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TibbsMazieBlackburn29 Apr 191803 Oct 1984Northside
TidwellAliceBrittonManning19 Jan 187530 Apr 1932Rice
TidwellBerthaR.Unk24 Dec 1989Maple Hill
TidwellCharlesUnk15 Apr 1974Maple Hill
TidwellClarenceA.27 Mar 191204 May 2001Maple Hill
TidwellDoris18 Nov 191831 Dec 2003Taylor
TidwellFrancesImogene15 Aug 190805 May 1999Maple Hill
TidwellHattieBragg19 Sep 189206 Jul 1967Maple Hill
TidwellHowardJames29 Mar 190901 Jul 1988Maple Hill
TidwellLutherD.Unk25 Mar 1990Maple Hill
TidwellPaulBragg03 Dec 191610 Nov 2002Maple Hill
TidwellS.W.Unk04 Jul 1975Maple Hill
TidwellSandraLee29 Sep 192929 Sep 1941Maple Hill
TidwellWilliamOtis19 Nov 191420 Jun 1989Maple Hill
TidwellWilliamRobert04 Nov 187221 Mar 1964Rice
TidwellWynnell08 Jun 192025 Oct 2002Maple Hill
TielkingDannyMike27 Dec 195520 Dec 1992Plainview
TielkingDannyUnk08 Jan 1978Maple Hill
TielkingHelenAleene23 Aug 193423 Aug 1934Ragsdale
TielkingJessieF.30 May 192231 Jul 1992Plainview
TielkingMargaretE.Unk12 Apr 2005Plainview
TigheKerryCatherineUnk18 Jan 1959Maple Hill
TillbrookDouglasJ.Unk29 Apr 1982Maple Hill
TillerJosephineF.Unk17 Feb 2005Maple Hill
TillerLeroyJ.UnkNDDMaple Hill
TillerWilliamUnk21 Sep 1938Maple Hill
TilleryClarenceW.Unk25 Dec 1998Maple Hill
TillingsworthGeorgeUnkNDDTaylor Chapel
TillingsworthNancy184903 Apr 1919Taylor Chapel
TillmanCurtis15 Mar 191821 Aug 1988Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
TillmanDeborahUnk25 Jan 1955Maple Hill
TimberlakeCatherineP.Unk07 Dec 1972Maple Hill
TimberlakeEllenUnk03 Apr 1947Maple Hill
TimberlakeUnkMaleUnk22 Aug 1917Maple Hill
TimmermanC.Unk05 Aug 1940Maple Hill
TimmonsAmandaE.183211 Nov 1844Redstone
TimmonsAmandaE.183211 Nov 1844Timmons
TimmonsAnnieEliza06 Jul 183507 Jun 1905Taylor Chapel
TimmonsAnnieEliza06 Jul 183507 Jun 1905Redstone
TimmonsCatharineQ.180812 Sep 1840Redstone
TimmonsCatherineQ.Unk12 Sep 1840Timmons
TimmonsE.E.Unk27 Jun 1950Maple Hill
TimmonsEugene22 Dec 186521 Feb 1870Redstone
TimmonsEugene22 Dec 186521 Feb 1870Timmons
TimmonsGeorgeEstelleEwing29 Aug 190707 Mar 2004St. Ruth
TimmonsHomerEdwardUnk20 Oct 1986Maple Hill
TimmonsHuey20 Sep 191516 Dec 1983Center Grove
TimmonsI.W.21 Feb 187315 Oct 1958Center Grove
TimmonsInfantChildren (2)UnkNDDRedstone
TimmonsJ.H.06 Feb 186811 Apr 1899Redstone
TimmonsJ.H.06 Feb 186811 Apr 1899Timmons
TimmonsJamesHenry25 Feb 195501 Aug 1985Brandon
TimmonsJohn179001 Nov 1845Redstone
TimmonsJohnUnk01 Nov 1845Timmons
TimmonsKelesterL.10 Apr 188409 Feb 1958Center Grove
TimmonsKittieQuay11 Nov 186118 Jun 1862Redstone
TimmonsKittieQuay11 Nov 186118 Jun 1862Timmons
TimmonsLeo04 Jan 190927 Jul 1982St. Ruth
TimmonsMargaretAnn183306 Aug 1836Timmons
TimmonsMargaretAnnUnk06 Aug 1836Redstone
TimmonsMaryAugusta27 Apr 186330 Jul 1864Redstone
TimmonsRufusL.26 Jul 188001 Apr 1962Briar Fork
TimmonsWilliamH.22 Aug 183116 Jan 1906Redstone
TimmonsWilliamH.22 Aug 183916 Jan 1906Timmons
TindallEugene09 Jul 193316 Jul 2005Madison
TindallRobertLiggett09 Jun 193022 May 2000Brown
TineBeatriceEtoileUnk16 Mar 2005Maple Hill
TinsleyBarbaraUnk12 Mar 1946Maple Hill
TinsleyCharleyUnk24 Aug 1946Maple Hill
TinsleyRobertB.Unk13 Apr 1991Maple Hill
TippettChesterUnk12 Jul 1922Maple Hill
TippettDellaUnk11 Aug 1945Maple Hill
TippettEmmaH.Unk10 Dec 1992Maple Hill
TippettJohnUnk15 Feb 1928Maple Hill
TippettThomasOscarUnk09 Nov 1947Maple Hill
TippettWalterA.Unk02 Oct 1988Maple Hill
TippsEllaElizabethUnk03 Apr 1937Maple Hill
TippsEmmaUnk13 Aug 1968Maple Hill
TippsEthelUnk09 Sep 1913Maple Hill
TippsJamesUnk05 Mar 1934Maple Hill
TippsMaryUnk14 Sep 1932Maple Hill
TippsMaryUnk14 Oct 1932Maple Hill
TippsRobertUnk25 Dec 1917Maple Hill
TiptonAllieA.1896NDDCharity Baptist Church
TiptonArthurCarolos29 Mar 192616 Nov 1996Plainview
TiptonBaileyUnk01 Dec 1953Maple Hill
TiptonCalvinJ.05 Jan 185030 Oct 1918Ryland
TiptonEvieBennett01 Dec 189131 Jul 1981Ragsdale
TiptonFrankM.22 Mar 188821 Dec 1979Ragsdale
TiptonJamesV.Unk10 Nov 2003Maple Hill
TiptonJamesW.19171964Charity Baptist Church
TiptonJasUnk22 Jun 1929Maple Hill
TiptonJesseH.12 Apr 189609 Nov 1952Keel
TiptonJewel09 Apr 193627 Oct 2003Charity Baptist Church
TiptonJohnFranklin18941950Charity Baptist Church
TiptonJohnUnk06 Jun 1955Maple Hill
TiptonJohnUnk17 Jul 1935Maple Hill
TiptonJohnnie02 Jul 190316 Feb 1917Cameron
TiptonJonathanHenry19 Nov 184216 Mar 1929Ragsdale
