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MabOnierUnk21 Sep 1931Maple Hill
MabryCharlesUnk12 Feb 1929Maple Hill
MabrySusieSpenceUnk29 Apr 1968Maple Hill
MacDiarmidRichardD.17 Jan 192525 Feb 2000Maple Hill
MacDiarmidStephen28 Aug 195520 Jun 1977Maple Hill
MacDonaldJamesA.18 Jun 191518 Feb 1982Maple Hill
MacDonaldOliviaUnk09 Sep 1979Maple Hill
MacDonaldRubyIrene22 May 192011 Sep 1999Maple Hill
MacheckAndrewUnk09 Dec 1981Maple Hill
MachensSallieUnk17 Sep 1925Maple Hill
MachierInfantUnk15 May 1952Maple Hill
MacIntoshLucyEllenUnk10 Jul 1968Maple Hill
MackeyClyde06 Jul 191720 Feb 1986Maple Hill
MacNealMattieLeeUnk18 Feb 1981Maple Hill
MaconBerthaC.Unk02 Aug 1973Maple Hill
MaconJosephEdward31 Oct 189916 Jan 1949Maple Hill
MaddenJ.Unk24 Feb 1902Maple Hill
MadderaArchibaldT.Unk27 Oct 1849Maddera
MaddoxAnnieRebeccaUnk07 Oct 1972Maple Hill
MaddoxAnnieUnk01 Oct 1918Maple Hill
MaddoxAnyaPaulette196805 May 1968Maple Hill
MaddoxBaddieD.15 Dec 189305 Oct 1978Maple Hill
MaddoxBennieUnk23 Dec 1931Maple Hill
MaddoxCharlesM.Unk04 Mar 1937Maple Hill
MaddoxChristine04 Mar 192514 Apr 2006Maple Hill
MaddoxCliffordHassett30 Jan 191625 Feb 1999Maple Hill
MaddoxDeeUnk05 Nov 1947Maple Hill
MaddoxEdUnk01 Jan 1917Maple Hill
MaddoxEllaUnk02 Jun 1936Maple Hill
MaddoxEthelUnk14 Oct 1975Maple Hill
MaddoxEulaV.Unk02 Oct 1942Maple Hill
MaddoxFrancesBrosmerUnk20 Dec 1965Maple Hill
MaddoxG.C.Unk16 Apr 1956Maple Hill
MaddoxHenceMeldenUnk01 Sep 1961Maple Hill
MaddoxHenceMelvin02 Mar 192024 Apr 1982Maple Hill
MaddoxHerbertUnk22 Sep 1975Maple Hill
MaddoxHermanUnk14 Nov 1927Maple Hill
MaddoxHowardColumbus18 Aug 191318 Nov 1998Maple Hill
MaddoxJamesUnk21 Aug 1936Maple Hill
MaddoxJohnnyAlexander18 Oct 194529 Jan 2005Gurley
MaddoxKatieB.21 Apr 191301 Nov 1993Maple Hill
MaddoxLoydUnk08 Apr 1913Maple Hill
MaddoxLuther22 Jun 189313 Sep 1966Maple Hill
MaddoxM.H.Mrs.Unk11 May 1957Maple Hill
MaddoxM.H.Unk07 Nov 1957Maple Hill
MaddoxMableIreneUnk04 Apr 1971Maple Hill
MaddoxMaudieB.23 Oct 191119 Jun 1997Maple Hill
MaddoxOmalyUnk22 Dec 1916Maple Hill
MaddoxRindaUnk12 Dec 1938Maple Hill
MaddoxRobertErnieUnk08 Jul 1980Maple Hill
MaddoxRobertUnk12 Apr 1913Maple Hill
MaddoxUnkMaleUnk09 Mar 1913Maple Hill
MadduxNannieA.07 Aug 187302 May 1916Bush
MaddyElma17 Aug 189728 Nov 1977Maple Hill
MadewellBarney24 Nov 189929 Mar 1976Maple Hill
MadewellClaudi24 Aug 192308 Mar 1985Neal Chapel
MadewellClydeB.15 Oct 191406 Jul 1983Neal Chapel
MadewellEddieMae17 Aug 192112 Oct 1999Maple Hill
MadewellEverettL.22 Mar 191725 Nov 1934Neal Chapel
MadewellGertrude189519 Feb 1930Neal Chapel
MadewellInezV.07 May 191617 Jan 1991Neal Chapel
MadewellJamesL.10 Apr 1949NDDNeal Chapel
MadewellJamesW.26 Dec 189203 Jun 1987Neal Chapel
MadewellLeonard30 Sep 192505 Feb 1975Neal Chapel
MadewellMaryAda27 May 190219 Oct 1973Maple Hill
MadewellMatthewCollins20 Oct 187418 Dec 1955Neal Chapel
MadewellMatthewUnk13 Oct 2000Neal Chapel
MadewellOllieM.02 May 189514 Nov 1938Neal Chapel
MadewellSarah12 Mar 189621 Oct 1952Neal Chapel
MadewellWilliam18941936Neal Chapel
MadisonCoyW.Unk05 Jul 1991Maple Hill
MadisonKatharineH.19 Jun 193311 Nov 1995Maple Hill
MadisonMattieUnk14 Jul 1938Maple Hill
MadisonMichaelW.22 Oct 194511 Jun 1992Maple Hill
MadisonRubyHelen27 Oct 193301 Aug 1973Maple Hill
MadkinJamesW.15 Apr 191613 Dec 1975Northside
MadkinTyjuahIsaiahSep 200512 Sep 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
MadkinsKate10 Jan 190217 Apr 1976Northside
MadlockJohnUnk11 May 1930Maple Hill
MagbyWilliamUnk31 Jul 1869Maple Hill
MagnesWalter18801936Charity Baptist Church
MagnessGraceUnk19 Mar 1965Maple Hill
MagnussonRichardO.28 Dec 192009 Mar 1994Maple Hill
MagrahMinnieUnk21 Jan 1921Maple Hill
MagruemVincentWade18 May 198818 May 1988Moore
MaguireVirginiaOphelia22 Jul 191029 Jul 2001Maple Hill
MahaffeyElva08 Aug 190420 Jun 1971Maple Hill
MahaffeyHoraceRice29 Nov 189504 Dec 1964Maple Hill
MahaffeyJohnForrestUnk23 Jan 1959Maple Hill
MahaffeyMinnie24 Sep 190331 Dec 1975Maple Hill
MahaffeyPete07 Jul 189604 Apr 1991Maple Hill
MahaffoyJ.Unk02 Nov 1916Maple Hill
MahanJimmyUnk02 Mar 1956Maple Hill
MahatheyLindaUnk13 May 1944Maple Hill
MahoneyBelleFullerUnk02 Aug 1959Maple Hill
MahoneyCarlUnk01 Jun 1928Maple Hill
MahoneyEllaUnk02 Feb 1945Maple Hill
MahoneyGeorgeMentz21 Aug 189327 Oct 1965Maple Hill
MajorJamesUnk30 Aug 1899Maple Hill
MajorJohnUnk29 Jul 1899Maple Hill
MajorsAlmon26 Sep 193523 Feb 1985Maple Hill
MajorsBenjaminFranklin15 May 189311 Oct 1951Maple Hill
MajorsEllaUnk12 Feb 1904Maple Hill
MajorsElmasUnk09 Jul 1938Maple Hill
MajorsEvanUnk04 Jul 1942Maple Hill
MajorsGeorgeUnk11 Oct 1928Maple Hill
MajorsHerbertLee02 Nov 192825 Dec 1997Maple Hill
MajorsLauraUnk27 Sep 1932Maple Hill
MajorsOvaDavisBurkett02 Nov 189611 Apr 1991Maple Hill
MajorsSallieUnk08 Mar 1935Maple Hill
MajorsThomasM.Unk19 Nov 1956Maple Hill
MajzlikAdamE.19 Feb 192710 Nov 1978Madison Crossroads
MajzlikJuanitaLocke19 May 192609 Aug 1992Madison Crossroads
MakimaGeorgeHenry27 Aug 191915 Aug 2000Maple Hill
MalaughlinJohnB.Unk04 Dec 1930Maple Hill
MaldonadoConstanceJ.Pendleton18 Apr 195012 Feb 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
MaldonaldoLauraEverson27 Aug 195211 Oct 1996Collier - Triana
MalenfantMichaelJames10 Jul 193809 Sep 2005Valley View Memorial Gardens
MaliskeyDonaldC.01 Oct 194219 Feb 2004Huntsville Memory Gardens
MaliskeyPhyllisGrant191922 Aug 2002Huntsville Memory Gardens
MallerneeAnnaR.Unk26 Sep 1983Maple Hill
MallerneeMayE.Unk31 Mar 2003Maple Hill
MalloryBarneyC.Unk06 Jun 1937Maple Hill
MalmayJonothanLeeUnk16 Aug 2001Maple Hill
MaloneAdaUnk26 May 1913Maple Hill
MaloneAlmaJeanLewis13 Feb 194226 Jan 1969Charity Baptist Church
MaloneAnnS.07 Dec 190320 Nov 1985Maple Hill
MaloneBelleRoss08 Feb 189507 Aug 1980Northside
MaloneBenjaminC.Unk10 Jun 1989Maple Hill
MaloneBirdieNeeley31 May 191407 Dec 1995Charity Baptist Church
MaloneChristinaPeggyUnk07 May 1981Maple Hill
MaloneEdwardC.31 Oct 190801 May 1963Charity Baptist Church
MaloneEllaC.27 Jan 188017 Feb 1953Charity Baptist Church
MaloneEllaUnk25 Sep 1938Maple Hill
MaloneFredE.Unk10 Oct 1974Maple Hill
MaloneGordonW.03 Sep 190426 Mar 1993Maple Hill
MaloneH.B.10 Mar 193528 Aug 1936Charity Baptist Church
MaloneHarryLee04 May 193127 Nov 2001Chandler - Carter Grove
MaloneHerbertEugene01 Jun 193028 Jun 1998Maple Hill
MaloneHerbertUnk16 Jan 1956Maple Hill
MaloneHerbertUnk08 Feb 1956Maple Hill
MaloneIcyUnk31 Jul 1962Maple Hill
MaloneJ.Unk18 Jun 1925Maple Hill
MaloneJackW.Unk04 Nov 1984Maple Hill
MaloneJamesF.UnkNDDMaple Hill
MaloneJamesF.Unk06 Nov 1962Maple Hill
MaloneJamesUnk29 Jun 1935Maple Hill
MaloneJohnHenry06 Mar 190326 Dec 1976Charity Baptist Church
