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LGeorgeUnk09 Sep 1923Maple Hill
LaagerRebeccaCantrellFeb 187610 May 1970Maple Hill
LaBargeChristopherWarren09 Oct 198311 Oct 1983Camp Ground
LabbeeHomerA.11 Sep 191627 May 1999Huntsville Memory Gardens
LabbeeMildredGreenUnk08 Jan 1990Maple Hill
LaboyteauxCorneliaSheplerUnk13 Dec 1957Maple Hill
LabringUnkMaleUnk24 Dec 1916Maple Hill
LaceyCharlineBaileyUnderwood25 Sep 192611 Jun 1979Maple Hill
LaceyJohnD.25 Dec 190518 May 1967Northside
LaceyLauraEwing15 Jul 190614 Feb 1974Northside
LaceyLeeC.05 Sep 191427 Dec 1957Glenwood
LaceyMargueriteDobbins30 May 190802 May 2002Northside
LaceyThomasAbner29 Sep 192503 Mar 1996Maple Hill
LaceyVickieLynnUnk12 May 1961Maple Hill
LackChristopherKimbrough11 Sep 197631 Jan 1977Ragsdale
LackGracieUnk28 Jun 1922Maple Hill
LackeyAnise02 Apr 190131 Oct 1981Maple Hill
LackeyCharlesE.Unk16 May 1982Maple Hill
LackeyHomerClarence28 Feb 189829 Nov 1988Maple Hill
LackeyLittieMay22 Aug 191421 Jun 1999Maple Hill
LackeyLueVernieUnk13 Nov 1979Maple Hill
LackeyMollieUnk22 Oct 1956Maple Hill
LackeyRoy03 Feb 189928 Dec 1966Maple Hill
LackeyWinifredeIrene02 Nov 191511 May 1993Maple Hill
LacyAlfred25 Jun 192207 Jan 1975Northside
LacyAndrew07 Mar 189703 May 1968Brandon
LacyAnitaCarolUnk26 Oct 1940Cochran
LacyAnnaUnk21 Sep 1901Maple Hill
LacyAnnieRice27 Sep 189410 Jan 1976Northside
LacyBertheniaN.07 Jul 186620 Feb 1956Ryland
LacyBettyIsabelle19 Oct 192226 Dec 2002Maple Hill
LacyBudy03 May 191009 Aug 1971Northside
LacyCharlesT.Unk09 Feb 1961Maple Hill
LacyDavid13 Jun 188812 Sep 1978Northside
LacyDedodisUnkNDDMaple Hill
LacyEdgarL.04 Feb 189212 Jan 1928Ryland
LacyEdwardH.04 Mar 191721 Aug 1988Maple Hill
LacyEugeneUnk30 Sep 1899Maple Hill
LacyEzell01 Jul 192102 Jul 1968Northside
LacyFannieH.Unk17 Mar 1891Maple Hill
LacyFlorenceRice17 Jul 192216 Nov 1995Maple Hill
LacyFrancesUnkNDDMaple Hill
LacyGertrude17 Jun 189809 Jul 1977Northside
LacyHenry28 Jul 188026 May 1965Center Grove
LacyInfantUnk11 Jan 1972Maple Hill
LacyIrineB.12 Sep 190224 Jun 1978Center Grove
LacyJessie11 Sep 191511 Feb 1985Northside
LacyJimUnk10 Oct 1888Maple Hill
LacyJohnM.04 Jul 186507 Feb 1948Ryland
LacyJohnUnk01 Jan 1900Maple Hill
LacyLawrence23 Nov 190021 Sep 1973Center Grove
LacyLelia10 May 192212 Sep 1979Northside
LacyLeoMarshuetz04 Jul 190411 Nov 1984Northside
LacyLouisaUnk18 Feb 1887Maple Hill
LacyMargaret19 Dec 178423 Sep 1872New Sharon
LacyMaryC.Berry21 Feb 190928 Oct 1974Northside
LacyMaryF.Unk17 Nov 1943Cochran
LacyMaryFrancis10 May 187914 Oct 1972Northside
LacyMaryW.08 Nov 181725 Jan 1836Lacy - Redstone
LacyMildredP.09 Jun 192101 Dec 1990Maple Hill
LacyMyrtleUnk04 Jun 1964Maple Hill
LacyNancy01 Jul 193304 Jul 1987Maple Hill
LacyPervyMayUnk28 Jan 1899Maple Hill
LacyRebeccaAnnUnk26 May 1952Maple Hill
LacyRobertLee04 Dec 194931 Oct 1967Northside
LacyTheoUnk10 Feb 1874Maple Hill
LacyThomasUnk29 Jul 1876Maple Hill
LacyVirgilR.13 May 192215 Aug 2001Maple Hill
LacyVirgilR.Unk13 Jul 1948Maple Hill
LacyVirgilUnkNDDMaple Hill
LacyW.L.Unk05 Jul 1897Maple Hill
LacyWalter11 Jul 190613 Sep 1978Northside
LacyWilliamUnk02 Jun 1911Maple Hill
LaddAlbertUnk03 May 1937Maple Hill
LadnerBethUnk27 May 1991Maple Hill
LadnerG.C.Unk22 Jan 1968Maple Hill
LafeverMargaretUnk15 Mar 1998Maple Hill
LairdEdithM.21 Aug 188906 Jul 1983Maple Hill
LakinA.E.Mrs.Unk30 Mar 1883Maple Hill
LakinA.S.Unk23 Jan 1890Maple Hill
LakinDavidR.26 Mar 192520 Dec 2001Maple Hill
LakinMelindaJoyceUnk14 Oct 1971Maple Hill
LalibertsPhilipUnk03 Aug 1956Maple Hill
LamElizabethH.Unk14 Dec 1990Maple Hill
LamMalcolm09 Aug 191220 Mar 1999Maple Hill
LamMelvinU.16 Jul 191414 Jun 1995Maple Hill
LamRobertWilson13 Jan 191820 Mar 1921Moore-Holmes
LamRubyLenora28 Oct 191807 Apr 1989Maple Hill
LamSarahD.21 Dec 184714 Aug 1914Moore-Holmes
LamVernaUnk07 Sep 1936Maple Hill
LamWilliamBenUnk17 Jul 1958Maple Hill
LamJamesLoveUnk14 Dec 1969Maple Hill
LamJohnAlbertUnk13 Sep 1964Maple Hill
LamMarionGertrudeUnk02 Jun 1973Maple Hill
