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Last Name
First Name
Middle Name
BuchananAndrewWilson30 Sep 191824 Mar 1967Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BuchananAnnieC.Unk18 Apr 1992Maple Hill
BuchananAttieMaeUnk08 Jun 1996Maple Hill
BuchananBertie14 Jun 191827 Sep 2000Cochran
BuchananBobbieJ.14 Nov 193714 Nov 1937Cochran
BuchananCailynJoUnk01 Feb 2000Maple Hill
BuchananElizaUnk21 Nov 1931Maple Hill
BuchananErnestLee16 Dec 192817 Aug 1990Bush
BuchananFrankMorris02 Mar 188008 Feb 1937Maple Hill
BuchananJustinW.02 Mar 198916 Aug 1989Green Valley
BuchananKen04 Jul 191308 Jun 1996Maple Hill
BuchananLauraBell12 Oct 191701 Jun 2002Cochran
BuchananLouCindy11 Sep 192607 Nov 1981Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BuchananMartha18641911Camp Ground
BuchananMaryMcElroyUnk16 May 1991Maple Hill
BuchananPhillipW.Unk31 Jul 2002Maple Hill
BuchananRichard26 Apr 191525 Feb 1992Cochran
BuchananRodney11 Feb 195511 Feb 1955Cochran
BuchananRoyM.17 Apr 190110 Feb 1979Maple Hill
BuchananWilliamM.12 Nov 193612 Feb 1993Maple Hill
BuchananWillieR.07 Jul 193921 Jun 1940Cochran
BuchannanJ.Unk26 Sep 1921Maple Hill
BuchannonJamesEdwardUnk29 Oct 1975Maple Hill
BuchanonLouUnk23 Nov 1940Maple Hill
BuckCharlesE.08 Sep 191804 Nov 1992Maple Hill
BuckEvelynGriffin11 Oct 191719 Apr 2004Maple Hill
BuckJamesO.13 Mar 190410 Jun 1987Maple Hill
BuckTheodaridMcDonaldUnk18 Apr 1991Maple Hill
BuckVirginiaLeeEsterUnk25 Apr 1990Maple Hill
BuckLucyUnk11 Apr 1971Maple Hill
BuckelewBen19 Jun 191101 Nov 1969Maple Hill
BuckelewClyde30 May 188608 Dec 1972Maple Hill
BuckelewEffieUnk19 Jan 1957Maple Hill
BuckelewIreneS.Unk09 Oct 2000Maple Hill
BuckelewMertieUnk12 Nov 1940Maple Hill
BuckelewSherryeAnnUnk07 Sep 1962Maple Hill
BuckhananEdgarUnk10 Jul 1954Maple Hill
BuckhananG.Unk26 Jan 1899Maple Hill
BucklaneJackUnk14 Apr 1869Maple Hill
BuckleyClaire19161968Charity Baptist Church
BuckleyDovieC.21 Apr 190013 Dec 1937Charity Baptist Church
BuckleyElizabethB.UnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
BuckmanMaggieUnk01 Feb 1900Maple Hill
BucknerAndrewUnk19 Oct 1975Maple Hill
BucknerBessieUnk28 Jan 1977Maple Hill
BucknerCatherineUnk01 Sep 1893Maple Hill
BucknerClaraUnk11 Jan 1994Maple Hill
BucknerClaudeE.10 Dec 191018 Jun 1983Bevill
BucknerE.Unk28 Nov 1952Maple Hill
BucknerEmmaBermoceUnk12 Jan 1959Maple Hill
BucknerFlorenceE.Unk31 Aug 1969Maple Hill
BucknerFrancesElizaUnk10 Jul 1937Maple Hill
BucknerG.Unk08 Feb 1945Maple Hill
BucknerGarlandG.31 Jan 192324 Jan 2005Maple Hill
BucknerHerbertUnk15 Nov 1923Maple Hill
BucknerHoraceE.15 Jan 190823 Jan 1908Merrimack
BucknerJ.W.18761902Madison Crossroads
BucknerJamesH.P.Unk22 Dec 1976Maple Hill
BucknerJamesUnk17 Jun 1938Maple Hill
BucknerLattie13 Aug 190523 Sep 1905Merrimack
BucknerMarthaL.01 Dec 192214 Jun 2004Maple Hill
BucknerMaryAnneUnk27 Jan 1985Maple Hill
BucknerSarahUnk23 Mar 1946Maple Hill
BucknerSelvinaUnk07 May 1926Maple Hill
BucknerTellieW.12 May 191201 Mar 1988Bevill
BucknerWilliamUnk27 Apr 1923Maple Hill
BuffaloHelenHall14 Dec 191315 May 1998Maple Hill
BuffaloeAttaUnk07 May 2005Maple Hill
BuffaloeEllenBruce22 Apr 191319 Sep 2000Madison Crossroads
BuffaloeErnestL.02 Dec 189007 Apr 1962Madison Crossroads
BuffaloeHerman30 Dec 189111 Nov 1911Madison Crossroads
BuffaloeJohnPorter15 Jan 183921 Sep 1907Madison Crossroads
BuffaloeL.C.23 May 191429 Nov 1988Maple Hill
BuffaloeMarthaAnn18 Dec 183027 Dec 1915Madison Crossroads
BuffaloeMaryElizabethTurner12 Feb 185018 Feb 1930St. John
BuffaloeMildred02 Nov 191903 Mar 1975Maple Hill
BuffaloeRobertBruceUnk1943Madison Crossroads
BuffaloeSaraAliceRowell01 Mar 18611945Madison Crossroads
BuffaloeWilliamEmery/Elvet06 Oct 185003 Mar 1927St. John
BuffordRachelUnk07 Nov 1900Maple Hill
BufordAliceElizabethUnk01 Nov 1949Maple Hill
BufordArthurKenneth09 Oct 190326 Jun 1980Maple Hill
BufordBedford22 May 187619 Feb 1899Neal Chapel
BufordBessieB.29 Nov 189708 Sep 1986Neal Chapel
BufordBritton24 Jan 189429 Mar 1972Maple Hill
BufordCharlesWilliam07 Jul 188808 Aug 1964Moon
