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GaddesInezUnk25 Oct 1918Maple Hill
GaddisMaryElizabethUnk04 Feb 1998Maple Hill
GageFrederickFanning09 Sep 185112 May 1890Maple Hill
GainerArthurAllen19201922Madison Crossroads
GainerGilbertWarner19151917Madison Crossroads
GainerJohnWilliam23 Oct 18801957Madison Crossroads
GainerMaryMaglineMooneyham18821969Madison Crossroads
GainesAnnieP.13 Jul 193727 Aug 1974Northside
GainesCalvin19 Sep 190102 May 1973Maple Hill
GainesEdwardBoyd25 Apr 190529 Apr 1988Moon
GainesEugeneH.13 Jul 190607 Nov 1988Maple Hill
GainesFlossieUnk10 Aug 1970Maple Hill
GainesFlossieUnk28 Sep 1918Maple Hill
GainesGeneBeneford31 Jan 193221 Jan 1969Maple Hill
GainesGwendolyn10 Oct 194824 May 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
GainesJessieMaeUnk22 Dec 1925Maple Hill
GainesJoeUnk07 Jun 1958Maple Hill
GainesJohnWilliamJun 1873Jun 1918Cochran
GainesJohn19 Apr 190414 Aug 1973Maple Hill
GainesLucyW.09 Apr 189204 Apr 1962Brandon
GainesMaggie01 Feb 189708 Jun 1979Maple Hill
GainesMargaret21 Apr 194116 Apr 2005Maple Hill
GainesMaryAliceBaker22 Dec 189903 Jun 1985Moon
GainesMildredUnk06 Feb 1957Maple Hill
GainesMinnieBelleUnk20 Dec 1971Maple Hill
GainesNannie18 Jan 190903 May 2002Maple Hill
GainesOlefC.23 Oct 191022 Apr 1998Maple Hill
GainesRuben10 Sep 188613 Aug 1965Brandon
GainesRubyStatum31 Jan 191105 Feb 2005Maple Hill
GainesSam09 Jan 188626 Apr 1968Northside
GainesShermanUnk01 Apr 1927Maple Hill
GainesSilasB.18 Jan 190721 Mar 1978Maple Hill
GainesWillieLee17 Mar 190618 Jan 1970Northside
GainesWillieR.10 Mar 190813 Oct 1979Maple Hill
GainnLoydUnk16 Jan 1941Maple Hill
GaitherAliceUnk20 Dec 1965Maple Hill
GaitherB.D.Unk11 Oct 1957Maple Hill
GaitherEvert04 Jul 191206 Nov 1996Maple Hill
GaitherHamer30 Sep 190905 Oct 1973Maple Hill
GaitherLonzo10 May 191202 Jan 1989Maple Hill
GaitherMaudJ.21 Aug 190316 Jul 1997Maple Hill
GaitherMaudeIvillaUnk27 Jan 1991Maple Hill
GakkagerJ.W.Unk28 Aug 1862Maple Hill
GallagherVirginia11 Oct 188517 Oct 1978Maple Hill
GalliganDellaHarris31 Jul 189316 May 1972Maple Hill
GallowayBlakeThomasUnk21 Jun 1970Maple Hill
GallowayDollyUnk28 Jan 1923Maple Hill
GallowayElizabethL.16 Jan 189816 Mar 1988Maple Hill
GallowayJohnUnk15 Feb 1940Maple Hill
GallowayMaryUnk03 Aug 1933Maple Hill
GallowayPaulM.31 Aug 1920Mar 1981Moon
GallowayWilliamT.31 Aug 189409 Jun 1991Maple Hill
GalzeranoArthurW.20 Sep 192516 Jan 1986Maple Hill
GambleSaraM.Unk31 Jan 1975Maple Hill
GambrellComerEther01 May 191515 Sep 1996Maple Hill
GambrellHugh01 Jan 185026 Feb 1920Merrimack
GambrellLillard23 Dec 191504 Apr 1979Maple Hill
GambrelleEvelyn03 May 185912 Dec 1939Merrimack
GambrillAliceUnk09 Jan 1938Maple Hill
GannCharles18891950Mt. Zion
GannJ.Unk16 Sep 1955Maple Hill
GannJohnL.Unk04 May 1950Maple Hill
GannLloydThomasUnk16 Jan 1941Maple Hill
GannLloydUnk07 May 1942Maple Hill
GannMaryWillie21 Nov 193527 Nov 1996Maple Hill
GannawayBarbaraReed26 Jul 194330 Nov 1999Maple Hill
GannonCharlesRay08 Oct 192423 Jan 2002Maple Hill
GannonThomasF.Unk22 Jul 1973Maple Hill
GantJamesI.25 Feb 190325 Dec 1983Maple Hill
GantMauriceI.27 Feb 192420 Aug 1988Maple Hill
GantNormaSchrimsher17 Aug 192507 Oct 2001Maple Hill
GanterBerthaR.Unk15 Jun 1989Maple Hill
GanterMattieE.Unk07 Mar 1899Maple Hill
GanttJamesP.Unk04 Mar 1976Maple Hill
GarciaFernandoM.30 Jun 190302 Feb 1981Maple Hill
GarciaGloriaBarnes14 Apr 191410 Jan 1990Maple Hill
GarciaManuelRodriguez14 Sep 192024 Jan 2006Maple Hill
GardinerAliceBell08 Jul 185920 Oct 1944Ebenezer
GardinerC.B.Dec 183020 Jul 1853Ebenezer
GardinerConnieF.Unk07 Mar 1967Maple Hill
GardinerDavidColumbus30 Jul 185526 Oct 1916Ebenezer
GardinerFulghamUnk11 Jan 1898Ebenezer
GardinerInez27 Oct 190708 Jan 1987Maple Hill
GardinerLauraS.Unk17 Apr 1918Maple Hill
GardinerLelandM.Unk27 Mar 1962Maple Hill
GardinerLelandMead11 May 190311 Apr 1982Maple Hill
GardinerLeslie17 Jul 189214 Apr 1894Ebenezer
GardinerMaryFrancesUnk11 Aug 1948Maple Hill
GardinerMurrayStyleUnk09 Jan 1959Maple Hill
GardinerSarahBell29 Oct 181215 Sep 1871Ebenezer
GardinerUnk04 Oct 193104 Oct 1931Ebenezer
GardnerEmmaUnk01 Jun 1867Maple Hill
GardnerErnestJ.06 Mar 194122 May 1985Northside
GardnerGeorgeT.12 Aug 189930 Jan 1920Pine Grove - Deposit
GardnerJamesFloydUnk22 Apr 1960Maple Hill
GardnerJennieS.Unk14 Dec 1874Maple Hill
GardnerJennie15 Jun 190627 Jul 1985Northside
GardnerK.P.19271968Pine Grove - Deposit
GardnerMahlon10 Mar 190203 Jan 1977Northside
GardnerMargaret30 Dec 190519 May 1997Maple Hill
GardnerMaryUnkNDDMaple Hill
GardnerMaryUnk17 Jul 1933Maple Hill
GardnerMelvinGlennUnk19 Aug 1962Maple Hill
GardnerPercyW.Unk15 Aug 1974Maple Hill
GardnerSilasB.Unk31 Mar 1977Maple Hill
GarlingMariePenny09 Oct 190608 Sep 1995Penny
GarloughRobertH.Unk01 Mar 1986Maple Hill
GarmleyWileyUnk27 Dec 1921Maple Hill
GarnandThurmanRickUnk13 Nov 1990Maple Hill
GarnardBettyUnk18 Apr 1952Maple Hill
GarnardFinisW.15 Jun 191004 Mar 1973Maple Hill
GarnardThurmanF.Unk18 Apr 1975Maple Hill
GarnerAdaUnk17 Feb 1940Maple Hill
GarnerAdaUnk24 Jun 1925Maple Hill
GarnerAdaline01 Oct 183106 Nov 1867Triana
GarnerAlbertaB.08 Oct 192609 Apr 1992St. Ruth
GarnerAliceE.15 Oct 185418 Dec 1859Triana
GarnerAnnieLena18971949St. Ruth
GarnerArthur22 May 189411 Feb 1954Royal
GarnerBessieLucile29 Mar 193424 Aug 1924Fowlkes
GarnerBrooksy18 Feb 189117 Feb 1977Maple Hill
GarnerCliffordW.28 Mar 1951Sep 1959St. Ruth
GarnerDixieHobbsUnk05 Jul 1898Maple Hill
GarnerEdwin05 Dec 185816 Dec 1858Triana
GarnerElizabethJul 184811 Jul 1913Battle - Mt. Lebanon
GarnerElizabethUnk24 Jul 1933Maple Hill
GarnerEllaUnk05 Dec 1966Maple Hill
GarnerElmer02 Nov 184716 Apr 1927St. Ruth
GarnerErvin02 Jul 191404 Dec 1992St. Ruth
GarnerFanniePulley15 Jan 190620 Oct 1987Pulley
GarnerFannieUnk24 Mar 1910Glenwood
GarnerFelleyL.08 Jun 189228 Feb 1943Pine Grove - Harvest
GarnerFloyd11 Mar 192402 Dec 2003St. Ruth
GarnerFrancis12 Apr 184616 Mar 1922St. Ruth
