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AaronElizabethUnk03 May 1941Maple Hill
AbbottDeliaUnkNDDMaple Hill
AbbottE.Unk12 Jan 1953Maple Hill
AbbottJamesClyde11 Aug 191828 Feb 2006Maple Hill
AbelHenryL.Unk22 Mar 1946Maple Hill
AbernathyAubreyB.03 Nov 186718 May 1897Madison
AbernathyClippieAnnie21 Sep 183924 Apr 1919Madison
AbernathyElbert17 Jul 190230 Dec 1924Maple Hill
AbernathyFannieUnk23 Jun 1923Maple Hill
AbernathyGradyC.25 Jun 191416 Feb 2005Maple Hill
AbernathyJesseFrank12 Oct 183628 Apr 1917Madison
AbernathyJesse16 Oct 181216 Sep 1836Bailey
AbernathyJohnUnk30 Dec 1924Maple Hill
AbernathyOllieUnk13 May 1974Maple Hill
AbernathyRosaLockhart19291995Pine Grove - Harvest
AbernathySherryAnneUnk11 Feb 1990Maple Hill
AbleAnitaRuth16 May 192430 Apr 2005Maple Hill
AbleRobertM.192303 Jan 2004Maple Hill
AblesLeeUnk16 Aug 1870Maple Hill
AbneyMamieJ.13 Feb 191602 Dec 1989Maple Hill
AbrahamBert18721936Maple Hill
AbrahamBerthaLow188125 Jul 1977Maple Hill
AbrahamsBertUnk16 Feb 1936Maple Hill
AbrahamsInfantFemaleUnk12 Apr 1899Maple Hill
AbrahamsSamuelHarold18921894Maple Hill
AbrahamsThereseM.18951899Maple Hill
AbramsEllaReeseUnk12 Jun 1985Maple Hill
AbramsZanorMrs.11 Apr 192324 Dec 1974Maple Hill
AbstonJamesUnk05 May 1930Maple Hill
AcardDavid15 Jun 180209 Jun 1860Maple Hill
AccardiJeanneBurnes18 Nov 192231 Aug 1998Maple Hill
AccardiRoy01 Jul 191618 Aug 2000Maple Hill
AckardColumbusUnk04 Mar 1875Maple Hill
AckardWilliamUnk12 Jan 1887Maple Hill
AckardWilliamUnk02 Aug 1882Maple Hill
AckarkUnkFemaleUnk09 Nov 1878Maple Hill
AcklenAvery10 Jun 192926 Sep 1993Maple Hill
AcklenHaroldVance13 Feb 190402 Nov 1966Maple Hill
AcklenHattieM.18351913Maple Hill
AcklenJ.M.Unk10 May 1957Maple Hill
AcklenJamesM.Unk18 Oct 1969Maple Hill
AcklenJohnR.H.Unk24 Jun 1846Maple Hill
AcklenLouisa28 Jan 181501 Jul 1862Maple Hill
AcklenLouise16 Oct 184416 May 1847Maple Hill
AcklenMabalaUnk25 Dec 1939Maple Hill
AcklenMaeW.Unk28 Feb 1964Maple Hill
AcklenMaryTurner04 Mar 183828 May 1854Maple Hill
AcklenOllie07 Sep 190126 Sep 1928Maple Hill
AcklenOllieUnk27 Sep 1928Maple Hill
AcklenPalmybaJaneUnk01 May 1860Maple Hill
AcklenTheodore19 Sep 183318 Nov 1870Maple Hill
AcklenWilliamKing08 Jun 184227 Jun 1862Maple Hill
AcklenWilliam22 Nov 180211 May 1872Maple Hill
AckleyJoanP.Unk23 Mar 1984Maple Hill
AcklinA.C.24 Nov 193215 May 1994Northside
AcklinAndrayUnk29 Jun 1931Maple Hill
AcklinArthurUnk19 Nov 1870Maple Hill
AcklinBirdaHayes15 Dec 190917 Jul 1970Northside
AcklinCarlT.21 May 191123 Aug 1975Charity Baptist Church
AcklinCliffordE.28 Mar 188727 Jul 1968Northside
AcklinEmma12 Feb 190924 Oct 1968Northside
AcklinHarrietUnk23 Dec 1913Maple Hill
AcklinJ.Unk20 Mar 1952Maple Hill
AcklinJettieFayeUnk03 May 1937Maple Hill
AcklinJohnTally28 Jul 192916 Dec 1964Northside
AcklinKennethB.13 Sep 195702 Sep 2005Big Cove
AcklinLarryUnk02 Jul 1940Maple Hill
AcklinLeonard06 Oct 194020 Jul 1998Northside
AcklinLulaUnk11 Jan 1926Maple Hill
AcklinMaggie09 May 189802 Dec 1970Maple Hill
AcklinMattieMollyUnk30 Jun 1934Maple Hill
AcklinNellieF.11 May 191605 May 2001Charity Baptist Church
AcklinNelson18 Oct 189927 Oct 1974Maple Hill
AcklinRaymondUnk21 Nov 1918Maple Hill
AcklinRobert11 Oct 189316 Jul 1966Maple Hill
AcklinSam22 Oct 190103 Jan 1969Northside
AcklinSammieUnk17 Mar 1942Maple Hill
AcklinStellaMae15 Jan 192201 Aug 2001Maple Hill
AcklinTheoUnk20 Nov 1870Maple Hill
AcklinVirgieN.30 Nov 190409 Apr 1997Maple Hill
AcklinWilliam07 Sep 191708 Mar 1978Maple Hill
AcuffAllie02 Sep 189204 Dec 1984Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
AcuffBaby31 Jan 192020 Apr 1920Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
AcuffCaldoniaJ.20 Nov 187422 Nov 1934Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
AcuffDavidC.27 Jul 186918 Apr 1950Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
AcuffEarlR.03 Sep 189313 Oct 1958Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
AcuffEarnestOdin03 Dec 190429 Jun 1935Maple Hill
AcuffEmmaFrancisHale05 Nov 187505 Sep 1939Charity Baptist Church
AcuffFannieTipton16 May 188208 Feb 1980Maple Hill
AcuffInaM.24 Nov 190424 Mar 1981Maple Hill
AcuffIsaacDotso18721943Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
AcuffJamesK. Polk12 Jan 187223 Nov 1939Charity Baptist Church
AcuffJasonWilliamUnk05 Aug 2002Maple Hill
AcuffJohnDotson24 Dec 190106 Nov 1997Maple Hill
AcuffLilaS.06 Feb 190630 May 1985Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
AcuffLouiseW.Unk25 Sep 1948Maple Hill
AcuffMaryT.Dotson18791931Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
AcuffMaryWisdom12 Jan 184108 Mar 1918Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
AcuffPattyUnk23 Feb 1952Maple Hill
AcuffSarah12 Apr 190903 Jan 1981Maple Hill
AcuffWilliamElsie20 Mar 189812 Aug 1981Charity Baptist Church
AcuffWilliamUnk13 Nov 1934Maple Hill
AcuffWillieBelle13 Oct 189917 Aug 1987Maple Hill
AcuffWillieFlorence10 Nov 190110 Dec 1997Maple Hill
AdairAnnieL.03 Feb 189809 Jun 1903Ryland
AdairBillieShannon08 Aug 193228 Jun 1937Camp Ground
AdairCharlesR.11 Nov 190925 Nov 1986Camp Ground
AdairDarinR.29 Dec 197305 Jun 1997Maple Hill
AdairEmmaA.03 Mar 187730 Jul 1940Camp Ground
AdairGeorgeF.26 Jul 188001 Apr 1962Brown
AdairJamesE.12 Mar 191929 Oct 1968Maple Hill
AdairJamesH.17 Sep 188328 Dec 1981Maple Hill
AdairJamesN.01 Sep 192615 Jan 1984Maple Hill
AdairJessieUnk13 Jul 1944Maple Hill
AdairJohnD.15 Nov 191223 Jun 1983Maple Hill
AdairLauraB.06 Jan 191716 Jun 1991Brown
AdairLoreneStone29 Jan 190923 Mar 1964Bethel/Old Bethel
AdairMartha17 Dec 188906 Jul 1975Maple Hill
AdairMarySegrest16 Aug 188817 Nov 1962Brandon
AdairRobertW.06 Mar 1906Feb 1992Brown
AdairRobertUnk28 Jul 1938Maple Hill
AdairRobertaUnk03 May 1915Maple Hill
AdairRuebenClinton08 Nov 191218 Oct 1964Bethel/Old Bethel
AdairSue16 Sep 192208 Sep 1986Maple Hill
Adair-StephensDebraH.23 May 195623 May 1956Hayden
Adair-StephensGertrudeS.30 Nov 1919NDDHayden
Adair-StephensWilliam28 Dec 192323 May 1956Hayden
AdamsA.E.01 Mar 185526 Apr 1939Madison Crossroads
AdamsAlbertL.26 Feb 191326 Jul 1971Moon
AdamsB.W.11 May 191320 Jul 1934Pine Grove - Deposit
AdamsBasilRuskin16 Apr 190516 Aug 1971Maple Hill
AdamsBasileUnk01 Oct 1936Maple Hill
AdamsBerthaUnk21 Dec 1991Maple Hill
AdamsCalvin11 Oct 193124 Feb 1988Pine Grove - Deposit
AdamsCorneliaUnk05 Jan 1955Maple Hill
AdamsDavidCloptonUnk18 Apr 1947Maple Hill
