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Last Name
First Name
Middle Name
CoachmanChildUnk15 Jul 1875Maple Hill
CoatesEdwinH.Unk09 Apr 1989Maple Hill
CoatesJohnS.Unk16 Dec 1977Maple Hill
CoatesLoisWalker10 Jun 191808 Oct 2005Maple Hill
CoatsEddieUnk07 Jan 1918Maple Hill
CobbA.A.26 Aug 187708 Mar 1956Byrd
CobbAgnesInez25 Nov 191113 Jan 1912Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
CobbAlanD.29 Sep 195907 Sep 1997Maple Hill
CobbAlmaJean10 Aug 193117 Mar 1998Byrd
CobbAmandaC.07 Aug 187314 Mar 1941Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
CobbAmandaM.Camper182431 Mar 1877Cobb
CobbAnalineUnk19 Feb 1947Maple Hill
CobbAndrewJackson22 Apr 185826 Oct 1928Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
CobbAnn22 Sep 186612 May 1939Byrd
CobbAnnaUnk17 May 1925Maple Hill
CobbBessieE.Esslinger11 Nov 188620 Dec 1932Esslinger
CobbBillR.22 Oct 194201 Jan 2005Maple Hill
CobbBirtieM.23 Mar 189602 Oct 1934Esslinger
CobbBryant16 Apr 186108 May 1929Byrd
CobbBryant06 Jul 179521 Aug 1881Cobb
CobbC.Unk18 Dec 1917Maple Hill
CobbCareyWallace24 May 192131 Oct 2001Maple Hill
CobbCatharineA.UnkNDDCobb (probably buried here)
CobbCatharine18501938Bethel/Old Bethel
CobbCharlesO.13 Mar 192526 Jan 1932Moon
CobbCharlotte13 Dec 185525 Oct 1909Merrimack
CobbChristyAnnUnk22 Jan 1970Maple Hill
CobbClaraBea08 Feb 190730 Nov 1907Byrd
CobbClaudeT.05 Jun 189823 May 1971Maple Hill
CobbClaytonF.18 May 192224 Jul 1922Madison Crossroads
CobbComeliaUnk16 Nov 1950Maple Hill
CobbDavid176027 Jun 1839Cobb
CobbDickC.20 Jun 187106 May 1941Moon
CobbDorothyS.Unk27 Aug 1999Maple Hill
CobbDorothyUnk20 Mar 1998Maple Hill
CobbDukeGlen07 Nov 193422 Jun 1953Neal Chapel
CobbDukeP.19101992Neal Chapel
CobbE.G.28 Feb 186121 Jul 1881Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
CobbEarlUnk24 Aug 1975Maple Hill
CobbEffieC.05 Sep 189425 Jul 1927Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
CobbElaineGault27 Apr 1942NDDMaple Hill
CobbElizabethBolesUnk13 Nov 1964Maple Hill
CobbEllenTreece17 May 188006 Sep 1963Kennamer
CobbElmerE.15 Feb 1917NDDByrd
CobbElsieUnk29 Jan 1946Maple Hill
CobbFrancesMurphy09 Nov 191011 Feb 1991Esslinger
CobbFrank18611927Bethel/Old Bethel
CobbFranklin21 Jan 192223 Feb 2004Bevill
CobbGeorgeT.29 Feb 188820 Mar 1971Maple Hill
CobbGeorgeW.19 Jan 187103 Apr 1937Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
CobbGertrude06 Nov 190909 Dec 2002Maple Hill
CobbGordieE.Mrs.Unk01 Oct 1982Maple Hill
CobbGrace18 Oct 189317 Sep 1967Maple Hill
CobbGrace10 Sep 189227 Mar 1947Moon
CobbH.Unk27 Jul 1960Maple Hill
CobbHaroldB.11 Aug 193923 Dec 1965Sneed
CobbHattieB.21 Nov 188310 Oct 1966Baker - Owens Cross Road
CobbI.D.W.25 Oct 184727 Oct 1933Esslinger
CobbIsaacDenton20 Oct 184727 Oct 1933Esslinger
CobbJ.W.31 Mar 187704 Apr 1961Baker - Owens Cross Road
CobbJ.Unk12 May 1953Maple Hill
CobbJamesA.20 Aug 191805 Nov 1980Maple Hill
CobbJamesC.18811945Madison Crossroads
CobbJamesD.27 Dec 189109 Jul 1968Drake - New Hope
CobbJamesDouglas28 Jan 196518 Nov 1990Cochran
CobbJamesG.07 Jan 194030 Dec 1943Moon
CobbJamesIsaac01 Sep 188610 Sep 1963Esslinger
CobbJamesLoyed31 Dec 194628 Oct 1949Neal Chapel
CobbJamesNolan22 Sep 192729 May 1929Moon
CobbJamesRichardUnkNDDMaple Hill
CobbJamesWilliam20 Apr 193808 Sep 1999Maple Hill
CobbJewellRichard24 Aug 191206 Sep 1998Green Valley
CobbJimM.18721937Cedar Grove
CobbJimmie02 Jul 191329 Aug 1920Bush
CobbJoeD.Unk17 Dec 1968Maple Hill
CobbJoeUnk29 Sep 1969Maple Hill
CobbJohnBowen21 Nov 188507 Sep 1920Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
CobbJohnHenryUnk04 Aug 1940Moon
CobbJohnIsaac28 Feb 188823 Dec 1956Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
CobbJohnN.Unk07 Feb 1981Maple Hill
CobbJohn02 Sep 187024 AprBush
CobbJohnUnk14 Apr 1961Maple Hill
CobbJosephDickson18281907Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
CobbKatie08 Apr 188927 Jan 1976Byrd
CobbLemuel26 Aug 183025 Aug 1897Ebenezer
CobbLenaFreeman25 Jul 189506 Jul 1999Madison Crossroads
CobbLeonardG.06 Aug 190103 Apr 1970Maple Hill
CobbLillyUnk03 Sep 1970Maple Hill
CobbLouiseCurryUnk27 Jun 2001Maple Hill
CobbLouise05 Feb 192004 Jan 1999Maple Hill
CobbLytleH.03 Mar 188404 Sep 1985Esslinger
CobbMabel20 Jul 190217 Nov 1996Maple Hill
CobbMaeM.16 Jan 190310 Sep 1904Byrd
CobbMahulderC.12 Nov 184212 Mar 1913Byrd
CobbManerviaA.21 Apr 185905 Jan 1922Byrd
CobbMargaretEllen28 Mar 187103 Mar 1945Neal Chapel
CobbMargaret08 Jun 180701 Nov 1864Cobb
CobbMargaret01 Sep 189815 Aug 1972Maple Hill
CobbMarthaUnk22 Sep 1950Maple Hill
CobbMaryE.Bowers21 May 185526 Jan 1941Esslinger
CobbMaryElizabethUnk28 Nov 2000Maple Hill
CobbMaryL.18 Nov 1919NDDMoon
CobbMaryDrake22 Feb 188929 Sep 1976Drake - New Hope
CobbMaryUnk31 Jul 1874Maple Hill
CobbMildred29 May 191529 Aug 2003Maple Hill
CobbMildredUnk29 May 1946Maple Hill
CobbMinervaAnnUnk10 Jul 1968Maple Hill
CobbMinnieB.11 May 187929 Oct 1926Moon
CobbMinnieBee26 Oct 190109 Sep 1907Cedar Grove
CobbNicole10 Jan 197410 Jan 1974Northside
CobbNinaF.27 Jan 188916 Sep 1897Esslinger
CobbOlaMae30 Dec 190419 May 1991Maple Hill
CobbPearlieLou19121970Neal Chapel
CobbPinkie18721955Cedar Grove
CobbRaymondC.02 Jun 192006 Apr 1993Maple Hill
CobbRaymondUnk02 Mar 1947Maple Hill
CobbRobertFordUnk31 Jan 1946Maple Hill
CobbRobertG.03 Sep 189224 Apr 1975Esslinger
CobbRubenF.K.26 Sep 189404 Oct 1900Esslinger
CobbRubyS.20 Jun 190915 Jun 1975Moon
CobbSallieBelinda02 Feb 193231 Jul 2001Maple Hill
CobbSallieUnk18 Oct 1903Maple Hill
CobbSamuelUnk05 Mar 1923Maple Hill
CobbSaraJane29 Feb 1864NDDByrd
CobbSarahJ.Glass08 Jan 1837NDDGurley
CobbSidneyM.28 Jul 1909NDDMoon
CobbTheophilusT.18 Aug 183606 Aug 1911Byrd
CobbThomasEarl05 Aug 194008 Mar 1941Charity Baptist Church
CobbThompelus12 Dec 1818NDDByrd
CobbTyeR.18 May 191628 Mar 1918Bush
CobbW.G.04 Feb 189201 Nov 1920Bethel/Old Bethel
CobbW.Unk18 Aug 1953Maple Hill
CobbWilbertJ.17 Nov 19271928Byrd
CobbWilliamA.Unk19 Oct 1969Maple Hill
CobbWilliamAndrew08 Dec 193223 Jul 2000Maple Hill
CobbWilliamM.09 Dec 192902 Jun 1946Moon