TiptonLeudanUnk01 May 1920Maple Hill
TiptonLulaMae11 Jun 188518 Sep 1940Ryland
TiptonMargaretUnk17 Mar 1977Maple Hill
TiptonMarthaUnk08 Sep 1947Maple Hill
TiptonMaryA.12 Apr 186220 May 1944Ragsdale
TiptonMaryE.Unk12 Aug 1979Maple Hill
TiptonMattieBelleUnk23 Dec 1987Maple Hill
TiptonNannieV.18921949Charity Baptist Church
TiptonOdellB.13 Mar 189213 May 1986Keel
TiptonOllieL.Unk01 Dec 1983Maple Hill
TiptonPaulL.06 Apr 191529 Sep 1962Cameron
TiptonRachelRay11 Sep 192629 Jul 1969Cameron
TiptonRobertH.19 Dec 191930 Apr 1944Cameron
TiptonRobertL.19511951Charity Baptist Church
TiptonRosaA.Unk24 Apr 1947Maple Hill
TiptonRoxieEdithUnkNDDMaple Hill
TiptonWileyUnk01 Nov 1961Maple Hill
TiskJamesUnk19 Apr 1919Maple Hill
TitcombeRaymondUnk11 Jul 1969Maple Hill
TodaroBettyThomasUnk18 Mar 2002Maple Hill
ToddAshfordUnk04 Jan 1973Maple Hill
ToddBerthaUnk31 Jan 1968Maple Hill
ToddClaraUnk03 Oct 1940Maple Hill
ToddEricMichael196323 Jan 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
ToddEricMichaelUnk23 Jan 2005Indian Creek
ToddJamesUnk30 Jan 1922Maple Hill
ToddJohnC.19 Jan 189617 Jul 1975Moon
ToddKelsoUnk10 Nov 1983Maple Hill
ToddL.W.Unk22 Apr 1948Maple Hill
ToddMarieUnk10 Jul 1977Maple Hill
ToddMaryWillia19 Jul 187627 Jan 1897Madison Crossroads
ToddMildredFlorenceCotton09 Apr 190813 May 1943Maple Hill
ToddS.Unk29 Mar 1954Maple Hill
ToddSueUnk28 Dec 1894Maple Hill
ToddVelmaLouUnk18 Sep 1996Maple Hill
TodhanerEthelUnk29 Dec 1922Maple Hill
TohaLeonaUnk03 Feb 1918Maple Hill
TolbertArthur03 Oct 190707 Apr 1986Northside
TolbertLouiseT.02 Oct 191721 Feb 1988Northside
TolbertSarannahUnk23 Sep 1874Maple Hill
TolbertT.B.15 Nov 187227 Feb 1921Ebenezer
TolbertsonBerryH.Unk03 Dec 1977Maple Hill
TolenClezelleUnk24 Dec 1983Maple Hill
TolenJ.W.Unk04 Mar 1957Maple Hill
TolenMasseyUnk22 Feb 1985Maple Hill
TolenMattie06 Nov 188905 Jan 1971Maple Hill
TolenTannerDeanUnk11 May 2004Maple Hill
TolerJohnUnk13 Dec 1972Maple Hill
TolerLamarUnk15 Jun 1977Maple Hill
TolerLouieL.Unk06 Mar 1982Maple Hill
TolerRyleighNicole05 Mar 200103 Oct 2001Mt. Oak
TolerSallieUnk10 Oct 1977Maple Hill
TollettJamesD.Unk21 May 1977Maple Hill
TolliverCharlesLeroyUnk12 Nov 1964Maple Hill
TolliverSethMichaelUnk18 May 1997Moon
TomarasErnestUnk06 May 1980Maple Hill
TomlinJamesH.03 Apr 192329 Nov 2000Charity Baptist Church
TomlinsonAliceP.Unk15 Mar 1985Maple Hill
TomlinsonAlphaB.11 Jan 184308 Jul 1915Browning
TomlinsonCharlesUnk01 Feb 1921Maple Hill
TomlinsonJohnF.Unk21 Apr 1958Maple Hill
TomlinsonRachelFrancesUnk30 Aug 1961Maple Hill
TomlinsonWilliamP.30 Jan 184023 Sep 1908Browning
TomsJohnRatcliffUnk03 Feb 1890Maple Hill
ToneyAdaBell15 Dec 189727 Apr 1985Northside
ToneyAdaK.02 Apr 189607 Jul 1961Madison
ToneyAnnElisa16 Sep 183026 Jun 1869Ellis, Old Benjamin
ToneyAnnieLouUnk30 Jan 1957Maple Hill
ToneyBertieSmithMar 1890Aug 1970Northside
ToneyBill25 Nov 189112 Jun 1972Northside
ToneyC.Unk10 Mar 1921Maple Hill
ToneyCaleb12 Aug 179926 Dec 1847Triana
ToneyCharlesUnk06 Dec 1923Maple Hill
ToneyChristineH.25 May 191831 Dec 1977Northside
ToneyCoraB.06 Oct 184203 Apr 1913Triana
ToneyEdmond02 Sep 192014 Aug 1987Northside
ToneyEdmundUnk26 Jan 1933Maple Hill
ToneyEdwardUnk05 Apr 1877Maple Hill
ToneyElijahUnk11 Apr 1885Ellis, Old Benjamin
ToneyEllie01 Jun 189214 May 1964Brandon
ToneyHarris187222 Sep 1872Triana
ToneyHenryOtis09 Jan 194809 Feb 1983Northside
ToneyHerbert08 Mar 189509 Jan 1913Arnett
ToneyHughA.17 Feb 186104 Mar 1942Shady Grove
ToneyHughL.15 Sep 183709 Jan 1908Madison Crossroads
ToneyJimmieDeimer02 Aug 190008 Dec 1901Madison Crossroads
ToneyJohnUnk09 Jul 1987Maple Hill
ToneyKateUnk27 Sep 1944Maple Hill
ToneyLillieMae15 Aug 191306 Oct 1962Royal
ToneyLucyH.Unk27 Jun 1940Maple Hill
ToneyMariahJ.09 Jul 188725 Feb 1962Glenwood
ToneyMaryAnn20 Jul 183827 Apr 1841Triana
ToneyMaryHundleyUnk16 Jan 1944Maple Hill
ToneyMaryUnk06 Oct 1868Maple Hill
ToneyMyraAnnCagle26 Aug 18941978Rice
ToneyOtisD.15 Mar 194023 Jan 1981Northside
ToneyRobertG.25 Sep 187804 Oct 1878Triana
ToneyRuthA.09 Jan 192426 Mar 1984Northside
ToneySarahE.18 Jul 184002 Sep 1883Madison Crossroads
ToneyThomas15 Jan 188926 Sep 1981Madison
ToneyThomas28 Feb 193211 Oct 2005Triana
ToneyWillodean29 Nov 195823 Jan 2001Northside
ToonJohnWilhamUnk23 Sep 1962Maple Hill
ToonRobertW.Unk23 May 1983Maple Hill
ToonSusieUnk17 Sep 1976Maple Hill
TooneJohnnyL.19271992Madison Crossroads