AdamsDavidUnk27 Dec 1934Maple Hill
AdamsDellaUnk20 Apr 1898Maple Hill
AdamsDenton17 Oct 191519 May 1978Kennamer
AdamsE.E.UnkNDDMaple Hill
AdamsE.Unk02 Jul 1951Maple Hill
AdamsEdwardH.24 Aug 192306 Jan 1974Hayden
AdamsEdwardKeith07 Jul 196030 Oct 1997Hayden
AdamsEdwardUnk22 Nov 1946Maple Hill
AdamsEffieNora29 Jan 190211 May 1967Kennamer
AdamsEllenUnk26 Mar 1956Maple Hill
AdamsEsterMae30 May 189913 Apr 1968Maple Hill
AdamsEthridgeUnk03 Mar 1951Maple Hill
AdamsEvelynJacobs25 Apr 191012 Aug 1994Maple Hill
AdamsFrankO.19 Feb 186929 May 1949Hayden
AdamsFredC.19 Nov 191830 Jun 1975Maple Hill
AdamsGeorgeW.04 May 191214 Nov 1966Maple Hill
AdamsGleasonRex04 Aug 194922 Aug 1988St. Ruth
AdamsGraceM.06 Sep 190111 Oct 1989Kennamer
AdamsH.F.Unk17 Jun 1960Maple Hill
AdamsHoustonG.06 Jul 191931 Oct 1993Maple Hill
AdamsI.L.15 Sep 185419 Jan 1899Madison Crossroads
AdamsIdaLula20 Apr 188910 Jun 1945Hayden
AdamsIdaMae28 Mar 188104 Sep 1942Northside
AdamsIraA.03 Nov 191020 Jan 1981Maple Hill
AdamsIraLee24 Mar 194107 Sep 1993Brandon
AdamsJ.T.09 Feb 186720 Mar 1920Camp Ground
AdamsJ.T.Unk08 Dec 1969Maple Hill
AdamsJamesF.27 Dec 190131 Jul 1971Kennamer
AdamsJamesLee21 Jul 195503 Jan 1956Charity Baptist Church
AdamsJamesT.10 May 194618 May 1991Pine Grove - Harvest
AdamsJamesW.13 Sep 191416 Jul 1950Charity Baptist Church
AdamsJamesW.01 Jan 191928 Nov 1930Moon
AdamsJames01 Apr 185407 Jun 1855Adams-Crutcher
AdamsJane20 Mar 192017 Apr 1998Maple Hill
AdamsJimmyW.03 Mar 194217 Jul 1992Moon
AdamsJoeH.01 Aug 191611 Oct 1993Maple Hill
AdamsJohnE.24 Aug 189209 Dec 1935Moon
AdamsJoseph01 Dec 177931 Mar 1838Adams-Crutcher
AdamsKathy13 Jul 195621 Nov 2004Maple Hill
AdamsKittyR.15 Mar 191822 May 1992St. Ruth
AdamsL.Unk23 Feb 1954Maple Hill
AdamsLeola12 Apr 191430 Aug 2006Kennamer
AdamsLeonardLee23 Mar 194608 Apr 1995Maple Hill
AdamsLizaUnk20 Jul 1894Maple Hill
AdamsLouiseA.08 Sep 190018 Apr 1985Maple Hill
AdamsLucileWalker08 Oct 192028 Jan 2003Maple Hill
AdamsLuciousTerrellUnk13 Jan 1954Maple Hill
AdamsLucyW.10 Dec 1924NDDHayden
AdamsLutherFranklin05 Aug 192317 Jan 2000Maple Hill
AdamsMaggieLouUnk12 Jul 1993Maple Hill
AdamsMarieSmith30 Sep 1929NDDMoon
AdamsMarthaE.04 Apr 186618 Aug 1918Camp Ground
AdamsMaryLee29 Apr 1901Nov 1918Camp Ground
AdamsMaryP.06 Aug 181322 Aug 1896Madison Crossroads
AdamsMaryMilnerUnkNDDMaple Hill
AdamsMary08 Feb 191809 Dec 1990Pine Grove - Harvest
AdamsNormaJeanGriffith07 Dec 192519 Aug 1988Maple Hill
AdamsOlaM.05 Feb 191605 Apr 2006Maple Hill
AdamsOlaMae19 Sep 192025 Jan 2001Maple Hill
AdamsOllie27 Jun 190422 Jun 1992Collier - Triana
AdamsPaulineUnk14 May 1957Maple Hill
AdamsRichardH.30 Mar 193529 Jul 1986Charity Baptist Church
AdamsRosieL.19 Sep 189715 Mar 1959Moon
AdamsS.F.Unk01 Sep 1971Maple Hill
AdamsSammieL.30 Oct 192204 Aug 1943Moon
AdamsSmithUnk24 Sep 1868Maple Hill
AdamsThomasAlfred25 Mar 194816 Mar 1966Maple Hill
AdamsVeraBlackburnUnk22 Nov 1970Maple Hill
AdamsViolaJonesUnk01 Feb 1959Maple Hill
AdamsWilburnC.Unk10 Dec 1969Maple Hill
AdamsWilliamCharles29 Dec 193613 Apr 1976Charity Baptist Church
AdamsWilliamJasper31 Mar 193007 May 1975Moon
AdamsWilliamTait28 Jan 191901 Sep 1987Maple Hill
AdamsWilliam24 Aug 189302 Jan 1973Kennamer
AdamsAlbertLonzo14 Jan 193913 Jun 1993Neal Chapel
AdamsRuthWorley16 Sep 191217 Jan 2002Neal Chapel
AdayAliceB.Wall17 Jun 190408 May 1994Ebenezer
AdayDanUnk30 Jun 1897Maple Hill
AdayEmmaK.Unk11 Aug 1893Maple Hill
AdayJ.F.Unk28 Jun 1878Maple Hill
AdayJennieS.Unk14 Mar 1914Maple Hill
AdayMargaret13 Oct 180316 Jun 1839Maple Hill
AdayNedUnk08 Oct 1884Maple Hill
AdaySarahUnk09 Jan 1869Maple Hill
AdcockAlfred08 Oct 189919 Dec 1980Maple Hill
AdcockAnnieMae16 Oct 192418 Feb 1997Maple Hill
AdcockBelvisUnk02 Apr 1924Maple Hill
AdcockBessieF.24 Dec 190424 Feb 1988Maple Hill
AdcockDellaUnk06 Jul 1980Maple Hill
AdcockDennisWayne12 Aug 195324 Oct 1983Maple Hill
AdcockEdUnk05 Mar 1934Maple Hill
AdcockEdgarUnk04 Nov 1960Maple Hill
AdcockElbertEugene02 Sep 192225 Mar 2001Charity Baptist Church
AdcockErbieRansonUnk21 Feb 1964Maple Hill
AdcockEvelynUnk22 Sep 1927Maple Hill
AdcockEverettP.10 Aug 190701 Jun 1941Charity Baptist Church
AdcockFloraR.19001971Maple Hill
AdcockFloydStopper21 Mar 191102 Mar 1977Maple Hill
AdcockFrancesVirginiaUnk30 Sep 1958Maple Hill
AdcockGeorgiannaUnk22 Jun 1911Maple Hill
AdcockGladysEvans30 Jan 190401 Mar 1969Fowlkes
AdcockHarnielUnk24 May 1935Maple Hill
AdcockHoraceHadenUnk28 Aug 1956Maple Hill
AdcockInezDavis20 Mar 191615 Aug 1990Maple Hill
AdcockInezUnk04 Sep 1937Maple Hill
AdcockIreneCarter28 Aug 191301 Jan 2005Maple Hill
AdcockJamesPreston27 Jul 188110 Nov 1940Maple Hill
AdcockJamesPreston05 May 192303 Mar 1990Maple Hill
AdcockJanneUnk13 Jul 1920Maple Hill
AdcockJennie07 Jun 189321 May 1982Maple Hill
AdcockJessieMrs.09 Mar 189620 Jan 1972Maple Hill
AdcockJodine10 Apr 193419 Apr 1934Charity Baptist Church
AdcockJohnA.Unk24 Jan 1958Maple Hill
AdcockJohnA.Mrs.Unk06 Apr 1950Maple Hill
AdcockJohnUnk21 Aug 1940Maple Hill
AdcockJohnUnk04 Jun 1929Maple Hill
AdcockLauraUnk03 Aug 1945Maple Hill
AdcockMargaretPayton20 Feb 192731 Aug 1994Charity Baptist Church
AdcockMelvinUnk23 Jan 1950Maple Hill
AdcockMyronH.02 Mar 191308 Jan 1975Maple Hill
AdcockOdell01 May 192114 Nov 1995Pleas Mount Baptist Church
AdcockPressUnk13 Nov 1940Maple Hill
AdcockRachelEvalineGoodwin188730 Mar 1935Maple Hill
AdcockRobertE.09 Nov 193017 Sep 1984Maple Hill
AdcockSadieElizabethUnk25 Aug 1948Maple Hill
AdcockSterlingUnk04 Sep 1968Maple Hill
AdcockTennie13 Aug 190522 Mar 1984Maple Hill
AdcockTilmanB.06 Aug 190022 Jun 1958Fowlkes
AdcockUnkUnk14 Jan 1917Maple Hill
AdcockVirginiaUnk06 May 1921Maple Hill
AdcockW.R.12 Jan 186523 Jun 1932Charity Baptist Church
AdcockWillardUnk12 Mar 1917Maple Hill
AdcockWilliamEarl19271944Charity Baptist Church
AdcockWilliamElbert12 Aug 189106 Dec 1935Charity Baptist Church
AdcockWilliamMonroeUnk11 Mar 1965Maple Hill
AdcockWilliamT.01 Mar 190405 Mar 1975Maple Hill
AdcockWilliam22 Mar 188912 May 1944Charity Baptist Church
AdcockZula20 Dec 190905 Nov 1987Maple Hill
AddisSharonAnn21 Jun 196810 Jan 1983Maple Hill
AddisonJohnM.Unk01 Sep 1929Maple Hill
AddlerUnkFemaleUnk28 Dec 1884Maple Hill
AdieUnkMrs.Unk17 Jan 1917Maple Hill
AdkinFrankUnk18 Jan 1923Maple Hill
AdkinsAlexUnk08 Dec 1901Maple Hill
AdkinsAllieBolenUnk28 Nov 1947Maple Hill
AdkinsBill22 Oct 190924 Sep 1985Maple Hill
