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LichtenEunice24 Jun 189202 Sep 1967Maple Hill
LichtenLeoFelixUnk03 Oct 1959Maple Hill
LicolnOzelleS.03 May 189814 Feb 1964Charity Baptist Church
LifeGeorgiaS.Unk12 Dec 1931Maple Hill
LightIraMoore24 Aug 190818 Jul 1979Maple Hill
LightJosephM.25 Jan 196219 Jun 1981Ragsdale
LightKarenDavis19 Feb 195829 Sep 1995Ragsdale
LightMaryUnk31 May 1955Maple Hill
LightNelrose05 Mar 192710 May 1979Maple Hill
LightcapDorothyC.13 May 192728 Oct 1979Maple Hill
LightfootArthurJ.24 Mar 193924 Mar 1996Penny
LightfootElizabethPruitt03 Nov 190112 Jan 1990Penny
LightfootEllen15 Nov 191708 Sep 2000Penny
LightfootFreddieUnk07 Aug 1992Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
LightfootJessieErvinLee04 Feb 194622 Mar 1967Northside
LightfootJessieLeeCable22 Dec 192213 Aug 1975Northside
LightfootJohn07 Apr 189414 Sep 1959Brandon
LightfootMaryAnnie28 Apr 190008 Aug 1983Northside
LightfootMaryJane15 Sep 187506 Oct 1961Brandon
LightfootMaryW.18731956Bloucher Ford
LightfootOlive26 Feb 192617 Jul 2005Twickenham
LightfootThomasD.15 Feb 189206 Oct 1962Penny
LightfootThomas18 Oct 191428 May 1958Penny
LightfootWillie06 Jun 194702 Sep 1967Center Grove
LightfordWilliamW.18 Jul 194710 Aug 1987Northside
LightseyTedUnkNDDMaple Hill
LightseyVelmaL.08 Nov 191005 Feb 1989Maple Hill
LightsingerBillyCecil19 Mar 193307 Dec 1999Maple Hill
LigonBettyL.21 Dec 193004 Sep 1977Maple Hill
LigonJessieMaudeFarrell22 Apr 189811 Nov 1987Maple Hill
LigonSamAlbertUnk17 Oct 1959Maple Hill
LikosJimmy29 May 192723 Jan 1981Maple Hill
LillardDouglasBenjamin25 Feb 186020 Sep 1930Maple Hill
LillardUnkUnk20 Jun 1966Maple Hill
LillyFredUnk13 Oct 1908Maple Hill
LillyGeorgeRankinUnk16 Jul 1965Maple Hill
LillyJamesHarvey19 Sep 187617 Mar 1916Norris
LillyJamesHarveyUnk29 Aug 1957Maple Hill
LillyJohnUnk11 Mar 1951Maple Hill
LillyLeslieUnk12 Jul 1890Maple Hill
LillyLottieB.10 Mar 189823 Aug 1989Maple Hill
LillyRichardUnk31 Oct 1917Maple Hill
LillyRoaslieH.14 Oct 184330 Dec 1897Norris
LillyRoaslie19 Jul 190521 Jun 1907Norris
LillySallieUnk15 Oct 1943Maple Hill
LimbackWilliamUnk28 Jan 1899Maple Hill
LimbaughCecilA.30 Jun 190119 Jun 1964Charity Baptist Church
LimbaughJ.W.Unk11 Jan 1956Maple Hill
LimbaughJames22 Nov 188907 Aug 1968Maple Hill
LimbaughLouellaP.17 Sep 188323 Nov 1952Locust Grove
LimbaughMarthaUnk23 May 1938Maple Hill
LimbaughMarySybil01 Jan 1902Feb 1989Maple Hill
LimbaughOllieUnk25 Mar 1940Maple Hill
LimbaughRobertUnk24 Jan 1961Maple Hill
LimbaughRoyUnk30 Apr 1940Maple Hill
LimbaughSarahLouise07 Nov 190923 May 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
LimbaughWilliamJ.27 Dec 188129 Aug 1968Locust Grove
LimbladUnkMaleUnk13 Nov 1898Maple Hill
LimboughJoelUnk20 Aug 1922Maple Hill
LimbroughLulaUnk16 Feb 1953Maple Hill
LimmerRalph28 Jun 193517 Aug 1983Maple Hill
LimrockC.Unk26 Apr 1918Maple Hill
LimrockWilliamUnk14 Jan 1899Maple Hill
LinbaldRolleyL.18741944Charity Baptist Church
LinbladEdie23 Jun 190104 Mar 1902Charity Baptist Church
LinbladMattieTanner1884NDDCharity Baptist Church