BufordCharlesUnk12 Oct 1930Maple Hill
BufordEdwardD.06 Dec 187031 Jan 1941Neal Chapel
BufordElizabeth11 Apr 189725 Sep 1897Neal Chapel
BufordEmilyGreen18521891Neal Chapel
BufordErnestUnk11 Sep 1922Maple Hill
BufordEstell08 Aug 192401 Sep 1925Moon
BufordGraceS.25 Feb 191109 Jul 1984Maple Hill
BufordHattieH.18651925Neal Chapel
BufordIdaFlorenceGlover02 Jun 188815 Jul 1971Moon
BufordInfantMaleUnk20 Dec 1931Moon
BufordJamesS.23 Sep 193727 Jan 1938Camp Ground
BufordJimieE.11 Jan 189721 Feb 1899Neal Chapel
BufordJohnUnk21 Jun 1925Maple Hill
BufordJohnnyRay04 Dec 195509 Mar 1979Beason
BufordLucindaE.Green Glover19 Dec 184503 Mar 1917Neal Chapel
BufordMargueritt29 Jul 191024 Aug 2000Maple Hill
BufordMarvinE.20 Nov 191218 Nov 1984Chestnut Grove
BufordMaryC.17 Jan 184626 Feb 1899Neal Chapel
BufordMaryE.23 Nov 1902Dec 1977Camp Ground
BufordMaryPhobe23 Jan 187403 Aug 1951Neal Chapel
BufordMilasJ.18951946Camp Ground
BufordMyrtle11 Mar 190008 Jan 1965Maple Hill
BufordNannieB.Unk01 Apr 1947Maple Hill
BufordOphelia19 Apr 190322 Jul 1967Neal Chapel
BufordOscar18981907Neal Chapel
BufordRebecca18831962Neal Chapel
BufordRobertS.15 Jan 184730 Apr 1932Neal Chapel
BufordRobertUnk10 May 1976Maple Hill
BufordWilliamDuncastle18511931Neal Chapel
BuhaltsChasUnk27 Apr 1914Maple Hill
BuillionM.E.Unk10 Sep 1947Maple Hill
BulgerSallieUnk23 Oct 1893Maple Hill
BullardAlbert22 Nov 189304 Feb 1975Maple Hill
BullardBetty17 Jan 190131 Mar 1974Maple Hill
BullardC.Unk11 May 1953Maple Hill
BullardClaraUnk23 Aug 1954Maple Hill
BullardDavieUnk12 Apr 1915Maple Hill
BullardFraulyne23 May 190516 May 1971Maple Hill
BullardGoldeniaUnk10 May 1975Maple Hill
BullardI.N.Unk15 Nov 1960Maple Hill
BullardInaPrestonUnk22 Sep 1989Maple Hill
BullardJennieUnk13 Aug 1961Maple Hill
BullardJoeW.Unk13 May 1948Maple Hill
BullardJoeWilliam189313 May 1948Maple Hill
BullardJohnBlanton05 Jan 183616 Mar 1915Concord
BullardJohnF.28 Apr 186921 Jan 1928Rice
BullardJohn191415 Jul 1914Maple Hill
BullardLeonard10 Apr 192117 May 2003Maple Hill
BullardLizzie23 Jun 187319 Jun 1910Rice
BullardLornaJordan189731 Mar 1937Maple Hill
BullardLouellaR.Unk26 Jul 1984Maple Hill
BullardMabel16 Jun 189628 Dec 1966Maple Hill
BullardMargaretJaneCarr21 Apr 184524 Feb 1903Concord
BullardMilliganE.01 Aug 190202 Nov 1977Maple Hill
BullardMiltonJ.22 Mar 192502 Jun 1990Maple Hill
BullardMyrtleC.Unk22 Sep 1965Maple Hill
BullardRyanHarrisUnk06 Jun 1958Maple Hill
BullardWilliamT.28 Nov 191504 Mar 1985Maple Hill
BullenJohnUnk29 Dec 1924Maple Hill
BullingtonTravisRayUnk29 Mar 1981Maple Hill
BullionDellaJewel22 Apr 191612 Nov 2001Maple Hill
BullionHarryUnk28 Aug 1953Maple Hill
BullionHoward04 Jun 192104 Feb 1996Maple Hill
BullionJohnUnk27 Jan 1941Maple Hill
BullionM.E.Unk10 Sep 1947Maple Hill
BullockBartieR.06 Aug 190120 Nov 1988Kennamer
BullockBettyL.17 Oct 1937NDDKennamer
BullockElizabethPauline30 Aug 191019 May 2003Maple Hill
BullockJohnNolten06 Nov 192310 Mar 1998Kennamer
BullockMaryLee03 Mar 190303 Mar 1972Kennamer
BulmanCecilHarold06 Feb 193024 Feb 2001Maple Hill
BulmanGeorgeFranklin04 Dec 180427 Aug 1863Bethel
BulmanMaryA.16 Jan 182419 Nov 1916Cochran
BumgardenCarlUnk04 Mar 1963Maple Hill
BunceAnn13 Mar 190811 Jun 1981Maple Hill
BunceEarl19 Jul 189923 Jan 1985Maple Hill
BunchCecilUnk1946Green Valley
BunchEva26 Nov 191602 Feb 1917Neal Chapel
BunchJamesEzell24 Jan 191914 Jan 2004Green Valley
BunchJesseLee25 Jun 192319 Aug 2001Green Valley
BunchLen14 Aug 189414 Feb 1937Neal Chapel
BunchLindaUnk1942Green Valley
BunchLoreneMaynor26 Jul 192421 Mar 1994Green Valley
BunchMarieHand14 Dec 192102 Jun 1994Green Valley
BunchMinnieEthel18981937Neal Chapel
BunchWilliamSpurgon18981937Neal Chapel
BundleHumbertUnk14 Oct 1903Maple Hill
BunellUnkFemaleUnk11 Jun 1896Maple Hill
BunnAlametaGertrude19361938Charity Baptist Church
BunnCharlesRayman19381943Charity Baptist Church
BunnClentT.20 Jul 191908 Mar 1944Charity Baptist Church
BunnJohnWesley13 Feb 188008 Feb 1957Plainview
BunnMaryMargaretShields17 Sep 188028 Oct 1967Plainview
BunnTinaWynette19691970Charity Baptist Church