Lam (Lain)JamesA.Unk08 Jun 1936Maple Hill
LamarcheLaveraHampton28 Jan 190427 Jul 1979Maple Hill
LambAlmerD.27 May 192317 Aug 1979Maple Hill
LambBillyRay26 Feb 198026 Feb 1980Maple Hill
LambBrent26 Feb 198026 Feb 1980Maple Hill
LambCharlieUnk25 Feb 1930Maple Hill
LambCharlieUnk12 May 1919Maple Hill
LambEdwardC.Unk07 Aug 1932Maple Hill
LambEdwardV.21 Jul 188820 Dec 1968Maple Hill
LambErnestRichardUnk23 Jan 1914Maple Hill
LambEulaMae27 Dec 187915 Dec 1982Maple Hill
LambHazelG.26 Feb 192311 Mar 1991Maple Hill
LambHazelUnk31 Jul 1945Maple Hill
LambHoustonLafayetteUnk15 Oct 1958Maple Hill
LambHowardUnk28 May 1969Maple Hill
LambJ.W.21 Jun 186027 Jan 1908Cameron
LambJackThomas04 Feb 193320 Sep 2005Neals Chapel - Big Cove
LambJackieT.UnkNDDMaple Hill
LambJamesC.15 Feb 189202 Jan 1986First Flint River Baptist
LambJimmieUnk01 Jan 1939Maple Hill
LambJoeD.16 Jul 190405 Nov 1969Maple Hill
LambJohnB.15 Sep 190125 Jun 1968Maple Hill
LambJohnW.28 Sep 190505 May 1989Maple Hill
LambJohnWilliam21 Jul 186024 Apr 9111Cameron
LambJosephEdgarUnk09 Dec 1969Maple Hill
LambJosephUnk19 Oct 1960Maple Hill
LambJosiahR.10 Oct 183113 Feb 1912Cameron
LambKathrynVirginia17 Jan 191517 Jul 1974Cameron
LambLauraUnk15 Jul 1923Maple Hill
LambLillianA.15 Jan 192305 Nov 1923Cameron
LambLillieUnk24 Oct 1937Maple Hill
LambLloydV.05 Oct 191614 Dec 1968Maple Hill
LambLoisUnk09 Jul 1985Maple Hill
LambLouiseUnk25 Jul 1951Maple Hill
LambLubertaUnk12 Aug 1929Maple Hill
LambMarthaAnnUnk26 Aug 1959Maple Hill
LambMarvinOtis16 Dec 191621 Jul 1937Cameron
LambMattieS.13 Sep 190424 Jun 1905Cameron
LambNancyA.Smithey05 Apr 1838Apr 1902Cameron
LambNancyUnk05 Jul 1915Maple Hill
LambNannieT.30 Sep 189621 Oct 1974Maple Hill
LambPatriciaGayleUnk10 Nov 1965Maple Hill
LambPhilUnk24 Sep 1927Maple Hill
LambRaymondW.30 May 191523 Sep 1989Maple Hill
LambRaymondUnk29 Jan 1940Maple Hill
LambRobertE.Unk04 Feb 1961Maple Hill
LambRobertEarlUnk12 Jun 1962Maple Hill
LambThomasA.16 Jan 191310 Apr 1943Cameron
LambThomasW.Unk09 Feb 1969Maple Hill
LambThomasW.Unk24 Jan 1961Maple Hill
LambThomasUnk26 Jan 1915Maple Hill
LambUnkUnk03 Mar 1965Maple Hill
LambUnkUnk26 Jun 1924Maple Hill
LambVeraStephenson06 Sep 189029 Dec 1975First Flint River Baptist
LambVirginiaJ.04 Jan 193119 May 1986First Flint River Baptist
LambWilliamClarence11 Apr 190304 Aug 1940Rice
LambWilliamFrancisUnk16 Aug 1963Maple Hill
LambWilliamUnk01 Apr 1950Maple Hill
LambersonAnnaUnk15 Dec 1920Maple Hill
LambersonAnnieC.CawthornUnk18 Nov 1917Maple Hill
LambersonE.Unk27 Sep 1933Maple Hill
LambersonEarnestWilliamJul 1885NDDMaple Hill
LambersonFrancisCatherinePickens11 Sep 182605 Jul 1872Ryland
LambersonJohnW.Jun 185201 Apr 1927Maple Hill
LambersonLeonardFite16 Nov 182203 Oct 1894Ryland
LambersonLottieCawthorn13 Sep 188919 Jun 1964Maple Hill
LambersonMarthaUnk01 Sep 1922Maple Hill
LambersonMaryEllenEsslinger188524 May 1970Maple Hill
LambersonOthoGilbertAug 188004 Jan 1937Maple Hill
LambertAndrewUnk27 May 1941Maple Hill
LambertBill09 Oct 193115 Aug 1995Madison Crossroads
LambertCharlesHoytUnk18 Feb 1973Maple Hill
LambertCharlesOscar191104 Mar 1950Maple Hill
LambertDorothyUnk20 Nov 1914Maple Hill
LambertEllaUnk12 Jul 1935Maple Hill
LambertFredE.01 Aug 190527 Apr 1989Maple Hill
LambertGwenR.31 Dec 193804 Jan 1995Madison Crossroads
LambertIreneMiller25 Apr 190831 May 2001Maple Hill
LambertIsaacB.28 Dec 190024 Nov 1979Maple Hill
LambertJerryMarsh188509 Jan 1943Maple Hill
LambertJoeFrancis30 Jan 191025 Feb 1967Maple Hill
LambertJohnA.Unk12 Aug 1984Maple Hill
LambertJohnG.Unk02 Feb 1890Maple Hill
LambertJosephF.Unk12 Oct 1992Maple Hill
LambertLoreanUnk17 Dec 1955Maple Hill
LambertMaryM.29 Dec 190518 May 1980Maple Hill
LambertMaryUnk27 Jun 1919Maple Hill
LambertMattieBluebirdPotter188724 Jul 1945Maple Hill
LambertNannieT.25 Jun 191902 Nov 2001Maple Hill
LambertNelsonUnk02 Jul 1942Maple Hill
LambertRandallE.14 Aug 193608 Jan 1997Maple Hill
LambertRoxieJane13 Jul 188305 May 1981Maple Hill
LambertSunnieElizabethCrabtree26 Apr 189104 Nov 1954Maple Hill