LincolnHubertA.26 Nov 189504 Feb 1896Charity Baptist Church
LincolnIraHayden19 Jun 190926 Oct 1985Maple Hill
LincolnJohnH.18 Feb 190318 Jun 1990Maple Hill
LincolnLeamonM.29 Jun 189908 Dec 1968Charity Baptist Church
LincolnLelanJ.29 Jun 1899Mar 1984Charity Baptist Church
LincolnMaryE.01 Nov 187431 Jan 1950Charity Baptist Church
LincolnMaryK.Unk14 Dec 1959Maple Hill
LincolnRobertNewman26 Nov 193423 Dec 1934Charity Baptist Church
LincolnThomasW.01 Aug 187518 Sep 1954Charity Baptist Church
LincolnThomasW.22 Nov 191311 Dec 1941Charity Baptist Church
LincolnThurmonL.05 Mar 191611 MarCharity Baptist Church
LindbladEdie23 Jun 190104 Mar 1902Charity Baptist Church
LindbladJamesErnest21 Feb 192007 Mar 1977Charity Baptist Church
LindbladMattieTaner18841950Charity Baptist Church
LindbladRolleyLee31 Aug 187414 Mar 1944Charity Baptist Church
LindeWalterV.20 Jan 191707 May 2005Maple Hill
LindemanEvelynWallyUnkNDDMaple Hill
LindemanJohnW.27 Nov 193314 Nov 2000Maple Hill
LinderBettieUnk21 Mar 1894Maple Hill
LindnerAnna01 Oct 191531 Oct 2004Maple Hill
LindnerKurtUnk05 Jul 1960Maple Hill
LindsayWilliamUnk21 Aug 1941Maple Hill
LindseyAnnSheltonUnk04 Aug 1972Maple Hill
LindseyDamon07 Aug 1917Jan 1994Maple Hill
LindseyDunreathUnk18 Oct 1972Maple Hill
LindseyHatchellUnk04 Jan 1929Maple Hill
LindseyJ.C.Unk29 Jul 1948Maple Hill
LindseyJamesW.29 Sep 192904 Sep 1995Maple Hill
LindseyJamesWalter25 Sep 195402 Jan 1985Maple Hill
LindseyJohnnieBell29 Mar 190921 Feb 2005Faith Memorial Park
LindseyMarieSmith15 Jun 190825 Oct 1973Maple Hill
LindseyMartha25 Jul 189202 Dec 1967Charity Baptist Church
LindseyMaryWilmaUnk10 Oct 1979Maple Hill
LindseyMelvinUnk02 Feb 1947Maple Hill
LindseyMosleyDan13 Sep 190231 Jul 1976Charity Baptist Church
LindseyRethaKayUnk15 May 1988Maple Hill
LindseyRoyceDee31 Mar 194429 Nov 1992Charity Baptist Church
LindseySherryUnk22 Oct 1953Maple Hill
LindseySueH.26 Jul 193119 Feb 1995Maple Hill
LindseyVonceilSmith08 Aug 192505 Feb 2005Charity Baptist Church
LindseyWarnritisUnk01 May 1927Maple Hill
LindseyWillieDee25 Jun 192613 Oct 1994Charity Baptist Church
LindstromMaryCollier14 Dec 193206 Jul 1999Maple Hill
LinerAnnieBertha13 Jul 193622 May 1983Northside
LinerJohnT.06 Oct 193405 May 1993Northside
LinerTimothyBrandon26 Sep 196707 Apr 2003Big Cove
LingafelterIreneP.09 Sep 190509 May 1979Moon
LingerfingerWilliamF.Unk22 Apr 1968Maple Hill
LinkinsWilliamS.Unk11 Nov 1974Maple Hill
LinnLawrenceUnk18 Sep 1957Maple Hill
LinskeyRobertUnk11 Mar 1925Maple Hill
LinskeyW.E.Unk15 Oct 1875Maple Hill
LinvilleLutieNortonUnk12 Feb 1963Maple Hill
LinvilleWilliamClayton20 Mar 187108 Mar 1963Maple Hill
LipencottG.A.Unk13 May 1884Maple Hill
LipkinsFrances02 Jan 190922 Mar 1986Northside
LippencottGeorgeA.Unk29 Jul 1891Maple Hill
LipscombBessieM.05 Feb 190411 Jan 1945Ebenezer
LipscombCharlesD.05 Jun 190721 Jun 1980Maple Hill
LipscombCharlesE.21 Jan 1927Sep 1986Ebenezer
LipscombDavidD.08 May 189129 Jun 1969Northside
LipscombDeKalb20 Apr 182712 Mar 1891Norris
LipscombDoraM.02 Mar 191012 Mar 1965Bush
LipscombFannieWilliams19 Aug 187526 Jul 1958Ebenezer
