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PhellpsBettieUnk20 Feb 1941Maple Hill
PhelpsCharlesUnk06 Feb 1946Maple Hill
PhelpsD.Unk06 Aug 1951Maple Hill
PhelpsEvaUnk29 Dec 1965Maple Hill
PhelpsLesterUnk17 Dec 1917Maple Hill
PhelpsMaryEllenBrownUnk27 Sep 1961Maple Hill
PhelpsSarahUnk02 Feb 1931Maple Hill
PhilipsAnnieBellUnk20 May 1961Maple Hill
PhilipsJ.T.Unk17 Aug 1960Maple Hill
PhillipMattieUnk18 Nov 1931Maple Hill
PhillipRoyE.13 Sep 190214 Sep 1970Ryland
PhillippsHorrilleUnk05 Nov 1934Maple Hill
PhillippsJohnUnk15 Jul 1933Maple Hill
PhillippsLelaUnk27 Dec 1933Maple Hill
PhillippsMildredUnk21 Feb 1932Maple Hill
PhillipsAlmaUnk01 Jan 1980Maple Hill
PhillipsBarbaraA.20 Sep 194024 Dec 1994Kennamer
PhillipsBessie24 Feb 188204 Jun 1957Charity Baptist Church
PhillipsBessieUnk01 Sep 1900Maple Hill
PhillipsBeulahPearson03 Jun 190810 May 1987Charity Baptist Church
PhillipsBillyDean08 May 193406 Aug 1962Jenkins
PhillipsBobbyJoeUnk11 Jul 1982Maple Hill
PhillipsBuddieUnk07 Jul 1925Maple Hill
PhillipsChristineVerna09 Dec 192527 Apr 2005Faith Memorial Park
PhillipsClaudeD.Unk14 Aug 1986Maple Hill
PhillipsClaudeDavidUnk27 Jan 1962Maple Hill
PhillipsClaudeUnk21 Nov 1967Maple Hill
PhillipsClydeH.Mrs.Unk08 Mar 1969Maple Hill
PhillipsClydeMrs.Unk28 Jun 1943Maple Hill
PhillipsDaisyClarkUnk09 Mar 1993Maple Hill
PhillipsDavidLloydUnk15 Nov 1988Maple Hill
PhillipsDavidUnk15 Apr 1914Maple Hill
PhillipsDeliaUnk08 Jun 1969Maple Hill
PhillipsDonaldL.16 Apr 193307 Jan 2004Huntsville Memory Gardens
PhillipsDovenaUnk18 Mar 2002Maple Hill
PhillipsEdgar04 May 192626 Mar 1970Kennamer
PhillipsElerMaeUnk14 Feb 1988Maple Hill
PhillipsElizaJaneUnk10 Sep 1889Maple Hill
PhillipsEthelIreneUnk03 Feb 1980Maple Hill
PhillipsEvalinaUnk28 May 1945Maple Hill
PhillipsEvelineUnk04 Aug 1914Maple Hill
PhillipsExieH.Unk29 Jan 1982Maple Hill
PhillipsFloraUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
PhillipsFlossie17 Sep 192319 Jan 1980Northside
PhillipsFrancesM.Unk23 Apr 1977Maple Hill
PhillipsGarlandR.Unk23 Nov 1969Maple Hill
PhillipsGenevaW.Unk04 Aug 1980Maple Hill
PhillipsGeorgeErvinUnk17 Nov 1962Maple Hill
PhillipsGuyUnk15 Jul 1939Maple Hill
PhillipsHarvileeW.Unk04 Nov 1992Maple Hill
PhillipsHenryW.06 Jun 188807 Jun 1961New Sharon
PhillipsHomerH.11 Dec 188808 Apr 1972Jenkins
PhillipsInezUnk28 Apr 1951Maple Hill
PhillipsJ.LewisUnk30 Aug 1975Maple Hill
PhillipsJackA.Unk30 Jan 1983Maple Hill
PhillipsJackMrs.Unk17 Jan 1970Maple Hill
PhillipsJamesD.Unk24 Oct 1962Maple Hill
PhillipsJamesHenryUnk26 Mar 2005New Sharon
PhillipsJamesLacyUnk01 Nov 1981Maple Hill
PhillipsJamesThomas28 Jul 186924 Jul 2005New Sharon
PhillipsJeanetteUnk16 Mar 1998Maple Hill
PhillipsJennieUnk05 Dec 1900Maple Hill
PhillipsJesseUnk24 Dec 1929Maple Hill
PhillipsJohnA.Unk16 Jun 1978Maple Hill
PhillipsJohnCarolUnk03 Oct 1959Maple Hill
PhillipsJohn12 Jul 189527 May 1971Charity Baptist Church
PhillipsJohnUnk30 Mar 1978Maple Hill
PhillipsJohnUnk01 Dec 1952Maple Hill
PhillipsJohnUnk01 Aug 1923Maple Hill
PhillipsJohnUnk03 Oct 1881Maple Hill
PhillipsKathleen24 Dec 191120 Oct 1967New Sharon
PhillipsKatieE.15 Mar 189108 Oct 1966Jenkins
PhillipsKennethDaleUnk21 Apr 2003Maple Hill
PhillipsLeighAnnUnk10 Oct 1969Maple Hill
PhillipsLelanUnk07 Sep 1898Maple Hill
PhillipsLessieMrs.Unk19 Dec 1978Maple Hill
PhillipsLewis26 Nov 192228 Apr 1937Charity Baptist Church
PhillipsLillieViolaCampbell15 Oct 1914NDDRice
PhillipsLinaB.14 May 191204 Dec 1972Maple Hill
PhillipsLindaGailUnkNDDMaple Hill
PhillipsLonnieUnk16 Dec 1974Maple Hill
PhillipsLouiseUnk28 Apr 1974Maple Hill
PhillipsLucilleUnk17 Feb 1966Maple Hill
PhillipsLulaUnk18 May 1948Maple Hill
PhillipsMaggieS.Unk19 May 1975Maple Hill
PhillipsMarcusUnk14 Apr 1952Maple Hill
PhillipsMarshallUnk05 Feb 1995Maple Hill
PhillipsMaryJane11 Oct 194203 Mar 1943Charity Baptist Church
PhillipsMildredUnk16 Feb 1926Maple Hill
PhillipsMinnieMaryUnk07 Feb 1970Maple Hill
PhillipsMyraE.22 Jan 1937NDDKennamer
PhillipsNancyR.Unk31 May 1947Maple Hill
PhillipsNannieI.Unk20 Apr 1983Maple Hill
PhillipsOzroMilesUnk17 Nov 1958Maple Hill
PhillipsOzroUnk22 Feb 1972Maple Hill
PhillipsPatriciaSue04 Jun 194627 Oct 1946Charity Baptist Church
PhillipsPaulUnk30 Dec 1979Maple Hill
PhillipsRalphDocUnk22 May 1986Maple Hill
PhillipsRayfordUnk30 Mar 1985Maple Hill
PhillipsRobertA.Unk22 Mar 2005New Sharon
PhillipsRobertF.15 Jul 194018 Feb 2005Twickenham
PhillipsRobertG.15 Jun 1936NDDKennamer
PhillipsRobertW.31 May 194308 Jul 1943Jenkins
PhillipsRoyHarold26 Jan 193231 Dec 1992Bevill
PhillipsRubyL.25 Jun 190709 Dec 1969Ryland
PhillipsSallieUnk26 Mar 1954Maple Hill
PhillipsSamUnk25 Nov 1896Maple Hill
PhillipsSamuelUnk15 Feb 1885Maple Hill
PhillipsSamuelUnk20 Mar 1878Maple Hill
PhillipsShelbyJeanUnk11 Aug 2004Maple Hill
PhillipsShelbyUnk28 Sep 1923Maple Hill
PhillipsStevenD.05 Jul 195601 Aug 1994Pleas Mount Baptist Church
PhillipsSusieUnk20 Jul 1931Maple Hill
PhillipsT.MartinUnk02 Feb 1996Maple Hill
PhillipsT.Unk18 Jan 1952Maple Hill
PhillipsThomasC.05 Apr 187020 May 1957Charity Baptist Church
PhillipsThomasEdUnk11 Dec 1994Maple Hill
PhillipsThomasMae17 Jul 190305 Dec 1966Charity Baptist Church
PhillipsThomasMartinUnk09 Sep 1981Maple Hill
PhillipsThomasMartinUnk28 Apr 1947Maple Hill
PhillipsTinaMarie17 Dec 195802 Feb 2000Moon