MaloneJohnUnk29 Jul 1929Maple Hill
MaloneJohnUnk23 Oct 1898Maple Hill
MaloneJoonL.23 May 195419 Aug 1954Hayden
MaloneLewis16 Aug 189513 May 1978Maple Hill
MaloneLizzie13 Feb 189603 Mar 1921Camp Ground
MaloneLouiseP.05 Feb 190915 Oct 1996Maple Hill
MaloneMarshallUnk30 Oct 1952Maple Hill
MaloneMaryUnk03 Jan 1921Maple Hill
MaloneMayWillie21 Jan 190830 May 1965Pine Grove - Harvest
MaloneMildredC.21 Feb 191410 Jan 2004Charity Baptist Church
MaloneMildredUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
MaloneMillieUnk08 Apr 1945Maple Hill
MaloneMiltonUnk16 May 1952Maple Hill
MaloneMollieUnk22 Jun 1948Maple Hill
MaloneNashvilleUnk07 Jul 1884Maple Hill
MaloneNashvilleUnk02 Jul 1875Maple Hill
MaloneOsherH.B.10 Mar 193526 Aug 1936Charity Baptist Church
MaloneQuinn29 Jan 189601 May 1973Northside
MaloneRobert18 Feb 191510 Mar 2003Burks
MaloneSallyM.17 Sep 191327 Sep 1996Maple Hill
MaloneStevenE.12 Jan 196125 Dec 2004Twickenham
MaloneThomasUnk12 Mar 1900Maple Hill
MaloneViolaBurks18 Feb 190817 Apr 1981Burks
MaloneVirginiaMarie12 Nov 193412 Nov 2000Green Valley
MaloneVivian30 Mar 190718 Jun 1974Maple Hill
MaloneW.J.01 Jan 191624 Apr 1919Charity Baptist Church
MaloneW.J.26 Jan 186911 Aug 1948Charity Baptist Church
MaloneW.L.Unk19 Jul 1961Maple Hill
MaloneW.Unk10 Nov 1930Maple Hill
MaloneWilliamJ.15 Mar 190308 Jan 1982Maple Hill
MaloneyDawnM.Unk13 Jul 1971Maple Hill
MaloneyEileenD.06 Dec 193029 Dec 2001Maple Hill
ManceFredG.31 Jul 190208 Apr 1976Moon
ManceFred24 Mar 192616 Jun 1982Maple Hill
ManceJohnDaniel30 Sep 194912 Feb 1999Moon
ManceNovellaS.23 Apr 191325 Feb 2004Moon
MandrasMaryP.16 Aug 193629 Nov 2004Huntsville Memory Gardens
ManeyHarry21 Apr 189826 Oct 1972Maple Hill
MangruemAlfredEugene30 Dec 195922 Jun 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
MangruemEddie24 Nov 193531 Dec 1986Center Grove
MangumGraftonFairfax26 Apr 192103 May 2003Maple Hill
MankerMaggieUnk11 Nov 1886Maple Hill
ManleyBillyUnk06 Apr 1943Maple Hill
ManleyBirdieM.29 Apr 190808 Jan 2003Bevill
ManleyCharlesMarkford28 Apr 196228 Apr 1962Brown
ManleyChloeB.29 Apr 191223 Dec 1980Maple Hill
ManleyClaudeMac10 Dec 190027 Jul 1982Bevill
ManleyDonaldTroyUnk09 Jan 1992Maple Hill
ManleyDoraUnk09 Oct 1900Maple Hill
ManleyEffieMae01 Apr 192417 Dec 1992Gipson
ManleyFinisW.12 Jan 190025 Dec 1976Bevill
ManleyJohnL.25 May 190126 Sep 1973Maple Hill
ManleyJohnWilliam26 Dec 193110 Dec 1998Bevill
ManleyJosephA.19 Apr 190717 Aug 1980Maple Hill
ManleyM.H.Mrs.Unk14 Sep 1972Maple Hill
ManleyMargaretBrazier03 Dec 192610 Apr 2003Bevill
ManleyMaryJayne07 Aug 194208 Jun 2000Bevill
ManleyPauline14 Feb 190428 Apr 1974Maple Hill
ManleyPleasUnkNDDMaple Hill
ManleyRoy14 Sep 194125 Feb 2005Maple Hill
ManleyRoyUnk27 Feb 1965Maple Hill
ManleyTulaUnk14 Jan 1954Maple Hill
MannAgnesChapman22 Apr 191816 Jan 1994Hayden
MannAlbertH.06 Dec 189115 Sep 1957Hayden
MannAndyJ.20 Mar 189015 Jan 1922Bush
MannAnnieLou09 Aug 192209 Jul 2005Maple Hill
MannBessieL.23 Mar 189028 Jul 1976New Hope
MannCharlesD.21 Aug 192030 Aug 2005Hayden
MannCharlesD.21 Aug 192030 Aug 2005Hayden
MannCliftonOdell15 Sep 191814 Jun 1956Moon
MannDavidFrancis04 Sep 194409 Jul 2000Hayden
MannErnestB.28 Mar 192717 Oct 2005Hayden
MannFrank20 Oct 187407 Jun 1896Manning
MannGardinerWilson06 Sep 193520 Jan 1998Moon
MannGardinerWilson25 Apr 191307 May 1994Moon
MannGeorge04 Feb 192031 Mar 1985Faith Memorial Park
MannGeorgeUnk28 Feb 1921Maple Hill
MannHannahUnk03 Sep 1869Maple Hill
MannHowardG.04 May 191502 Oct 2001Vann
MannIreneV.15 Sep 191616 Feb 2002Vann
MannJamesAllen12 Feb 191322 Oct 1989Moon
MannJamesAllison26 Oct 192216 Dec 1962Hayden
MannJamesE.29 Jul 187820 Dec 1956Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
MannJamesWilliam28 Nov 194707 May 1957Hayden
MannKateUnk13 Dec 1887Maple Hill
MannL.H.27 Jun 190908 Dec 1923New Hope
MannMaryMargaret30 Oct 191502 Jan 1992Maple Hill
MannMaryUnk03 Aug 1943Maple Hill
MannNellieV.25 May 189403 Dec 1972Hayden
MannOpheliaDonaldson28 Dec 1920Apr 1987Moon
MannRobertL.22 Mar 190418 May 1977Maple Hill
MannRubyCraft17 Sep 191609 Jan 1962Moon
MannWillard08 Jul 193905 Jun 1984Maple Hill
MannWilliamB.01 Oct 188603 Sep 1959New Hope
MannWilliam14 Feb 191510 Jul 1916Bush
MannWinnieUnk16 Jun 1917Maple Hill
MannZolaR.22 Nov 189619 Nov 1971Maple Hill
MannGeorgeE.17 Mar 192730 Dec 1975Maple Hill
ManningBelleUnk05 Nov 1954Maple Hill
ManningCabieE.22 Aug 189624 Aug 1984Maple Hill
ManningCharlesRay13 Nov 192704 Oct 1951Maple Hill
ManningChastity09 Jul 182514 Oct 1895Manning
ManningDavisUnk08 Mar 1969Maple Hill
ManningElizabethG.Unk08 Nov 1992Maple Hill
ManningElizabethUnk18 Jun 1918Maple Hill
ManningEstellUnk13 Sep 1990Maple Hill
ManningFrancesUnk10 Jul 1965Maple Hill
ManningFrank27 Dec 189402 Apr 1972Maple Hill
ManningFrankUnk14 Feb 1924Maple Hill
ManningFredT.Unk20 Jun 1937Maple Hill
ManningGeraldine20 Feb 195817 Sep 1995Northside
ManningHallieM.05 Feb 189730 Mar 1983Maple Hill
ManningJ.W.02 Aug 188413 Aug 1904Manning
ManningJ.W.20 Jan 185512 Jul 1917Manning
ManningJamesCanada01 Feb 182930 Jun 1884Manning
ManningJamesT.24 Feb 186625 Jun 1936Manning
ManningJamesUnk27 Aug 1921Maple Hill
ManningJessie05 Nov 190516 Nov 1966Maple Hill
ManningJohnUnk21 May 1939Maple Hill
ManningLucilleD.08 Feb 189729 Jan 1985Maple Hill
ManningLucyS.28 Mar 186528 Jan 1951Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
ManningMargaretJ.Butler01 Sep 185311 Jan 1917Manning
ManningMinnieEllaUnk10 Aug 1949Maple Hill
ManningN.Unk09 Dec 1954Maple Hill
ManningNancyTommie24 Feb 189309 Jan 1960Manning
ManningOthoE.UnkNDDMaple Hill
ManningRachelWoodall17 Oct 181807 Jan 1897Kennamer
ManningRachelBerry26 Apr 183522 Dec 1896Manning
ManningSallieUnk10 Feb 1943Maple Hill
ManningThomasJ.01 Aug 192517 Aug 1988Maple Hill
ManningThomasJohn25 Sep 189908 Oct 1975Maple Hill
ManningW.C.Unk20 Jun 1957Maple Hill
ManningWilliamBenjamin18 Aug 185131 Nov 1888Manning
ManningWilliamDavis14 Sep 186422 Oct 1922Maple Hill
ManningWilliamOliver18 Jun 193505 Aug 2001East
ManningWilliamUnk01 May 1942Maple Hill
ManningWilliamUnk31 Mar 1939Maple Hill
ManningWillieB.23 Sep 190102 Apr 1990Maple Hill
ManningWillieJ.17 Jan 190314 Sep 1980Maple Hill
ManningZelmaLeeRutledge07 May 191017 Sep 2001Maple Hill
ManshipWesleyE.Unk24 Aug 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
MansonJessieUnk19 Oct 1913Maple Hill
ManuelMarieS.07 Jan 192416 Sep 1998Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
ManusDaisyUnk28 Apr 1904Maple Hill
MapesInfant12 Jun 188014 Aug 1880Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
MapesMaeUnk27 Aug 1964Maple Hill
MaplesAlbertPreston27 May 188728 Sep 1963Byrd