LipscombGeorgeD.25 Oct 181112 Feb 1890Norris
LipscombGladysGiles17 Oct 190622 Apr 2002Maple Hill
LipscombHarrietN.28 Apr 184315 Nov 1856Lipscomb
LipscombHarrietN.28 Apr 184315 Nov 1856Redstone
LipscombHelenJuanita07 Feb 194504 Mar 2005Hayden
LipscombHelenJuanita194504 Mar 2005Hayden
LipscombHenryC.04 May 1922Jun 1978Northside
LipscombHerbertL.19 Sep 190606 Jul 1985Bush
LipscombJamesA.05 Apr 1942Mar 1975Ebenezer
LipscombJamesA.28 Aug 190501 May 1992Maple Hill
LipscombJoeWade05 Dec 194526 Mar 1949Bush
LipscombJohnM13 Jul 193221 Apr 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
LipscombJohnM.06 Oct 189425 Apr 1958Ebenezer
LipscombJohnT.15 Nov 182921 Aug 1904Madison
LipscombMaggieE.27 Mar 192225 Feb 1977Hayden
LipscombMargaretG.Unk22 Apr 1997Maple Hill
LipscombMarthaA.04 Jun 182617 Dec 1852Redstone
LipscombMaryO.22 Aug 183501 Dec 1919Norris
LipscombMildredMarie07 Jan 194016 Sep 1996Byrd
LipscombMurphyThomas15 Feb 192325 Oct 1985Hayden
LipscombOrraC.02 Apr 185227 Oct 1896Madison
LipscombRichard180010 Aug 1847Lipscomb
LipscombRichard180010 Aug 1847Redstone
LipscombRobertLeon15 Feb 194720 Mar 2001Hayden
LipscombRobertLeon15 Feb 194720 Mar 2001Hayden
LipscombRobertM.20 Sep 182419 NovLipscomb
LipscombRobert20 Sep 182419 Nov 1852Redstone
LipscombSidneyA.23 Mar 186628 Mar 1933Ebenezer
LishmanSidneyH.20 Jan 193205 Nov 2001Maple Hill
LiskieW.Unk19 Aug 1870Maple Hill
ListAnnaB.10 Aug 187315 Jan 1969Maple Hill
ListJosephG.20 Jan 191121 Dec 1972Maple Hill
LitchfordFronnieA.Unk19 Jan 1960Maple Hill
LitchfordJohnUnk30 Jan 1960Maple Hill
LittleAnnieBell05 Nov 191004 May 1993Maple Hill
LittleBobbyC.Unk07 Jul 1966Maple Hill
LittleDorisAnneUnk22 Mar 1977Maple Hill
LittleDoyle09 Aug 190004 Jan 1963Brandon
LittleF.Unk26 Apr 1924Maple Hill
LittleFannieCartwright20 Mar 190507 Jun 1960Pine Grove - Harvest
LittleHenryUnk07 Feb 1903Maple Hill
LittleHomerL.10 Apr 190528 Aug 1968Maple Hill
LittleHughK.30 Mar 190619 Jun 1959Glenwood
LittleJ.P.Unk17 Oct 1891Maple Hill
LittleJake28 Aug 188908 Jul 1963Maple Hill
LittleJohnW.Unk14 Nov 1896Maple Hill
LittleJohnWilliamUnk26 Aug 1895Maple Hill
LittleLouise14 Feb 192603 Feb 2003Maple Hill
LittleLoydHinton30 Oct 191503 Jan 2001Maple Hill
LittleMarthaSloan07 May 186104 Jun 1885Charity Baptist Church
LittleMichelleNicoleUnk23 Dec 1986Maple Hill
LittleMinnieMay18741951Charity Baptist Church
LittleMyrtle05 Aug 189814 May 1973Maple Hill
LittleP.A.08 Oct 182808 Aug 1900Briar Fork
LittleThomasA.18571931Charity Baptist Church
LittleWarrenUnk13 Feb 1900Maple Hill
LittleWilliamAlvie29 Jan 189604 Nov 1918Charity Baptist Church
LittleWilliamFran18681940Charity Baptist Church
LittleWilliamL.17 Nov 192414 Dec 1980Maple Hill
LivelyAllieMae15 Aug 189804 Oct 1978Charity Baptist Church
LivelyGeorgeRobert21 May 189830 Oct 1955Charity Baptist Church
LivelyJaneUnk1907Charity Baptist Church
LlewellynAlexUnk15 Apr 1913Maple Hill
LlewellynCharlesUnk17 Jun 1945Maple Hill
LlewellynClaraEuniceUnk11 Oct 1947Maple Hill
LlewellynElizaA.Unk28 Oct 1936Maple Hill
LloydClementPerry15 Aug 190920 Jul 1987Maple Hill
