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Last Name
First Name
Middle Name
UnkFemaleUnk18 Apr 1871Maple Hill
BoatwrightMorganGlennUnk08 Oct 1979Maple Hill
BobamimaUnkUnk02 Feb 1923Maple Hill
BobeniaThomasE.Unk15 May 1965Maple Hill
BoboArvinJ.04 May 184405 Nov 1910Golightly
BoboBeatriceHess08 Jun 189022 Jan 1907Golightly
BoboClarenceEdgar22 Aug 187717 Dec 1936Golightly
BoboMaggie06 Sep 189229 Aug 1908Golightly
BoboMargaretA.21 Nov 184728 Jan 1910Golightly
BoboMosesO.06 Jan 189310 Sep 1971Maple Hill
BoboNoraJean18871965Charity Baptist Church
BoboNormanTheodore02 Oct 190117 May 1968Golightly
BoboSophiaG.19021931Charity Baptist Church
BoczekRogerLee04 May 196120 Nov 2002Plainview
BodekerDanA.Unk23 May 1993Maple Hill
BoehmJosefUnk31 Dec 1973Maple Hill
BoernerEtoileO.28 Mar 191305 Aug 1992Maple Hill
BoernerHerbertC.31 Oct 190404 Sep 1981Maple Hill
BoernerRonaldOwenUnk17 May 2004Maple Hill
BogenshottErnestineH.29 Jan 187613 Feb 1965Gurley
BogenshottJohn26 Dec 185526 Jan 1946Gurley
BogerInfantUnk13 May 1954Maple Hill
BogerJohnCarl15 Feb 192623 Apr 2002Huntsville Memory Gardens
BoggsDonnaSue29 May 194615 Jan 1947Charity Baptist Church
BoggsEdnaM.08 Jan 190230 Oct 1983Maple Hill
BoggsElizabethE.Unk28 Aug 1947Maple Hill
BoggsElizabethJ.18671936Charity Baptist Church
BoggsEllaUnk07 Feb 1969Maple Hill
BoggsElmerL.20 Dec 191612 Aug 1992Maple Hill
BoggsFlora18941946Charity Baptist Church
BoggsHelenCarroll26 Nov 192613 Dec 2005Maple Hill
BoggsHenryC.Unk01 Jul 1961Maple Hill
BoggsHenryMrs.UnkNDDMaple Hill
BoggsIdaMae18681944Charity Baptist Church
BoggsJ.P.18911965Charity Baptist Church
BoggsJohnUnk09 Sep 1939Maple Hill
BoggsL.Deimer18641946Charity Baptist Church
BoggsLelaM.13 Jul 191805 Jun 2002Maple Hill
BoggsNaomi14 Feb 189504 Jul 1947Shady Grove
BoggsRufus21 Oct 189912 Dec 1974Maple Hill
BoggsT.O.Unk10 Jan 1922Maple Hill
BoggsThomasOdellUnk30 Oct 1961Maple Hill
BoggsThomasUnk30 Oct 1984Maple Hill
BoggsUlyssesSherman14 Oct 191212 Nov 1912Charity Baptist Church
BoggsVernieL.18 Dec 190502 Nov 1965Charity Baptist Church
BoggsW.H.15 Mar 189012 Sep 1920Charity Baptist Church
BoggsWillJ.18681943Charity Baptist Church
BoggsWillardD.09 Feb 192417 Jun 2006Maple Hill
BoggsWilliamGarvis06 Nov 191318 Jul 1999Maple Hill
BoggsWillieNeeleyMrs.21 Dec 189208 Oct 1994Maple Hill
BoggsWrightKirby12 Mar 188825 Mar 1915Charity Baptist Church
BoggusLolaDavis28 Aug 193120 Dec 2005Maple Hill
BoggusUnkFemaleUnk17 Oct 1885Maple Hill
BogueArlandoL.31 May 187308 Nov 1897Maple Hill
BogueArleyUnk17 Mar 1896Maple Hill
BogueArlyUnkNDDMaple Hill
BogueP.S.Unk08 Nov 1897Maple Hill