GarnerGeorgeL.02 Feb 191111 Apr 1995Brandon
GarnerGertrude1899NDDSt. Ruth
GarnerHattieLou17 Oct 191519 Dec 1997Pine Grove - Harvest
GarnerHorace01 Jan 191524 Sep 1981Pine Grove - Harvest
GarnerInfant23 May 188223 May 1882Garner
GarnerIrene20 Jan 190401 Nov 1971Maple Hill
GarnerJamesPaul15 Oct 192102 Mar 2000Maple Hill
GarnerJanieR.12 Oct 191328 Nov 1996Brandon
GarnerJerryMichaelUnk21 Aug 1972Maple Hill
GarnerJessie12 Jul 186621 Feb 1938St. Ruth
GarnerJessie27 Jun 191604 Aug 2001St. Ruth
GarnerJohnWill11 May 192420 Jan 1995St. Ruth
GarnerJohnWillie11 May 192420 Jan 1995St. Ruth
GarnerJohn07 Aug 1868NDDSt. Ruth
GarnerKevin04 Jul 198028 Sep 1980Northside
GarnerLane02 Dec 189819 Aug 1965St. Ruth
GarnerLela12 Jul 188904 Nov 1968Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
GarnerLogan04 May 1939Mar 1979St. Ruth
GarnerLuezinkaSep 1903Jan 1982St. Ruth
GarnerMaryB.Unk13 Jan 1947Maple Hill
GarnerMaryEllen23 Jun 194410 Jun 1999St. Ruth
GarnerMaryLou11 Mar 190620 Dec 1996St. Ruth
GarnerMatthew16 Aug 195323 Jul 2001Conley Chapel
GarnerMattie24 Dec 188717 Apr 1965Northside
GarnerMildredLean13 Jul 193406 Aug 2005St. Ruth
GarnerMyrtleUnk07 Dec 1963Maple Hill
GarnerOdell07 Feb 187327 Jan 1925St. Ruth
GarnerPernellE.06 Mar 192109 Sep 1996Conley Chapel
GarnerRobertO.K.Unk09 Sep 1999Maple Hill
GarnerSallieJ.08 Nov 189410 Feb 1978Maple Hill
GarnerSam1890NDDSt. Ruth
GarnerSamuelUnk04 Apr 1932Maple Hill
GarnerTheodoreH.Unk20 Jul 1970Maple Hill
GarnerThomasB.07 Oct 189228 Oct 1973Maple Hill
GarnerTommieCleo07 Jan 1943Apr 1980Conley Chapel
GarnerUnice11 Jun 193912 Jun 1939St. Ruth
GarnerUnkMaleUnk25 Jul 1890Maple Hill
GarnerVasti19101958St. Ruth
GarnerViolaBurton15 Jun 190818 Jun 1994Maple Hill
GarnerW.F.Unk06 Apr 1948Maple Hill
GarnerW.Unk14 Oct 1930Maple Hill
GarnerWalter01 Jan 188925 Nov 1956Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
GarnerWilliamThomas14 Feb 183002 Jun 1905Madison
GarnerWoodrowUnk17 Aug 1978Maple Hill
GarnettArchieUnk17 Mar 1954Maple Hill
GarrardFlorenceUnk01 Jul 1958Maple Hill
GarrettAliceS.03 Oct 187117 Jan 1923Shady Grove
GarrettAussieWinfredUnk04 Jan 1992Maple Hill
GarrettDennisJeanUnk09 Jan 1947Maple Hill
GarrettElzieFannyLee08 Sep 189702 Oct 1901Shady Grove
GarrettIssacB.01 Sep 190720 Aug 1970Maple Hill
GarrettJ.L.Unk18 Aug 1893Maple Hill
GarrettLelaA.10 Aug 190529 Mar 1987Maple Hill
GarrettLeroy26 Nov 191321 Jul 1980Northside
GarrettLeviNerren02 Apr 187504 Oct 1947Madison
GarrettM.G.18571939Shady Grove
GarrettMyrtleVictoria07 Aug 190931 Oct 1999Maple Hill
GarrettNellieL.Unk08 Oct 1977Maple Hill
GarrettOrlene04 Jul 191024 Apr 1911Madison
GarrettSamUnk27 Sep 1967Maple Hill
GarrettT.E.09 Sep 186911 May 1950Shady Grove
GarrettViolaMcCrary08 Sep 191722 Aug 1997Northside
GarretteDanielUnk13 Nov 1898Maple Hill
GarrickDannyL.24 Jul 198224 Jul 1982Northside
GarrickMichaelUnk29 Aug 1862Maple Hill
GarrisonAlbertRay30 Jan 193024 Apr 1993Maple Hill
GarrisonBrianR.21 Jun 196017 Jun 1977Maple Hill
GarrisonJohnUnk07 Feb 1974Maple Hill
GarrisonL.B.03 Feb 193110 Mar 1996Maple Hill
GarrisonLoreneW.05 Nov 190117 Oct 1975Maple Hill
GarrisonOwenTalmadge21 Jan 190024 Jul 1964Maple Hill
GarrisonWilliamUnk02 Nov 1924Maple Hill
GarthAnnieL.14 Jun 196004 Jun 1991Crowson Hill
GarthCarolineG.10 Mar 190021 Mar 1984Maple Hill
GarthHoraceE.04 Nov 192317 Mar 1994Maple Hill
GarthHorceUnk01 Mar 1920Maple Hill
GarthLenaUnk30 Jan 1938Maple Hill
GarthLouiseDodsworthUnk03 Jul 1972Maple Hill
GarthMaxiaUnk06 Mar 1917Maple Hill
GarthRaymond13 Nov 194413 Nov 1967Northside
GarthW.F.Unk01 Apr 1947Maple Hill
GarthWilliamWillis28 Oct 182812 Feb 1912Maple Hill
GarthWinstonUnk02 Jan 1933Maple Hill
GarvinEvelineS.Unk19 Oct 1880Maple Hill
GarvinHattieMay11 Nov 189711 Dec 1985Maple Hill
GarvinLeolaUnk18 Sep 1940Maple Hill
GarvinMaryE.21 Nov 190713 Apr 1986Maple Hill
GarvinSylviaEleanor12 Mar 196410 Mar 2002Maple Hill
GarvinWilliamS.Unk23 Dec 1949Maple Hill
GaryEarnest12 Mar 191512 Jul 1949Maple Hill
GaryLiddieUnk01 Dec 1936Maple Hill
GaryLucy28 Jun 188225 Mar 1958Maple Hill
GaryMarionUnk01 Aug 1941Maple Hill
GaryWilliam13 Aug 187523 May 1949Maple Hill
GarzaRubyHolt15 Aug 191517 Feb 1981Maple Hill
GassenJoseph19171980Madison Crossroads
GassetHowerUnk17 Apr 1930Maple Hill
GassmanHaroldS.Unk26 Sep 1979Maple Hill
GassmanMcDillMrs.Unk25 Nov 1971Maple Hill
GastonAbrahamUnk21 Jan 1823Maple Hill
GastonJamesHenryUnk02 Dec 1888Maple Hill
GatelyMaryH.Michael02 Jul 193428 Feb 2000Maple Hill
GatesAlleyE.Unk13 Feb 1896Maple Hill
GatesBrendaUnk10 Sep 1950Maple Hill
GatesClaudeI.23 Apr 191307 Apr 1993Maple Hill
GatesEmilyMethraUnk15 Jun 2001Maple Hill
GatesLaulahUnk30 Jun 1935Maple Hill
GatesMarthaT.12 Aug 190209 Feb 1998Maple Hill
GatesRobertL.02 Dec 189123 Jun 1979Maple Hill
GatesRoyUnk27 Jan 1896Maple Hill
GatesStephenC.Unk13 Jun 1929Maple Hill
GatesThomasPickens23 Aug 190126 Mar 1995Maple Hill
GatesThomasV.Unk13 Mar 1953Maple Hill
GatlinBufordUnk06 Apr 1946Maple Hill
GattisFloraMaeUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
GattisFlora12 Apr 189313 Oct 1980Maple Hill
GattisFrankUnk09 Nov 1926Maple Hill
GattisInezUnk25 Oct 1918Maple Hill
GattisInfantMaleUnk1924Charity Baptist Church
GattisIreneW.04 Mar 192523 Apr 1993Maple Hill
GattisJamesWesley08 Aug 193608 Aug 1936Charity Baptist Church
GattisJessieH.Unk11 Apr 1922Maple Hill
GattisJohnWesley11 Apr 190010 Feb 1967Charity Baptist Church
GattisKatherineUnk14 Oct 1930Maple Hill
GattisLemuelMosleyUnk24 Mar 1963Maple Hill
GattisMargaretLouise06 Nov 191420 Jan 1998Maple Hill
GattisMarthaEvelyn18721947Charity Baptist Church
GattisMichaelE.Unk26 Sep 1971Maple Hill
GattisRufusW.24 Jun 189106 Nov 1983Maple Hill
GattisRufusUnk22 Nov 1929Maple Hill
GattisRuphusUnk04 May 1931Maple Hill
GattisS.M.Mrs.Unk20 Jan 1950Maple Hill
GattisSelmaUnk27 Feb 1976Maple Hill
GattisWilliamHenry18711929Charity Baptist Church
GaugalHughUnk02 Dec 1928Maple Hill
GaughtNolaLee30 Mar 189322 Jan 1965First Flint River Baptist