PhillipsTulaMayUnk02 Jan 1899Maple Hill
PhillipsUnkFemaleUnk09 Sep 1870Maple Hill
PhillipsUnkUnk20 Mar 1952Maple Hill
PhillipsV.Unk30 Oct 1930Maple Hill
PhillipsVickiCarol06 Sep 195621 Sep 1956Bevill
PhillipsVivianCaneerUnk20 Feb 2006Maple Hill
PhillipsWalterO.Unk12 Jan 1897Maple Hill
PhillipsWheelerCrawfordUnk10 Jul 1963Maple Hill
PhillipsWilliamH.30 May 189708 Oct 1961Charity Baptist Church
PhillipsWilliamM.Unk27 Aug 1867Maple Hill
PhillipsWilliamUnk03 Aug 1966Maple Hill
PhippsEthaBilbrey02 Nov 189614 Sep 1986Charity Baptist Church
PhippsJamesMayford11 Jun 189503 Sep 1973Charity Baptist Church
PhippsJamesUnk21 Jun 1897Maple Hill
PhippsThermanR.31 Dec 191511 Aug 1982Charity Baptist Church
PhippsViolaMartin17 Jun 189211 Apr 1984Northside
PiccoleeElsieLeeUnk06 Dec 1966Maple Hill
PiccoleeJoeUnk01 Feb 1950Maple Hill
PichardJamesA.Unk12 Feb 1884Maple Hill
PickardBessieM.Unk21 Aug 1948Maple Hill
PickardJackUnk31 Dec 1891Maple Hill
PickardJamesJ.Unk06 Jul 1895Maple Hill
PickardMariaWalkerUnk10 Jul 1892Maple Hill
PickardP.I.Unk24 Feb 1869Maple Hill
PickardUnkUnk26 Mar 1883Maple Hill
PickardWilliamG.Unk04 Mar 1876Maple Hill
PickensCharlieW.09 Sep 190910 May 1983St. Ruth
PickensChristenerJ.13 Sep 191710 Nov 2004St. Ruth
PickensCleoTuttaBabe05 May 193701 May 1998Northside
PickensHughUnk26 Apr 1896Maple Hill
PickensJamesC.29 Jul 186408 Sep 1895Gurley
PickensLawrenceC.14 Feb 190331 Jan 1975Northside
PickensLucileUnk07 Oct 1898Maple Hill
PickensMaggieY.16 Apr 186225 Aug 1895Gurley
PickensMaggie09 Dec 188429 Nov 1957Fowlkes
PickensRosa20 Feb 190419 Aug 1972Northside
PickensRubenLee12 Feb 191127 Jun 1966Northside
PickettEarlC.Unk22 Feb 1961Maple Hill
PickettHarryS.Unk24 Jan 1892Maple Hill
PickettJ.B.11 Oct 193211 Oct 1932Charity Baptist Church
PickettJohnAlbert10 Mar 192526 Jan 1936Charity Baptist Church
PickettJohnB.05 Sep 188824 Jan 1961Charity Baptist Church
PickettMaryFrancesMcWardUnk17 Mar 1850Triana
PickettMaryLouSullivan04 Jul 189410 Nov 1964Charity Baptist Church
PickettMaryUnk27 Dec 1919Maple Hill
PickettRachel26 Jun 193426 Sep 1934Charity Baptist Church
PickettSteptoe17 Nov 181629 Aug 1882Madison
PickleAnnieMaeUnk21 Dec 1993Maple Hill
PickleJosephFlemingUnk30 Oct 1988Maple Hill
PickneyOscarUnk14 Nov 1924Maple Hill
PickneyOscarUnk24 Jan 1921Maple Hill
PickneyWinnieUnk11 Jun 1924Maple Hill
PierceA.C.05 Feb 192301 Apr 1995Bevill
PierceAnnieUnk30 Oct 1900Maple Hill
PierceArthellUnk15 Oct 1982Maple Hill
PierceArvieMissUnk07 Dec 1978Maple Hill
PierceBerryG.Unk01 Apr 1960Maple Hill
PierceBerryGeorgeUnk19 Oct 1982Maple Hill
PierceBessieLee24 Jun 192105 Jul 2005Plainview
PierceCatherineUnk27 Dec 1976Maple Hill
PierceCoy22 Sep 195415 Sep 1991Plainview
PierceDavidEllisUnk14 Sep 1961Maple Hill
PierceEdithS.09 Apr 190630 Aug 1948Ragsdale
PierceEdwardRay10 Aug 194220 May 1995Plainview
PierceElmer07 Nov 191924 Jun 1962Charity Baptist Church
PierceElwoodG.Unk29 Oct 1980Maple Hill
PierceEmmaMae17 Oct 191422 Oct 2002Charity Baptist Church
PierceEsterC.Unk30 Mar 2001Maple Hill
PierceFrancisUnk27 Jul 1933Maple Hill
PierceHaroldE.Unk07 Feb 1994Maple Hill
PierceHenryH.Unk09 Jan 1982Maple Hill
PierceInfantMaleUnk07 Dec 1940Ragsdale
PierceJ.R.18851952Charity Baptist Church
PierceJ.Unk15 Sep 1952Maple Hill
PierceJamesLee27 Sep 190729 Mar 1968Charity Baptist Church
PierceJerryJ.Unk27 Mar 1976Maple Hill
PierceJoeD.18961964State Line - Hazel Green
PierceJohnF.02 Jun 188504 Aug 1956Ragsdale
PierceLillieB.05 Mar 1898Sep 1983State Line - Hazel Green
PierceLizzieB.08 Feb 190114 Oct 1973Bloucher Ford
PierceMaryJohnson27 Apr 192012 Sep 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
PierceMaryUnk12 May 1938Maple Hill
PierceMinnieUnk23 Jan 1953Maple Hill
PierceNancyHeflinUnk30 Jan 1998Maple Hill
PierceOticeS.UnkNDDMaple Hill
PierceRobertA.Unk07 Aug 1969Maple Hill
PierceRobertD.L.15 May 191621 Jan 1975State Line - Hazel Green
PierceRobertH.23 May 192318 Dec 1994Bevill
PierceRuthieLee20 Apr 193323 Apr 1934Ragsdale
PierceSarahMelinda30 Apr 188525 Nov 1948Ragsdale
PierceTonyLee21 Nov 197828 Mar 1992Plainview
PierceWashingtonW.Unk28 Jul 1894Maple Hill
PierceWilliamW.17 Apr 190212 Aug 1956Ragsdale
PiggMarleeTurnerUnk05 Jan 2006Bevill
PiggW.Unk18 Mar 1926Maple Hill
PikeB.O.Unk15 Feb 1950Maple Hill
PikeChrissieUnk16 Nov 1970Maple Hill
PikeElizabethA.Unk01 May 1983Maple Hill
PikeHenryE.03 Apr 187630 Nov 1929St. John
PikeJewellUnk21 May 1979Maple Hill
PikeJosieClutts29 Jul 187928 Nov 1964St. John
PikeLawrenceA.Unk11 Nov 1977Maple Hill
PikeLawrenceUnk01 Dec 1991Maple Hill
PikeLenardJ.Unk05 Sep 1987Maple Hill
PikeRuthE.Unk26 Sep 2000Maple Hill
PillowBerniceUnkNDDMaple Hill
PillowBeverlyS.Unk15 Nov 1990Maple Hill
PillowBobbySteven02 Aug 195724 Apr 1964Maple Hill
PillowHenryC.UnkNDDMaple Hill
PincheonJoeL.19421990Pine Grove - Deposit
PincheonRobertL.04 Jul 190226 Jan 1964Pine Grove - Deposit
PincheonRobertL.25 Jan 195411 Nov 2003Pine Grove - Deposit
PinchonAnthonyQuinn19 Oct 196903 Jul 1985Pine Grove - Deposit
PinchonEry19371989Pine Grove - Deposit
PinchonGarth27 Jul 190212 Dec 1985Pine Grove - Deposit
PinchonHenryL.19651986Pine Grove - Deposit
PinchonHowardLee03 Jul 193928 Apr 1996Pine Grove - Deposit
PinchonJ.D.19461973Pine Grove - Deposit
PinchonJimmie19071981Pine Grove - Deposit
PinchonJohnArthur09 Oct 193305 Apr 1977Pine Grove - Deposit