CobbWilliamO.18 Jan 192120 Nov 1982Moon
CobbWilliamP.09 May 186317 Aug 1949Kennamer
CobbWilliam23 Apr 191904 Jan 1986Maple Hill
CobbWilliamsonRobert WinfieldUnkNDDCobb (probably buried here)
CobbetteMaryUnk11 Dec 1898Maple Hill
CobbleDurell05 Apr 192419 Mar 1925Merrimack
CobbleElizabethUnk20 Oct 1918Maple Hill
CobbleGracieH.07 Jun 189902 Nov 1921Gibson
CobbleGracieH.07 Jun 189902 Nov 1921Gipson
CobbleJohnGregoryUnk04 May 1968Maple Hill
CobbleLeeUnk04 Apr 1955Maple Hill
CobbleLeeUnk21 Aug 1920Maple Hill
CobbleSithaP.14 Feb 191111 Nov 1984Maple Hill
CobleLouieI.21 Sep 191526 Feb 1977Moon
CobleLulaB.01 Aug 192527 Jan 1967Moon
CobleMamie16 Mar 189501 Feb 1971Maple Hill
CobleMaryJaneUnk19 Feb 1947Maple Hill
CobleR.Unk10 Dec 1952Maple Hill
CobunCamdenBoyd12 Oct 191806 Jan 2005Maple Hill
CochranAmandaUnk25 Dec 1913Maple Hill
CochranEthelDe Bardeleben24 Jun 188701 Sep 1975Cochran
CochranJamesW.12 Dec 187610 Jan 1961Cochran
CochranJohnWesley01 Feb 184814 Jul 1930Cochran
CochranJohn08 May 187927 May 1901Cochran
CochranJohn10 Oct 189631 Mar 1966Maple Hill
CochranLucyM.Jones28 Apr 187907 Aug 1952Rice
CochranMaleUnk1886New Hope
CochranMarcusM.06 Apr 188104 Nov 1957Cochran
CochranMaryE.Laxson09 Apr 185513 Dec 1924Cochran
CochranMillie18 Jul 190118 Jan 1987Maple Hill
CochranR.Presley14 Jun 188518 Dec 1951Cochran
CochranRalphGrahamUnk25 Mar 1989Maple Hill
CochranSalliePrice11 Feb 184106 Nov 1906Cochran
CochranZoraLove24 May 188125 Apr 1945Cochran
CockburnElizabethUnk16 Mar 1967Maple Hill
CodgillLeliaUnk16 Nov 1954Maple Hill
CoeWilliamC.Unk06 Aug 1968Maple Hill
CoffeeJohnY.Unk05 Oct 1958Maple Hill
CoffeyBertha06 Mar 193614 Mar 1996Northside
CoffeyCathyLynn20 Oct 195704 Nov 1965Moon
CoffeyDavidNeal17 Jun 195827 Oct 1981Maple Hill
CoffeyDorothyMarie15 Feb 192514 Jul 2000Maple Hill
CoffeyEstellUnk07 May 1999Maple Hill
CoffeyEvaD.31 Aug 192230 Jul 1991Maple Hill
CoffeyHarryDewight28 Nov 196228 Nov 1962Bellview
CoffeyHelenB.30 Nov 191308 May 1983Maple Hill
CoffeyJessieLonzo10 Dec 191630 Mar 1999Maple Hill
CoffeyJoeW.22 Mar 189406 Dec 1969Maple Hill
CoffeyJohnFranklin14 Feb 191511 Apr 1987Maple Hill
CoffeyJohn03 Jan 189505 Dec 1988Bellview
CoffeyJuanita05 Jun 191721 Apr 1998Maple Hill
CoffeyKateElizabeth14 Jun 189608 Dec 1976Maple Hill
CoffeyLarryJoe13 Dec 194902 Aug 1996Maple Hill
CoffeyMaggieM.06 May 188005 Nov 1948Ryland
CoffeyMoudie22 Mar 189606 Aug 1970Bellview
CoffeyRaymondL.Unk26 Aug 1991Maple Hill
CoffeyRoyE.11 Jan 192205 Feb 1993Maple Hill
CoffeyRoyR.23 Feb 192229 Jul 1978Maple Hill
CoffeyRuthB.26 Jun 192509 Oct 1994Maple Hill
CoffeySimioun06 Nov 189611 Nov 1966Maple Hill
CoffeyTommieE.09 Aug 190105 Feb 1983Maple Hill
CoffeyWendellS.07 Sep 192309 Oct 1971Maple Hill
CoffeyWilliamF.11 Jul 190214 Mar 1993Maple Hill
CoffmanEpsieA.06 Jan 190015 Apr 1969Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
CoffmanEstalineC.25 Dec 191628 Sep 1999Valhalla Memory Gardens
CoffmanHarryL.UnkNDDMaple Hill
CoffmanJamesA.05 Jun 193001 Jun 2000Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
CoffmanJamesW.10 Feb 189006 Oct 1972Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
CoffmanLucilleA.23 May 190927 Sep 1981Valhalla Memory Gardens
CoffmanLucilleC.02 Nov 192806 Aug 2003Valhalla Memory Gardens
CoffmanSinaDickeyUnk15 Sep 1989Maple Hill
CogdillGustie10 Nov 189324 Mar 1966Maple Hill
CogginGlendaGale22 Dec 195222 Dec 1952Fowlkes
CogginWilliamGlenn19 May 191601 May 1983Fowlkes
CogswellLeeUnk31 Jan 1915Glenwood
CogswellLydiaUnk02 Mar 1922Glenwood
CohenCoraUnk08 Feb 1961Maple Hill
CohenEthelUnk20 Feb 1896Maple Hill
CohenFlorine27 Mar 191227 Jun 1993Maple Hill
CohenRicaUnk17 Mar 1941Maple Hill
CokeMaudeUnk01 May 1921Maple Hill
CokerEdwardL.11 Sep 192004 Mar 1996Maple Hill
CokerJesseUnk11 May 1975Maple Hill
ColbartNoraV.Unk03 May 1949Maple Hill
ColbernHarryC.11 Jul 191217 Dec 1971Bush
ColbernHazelG.16 Apr 190710 Sep 1990Bush
ColbernLillianMurphy31 Mar 191327 Mar 1967Bush
ColbernMarthaEtta05 Feb 188207 Jan 1959Bush
ColbertBoyce19051933Charity Baptist Church
ColbertDanieUnk01 Nov 1934Maple Hill
ColbertEary19001953Charity Baptist Church
ColbertEsterLeeUnk10 Mar 1973Maple Hill
ColbertGeorgeH.06 Feb 1893NDDCharity Baptist Church
ColbertGracieStafford21 Sep 191508 Feb 1941Charity Baptist Church
ColbertHollie07 Mar 191303 Aug 1997Maple Hill
ColbertJohnUnk23 May 1929Maple Hill
ColbertJohnUnk20 Jan 1915Maple Hill
ColbertMaryLouise18691940Charity Baptist Church
ColbertMattieIreneUnk27 Feb 1998Maple Hill
ColbertMelvinF.Unk19 Feb 1975Maple Hill
ColbertNannieUnk26 Jun 1938Maple Hill
ColbertRobernieceUnk23 Oct 1965Maple Hill
ColbertSallie18921957Charity Baptist Church
ColbertWillieLifus18621918Charity Baptist Church
ColburnBessieM.08 Jan 189302 Sep 1964Hayden
ColburnHarryC.12 May 188728 Mar 1968Hayden
ColburnJamesR.17 May 192220 Feb 1994Hayden
ColburnJimmieArlene01 Jan 190608 Aug 1906Bush
ColburnMargaretB.13 Feb 192229 Jun 1990Hayden
ColburnWilliam15 Jan 191510 Oct 1981Hayden
ColdwaterMaeBelleUnk03 Dec 1982Maple Hill
ColdwellJosephB.18561935Camp Ground
ColdwellMaryR.Kinkead18641929Camp Ground
ColeA.L.Unk02 Mar 1974Maple Hill
ColeAmeliaUnk24 Mar 1935Maple Hill
ColeAnnLeigh24 Jul 192127 Sep 2000Maple Hill
ColeAnnUnk27 Sep 2000Maple Hill
ColeAnnieAndrews24 Dec 189007 Oct 1949Maple Hill
ColeArthurLee23 Nov 191615 Feb 1991Maple Hill
ColeArthurLee22 Aug 194602 Mar 1974Maple Hill
ColeArthurUnk15 Feb 1991Maple Hill
ColeArthurUnk28 Jan 1951Maple Hill
ColeBessieR.17 Feb 191103 Nov 1992Maple Hill
ColeBuford19121998Huntsville Memory Gardens
ColeClaraUnk03 Oct 1920Maple Hill
ColeColumbusJ.10 Aug 188303 Apr 1953Maple Hill
ColeCynthiaJ.Unk18 Oct 1949Maple Hill
ColeCynthiaJoan15 Dec 194027 Feb 1941Maple Hill
ColeDonnieD.Unk06 Nov 1987Maple Hill
ColeE.Unk01 Jul 1927Maple Hill
ColeElizabeth27 Sep 190514 Jul 1974Maple Hill
ColeFrancisUnk08 Jun 1986Maple Hill
ColeJ.Unk04 Apr 1953Maple Hill
ColeJamesRobert13 Aug 192028 Apr 1984Maple Hill
ColeJohnDavid15 Feb 191708 Jul 2001Maple Hill
ColeJohnH.Unk05 May 1985Maple Hill