LambertSusieUnk11 Mar 1935Maple Hill
LambertWilliamGene19 Oct 193114 Aug 1995Madison Crossroads
LambertWilliamH.Unk07 Dec 1936Maple Hill
LambertWillieUnk30 Jan 1915Maple Hill
LameLeviUnk20 Mar 1925Maple Hill
LamonsClebrenE.Unk29 Sep 1970Maple Hill
LamonsPaulL.02 Sep 192304 Nov 2001Green Valley
LamonsRubyUnk30 Sep 1965Maple Hill
LamonsTracyJoe19 May 196030 Oct 2005Green Valley
LancasterE.Unk18 Mar 1920Maple Hill
LancasterJ.W.13 Mar 191421 Sep 1984Maple Hill
LancasterOlivaMayUnk22 Dec 1899Maple Hill
LancasterThomasUnk30 Jun 1914Maple Hill
LanctineS.L.Unk04 Mar 1888Maple Hill
LanctotR.D.Unk04 Jan 1958Maple Hill
LandJohnUnkNDDMaple Hill
LandPattieG.Unk29 May 1965Maple Hill
LandayMayionUnk15 Jul 1928Maple Hill
LandersAnnieUnk14 Mar 1955Maple Hill
LandersArthurE.Unk05 Oct 1971Maple Hill
LandersCarrieL.13 Mar 191203 Jul 1991Tuck
LandersCassieP.26 May 190111 Dec 1998Maple Hill
LandersCharlesUnk07 Jul 1985Maple Hill
LandersClaraPayneUnk31 Oct 1948Maple Hill
LandersEdnaG.19 May 191225 Mar 1987Maple Hill
LandersElroyCooper03 Dec 187519 Oct 1964Maple Hill
LandersEttaD.Unk24 Jun 1949Maple Hill
LandersHenryW.Unk27 Dec 1960Maple Hill
LandersHenryUnk30 Jan 1957Maple Hill
LandersInfantFemaleUnk26 Jul 1870Maple Hill
LandersJanice21 Jun 194701 Oct 1986Maple Hill
LandersJohnM.10 Oct 188815 Jan 1961Tuck
LandersJohnW.22 May 188306 Jan 1979Maple Hill
LandersJohnW.UnkNDDMaple Hill
LandersJosh25 Jun 193125 Jun 1931Tuck
LandersKathleenUnk13 Mar 1930Maple Hill
LandersLenaB.22 Apr 189315 Jun 1983Tuck
LandersLouisUnk22 Jan 1931Maple Hill
LandersLucileD.Unk13 Mar 1989Maple Hill
LandersLuseal18 Mar 190927 Sep 1909Tuck
LandersLutherF.25 Jul 191003 Feb 1995Tuck
LandersLutherLee28 Aug 193412 Nov 2002Tuck
LandersM.N.Unk03 Sep 1870Maple Hill
LandersMarieEtta29 Jul 191324 Mar 2003Maple Hill
LandersMarionC.24 Sep 191812 Dec 2002Maple Hill
LandersMattieUnk19 Feb 1951Maple Hill
LandersMichaelDavidUnk21 Jul 1992Ragsdale
LandersRobertLee20 Jul 191422 Sep 1996Maple Hill
LandersRuthA.Unk19 Aug 1920Maple Hill
LandersShelby08 Feb 191930 Dec 1932Tuck
LandersWalterW.UnkNDDMaple Hill
LandersWilford19 Nov 193210 Oct 1984Maple Hill
LandersWilliamH.Unk12 Jul 1948Maple Hill
LandesBetteM.Unk27 Aug 1966Maple Hill
LandfordWilliamUnk14 Aug 1881Maple Hill
LandmanBessieB.11 Sep 191825 Jun 2005Maple Hill
LandmanCharlesT.07 Sep 189215 May 1968Maple Hill
LandmanClaraUnk31 May 1887Maple Hill
LandmanEarnestH.Unk08 Nov 1984Maple Hill
LandmanFannieUnk16 May 1881Maple Hill
LandmanFrancesL.177307 Mar 1860Redstone
LandmanGeorgeP.Unk03 Dec 1898Maple Hill
LandmanGeorgeUnk05 Sep 1871Maple Hill
LandmanGertrude06 Mar 189431 Oct 1977Maple Hill
LandmanHenryUnk23 Jul 1877Maple Hill
LandmanHenryUnk27 Jun 1871Maple Hill
LandmanHowardF.Unk12 Apr 1950Maple Hill
LandmanJ.H.Unk07 May 1887Maple Hill
LandmanJ.H.Unk28 Jul 1874Maple Hill
LandmanJamesUnk24 Jun 1915Maple Hill
LandmanJohnUnk13 Jun 1938Maple Hill
LandmanJoseph187220 Sep 1941Maple Hill
LandmanLucyLee186102 Jun 1947Maple Hill
LandmanMaryE.31 May 190817 Mar 1988Maple Hill
LandmanMaryF.Unk26 Jan 1900Maple Hill
LandmanRonnieF.08 Jul 194517 Oct 1978Maple Hill
LandmanSallieMae04 Aug 189927 Mar 1998Maple Hill
LandmanWilliamB.Unk25 Nov 1889Maple Hill
LandonMaryUnk11 Mar 1869Maple Hill
LandryRobertJoseph14 Jul 193826 Aug 1979Maple Hill
LandsHeatherNicole20 Jul 199327 Sep 1998Maple Hill
LandsdenThomasUnk26 Oct 1946Maple Hill
LandwanFrancesUnk31 Oct 1921Maple Hill
LaneA.W.Unk28 Mar 1870Maple Hill
LaneAlbertH.18 Mar 191702 Jun 1983Maple Hill
LaneAntonioLovell28 Nov 197304 Mar 1978Northside
LaneBellUnk05 Jul 1965Maple Hill
LaneBessieElizabeth15 May 189618 Mar 2000East
LaneBillyR.Unk21 Aug 1975Maple Hill
LaneBlancheF.15 Aug 189117 Apr 1971Maple Hill
LaneCharlesD.12 Aug 191715 Nov 1976Maple Hill
LaneCharlesUnk22 Mar 1940Maple Hill
LaneDelenvaUnk22 Sep 1984Maple Hill
LaneElizabethLizzieUnk14 Jun 1920Maple Hill
LaneEllaUnk12 Feb 1930Maple Hill
LaneEllaUnk05 Jun 1929Neal Chapel
LaneFrancesB.10 Dec 192302 Aug 2003Maple Hill
LaneGeorgeWashingtonUnk06 Oct 1888Maple Hill
