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Last Name
First Name
Middle Name
CeasarNoraBell16 Apr 194223 Mar 1988Rice
CecilClaudeUnk07 Jan 1922Maple Hill
CecilVirgilUnk29 Oct 1938Maple Hill
CecilWilsieUnk12 Mar 1941Maple Hill
CeilleyErnestineVirginia21 Apr 192030 Oct 2005Maple Hill
CeilleyRobertL.11 Aug 192008 Dec 1980Maple Hill
CenterburyMaryUnk21 Sep 1941Maple Hill
CernyHedwigMariaKraml29 Dec 192016 Dec 2004Maple Hill
CernyOttoUnk26 Sep 1985Maple Hill
CertainAddieR.23 Jan 189916 Jul 1978Maple Hill
CertainAndersonUnk09 Nov 1914Maple Hill
CertainAndreaLynnUnk10 May 1949Maple Hill
CertainAnnElsieHopkinsApr 188018 Mar 1964Maple Hill
CertainAnneWylyUnk03 Mar 1953Maple Hill
CertainBobbyUnk09 Jun 1946Maple Hill
CertainCassieUnk02 Apr 1923Maple Hill
CertainCatherineRebman26 Jun 185223 Mar 1912Maple Hill
CertainClarenceR.18 Mar 189401 Nov 1980Maple Hill
CertainElizabethUnk17 Aug 1957Maple Hill
CertainFrancisUnk23 Aug 1924Maple Hill
CertainHenryJacobFeb 187022 Apr 1935Maple Hill
CertainHenryJacobUnk27 May 1948Maple Hill
CertainJamesHerman13 Sep 196211 Oct 1987Maple Hill
CertainJames12 Jan 188322 Aug 1976Maple Hill
CertainJennie25 Jun 190304 Jan 1907Merrimack
CertainJesseUnk19 Jan 1923Maple Hill
CertainJessieB.05 Apr 190124 May 1983Maple Hill
CertainJohn20 Oct 188926 Feb 1917Merrimack
CertainLeeUnk24 Nov 1900Maple Hill
CertainLionelUnk04 Mar 1929Maple Hill
CertainNelsonUnk20 Jun 1950Maple Hill
CertainNoraUnk13 Feb 1970Maple Hill
CertainPhilipR.Unk14 Aug 1991Maple Hill
CertainPhillipAnthony09 Aug 191712 Jul 1979Neal Chapel
CertainRuthB.17 Apr 190023 Dec 1954Maple Hill
CertainSamuelFloydUnk24 Mar 1969Maple Hill
CertainSarahUnkNDDMaple Hill
CertainSmith22 Apr 184511 Dec 1898Maple Hill
CertainTulaP.Unk05 Aug 1962Maple Hill
CertainWilliamL.29 Mar 192402 May 2001Maple Hill
CertainWilliamL.Unk06 May 1947Maple Hill
CertainWilliamM.24 Dec 190102 May 1980Maple Hill
CewinChristopherC.24 Nov 184508 Feb 1878Madison
CewinCoraC.26 Nov 186631 Aug 1885Madison
ChaddockSusieUnk08 Dec 1942Maple Hill
ChaderickCharlesW.12 May 184629 Dec 1902Ebenezer
ChaderickD.Unk09 Nov 1931Maple Hill
ChadickCharlotteBell02 May 185522 Dec 1912Ebenezer
ChadickSamuelF.19 Dec 188211 Oct 1902Ebenezer
ChadlerOvaidUnk19 Mar 1929Maple Hill
ChadwickFannieUnk25 May 1953Maple Hill
ChadwickJohnUnk20 Mar 1915Maple Hill
ChadwickRobertA.Unk23 Apr 1968Maple Hill
ChadwickRobertUnk02 Apr 1950Maple Hill
ChaffeeRaymondIrwinUnk18 Jan 1964Maple Hill
ChaffeeRuthCecilia21 Nov 192128 Feb 2003Maple Hill
ChaffinDavidMonroe13 Jan 192828 Nov 2001Maple Hill
ChafinBessieUnk16 Feb 1931Maple Hill
ChafinDonUnk17 Nov 1929Maple Hill
ChafinHerbertUnk18 Jun 1917Maple Hill
ChamberlainBeatrice14 Mar 192011 Jun 2004Maple Hill
ChamberlainLorenH.30 Sep 193419 Dec 2005Maple Hill
ChamberlainShelbyMargaretUnk01 Feb 1970Maple Hill
ChamberlainSherman05 Oct 190127 Feb 1988Maple Hill
ChambersAliceM.01 Mar 1907NDDByrd
ChambersAliceUnk16 Apr 1921Maple Hill
ChambersBerthaSandersonUnk08 Apr 1959Maple Hill
ChambersBerthaUnk20 Jan 1899Maple Hill
ChambersBessieUnk19 Jan 1899Maple Hill
ChambersBettyM.Unk28 Oct 1992Maple Hill
ChambersBobbyUnk04 Sep 1967Maple Hill
ChambersCharlesM.22 Oct 191806 Mar 1983Maple Hill
ChambersDavidI.02 Sep 1942NDDByrd
ChambersE.G.Unk09 Apr 1957Maple Hill
ChambersElizabethLouiseUnk02 Jan 1979Maple Hill
ChambersElizabethS.190704 Jun 1963Maple Hill
ChambersErskineG.20 Apr 190811 Jan 1985Maple Hill
ChambersIrvingF.29 Jan 190517 Dec 1993Byrd
ChambersJackUnk16 Mar 1974Maple Hill
ChambersJamesUnk03 Sep 1933Maple Hill
ChambersJohnC.Unk08 Jul 1949Maple Hill
ChambersJohnF.18771948Maple Hill
ChambersJohn10 Oct 190404 Jan 1974Maple Hill
ChambersLorniaUnk25 Jul 1933Maple Hill
ChambersLydiaBramlett188322 Jul 1969Maple Hill
ChambersMargaret23 Sep 191103 Jul 1996Maple Hill
ChambersMargaret12 Jul 191107 Jul 1995Maple Hill
ChambersMattieUnk18 Jan 1899Maple Hill
ChambersMaudeEllenUnk01 Feb 1988Maple Hill
ChambersMaurice18 Jul 191018 Nov 1970Maple Hill
ChambersMyrtle07 Aug 188707 Jan 1978Maple Hill
ChambersNattieUnk15 Dec 1898Maple Hill
ChambersNellConally06 May 190906 Mar 1999Maple Hill
ChambersRobertSmith04 Aug 181829 Jul 1850Maple Hill
ChambersSamCookUnk20 Nov 1961Maple Hill
ChambersWilliamF.190919 Nov 1983Maple Hill
ChambersWilliamJoseph04 Apr 196018 Oct 2002Maple Hill
ChambleeCindyGail04 Nov 196324 Feb 1995Bevill
ChambleeNancyT.15 Apr 189412 Feb 1980Maple Hill
ChambleeRonaldWayne01 Jul 196615 Sep 1984Bevill
ChampagneKennethW.Unk02 Feb 1982Maple Hill
ChampionCarolineUnk10 May 1928Maple Hill
ChampionCharlesKnoxUnk02 Feb 1981Maple Hill
ChampionCharlesUnk06 Jun 1951Maple Hill
ChampionDannyKennethUnk14 Jun 1963Maple Hill
ChampionErnestClarenceUnk08 Mar 1965Maple Hill
ChampionEssieL.19 Jul 190904 Jul 1989Neal Chapel
ChampionGeorgeUnk26 Feb 1955Maple Hill
ChampionGerryUnk13 Feb 1946Maple Hill
ChampionHelenO.19 Jan 192309 Apr 1991Maple Hill
ChampionIda25 Apr 191214 Jul 1941Neal Chapel
ChampionJ.Unk02 Nov 1953Maple Hill
ChampionJamesUnk01 Dec 1927Maple Hill
ChampionJeryGlynn14 Apr 193809 Jul 1939Neal Chapel
ChampionJohnH.Unk25 Oct 1993Maple Hill
ChampionKateUnk07 Apr 1949Maple Hill
ChampionLillyBolesUnk03 Mar 1980Maple Hill
ChampionLucileUnk16 Nov 1936Maple Hill
ChampionLucyC.Unk20 Oct 2003Maple Hill
ChampionMarvilLeeUnk08 Sep 1964Maple Hill
ChampionMaryImogene18 Aug 192925 Feb 1944Neal Chapel
ChampionMaryM.17 Apr 188324 Feb 1955Maple Hill
ChampionRalphUnk03 Jul 1995Maple Hill
ChampionRobertL.09 Jan 190803 Jun 1972Neal Chapel
ChampionRoscoeUnk29 Oct 1970Maple Hill