ColeJohnnieWilliam24 Oct 190327 Nov 1968Concord
ColeJohnnyDouglasUnk15 Apr 1989Maple Hill
ColeJudithAnn04 Dec 193924 Aug 2002Maple Hill
ColeKathryn29 Nov 189610 Mar 1970Maple Hill
ColeLesterUnkNDDMaple Hill
ColeLillieFelixSwaim29 Mar 190607 Apr 1946Maple Hill
ColeLillieUnk07 Apr 1946Maple Hill
ColeLoisJean23 Mar 193321 Jan 1950Maple Hill
ColeMarionBryantUnk13 Mar 1959Maple Hill
ColeMarionUnk26 Dec 1963Maple Hill
ColeMary21 Nov 192526 Mar 1987Northside
ColeMyronW.Unk06 Jun 1996Maple Hill
ColeMyronW.Unk11 Nov 1988Maple Hill
ColeO.W.30 Oct 1918NDDMaple Hill
ColeOnaUnk15 May 1917Maple Hill
ColePearlRuthUnk05 Aug 1937Maple Hill
ColeRogerF.Unk11 Jan 1966Maple Hill
ColeRubyeBlankenship06 Apr 192103 Dec 2005Maple Hill
ColeSletaUnk20 Jan 1925Maple Hill
ColeSusieUnk16 Mar 1915Maple Hill
ColeThomasC.Unk10 Feb 1957Maple Hill
ColeThomasDaniel28 Jan 195128 Jan 1951Maple Hill
ColeTinyYoungUnk11 Nov 1967Maple Hill
ColeViolaElizabethUnk20 Mar 1959Maple Hill
ColeW.MarionUnk14 Feb 1981Maple Hill
ColeW.Unk01 Apr 1938Maple Hill
ColeWileyUnk15 Sep 1925Maple Hill
ColeWillis22 Nov 189924 Apr 1982Maple Hill
ColeZelmaW.Unk17 May 1976Maple Hill
ColeEmmaJ.06 Jan 187727 Oct 1966Maple Hill
ColemanAmandaM.11 Jul 180907 Dec 1849Maple Hill
ColemanAnnerV.10 Mar 192624 Mar 1926Charity Baptist Church
ColemanAnnieB.Battle30 Dec 193319 Apr 1980Northside
ColemanClaudeLeVert03 Aug 184527 Nov 1931Maple Hill
ColemanDaniel07 Sep 183829 Jun 1906Maple Hill
ColemanDanielUnk10 Oct 1876Maple Hill
ColemanDellaUnk19 May 1964Glenwood
ColemanEricRoyceUnk28 Jul 1966Maple Hill
ColemanHallieH.26 Apr 189819 Oct 1957Charity Baptist Church
ColemanInfant10 Mar 192624 Mar 1926Charity Baptist Church
ColemanInfantUnk09 Oct 1876Maple Hill
ColemanJ.B.02 Aug 192404 Dec 1925Gipson
ColemanJ.B.UnkNDDMaple Hill
ColemanJames23 May 191707 Apr 1984Maple Hill
ColemanJevena31 Mar 193207 Oct 1957Charity Baptist Church
ColemanJohnJ.UnkNDDMaple Hill
ColemanLycuransUnk04 Nov 1943Maple Hill
ColemanMadeleineI.13 Oct 191926 Jan 2000Maple Hill
ColemanMamieUnk02 Dec 1939Maple Hill
ColemanMargaretUnk03 Jan 1977Maple Hill
ColemanMaryAnnUnk02 Dec 1892Glenwood
ColemanMaryAnnUnk17 Oct 1832Maple Hill
ColemanMaryV.26 Feb 191530 Sep 1979Northside
ColemanN.G.UnkNDDMaple Hill
ColemanNancyJ.30 Oct 188902 Jul 1963Charity Baptist Church
ColemanNancyN.18611917Charity Baptist Church
ColemanP.W.18 Dec 184920 Sep 1922Charity Baptist Church
ColemanP.W.19271928Charity Baptist Church
ColemanRallW.UnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
ColemanRobertA.10 Aug 190904 Oct 1977Maple Hill
ColemanRobertN.Mrs.Unk06 Oct 1957Maple Hill
ColemanRobertUnk19 Dec 1945Maple Hill
ColemanRollieL.23 Nov 188709 May 1952Charity Baptist Church
ColemanThomasH.08 Dec 189411 Jan 1926Charity Baptist Church
ColesMariaUnk02 Sep 1876Maple Hill
ColesWilliamUnk11 Nov 1882Maple Hill
ColewayClaudeUnk02 Dec 1931Maple Hill
ColganBettyAnnUnk05 Feb 1988Maple Hill
ColganWilliamM.21 Apr 193601 Apr 2000Maple Hill
ColganWilliamM.Unk13 Jan 1992Maple Hill
ColinPatsyUnk07 Dec 1977Maple Hill
CollettBillieJoe18 May 193531 May 1998Maple Hill
CollettCallieMelton14 Jul 191226 Sep 2000Maple Hill
CollettJamesAlbert13 Nov 193707 May 1939Merrimack
CollettJamesEverett26 Jul 191021 Dec 1982Maple Hill
CollettJoeUnk22 Nov 1954Maple Hill
CollettM.Unk26 Oct 1955Maple Hill
CollettMaggieL.Unk27 Oct 1958Maple Hill
CollettPaulWayneUnk26 May 1996Maple Hill
CollettRuby13 Oct 191205 Aug 1987Maple Hill
CollettTommyJ.Unk05 Feb 1965Maple Hill
CollieRaymondF.20 May 190422 Jul 1968Maple Hill
CollierAliceCaldwell19071955Maple Hill
CollierBessBlair21 Jun 188825 Mar 1966Maple Hill
CollierBillI19 Dec 187328 Dec 1934Collier - Owens Cross Roads
CollierBillyRay21 Jul 195918 Aug 2004Big Cove
CollierBrendaGayleGlover30 Jan 194622 Aug 1983Byrd
CollierC.C.Unk09 May 1899Maple Hill
CollierCharlesUnk20 May 1913Maple Hill
CollierDorisAnn31 May 194231 Jan 1959Crutcher
CollierDorisJones16 Dec 193107 Mar 1978Northside
CollierEdward17 May 193412 Apr 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
CollierEricDewayne16 Aug 196130 May 1992Big Cove
CollierErnest28 Oct 188910 Sep 1964Maple Hill
CollierFeliciaL.Joiner01 Nov 196627 Apr 2003Northside
CollierFliciaM.20 Nov 197404 Jun 1984Collier - Triana
CollierFrancesB.Unk10 Sep 1990Maple Hill
CollierGlyn30 Mar 192610 Apr 2000Charity Baptist Church
CollierInezL.Wright1919NDDCollier - Owens Cross Roads
CollierIshamJ.27 Apr 184410 Dec 1897Collier - Owens Cross Roads
CollierIsham06 Oct 191307 Oct 1913Collier - Owens Cross Roads
CollierJ.Unk24 Feb 1953Maple Hill
CollierJamesD.191714 Feb 1985Collier - Owens Cross Roads
CollierJaneR.10 Nov 180905 Jul 1892Wright
CollierJoeGreen18391925Maple Hill
CollierJosephUnk30 Mar 1925Maple Hill
CollierJoseph18 Aug 180422 Aug 1896Wright
CollierLankford20 May 189702 Feb 1988Big Cove
CollierLemuelErnest28 Oct 188910 Sep 1964Maple Hill
CollierLeonC.22 May 191802 Sep 2002Fleming
CollierLouieG.07 Jun 189722 Jul 1980Maple Hill
CollierLouiseBowers09 Apr 190128 Oct 1989Madison
CollierMandyLou16 Jan 194303 Jun 2001Collier - Triana
CollierMaryHaden18441902Maple Hill
CollierMaryUnk05 May 1902Maple Hill
CollierMatildaCarolinaChurch11 Oct 185817 Jun 1942Maple Hill
CollierMatildaUnk17 Jun 1942Maple Hill
CollierNancyLee15 Feb 191519 Jan 1978Collier - Triana
CollierOlivia09 Nov 189717 Nov 1962Big Cove
CollierOllieB.15 Sep 1908Feb 1997Collier - Triana
CollierR.JoeUnk20 Jan 1950Maple Hill
CollierRichenDell05 Jan 191827 Feb 1994Big Cove
CollierRuth30 Sep 192115 Apr 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
CollierSarahElizabethUnk25 Mar 1966Maple Hill
CollierSarahH.11 Oct 184606 Mar 1915Collier - Owens Cross Roads
CollierSarahMargaretMoon11 Oct 184606 Mar 1915Collier - Owens Cross Roads
CollierTavieHerrin13 Oct 188309 Jun 1934Collier - Owens Cross Roads
CollierTexieUnk26 Jun 1956Maple Hill
CollierTheopolis23 Mar 195821 Oct 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
CollierUnkFemaleUnk01 Jun 1904Maple Hill
CollierW.H.Unk04 Mar 1958Maple Hill