GaultBettie14 Apr 187707 Feb 1920Merrimack
GaultCharlesB.Unk27 Nov 1961Maple Hill
GaultCharlesUnk06 Aug 1956Maple Hill
GaultClevelandN.18 Jun 192408 Jun 1999Maple Hill
GaultDaisyBell18851941Charity Baptist Church
GaultVirginia19 Apr 192021 Mar 2006Maple Hill
GaultW.Unk22 May 1920Maple Hill
GaultWilliamHenry11 Feb 188501 Sep 1957Charity Baptist Church
GautDora20 May 190221 Aug 1986Maple Hill
GautneyGarnerClay21 Aug 196103 Apr 1974Bevill
GautneyHenryClay16 Oct 191704 Aug 1989Bevill
GautneyMildredStewart04 Nov 191403 Apr 1974Bevill
GautneyPeggyLou11 Feb 194203 Apr 1974Bevill
GautneyTammyReka04 Jan 196307 Jan 1963Bevill
GautneyThomasWayne27 Dec 194020 Apr 1988Bevill
GayFredaM.20 Feb 191814 Jul 1996Maple Hill
GayWilliamCleveland24 May 192605 Nov 2005Maple Hill
GayWilliamM.Unk18 Oct 1990Maple Hill
GayleMattieUnk25 Nov 1918Maple Hill
GaylordRichardHayden17 Apr 192628 Oct 2001Maple Hill
GazaJamesHughUnk07 Jul 1980Maple Hill
GearldsDarleneElizabeth08 Dec 196616 Feb 1997Plainview
GearldsDorisC.10 Feb 193717 Jan 2003Plainview
GearldsWilliamB.05 Sep 193203 Nov 1991Plainview
GeeAnnieUnk06 Nov 1899Maple Hill
GeeJessieWunUnk28 Jan 1988Maple Hill
GeeMaryUnk18 Jun 1911Maple Hill
GeePermelie12 Jun 184003 Aug 1894Vinson
GeerKneelandUnk26 May 1968Maple Hill
GeerNormanFred09 Mar 192208 Dec 1994Maple Hill
GeerRoydUnk20 Feb 1924Maple Hill
GeierCarmelWinnifred01 Dec 190311 Sep 1967Maple Hill
GeigerFrederick21 Aug 191601 Jun 1983Maple Hill
GeigerM.C.24 May 187420 Oct 1901Esslinger
GeigerMarthaUnk15 Mar 1915Maple Hill
GeillenBerthaMaeRousseau08 Sep 192131 Aug 1996Maple Hill
GeisslerErnstD.Unk03 Jun 1989Maple Hill
GeisslerGerdaS.17 Oct 192124 Dec 1998Maple Hill
GelhausenLucilleUnk13 Jun 1948Maple Hill
GennerAlleUnk15 Sep 1923Maple Hill
GentleBentleUnk14 Mar 1923Maple Hill
GentleCarterL.18 Jun 190525 Dec 1975Maple Hill
GentleCecilL.10 Apr 193222 May 1963Moon
GentleCecilS.12 Jul 193410 Sep 1981Maple Hill
GentleClydeCatherine13 Jul 189616 Nov 1970Maple Hill
GentleFannieUnk29 Mar 1936Maple Hill
GentleHaroldW.02 Jan 192913 Apr 1985Maple Hill
GentleHoward02 Apr 191518 Mar 1979Maple Hill
GentleJohnT.Unk06 Mar 1961Maple Hill
GentleJohnUnk19 Mar 1946Maple Hill
GentleOllieEdward08 Aug 192008 Jul 2005Green Valley
GentleRose27 Jul 191130 Mar 2005Maple Hill
GentleV.Pauline08 Mar 1935NDDMoon
GentleVirginiaChristine28 Dec 193027 Apr 2000Maple Hill
GentlesMaryN.Unk25 Mar 1950Maple Hill
GentryAnnaMae03 Mar 190628 Dec 2001Green Valley
GentryAnnaUnk19 Aug 1951Maple Hill
GentryBlancheUnk15 Jun 1924Maple Hill
GentryCharlesM.Unk22 Dec 1978Maple Hill
GentryDF.Unk11 Apr 1965Maple Hill
GentryEthelUnk15 Jan 1935Maple Hill
GentryFlorenceA.19 Aug 190803 Nov 1981Maple Hill
GentryFrank27 Jan 1940NDDRagsdale
GentryG.W.12 Apr 187019 Jun 1942Ragsdale
GentryH.Unk10 Sep 1953Maple Hill
GentryHallieYoung190429 Apr 1936Maple Hill
GentryHermanD.Unk22 Aug 1991Maple Hill
GentryHermanT.Unk01 Jun 1921Maple Hill
GentryJamesG.04 Mar 188416 Sep 1947Moon
GentryJessieLeeUnk17 May 1969Maple Hill
GentryJimT.25 Nov 190513 Jun 1990Maple Hill
GentryJoanC.01 May 195814 Feb 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
GentryLeeP.187519??Neal Chapel
GentryMarvin18 Jul 190912 Nov 1986Ragsdale
GentryMaryUnk16 Jan 1935Maple Hill
GentryMorris09 Jan 193502 Sep 1971Maple Hill
GentryOra21 Sep 1890Feb 1968Maple Hill
GentryPacia187625 Apr 1905Neal Chapel
GentryRobertC.Unk12 Jun 1937Maple Hill
GentrySarah05 Feb 189708 Apr 1974Maple Hill
GentryWillieMaeUnk20 Oct 1990Maple Hill
GeorgeAlice25 Apr 186111 Jul 1935Cochran
GeorgeBessieV.06 Apr 188215 Nov 1973Cochran
GeorgeBirdie07 Jun 189022 Aug 1902Cochran
GeorgeCharleyM.Unk07 Mar 1974Maple Hill
GeorgeDavidLyphusUnk31 Dec 1967Briar Fork
GeorgeE.B.Unk22 Aug 1965Maple Hill
GeorgeE.Dawson07 Jun 191809 Jun 1990Maple Hill
GeorgeFrancesThomas15 Jul 188130 Jan 1974Maple Hill
GeorgeGordonC.Unk23 Apr 1992Maple Hill
GeorgeJamesUnk24 Apr 1922Maple Hill
GeorgeJohnM.25 Dec 190323 Sep 1994Maple Hill
GeorgeJohnMonroe01 Aug 194517 Jun 2002Maple Hill
GeorgeJohnWesley25 Feb 188126 Oct 1952Maple Hill
GeorgeJuliaF.Darby18 Aug 192023 Apr 1992Maple Hill
GeorgeJulianUnk04 Jun 1996Maple Hill
GeorgeMamieB.Unk24 Dec 1987Maple Hill
GeorgeMayMcCord05 Jan 188713 Oct 1973Maple Hill
GeorgeMillerL.Unk09 Apr 1983Maple Hill
GeorgeNettieMay03 Dec 197030 Jan 1990Maple Hill
GeorgeParks15 Oct 185701 Feb 1939Cochran
GeorgePeggyUnk22 Jul 1933Maple Hill
GeorgeRay05 Nov 192009 Dec 2002Maple Hill
GeorgeRobert20 May 191623 Aug 1974Maple Hill
GeorgeRobertaAcklen04 Apr 190830 Jan 1987Maple Hill
GeorgeRosieB.UnkNDDMaple Hill
GeorgeSaraP.11 Sep 191821 Sep 1999Maple Hill
GeorgeThomas182519 Mar 1890Maple Hill
GeorgeUnkUnk06 May 1904Maple Hill
GeorgeW.M.Unk20 Oct 1966Maple Hill
GerhartMartha27 May 190128 Aug 1978Maple Hill
GerhartRussell26 Mar 190218 Feb 1972Maple Hill
GermannJonCarolUnk09 Oct 1976Maple Hill
GermannPaulP.20 Jul 190830 Aug 1977Maple Hill
GeronAlbertUnk19 May 1928Maple Hill
GeronAlfredM.Unk21 Apr 1948Maple Hill
GeronAlice27 May 189805 Dec 1977Maple Hill
GeronAmericaYeatman04 Oct 182502 Oct 1871Maple Hill
GeronClaiborneCole25 Jun 190816 Jan 1881Maple Hill
GeronClaiborneT.12 Dec 187314 Mar 1953Maple Hill
GeronDoraBradford06 Apr 188622 Aug 1965Maple Hill
GeronElginY.12 Sep 190319 Jun 1997Maple Hill
GeronElizabeth26 May 190801 Feb 1998Maple Hill
GeronGayleFigures22 Apr 188408 Sep 1956Maple Hill
GeronGayle06 Dec 192007 Jul 2004Maple Hill
GeronMabelLanders29 Feb 188021 Apr 1955Maple Hill
GeronMaryM.03 Aug 188925 Dec 1988Maple Hill
GeronMattieHereford27 Jul 185313 Jul 1930Maple Hill
GeronPrestonYeatman17 Feb 184826 Feb 1917Maple Hill
GeronRichardP.24 May 188829 Jan 1974Maple Hill
GeronSimeon21 May 181816 Feb 1878Bethel/Old Bethel
GeronYeatman28 Dec 187910 Jan 1906Maple Hill
GerronLeslieUnk10 Jan 1894Maple Hill
GesmanGeorgeHarland29 Apr 190718 Apr 2002Maple Hill
GesmanMaryE.14 Dec 190824 Oct 1992Maple Hill
GessWilliamUnk17 Apr 1956Maple Hill