AdkinsCharlesUnk25 Jul 1931Maple Hill
AdkinsFrankG.Unk14 May 1976Maple Hill
AdkinsGeorgeW.Unk03 Apr 1948Maple Hill
AdkinsGerdaP.17 May 192012 Apr 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
AdkinsGladysL.30 Apr 191223 Oct 1977Kennamer
AdkinsHamptonL.09 Jun 188718 Sep 1973Kennamer
AdkinsHelenV.Unk07 Mar 1974Maple Hill
AdkinsJamesL.Unk25 Jun 1947Maple Hill
AdkinsJamesWiley18 Jan 189022 Nov 1948Maple Hill
AdkinsJames04 Jan 191231 Mar 1984Maple Hill
AdkinsJoeUnk25 May 1935Maple Hill
AdkinsLauraUnk08 Jun 1932Maple Hill
AdkinsMaggieUnk27 Jan 1961Maple Hill
AdkinsMarieR.Unk22 Dec 1967Maple Hill
AdkinsMarthaJosephineUnk16 Apr 1974Maple Hill
AdkinsMaryL.Unk04 Dec 1972Maple Hill
AdkinsMaryUnk14 Feb 1917Maple Hill
AdkinsPearlC.15 Sep 191022 Dec 1989Maple Hill
AdkinsPerryUnk27 Jan 1925Maple Hill
AdkinsRobertL.07 Sep 189817 Jun 1978Maple Hill
AdkinsRobertL.Unk02 Jul 1948Maple Hill
AdkinsRobertLee06 Feb 193011 Apr 1932Merrimack
AdkinsRoyEugene04 Mar 191519 Feb 1990Maple Hill
AdkinsSarahUnk13 Mar 1919Maple Hill
AdkinsVadaUnk17 Mar 1936Maple Hill
AdkinsVirginiaUnk10 Feb 1926Maple Hill
AdkinsWilliamA.Unk02 Jul 1890Maple Hill
AdkinsWilliamUnk15 Apr 1940Maple Hill
AdkinsWillieUnk21 Apr 1920Maple Hill
AdkinsZulaBuck27 Dec 192717 Jan 2001Huntsville Memory Gardens
AdlerEstella18711893Maple Hill
AdlerMichael18331908Maple Hill
AdlerRosa18531884Maple Hill
AfkmamiMohammadH.Unk11 Dec 2002Maple Hill
AgabriteAnnUnkNDDMaple Hill
AgnewPaulineL.Unk22 Sep 1995Maple Hill
AhearuCharlesUnk18 Jan 1899Maple Hill
AkardColumbusUnk26 Jul 1871Maple Hill
AkardUnkFemaleUnk17 Jul 1870Maple Hill
AkersGeraldineUnk04 Jul 1991Maple Hill
AkinsCarolynFayeUnk22 Jun 1967Maple Hill
AkordWilliamUnk17 Sep 1897Maple Hill
AlbrightAlbertJ.06 Sep 192724 Aug 1987Ragsdale
AlbrightBernieC.18791951Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
AlbrightEllaAdeline04 Oct 188220 Apr 1920Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
AlbrightElmerB.08 Dec 190901 May 1980Plainview
AlbrightEvaM.07 Aug 191025 Jan 1919Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
AlbrightFrankFosterUnk07 Aug 1968Maple Hill
AlbrightJamesLarry23 Jan 195116 Mar 1985Ragsdale
AlbrightJamesWilliam25 May 188802 Nov 1944Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
AlbrightJaneFontella07 May 194411 Jan 1947Ryland
AlbrightJohnLaymon07 Nov 189021 Apr 1978Ryland
AlbrightMaryClay12 Jul 191220 Apr 1920Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
AlbrightMaryE.Rushbrook191128 Oct 1947Maple Hill
AlbrightMaryF.18591933Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
AlbrightMary17 Nov 183813 Mar 1913Madison Crossroads
AlbrightOpalRenfroe12 Feb 190608 Feb 1988Ryland
AlbrightRobertMurphy23 Jan 191820 Apr 1920Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
AlbrightRoyFranklin03 Sep 192819 Jan 1975Ryland
AlbrightRubyLeona25 Oct 186025 Apr 1920Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
AlbrightThomasR.10 Jan 184211 Jan 1914Madison Crossroads
AlbrightWilliamLeoUnk04 Jan 1962Maple Hill
AlbrightWilliam29 Apr 190904 Nov 1980Maple Hill
AldenderferFranklinW.22 Jul 192427 Jul 1972Maple Hill
AldredgeJohnMarionUnk17 Nov 1973Maple Hill
AldredgeMattieG.Unk29 Sep 1961Maple Hill
AldrichGeorgeD.06 Feb 189921 Nov 1979Maple Hill
AldrichLouiseB.Unk10 Dec 1963Maple Hill
AldrickBillMrs.Unk26 Jan 1955Maple Hill
AldridgeJ.Sidney04 Feb 187805 Oct 1956Shady Grove
AldridgeJessieIrene09 May 191619 Jul 1998Maple Hill
AldridgeMamieUnk18 Dec 1987Maple Hill
AldridgeMaryA.13 Dec 194317 Dec 1943Shady Grove
AldridgeRaymonH.Unk01 Mar 1983Maple Hill
AldridgeRebeccaJane26 Feb 190606 Oct 1962Shady Grove
AldridgeW.H.Unk01 Jun 1960Maple Hill
AldridgeW.Unk26 May 1952Maple Hill
AldridgeWilliamLeslie18 Jan 191026 Oct 1999Maple Hill
AldrupAdamJeffreyUnk23 May 1988Maple Hill
AldrupMaryEvelynUnk11 Dec 1978Maple Hill
AlemanySantosUnk13 Dec 1959Maple Hill
AlexanderBeatrice24 Sep 190003 Jul 1941Maple Hill
AlexanderBillieH.23 Sep 190213 Mar 1949Ebenezer
AlexanderCharlesUnk18 Oct 1933Maple Hill
AlexanderCharley14 Oct 188730 Sep 1929Bone
AlexanderCoraB.24 Oct 190203 Apr 1984Fowlkes
AlexanderDorisP.12 Jul 190520 Jul 1998Maple Hill
AlexanderFellieBrown16 Jan 189818 May 1959Maple Hill
AlexanderFlemingJ.12 Oct 186703 Feb 1892Jordan - Ryland
AlexanderGeorgeT.07 Jan 192625 Apr 1966Bone
AlexanderHenriettaUnk18 Nov 1943Maple Hill
AlexanderIraMae05 Feb 192725 Apr 1966Bone
AlexanderJamesUnk30 Mar 1915Maple Hill
AlexanderJamieT.Unk10 Jan 1979Maple Hill
AlexanderJohnC.Unk19 Jun 1873Maple Hill
AlexanderJohnVinson191017 Nov 1957Maple Hill
AlexanderMarthaA.Unk27 Oct 1916Jordan - Ryland
AlexanderMaryC.13 Dec 190601 Apr 1992Fowlkes
AlexanderPearleH.27 Nov 189824 Mar 1983Maple Hill
AlexanderRobertAllen20 Aug 194408 Jul 1997Plainview
AlexanderThomasJ.Unk01 Jul 1914Jordan - Ryland
AlexanderW.R.15 Feb 187028 Feb 1915Ebenezer
AlexanderWilliamH.17 Dec 190227 Nov 1960Maple Hill
AllanBertieUnk16 Jul 1904Maple Hill
AllanJohn21 Apr 178814 Nov 1843Maple Hill
AllanNancy14 Apr 178524 Jul 1841Maple Hill
AllanSarahJ.18231912Maple Hill
AlldridgeThelmaE.06 Aug 192524 Dec 1986Maple Hill
AllenA.S.02 Sep 185011 Jan 1910Cochran
AllenAda06 Feb 187926 May 1975Maple Hill
AllenAdaUnk07 Mar 1929Maple Hill
AllenAdinaW.Unk23 Sep 1961Maple Hill
AllenAlfredSidney24 Nov 188805 Aug 1968Cochran
AllenAliceE.Unk16 Jul 1978Maple Hill
AllenAliceUnk03 May 1938Maple Hill
AllenAltonUnk19 Dec 1926Maple Hill
AllenAlvinLeroyUnk09 Oct 1971Maple Hill
AllenAndrewJackson15 Nov 184614 Aug 1916State Line - Hazel Green
AllenAnnetteL.Unk05 Aug 1932Maple Hill
AllenAnnieD.25 Mar 190903 Nov 2000Haygood
AllenAnnieUnk13 Dec 1967Maple Hill
AllenAnnieUnk07 Mar 1918Maple Hill
AllenAnnieUnk22 Jul 1918Maple Hill
AllenArthurR.01 Mar 193211 Aug 1982Maple Hill
AllenArtrowG.23 Jun 190820 Jan 1998Bellview
AllenAvery25 Dec 188125 Feb 1973Bellview
AllenB.Unk28 Oct 1921Maple Hill
AllenBertaC.19 Sep 194811 Apr 2005Maple Hill
AllenBettyUnk02 Jan 1971Maple Hill
AllenBillieCollins12 Jun 192123 Sep 1990Maple Hill
AllenBobbyRayUnk19 Jan 1975Maple Hill
AllenC.C.Unk09 Jan 1979Maple Hill
AllenCarlG.Unk25 Feb 1990Maple Hill
AllenCharlesC.Unk10 Jan 1879Maple Hill
AllenCharlesUnk07 Aug 1954Maple Hill
AllenCharlesUnk30 Nov 1943Maple Hill
AllenCharlesUnk10 Sep 1932Maple Hill
AllenCharlesUnk20 Jul 1921Maple Hill
AllenCharleyGuyUnk29 Mar 1985Maple Hill
AllenCharlieUnk09 May 1975Maple Hill