CollierW.T.04 Jun 186822 Aug 1892Collier - Owens Cross Roads
CollierWillUnk26 Sep 1898Maple Hill
CollierWilliamC.18421863Collier - Owens Cross Roads
CollinsAbeUnk10 Jan 1970Maple Hill
CollinsAlvinC.Unk07 Jun 1988Maple Hill
CollinsAnnieH.08 Jun 187020 Jan 1918Collier - Owens Cross Roads
CollinsBettieUnk21 Apr 1937Maple Hill
CollinsBettyUnk17 Mar 1940Maple Hill
CollinsBuelaHatchUnk29 Apr 1979Maple Hill
CollinsCharlieR.18 Nov 190525 Feb 1990Moon
CollinsClaraMaeUnk31 Jul 1990Maple Hill
CollinsClaudeUnk29 Jun 1971Maple Hill
CollinsCoraE.17 Dec 189517 Mar 1967Maple Hill
CollinsDonaldUnk18 Jul 1941Maple Hill
CollinsDorisH.27 Jun 192117 Feb 1989Maple Hill
CollinsEarl06 Sep 191805 Jun 2006Maple Hill
CollinsEddie25 Jul 190701 Feb 1971Maple Hill
CollinsEddieUnk21 Feb 1948Maple Hill
CollinsEdnaB.02 Jun 191609 Jul 1977Maple Hill
CollinsElizabethUnk03 Apr 1948Maple Hill
CollinsElmerLeeUnk03 Feb 1965Maple Hill
CollinsErnestTruman11 May 189804 Feb 1970Maple Hill
CollinsEttaUnk01 Dec 1930Maple Hill
CollinsGailUnk09 Nov 1955Maple Hill
CollinsGailUnk17 Jun 1938Maple Hill
CollinsIdaMaeUnk09 Jun 1968Maple Hill
CollinsIraUnk06 Sep 1919Maple Hill
CollinsJamesE.17 May 192908 Dec 1995Maple Hill
CollinsJamesOakleyUnk23 Dec 1961Maple Hill
CollinsJennieUnk06 May 1918Maple Hill
CollinsJoannUnk27 Apr 1938Maple Hill
CollinsJohnHenryUnk10 Aug 1939Maple Hill
CollinsLaviniaD.UnkNDDMaple Hill
CollinsLeonWoods13 Oct 1924Jul 1980Northside
CollinsLesterJames07 Aug 191629 Jun 1997Maple Hill
CollinsLillianH.03 Nov 189219 Mar 1966Maple Hill
CollinsLottieUnk23 Dec 1952Maple Hill
CollinsLouisHerbert27 Jun 189831 Jan 1964Maple Hill
CollinsLouisUnk14 Jun 1932Maple Hill
CollinsLucilleP.Unk19 Aug 1962Maple Hill
CollinsMaggie14 Oct 190423 Sep 1997Maple Hill
CollinsMargaretUnk31 Jul 1945Maple Hill
CollinsMaryUnk11 May 1960Maple Hill
CollinsMerrickW.Unk30 Jun 1979Maple Hill
CollinsMildredC.Unk14 Oct 1989Maple Hill
CollinsMosesUnk13 Dec 1913Maple Hill
CollinsOlaMaeUnk02 Dec 1972Maple Hill
CollinsRobertE.Unk10 Feb 1956Maple Hill
CollinsRobertJasonUnk29 Jul 1976Maple Hill
CollinsRobertUnk15 Dec 1943Maple Hill
CollinsRobertUnk29 Jan 1935Maple Hill
CollinsS.Unk10 Feb 1933Maple Hill
CollinsSarahUnk02 Nov 1950Maple Hill
CollinsTerryLynn22 Feb 195007 Jul 2005Moon
CollinsTheresaVivian27 May 192108 Aug 2003Maple Hill
CollinsTressieCraft06 Nov 192127 Dec 1999Moon
CollinsVelmaGunn05 Oct 189120 Sep 1981Maple Hill
CollinsW.A.31 Dec 186021 Jan 1923Collier - Owens Cross Roads
CollinsWallace28 Sep 192323 Dec 1963Maple Hill
CollinsWelcomeP.26 Nov 191704 Apr 1980Maple Hill
CollinsWilliamOtis03 Nov 195422 Sep 2005Valley View Memorial Gardens
CollinsWilmaChristine09 Feb 191318 Apr 1999Maple Hill
CollsLucyUnk06 Aug 1923Maple Hill
ColstonHallanPercyUnkNDDMaple Hill
ColtartAndrewUnk01 Nov 1830Maple Hill
ColtartCaledoniaUnk30 Oct 1826Maple Hill
ColtartCatherineCaledoniaUnk10 May 1851Maple Hill
ColtartJ.G.Unk07 Apr 1869Maple Hill
ColtartJames184223 Mar 1842Maple Hill
ColtartJane30 Nov 180201 Jan 1868Maple Hill
ColtartMaryJaneUnk02 Jan 1833Maple Hill
ColtartR.W.Unk14 Jun 1871Maple Hill
ColtartR.W.Unk25 Oct 1870Maple Hill
ColterOscarUnk04 Feb 1899Maple Hill
ColtonWilliamL.14 Apr 182304 Nov 1859Maple Hill
ColvardCharlesL.Unk06 Apr 1996Maple Hill
ColvertWallaceB.31 Mar 186816 Dec 1952Maple Hill
ColvertWalter02 Jul 189022 Aug 1918Maple Hill
ColvinOthaE.Unk21 Jul 1962Maple Hill
ColwellHaroldSpencer07 Aug 192214 Jan 2004Bevill
CombsAngeliaUnk16 Dec 1966Maple Hill
CombsBeverlyDenise08 Sep 196508 Aug 1986Maple Hill
CombsLouisaW.Unk14 Apr 1873Maple Hill
CombsThasUnk02 Apr 1922Maple Hill
ComerCharlesUnk16 Aug 1932Maple Hill
ComptonArthurL.Unk17 Mar 1985Maple Hill
ComptonBarbaraAnn07 Nov 193710 Aug 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
ComptonGladysUnk22 Dec 1967Maple Hill
ComptonIdaUnk12 Feb 1965Maple Hill
ComstockWillieUnk20 Nov 1893Maple Hill
ConallyLoreneL.30 Apr 191901 Dec 1978Maple Hill
ConallyWillardUnk09 Jan 1917Maple Hill
ConantCharlesUnk02 Mar 1975Maple Hill
ConantDorothyTowns29 Mar 191924 Aug 1999Maple Hill
ConawayRalphA.30 Dec 191429 Nov 1981Maple Hill
ConderAlfredCharles16 May 190919 Aug 1982Maple Hill
ConderEllaUnk08 Mar 1989Maple Hill
CondinoEffieAnnUnk28 Aug 1994Maple Hill
CondraBessieUnk20 Sep 1985Maple Hill
ConeBillyDon06 Jul 194504 Mar 2005Camp Ground
ConeJulietG.12 Jun 189221 Oct 1975Maple Hill
CongoCarlUnk16 Aug 1938Maple Hill
CongoCarolynSuzetteUnk11 Dec 1961Maple Hill
CongoEloise15 Jun 192401 Sep 2003Maple Hill
CongoEvelynJuanita06 Dec 193306 Aug 2003Maple Hill
CongoFrankDee29 Mar 193622 Feb 1971Maple Hill
CongoInfantUnk05 Feb 1955Maple Hill
CongoJ.T.Unk23 Jul 2002Maple Hill
CongoJamesT.Unk11 Jan 1982Maple Hill
CongoJimmieMae09 May 190724 Feb 1989Camp Ground
CongoJuanitaBrazelton06 Dec 193306 Aug 2003Maple Hill
CongoMurphy14 Feb 189502 Jun 1967Camp Ground
CongoOmaUnk11 Mar 1954Maple Hill
CongoWillUnk31 Dec 1953Maple Hill
CongoWilliamS.15 May 191931 Dec 1973Maple Hill
ConlanMargaretJ.06 Oct 193020 Jul 1989Charity Baptist Church
ConleyAlmaJean27 Apr 195725 Jan 2005Concord
ConleyAlmaJean27 Apr 195725 Jan 2005Conley Chapel
ConleyClarence09 Feb 191501 Aug 1971Kennamer
ConleyEddie27 Dec 188516 Sep 1969Concord
ConleyEddie27 Dec 188516 Sep 1946Conley Chapel
ConleyEffieL.14 Feb 189216 Sep 1946Conley Chapel
ConleyEssma29 Dec 192703 Jan 1978Kennamer
ConleyHarryL.15 Jun 190029 Jun 1972Northside
ConleyJamesUnk10 Oct 1925Maple Hill
ConleyJohnW.02 May 191418 May 1952Conley Chapel
ConleyLawsonMonroe19181968Conley Chapel
ConleyLulaM.01 Nov 190027 Apr 1993Maple Hill
ConleyMableW.19101998Conley Chapel
ConleyMarvin04 Apr 197225 Jul 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
ConleyMyrtleKelley19251998St. Ruth
ConleyRoyE19231995Conley Chapel
ConleyWillie21 Mar 192406 Nov 1973Kennamer
ConnallyCharlesAlfred13 Aug 192508 Jul 2003Hayden
ConnallyClydeH.22 Jan 191327 Jul 1992Esslinger
ConnallyD.H.24 Mar 187816 Aug 1921Esslinger
ConnallyEthel14 Oct 190624 Nov 1972Maple Hill
ConnallyEvaO.30 Sep 187926 Oct 1929Esslinger