BunnVicky19651966Charity Baptist Church
BunnW.K.19201942Charity Baptist Church
BunnWilliamT.19121966Charity Baptist Church
BuntleyAnnaLeaUnk11 Jun 1994Maple Hill
BuntleyBilly14 Dec 192320 Dec 1995Maple Hill
BurchLonnieRay24 Dec 192431 Mar 1999Valhalla Memory Gardens
BurchRalphB.16 Feb 191425 Aug 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
BurchVeraG.21 Jul 189704 May 1998Maple Hill
BurchW.H.Unk06 Jul 1956Maple Hill
BurdettLouise13 Dec 192213 Feb 1999Maple Hill
BurdettRobertB.06 Mar 191909 Dec 1973Maple Hill
BurdetteCharlesW.Unk05 Jul 1970Maple Hill
BurdetteKatieRiddleUnk14 Mar 1965Maple Hill
BurdineJamesMarshallUnk08 Oct 1948Maple Hill
BurdineJohnM31 Jul 184306 Mar 1913Burdine
BurdineMaryEthel03 Mar 189712 Apr 1900Burdine
BurdineMaryUnk18 Jun 1951Maple Hill
BurdineMattieGravesApr 1868May 1908Burdine
BurdineMattie26 Dec 191608 Oct 1975Northside
BurdineViolaMay/Mae07 Nov 189003 Feb 1895Burdine
BurfordBessieUnk01 May 1949Maple Hill
BurgerC.Unk15 Aug 1955Maple Hill
BurgerClarenceM.13 Aug 191512 May 1990Maple Hill
BurgerMaryAlmaUnk20 Jun 1991Maple Hill
BurgerSallieUnk05 Dec 1943Maple Hill
BurgerWillieMaeUnk07 Nov 2004Maple Hill
BurgessAddieUnk10 Mar 1955Maple Hill
BurgessAnnie15 Jul 189301 Jun 1975Maple Hill
BurgessArnardUnk19 Sep 1929Maple Hill
BurgessB.Unk13 Jul 1928Maple Hill
BurgessBertha14 Apr 189721 Jun 1994Maple Hill
BurgessBess22 May 189405 Sep 1977Maple Hill
BurgessBessieHarbinUnk10 Apr 1961Maple Hill
BurgessBillUnk02 Dec 1961Maple Hill
BurgessBobbie29 Jan 1931NDDKennamer
BurgessBoydO.24 Sep 193631 May 1975Kennamer
BurgessCharlesP.26 Apr 191813 Dec 1986Maple Hill
BurgessCharlesThomasUnk24 Oct 1962Maple Hill
BurgessDaisyUnk16 Mar 1988Maple Hill
BurgessDallasUnk13 Oct 1945Maple Hill
BurgessDeborahAnnUnk05 Feb 1958Maple Hill
BurgessE.H.Unk10 Jun 1921Maple Hill
BurgessEdgar26 Dec 189009 Jan 1970Maple Hill
BurgessEdgarUnk04 Nov 1937Maple Hill
BurgessEmmaE.Boyd11 Aug 189421 Mar 1983Kennamer
BurgessFredW.25 May 191006 Oct 1978Maple Hill
BurgessHenryL.UnkNDDMaple Hill
BurgessJ.Unk10 Feb 1955Maple Hill
BurgessJesseB.Unk20 Apr 1949Maple Hill
BurgessJessieJ.Unk26 Oct 1974Maple Hill
BurgessJohnDaniel04 Dec 1977NDDKennamer
BurgessJohnDavid19 Sep 190212 Jun 1971Maple Hill
BurgessJohnW.14 Mar 1923NDDKennamer
BurgessJohnW.25 Jun 188807 Jul 1970Kennamer
BurgessJosephLayneUnk15 Feb 1947Maple Hill
BurgessJosephUnk05 Oct 1947Maple Hill
BurgessJuddieH.21 Sep 192528 May 1983Maple Hill
BurgessMaryC.Unk20 Jul 1987Maple Hill
BurgessMildredC.Unk08 Apr 1975Maple Hill
BurgessMontieN.08 Sep 192409 Apr 2000Maple Hill
BurgessMorganUnk01 Jan 1973Maple Hill
BurgessMyrtle18 May 191827 Apr 1986Kennamer
BurgessNell04 Oct 189229 Dec 1987Maple Hill
BurgessOllie16 Jun 190202 Aug 1977Maple Hill
BurgessOrvieUnk04 Jul 1949Maple Hill
BurgessP.Albert24 Jan 191505 Jun 1982Kennamer
BurgessRoseMarie11 Mar 190327 Jan 1981Maple Hill
BurgessRoseMarieUnk01 Nov 1955Maple Hill
BurgessRoyR.03 Oct 193824 Dec 1979Maple Hill
BurgessRoyUnk09 Nov 1970Maple Hill
BurgessWilliamA.01 Dec 189716 Jan 1972Maple Hill
BurgessWilliamKirby13 Sep 190725 Jun 1984Maple Hill
BurgessWilliamP.04 Apr 193408 Jun 1975Kennamer
BurhillSarahUnk02 Feb 1925Maple Hill
BurittMaryUnk01 Jul 1920Maple Hill
BurkMaryJ.Unk14 Sep 1898Maple Hill
BurkeAliceUnk23 Sep 1886Maple Hill
BurkeBessieB.20 Sep 190227 Dec 1961Maple Hill
BurkeCarlA.29 Dec 189528 Nov 1967Maple Hill
BurkeCarolynUnk04 Apr 1963Maple Hill
BurkeClarenceWilliam06 Mar 191303 Apr 1982Neal Chapel
BurkeEdwinJ.13 Apr 190519 Aug 1987Maple Hill
BurkeElla12 May 189022 Aug 1973Neal Chapel
BurkeElliseUnk02 Jul 1938Neal Chapel
BurkeEvelynMorrisonUnk27 Jul 1989Maple Hill
BurkeFlorenceE.06 Feb 188408 Apr 1971Maple Hill
BurkeFrancesLeona16 Aug 192106 Jul 2003Green Valley
BurkeGaryLeonard26 Feb 194609 Jul 1976Moon
BurkeGerryL.Unk06 Dec 1963Maple Hill
BurkeGuyLee13 Nov 189906 Dec 1983Maple Hill
BurkeJ.Unk17 Oct 1918Maple Hill
BurkeJamesAubrey14 Oct 192109 May 2003Green Valley
BurkeLafayette18811932Neal Chapel
BurkeLeonardF.01 Aug 191522 Oct 1977Moon