BogusHeatherUnk15 Dec 1984Maple Hill
BogusMichaelJohnUnk13 Dec 1979Maple Hill
BohananBonnieM.17 Sep 190419 Oct 1984Maple Hill
BohananD.N.02 Apr 190128 Aug 1967Maple Hill
BohananMinnieUnk01 Sep 1956Maple Hill
BohanonElizabethUnk01 Sep 1933Maple Hill
BoharforthC.Unk11 Jul 1900Maple Hill
BoilesEdUnk28 Sep 1898Maple Hill
BolandNonaUnk02 Dec 1903Maple Hill
BoldenAaron09 May 195513 May 1994Moon
BoldenFrancesL.Unk15 Jan 1969Maple Hill
BoldenGarlandE.Unk01 Nov 1969Maple Hill
BoldenGaryEugeneUnk02 Aug 2004Maple Hill
BoldenJamesT.31 Jan 1915NDDMoon
BoldenJessieJ.18 Nov 191201 Sep 1999Maple Hill
BoldenJessieJ.Unk06 Apr 1967Maple Hill
BoldenKatherinePowers24 Mar 192303 Nov 1968Moon
BoldenLenburghUnk01 Dec 1979Maple Hill
BoldenLugene31 May 191803 Oct 1971Maple Hill
BoldenMatthewE.19 Jul 1951NDDMoon
BoldenMattie22 Aug 192020 Dec 1985Maple Hill
BoldenPaulLuther15 Jun 192221 May 1979Moon
BoldenPaulLuther17 Jun 194727 Feb 1998Moon
BoldenRachelJean10 Mar 189402 Jan 1958Moon
BoldenSamuelMonroe27 May 189406 Feb 1963Moon
BoldenThelmaJeanUnkNDDMaple Hill
BoldenThomasW.16 Jan 194929 Jul 1999Moon
BoldenTimothyD.Unk14 Dec 1977Maple Hill
BoldenVioletLorine23 Apr 192720 Feb 2005Moon
BoldenWandaUnk28 Mar 1970Maple Hill
BoldenWilliam09 May 188612 May 1978Maple Hill
BoldinErnestM.03 Jun 194312 Aug 1978Moon
BoldinMargaret27 Dec 192423 Aug 1996Maple Hill
BoldinMaryLeannUnk14 Jan 1989Maple Hill
BoldinPatsyRosemarieLamb09 Mar 194915 Aug 1999Maple Hill
BoldinPercyE.24 Nov 191711 Oct 1983Maple Hill
BoldinWalterUnk07 Apr 1967Maple Hill
BoldingLutherUnk02 Mar 1932Maple Hill
BoldmanWhorleyH.21 Jun 184610 Nov 1866Maple Hill
BolenAdaE.19081936Madison Crossroads
BolenClaraM.19121914Madison Crossroads
BolenElvira19081936Madison Crossroads
BolenInfantUnk1910Madison Crossroads
BolenJ.T.Unk29 Jan 1957Maple Hill
BolenJosep18781954Madison Crossroads
BolenLauraMayhew28 Apr 187629 Jan 1929Madison Crossroads
BolenLenaL.18801964Madison Crossroads
BolenLulaL.19041987Madison Crossroads
BolenLula13 Jan 188919 Apr 1974Maple Hill
BolenNellAnna08 Aug 191505 Jan 2002Maple Hill
BolesAlbertUnk22 Jul 1943Maple Hill
BolesBarbaraBelvaUnk19 Feb 1967Maple Hill
BolesDannyLeeUnk05 Nov 1954Rice
BolesDesaUnk10 Dec 1952Maple Hill
BolesDessoUnk12 Jan 1931Maple Hill
BolesEdna06 May 192318 Jul 1985Maple Hill
BolesElbertA.17 Mar 190925 Feb 1979Maple Hill
BolesHermon13 Jan 188606 Aug 1970Rice
BolesHoustonA.09 Aug 190408 Jan 1970Maple Hill
BolesHughUnk05 Jun 1968Maple Hill
BolesJessieMrs.Unk05 Oct 1991Maple Hill
BolesJohnDuffy26 Feb 192025 Mar 2005Maple Hill
BolesKathrynP.15 Aug 192208 Feb 1995Maple Hill