PinchonJosephC.UnkNDDPine Grove - Deposit
PinchonJulia17 Oct 190629 Apr 1990Pine Grove - Deposit
PinchonLouisUnk20 Aug 1897Maple Hill
PinchonMary25 Dec 1911Mar 1978Pine Grove - Deposit
PinchonOcie07 Apr 1885Sep 1985Pine Grove - Deposit
PinchonOdellR.22 Dec 191031 Oct 1986Pine Grove - Deposit
PinchonShelbyL.19282001Pine Grove - Deposit
PinchonShelbyApr 1904Feb 1983Pine Grove - Deposit
PinegarJamesUnk20 Jan 1930Maple Hill
PinionC.C.Unk15 Dec 1976Maple Hill
PinionCommodoreF.Unk07 Dec 1979Maple Hill
PinionFrancysW.Unk18 Feb 1989Maple Hill
PinionHattieUnk21 Jun 1930Maple Hill
PinionMildredUnk26 Aug 1999Maple Hill
PinionMildredUnk23 Aug 1913Maple Hill
PinionRichardErskineUnk08 Oct 1994Maple Hill
PinittW.Unk07 Dec 1933Maple Hill
PinkertonAlfredClinton29 Aug 192906 Feb 1998Green Valley
PinkertonDavidS.18751935Neal Chapel
PinkertonDelmerC.21 Jan 190304 Oct 1968Neal Chapel
PinkertonEllaFayeLayne02 Sep 193418 Feb 1967Green Valley
PinkertonHoraceBrownUnk13 Jun 1961Neal Chapel
PinkertonLenaB.23 Dec 190512 Aug 1991Neal Chapel
PinkertonNaomiL.18801961Neal Chapel
PinkertonOllieFoster11 Jan 189930 Aug 1909Neal Chapel
PinkertonPaulRussell193331 Dec 1936Neal Chapel
PinkertonSarahDenise28 Feb 196423 Jul 1969Neal Chapel
PinkertonTimothyUnk1955Green Valley
PinkstonCourtneyDanielle29 Mar 199529 Mar 1995Gipson
PinkstonLamon01 Apr 191425 Apr 1971Maple Hill
PinktonJ.Unk14 Feb 1920Maple Hill
PinshonE.E.Unk24 Jun 1868Maple Hill
PipesClaudeH.Unk21 Jan 1979Maple Hill
PipesElizabethUnk17 Dec 1987Maple Hill
PippensJamesUnk22 Sep 1941Maple Hill
PippinHerbertUnk10 May 1958Maple Hill
PippinLassieUnk05 Aug 1985Maple Hill
PippinPearlMaeUnk16 Aug 1999Maple Hill
PippinRichardF.Unk10 Sep 1997Maple Hill
PippinsCallieT.Unk01 Dec 1968Maple Hill
PirtleBelleDoraUnk12 Jun 1957Maple Hill
PirtleSamUnk29 Jan 1935Maple Hill
PirtleSamuelUnk23 Mar 1940Maple Hill
PitcockJohnLogan01 Jan 184319 Apr 1908Graveyard Hill
PitisengerJoeUnk28 Dec 1941Maple Hill
PitmanJamesUnk14 Jul 1869Maple Hill
PitmanJohnUnk18 Oct 1923Maple Hill
PitmanLannisL.09 May 191106 Oct 1984Charity Baptist Church
PitmanLeilaUnk15 Apr 1988Maple Hill
PitmanSarahM.Unk24 Feb 1981Maple Hill
PitmanWilliamUnk13 Jan 1926Maple Hill
PitsingerDollieUnk11 Aug 1974Maple Hill
PitsingerJohnB.Unk04 May 2003Maple Hill
PitsingerWallaceMark17 Nov 190309 Jan 1965Maple Hill
PittmanBettieUnk31 May 1911Maple Hill
PittmanBillyDeanUnk15 Jul 1961Maple Hill
PittmanDeliaUnk29 Mar 1915Maple Hill
PittmanEdnaUnk11 Oct 1944Maple Hill
PittmanRonaldO.Unk19 Mar 1983Maple Hill
PittmanSarahElizabethUnk23 Nov 1963Maple Hill
PittmanWilliamUnk05 Apr 1968Maple Hill
PittsDaisyMae06 Dec 192930 Aug 2000Collier - Triana
PittsEdnaJaneUnk04 Nov 1995Maple Hill
PittsEmmettO.24 Dec 189002 Dec 1959Camp Ground
PittsEthelF.Unk04 Sep 1976Maple Hill
PittsInfantUnk05 May 1951Maple Hill
PittsJ.E.06 Aug 187008 Jul 1903Fords Chapel
PittsJosephB.Unk23 Mar 1996Maple Hill
PittsJosephUnk08 Aug 1900Maple Hill
PittsLawsonAlfredUnkNDDMaple Hill
PittsLolaSanderson11 Nov 187518 Dec 1954Fords Chapel
PittsMaggieUnk29 Mar 1965Maple Hill
PittsMartinL.Unk16 Dec 1985Maple Hill
PittsMayBellUnk05 Jul 1976Maple Hill
PittsMayUnk25 Jun 1946Maple Hill
PittsMcKinley08 Nov 192226 Sep 2001Collier - Triana
PittsMilisiaL.01 Nov 189307 Feb 1984Camp Ground
PittsMiltonCurtisUnk13 Oct 2000Maple Hill
PittsMinnieA.18951966Charity Baptist Church
PittsNancyJaneUnk14 May 1976Maple Hill
PittsO.G.Unk04 Nov 1995Maple Hill
PittsO.G.Unk01 Apr 1975Maple Hill
PittsOliverGreenUnk27 Feb 1980Maple Hill
PittsPhillipWayneBurrus30 Sep 195522 Oct 2001Collier - Triana
PittsPhylisUnk01 Nov 1945Maple Hill
PittsRobertM18881965Charity Baptist Church
PittsRobertUnk07 Sep 1914Maple Hill
PittsStanleyAllen16 Oct 194623 Nov 1946Charity Baptist Church
PittsSusanC.Unk01 Apr 2003Maple Hill
PittsUnkFemaleUnk22 Oct 1918Maple Hill
PittsUnkFemaleUnk11 Sep 1867Maple Hill
PittsWilliamO.06 Jun 191221 Jul 1978Camp Ground
PittsWillieJames05 Feb 194508 Nov 2002Collier - Triana
PizitzAbrahamB.Unk15 Apr 1990Maple Hill
PizitzHaroldL.Unk06 Oct 2002Maple Hill
PizitzLillianZ.Unk20 Jul 1990Maple Hill
PizitzMarkUnk11 Jan 1976Maple Hill
PlantEthelM.Unk10 Feb 1983Maple Hill
PlantLuciusUnk20 Dec 1986Maple Hill
PlantMargaretP.Unk08 Aug 1989Maple Hill
PlantRaymondJeffreyUnk11 Oct 1981Maple Hill
PlantRaymondW.Unk13 Nov 1985Maple Hill
PlattEvelynH.07 Aug 192411 Oct 2005Bevill
PlattHerbert23 Dec 191410 Jun 1980Bevill
PleasantBryanAnthonyUnkMar 2005Northside
PleasantLeonaUnk26 Sep 1922Maple Hill
PleasantMattieLee05 Jan 186810 Jul 1873Glenwood
PleasantPercy02 Apr 187012 Mar 1871Glenwood
PleasantWilliamAlfred30 Jun 192815 Oct 1984Northside
PleasantWilliamHenry25 Dec 184110 Feb 1882Glenwood
PleasantWilliamHenry29 Dec 186422 Aug 1886Glenwood
PleasantsJ.Unk03 Aug 1898Maple Hill
PleasantsJohnUnk23 Apr 1934Maple Hill
PleasantsMollieUnk24 Jan 1940Maple Hill
PleasantsUnkFemaleUnk15 Jul 1869Maple Hill
PlessDavidC.Unk26 May 1972Maple Hill
PlessLorraineF.Unk06 Apr 1994Maple Hill
PlessTyraUnk19 Oct 1987Maple Hill
PlexicoInfantUnk11 Jul 1974Maple Hill
PlexicoJeanelleL.Unk21 Mar 1991Maple Hill
PlexicoJohnF.Unk25 Nov 1974Maple Hill
PlexicoLarryUnk14 Dec 2001Maple Hill
PlonkaHelenM.Unk31 Mar 1966Maple Hill
PlonkaStanleyUnk19 Nov 1965Maple Hill
PlumadoreOna23 Jul 188924 Nov 1966Maple Hill