BurkeLoisBlackburn20 Sep 191418 Aug 1999Neal Chapel
BurkeLulaStewart08 Jun 190303 May 1981Maple Hill
BurkeMabelM.Unk18 Nov 1991Maple Hill
BurkeMaryFrances28 Jun 194929 Jun 1949Neal Chapel
BurkeMaryLualSinnette08 Jun 190303 May 1981Maple Hill
BurkeNezzieAnn10 Jun 189723 Apr 1949Maple Hill
BurkeUnkFemaleUnk14 Oct 1871Maple Hill
BurkeWarlandUnk30 Apr 1976Maple Hill
BurkeWillieLee30 Oct 192929 Nov 1995Maple Hill
BurkesAnnaUnkNDDMaple Hill
BurkesLenardG.23 Sep 192007 Dec 1997Maple Hill
BurkesNezzieAnn10 Jun 189728 Apr 1949Merrimack
BurkettA.Unk07 Dec 1953Maple Hill
BurkettAlmonUnk26 May 1944Maple Hill
BurkettAlvaW.22 Aug 190023 Oct 1981Maple Hill
BurkettBessieLee28 Dec 191202 Jun 1995Maple Hill
BurkettGentryJ.B.24 Sep 191021 Apr 1995Maple Hill
BurkettJuliaLegayButts16 Aug 191508 Jan 2004Maple Hill
BurkettJulia01 Jan 191318 May 2005Maple Hill
BurkettRaymondWalter13 Oct 191027 Oct 1987Maple Hill
BurkettThomasW.18 Jul 192302 Mar 1988Maple Hill
BurkettVernardManningUnk28 Oct 2000Maple Hill
BurkettWandaS.09 Apr 190406 May 1997Maple Hill
BurkhardtRobertC.Unk25 Aug 1981Maple Hill
BurksAnnerB.18 Nov 190514 Jul 1972Maple Hill
BurksAnnieL.15 Sep 191811 May 1990Northside
BurksCarl29 Dec 189528 Nov 1967Maple Hill
BurksClary18951929Taylor Chapel
BurksCorneliaC.04 Jun 190116 Dec 1985Northside
BurksDonaldL.13 Oct 195902 Nov 1999Burks
BurksEdgar02 Jun 191726 Jul 1993Burks
BurksEugene25 Mar 195123 Dec 1992Burks
BurksEunice19 Dec 190501 Feb 1988Maple Hill
BurksFannieSherrill20 Nov 187224 Aug 1924Merrimack
BurksFlorenceE.06 Feb 188408 Apr 1971Maple Hill
BurksGilbertR.11 Jul 190525 Nov 1970Maple Hill
BurksHollisMitchell12 Aug 192421 Apr 1954Maple Hill
BurksHughUnk21 Feb 1930Maple Hill
BurksIke21 Nov 195119 Dec 1993Burks
BurksInfantUnk08 May 1954Maple Hill
BurksJ.M.11 Feb 186504 Sep 1921Merrimack
BurksJamesA.UnkNDDPine Grove - Harvest
BurksJamesL.10 Nov 194806 Feb 1978Northside
BurksJamesO.02 Mar 189205 Aug 1976Burks
BurksJohnHenry18701942Pine Grove - Harvest
BurksKatieM.13 Apr 194811 Jul 1985Burks
BurksL.M.07 Jun 190010 Mar 1970Maple Hill
BurksLenardG.Unk07 Dec 1997Maple Hill
BurksLewisL.07 Jun 190009 May 1978Maple Hill
BurksMary05 Feb 187609 Mar 1964Northside
BurksMell01 Aug 189630 Mar 1982Burks
BurksOpalUnk16 May 2002Maple Hill
BurksOphelia24 Feb 189119 Mar 1983Burks
BurksOtis24 Dec 191909 Jun 1965Brandon
BurksRichard16 Jun 189728 Mar 1976Northside
BurksRobertD.02 Aug 191716 Feb 1985Burks
BurksSusie16 Dec 191610 Oct 1990Northside
BurnamEmilyLyle31 Jan 191818 Mar 1998Maple Hill
BurnamJamesFultonUnk31 Dec 1935Maple Hill
BurnamJohnCurtisUnk05 Aug 1939Maple Hill
BurnamLauraDillardUnk06 Jan 1949Maple Hill
BurnettAnnaS.Unk26 Jun 1925Maple Hill
BurnettB.G.Unk13 Nov 1868Maple Hill
BurnettBenjaminF.28 Nov 190930 May 1969Maple Hill
BurnettIda03 Jun 189416 Jul 1972Maple Hill
BurnettJessieM.08 Jun 193608 Feb 1969Northside
BurnettMamieUnk24 Jan 1938Maple Hill
BurnettMaryEaly03 Dec 191530 Mar 1982Maple Hill
BurnettSarahUnk29 Jul 1919Maple Hill
BurnettSiemonUnk25 Dec 1943Maple Hill
BurnettThomasYoung31 Mar 189706 Aug 1967Bloucher Ford
BurneyArbeliaE.14 Aug 190931 Mar 1983Northside
BurneyClabon20 May 192020 Oct 1990Penny
BurneyLouiseHayden14 Feb 192603 Mar 1999Penny
BurneySam02 Oct 190522 May 1979Northside
BurneySusieWilson20 Feb 188611 Feb 1986Penny
BurneyVirginiaO.22 Feb 187010 Mar 1963Brandon
BurneyWilliam20 Mar 186905 May 1969Penny
BurnsAllieneOrman12 Jun 189623 Dec 1954Rice
BurnsBurgessE.02 Dec 192512 Mar 1994Center Grove
BurnsClara03 Mar 189620 Apr 1948Glenwood
BurnsDwightE.24 Aug 191230 Dec 1987Maple Hill
BurnsEarlUnk20 Dec 1929Maple Hill
BurnsEmmettJ.07 Aug 191819 Jun 1952Center Grove
BurnsGeorgeWilliam11 May 191702 May 1992Maple Hill
BurnsGilbertW.30 Jun 191427 Jun 2006Maple Hill
BurnsHattyeL.20 Mar 190423 Sep 1978Maple Hill
BurnsJohnW.20 Feb 189217 Dec 1961Glenwood
BurnsLouisePowers16 Sep 188920 Feb 1981Glenwood
BurnsMaline04 Oct 188616 Mar 1976Maple Hill
BurnsMaryLeonaBiggs15 Feb 193725 Apr 1993Valhalla Memory Gardens
BurnsMaryP.30 Jul 189714 Aug 1926Glenwood