ChampionSadieUnk03 Mar 1999Maple Hill
ChampionSamuelLeon13 Mar 192615 Feb 2004Shady Grove
ChampionSarahKathrynUnk11 Jun 1959Maple Hill
ChampionT.H.Unk27 Feb 1958Maple Hill
ChanYoungHo19061983Maple Hill
ChanceyWalterUnk23 Dec 1919Maple Hill
ChanderEstelleDunn31 Dec 189906 Aug 1986Esslinger
ChandlerAlaceUnk20 Mar 1895Maple Hill
ChandlerAliceEmma22 Mar 185620 Dec 1940Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
ChandlerAllenClement05 Oct 185104 Sep 1910Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
ChandlerBarclay05 Oct 191304 Jan 1979Gurley
ChandlerBrennon22 Apr 198219 May 1982Chandler - Carter Grove
ChandlerChristopherD.19 Jul 198829 Dec 1990Northside
ChandlerDarrenJ.01 Aug 198317 Aug 1983Northside
ChandlerDebrahL.02 Nov 196019 May 1982Chandler - Carter Grove
ChandlerE.J.01 Mar 186220 Jul 1905Chandler - Carter Grove
ChandlerEdithW.Unk01 Apr 1995Maple Hill
ChandlerElizaMoon22 Aug 181228 Dec 1891Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
ChandlerErmonGlenn04 Nov 191130 Jun 1995Gurley
ChandlerEugeneD.Unk13 Aug 1975Maple Hill
ChandlerEvelynUnk17 Mar 1920Maple Hill
ChandlerF.A.08 Mar 189420 Jul 1934Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
ChandlerFloydUnk02 Aug 1917Maple Hill
ChandlerFredJ.12 Nov 190504 Dec 1995Moon
ChandlerGeorgeH.Unk22 Oct 1989Maple Hill
ChandlerGertrudeUnk17 Dec 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
ChandlerGracieUnkNDDMaple Hill
ChandlerGracieUnk25 Apr 1930Maple Hill
ChandlerHarrietElizabeth27 Nov 185626 Feb 1940Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
ChandlerJ.Unk09 Mar 1931Maple Hill
ChandlerJamesMarion20 May 190024 Dec 1976Maple Hill
ChandlerJamesWalterUnk13 Sep 1959Maple Hill
ChandlerJames16 Apr 182124 May 1896Chandler - Carter Grove
ChandlerJennieH.18961967Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
ChandlerJessieEmmaJoiner02 Apr 191607 Apr 2005Maple Hill
ChandlerJessie02 Feb 189425 Oct 1967Chandler - Carter Grove
ChandlerJewelF.19 Aug 190005 Jun 1944Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
ChandlerJoeWade11 Sep 187608 Oct 1961Moon
ChandlerJohnE.17 Aug 190319 Nov 1956Fowlkes
ChandlerJohnM.18341879Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
ChandlerJohnMiller14 Apr 199714 Apr 1997Madison Crossroads
ChandlerJohnW.18741952Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
ChandlerJuanita08 Nov 192519 May 1982Chandler - Carter Grove
ChandlerKennethEarlUnk17 Dec 1978Maple Hill
ChandlerLakyshia02 Apr 197919 May 1982Chandler - Carter Grove
ChandlerLauraLeeSmith190911 Jul 1983Maple Hill
ChandlerLeanna18931949Chandler - Carter Grove
ChandlerLeeAllenUnk06 Oct 1970Maple Hill
ChandlerLouiseL.19 Feb 190803 Jan 1981Chandler - Carter Grove
ChandlerMabelB.30 May 191111 Sep 1995Moon
ChandlerMadella05 Apr 182016 Jan 1895Chandler - Carter Grove
ChandlerMammieClark05 Jun 189101 Jan 1980Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
ChandlerMargaretJane17 May 193405 Jun 1934Esslinger
ChandlerMarieEuniceUnk28 Aug 2004Maple Hill
ChandlerMaryA.28 Dec 187321 Dec 1906Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
ChandlerMaryUnk23 Jun 1913Maple Hill
ChandlerMaryBoyd26 Sep 187908 Apr 1968Moon
ChandlerNathanielGreen16 Jun 184119 Apr 1918Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
ChandlerNathanielT.15 Feb 189419 Jul 1970Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
ChandlerNinaB.Unk08 Mar 1998Maple Hill
ChandlerNormaUnk24 Nov 1993Maple Hill
ChandlerOrfaArmon09 Oct 189608 Feb 1947Madison Crossroads
ChandlerPaulineUnk31 Dec 1990Maple Hill
ChandlerQuarante07 May 198019 May 1982Chandler - Carter Grove
ChandlerQuawanis25 Oct 198019 May 1982Chandler - Carter Grove
ChandlerQuentin25 Oct 198019 May 1982Chandler - Carter Grove
ChandlerRichardF.Unk02 Apr 1964Maple Hill
ChandlerRobertLee11 Mar 191717 Feb 1970Memory Gardens
ChandlerShelby22 Jan 190030 Sep 1901Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
ChandlerValtenaLouise09 Oct 193430 Aug 1936Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
ChandlerVera27 Jan 193119 May 1982Chandler - Carter Grove
ChandlerVirginiaLeahUnk28 May 1962Maple Hill
ChandlerVirginiaO.Unk18 Aug 1992Maple Hill
ChandlerWilliamA.09 Aug 186019 Sep 1908Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
ChandlerWilliamRobert28 Jun 179815 Jan 1874Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
ChandlerWilliamVonUnk21 Dec 1991Maple Hill
ChandlerWilliamUnk08 Dec 1952Maple Hill
ChandlerWillieUnk18 Jun 1973Maple Hill
ChaneyB.J.02 Sep 185331 Dec 1925Maple Hill
ChaneyBelleUnk31 Dec 1925Maple Hill
ChaneyBertieConneliaUnk22 Nov 1961Maple Hill
ChaneyBertieJarrard18811961Maple Hill
ChaneyCecilA.22 Sep 193215 Jan 2004Maple Hill
ChaneyCecilP.07 Jun 190116 Sep 1988Maple Hill
ChaneyClaudeUnk20 Sep 1940Maple Hill
ChaneyGlenSanford23 Oct 190313 Sep 1974Maple Hill
ChaneyLelaLlewellynUnk02 Mar 1998Maple Hill
ChaneyMadgePowell15 Oct 190908 Jan 1972Maple Hill
ChaneyMamieElma15 Aug 190301 Nov 1964Maple Hill
ChaneyMayburnG.18781951Maple Hill
ChaneyMerleUnk03 May 1949Maple Hill
ChaneyNoraUnk02 Sep 1979Maple Hill
ChaneyPearlAngeline19 Oct 190126 Mar 1981Maple Hill
ChaneyThomasE.Unk15 Dec 1974Maple Hill
ChanneyUnkMaleUnk15 Jun 1915Maple Hill
ChapmanByrdL.Unk06 Jul 1901Glenwood
ChapmanChristopherUnk03 May 1997Maple Hill
ChapmanCoraLeeCampbell01 Nov 189411 Jun 1969Maple Hill
ChapmanEddieBufordUnk03 May 1995Maple Hill
ChapmanFeliciaA.19 Feb 181928 Oct 1870Maple Hill
ChapmanFeliciaCorbinUnk01 Jan 1875Maple Hill
ChapmanGeorgeE.Unk28 May 1987Maple Hill