LloydEdna06 Feb 190803 Feb 1987Maple Hill
LloydGeorgeUnk19 Mar 1932Maple Hill
LloydHowardPatterson17 Jan 191813 Feb 1998Maple Hill
LloydJohnUnk27 Oct 1874Maple Hill
LloydLouisaUnk07 Jun 1913Maple Hill
LloydR.J.Unk18 Aug 1898Maple Hill
LloydRobertUnk20 Nov 1922Maple Hill
LloydSarahBellUnk24 Jul 1936Maple Hill
LloydWilliamPhilip21 Sep 191517 Jun 2001Maple Hill
LloydWillieUnk23 Oct 1893Maple Hill
LochridgeRobertW.23 Oct 192001 Jan 2000Maple Hill
LockLouUnk15 Feb 1922Maple Hill
LockNora18981948Madison Crossroads
LockS.A.18591939Madison Crossroads
LockWalterUnk23 Jan 1899Maple Hill
LockardAmyUnk31 Jul 1925Maple Hill
LockardRubenUnk21 Feb 1938Maple Hill
LockartNealUnk14 Jun 1918Maple Hill
LockartNoahUnk14 Jun 1918Maple Hill
LockeAlbertRaymond07 Nov 189127 Feb 1956Tuck
LockeAlonzaUnk01 Jul 1943Maple Hill
LockeArdathPrater02 Nov 194018 Jun 1997Tuck
LockeBerniceMoore30 Aug 192327 May 1994Maple Hill
LockeBillyF.05 Feb 193226 Feb 2000Tuck
LockeBobbyN.Unk25 Apr 1994Maple Hill
LockeC.L.01 Nov 188931 Dec 1917St. John
LockeC.L.16 Sep 192329 Nov 1926Tuck
LockeC.W.18921955Madison Crossroads
LockeDavidA.24 Nov 195123 Dec 2004Cochran
LockeEmmaHallUnk17 Feb 1962Maple Hill
LockeErnestine03 Oct 192015 Jan 1921Madison Crossroads
LockeEthelMae09 Sep 189930 Dec 1906St. John
LockeEvaLee18 Feb 190613 Jun 1906St. John
LockeEvelynM.30 Dec 190630 Dec 1906St. John
LockeFloyeMayTuck15 Oct 189409 Apr 1966Tuck
LockeFranklin16 Oct 193623 May 1976Maple Hill
LockeGracieM.21 Dec 190817 Mar 1980Maple Hill
LockeHattieLeeUnk25 Sep 1962Maple Hill
LockeJamesA.01 Jul 187201 Feb 1909St. John
LockeJamesFloyd19 Dec 190124 Oct 1979Maple Hill
LockeJamesFranklinUnk07 Jul 1987Maple Hill
LockeJamesW.Unk12 Mar 1969Maple Hill
LockeJamesUnk22 Feb 1929Maple Hill
LockeJoeNelson07 Mar 193720 May 1998Tuck
LockeJohnF.04 Oct 186202 Jul 1918Merrimack
LockeJohnHenry24 Aug 192130 Dec 2000Maple Hill
LockeJohnHenryUnk20 Aug 1959Maple Hill
LockeJohnUnk18 Apr 1952Maple Hill
LockeJosie14 Aug 188830 Aug 1985Maple Hill
LockeL.A.20 Dec 187928 Jul 1900St. John
LockeLillieUnk27 Feb 1946Maple Hill
LockeLutherUnkNDDMaple Hill
LockeMaryFrancisUnk09 Jul 1976Maple Hill
LockeMattieOzelleUnk28 Nov 2000Maple Hill
LockeMattybelleTaborMann09 Feb 192107 Dec 1982Moon
LockeMaudeP.22 Jul 190225 Nov 1984Maple Hill
LockeNoah22 Sep 192724 Apr 1995Tuck
LockeNolanJ.18 Apr 192301 Jul 1975Maple Hill
LockeOdieUnk24 Apr 1936Maple Hill
LockePhilipUnk18 Apr 1952Maple Hill
LockeRollinUnk21 Mar 1969Maple Hill
LockeSarahDurham18551930St. John
LockeSeanMichaelUnk26 Apr 1981Maple Hill
LockeSusie14 Sep 187026 Oct 1929Merrimack
LockeThomasA.31 May 192302 Jan 2005Maple Hill
LockeW.N.04 Nov 185520 ec 1913St. John
LockeWilliamW.Unk21 Jul 1980Maple Hill
LockerdFrancisB.Unk08 Aug 1899Maple Hill
LockerdMollieJ.Unk27 Jan 1960Maple Hill
LockettGeorgiaM.17 May 192603 Jun 1981Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
LockettJohnWalter03 Mar 195703 Aug 1979Northside
LockettUnkUnk15 Mar 1885Maple Hill
LockhartBerthaDavis01 May 192117 Jan 1950Pine Grove - Harvest
LockhartBertieMaeUnk18 Jan 1972Maple Hill