GevinKimberlyUnk19 Dec 1978Maple Hill
GhidottiGraceD.13 Oct 190705 Mar 1997Charity Baptist Church
GhidottiJamesC.19251944Charity Baptist Church
GhidottiJohnB.25 Sep 1900Dec 1962Charity Baptist Church
GhristMyrtleUnk01 may 1944Maple Hill
GiardiniGiardinoUnk30 Jan 1962Maple Hill
GiardiniRose03 Sep 189114 Mar 1966Maple Hill
GibbFlorenceMarie29 Dec 193917 Jun 1995Maple Hill
GibbsAgnesIonaUnk17 Jul 1959Maple Hill
GibbsAlbertaR.25 Apr 191526 Mar 1997Maple Hill
GibbsBelleG.Unk04 Aug 1936Maple Hill
GibbsDillardD.01 Jan 191905 Sep 2001Maple Hill
GibbsEaniceA.UnkNDDMaple Hill
GibbsEdithE.Maples05 Aug 188328 Dec 1932Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
GibbsEdnaEarl15 Oct 191717 Jun 1936Maple Hill
GibbsEvaM.05 Nov 188911 May 1980Maple Hill
GibbsFrancisUnk19 Feb 1922Maple Hill
GibbsGracieUnk31 Mar 1949Maple Hill
GibbsHarryTodd31 Dec 190024 May 1989Maple Hill
GibbsHarryUnk25 Jun 1943Maple Hill
GibbsHughUnk10 Jan 1945Maple Hill
GibbsJ.A.UnkNDDMaple Hill
GibbsJ.A.UnkNDDMaple Hill
GibbsJamesThornton19 Feb 187907 Feb 1953Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
GibbsJosephRaymondUnk18 Jan 1980Maple Hill
GibbsJosephW.16 Mar 188901 Apr 1972Maple Hill
GibbsJuliusJ.Unk06 May 1974Maple Hill
GibbsJuliusLeland10 May 193423 Mar 2000Maple Hill
GibbsLelandUnk18 Nov 1969Maple Hill
GibbsMaggie06 Dec 190428 Sep 1975Maple Hill
GibbsPatriciaUnk27 Apr 1941Maple Hill
GibbsPaulineBrooks23 Aug 190323 Aug 2004Maple Hill
GibbsRobertLeeUnk20 May 1960Maple Hill
GibbsRoyLester15 Jan 190828 Dec 1911Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
GibbsThomasLawler22 Apr 190123 Sep 1912Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
GibbsThomasUnk04 Jan 1914Maple Hill
GibbsTimothyDeanUnk06 Nov 1979Maple Hill
GibsonAlexUnk11 Jan 1899Maple Hill
GibsonBeulahUnk24 Jan 1957Maple Hill
GibsonChristineShelton03 Nov 192718 Jan 1986First Flint River Baptist
GibsonClayton05 Oct 190211 Apr 1904Madison Crossroads
GibsonDanielMcDonnellUnk30 Oct 1961Maple Hill
GibsonEsterUnk07 Mar 1936Maple Hill
GibsonFayeDavis12 Feb 193828 Dec 2004Twickenham
GibsonFranklinForrest10 Feb 189314 Sep 1901Madison
GibsonGeorgieUnk31 Jan 1899Maple Hill
GibsonGertrude04 Jul 188115 Feb 1965Maple Hill
GibsonJ.Unk03 Jun 1913Maple Hill
GibsonJayTrimble07 Oct 189202 Apr 1985First Flint River Baptist
GibsonJoeUnk20 Dec 1925Maple Hill
GibsonJohnUnk29 Oct 1922Maple Hill
GibsonJohnUnk04 Jan 1899Maple Hill
GibsonMarieCorrelli13 Apr 191226 Sep 1912Merrimack
GibsonMarthaUnk23 Sep 1954Maple Hill
GibsonMarthaUnk05 Nov 1943Maple Hill
GibsonMaryE.18711940Shady Grove
GibsonMinnieUnk04 Oct 1954Maple Hill
GibsonMollieUnk04 Jan 1892Maple Hill
GibsonNancyElizabethJohnston22 May 195923 Aug 2005Maple Hill
GibsonNancyUnk01 Mar 1921Maple Hill
GibsonP.S.186115 Mar 1906Merrimack
GibsonScottUnk03 Sep 1954Maple Hill
GibsonThomasR.19291930Shady Grove
GibsonWill24 Jul 189304 May 1958Shady Grove
GibsonWilliamUnk02 May 1938Maple Hill
GibsonZellaA.Unk03 Mar 1942Maple Hill
GiddensJohnUnk07 Jun 1921Maple Hill
GiddensJohnUnk18 May 1919Maple Hill
GideonCalvin21 Feb 195901 Feb 2003Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
GideonMose14 Mar 1894Dec 1976Glenwood
GiersRoseB.27 Nov 189603 Aug 1977Maple Hill
GiffordEverettEugene07 Jun 191921 Apr 1991Maple Hill
GiffordPatriciaM.Unk23 Apr 1965Maple Hill
GilbertAgnesP.13 May 192515 May 1992Maple Hill
GilbertAnnaH.24 Dec 1920Jul 1984Maple Hill
GilbertCharlesUnk20 Jun 1919Maple Hill
GilbertCharlieW.21 Dec 191025 Jan 1985Maple Hill
GilbertDellaP.16 Nov 188803 Feb 1954Charity Baptist Church
GilbertGeorgeW.22 Feb 1909Dec 1982Moon
GilbertHelen13 Jul 189901 Aug 1979Maple Hill
GilbertInfantUnk05 Sep 1952Maple Hill
GilbertJ.R.15 Jan 194715 Jan 1947Baker - Owens Cross Road
GilbertJohnH.31 Dec 1872NDDCharity Baptist Church
GilbertLucie186425 May 1944Maple Hill
GilbertMarjorieBaker30 Jun 191424 Jan 1947Baker - Owens Cross Road
GilbertMaryR.Unk15 Apr 1960Maple Hill
GilbertRoyThomas23 Jun 191714 Apr 2003Maple Hill
GilbertThosUnk29 Nov 1928Maple Hill
GilbreathBillyLyttrell25 Feb 191603 Mar 2005Maple Hill
GilbreathBillyTerryUnk17 Aug 1989Maple Hill
GilbreathPauline05 Nov 191821 Nov 2000Maple Hill
GilesA.Unk04 Mar 1915Maple Hill
GilesAnnieLee17 Jan 190620 May 1998Maple Hill
GilesAnnieUnk02 Dec 1913Maple Hill
GilesBenF.06 Nov 189617 Jun 1971Maple Hill
GilesCharlesUnk07 Mar 1946Maple Hill
GilesDoraD.Unk08 Jun 1990Maple Hill
GilesEdUnk08 Jul 1902Maple Hill
GilesEdUnk20 Feb 1888Maple Hill
GilesEdwardUnk16 Jun 1891Maple Hill
GilesEliza23 Aug 181102 Jan 1879Eva Court Road
GilesFrancesF.Unk15 Jul 1989Maple Hill
GilesGeorgeDeweyUnk15 Aug 1899Maple Hill
GilesGrace04 Aug 191022 Jan 2006Maple Hill
GilesHassieSueUnk07 Feb 1972Maple Hill
GilesHobertMorris22 Feb 192017 Sep 1980Maple Hill
GilesHomerS.15 Nov 192224 May 1974Maple Hill
GilesJ.HermanUnk04 Apr 1961Maple Hill
GilesJack21 Nov 191510 Jul 1982Maple Hill
GilesJamesUnk09 Jun 1874Maple Hill
GilesJenniferUnk10 Nov 1976Maple Hill
GilesJessie11 Jan 189522 Mar 1987Maple Hill
GilesJoeUnk12 Nov 1964Maple Hill
GilesJoseph23 Mar 194804 Apr 1977Maple Hill
GilesJosephUnk18 Jun 1942Maple Hill
GilesKarenUnk04 Apr 1977Maple Hill
GilesLauraMabell15 Oct 192927 Nov 1919Madison Crossroads
GilesMarieH.23 Aug 191603 Jan 1998Maple Hill
GilesMarjorie28 Jul 191803 Nov 1984Maple Hill
GilesMartin17 Oct 190721 Apr 1967Maple Hill
GilesMary24 Dec 190222 Jan 1987Maple Hill
GilesMollieUnk06 Feb 1895Maple Hill
GilesMollyOra11 Jul 188614 Jan 1966Maple Hill
GilesNorene20 Oct 191107 Aug 1986Maple Hill
GilesO.H.Unk11 Jul 1963Maple Hill
GilesO.H.Unk02 Dec 1947Maple Hill
GilesOleneWilliamson06 Sep 189906 Feb 2006Maple Hill
GilesOresG.24 May 189820 Aug 1979Maple Hill
GilesPerryUnk27 Apr 1974Maple Hill
GilesR.A.Unk09 Oct 1955Maple Hill
GilesReneeUnk23 Oct 2003Maple Hill
GilesRichardEarlUnk05 Dec 1948Maple Hill
GilesSueF.Unk01 Oct 1947Maple Hill
GilesSusieUnk15 Apr 1958Maple Hill