ChapmanGeorgeMissUnk15 Jun 1994Maple Hill
ChapmanHughB.Unk24 Feb 2001Maple Hill
ChapmanIreneSanderUnk11 Oct 2003Maple Hill
ChapmanJohnT.30 Dec 188326 Jun 1885Center Hill
ChapmanJohnMrs.Unk24 Jan 1955Maple Hill
ChapmanJohnUnk04 Oct 1950Maple Hill
ChapmanJosephineG.Unk22 Jan 1980Maple Hill
ChapmanKennethNevin31 May 199408 Jun 1994Tuck
ChapmanMammyUnk08 Nov 1879Maple Hill
ChapmanMargaretSophiaUnkNDDMaple Hill
ChapmanMargaretteUnk06 Dec 1992Maple Hill
ChapmanMichaelW.13 Aug 196926 Oct 2004Maple Hill
ChapmanNellie19141973Center Grove
ChapmanReubanUnk25 Mar 1924Maple Hill
ChapmanReuben15 Jul 179916 May 1882Maple Hill
ChapmanReubenUnk02 Jun 1965Maple Hill
ChapmanRosalieUnk13 Sep 1917Maple Hill
ChapmanRoweMonroe01 Jun 189104 Dec 1964Maple Hill
ChapmanSarahUnkNDDMaple Hill
ChapmanSeptUnk07 Mar 1868Maple Hill
ChapmanSteptoePickett19 Oct 1840May 1864Maple Hill
ChapmanTommyUnk12 Nov 1933Maple Hill
ChappellJamesUnk12 Jul 1902Maple Hill
ChappellJohnR.18761939Camp Ground
ChappinsT.Unk07 Nov 1898Maple Hill
CharlesMary15 Jul 196220 Sep 2005Maple Hill
ChaseAnnieStewartUnk02 May 1959Maple Hill
ChaseE.FlorenceUnkNDDMaple Hill
ChaseEdwinUnk16 Sep 1946Maple Hill
ChaseFanneyUnk14 Jul 1945Maple Hill
ChaseGeraldineUnk25 Jan 1978Maple Hill
ChaseHenryHomer26 Feb 191403 Aug 1998Maple Hill
ChaseHerbertUnk19 Oct 1944Maple Hill
ChaseHerbertUnk08 Nov 1901Maple Hill
ChaseHomer25 Jan 189611 Apr 1972Maple Hill
ChaseInfantMaleUnk21 Jan 1942Maple Hill
ChaseJamesUnk27 Mar 1940Maple Hill
ChasePleasantAlexanderUnk08 May 2000Maple Hill
ChaseRobertUnk09 Jun 1939Maple Hill
ChaseRuthUnk23 Apr 1954Maple Hill
ChatamClaudiaLeeUnk23 Jul 2002Maple Hill
ChathamRoyL.Unk26 Nov 1980Maple Hill
ChatmanShirleyUnk07 Dec 1946Maple Hill
ChattertonEugeneUnk18 Jul 1926Maple Hill
ChchranTommyColemanUnk30 Mar 1998Maple Hill
CheathamRobertM.Unk07 Mar 1982Maple Hill
CheathamThomasW.Unk11 Sep 1975Maple Hill
CheatwoodA.B.Unk02 Feb 1962Maple Hill
ChefferDonaldBowerUnkNDDMaple Hill
ChefferDouglasMichaelUnk06 May 1993Maple Hill
ChefferThelma28 Dec 191530 Dec 2002Maple Hill
CheneyF.E.189618 Oct 1949Maple Hill
CheneyJohnnieLouise189710 Oct 1984Maple Hill
CheneyM.Unk08 Aug 1951Maple Hill
ChenningUnkFemaleUnk25 May 1868Maple Hill
ChesnuttScottC.Unk17 Dec 1996Maple Hill
ChestnutMaryBelleUnk21 Dec 1952Maple Hill
ChestnutMaryUnk21 Dec 1952Maple Hill
ChestnuttA.Unk14 Mar 1925Maple Hill
ChestnuttFrankLeonUnk06 May 1993Maple Hill
ChestnuttThomasB.30 Aug 190928 Jul 1993Maple Hill
ChewningCatherineCulp179824 May 1868Maple Hill
ChiafulioD.A.Unk15 Mar 1964Maple Hill
ChichesterEstelle22 Oct 192001 Aug 1986Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
ChichesterWalter29 Sep 191915 Dec 1984Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
ChickDonaldE.Unk16 Nov 1960Maple Hill
ChickTriseyUnk24 Nov 1900Maple Hill
ChidersWilliamUnk19 Jan 1929Maple Hill
ChildersAlmaE.19 Feb 193809 Jun 1980Neal Chapel
ChildersBiddie/BittieMcPeters11 Feb 1902NDDHayden
ChildersBilly26 Jan 193728 Sep 1998Maple Hill
ChildersBittieM.11 Feb 190210 Jan 1989Hayden
ChildersCarlT.10 Dec 193530 Aug 1982Green Valley
ChildersDorothy15 Nov 192031 May 2005Maple Hill
ChildersGeorgeW.19 Jul 189217 Jan 1978Hayden
ChildersGeorgeWesley19 Jul 189217 Jan 1978Hayden
ChildersHarry/CarltonOdell18 Oct 190409 Sep 1985Kennamer
ChildersHiltonB.24 Oct 193331 Aug 1982Green Valley
ChildersHowardE.25 Jul 192803 Apr 1983Neal Chapel
ChildersIreneKennemer15 Nov 190431 Jan 1992Kennamer
ChildersJ.D.14 Jan 195206 Jun 1952Hayden
ChildersJerryDavid28 Mar 199228 Mar 1992Brown
ChildersJohnLeonard04 Apr 190214 Jan 1977Hayden
ChildersJohnLeonard04 Apr 190214 Jan 1977Hayden
ChildersJohnR.Unk09 Jan 1991Maple Hill
ChildersJohnRobert30 Apr 191429 Jun 1997Maple Hill
ChildersL.R.05 Aug 192704 Jan 1929Merrimack
ChildersLeeB.05 Jul 186811 May 1912Hayden
ChildersLoisEsther17 Aug 191927 Nov 1942Charity Baptist Church
ChildersLulaUnk16 Dec 1960Maple Hill
ChildersMarthaAnn06 Dec 193302 Sep 1979Hayden
ChildersMartinL.Unk26 Apr 1962Maple Hill
ChildersMildredB.12 Apr 191504 Mar 1985Maple Hill
ChildersNannie26 Oct 188004 Dec 1976Maple Hill
ChildersNellieM.25 Oct 189701 May 1991Hayden
ChildersOdell18 Oct 190409 Sep 1985Kennamer
ChildersRosemarieUnk24 May 1982Maple Hill
ChildersRuthB.22 Jul 189306 Apr 1971Charity Baptist Church
ChildersWill10 Dec 188217 Sep 1973Northside
ChildersWilliamEdward07 Nov 188325 Mar 1962Charity Baptist Church
ChildressAldenL.30 May 189822 May 1973Maple Hill
ChildressAllysonLeaUnk17 May 1962Maple Hill
ChildressAltaUnk15 Jul 1925Maple Hill
ChildressAltie03 Jul 190515 Dec 1993Maple Hill
ChildressAnnieSueUnk03 Apr 2000Maple Hill
ChildressAnnieBush12 Sep 191315 Mar 2005Northside
ChildressBettieUnk16 Dec 1927Maple Hill
ChildressBob19151983Center Grove
ChildressDoraUnk22 Jan 1930Maple Hill
ChildressEffieUnk23 Jun 1931Maple Hill
ChildressElizabeth27 Mar 1832NDDJenkins
ChildressGeorgeB.22 Nov 183303 Oct 1862Jenkins
ChildressGeorgeBurton20 Feb 188703 Mar 1947Maple Hill
ChildressGladysP.Unk20 Jan 1985Maple Hill
ChildressGladys02 Oct 191023 Dec 1982Maple Hill
ChildressHelenLee23 Apr 189906 Jan 1989Maple Hill
ChildressHinesP.189518 Nov 1950Maple Hill
ChildressHughM.22 Nov 183305 Aug 1862Jenkins
ChildressHughMartin08 Nov 186022 Nov 1938Maple Hill
ChildressIsa09 Sep 187225 Feb 1956Hayden
ChildressJamesUnk26 Oct 1921Maple Hill
ChildressJerushaJane04 Aug 183029 Aug 1831Jenkins
ChildressJoelC.Unk19 Jan 1870Maple Hill
ChildressJohnUnk09 Jul 1954Maple Hill
ChildressKennethLee16 Apr 192822 Jul 1996Maple Hill