PlumleeRobenaV.Unk05 Jul 1937Maple Hill
PlummerG.A.Unk12 Aug 1899Maple Hill
PlummerMarySueUnk06 Jan 2005Maple Hill
PlummerRichardUnk28 Jan 1970Maple Hill
PlyantElizabeth25 Dec 184904 May 1912Charity Baptist Church
PoakClaraV.UnkNDDMaple Hill
PoarchNolenUnk06 Nov 2004Maple Hill
PockrusBeulahUnk27 Mar 1988Maple Hill
PockrusMozelleUnk28 Jul 1972Maple Hill
PockrusWillieVannUnk02 Jul 1987Maple Hill
PocusMaryUnk22 Jul 1929Maple Hill
PodbielskiJuanitaM.Unk30 Aug 1982Maple Hill
PoeLillianHalseyUnk12 Jul 1970Maple Hill
PoePaulUnk12 Apr 1972Maple Hill
PoePaulUnk20 Jun 1964Maple Hill
PoeWarrenC.Unk26 Dec 1898Maple Hill
PoffIdaSep 1900Mar 1937Ebenezer
PogueAnnaLeeUnk01 Feb 1997Maple Hill
PogueArthurE.Unk02 Oct 1968Maple Hill
PogueCarlE.08 Mar 191121 Dec 1991New Sharon
PogueCharlieW.Unk25 Jan 1983Maple Hill
PogueClaraH.06 Mar 189505 Jul 1963New Sharon
PogueDavidM.Unk17 Mar 1979Maple Hill
PogueDemmaUnk17 Jan 1977Maple Hill
PogueDemmaUnk20 Nov 1933Maple Hill
PogueEdwardL.22 May 194622 May 1946Charity Baptist Church
PogueEllaJane01 Jan 187511 Jul 1957Charity Baptist Church
PogueEugene19291944Charity Baptist Church
PogueJ.N.Unk09 Nov 1966Maple Hill
PogueJ.Unk01 Jun 1955Maple Hill
PogueJamesA.Unk25 Feb 2006Maple Hill
PogueJamesUnk18 Apr 1955Maple Hill
PogueKennethW.Unk07 Jul 1996Maple Hill
PogueLawrenceE.13 May 192212 Apr 1972Charity Baptist Church
PogueLewisY.01 Jul 189408 Dec 1963New Sharon
PogueLindaD.Unk21 Jan 1991Maple Hill
PogueMartin24 Mar 186827 Feb 1941Charity Baptist Church
PogueMarvinR.Unk05 Aug 1995Maple Hill
PogueMarvinUnk07 Mar 2003Maple Hill
PogueMarvinUnk08 Sep 1968Maple Hill
PogueMarvinUnk27 Dec 1954Maple Hill
PogueNellieUnk27 Dec 1963Maple Hill
PogueNolaUnk30 Jul 1953Maple Hill
PointerJaneUnk08 Sep 1921Maple Hill
PointerTeddyLeroyUnk07 Mar 1983Maple Hill
PolingRichardC.10 Jun 192924 Feb 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
PolkAmandaAndrewsUnk22 Aug 2002Maple Hill
PolkCainUnk25 Nov 1927Maple Hill
PolkD.F.Unk30 Jul 1956Maple Hill
PolkMaryEttaUnk31 Jan 1978Maple Hill
PollackFrancisUnk16 Nov 1923Maple Hill
PollackWilliamUnk20 Oct 1922Maple Hill
PollaeciaBerthaUnk13 Dec 1956Maple Hill
PollardAnnieUnk08 May 1934Maple Hill
PollardCallieUnk26 Sep 1946Maple Hill
PollardEdwardL.Unk27 Nov 1964Maple Hill
PollardFannieUnk18 Jan 1938Maple Hill
PollardFrankL.Unk01 Aug 1898Maple Hill
PollardHarveyUnk25 Mar 1921Maple Hill
PollardHenryUnk05 Aug 1950Maple Hill
PollardJ.V.Mrs.Unk15 Jan 1971Maple Hill
PollardJ.V.Unk22 Oct 1971Maple Hill
PollardJamesUnk03 Apr 1934Maple Hill
PollardKennethWayneUnk31 Dec 1955Maple Hill
PollardLewisUnk05 Nov 1897Maple Hill
PollardM.Unk23 Dec 1868Maple Hill
PollardMaryUnk13 Jul 1922Maple Hill
PollardRobertUnk29 Jan 1941Maple Hill
PollardSusieUnk24 Feb 1890Maple Hill
PollardVirginiaUnk26 May 1934Maple Hill
PollardW.H.Unk09 Oct 1974Maple Hill
PollardWilliamUnk29 Oct 1878Maple Hill
PollardWillisUnk02 Jun 1917Maple Hill
PollardWiltonHarveyUnk20 Nov 2002Maple Hill
PollockMargieUnk26 Apr 1925Maple Hill
PolzkillFrancisV.Unk15 Jun 1979Maple Hill
PolzkillLottieUnk06 Apr 1994Maple Hill
PomellSallieUnk10 Sep 1932Maple Hill
PomellSallieUnk10 Oct 1932Maple Hill
PonionBellUnk24 Feb 1934Maple Hill
PooleClaraV.Unk19 Aug 1964Maple Hill
PooleEdwardL.Unk21 Nov 1968Maple Hill
PooleEricSylvesterUnk25 Sep 2001Maple Hill
PooleFritzUnk06 May 1985Maple Hill
PooleGarnieO.25 Feb 191222 Sep 1954Bloucher Ford
PooleHelenUnk24 Nov 1978Maple Hill
PooleJariAnn23 Jun 195724 Oct 1983Golightly
PooleJessieBarnettUnk27 Sep 1968Charity Baptist Church
PooleJohnH.21 Jan 190101 Feb 1981Charity Baptist Church
PooleJosephR.Unk26 Oct 1939Maple Hill
PooleJoyceS.Unk08 Feb 1983Maple Hill
PooleLolaUnk01 Mar 1941Maple Hill
PooleLulaMae06 Feb 191026 Oct 1949Charity Baptist Church
PoonRosaLee03 Nov 194410 Mar 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
PoorMaryA.10 Mar 183527 Dec 1909Gurley
PoorMosesUnkNDDGraveyard Hill
PooreGenevaM.Unk07 Jan 2001Maple Hill
PooreGordonT.Unk30 May 1994Maple Hill
PooreRufusJoeUnk17 Sep 1987Maple Hill
PooserFlorenceUnk23 Nov 1925Maple Hill
PopeCecileUnk15 Jun 1971Maple Hill
PopeClayE.02 Sep 187511 Jan 1967Charity Baptist Church
PopeEvelynM.24 Apr 1926Aug 1984Pine Grove - Deposit
PopeFrancesUnk10 Sep 2003Maple Hill
PopeIreneDouglas25 Nov 191221 Jan 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
PopeJohnW.20 Apr 189022 Jan 1943Pleas Mount Baptist Church
PopeKenneth17 Jun 196115 Mar 1981Northside
PopeLawrence12 Apr 192315 Nov 1984Northside
PopeLeon15 Dec 195026 Jan 2004Pine Grove - Deposit
PopeLoletteUnk02 May 2004Maple Hill
PopeMableH.18 May 192531 Jan 1987St. Ruth
PopeMaryE.17 May 187603 Oct 1943Charity Baptist Church
PopeMattieS.28 Aug 191130 Mar 1989Northside
PopeMattieUnk06 Aug 1927Glenwood
PopeMelvinL.19591992Pine Grove - Deposit
PopeNannieUnk01 Apr 1899Glenwood
PopeOzieW.28 Jun 188726 Jul 1965Pleas Mount Baptist Church
PopeRobertEarl19451991Pine Grove - Deposit
PopeRobert19101987Pine Grove - Deposit
PopeScottL.19511986St. Ruth
PopeUlyssesH.10 Jul 190724 Dec 1967Northside
PopeW.L.Unk16 Jan 1949Maple Hill
PopeWilliam17 Dec 191507 Oct 1987St. Ruth
PopeWillieP.05 Feb 191529 Nov 1945St. Ruth
PopeMichaelAlan28 Nov 195004 Oct 1992Huntsville Memory Gardens
PopejoyElizabeth180424 Nov 1884Graveyard Hill
PopejoyJoyceL.12 Dec 1934NDDMoon