ConnallyFaye19 Jun 192916 Jun 1998Maple Hill
ConnallyGeorgeA.15 Sep 189525 Nov 1965Hayden
ConnallyGeorgeEdward07 Feb 187615 May 1945Ryland
ConnallyGerthaB.30 Sep 1921NDDMoon
ConnallyGraceCrowson03 Jun 187914 May 1962Ryland
ConnallyInfantBabe19 Nov 191619 Nov 1916Esslinger
ConnallyInfantFemale18 Jan 190001 May 1906Esslinger
ConnallyInfant31 Dec 190131 Dec 1901Ryland
ConnallyJamesB.15 Feb 191507 Aug 1999Moon
ConnallyJenniePoteet22 Mar 185404 Mar 1893Esslinger
ConnallyJohnW.25 Feb 184325 May 1921Gurley
ConnallyKateFlannagan01 Oct 184304 Nov 1934Moon
ConnallyLauraJane08 aug 193017 Jan 1978Hayden
ConnallyLenaUnkNDDMaple Hill
ConnallyLeslieAlton26 Oct 192220 Dec 1993Hayden
ConnallyMargaretUnk05 Nov 1918Maple Hill
ConnallyMaryEmma16 Nov 192511 Dec 1993Maple Hill
ConnallyMaryT.20 Jul 1845NDDGurley
ConnallyRobertJ.19 Aug 192617 Jul 1982Maple Hill
ConnallyRobertUnk17 Oct 1950Maple Hill
ConnallySamuelDouglasJan 188706 Sep 1922Maple Hill
ConnallySamuelDouglasUnk06 Sep 1922Maple Hill
ConnallySarahR.19 Jul 191427 May 1976Esslinger
ConnallySusanNarcissaWrightApr 185029 Jul 1901Maple Hill
ConnallySusanNarcissaUnk27 Jul 1901Maple Hill
ConnallySusie24 Jun 194727 Jun 1947Esslinger
ConnallyT.V.18 Sep 184104 Jun 1902Esslinger
ConnallyThaddeusBright09 Feb 184411 Jul 1929Maple Hill
ConnallyThadeusB.Unk01 Jan 1929Maple Hill
ConnallyViolaM.29 Dec 189511 Aug 1992Hayden
ConnellyMinnieUnk22 Jan 1900Maple Hill
ConnellyThadeousUnk11 Jul 1929Maple Hill
ConnerAllenStroudUnk02 Dec 1961Maple Hill
ConnerBrendaUnk15 Aug 1941Madison Crossroads
ConnerGeraldineHolderUnkNDDHuntsville Memory Gardens
ConnerJamesC.Unk22 Aug 1937Maple Hill
ConnerJamesUnk23 Jun 1940Maple Hill
ConnerJohnUnk23 Dec 1933Maple Hill
ConnerJosephUnk12 Jul 1870Maple Hill
ConnerKateUnk26 Feb 1951Maple Hill
ConnerLottieMayUnk03 May 1941Maple Hill
ConnerMaggieA.24 Sep 190718 Sep 1998Maple Hill
ConnerMaryE.Unk12 Oct 1987Maple Hill
ConnerWilliamA.Unk05 Oct 1948Maple Hill
ConnersEdwardD.Unk18 Jan 1942Maple Hill
ConnersMattieUnk07 Sep 1947Maple Hill
ConnettUnkUnk10 May 1921Maple Hill
ConnollyRichardUnk03 May 1923Maple Hill
ConnollyStephenJoseph01 Nov 191615 Nov 2004Maple Hill
ConollyLollieUnk22 Dec 1928Maple Hill
ConradMaryJudithLang11 May 192911 Jul 2003Charity Baptist Church
ConradUnkMaleUnk05 May 1868Maple Hill
ConroyFrancesUnk27 Nov 1897Maple Hill
ConroyJ.F.Unk03 Nov 1888Maple Hill
ConwayChildUnk04 Nov 1869Maple Hill
ConwayRaymon19181979Center Grove
ConwayVirginiaUnk02 Oct 1932Maple Hill
ConwayWilliamUnk03 Nov 1900Maple Hill
ConwellSaraE.Unk29 Sep 1980Maple Hill
CookAliceUnk29 Dec 1933Maple Hill
CookAliceUnk18 Jun 1922Maple Hill
CookBessMarieUnk01 Jun 1960Maple Hill
CookBoyUnk23 Oct 1918Maple Hill
CookCharlesEllsworthUnk26 Sep 1959Maple Hill
CookDarnellaUnk23 May 1978Maple Hill
CookDonaldEdward01 Feb 194318 Jul 2001Valhalla Memory Gardens
CookEarlStaley14 Mar 191212 Apr 1995Maple Hill
CookEdnaUnk05 Dec 1932Maple Hill
CookEffieUnk25 Sep 1920Maple Hill
CookEugeneC.Unk08 Oct 1990Maple Hill
CookFlorenceUnk17 Apr 1935Maple Hill
CookFlossie04 Feb 190729 Jul 1908Merrimack
CookGroverA.10 May 188705 Apr 1964Maple Hill
CookHenryUnk18 Nov 1961Maple Hill
CookHillardUnk18 Jan 1929Maple Hill
CookInfantUnk03 Dec 1971Maple Hill
CookJimmieL.Unk21 Mar 1962Maple Hill
CookJosephUnk15 May 1946Maple Hill
CookLillianUnk20 Jan 1943Maple Hill
CookMarianB.12 Jan 189605 Jul 1969Maple Hill
CookMaryHindmanByrd28 Apr 191609 Oct 2005Maple Hill
CookMaryUnk18 Aug 1924Maple Hill
CookMollieBlanton18881946Maple Hill
CookNathanielJackUnk25 Feb 1985Maple Hill
CookOzellMrsUnk20 Dec 1956Maple Hill
CookSalaUnk05 Jan 1926Maple Hill
CookThomasJ.17 Dec 195322 Apr 1985Maple Hill
CookWilliamH.18 May 192522 Dec 1960Maple Hill
CookWilliamUnk09 Jan 1926Maple Hill
CookJuanitaEvelyn09 Sep 190508 Aug 2003Maple Hill
CookeCoraE.10 Nov 191014 Jan 1982Maple Hill
CookeEarlH.Unk04 Apr 1996Maple Hill
CookeEmmaUnk20 May 1974Maple Hill
CookeMarshalGuy19 Jan 197214 May 2003Maple Hill
CookeO.W.UnkNDDMaple Hill
CookseyJamesFrederick24 Feb 194008 Mar 2000Moon
CookseyMarthaBranum27 Nov 1921NDDMoon
CoolGeorgia01 Aug 189008 Apr 1900Madison Crossroads
CooleyJ.W.14 Sep 184915 Aug 1919Ebenezer
CooleyJewell08 Nov 190708 Jul 1980Maple Hill
CooleyNannieE.04 Feb 185525 Jan 1951Madison
CooleyNannieUnk12 Jun 1914Maple Hill
CooleyPhilip28 Dec 184428 Jul 1900Madison
CooleySarahUnk06 May 1931Maple Hill
CooleySybelUnk30 Dec 1925Maple Hill
CooneyJohnP.08 Jun 187003 Dec 1926Maple Hill
CooneyMargaretC.27 Aug 187216 Jan 1946Maple Hill
CooneyMarjorieUnk17 Feb 2001Maple Hill
CooneyMaryKateWilson07 Apr 187512 Dec 1899Ebenezer
CoonsFredUnk10 Jan 1943Maple Hill
CoonsFredUnk02 Feb 1934Maple Hill
CoonsFredUnk13 Mar 1929Maple Hill
CoonsFredUnk17 Oct 1898Maple Hill
CoonsHarrietS.Unk23 Jun 1894Maple Hill
CoonsHarryJ.30 Jan 192928 Jan 1996Maple Hill
CoonsMabelUnk09 Dec 1954Maple Hill
CoonsSueTaylor26 Dec 190311 Dec 1985Maple Hill
CoonsUnkFemaleUnk29 Jan 1919Maple Hill
CooperA.Unk08 Dec 1955Maple Hill
CooperAgnesLaws31 Oct 197231 Oct 1972Northside
CooperAlbertUnk28 Aug 1887Maple Hill
CooperAllenUnk17 Sep 1869Maple Hill
CooperAmbroseP.05 Aug 191030 Jun 1979Hayden
CooperAnnieR.Unk22 Feb 1954Glenwood
CooperArleanF.13 Dec 191219 May 1998Northside
CooperBessieUnk26 Mar 1979Maple Hill
CooperCarleenE.03 Sep 192125 Mar 1977Northside
CooperCarrieEllenWest12 Jan 195221 May 1972Madison Crossroads
CooperCecilOdell10 Dec 191324 Aug 1977Kennamer
CooperCeliaT.11 Nov 188813 Sep 1965Northside
CooperClaraW.10 Dec 1914Jul 1986Green Valley
CooperClaraUnk15 Jun 1987Maple Hill
CooperClinton10 May 194113 Oct 1988Northside
CooperDorothyUnk02 Apr 1989Maple Hill
CooperDorothy05 Dec 193821 Oct 2004Twickenham
CooperE.W.Unk26 Feb 1893Maple Hill
CooperEffieI.13 Oct 1915NDDKennamer
CooperElizaUnk30 Jan 1934Maple Hill
CooperElizaUnk15 Oct 1883Maple Hill
CooperElizabethBrasfieldUnk30 Nov 2005Maple Hill
CooperEmmaA.03 Jan 188429 Dec 1962Maple Hill
CooperGeorgeP.Unk26 Aug 1947Maple Hill
CooperGeorgiaM.06 Aug 1934NDDHayden
CooperGordonJ.14 Jul 189701 Nov 1971Maple Hill