ChildressL.V.05 Jul 185811 May 1918Hayden
ChildressLauraUnk04 Oct 1916Maple Hill
ChildressLulaA.Medley189116 Dec 1960Maple Hill
ChildressMalcolmR.192101 Mar 1964Maple Hill
ChildressMarthaJ.28 Oct 183419 Feb 1908Bethel/Old Bethel
ChildressMaryAnn18341834Red Hill
ChildressPaulUnk10 Jun 1953Maple Hill
ChildressPearlineT.Unk16 Aug 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
ChildressRobertS.Unk09 Apr 1971Maple Hill
ChildressRobertUel29 Jan 179919 Jul 1866Jenkins
ChildressRobertW.189318 Mar 1939Maple Hill
ChildressRobertUnk15 Oct 1920Maple Hill
ChildressTabitha02 Sep 182411 Jul 1825Jenkins
ChildressTemperanceConnally03 Mar 179809 Sep 1865Jenkins
ChildressVernaChurch11 Aug 189725 Feb 1985Cochran
ChildressWilliamF.Unk16 Jul 1963Maple Hill
ChildressWilliamLeroyUnk01 Dec 1961Maple Hill
ChildressWilliamUnk08 Jun 1953Maple Hill
ChildrethChildUnk16 Jul 1868Maple Hill
ChildsJ.H.Mrs.Unk22 May 1882Maple Hill
ChildsJaneHamiltonUnk22 May 1882Maple Hill
ChildsWilliamH.UnkNDDMaple Hill
ChisamCharlesJennings06 Apr 196006 Apr 1960Maple Hill
ChisamClaudeSmith30 Aug 188105 Sep 1929Maple Hill
ChisamDonnaElyse05 Aug 196122 Mar 1981Maple Hill
ChisamJ.Jennings10 Mar 190716 Jan 1985Maple Hill
ChisamMarthaSusan24 Sep 188325 Dec 1969Maple Hill
ChisamPerryD.14 Dec 191115 Aug 1996Maple Hill
ChisamWillieP.Mrs.Unk29 Dec 1989Maple Hill
ChisholmAraB.UnkNDDMaple Hill
ChisholmGaskillH.Unk16 Jan 1979Maple Hill
ChisholmHermanHazel31 Mar 192424 May 1998Maple Hill
ChisholmRubyeBullionUnk28 Jun 1978Maple Hill
ChisonClairdUnk10 Sep 1929Maple Hill
ChisteferWilliamUnk27 Jan 1917Maple Hill
ChofinFrancisUnk23 Feb 1922Maple Hill
ChowGookCho12 Jan 193624 Feb 2006Maple Hill
ChrisAndrewForest25 Sep 197725 Jun 2003Maple Hill
ChrisJohnUnk08 May 1962Maple Hill
ChrisMaryFrancisUnk29 Aug 1986Maple Hill
ChrisThomasA.Unk20 Nov 1980Maple Hill
ChrisThomasUnk26 Nov 1975Maple Hill
ChristEvelynWoodruff03 Feb 188627 Feb 1952Bethel/Old Bethel
ChristFredUnk08 May 1879Maple Hill
ChristaArieMrs.UnkNDDMaple Hill
ChristaFrancesUnk18 Oct 1952Maple Hill
ChristaJohnE.Unk26 Nov 1956Maple Hill
ChristaPaulL.Unk28 Mar 1992Maple Hill
ChristensenDorisM.19 Feb 193313 Aug 1974Maple Hill
ChristensenKeithLongUnk17 May 1962Maple Hill
ChristianAnnieHilaKeel28 Sep 187207 Oct 1961Keel
ChristianBillyUnk06 Jan 1979Maple Hill
ChristianBobbyRay11 Jul 193201 Jan 2004Maple Hill
ChristianCharlesA.19 Jul 195918 Dec 2004Fords Chapel
ChristianCharlesM.10 Dec 193407 Dec 1976Bush
ChristianDawnMarieAdams02 Oct 196330 Jun 2005Fords Chapel
ChristianDaymonW.23 Jan 190729 Feb 1968Maple Hill
ChristianFrances12 Jul 191625 Dec 2002Maple Hill
ChristianJohnH.Unk28 Feb 1829Maple Hill
ChristianJohnMartin21 Nov 189915 Mar 1981Maple Hill
ChristianJohnWilliam22 Oct 187022 Jan 1898Keel
ChristianLeroy01 May 193518 Jun 1984Brown
ChristianLucyMable28 May 189107 Mar 1916Keel
ChristianMarjorieL.11 Jan 191512 Jun 1999Bush
ChristianNancyP.16 Nov 192617 Feb 2006Maple Hill
ChristianOwenUnk01 Feb 1924Maple Hill
ChristianPeggyJoannaUnk30 May 1964Maple Hill
ChristianReginaldUnk25 Feb 1968Maple Hill
ChristianRichardP.13 Jul 189522 Oct 1972Brown
ChristianW.D.22 May 187814 Feb 1911Bethel/Old Bethel
ChristianW.T.Unk16 Mar 1989Maple Hill
ChristianWilliamA.02 Jul 191013 Jun 1981Maple Hill
ChristianWilliamFrancis02 May 193621 Sep 2002Maple Hill
ChristianWilliamHenry30 Nov 189210 Jan 1949Keel
ChristianWilliamT.04 Mar 194312 Feb 1990Brown
ChristianWilliamUnk28 Jul 1922Maple Hill
ChristiansonGaryAlanUnkNDDMaple Hill
ChristnerAmosR.Unk05 Dec 1985Maple Hill
ChristnerDovie17 Apr 191113 Aug 1992Maple Hill
ChristopherW.Unk06 Sep 1913Maple Hill
ChunBoonKi06 Mar 190007 Aug 1987Maple Hill
ChunCharityE.10 Nov 184626 Feb 1899Ebenezer
ChunnAudieB.03 Dec 190827 Jun 1991Big Cove
ChunnBaker03 Sep 189114 Sep 1967Northside
ChunnBen12 Oct 191516 Feb 1992Big Cove
ChunnBenjaminHarrison11 Jan 189204 Feb 1981Big Cove
ChunnClifford24 Apr 191721 Mar 2005Northside
ChunnElishaL.31 Aug 184004 Mar 1877Ebenezer
ChunnHickmanT.12 Sep 189431 Dec 1989Northside
ChunnHorceE.26 Oct 190318 Aug 1980Maple Hill
ChunnJamesH.Unk08 Nov 2004Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
ChunnLawrenceB.28 Feb 187218 AprEbenezer
ChunnLeamon08 Jan 190326 Dec 1971Big Cove
ChunnLouise09 Dec 189706 Nov 1987Maple Hill
ChunnMarvinDale03 Apr 195609 Mar 1978Northside
ChunnMaryE.03 Sep 191230 Sep 2002Northside
ChunnMary08 Jun 1927Jun 1984Northside
ChunnRobertHoward21 Apr 193131 Aug 1975Big Cove
ChunnRubyMaeS.07 Jan 194608 Aug 1976Northside
ChunnThomasH.07 Feb 190926 Jun 1996Northside
ChurchAlbertUnk01 May 1930Maple Hill
ChurchCalvinB.Unk22 Aug 1949Maple Hill
ChurchCharlesCalvinUnk26 Jan 1981Maple Hill
ChurchCharlesRobertUnk28 Dec 1989Maple Hill
ChurchEmmaUnk13 Apr 1942Maple Hill
ChurchFelecia27 Feb 189828 Dec 1970Maple Hill
ChurchFlorineGrooms01 Nov 1925NDDHayden
ChurchFranklinUnk29 Jun 1955Maple Hill
ChurchHaroldUnk23 Mar 1926Maple Hill
ChurchHowardUnk11 Mar 1925Maple Hill
ChurchHoward08 Jan 192014 Jan 1920Merrimack
ChurchIonaUnk06 Mar 1956Maple Hill
ChurchJ.Unk24 Jun 1920Maple Hill
ChurchJakeCalvinUnk27 Jul 1965Maple Hill
ChurchJohnB.Unk23 Mar 1959Maple Hill
ChurchJohnBuck02 Jul 192514 Nov 1976Hayden
ChurchJohnUnk20 Aug 1922Maple Hill
ChurchMaryBessieUnk25 Jun 1958Maple Hill
ChurchNancyUnk14 Jul 1922Maple Hill
ChurchRobertUnk08 Mar 1954Maple Hill
ChurchRubyM.Unk27 Sep 1996Maple Hill
ChurchRufusUnk20 Apr 1900Maple Hill
ChurchUnkUnk22 Jan 1915Maple Hill
ChurchWilliamUnk13 Jul 1944Maple Hill
ChurchillGraceBaker01 Dec 189811 Dec 1991Moon