LaneLucile08 Jul 190112 Oct 1976Maple Hill
LaneMary02 Apr 185015 Apr 1921Ebenezer
LaneMollyReed12 Apr 190123 Feb 1999Maple Hill
LaneRobertUnk06 Jul 1899Maple Hill
LaneRonaldPrimrose29 Jan 189809 Jan 1972Maple Hill
LaneSynthiaJane28 Nov 187825 Sep 1916Rice
LaneWilliamH.Unk17 May 1896Maple Hill
LaneWilliam11 Mar 186920 Apr 1946Rice
LaneyWilliamFranklin28 Aug 192108 Nov 2004Maple Hill
LanfordBarbaraJ.05 Feb 193819 Sep 1980Maple Hill
LanfordEdwinL.21 Nov 189625 Jan 1977Rice
LanfordEvaIreneUnk19 Sep 1976Maple Hill
LanfordL.05 Mar 186618 Jul 1912Rice
LanfordLolaM.08 May 190301 Oct 1984Rice
LangA.Unk15 Feb 1925Maple Hill
LangAlvinL.02 Feb 191316 Oct 1996Maple Hill
LangAnnieUnk29 Jan 1892Maple Hill
LangArchieLee09 Jul 190406 Apr 1970Charity Baptist Church
LangCharlieJ.01 Jun 192110 Oct 1935Merrimack
LangDan05 Feb 189418 Nov 1968Maple Hill
LangDwightD.08 Jul 195805 Jun 1960Byrd
LangEliseTurbeville12 Oct 191321 Jun 1997Maple Hill
LangEthelF.24 Dec 190831 Aug 1995Byrd
LangEthelLouise20 Feb 191611 Jun 1980Maple Hill
LangFrankWilson31 Mar 191421 May 1979Moon
LangFrederickUnk11 Jun 1890Maple Hill
LangHazelUnk18 Feb 1988Maple Hill
LangHoraceW.27 Jan 190711 Mar 1975Byrd
LangIdaSue06 Jul 194506 Jan 1946Plainview
LangJohnUnk08 Oct 1893Maple Hill
LangJosephE.02 Feb 193004 Nov 1930Plainview
LangLaverne22 Mar 191603 Jun 1983Maple Hill
LangLisaCarol07 Aug 196312 Mar 1964Byrd
LangMavisA.11 Sep 193905 Jun 1960Byrd
LangRebeccaBellUnk01 Mar 1970Maple Hill
LangRebeccaUnk22 Aug 1902Maple Hill
LangTammyKayUnk17 May 1980Maple Hill
LangUnkMaleUnk03 Dec 1917Maple Hill
LangUnkUnk20 Aug 1917Maple Hill
LangMary01 Jun 188514 May 1969Maple Hill
LangfordCharlesHoyt29 Jun 194301 Apr 1998Ragsdale
LangfordConnie29 Feb 191429 Aug 1970Northside
LangfordHenry03 Nov 191413 Jun 1973Center Grove
LangfordInfantBoy28 Jun 197628 Jun 1976Battle - Mt. Lebanon
LangfordLeroy30 Jun 1921Oct 1985Northside
LangfordMaryElizabeth08 Mar 191529 Feb 1976Northside
LangfordMaryJane22 Apr 192016 Jan 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
LangfordRobertEarl06 Feb 194509 Jul 1979Northside
LangfordRobert02 Dec 193214 Feb 1963Royal
LanghamBettyMaeCole28 Sep 192716 Jun 1971Northside
LanghornJackeyJohn MilleUnk13 Nov 1964Maple Hill
LanghorneEleanorRileyUnk17 Mar 1969Maple Hill
LangleyGeorgeClifton29 Apr 194507 May 1946Merrimack
LangleyHowardW.11 Oct 191214 Oct 2004Maple Hill
LangstonCharlesAllenUnk02 Feb 1999Maple Hill
LangstonDelbertG.23 Aug 191229 Apr 1938Merrimack
LangstonEffieE.27 Mar 190511 Aug 1998Maple Hill
LangstonElsieUnk21 Jan 1931Maple Hill
LangstonGertrudeUnk07 May 1988Maple Hill
LangstonJerryWayne31 Jul 193302 Feb 1983Maple Hill
LangstonLeonardF.31 Aug 190231 Oct 1988Maple Hill
LangstonRossW.Unk27 May 1993Maple Hill
LangstonRussellL.Unk31 Jan 1979Maple Hill
LangstonThomasUnk29 Dec 1952Maple Hill
LangstonWilliam11 Apr 193521 Jun 1983Maple Hill
LangworthyCharlesW.Unk20 Dec 1889Maple Hill
LanierAdams18031881Cedar Grove
LanierAlbert24 Nov 190705 Mar 1986Maple Hill
LanierAliceMae17 Dec 191916 Mar 2005Maple Hill
LanierAltonL.24 Nov 190713 May 1928Merrimack
LanierAndrewL.16 Aug 191616 Apr 1974Maple Hill
LanierAndrewUnk07 Mar 1943Maple Hill
LanierAnnDickson177503 Dec 1841Jordan/Lanier
LanierAnnerDavis31 Aug 190921 Apr 1998Byrd
LanierAnnieNewmanTroyUnk23 Jun 1945Maple Hill
LanierAqueelanShakoor19301981Center Grove
LanierAustin15 Oct 189627 Jan 1978Arnett
LanierBarbaraAnn22 Jan 194417 Mar 1945Gipson
LanierBeatriceL.23 Apr 190801 May 1992Maple Hill
LanierBettieT.25 Dec 189425 Feb 1927Glenwood
LanierBettyCody16 Jan 1939NDDBrown
LanierBlakeE.UnkSep 1980Green Valley
LanierCarrieR.23 Dec 188127 Feb 1976Maple Hill
LanierCharlesScotty19 Jan 197419 Jan 1974Gipson
LanierClaudeB.24 Mar 193821 May 1978Maple Hill
LanierClementClay16 Mar 187230 Oct 1959Byrd
LanierClementsC.31 Dec 184131 Dec 1862Cedar Grove
LanierCoraB.05 Jun 192313 Feb 1984Northside
LanierCurtisGlenn09 Oct 194422 Jan 1997Byrd
LanierDave17 Jun 190404 Dec 1982Northside