PopejoyMaeLorenaFish06 Apr 190602 Nov 1995Maple Hill
PopejoyMiltonE.19 Nov 192225 Sep 1981Moon
PopejoyMiltonE.20 Nov 195609 Sep 1960Moon
PopejoyWilliamEdward30 Mar 190113 Jul 1976Maple Hill
PopkinsJoHarriettUnk17 Dec 1991Maple Hill
PoqueMyrtleUnk24 Dec 1923Maple Hill
PorgesFrancisThomasUnk25 May 1997Maple Hill
PorterAllen13 Jan 188613 Sep 1989Brandon
PorterHelenY.Unk09 Jan 1990Maple Hill
PorterIreneC.28 May 191814 Jun 1972Brandon
PorterJamesE.Unk04 Jun 1921Merrimack
PorterJamesH.Unk30 Jul 1968Maple Hill
PorterJamesM.01 Oct 189616 May 1969Brandon
PorterLidaElliottUnk08 Apr 1999Maple Hill
PorterLillieR.Unk24 Jun 1973Maple Hill
PorterNathanF.S.Unk01 Mar 1975Maple Hill
PorterNathanUnk03 Sep 1998Maple Hill
PorterOllieA.15 Jan 192828 May 1999Brandon
PorterPaulE.Unk02 Mar 1968Maple Hill
PorterPearlMay 1899May 1959Brandon
PorterRobertEdgarUnk05 Oct 1965Maple Hill
PorterRobertLewisUnk14 Mar 2006Maple Hill
PorterRostan05 Dec 192108 Jun 1982Brandon
PorterSamuelJ.Unk02 Feb 1971Maple Hill
PorterSaraS.Unk10 Jul 1983Maple Hill
PorterT.R.Unk25 Jul 1884Maple Hill
PorterUnknownUnk03 Jan 1966Maple Hill
PorterfieldEllaMaeUnk10 Feb 1947Maple Hill
PoseyA.C.25 Jul 191223 Apr 1976Bevill
PoseyAdenaUnk14 Apr 1997Maple Hill
PoseyAlineUnk03 Aug 1978Maple Hill
PoseyAnnieRuthUnk28 Aug 1976Maple Hill
PoseyAnnieUnk01 Apr 1933Maple Hill
PoseyBeatriceW.12 Mar 191520 Apr 2004Bevill
PoseyBillyE.05 Mar 1930NDDKennamer
PoseyBulahE.26 Dec 190413 Mar 1913Charity Baptist Church
PoseyC.R.UnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
PoseyDavidC.Unk08 Nov 1975Maple Hill
PoseyDorisImogene19 Apr 192418 Feb 1926Ebenezer
PoseyEarleyM.Unk18 Dec 1981Maple Hill
PoseyEarleyUnk30 Dec 1984Maple Hill
PoseyEddyDean09 Oct 195008 Jun 2003Bevill
PoseyEraMitchell07 Jan 189209 Nov 1938Charity Baptist Church
PoseyFrankT.Unk18 Jan 1967Maple Hill
PoseyGeorgeL.22 Jul 191014 Mar 1986Charity Baptist Church
PoseyGertrudeUnk07 Jan 1927Maple Hill
PoseyGlorieBeth19 Dec 194119 Dec 1941Charity Baptist Church
PoseyGraceUnk04 Jul 1971Maple Hill
PoseyJamesFloyd17 May 191024 Oct 1962Charity Baptist Church
PoseyJamesUnk14 Jan 1928Maple Hill
PoseyJessieL.Pierce20 Oct 191324 Feb 2006Bevill
PoseyJimUnk11 Dec 1944Maple Hill
PoseyJohnMartinUnk25 Mar 1959Maple Hill
PoseyL.W.18771950Charity Baptist Church
PoseyLillianD.03 Mar 192818 Feb 2001Kennamer
PoseyLouiseNunley30 Jan 191810 Jul 1936Charity Baptist Church
PoseyMaggieMayUnk04 Mar 1894Maple Hill
PoseyMargaretUnk06 Jun 2004Maple Hill
PoseyMaryE.18831977Charity Baptist Church
PoseyMaryVernaUnk02 Jun 1990Maple Hill
PoseyMinta19211950Charity Baptist Church
PoseyNathanielC.18681930Mt. Zion
PoseyNolanD.Unk07 Jan 1952Maple Hill
PoseySallyUnk02 Aug 1972Maple Hill
PoseySarahE.10 Jan 190628 Jun 1995Charity Baptist Church
PoseySueMary10 Jul 187022 Mar 1900Charity Baptist Church
PoseyW.Albert09 Jul 191021 Feb 1991Bevill
PoseyW.B.05 May 189326 Jun 1969Charity Baptist Church
PoseyW.L.18571945Mt. Zion
PostJohnUnk06 Jun 1898Maple Hill
PoteatDebbieG.Unk15 Jun 2005Maple Hill
PotterA.Unk22 Feb 1952Maple Hill
PotterAlbertS.20 Jan 188114 Nov 1967Maple Hill
PotterAlbertSydneyUnk07 Apr 2001Maple Hill
PotterAnnieMae18 Mar 190403 Jun 1991Cochran
PotterAnthonyUnk21 Sep 1977Maple Hill
PotterBettieRayeUnk21 Mar 1993Maple Hill
PotterCharlesJ.Unk20 Mar 1997Maple Hill
PotterCharlesUnk27 Oct 1944Maple Hill
PotterDebbieV.Unk01 Feb 1981Maple Hill
PotterDelorseMoon04 Dec 194510 Jul 1971Baker - Owens Cross Road
PotterEikoS.25 Jan 193303 Apr 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
PotterElizabethUnk13 Aug 1998Maple Hill
PotterEugeniaUnk13 Jul 1978Maple Hill
PotterFletcherD.Unk03 Jul 1973Maple Hill
PotterGeorgeUnk11 Jan 1942Maple Hill
PotterInfantUnk19 Apr 1969Maple Hill
PotterJamesE.Unk08 Aug 1984Maple Hill
PotterJamesUnk14 Jan 1942Maple Hill
PotterJeanetteR.Unk15 Mar 1994Maple Hill
PotterJohnR.26 Aug 18731925Merrimack
PotterJohnUnk20 Mar 1951Maple Hill
PotterLeeRoy25 Sep 190330 Dec 1979Cochran
PotterLemThomasUnk12 Sep 1985Maple Hill
PotterLenaM.Unk16 Jul 1986Maple Hill
PotterMargaretE.Unk19 Sep 1958Maple Hill
PotterMarthaHurdloUnk23 Aug 1972Maple Hill
PotterMaryE.06 Feb 188607 Mar 1920Glenwood
PotterMaryE.Unk25 Dec 1966Maple Hill
PotterMelvinR.Unk17 Sep 1958Maple Hill
PotterMelvin193010 Jan 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
PotterOceolaUnk07 Aug 1974Maple Hill
PotterPaulineUnk17 Apr 2003Maple Hill
PotterPriscillaM.Unk23 Jul 1978Maple Hill
PotterRobertH.Unk03 Sep 1992Maple Hill
PotterSadieUnk16 Apr 1950Maple Hill
PotterThomasUnk05 Sep 1935Maple Hill
PotterWebbHoustonUnk19 Nov 1969Maple Hill
PottsA.B.22 Feb 182330 Jul 1897Jenkins
PottsCalloway22 Apr 182325 FebJenkins
PottsCharlesUnk16 Dec 1917Maple Hill
PottsCharlesUnk22 Aug 1895Maple Hill
PottsCorneliaF.Unk14 Dec 1948Maple Hill
PottsFredL.Unk11 Feb 1899Maple Hill
PottsGraceUnkNDDMaple Hill
PottsJ.C.12 Mar 185425 Nov 1881Jenkins
PottsJohnUnk24 Nov 1898Maple Hill
PottsJosephUnk30 Mar 1933Maple Hill
PottsLeonaUnk27 Jan 1943Maple Hill
PottsM.Unk28 Jul 1953Maple Hill
PottsMargieUnk08 Dec 1967Maple Hill
PottsMaryUnk23 Aug 1938Maple Hill
PottsMattieUnk07 Apr 1939Maple Hill
PottsMinnieP.Unk22 Apr 2000Maple Hill
PottsNinaJ.20 Nov 188121 Jun 1898Jenkins
PottsRobertUnk02 Feb 1956Maple Hill
PottsRuthieP.Unk09 Jul 1949Maple Hill
PottsWilliamMelvinUnk01 Nov 1967Maple Hill