MaplesAllenLee27 Nov 190217 Nov 1978Kennamer
MaplesAllen31 Aug 190612 Jul 1982Moon
MaplesAltonRay09 Sep 193730 Aug 2005Kennamer
MaplesAmericaCobb18551939Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
MaplesBarbaraDiane11 Sep 1952NDDMoon
MaplesBenF.26 Dec 191829 Sep 1946Moon
MaplesBenjaminF.29 Sep 189124 Aug 1918Moon
MaplesBerthaD.16 Nov 189511 Feb 1981Moon
MaplesBerthaJane17 Jan 189908 Feb 1981Byrd
MaplesBettyJ.13 Jul 192816 Feb 2001Byrd
MaplesBirdgerTaylor03 Jun 191030 Oct 2000Maple Hill
MaplesBruce02 Mar 191623 Nov 1988Byrd
MaplesCharlesEldridge18 May 191908 Feb 1996Kennamer
MaplesChesterEarl08 Dec 193226 Jan 1998Byrd
MaplesCoraL.02 Aug 189312 Apr 1987Moon
MaplesDeweyWayne10 Oct 194213 Feb 2002Byrd
MaplesDonaldRay23 Jul 194121 Jan 1982Lacey - Huntsville
MaplesDonaldRayUnk16 Jan 1975Maple Hill
MaplesDoraL.31 Dec 189617 Jun 1929Hayden
MaplesDoraChilders31 Dec 189617 Jun 1929Hayden
MaplesDorseyUnk16 Mar 1918Maple Hill
MaplesEdnaT.14 Sep 190907 May 1991Moon
MaplesEdwardCurtis26 May 188920 Nov 1975Byrd
MaplesEdwardNoah07 Feb 183322 Mar 1897Baker - Owens Cross Road
MaplesEdwardNoah17981838Bethel/Old Bethel
MaplesEdwardWilson17 May 191724 Feb 2001Brown
MaplesElizaCatherineCowan18 Nov 187018 Nov 1941Moon
MaplesElizabethJaneCobb11 Dec 185221 Aug 1901Byrd
MaplesElizabethJaneCobb11 Dec 185221 Aug 1901Byrd
MaplesElsieArmintaPence24 Dec 185003 Apr 1925Kennamer
MaplesEmerline03 Apr 186508 Mar 1943Byrd
MaplesEmmaB.08 Nov 1927NDDMoon
MaplesErnestWoodrowUnk26 Dec 2000Maple Hill
MaplesEvaVirginiaChandler03 Aug 1847NDDChandler - Owens Cross Rds
MaplesExieCraig28 Apr 188023 Dec 1976Byrd
MaplesF.D.Unk24 May 1957Maple Hill
MaplesFredJ.08 Aug 190326 Oct 1977Gurley
MaplesG.Unk22 Dec 1951Maple Hill
MaplesGeorgeCleveland19 Nov 190610 Jun 1979Kennamer
MaplesGeorgeK.03 Mar 193302 Mar 1998Kennamer
MaplesGeorgeWashington13 Mar 183706 Dec 1910Bethel/Old Bethel
MaplesGordonL.11 Sep 191519 Oct 1979Maple Hill
MaplesHarleyG.18 Dec 190503 May 1983Kennamer
MaplesHarryE.01 Sep 189007 Oct 1969Moon
MaplesHattieB.09 Dec 191128 Aug 1989Kennamer
MaplesHenryD.25 Aug 1900Jun 1974Byrd
MaplesHomer12 Dec 191311 Jun 1988Maple Hill
MaplesIdaLucille22 Aug 1911NDDKennamer
MaplesIdaM.06 Aug 190210 Mar 1998Byrd
MaplesInfantC.05 Jul 192025 Apr 1999Baker - Owens Cross Road
MaplesInfantFemaleUnkNDDCedar Grove
MaplesInfantFemaleUnkNDDCedar Grove
MaplesInfantMaleUnkNDDCedar Grove
MaplesInfant01 Apr 195901 Apr 1959Byrd
MaplesInfant05 Jan 196205 Jan 1962Byrd
MaplesInfant12 Jun 188014 Aug 1880Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
MaplesIreneS.17 Oct 189820 Apr 1982Byrd
MaplesIsaacShelby30 Nov 190522 May 1972Gurley
MaplesIsaacUnk24 Apr 1934Maple Hill
MaplesJ.C.05 Jul 192025 Apr 1999Baker - Owens Cross Road
MaplesJ.Hermon20 Feb 189524 Jul 1991Byrd
MaplesJamesErskineAlexander06 Sep 1836NDDPine Grove - Deposit
MaplesJamesMadison01 Jan 189813 May 1980Byrd
MaplesJamesMurray22 Dec 196015 Aug 1994Byrd
MaplesJamesPosey24 Nov 18731939Byrd
MaplesJamesUnk10 Jul 1939Maple Hill
MaplesJammieGayle22 Apr 1963SepNeal Chapel
MaplesJanetM.13 Apr 190331 Jul 1967Gurley
MaplesJeff15 Sep 189201 Nov 1971Moon
MaplesJohnEd07 May 193412 Feb 2005Maple Hill
MaplesJohnEd19001901Cedar Grove
MaplesJohnEdward22 Nov 184610 Jan 1901Byrd
MaplesJohnPreston28 Apr 184818 Jun 1925Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
MaplesJohnW.18 Dec 190127 Nov 1902Byrd
MaplesJonas19 Jun 18251894Baker - Owens Cross Road
MaplesJR11 Feb 186816 Apr 1949Kennamer
MaplesKennethE.28 Jan 193609 Aug 1987Moon
MaplesKristieLee07 Dec 198807 Dec 1988Kennamer
MaplesL.Dewey24 Sep 190001 May 1971Moon
MaplesLenaG.17 Dec 189409 Jul 1976Maple Hill
MaplesLenordO.02 Sep 192401 Jun 1988Byrd
MaplesLeonB.05 Feb 190907 Mar 1988Byrd
MaplesLillianH.18 Jan 193417 Oct 1997Moon
MaplesLindaLea05 Nov 194806 Nov 1948Byrd
MaplesLizzie24 Jan 187217 Jul 1950Kennamer
MaplesLoreneHunter17 Jan 193011 May 1998Brown
MaplesLouell23 Nov 1917NDDByrd
MaplesLouiseIvy02 Jul 189714 Oct 1975Maple Hill
MaplesLucyA.02 Aug 190511 Jan 1988Byrd
MaplesLucy04 Dec 188121 Apr 1966Maple Hill
MaplesM.M.C.24 Oct 184516 Dec 1923Kennamer
MaplesMadisonFelix07 Aug 187524 Aug 1950Byrd
MaplesMaeBlackburn04 Apr 189005 May 1987Byrd
MaplesMaeBranum11 Aug 189802 May 1959Byrd
MaplesMamiePatterson26 Jun 191308 Nov 1999Byrd
MaplesMargaretIdella20 Oct 192715 Feb 1928Byrd
MaplesMargaretL.24 Aug 185817 Apr 2000Gurley
MaplesMargaret18281894Baker - Owens Cross Road
MaplesMargaretHill24 Aug 191430 Jun 1989Maple Hill
MaplesMargaretUnk20 Sep 1935Maple Hill
MaplesMarthaJean19 Jul 193623 Sep 1988Northside
MaplesMarthaL.Baker18281894Baker - Owens Cross Road
MaplesMaryE.03 Dec 189808 Dec 1898Byrd
MaplesMaryEliz13 Dec 189521 Apr 1969Byrd
MaplesMaryJ.Carpenter26 Oct 186016 Aug 1902Madison Crossroads
MaplesMary02 May 181111 Jul 1878Bethel/Old Bethel
MaplesMattieR.29 Apr 188125 Feb 1914Gurley
MaplesMelbaDunn10 Mar 1936NDDKennamer
MaplesMelissaE.MartinOct 18721951Kennamer
MaplesMildredEstelle01 Mar 192104 Jul 1987Moon
MaplesMollieChristianMar 18751904Bethel/Old Bethel
MaplesMollieNannie26 Feb 1936NDDBaker - Owens Cross Road
MaplesMosesB.22 Sep 186604 Jun 1925Madison Crossroads
MaplesMosesMcCampbell24 Oct 184516 Dec 1923Kennamer
MaplesMurrayM.28 Mar 192424 Feb 1988Moon
MaplesNathaniel11 Nov 191706 Apr 1984Center Grove
MaplesNoahJ.01 Oct 191920 Jul 1986Byrd
MaplesNoah22 Dec 186315 Mar 1943Byrd
MaplesNorfleetA.11 Sep 191130 Oct 1987Gurley
MaplesOlenBruce02 May 191623 Nov 1988Byrd
MaplesOscarLee26 Jan 189323 Sep 1969Byrd
MaplesOwenD.18 Jan 188126 Oct 1962Byrd
MaplesPatient05 Sep 183426 May 1921Pine Grove - Deposit
MaplesPearlJ.01 Oct 188910 Jul 1976Byrd
MaplesPeter30 Oct 180407 Jan 1885Bethel/Old Bethel
MaplesPoseyEdward10 Feb 1916NDDMoon
MaplesRitaC.12 Jun 194830 Mar 1979Maple Hill
MaplesRobertShelby30 Aug 190210 May 1976Byrd
MaplesRosieHolcomb26 Aug 191726 Jul 2003Camp Ground
MaplesRubyBee26 Aug 192921 Oct 2002Byrd
MaplesSamD.18 May 188913 Nov 1962Byrd
MaplesSamuelAllen30 May 1932NDDMoon
MaplesSamuelAllen31 Aug 190612 Jul 1982Moon
MaplesSarahE.12 Jan 189407 Aug 1899Madison Crossroads
MaplesSeab30 Jan 189513 Oct 1982Kennamer
MaplesSusieViola13 Apr 190810 Aug 1998Kennamer
MaplesThomasAllen14 Dec 195014 Dec 1950Moon
MaplesThomasLee30 Aug 1928NDDByrd
MaplesThomas15 Mar 191815 Apr 1934Byrd
MaplesTommieDavis20 May 189418 Oct 1984Byrd
MaplesTommieEtnaWalker18 Aug 190227 Dec 1996Byrd
MaplesTonyCurtis23 Mar 195506 Oct 1975Byrd
MaplesTressye11 Dec 1908NDDMoon
MaplesViolaLedbetter15 Aug 192025 Jan 2000Byrd
MaplesVirginia03 Aug 1847NDDChandler - Owens Cross Rds
MaplesVirginia20 Jan 189816 Feb 1966Moon
MaplesWalterO'Neal25 Nov 192129 Jun 1969Maple Hill
MaplesWesley06 Jun 189421 Jan 1980Northside
