUnk13 Nov 1903Maple Hill
CampbellArthurWoodward05 Sep 188220 Nov 1902Jones
CampbellArthurUnk07 Feb 1931Maple Hill
CampbellBarnie29 Jul 189925 Mar 1922Concord
CampbellBessieLove26 Feb 191328 Oct 1999Northside
CampbellBillyH.Unk29 Nov 1993Maple Hill
CampbellBuranUnk24 Feb 1930Maple Hill
CampbellC.R.30 Dec 192319 Mar 1947Charity Baptist Church
CampbellC.V.Unk20 Nov 1968Maple Hill
CampbellC.Unk19 Jun 1953Maple Hill
CampbellCairellUnk19 Jan 1966Maple Hill
CampbellCarbettUnk05 Mar 1923Maple Hill
CampbellCarlElbert14 Jun 191913 Oct 1975Rice
CampbellCarrollUnk13 Nov 1947Maple Hill
CampbellCatherine12 Jun 190624 Aug 1926Merrimack
CampbellCharlesG.19 Sep 192324 May 1973Maple Hill
CampbellCharlesWilson07 Mar 192302 Nov 1969Concord
CampbellCharlieA.Unk29 Nov 1950Maple Hill
CampbellCharlieG.02 Nov 191006 Feb 1980Graveyard Hill
CampbellClaraMaiUnk06 Jan 1988Maple Hill
CampbellClemanaUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
CampbellClint03 Jan 192121 Apr 2002Cochran
CampbellClintonW.17 Feb 189823 Dec 1964Northside
CampbellCynthiaUnk20 Sep 1924Maple Hill
CampbellDabneyWalter23 Jul 191814 Sep 2000Maple Hill
CampbellDianaUnk12 Feb 1903Maple Hill
CampbellEarieC.13 May 190210 Dec 1902Concord
CampbellEarl12 Jun 193724 May 1938Rice
CampbellEarnestWestley23 Oct 191122 Dec 1978Rice
CampbellEddie20 Aug 194811 Nov 1998Moon
CampbellEdithB.Unk02 Oct 1894Maple Hill
CampbellEdwardClevelandNov 18881942Rice
CampbellEffie03 Jun 188730 Mar 1931Cochran
CampbellElizabeth09 Jul 184407 Jan 1931Concord
CampbellEmmaEstella22 Aug 190213 Dec 1950Bibb
CampbellEmmaEstella22 Aug 190213 Dec 1950Bevill
CampbellEthelGladys16 May 191506 Mar 2005Maple Hill
CampbellEthel28 Aug 190728 Jun 1995Maple Hill
CampbellEttaLucyUnk25 Jul 1961Maple Hill
CampbellEulaElizabeth10 Sep 190304 Feb 1917Concord
CampbellFayeLynnUnk02 Feb 1969Maple Hill
CampbellFelixUnk12 Mar 1945Maple Hill
CampbellFloydA.Unk31 Dec 1960Maple Hill
CampbellForestB.03 Jul 187502 Jan 1956Graveyard Hill
CampbellFrancesLoreneUnk17 Jul 2001Maple Hill
CampbellFrankUnk22 Nov 1957Maple Hill
CampbellFredD.Unk11 May 1994Maple Hill
CampbellGarnettC.Unk26 Jan 1989Maple Hill
CampbellGaynellE.02 Apr 191804 Jul 1990Plainview
CampbellGeorgeA.31 Jan 188430 Apr 1940Rice
CampbellGeorgeH.16 Feb 186112 Oct 1915Concord
CampbellGeorgeL.27 Oct 190426 May 1990Plainview
CampbellGeorgeOakley24 Apr 188921 Feb 1958Rice
CampbellGeorgeW.UnkNDDMaple Hill
CampbellGeorgeW.15 Jul 186728 Nov 1950Norris
CampbellGeorgeW.25 Feb 184814 Jan 1914Jones
CampbellGeorgeWashington24 Jan 182426 Jan 1919Concord
CampbellGeorgeUnk06 Sep 1951Maple Hill
CampbellGeraldDaltonUnk06 Apr 2006Maple Hill
CampbellGladysHood05 Dec 191010 Oct 1995Maple Hill
CampbellGlenn05 Apr 192025 May 1985Maple Hill
CampbellGraceLouise04 Feb 191531 Aug 1999Maple Hill
CampbellGrady14 Aug 189313 Jul 1972Maple Hill
CampbellGreenberrySep 18331917Cochran
CampbellH.Unk30 Dec 1913Maple Hill
CampbellHarrisonA.Unk12 Oct 1991Maple Hill
CampbellHenryGrady14 Aug 189311 Jul 1972Maple Hill
CampbellHildaUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
CampbellHorace20 Oct 1894NDDCharity Baptist Church
CampbellHoward27 Mar 191404 Jun 1987Maple Hill
CampbellI.W.12 Jun 193025 Apr 1973Bevill
CampbellInez22 Apr 191226 Apr 1984Maple Hill
CampbellInfant14 Mar 191318 Mar 1913Cochran
CampbellInfantUnk02 Oct 1953Maple Hill
CampbellIraUnk18 Sep 1957Maple Hill
CampbellIrmaA.09 Aug 191802 Jul 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
CampbellIrvinR.18 Jul 190919 Mar 1974Maple Hill
CampbellIvaLand13 Sep 188606 Apr 1970Concord
CampbellJ.W.08 Mar 185308 Dec 1896Ryland
CampbellJamesA.14 Jul 187330 Dec 1949Cochran
CampbellJamesB.28 Apr 191229 Apr 1997Maple Hill
CampbellJamesEdd07 May 1914Oct 1989Concord
CampbellJamesH.28 Jun 192605 Jan 1972Concord
CampbellJamesHoward18 Feb 189730 Jan 1989Maple Hill
CampbellJamesK. Polk04 Mar 184515 Mar 1926Cochran
CampbellJamesMilton30 Mar 193925 Jun 1991Cochran
CampbellJamesS.15 Jun 186916 Feb 1956Ragsdale
CampbellJamesW.Unk22 Dec 1966Maple Hill
CampbellJamesWilliam01 Sep 187513 Aug 1941Rice
CampbellJamesZeffard28 Feb 199416 Jul 1947Norris
CampbellJamesUnk09 Nov 1951Maple Hill
CampbellJamesUnk28 Sep 1926Maple Hill
CampbellJasperTheodoreJan 18851954Locust Grove
CampbellJeffUnk12 Aug 1972Maple Hill
CampbellJefferyColin28 Jul 1955NDDMaple Hill
CampbellJennieF.25 Feb 186610 Jun 1942Concord
CampbellJennieSue01 Jun 188115 Feb 1958Cochran
CampbellJerryGibsonUnk26 Aug 1898Maple Hill
CampbellJesseJ.30 Jan 191706 Oct 1959Cochran
CampbellJessie11 Mar 189004 Aug 1978Maple Hill
CampbellJessieUnk06 May 1926Maple Hill
CampbellJessieUnk30 Jan 1919Maple Hill
CampbellJimE.28 Aug 188604 Sep 1960Concord
CampbellJoeEd11 Aug 188506 Dec 1958Concord
CampbellJoeS.12 Feb 186213 Feb 1928Concord
CampbellJoe18621944Charity Baptist Church
CampbellJoeUnk07 Nov 1922Maple Hill