PowellA.J.08 Jul 183611 Jan 1913Merrimack
PowellA.M.Unk24 Oct 1957Maple Hill
PowellA.W.Unk13 Jan 1875Maple Hill
PowellAlleneUnk24 Oct 1921Maple Hill
PowellAnnieLeeUnk11 Jan 1989Maple Hill
PowellBertUnk01 Apr 1926Maple Hill
PowellCarlUnk07 Mar 1994Maple Hill
PowellCarrolUnk27 Aug 1939Maple Hill
PowellCharlesUnk07 Oct 1898Maple Hill
PowellCharlesMrs.Unk13 Jul 1892Maple Hill
PowellCorneliaUnk01 Oct 1965Maple Hill
PowellCorneliaUnk26 Jan 1944Maple Hill
PowellD.S.Unk18 Sep 1897Maple Hill
PowellDorothyC.Unk14 Aug 1999Maple Hill
PowellDudleyS.Unk03 Oct 1990Maple Hill
PowellEdwinUnk19 Jun 2005Maple Hill
PowellElizabethUnk08 May 1920Maple Hill
PowellEugeniaUnk12 Jun 2002Maple Hill
PowellFrankL.Unk23 Dec 1977Maple Hill
PowellFrankLevenUnk14 Mar 1957Maple Hill
PowellFredUnk30 Aug 1988Maple Hill
PowellGeorgeW.18631942Charity Baptist Church
PowellGraceElizabethUnk16 May 1892Maple Hill
PowellGraceUnkNDDMaple Hill
PowellInfantUnk20 Aug 1955Maple Hill
PowellJakeUnk13 Jan 1958Maple Hill
PowellJamesUnk22 Jun 1915Maple Hill
PowellJerryDickey06 Jul 194706 Jul 1947Charity Baptist Church
PowellJoyceB.01 Apr 194124 Nov 1993Northside
PowellKathrynW.Unk15 Nov 1995Maple Hill
PowellLeonUnk06 May 1934Maple Hill
PowellLiliaUnk10 Feb 1947Maple Hill
PowellLouiseB.Unk28 Aug 1996Maple Hill
PowellLucilleStrongUnk31 Dec 1975Maple Hill
PowellLucinda12 Oct 181008 Mar 1905Merrimack
PowellLulaUnk17 Aug 1978Maple Hill
PowellM.Unk06 Jan 1920Maple Hill
PowellMarieUnk25 May 1984Maple Hill
PowellMarvinThomas01 Nov 195010 Jun 2004Plainview
PowellMarvinThomasUnk26 Jun 2005Maple Hill
PowellMaryUnk18 Oct 2003Maple Hill
PowellMattieUnk01 Mar 1922Maple Hill
PowellMinnieUnk01 Nov 1960Maple Hill
PowellMinnieUnk06 Apr 1918Maple Hill
PowellPresleyUnk11 Mar 1948Maple Hill
PowellRaymondW.Unk03 Mar 1995Maple Hill
PowellRobert24 Mar 190725 Nov 1972Maple Hill
PowellS.A.Unk09 Oct 1875Maple Hill
PowellSampsonTate01 Sep 199404 Oct 1994Green Valley
PowellSarah31 Aug 190503 Jun 1970Maple Hill
PowellTerryWayneUnk20 Jun 2005Cochran
PowellThomasUnk11 Jan 1896Maple Hill
PowellUnkFemaleUnk27 May 1889Maple Hill
PowellViolaUnk27 Mar 1894Maple Hill
PowellVirgilE.UnkNDDMaple Hill
PowerDanielUnk01 Jun 1897Maple Hill
PowerHubertF.Unk09 Feb 1983Maple Hill
PowerJames09 Apr 179731 May 1871Powers
PowerJonathanR.N.12 Jul 187506 Jul 1947Madison
PowerJosephWilliam20 Jan 184604 Dec 1898Rice
PowerJuliaUnk18 Jan 1980Maple Hill
PowerMandred24 Aug 187918 Aug 1970Maple Hill
PowerMaryJuliaUnk08 Jan 1989Maple Hill
PowerMauriceUnk18 Nov 2004Maple Hill
PowerPatsy26 Oct 180320 May 1874Powers
PowerSarahM.07 Jan 189308 Dec 1977Madison
PowersBlanchUnk30 Aug 1901Maple Hill
PowersClarence06 Dec 188223 Sep 1956Moon
PowersEdwardS.27 Feb 190822 Aug 1977Northside
PowersElisaUnk01 Apr 1999Maple Hill
PowersEmmettClyde17 Feb 191317 May 1995Moon
PowersErmaK.09 Jul 189107 Nov 1973Moon
PowersHenryL.Unk01 Jan 2001Maple Hill
PowersHenryL.Unk02 Nov 1969Maple Hill
PowersIdaM.04 Jan 192801 Jun 2000Moon
PowersJ.Unk24 Jun 1914Maple Hill
PowersJoDella14 Oct 192112 Jun 1998Moon
PowersLizzieS.25 Dec 188601 Dec 1973Northside
PowersMabelC.Unk17 Mar 1997Maple Hill
PowersMerlW.28 Mar 1918NDDMoon
PowersNevelynBuford13 Aug 192010 Dec 1994Moon
PowersOdeeM.31 Jul 1936NDDMoon
PowersPerryLeeUnk12 Sep 2003Maple Hill
PowersRobertS.Unk07 Jul 1996Maple Hill
PowersRuth09 Mar 189520 Mar 1923Bellview
PowersSallie17 Feb 1878Jul 1980Pine Grove - Deposit
PowersThomasUnk18 May 1886Maple Hill
PowersTommyJ.27 Dec 192920 Jun 2001Moon
PowersW.H.Unk03 May 1875Maple Hill
PowersW.H.Unk14 Sep 1870Maple Hill
PowersWandaFayeUnk07 Jul 1976Maple Hill
PowersWillieE.18 Aug 192327 Jul 1982Moon
PowodeBufordUnk23 Dec 1920Maple Hill
PraterMaryUnk16 Jan 1954Maple Hill
PrattBerthaUnk24 Mar 1923Maple Hill
PrattJessieLudlowUnk05 Aug 1894Maple Hill
PrattLucileUnk19 Jul 1894Maple Hill
PrattNeidaUnk23 Jan 1962Maple Hill
PrattRobertN.Unk24 Jul 1986Maple Hill
PrattRobertN.Unk31 Oct 1992Maple Hill
PrattT.Unk31 Oct 1928Maple Hill
PrattUnkUnk15 Mar 1954Maple Hill
PreistErnestUnk19 May 1914Maple Hill
PrentersMary04 Jul 191222 Jun 1990St. Ruth
PrenticeL.Unk16 Dec 1922Maple Hill
PrentisFloraUnk09 Jan 1943Maple Hill
PrentisInfantMaleUnk08 Jan 1943Maple Hill
PresleyThomasLane31 Jul 194223 Jul 2000Keel
PresleyVivianJeanette02 Dec 196319 May 2003Pine Grove - Deposit
PresonI.N.11 Feb 183913 Oct 1908Merrimack
PressellSarahUnk17 Jun 1935Maple Hill
PrestonA.Unk29 Jan 1952Maple Hill
PrestonAdaElledgeJun 187223 Sep 1945Maple Hill
PrestonAdamRyanUnk08 Jun 1981Maple Hill
PrestonBeatrice11 May 192013 Jun 1927Merrimack
PrestonBessieGertrude10 Sep 189720 Sep 1916Ryland
PrestonBillyDonUnk21 Nov 2000Maple Hill
PrestonCharlieL.02 Sep 190612 Dec 1924Merrimack
PrestonDaisy10 Nov 190717 Dec 1988Bevill
PrestonDanielMickey19361940Charity Baptist Church
PrestonDanielUnk15 Nov 1979Maple Hill
PrestonDarrellWadeUnk14 Sep 1970Maple Hill
PrestonDellaB.25 Feb 188324 Jan 1968Bevill
PrestonDimplesUnk30 Mar 2003Maple Hill
PrestonElinaUnk28 Oct 1951Maple Hill
PrestonEulaUnk04 Apr 1924Maple Hill
PrestonFrancisUnk29 Sep 1974Maple Hill
PrestonGraceUnk28 Mar 1957Maple Hill
PrestonHarlessUnk14 Nov 1990Maple Hill
PrestonHollisEdgar25 May 192723 Jul 1999Green Valley
PrestonHoraceR.Unk17 Oct 1918Ryland
PrestonIdaUnk15 Jan 1987Maple Hill