BurnsMilanD.Unk26 Oct 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
BurnsNoraJeanUnk11 Apr 1983Maple Hill
BurnsOscarRobert25 Aug 188910 Aug 1980Glenwood
BurnsRenaUnk17 Oct 1918Maple Hill
BurnsRobertO.09 Apr 191007 Apr 1973Glenwood
BurnsTabbieAnnie31 Aug 187718 Jul 1924Penny
BurnsTaylorE.19 Aug 191613 May 1973Northside
BurnsThomasE.14 Jul 192103 Jun 1943Rice
BurnsV.T.27 Oct 192617 Jul 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
BurnsV.T.Mrs.Unk17 Jan 1957Maple Hill
BurnsVirgilT.Unk26 Nov 1958Maple Hill
BurnumFrankM.Unk03 Jan 1994Maple Hill
BurnumLouiseMcAnallyUnk11 Dec 1960Maple Hill
BurnwellJamesUnk22 Nov 1923Maple Hill
BurnwellM.Unk12 Oct 1934Maple Hill
BuroseWalterW.Unk31 Jan 1955Maple Hill
BurrMaryUnk18 Sep 1871Maple Hill
BurrW.P.Mrs.Unk01 Apr 1870Maple Hill
BurrellDonnell10 Jul 193215 Oct 1985St. Ruth
BurrellInfantUnk06 Aug 1954Maple Hill
BurrellJimmieD.18991980Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
BurrellRosemary25 Feb 193711 Jun 1987St. Ruth
BurressAmosMonroe19 Jul 192827 Jul 1986Brandon
BurressBenford28 Mar 192228 Nov 1962Crowson Hill
BurressBessiePearl21 Sep 190020 Oct 1958Crowson Hill
BurressNathaniel27 Jun 193203 Jun 1959Fleming
BurressRose BudP.23 Jul 190907 Nov 1935Fleming
BurrettA.R.Unk24 Aug 1876Maple Hill
BurrittPearlJohnsonUnk03 Jul 1898Maple Hill
BurrittWilliamH.Unk17 Apr 1955Maple Hill
BurroughsJohnWayne15 Mar 194428 Mar 2003Huntsville Memory Gardens
BurroughsTommieLoveUnk20 Mar 2001Maple Hill
BurrowAngelynCarter08 Sep 1936NDDKennamer
BurrowBaylorB.18591859Maple Hill
BurrowBobbyW.07 Jan 194608 Sep 1989Kennamer
BurrowEthelG.19 Aug 189525 Nov 1970Maple Hill
BurrowGraceW.20 Aug 191727 Nov 1988Kennamer
BurrowH.A.Unk06 Feb 1950Maple Hill
BurrowHarryL.Unk13 Jan 1961Maple Hill
BurrowHegiaV.22 Feb 192626 Nov 2002Maple Hill
BurrowJamesUnk28 May 1881Maple Hill
BurrowJohnH.Unk05 Jul 2004Maple Hill
BurrowLesleyUnk17 Oct 1874Maple Hill
BurrowM.Semmone06 Feb 1948NDDKennamer
BurrowMalcolmP.18 Feb 1940NDDKennamer
BurrowMildredE.BarkerJun 18351909Maple Hill
BurrowSallieUnk15 Apr 1913Maple Hill
BurrowW.Unk10 Jun 1904Maple Hill
BurrowWilliamUnk22 Sep 1914Maple Hill
BurrowWilliamUnk20 Nov 1900Maple Hill
BurrowWyattAndersonFeb 18281904Maple Hill
BurrowsUnkFemaleUnk27 May 1893Maple Hill
BurrusJaneS.Unk24 Jan 1918Maple Hill
BurrussBerthaM.22 Jan 192417 Nov 1993Northside
BurrussElnoraC.01 May 194807 Jun 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
BurrussEthelIrine04 Aug 192531 May 1999Northside
BurrussHerbert02 Dec 188717 Sep 1980Northside
BurrussIraUnk27 Sep 1957Maple Hill
BurrussJamesLeo31 Jul 192024 Jun 1993Northside
BurrussRogerL.17 Jan 194826 Jul 1972Northside
BurrussRuben02 Jun 192908 Nov 1985Northside
BurtEarlUnk04 Sep 1966Maple Hill
BurtEdithCaroline18 Jul 192012 Sep 2000Maple Hill
BurtHarryLee12 May 195211 Feb 2001Big Cove
BurtReginaldA.11 Jan 197225 Apr 2005Valley View Memorial Gardens
BurtonAnnieD.19 Mar 190529 Jul 1990Big Cove
BurtonBaulahCooperUnk24 Mar 1947Maple Hill
BurtonClaudeE.Unk02 Feb 1982Maple Hill
BurtonEdith11 Sep 191524 Sep 1983Maple Hill
BurtonEdwardHomer24 Feb 190719 Aug 2002Maple Hill
BurtonEgbertJones21 Jun 186109 Apr 1902Madison
BurtonElizabethHogueUnk06 May 1972Maple Hill
BurtonHillaryJuneUnk06 Sep 2001Maple Hill
BurtonHuldahUnk02 Aug 1933Maple Hill
BurtonJ.W.14 Sep 183614 Aug 1904Madison
BurtonJamesUnk22 Nov 1913Maple Hill
BurtonJohnW.Unk28 Nov 1936Maple Hill
BurtonLulaElizabeth16 Dec 188105 Aug 1967Maple Hill
BurtonMaryF.14 Jun 189406 Dec 1995Northside
BurtonMaryL.19 Nov 184125 Dec 1878Madison
BurtonMattieA.30 Sep 184413 Sep 1890Madison
BurtonMiriamUnk11 Jun 1973Maple Hill
BurtonMollieUnk29 Nov 1868Maple Hill
BurtonRobertEarlUnk03 Dec 2004Maple Hill
BurtonS.C.Unk29 Dec 1866Maple Hill
BurtonThomasO.Unk19 May 1888Maple Hill
BurtonUnkFemaleUnk29 May 1870Maple Hill
BurtonVernaA.Manning23 Mar 190607 Jun 1994Maple Hill
BurtonWilliamUnk01 Dec 1918Maple Hill
BurwellAliceMerleUnk21 Dec 1964Maple Hill
BurwellAnnWalkerUnk06 Jan 1902Maple Hill
BurwellAnniePearl20 Feb 193503 Jan 2005Indian Creek
BurwellCarrieDavis186124 Dec 1929Maple Hill