LockhartBessieLee25 Apr 191024 Jan 1934Pine Grove - Harvest
LockhartCarolineSmart04 Jul 187701 Mar 1952Maple Hill
LockhartClarenceA.07 Nov 188508 Dec 1974Maple Hill
LockhartFannieV.07 Jun 186605 Nov 1951Pine Grove - Harvest
LockhartFrankUnk01 Feb 1943Maple Hill
LockhartGeorge11 Aug 189312 May 1951Pine Grove - Harvest
LockhartGussC.18 Oct 189415 Jul 1985Pine Grove - Harvest
LockhartGussRoss25 May 193612 Aug 1994Pine Grove - Harvest
LockhartInezF.16 Jul 190505 Aug 1983Pine Grove - Harvest
LockhartJamesEarl22 Jul 190201 Oct 1998Pine Grove - Harvest
LockhartJames187306 May 1934Maple Hill
LockhartLizzieM.26 Sep 190023 Dec 1959Pine Grove - Harvest
LockhartMaryW.21 May 189430 Mar 1951Pine Grove - Harvest
LockhartMaryUnk14 Dec 1933Maple Hill
LockhartMollieLanserd30 Sep 191706 Mar 1991Pine Grove - Harvest
LockhartOllieM.24 Dec 190506 Jun 1963Pine Grove - Harvest
LockhartTommieLee15 Apr 191412 Dec 1998Pine Grove - Harvest
LockhartWashburn12 Dec 189910 Jan 1923Maple Hill
LockhartWilliamDillard12 Jun 189809 Oct 1963Pine Grove - Harvest
LockridgeInfantFemaleUnk31 Oct 1942Maple Hill
LocksJessieUnk10 Mar 1936Maple Hill
LockwoodG.Unk19 Sep 1913Maple Hill
LoderThomasRudd15 Mar 192004 Oct 2004Maple Hill
LoebE.Unk29 Jan 1952Maple Hill
LoebHelenRuth31 Oct 192330 Jun 1995Maple Hill
LoebLeon14 Dec 193008 Jan 1973Maple Hill
LoebWilliamSigfried14 Jun 192501 Aug 2001Maple Hill
LoebeJuneUnk15 Jun 1943Maple Hill
LoftinConstanceW.22 Oct 191303 Aug 2003Maple Hill
LoftinGordonBartley11 Oct 193924 Jun 1984Maple Hill
LoftinGordon16 Jun 191105 Jun 1985Maple Hill
LoftisNannieB.Hughes06 Sep 188930 Nov 1987Moon
LoftonMaryUnk29 Dec 1932Maple Hill
LoftyAmandaAleen19 Oct 194118 Jul 1964Charity Baptist Church
LoftyCharlesFranklin20 May 190430 May 1967Charity Baptist Church
LoftyWillieWest12 Apr 191412 Oct 1962Charity Baptist Church
LoganDoraLee12 Feb 190022 Mar 1972Northside
LoganDorothyBell02 Nov 193315 Oct 1996Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
LoganElbert25 Apr 193221 Sep 1969Northside
LoganJ.C.28 Feb 186116 Apr 1911New Hope
LoganJohnHenry07 Dec 189907 Oct 1980Northside
LogdillMollieUnk07 Jan 1945Maple Hill
LogelA.Unk21 Sep 1950Maple Hill
LogelAlanUnk27 Nov 1956Maple Hill
LogelAnnWheeler02 Mar 191524 Mar 2003Maple Hill
LogelTheresaUnk23 May 1941Maple Hill
LogermanJohnC.Unk26 Feb 1877Maple Hill
LogginsCeceliaUnk29 Mar 1978Maple Hill
LogginsNormanJ.29 Feb 192810 Jul 1992Maple Hill
LogginsShirleyMcElyea12 Dec 193804 Jan 2003Maple Hill
LohmanHattieUnk08 Feb 1897Maple Hill
LohmeyerLarryH.01 Sep 193019 Oct 1981Maple Hill
LokeyMaryUnk02 Mar 1896Maple Hill
LomackSueUnk01 Feb 1919Maple Hill
LomasVastusC.Mrs.10 Jul 191115 Feb 1987Maple Hill
LombardoHattie187503 Feb 1954Maple Hill
LombardoPeter186607 Mar 1943Maple Hill
LondonAdaC.Unk13 Jan 1962Maple Hill
LondonDavidC.08 Mar 190906 Feb 2000Maple Hill
LondonDavidUnk04 Nov 1944Maple Hill
LondonDoraKathrynUnk26 Apr 2001Maple Hill
LondonHarryR.19 Jun 190419 Sep 1971Maple Hill
LonesAlmaElvina01 May 189017 Mar 1992Maple Hill
LonesFredJackson11 May 192329 Apr 2002Maple Hill
LonesHuldaJaneCloninger20 Jul 185127 Sep 1934Plainview