TorbellCynthiaA.18 Apr 183301 Apr 1855Ebenezer
TotckyThomasJosephUnk04 Sep 1965Maple Hill
TotekyJacquelinS.Unk11 Jan 2005Maple Hill
TottenHaroldJohnUnk09 Jun 1998Maple Hill
TottenMichaelUnk06 Feb 1973Maple Hill
TouchstoneArmandA.Unk11 Dec 1976Maple Hill
ToweryBonnieMoonUnk15 May 1986Maple Hill
ToweryImogeneUnk23 Jul 1938Maple Hill
ToweryJamesUnk18 Jul 1955Maple Hill
ToweryMaryRuth27 Mar 192422 Dec 2004State Line - Hazel Green
TownerGeorgeUnk25 Jul 1867Maple Hill
TownesCharlesUnk23 Nov 1922Maple Hill
TownesCharlesUnk30 Dec 1914Maple Hill
TownesHarryRhettUnk23 May 2001Maple Hill
TownesJeanne11 Oct 189223 Mar 1967Maple Hill
TownsendAdaJ.24 Aug 189520 Sep 1972Northside
TownsendAlbertaUnkNDDMaple Hill
TownsendAlene25 May 194019 Mar 1998St. Ruth
TownsendAlfred10 Jul 194401 Nov 1981St. Ruth
TownsendAlfred15 Sep 191816 Mar 1974St. Ruth
TownsendAmos19211981Crowson Hill
TownsendAntonioTremayne25 Dec 197324 Dec 1997St. Ruth
TownsendBessie10 Dec 190914 Jul 1917St. Ruth
TownsendCharles186904 Nov 1949Penny
TownsendClydeL.Unk31 Mar 1977Maple Hill
TownsendCoraBell17 Aug 190701 May 1970Bloucher Ford
TownsendDement27 Sep 191418 Jul 1986Bloucher Ford
TownsendDonnieF.18941938Bloucher Ford
TownsendFlorence08 Apr 188902 Sep 1962Northside
TownsendGenfate29 Jan 195229 Jan 1952St. Ruth
TownsendGeorgeL.25 Sep 194120 Sep 1999St. Ruth
TownsendGradyJames19211978St. Ruth
TownsendJeromeC.04 Sep 194903 Sep 1983Conley Chapel
TownsendJessieMae29 Jan 195201 Feb 1952St. Ruth
TownsendJohnD.02 Jul 188305 Nov 1918Bloucher Ford
TownsendJohnE.19141988St. Ruth
TownsendJohn25 Jan 189902 Aug 1967Brandon
TownsendLillieJane14 Dec 189809 Oct 1942St. Ruth
TownsendLucyM.12 Oct 191116 Jan 1983Northside
TownsendMamieLee19202002St. Ruth
TownsendMargaretG.Unk14 Aug 1984Maple Hill
TownsendMaria20 May 186801 Jan 1917Townsend
TownsendMarthaJ.21 Aug 185014 Dec 1854Townsend
TownsendMarthaLee12 Feb 190321 Apr 1915Bloucher Ford
TownsendMaryJ.17 Aug 195219 Oct 1966St. Ruth
TownsendMary16 Sep 188205 Oct 1949Bloucher Ford
TownsendMattieR.07 Nov 190903 Apr 1991St. Ruth
TownsendMildred19421988St. Ruth
TownsendMuntfordR.21 Oct 182202 Jun 19859Townsend Coover
TownsendNed06 Dec 189214 Nov 1925Townsend
TownsendNed19 Dec 186015 Jul 1925Townsend
TownsendOzell19251980St. Ruth
TownsendParkesM.09 Jan 184726 Dec 1854Townsend
TownsendPerfessorUnk04 Oct 1939St. Ruth
TownsendRobertF.14 Oct 190908 Sep 1979Conley Chapel
TownsendSarahT.21 Nov 184630 Dec 1854Townsend
TownsendSarahUnk29 Aug 1918Glenwood
TownsendSusanUnk27 Jul 1956St. Ruth
TownsendThomasIsoacUnk30 Nov 1922St. Ruth
TownsendThomasT.20 Sep 188404 Jan 1964Bloucher Ford
TownsendThomas08 Jan 193817 Feb 1969Northside
TownsendThomas14 Feb 189527 Sep 1959Penny
TownsendThomasUnk06 Feb 1930Maple Hill
TownsendVirginiaG.07 Oct 189304 Aug 1986St. Ruth
TownsendWillieB.15 Apr 188804 Aug 1981St. Ruth
TownsonSandraLeeUnk13 Aug 2004Maple Hill
TowryAraCelia16 Aug 191908 Mar 2005Charity Baptist Church
TowryGeorgeBentonUnk29 Oct 1987Maple Hill
TowryJamesR.Unk04 Jul 1958Maple Hill
TowryPleasU.Unk30 Oct 1975Maple Hill
TowryPurnieR.10 Jun 189401 Aug 1922Charity Baptist Church
TowrySusieM.Unk02 May 1981Maple Hill
TowryThomasUnk15 Nov 1960Maple Hill
TrabourghDouglasUnk23 Aug 1931Maple Hill
TracyB.Mrs.Unk28 Jul 1875Maple Hill
TracyJ.F.Unk07 Mar 1888Maple Hill
TracyJamesUnk24 Feb 1901Maple Hill
TrappErnestUnk20 Sep 1919Maple Hill
TrappJohnnieE.Unk04 Feb 1979Maple Hill
TravisAnitaKayUnk01 Mar 1956Maple Hill
TravisBettyUnk13 Jan 1942Maple Hill
TravisClaytonR.Unk13 Sep 1980Maple Hill
TravisEdwardC.Unk08 Nov 1934Maple Hill
TravisElaMaeUnk20 Jun 1992Maple Hill
TravisEuniceOpal19231925Shady Grove
TravisFletcherD.Unk03 Aug 1976Maple Hill
TravisFredHoustonUnk31 Jan 1999Maple Hill
TravisGeorgiaM.Unk10 Apr 2000Maple Hill
TravisGlyndoll28 Sep 194529 Sep 1945Charity Baptist Church
TravisHenryEdwardUnk03 Apr 2003Maple Hill
TravisHenry09 Jul 194209 Jul 1942Charity Baptist Church
TravisLawsonUnk28 May 1935Maple Hill
TravisTrannieS.Unk15 Aug 1974Maple Hill
TravisWilliamBuckie12 Nov 193808 Jul 1940Charity Baptist Church
TraylorDorothyUnk06 Sep 1974Maple Hill
TraylorEdwardE.Unk06 Apr 1994Maple Hill
TreeceAlbertHermanUnk23 Nov 1961Maple Hill
TreeceDanielR.11 Nov 187928 Mar 1966Moon
TreeceEulaE.16 Apr 190516 Oct 1971Byrd
TreeceFloydClentonUnk09 Mar 1999Green Valley
TreeceHettieE.19 Jan 188917 Feb 1962Moon