BolesLawrenceC.01 Sep 191816 Jan 1997Maple Hill
BolesLouisStephenUnk21 May 1948Rice
BolesLouisaC.UnkNDDMaple Hill
BolesLudyC.14 Aug 187914 Feb 1961Maple Hill
BolesMarvinUnk03 Jul 1969Maple Hill
BolesMelvinUnk13 Jul 1944Maple Hill
BolesOliverM.03 Dec 187618 Jan 1949Maple Hill
BolesRebeccaL.Unk10 May 1986Maple Hill
BolesThelmaM.01 Oct 192003 Jan 1992Maple Hill
BolesTom23 Jan 191021 May 1984Maple Hill
BolesVirgilUnk26 Feb 1929Maple Hill
BolesVirginiaB.29 Feb 191614 May 1988Maple Hill
BolesWilliamB.03 Jul 191601 Nov 1980Maple Hill
BolinCliffordUnk03 Dec 1956Maple Hill
BolinDessieUnk04 Mar 1958Maple Hill
BolinJackieReneeUnk15 Feb 1965Maple Hill
BolinJackieUnkNDDMaple Hill
BolinJesseF.Unk17 Oct 1936Maple Hill
BolinJohnWilliamUnk14 Aug 1979Maple Hill
BolinMaggie30 May 190408 Oct 1992Maple Hill
BolinMaryJaneUnk31 May 1988Maple Hill
BolinMattieUnk23 Jun 1997Maple Hill
BolinOrvilUnk07 Oct 1953Maple Hill
BolinPinkCliffordUnk15 May 1964Maple Hill
BolinWilliam20 Feb 185611 Aug 1931Merrimack
BolingJ.Unk12 May 1923Maple Hill
BolingerMarieUnk10 Jan 1919Maple Hill
BollingFlorenceE.Unk15 Dec 1978Maple Hill
BollingMargaretUnk15 Mar 1932Maple Hill
BollingRichardUnk10 Apr 1929Maple Hill
BollingVictoriaUnk17 Mar 1947Maple Hill
BollingerAlmaUnk05 Feb 1953Maple Hill
BoltBarbaraUnk22 Dec 2005Maple Hill
BoltonGeorge23 Feb 194327 Mar 2004Maple Hill
BoltonJamesWheeler10 Oct 193129 Jul 1972Byrd
BoltonLarryCharles25 Dec 194824 Sep 2005Moon
BoltonLindaUnk20 Oct 1950Maple Hill
BoltonRobertJ.Unk15 Mar 1982Maple Hill
BoltonWillieC.26 May 191901 Apr 1982Maple Hill
BondAlfredUnk03 Nov 1963Maple Hill
BondBessiePatton14 Apr 189310 Jul 1980Maple Hill
BondEdnaW.26 Jan 192523 Jan 2000Maple Hill
BondJamesC.Unk02 Mar 1992Maple Hill
BondThomasScott09 Jul 196609 Jul 1966Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BondeAgnesH.09 Aug 193308 Jun 2000Maple Hill
BondeBernardE.Unk21 Apr 1990Maple Hill
BondsAllineH.15 Jul 191706 Jan 1989Maple Hill
BondsSamS.24 Aug 191506 Aug 1984Maple Hill
BoneAltonRayford05 Sep 196421 Dec 2001Bone
BoneAnnieD.UnkNDDMaple Hill
BoneAnnieMae20 Aug 190527 Jul 1940Bone
BoneAuther16 Oct 188529 Jun 1912Bone
BoneBerthaB.31 Jul 194529 Jan 1992Bone
BoneBessieP.29 Dec 191115 Jun 1954Bone
BoneBruce23 May 192024 Jun 1979Northside
BoneBurton26 Jun 183729 May 1994Bone
BoneCaroline14 Jun 187607 May 1916Bone
BoneCharleyB.16 Aug 191025 Sep 1985Bone
BoneDan23 Mar 193529 Jul 1997Bone
BoneDarahG.11 Jul 193227 Dec 2001Bone
BoneElizabeth09 Oct 187106 Mar 1945Bone
BoneEmilieCopeland19 Oct 196304 Nov 2004Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