LonesJamesDaniel185425 Nov 1933Plainview
LonesLarryW.21 Jun 194602 Apr 2003First Flint River Baptist
LonesMilburnLee16 Jun 190805 May 1985First Flint River Baptist
LonesOmmanCharlesUnk06 Dec 1963Maple Hill
LonesPatriciaDale08 Dec 194508 Dec 1945Pleas Mount Baptist Church
LongAlfred29 Jul 193311 Jan 1934Madison Crossroads
LongAndy15 Sep 190315 Jan 1989Northside
LongDempsey22 Aug 192623 Jul 1927Madison Crossroads
LongEd19 May 187822 May 1949Charity Baptist Church
LongEmmaC.Unk16 Oct 1981Maple Hill
LongEmmaUnk30 Sep 1946Rice
LongEuniceC.01 Jul 190408 Nov 1990Maple Hill
LongFannieB.13 Dec 187007 Feb 1937Pine Grove - Harvest
LongG.Unk07 Jan 1951Maple Hill
LongJamesFranklin24 Dec 190207 Nov 1935Madison Crossroads
LongJohnD.19071935Madison Crossroads
LongJohnnieMrs.Unk19 Apr 1965Maple Hill
LongJosephM.03 Feb 184602 May 1911Rice
LongLeacy14 Dec 190017 Dec 1988Maple Hill
LongMableW.Unk12 Apr 1989Maple Hill
LongMaryE.19 Oct 187709 May 1964Madison Crossroads
LongMaryPearl30 Aug 188612 Aug 1937Charity Baptist Church
LongMary12 Apr 185220 Oct 1892Rice
LongPeggyJoyce23 Dec 193407 Apr 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
LongRobertS.26 May 189603 Oct 1984Maple Hill
LongSadieFaye11 May 190321 Sep 1968Maple Hill
LongSallyMaloneUnk18 Apr 1895Maple Hill
LongSherryAnnSmith09 Oct 195724 Dec 2004New Sharon
LongSophroniaUnk27 Feb 1942Maple Hill
LongThomasL.09 Dec 186212 Sep 1912Madison Crossroads
LongWilliamUnk23 Dec 1903Maple Hill
LongWillieL.22 Jan 191808 Oct 2004Maple Hill
LongshoreDimmieJoyHill11 Mar 192227 Jun 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
LoogerJ.Unk28 Aug 1950Maple Hill
LooneyJennetteMaySouthard21 Jul 188115 Dec 1901Madison
LooneyMinnieR.Woods17 Feb 191812 Apr 1990Penny
LooneyOraL.Anthony19 Jul 186909 Dec 1963Madison
LooneyWilliamHenry21 Jun 186707 Jun 1937Madison
LoopUnkUnk27 Jul 1879Maple Hill
LoopWilliamA.Unk27 Jul 1970Maple Hill
LordMamieB.Unk30 Oct 1972Maple Hill
LordSethJ.Unk23 Jun 1899Maple Hill
LordsBrianChristopherSep 200520 Sep 2005Indian Creek
LordsHowellUnk17 Jan 1922Maple Hill
LoreAzelUnk23 May 1922Maple Hill
LoreJoelUnk13 Feb 1935Maple Hill
LoringJamesUnk23 Jun 1931Maple Hill
LotPearlL.10 Apr 191624 Dec 1985Maple Hill
LottEllenUnkNDDMaple Hill
LottElsieM.Unk29 Dec 1988Maple Hill
LottFlorenceO.24 Oct 191629 Mar 1993Maple Hill
LottG.H.Unk24 Apr 1957Maple Hill
LottG.Unk12 Sep 1950Maple Hill
LottJ.J.Unk06 Jan 1948Maple Hill
LottJamesE.06 Oct 189401 Feb 1974Maple Hill
LottJamesE.Unk17 Feb 1986Maple Hill
LottMaryHughes11 Oct 190206 Oct 1959Charity Baptist Church
LottMilton28 Feb 191118 Mar 1993Maple Hill
LottNellM.Unk08 Sep 1972Maple Hill
LottScottEugene14 Jun 192814 Apr 1981Northside
LotzGarlandE.UnkNDDMaple Hill
LougheadAaronGeorge14 Jan 192325 Jun 2005Maple Hill
LougheadAliceTheresa09 Dec 192217 Nov 2003Maple Hill
LoveAlzenia27 Dec 189823 May 1990Northside
LoveAnnieBallPorter09 Oct 191021 Oct 2004Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
LoveArthur22 Apr 192511 Mar 1970Northside
LoveBenE.25 Dec 189825 Jul 1967Northside