TreeceHowardH.26 Aug 191502 Dec 1981Green Valley
TreeceJosephMonroe17 Mar 187703 Jan 1943Bethel/Old Bethel
TreeceL.Virgil19 Aug 189805 Aug 1951Byrd
TreeceLawrenceG.05 Apr 191123 Mar 1989Moon
TreeceLillianOdessaUnk10 Apr 2001Maple Hill
TreeceMaryFrancesJones13 Apr 187921 Mar 1965Bethel/Old Bethel
TreeceRachaelAdams07 Feb 191219 Jan 1933Moon
TreeceShelbyLeo13 Apr 194330 Sep 1968Green Valley
TreeceWilburnD.25 Sep 191808 Mar 1987Neal Chapel
TrefthanGladysLouiseFrench03 Nov 190203 Dec 1986Vahalla Memory Gardens
TrenthamCollierM.24 Oct 190706 Nov 1976Charity Baptist Church
TrenthamInfantSons20 Aug 193421 Aug 1934Charity Baptist Church
TrenthamSylviaE.02 Aug 191520 Jul 2002Charity Baptist Church
TribbleAnnieI.30 Aug 187908 Mar 1928Madison
TribbleBerthaM.18 Feb 189301 Apr 1945Madison
TribbleCharlesH.Unk09 Sep 1990Maple Hill
TribbleGuyW.27 Sep 189813 Nov 1901Madison
TribbleHopkinsT.18 Oct 189230 Nov 1969Madison
TribbleJamesJosephUnk03 Feb 1973Maple Hill
TribbleJohnR.Unk27 Feb 1990Maple Hill
TribbleJulieLynnUnk09 Sep 1980Maple Hill
TribbleLucyB.Unk06 Aug 1985Maple Hill
TribbleMarthaR.Gooch27 Jul 185617 Apr 1930Madison
TribbleMarvinDonald20 Oct 191331 May 1980Madison
TribbleMattieH.24 Feb 190018 Jul 1900Madison
TribbleOlliePowell05 Sep 190208 Jan 1907Madison
TribbleRobertDonnell07 Nov 184104 Mar 1914Madison
TribbleRobertEdward06 Jan 187215 Nov 1941Madison
TribbleSarahE.Unk11 May 1986Maple Hill
TribbleThelmaAgustaUnk21 Apr 2002Maple Hill
TribbleWilliamH.11 Jan 187612 Oct 1945Madison
TriceBillieT.04 Nov 185604 Nov 1927Cochran
TriceGeorgie19 Sep 186325 Apr 1931Cochran
TriggArthurUnk16 Mar 1877Glenwood
TriggFloraUnk05 Jun 1974Maple Hill
TriggJohnH.Unk25 Dec 1996Maple Hill
TriggJosephUnk10 May 1935Maple Hill
TriggVirginiaA.Unk01 Jan 1970Maple Hill
TrimbleCarrieWilsonUnk31 Jan 1976Maple Hill
TrinleyWilliamUnk25 Nov 1922Maple Hill
TrippA.J.Unk03 Apr 1968Maple Hill
TrippArthurM.07 Apr 187802 Aug 1928Merrimack
TrippArthurM.Unk14 Aug 1983Maple Hill
TrippVirgil14 Jul 186606 Aug 1956Glenwood
TrittMary01 Apr 190231 May 1995Glenwood
TrittVirgilEugeneUnk09 Nov 2003Maple Hill
TroglinEdwinMarshallUnk13 Oct 1936Maple Hill
TrombleeDorisR.Unk17 Jan 1995Maple Hill
TrombleeVanceUnk19 Apr 1969Maple Hill
TroopAndyUnk05 Jul 1924Maple Hill
TroopeJohn22 Jul 189211 May 11Madison
TroopeMillie30 Jan 181729 Jul 1841Golightly
TroopeNote22 Feb 188631 Jul 1910Madison
TroopeSam18 Oct 187909 Jul 1910Madison
TroppFelonUnk27 Dec 1924Maple Hill
TrotlerJohnUnk21 Mar 1927Maple Hill
TrotmanEliza29 Nov 185416 May 1880Farley
TrotmanF.Unk12 Jul 1899Maple Hill
TrotmanFerdinandM.01 Mar 185026 Aug 1930Madison
TrotmanH.Unk22 May 1952Maple Hill
TrotmanHenryUnk06 May 1940Maple Hill
TrotmanKateMcLaneFarley01 Oct 187004 May 1909Madison
TrotmanMaryUnk17 Feb 1924Maple Hill
TrotmanThomasRobert11 Dec 187302 Mar 1937Madison
TrotmanYancyPreston23 Nov 18281891Farley
TrotterEthelUnk20 Aug 1927Maple Hill
TrotterJohnUnk01 Apr 1887Maple Hill
TrotterPearlUnk23 Jul 1896Maple Hill
TrotumMollieBeadleUnk12 Jul 1899Maple Hill
TroupAnnieMae28 Aug 192327 Jun 1925Hayden
TroupBarbaraAdlinUnk05 Jan 1965Maple Hill
TroupCartersEarlUnk03 Jul 1962Maple Hill
TroupClaraUnk03 Apr 1944Maple Hill
TroupDoffieElla21 Oct 188723 May 1967Hayden
TroupErnestUnk03 Apr 1944Maple Hill
TroupEstelleM.Unk11 Aug 1991Maple Hill
TroupEvieOla21 Apr 189715 Dec 1960Hayden
TroupFlemE.Unk03 Jul 1968Maple Hill
TroupInfant27 Apr 191627 Apr 1916Hayden
TroupJosephA.24 Sep 191413 Sep 1918Hayden
TroupJosephB.19 Apr 189305 May 1975Hayden
TroupLillieEthelUnk22 Mar 1972Maple Hill
TroupMickeyUnk11 May 1938Maple Hill
TroupRepsieV.28 Aug 187801 Jan 1937Ragsdale
TroupSebeJ.25 Jul 189029 Sep 1963Hayden
TroupW.J.03 Oct 186729 Apr 1922Hayden
TroupWilliamH.26 Feb 1883NDDRagsdale
TroupeAlbertF.Unk15 Dec 2003Maple Hill
TroupeAlexUnk16 May 1960Maple Hill
TroupeAliceUnk21 Jun 1930Maple Hill
TroupeCoraLuellaUnk27 Apr 1986Maple Hill
TroupeDovieM.Unk03 Jun 1914Maple Hill
TroupeHazelUnk15 Jul 1977Maple Hill
TroupeHermanUnk03 Jul 1923Maple Hill
TroupeHoustonB.Unk17 Jun 1993Maple Hill
TroupeJamesUnk06 Nov 1928Maple Hill
TroupeJasUnk21 Apr 1924Maple Hill
TroupeJoeR.Unk18 Dec 1974Maple Hill
TroupeJuanitaS.Unk20 Oct 2003Maple Hill
TroupeLaroidUnk26 Jan 1954Maple Hill
TroupeLeilaUnk20 May 1974Maple Hill
TroupeLeonUnk29 Aug 2004Maple Hill
TroupeLulaUnk09 Sep 1953Maple Hill
TroupeM.F.UnkNDDMaple Hill
TroupeMaryG.Unk01 Sep 1982Maple Hill