CampbellJoeUnk23 Jan 1919Maple Hill
CampbellJohnD.15 Apr 182911 Aug 1894Concord
CampbellJohnHubert22 Dec 188903 Apr 1968Bragg
CampbellJohnR.01 Oct 183102 Nov 1862Baker
CampbellJohnWilliam21 Sep 185518 Jul 1913Concord
CampbellJohnWilliam Buckner02 Aug 188225 Jun 1937Rice
CampbellJohn02 Jul 190802 Jun 1966Rice
CampbellJohnnieUnk15 Oct 1923Maple Hill
CampbellJos.Ira09 Sep 189415 Aug 1895Concord
CampbellJosephHenry20 Feb 194223 Feb 1942Maple Hill
CampbellJosephMontgomery03 Oct 187518 Mar 1956Cochran
CampbellJosephineUnk14 Aug 1970Maple Hill
CampbellJosiahS.12 Feb 186213 Feb 1928Concord
CampbellJuanitaUnk11 Dec 1989Maple Hill
CampbellKnoxie05 Dec 191926 Jun 1990Moon
CampbellLarryT.Unk03 Apr 1980Maple Hill
CampbellLauraM.Unk29 Sep 1995Maple Hill
CampbellLaymonLeeUnk26 Sep 1999Maple Hill
CampbellLelaUnk13 Jul 1950Maple Hill
CampbellLindaG.Unk17 Dec 1977Maple Hill
CampbellLizzieB.18 Jan 187707 Dec 1923Cochran
CampbellLockard17 Nov 189527 May 1924Merrimack
CampbellLouiseUnk18 Apr 1930Maple Hill
CampbellLucyLucille29 Jul 190223 Oct 1998Maple Hill
CampbellLulaB.21 Dec 189221 Aug 1979Rice
CampbellMabel29 Dec 192009 Aug 2003Maple Hill
CampbellMaeWilson13 Sep 189925 Jul 1974Maple Hill
CampbellMaggieM.Jones28 Jun 186711 Apr 1928Norris
CampbellMamieUnk22 Jan 1919Maple Hill
CampbellMargaretEllenUnk12 Feb 1959Maple Hill
CampbellMargaretUnk07 Jan 1957Maple Hill
CampbellMarthaUnk29 May 1993Maple Hill
CampbellMaryB.Unk18 Apr 1958Maple Hill
CampbellMaryE.30 Aug 193525 Jun 2006Maple Hill
CampbellMaryGeorge16 Jan 186012 Mar 1945Rice
CampbellMaryK.10 Jan 190101 Jul 1981Maple Hill
CampbellMaryRosePutman17 Dec 192929 Aug 1976Huntsville Memory Gardens
CampbellMaryUnk12 Aug 1920Maple Hill
CampbellMattieE.Unk24 May 1948Maple Hill
CampbellMildredUnk04 Oct 1924Maple Hill
CampbellMinnieV.29 May 188805 Dec 1975Maple Hill
CampbellMiriamJ.09 Nov 190506 Jun 1985Cochran
CampbellMoseE.15 Feb 188926 Mar 1984Maple Hill
CampbellMyraUnk19 Jan 1919Maple Hill
CampbellMyrtleClark23 Nov 189312 Nov 1964Bethel/Old Bethel
CampbellMyrtlePosey25 Apr 188811 Sep 1943Concord
CampbellNancyEllisUnk13 Dec 1958Maple Hill
CampbellNancyEzlar12 Jan 191527 Oct 1991Cochran
CampbellNannieB.11 Aug 188203 Mar 1963New Hope
CampbellNannie24 Sep 187323 Feb 1937Charity Baptist Church
CampbellNormanEugeneUnk17 Oct 1964Maple Hill
CampbellOdis24 Jan 193124 Jan 1931Concord
CampbellOliverWoodsonJul 188626 Mar 1953Bragg
CampbellOllieLee04 Oct 191117 Nov 1911Concord
CampbellOscarSpelce20 Oct 189412 Feb 1897Concord
CampbellOtisLayman29 Nov 190908 Feb 1974Rice
CampbellOtteUnk29 Jan 1919Maple Hill
CampbellOzeleneFowler03 Jul 191407 Feb 1991Maple Hill
CampbellPearl13 Sep 1893NDDConcord
CampbellRay16 Jan 191529 Dec 1988Maple Hill
CampbellRobertBruce07 Nov 188203 Mar 1937Norris
CampbellRobertO.11 Aug 188425 Dec 1950Charity Baptist Church
CampbellRoby12 Nov 188907 Sep 1891Concord
CampbellRoosevelt11 Apr 191104 Dec 1978Northside
CampbellRoyEdward03 Sep 191422 Dec 2002Maple Hill
CampbellRubyUnk20 Dec 1918Maple Hill
CampbellRuthVirginia11 Feb 191403 Nov 1999Maple Hill
CampbellRuthaOlley22 Feb 188729 Jul 1900Ragsdale
CampbellSallieUnk12 Jun 1923Maple Hill
CampbellSallyMaples03 Jul 194418 Aug 1972Center Grove
CampbellSallyUnk02 Feb 1940Graveyard Hill
CampbellSam08 May 191406 Jun 1976Old Bethel
CampbellSarahA.Manley22 Oct 187317 Apr 1915Concord
CampbellSarahB.26 Jun 187214 May 1962Ragsdale
CampbellSarah18621941Charity Baptist Church
CampbellSarahUnk05 Dec 1960Maple Hill
CampbellSearcyF.18 Mar 191929 Jul 1978Rice
CampbellSmithAlexander14 Oct 185214 Jul 1937Golden
CampbellStevieStanleyUnk13 Jul 1965Maple Hill
CampbellSueJennie01 Jun 188115 Feb 1958Cochran
CampbellT.A.21 Mar 185918 Jul 1927Concord
CampbellT.A.Unk01 Apr 1961Maple Hill
CampbellTheophilusMarion12 Aug 182311 Sep 1899Ragsdale
CampbellThosUnk21 Dec 1929Maple Hill
CampbellVictorB.Unk05 Nov 1991Maple Hill
CampbellW.Unk09 Feb 1940Maple Hill
CampbellWillard16 Sep 191904 Jul 1971Moon
CampbellWilliamB.176520 Feb 1855Campbell
CampbellWilliamCarol28 Aug 189708 May 1960Bibb
CampbellWilliamCarol28 Aug 189708 May 1960Bevills Chapel
CampbellWilliamClyde05 Jul 191123 Aug 1982Maple Hill
CampbellWilliamClyde05 Mar 187610 Apr 1962Maple Hill
CampbellWilliamF.Unk15 Apr 1949Maple Hill
CampbellWilliamFlintUnk18 Aug 1949Maple Hill
CampbellWilliamJ.05 Oct 189021 Jul 1949Ragsdale
CampbellWilliamWashington28 Mar 18931949Concord
CampbellWillieM.15 Dec 189513 Mar 1988Ragsdale
CampbellWillie25 Nov27 May 1925Charity Baptist Church
CampbellWilma03 Aug 192511 Sep 1926Concord
CampbellWoodsMalvin16 Apr 188518 Sep 1952Concord
CamperAliveBeavers18 Dec 185322 Sep 1916Madison
CamperAnnaBelleUnk22 Jun 1966Maple Hill
CamperCaryM.Unk01 Nov 1983Maple Hill
CamperEdwardUnk29 Jun 1944Maple Hill
CamperFredOscarUnk02 Sep 1947Maple Hill
CamperMarieB.188906 Jan 1969Maple Hill