GilesThomasH.10 Nov 188419 Feb 1976Maple Hill
GilesUnkMaleUnk02 Feb 1872Maple Hill
GilesVernon22 Sep 192204 Sep 2005Oakwood Memorial Gardens
GilesW.C.Unk06 Jun 1961Maple Hill
GilesWalterC.Unk20 Nov 1968Maple Hill
GilesWilliamUnk19 Jan 1952Maple Hill
GilesWillieMrs.Unk20 Jun 1891Maple Hill
GilkesMadelineElecent21 Mar 192312 Apr 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
GillBeadieLacy10 Dec 190528 Nov 1965Northside
GillCarrieMcAnellyUnkNDDMaple Hill
GillCharlesE.Mrs.Unk04 Jan 1871Maple Hill
GillEugeneUnk28 Aug 1945Maple Hill
GillGeorgeB.Mrs.Unk20 Jun 1889Maple Hill
GillGeorgeUnk04 Oct 1926Maple Hill
GillIsaacW.Unk02 Nov 1917Maple Hill
GillIvaMaeUnk08 Mar 1966Maple Hill
GillJamesM.18811953Maple Hill
GillJamesUnk16 Nov 1916Maple Hill
GillJimmyUnk16 Jan 1954Maple Hill
GillJohnVivianUnk13 Sep 1934Maple Hill
GillPaulineStrong18851916Maple Hill
GillRyanStephen14 Dec 197614 Dec 1976Maple Hill
GillSallieMastin18 Dec 188724 Jan 1979Maple Hill
GillSterlingD.Unk14 Dec 1959Maple Hill
GillThomasO.15 Nov 183509 Dec 1912Norris
GillWilliamR.UnkNDDMaple Hill
GillWilliamUnk22 May 1952Maple Hill
GillEddieUnk29 Oct 1943Maple Hill
GillEugeneMastin25 Jul 192510 Feb 1982Maple Hill
GillJuliaUnk02 Dec 1942Maple Hill
GillandHerbert16 Jul 191424 Jan 1997Maple Hill
GillandNadineUnk07 Jul 1960Maple Hill
GillenArthurUnk05 Apr 1899Maple Hill
GillenEllenUnk31 Jan 1874Maple Hill
GillespieAliceHauer10 Mar 190017 Jun 2000Maple Hill
GillespieClaudeM.19 Mar 188519 Mar 1967Maple Hill
GillespieFloraUnk15 Jul 1935Maple Hill
GillespieGeorgeHouston26 Sep 187610 Jan 1882Farley
GillespieIdaCruteUnk11 Apr 1892Maple Hill
GillespieJamesClark05 Dec 185514 May 1914Madison
GillespieJerryS.03 Oct 194903 Mar 1980Maple Hill
GillespieLorinda22 Nov 183226 Jan 1906Farley
GillespieNitaUnk17 Jan 2001Maple Hill
GillespieSallieF.18 Dec 186210 Aug 1887Farley
GillespieSarahTaylor05 Sep 187706 Jun 1880Farley
GillespieWilliam16 Sep 191821 Sep 2004Maple Hill
GilliamAmandaUnk10 Jan 1895Maple Hill
GilliamBellUnk28 May 1918Maple Hill
GilliamBessieJ.Unk14 Nov 1962Maple Hill
GilliamBobbieLawler186411 Jul 1940Maple Hill
GilliamCatherineRussellKelly01 Oct 192805 Oct 2005Maple Hill
GilliamElva19 Mar 189308 Aug 1978Maple Hill
GilliamFloydH.185808 Jun 1944Maple Hill
GilliamInfantMale12 Feb 188717 Feb 1887Lawler
GilliamJaneUnk25 May 1920Maple Hill
GilliamJimUnk11 Nov 1917Maple Hill
GilliamJohnFloyd20 Nov 189414 Jan 1982Maple Hill
GilliamMaryUnk06 Apr 1944Maple Hill
GilliamMaryUnk14 Jan 1931Maple Hill
GilliamMaymeA.19 Apr 190004 Aug 1979Maple Hill
GilliamRichardH.07 Oct 189724 Jan 1976Maple Hill
GilliamRichardLeeUnk01 Jan 1906Maple Hill
GilliamRyanStevenUnk15 Dec 1976Maple Hill
GilliamW.H.Unk17 Jan 1961Maple Hill
GilliamWilliamUnk06 Oct 1903Maple Hill
GilliamWillieLorine04 Apr 191901 Jan 2002Pine Grove - Harvest
GillikinMarthaRexineUnk21 Mar 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
GillilandEugeneUnk03 Jan 1956Maple Hill
GillilandMyrtle12 Sep 188003 Jun 1952Maple Hill
GillisCleoUnk28 Oct 1917Maple Hill
GillispiePhylanderUnk22 Jan 1934Maple Hill
GillomSophie17 Nov 189024 May 1924Glenwood
GillumMaryUnk15 Jan 1872Maple Hill
GilmanElsieD.17 Mar 190216 Jan 1985Maple Hill
GilmoreChildUnk23 Nov 1868Maple Hill
GilmoreElizabethC.21 Dec 192808 Sep 2000Maple Hill
GilmoreRobertRandallUnk06 Mar 2006Maple Hill
GilstrapJeffryN.21 Dec 195507 Oct 1996Maple Hill
GilstrapMabelT.Unk06 Nov 1976Maple Hill
GilstrapWilliamUnk20 Dec 1870Maple Hill
GimenezCesar10 Jan 191219 Aug 1983Maple Hill
GimenezNora22 Jan 192015 Jul 2002Maple Hill
GinnJamesH.22 Nov 191622 Nov 1916Vann
GinnJamesW.29 Dec 193127 Mar 1990Sneed
GinsburgBerniceShub11 Jun 191608 Sep 2003Maple Hill
GinsburgLeoB.09 Jan 190916 Apr 1987Maple Hill
GipsonBruceT.05 Jan 195028 Jun 1951Ryland
GipsonC.H.22 Dec 188421 Mar 1962Brown
GipsonClementineSharp22 Sep 189927 Jul 1926Ryland
GipsonDollieM.01 Mar 191224 Sep 1989Ryland
GipsonDovieW.10 May 1894NDDBrown
GipsonGeorgeM.05 Dec 184909 Jan 1923Ryland
GipsonGeorgeR.12 Feb 188302 Oct 1959Ryland
GipsonHuieR.16 Dec 190501 Mar 1991Ryland
GipsonJamesD.29 Oct 193012 May 1967Brown
GipsonJohnW.12 Mar 188521 Aug 1914Ryland
GipsonLeonardUnk06 Mar 1938Maple Hill
GipsonLillieF.04 Oct 190504 Jan 1984Maple Hill
GipsonMargretLucy16 Jan 190705 Feb 1907Ryland
GipsonMarkAllen21 Aug 197011 Sep 1970Ryland
GipsonMaryFrances09 Aug 191808 Oct 1998Maple Hill
GipsonNellieGetrudeCampbell05 Dec 193523 Mar 2005Fords Chapel
GipsonOllieP.11 Aug 188027 Jun 1966Ryland
GipsonOmaM.19 May 191118 Mar 1969Rice
GipsonOscarUnkNDDMaple Hill
GipsonPhyllisL.10 Jul 1925NDDRyland
GipsonRebeccaE.21 Mar 184504 Jan 1915Ryland
GipsonRiceP.18 Feb 190102 Feb 1964Rice
GipsonRolandV.25 Oct 193310 Apr 1990Ryland
GireusAbreuUnk13 Jul 1920Maple Hill
GivenArchieI.21 Mar 185217 Jul 1916Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
GivenB.F.Unk01 Feb 1958Maple Hill
GivenBenjaminDenton18921971Maple Hill
GivenClaudeGray04 Oct 189220 Oct 1985Maple Hill
GivenDentonUnk29 Jun 1971Maple Hill
GivenDocieT.Quillen08 Jun 1881Dec 1975Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
GivenElizabethT.13 Feb 184412 Jun 1890Jenkins
GivenElizabethUnk14 Apr 1944Maple Hill
GivenEwingG.18781931Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
GivenFredT.11 Jul 184407 Mar 1933Jenkins
GivenJohnP.22 Dec 181410 Aug 1888Jenkins
GivenLillieV.Unk07 Sep 1910Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
GivenMarySue15 Jun 186324 Mar 1953Jenkins
GivenMaryFurlongUnk04 Mar 1970Maple Hill
GivenMaureenM.Unk02 Jun 1975Maple Hill
GivenNancyE.QuillenUnk08 Oct 1900Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
GivenS.S.22 Dec 188221 Jun 1963Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
GivenTemperanceChildress18 Feb 184022 Jun 1890Jenkins
GivenThurmanE.05 Nov 191110 Jun 1960Rice
GivensAlfredE.Unk24 Oct 1967Maple Hill
GizzardMarthaUnk08 May 1953Maple Hill
GizzelEmmaUnk01 Aug 1925Maple Hill
GladdisSamuel06 Dec 191520 Apr 1974Collier - Triana