MaplesWilliamAnaniasDec 18691937Kennamer
MaplesWilliamCordra/Condra01 Jul 196626 Oct 1847Bethel/Old Bethel
MaplesWilliamE.01 Dec 193016 Nov 1997Moon
MaplesWilliamFranklinJun 18571932Byrd
MaplesWilliamWright17 Mar 193528 Mar 2001Byrd
MaplesWright13 Feb 190218 Mar 1970Byrd
MaplesZacariahR.25 Jul 187031 Jan 1955Moon
MarbrayOrdieUnk09 Aug 1946Maple Hill
MarbreyHarriesUnk07 May 1922Maple Hill
MarbreyLeonardF.17 Sep 188309 Dec 1966Maple Hill
MarbreyVestaS.26 Jan 189618 Apr 1976Maple Hill
MarchmanLindaL.15 Apr 195011 Oct 1993Rice
MarcrumJoeUnk29 Sep 1898Maple Hill
MarcrumMoseUnk19 Jan 1919Maple Hill
MarcumTheUnk12 Nov 1917Maple Hill
MarcusFannieE.25 Jan 192521 Jun 1997Maple Hill
MarcusHenryEly12 Jul 190906 Jul 1999Maple Hill
MarcusManyaRobbins15 Oct 190913 Feb 2000Maple Hill
MarcusRobertS.13 Jul 192219 Feb 2002Maple Hill
MargonRebeccaUnk30 Jun 1967Maple Hill
MarionDonSamuelUnk16 Apr 1976Maple Hill
MarionJohnUnk16 Aug 1892Maple Hill
MarkhamBenI.05 May 189219 Aug 1991Charity Baptist Church
MarkhamCarlisJ.25 Dec 191513 Nov 1969Charity Baptist Church
MarkhamInfantFemaleUnk07 Mar 1941Maple Hill
MarkhamJohnO.09 Jan 192413 Dec 1996Maple Hill
MarkhamJohnWesley20 May 189016 Jul 1948Keel
MarkhamJohnieChristine192211 Apr 1944Keel
MarkhamLulaLeeGuerin16 Oct 189223 Apr 1924Ryland
MarkhamMyrtleM.01 Sep 189207 Jul 1982Charity Baptist Church
MarkhamNathanielLewisApr 186121 Oct 1924Ryland
MarkhamRuthChristineKeel27 Dec 188518 Jun 1956Keel
MarkhamSnowM.07 Mar 191421 Jan 1929Ryland
MarkhamWilmaJ.30 Sep 193028 Mar 1993Maple Hill
MarksAlleneC.Unk05 May 1974Maple Hill
MarksBessieMay05 Dec 189602 Aug 1897Ryland
MarksC.P.14 Feb 186516 Mar 1905Ryland
MarksHenryRoyOct 188921 Oct 1902Ryland
MarksJamesBethel24 May 191413 Mar 1987Maple Hill
MarksJamesEdgar06 Jul 188405 Sep 1961Maple Hill
MarksJamesEmmett18 Jun 191719 Aug 1993Maple Hill
MarksJamesRichardson01 Mar 185407 Jun 1931Maple Hill
MarksJohnGlenn31 Dec 190317 Apr 1989Maple Hill
MarksJohnOliver18 Mar 188625 Feb 1967Maple Hill
MarksKatieLeeBiggs24 Jan 188911 Nov 1988Maple Hill
MarksLauraBellWheeler24 Jul 188408 Jan 1964Plainview
MarksLemaSueSpencer12 Jan 188518 Oct 1972Maple Hill
MarksLorettaUnk05 Jan 1985Maple Hill
MarksLucyJaneKeel10 Apr 185517 Aug 1916Maple Hill
MarksMamieSue24 Jul 189828 Jan 1899Ryland
MarksMargaretLouemmaManning30 Sep 191518 Mar 1991Maple Hill
MarksMaryEmmaSpurlock/Clark15 Jan 189321 Sep 1959Maple Hill
MarksMaryEmmaSpurlock15 Jan 189321 Sep 1959Maple Hill
MarksPaiteC.27 Mar 189217 Jun 1910Merrimack
MarksPercyM.23 Apr 192712 Aug 1985Maple Hill
MarksRobertOliver07 Feb 191206 Oct 1981Maple Hill
MarksRonaldH.Unk31 Mar 1966Maple Hill
MarksRoyB.31 Mar 195210 Dec 1987Maple Hill
MarksSadie17 Jul 190413 May 1986Maple Hill
MarksWalterHardy12 Feb 188922 Mar 1917Maple Hill
MarksWilliamE.17 Oct 191918 Jun 2003Maple Hill
MarksWilliamRichardson19 Jan 188207 Feb 1960Plainview
MarksWillieHullen16 Jul 190925 Jun 1981Maple Hill
MarleanMartinUnk19 Oct 1921Maple Hill
MarlenEmmaUnk21 Oct 1921Maple Hill
MarlessJ.Unk08 Jun 1931Maple Hill
MarleyDortheryUnk16 Feb 1920Maple Hill
MarlinCharlesS.18811941Madison Crossroads
MarlinEavertA.02 Dec 188512 Mar 1974Maple Hill
MarlinElizabethEllen30 Sep 184215 Mar 1926Madison Crossroads
MarlinEzraL.17 Jul 189101 Apr 1910Madison Crossroads
MarlinFannieK.18711935Madison Crossroads
MarlinJamesRobert18781917Madison Crossroads
MarlinK.Lemuel18591919Madison Crossroads
MarlinKatieJ.28 Mar 189813 Dec 1973Maple Hill
MarlinKellyW.19161951Charity Baptist Church
MarlinLily09 Aug 188304 May 1918Shady Grove
MarlinMaryUnk28 Mar 1940Maple Hill
MarlinWaltonC.18971925Madison Crossroads
MarlinWaltonC.Unk04 May 1935Madison Crossroads
MarlowArchibaldW.08 Sep 191330 Jan 1976Maple Hill
MarlowCharlieT.29 Sep 188515 May 1967Charity Baptist Church
MarlowElizabethAnn07 Feb 194420 Jul 1944Charity Baptist Church
MarlowH.V.Unk31 Mar 1960Maple Hill
MarlowRosaS.17 Mar 188913 Oct 1974Maple Hill
MarlowThelmaUnk25 Apr 1925Maple Hill
MarlowThomasD.19421951Charity Baptist Church
MarlowWilliamUnk19 Jan 1931Maple Hill
MarloweMaryUnk09 Feb 1915Maple Hill
MarloweRuthAnn02 Apr 194824 Dec 1978Maple Hill
MarloweThomasH.Unk17 Dec 1911Maple Hill
MaroneyAlbertDavid08 Oct 187209 Sep 1938Maple Hill
MaroneyAlfredDavid08 Oct 187109 Sep 1938Maple Hill
MaroneyAllenRichard19 Jan 189718 Oct 1978Maple Hill
MaroneyAltaAddie01 Feb 189710 Apr 1971Maple Hill
MaroneyCharlieUnk17 May 1923Maple Hill
MaroneyEsterUnk31 Jul 1963Maple Hill
MaroneyIvyBelleUnk29 Sep 1971Maple Hill
MaroneyRoy02 Dec 189410 Dec 1969Maple Hill
MaroneySallieBelleUnk29 May 1959Maple Hill
MaroneyShirley07 Mar 191309 Feb 2005Madison
MaroneyWilliamT.11 Feb 189823 Jul 1970Maple Hill
MarrowMaryBellUnk22 Jan 1994Maple Hill
MarsalisOpalC.Unk24 Sep 2005Maple Hill
MarsalisStephenEarl04 Nov 194420 Dec 1976Maple Hill
MarsalisWilliamE.Unk24 Aug 1968Maple Hill
MarsdenLeslieUnk26 Jun 1893Maple Hill
MarshClaudeUnk22 Aug 1914Maple Hill
MarshEmmaLeeUnk11 Jun 1949Maple Hill
MarshEvaV.24 May 191628 Jun 2001Maple Hill
MarshFloraE.17 Nov 1905Jul 1976Neal Chapel
MarshFrancesW.01 Jul 188317 Apr 1979Maple Hill
MarshJeffUnk29 Oct 1984Maple Hill
MarshJoe18781954Neal Chapel
MarshMaggieBunch08 Oct 192702 Jan 2004Neal Chapel
MarshMattieEvelyn14 Aug 194120 Mar 1980Charity Baptist Church
MarshMinnie18771959Neal Chapel
MarshPaulAllen07 Jan 192726 Apr 1995Neal Chapel
MarshPaulWilson19 Mar 191727 Aug 1956Maple Hill
MarshPeggyElaine24 Jun 194815 Feb 1959Neal Chapel
MarshTimothyDaleUnkNDDNeal Chapel
MarshWilliamM.09 Apr 194013 Feb 1989Neal Chapel
MarshWilliamM.25 Mar 190010 Oct 1986Neal Chapel
MarshWilliamPerrin08 Sep 192526 Dec 1991Neal Chapel
MarshWilsonUnk28 Aug 1956Maple Hill
MarshZonaVeraAdcock07 Jan 191501 Sep 1996Maple Hill
MarshallDonaldDaleUnk02 Nov 1978Maple Hill
MarshallGeorgeT.Unk10 Dec 1959Maple Hill
MarshallHoustonA.08 Dec 190028 Aug 1988Maple Hill
MarshallIanD.Unk16 Mar 1970Maple Hill
MarshallJeanStrongUnk01 Aug 1982Maple Hill
MarshallKennethS.Unk18 Jan 1967Maple Hill
MarshallMarthaL.13 Apr 193518 Aug 1998Maple Hill
MarshallMaryT.Unk17 Feb 1947Maple Hill
MarshallOcta01 Aug 190007 Sep 1972Maple Hill
MarshallRubyE.Unk28 Sep 1996Maple Hill
MarshallSusie16 Mar 185024 Jan 1929Cochran
MarshallThomasNorrisUnk22 Sep 1986Maple Hill
MarsheutzCarrieUnk16 Sep 1903Maple Hill
MarthaFanningUnk29 Dec 1942Maple Hill
MartinAdaR.Unk04 Nov 1962Maple Hill
MartinAliceUnk27 Jan 1927Maple Hill
MartinAliceUnk14 Mar 1919Maple Hill
MartinAllenF.22 Nov 191502 Aug 1994Moon
MartinAndrewUnk08 Nov 1903Maple Hill
MartinAndrewUnk05 Sep 1844Nickle-Martin-Rathbone
MartinAnnias12 Mar 186418 Jul 1936Penny
MartinAnnieB.Unk28 Aug 1887Maple Hill
MartinArionJ.29 Nov 192904 Mar 1997Brown