LanierDavidAllenUnk09 Oct 1972Maple Hill
LanierDavidShelby15 Sep 188701 Apr 1963Maple Hill
LanierDavidUnk28 Dec 1927Maple Hill
LanierDonaldRay24 Jan 193918 Sep 1957Brown
LanierDorisG.27 Apr 192814 Jan 1981Maple Hill
LanierEdgarC.03 Jan 191109 Jan 1998Cloud
LanierEdgar18 Jan 189911 Aug 1979Arnett
LanierElizabethCobb18051854Cedar Grove
LanierElsieApr 189627 Sep 1982Maple Hill
LanierEmmettR.09 Oct 190221 May 1985Brown
LanierEvelyn01 Feb 191112 Aug 1967Maple Hill
LanierFannieM.11 Aug 191304 May 1996Cloud
LanierFinneyUnkNDDMaple Hill
LanierFlonzoA.Unk25 Jun 2004Maple Hill
LanierFred23 Mar 1912Sep 1986Center Grove
LanierGroverClevelandUnk08 Jun 1959Maple Hill
LanierHazelV.30 Jun 190929 May 1981Maple Hill
LanierHesterAnn29 May 182306 Mar 1904Cedar Grove
LanierHowardE.17 Mar 192410 Dec 2005Maple Hill
LanierInfantUnk02 Nov 1950Maple Hill
LanierIsabellS.15 May 189310 Apr 1980Northside
LanierJ.T.17 Oct 190406 Oct 1969Maple Hill
LanierJamesAllen04 Jun 194204 Jun 1942Brown
LanierJerryB.01 Mar 191410 Dec 2001Northside
LanierJimmyRay03 Jan 194925 Dec 2000Byrd
LanierJohnFordApr 185723 Dec 1900Maple Hill
LanierJohnFranklinUnk26 Sep 1964Maple Hill
LanierJohnFulton22 Dec 188201 Mar 1966Maple Hill
LanierJohnNewton08 Aug 186324 Mar 1939Cedar Grove
LanierKarmankia19891989Center Grove
LanierKateE.29 Mar 190514 Aug 1987Brown
LanierKatie06 Dec 191730 May 2005Moon
LanierKittiePearlStewart12 Apr 191730 Jun 1939Bevill
LanierLauraLee24 Feb 191106 Jun 1995Northside
LanierLena01 Aug 190213 Jul 1998Maple Hill
LanierLiddieA.13 Oct 190717 Jun 1997Maple Hill
LanierLouise06 Nov 196607 Nov 1969Brown
LanierLucilleUnk14 Oct 1995Maple Hill
LanierLulaHannah19 Jul 187316 Sep 1948Cedar Grove
LanierMaceoMalva16 Jun 193204 Aug 1976Glenwood
LanierMamyeL.04 Feb 193003 Jul 1984Northside
LanierMaryAnn14 Jun 1942NDDGipson
LanierMaryHelen20 Sep 189029 Apr 1964Arnett
LanierMaryMargaretUnk24 Aug 1997Maple Hill
LanierMaryBradfordUnk27 Jul 1964Maple Hill
LanierMaryUnk18 Nov 1945Maple Hill
LanierMiltonHarris17 Feb 191417 Oct 2001Maple Hill
LanierMilton28 Jul 187824 Nov 1948Maple Hill
LanierMurray30 Jan 189312 May 1913Gipson
LanierMurry30 Jan 189312 May 1913Gibson
LanierMyrtleW.24 Aug 188408 Feb 1951Gibson
LanierMyrtleW.24 Aug 188408 Feb 1951Gipson
LanierNannieMae31 Mar 192320 Nov 1923Merrimack
LanierNasreeJ.13 Dec 190916 Dec 1974Northside
LanierNikkie07 Aug 199007 Aug 1990Brown
LanierNolenUnk01 Nov 1956Maple Hill
LanierO.T.16 Mar 195807 Nov 1981Gipson
LanierPercyLee19 Jun 194625 Aug 1974Northside
LanierRichardClay17 Oct 190104 Dec 1992Moon
LanierRobertEdward11 Aug 193010 Mar 1980Green Valley
LanierSamB.16 Dec 189922 Feb 1983Brown
LanierSammyNelson08 Apr 193627 Apr 1996Brown
LanierUnkFemaleUnk17 May 1868Maple Hill
LanierVeraMae01 May 191208 Apr 1970Kennamer
LanierVirginiaArnett20 Mar 186315 Dec 1957Arnett
LanierWillS.13 Aug 189513 Nov 1993Cedar Grove
LanierWill20 Jun 190425 Oct 1982Northside
LanierWilliamD.16 Dec 184605 Jan 1939Cedar Grove
LanierWilliamE.27 Apr 191507 Jul 1987Gibson
LanierWilliamE.27 Apr 191507 Jul 1987Gipson
LanierWilliamEdward01 Jul 190815 Jan 1979Maple Hill
LanierWilliamH.17 Aug 181808 Apr 1895Maple Hill
LanierWilliamH.26 Apr 194624 Apr 1991Gipson
LanierWilliamJ.17 Jul 188028 Apr 1974Maple Hill
LanierWilliam12 Oct 188331 Oct 1962Center Grove
LanierWilliam176325 Dec 1810Jordan/Lanier
LanierWillieM.21 Sep 191310 Oct 1988Brown
LankfordEarnest08 Apr 190214 Sep 1959Center Grove
LankfordGeorgeAlex25 Dec 191814 Dec 1983Northside
LankfordGeorgeJune01 Jun 194220 Jan 1984Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
LankfordJohnR.20 Apr 194820 Nov 1968Center Grove
LankfordJohnnieR.17 Jul 192107 Feb 1991Center Grove
LankfordLenaMae14 Mar 193013 Nov 2004Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
LankfordMagnolia23 Aug 190227 Oct 1973Center Grove
LankfordRosie23 Jul 188331 Jan 1978Northside
LankfordVirlonSlimUnk02 Feb 1982Maple Hill
LanksterLealer06 Nov 188609 Oct 1963Penny
LanksterMalishiaJ.Unk30 Jul 1994Maple Hill
LanksterRena28 Feb 190625 Oct 2001Maple Hill