TroupeMaryJaneUnk30 Dec 1989Maple Hill
TroupeRobertDonaldUnk04 Jan 1996Maple Hill
TroupeWilliamUnk04 Nov 1938Maple Hill
TroupeWillieUnk20 Mar 1918Maple Hill
TroupsJohnWilliam12 Sep 191907 Jan 1928Hayden
TroutLeoDavidUnk25 May 1965Maple Hill
TroyJ.Unk21 Jan 1926Maple Hill
TroyMargaretBarclayUnk05 Jun 1894Maple Hill
TroyRobertUnk03 Aug 1977Maple Hill
TroyRobertUnk05 Nov 1921Maple Hill
TroySophiaUnk14 Jun 1939Maple Hill
TrueElahSchrimsher25 Apr 188718 May 1972Gurley
TrueHarveyAlexander28 Jun 191810 May 1953Gurley
TrueNannieMargret08 Oct 191507 Aug 1916Jenkins
TrueWilliamAlonzo07 Jun 189003 Mar 1961Jenkins
TrumanLulaMayUnk09 Feb 1897Maple Hill
TrumpEugeneUnk21 Feb 1915Maple Hill
TrumpEugeniaUnk19 Jul 1930Maple Hill
TrumpGeorgeUnk03 Jul 1903Maple Hill
TruslerSamuelUnk19 Dec 1918Maple Hill
TrussellMaryTrudellUnk02 Oct 1995Maple Hill
TrutonDaiseyUnk01 Apr 1927Maple Hill
TsannJohnUnk16 Jan 1919Maple Hill
TubyfillSarahUnk23 Oct 1923Maple Hill
TucekAntonUnk27 Mar 1974Maple Hill
TucekFrancesB.Unk29 Oct 1979Maple Hill
TuckBarbaraV.UnkNDDMaple Hill
TuckBettyUnkNDDMaple Hill
TuckBeulahC.18921971Camp Ground
TuckCharlesA.Unk22 Mar 1993Maple Hill
TuckCharlesL.18 Dec 1913Jul 1914Camp Ground
TuckChristopherC.13 Nov 185722 Feb 1863Tuck
TuckDoisL.21 May 192723 Sep 1938Tuck
TuckDorisSadler12 Dec 192127 Jun 1984Camp Ground
TuckDorisUnk22 May 1942Maple Hill
TuckEarlO.12 Sep 190913 Sep 1912Camp Ground
TuckEdwardEugene10 Mar 191326 Jul 1987Tuck
TuckEulaBellUnk08 Dec 1961Maple Hill
TuckGraceMagdaleneQuick07 Oct 190329 Oct 1999Tuck
TuckHenryUnk26 Aug 1897Maple Hill
TuckHomer01 Nov 190630 Apr 1989Tuck
TuckInda23 Jun 189823 Jan 1904Tuck
TuckInfant04 Nov 190404 Nov 1904Tuck
TuckInfant13 Apr 191813 Apr 1918Tuck
TuckInzerW.07 Aug 191512 Dec 2003Camp Ground
TuckJ.Looney30 Oct 190715 May 1954Neal Chapel
TuckJackWillis15 Mar 190520 Mar 1928Tuck
TuckJohnElijah18981942Camp Ground
TuckJohnP.20 Dec 190127 Jun 1903Tuck
TuckJohnWilliam06 Jun 185610 May 1941Tuck
TuckJohnWilliam11 Jan 182919 Jan 1881Tuck
TuckJohn23 Mar 17811860Tuck
TuckJohnUnk13 Jan 1955Maple Hill
TuckJuliaS.08 Feb 187427 Jun 1907Tuck
TuckLauraBellTodd30 Jun 187127 Feb 1911Tuck
TuckLeraMurrel17 Mar 191015 Sep 1910Tuck
TuckLewisG.14 Aug 186719 Jan 1939Tuck
TuckLouisH.12 Feb 1886Oct 1966Camp Ground
TuckLucyUnk10 Oct 1898Maple Hill
TuckLudieHughes10 Nov 187419 Feb 1945Tuck
TuckMarjorieDorningUnk25 Jun 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
TuckMayM06 Feb 188922 Sep 1972Tuck
TuckMichaelA.13 May 194919 Jul 1949Camp Ground
TuckOcieVerona13 Aug 191613 Apr 1918Tuck
TuckPhillipMillard30 Apr 187325 May 1941Tuck
TuckPhillip30 Apr 192606 May 1926Tuck
TuckR.Walker06 May 189810 Dec 1993Tuck
TuckRobertLeanell02 Oct 191923 Jul 1920Tuck
TuckSarahC.18651948Camp Ground
TuckVergieUnk12 Feb 1986Maple Hill
TuckVirginiaAleneUnk13 Oct 2000Maple Hill
TuckWalter10 Sep 186913 Mar 1870Tuck
TuckWilliamH.18521932Camp Ground
TuckWilliamLevi03 Jan 189221 Jun 1894Tuck
TuckWilliamUnk05 Jul 1955Maple Hill
TuckWilliePearl18981978Camp Ground
TuckAnnieM.Unk01 Oct 1983Maple Hill
TuckR.C.UnkNDDMaple Hill
TuckW.F.Unk14 Jul 1972Maple Hill
TuckerAdaOzellUnk15 May 1985Maple Hill
TuckerAlvisL.28 Dec 192116 Oct 1980Bevill
TuckerAmandaBellUnk24 Nov 1960Maple Hill
TuckerAnnUnk29 Dec 2001Maple Hill
TuckerBarbaraAnnSalmon27 Oct 195402 Jan 2002Moon
TuckerBettieUnk27 Jan 1952Maple Hill
TuckerBobbyWayneUnk07 Aug 2001Maple Hill
TuckerC.W.Unk02 Apr 1900Maple Hill
TuckerChalsieM.Unk21 Feb 1995Maple Hill
TuckerCharlesR.13 Feb 194230 Apr 1980Green Valley
TuckerCharles16 Sep 181602 Apr 1833Kennamer
TuckerCholeUnk31 Jul 1999Maple Hill
TuckerClaudeUnk27 Sep 1990Maple Hill
TuckerCoraLeeUnk23 Jan 1980Maple Hill
TuckerCoraUnk08 Nov 2004Maple Hill
TuckerDavidPaulUnk08 May 1973Maple Hill
TuckerDimpleUnk29 Feb 1956Maple Hill
TuckerDorothyMarie31 Dec 192809 Feb 1983Bevill
TuckerElizabethUnk20 Aug 1978Maple Hill
TuckerElmaLingerfeltUnk26 May 2003Maple Hill
TuckerElmoUnk10 Mar 1990Maple Hill
TuckerFlorenceR.18 Dec 186318 Jun 1940Merrimack
TuckerFloydE.Unk13 Jan 1979Maple Hill
TuckerFosterUnkNDDMaple Hill
TuckerFrankUnk20 Aug 1927Maple Hill
TuckerFredE.25 Oct 192204 Sep 1945Bevill
TuckerGeorgeRoy01 Aug 189221 Feb 1970Bevill
TuckerGeorgeUnk03 Jul 1984Maple Hill
TuckerGeorgeUnk06 Mar 1945Maple Hill
TuckerHarveyLeeUnk20 Jan 1972Maple Hill
TuckerHattieUnk11 Dec 1984Maple Hill