BoneFlossie25 Sep 189404 Jun 1920Crowson Hill
BoneGeorgiaM.04 Mar 190405 Jul 1995Northside
BoneHalbertH.Unk02 Dec 1958Maple Hill
BoneHenryP.25 Feb 187725 Dec 1958Bone
BoneJamesH.17 Aug 190521 Jun 1999Bone
BoneJamesH.27 Oct 183627 Apr 1906Maple Hill
BoneJoeE.08 Jun 189612 May 1980Bone
BoneJohnH.15 Aug 190425 May 1989Northside
BoneJoseph26 Mar 191124 Mar 2000Maple Hill
BoneKittie26 Dec 190929 Jul 1989Northside
BoneLauraGeorgeUnk18 Mar 1893Maple Hill
BoneLeonAdale10 Mar 198119 Nov 2000Northside
BoneLillieS.16 Mar 190806 May 1957Bone
BoneLouiseUnk02 Aug 1931Maple Hill
BoneMaria06 Jun 188207 Dec 1922Bone
BoneMaryLiza15 May 191406 Dec 1992Northside
BoneMelvina13 Jun 184823 Dec 1901Bone
BoneMildredH.13 Jul 194217 Sep 1998Bone
BoneOraMae27 Feb 192301 Feb 1995Penny
BoneRosieLee20 Aug 191504 Dec 2003Maple Hill
BoneRuthElizabeth03 Apr 193105 Dec 1977Bone
BoneSadieParks03 Oct 191419 Aug 1954Bone
BoneSam13 Feb 189921 Mar 1971Bone
BoneTalmadge01 Jan 189910 May 1988Bone
BoneTammieT.22 Dec 196826 Dec 1986Bone
BoneWadeO.09 Mar 190519 Nov 1975Bone
BoneWadeOtis28 Aug 193316 Jul 1966Bone
BoneWillis02 Oct 187430 Jul 1948Bone
BonnerDarcinia02 Jun 193426 Feb 1998Maple Hill
BonnerHowardW.28 Jun 191523 Sep 1982Maple Hill
BonnerLillianUnk26 Apr 1983Maple Hill
BonnerMattieUnk20 Nov 1918Maple Hill
BonnerRufusElsieUnk21 Apr 1928Maple Hill
BonneyNannieUnk23 Mar 1964Maple Hill
BoockleRichardUnk12 Mar 1918Maple Hill
BooherNorma11 Oct 192711 Feb 1995Maple Hill
BooherRobertW.Unk12 Mar 1975Maple Hill
BookerAliceUnk22 Jan 1904Maple Hill
BookerArthur04 Jan 192409 Jul 1967Booker
BookerJoseph02 Sep 192909 Jul 1982Booker
BookerLonnieUnk29 Jan 1904Maple Hill
BookerMildridge16 Nov 191620 Feb 1997Booker
BoomanJas.Unk12 Jan 1910Maple Hill
BoonAdaWyman05 Jan 188502 Feb 1976Maple Hill
BoonRobertM.09 Aug 189019 Jan 1985Maple Hill
BooneD.C.Unk09 May 1981Maple Hill
BooneElizabethC.27 Jan 189013 Feb 1981Maple Hill
BooneHarrietE.19051992Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
BooneJennie01 Sep 192305 Sep 1998Collier - Triana
BooneMableM.Unk08 Jun 1984Maple Hill
BooneMary28 Dec 189719 Feb 1966Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
BooneO.C.Unk27 Feb 1882Maple Hill
BooneOliviaF.08 Jan 193112 Jan 1994Northside
BooneOscar19 May 189223 Jul 1977Maple Hill
BooneRobert07 Dec 194020 Oct 1993Northside
BooneRubyDoss17 Sep 192004 Aug 1974Northside
BooneUna24 Apr 192223 Mar 1984Maple Hill
BooneWalter23 Aug 190229 Nov 1978Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
BooneWalter20 Aug 192805 May 1975Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