PrestonJ.D.14 Feb 187512 Nov 1894Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
PrestonJ.G.15 Nov 185922 May 1887Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
PrestonJ.T.22 Dec 189410 Jan 1895Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
PrestonJessieS.Unk07 May 1983Maple Hill
PrestonJessieUnk30 Jan 2002Maple Hill
PrestonJohnH.Unk02 Oct 1978Maple Hill
PrestonJohnP.07 Feb 188104 Sep 1965Bevill
PrestonJohnUnk05 Feb 1941Maple Hill
PrestonKatherynL.UnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
PrestonLevoid15 Mar 192710 Apr 1928Bevill
PrestonLonnieRawlsUnk08 Oct 1980Maple Hill
PrestonM.T.Unk09 Aug 1957Maple Hill
PrestonMaryJoyce05 Jan 193316 Nov 1933Bevill
PrestonMattieE.Unk16 Sep 1962Maple Hill
PrestonMaudD.24 Jan 191009 Sep 1913Merrimack
PrestonNannie15 Jul 186513 Aug 1926Merrimack
PrestonNoraJoannaUnk11 Nov 1963Maple Hill
PrestonOdell07 Jun 190501 Oct 1968Bevill
PrestonOllieUnk26 May 1934Maple Hill
PrestonRobertL.Unk04 Oct 1947Maple Hill
PrestonRobert07 Jun 191422 May 1915Merrimack
PrestonRoseEttaGiles26 Feb 187714 Oct 1950Cameron Methodist Church
PrestonRosiaUnk06 Aug 1954Maple Hill
PrestonSusanFlorenceUnk17 May 1963Maple Hill
PrestonTerryLeeUnk14 Dec 2002Maple Hill
PrestonThelmaHelen27 Jan 192331 Dec 1926Charity Baptist Church
PrestonThomasNewtonApr 186512 Nov 1943Maple Hill
PrestonWalterP.Unk20 Sep 1977Maple Hill
PrestonWilliamJ.Unk10 Apr 1960Maple Hill
PrestonWilliamMartin11 Feb 187117 Dec 1941Cameron Methodist Church
PrestonWilliamN.Unk09 Oct 1869Maple Hill
PrevatteE.T.Mrs.Unk30 Dec 1974Maple Hill
PrevatteEmmettTheodoreUnk29 Jul 1969Maple Hill
PrewittEmmaUnk23 Aug 1903Maple Hill
PreyerKristanceUnk29 Dec 1990Big Cove
PriceAdoUnk30 Mar 1923Maple Hill
PriceAldenaUnk12 Jan 2004Maple Hill
PriceAllaRuthUnk29 Jan 1965Maple Hill
PriceAnnElizabethSchrimsher17 Jun 189724 Jun 1969Moon
PriceAnnieUnk06 Jul 1904Maple Hill
PriceArthurPenn02 Feb 188204 Jul 1939Moon
PriceB.UnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
PriceBessieS.Unk22 Jun 1975Maple Hill
PriceBettieUnk08 Feb 1915Maple Hill
PriceCarolineCampbellUnk19 Mar 2002Maple Hill
PriceCarrieR.20 Jan 190013 Feb 1970Madison Crossroads
PriceCecilA.UnkNDDMaple Hill
PriceCecilA.UnkNDDMaple Hill
PriceCharleyG.Unk11 Nov 1887Maple Hill
PriceCintha06 Mar 186407 May 1932Charity Baptist Church
PriceD.Unk10 Aug 1902Maple Hill
PriceDavidM.Unk16 Apr 1991Maple Hill
PriceDovieLeeUnk25 Dec 1998Maple Hill
PriceEdmondUnk25 Feb 1935Maple Hill
PriceEdwardN.UnkNDDMaple Hill
PriceEloiseUnk12 Mar 2004Maple Hill
PriceElzinaUnk12 Apr 1947Maple Hill
PriceEulaUnk24 Sep 1987Maple Hill
PriceFloyO.Unk05 Dec 1976Maple Hill
PriceFrancesC.Unk07 Jul 1955Maple Hill
PriceGroverHoffman23 Aug 192429 Dec 1995Moon
PriceH.C.Mrs.Unk13 Jun 1958Maple Hill
PriceHelenLoisUnk13 Apr 1989Maple Hill
PriceHowardC.Unk19 Feb 1972Maple Hill
PriceIsom27 Jul 185119 Feb 1914Charity Baptist Church
PriceJamesB.Unk18 Jan 1983Maple Hill
PriceJamesBerlinUnkNDDMaple Hill
PriceJamesClaytonUnk16 Apr 1949Maple Hill
PriceJamesD.UnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
PriceJamesH.Unk03 Jun 1989Maple Hill
PriceJamesOzroUnk03 Mar 1991Maple Hill
PriceJamesR.Unk11 Aug 2000Maple Hill
PriceJamesSpencerUnk21 Jan 1982Maple Hill
PriceJamesUnk31 Jan 1945Maple Hill
PriceJamesUnk27 Oct 1931Maple Hill
PriceJaromeWilsonUnk26 Aug 1953Maple Hill
PriceJennieMae25 Nov 189225 Jan 1944Charity Baptist Church
PriceJeromeW.Unk07 Jul 1997Maple Hill
PriceJessieC.Unk29 Jul 2000Maple Hill
PriceJimmyUnk02 Oct 2001Maple Hill
PriceJohnE.Unk20 May 1972Maple Hill
PriceJosephB.Unk15 Apr 1992Maple Hill
PriceJosephUnk18 May 1913Maple Hill
PriceL.Unk30 Sep 1901Maple Hill
PriceLolaUnk12 Aug 1897Maple Hill
PriceLucilleVernaUnk24 Jul 1987Maple Hill
PriceLucyUnk14 Sep 1897Maple Hill
PriceMargaretHesterUnk10 Aug 1989Maple Hill
PriceMargorieSmithUnk01 Jun 1993Maple Hill
PriceMarthaUnk06 Jun 1941Maple Hill
PriceMaryUnk19 May 1949Maple Hill
PriceMaryUnk30 Mar 1929Maple Hill
PriceMaryUnk17 Jun 1900Maple Hill
PriceMattieUnk11 Feb 1963Maple Hill
PriceMayUnk06 Apr 1940Maple Hill
PriceMicheleElaineUnk28 Dec 1995Maple Hill
PriceMyraMilfordUnk05 Dec 1980Maple Hill
PriceNancyElizabethUnk29 Mar 1932Maple Hill
PriceNancyEllenUnk30 Jul 1990Maple Hill
PriceNellieR.Unk10 Oct 1982Maple Hill
PriceNellieUnk17 Oct 1926Maple Hill
PriceNellieUnk03 Jun 1913Maple Hill
PriceOllieUnk23 Jul 2001Maple Hill
PriceOllieUnk14 Aug 1976Maple Hill
PriceOnaM.Unk18 Apr 1986Maple Hill
PriceOraUnk08 Sep 1950Maple Hill
PriceQuinceyUnk11 Dec 1937Maple Hill
PriceR.A.Unk30 Dec 1972Maple Hill
PriceRabyAnn29 May 193204 Jun 1932Madison Crossroads
PriceRachelElizabethUnk23 Dec 1984Maple Hill
PriceRansonUnk21 May 1943Maple Hill
PriceRobertTraceyUnk09 Dec 1981Maple Hill
PriceRubyL.Unk29 Jul 1977Maple Hill
PriceSadieJ.Unk18 Mar 1957Maple Hill
PriceUnkMaleUnk17 Jan 1885Maple Hill
PriceW.C.10 Jun 189412 Aug 1914Charity Baptist Church
PriceWalterJasperUnk10 Apr 1969Maple Hill
PriceWalterUnk17 Sep 1953Maple Hill
PriceWileyUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
PriceWilliamR.01 Sep 188813 Apr 1957Charity Baptist Church
PriceWilliamUnk15 Jun 1925Maple Hill
PriceWillieM.03 Apr 189624 Sep 1968Madison Crossroads
PrichettBerthaW.Unk27 Mar 1981Maple Hill
PrichettNoraL.Unk19 Jul 1961Maple Hill
PrickettJamesE.05 Nov 194608 Mar 1991Plainview