CamperRobertE.188213 Aug 1955Maple Hill
CamperUnkFemaleUnk27 Dec 1876Maple Hill
CamperWalterUnk30 Jan 1933Maple Hill
CanadaJames18701925Bethel/Old Bethel
CanagioConstanceCitrano31 Mar 192013 Jul 2003Maple Hill
CanaleGeorgeS.01 Feb 191508 Apr 1979Maple Hill
CananJ.Unk09 May 1868Maple Hill
CaneerDonnieO.Unk04 Jan 1973Maple Hill
CaneerJohnThomas24 May 192510 Feb 1999Maple Hill
CaneerLauraUnk13 Apr 1998Maple Hill
CaneerRalphA.05 Feb 191427 Aug 1979Maple Hill
CaneerRobertM.Unk05 May 1971Maple Hill
CaneerRobertMarlin05 Mar 193008 Apr 1986Maple Hill
CaneerSallieE.Unk13 Aug 1970Maple Hill
CaneerThomasL.Unk26 May 1956Maple Hill
CaneerWilliamJames11 Nov 192704 Jan 2003Maple Hill
CaneerWilliamJosephUnk04 Mar 1978Maple Hill
CanneerEgbertUnk25 Feb 1941Maple Hill
CannenAmandaUnk04 Apr 1869Maple Hill
CannonCullamUnk12 Oct 1967Maple Hill
CannonHoraceFulton01 Mar 188512 Oct 1965Charity Baptist Church
CannonMarcidaUnk24 May 1964Maple Hill
CanonLucyByrom189511 Feb 1978Charity Baptist Church
CanonMargaretAnn05 Apr 184427 Mar 1921Charity Baptist Church
CanterAliceJ.27 Apr 188910 Jun 1976Maple Hill
CanterberryCliftonUnk12 Apr 1919Maple Hill
CanterberryEdnaCoats01 Jan 188626 Dec 1976Maple Hill
CanterberryMarjorieElizabeth31 Jan 191420 Jul 1983Maple Hill
CanterberryR.Harry18821932Maple Hill
CanterberryVerdnaUnk01 Nov 1956Maple Hill
CanterburyAnn30 Oct 190222 Nov 1992Maple Hill
CanterburyArdieMaeUnk06 Mar 1997Maple Hill
CanterburyBinfordUnk25 Apr 1940Maple Hill
CanterburyEligaUnk30 Jan 1938Maple Hill
CanterburyEvaC.27 Sep 187828 Feb 1904Farley
CanterburyF.J.20 Aug 183721 Apr 1904Madison
CanterburyH.J.Unk26 Feb 1965Maple Hill
CanterburyHarryEugene21 Apr 190021 Nov 1971Maple Hill
CanterburyHenryWalker27 May 190625 Mar 1987Maple Hill
CanterburyHenryUnk26 Feb 1941Maple Hill
CanterburyJackB.18 Jul 190806 Oct 1994Maple Hill
CanterburyKatieUnk12 Jan 1940Maple Hill
CanterburyM.Unk01 Apr 1927Maple Hill
CanterburyMaryJane22 Mar 186216 Jan 1901Rodman/Langford
CanterburyOcieAlfrettaBryson14 Dec 191230 Jul 1979Maple Hill
CanterburyRheddenUnk06 Jul 1932Maple Hill
CanterburyRitalynneC.Unk25 Jul 1980Maple Hill
CanterburyRobertLee15 Dec 191014 Jun 1996Maple Hill
CanterburyRosie18 Aug 190227 Oct 1993Maple Hill
CanterburyShirley23 May 191424 Aug 1987Maple Hill
CanterburyThomasJ.10 Feb 183827 Apr 1916Madison
CanterburyUnkUnk24 Nov 1916Maple Hill
CanterburyWilliamUnk13 Apr 1941Maple Hill
CanterburyWilliamUnk13 Jan 1923Maple Hill
CanthornWilliamUnk01 Jul 1927Maple Hill
CantrellAddieA.08 Nov 1889NDDCharity Baptist Church
CantrellAleanUnk20 Mar 1928Maple Hill
CantrellArieA.30 Sep 187718 Apr 1940Charity Baptist Church
CantrellBeatrice18711946Charity Baptist Church
CantrellBessieLeighUnk05 Apr 1961Maple Hill
CantrellBobbyRay04 Jun 193823 Jun 2000Maple Hill
CantrellBobbyRayUnk10 Aug 1983Maple Hill
CantrellBobby23 Dec 192313 Mar 1998Maple Hill
CantrellC.L.27 Oct 187011 Sep 1925Maple Hill
CantrellCharlesUnk14 Mar 1938Maple Hill
CantrellCharlesUnk11 Sep 1925Maple Hill
CantrellChasUnk07 Feb 1925Maple Hill
CantrellCoraUnkNDDMaple Hill
CantrellDanielH.10 Nov 190324 Oct 1975Maple Hill
CantrellDavidLeonUnk21 Dec 1992Maple Hill
CantrellDeweyUnk31 Mar 1958Maple Hill
CantrellDeweyUnk31 Oct 1950Maple Hill
CantrellDoraLee28 Oct 189704 Feb 1982Maple Hill
CantrellEarnestA.20 Apr 1930Jan 1931Merrimack
CantrellEddieRay10 Feb 193210 Feb 2001Maple Hill
CantrellEdgar19101910Charity Baptist Church
CantrellErskineUnk15 Jun 1956Maple Hill
CantrellFlorenceH.Unk29 Dec 1989Maple Hill
CantrellFrancesE.14 Oct 188315 Nov 1965Charity Baptist Church
CantrellFredaReedUnk26 Aug 1931Maple Hill
CantrellGeorge02 Oct 187813 Aug 1961Charity Baptist Church
CantrellGeorge07 Sep 191812 Jan 1988Charity Baptist Church
CantrellGeorgiaR.24 Jan 193631 Jul 2004Maple Hill
CantrellGeorgiaUnk29 Jul 1929Maple Hill
CantrellGladys19161991Charity Baptist Church
CantrellGraceA.02 Jan 190426 Feb 1993Maple Hill
CantrellH.Unk26 Mar 1924Maple Hill
CantrellHattie04 Jun 188015 Dec 1909Charity Baptist Church
CantrellHenry18661895Charity Baptist Church
CantrellHenry19041905Charity Baptist Church
CantrellHenry05 Dec 189217 May 1974Maple Hill
CantrellHermanUnk22 May 1958Maple Hill
CantrellInfantFemaleUnk03 Nov 1944Maple Hill
CantrellInfantUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
CantrellInfantUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
CantrellInfantUnkNDDMaple Hill
CantrellIrmaLee05 Jun 191014 Jul 1995Maple Hill
CantrellJ.Unk17 Dec 1942Maple Hill
CantrellJack17 Jun 191129 Oct 1976Maple Hill
CantrellJamesGlenn09 Nov 194317 Sep 1968Rice
CantrellJamesH.05 Aug 190931 Aug 1974Maple Hill
CantrellJamesSammie04 Nov 192430 Sep 1998Maple Hill
CantrellJamesWalter27 Dec 187801 Sep 1975Maple Hill
CantrellJamesUnk03 Feb 1918Maple Hill
CantrellJennieUnk16 Sep 1932Maple Hill
CantrellJerryAllen18 May 194318 May 1943Charity Baptist Church