GladinJimmieE.27 Oct 195007 Sep 1953Bevill
GladysModdieL.10 Aug 188824 Jul 1977Collier - Triana
GladysThomas15 May 1927Oct 1998Collier - Triana
GladysWillie17 Sep 191810 Jun 1988Collier - Triana
GlandonBillieJoeUnk29 Sep 1979Maple Hill
GlantCharlesAllenUnk22 Nov 1930Maple Hill
GlantLulaUnk12 May 1944Maple Hill
GlasgowCoraUnk03 Jul 1933Maple Hill
GlassArion27 Sep 195101 Jul 1970Hayden
GlassChristell04 Jul 1926NDDHayden
GlassCoyW.07 Feb 1905NDDKennamer
GlassGirthaMae22 Nov 191730 Mar 1918New Hope
GlassL.D.01 Mar 1926NDDHayden
GlassLenoraD.04 Aug 190917 Apr 1985Kennamer
GlassLindaLoyce11 Oct 195418 Mar 1956Hayden
GlassLouyH.25 Dec 191613 Jan 1990Maple Hill
GlassM.C.01 Jul 193227 Nov 1971Kennamer
GlassVolney18261899Camp Ground
GlassonJamesHerbertUnk03 Sep 1981Maple Hill
GlazebrookAnnieUnk27 Jul 1950Maple Hill
GlazierAlmer04 May 191215 Nov 1912Charity Baptist Church
GlazierBessie23 Dec 190523 Nov 1985Maple Hill
GlazierFlorence10 Apr 189508 Aug 1912Charity Baptist Church
GlazierWalter15 Nov 190115 Oct 1968Maple Hill
GleasonMarie31 Oct 189013 Feb 1995Maple Hill
GleenHarvyUnk14 Aug 1878Maple Hill
GleenUnkFemaleUnk12 Nov 1885Maple Hill
GlemisJohnUnk04 Nov 1874Maple Hill
GlenJackUnk18 Jul 1867Maple Hill
GlenderingBruceUnk08 Apr 1954Maple Hill
GlennBillieJoan14 Mar 194005 Dec 1990Maple Hill
GlennCharlesE.Unk17 Feb 1949Maple Hill
GlennCharlesUnk02 Sep 1896Maple Hill
GlennEdUnk19 Feb 1917Maple Hill
GlennEdkarUnk06 Sep 1929Maple Hill
GlennHarvinaUnk09 Aug 1884Maple Hill
GlennJoeT.26 Sep 189303 Feb 1904Merrimack
GlennJohnE.Unk17 Dec 1898Maple Hill
GlennJohnThomas30 Aug 193326 Apr 2005Maple Hill
GlennMerrillUnk27 Jun 1931Maple Hill
GlennPansyM.ChanderMar 191115 Apr 2000Gurley
GlennPeggyUnk29 Jun 1945Maple Hill
GlennWalterUnk16 Aug 1884Maple Hill
GlessnerDanUnk19 Sep 1929Maple Hill
GlessnerSebell26 Feb 188628 May 1964Maple Hill
GlickBruceL.Unk07 Feb 1988Maple Hill
GlidwellE.MiltonUnk14 Apr 1883Maple Hill
GlisperInaL.06 Jan 190409 Sep 1986Northside
GlissonRobertAlanUnk20 Dec 1971Maple Hill
GloverAdkinsB.21 Aug 192328 Feb 1979Green Valley
GloverAliceMcBroom01 Apr 1919NDDGurley
GloverAllenC.12 Jun 189816 Jun 1975Byrd
GloverAllenEarl08 Dec 190617 Oct 1990Moon
GloverAllieMaeCobb01 Apr 190231 May 1995Glover
GloverAmandaSisk05 Mar 188215 May 1970Glover
GloverAngeloN.27 Oct 185314 Dec 1900Esslinger
GloverAngeloN.27 Oct 185614 Dec 1900Beason
GloverAnnH.19 Apr 188307 Jun 1971Byrd
GloverAnnieV.Worley21 Oct 189328 Feb 1984Moon
GloverAnnieW.02 Mar 190128 Mar 1970Moon
GloverAnnie04 Mar 187821 Apr 1900Glover
GloverAnthoniaMae19 Sep 192627 Jul 2003Maple Hill
GloverArnoldSylvester30 Apr 191916 Apr 1981Neal Chapel
GloverArthurLinnes01 Jun 190127 Sep 1982Byrd
GloverBenjaminK.17 Jun 175320 Feb 1840Green Valley
GloverBerryWade29 Jun 189823 Nov 1966Glover
GloverBerthaB.15 Aug 193202 Jun 1968Madison
GloverBessieIreneWorley21 Oct 189328 Feb 1984Moon
GloverBessieMaudeKelly01 Jun 191014 Feb 1939Neal Chapel
GloverBirtieM.23 Jul 190605 Mar 1982Byrd
GloverBistieOdell06 Sep 19001919Neal Chapel
GloverCallie18791960Neal Chapel
GloverCarlClayton29 Oct 191520 Oct 1996Gurley
GloverCharlesWilliam02 Apr 190322 Oct 1974Neal Chapel
GloverDavidWayneUnk07 Apr 1999Maple Hill
GloverDelsie15 Nov 188126 Dec 1927Bone
GloverEdwardChristopher18 Oct 190808 Sep 2000Maple Hill
GloverEdwardL.15 Sep 188211 Feb 1970Maple Hill
GloverEdwardOdie23 Aug 190425 Dec 1978Neal Chapel
GloverEdwardW.07 Sep 190108 Dec 1976Maple Hill
GloverElviraUnk20 Nov 2000Maple Hill
GloverErnestHammonds15 Jun 190118 May 1969Moon
GloverErnestO'Neal21 May 192902 Dec 1988Moon
GloverEulaO.Pinkerton14 Apr 191412 Jan 1933Neal Chapel
GloverEvaLorene22 Oct 191316 May 1989Moon
GloverEverineWade06 Jan 1947NDDGlover
GloverEverineBradford24 Nov 191011 Apr 1996Byrd
GloverFloydRichard11 Oct 190321 Dec 1973Moon
GloverGardnerW.09 Jun 192207 Nov 1963Glover
GloverGertrudeMartinUnk20 Oct 1955Glover
GloverHatty27 Jun 190904 Jul 1909Glover
GloverHenryW.25 Aug 187218 Dec 1953Glover
GloverHermanWilliam08 Jul 191504 Oct 1969Moon
GloverHesterL.29 Dec 190119 Nov 1991Glover
GloverIdaPearlWorley18821963Neal Chapel
GloverInezDoran31 Oct 192705 Dec 1986Hayden
GloverInfantFemale20 Apr 191916 Apr 1981Neal Chapel
GloverInfantMale15 Jun 191815 Jun 1918Neal Chapel
GloverInfantMale20 Apr 191920 Apr 1919Neal Chapel
GloverInfantMale29 Feb 192029 Feb 1920Neal Chapel
GloverIraPearl18821963Neal Chapel
GloverJ.S.Unk16 Mar 1949Maple Hill
GloverJamesKenneth01 Mar 194710 Jan 1996Hayden
GloverJamesW.12 Sep 187018 Nov 1948Glover
GloverJames21 Mar 193431 Dec 1968Byrd
GloverJerryA.20 Aug 194130 Apr 1965Neal Chapel
GloverJimmy29 Jul 194202 Sep 1942Moon
GloverJohnW.08 Aug 190913 Jan 1981Neal Chapel
GloverJohnWilliamOct 187325 Oct 1941Neal Chapel
GloverJohn02 Jun 186903 Dec 1935Bone
GloverJohnnieR.14 Aug 191120 Oct 1995Glover
GloverJohnsonEdward25 Apr 190316 Jul 1966Moon
GloverJosephW.10 Apr 191001 Apr 1967Moon
GloverKarenA.Unk28 Dec 1995Maple Hill
GloverKatieS.12 Nov 189714 Oct 1990Maple Hill
GloverLauraAnneChandler31 Mar 187922 Dec 1968Moon
GloverLelandEugene06 Jul 192311 Oct 1969Moon
GloverLeonHoward19 Sep 189711 Nov 1900Esslinger
GloverLeoniaHoward19 Sep 189711 Nov 1900Beason
GloverLillianRice26 Oct 1918NDDMoon
GloverLillieBertieCowan28 Jul 189708 Dec 1966Byrd
GloverLillieBridges16 Jan 189405 Jun 1987Moon
GloverLorneLottOct 187707 Jun 1902Glover
GloverLorne17 Oct 195912 Apr 1993Glover
GloverLucySamanthaVann28 Nov 189110 Oct 1974Moon
GloverMableMarty14 Feb 192013 Dec 1998Green Valley
GloverMadgeUnk11 Apr 1940Glover
GloverMandy11 Mar 187306 Aug 1947Bone
GloverMargaretE.31 May 192626 Dec 1999Glover
GloverMarthaA.Honea15 May 184718 Dec 1898Glover
GloverMaryCatharine29 Nov 185310 Jun 1891Esslinger
GloverMaryEllenButler187020 Sep 1938Moon
GloverMaryEthel26 Mar 190001 Jul 1906Esslinger
GloverMiltonA.16 Aug 1927NDDByrd
GloverMiltonS.21 Mar 191921 Sep 1925Neal Chapel
GloverMinnie24 May 189515 Feb 1980Maple Hill