CiceroDorothyVivian14 Feb 192202 May 1982Maple Hill
CiceroFlorenceScalco27 Feb 192108 Feb 1981Maple Hill
CiceroJohnFedelis12 May 187412 Mar 1951Maple Hill
CiceroJohnUnk14 Mar 1951Maple Hill
CiceroLouisT.07 Sep 191602 Mar 1996Maple Hill
CiceroLouisT.31 Jul 194425 Apr 1985Maple Hill
CiceroMaryT.28 Jul 188118 Apr 1975Maple Hill
CiceroSamuelA.15 Aug 190811 Aug 1994Maple Hill
CihuiousCharlesUnk29 Dec 1919Maple Hill
CiliaxDavidUnk18 Dec 1977Maple Hill
CitranoAnthony06 Jun 189806 Nov 1962Maple Hill
CitranoBeatriceC.24 Jul 190827 Jul 1987Maple Hill
CitranoJohnV.09 Apr 192203 Oct 1991Maple Hill
CitranoLouisA.12 Apr 189516 Feb 1979Maple Hill
CitranoStephenAnthony19 Feb 196030 Apr 2006Maple Hill
CitranoZinaN.28 Apr 189716 Nov 1935Maple Hill
ClabaughWestA.11 Jan 193016 Nov 2000Maple Hill
ClaidyLucilUnk10 Mar 1922Maple Hill
ClancyRuthI.09 Dec 190616 Aug 1982Maple Hill
ClantonDavidWilliamUnk25 Jun 1888Maple Hill
ClantonDavidWilliamUnk12 Dec 1949Maple Hill
ClantonEsleyArthur26 Feb 192617 Oct 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
ClantonJamesHolt12 Feb 188420 Mar 1884Maple Hill
ClantonJulietChapman184506 Jan 1910Maple Hill
ClantonRoyA.UnkNDDMaple Hill
ClantonSteptoeC.12 Feb 188419 Mar 1884Maple Hill
ClantonTurnerUnkNDDMaple Hill
ClappJohnUnk14 Nov 1868Maple Hill
ClaptonJ.BluntUnk17 Dec 1962Maple Hill
ClardyAltonUnkNDDMaple Hill
ClardyBillyFred02 Aug 193303 May 1978Memory Gardens
ClardyBurnamUnk04 Jan 1951Maple Hill
ClardyCoraLeeHawkinsOct 188928 Nov 1922Maple Hill
ClardyDaisyUnk03 Jun 1964Maple Hill
ClardyDock26 Feb 189422 Nov 1967Maple Hill
ClardyEmma01 Oct 189820 Dec 1986Maple Hill
ClardyErshine13 Aug 192313 Mar 1924Maple Hill
ClardyHenryD.Aug 1889NDDHuntsville Memory Gardens
ClardyHugh07 Mar 189621 Sep 1979Maple Hill
ClardyJanieUnk26 Feb 1965Maple Hill
ClardyJuliaAnn16 Jan 193706 Feb 1937Madison Crossroads
ClardyKatherineUnk25 May 1981Maple Hill
ClardyMaggieE.23 May 1891Oct 1984Maple Hill
ClardyMarthaUnk11 Jan 1929Maple Hill
ClardyMaryJaneFeb 188226 Feb 1965Maple Hill
ClardyOdeyB.Jul 188402 Sep 1959Maple Hill
ClardyWilliamUnk01 Sep 1922Maple Hill
ClardyWilliamUnk06 Nov 1919Maple Hill
Clardy-AndersonEllaMaeWallace15 Jul 187727 Oct 1949Huntsville Memory Gardens
ClarenceUnkUnk02 Mar 1920Maple Hill
ClaridgeJennieUnk10 Jul 1915Maple Hill
ClarkA.Unk12 Dec 1922Maple Hill
ClarkAaronMurry29 Sep 191022 Sep 1911Shady Grove
ClarkAdelineUnk12 Jan 1933Maple Hill
ClarkAlbertC.01 Sep 187511 Aug 1923State Line - Hazel Green
ClarkAlice08 Jul 1937NDDBrown
ClarkAlice06 May 189101 Mar 1979Ryland
ClarkAlmaJean18 Jan 193221 Sep 2004Maple Hill
ClarkAltonJoe04 Aug 196704 Jan 1997Kennamer
ClarkAltonR.24 Aug 1934NDDKennamer
ClarkAlvie16 Sep 190203 Dec 1975Kennamer
ClarkAngieBea30 Oct 190905 Jul 1937Gipson
ClarkAnnaBellUnk20 Dec 1920Maple Hill
ClarkAnnieE.Paseur12 Jun 189225 Mar 1980Gibson
ClarkAnnieMaeUnk04 Apr 1995Maple Hill
ClarkAnniePolly16 Nov 188512 Aug 1947Charity Baptist Church
ClarkArnoldUnk31 Jan 1973Maple Hill
ClarkBarbaraAnn08 Feb 193215 Feb 1974Maple Hill
ClarkBenjaminC.11 Dec 191104 Jan 1984Maple Hill
ClarkBerthaM.04 May 190428 Jul 1987Kennamer
ClarkBessieUnk30 Oct 1965Maple Hill
ClarkBettyLynn30 Jan 195512 Oct 2003Cloud
ClarkBeulahG.04 Jan 190104 Jun 1991Maple Hill
ClarkBeulahS.01 Nov 188404 Mar 1964State Line - Hazel Green
ClarkBillyGlen26 Dec 195831 Dec 1989Brown
ClarkBillyK.06 Jul 194208 Jan 2001Brown
ClarkBobbyE.Unk21 Oct 1983Maple Hill
ClarkBobbyJoe12 Feb 193915 May 2001Brown
ClarkBradleyLynn04 Aug 197415 Apr 1978Brown
ClarkBrandieM.Unk13 Feb 1974Maple Hill
ClarkBryanUnk09 Feb 1942Maple Hill
ClarkC.Unk26 Sep 1918Maple Hill
ClarkCeltaBellUnk01 Apr 1934Maple Hill
ClarkCharlesShelby10 Oct 190304 Sep 1978Moon
ClarkCharlesShelby17 Nov 194520 Oct 1951Moon
ClarkCharlesTravis24 Jun 198809 Oct 1989Bethel/Old Bethel
ClarkCharlesUnkNDDMaple Hill
ClarkCharleyI.21 Jul 1877Mar 1948Cedar Grove
ClarkClarenceUnk27 Jan 1938Maple Hill
ClarkClaudB.Unk16 Aug 1983Maple Hill
ClarkClaudiaB.193207 Jun 2004Mt. Zion
ClarkCleolaL.11 Nov 190718 Aug 1984Brandon
ClarkDanielC.Unk23 Jul 1890Maple Hill
ClarkDanielE.27 Nov 186502 Feb 1950Rice
ClarkDeliaUnk28 Feb 1931Maple Hill
ClarkDellaUnk15 Feb 1944Maple Hill
ClarkDellaUnk02 Apr 1934Maple Hill
ClarkDonnieUnk19 Jun 1959Maple Hill
ClarkDorisFay20 Mar 193222 Feb 1933Fowlkes
ClarkDorothyL.09 Mar 191911 Jun 1983Maple Hill
ClarkE.D.18951948Charity Baptist Church
ClarkEdUnk12 Feb 1902Maple Hill
ClarkEdithDianeUnk21 Sep 1958Maple Hill
ClarkEdwardUnk05 Aug 1899Maple Hill
ClarkEltonMae02 Aug 190813 Apr 1995Maple Hill
ClarkErleneI.Unk09 Jul 1998Maple Hill
ClarkErnestUnk22 Nov 1987Maple Hill
ClarkFarley11 Apr 190615 Oct 1979Gipson
ClarkFountUnkNDDMaple Hill
ClarkGeorgeUnk22 Dec 1934Maple Hill
ClarkGeorgeUnk01 May 1898Maple Hill
ClarkGladysF.18 Aug 1939NDDKennamer
ClarkGravesUnkNDDSt. John
ClarkH.Unk07 Oct 1919Maple Hill
ClarkHaroldGene18 Dec 193927 Mar 2005Hayden
ClarkHarryLoaringUnk27 Oct 1958Maple Hill
ClarkHattieUnk08 Jun 1925Maple Hill
ClarkHenryHoward08 Dec 190828 Nov 1978Byrd
ClarkHenryLee11 Sep 192512 Dec 1989Gipson
ClarkHettieSep 1889Aug 1915Brown
ClarkHowardUnk07 Nov 1945Maple Hill
ClarkHoytN.06 Sep 190016 Mar 1974Brown
ClarkInfantFemaleUnk1911Shady Grove
ClarkInfantUnk20 Aug 1954Maple Hill
ClarkIraMcNeal03 May 191329 Mar 1932Fowlkes
ClarkIsaac04 Oct 189311 Aug 1980Moon
ClarkJ.Leonard07 Mar 190426 Feb 1971Kennamer
ClarkJ.Unk16 Apr 1953Maple Hill
ClarkJ.Unk22 Feb 1952Maple Hill
ClarkJamesC.28 Aug 186825 Feb 1923Bethel/Old Bethel
ClarkJamesC.04 Oct 192917 Nov 1985Brown