CantrellJewellUnk15 Nov 1929Maple Hill
CantrellJohnDenton187107 Mar 1950Maple Hill
CantrellJohnG.10 May 187313 Aug 1950Charity Baptist Church
CantrellJohnWilliamUnk22 Feb 1979Maple Hill
CantrellJohnieM.03 Jan 190924 Jun 2006Maple Hill
CantrellJosephP.13 Dec 192704 Nov 2003Maple Hill
CantrellJudy15 Jan 184511 Jun 1921Charity Baptist Church
CantrellKennethL.UnkNDDMaple Hill
CantrellLawrenceG.Unk11 Oct 1967Maple Hill
CantrellLillieUnk08 Nov 1939Maple Hill
CantrellLizzieUnk05 Feb 1931Maple Hill
CantrellLouEvaUnk26 Dec 1938Maple Hill
CantrellM.M.UnkNDDMaple Hill
CantrellM.Unk24 Oct 1919Maple Hill
CantrellMaggieM.25 Apr 190018 Sep 1960Bevill
CantrellMargaretUnk24 Feb 1940Maple Hill
CantrellMarthaUnk27 Nov 1943Maple Hill
CantrellMary18641895Charity Baptist Church
CantrellMaryLindseyUnk02 Aug 1963Maple Hill
CantrellMary14 Feb 184607 May 1928Merrimack
CantrellMikeEdward31 Mar 192103 Feb 1995Faith Memorial Park
CantrellMinnieB.16 Feb 188223 Aug 1949Maple Hill
CantrellMinnieBobbieUnk24 Aug 1949Maple Hill
CantrellMyraJanUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
CantrellMyrtleAnnDavis29 Jan 189018 Jul 1932Merrimack
CantrellMyrtleF.12 Sep 190614 May 1978Maple Hill
CantrellNancyCarolynUnk02 Jul 1965Maple Hill
CantrellNancyJaneMar 188820 Feb 1932Merrimack
CantrellNed09 Dec 191814 Dec 1940Maple Hill
CantrellO.C.19121992Charity Baptist Church
CantrellOctaviaEmalinePatterson18 Jun 185419 Jul 1929Maple Hill
CantrellOliverR.18991950Charity Baptist Church
CantrellOpelia25 Jul 192825 Oct 2001Maple Hill
CantrellPaulM19171917Charity Baptist Church
CantrellPeggyCarellJames31 Dec 194826 Aug 2002Bellview
CantrellPeggySueUnk02 Nov 1995Maple Hill
CantrellRebaB.26 May 190828 Nov 1982Maple Hill
CantrellRegina19161970Charity Baptist Church
CantrellReginaPitts27 Aug 191627 Aug 1970Charity Baptist Church
CantrellRichardUnk15 Dec 1968Maple Hill
CantrellRobertH.11 Jul 190022 Aug 1975Maple Hill
CantrellRuben1869NDDCharity Baptist Church
CantrellSamuelB.23 Feb 184423 Aug 1933Merrimack
CantrellShelby189531 Jul 1895Charity Baptist Church
CantrellShirleyJ.17 Nov 190131 Jul 1987Bevill
CantrellSolonGlynnUnk17 Mar 1965Maple Hill
CantrellStanton03 Jan 187622 Jul 1910Maple Hill
CantrellTaylorUnk20 Jan 1930Maple Hill
CantrellTolousPolk26 Jan 185218 Jan 1930Maple Hill
CantrellVernieMarieUnk25 Feb 1950Maple Hill
CantrellW.G.Unk25 Dec 1969Maple Hill
CantrellW.J.05 Feb 184118 Jan 1914Charity Baptist Church
CantrellW.M.19221924Maple Hill
CantrellW.Unk02 Oct 1951Maple Hill
CantrellWilliamL.18 May 189730 Sep 1951Maple Hill
CantrellWilliamT.12 Aug 187124 Mar 1936Charity Baptist Church
CantrellWilliamUnk28 Jul 1924Maple Hill
CantrellWinfordP.28 Jul 190402 Nov 1979Maple Hill
CantrellZaraI.Towry01 Sep 192304 Jun 1996Bevill
CantrellZellaL.24 Sep 189314 Jan 1982Maple Hill
CanupJohnUnk31 Mar 1959Maple Hill
CaouettePaulUnk04 Apr 1984Maple Hill
CapeElizabethUnk29 Aug 1928Maple Hill
CapshawDaisyHayes15 Feb 188328 Aug 1979Brandon
CapshawJamesJ.Unk20 Sep 1990Maple Hill
CapshawJason12 Oct 188808 Dec 1962Cameroon Methodist Church
CapshawMinnieUnk12 Nov 1922Maple Hill
CapshawSophronicaUnk22 Aug 1936Maple Hill
CapuzzoGeorgeUnk25 May 1962Maple Hill
CapuzzoTheoM.02 May 191919 Jan 2003Maple Hill
CarcaronGordenUnk06 Mar 1921Maple Hill
CardenErnestUnk11 Mar 1965Maple Hill
CardenErnestUnk10 Sep 1965Maple Hill
CardenFreddieMae15 Apr 193425 Mar 1937Merrimack
CardenGracieBaileyUnk23 Sep 1999Maple Hill
CardenOllieDavis24 Jun 192812 Apr 2005Maple Hill
CardenUnk08 May 192808 May 1928Merrimack
CardenUnk12 Jan 192912 Jan 1929Merrimack
CareyElizabethUnk09 Dec 1878Maple Hill
CareyJamesN.Unk27 May 1889Maple Hill
CareyMaryH.Unk30 Jan 1890Maple Hill
CargillJ.Unk08 Apr 1918Maple Hill
CargleLucyE.09 Jan 187024 Dec 1969Glenwood
CarlieC.E.Mrs.Unk17 Feb 1920Maple Hill
CarlieleSarahUnk05 Nov 1922Maple Hill
CarlileAlexanderUnk15 May 1924Maple Hill
CarlileJamesUnk03 Jun 1940Maple Hill
CarliseleJ.Unk26 Apr 1923Maple Hill
CarlisleBobByron23 Nov 193208 Jan 2005Maple Hill
CarlisleElizabethAnn08 Nov 194423 Jun 2005Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
CarlisleMaryUnk01 Jan 1897Maple Hill
CarlisleMildred14 Dec 191330 Dec 2003Valhalla Memory Gardens
CarlislePaulEdward20 Aug 192901 Nov 2003Huntsville Memory Gardens
CarlsonGustavW.05 Feb 188910 Sep 1968Maple Hill
CarlsonHarriettBetsy14 May 192113 Nov 1992Maple Hill
CarlsonLeonard05 May 192229 Sep 1993Maple Hill
CarltonJohnM.06 Nov 186912 Jul 1925Merrimack
CarltonNancyFultonUnk14 Jul 1983Maple Hill
CarltonPhillipUnk04 Jul 1963Maple Hill
CarmanMaryAnnUnkDec 1888Maple Hill
CarmichaelAlexUnk29 Jan 1920Maple Hill
CarmichaelFrancisUnk29 Apr 1935Maple Hill
CarmichaelG.W.22 Dec 1819NDDNorris
CarmichaelJackUnk10 May 1894Maple Hill
CarmichaelJamesP.08 Feb 186320 Jun 1912Rice
CarmichaelJohnW.Unk14 Mar 1879Maple Hill
CarmichaelMaggiePrestonUnk06 Jun 1989Maple Hill