GloverMinnieUnk03 Mar 1904Maple Hill
GloverMurphyL.05 Nov 190720 May 1980Byrd
GloverMyrtleLipscombPinkerton03 Jan 1916Oct 1998Neal Chapel
GloverNancyE.182722 Jul 1889Collier - Owens Cross Roads
GloverNannieA.14 Jan 192505 Aug 1998Neal Chapel
GloverNathanW.27 Apr 195404 Aug 2001Glover
GloverNellieC.Cobb28 Jun 188307 Feb 1939Neal Chapel
GloverNoraBea29 Sep 189112 Dec 1982Glover
GloverOmieLanfordUnk14 Mar 1999Valhalla Memory Gardens
GloverOscarDaniel06 Aug 196310 Nov 1984Moon
GloverOscarDaniel28 Jul 193026 Apr 1990Moon
GloverOtisH.11 Feb 190718 Jul 1985Maple Hill
GloverPeggyAnne01 Aug 194701 Aug 1947Moon
GloverPeggyDoris195619 May 1956Neal Chapel
GloverPercyC.12 Oct 190207 Nov 1970Moon
GloverPeteUnk02 Jan 2000Byrd
GloverRichardOdell11 Nov 191804 Jan 1990Moon
GloverRichardT.JamesJan 18471927Glover
GloverRobertNolan09 May 192918 Feb 2001Byrd
GloverRobertWesley11 Apr 188512 Dec 1961Moon
GloverRolandLeon02 Sep 192206 Feb 2000Beason
GloverSarahR.22 Dec 192702 Mar 1994Moon
GloverSerenaCallieHerrin18791960Neal Chapel
GloverShirleyAtchley28 Jan 1948NDDHayden
GloverThelmaBeatriceCowan18 Sep 191702 Nov 1999Byrd
GloverThomasFranklin04 Jan 187316 May 1969Moon
GloverThomasRichardApr 186604 Jun 1933Moon
GloverVeraE.18 Oct 1917NDDByrd
GloverWalkerEugene06 Aug 193616 May 1938Neal Chapel
GloverWilburnB.08 Jun 191720 Jun 2000Green Valley
GloverWilliamElbert26 Oct 191423 May 1980Byrd
GloverWilliamFranklin23 Oct 185210 Jul 1869Moon
GloverWilliamM.14 Jan 190718 May 1961Glover
GloverWilliamO.11 Jan 193316 Nov 1983Neal Chapel
GloverWilliamPerry11 Jun 183308 Sep 1899Neal Chapel
GloverWilliamPhillipOct 18761965Neal Chapel
GloverWilliamWesley28 Dec 188914 May 1982Moon
GloverWillieS.02 Feb 1929NDDByrd
GloverWintonUnk18 Apr 1977Maple Hill
GlynnInfantUnk03 Feb 1973Maple Hill
GlynnMildredLouiseUnk17 Aug 1981Maple Hill
GnallsOmeyUnk28 Sep 1903Maple Hill
GoansVeraG.Smith19 Jan 192303 Feb 1990Maple Hill
GodbeeFredKarnase01 Aug 195721 Jul 2003Maple Hill
GodemannFrankUnk11 Feb 1976Maple Hill
GodfreyOma05 Nov 193312 Aug 2005Faith Memorial Park
GodseyDannyAllenUnk16 Jul 1965Maple Hill
GodseyJackUnk22 Jun 1954Maple Hill
GodseyJohnJ.17 May 191606 May 1976Maple Hill
GoffS.Unk05 Oct 1898Maple Hill
GofferLettieClay03 Jun 190320 Jan 1995Northside
GoforthAnnieSue19161947Charity Baptist Church
GoforthElkannie19 Aug 188028 Mar 1913Charity Baptist Church
GoforthHatcher18761918Charity Baptist Church
GoforthHattieUnk10 Apr 1937Maple Hill
GoforthInfantMale23 Feb 19001900Charity Baptist Church
GoforthJackUnk09 Oct 1936Maple Hill
GoforthJackUnk05 Oct 1917Maple Hill
GoforthMindyUnk02 Jul 1940Maple Hill
GoforthMinervaA.18771965Charity Baptist Church
GoforthRebecca03 Aug 185015 Nov 1899Charity Baptist Church
GoforthSarahUnk03 Dec 1896Maple Hill
GoforthSidneyUnk10 Jun 1899Maple Hill
GoforthWilliamUnk17 Jun 1887Maple Hill
GogginsAlice13 Aug 190724 Dec 1976Maple Hill
GoguenRosemary24 Jan 192117 Nov 1997Maple Hill
GoguenWilliamJosephUnk30 Jan 2000Maple Hill
GoguenWilliamJosephUnk03 Dec 1980Maple Hill
GoinJamesCarl14 Dec 192218 May 1971Kennamer
GoinsCornelia10 Nov 191504 Feb 1977Booker
GoinsHenryUnk29 Feb 1936Maple Hill
GoinsJ.Unk18 Sep 1954Maple Hill
GoinsJamesF.Unk25 Jun 1949Maple Hill
GoinsJosephUnk12 Feb 1945Maple Hill
GoinsMurielFlurnoy02 Feb 191307 Dec 2004Maple Hill
GoldBeatriceC.UnkNDDMaple Hill
GoldBermerUnk07 May 1962Maple Hill
GoldJamesRoy24 May 191921 Feb 2000Maple Hill
GoldJamesSamuel02 Aug 190305 Mar 1969Maple Hill
GoldPerryL.Unk08 Jan 1998Maple Hill
GoldPerryUnk15 Nov 1974Maple Hill
GoldRoyJ.13 Jan 189724 Nov 1969Charity Baptist Church
GoldSelmaLee25 Feb 189305 Jul 1978Maple Hill
GoldbergErwinUnk24 Mar 1982Maple Hill
GoldenAnnieG.04 May 192118 Apr 1993Maple Hill
GoldenBernice06 May 191501 Apr 1996Madison Crossroads
GoldenFloraE.01 Sep 188219 Feb 1985Maple Hill
GoldenJessieWayne24 May 194920 Apr 1987Maple Hill
GoldenJohnE.31 Jan 191620 Mar 1980Maple Hill
GoldenKatherineE.04 Feb 193405 Sep 1977Northside
GoldenMamieVirginia08 Feb 191918 Nov 1996Maple Hill
GoldenMary19 Mar 177627 Aug 1860St. Clair
GoldenNeilR.07 Oct 190720 Oct 1987Madison Crossroads
GoldenRobertJerry22 Oct 194023 Jan 2005Maple Hill
GoldenSallyCampbell06 Dec 187728 Jun 1912Cochran
GoldenSarahJ.11 Nov 185516 Jan 1931Merrimack
GoldenWalterAlbert10 Apr 190623 May 1906Cochran
GoldenWalterUnk10 Feb 1932Merrimack
GoldenWilliamMorgan30 Sep 187230 Mar 1959Cochran
GoldenWilliam25 Apr 177620 Oct 1852St. Clair
GoldsmithAnnieS.Unk07 Feb 1959Maple Hill
GoldsmithBettieUnk30 Nov 1928Maple Hill
GoldsmithDavidUnk05 Nov 1898Maple Hill
GoldsmithHenriatterUnk14 Aug 1890Maple Hill
GoldsmithHenryUnk06 Jan 1917Maple Hill
GoldsmithLawrence12 Apr 188317 Feb 1972Maple Hill
GoldsmithLawrence19 Jun 190926 Aug 1995Maple Hill
GoldsmithOscarUnk11 Oct 1937Maple Hill
GoldsteinAbe13 Jun 188819 Aug 1969Maple Hill
GoldsteinGraceR.Unk31 Aug 1971Maple Hill
GolightlyHugh10 May 179724 Feb 1847Golightly
GolightlySarahE.Wilson180717 Feb 1847Golightly
GonzalesJohnAnthonyUnk16 Oct 1977Maple Hill
GonzalesLorenzaUnk20 Oct 1975Maple Hill
GonzalesManuel13 Apr 190112 Mar 1978Maple Hill
GonzalezAntonioJ.28 Feb 195223 May 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
GonzalezJesusJose11 Feb 193904 Apr 2003Maple Hill
GoochAdaLouiseWhitworth08 May 186627 Feb 1946Maple Hill
GoochBessieB.19 Jan 189714 May 1980Maple Hill
GoochE.M.16 Sep 189119 Nov 1945Maple Hill
GoochEuin05 Mar 189324 May 1969Maple Hill
GoochEwellUnk28 Aug 1928Maple Hill
GoochGinaLynn22 Oct 196322 Jan 1966Maple Hill
GoochHaroldB.09 Aug 192431 Jul 1997Maple Hill
GoochJ.M.18491912Maple Hill
GoochLauraUnk01 Nov 1961Maple Hill
GoochLucyAda18 Apr 188117 Jul 1959Maple Hill
GoochM.Unk18 Feb 1953Maple Hill
GoochMariahUnk16 Aug 1900Maple Hill
GoochMattUnk10 Nov 1951Maple Hill
GoochVictor188102 Jan 1942Maple Hill
GoochWilliamUnk23 May 1921Maple Hill
GoodDorcasUnkNDDMaple Hill
GoodDoris24 Feb 192018 Jul 1987Maple Hill