CooperHaroldC.Unk06 Sep 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
CooperHazelRuth13 Mar 191816 Jun 1994Maple Hill
CooperHermieE.13 Sep 188302 Jun 1956Kennamer
CooperInfantUnk01 Jan 1952Maple Hill
CooperInfantUnk20 Jan 1972Maple Hill
CooperInfantUnk01 Jan 1952Maple Hill
CooperJ.L.Unk19 Jun 1984Maple Hill
CooperJ.Unk11 Jan 1921Maple Hill
CooperJamesG.Unk14 Aug 1973Maple Hill
CooperJamesRoy26 Apr 191029 May 1985Green Valley
CooperJamesW.Unk24 Dec 1975Maple Hill
CooperJamesUnk07 Dec 1834Penland-Cooper
CooperJimmieLou27 Dec 189002 Oct 1968Maple Hill
CooperJoeUnk30 Apr 1919Maple Hill
CooperJohnWesleyUnk09 Feb 1893Maple Hill
CooperJohnUnk05 Feb 1925Maple Hill
CooperJohnUnk22 Apr 1925Maple Hill
CooperJonnieWinterUnk04 Mar 1894Maple Hill
CooperJuanita05 Nov 193903 Oct 1969Northside
CooperKatherineUnk10 May 1998Maple Hill
CooperLaurenceUnk06 Dec 1931Maple Hill
CooperLawrenceUnk09 Mar 1942Maple Hill
CooperLulaFlemingUnk12 Feb 1950Maple Hill
CooperMalonAndrew03 Oct 188122 May 1965Bethel/Old Bethel
CooperMarvinLee16 Jan 191715 Jan 1980Maple Hill
CooperMarySmith04 Jul 188302 Dec 1975Kennamer
CooperMichelleUnk19 Mar 1979Maple Hill
CooperMinnieWheelerUnk11 Dec 1897Maple Hill
CooperMistyDawnUnk10 Mar 1974Maple Hill
CooperNancyThorntonWomack192113 Dec 2004Madison
CooperNonaUnk31 May 1903Maple Hill
CooperOliviaUnk12 Sep 1951Maple Hill
CooperOpelE.08 May 193401 Oct 1938Kennamer
CooperRobertL.16 Nov 192518 Mar 1998Maple Hill
CooperRosa10 May 188924 Mar 1967Maple Hill
CooperRoy14 Sep 190210 Jan 1968Maple Hill
CooperRudolphF.05 Nov 193224 Mar 1982Maple Hill
CooperSusanDianeUnk17 Mar 1975Maple Hill
CooperTerryGlennUnkNDDNeal Chapel
CooperTexieUnk28 Jun 1961Maple Hill
CooperThelmaLamon09 Sep 191330 Jan 1965Maple Hill
CooperThomasA.27 Aug 192025 Jan 1989Maple Hill
CooperThomasGlennUnk19 Mar 1997Maple Hill
CooperThomasS.12 Nov 186108 Feb 1930Glenwood
CooperUnkFemaleUnk17 Mar 1879Maple Hill
CooperUnkS.Unk27 Apr 1917Maple Hill
CooperViolaS.23 Jun 191516 Jul 1994Hayden
CooperWilliamUnk27 Aug 1945Maple Hill
CooverLethiaM.Unk26 Oct 1895Townsend Coover
CooverMarthaJane31 Aug 181625 Oct 1895Townsend Coover
CooverPeterT.185002 Dec 1895Townsend Coover
CopasEarleneM.17 Oct 192628 Jan 1985Kennamer
CopasErnestW.04 Mar 192516 Mar 1994Kennamer
CopasErnestWilliam25 Aug 195216 Aug 1999Kennamer
CopasJaniceElaine24 Sep 1950NDDKennamer
CopeAdrienN.09 Jun 185421 Sep 1910Maple Hill
CopeAlleneDerrick27 Sep 192026 Dec 1996Maple Hill
CopeCarlosE.10 Apr 190925 Jan 1970Maple Hill
CopeCarolynAnnUnk01 Apr 1957Maple Hill
CopeDudleyO.17 Nov 192211 Jun 1986Maple Hill
CopeElizabethUnk28 Aug 1928Maple Hill
CopeEstellaStephensUnk24 Jun 1965Maple Hill
CopeGradyDelbertUnk24 Sep 1997Maple Hill
CopeGrundyC.01 Sep 189125 Jun 1975Maple Hill
CopeIkeUnk17 Dec 1957Maple Hill
CopeJamesUnk01 Oct 1938Maple Hill
CopeLizzieJun 188705 Jul 1977Maple Hill
CopeMarthaAnnUnk22 Mar 1937Maple Hill
CopeMarthaMartelaUnk01 Sep 1959Maple Hill
CopeMattieUnk27 Aug 1933Maple Hill
CopeNannie22 May 191210 Sep 1976Maple Hill
CopeNellieF.20 Aug 189525 Feb 1989Maple Hill
CopeReeceFranklinUnk19 May 1947Maple Hill
CopeRobertG.17 Feb 191819 Jan 2002Maple Hill
CopeShirleyB.31 May 193529 Mar 2004Maple Hill
CopeThomasUnk23 Dec 1920Maple Hill
CopeVirgilT.02 May 190511 Nov 1982Maple Hill
CopelandAlexUnk05 Aug 1877Maple Hill
CopelandArchieUnk29 Aug 1898Maple Hill
CopelandBeatriceM.14 Oct 191202 Jan 2003Maple Hill
CopelandClara20 Feb 188714 Dec 1984Maple Hill
CopelandDaisyD.Unk11 Feb 1962Maple Hill
CopelandEvaUnk04 Jun 1899Maple Hill
CopelandH.R.Unk25 Jul 1947Maple Hill
CopelandMargaretMaryUnk14 Aug 1920Maple Hill
CopelandMaryE.20 May 190320 Sep 1991Center Grove
CopelandMonroeWilson14 Jan 192818 Apr 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
CopelandOllie14 Aug 187805 Nov 1973Maple Hill
CopelandSarrahUnk13 Feb 1917Maple Hill
CopelandTaregiousSharavio02 Mar 198117 Nov 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
CopelandThomasUnk25 Feb 1930Maple Hill
CopelandUnkFemaleUnk30 Oct 1890Maple Hill
CopelandUnkMaleUnk08 Jul 1917Maple Hill
CopelandWilliamShelbyUnk06 Apr 1964Maple Hill
CoplinJamesUnk05 Oct 1870Maple Hill
CoppockHuey30 Jul 192209 Jan 1999Maple Hill
CopusWillieUnk18 Apr 1914Maple Hill
CorbellMargaret02 Dec 193525 Jun 1975Maple Hill
CorbettFritzUnk29 Jan 1947Maple Hill
CorbettJohnUnk24 Mar 1882Maple Hill
CorbinAltaMae23 Aug 191817 Dec 1993Maple Hill
CorbinBobby18 Feb 194716 May 1984Maple Hill
CorbinErinFaith25 May 200027 Jun 2000Maple Hill
CorbinJamesMelvin17 Oct 191229 Dec 1998Maple Hill
CorbinMartinShaneUnk13 Jul 1992Maple Hill
CorbinRonnieL.Unk01 Aug 1976Maple Hill
CorbitShelbyUnk01 Jan 1877Maple Hill
CorcoranBirdieUnk09 Dec 1967Maple Hill
CorcoranJ.Unk30 Nov 1950Maple Hill
CorcoranJohnnieM.04 Jan 192320 Aug 1992Maple Hill
CorcoranSarah13 Sep 192610 Jan 1992Maple Hill
CordenW.Unk10 Nov 1922Maple Hill
CorderAbnerB.24 Nov 189516 Mar 1981Maple Hill
CorderC.N.Unk31 May 1958Maple Hill
CorderD.C.15 Sep 190926 Dec 1981Maple Hill
CorderDimpleRamsey11 Mar 191413 Jun 1998Maple Hill
CorderEmmaUnk11 Apr 1944Maple Hill
CorderJamesNeil13 Aug 191207 Jul 1978Maple Hill
CorderJamesTillman08 Jan 192124 May 1999Maple Hill
CorderMinnieLeeUnk01 May 1975Maple Hill
CordieThomas11 JanNDDRoyal
CordleEligah14 Nov 191527 Apr 1976Collier - Triana
CordleLaura09 Jan 187916 Dec 1968Northside
CordonM.Unk16 Dec 1903Maple Hill
CorduleJasonEugene22 Dec 197207 Dec 1992Haygood
CoreClinton29 Mar 193705 Jan 1998Maple Hill
CorettiRobertUnk08 Jun 1963Maple Hill
CorilyAnnieUnk18 Apr 1920Maple Hill
CorineUnkUnk16 Jul 1923Maple Hill
CorleyJamesE.Unk30 May 1976Maple Hill
CormickEvieM.Unk29 Dec 1997Maple Hill
CornelisonCorbetMac26 Jan 189919 Sep 1971Maple Hill
CornelisonRoyWayne23 Jul 194523 Jul 1945Locust Grove
CorneliusHaroldLee17 Sep 193323 Jun 1997Green Valley
CorneliusMaryLamons14 May 192105 Jun 1988Green Valley
CornellArthurJ.Unk19 Nov 1992Maple Hill
CornellMargaretD.28 May 188209 Aug 1963Maple Hill
CornellMary23 Mar 191009 Sep 1999Maple Hill
CornellThomasW.23 Jul 189903 Jul 1981Maple Hill