CarmichaelMaryF.UnkAug 1868Norris
CarmichaelRobertLeeUnk14 Oct 1958Maple Hill
CarmichaelRosaBritton15 Apr 186920 Aug 1945Rice
CarmichaelUnkFemaleUnk04 Feb 1871Maple Hill
CarneyMichaelUnk12 Feb 1895Maple Hill
CarnieMaryUnk09 Jun 1948Maple Hill
CarnousWalterUnk30 Jan 1914Maple Hill
CarpenterAllen31 Jul 190304 Sep 1918Moon
CarpenterAmericaElla25 Jun 187705 Feb 1892Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
CarpenterAndrewGordon25 Mar 189116 Sep 1966Moon
CarpenterAnnieUnk17 Oct 1934Maple Hill
CarpenterArnolaO.18 Oct 191501 Sep 2003Moon
CarpenterBill11 Jan 191213 Oct 1977Maple Hill
CarpenterBillyJ.Unk24 Mar 1963Maple Hill
CarpenterCapitolaUnk20 Jul 1999Maple Hill
CarpenterEugene04 Dec 190005 Sep 1902Madison Crossroads
CarpenterFrancesRebeccaSewell27 Feb 184415 Aug 1892Buford
CarpenterGeorge11 Sep 190213 Mar 1920New Hope
CarpenterHammondC.Unk21 Feb 1964Maple Hill
CarpenterHaroldB.08 Feb 191721 Feb 1980Moon
CarpenterHarryDean15 Jul 189915 Mar 1980Bethel/Old Bethel
CarpenterHelenR.17 Jul 191812 Oct 1998Bethel/Old Bethel
CarpenterHenryUnk08 Oct 1930Maple Hill
CarpenterHesterAnnChandler16 May 184024 Feb 1910Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
CarpenterHubertW.07 Dec 190220 Sep 1903Madison Crossroads
CarpenterInfantMale16 Jan 191526 Jan 1915Moon
CarpenterJamesAllen25 Jun 187209 Mar 1954New Hope
CarpenterJamesC.20 Apr 189915 Sep 1901Madison Crossroads
CarpenterJamesLawler22 Aug 190916 Mar 1974New Hope
CarpenterJamesNolen13 Sep 192805 Oct 1956Moon
CarpenterJesseFred19 May 189718 May 1899Madison Crossroads
CarpenterJohnRowe24 Jun 193919 Apr 2000Moon
CarpenterJosephC.22 May 187229 May 1937Madison Crossroads
CarpenterL.Frank04 Mar 191713 Oct 2000Bethel/Old Bethel
CarpenterLucyMcCants28 Jun 187430 Dec 1931Madison Crossroads
CarpenterM.P.15 may185502 Sep 1921Bush
CarpenterMaggieI.28 Oct 188222 Dec 1977Bethel/Old Bethel
CarpenterMagnoliaB.Carpenter20 Feb 188320 Apr 1883Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
CarpenterMarieE.19 Sep 190827 Dec 1990Northside
CarpenterMarjeanC.11 Sep 192505 Feb 1993Maple Hill
CarpenterMaryC.20 Dec 18761885Bush
CarpenterNanieA.Powers14 Aug 185919 Oct 1914Moon
CarpenterNellieC.11 May 189027 Jan 1912Bush
CarpenterNellieLeeVann27 Aug 187630 Mar 1964New Hope
CarpenterNicoleLadawn23 Aug 197223 Aug 1972Northside
CarpenterOpheliaUnk12 Jan 1949Maple Hill
CarpenterOraLeeAtchley15 Jan 189404 Dec 1961Moon
CarpenterOscarH.11 Oct 189310 Aug 1898Moon
CarpenterOzzolean27 Jan 190727 Aug 1907Madison Crossroads
CarpenterR.H.27 Apr 188310 Apr 1916Byrd
CarpenterR.LillieUnk04 Sep 1980Maple Hill
CarpenterRobertDeweyUnk02 Feb 1989Maple Hill
CarpenterRobertE.25 Aug 1905Mar 1937New Hope
CarpenterRobinLynnUnk03 May 1965Maple Hill
CarpenterRuthFarris07 Apr 190908 Apr 2002New Hope
CarpenterSallieI.28 Jun 189424 May 1968Bethel/Old Bethel
CarpenterSamanthaElizabeth07 Dec 190607 Jan 2000New Hope
CarpenterSamuelTerry25 Nov 190122 Sep 1902Madison Crossroads
CarpenterSusanSep 1951Sep 1951Moon
CarpenterThomasE.10 Oct 190518 May 1917New Hope
CarpenterThomasNathaniel09 Aug 186816 Dec 1936New Hope
CarpenterThomas13 Feb 182024 Feb 1913Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
CarpenterTommie29 May 190611 Nov 1999Maple Hill
CarpenterViola18 Aug 190409 Feb 1905Madison Crossroads
CarpenterWalterOtis20 Aug 184118 Apr 1912Moon
CarpenterWilburnH.23 Oct 191525 Mar 1968New Hope
CarpenterWilliamWalter16 Apr 188803 Sep 1898Moon
CarpenterWoodrowWilson04 Aug 191206 Jan 1966Moon
CarrDavidEugeneUnk27 Oct 1960Maple Hill
CarrEdwardThompson06 Jul 192414 Sep 2004Maple Hill
CarrFlorenceUnk03 Nov 1926Maple Hill
CarrJohnD.Unk03 Aug 1982Maple Hill
CarrPaulaJoan28 Dec 195806 Dec 1995Golightly
CarrVeraUnk18 Sep 1967Maple Hill
CarrWillUnk25 Sep 1900Maple Hill
CarrWilliamFredUnk12 Dec 1896Maple Hill
CarrallCharlesClinton24 Oct 190910 Oct 1910Browning
CarrellGowenTracy23 Dec 193318 May 1939Charity Baptist Church
CarriageH.Unk25 Apr 1936Maple Hill
CarrigerJulia24 May 188822 Aug 1981Maple Hill
CarringerJohnUnk06 Jan 1952Maple Hill
CarringtonLucyUnk01 Dec 1833Jordan - Ryland
CarrolRebeccaUnk25 Sep 1933Maple Hill
CarrollAmandaJ.17 Nov 184021 Mar 1918Fords Chapel
CarrollAnnieM.03 Nov 191125 Sep 1992Maple Hill
CarrollAnnieRuby13 Aug 190412 Apr 1986Maple Hill
CarrollArthurHerbert16 Oct 190513 Dec 1998Maple Hill
CarrollBellUnkNDDMaple Hill
CarrollBetty03 Jun 193701 Oct 2003Maple Hill
CarrollBrianE.12 Feb 196025 Aug 1979Maple Hill
CarrollC.Unk29 Mar 1955Maple Hill
CarrollCharlesEdward13 Sep 189624 May 1921Carroll
CarrollChasUnk30 Oct 1929Maple Hill
CarrollClarenceUnk15 Dec 1998Maple Hill
CarrollEllenB.Unk08 Feb 1978Maple Hill
CarrollEmilyUnk02 Nov 1944Maple Hill
CarrollEthel01 Jan 188920 Jun 1973Maple Hill
CarrollGillardS.10 Jan 189906 Dec 1979Maple Hill
CarrollGlenEdwin05 Feb 191523 Jan 2001Maple Hill