LoveCanzuy30 Aug 190012 Jan 1968Brandon
LoveCharlieT.24 Feb 190605 Jul 1975Maple Hill
LoveCharlieUnk08 Sep 1889Maple Hill
LoveClaraUnk15 Nov 1946Maple Hill
LoveEstelle25 Dec 190226 Dec 1972Maple Hill
LoveEverettC.09 May 189108 Jul 1954Glenwood
LoveHarriettE.Unk05 Dec 1886Maple Hill
LoveHenryH.Unk22 Oct 1983Maple Hill
LoveJoelR.Unk10 Feb 1935Maple Hill
LoveJoelR.Unk04 Jun 1887Maple Hill
LoveJohnBinford19 Aug 191405 Mar 1994Northside
LoveJohnBinford19 Dec 189425 Nov 1913Glenwood
LoveJohnMcLeodUnk21 Aug 1863Maple Hill
LoveLizzieUnk04 Mar 1955Maple Hill
LoveM.B.Unk04 Jun 1888Maple Hill
LoveMaryA.01 Dec 1808NDDGraveyard Hill
LoveMaryE.31 Aug 191805 Feb 1974Northside
LoveMaryE.Unk12 Jan 1992Maple Hill
LoveMattieE.17 Apr 187422 Oct 1909Madison
LoveMayHardieUnk24 Oct 1861Maple Hill
LoveMollieCarolineCarroll02 Sep 186721 Aug 1951Concord
LoveMoses22 Aug 187905 Jun 1950Center Grove
LoveMyrtleUnk23 Aug 1942Maple Hill
LoveNeal01 Apr 189725 May 1986Northside
LovePatsyH.29 Jan 192516 Mar 1974Center Grove
LovePrestonUnk22 Feb 1939Maple Hill
LoveQuincyB.Unk24 Nov 1965Maple Hill
LoveSophiaOphelia03 Apr 189304 Aug 1912Glenwood
LoveThomasO.19 Feb 183504 Mar 1902Browning
LoveVannieMae20 Jul 191303 Jun 1990Maple Hill
LoveW.A.13 Oct 185829 Jul 1936Glenwood
LoveWalterLee14 Sep 196914 Sep 1969Northside
LoveWalter17 Oct 191301 Sep 1978Center Grove
LoveWilliamUnk06 Mar 1886Maple Hill
LoveWilliamUnk18 Jul 1884Maple Hill
LoveWillieC.07 Feb 193319 Feb 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
LovedayBennyRay24 Oct 196419 Apr 1977Maple Hill
LovedayGlennDoyle29 Sep 195215 Jul 2004Maple Hill
LovedayGordonUnk11 Dec 1948Maple Hill
LovedayHarryL.07 May 190801 Nov 1984Maple Hill
LovedayJerryUnk08 Aug 1942Maple Hill
LovedayJohn29 Aug 191030 Jan 1999Maple Hill
LovedayRonnieRay25 Nov 196131 Mar 2001Maple Hill
LovedayRuby05 Mar 190131 Jul 1984Maple Hill
LovedaySam21 Feb 189517 Nov 1989Maple Hill
LovedayWalterL.Unk12 Aug 1986Maple Hill
LovedayWalterM.11 Nov 193813 Jan 1966Maple Hill
LovedayWillieLeeUnk06 Jan 1959Maple Hill
LovedayWillieMaeUnk13 May 1961Maple Hill
LoveladyEmmettL.14 Nov 1927NDDMoon
LoveladyJoyceAnn22 Apr 1939NDDMoon
LoveladyKatherineE.04 Apr 193021 Dec 1990Moon
LovelessC.J.Unk29 Nov 1956Maple Hill
LovelessC.Unk28 Jul 1935Maple Hill
LovelessD.M.09 Sep 186207 Nov 1922Charity Baptist Church
LovelessInfantMale07 Jul 190407 Jul 1904Charity Baptist Church
LovelessJamesM.24 Oct 190506 Oct 1906Charity Baptist Church
LovelessJamesUnk21 Oct 1857Maple Hill
LovelessJodieW.16 Feb 189631 May 1967Charity Baptist Church
LovelessM.M.29 Mar 187606 Apr 1946Charity Baptist Church
LovelessVictoriaMaynard18981928Charity Baptist Church
LovelessViola07 Aug 191414 Jan 2004Maple Hill
LovelessWalterLee18 Mar 191520 Dec 2000Maple Hill
LovellVioletUnk18 Jul 1978Maple Hill
LovelyThurmanUnk03 Oct 1916Maple Hill
LovettEdwardG.Unk22 Jan 1889Maple Hill
LovettEmmaUnk27 Dec 1898Maple Hill
LovillVirgilUnk21 Aug 1935Maple Hill
LovingGeorgeUnk12 Mar 1870Maple Hill
LovingerJoeUnk18 Oct 1977Maple Hill
LovvenCoraUnk02 Feb 1934Maple Hill
LovvornCoraSmallUnk01 Jan 1934Maple Hill