MartinArnoldLee24 Aug 191709 May 1988Kennamer
MartinB.Unk25 Aug 1899Maple Hill
MartinBelle09 Apr 188005 Dec 1956Brown
MartinBessieH.10 Oct 188018 Feb 1971Crowson Hill
MartinBessieL.04 Nov 187416 Aug 1925Glenwood
MartinBessie16 Dec 191222 May 1985Maple Hill
MartinBettyJo06 Oct 193712 Jul 1994Moon
MartinBillyEdwin24 Oct 195230 May 1993Pleas Mount Baptist Church
MartinBrettDavidUnk27 Aug 1960Maple Hill
MartinBubby09 Dec 192212 Oct 1996Kennamer
MartinBuckErskine04 Feb 190116 May 1942Brown
MartinBurthalMae24 Jun 190928 Aug 2002Collier - Owens Cross Roads
MartinC.O'Neal01 Sep 192529 Feb 1980Moon
MartinCarolineUnk29 Jun 1925Maple Hill
MartinCarrieUnk29 Jun 1925Maple Hill
MartinCarterW.Unk01 Jun 1984Maple Hill
MartinCatherineElizaUnk12 Jan 1937Maple Hill
MartinCharlesUnk13 Jan 1943Maple Hill
MartinCharlieUnk09 Jul 1917Maple Hill
MartinCharlotteJ.07 Aug 189128 Oct 1973Northside
MartinChristopherRayUnk26 Feb 1973Maple Hill
MartinClaraUnk17 Sep 1970Maple Hill
MartinClarenceUnk06 Oct 1944Maple Hill
MartinClaudeM.27 Jul 189729 Apr 1980Pleas Mount Baptist Church
MartinClaudePete01 Apr 1927Nov 1976Pleas Mount Baptist Church
MartinClaudiaE.Unk14 Jun 1972Maple Hill
MartinClemmieLee31 Dec 190928 Jul 1979First Flint River Baptist
MartinCynthiaAnnUnk14 Sep 1966Maple Hill
MartinDavie13 Jul 19091988Crowson Hill
MartinDeliaAnnCaldwell30 Dec 189308 Aug 1987Maple Hill
MartinDonaldLewis23 Jun 193401 May 1982Valhalla Memory Gardens
MartinDonaldWayne12 Aug 195817 Jan 2003Maple Hill
MartinDonnieR.04 Nov 191419 Aug 2004Moon
MartinDorisJuanita29 Sep 192806 Oct 2002Maple Hill
MartinDorothyE.Gutherie28 Sep 192430 Jun 2000Collier - Owens Cross Roads
MartinDorothy19 Aug 191916 Sep 1969First Flint River Baptist
MartinEddieLeon18 Apr 192424 Feb 1999Brown
MartinEddie25 Sep 193530 Dec 1970Moon
MartinEdnaW.Unk02 Jul 1956Maple Hill
MartinEdnaUnk11 Dec 1938Maple Hill
MartinEdwardF.08 Dec 193921 Nov 1968Arnett
MartinEffieMatthewsUnk13 Nov 1943Maple Hill
MartinElbert20 Mar 191024 Nov 1960Moon
MartinElijahT.09 Jul 183322 Jan 1925Madison
MartinElizabethUnk03 Mar 1938Maple Hill
MartinElsieF.26 Nov 189601 Feb 1960Glenwood
MartinErnestF.26 Oct 189907 Feb 1972Brown
MartinEssieB.10 Aug 189811 May 1978Maple Hill
MartinEthelMae16 May 190919 Apr 1997Plainview
MartinEulaH.14 May 191227 Dec 1994Moon
MartinEvelynP.20 Jan 191622 Dec 1999Maple Hill
MartinEzekielW.04 Jun 1928NDDHayden
MartinFannieMae06 Jul 191224 Jan 1995Brown
MartinFayeT.10 Oct 193222 Nov 1989Baker - Owens Cross Road
MartinFredUnk26 May 1948Maple Hill
MartinFrederick22 Apr 191201 Mar 1992Maple Hill
MartinFuniceUnk31 Mar 1926Maple Hill
MartinG.W.18811956Fords Chapel
MartinGeorgeH.28 Nov 190606 Nov 1990Maple Hill
MartinGeorgeJ.18221890Bethel/Old Bethel
MartinGeorgeS.Unk11 Jul 1960Maple Hill
MartinGeorgeT.31 Dec 183606 Aug 1876Maple Hill
MartinGeorgeW.18 Mar 187815 Jun 1967Brown
MartinGeorgiaAnnMcGee29 Nov 188326 Sep 1966Plainview
MartinGertrudeUnk30 May 1962Maple Hill
MartinGraceL.19071980Crowson Hill
MartinGradyArnold21 Mar 191807 Mar 1989Pleas Mount Baptist Church
MartinHamerUnk08 Aug 1902Maple Hill
MartinHarold192411 Jan 1937Moon
MartinHarveyEdward01 Jan 191011 Mar 2005Hayden
MartinHarveyEdward01 Jan 191011 Mar 2005Hayden
MartinHenry24 Sep 189203 Oct 1941Glenwood
MartinHezzieD.27 Oct 188202 Jul 1959Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
MartinHomerF.Unk12 Jan 1932Maple Hill
MartinHomerM.28 Nov 191011 Mar 1990Moon
MartinHoytDouglas01 May 191304 Jul 1991Maple Hill
MartinIdaBea19 Jan 1912Sep 1990Brown
MartinInfantFemale01 Jan 193602 Jan 1936Moon
MartinInfantUnk02 Aug 1954Maple Hill
MartinJ.B.08 Sep 193208 Apr 1966Moon
MartinJ.L.25 Apr 184424 Oct 1908Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
MartinJakeRuffus02 Oct 190801 Nov 1980Brown
MartinJamesA.02 Mar 188319 Aug 1947Collier - Owens Cross Roads
MartinJamesAlbert05 Apr 191126 Mar 1983Brown
MartinJamesC.01 Apr 192029 Dec 1998Maple Hill
MartinJamesClifton04 May 193322 Dec 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
MartinJamesE.03 Jul 1915Oct 1978Plainview
MartinJamesE.06 Apr 193129 Feb 2000Moon
MartinJamesE.31 May 193309 May 1961Maple Hill
MartinJamesOdell26 Dec 191928 Aug 2000Collier - Owens Cross Roads
MartinJamesRobert01 Dec 193902 Sep 2005Gurley
MartinJamesThomasUnk11 Jun 1958Maple Hill
MartinJamesTimothy31 May 195928 Dec 2001Moon
MartinJames17 Aug 194131 Aug 2000Pine Grove - Deposit
MartinJamesUnk11 Jun 1939Maple Hill
MartinJaneD.22 Jul 193216 Dec 1982Maple Hill
MartinJeanUnk29 Oct 1972Maple Hill
MartinJettieAda28 Sep 188925 Nov 1949Collier - Owens Cross Roads
MartinJewelR.24 Mar 191608 Jul 1992Moon
MartinJoeAnna/Ann19 Dec 186530 Jul 1894Cedar Grove
MartinJohnA.23 Oct 191727 Nov 2004Plainview
MartinJohnIke24 Dec 187215 Mar 1960Brown
MartinJonathanA.Unk11 Jul 1958Maple Hill
MartinJordanUnk04 Aug 1894Maple Hill
MartinJosephMitchellUnk17 Jan1976Maple Hill
MartinJosephUnk20 Feb 1902Maple Hill
MartinJosephUnk16 Mar 1896Maple Hill
MartinJosephUnk29 Mar 1887Maple Hill
MartinJosephMrs.Unk17 Mar 1879Maple Hill
MartinJosie20 Apr 188929 Feb 1915Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
MartinJoyceB.22 Jul 193511 Oct 1967Northside
MartinJudyAnn20 Jul 195710 Feb 1959Pleas Mount Baptist Church
MartinJulieUnk28 Mar 1917Maple Hill
MartinKaseyMichelleUnk10 Jan 1991Maple Hill
MartinKateCouch03 Jan 191108 Mar 2004Brown
MartinKatheryneUnk06 Jan 1937Maple Hill
MartinKathleenM.17 Feb 192514 Jun 1998Hayden
MartinKennethW.10 Dec 194810 Dec 1948Collier - Owens Cross Roads
MartinLaura09 May 186827 Jan 1945Penny
MartinLaureaneFowler24 Jun 192410 Jan 2002Chandler - Carter Grove
MartinLenah10 Dec 191118 Sep 1990Plainview
MartinLeonard17 Mar 190718 Nov 1934Brown
MartinLisaDarlene23 Jan 196118 Feb 1996Moon
MartinLloyd12 Mar 192202 Nov 2004Maple Hill
MartinLonnieJ.27 Dec 191209 Mar 1924Collier - Owens Cross Roads
MartinLouise21 Jan 191916 Mar 1993Plainview
MartinLymarB.Unk18 Oct 1941Maple Hill
MartinMaeWilla14 Jun 1924NDDBrown
MartinMargaretC.03 Jun 1927NDDMoon
MartinMarthaMarie17 Dec 192611 Jul 2000Maple Hill
MartinMaryE.Spivey29 Aug 185907 Dec 1888Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
MartinMaryElizabethUnk21 Sep 1941Maple Hill
MartinMaryJulia19 Oct 192720 Jan 1998Maple Hill
MartinMaryLouUnk14 Jan 1984Maple Hill
MartinMaryS.05 Dec 186817 Jul 1903Madison
MartinMaryMurphy03 Mar 190809 May 1979Maple Hill
MartinMattieC.04 Feb 193908 Apr 1984Northside
MartinMattieT.03 May 192103 Mar 1989Maple Hill
MartinMelinda25 Mar 1967NDDBrown
MartinMildredS.17 Jan 190712 Nov 1975Glenwood
MartinMilton15 Jul 189123 Dec 1964Center Grove
MartinNewtonVictor15 Jul 194228 Jan 1970First Flint River Baptist