CarrollHerbertUnk09 Aug 1951Maple Hill
CarrollJ.D.Unk03 Feb 1972Maple Hill
CarrollJ.Unk04 Feb 1929Maple Hill
CarrollJamesL.Unk08 Jul 1980Maple Hill
CarrollJamesO.Unk23 Apr 1980Maple Hill
CarrollJamesW.Unk20 Nov 1966Maple Hill
CarrollJamesUnk31 Jan 1941Maple Hill
CarrollJohnW.20 Feb 185706 Jan 1918Browning
CarrollJohnWesleyUnk12 Feb 1962Maple Hill
CarrollJohnUnk27 Sep 1931Maple Hill
CarrollKarenPhillipsUnk26 Jan 1949Maple Hill
CarrollKennethUnk08 Nov 2003Maple Hill
CarrollLelaI.25 Sep 189827 Nov 1918Carroll
CarrollLillieA.20 Jun 187804 Feb 1914Carroll
CarrollLizzieUnk21 Nov 1952Maple Hill
CarrollLizzieUnk21 Nov 1952Maple Hill
CarrollLulaV.08 Sep 187013 Jun 1953Browning
CarrollMarshallM.Unk26 Dec 1884Fords Chapel
CarrollMiltonUnk21 Jun 2001Maple Hill
CarrollMouncieElizabethUnk01 Oct 1965Maple Hill
CarrollOmaSisk14 Feb 190525 Jan 1994Maple Hill
CarrollRaymondUnk10 May 1921Maple Hill
CarrollRobertaUnk03 Jul 2002Maple Hill
CarrollStanleyNealUnk27 Dec 2005Maple Hill
CarrollThurmanL.21 Jul 189501 Nov 1977Maple Hill
CarrollWarrenCalvin17 Jul 190117 Sep 1901Carroll
CarrollWilliamCary17 Jul 190117 Jan 1903Carroll
CarrollWilliam17 Jul 190117 Nov 1903Carroll
CarroltonBerlUnk12 Jul 1903Maple Hill
CarruthersFannieUnk25 Apr 1957Maple Hill
CarruthersMerdieB.14 Jul 190411 Dec 1991Maple Hill
CarsonJohnC.15 Jun 193108 Sep 1994Maple Hill
CarsonJohnC.27 Apr 190018 Jan 1976Maple Hill
CarsonMaryKathrynUnk08 Nov 1996Maple Hill
CarterAbnerHawkins15 Jan 186514 Dec 1936Madison Crossroads
CarterAddieStolzUnk13 Aug 1986Maple Hill
CarterAlbertBruce07 Aug 186512 Aug 1916Charity Baptist Church
CarterAleneUnk14 Jul 1898Maple Hill
CarterAlvie07 Jan 191322 Aug 1979Madison Crossroads
CarterAlvin23 Sep 193223 Sep 1932Charity Baptist Church
CarterAnnieLou22 Feb 190617 Feb 1974Maple Hill
CarterAnnieSusan19 Nov 189414 Jul 1980Maple Hill
CarterArchieUnk29 Oct 1952Maple Hill
CarterB.C.06 Jan 185723 Jan 1925Madison Crossroads
CarterBerryRoland06 Dec 191907 Jan 2005Maple Hill
CarterBobbyJoe21 May 193930 Jun 1981Charity Baptist Church
CarterBrianLee07 May 197607 May 1976Tuck
CarterC.M.Unk05 May 1959Maple Hill
CarterCharlesE.194230 Jan 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
CarterClaudeL.Unk12 May 1958Maple Hill
CarterE.B.Unk01 Jan 1884Maple Hill
CarterE.B.Unk14 Sep 1878Maple Hill
CarterEarl13 Nov 194912 Feb 1977Pine Grove - Harvest
CarterEdwardGuy02 Mar 190908 Mar 1909Shilo
CarterEdwardV.Unk09 Dec 1971Maple Hill
CarterEleanorFaye06 Apr 190828 Jun 1984Maple Hill
CarterElizaGeorge01 Aug 186601 Jan 1938Charity Baptist Church
CarterElizabethUnk12 Jun 1894Maple Hill
CarterEmmaBell09 Jul 188907 Jun 1909Charity Baptist Church
CarterEmmaUnk30 Jul 1952Maple Hill
CarterErnestL.03 May 193209 Oct 2000Charity Baptist Church
CarterErnest10 Apr 190728 Sep 1985Madison Crossroads
CarterEscoL.27 Mar 192511 Jun 1994Rice
CarterEuniceUnk23 Apr 1942Maple Hill
CarterFannyLuluKeel06 Feb 188522 Nov 1940Ryland
CarterFlorenceE.26 Feb 190810 Dec 1989Charity Baptist Church
CarterFrancesRoseUnk15 Aug 1999Maple Hill
CarterFredie30 Aug 190916 Sep 1910Charity Baptist Church
CarterGeorgiaHarrisUnk03 May 1961Maple Hill
CarterGladysJuanita08 Oct 192621 Mar 1930Merrimack
CarterH.Unk29 Oct 1951Maple Hill
CarterHenriettaUnk29 Dec 1901Maple Hill
CarterHenryJ.19 Dec 189209 May 1948Madison Crossroads
CarterHenryMarionUnkNDDHuntsville Memory Gardens
CarterIdaTucker26 Aug 191006 Feb 1999Madison Crossroads
CarterJ.L.21 Nov 188026 Sep 1904Ryland
CarterJ.T.Unk09 Sep 1974Maple Hill
CarterJ.Unk23 Nov 1922Maple Hill
CarterJamesM.10 Jan 192202 Nov 1926Madison Crossroads
CarterJamesM.17 Oct 190107 Sep 1981Maple Hill
CarterJamesMarvinUnk13 Feb 1947Maple Hill
CarterJamesW.Unk17 Sep 1967Maple Hill
CarterJames24 Jun 192825 Aug 1940Charity Baptist Church
CarterJames08 Aug 191102 Feb 1985Maple Hill
CarterJaneUnk07 Jan 1924Maple Hill
CarterJerryVannUnk19 Feb 1936Charity Baptist Church
CarterJessieD.18 Feb 192630 Mar 1994Bush
CarterJimmieL.21 Nov 188026 Sep 1904Ryland
CarterJohnHenry07 May 190503 Aug 1986Maple Hill
CarterJohnMiltonJul 18581914Ryland
CarterJohnPaine177504 Jan 1830Maple Hill
CarterJohnW.12 Jan03 May 1898Center Hill
CarterJosieP.Unk25 May 1982Madison Crossroads
CarterJuliaUnk19 Dec 1932Maple Hill
CarterKathrynUnk06 Jun 2002Maple Hill
CarterKennethUnk27 May 1970Maple Hill
CarterL.D.Unk06 May 1875Maple Hill
CarterLandonUnk29 Apr 1903Maple Hill
CarterLawrenceEdwardUnk28 Feb 1939Maple Hill
CarterLenaBrooks17 Jan 191124 Nov 1993Madison Crossroads
CarterLillieMaeUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
CarterLisaMaeUnk24 Nov 1970Maple Hill
CarterLloydC.19111963Charity Baptist Church
CarterLucyMaudeUnk22 Feb 1989Maple Hill
CarterLucy29 Jun 191308 Apr 1986Maple Hill
CarterLucyUnk07 Apr 1920Maple Hill
CarterLydiaUnk02 Mar 1940Maple Hill
CarterMalvinRex29 Jan 191501 Apr 1983Ryland