LanksterWilliamC.30 Oct 190831 Jul 1994Maple Hill
LanyhurtAndrewM.Unk10 Sep 1898Maple Hill
LanzaAnthonyS.Unk08 Sep 2000Maple Hill
LanzaCharlesV.18 Oct 190614 Jul 1960Maple Hill
LanzaJosephUnk09 Oct 1940Maple Hill
LanzaMaryS.16 Jul 189329 Jun 1970Maple Hill
LanzaToneyUnk24 Feb 1949Maple Hill
LanzaVanceUnk08 Jul 1933Maple Hill
LapierEvaA.14 Feb 188931 Jan 1997Maple Hill
LapierPeggyStephensonUnk28 Aug 1981Maple Hill
LapierRobertF.07 Apr 190807 Nov 1960Maple Hill
LaracuenteFedericoUnk16 Jan 1964Maple Hill
LargenMarvinCarter02 May 197025 Mar 1971Hayden
LaringGroverUnk12 Nov 1917Maple Hill
LarkinElvisNolen20 May 190119 Oct 1994Maple Hill
LarkinFaye13 Apr 194013 Dec 2004Maple Hill
LarkinFlorence29 Dec 190716 May 1976Maple Hill
LarkinHoward18 Aug 190704 Nov 1979Maple Hill
LarkinJamesRichardUnk13 Apr 1971Maple Hill
LaroseBarbaraB.24 Feb 192801 Sep 1999Maple Hill
LaroseElizabethAnnUnk15 Sep 1998Maple Hill
LarringJ.Unk17 Nov 1925Maple Hill
LarryAlbert02 Aug 193226 Nov 1969Northside
LarryJeffrey15 Nov 196504 Jul 1992Northside
LarryRosalieB.05 Jan 190702 Mar 1992Northside
LarryTommie19 Jun 192220 Sep 1983Northside
LarsenJanetR.Unk15 Apr 1994Maple Hill
LarsenPaulA.Unk29 Jun 1987Maple Hill
LarsonBenfordUnk26 May 1996Maple Hill
LarsonRuthE.Unk09 Jul 1982Maple Hill
LarueAlvalieMrs.Unk24 May 1937Maple Hill
LarueCoraLee23 Mar 192210 Jan 1994Maple Hill
LarueEthelM.Unk01 Jul 1989Maple Hill
LarueEthelUnk29 Sep 2001Maple Hill
LarueHerbertUnkNDDMaple Hill
LaruePhilipUnk30 Jun 1953Maple Hill
LarueWilliamJ.04 Sep 187616 Nov 1970Maple Hill
LaryFrank16 Jul 194727 Mar 1973Maple Hill
LaryJamesN.Unk10 Mar 1948Maple Hill
LaryJohnH.23 May 191122 Oct 1998Maple Hill
LaryKateUnk27 Oct 1955Maple Hill
LasaterElsieH.26 Apr 191007 Dec 1996Maple Hill
LasaterGladysC.03 Mar 191318 Dec 2005Bevill
LasaterJamesS.01 Dec 191230 Nov 1990Bevill
LasaterRobertKeithUnk10 Aug 1995Maple Hill
LasherCharlotteV.Unk29 Nov 1971Maple Hill
LaskyJosephUnk19 Jan 1938Maple Hill
LasseterJamesRussell17 Sep 190024 Jan 1970Locust Grove
LasterBillyUnk12 Oct 1953Maple Hill
LasterBudUnk06 Jul 1954Maple Hill
LasterEdA.UnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
LasterEllenV.UnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
LasterGeorgiaS.10 Dec 190930 Jul 1989First Flint River Baptist
LasterMaryEleseabeth17 Dec 192617 Dec 1926Merrimack
LasterWalterG.09 Oct 190311 Aug 1973First Flint River Baptist
LathamCharlesCurry31 Jan 188626 Mar 1963Rice
LathamCharles15 Jul 183606 Jan 1894Bush
LathamCharlesUnk22 May 1940Maple Hill
LathamHarryF.Unk06 Jul 1937Maple Hill
LathamHarryUnk16 Aug 1904Maple Hill
LathamHattieUnk23 Jun 1923Maple Hill
LathamJamesH.04 Dec 185617 Dec 1933Rice
LathamJamesUnk04 Dec 1945Maple Hill
LathamJennieJuneJones20 Jun 185320 May 1920Rice
LathamJohnThomas19 Aug 191721 Feb 1998Rice
LathamJohnathanUnk11 Feb 1920Maple Hill
LathamLillieB.23 Aug 189924 Dec 1987Maple Hill
LathamLuceyUnk16 Apr 1955Maple Hill
LathamLynnUnk12 Nov 1995Maple Hill
LathamMaggieB.15 Dec 189809 Oct 1959Rice
LathamMaggieMcGahaUnk08 Jan 1949Maple Hill
LathamMagieGdoUnk12 Sep 1897Maple Hill
LathamMaryE.16 Apr 183607 Jul 1919Bush
LathamMyraJeanSmith15 Jan 191926 Jul 1988Rice
LathamNewtonW.11 Jun 188115 Jul 1933Rice
LathamRayford15 Sep 192419 Sep 2001Maple Hill
LathamS.Unk28 Oct 1938Maple Hill
LathamSusieStoneUnk15 Oct 1947Maple Hill
LathamWillieUnk27 Aug 1902Maple Hill
LathamWillisMrs.Unk05 Apr 1973Maple Hill
LathamWillis20 May 189413 Mar 1974Maple Hill
LauBettyJane16 Aug 192405 May 2005Maple Hill
LauErnestVictor27 Mar 191509 Jul 2004Maple Hill
LauFrancisX.UnkNDDMaple Hill
LauMaryJane02 Aug 192007 Mar 1991Maple Hill
LaubuckJamesUnk14 May 1902Maple Hill
LauderPhineusUnk08 Mar 1929Maple Hill
LauderdaleAlvinP.29 Apr 192405 Sep 2000Maple Hill
LauderdaleBettyR.19 Jan 192912 Dec 1996Maple Hill
LauderdaleH.Unk31 Oct 1933Maple Hill
LauderdaleHarryS.Unk23 Apr 1990Maple Hill
LauderdaleMargaretUnk03 May 1941Maple Hill
LauderdaleNellieUnk07 Dec 1953Maple Hill
LaudmanHarryUnk17 Jul 1954Maple Hill