LovvornEphramR.Unk13 Sep 1935Maple Hill
LovvornFrancesNatalieUnk24 May 1941Maple Hill
LovvornJodieW.06 Jul 191230 Jul 1989Maple Hill
LovvornLillyAliceUnk28 Feb 1983Maple Hill
LovvornNinnie31 Mar 190824 Feb 1991Maple Hill
LovvornR.L.Unk02 Jun 1968Maple Hill
LovvornRebeccaFayeUnk12 Feb 1967Maple Hill
LovvornRileyLowell12 Apr 194009 Mar 2000Maple Hill
LowSophie10 Mar 1965Maple Hill
LowberKathrynUnk27 Jan 1971Maple Hill
LoweBartleyMartin180324 Jun 1867Maple Hill
LoweCalvinHenry186710 Jan 1949Maple Hill
LoweCharlesUnk15 Mar 1944Maple Hill
LoweD.Unk11 Jan 1899Maple Hill
LoweDaiseyUnk20 Jul 1929Maple Hill
LoweElbertUnk29 Sep 1893Maple Hill
LoweEllieS.Unk08 Apr 1919Maple Hill
LoweJamieUnk30 Nov 1942Maple Hill
LoweJaneKnight11 Mar 190221 Aug 1997Maple Hill
LoweJaneUnk08 Sep 1927Maple Hill
LoweJeanne14 Jul 191702 Sep 1998Maple Hill
LoweJohnC.07 Dec 190401 Dec 1997Maple Hill
LoweJohnCrawford186311 Jun 1951Maple Hill
LoweKatherineUnk19 Feb 1926Maple Hill
LoweLindaDarwin28 Oct 194324 Apr 2003Maple Hill
LoweLockAnn04 Aug 185916 Jun 1952Glenwood
LoweLottieCharlotte02 Feb 188731 Aug 1969Maple Hill
LoweM.E.Mrs.Unk25 Jul 1886Maple Hill
LoweMallieUnk21 Nov 1926Maple Hill
LoweMargaret13 Apr 190205 Feb 1981Maple Hill
LoweMargaretUnk18 Sep 1966Maple Hill
LoweRichardH.Unk09 Feb 1903Maple Hill
LoweRobertUnk19 Apr 1951Maple Hill
LoweRobertUnk19 Oct 1930Maple Hill
LoweSaraM.29 Sep 192406 Nov 2003Maple Hill
LoweSarahUnk11 Feb 1937Maple Hill
LoweSophieP.J.Manning180201 Jan 1844Maple Hill
LoweTomUnk04 Apr 1944Maple Hill
LoweWaddy20 Apr 191419 Mar 1964Northside
LoweWilliamJessUnk05 Jun 1947Maple Hill
LoweWilliamM.Unk12 Oct 1882Maple Hill
LowenthalHenryUnk13 Feb 1922Maple Hill
LowenthalLinaUnk02 Jan 1930Maple Hill
LowersBarbara31 Jul 192506 Sep 1978Maple Hill
LoweryAllieUnk21 May 1925Maple Hill
LoweryBettyPearceUnk12 Apr 1979Maple Hill
LoweryEmmaJane31 Jan 188610 Nov 1969Maple Hill
LoweryFlossieMay01 Feb 189221 Dec 1925Merrimack
LoweryHettieV.15 Mar 190605 Jan 1979Plainview
LoweryJamesT.28 Dec 190214 Jun 1968Plainview
LoweryJayneHoneaUnk30 May 1999Maple Hill
LoweryJohnTateMrs.Unk27 Aug 1975Maple Hill
LoweryJohnTateUnk21 Mar 1962Maple Hill
LoweryJohnTateUnk02 Nov 1886Maple Hill
LoweryKatherineUnk12 Dec 1945Maple Hill
LoweryLeRoy23 Nov 188410 Jun 1956Glenwood
LoweryLige04 Jan 189725 Feb 1975Maple Hill
LoweryMagness07 Jun 190325 Apr 1980Maple Hill
LoweryRobertUnk09 Dec 1971Maple Hill
LowerySamuelH.Unk13 Feb 1983Maple Hill
LoweryWilliamH.20 Jul 189108 Nov 1930Merrimack
LoweyHelenUnk09 Dec 1924Maple Hill
LownesEuniceUnk05 Jun 1930Maple Hill
LownesNedUnk06 Jan 1896Maple Hill
LowrinNormaUnk29 Jun 1931Maple Hill
LowryHelenHolmes27 Feb 190710 Oct 2000Maple Hill
LowryJimmieUnk17 Dec 1940Maple Hill
LowryJoiceUnk09 Jul 1931Maple Hill
LowryRobert10 Sep 193024 Sep 2004Maple Hill
LowthropMaryUnk17 Dec 1914Maple Hill
LowyBernardMitchellUnk09 Feb 1966Maple Hill
LoydC.W.Unk18 Mar 1893Maple Hill
LoydEmmaD.Unk17 Mar 1894Maple Hill
LoydJamesC.Unk07 Oct 1992Maple Hill
LoydsMattieUnk15 Jun 1918Maple Hill

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