BooneWilliamUnk13 Aug 1862Maple Hill
BoothA.M.Unk04 Mar 1950Maple Hill
BoothElizabethM.Unk22 Oct 2002Maple Hill
BoothGeorgeUnk24 Sep 1900Maple Hill
BoothJamesRandolph02 May 189927 Oct 1982Maple Hill
BoothOpheliaUnk01 Jun 1951Maple Hill
BoothSandyDuncan01 Oct 192110 Apr 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
BootheT.J.Unk29 Sep 1878Maple Hill
BootsUnkFemaleUnk01 Jan 1893Maple Hill
BoozerMaryIreneCampbell193819 Jun 2001Twickenham
BorgLauraUnk21 Nov 1900Maple Hill
BormGeraldUnk07 Dec 1962Maple Hill
BorthwickElizabethBlankenship23 Jul 191710 Jul 2000Maple Hill
BostBeatriceG.Unk14 Oct 1986Maple Hill
BostChal.F.25 May 185515 Aug 1935Maple Hill
BostChalmersUnk16 Aug 1935Maple Hill
BostDollieUnk06 Apr 1946Maple Hill
BostDorothyE.05 Feb 192821 Sep 1994Plainview
BostJamesE.09 Aug 192529 Jan 1995Plainview
BostJohnnie25 Feb 194925 Feb 1949Maple Hill
BostKatiePeebles08 Aug 186603 Nov 1950Maple Hill
BostMargaretIrene04 May 190801 Jun 1973Maple Hill
BosticBeckyUnk24 May 1943Maple Hill
BosticMamieElenorUnk26 Feb 1927Maple Hill
BostickLucilleMaeUnk14 May 1999Moon
BostickNancyC.02 Oct 190011 Nov 1971State Line - Hazel Green
BostickSusannahJohnsonStoneSep 18491910State Line - Hazel Green
BostickWilliamA.11 Oct 190312 May 1977Moon
BoswellAlbertaUnk18 Feb 1945Maple Hill
BoswellCliftonS.06 Jun 188630 Oct 1967Maple Hill
BoswellGeorgeUnk20 Jun 1969Maple Hill
BoswellPhoebeUnk03 Dec 1995Maple Hill
BoucherElizabeth185210 Mar 1940Maple Hill
BoucherJ.Unk19 Nov 1913Maple Hill
BoucherJohnB.18551913Maple Hill
BoucherLydia187922 Jun 1915Maple Hill
BoukesUnkFemaleUnk19 Jul 1871Maple Hill
BouldinHammondEli18 Nov 183806 Dec 1849Bouldin-Hammond
BouldinMaryL.T.Nov 1838NDDBouldin-Hammond
BouldinMaryTabitha J.Hammond03 Dec 180918 Apr 1840Bouldin-Hammond
BoultonBettySuePickett08 Nov 192720 May 2006Maple Hill
BoundsAliceUnk05 Mar 1978Maple Hill
BoundsHermanUnk07 May 1928Maple Hill
BoundsLeoD.05 Feb 191212 Nov 1977Maple Hill
BoundsMamieUnk18 Oct 1952Maple Hill
BourageEarleneE.08 Jan 193909 Feb 2005Oakwood Memorial Gardens
Bouyett-SmithAnnL.Garner16 Sep 194813 May 1997St. Ruth
BowdenAlvinUnk12 May 1938Maple Hill
BowdenAyakoK.10 Feb 193023 Feb 2002Maple Hill
BowdenMaggie12 Dec 190109 Jul 1983Maple Hill
BowdenTroyUnk12 Jun 1985Maple Hill
BowelsMableUnk07 May 1925Maple Hill
BowenBarruhM.Unk04 Mar 1896Maple Hill
BowenBobbyJamesUnk07 Apr 1984Maple Hill
BowenBobbyUnk18 Jan 1938Maple Hill
BowenCarlS.11 Jan 190405 May 1973Maple Hill
BowenCharlesV.Unk14 Dec 1994Maple Hill
BowenDoraUnk27 Dec 1938Maple Hill
BowenFlorenceB.11 Aug 189708 Aug 1984Maple Hill
BowenFrankEdwin16 Apr 193322 Dec 1994Maple Hill