AllenChisomUnk12 Feb 1960Maple Hill
AllenChristopherUnkNDDMaple Hill
AllenChristyLynn19 Oct 196920 Oct 1969Charity Baptist Church
AllenClaraUnk10 May 1977Maple Hill
AllenClarenceY.14 Sep 190705 Aug 1972Maple Hill
AllenConstanceLanza01 Sep 192105 Jun 2005Maple Hill
AllenCovieUnk23 Aug 1987Maple Hill
AllenDaisyC.06 Sep 190525 May 1990Maple Hill
AllenDanielBarnardUnk02 Mar 1934Maple Hill
AllenDanielFreemanUnk05 Feb 1934Maple Hill
AllenDavidUnk09 Jun 1924Maple Hill
AllenDellL.28 Jul 190023 Jun 1966Maple Hill
AllenDewey18 Apr 191322 Apr 1966State Line
AllenDorcusL.Unk26 Aug 1975Maple Hill
AllenDorothyL.18 Jun 192318 Oct 1991Maple Hill
AllenE.B.27 Aug 183419 May 1900Madison
AllenElizabethUnk08 Apr 1987Maple Hill
AllenElsieMae28 Jul 191501 Dec 2000Maple Hill
AllenEthelUnk24 Dec 1960Maple Hill
AllenEvelynMaxine22 Nov 192611 Nov 1927Merrimack
AllenFlorencePattonUnk10 Aug 1976Maple Hill
AllenFlorenceUnk13 Apr 1934Maple Hill
AllenFritzUnk25 Apr 1925Maple Hill
AllenG.W.Unk04 Sep 1948Maple Hill
AllenGeorgeW.17 Jan 191610 Aug 2001Maple Hill
AllenGeorgeUnk24 Dec 1903Maple Hill
AllenGillieMaiJones15 Nov 189312 Sep 1980State Line
AllenGladisNadeen28 Nov 193005 Jan 1993Maple Hill
AllenGordonUnk17 Feb 1944Maple Hill
AllenGracieB.31 Jan 189528 Oct 1938St. John
AllenH.P.Unk05 Jun 1968Maple Hill
AllenH.Unk14 Dec 1954Maple Hill
AllenHarryG.15 Jan 189222 Feb 1970Rice
AllenHenrySamUnk19 Jul 1981Maple Hill
AllenHewey18 Apr 191327 Apr 1966Huntsville Memory Gardens
AllenHurleyW.Unk13 May 1981Maple Hill
AllenInfantMaleUnk18 Jan 1946Maple Hill
AllenJamesC.24 May 192204 Jan 2002Maple Hill
AllenJamesD.Unk17 Dec 1948Maple Hill
AllenJamesGordonUnk16 Nov 1982Maple Hill
AllenJamesH.11 Dec 191422 Jul 1992Maple Hill
AllenJamesH.08 Aug 187615 Dec 1962New Sharon
AllenJamesJ.03 Sep 192215 May 2000Maple Hill
AllenJamesLevoid30 Oct 193612 Mar 1973Bellview
AllenJames21 May 191811 Apr 2001Maple Hill
AllenJeromeKirkland11 Dec 198407 Feb 2001Pine Grove - Harvest
AllenJerryUnk14 Apr 1965Maple Hill
AllenJessL.Unk09 Dec 1985Maple Hill
AllenJesseUnk25 Apr 1925Maple Hill
AllenJohnJoseph22 Aug 188929 Jun 1966Maple Hill
AllenJordanM.Unk18 Sep 1962Maple Hill
AllenJosephUnk19 Jul 1926Maple Hill
AllenJosephUnk03 Feb 1924Maple Hill
AllenKathrynN.12 Jul 191802 Feb 1991Maple Hill
AllenLawrenceH.09 Aug 191303 Oct 1980Maple Hill
AllenLessieRodgers26 Feb 189502 Oct 1984Rice
AllenLigeUnk07 Jan 1924Maple Hill
AllenLillie20 Sep 191508 May 1976Maple Hill
AllenLindsiMarieUnk14 Mar 2004Maple Hill
AllenLloydUnk20 Sep 1966Maple Hill
AllenLonnieUnk06 Mar 1960Maple Hill
AllenLoreneT.14 Nov 190408 May 1983Maple Hill
AllenLoreneJenkins06 Jul 190316 Jan 1941State Line
AllenLouR.Mrs.22 Nov 189006 Jul 1985Maple Hill
AllenLowellUnk20 Oct 1927Maple Hill
AllenLucileUnk21 Aug 1918Maple Hill
AllenLutherC.Unk02 Sep 1978Maple Hill
AllenMacyEdwardUnk1945Maple Hill
AllenMargaretUnk02 Apr 1934Maple Hill
AllenMaryAliceUnk22 Aug 1973Maple Hill
AllenMaryJoCantrell28 Aug 191727 Jul 2003State Line - Hazel Green
AllenMaryKatherineUnk11 Feb 2003Maple Hill
AllenMaryUnk08 Mar 1929Maple Hill
AllenMattieLee10 Aug 191528 Nov 1978Northside
AllenMattieUnk20 Oct 1924Maple Hill
AllenMinnieElizabeth20 Aug 190831 May 1991Maple Hill
AllenNell12 Nov 192021 Jan 1988Maple Hill
AllenNelsonLee29 Jun 193605 Nov 1998Maple Hill
AllenNettieL.28 Sep 191615 Nov 1981Maple Hill
AllenNoraS.Unk05 Feb 1917Maple Hill
AllenNorvalMattieUnk25 Nov 1974Maple Hill
AllenOscar28 Apr 190824 Mar 1973Maple Hill
AllenPansyMaeUnk27 Dec 1968Maple Hill
AllenRobertC.UnkNDDMaple Hill
AllenRobertDouglasUnk01 Jul 2003Maple Hill
AllenRobertEarlUnk25 Sep 1963Maple Hill
AllenRobertP.28 Feb 189425 Sep 1957St. John
AllenRobertUnk09 Apr 1954Maple Hill
AllenRodneyWayne08 Mar 197427 Oct 1995Gipson
AllenRoscoeB.02 Feb 191801 May 2003New Hope
AllenRoscoeB.12 Jan 188808 Oct 1919New Hope
AllenRose14 May 191209 Mar 1973Maple Hill
AllenRoseB.Unk14 May 1971Glenwood
AllenRubySmelcer190407 Oct 1960Maple Hill
AllenRubyUnk07 Oct 1960Maple Hill
AllenRuthElizabethUnk19 Aug 1973Maple Hill
AllenRuthUnk27 Aug 1892Maple Hill
AllenSallieW.Unk20 Jun 1961Maple Hill
AllenSaraTaylorUnk22 Nov 1995Maple Hill
AllenStephanieD.31 Oct 197306 Aug 2003Huntsville Memory Gardens
AllenSueC.Unk14 Dec 2000Maple Hill
AllenSusanHannahMullican31 Mar 184809 Jul 1915State Line - Hazel Green
AllenSusieUnk28 Apr 1931Maple Hill
AllenT.Unk07 Nov 1924Maple Hill
AllenThelmaB.07 Mar 190126 Mar 1984Maple Hill
AllenThurmanLee18 Nov 189124 Nov 1953State Line
AllenUnk28 Jul 188602 Jun 1951New Sharon
AllenVassarL.Unk15 Jan 1962Maple Hill
AllenW.L.Unk08 Dec 1967Maple Hill
AllenWalterUnk01 Jan 1918Maple Hill
AllenWilburnLloydUnk27 Aug 1991Maple Hill
AllenWilburnThomas28 Feb 189610 Jun 1922St. John
AllenWilfred02 Jun 191728 Sep 1984Maple Hill
AllenWillardE.Unk04 Nov 1990Maple Hill
AllenWilliamB.30 Nov 198028 Dec 2000Maple Hill
AllenWilliamShepard05 Jan 188110 Jun 1948Cochran
AllenWilliamUnk23 Jan 1958Maple Hill
AllenWilliamUnk07 Aug 1935Maple Hill
AllenWilliamUnk26 Feb 1901Maple Hill
AllenWilliamUnk26 Sep 1892Maple Hill
AllenWillieAustinUnk21 Mar 1989Maple Hill
AllenWilmaBarclayUnk13 Oct 1920Maple Hill
AllenWilodeanUnk29 Jul 1987Maple Hill
AllenderCharlesL.Unk01 Dec 1981Maple Hill
AlleyJaniceB.25 Oct 1930NDDMaple Hill
AlleyRussellE.17 Dec 192214 Mar 1983Maple Hill
AllinInfantUnk25 Oct 1836Jordan/Lanier
AllinRobert17 Mar 184406 Nov 1852Graveyard Hill
AllisonAlbertW.Unk02 Apr 1978Maple Hill
AllisonAlmaUnk16 Jan 1968Maple Hill
AllisonAlvey18751935Charity Baptist Church
AllisonAlvieL.Unk25 Apr 1984Maple Hill
AllisonAnnieMae29 Aug 190703 Sep 1986Northside
AllisonAralUnk01 Aug 1921Maple Hill
AllisonB.J.Unk27 Oct 1996Maple Hill
AllisonBenUnk02 Jan 1959Maple Hill
AllisonBessie12 May 188615 Sep 1905Madison
AllisonCareyArthurUnk12 Aug 1962Maple Hill
AllisonConnieS.21 Jun 190817 Jul 1983Maple Hill
AllisonCoy24 Feb 192609 Oct 1987Northside
AllisonD.E.Unk27 May 1957Maple Hill
AllisonDavidUnk16 Oct 1864Bethel/Old Bethel
AllisonE.30 Nov 185813 Jun 1859Bethel/Old Bethel
AllisonEmilyAnnUnk15 Aug 1964Maple Hill
AllisonFannie06 Jun 192619 Jul 1976Penny
AllisonGladysO.Unk28 Jul 1921Maple Hill
AllisonGordonL.21 Mar 189805 Feb 1973Maple Hill
AllisonGraceL.191001 May 1933Maple Hill
AllisonHenryC.11 Nov 190011 Nov 1965Northside
AllisonHerbertB.08 Apr 191417 Nov 1988Maple Hill
AllisonHerbertL.04 Jul 193123 Jan 1971Northside
AllisonInfantUnk24 Aug 1968Maple Hill