LaudmanJ.H.Unk25 Oct 1947Maple Hill
LaudmanJeanUnk27 Jan 1954Maple Hill
LaududaleVirginiaUnk28 Jul 2004Maple Hill
LaughinghouseEmily15 Jul 186726 Jun 1931Pine Grove - Deposit
LaughinghouseLeroyJan 1847Feb 1915Pine Grove - Deposit
LaughinhouseGordonGrayson17 Mar 189001 Mar 1906Gurley
LaughlinCleophas28 Aug 189503 Aug 1975Maple Hill
LaughlinCynthiaUnk25 Jul 1967Maple Hill
LaughlinH.C.Unk30 Jul 1957Maple Hill
LaughlinJasonUnk22 Nov 1921Maple Hill
LaughlinJessieMrs.Unk01 Apr 1957Maple Hill
LaughlinMarieM.Unk11 Mar 1992Maple Hill
LaughlinMarthaR.Unk07 Dec 1898Maple Hill
LaughlinPaulUnk06 Jul 1929Maple Hill
LaughmillerOllieS.17 Jun 191118 Apr 1979Maple Hill
LaughmillerStella10 Aug 191017 Sep 1977Maple Hill
LaurmanWilliamUnk10 Nov 1898Maple Hill
LausterWayneR.09 Dec 194113 Jul 1998Maple Hill
LauxJohnStephen05 Jul 196019 Aug 2004Maple Hill
LauxJosephG.10 Nov 193423 Jan 1997Maple Hill
LavernAllenD.Unk15 Mar 1979Maple Hill
LaversJewellM.Unk06 Jan 1990Maple Hill
LavonDorisUnk13 Aug 1934Maple Hill
LavvornVirginiaMitchellUnk07 Jan 1998Maple Hill
LawCarrieUnk20 Dec 1937Maple Hill
LawMarthaUnk16 May 1896Maple Hill
LawenAlbertM.05 Mar 196926 Mar 1988Pleas Mount Baptist Church
LawenAngeloF.14 Aug 197707 Feb 1980Pleas Mount Baptist Church
LawhornAddieSamanthaGill24 Apr 191527 Nov 2004Maple Hill
LawhornWilliamCrocket17 Feb 191129 Dec 1979Maple Hill
LawlerAlvaD.02 Dec 188620 Jan 1962Lawler
LawlerBejaminB.12 Feb 186411 Nov 1949Lawler
LawlerBenjamin08 May 197030 Sep 1868Lawler
LawlerBerthaI.14 Mar 189315 Jul 1985Lawler
LawlerBettyB.18641956Locust Grove
LawlerBeulahB.25 Sep 1891Jun 1971Locust Grove
LawlerClarenceW.14 Apr 1893Oct 1986Locust Grove
LawlerClaudeC.29 Jul 191027 Sep 1969Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
LawlerEmmaL.11 Dec 185503 Apr 1879Lawler
LawlerEttaUnk28 Apr 1970Maple Hill
LawlerEvieS.Unk01 Oct 1962Maple Hill
LawlerFannieA.Unk20 Sep 1947Maple Hill
LawlerFannieLou23 Jul 1892Jun 1964Locust Grove
LawlerFrankW.30 Nov 189507 Feb 1985Locust Grove
LawlerGlenS.Unk04 Aug 1937Maple Hill
LawlerHarryB.07 Oct 1885Mar 1983Locust Grove
LawlerHattieVaughn186128 Sep 1955Ryland
LawlerHelenVeola17 Jan 191112 Oct 1998Lawler
LawlerHenryBruce26 Aug 185802 Jun 1920Lawler
LawlerIdaMaeHarper20 May 191028 Jul 1998Lawler
LawlerInfantMale09 Mar 192109 Mar 1921Lawler
LawlerJamesH.18 Feb 182922 May 1914Ryland
LawlerJamesHenry18 Feb 182922 May 1914Lawler
LawlerJamesJ.186105 May 1951Locust Grove
LawlerJehu02 Oct 182424 Jul 1893Ryland
LawlerJesseUnk30 Jul 1924Maple Hill
LawlerJoanElizabeth16 Mar 195613 May 1956Locust Grove
LawlerJohnA.Unk27 Oct 1965Maple Hill
LawlerJohn02 Sep 182703 Jan 1907Ryland
LawlerJohnUnk24 Mar 1926Maple Hill
LawlerLeolaBruce11 Jan 191809 Feb 1993Locust Grove
LawlerMargie01 May 188922 Sep 1972Maple Hill
LawlerMarjorieFisk18 Mar 189713 Mar 1921Lawler
LawlerMarvinWalter15 Feb 192501 Jan 1963Charity Baptist Church
LawlerMaryWall09 Aug 190820 Mar 1996Locust Grove
LawlerMary15 Aug 182411 Apr 1887Ryland
LawlerMattieA.08 Dec 186111 Sep 1867Lawler
LawlerMildredE.Flippen19 Jul 191328 Jan 1965Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
LawlerNellieClifton20 Mar 190615 Jul 1953Lawler
LawlerNewtW.21 Feb 189614 Jun 1977Charity Baptist Church
LawlerNewtonW.186912 Jan 1951Lawler
LawlerOctavieUnk09 Nov 1923Maple Hill
LawlerRobertC.23 Feb26 Oct 1960Maple Hill
LawlerRodahPaicer29 Mar 180007 Oct 1898Lawler
LawlerTeresa08 Jan 196108 Jan 1961Charity Baptist Church
LawlerThomasH.01 Aug 189404 Nov 1924Lawler
LawlerThomasShellyUnk25 Apr 1917Maple Hill
LawlerTommie20 Jan 190704 Jul 1933Crowson Hill
LawlerUnkFemaleUnk14 Jun 1902Maple Hill
LawlerValeraS.19051949Charity Baptist Church
LawlerWilliamB.1856Dec 1929Ryland
LawlerWinnieMappStone26 Dec 183506 Jan 1913Lawler
LawleyGanelle22 Nov 191212 Mar 2004Maple Hill
LawleyMelvinW.06 Jun 190202 Jun 1966Maple Hill
LawleyRichardM.16 Feb 193104 Nov 1994Maple Hill
LawrenceDavidUnk16 Sep 1875Maple Hill
LawrenceFannieUnk25 Oct 1964Maple Hill
LawrenceHueyLee26 Aug 192025 Aug 1993Maple Hill