ClarkJamesE.09 Apr 188922 Mar 1965Gibson
ClarkJamesEdward05 May 186022 Oct 1938Gipson
ClarkJamesH.28 Nov 190728 Oct 1992Kennamer
ClarkJamesLarry04 May 193202 Dec 1998Kennamer
ClarkJamesR.15 Dec 194418 Apr 2005Maple Hill
ClarkJamesWilliam03 Jan 188708 Dec 1953Maple Hill
ClarkJamesUnk09 Mar 1946Maple Hill
ClarkJamesUnk08 Sep 1923Maple Hill
ClarkJayUnk22 Apr 1941Maple Hill
ClarkJennieV.Unk03 Jan 1995Maple Hill
ClarkJessLee11 Jun 190105 Aug 1968Maple Hill
ClarkJesseUnk28 Nov 1941Maple Hill
ClarkJessieTolbert24 Feb 191815 Oct 1998Maple Hill
ClarkJimE.09 Apr 188922 Mar 1965Gipson
ClarkJimE.09 Apr 188922 Mar 1965Gibson
ClarkJimmieUnk19 Nov 1951Maple Hill
ClarkJoeK.Unk17 Nov 1982Maple Hill
ClarkJoe18641937Charity Baptist Church
ClarkJohnE.18551910Shady Grove
ClarkJohnL.13 Oct 183912 Aug 1864Maple Hill
ClarkJohnLewisUnk20 Sep 1995Maple Hill
ClarkJohnUnk14 Apr 1900Maple Hill
ClarkJohnnyR.16 Dec 190320 Nov 1982Maple Hill
ClarkJohnsonUnk20 Feb 1943Maple Hill
ClarkJosephR.12 May 192117 Jan 2000Maple Hill
ClarkJosephine24 Nov 189619 Apr 1980Bush
ClarkJuliaA.06 Feb 181715 Apr 1868Maple Hill
ClarkKittieW.Unk13 Apr 1966Maple Hill
ClarkLauraBelle02 Oct 191422 Feb 1999Maple Hill
ClarkLaurenceUnk22 Jun 1931Maple Hill
ClarkLawrenceE.Unk16 Aug 1948Maple Hill
ClarkLeacyN.25 Jul 188021 Jul 1960Charity Baptist Church
ClarkLeeA.17 Jan 188906 Jul 1964Brown
ClarkLelaOdellJohnson27 Aug 191410 Oct 2000Byrd
ClarkLenaMaples11 Nov 192831 Dec 1996Maple Hill
ClarkLeonWayneUnk22 Jun 1994Maple Hill
ClarkLillieM.30 Jun 191213 Mar 1992Brown
ClarkLillieMaeGlover08 May 191028 May 1984Moon
ClarkLindaDianeUnk18 Jul 1948Maple Hill
ClarkLoisE.13 Aug 192225 Jul 2005Concord
ClarkLouiseUnk28 Jun 1924Maple Hill
ClarkLukeHenryUnk05 Apr 1965Maple Hill
ClarkMalcolmCharles26 Jan 191404 Aug 1977Fords Chapel
ClarkMargaretDemarisSutton16 Mar 187314 Mar 1949Bethel/Old Bethel
ClarkMargaretUnk20 Jul 1929Maple Hill
ClarkMarie08 Feb 190503 Jun 1994Maple Hill
ClarkMarionAlbert06 Jul 187714 Jan 1931Ryland
ClarkMaryA.Mooneyham26 Dec 184611 Mar 1937State Line - Hazel Green
ClarkMaryC.06 Sep 183806 Nov 1910Cedar Grove
ClarkMaryE.12 Apr 1926NDDKennamer
ClarkMaryEllen02 Feb 189620 Aug 1927Gipson
ClarkMaryEtta30 Nov 186216 Feb 1908Gibson
ClarkMaryEtta30 Nov 186216 Feb 1908Gipson
ClarkMaryH.11 May 193524 Feb 2006Big Cove
ClarkMaryHannah10 Sep 187830 Apr 1972Cedar Grove
ClarkMaryKathlene03 Sep 192726 Nov 2004Huntsville Memory Gardens
ClarkMaryT.27 Sep 189002 Oct 1977Mt. Zion
ClarkMary AnnFrancesLumpkins02 Aug 187711 Jul 1944Ryland
ClarkMattieUnk10 Oct 1956Maple Hill
ClarkMaxHarry31 Jul 192007 Jun 2003Maple Hill
ClarkMaznoliaUnk22 Dec 1925Maple Hill
ClarkMazolaUnk23 Dec 1925Maple Hill
ClarkMelvinLeeUnk29 Sep 1974Maple Hill
ClarkMichaelWayne10 Aug 197310 Aug 1973Golightly
ClarkMildred04 Jun 190512 Sep 1977Maple Hill
ClarkMilo19 Feb 189026 Mar 1971Northside
ClarkMinnie01 Jul 188429 Mar 1974Maple Hill
ClarkMinnieUnk26 Dec 1952Maple Hill
ClarkN.Unk06 Dec 1920Maple Hill
ClarkNancyCarolUnk16 Mar 1970Maple Hill
ClarkNancyLucille01 Jan 192203 Apr 2002Brown
ClarkNellieW.31 Jul 189413 Dec 1947Byrd
ClarkOliverH.18 Dec 188318 Mar 1885Ellis, Old Benjamin
ClarkOllieR.16 Sep 190209 Mar 1983Maple Hill
ClarkOllieUnk16 Jan 1931Maple Hill
ClarkOpalInez23 Apr 193026 Dec 2000Gipson
ClarkOscarH.10 Feb 189329 Apr 1981Bush
ClarkPamelaD.27 May 196801 Sep 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
ClarkPatUnk31 Mar 1895Maple Hill
ClarkPearl1896NDDCharity Baptist Church
ClarkPearl28 Mar 189807 Jun 1982Maple Hill
ClarkPearlieM.24 Sep 190109 Nov 1950Brown
ClarkPhillipM.05 Aug 185119 Jul 1922State Line - Hazel Green
ClarkR.C.15 Sep 184328 Nov 1928Cedar Grove
ClarkRandLaxsonUnk27 Jul 1977Maple Hill
ClarkRandallUnk19 Sep 1955Maple Hill
ClarkReppy20 Jul 190104 Oct 2001Maple Hill
ClarkRichardW.25 Sep 193407 Apr 1993Maple Hill
ClarkRobertDudley01 Nov 191301 Feb 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
ClarkRobertL.Unk18 Feb 1966Maple Hill
ClarkRobertUnk29 Sep 1951Maple Hill
ClarkRobertUnk01 Jan 1931Maple Hill
ClarkRoyD.21 Oct 189905 Oct 1980Maple Hill
ClarkRuby14 Aug 190304 Mar 1986Maple Hill
ClarkSalina04 May 185317 Oct 1903St. John
ClarkSallyC.18591953Shady Grove
ClarkSamuelS.185029 Nov 1870Maple Hill
ClarkSamuelS.01 Feb 181706 May 1870Maple Hill
ClarkSaraAlice15 Dec 195019 Dec 1950Charity Baptist Church
ClarkSarahNichols22 Aug 187815 Sep 1954Mt. Zion
ClarkShirleyAnn19 May 194529 Apr 1996Maple Hill
ClarkShirleyUnk30 Jul 1978Maple Hill
ClarkSophiaMae21 Jan 195702 Apr 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
ClarkSusieHix04 Aug 190408 May 1996Maple Hill
ClarkSynthiaUnk23 Apr 1953Maple Hill
ClarkTC.25 Oct 192107 Nov 1987Charity Baptist Church
ClarkT.K.UnkNDDBethel/Old Bethel
ClarkThelmaJeanUnk20 Mar 1998Maple Hill
ClarkThomasR.30 Aug 195009 2005Kennamer
ClarkThomasRay18 Nov 192411 May 1992Kennamer
ClarkTimUnk09 Apr 1956Maple Hill
ClarkUnk12 Jan 19131916Gipson
ClarkVeraFay02 Jun 191530 Sep 2002Fowlkes
ClarkW.B.01 May 188907 Nov 1957Ryland
ClarkW.G.17 Jan 191301 Sep 1916Gibson
ClarkW.Unk04 Mar 1952Maple Hill
ClarkWalterThomasUnk25 May 1956Maple Hill
ClarkWalterUnk26 Dec 1951Maple Hill
ClarkWaltonLee25 Jan 192024 Oct 1993Brown
ClarkWillH.Unk25 Oct 1958Maple Hill
ClarkWillUnk28 Aug 1900Maple Hill
ClarkWillR.Unk04 Jan 1931Maple Hill
ClarkWilliC.Sep 1868Jul 1907Bethel/Old Bethel
ClarkWilliamClayUnk22 Jun 1948Maple Hill
ClarkWilliam02 Sep 187216 Nov 1960Mt. Zion
ClarkWilliamCrawford13 Oct 190806 Aug 1996Maple Hill
ClarkWilliamUnk04 Dec 1928Maple Hill