AllisonInfantUnk07 Jul 1868Maple Hill
AllisonJ.C.Unk21 Feb 1981Maple Hill
AllisonJ.Unk07 Sep 1921Maple Hill
AllisonJames21 Oct 192112 Oct 2001Pine Grove - Deposit
AllisonJaneE.15 Apr 182530 Nov 1858Bethel/Old Bethel
AllisonJohnGuynn24 Feb 188904 Nov 1964Gurley
AllisonJohn28 Jul 180207 Jan 1866Allison
AllisonJohn28 Jul 180207 Jan 1866Old Allison Farm
AllisonL.Unk23 Sep 1939Maple Hill
AllisonLeamonO.Unk22 Apr 1930Maple Hill
AllisonLouise11 Oct 192930 Oct 1994Northside
AllisonMae17 Jan 193318 Jul 2000Maple Hill
AllisonMariettaUnk16 Jan 1899Maple Hill
AllisonMarthaUnk21 Oct 1887Maple Hill
AllisonMaryBelle187221 Jul 1958Maple Hill
AllisonMaryElizabethMay 186027 Jun 1938Maple Hill
AllisonMaryEllen23 Oct 190722 Dec 1973Maple Hill
AllisonMaryJ.12 Jun 194108 Nov 1994Maple Hill
AllisonMaryUnk27 Jun 1938Maple Hill
AllisonMattieUnk06 Feb 1990Maple Hill
AllisonMattieUnk12 Mar 1937Maple Hill
AllisonNancyCatherineCobb197625 Jul 1872Old Allison Farm
AllisonNancy181125 Jul 1872Allison
AllisonNannie12 Aug 189229 Sep 1968Penny
AllisonNellGilbert20 May 189606 Mar 1918Maple Hill
AllisonOllieM.10 Aug 191023 Jul 1994Maple Hill
AllisonOralD.Unk01 Sep 1918Maple Hill
AllisonOscarL.Unk03 Aug 1922Maple Hill
AllisonR.C.Unk24 Nov 1992Maple Hill
AllisonR.J.Unk08 Apr 1897Charity Baptist Church
AllisonR.K.Unk11 Jan 1886Maple Hill
AllisonSamuelH.Unk24 May 1870Maple Hill
AllisonSarahT.181201 Jan 1845Bethel/Old Bethel
AllisonThomasO.Nov 184804 Oct 1925Maple Hill
AllisonThomasO.Unk04 Oct 1925Maple Hill
AllisonW.D.30 Aug 191206 Mar 1935Camp Ground
AllisonWilliamB.03 Mar 183716 Oct 1861Bethel/Old Bethel
AllisonZulaUnk31 Dec 1988Maple Hill
AllridgeEugeneL.23 Aug 191507 Mar 1998Maple Hill
AlmLeroyH.Unk28 Aug 1983Maple Hill
AlspaughSaraRossUnk06 Feb 1992Maple Hill
AlsupRosaUnk01 Feb 1954Maple Hill
AltmanMaryAnna01 Oct 191226 Oct 1996Maple Hill
AlversonBenF.28 Feb 189420 Apr 1966Bevill
AlversonBenjaminF.01 Feb 193216 Sep 2004Bevill
AlversonBob16 Feb 189010 Feb 1975Ragsdale
AlversonCoraE.29 Sep 189729 Jan 1963Ragsdale
AlversonEffieMaeUnk16 Dec 1978Maple Hill
AlversonJackieWayneUnk31 May 1956Maple Hill
AlversonJimE23 Jan 1930NDDRagsdale
AlversonJim20 May 193525 Apr 1990Bevill
AlversonJim13 Aug 189301 Jun 1975Ragsdale
AlversonJohnRobert28 Jul 192212 Jun 1978Plainview
AlversonLonaM.15 Sep 190320 Aug 1982Bevill
AlversonMarthaA.27 Dec 189409 May 1971Ragsdale
AlversonMichaelS.30 May 197117 Sep 2005Maple Hill
AlversonNellieL.20 Oct 189606 Apr 1928Ragsdale
AlversonOraSue10 Jun 190128 Feb 1978Maple Hill
AlversonR.Unk25 Aug 1951Maple Hill
AlversonRoyL.23 Nov 195126 Sep 1995Plainview
AlversonSammyC.22 Jan 196030 Apr 1977Ragsdale
AlversonVelmaJ.08 Dec 193213 Apr 1981Ragsdale
AlversonWandaS.23 Mar 196101 May 1975Ragsdale
AlversonWilliamHowell24 Aug 191806 Nov 1918Ragsdale
AlversonWillieUnk03 Feb 1971Maple Hill
AlversonWillieHowellUnk28 Feb 1959Maple Hill
AlvisErnestLeon22 Dec 194623 Jun 1969Madison
AlvisJackVirgil22 Sep 192615 Jan 1996Valhalla Memory Gardens
AmalavageAlbinJ.17 Jan 191531 Jan 1995Maple Hill
AmannPhillipUnk09 Aug 1862Maple Hill
AmisLynneC.Unk21 Dec 1991Maple Hill
AmmannThomasD.01 Jan 196424 Jul 1994Green Valley
AmmerminJamesUnk27 Oct 1885Maple Hill
AmmondsBessieMar 187727 May 1923Glenwood
AmosJohnW.UnkNDDMaple Hill
AmosLulaUnk02 Feb 1966Maple Hill
AmosMollieUnk25 Dec 1940Maple Hill
AmosOlaBrooksUnk07 Apr 1977Maple Hill
AmslerDoris12 Jul 190520 Jul 1998Maple Hill
AndersBenF.UnkNDDMaple Hill
AndersBobbyUnk19 Dec 1974Maple Hill
AndersFrancesClem189005 Mar 1985Maple Hill
AndersGraceUnk26 Jun 1996Maple Hill
AndersGracieM.22 Oct 190610 Jan 1994Maple Hill
AndersInfantUnk18 Dec 1942Maple Hill
AndersJ.T.31 Jan 192514 Feb 1983Chestnut Grove
AndersJackUnk04 Dec 1952Maple Hill
AndersJamesK.04 Jan 192507 Feb 1988Kennamer
AndersJimTomUnk10 Apr 1968Maple Hill
AndersJohnRobert05 Nov 196820 Jul 1995Kennamer
AndersLendaUnk03 Nov 1944Maple Hill
AndersLizaUnk28 Nov 1943Maple Hill
AndersMaeP.18 May 192223 Feb 2000Kennamer
AndersThomasE.23 Jan 191230 Apr 1978Maple Hill
AndersWalter04 Feb 188217 May 1976Maple Hill
AndersElizabethMarthaUnk17 Jul 1969Maple Hill
AndersJohnD.Unk05 Dec 1958Maple Hill
AndersWillUnk07 Dec 1956Maple Hill
AndersonA.B.Unk03 Jun 1999Maple Hill
AndersonA.B.Unk28 Jun 1969Maple Hill
AndersonAdolphusW.Unk04 Jan 1899Maple Hill
AndersonAlvieJamesUnk25 Sep 1959Maple Hill
AndersonAmanda19 Jun 182710 Mar 1902Maple Hill
AndersonAmandaUnk09 Mar 1903Maple Hill
AndersonAnnieLeeUnk03 Feb 1989Maple Hill
AndersonArthurD.13 Aug 190921 Mar 1980Maple Hill
AndersonBerthaUnk22 Oct 1929Maple Hill
AndersonBessieUnk14 Nov 1955Maple Hill
AndersonBobUnk27 Jul 1969Maple Hill
AndersonBruceWare04 Apr 196725 Mar 1993Bevill
AndersonC.D.18721914Maple Hill
AndersonC.E.Unk22 Apr 1963Maple Hill
AndersonCarolUnk25 Jan 1954Maple Hill
AndersonCarrieMae23 Feb 189814 Oct 1944Hayden
AndersonCharlesUnk02 Nov 2003Maple Hill
AndersonCharlesUnk24 Apr 1953Maple Hill
AndersonCharlesUnk25 Jun 1946Maple Hill
AndersonDavidLeon31 Oct 191423 Aug 1999Maple Hill
AndersonDorothyBurretteUnk12 Mar 1900Maple Hill
AndersonDorothyLouise30 Jun 193021 Jun 1947Hayden
AndersonEd17 Jun 191206 Nov 1993Charity Baptist Church
AndersonEddUnk31 May 1960Maple Hill
AndersonElmaInell07 Sep 192431 May 1928Merrimack
AndersonFannieA.04 Sep 190605 Jan 1989Moon
AndersonFannieMaeHawk18 Dec 190612 Mar 1993Penny
AndersonFloosaUnk02 Jul 1900Maple Hill
AndersonFlorenceUnk21 Apr 1940Maple Hill
AndersonFrancesC.Unk31 Oct 1983Maple Hill
AndersonFrancesHopper10 Jan 190202 Mar 1992Maple Hill
AndersonFredJ.25 Mar 192108 Aug 1975Maple Hill
AndersonGeorgeA.12 Oct 190231 May 1992Moon
AndersonGladysUnk14 Oct 1990Maple Hill
AndersonGlendaFaye01 Sep 194508 Apr 1946Bevill
AndersonGordonHarveyUnk21 May 1971Maple Hill
AndersonGordon12 Mar 192728 Sep 1989Bevill
AndersonHarveyGordonUnk09 Apr 2005Maple Hill
AndersonHarveyMrs.Unk02 Apr 1958Maple Hill
AndersonHarveyUnk03 Jun 1894Maple Hill
AndersonHaskellUnk08 Jun 1946Maple Hill
AndersonHenryL.17 Sep 191127 Jul 1987Maple Hill
AndersonHowardUnk04 Mar 1942Maple Hill
AndersonIda29 Jan 185118 Nov 1906Madison Crossroads
AndersonInfantUnk12 Jan 1963Maple Hill
AndersonInfantUnk01 Jul 1916Maple Hill
AndersonInfantUnkNDDMaple Hill
AndersonIreneH.Unk25 Jan 1991Maple Hill
AndersonJ.D.Unk29 May 1939Maple Hill
AndersonJ.Unk11 Feb 1951Maple Hill
AndersonJ.Unk29 May 1939Maple Hill
AndersonJ.Unk04 Feb 1902Maple Hill