CornettWilliamE.30 Jun 192608 Jan 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
CornmollyJasonUnk01 Nov 1934Maple Hill
CornuthJ.M.02 May 1927NDDRyland
CornuttEttaMay31 May 190023 Nov 1902Merrimack
CornwellHowardUnk29 Jul 1961Maple Hill
CornwellReinaMaryUnk31 Jul 1961Maple Hill
CorpierOlaUnk15 Dec 1970Maple Hill
CorrineUnkUnk13 Jul 1922Maple Hill
CorseMargaretJaneUnk17 Dec 1964Maple Hill
CorumAnnieUnk08 Sep 1953Maple Hill
CorumBernard18 Apr 192403 Nov 1971Maple Hill
CorumCarrieL.01 Jan 191827 Dec 2002Maple Hill
CorumDonaldUnk20 May 1953Maple Hill
CorumEbbieMrs.Unk09 Apr 1957Maple Hill
CorumEthelMooreUnk13 Jan 1968Maple Hill
CorumEttaUnk13 Feb 1971Maple Hill
CorumEvieJane27 Jul 187105 Apr 1957Maple Hill
CorumHenry31 Oct 186515 Dec 1933Maple Hill
CorumHerman04 Aug 189207 Mar 1975Maple Hill
CorumHoward09 Apr 191908 Feb 2003Maple Hill
CorumJamesC.16 Feb 190022 Jul 1971Maple Hill
CorumJamesUnk26 Mar 1944Maple Hill
CorumJohnUnk15 Dec 1933Maple Hill
CorumJuanitaUnk02 May 1956Maple Hill
CorumLawrenceUnk26 Apr 1943Maple Hill
CorumLawrenceUnk02 May 1931Maple Hill
CorumLemuelTurner30 Apr 187915 Nov 1974Maple Hill
CorumLennieE.Unk09 Apr 1965Maple Hill
CorumLoisJ.28 Nov 191204 Apr 1979Maple Hill
CorumLucileUnk11 Aug 1918Maple Hill
CorumRickeyAlanUnk29 Dec 1995Maple Hill
CorumSallieDay14 Aug 189817 May 1982Maple Hill
CorumVivianLois19 Jun 194012 Jan 1977Maple Hill
CorumWilliamUnk09 Jun 1942Maple Hill
CoryFloydB.Unk08 May 1990Maple Hill
CosbeyUnkUnk03 Jun 1885Maple Hill
CosbyC.G.Unk17 Jul 1897Maple Hill
CosbyHettieUnk04 Apr 1946Maple Hill
CosbyJ.Unk08 Nov 1902Maple Hill
CosbyLawrenceH.02 Aug 194729 Nov 2004Plainview
CosdenMary02 Sep 186403 May 1918Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
CosdenWilliamDefordUnk06 Feb 1962Maple Hill
CostThomasLee24 Dec 193707 Jul 2005Maple Hill
CostelloMarilynneJaneMcCarthy10 Oct 192810 Sep 1980Maple Hill
CostelloMaryO'Brien15 Aug 184002 Feb 1908Maple Hill
CostesNicholasUnk13 Dec 1967Maple Hill
CotchJanisAnnUnk27 Jan 1971Maple Hill
CothranClydeE.20 Jan 192529 Oct 2003State Line - Hazel Green
CothrenAlbaHuey02 Jan 191310 Jan 1995Maple Hill
CothrenAlpha14 May 189207 Nov 1892Bevill
CothrenDalta26 Sep 189315 Apr 1894Bevill
CothrenMildredL.23 Apr 191929 Nov 1990Maple Hill
CothrenVera19061932Charity Baptist Church
CottrellNellieM.26 Mar 191724 Aug 1982Maple Hill
CouchAustinL.Unk12 Oct 1983Maple Hill
CouchAustinLeigh31 Aug 190827 Jul 1979Maple Hill
CouchBeulahMaudUnk04 Nov 1961Maple Hill
CouchG.Unk09 May 1955Maple Hill
CouchHoraceUnk15 Dec 1958Maple Hill
CouchJamesUnk14 Oct 1967Maple Hill
CouchJewellUnk05 May 1934Maple Hill
CouchLeviJones18931950Charity Baptist Church
CouchMervinElvisUnk13 Jun 1988Maple Hill
CouchSamuelUnk06 Aug 1876Maple Hill
CouchTerrellT.19141961Charity Baptist Church
CouchUnkFemaleUnk24 Mar 1874Maple Hill
CouchWilliamUnk13 Feb 1933Maple Hill
CouchWilliamUnk13 Mar 1933Maple Hill
CouchoisWilliamJ.Unk12 Sep 2004Maple Hill
CoulterDeimerA.12 Jun 190522 Apr 1962Fowlkes
CoulterG.Unk06 Jan 1917Maple Hill
CoulterGeneralUnk25 Feb 1927Maple Hill
CoulterGeraldPat14 Mar 193711 Dec 1941Fowlkes
CoulterJames04 May04 Oct 1918Maple Hill
CoulterJohnS.09 Dec 188210 Jan 1964Charity Baptist Church
CoulterLinda26 Jun 196826 Jun 1968Fowlkes
CoulterM.Frances07 Apr 190705 Aug 1985Fowlkes
CoulterMarieUnk05 Jul 1968Maple Hill
CoulterNealeyUnk24 Jan 1947Maple Hill
CoulterPeggyM.Unk28 Apr 1986Maple Hill
CoulterTommie188121 Aug 1935Maple Hill
CountessIraUnk08 Mar 1904Maple Hill
CountessJacE.12 Apr 190616 Feb 1978Maple Hill
CountessKeenerUnk18 Mar 1927Maple Hill
CountessMary01 Feb 191330 Mar 1975Maple Hill
CountessMollieUnk28 May 1960Maple Hill
CountessParksL.27 Nov 190413 Nov 1971Maple Hill
CountessRobert26 Aug 193718 Mar 2005Maple Hill
CountessS.S.Mrs.Unk26 Oct 1949Maple Hill
CountessS.Unk13 Jan 1927Maple Hill
CountessSeldenJ.Unk06 Mar 1981Maple Hill
CountessT.Unk18 Jan 1940Maple Hill
CountessT.Unk11 Aug 1917Maple Hill
CountisMattieUnk20 May 1903Maple Hill
CountsG.B.Unk22 Sep 1975Maple Hill
CountsGraceH.Unk22 Mar 1993Maple Hill
CountsJ.A.Unk03 Jul 1974Maple Hill
CountsJ.T.Unk02 Feb 1984Maple Hill
CountsJ.Unk20 Nov 1954Maple Hill
CountsJennyOzellaUnk01 Mar 1983Maple Hill
CountsJessieB.Unk28 Jan 1990Maple Hill
CountsLouieW.27 Jul 191117 Nov 1990Maple Hill
CountsMackL.Unk01 Sep 1993Maple Hill
CountsMarieH.11 Aug 190310 Jan 1989Maple Hill
CountsMattieUnk23 Jan 1915Maple Hill
CountsRobertOakleyUnk27 Sep 1959Maple Hill
CourtneyClydeJayUnk09 Nov 1988Maple Hill
CourtneyIrma28 Jan 189420 May 1985Maple Hill
RichardsonRobertL.30 Jul 191206 Apr 1921Merrimack
CourtneyJ.P.Unk30 Dec 1896Maple Hill
CourtneyOldenK.21 Apr 189122 Dec 1977Maple Hill
CourtneyRuth27 May 191224 Oct 1972Maple Hill
CourtneyWilliamE.02 Feb 191209 Sep 1984Maple Hill
CousinsErmaWard26 May 190003 Feb 1999Maple Hill
CousinsFrankG.21 Dec 189505 Sep 1985Maple Hill
CovelIdaUnk17 Jan 1948Maple Hill
CovelJamesUnk02 Feb 1919Maple Hill
CovingtonMildred29 Oct 192518 May 1917Merrimack
CowanAlbertaW.01 Aug 190229 Mar 1976Center Grove
CowanAndrewBenjamin22 Mar 186521 Feb 1940Moon
CowanAndy18891985Center Grove
CowanAndy24 Jul 184825 Jan 1952Glenwood
CowanBaby22 Feb 192222 Feb 1922Moon
CowanBertieI.17 Mar 193619 Nov 1936Moon
CowanBillyRay17 Mar 195021 Mar 1950Byrd
CowanCallieP.07 Mar 190326 Jan 1985Moon
CowanCharlieBenjamin26 Sep 191902 Nov 1974Moon
CowanDonA.17 Oct 193208 Nov 1951Maple Hill
CowanDukeI.17 Mar 190907 Feb 1995Moon
CowanEdwardW.11 Oct 189224 Jul 1968Moon
CowanEdward25 Jan 193825 Jan 1938Moon
CowanEllaJ.18 Oct 190515 Jun 1994Moon
CowanEllaL.18791943Baker - Owens Cross Road
CowanEllieMyrtle19 Jun 189311 May 1926Moon
CowanFlorenceBaker08 Jan 189524 Jan 1975Byrd
CowanFrancesLeslie11 Apr 190527 Nov 1987Center Grove
CowanFrinklinD.09 Jan 194309 Jan 1943Byrd
CowanHaroldAndrew14 May 195002 Nov 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
CowanJesseN.16 Nov 189329 Jun 1960Byrd
CowanJoeB.06 Jan 190703 Feb 1961Moon
CowanJohnW.18761926Baker - Owens Cross Road