TuckerHenriettaUnk17 Feb 1922Maple Hill
TuckerHerbertGordonUnk01 Mar 2001Maple Hill
TuckerHerbertUnk19 Jan 1922Maple Hill
TuckerHomerG.28 Sep 191805 Aug 1938Bevill
TuckerIdellaPamplinUnk04 Nov 1948Maple Hill
TuckerInaPearlUnk29 May 1974Maple Hill
TuckerInfantUnk04 Aug 1955Maple Hill
TuckerIsaacH.14 Dec 185916 May 1934Merrimack
TuckerJamesBurianUnk14 Jun 2006Bevill
TuckerJamesThomasUnk19 Nov 1956Maple Hill
TuckerJasperB.Unk22 Aug 1977Maple Hill
TuckerJeanR.Unk24 Nov 1983Maple Hill
TuckerJenningsUnk25 Jun 1938Maple Hill
TuckerJenningsUnk04 Dec 1937Maple Hill
TuckerJessUnk07 May 1954Maple Hill
TuckerJessUnk31 Oct 1960Maple Hill
TuckerJoeUnk07 Mar 1983Maple Hill
TuckerJoeUnk08 Jul 1954Maple Hill
TuckerJohnUnk12 Apr 1896Maple Hill
TuckerJosephUnk22 Aug 1917Maple Hill
TuckerJoshuaScottUnk30 Dec 2004Maple Hill
TuckerJudithM.Unk14 Jun 1990Maple Hill
TuckerLillyMae30 May 188911 Aug 1970Bevill
TuckerLilyMaeUnk29 Dec 1988Maple Hill
TuckerLoetitiaJones17 Nov 181923 Apr 1886Kennamer
TuckerLoreneH.Unk15 May 1969Maple Hill
TuckerLorettaT.Unk21 Feb 1937Maple Hill
TuckerLucileAnnUnk18 Nov 1994Maple Hill
TuckerMaggieE.Unk14 May 1989Maple Hill
TuckerMaiUnk27 Nov 1968Maple Hill
TuckerMarthaEllen07 Feb 194207 Feb 1942Esslinger
TuckerMaryLouUnk25 Oct 1995Maple Hill
TuckerMaryLulaUnk18 Feb 1981Maple Hill
TuckerMaryUnk01 Jul 1963Maple Hill
TuckerMattieUnk17 Dec 1935Maple Hill
TuckerMaudeUnk24 Jan 1962Maple Hill
TuckerNancyEciliaUnk02 May 1947Maple Hill
TuckerNewtonW.Unk03 Jan 1989Maple Hill
TuckerPatriciaL.Unk01 Jan 1994Maple Hill
TuckerPaulUnk05 Oct 1942Maple Hill
TuckerR.C.29 Jan 1849Dec 1914Bellview
TuckerR.M.Unk20 Aug 1957Maple Hill
TuckerR.Unk12 Feb 1920Maple Hill
TuckerRobertEdwardUnk1910Madison Crossroads
TuckerRobertUnk27 Feb 1934Maple Hill
TuckerRoyWilsonUnk25 Mar 1999Maple Hill
TuckerRubyAtlas20 Oct 192608 Nov 1996Bevill
TuckerRubyUnk04 Mar 2006Maple Hill
TuckerRufeUnk13 Sep 1957Maple Hill
TuckerSamuelH.Unk24 Sep 1936Maple Hill
TuckerStellaUnk24 Dec 1983Maple Hill
TuckerThurmanD.01 May 192409 Mar 1962Bevill
TuckerVeraUnk01 Jan 1918Maple Hill
TuckerViolaUnk28 Sep 1929Maple Hill
TuckerVirginiaM.17 Oct 192425 Jan 1997Bevill
TuckerVirginiaUnk22 Mar 1930Maple Hill
TuckerW.A.Mrs.Unk12 Jun 1898Maple Hill
TuckerW.E.Unk11 Feb 1957Maple Hill
TuckerW.Unk14 Dec 1944Maple Hill
TuckerWalterO.Unk21 Mar 1999Maple Hill
TuckerWilliamDanielUnk02 Jul 2001Maple Hill
TuckerWilliamDennisUnk29 Jan 1998Maple Hill
TuckerWilliamG.Unk06 Jul 1988Maple Hill
TuckerWilliamH.Unk23 Jul 1983Maple Hill
TuckerWilliamUnk18 Aug 1949Maple Hill
TuckerWillisMrs.Unk12 Dec 1977Maple Hill
TuebheckeJuliusKarlUnk23 Oct 1959Maple Hill
TufeLydiaUnk01 Aug 1923Maple Hill
TulleyMarlaUnk02 Dec 1895Maple Hill
TullingtonJohnUnk22 Nov 1921Maple Hill
TullockGladysMaloneUnk30 Jul 2003Maple Hill
TumlinDanielMonroe04 Mar 191826 Dec 1980Charity Baptist Church
TumlinEmmaMaeWest21 Apr 192031 Jan 2002Gurley
TumlonCharlesUnk23 Jan 1966Maple Hill
TumminelloAnnieB.Unk27 Dec 1985Maple Hill
TumminelloAnnieRuthUnk09 Jan 1972Maple Hill
TumminelloCarrieC.Unk06 Jun 1996Maple Hill
TumminelloFrancesE.Unk02 Mar 1997Maple Hill
TumminelloJoelBanardUnk03 Mar 2000Maple Hill
TumminelloJoeshineUnk17 Oct 1928Maple Hill
TumminelloJohnUnk14 Jun 1976Maple Hill
TumminelloLouisB.Unk01 Aug 1936Maple Hill
TumminelloLouisUnk26 Feb 1941Maple Hill
TumminelloLouisUnk18 Sep 1981Maple Hill
TumminelloMaryUnk01 Jan 1986Maple Hill
TumminelloSalvatoreUnk24 Mar 1943Maple Hill
TummineloSamJamesUnk15 Apr 1963Maple Hill
TunleyGeraldUnk21 Mar 1976Maple Hill
TunleyGraceUnk08 Mar 1987Maple Hill
TunstallMollieUnk03 Dec 1882Maple Hill
TunstillAdaUnk07 Jul 1893Maple Hill
TunstillCharlesDavid14 Oct 193218 Nov 1978Ryland
TunstillLizzieUnk24 May 1889Maple Hill
TunstillLouisL.Unk01 Sep 1980Maple Hill
TunstillMaengJoUnk10 Apr 2002Maple Hill
TunstillUnkFemaleUnk27 Jun 1881Maple Hill
TurbevilleDaveUnk04 Jun 1952Maple Hill
TurbevilleNettieUnk25 Oct 1942Maple Hill
TurbevilleRobertUnk24 Jun 1998Maple Hill
TurbyvilleUnkMaleUnk13 Dec 1900Maple Hill
TurgeonRuthUnk27 Jan 1966Maple Hill
TurkBettyJaneUnk03 Mar 2002Maple Hill
TurkLeoLewisUnk06 Jun 2004Maple Hill
TurlyfieldJ.Unk11 Feb 1902Maple Hill
TurminelloSamUnk17 Dec 1931Maple Hill
TurnbellEdwardUnk04 Mar 1924Maple Hill
TurnbullLenoreYoungUnk03 Apr 1960Maple Hill
TurnerAlbert15 Oct 188401 Mar 1921Glenwood
TurnerAlbertUnk17 Jan 1955Maple Hill