AndersonJamesMarvinUnk24 May 1970Maple Hill
AndersonJamesRayUnk21 May 1968Maple Hill
AndersonJames19 Mar 194324 Sep 2005Cedar Grove
AndersonJesseC.Unk04 Jul 1991Maple Hill
AndersonJesseUnk13 Sep 1932Maple Hill
AndersonJimMack24 Sep 187429 Nov 1943Charity Baptist Church
AndersonJimmieMorringUnk30 Dec 1962Maple Hill
AndersonJimmyBrown09 Dec 193629 Jan 2005Twickenham
AndersonJimmyM.18751902Maple Hill
AndersonJoe02 Aug 190511 Jan 1972Maple Hill
AndersonJoeUnk08 Aug 1960Maple Hill
AndersonJohnAlbertUnk23 Dec 1949Maple Hill
AndersonJohnB.04 Mar 182609 Mar 1903Maple Hill
AndersonJohnDouglasUnk15 Jun 1928Maple Hill
AndersonJohnL.04 Apr 184104 Sep 1909Madison Crossroads
AndersonJohnN.Unk16 Apr 1964Maple Hill
AndersonJohnN.Unk12 Jan 1895Maple Hill
AndersonJohnUnk16 Jun 1928Maple Hill
AndersonJosephM.18 Jun 195009 Sep 1996Maple Hill
AndersonL.D.Unk23 Nov 1958Maple Hill
AndersonLesterUnk21 Apr 1975Maple Hill
AndersonLewisM.18 Nov 190526 Dec 1978Maple Hill
AndersonLouiseS.Unk13 Jul 1986Maple Hill
AndersonLouiseJohnson15 Dec 189612 Feb 1956Brandon
AndersonLouiseUnk02 May 1997Maple Hill
AndersonLulaJordanUnk12 Feb 1959Maple Hill
AndersonMaggieS.14 Sep 187016 Apr 1900Golightly
AndersonMarionB.Unk15 Oct 1979Maple Hill
AndersonMarlenaLynn30 Jul 196201 Jun 1997Maple Hill
AndersonMartinL.28 Jan 188224 Aug 1901Madison Crossroads
AndersonMaryAnnUnk22 Mar 2004Maple Hill
AndersonMaryClayLaxsonUnk16 Jan 2001Maple Hill
AndersonMaryE.Unk28 Aug 1956Maple Hill
AndersonMaryGlyn08 Nov 191521 May 1917Tuck
AndersonMaryLouUnk18 Jul 2001Maple Hill
AndersonMaryMavoleen30 Sep 188321 Oct 1952Merrimack
AndersonMaryUnk29 Oct 1930Maple Hill
AndersonMatthewUnk22 Jan 1934Maple Hill
AndersonMildredG.27 Aug 191616 Dec 2001Maple Hill
AndersonMildredMcClusky22 Aug 191413 Jun 2001Maple Hill
AndersonMiltonD.Unk20 Apr 1962Maple Hill
AndersonMiltonDeWitt19011962Maple Hill
AndersonNancyUnk29 Mar 1918Maple Hill
AndersonNicholasFranklinUnk17 Sep 1912Maple Hill
AndersonNovella14 Apr 192416 Dec 2005Big Cove
AndersonOraY.19 Nov 189724 Aug 1975Maple Hill
AndersonOscarMorring04 Jan 190419 Apr 1965Maple Hill
AndersonOscarMorring08 Dec 192501 Jun 1985Maple Hill
AndersonPauline08 Nov 192330 Dec 1995Bevill
AndersonR.L.Dec 186828 Nov 1931Merrimack
AndersonRaymondB.Unk29 Jun 1964Maple Hill
AndersonRaymondE.13 May 192222 Jan 1923Merrimack
AndersonRhodaUnk13 Mar 1935Glenwood
AndersonRobert31 Oct 188810 Mar 1972Maple Hill
AndersonRosaL.Unk24 May 1957Maple Hill
AndersonRufus27 May 188127 Jan 1968Maple Hill
AndersonSallyJaneUnk27 Feb 1940Maple Hill
AndersonSallyUnk27 Feb 1940Maple Hill
AndersonSandraJeanUnk17 Oct 1970Maple Hill
AndersonSarahSadler05 Nov 190724 Aug 1994Maple Hill
AndersonSolUnk28 Jan 1899Maple Hill
AndersonTennUnk28 Aug 1903Maple Hill
AndersonTheressaA.11 Jul 195330 Oct 1966Pleas Mount Baptist Church
AndersonUnkMaleUnk22 Feb 1903Maple Hill
AndersonUnkUnk19 Aug 1914Maple Hill
AndersonVenieTuck10 Jan 189707 May 1976Triana
AndersonVernonGord19101910Madison Crossroads
AndersonW.E.Mrs.Unk18 Oct 1957Maple Hill
AndersonWayneUnk07 Mar 1950Maple Hill
AndersonWesleyUnk07 Aug 1989Maple Hill
AndersonWillUnk25 May 1950Maple Hill
AndersonWilliamS.28 May 192802 Dec 1929Merrimack
AndersonWilson04 Oct 190120 Jun 1971Northside
AndersonWoodrowWilson10 Jan 191408 Feb 1972Maple Hill
AndersonWoodrowUnk14 Jan 1963Maple Hill
AndersonWoodyUnk02 Jul 2003Maple Hill
AndersonZadieMae23 Sep 192129 Dec 1990Northside
AndertonAliceUnk25 Feb 1929Maple Hill
AndertonHoraceUnk20 Nov 1952Maple Hill
AndertonJohn20 Feb 183823 Dec 1906Maple Hill
AndertonViolaUnk09 Dec 1993Maple Hill
AndradeIsabelleUnk17 Sep 1955Maple Hill
AndradeJohnUnk07 Dec 1938Maple Hill
AndresJamesUnk22 Dec 1933Maple Hill
AndrewWilliamS.25 Oct 191713 Dec 1961St. Ruth
AndrewsAndy15 Jun 189527 Nov 1957St. Ruth
AndrewsAnnFranklinUnk01 May 1981Maple Hill
AndrewsBennyBryant23 Apr 196019 Mar 1989Keel
AndrewsBessie23 Jul 188805 Feb 1972Fords Chapel
AndrewsBobbyL.Unk14 Nov 1960Maple Hill
AndrewsBufordRayUnk25 Jan 1963Maple Hill
AndrewsC.W.Unk20 Dec 1972Maple Hill
AndrewsCoraSusie04 Mar 190014 Aug 1984Maple Hill
AndrewsEdnaErleStoner19 Apr 188215 May 1977Maple Hill
AndrewsEdwardUnk13 Mar 1943Maple Hill
AndrewsElizabethFlossie23 Aug 189922 Jan 1934Fowlkes
AndrewsF.M04 May 187703 May 1943Fleming
AndrewsFannieLeeUnk23 May 1948Maple Hill
AndrewsFloreneC.29 May 191729 Aug 1992Maple Hill
AndrewsG.Unk08 Dec 1955Maple Hill
AndrewsHolcombUnk16 Nov 1913Maple Hill
AndrewsHowardR.Unk17 Apr 1970Maple Hill
AndrewsHowardRivers03 Jul 191703 Feb 2000Maple Hill
AndrewsJackUnkNDDMaple Hill
AndrewsJessieLee05 Feb 192004 May 1963St. Ruth
AndrewsJohnBenjaminUnk25 Oct 1961Maple Hill
AndrewsJohnW.24 Sep 189924 Jan 1976Fowlkes
AndrewsJosephA.06 Jul 190826 Apr 1990Camp Ground
AndrewsL.M.18 Sep 192612 Sep 1952St. Ruth
AndrewsLoisUnk27 May 1978Maple Hill
AndrewsLouiseR.30 Dec 192125 Mar 1997Maple Hill
AndrewsMaggie25 Jan 193807 Feb 1940Charity Baptist Church
AndrewsMaggieUnk19 Feb 1951Maple Hill
AndrewsMargaretCunningham185207 Oct 1909Maple Hill
AndrewsMarthaMitchellUnk22 Feb 1989Maple Hill
AndrewsMaryUnk13 Jan 1952Maple Hill
AndrewsMike19 Dec 196406 May 2001St. Ruth
AndrewsNellie13 Nov 190925 Nov 1990Maple Hill
AndrewsNelloD.S.Unk26 Jun 1979Maple Hill
AndrewsOzellThompson28 Jun 192917 May 2004St. Ruth
AndrewsPressB.Unk05 Apr 1990Maple Hill
AndrewsRadaD.06 Jan 189913 Feb 1985Maple Hill
AndrewsRickeyW.Unk05 Jan 1988Maple Hill
AndrewsRobertUnk21 Jun 1913Maple Hill
AndrewsRonaldM.Unk12 Feb 1980Maple Hill
AndrewsRoyCurtis24 Jun 194723 Jun 2002St. Ruth
AndrewsSelinaGlover06 Jan 181605 Apr 1863Maple Hill
AndrewsSelinerNichelsUnk05 Apr 1863Maple Hill
AndrewsSherrodJeromeUnk11 Sep 1964Maple Hill
AndrewsVeraLucille26 Mar 192806 May 2002Maple Hill
AndrewsWilliam187514 Mar 1942Maple Hill
AndrusScottWayneUnk11 Feb 1962Maple Hill
AngeleHildegard14 May 189819 Mar 1985Maple Hill
AngeleWilhelmUnk22 Aug 1996Maple Hill
AngermanAllenHaroldUnk20 Jan 1959Maple Hill
AnnermanJimUnk24 Dec 1897Maple Hill
AnsorgeEstherMarie18 Sep 189723 Aug 1985Maple Hill
AnsorgeHermanUnkNDDMaple Hill
AnthonyM.Unk09 Dec 1900Maple Hill
AntonodesPeterUnk10 Aug 1862Maple Hill
AntonyE.L.Unk06 Oct 1876Maple Hill
AnxerGladysUnk15 Nov 1972Maple Hill
AnzekMichaelJoseph07 Oct 191705 Apr 2005Maple Hill
ApostolosJamesG.26 Oct 190103 Apr 1991Maple Hill
AppersonCharlesFord06 Feb 188926 May 1943Madison