CarterMargaret28 Sep 191828 Sep 1918Charity Baptist Church
CarterMaryAlice22 Sep 189406 Feb 1968Maple Hill
CarterMaryE.23 Jun 190409 Jul 1967Maple Hill
CarterMaryEverteen12 Jun 192109 Mar 1986Maple Hill
CarterMaryF.UnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
CarterMarySue10 Apr 188616 Jun 1905Ryland
CarterMaryUnk23 Nov 1922Maple Hill
CarterMatt02 Jul 187228 Jan 1917Madison Crossroads
CarterMattie09 Jan 187222 Dec 1927Pleas Mount Baptist Church
CarterMaude18881915Charity Baptist Church
CarterMavis11 May 193630 Nov 1936Charity Baptist Church
CarterMaxRay14 Aug 193603 Oct 1954Rice
CarterMichaelErnest03 Jun 195604 Jun 1956Charity Baptist Church
CarterMiltonR.26 Feb 192405 Jul 2001Maple Hill
CarterMinnieLenoraWilliam14 Aug 187505 Aug 1913Charity Baptist Church
CarterMyraR.19 Oct 196419 Oct 1964Bush
CarterNettieAnnBaker24 Feb 187724 Oct 1963Madison Crossroads
CarterNilesKennethUnk25 Aug 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
CarterNoraLeeWilliams14 Aug 187506 Aug 1916Charity Baptist Church
CarterNoreneHeloise10 Aug 190414 Aug 1904Ryland
CarterOctaviaSanders28 May 190802 Oct 1987Madison Crossroads
CarterOlaR.Mrs.Unk13 Feb 1965Maple Hill
CarterPatsyAnnUnk08 Jul 1981Maple Hill
CarterPaulH.09 Nov 191709 Jul 1977Maple Hill
CarterRalph02 Mar 190004 Jul 1984Madison Crossroads
CarterRalph21 Sep 193928 Dec 1990Madison Crossroads
CarterRobertAllen08 Jun 190130 Nov 1961Northside
CarterRonnie19 Dec 195117 Sep 1974Bush
CarterRoyG.29 Mar 191303 Apr 1994Maple Hill
CarterRufusAlfred13 Nov 187822 May 1961Ryland
CarterRuthBinford17 Dec 190503 Mar 1980Northside
CarterRyan03 Jul 190719 Feb 1998Maple Hill
CarterSinaM.08 Oct 191013 Oct 1992Maple Hill
CarterStellaDangler23 Feb 191202 Apr 2001Maple Hill
CarterSusie26 Apr 191218 Dec 1983Pine Grove - Harvest
CarterTee23 Mar 188827 Jun 1945Crutcher
CarterTheoC.26 Oct 191305 Aug 1974Charity Baptist Church
CarterThomasC.14 Dec 189215 Dec 1964Charity Baptist Church
CarterThomasEdmond16 Dec 192411 Mar 1968Maple Hill
CarterThomasJ.07 May 190624 May 1996Maple Hill
CarterThomasRandall08 May 195819 Jun 1993Charity Baptist Church
CarterUnkFemaleUnk16 Jun 1903Maple Hill
CarterUnkFemaleUnk18 Jul 1869Maple Hill
CarterVernon12 Oct 193309 Nov 1967Charity Baptist Church
CarterW.D.29 Mar 191720 Jun 1917Madison Crossroads
CarterW.R.Unk26 Jun 1896Maple Hill
CarterW.Unk07 Jan 1901Maple Hill
CarterWilliamFlemming02 Feb 190712 Jul 1908Ryland
CarterWilliamWade10 Nov 192105 Oct 1982Pine Grove - Harvest
CarterWilliamWood09 Oct 192112 Mar 2004Maple Hill
CarterWilliamUnk28 Aug 1957Maple Hill
CarterWilliamUnk15 Sep 1950Maple Hill
CarterWilliamUnk17 May 1945Maple Hill
CarterWillieUnk03 Jun 1921Maple Hill
CarterWilson06 Jul 190602 Feb 1971Maple Hill
CarterWiltonM.09 Dec 192610 Sep 1976Bush
Carter-VandiverMaryMissouriAldredgeMay19 Feb 1981Huntsville Memory Gardens
CarttreeSarahUnk09 Aug 1927Maple Hill
CartwrightBillyF.11 Sep 195514 Mar 1977Northside
CartwrightFreddie30 Oct 192321 Jan 1985Pine Grove - Harvest
CartwrightGeorgeW.15 Jul 187814 Jul 1958Charity Baptist Church
CartwrightH.B.31 Mar 181224 Sep 1866Palmer
CartwrightKirbyUnk23 Jan 1953Maple Hill
CartwrightKirbyUnk14 Aug 1944Maple Hill
CartwrightLeonard14 Feb 194726 Oct 1971Northside
CartwrightLisaNadine26 Mar 196427 May 2005Pine Grove - Harvest
CartwrightLucyG.05 May 190530 Jan 1978Northside
CartwrightNickUnk13 Jun 1904Madison
CartwrightNoah23 Jun 190001 Dec 1994Northside
CartwrightPamelaDenise25 Feb 198527 May 2005Pine Grove - Harvest
CartwrightPhillip01 Nov 190518 May 2001Pine Grove - Harvest
CartwrightRosa13 Oct 187622 Mar 1924Browning
CartwrightSarahW.01 Jul 190527 Nov 1954Charity Baptist Church
CartwrightSue23 Sep 188207 Nov 1939Charity Baptist Church
CarumFannieUnk16 Jul 1930Maple Hill
CarumHermanUnk17 Nov 1920Maple Hill
CaruthersMaryUnk15 Mar 1887Maple Hill
CarverKennethUnk29 Jul 1970Maple Hill
CaseBerthaCertainUnk04 May 1972Maple Hill
CaseBuel192018 Oct 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
CaseDanielBarksdaleUnk16 Jul 1963Maple Hill
CaseE.Alverda19151999Huntsville Memory Gardens
CaseHenryBurtonUnk09 Aug 2000Maple Hill
CaseInfantUnk27 Aug 1954Maple Hill
CaseLucilleBarksdaleUnk04 Jul 1998Maple Hill
CaseSamuelAdamUnk24 May 1937Maple Hill
CaseWilliamHenryUnk02 Mar 1960Maple Hill
CaseWilliamL.19121992Huntsville Memory Gardens
CaseZoeAnneBullardUnk16 Jan 1961Maple Hill
CaseyCoraLee03 Mar 188809 Jan 1968Plainview
CaseyGeorgeF.03 Feb 188423 Apr 1968Plainview
CaseyM.Unk07 Apr 1870Maple Hill
CaseySamuelUnk12 Jun 1904Maple Hill
CashLulaUnk29 May 1945Maple Hill
CashSallieUnk28 Nov 1946Maple Hill
CashTinaUnk04 Sep 1948Maple Hill
CashenBaulerghUnk08 Jan 1904Maple Hill
CashinGraceB.19 May 190403 Jul 1972Northside
CashinJoanCarpenter31 Jan 193630 Aug 1997Northside
CashinJohnLogan14 Jan 189215 May 1964Northside
CashionLena18681928Charity Baptist Church