CowanJohnathanEdward08 Feb 198608 Feb 1985Center Grove
CowanJudie27 Aug 188317 Sep 1965Arnett
CowanLauraB.04 Oct 190826 Jun 1986Byrd
CowanLawsonHenryUnk15 Jun 1964Maple Hill
CowanLillianW.10 Aug 190417 Nov 1982Maple Hill
CowanLona18951964Charity Baptist Church
CowanMamieIrena19081911Baker - Owens Cross Road
CowanMamieCarpenter29 Oct 191115 Dec 1939Moon
CowanMaryE.Honea28 Nov 186821 May 1946Moon
CowanMurphyLee03 Jun 190306 Jul 1991Maple Hill
CowanMyrtleW.04 Jul 189128 Jan 1919Moon
CowanNannieUnk23 Nov 1961Maple Hill
CowanOscar16 Mar 188327 May 1976Center Grove
CowanRaymondH.Unk21 Jun 1950Maple Hill
CowanRoy18951965Charity Baptist Church
CowanRubyEstelle26 Apr 192612 Jul 1926Moon
CowanThelmaRogers06 Nov 1924NDDMoon
CowanTheoE.07 Nov 191819 Feb 1992Moon
CowanThomasG.09 Sep 190030 Nov 1980Byrd
CowanTracy19341939Charity Baptist Church
CowanUnkUnkNDDBaker - Owens Cross Road
CowanVergiaEstella19161919Baker - Owens Cross Road
CowardJamesS.Unk20 Oct 1981Maple Hill
CowardMaryP.16 Dec 190726 Mar 1994Maple Hill
CowardMyrtisEvelynUnk03 Jun 1988Maple Hill
CowardVirgelUnk04 Jun 1930Maple Hill
CowartAlbertUnk26 Jul 1931Maple Hill
CowartAllenF.04 Feb 195006 Oct 2000Brown
CowartAnnieUnk25 Apr 1931Maple Hill
CowartErasmusHenry23 Dec 188304 Jan 1958Ryland
CowartFannie10 Sep 192101 Jun 1939Ryland
CowartHenryH.13 Mar 193015 Jun 2003Ryland
CowartLeonaUnk13 Feb 1919Maple Hill
CowartMaryUnk03 Mar 1926Maple Hill
CowartPamellaL.21 May 198221 May 1982Ryland
CowartQuexie12 Feb 190522 May 1986Maple Hill
CowartRobertKenneth03 Jun 192818 Feb 1982Maple Hill
CowartSilasUnk02 Nov 1928Maple Hill
CowartThomasUnk30 Nov 1951Maple Hill
CowartVirgil31 Dec 189604 Apr 1969Maple Hill
CowartW.J.Unk17 Nov 1946Maple Hill
CowartWhittenO.21 Jan 198208 Dec 1972Maple Hill
CowellMaryE.Unk12 May 1952Maple Hill
CowenCharlieH.22 May 189326 Dec 1974Maple Hill
CowenFlorenceIrene02 Jun 189823 Jul 1973Maple Hill
CowenJohnUnk06 Apr 1942Maple Hill
CowenJohnUnk06 Apr 1942Maple Hill
CowgillDavidPatrickUnk10 Jan 1981Maple Hill
CowlesE.M.12 Dec 180130 May 1870Maple Hill
CowlesEdwardTalmadge08 Oct 185730 Jun 1858Maple Hill
CowlesHannahJane182304 May 1905Maple Hill
CowlesLauraAmity14 Jun 186515 Jun 1866Maple Hill
CowleyA.D.Unk18 Nov 1979Maple Hill
CowleyAnnieT.Unk09 Oct 1973Maple Hill
CowleyAnnieUnk04 Feb 1929Maple Hill
CowleyArchieG.Unk23 Mar 1960Maple Hill
CowleyBenBrooks03 Dec 191006 Mar 1990Maple Hill
CowleyBlancheF.19 Sep 190412 Apr 1994Maple Hill
CowleyClaudiaFearsUnk05 May 1931Maple Hill
CowleyCynthiaUnk25 Nov 1930Maple Hill
CowleyDorisTielking06 Oct 193002 Jun 2002Camp Ground
CowleyEllaUnk11 Apr 1951Maple Hill
CowleyErskineUnk17 Feb 1924Maple Hill
CowleyFannieJ.18921965Camp Ground
CowleyFranklin18571931Camp Ground
CowleyHerbertUnk07 Jan 1929Maple Hill
CowleyJeanetteP.1 Dec 192224 Apr 1994Maple Hill
CowleyJohnC.Unk09 Jul 1944Maple Hill
CowleyKennethC.01 Apr 191718 Nov 1991Maple Hill
CowleyLewisColeman11 Nov 193723 Mar 1999Maple Hill
CowleyLulaB.McKelveyNov 189111 Sep 1916Camp Ground
CowleyMolieL.18661939Camp Ground
CowleyMurielA.24 Oct 1911Apr 1983Camp Ground
CowleyOnaMae10 Jul 190309 Feb 1997Maple Hill
CowleyRosa31 Jan 190608 May 1980Maple Hill
CowleyRostonalUnk14 Oct 1951Maple Hill
CowleyThelmaL.13 Oct 191106 Nov 1990Camp Ground
CowleyThomasHoward29 Oct 192315 Oct 2000Camp Ground
CowleyThomasN.18901946Camp Ground
CowleyTokenUnk30 Jul 1939Maple Hill
CowleyVirginia12 Sep 191412 Mar 1985Maple Hill
CowleyVirginiaUnk25 May 1953Maple Hill
CowleyWalter22 Nov 191914 May 1998Maple Hill
CowleyWilliamBen06 Mar 188419 Jul 1943Maple Hill
CowleyWilliamEarnest23 Apr 190912 Feb 1983Maple Hill
CowleyWilliamUnk19 Jul 1943Maple Hill
CowltanEstellUnk03 Nov 1900Maple Hill
CowthornBelliaJackson10 Jan 190606 Dec 1971Northside
CoxArneyEdward04 Apr 191807 Jun 1918Pleas Mount Baptist Church
CoxCliftonD.Unk08 Jul 1990Maple Hill
CoxDeborah16 Mar 195530 Mar 1990Pleas Mount Baptist Church
CoxDonnaJo20 Dec 195610 Feb 1957Brown
CoxEllenUnk18 Apr 1838Maple Hill
CoxEmilyThomas05 May 192108 May 1981Maple Hill
CoxEugeneBoyd25 May 191224 Dec 1999Brown
CoxG.W.Unk23 Aug 1986Maple Hill
CoxGrady03 Mar 189421 Apr 1920Pleas Mount Baptist Church
CoxHoraceE.06 Oct 189611 Apr 1948Pleas Mount Baptist Church
CoxIdaTuckerUnk11 Dec 1970Maple Hill
CoxJosephC.Unk07 Dec 1987Maple Hill
CoxJosephC.Unk19 Jul 1967Maple Hill
CoxLoisF.Unk15 Jul 1985Maple Hill
CoxLouisaUnk13 May 1942Maple Hill
CoxMaggie03 Jul 191430 May 1996Brown
CoxMargie10 Apr 193730 Sep 2005Faith Memorial Park
CoxMaxThomasUnk08 Aug 1977Maple Hill
CoxMoraM.Estell06 Jun 190302 May 1942Pleas Mount Baptist Church
CoxNathanUnk05 Nov 1939Maple Hill
CoxOrrisHilton11 Sep 192131 May 1983Maple Hill
CoxWade26 Aug 189822 Feb 1982Pleas Mount Baptist Church
CoyleAdelaideUnk06 Dec 1937Maple Hill
CoyleBenUnk14 Oct 1953Maple Hill
CoyleBenUnk27 Feb 1927Maple Hill
CoyleHenryJ.Unk17 Sep 1941Maple Hill
CoyleInezUnk13 Feb 1936Maple Hill
CoyleInezUnk09 Mar 1920Maple Hill
CoyleJamesM.19 Feb 189217 Dec 1951Maple Hill
CoyleJamesR.188405 Jul 1922Maple Hill
CoyleJamesUnk21 Oct 1916Maple Hill
CoyleJerryF.Unk28 May 1898Maple Hill
CoyleJerryUnk17 Dec 1914Maple Hill
CoyleJohnLeslie05 Jul 192821 Jul 1992Ryland
CoyleJohnUnk26 Dec 1951Maple Hill
CoyleJohnUnk02 Jun 1919Maple Hill
CoyleLeeUnk20 Aug 1968Maple Hill
CoyleLucyFordUnk26 Jan 1959Maple Hill
CoyleLulaMaye11 Aug 188926 Nov 1966Maple Hill
CoyleM.J.Unk01 Sep 1948Maple Hill
CoyleMargaret22 May 191327 Feb 1982Maple Hill
CoyleMaryA.03 Dec 189630 Aug 1979Maple Hill
CoyleMaryUnk15 Jan 1934Maple Hill
CoyleMayeNance11 Aug 188926 Nov 1966Maple Hill
CoyleMonroeJones11 Jan 188430 Aug 1948Maple Hill
CoylePearlDickinson188802 Mar 1942Maple Hill
CoyleSusieUnk21 Jul 1943Maple Hill
CoyleUnkFemaleUnk17 May 1868Maple Hill
CoyleWilliamJeromeUnk16 Feb 1960Maple Hill
CozelosCharlesStephen19 Jul 189114 Aug 1970Maple Hill
CozelosCharlesUnk16 Jul 1951Maple Hill
CozelosEvaMinnie01 Apr 189902 Feb 1956Maple Hill
CozelosLavadeEffie08 Jan 190829 Aug 1937Charity Baptist Church

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