MartinNoelLester24 May 190524 Dec 1929Plainview
MartinOraTaylorUnk12 Mar 1919Maple Hill
MartinOzellie01 Nov 192415 Jan 1998Bloucher Ford
MartinPallyS.Unk28 Jun 1881Maple Hill
MartinPatriciaAnn19571987St. Ruth
MartinPeggy10 Oct 194019 Nov 1992Maple Hill
MartinRachaelLucille193606 Jan 1937Moon
MartinRay16 May 190901 Apr 1989Plainview
MartinRenaC.18881917Fords Chapel
MartinRichardA.UnkNDDMaple Hill
MartinRichardJames06 May 195901 Jun 1998Valhalla Memory Gardens
MartinRichard08 Sep 192013 Sep 1997Brown
MartinRonaldRay05 Jan 196422 Apr 2004Maple Hill
MartinRosaHill31 Dec 185615 Mar 1922Madison
MartinRuthGlover22 Jun 192222 Jul 1996Moon
MartinSallieM.Unk25 Jan 1910Madison
MartinSam18 Apr 189104 Oct 1972Maple Hill
MartinStacyAlbertaUnk03 May 1963Maple Hill
MartinSuzanneT.28 Jan 189215 May 1987Maple Hill
MartinT.Unk16 Mar 1926Maple Hill
MartinT.Unk22 Sep 1917Maple Hill
MartinTamiAnna16 May 195812 Jul 1976Maple Hill
MartinTensie01 Oct 191725 Feb 2006Arnett
MartinThelmaJean23 Jan 193618 Aug 1962Northside
MartinTomT.06 Nov 190415 Feb 1964Brown
MartinTomUnk04 Dec 1916Maple Hill
MartinTrevaInis26 Jan 193525 Mar 1935Moon
MartinTrothaE.06 Nov 1930NDDKennamer
MartinVeraE.Click19 Sep 191228 Jul 1996Hayden
MartinVersieL.17 Sep 189511 Sep 1975Pleas Mount Baptist Church
MartinVickieD.23 Jun 195712 Nov 1976Brown
MartinVivianReynoldsAug 1897Sep 1979Cochran
MartinW.Unk01 Jan 1918Maple Hill
MartinWarnieUnk16 Mar 1924Maple Hill
MartinWebsterUnk02 Oct 1945Maple Hill
MartinWilliamAndrew06 Dec 188204 Feb 1961Plainview
MartinWilliamCharles26 Mar 189109 Aug 1966Maple Hill
MartinWilliamD.22 Oct 1930NDDMoon
MartinWilliamFranklinUnk09 Sep 1958Maple Hill
MartinWilliam25 Mar 190008 Apr 1969Crowson Hill
MartinWilliam26 Sep 187205 Apr 1956Crowson Hill
MartinWilliamUnk15 Jun 1924Maple Hill
MartinWillieB.15 Mar 190319 Jul 1964Penny
MartinWillieH.09 May 1927NDDBaker - Owens Cross Road
MartinWillieM.23 Nov 195726 Nov 1990Brown
MartinWillisEdward23 Aug 190802 Mar 1977Collier - Owens Cross Roads
MartineckGerdaM.25 Sep 191423 Nov 1996Maple Hill
MartineckHansG.28 Oct 191005 Aug 1972Maple Hill
MartinsJ.R.Unk17 Dec 1875Maple Hill
MartinsonAnnettaUnk29 Jun 1939Maple Hill
MartinsonDouglas26 Sep 191224 May 1971Maple Hill
MarxBettieUnk19 Feb 1947Maple Hill
MarxGustaneUnk19 Jun 1935Maple Hill
MasJoeUnk26 Feb 1927Maple Hill
MaseyHouston29 Jul 190320 Aug 1986Maple Hill
MaseyJamesD.05 Sep 192109 Jun 1975Maple Hill
MaseyMyrtleR.03 Jul 191903 Apr 1991Maple Hill
MaseyRaymondB.Unk27 Dec 1961Maple Hill
MashburnCarl01 Jul 190014 Aug 1967Brown
MashburnCharlesRoy06 Jul 193103 Dec 1981Brown
MashburnElsieM.26 Feb 192104 Sep 1983Brown
MashburnErnestCoggins27 Feb 192920 Jun 1992Brown
MashburnLarryJoe10 Nov 196123 Mar 1999Brown
MashburnMildredLouise13 Oct 1929NDDBrown
MashburnSusanC.06 Sep 1963NDDBrown
MasonAddisonEliJan 18731930Miller
MasonAibgailQuick188304 Nov 1918Maple Hill
MasonAliceSchultzUnk17 Jul 1974Maple Hill
MasonAndrewJackson14 Feb 186820 Apr 1927State Line - Hazel Green
MasonAnn11 Aug 193014 Oct 2004Maple Hill
MasonAnnieG.06 Feb 189601 Dec 1976Maple Hill
MasonAnnieUnk21 Mar 1932Maple Hill
MasonArthurM.Unk15 Apr 1947Maple Hill
MasonB.UnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
MasonBeulah31 Jan 189824 Mar 1969Maple Hill
MasonBillieH.16 Dec 193928 Jan 1941Charity Baptist Church
MasonBob05 Jun 189709 Jun 1969Taylor
MasonCecilPatrick16 May 192124 Apr 1947Charity Baptist Church
MasonClarenceM.UnkNDDMaple Hill
MasonDebraUnk11 Mar 1922Maple Hill
MasonDeward26 Feb 191603 Feb 1968Maple Hill
MasonDorothyLouise26 Feb 192229 Aug 1995Maple Hill
MasonEbby18901966Charity Baptist Church
MasonEcealUnk01 Jul 1978Maple Hill
MasonEliMcClain10 Aug 188931 Dec 1927Pleasant Grove
MasonEunice25 Oct 191131 Dec 1978Maple Hill
MasonFlossieUnk15 Nov 1930Maple Hill
MasonGeorgeHoward04 Jan 192426 Dec 1970Maple Hill
MasonGeorgeT.05 Sep 188810 Feb 1963Maple Hill
MasonGeorgeW.16 Jun 187626 May 1954State Line - Hazel Green
MasonHelenE.29 Apr 191125 Jul 1985Glenwood
MasonInfantMaleOct 1913Oct 1913Maple Hill
MasonJ.M.18611934Charity Baptist Church
MasonJ.T.14 Aug 192812 Jan 2000Maple Hill
MasonJ.W.Unk19 Nov 1989Maple Hill
MasonJ.Unk08 Mar 1931Maple Hill
MasonJamesAbby191826 Apr 1919Maple Hill
MasonJamesIsaacApr 18711933State Line - Hazel Green
MasonJamesRichard15 Jul 188006 Jun 1948Maple Hill
MasonJamesUnk18 Jun 1921Maple Hill
MasonJamesUnk14 Nov 1913Maple Hill
MasonJamesUnk18 Dec 1899Maple Hill
MasonJasUnk22 Jan 1924Maple Hill
MasonJenniferNicole21 Apr 198026 Jan 1984Maple Hill
MasonJerryUnk22 May 2004Charity Baptist Church
MasonJohnE.Unk24 Oct 1878Maple Hill
MasonJohnE.Mrs.Unk23 Nov 1878Maple Hill
MasonJohnT.1828NDDState Line - Hazel Green
MasonJohn20 Mar 184311 Jul 1912Charity Baptist Church
MasonJosephW.UnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
MasonLawrenceUnk14 Dec 1947Maple Hill
MasonLillieM.19131954Charity Baptist Church
MasonLouisUnk13 May 1926Maple Hill
MasonLutherSamuel20 May 18831904Manning
MasonMabelVaughan14 Mar 190615 Dec 1996Maple Hill
MasonMarionJuanita29 Feb 191229 Feb 1912Maple Hill
MasonMarjorieAnita25 Jan 192505 Feb 2000Maple Hill
MasonMarthaJaneManning03 Jun 186114 Mar 1935Maple Hill
MasonMarthaMcClureUnk16 Sep 1958Maple Hill
MasonMaryAnnQuinton11 Aug 1824May 1897Maple Hill
MasonMaryL.Unk30 Sep 1899Maple Hill
MasonMary1876NDDCharity Baptist Church
MasonPhillipM.Unk26 Sep 1980Maple Hill
MasonPitts27 Oct 189717 Apr 1927Charity Baptist Church
MasonPorterUnk25 Jan 1933Maple Hill
MasonRoyC.11 Oct 191805 Jan 1978Maple Hill
MasonRoyUnk23 Nov 1935Maple Hill
MasonRussellUnk11 Feb 1935Maple Hill
MasonRuth190801 Jan 1912Maple Hill
MasonSallie17 Jul 187401 Aug 1895Madison Crossroads
MasonSamUnk15 Sep 1896Maple Hill
MasonSamuel27 Nov 18491910Maple Hill
MasonSaraUnk12 Jul 1954Maple Hill
MasonSarahBoyd183916 Feb 1899State Line - Hazel Green
MasonThasUnk02 Feb 1923Maple Hill
MasonThomas29 Nov 188528 May 1955Maple Hill
MasonThomasUnk15 Aug 1924Maple Hill
MasonVeraOlive31 Oct 189324 Dec 1986Maple Hill
MasonVesterUnk26 Dec 1953Maple Hill
MasonWalterL.29 Nov 190726 Jun 1959Glenwood
MasonWillUnk23 Oct 1900Maple Hill
MasonWilliamOscar05 Mar 190118 Dec 1972Maple Hill
MasonWilliamPerry14 Aug 196225 Apr 2000Charity Baptist Church
MasonWilliamThomas15 Dec 187704 Jan 1878Manning
MasonZion182913 Feb 1899Maple Hill
MassengaleMahala21 Sep 182306 Aug 1846Massengale
MassengillPatriciaCarleneCoulter194009 Aug 2005Maple Hill
MasseyEddieLee11 Aug 193614 Dec 1975Northside
MasseyEsterStaton28 Jun 190523 May 1984Northside
MasseyLilaUnk20 Jul 1901Maple Hill
MasseyLizzieUnk18 Oct 1918Maple Hill
MasseyM.Unk18 Nov 1913Maple Hill
MasseyMartha24 Sep 189431 Mar 1985Maple Hill