BurwellDoraEtta22 Sep 190501 Oct 1981Northside
BurwellDorisFairfaxUnk13 Jun 1986Maple Hill
BurwellEdwinD.18481910Maple Hill
BurwellEdwinDudley11 Jul 18871976Maple Hill
BurwellEdwinDudley191611 Aug 1974Maple Hill
BurwellEdwinDudley184801 Jan 1910Maple Hill
BurwellEileenFairfaxUnk11 Oct 1907Maple Hill
BurwellFrank01 Mar 189621 Aug 1954Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
BurwellFrankUnk28 Nov 1900Maple Hill
BurwellFrankUnk16 May 1892Maple Hill
BurwellGladysG.23 Sep 193216 Jun 1994St. Ruth
BurwellHelenParker18 Apr 191604 Oct 1998Maple Hill
BurwellHowardBeirne19 Jan 190719 Nov 1985Maple Hill
BurwellHowardBeirneUnk11 Jul 1924Maple Hill
BurwellJ.H.06 Jul 186014 May 1915East
BurwellJamesHenryUnkNDDMaple Hill
BurwellJamesRobertUnk19 Jun 1911Maple Hill
BurwellJamesWilliamUnk24 Oct 1871Maple Hill
BurwellKellyWalkerUnk08 Feb 1942Maple Hill
BurwellLallahRhyne189401 Jan 1934Maple Hill
BurwellLucyE.02 Feb 189716 Oct 1973Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
BurwellMaryF.31 Jul 190927 Apr 1998Pine Grove - Harvest
BurwellMaryMollie02 May 187705 May 1978Pine Grove - Harvest
BurwellRaranUnk09 Feb 1898Maple Hill
BurwellSallie01 Sep 186915 Aug 1914East
BurwellSueKellyUnk05 May 1930Maple Hill
BurwellWalterH.18941984Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
BusbinCoreneUnk17 May 1999Maple Hill
BusbinDossieDunhamNov 1885NDDMaple Hill
BusbinGroverE.07 Feb 190705 Jan 1973Maple Hill
BusbinIdaUnk01 Jun 1948Maple Hill
BusbinJ.M.Unk26 Oct 1971Maple Hill
BusbinJamesW.15 Apr 191828 Sep 1993Maple Hill
BusbinMedford1885NDDMaple Hill
BusbinThelmaUnk11 Jun 1993Maple Hill
BusbinUnkMaleUnk26 Jun 1915Maple Hill
BusbinUnkUnk22 Jan 1954Maple Hill
BuseyHermanC.30 Jul 191101 Dec 1975Maple Hill
BuseyTenieUnk02 Dec 1966Maple Hill
BushAdaM.24 Nov 191216 Dec 1961Hayden
BushBuford15 Mar 191730 Jul 1981Maple Hill
BushHubbardE.28 May 1933NDDHayden
BushHubbard13 Dec 191305 Mar 1968Hayden
BushJ.P.03 Oct 186828 Feb 1912New Hope
BushJamesHilson02 Mar 192323 Nov 2003Maple Hill
BushLillieB.14 May 1943NDDHayden
BushLillieFord31 May 194328 Dec 2003Valhalla Memory Gardens
BushMarguerite28 Aug 191806 Jun 1999Maple Hill
BushWilliamR.25 Jul 189315 Sep 1910New Hope
BushinReubenCareyUnk24 Apr 1961Maple Hill
BushnellCharlesG.24 Sep 1886Sep 1887Gurley
BushyBonnieUnk27 Sep 1959Maple Hill
BuslinEarnestUnk07 May 1930Maple Hill
BusyeLindaFay02 Feb 194313 Jun 1972Maple Hill
BusyeMaudieLee28 Oct 190527 Feb 1985Maple Hill
ButcherAnnieRuth24 Jul 192712 Dec 1994Maple Hill
ButcherJamesMarcusUnk30 Apr 1992Maple Hill
ButlerA.G.Unk04 Mar 1869Maple Hill
ButlerAlbertG.Apr 181702 Mar 1869Maple Hill
ButlerAlbertL.08 Nov 192604 Jan 1992First Flint River Baptist
ButlerAlbertLee17 Sep 190423 May 1989Maple Hill
ButlerAllieB.27 Aug 187201 Sep 1951Charity Baptist Church
ButlerAlva28 Feb 193028 Feb 1930Drake - New Hope
ButlerAnn05 Dec 193530 Aug 1936Drake - New Hope
ButlerAnnieC.187609 Oct 1960Maple Hill
ButlerBerniceLee09 Jan 191622 Jul 1971Maple Hill
ButlerCharlesM.Unk23 Nov 1958Maple Hill
ButlerCharlesTaylor17 Oct 188418 Feb 1973Bethel/Old Bethel
ButlerDorisM.05 Aug 192920 Jan 1991First Flint River Baptist
ButlerDorothyLouiseUnk06 Jun 1987Maple Hill
ButlerElvy28 Feb 193028 Feb 1930Drake - New Hope
ButlerEvetteH.31 Oct 192011 Sep 2001Maple Hill
ButlerFlorenceW.10 Jan 189817 Mar 1986Maple Hill
ButlerFosterUnk27 Mar 1976Maple Hill
ButlerGlennUnk04 Nov 1968Maple Hill
ButlerHarveyJoedan29 Oct 190628 Mar 1997Hayden
ButlerHenryP.16 Aug 186220 Dec 1938Charity Baptist Church
ButlerHerbert27 May 192314 Feb 1925Dallas Mill
ButlerIda15 Sep 190328 Feb 1984Maple Hill
ButlerIdaUnk06 Aug 1928Maple Hill
ButlerIra15 Sep 188828 Jul 1955Pine Grove - Harvest
ButlerJ.W.19241970Charity Baptist Church
ButlerJamesCanada19 Jul 187028 Mar 1925Bethel/Old Bethel
ButlerJamesEdward20 May 184323 Jul 1913Bethel/Old Bethel
ButlerJamesH.16 Jul 191116 Jan 2004Kennamer
ButlerJamesUnk10 Dec 1952Maple Hill
ButlerJoeF.Unk19 Mar 1973Maple Hill
ButlerJoe08 Jun 190308 Sep 1903Charity Baptist Church