AppersonKathleenHumphrey13 Mar 189518 Jul 1974Madison
ApplemanW.H.Unk27 Oct 1886Maple Hill
AppletonErskineF.17 Jun 193011 Mar 1974Northside
AppletonTempieSykes22 Aug 192416 Aug 1994Maple Hill
AppletonWilliamF.24 Feb 191402 Oct 1982Maple Hill
ArbanMarieWilliams22 Jan 194002 May 1992Huntsville Memory Gardens
ArchardRobertE.01 Jan 195030 Dec 1982Maple Hill
ArchardRobertEmmett14 Mar 192630 May 2001Maple Hill
ArcherDavidR.Unk27 Sep 1993Maple Hill
ArcherDavidRex20 Jun 189411 Jun 1971Maple Hill
ArcherDrucillaUnk22 Sep 1891Maple Hill
ArcherHenryUnk11 Aug 1946Maple Hill
ArcherLillianKnight30 Dec 191430 Apr 1997Maple Hill
ArcherMalcombE.Unk18 Jan 1942Merrimack
ArcherMarthaUnk26 Dec 1975Maple Hill
ArcherNancyEdnaUnk12 Nov 1974Maple Hill
ArcherThomasJ.24 Jun 193728 Jul 1937Merrimack
ArcheyJohnR.05 Sep 190806 Dec 1996Maple Hill
ArchieMollieUnk13 Jun 1896Maple Hill
ArchieOllieT.Unk09 Sep 1919Maple Hill
ArchyJosiahUnk21 Oct 1891Maple Hill
ArendaleWilliamFrank11 Nov 192116 Apr 1999Maple Hill
ArgabritePatrickOwenUnk07 Sep 1970Maple Hill
ArgoJohnWiley06 Jul 190709 May 1980Maple Hill
ArgoPauline18 Feb 190709 Jun 1984Maple Hill
AriaYvonneUnk27 Aug 1974Maple Hill
ArledgeCharlesCecilUnk21 Nov 1983Maple Hill
ArledgeMarionUnk17 Jan 1986Maple Hill
ArmorJack18 Jun 193408 Aug 1998Maple Hill
ArmstrongAnnieUnk26 Jan 1894Maple Hill
ArmstrongBeatriceCarrollUnk19 Sep 1949Maple Hill
ArmstrongBessieH.Unk20 Jul 1981Maple Hill
ArmstrongBettieUnk10 Feb 1899Maple Hill
ArmstrongConnieRanaeJohnsonUnk07 Jul 1999Green Valley
ArmstrongEarlLeroy20 Aug 190501 Jun 1972Maple Hill
ArmstrongEulahUnk28 Oct 1979Maple Hill
ArmstrongGeorgeWalterUnk18 Dec 1966Maple Hill
ArmstrongJamesW.19 Jul 187705 Sep 1948Maple Hill
ArmstrongJamesWalterUnk05 Sep 1948Maple Hill
ArmstrongJohn09 Jul 190014 Dec 1980Maple Hill
ArmstrongJuliaUnk07 Feb 1901Maple Hill
ArmstrongMildred25 Mar 192325 Mar 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
ArmstrongMinnie30 Jul 188015 Nov 1966Maple Hill
ArmstrongRobertAmos10 Aug 191622 Sep 1996Maple Hill
ArmstrongRobertLewis18501917Maple Hill
ArmstrongRobertN.Unk19 May 1997Maple Hill
ArmstrongRobertUnk23 Nov 1943Maple Hill
ArmstrongRuby12 Nov 191405 May 1996Maple Hill
ArmstrongSusanUnk29 Sep 1886Maple Hill
ArmstrongThompsonWallace25 Dec 191818 Sep 1988Maple Hill
ArmstrongTobeUnk18 Jul 1917Maple Hill
ArmstrongUnkFemaleUnk28 Dec 1871Maple Hill
ArmstrongWilliamH.Unk20 Feb 1998Maple Hill
ArmstrongWilliamLuke23 Dec 189027 Aug 1979Maple Hill
ArndtErwinAugustUnk24 Nov 1962Maple Hill
ArndtRosaUnkNDDMaple Hill
ArnettAmandaUnk14 Jan 1930Maple Hill
ArnettCaladoniaUnk16 Dec 1887Maple Hill
ArnettCharlisUnk24 Jun 1939Maple Hill
ArnettEllaWomackUnk19 Jun 1959Maple Hill
ArnettGeorgeW.Unk12 May 1959Maple Hill
ArnettHazel03 Aug 190629 Jun 1990Maple Hill
ArnettMattieUnk13 Dec 1887Maple Hill
ArnettMinnieUnk06 Nov 1957Maple Hill
ArnettRebeccaUnk12 Dec 1928Maple Hill
ArnettSamuel182522 Mar 1912Arnett
ArneyDora29 Dec 190325 Apr 1976Maple Hill
ArneyGlennUnk20 Aug 1969Maple Hill
ArneyJohnW.30 Sep 190505 Mar 1984Maple Hill
ArnoldAmyUnk22 Feb 1970Maple Hill
ArnoldCharlesL.30 Sep 191003 Feb 1979Maple Hill
ArnoldClarkUnk06 Jan 1900Maple Hill
ArnoldEllisClayton26 May 193110 Dec 2004Huntsville Memory Gardens
ArnoldEtta24 Jun 187020 Oct 1960Bevill
ArnoldGerhardM.Unk29 Aug 1960Maple Hill
ArnoldIraLee03 Jun 191209 Jun 1980Maple Hill
ArnoldJerryUnk07 Oct 1942Maple Hill
ArnoldMarthaCordeliaIngle06 Nov 184903 Jul 1911Maple Hill
ArnoldRhonie16 May 191320 May 1990Maple Hill
ArnoldSusieP.Unk15 Aug 1973Maple Hill
ArnoldUnkUnk24 Sep 1868Maple Hill
ArnstonElizabethDianaUnk19 Nov 1967Maple Hill
ArterMabelVarner14 May 191220 Aug 2005Maple Hill
ArtisFrancesE.14 Jan 188003 Sep 1959Bush
ArtisIdaM.02 Mar 190711 May 1975Bush
ArtisJohnT.15 Mar 187526 May 1958Bush
ArtisVinnieA.12 Jun 192004 Jun 1978Bush
AryBrendaGailUnk04 Mar 1949Bevill
AryPerryLynn11 Jun 195624 Oct 1986Bevill
AryWilliamFrank03 Oct 192110 Dec 1997Bevill
AsburyCecilF.Unk25 Apr 1966Maple Hill
AsburyLoisV.Terry03 Oct 191102 Jul 1991Maple Hill
AsburyTerryP.UnkNDDMaple Hill
AshburnE.J.Mrs.09 Jul 184511 Oct 1919Pleas Mount Baptist Church
AshburnJ.R.18801934Pleas Mount Baptist Church
AshburnRobertEdward26 Jan 191907 Feb 1919Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
AshburnThomasHenry18871952Pleas Mount Baptist Church
AshbyAddieM.05 Nov 191103 Dec 1995Charity Baptist Church
AshbyC.L.19131959Charity Baptist Church
AshbyCharlesEdwin19 Nov 192523 Oct 1995Charity Baptist Church
AshbyCharlieMartin16 Apr 188713 Jan 1945Charity Baptist Church
AshbyClaudeLawrence17 Sep 191310 Jul 1959Charity Baptist Church
AshbyEulaMae29 Sep 191004 May 1994Charity Baptist Church
AshbyFrank22 Aug 191019 Nov 1967Charity Baptist Church
AshbyHowardUnk05 Oct 2003Charity Baptist Church
AshbyJulianFrankUnk19 Nov 1967Charity Baptist Church
AshbyMattieLouFanning01 Aug 189205 Nov 1969Charity Baptist Church
AshbyMattieGill11 Apr 186904 Oct 1953Cochran
AshbyNeitaRiggins09 Oct 191526 May 1996Maple Hill
AshbyRoyGordon10 Jan 190429 Jan 1975Maple Hill
AshbyStellaLaxton07 Sep 190428 Feb 1984Maple Hill
AshbyThomasL.27 Jun 190805 Aug 1999Maple Hill
AshbyWilliamM.11 Jun 190909 Dec 1976Charity Baptist Church
AshfordCatharineJ.Unk26 Feb 1900Maple Hill
AshfordKatieLee27 Dec 186307 Jan 1886Maple Hill
AshfordKattieUnk08 Jan 1886Maple Hill
AshfordRandallL.195202 Aug 2003Huntsville Memory Gardens
AshleyHoustonW.Unk21 Feb 1989Maple Hill
AshleyJesseUnk10 Mar 1939Maple Hill
AshleyRatchelSloanUnk31 Oct 1936Maple Hill
AshleyThomasUnk23 Jan 1950Maple Hill
AshleyTroyHoustonUnk26 Sep 1973Maple Hill
AshworthDonaldD.18 Oct 194718 Apr 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
AskewLeonardD.Unk26 Feb 1961Maple Hill
AskinsAnitaJoy22 Dec 193223 Jul 1933Charity Baptist Church
AskinsBrendaG.06 Mar 194806 Mar 1948Charity Baptist Church
AskinsCullum24 Jan 191114 May 1970Charity Baptist Church
AskinsDavidN.04 Dec 193430 Nov 1990Charity Baptist Church
AskinsFrancesH.31 Dec 192328 Jul 1997Charity Baptist Church
AskinsInfantUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
AskinsInfantUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
AskinsIraLee29 Mar 192814 Sep 1934Charity Baptist Church
AskinsJ.Dennie13 Nov 190111 Apr 1962Charity Baptist Church
AskinsJerryMilton07 Nov 193905 Jan 1997Charity Baptist Church
AskinsJosephL.10 Apr 192326 Jan 1980Charity Baptist Church