MasseyR.J.Unk06 Feb 1958Maple Hill
MasseyRichardJulius17 Sep 187516 Nov 1958Maple Hill
MasseyRobertWillie28 Mar 191219 Oct 2004Indian Creek
MasseyRose19 Jan 191220 Jul 2004Maple Hill
MasseySusanAnnUnk14 Dec 1983Maple Hill
MasseyVirginiaT.11 Apr 190619 Sep 1975Maple Hill
MasseyWilliamDavid1866NDDCharity Baptist Church
MasseyWilliamJ.03 Sep 191828 Apr 1974Maple Hill
MassieDanielUnk05 Apr 1903Maple Hill
MassyJohnG.Unk12 May 1898Maple Hill
MassyMaryUnk24 Feb 1895Maple Hill
MastersMaryUnk12 Jan 1903Maple Hill
MastersonInfantUnk03 Nov 2003Maple Hill
MastersonJohnArron23 Jan 193019 Jan 2000Maple Hill
MastinA.E.C.Unk18 Feb 1889Maple Hill
MastinAlexanderErskine09 Jun 185131 May 1920Maple Hill
MastinAlexander07 Oct 182209 Feb 1896Glenwood
MastinArabellaUnk01 Dec 1903Maple Hill
MastinArnellGideon23 May 193611 Jun 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
MastinCaraUnk05 Jul 1928Maple Hill
MastinCeliaK.30 Sep 189826 Sep 1982Northside
MastinCharlesJ.Unk29 Mar 1895Maple Hill
MastinClaudiusHenry04 Jun 182604 Oct 1898Maple Hill
MastinDonaldC.09 Feb 197425 Nov 1999Pine Grove - Harvest
MastinEarlLee12 Aug 191218 Mar 1985Northside
MastinEdmundIrby184125 Apr 1894Maple Hill
MastinElizabethCooper06 Jul 189131 May 1974Maple Hill
MastinFloraUnk08 Jan 1942Maple Hill
MastinFrankT.Unk30 Jan 1893Maple Hill
MastinFrank18 Jun 185330 Oct 1930Maple Hill
MastinFrankUnk30 Apr 1952Maple Hill
MastinGustavusLyle08 Feb 185505 Apr 1911Maple Hill
MastinJamesM.18 Jun 185313 Aug 1894Maple Hill
MastinJamesUnk07 May 1932Maple Hill
MastinJamesUnk18 May 1917Maple Hill
MastinJohnMatthews11 Mar 188902 Jan 1966Maple Hill
MastinLouiseBolden25 Apr 190417 Jan 1975Northside
MastinLucy12 Apr 188813 Apr 1971Northside
MastinLucyMatthews26 Aug 186804 Nov 1903Maple Hill
MastinLulaSpragins02 Sep 189627 Feb 1931Maple Hill
MastinMaryIrby12 Feb 188331 Aug 1971Maple Hill
MastinMaryUnk21 Aug 1935Maple Hill
MastinMaryUnk01 Jan 1879Maple Hill
MastinMelviniaR.24 Jun 191927 Oct 1989Northside
MastinO.C.11 Feb 191902 Apr 1919Chandler - Carter Grove
MastinR.Unk09 Apr 1924Maple Hill
MastinRobertLee20 Oct 189919 Jun 1968Chandler - Carter Grove
MastinRosettaE.12 Feb 190503 Apr 1986Chandler - Carter Grove
MastinTheophilusL.Unk03 Aug 1936Maple Hill
MastinUnkFemaleUnk04 Nov 1903Maple Hill
MastinW.F.Unk05 Oct 1871Maple Hill
MastinW.J.Mrs.Unk17 Jul 1878Maple Hill
MastinW.M.05 Aug 189608 Jan 1982Northside
MastinWesley16 Sep 186929 Jun 1971Northside
MastinWilliam05 Dec 189724 Jul 1978Northside
MastinWilliam10 Oct 18661962Glenwood
MastinWilliamUnk22 Nov 1914Maple Hill
MastinWillisUnkNDDTaylor Chapel
MatchenEdnaUnk15 Mar 1944Maple Hill
MatchenWillisUnk15 May 1929Maple Hill
MatheneyFredUnk17 Feb 1953Maple Hill
MatheneyUnkUnk08 Feb 1921Maple Hill
MathenyKatherineB.Unk14 Apr 1997Maple Hill
MathenyMyrtleS.Unk27 Aug 1991Maple Hill
MathewsColiceUnk11 May 2004Maple Hill
MathewsHenerettaUnk28 Feb 1920Maple Hill
MathewsJohnUnk26 Feb 1945Maple Hill
MathewsMildredHumes08 Aug 194214 Mar 1997Northside
MathewsOliverK.07 Oct 191822 Nov 1971Maple Hill
MathewsPete12 Dec 189313 Dec 1972Northside
MathewsonMaryE.187406 Jan 1921Merrimack
MathiasAaronUnk12 Nov 1921Maple Hill
MathiasAlbertL.Unk13 Feb 1982Maple Hill
MathiasAltaUnk29 Mar 1946Maple Hill
MathiasBeatriceReedUnk25 Nov 1975Maple Hill
MathiasBertUnk29 Oct 1957Maple Hill
MathiasCharleyL.UnkNDDMaple Hill
MathiasClaudieMagdaleneUnk15 Feb 2000Maple Hill
MathiasErnestAltonUnk09 Jun 1974Maple Hill
MathiasEthelUnk12 Dec 1971Maple Hill
MathiasIdaUnk04 Jul 1902Maple Hill
MathiasJosephV.Unk17 Feb 1997Maple Hill
MathiasMargaretUnk28 Jul 1935Maple Hill
MathiasRobertUnk30 Aug 1963Maple Hill
MathiasRoneyUnk08 Oct 1964Maple Hill
MathiasTrevaBaker26 Jun 191409 Oct 1999Baker - Owens Cross Road
MathiasVelmaLouiseUnk05 Aug 1997Maple Hill
MathiasWillUnk13 Nov 1916Maple Hill
MathiousWilliamUnk25 Sep 1917Maple Hill
MathisG.J.12 May 192231 Jan 2001Golightly
MathisJamesC.Unk06 Sep 1997Maple Hill
MathisJudyJ.Douglas14 Nov 192720 Nov 1950Madison Crossroads
MathisMaxUnkNDDMaple Hill
MathisonJohnUnk10 Feb 1974Maple Hill
MathisonLenaGraceUnk29 Jun 1994Maple Hill
MathisonSolomanL.Unk05 Dec 1949Maple Hill
MatkinTheoMooreUnk12 Oct 1979Maple Hill
MatkinW.Unk10 Apr 1923Maple Hill
MatkinsE.Unk24 Aug 1923Maple Hill
MatkinsW.Unk09 Apr 1924Maple Hill
MatkinsWilliamB.Unk22 Jan 1894Maple Hill
MatkinsWilliamJordanUnk23 Sep 1967Maple Hill
MatlockAlverreneC.Unk16 Aug 1981Maple Hill
MatlockIdaUnk26 May 1944Maple Hill
MatlockWilliamF.Unk25 May 1983Maple Hill
MatsosAlexanderT.Unk10 Apr 1988Maple Hill
MatterPercyUnk21 May 1955Maple Hill
MatternWalterKurtUnkNDDMaple Hill
MatternWinifredH.Unk23 Apr 2002Maple Hill
MatthaiosJohnUnk01 Apr 1927Maple Hill
MatthewClydeUnk03 Sep 1919Maple Hill
MatthewLillieMaeUnk28 Apr 1958Maple Hill
MatthewsA.Unk20 Aug 1903Maple Hill
MatthewsAdelaideUnk07 Jan 1939Maple Hill
MatthewsAlbertaUnk21 Oct 1987Maple Hill
MatthewsAlwoodMrs.Unk22 Nov 1930Maple Hill
MatthewsAngelo21 Jul 197221 Jul 1972Northside
MatthewsAnnUnk10 Apr 1929Maple Hill
MatthewsArthurUnk01 Oct 1981Maple Hill
MatthewsAudryGene10 Aug 195910 Aug 1959State Line - Plevna
MatthewsBenUnk03 Jul 1935Maple Hill
MatthewsBenUnk13 Jun 1899Maple Hill
MatthewsBenUnk20 Sep 1868Maple Hill
MatthewsBurrittUnk25 Dec 1941Maple Hill
MatthewsCarrieUnk27 Jun 1944Maple Hill
MatthewsChristopherVonzel DouglasUnk05 Jul 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
MatthewsDavidOlenUnk30 Apr 1997Maple Hill
MatthewsDennisGlenUnk11 Jan 2003Maple Hill
MatthewsE.R.Unk20 Mar 1885Maple Hill
MatthewsEarl07 Jan 194216 May 1989Brandon
MatthewsEarl29 Jul 191618 Apr 2000Brandon
MatthewsElliottRobertsonUnk18 Jul 1947Maple Hill
MatthewsEmmaUnk08 Oct 1921Maple Hill
MatthewsErskineUnk15 Oct 1934Maple Hill
MatthewsF.Unk27 May 1920Maple Hill
MatthewsHenryUnk10 Jan 1897Maple Hill
MatthewsJ.P.Unk18 Jun 1878Maple Hill
MatthewsJamesO.Unk16 Jun 1983Maple Hill
MatthewsJamesP.Unk14 Jul 1884Maple Hill
MatthewsJamesP.Unk10 Aug 1883Maple Hill
MatthewsJamesUnk22 Nov 1968Maple Hill
MatthewsJasP.Unk01 Feb 1982Maple Hill
MatthewsJimmyK.Unk09 Nov 2001Maple Hill
MatthewsJohnN.Unk23 Oct 1874Maple Hill
MatthewsJohnUnk18 Feb 1953Maple Hill
MatthewsJohnnieUnk02 Oct 1942Maple Hill
MatthewsKennethUnk11 Jun 1926Maple Hill
MatthewsLaukeUnk13 Dec 1922Maple Hill
MatthewsLavonneBandyUnk07 Jan 1960Maple Hill
MatthewsLeolandUnk09 Dec 1927Maple Hill
MatthewsLouiseGilesUnk16 Jan 1989Maple Hill
MatthewsLucyAnnUnk02 Nov 1874Maple Hill
MatthewsLucyB.Unk11 Jun 1900Maple Hill
MatthewsLucyBelle14 Jul 190015 Sep 1988Crowson Hill
MatthewsLukeUnk29 Apr 1956Maple Hill
MatthewsLukeUnk22 Dec 1889Maple Hill
MatthewsLukeUnk02 Aug 1875Maple Hill