LawrenceJamesCarl01 Mar 193011 Aug 2002Maple Hill
LawrenceJamesUnk10 Jan 1939Maple Hill
LawrenceKarenMiller21 Sep 196620 Jan 2001Plainview
LawrenceMarthaJoe24 Apr 194117 Feb 2006Maple Hill
LawrenceMattieUnk05 Nov 1920Maple Hill
LawrenceMoncieLouiseUnk10 Feb 1959Maple Hill
LawrenceScott30 Jan 196807 Jan 1987Maple Hill
LawsDawanna14 Oct 198313 Sep 1994Battle - Mt. Lebanon
LawsLizzieB.17 Mar 193709 Feb 2001Chandler - Carter Grove
LawsonDoviaM.Unk26 Jan 1978Maple Hill
LawsonEarl11 Aug 189610 Aug 1970Maple Hill
LawsonEloise19421961Charity Baptist Church
LawsonGeorgeUnk02 Apr 1956Maple Hill
LawsonJessieUnk10 Feb 1945Maple Hill
LawsonJohnUnk25 Jan 1942Maple Hill
LawsonLillieUnk13 Jan 1955Maple Hill
LawsonLillionUnk18 Oct 1928Maple Hill
LawsonMaryM.04 Oct 191727 Feb 1997Maple Hill
LawsonMellieE.Unk07 Nov 1966Maple Hill
LawsonOnieUnk16 Dec 1917Maple Hill
LawsonRosaEdnaUnk03 Jan 1947Maple Hill
LawsonThomasBradfordUnkNDDMaple Hill
LawsonWoodrowW.12 Mar 191716 Mar 1986Maple Hill
LawtherJerryElizabethUnk21 Feb 1979Maple Hill
LaxonCarlRoperUnk05 Dec 1949Maple Hill
LaxonJessieUnk22 Jun 1948Maple Hill
LaxonJessieUnk24 Aug 1935Maple Hill
LaxonJosephineUnk21 Feb 1951Maple Hill
LaxonL.Unk04 Jul 1925Maple Hill
LaxonLelaUnk07 Nov 1952Maple Hill
LaxonLilaUnk23 Oct 1950Maple Hill
LaxonLulaUnk18 Jun 1917Maple Hill
LaxonOrvilleUnk02 Jan 1931Maple Hill
LaxsonBettieL.Unk23 May 1929Maple Hill
LaxsonCarrieE.Unk30 Jan 1963Maple Hill
LaxsonDanUnk01 Jul 1967Maple Hill
LaxsonEllenP.20 Dec 182519 Sep 1898Whitman
LaxsonLeona30 Oct 190225 Jul 1975Maple Hill
LaxsonRubyIrene25 Oct 191414 Jan 1915Cochran
LaxsonRubyO'Reilly15 May 189114 Feb 1982Maple Hill
LaxsonSallieS.25 Aug 188507 May 1968Cochran
LaxsonShelbyAllen16 Jan 191322 Feb 1982Maple Hill
LaxsonShelbyUnk10 Oct 1964Maple Hill
LaxsonThomasW.1877Aug 1928Cochran
LaxsonW.Unk14 Jan 1955Maple Hill
LaxsonWalterW.Unk16 Feb 1943Maple Hill
LaxsonWilliamFrances16 Apr 185329 Oct 1932Cochran
LaxsonWilliamG.19 Sep 1819May 1885Whitman
LayAdrianSlim18 Dec 1923Nov 1973Huntsville Memory Gardens
LayAliceWilliams11 Oct 190708 Jun 2003Maple Hill
LayConawayUnk02 Sep 1985Maple Hill
LayDavidCaldwell31 Mar 194101 Nov 1996Maple Hill
LayJoyceH.Unk07 Feb 1984Maple Hill
LayPearlV.Unk26 Feb 1989Maple Hill
LayRobertM.17 Sep 190925 Jun 1980Maple Hill
LayWillieS.23 Nov 189626 Jan 1975Maple Hill
LayhewJamesBrandon12 Sep 192014 Oct 1920Valhalla Memory Gardens
LaymanChesterUnk15 Dec 1916Maple Hill
LaymanDavidM.22 Oct 188813 Dec 1967Maple Hill
LaymanKathrynE.08 Jan 188904 Jun 1970Maple Hill
LaymanUnkMaleUnk01 Nov 1917Maple Hill
LaymonJohnMarionUnk15 Feb 1948Maple Hill
LaymonMarkUnk08 Jun 1948Maple Hill
LaymonWilla31 Jul 189008 Apr 1967Maple Hill
LaymondKatherineUnk23 Jun 1923Maple Hill
LayneAdaBellUnk15 Oct 1976Maple Hill
LayneBufordF.29 Sep 189629 Sep 1977Moon
LayneCarrieM.24 Jun 189921 Dec 1989Moon
LayneCharlesRichard10 Oct 195231 Jul 1969Moon
LayneCharlieM.19041928Neal Chapel
LayneEdgar02 Sep 189929 Jul 1962Camp Ground
LayneEmmaE.19031985Neal Chapel
LayneErsieB.18 Feb 192013 Dec 1996Moon
LayneHarryClayborne29 May 190609 Apr 1958Green Valley
LayneHarveyM.18361862Neal Chapel
LayneJamesDewey189910 Apr 1948Neal Chapel
LayneJohnEllaBuford25 Dec 186105 Jun 1929Neal Chapel
LayneJoseph29 Jul 185605 May 1924Maple Hill
LayneLawrence08 Mar 189520 Apr 1978Green Valley
LayneLillieBeatriceStevens15 Sep 188321 Jul 1963Camp Ground
LayneLucilleMoore12 Sep 190824 May 1984Green Valley
LayneMelissaA.Wood06 Nov 186009 May 1939Maple Hill
LayneMelvinL.14 Nov 1921NDDMoon
LayneMildredG.18961928Neal Chapel
LayneMildred1870NDDCamp Ground
LayneNolan21 Jan 192501 Mar 1969Green Valley
LayneRhett31 Dec 189112 Sep 1900Moon
LayneRobertE.18301862Neal Chapel
LayneRobertHarveyDec 187911 Jul 1958Camp Ground
LayneS.E.Unk05 Dec 1918Neal Chapel
LayneSallieHowell14 Oct 190221 Apr 1998Green Valley
LayneSamuelEdward10 Mar 185505 Dec 1916Neal Chapel
LayneShelbyL.Mar 188403 Aug 1901Maple Hill

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