ClarkWilliamUnk19 Jan 1914Maple Hill
ClarkWillieP.Unk20 May 1980Maple Hill
ClarkeJ.Unk28 Dec 1932Maple Hill
ClarkeJamesRuby01 May 192221 Dec 1997Northside
ClarkeJaneFrances20 Jan 193024 Nov 1998Maple Hill
ClarkeMaryJaneUnk16 Jun 1962Maple Hill
ClarkeNoraM.Unk01 Sep 1898Maple Hill
ClarkeSamuelS.Unk02 Dec 1870Maple Hill
ClarkeSamuelUnk07 May 1870Maple Hill
ClarkeSarahUnk14 Feb 1931Maple Hill
ClarkeWilliam19 Dec 178922 Feb 1833Maple Hill
ClaunchCaldora12 Dec 190129 Sep 1989Maple Hill
ClaunchClarenceM.Unk23 Jan 1964Maple Hill
ClaunchForestD.28 Feb 189910 Jun 1969Maple Hill
ClaunchGlindaUnk05 May 1946Maple Hill
ClaunchKathleen11 Aug 191830 Sep 1979Maple Hill
ClaunchRobertW.Unk17 Jan 1973Maple Hill
ClausingRuth04 Jan 191509 Nov 1992Maple Hill
ClaveryWalterUnk23 Dec 1919Maple Hill
ClayAddieUnk02 Aug 1886Maple Hill
ClayC.C.Unk04 Jan 1882Maple Hill
ClayCelesteComer28 Mar 183518 Mar 1902Maple Hill
ClayCharleyC.09 Mar 185707 Oct 1927Madison
ClayClarkUnk02 Jun 1900Maple Hill
ClayClementClaiborne13 Dec 181603 Jan 1882Maple Hill
ClayClementComer09 Dec 192519 Jun 1938Maple Hill
ClayClementComer17 Dec 178907 Sep 1866Maple Hill
ClayClydeUnkNDDCenter Grove
ClayDorothy09 May 192729 Jun 1997Penny
ClayEffie25 Mar 186119 Oct 1887Madison
ClayEllaUnk28 Jul 1952Maple Hill
ClayFrancesRice28 Mar 191502 Feb 1998Valhalla Memory Gardens
ClayHarralUnk02 Jun 1900Maple Hill
ClayHughLawson16 Jan 182228 Dec 1890Maple Hill
ClayJackO.190911 May 1939Neal Chapel
ClayJamesOliver05 Nov 185120 Aug 1897Madison
ClayJennieE.14 Jul 182910 Feb 1910Madison
ClayJessieL.Unk14 Sep 1885Maple Hill
ClayJohnWithers11 Jan 182029 Mar 1896Maple Hill
ClayJohnWithers11 Jan 182029 Mar 1896Maple Hill
ClayJohnWithers20 Aug 186025 Nov 1918Maple Hill
ClayLeroyUnk23 Apr 1927Maple Hill
ClayMaeWillie05 Dec 190710 Mar 2005Faith Memorial Park
ClayMaryFenwickLewis20 Aug 182515 Feb 1898Maple Hill
ClayMaryLewis22 May 185409 Jun 1901Maple Hill
ClayNannieUnk06 Jun 1935Maple Hill
ClayRobertG.09 Jan 193704 Jul 1979Northside
ClayRobert22 Feb 190824 Jan 1966Northside
ClaySusannaWithers03 Jul 185818 Jan 1928Maple Hill
ClaySusannaClaiborne23 Jul 179802 Jul 1866Maple Hill
ClaySwandleS.Unk20 Jan 1928Maple Hill
ClayT.S.11 Nov 182703 Jul 1906Madison
ClayThomasJ.12 Jan 181925 Apr 1886Madison
ClayVirginiaClementine17 Feb 186211 Feb 1911Maple Hill
ClayWalterLee04 May 192312 Dec 1997Penny
ClayWilliamLewis30 Sep 185205 Sep 1911Maple Hill
ClaybornRosa28 May 189407 Mar 1971Madison
ClaybrookUnkFemaleUnk27 Nov 1916Maple Hill
ClaytonAddisWayne31 May 193103 Aug 2003Moon
ClaytonAnnaRouttUnk16 Aug 1968Maple Hill
ClaytonJohnB.08 Mar 189505 Apr 1963Moon
ClaytonLynnaV.23 Feb 194105 Aug 1942Moon
ClaytonNellieSue13 Oct 192724 Oct 1979Moon
ClaytonOllieH.08 Sep 190005 Feb 1977Moon
CleMarvinR.05 Jan 191326 Nov 1993Golightly
CleageJosephSloss04 AugNDDMaple Hill
CleageJosieL.Sloss23 Jun 185613 Sep 1885Maple Hill
CleagsInfantUnk31 Mar 1886Maple Hill
ClearyHaroldE.Unk28 Sep 1992Maple Hill
ClearyVeraJoUnk19 Sep 1981Maple Hill
CleghornLavadaIsabell18 Aug 188417 Jun 1976Maple Hill
ClelandAddieUnk26 Mar 1951Maple Hill
ClelandNeppieLois17 Dec 190022 May 1993Maple Hill
ClemMichael16 Aug 179924 Oct 1875Maple Hill
ClemNinaB.25 Apr 191514 Dec 2003Golightly
ClemSarahL.01 Apr 182628 Mar 1896Gipson
ClemensJeremiah28 Dec 181419 May 1865Maple Hill
ClemensMaryL.Unk16 Sep 1899Maple Hill
ClementsJill19 Nov 191930 Dec 2005Maple Hill
ClementsLidaLou01 May 192203 Aug 2004Maple Hill
ClementsMarshallW.27 Dec 191430 Dec 1996Maple Hill
ClementsWalter25 Jul 191609 Jun 1981Maple Hill
ClemmentsR.F.Unk17 Sep 1963Maple Hill
ClemonsCandies02 Nov 188505 Jan 1968Collier - Triana
ClemonsClarence26 May 194124 Feb 1996Burks
ClemonsDavis18 Apr 192501 Sep 1975Collier - Triana
ClemonsElizabethWalton06 Mar 193730 Mar 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
ClemonsMaryGail01 Oct 194626 Apr 1980Maple Hill
ClemonsMonroe02 Nov 188016 Sep 1963Byrd
ClemonsOcty04 Jul 188510 May 1964Byrd
ClemonsRayG.UnkNDDMaple Hill
ClemonsSpiritNicole04 Dec 200404 Dec 2004Royal
ClemyWilliamUnk04 Mar 1933Maple Hill
ClendeningFrankH.20 Apr 192306 Dec 2004Concord
ClendenningChildUnk08 Oct 1868Maple Hill
ClendenonDavidUnk23 Oct 1933Maple Hill
ClendenonMomieUnk17 Oct 1937Maple Hill
ClevelandCeliaMarie14 Jan 192129 May 2003Oakwood Memorial Gardens
ClevelandCharles24 Nov 185912 Mar 1910Maple Hill
ClevelandEarnestUnk03 Jul 1944Maple Hill
ClevelandGeorgeC.21 Dec 191102 May 1982Maple Hill
ClevelandGeorgeM.29 Dec 187622 Nov 1960Maple Hill
ClevelandGeorgeWashingtonUnk24 Oct 1890Maple Hill
ClevelandIdellaUnk16 Jan 1961Maple Hill
ClevelandJamesF.03 Apr 191911 Jun 1986Maple Hill
ClevelandJamesUnk25 Apr 1946Maple Hill
ClevelandJessieLee22 Dec 191310 Jul 1994Maple Hill
ClevelandJodieLee07 Feb 188012 Mar 1968Maple Hill
ClevelandKatherineHenryRiggs03 Aug 186410 Dec 1942Maple Hill
ClevelandMargaretL.19 Apr 187629 Dec 1916Sublett
ClevelandMarieM.23 Mar 191325 Oct 1983Maple Hill
ClevelandOscarL.31 Mar 191430 Dec 2000Maple Hill
ClevelandRobertaS.May 191609 Oct 2003Maple Hill
ClevelandSpencerUnk20 Aug 1862Maple Hill
ClevelandTennieUnk09 Jun 1956Maple Hill
ClevelandWilliamArchieUnk26 Jan 1960Maple Hill
ClevelandWilliamE.Unk05 Jan 1894Maple Hill
ClevengerClarenceE.Unk28 Oct 1999Maple Hill
ClevengerDellaMcClureUnk17 Sep 1933Rice
ClevengerEthel09 May 190421 Apr 1927Rice
ClevengerShirley24 May 193325 Jan 2006Maple Hill
ClickIdaIkard26 Aug 187905 Jul 1963New Hope
ClickJosephC.26 May 187504 Mar 1958New Hope
CliffordAnnieDean26 Mar 192611 Jun 2005New Sharon