TurnerAleainBooker05 Nov 192205 Nov 2002Booker
TurnerAliceB.12 Feb 190127 Jun 1901Ebenezer
TurnerAliceL.Dunlap05 May 187011 Mar 1906Ebenezer
TurnerAllenUnk09 Aug 1964Maple Hill
TurnerAlmaMaeDunham07 Feb 190211 May 1969Maple Hill
TurnerAmericaE.11 Jun 184121 Mar 1920Charity Baptist Church
TurnerAngie19 Sep 189804 Sep 1901Ebenezer
TurnerAnnieB.Unk02 Apr 1997Maple Hill
TurnerAnnieL.01 Nov 189711 Sep 1904Ebenezer
TurnerAnnieUnk28 Apr 1914Maple Hill
TurnerBascomL.19161991Huntsville Memory Gardens
TurnerBenjaminH.189210 Dec 1960Maple Hill
TurnerBenjaminUnk21 Jul 1879Maple Hill
TurnerBettie09 Jun 188014 Aug 1916Ebenezer
TurnerBilly12 May 188810 Nov 1956Glenwood
TurnerBobbyUnk09 Aug 1964Maple Hill
TurnerBonnie04 May 192616 Jul 1926Ebenezer
TurnerCarl05 Apr 190909 Mar 1915Charity Baptist Church
TurnerCarolynUnk31 Oct 1950Maple Hill
TurnerCarrie18751941Chandler - Carter Grove
TurnerCarrieUnk11 Jul 1941Maple Hill
TurnerCharlesH.16 Aug 197516 Aug 1975Northside
TurnerCharlieKelly27 Mar 190009 Sep 1928Glenwood
TurnerClaudeLeeUnk12 Dec 1959Maple Hill
TurnerCliffordUnk08 Jun 1979Maple Hill
TurnerCoraBaker26 Feb 190031 Oct 1988Baker - Owens Cross Road
TurnerDanR.17 Jul 189507 Sep 1971Northside
TurnerDanielUnk25 Jul 1921Maple Hill
TurnerDelcieE.Weaver14 Aug 189322 Sep 1990Maple Hill
TurnerDovieLee28 Feb 191614 Aug 1922Charity Baptist Church
TurnerE.D.Unk10 Dec 1947Maple Hill
TurnerEdUnkNDDMaple Hill
TurnerEdithUnkNDDCenter Grove
TurnerEdnaMaeUnkNDDMaple Hill
TurnerEdnaMcAnn17 Sep 187806 Jun 1958Shady Grove
TurnerEliz15 Sep 190830 Dec 1974Northside
TurnerElizabeth12 Jun 192427 Apr 1939Moon
TurnerElizabethUnk19 Sep 1978Maple Hill
TurnerEllaMaeUnk12 Jun 1984Maple Hill
TurnerEmmaG.19131973Pleas Mount Baptist Church
TurnerEstelle12 Dec 191507 Apr 1985Chandler - Carter Grove
TurnerEttaUnk12 Apr 1936Maple Hill
TurnerEugeneUnk02 Nov 1939Maple Hill
TurnerEvaPearlUnk07 Nov 1947Maple Hill
TurnerEvansUnk20 Dec 1993Maple Hill
TurnerEvelynFrancesUnk27 Jun 1926Maple Hill
TurnerF.Marion16 Jul 187001 Jul 1960Charity Baptist Church
TurnerFannieUnk08 Jan 1935Maple Hill
TurnerFredC.Unk23 Sep 1983Maple Hill
TurnerFulton12 Feb 191409 Jul 1989Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
TurnerGaynellUnk15 Jun 1937Maple Hill
TurnerGeneralForrestUnk05 May 1947Maple Hill
TurnerGeorgeL.16 May 192827 Jan 1929Baker - Owens Cross Road
TurnerGladysUnk28 Aug 1992Maple Hill
TurnerGordonH.04 May 189413 Jun 1899Ebenezer
TurnerGus18751940Chandler - Carter Grove
TurnerGussieC.31 Jan 191610 Feb 2002Pine Grove - Harvest
TurnerH.Curry12 Oct 191212 Jul 1916Shady Grove
TurnerH.Curry29 Aug 187404 Mar 1935Shady Grove
TurnerHammondUnk01 Jun 1917Maple Hill
TurnerHaroldWayne07 Sep 196412 Jul 1983Northside
TurnerHarold18 Sep 194910 Nov 1995Collier - Triana
TurnerHarryUnk09 Nov 1917Maple Hill
TurnerHazelDanielsUnk17 Jan 1998Maple Hill
TurnerHelen05 Sep 185726 Nov 1937Charity Baptist Church
TurnerHelenUnk26 Dec 1932Maple Hill
TurnerHenryThomas30 Oct 189431 Oct 1986Baker - Owens Cross Road
TurnerHenryUnk14 Dec 1989Maple Hill
TurnerIra21 Feb 191701 Jul 1929Ebenezer
TurnerIreneHendersonUnk25 Apr 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
TurnerJ.C.12 Mar 184509 Mar 1917Charity Baptist Church
TurnerJ.C.Unk18 May 2000Maple Hill
TurnerJ.Willie06 Mar 188603 Sep 1934Pleas Mount Baptist Church
TurnerJack19 Dec 190128 Sep 1940Ebenezer
TurnerJamesH.17 Feb 191513 Oct 1968Shady Grove
TurnerJamesPhillips27 Jul 194726 Jan 2002Booker
TurnerJamesR.185301 May 1927Maple Hill
TurnerJamesT.Unk15 Jul 1985Maple Hill
TurnerJames16 Apr 187917 Jan 1951Glenwood
TurnerJamesUnk02 Mar 1926Redstone
TurnerJaneUnk26 Jan 1892Maple Hill
TurnerJanetLoisUnk13 Mar 2001Maple Hill
TurnerJanie29 Aug 192929 Sep 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
TurnerJennieUnk06 May 1921Maple Hill
TurnerJennieUnk05 Oct 1885Maple Hill
TurnerJessieBrown03 Oct 188101 Jul 1964Charity Baptist Church
TurnerJimmyRuthUnk15 Mar 1999Maple Hill
TurnerJoanB.23 Nov 196823 Nov 1968Booker
TurnerJoeW.Unk24 Feb 2004Maple Hill
TurnerJohnB.08 Sep 185906 Jun 1928Ebenezer
TurnerJohnC.Unk27 Jul 1982Maple Hill
TurnerJohnHenry22 Dec 193319 Aug 1997Northside
TurnerJohnThomasUnkNDDHuntsville Memory Gardens
TurnerJohnW.18771932Maple Hill
TurnerJohn03 Jun 188718 Jan 1907Glenwood
TurnerJohnUnk10 Oct 1943Maple Hill
TurnerJohnnie10 Jun 191109 May 1982Brandon
TurnerJosephD.Unk28 Jun 1959Maple Hill