GoodDrucilleCarpenter25 Dec 187511 Aug 1947Madison Crossroads
GoodElbertP.20 Sep 187501 Sep 1950Madison Crossroads
GoodElizabethUnk07 Jan 1926Maple Hill
GoodEmilyW.JonesUnkNDDMaple Hill
GoodJames27 Sep 190806 May 1976Maple Hill
GoodJohnUnk10 Jan 1867Maple Hill
GoodRosalynCarolJul 191602 Oct 1920Concord
GoodRossieIrene04 Aug 190504 Dec 1955Maple Hill
GoodT.H.MrsUnk19 Dec 1956Maple Hill
GoodThomasEdwin15 May 190207 Mar 1965Maple Hill
GoodThomasUnk08 Dec 1955Maple Hill
GoodWilliamBrenneman19 Nov 192003 Jun 1991Maple Hill
GoodWilliamL.24 Jun 191904 Feb 1986Maple Hill
GoodeArdeliaLeslie04 Oct 194715 Mar 1999Booker
GoodeEarleUnk06 Jun 1927Maple Hill
GoodeMoses05 Aug 191726 Feb 1976Northside
GoodeOllieMae05 May 192116 Feb 1982Northside
GoodeSamuelUnk31 Aug 1935Maple Hill
GoodeWilliamUnk04 Jun 1944Maple Hill
GoodingMaryCatherine15 Nov 191222 May 1997Maple Hill
GoodloeMable25 Sep 189502 Oct 1971Northside
GoodloeRichardWinterUnk03 Apr 1863Maple Hill
GoodmanAnnie15 Jul 189711 Apr 1988Maple Hill
GoodmanElizabethUnk18 Jul 1945Maple Hill
GoodmanFrancesUnk10 Feb 1954Maple Hill
GoodmanHarrisonL.Unk11 Mar 1958Maple Hill
GoodmanLillian23 Sep 190202 Nov 1972Maple Hill
GoodmanLillieM.Unk30 Nov 1970Maple Hill
GoodmanLouieUnk17 Dec 1946Maple Hill
GoodmanOliveN.17 Jun 190516 Feb 1993Maple Hill
GoodmanWalterUnk03 May 1957Maple Hill
GoodmanWilfred22 Aug 190919 Mar 1973Maple Hill
GoodmanWilliamE.10 Dec 189629 Dec 1969Maple Hill
GoodnerBlooming30 Jan 181729 Jul 1841Goodner
GoodpasterAllenUnk16 Feb 1938Maple Hill
GoodpasterClaraL.31 Dec 193505 Sep 1968Ebenezer
GoodpasterErnestW.23 Jan 1916NDDEbenezer
GoodpastureRuthT.Unk30 Mar 2003Maple Hill
GoodpastureSherrillUnk21 Jul 1994Maple Hill
GoodpastureW.Louis27 Jun 189128 Nov 1979Maple Hill
GoodrumSarahBratton07 Feb 192216 Nov 2005Maple Hill
GoodsonAlmaE.29 Nov 191003 Jul 2002Maple Hill
GoodsonBelleUnk07 Sep 1954Maple Hill
GoodsonClydeUnk22 Jun 1926Maple Hill
GoodsonDoyle19 Feb 190208 Apr 1973Maple Hill
GoodsonDoyleUnk27 Jun 1924Maple Hill
GoodsonLelaUnk21 Jun 1928Maple Hill
GoodsonRolandHickmanUnk15 Jun 1948Maple Hill
GoodsonWilliamH.03 Mar 190913 Apr 1986Maple Hill
GoodwinAnnaUnk05 Nov 1931Maple Hill
GoodwinB.C.19 Aug 184629 Aug 1920Merrimack
GoodwinCharlesUnk19 May 1949Maple Hill
GoodwinClarenceUnk08 Nov 1914Maple Hill
GoodwinEdwardC.05 Sep 191617 Feb 1984Maple Hill
GoodwinJ.H.Unk10 Oct 1960Maple Hill
GoodwinJamesE.Unk10 Jun 1993Maple Hill
GoodwinLucilleH.25 Apr 192611 May 1994Maple Hill
GoodwinMaryEugeniaUnk05 May 2003Maple Hill
GoodwinMaryLynn19 Nov 193701 Aug 1996Maple Hill
GoodwinMaryUnk12 Jun 1943Maple Hill
GoodwinRalphF.08 Jul 190230 Jan 1970Maple Hill
GoodwinWilliamLee17 Aug 1937NDDMaple Hill
GoodwinWilliamP.13 Feb 191306 Oct 1976Maple Hill
GoodwinWilliamUnk08 Aug 1941Maple Hill
GoodyearMaryHilda AliceUnk06 Oct 1991Maple Hill
GopherHorace18 Oct 1914Apr 1984Brandon
GordA.J.17 Jun 185028 Feb 1920Madison Crossroads
GordAmandaHildegarde22 May 184818 Jul 1938Madison Crossroads
GordWoodrow19 Apr 191923 Jun 1969Maple Hill
GordanE.C.Unk22 Nov 1874Maple Hill
GordanJohnUnk06 Oct 1871Maple Hill
GordenGracePayneUnk12 Aug 1957Maple Hill
GordonAaron25 Feb 194419 Nov 2001Oakwood Memorial Gardens
GordonBernice14 Sep 192121 Jul 2003Valhalla Memory Gardens
GordonBurtonUnk21 Aug 1918Maple Hill
GordonCassieH.17 Sep 189530 Jan 1971Maple Hill
GordonDavid21 Jul 193104 Jun 1995Northside
GordonEllaA.01 Jan 191201 Sep 1985Fowlkes
GordonEllenUnk16 Aug 1867Maple Hill
GordonGeorgeSteenbergen16 Jul 185113 Aug 1886Maple Hill
GordonGeorgeUnk18 Feb 1885Maple Hill
GordonInfantFemaleUnk16 Aug 1943Maple Hill
GordonJacksonHarry29 Apr 193403 Jan 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
GordonJohnE.04 Jul 197328 Apr 1998Fowlkes
GordonJohnHenry16 Nov 191101 May 1971Fowlkes
GordonJohnW.24 Dec 193025 Apr 1986Fowlkes
GordonMaryLou25 Feb 191915 Sep 1956Kennamer
GordonMattieEason03 Apr 185616 Feb 1885Maple Hill
GordonWilliamWashington25 Sep 186005 Sep 1899Maple Hill
GoreAlphaMae189115 Mar 1932Maple Hill
GoreCharlesE.08 Oct 187131 Aug 1939Maple Hill
GoreFannieMaeUnk15 Nov 1960Maple Hill
GoreInfant09 Mar 193209 Mar 1932Maple Hill
GoreJamesO.Unk03 Jun 1989Maple Hill
GoreLena17 Jan 189305 Mar 1977Maple Hill
GoreVernonRogers15 Mar 192918 Mar 1998Pine Grove - Deposit
GorenWillUnk30 Sep 1900Maple Hill
GorglonWilliamT.Unk13 Mar 1957Maple Hill
GormanAliceC.20 Feb 187506 Dec 1959Cochran
GormanElizabethUnk12 Dec 1966Maple Hill
GormanLulaWall187019 Feb 1946Maple Hill
GormanRalphWesleyUnk03 Dec 1963Maple Hill
GormanStanleyW.189006 May 1934Maple Hill
GormanWilliamM.08 Oct 187018 Jan 1941Cochran
GormleyPinknieEtta24 Jan 188706 May 1964Maple Hill
GormlyMaryAnnUnk05 Aug 1837Maple Hill
GornardElmorUnkNDDMaple Hill
GossettFayteLevi24 Nov 191527 Dec 1980Maple Hill
GossettJamesW.04 Jan 194110 Sep 1999Maple Hill
GossettMargaretUnk10 May 1961Maple Hill
GossettWilleyUnk13 Jan 1871Maple Hill
GothardJ.E.Unk25 Oct 1956Maple Hill
GothardJuliaUnk28 Jul 1946Maple Hill
GouldJohnM.Unk19 Sep 1959Maple Hill
GourleyGenevaMcKayUnk27 Nov 1957Maple Hill
GowanAnnieR.26 Jun 192315 Dec 2005Baker - Owens Cross Road
GowanBillyR.05 Jul 192023 Oct 2004Baker - Owens Cross Road
GowanBilly18 Jul 194310 Oct 2004Baker - Owens Cross Road
GowanJesseAnn23 Oct 1961NDDBaker - Owens Cross Road
GowanJesseS.30 Apr 191027 Oct 1986Maple Hill
GowanJimmieR.05 Jul 1920NDDBaker - Owens Cross Road
GowanJohnEdward13 May 192501 Jan 2003Baker - Owens Cross Road
GowanKathyAnn23 Oct 1961NDDBaker - Owens Cross Road
GowanLillianSmithUnk05 Apr 1979Maple Hill
GowanPaulUnk15 May 1969Maple Hill
GowenAnnie13 May 192501 Jan 2003Baker - Owens Cross Road
GowenJ.C.12 Jul 185224 Mar 1921Charity Baptist Church
GowenSarahD.02 Sep 187603 Oct 1951Charity Baptist Church
GowenTracyCarrell23 Dec 193318 May 1939Charity Baptist Church
GoyerJamesTyson06 Dec 191608 Sep 1982Maple Hill
GozaMaryLouise23 Sep 191304 Oct 1986Maple Hill

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