ButlerJohnC.187129 Dec 1924Maple Hill
ButlerJohnE.30 May 184323 Jul 1913Bethel/Old Bethel
ButlerJohnGarland09 Aug 192609 Oct 1987Moon
ButlerJohnie190616 Nov 1931Glenwood
ButlerJosephineSmith06 May 193418 Oct 2005Maple Hill
ButlerLadyRuth29 Sep 191616 Feb 2004Maple Hill
ButlerLarryWells05 Feb 194429 Jun 1986Maple Hill
ButlerLaura18871975Bethel/Old Bethel
ButlerLensyL.16 Sep 191611 Apr 1943Moon
ButlerLeslieMarie10 Jul 197021 May 2002Madison Crossroads
ButlerLillianLouiseMussetter1882Feb 1943Bethel/Old Bethel
ButlerLillianOdell19 Mar 192027 Feb 2004Maple Hill
ButlerLloyd29 May 194603 Feb 1947Charity Baptist Church
ButlerLorenePerkins12 Sep 190705 Dec 1997Hayden
ButlerLoyed13 Oct 190424 Apr 1905Charity Baptist Church
ButlerLucyEmma05 Apr 187830 Jan 1968Gurley
ButlerMargaret29 Sep 192109 Aug 1986Maple Hill
ButlerMelvin28 Nov 189023 Sep 1961Plainview
ButlerMillieUnk13 Sep 1975Maple Hill
ButlerMimieLouUnk19 Feb 1996Maple Hill
ButlerMollyUnk04 Jun 1977Maple Hill
ButlerNancyJaneNichols16 Sep 184803 Jan 1939Bethel/Old Bethel
ButlerPennyUnk01 Sep 1967Maple Hill
ButlerPrestonUnk03 Jun 1966Maple Hill
ButlerRalphQ.Unk05 Apr 1978Maple Hill
ButlerSamuelRileyUnk30 Mar 1947Maple Hill
ButlerThomas08 Apr 191220 Dec 1913Charity Baptist Church
ButlerTomUnkNDDMaple Hill
ButlerTonyC.23 Jul 195030 Dec 1980First Flint River Baptist
ButlerW.D.Unk05 Dec 1957Maple Hill
ButlerWilliamAndrewUnk24 Aug 1980Maple Hill
ButlerWilliamC.15 Jan 182521 Mar 1877Bethel/Old Bethel
ButlerWilliamEdward31 Aug 187522 Jan 1952Bethel/Old Bethel
ButlerWilliamHarold04 Nov 191914 May 1998Maple Hill
ButlerWilliam20 Jun 189819 May 1971Charity Baptist Church
ButnerAlderMae189907 Feb 1923Merrimack
ButnerAlexanderUnk31 May 1942Maple Hill
ButnerAltaUnk22 Nov 1939Maple Hill
ButnerDorothy03 Nov 191122 Dec 1994Maple Hill
ButnerJennieUnk25 Nov 1945Maple Hill
ButnerMasonAndrewUnk28 Feb 1962Maple Hill
ButnerMyrtleHoover24 Jan 189205 Jun 1966Maple Hill
ButnerNancyUnk07 Mar 1923Maple Hill
ButnerVirginiaDare07 Sep 191516 Oct 2004Maple Hill
ButtMaryUnk28 Oct 1923Maple Hill
ButtnerLonie08 Oct 189928 Sep 1988Maple Hill
ButtnerW.H.Unk14 Feb 1957Maple Hill
ButtnerWallaceAlexanderUnk07 May 1960Maple Hill
ButtramHeywardM.06 Feb 192408 Apr 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
ButtramLoisLaRue23 Nov 192303 Oct 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
BuxbaumWilliamB.15 Dec 191105 Dec 1974Maple Hill
BuyeaJamesE.Unk05 Jul 1960Maple Hill
BuyseCharlesB.01 Sep 189415 Sep 1966Maple Hill
BuyseEviaUnk05 Aug 1938Maple Hill
BuyseLermonUnk19 Sep 1968Maple Hill
BuyseLindaUnk13 Jun 1972Maple Hill
BuyseMaudie28 Oct 190527 Feb 1985Maple Hill
ByardEllaUnk13 Jan 1900Maple Hill
ByarsAnnieMae20 Mar 190606 Feb 1992Charity Baptist Church
ByarsLeffryA.Sep 191414 Nov 1981Maple Hill
ByarsLeona24 May 191225 Jan 1996Plainview
ByarsLester14 Jun 190313 Feb 1969Plainview
ByarsLutherMae25 Sep 191127 Sep 1979Charity Baptist Church
ByarsLuther18 Jan 191213 Jul 2000Charity Baptist Church
ByarsMaryS.08 Mar 191617 Oct 2000Maple Hill
ByarsSandraKay11 Sep 195112 Jan 2002Plainview
ByarsVelmaB.20 Jul 192903 Feb 2002Plainview
ByersAnnaLou06 Jul 188301 Apr 1885Bellview
ByersKatherineW.Unk13 Aug 1989Maple Hill
ByersMarcusD.16 Apr 190111 Feb 1980Maple Hill
ByersRalph09 Aug 188614 Oct 1899Bellview
ByersSidneyJohnson186225 May 1862Maple Hill
ByneF.A.Unk11 Nov 1947Maple Hill
ByneJosephHenryUnk17 Jul 1963Maple Hill
ByneMarthaUnk28 Oct 1930Maple Hill
BynumEarlUnk13 Nov 1989Maple Hill
BynumEliJasper12 Mar 185610 May 1945Madison Crossroads
BynumFlossieQ.18 Dec 190926 Aug 1992Maple Hill
BynumFrankM.Unk14 Apr 1991Maple Hill
BynumFrankMartinUnk20 Sep 1981Maple Hill
BynumIdaBradford30 Jan 187423 Mar 1916Taylor
BynumJohnBurtonUnk02 Sep 1964Maple Hill
BynumMaryElizabeth09 Feb 191229 Dec 1995Maple Hill
BynumMaryJaneUnk04 May 1946Maple Hill
BynumMary02 Jun 190329 Apr 1972Northside
BynumRoxie22 Jul 190223 Jun 1978Maple Hill
BynumSarahLovicieHilliard23 Feb 186331 Jul 1940Madison Crossroads
BynumWilliamA.Unk19 Jun 1983Maple Hill
ByramDellarI.15 Nov 191128 Sep 1998Byrd