AskinsJulia11 Apr 191518 Nov 1960Charity Baptist Church
AskinsKathleenT.28 Jul 191004 Nov 1987Charity Baptist Church
AskinsLloydK.06 Dec 190503 Jan 1981Charity Baptist Church
AskinsMalcolmLacoma191515 Aug 1915Charity Baptist Church
AskinsMargaretP.Unk25 Nov 1857Maple Hill
AskinsMarthaJane18761956Charity Baptist Church
AskinsNannieBeaUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
AskinsR.L.18701950Charity Baptist Church
AskinsSarahMarlie16 Jul 193610 Feb 1937Charity Baptist Church
AsquithJamesEdwardUnk08 Oct 1960Maple Hill
AsquithMaryEllenUnk21 Nov 1959Maple Hill
AsterMaryEleseabeth17 Dec17 DecMerrimack
AstonCharlesJames29 Sep 192611 Jun 1960Maple Hill
AstonCharlesMathew15 Nov 190109 Aug 1986Maple Hill
AstonLelaVaughn12 Apr 190503 Apr 1986Maple Hill
AtchersonBerniceL.UnkNDDMaple Hill
AtchisonAlexUnk07 Aug 1862Maple Hill
AtchleyAlbertUnk10 Dec 1944Maple Hill
AtchleyB.W.18411930Pleas Mount Baptist Church
AtchleyBeatriceG.191913 Jan 2004Hayden
AtchleyBerthaB.15 Feb 190726 Jul 1986Moon
AtchleyBessieB.07 Apr 190210 May 1998Maple Hill
AtchleyBettyUnk29 Sep 1979Maple Hill
AtchleyBillyJoe27 Dec 1939NDDMoon
AtchleyBurleyB.06 Aug 190917 Apr 1964Moon
AtchleyCharles17 Mar 193404 Nov 1997Green Valley
AtchleyClarenceUnk30 Jun 1946Maple Hill
AtchleyD.W.25 Dec 193126 Sep 1994Kennamer
AtchleyDavidEarl12 Jun 195306 Nov 1953Hayden
AtchleyDonaldRay04 Apr 194317 Feb 1972Moon
AtchleyEliga15 Feb 191516 Aug 1967Charity Baptist Church
AtchleyEmmettRoy29 Aug 190104 Mar 1966Kennamer
AtchleyGeorgeM.05 Aug 191715 Jan 1994First Flint River Baptist
AtchleyGeorge10 Aug 189301 Dec 1973Maple Hill
AtchleyGrady15 Nov 190409 Apr 1950Moon
AtchleyJacksonA.18 Mar 190422 Nov 1959Hayden
AtchleyJamesDavid22 Dec 1954NDDHayden
AtchleyJamesJim06 Aug 192211 Oct 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
AtchleyJohnF.28 Jul 189525 Mar 1977Maple Hill
AtchleyJohnH.22 Aug 183926 Dec 1912Kennamer
AtchleyJohnWilliamUnk05 Apr 1947Maple Hill
AtchleyJohnnieR.Unk01 Sep 2005Gurley
AtchleyJudyS.25 Dec 1944NDDMoon
AtchleyKatherine03 Feb 193801 Jul 1967Green Valley
AtchleyLauraMae10 Mar 193416 Jul 1993Kennamer
AtchleyLucille30 Dec 189918 Jan 1975Maple Hill
AtchleyMargaret09 Feb 188013 Apr 1966Stewart
AtchleyMaryUnk20 Dec 1955Maple Hill
AtchleyMilton10 Aug 1910NDDKennamer
AtchleyMinnieBell25 Oct 190513 Sep 1943Kennamer
AtchleyMollie27 May 1874Mar 1934Hayden
AtchleyPearlVirginia05 Apr 1929NDDKennamer
AtchleyRatchelSloanUnk31 Oct 1936Maple Hill
AtchleyRexfordD.Unk02 Sep 1989Maple Hill
AtchleyRosieE.19 Aug 190808 Jul 1922Hayden
AtchleyS.H.Unk15 Jan 1908Kennamer
AtchleySarahM.18501930Pleas Mount Baptist Church
AtchleyTineyL.11 Feb 190720 Jul 1954Moon
AtchleyWalter10 Mar 186913 May 1947Stewart
AtckinsonOscarUnk09 Feb 1935Maple Hill
AthertonUnkUnk07 Jan 1919Maple Hill
AthonInfantUnk18 Oct 1958Maple Hill
AtkinsAlexUnk13 Mar 1944Maple Hill
AtkinsBerbinUnk06 Oct 1900Maple Hill
AtkinsCallieUnk23 Oct 1898Maple Hill
AtkinsDellaUnk10 Mar 1902Maple Hill
AtkinsFlorenceUnk05 Sep 1932Maple Hill
AtkinsFruzaMaeUnk27 Apr 1940Maple Hill
AtkinsJoseph07 Mar 180822 Jun 1898Douglass-Pettus
AtkinsJosephUnk09 Nov 1898Maple Hill
AtkinsNolenUnk27 Sep 1894Maple Hill
AtkinsRaymondUnk21 Dec 1943Maple Hill
AtkinsRobertUnk21 Dec 1943Maple Hill
AtkinsonA.Unk24 Jun 1904Maple Hill
AtkinsonAddie25 Jan 190214 Feb 1983Maple Hill
AtkinsonBen18 Jun 191908 Jan 1997Maple Hill
AtkinsonDonnaElizabethUnk19 Dec 1970Maple Hill
AtkinsonJamesR.Unk03 Feb 1991Maple Hill
AtkinsonJohnThomas03 Jan 190629 Oct 1986Maple Hill
AtkinsonLindaLeeUnk03 Mar 1947Maple Hill
AtkinsonMaryL.25 Dec 1888NDDCharity Baptist Church
AtkinsonNell23 Oct 192123 Oct 1982Maple Hill
AtkinsonThomasY.20 Mar 189321 Jul 1965Charity Baptist Church
AtnipBenjaminR.Unk19 Feb 1979Maple Hill
AtnipFlorence16 Sep 191129 Feb 1984Maple Hill
AtnipRichardUnk09 Oct 1969Maple Hill
AttayaElaine27 Oct 191607 Jun 2000Maple Hill
AttayaHenry01 May 191510 Mar 2004Maple Hill
AttayaHenryUnk31 Jan 1946Maple Hill
AttayaMargaret20 Feb 191614 Sep 1975Maple Hill
AtwoodGeorgeM.24 Aug 182605 Sep 1827Maple Hill
AtwoodGeorgeW.C.14 Dec 182716 Jul 1870Maple Hill
AtwoodMaryFrances10 Nov 181917 Sep 1820Maple Hill
AtwoodMaryUnk07 Sep 1837Maple Hill
AugustineEdwardJoseph04 May 191515 Sep 2004Maple Hill
AugustineMaryE.05 may 192131 Mar 1978Maple Hill
AullHubertM.17 Aug 191626 Nov 1998Maple Hill
AultmanLucilleM.Unk31 Oct 1993Maple Hill
AusbornIraC.11 Mar 192117 Mar 1986Maple Hill
AustHamptonLee04 Jan 190722 May 1990Maple Hill
AustellAddieBellUnk22 Jun 1963Maple Hill
AustinCherrieD.Hillis09 Jan 190922 Feb 1983Maple Hill
AustinElliaUnk03 Feb 1938Maple Hill
AustinH.Unk27 Nov 1900Maple Hill
AustinJ.W.28 Aug 192219 Aug 1970Charity Baptist Church
AustinJackD.24 Oct 192009 Oct 1983Maple Hill
AustinLewisTalley12 Aug 190909 Apr 1967Maple Hill
AustinMildredD.26 Dec 182811 Mar 1886Maple Hill
AustinOtis12 Mar 192821 Jun 1976Maple Hill
AustinUnkFemaleUnk12 Mar 1886Maple Hill
AustinUnkMaleUnk09 Aug 1901Maple Hill
AustinUnkMaleUnk05 Sep 1871Maple Hill
AustinWilliamR.02 Oct 192212 May 1986Maple Hill
AutechaudGeorgettaH.Unk30 Jan 1979Maple Hill
AutechaudJean-Pierre06 Feb 190322 May 1985Maple Hill
AutoUnkFemaleUnk23 Jul 1870Maple Hill
AutreyCatherineIrene24 Jul 192923 Jul 2005Twickenham
AutreyGeorgeR.Unk05 Nov 1958Maple Hill
AuxerFrankA.01 Sep 190012 Nov 1997Maple Hill
AvenJ.W.17 Feb 187729 Mar 1914New Hope
AveryLavadaBurgessUnk08 Jun 1958Maple Hill
AwyanB.F.Unk27 Aug 1897Maple Hill
AycockAnnieMayUnk03 Sep 1898Maple Hill
AycockBulahIdeanRoberts17 Apr 192309 May 2000Concord
AycockJ.D.10 Apr 191417 Sep 2000Concord
AycockLillianDorthy08 Mar 192913 Apr 1993Concord
AyersAnnaTaylor29 Sep 191429 Jun 1950Mt. Zion
AyersBeulahB.Unk30 Dec 1898Maple Hill
AyersEddieMae17 Aug 193713 Jan 1996Collier - Triana
AyersEdnaP.28 Oct 194624 Sep 1989Northside
AyersEricPrestonUnk10 Jul 1966Maple Hill
AyersF.W.04 Nov 186623 Jun 1928Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
AyersJamesH.22 Jun 192205 Jan 1990Brown
AyersJamesW.05 Apr 191316 Jun 1973Brandon
AyersJim17 Mar 194108 Jan 1990Booker
AyersLesleySteven06 Sep 194408 Feb 1968Maple Hill
AyersMaryMalinda31 Oct 186313 Sep 1947Sneed
AyersNarellaTaylor25 Feb 192227 Aug 1997Brandon
AyersRichard05 Aug 193207 Apr 1966Northside
AyersRuthJane25 Aug 188711 Jul 1964Maple Hill
AyersWillieJane M.02 Mar 1931NDDBrown

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