BowenLoisUnk15 Jan 1970Maple Hill
BowenLoisUnk01 Sep 1937Maple Hill
BowenMaryUnk16 Mar 1896Maple Hill
BowenR.B.Unk10 Jul 1936Maple Hill
BowenRubyIrene20 Nov 190925 Feb 1990Maple Hill
BowenSheilaEvelynUnk07 Jul 1974Maple Hill
BowenWilliamUnk15 Jan 1965Maple Hill
BowenWillieH.Unk04 Jan 1935Maple Hill
BowensEarl16 Apr 191022 Oct 1977Penny
BowerA.C.Mrs.Unk13 Aug 1899Maple Hill
BowersArthurUnk14 Jun 1942Maple Hill
BowersDavidE.08 Feb 187224 Jun 1928Madison
BowersE.L.Unk18 Aug 1916Madison
BowersEarlGrover05 Mar 190711 May 1994Maple Hill
BowersElizabethVaughan17 Dec 186922 Jan 1959Madison
BowersGertrudeDoraUnk20 Oct 1962Maple Hill
BowersH.Unk02 Mar 1923Maple Hill
BowersHowardL.09 Aug 190725 Oct 1977Northside
BowersInfantFemaleUnk08 Jan 1898Maple Hill
BowersJohnnyFranklin18 Aug 185825 Jun 1940Camp Ground
BowersLawrenceDavidUnk16 Jan 1960Maple Hill
BowersLeliaUnk11 May 1957Maple Hill
BowersLucyR.Bragg11 Apr 189017 May 1949Maple Hill
BowersMaryBell15 May 191812 Feb 1998Maple Hill
BowersMaryLillie24 Jan 186602 Dec 1929Camp Ground
BowersPearlRussellUnk12 Nov 1956Maple Hill
BowersThelma29 May 188811 Mar 1970Maple Hill
BowersThomas06 Feb 190806 May 1983Maple Hill
BowersVolentineUnk16 Feb 1899Maple Hill
BowhannanC.C.Jan 183507 Dec 1837Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
BowingEarlUnk24 Sep 1925Maple Hill
BowlingEliT.26 Apr 189604 Jun 1974Maple Hill
BowlingElmerE.Unk09 Jun 1966Maple Hill
BowlingElvinUnkNDDMaple Hill
BowlingEmmaUnk01 Jul 1950Maple Hill
BowlingEttaUnk25 Apr 1965Maple Hill
BowlingGladysC.15 Sep 190217 Sep 1981Maple Hill
BowlingInfantUnk15 Apr 1970Maple Hill
BowlingJerryR.Unk17 Jun 1988Maple Hill
BowlingKennyUnk05 Oct 2003Maple Hill
BowlingPearlT.20 Oct 190829 May 1974Maple Hill
BowlingPrestonUnk13 Mar 1928Maple Hill
BowlingSam26 May 193008 Aug 1965Maple Hill
BowlingSamUnk06 Feb 1958Maple Hill
BowlingSamuelP.Unk13 May 1979Maple Hill
BowlingVirginiaLevearnJones30 Oct 192029 Jan 2005Maple Hill
BowlingWilliamCecil15 Feb 191814 Jan 1987Maple Hill
BowlingWilliamUnk05 Dec 1955Maple Hill
BowmanHarryFrederick04 Aug 191306 Dec 2002Maple Hill
BowmanJamesA.Unk30 Jun 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
BowmanJaneUnk12 Aug 1899Maple Hill
BowmanJohnUnk13 Feb 1899Maple Hill
BowmanLoisJean20 Mar 193014 Jan 2001Maple Hill
BowmanUnkMaleUnk05 Dec 1903Maple Hill
BoxMaryElizabeth04 Dec 188030 Jun 1927Ryland
BoxWillW.07 Jan 186524 Aug 1944Ryland
BoyantonArthurO.25 Jan 189816 Apr 1994Maple Hill
BoyantonBenjaminL.01 Jul 197019 Nov 2004Maple Hill
BoyantonBessieC.23 Dec 190309 Oct 1989Maple Hill