CasleC.18 Oct 183120 Jun 1906Ragsdale
CasonAlice20 Sep 190222 Aug 1990Maple Hill
CasonCharlesM.28 Mar 190305 Jul 1983Maple Hill
CasonCleoStargell25 Jun 191027 Jul 2003Maple Hill
CasonDavidE.190101 Jan 1964Maple Hill
CasonNonaM.A.Unk25 Jun 1985Maple Hill
CasonTerryG.Unk29 Dec 1949Maple Hill
CassadyRitaMarilynUnk21 Mar 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
CasteelHaleyM.29 Jun 192301 Nov 1962Charity Baptist Church
CasteelMichaelRay06 Oct 195807 Oct 1958Fowlkes
CasteelMildredUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
CasteelSherryMitchel19431970Maple Hill
CastellowAmandaAshley21 Feb 198722 Dec 2003Maple Hill
CastileCliffordC.23 Oct 190102 Apr 1976Maple Hill
CastileEdwardE.Unk21 Sep 1968Maple Hill
CastileMaryE.UnkNDDMaple Hill
CastileMinnieV.13 Aug 192004 Nov 2005Maple Hill
CastileRaymondS.08 May 191223 May 1993Maple Hill
CastileVirginia20 Feb 190802 Jun 2004Maple Hill
CastileWeldonWayne13 Jul 193730 Oct 2003Maple Hill
CastleGeorgeW.25 Sep 187617 Jan 1964Moon
CastleGertrude17 Aug 191104 Nov 2000Valhalla Memory Gardens
CastleInfant21 Dec 196021 Dec 1960Moon
CastleSallieJ.16 Oct 188225 Nov 1968Moon
CastleSally15 Mar 191907 Jan 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
CastleZadiaA.26 Nov 191103 Sep 1938Moon
CastwellUnkUnk15 Nov 1920Maple Hill
CaswellJamesC.04 Sep 194008 Feb 1980Kennamer
CatesArchieUnkNDDMaple Hill
CatesBonnie20 Feb 191719 Mar 2004Maple Hill
CatesEdwardR.30 Nov 189707 Jul 1959Charity Baptist Church
CatesEmmaP.05 Mar 1877NDDMadison Crossroads
CatesEthelD.UnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
CatesEvelynMarie01 Dec 192413 Apr 2005Maple Hill
CatesJamesE.20 May 192424 Jul 1925Charity Baptist Church
CatesJohnny23 Oct 194505 Jan 2001Maple Hill
CatesLeonardB.17 Aug 192614 Jan 1995Maple Hill
CatesLewisV.07 Jan 190416 Oct 1971Maple Hill
CatesMarthaHelen18 Nov 191907 Jul 1994Maple Hill
CatesMaudeBelle03 Jan 190613 Jul 1981Maple Hill
CatesNellieRose05 Jul 191729 Jul 1917Merrimack
CatesQ.T.02 Oct 192426 Mar 2002Maple Hill
CatesThomasH.Unk30 Jul 1927Maple Hill
CathaO.T.Unk03 Aug 1967Maple Hill
CatherineEmmaUnk20 Jan 1935Maple Hill
CatheyJamesUnk21 Nov 1947Maple Hill
CatlettDavidThomasUnk19 Dec 1995Maple Hill
CatlettDianneUnk09 Dec 1972Maple Hill
CatlettPhillipLebronUnk13 Dec 1979Maple Hill
CattageAndrea19921992Chandler - Carter Grove
CaudillHazelMilnerUnk21 Jun 1995Maple Hill
CaudleA.B.03 Mar 192915 Aug 1973Collier - Triana
CaudleCharlie18991982Collier - Triana
CaudleChristopherT.31 Oct 196714 May 1988Collier - Triana
CaudleDaisy18 Apr 193109 Jan 2000Collier - Triana
CaudleEdmundT.24 Apr 192910 May 2003Collier - Triana
CaudleJerry16 Apr 198224 Jun 2005Triana
CaudleJohnMilton11 Feb 192114 Feb 2000Valhalla Memory Gardens
CaudleLeonaV.04 Dec 190023 Feb 1988Collier - Triana
CaudleMaryAnn19441978St. Ruth
CaudleSaul05 Aug 188205 Aug 1988Collier - Triana
CaudleTatiyanaTashaeClay19 Mar 200019 Mar 2000Collier - Triana
CaudleValloree11 Nov 192729 Dec 1991Valhalla Memory Gardens
CaudleVaughn14 Jan 195408 Nov 2002Collier - Triana
CaudleVirgil12 Apr 192404 Aug 1992Collier - Triana
CaudleWright06 Jan 192816 Mar 2005Triana
CaulkDavisUnk31 May 1935Maple Hill
CauslyLolaUnk31 Mar 1896Maple Hill
CauthonJohnL.25 Nov 1849NDDRyland
CauthonSharlotteA.06 Sep 184914 Mar 1912Ryland
CauthonThomasM.02 Feb 184828 Apr 1922Ryland
CavallaroAlbertP.11 Mar 191727 Nov 1997Murphy Hill
CavanaughJohnW.Unk30 Jul 2002Maple Hill
CavanaughWilmaUnk28 Nov 1970Maple Hill
CavenderAnnieWade04 Aug 188814 May 1956Charity Baptist Church
CavenderC.A.18871962Charity Baptist Church
CavenderEttaJones12 Jan 188921 Dec 1968Charity Baptist Church
CavenderFrancesV.21 Mar 186026 Feb 1939Maple Hill
CavenderPollyAnnie12 Feb 189615 Sep 1915Maple Hill
CavenderThomasEdward11 Jan 188525 Mar 1969Maple Hill
CavenderW.H.29 Aug 185321 Sep 1916Maple Hill
CavettAlexander19 May 179731 Jul 1841Cavett
CavettLouiseE.11 Mar 183901 Nov 1842Cavett
CavettMaryUnk24 Jul 1856Briar Fork
CavettRichard12 Jun 176318 Nov 1844Cavett
CavettRuthaMillsap05 Aug 176605 Dec 1843Cavett
CavettWilliamWhitley22 Jul 180910 Jan 1853Cavett
CawausCharlesW.Unk25 May 1871Maple Hill
CawthonAmyEstherMaples18 May 190813 Dec 2001Maple Hill
CawthonAnnieLeeUnk12 Oct 1948Maple Hill
CawthonErvin11 Jan 193410 Sep 1982Bloucher Ford
CawthonJamesUnk20 Nov 1967Maple Hill
CawthonMaryJ.08 Aug 182229 Nov 1903Ryland
CawthonWilliamPreston18 Jun 191004 Jan 1976Maple Hill
CawthonWilliamUnk23 Jan 1938Maple Hill
CawthornCarrieJ.12 Apr 191426 Aug 1992Northside
CawthornInexP.02 May 190211 Nov 1969Bloucher Ford
CawthornLewis1892NDDBloucher Ford
CawthornVeraE.20 Jul 194017 Mar 1978Northside
CawthornWoodrow20 Aug 191318 Jan 1977Northside
CaylorGlennE.19 Mar 191412 Apr 1977Maple Hill
CaytonStephenUnk12 Jul 1881Maple Hill

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