TurnerJosephineUnk07 Sep 1948Maple Hill
TurnerJudgeL.06 Apr 190910 Sep 1925Ebenezer
TurnerJuliaAnnCloud07 Dec 187307 May 1931Cloud
TurnerKatherynN.19191996Huntsville Memory Gardens
TurnerKathrynUnk28 Apr 1999Maple Hill
TurnerLandisB.Unk09 Sep 1984Maple Hill
TurnerLemG.06 May 186506 May 1939Pleas Mount Baptist Church
TurnerLemuelBynum02 Dec 189609 Nov 1941Moon
TurnerLloydUnk05 Nov 1979Maple Hill
TurnerLonnieMarshall11 Sep 190312 Jul 1991Maple Hill
TurnerLoraAnn05 May 196520 Oct 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
TurnerLulaUnk14 Mar 1950Maple Hill
TurnerMahlonG.Unk15 Mar 1999Maple Hill
TurnerMamie18 Aug 189603 Mar 1928Byrd
TurnerMargaretUnk18 Jun 1930Maple Hill
TurnerMaryA.07 Sep 184303 Jul 1924Ebenezer
TurnerMaryElizabeth12 Jun 192427 Apr 1939Moon
TurnerMaryElizabethUnk14 Sep 1997Maple Hill
TurnerMaryM.Unk25 Jul 1979Maple Hill
TurnerMaryV.30 Sep 187509 Aug 1961Ebenezer
TurnerMaryUnk26 Feb 1955Maple Hill
TurnerMaryUnk10 Aug 1938Maple Hill
TurnerMattieJosephineCarpenter05 May 1896Oct 1984Moon
TurnerMattieL.Coon18941917Maple Hill
TurnerMcNeal08 Jul 190823 May 1987Northside
TurnerMelvinDallas18 Sep 188324 Nov 1947Maple Hill
TurnerMollie19201993Pine Grove - Deposit
TurnerMollieUnk23 Oct 1965Maple Hill
TurnerMyraH.Sims20 Mar 192910 Apr 2005Maple Hill
TurnerMyraJ.13 Jul 189115 Dec 1978Northside
TurnerMyraMaeGwathney05 May 188521 May 1924Pleas Mount Baptist Church
TurnerNancyL.McGaha187701 Jul 1927Maple Hill
TurnerNancyUnk01 Apr 1982Maple Hill
TurnerNathan13 May 187818 Jul 1970Maple Hill
TurnerNellieBrooks185830 Jan 1932Maple Hill
TurnerNellieBurton29 Apr 191309 Jun 1990Northside
TurnerOllieE.01 Nov 191506 Jun 1966Northside
TurnerOtisC.Unk16 Jul 1983Maple Hill
TurnerOwren16 Mar 190509 Jan 1906Charity Baptist Church
TurnerPeggyUnk27 May 1938Maple Hill
TurnerPercieA.Unk10 May 1992Maple Hill
TurnerReginaldUnk13 Jun 1927Maple Hill
TurnerRobertE.Unk28 Apr 2000Maple Hill
TurnerRobertR.UnkNDDMaple Hill
TurnerRobertV.Unk21 Apr 1993Maple Hill
TurnerRoseEtta04 Aug 190413 Dec 1987Brandon
TurnerRoyLee19202001Chandler - Carter Grove
TurnerRubinUnk05 Sep 1903Maple Hill
TurnerRubyWilson189830 Aug 1990Maple Hill
TurnerSallyUnk30 Jul 1945Maple Hill
TurnerSam03 May 190412 Feb 1983Center Grove
TurnerSamuelUnk28 Jul 1931Maple Hill
TurnerSandy27 Nov 190931 Mar 1972Northside
TurnerSarahFrancis01 May 193810 Jan 1984Center Grove
TurnerSusanM.Unk19 Mar 2006Maple Hill
TurnerT.Unk20 Jul 1953Maple Hill
TurnerT.Unk01 Nov 1946Maple Hill
TurnerT.Unk09 Jan 1932Maple Hill
TurnerThomasA.31 Mar 186911 Nov 1949Ebenezer
TurnerThomasJared24 Sep 198312 Nov 2002Huntsville Memory Gardens
TurnerTullyO.18961953Maple Hill
TurnerTullyO.192618 Mar 1991Maple Hill
TurnerTullyO.30 Nov 195123 Feb 1970Maple Hill
TurnerVictor12 Apr 194007 May 1940Crutcher
TurnerVirgilLeeUnk18 Jul 2002Maple Hill
TurnerWarnerW.Unk06 Jan 1997Maple Hill
TurnerWilliamB.07 Dec 190715 Feb 1908Cloud
TurnerWilliamT.Unk16 Sep 1978Maple Hill
TurnerWilliamThomasUnk10 Nov 1967Maple Hill
TurnerWillie04 Jun 189021 Mar 1913Ebenezer
TurnerWillie26 Dec 190621 Oct 1980Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
TurnerWillo03 Dec 192012 Jan 1976Northside
TurneyTiffanyLadae12 Jun 199123 Jul 1999Bloucher Ford
TurneyWilliamOtisUnk11 Apr 1995Maple Hill
TurnmeyerAnnLouiseUnk13 Aug 2002Maple Hill
TurnwallEllaUnk10 Jan 1951Maple Hill
TurnwallRobertUnk19 Oct 1964Maple Hill
TurpenDonaldLee17 Mar 192525 Mar 1989Charity Baptist Church
TurveyDavidG.Unk21 Jan 1997Maple Hill
TurveyDavidGordonUnk02 Jun 1975Maple Hill
TwickDorothyUnk14 Dec 1924Maple Hill
TycerFinlayA.Unk22 Mar 1976Maple Hill
TycerKatherineO'HaraUnk04 Oct 2002Maple Hill
TygielskiRaymond02 Dec 192412 Feb 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
TylerCharlie19251995Pine Grove - Deposit
TylerCherieUnk15 Mar 2003Maple Hill
TylerClaraUnk14 Nov 1919Maple Hill
TylerMatthew26 Apr 192311 Sep 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
TylerReginaB.Unk30 Jun 1975Maple Hill
TylerTheodoreAcklenUnk12 Aug 1958Maple Hill
TylerUnkS.Unk17 Jan 1918Maple Hill
TylkaJohnL.Unk06 Jul 1882Maple Hill
TylkaWillieOdellUnk12 Aug 1984Maple Hill
TyronEllaM.Unk29 Mar 1972Maple Hill
TysonHerbertE.Unk19 Sep 1957Maple Hill
TysonJohnF.Unk21 Jul 1980Maple Hill
TysonMinnieB.UnkNDDMaple Hill
TysonWilliamUnk28 Jun 1918Maple Hill

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