BoyantonSheltonEveret06 Sep 192707 Oct 1928Merrimack
BoydBerthaM.Unk31 Jan 1959Maple Hill
BoydBessieM.10 Mar 190615 Mar 1969Northside
BoydBettyUnk08 Nov 1951Maple Hill
BoydBillyJ.Unk20 Jul 1977Maple Hill
BoydBillyJoe02 Feb 193402 Nov 2001Fords Chapel
BoydDavidT.16 Oct 189811 Jan 1973Bevill
BoydDixie05 May 190125 Feb 1982Maple Hill
BoydElizabethBettieHuey02 Apr 184921 May 1938Maple Hill
BoydEllaUnk05 Sep 1901Maple Hill
BoydEmmettUnk14 Jan 1966Maple Hill
BoydFairmeanL.25 Mar 189215 Jul 1972Northside
BoydFrancesUnk06 Jul 1935Maple Hill
BoydGladysR.13 Jan 191821 Oct 1966Maple Hill
BoydIrmaUnk22 Aug 1946Maple Hill
BoydJ.A.Unk24 May 1882Maple Hill
BoydJamesA.20 Jun 183616 Nov 1860Maple Hill
BoydJamesLeroyUnk12 Feb 1996Maple Hill
BoydJamesP.21 Jul 192412 Apr 1981Maple Hill
BoydJamesP.Unk18 Apr 1958Maple Hill
BoydJohnRobert02 Jun 190826 Jun 1967Maple Hill
BoydJosephE.10 May 189428 May 1926Madison Crossroads
BoydLauraBafford11 Aug 193506 Feb 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
BoydLenaUnk03 Dec 1974Maple Hill
BoydLoisTuck20 May 192709 Dec 2004Tuck
BoydLucian28 Mar 191420 Oct 1998Bevill
BoydMaryEliabethUnk19 Jul 1982Maple Hill
BoydMary11 Aug 192716 Oct 2001Maple Hill
BoydOllieMae28 May 191910 Mar 1984Maple Hill
BoydOscarUnk18 Apr 1937Maple Hill
BoydPhilipUnk06 Nov 1938Maple Hill
BoydPhillipW.29 Feb 196029 Feb 1960Tuck
BoydRoberda28 Mar 191401 Oct 1914Ebenezer
BoydRobertM.Unk25 Apr 1947Maple Hill
BoydRobertUnk25 Aug 1954Maple Hill
BoydRosaMae17 Jan 190712 Apr 1996Bevill
BoydRubyNancyUnk20 Feb 1962Maple Hill
BoydRubyHallUnk21 Aug 1997Maple Hill
BoydRussellOscar31 Mar 192215 Feb 1986Maple Hill
BoydStephanieDawn19 Jun 198726 Jul 2005Maple Hill
BoydTerryLeeMrs.UnkNDDMaple Hill
BoydThelmaUnk21 Apr 1982Maple Hill
BoydValeriaUnk11 Jun 1936Maple Hill
BoydWilliamK.Unk07 Aug 1893Maple Hill
BoydWilliam09 Dec 184807 Aug 1879Maple Hill
BoydWilliamUnk07 Aug 1879Maple Hill
BoydWoodrowW.191305 Jul 1999Twickenham
BoyerCorenaS.Unk27 Apr 1968Maple Hill
BoyettBessieE.08 Oct 190913 Jun 1976Plainview
BoyettGracieB.03 Oct 190421 Sep 2000Plainview
BoyettJamesC.27 Aug 191831 Jan 1984Maple Hill
BoyettJohnnyW.26 Sep 189528 Nov 1977Plainview
BoyettLeamerB.11 Oct 190016 Feb 1992Plainview
BoyettMaryE.06 Feb 192901 Feb 1964Plainview
BoyettVidaGearlds01 Aug 191104 Feb 1988Plainview
BoyetteGraceB.08 May 192307 Nov 1990Maple Hill
BoyetteJerryRayUnk11 Oct 1991Maple Hill
BoykinHomerA.Unk08 Mar 1940Maple Hill
BoyntonDorothySanfordUnk15 May 1972Maple Hill
BozarthGeorgeUnk08 Jun 1918Maple Hill
BozarthUnkUnk02 Jun 1918Maple Hill

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