CliffordGarrettAveryHolbart02 May 189829 Aug 1948New Sharon
CliffordGeorgeClyde27 May 192012 Aug 1976New Sharon
CliftAnnieGrider11 Sep 190810 Apr 1987Maple Hill
CliftDicyUnk30 Mar 1940Maple Hill
CliftEugeneUnk12 Apr 1945Maple Hill
CliftGeneA.09 Sep 193909 Nov 1986Northside
CliftGraceUnk16 Dec 1948Maple Hill
CliftJamesEarl21 Jan 189623 Sep 1971Maple Hill
CliftLeolaNance15 Aug 189525 Jan 1977Maple Hill
CliftLessieB.27 Feb 189715 Jun 1991Madison
CliftRobertE.16 Oct 193708 Dec 1979Northside
CliftThomasW.24 May 189314 Nov 1969Madison
CliftVelmaHauer25 Dec 190429 Dec 1998Maple Hill
CliftW.Unk24 Mar 1933Maple Hill
CliftWilliamE.13 Apr 192613 Sep 1992Maple Hill
CliftWilliamE.20 Apr 189426 Nov 1967Maple Hill
CliftonRoyFrank05 Feb 193216 Feb 1990Charity Baptist Church
ClineCharlesAndrew03 Nov 188517 May 1954Charity Baptist Church
ClineHermanOwen22 Jul 191325 Mar 1982Charity Baptist Church
ClinesElmerL.09 Nov 190509 Oct 1972Maple Hill
ClinesMishiaUnk29 Jan 1939Maple Hill
ClintonBirdieK.12 Jul 191529 Aug 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
ClintonE.R.Unk29 Jan 1985Maple Hill
ClintonGrady01 Sep 190024 Apr 1987Maple Hill
ClintonMaggieE.26 Feb 185608 Jul 1898Gurley
ClintonMamieM.UnkNDDMaple Hill
ClintonThomasEarlUnk02 May 1988Maple Hill
ClintonVerdieE.Unk22 Dec 1977Maple Hill
ClissonWilliamH.09 May 191616 Feb 1981Maple Hill
CloptonAnneBradshaw22 Jul 187804 Feb 1956Maple Hill
CloptonJ.BluntUnk10 Feb 1956Maple Hill
CloptonJamesBlunt12 Jan 187817 Dec 1962Maple Hill
CloptonManervaCarolinePhilipsUnk23 Sep 1840Maple Hill
CloptonVirginiaTunstill Clay18231915Maple Hill
ClotfelterWaymen17 Aug 192006 Jun 2002Maple Hill
CloudAdrainUnk16 May 1940Maple Hill
CloudAliceCraig03 Mar 1931NDDCloud
CloudAngyB.29 Nov 187812 Jun 1910Gibson
CloudAngyB.28 Nov 187812 Jun 1910Gipson
CloudAnn14 Jun 1935NDDGipson
CloudBillieHatchett28 Nov 192212 Dec 2002Maple Hill
CloudBunieUnk22 Aug 1961Maple Hill
CloudBurtonH.Unk09 Jun 1948Maple Hill
CloudC.Unk01 May 1927Maple Hill
CloudCallieL.16 Nov 191316 Jul 1983Gipson
CloudCarlE.20 Jun 191606 May 1982Maple Hill
CloudClarenceH.08 Nov 190102 Sep 1980Cloud
CloudClarenceUnk14 Dec 1954Maple Hill
CloudConwardOdell11 Jan 191327 Sep 1984Cloud
CloudCynthiaUnk02 Dec 1966Maple Hill
CloudDurganM.26 Oct 182002 Oct 1879Cloud
CloudEarlT.10 Apr 190814 Apr 1985Gipson
CloudElijahC.04 Oct 189111 Feb 1892Gipson
CloudElizabethA.10 Mar 1944NDDCloud
CloudEllenE.Unk29 Jan 1899Maple Hill
CloudEthelAnn02 Jul 191226 Jun 1997Maple Hill
CloudFannieL.Unk26 May 1946Maple Hill
CloudFredHolliman05 Jun 192711 Dec 2002Cloud
CloudFredJ.05 May 190425 Jun 1961Cloud
CloudGarlandWayne27 Jun 193314 May 2004Cloud
CloudGeorgeS.10 Sep 188508 Jun 1938Cloud
CloudHarryLee05 Jul 191525 Jan 2006Maple Hill
CloudIdaBell03 Apr 191524 Apr 1999Cloud
CloudIonaUnk19 Jun 1942Maple Hill
CloudJ.C.23 Jun 192109 Feb 1988Cloud
CloudJ.C.16 Jan 193513 Oct 1968Gipson
CloudJamesA.Unk01 Dec 1959Maple Hill
CloudJamesD.10 Dec 188026 Nov 1951Gibson
CloudJamesD.10 Dec 188026 Nov 1951Gipson
CloudJamesH.17 Feb 192602 Oct 1991Cloud
CloudJamesW.08 May 192028 Mar 2000Maple Hill
CloudJames19 Dec 1940NDDGipson
CloudJanie12 Feb 192602 Jan 1999Maple Hill
CloudJeanetteMarie17 May 1941NDDGipson
CloudJefferyA.18 Oct 196131 Dec 1961Gipson
CloudJohnUnk01 May 1927Maple Hill
CloudJohnnie20 Apr 192623 Dec 1968Cloud
CloudKatieEvelyn29 Jun 189004 Jan 1978Maple Hill
CloudLeonardG.06 Oct 190011 Dec 1998Gipson
CloudLizzieJ.21 Jul 191126 Apr 1998Gipson
CloudLizzieJane21 Jul 191125 Apr 1998Gipson
CloudLizzie16 Mar 188002 Nov 1954Gipson
CloudLouise11 Oct 193718 Dec 1939Cloud
CloudLucileK.12 Feb 191524 Nov 1983Gipson
CloudLucyA.08 Dec 192415 Nov 2005Twickenham
CloudMaryKnox02 Mar 1944NDDCloud
CloudMichelleRuthUnk22 May 1984Maple Hill
CloudMinnieB.11 Jul 191507 Nov 1994Maple Hill
CloudMireenVann14 Oct 192309 Jul 1991Bush
CloudNovelL.19 Nov 189402 Sep 1939Cloud
CloudOllieUnk23 Jun 1942Maple Hill
CloudOmaJane22 Aug 190611 Jun 1985Maple Hill
CloudOnaMae23 Feb 190517 Dec 1971Cloud
CloudPaulAubrey08 Feb 192505 Apr 2003Cloud
CloudPeggyRuth06 Nov 195101 May 1967Cloud
CloudRobertLee07 Jul 191018 Nov 1966Bush
CloudRosaB.31 Jul 193308 Feb 2001Gipson
CloudRoscoe12 Jan 192307 Mar 1971Maple Hill
CloudRoyN.05 Feb 191423 Mar 2000Gipson
CloudRuthUnk12 Oct 1954Maple Hill
CloudSallie30 Nov 188530 Dec 1967Maple Hill
CloudSerenaV.28 Aug 188907 Jun 1906Glenwood
CloudShelbyRay18 Feb 194301 Aug 1999Cloud
CloudSherryA.12 Jul 1944NDDGipson
CloudSusieE.06 Dec 190021 Aug 1986Cloud
CloudTyreC.24 Jan 187716 Dec 1939Cloud
CloudW.B.Unk05 Jan 1950Maple Hill
CloudWilliamBoots28 May 1932NDDGipson
CloudWilliamUnk16 Feb 1935Maple Hill
ClouserJohnC.Unk24 Jul 1980Maple Hill
ClowersCecilE.17 Jun 192124 Jan 1988Maple Hill
ClowneyLewis194316 Nov 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
CloydAlmiraM.12 Mar 181904 Dec 1837Drake - Huntsville
CloydChristo25 Dec 190617 Oct 1965Northside
CluttsCharliePaul25 Jul 189824 Jun 1980Maple Hill
CluttsEddOwen18871940Charity Baptist Church
CluttsElizaL.10 Aug 185011 Aug 1937St. John
CluttsEmmaClark18921988Charity Baptist Church
CluttsJohnH.19031932Charity Baptist Church
CluttsJohnH.18691948Charity Baptist Church
CluttsJohnWesley19 May 192428 Mar 1989Tuck
CluttsShirleyD.03 May 194725 Jul 2004Bevill
CluttsTeleetL.07 Feb 192117 Jan 2001Tuck
CluttsThelma04 Jul 190630 Jan 2001Maple Hill
CluttsThelma28 Sep 194330 May 2002Tuck
CluttsW.E.16 Jul 184827 Sep 1923St. John
ClyburnBrandiNicoleUnk19 Jan 1989Maple Hill

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