MatthewsMaeVioletUnk13 Aug 1963Maple Hill
MatthewsMargaretB.Unk21 Jan 1956Maple Hill
MatthewsMarieUnk15 Sep 1968Maple Hill
MatthewsMarieUnk15 Dec 1933Maple Hill
MatthewsMarjorieUnk17 Nov 1976Maple Hill
MatthewsMarthaUnk28 May 1984Maple Hill
MatthewsMaryEthelUnk17 Jun 1965Maple Hill
MatthewsMyrtleUnk14 Feb 1925Maple Hill
MatthewsNannieUnk16 Apr 1886Maple Hill
MatthewsNatalieKayUnk16 Nov 1983Maple Hill
MatthewsO.K.Unk12 Jun 1972Maple Hill
MatthewsOliveV.Unk10 May 1928Maple Hill
MatthewsOliveUnk15 Jan 1947Maple Hill
MatthewsPeter05 May 189628 Jun 1971Northside
MatthewsR.S.UnkNDDMaple Hill
MatthewsRobertL.13 Mar 194422 Mar 1967Brandon
MatthewsRoseUnk01 Mar 1961Maple Hill
MatthewsRoyUnk05 Jun 1924Maple Hill
MatthewsRuth03 Jan 192019 Oct 1984Brandon
MatthewsS.Mrs.Unk12 Jun 1868Maple Hill
MatthewsSamuelUnk06 Jan 1883Maple Hill
MatthewsSusieUnk11 Oct 1883Maple Hill
MatthewsVernUnk21 Mar 1988Maple Hill
MatthewsVeronicaL.Unk26 Sep 1977Maple Hill
MatthewsVivianMorringUnk11 Jan 1949Maple Hill
MatthewsW.BurnsUnk11 May 1980Maple Hill
MatthewsWalterUnk16 Dec 1962Maple Hill
MatthewsWillieC.16 May 191112 Dec 1974Northside
MatthewsWillieJack14 Jun 191623 Jul 1951Maple Hill
MatthewsWillieMaeUnk28 Feb 2005Royal
MaudlinAnnieUnk02 Apr 1935Maple Hill
MaudlinChampeUnk05 Sep 1945Maple Hill
MaughnJamesUnk02 Jan 2005Maple Hill
MaughnRubyW.Unk10 Nov 1988Maple Hill
MaughnRubyUnk11 Feb 1932Maple Hill
MauphinIdaUnk17 Dec 1898Maple Hill
MauresCharlesUnk21 Mar 1946Maple Hill
MaussRubyW.Unk20 Mar 1988Maple Hill
MaussWilliamUnk10 Sep 1972Maple Hill
MaxwellAnnaUnk10 Oct 1898Maple Hill
MaxwellC.S.Unk26 Sep 1895Maple Hill
MaxwellIrmaL.Unk17 Jul 1984Maple Hill
MaxwellJeanetteUnk14 Jan 1982Maple Hill
MaxwellLauraUnk04 Aug 1895Maple Hill
MaxwellOscarUnk17 Sep 1929Maple Hill
MaxwellPaulE.Unk16 Jan 1947Maple Hill
MaxwellRobertUnkNDDMaple Hill
MaxwellWilliamUnk26 Aug 2005Maple Hill
MayAdaLulaUnk17 Oct 1977Maple Hill
MayAugustaUnk19 Mar 1920Maple Hill
MayElizabethUnk06 Oct 1938Maple Hill
MayElizabethUnk25 Sep 1905Maple Hill
MayGeorginaUnk23 Jan 1927Maple Hill
MayGusUnk07 Jan 1951Maple Hill
MayJohnUnk30 Nov 1932Maple Hill
MayMartinUnk01 Apr 1942Maple Hill
MayMiltonLeroyUnk27 Apr 1908Maple Hill
MayerJoeUnk10 Mar 1944Maple Hill
MayersJohnUnk25 Jul 1929Maple Hill
MayersWillieUnk19 Feb 1919Maple Hill
MayesCarolD.13 Dec 1969NDDRagsdale
MayesCharlesR.27 Jul 197224 Dec 1972Ragsdale
MayesDenaUnk30 Jun 1971Maple Hill
MayesEddieRayUnk05 Aug 2000Maple Hill
MayesElizaE.28 Apr 188801 Jan 1957Ragsdale
MayesEmilyUnk20 Sep 1922Maple Hill
MayesEssieL.30 Mar 1930NDDRagsdale
MayesEvalineUnk25 Mar 1936Maple Hill
MayesEvelynS.13 Jul 1913NDDRagsdale
MayesGeorgeW.30 Aug 187809 May 1951Ragsdale
MayesGleenM.11 Nov 191015 Sep 1980Ragsdale
MayesGordonC.08 Dec 192302 May 1980Ragsdale
MayesHerbertA.12 Aug 191709 Oct 1976Ragsdale
MayesJamesUnk11 Aug 1945Maple Hill
MayesJessieE.14 Nov 191925 Mar 1963Ragsdale
MayesJnoUnk28 Apr 1928Maple Hill
MayesLeroyUnk06 Jun 1982Maple Hill
MayesLillyGeneva04 Aug 193310 Jul 1935Plainview
MayesLucilleNancy10 Dec 191523 Jan 2003Bevill
MayesMaryLeonardLamberson10 May 189203 Aug 1932Maple Hill
MayesNellG.05 Jan 191111 Feb 1994Plainview
MayesR.Huey14 Jun 191508 May 1962Ragsdale
MayesRubyJane24 Jun 198621 Nov 2002Ragland
MayesRubyMae11 Jun 191711 Jul 1988Ragsdale
MayesTurnerUnk31 Dec 1921Maple Hill
MayesVeraUnk02 Aug 1972Maple Hill
MayesWellmanUnk03 Jan 1914Maple Hill
MayesWilliamF.09 May 190820 May 1972Plainview
MayfieldJacinthaL.12 May 1819NDDEva Court Road
MayfieldJamesE.09 Jan 192628 Jul 1991Northside
MayfieldMarthaJane16 May 185308 Nov 1853Eva Court Road
MayfieldShirley13 Jun 193525 Dec 2004Huntsville Memory Gardens
MayfieldWebsterK.Unk16 Jul 1996Maple Hill
MayfieldWilburnJ.25 Jan 185006 Dec 1850Eva Court Road
MayhewAlbertB.Unk27 Jul 1895Maple Hill
MayhewBurchetLaura29 Nov 184803 Nov 1911Madison Crossroads
MayhewCarlUnk31 Mar 1985Maple Hill
MayhewJamesUnk14 May 1917Maple Hill
MayhewJonathanMrs.Unk06 Jun 1878Maple Hill
MayhewJonathanUnk28 Jan 1874Maple Hill
MayhewMarthaL.Unk25 Jul 1986Maple Hill
MayhewMatildaUnk20 Jan 1921Maple Hill
MaynardAliceN.Unk26 Mar 1992Maple Hill
MaynardAllie/AliceVann06 Jun 188625 Dec 1969Cedar Grove
MaynardElizabethUnk23 Jan 1895Maple Hill
MaynardHenryT.11 Jul 187306 Aug 1908Golightly
MaynardJerryWayne16 Apr 194308 Oct 1947Charity Baptist Church
MaynardJesseA.Unk30 Jun 1988Maple Hill
MaynardJoeRaymond23 Feb 190222 Jul 2003Taylor
MaynardJohnHenry31 Oct 193129 Jun 2003Gurley
MaynardJohnnieL.12 Oct 190725 Apr 1945Charity Baptist Church
MaynardShellieR.Unk27 Sep 1948Maple Hill
MaynardStanleyRayUnk10 Mar 1999Green Valley
MaynardW.J.18691948Charity Baptist Church
MaynardWilliamH.Unk13 Dec 1960Maple Hill
MaynorAnnieM.Unk27 Jan 1983Maple Hill
MaynorCecilUnk11 May 1968Maple Hill
MaynorCecilDonaldUnk10 Nov 1971Maple Hill
MaynorClarenceUnk09 Aug 1934Maple Hill
MaynorClarenceUnk22 May 1904Maple Hill
MaynorJamesEdward05 Mar 193313 Dec 1997Huntsville Memory Gardens
MaynorJamesFred12 Oct 1913Dec 1984Huntsville Memory Gardens
MaynorLeonUnk27 May 1988Maple Hill
MaynorMargaretPotterUnk04 Aug 1983Maple Hill
MaynorMaryAvouisDurham20 May 191306 Dec 2000Huntsville Memory Gardens
MaynorMattieUnk30 Oct 1973Maple Hill
MaynorMichaelD.27 Sep 197519 May 2001Kennamer
MaynorMildredUnk05 Mar 1944Maple Hill
MayoCharles13 Nov 1939NDDCloud
MayoDorisSue09 Jul 193404 Jul 1993Moon
MayoElizabethIdella14 Jan 1940NDDCloud
MayoHenryD.29 Apr 192017 Apr 1977Cloud
MayoLethaMae12 Mar 1932NDDCloud
MayoMabryAllen04 Oct 194004 Oct 1940Cloud
MayoPatH.05 Apr 188214 Feb 1942Cloud
MayoPatH.14 Sep 1930NDDCloud
MayoPatNolan21 Mar 196008 Dec 1999Cloud
MayoRosieL.26 May 191209 Feb 1984Cloud
MayoSimonPeter09 Nov 1932NDDMoon
MayoUnkFemaleUnk12 Dec 1903Maple Hill
MayoWillD.04 Apr 187726 May 1914Pine Grove - Harvest
MayorsP.Mrs.Unk15 Dec 1925Maple Hill
MaysBillyUnk20 Sep 1932Maple Hill
MaysEldridgeUnk29 Mar 1921Maple Hill
MaysEstella29 Jan 189015 Jan 1927Rice
MaysLouisUnk01 Apr 1927Maple Hill
MaysMamieStruveUnk29 May 1958Maple Hill
MaysMaryUnk03 Aug 1932Maple Hill
MazeAlvieWebsterUnk27 Jun 1967Maple Hill
MazeAndyUnk14 Sep 1949Maple Hill
MazeBeleIreneUnk21 Jan 2000Maple Hill
MazeDouglasE.Unk08 Oct 1981Maple Hill
MazeEdnaUnk16 Jun 1985Maple Hill
MazeFloydUnk25 Aug 1977Maple Hill
MazeJanieUnk08 Jun 1970Maple Hill
MazeLutherB.Unk06 Jan 1979Maple Hill
MazeNolaMaeUnk20 Mar 1999Maple Hill
MazeRichardUnk23 Jul 1926Maple Hill
MazeWilliamUnk22 Jul 1946Maple Hill
MazzaEleanorS.Unk10 Mar 1996Maple Hill
MazzaJohnUnk30 Jun 1930Maple Hill
MazzaSylvesterJohnUnk14 Jan 2005Maple Hill
MazzaSylvesterJohnUnk18 Nov 1957Maple Hill

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