ByramHomer22 Dec 190816 Jul 1966Byrd
ByrdAltonWayne11 Feb 194022 May 1957Neal Chapel
ByrdAnnieLeeUnkNDDGreen Valley
ByrdBillyRay28 Feb 197412 Dec 1970Maple Hill
ByrdBuford30 Apr 189408 Jan 1968Neal Chapel
ByrdCarl30 Aug 191701 Sep 1949Neal Chapel
ByrdCharlesA.27 Aug 193408 Apr 1989Neal Chapel
ByrdChristine07 Dec 191906 Jan 1972Neal Chapel
ByrdDorisMae21 Feb 193005 Oct 1930Neal Chapel
ByrdEarl14 Aug 191416 Dec 2002Green Valley
ByrdEarlUnk31 Oct 2000Green Valley
ByrdEdnaE.10 Sep 192118 Sep 1987Neal Chapel
ByrdEdwardLeon16 Oct 193217 Feb 1998Neal Chapel
ByrdEllen08 Aug 192504 Aug 1986Maple Hill
ByrdElsieRhodes01 Jan 188301 Sep 1949Neal Chapel
ByrdFannieLeeUnk11 Sep 2000Green Valley
ByrdFlorenceCorbinUnk04 Aug 1981Maple Hill
ByrdGladysReed11 Feb 191713 Jun 1997Green Valley
ByrdGladysMontgomery30 Aug 190904 Aug 1981Neal Chapel
ByrdHarveyJamesUnk10 Feb 1999Green Valley
ByrdJackieCecil22 Aug 195015 Jul 1992Neal Chapel
ByrdJamesHerman26 Dec 193012 Jul 1994Neal Chapel
ByrdJames03 Sep 192304 Sep 1985Maple Hill
ByrdJasUnk14 Feb 1924Maple Hill
ByrdJessieG.WallUnk29 Jul 1999Maple Hill
ByrdJohnUnk04 Jan 1923Maple Hill
ByrdJoshuaLynnUnk15 Nov 1987Neal Chapel
ByrdKathleenMason14 Nov 191219 Feb 1974Maple Hill
ByrdKenneth12 Mar 194230 Jun 1966Neal Chapel
ByrdLarryG.Unk20 Dec 2005Maple Hill
ByrdLaura20 Jul 188713 Jun 1931Neal Chapel
ByrdLeonard03 Nov 192026 Oct 1996Green Valley
ByrdLulaBell26 Aug 187620 May 1959Byrd
ByrdMargaretFaye30 Jan 1946NDDNeal Chapel
ByrdMarshallLee19 Jul 190423 Nov 1978Neal Chapel
ByrdMarthaUnk17 Nov 1933Maple Hill
ByrdMaryUnk01 Jun 1927Maple Hill
ByrdMaudie19131937Neal Chapel
ByrdMildredUnk02 May 1923Maple Hill
ByrdMinnie05 Jun 190820 Dec 1985Maple Hill
ByrdMurphyA.25 Jul 190702 Feb 1979Byrd
ByrdOscar12 Nov 190005 Oct 1975Maple Hill
ByrdRodneyL.19551988Green Valley
ByrdSarahUnk04 Sep 1918Maple Hill
ByrdThomasO.27 Jan 191620 Jun 1995Green Valley
ByrdUniceCarrollUnk08 Oct 2001Neal Chapel
ByrdW.Unk03 Jan 1951Maple Hill
ByrdWalterThomas16 Nov 194722 Aug 1994Neal Chapel
ByrdWillardLee05 Feb 194601 Jan 2000Green Valley
ByrdWillieB.25 Dec 191717 Jun 1986Green Valley
ByrdWillieLeeUnk24 Feb 2000Neal Chapel
ByrdWinfredL.27 Jul 191325 Jun 2001Neal Chapel
ByrdeLucyNov 179310 Mar 1857Donaldson Family
ByrneA.J.19 Oct 183912 Jul 1920Ryland
ByrneF.A.Mrs.Unk21 Oct 1957Maple Hill
ByrneJohnMarion1912NDDMaple Hill
ByrneMollieL.18801958Maple Hill
ByrneNancy30 Apr 191503 Aug 1985Maple Hill
ByrneW.J.Unk08 Jan 1958Maple Hill
ByrneWalterJ.18701921Maple Hill
ByrneWalterJacksonUnk30 Apr 1989Maple Hill
ByromAnnise13 Jun 190410 Mar 1982Maple Hill
ByromBenUnk01 Oct 1951Maple Hill
ByromBufordD.Unk21 Apr 1948Maple Hill
ByromDelsieImogene12 Sep 192419 Feb 2003Maple Hill
ByromDeweyUnk01 Jul 1969Maple Hill
ByromDorisI.Unk15 Apr 1990Maple Hill
ByromEleanorKelly09 Dec 192511 May 1999Moon
ByromErvinA.13 May 190820 Aug 1981Maple Hill
ByromEugene11 Mar 194219 Aug 2001Maple Hill
ByromFrancesBethelUnk28 Jun 1969Charity Baptist Church
ByromH.Unk16 Dec 1955Maple Hill
ByromHowardA.10 Dec 192820 Apr 1994Maple Hill
ByromIda07 Mar 188001 Aug 1962Cedar Grove
ByromJohn14 Apr 190124 Sep 1969Maple Hill
ByromJohnnieKellyUnk07 Mar 1996Maple Hill
ByromLelaM.04 Mar 191506 Jul 1990Maple Hill
ByromLilly17 Feb 188815 Jun 1970Maple Hill
ByromMabelW.Unk15 Jun 1980Maple Hill
ByromMamieUnk19 Mar 1979Maple Hill
ByromMarkLynnUnk24 Nov 1949Maple Hill
ByromMarvinLeeUnk18 Jan 1972Maple Hill
ByromMichaelD.Unk10 Apr 1999Maple Hill
ByromMilasC.Unk13 Jul 1975Maple Hill
ByromPaul05 Sep 190304 Mar 1973Maple Hill
ByromRayfordThomas23 Mar 194708 Jan 2001Maple Hill
ByromRoyUnk23 Aug 1974Maple Hill
ByromWalterE.Unk05 Feb 1949Maple Hill
ByromWilliamHenryUnk20 Nov 1967Maple Hill
ByromWilliamR.Unk07 Apr 1980Maple Hill
ByronRayfordUnk16 Jan 1935Maple Hill
ByronW.Unk10 Dec 1927Maple Hill
ByrumDennisMartinUnk23 Apr 1949Maple Hill
ByrumDoraMarie09 Feb 192101 Jun 1999Maple Hill
ByrumRobertA.Unk23 Apr 1973Maple Hill
BzdellSusanLeeRosenblumUnk17 Dec 2005Maple Hill

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