PrickettNettieUnk05 Feb 1974Maple Hill
PrideBettyM.19272004St. Ruth
PrideFrances01 Jun 191721 Mar 1999Northside
PrideFredie10 Apr 194116 Nov 1962Brandon
PrideHaywood25 Oct 191906 Jul 1986Brandon
PrideJ.Unk04 Jul 1904Maple Hill
PrideJamesUnk17 Apr 1979Maple Hill
PrideJamesUnk24 Dec 1934Maple Hill
PrideKateUnk19 Jan 1924Maple Hill
PrideKatherineG.09 Dec 187515 Jan 1955Madison
PrideLouiseB.Unk27 Dec 1989Maple Hill
PrideMaryFletcherUnk16 Aug 1956Maple Hill
PrideOllieM.12 Sep 192208 Oct 1998Northside
PrideSallieUnk04 May 1939Maple Hill
PrideSamuelL.18 Apr 191317 Nov 1972Northside
PrideW.Unk07 Jul 1952Maple Hill
PrideWalterGriffin01 Jan 186818 May 1912Madison
PrideWalter04 Jul 191205 Jul 1983Northside
PrideWilliamThomasUnk21 Nov 1935Maple Hill
PridemoreT.E.Unk11 Apr 1950Maple Hill
PridemoreT.Unk24 Dec 1946Maple Hill
PridmonUnkMaleUnk03 Dec 1903Maple Hill
PridmoreAnnHarrisUnk23 Nov 1998Maple Hill
PridmoreAnnUnk06 May 1929Maple Hill
PridmoreGiseleUnk27 Nov 1972Maple Hill
PridmoreHollisO.Unk02 Dec 1985Maple Hill
PridmoreMaudeUnk08 Feb 1975Maple Hill
PridmoreMaxieB.Unk18 Apr 1989Maple Hill
PridmoreP.Unk08 Sep 1949Maple Hill
PridmoreP.Unk20 Aug 1932Maple Hill
PridmoreThomasJ.Unk17 Mar 1993Maple Hill
PridmoreThomasJ.Unk01 Nov 1991Maple Hill
PridmoreThomasUnk19 Jan 1967Maple Hill
PriemmWilliamUnk07 Oct 1931Maple Hill
PriestCarolosG.Unk30 Jul 1993Maple Hill
PriestCenaCrim189026 Feb 1955Cochran
PriestClaraB.Unk25 Aug 1989Maple Hill
PriestDailHarrisUnk17 Feb 1978Maple Hill
PriestGreenB.Unk26 Jul 1985Maple Hill
PriestLaviniaLeeUnk09 May 2000Maple Hill
PriestMichaelUnk30 Nov 1994Maple Hill
PriestR.Unk10 Jun 1921Maple Hill
PriestRichardBufordUnk14 Sep 1963Maple Hill
PriestRobertUnk02 Sep 2005Maple Hill
PriestSamuelUnk17 Dec 1921Maple Hill
PriestThurman24 Apr 190423 Dec 1930Cochran
PriestTracyUnk01 Apr 1933Maple Hill
PriestVirgieMaeUnk07 Nov 1996Maple Hill
PriestWileyAbver188411 Sep 1959Cochran
PriestleyChaliceMossUnk13 Oct 1981Maple Hill
PrimMattieUnk13 May 1938Maple Hill
PrimeauSharonCaldwell30 Dec 195503 Jun 1993Madison Crossroads
PrimmJ.D.Unk06 Apr 1990Maple Hill
PrimmKathleenUnk22 Dec 1989Maple Hill
PrimmMattieUnk01 Nov 1990Maple Hill
PrimmRalphM.Unk04 Apr 1975Maple Hill
PrimmWilliamH.Unk14 Jun 1949Maple Hill
PrinceA.O.Unk20 Aug 1974Maple Hill
PrinceAmandaLucyUnk29 Jul 1968Maple Hill
PrinceCharlesUnk11 Feb 1957Maple Hill
PrinceClarenceS.UnkNDDMaple Hill
PrinceCoraL.Unk27 Dec 1959Maple Hill
PrinceCordieUnkNDDMaple Hill
PrinceCorneliaUnk06 Mar 1940Maple Hill
PrinceDaysieUnk13 Jul 1984Maple Hill
PrinceDorothyUnk02 Oct 1928Maple Hill
PrinceHattieUnk06 Dec 1985Maple Hill
PrinceHaywoodUnk28 Jun 1961Maple Hill
PrinceHaywoodUnk25 Aug 1954Maple Hill
PrinceJaneUnk20 Feb 1900Maple Hill
PrinceJuliaUnk11 Jan 1957Maple Hill
PrinceKincieW.Unk01 May 1999Maple Hill
PrinceLillieR.Unk04 Nov 1981Maple Hill
PrinceLloydRussell08 May 192103 Feb 1986Maple Hill
PrinceMildredIreneCabaniss19 May 192226 Oct 1991Maple Hill
PrincePaulaLarkinsUnk06 Nov 1996Maple Hill
PrinceS.Unk22 Jun 1951Maple Hill
PrinceSallyB.Unk02 Sep 1968Maple Hill
PrinceSydneyC.Unk08 Feb 1975Maple Hill
PrinceSydneyCloptonUnk15 Aug 1962Maple Hill
PrinceUnkUnk12 Dec 1914Maple Hill
PrinceVirgilT.Unk12 Aug 1972Maple Hill
PrinceWarnieB.Unk22 Jun 1985Maple Hill
PrinceWilliamH.Unk07 Dec 1962Maple Hill
PrincipeAlfredJoseph05 Oct 194802 Dec 1999Huntsville Memory Gardens
PringleKennethUnk29 Oct 1957Maple Hill
PritchardJamesUnk28 Mar 1966Maple Hill
PritchardLenaUnk28 Jan 1938Maple Hill
PritchardNellieIreneUnk14 Sep 2000Maple Hill
PritchettBaby17 Jul 194817 Jul 1948Charity Baptist Church
PritchettCharlesL.28 Mar 191426 Jul 1962Bush
PritchettEraL.22 Sep 191005 Mar 1997Bush
PritchettGirtha07 Feb 190106 Nov 1912Merrimack
PritchettHenry18 May 189026 Jan 1965Maple Hill
PritchettJ.W.14 Apr 191731 Dec 1917Bush
PritchettJewell01 Mar 191306 Mar 1913Bush
PritchettJimmyCharles05 Aug 194706 Dec 1995Bush
PritchettJosephA.29 Jun 192809 Jan 1930Merrimack
PritchettJosephA.Unk26 Mar 1959Maple Hill
PritchettLonnieOdellUnk25 Apr 1948Maple Hill
PritchettMattieMyra11 Nov 189405 Aug 1989Bush
PritchettMurrayM.02 Aug 192217 Mar 1970Bush
PritchettMurrayM.19 Sep 195720 Sep 1957Bush
PritchettNannieHarper01 Apr 186730 Mar 1964Madison
PritchettPhillip18061902Cedar Grove
PritchettRobertUnk26 Mar 1973Maple Hill
PritchettRodie11 Oct 185931 Jul 1927Merrimack
PritehardEarlUnk14 Jun 1928Maple Hill
PrittsRobertUnk18 Mar 1968Maple Hill
ProbusWilliamC.Unk24 Oct 1989Maple Hill
ProctorCharlesUnk04 Mar 1973Maple Hill
ProctorJamesPerryUnk18 Apr 1980Maple Hill
ProwellMillie24 Sep 187723 Aug 1976Northside
PruettMarleneGraceUnk12 Aug 1987Maple Hill
PruitEthelD.Unk16 Jun 1989Maple Hill
PruitGreenvilleO.Unk16 Jul 1990Maple Hill
PruittAdaBaker22 May 192415 May 2001Pine Grove - Deposit
PruittAliceLeonaUnk10 Oct 1963Maple Hill
PruittArchie19031971Bloucher Ford
PruittArguster04 Apr 191403 Oct 1980Bloucher Ford
PruittBillUnk12 Oct 12006Maple Hill
PruittBruceE.L.07 Jun 196317 Apr 1966St. Ruth
PruittCalvin19081975Bloucher Ford
PruittCarrieBell11 Mar 190706 Jan 1986Bloucher Ford
PruittCharles21 Aug 194004 Nov 1990Collier - Owens Cross Roads
PruittChasieL.24 Jul 190824 Jul 1994Bloucher Ford
PruittDarby25 Jul 189707 May 1987Penny
PruittDoraBerthaIrene04 Feb 191328 Sep 2001Collier - Owens Cross Roads
PruittE.P.Unk25 Dec 1947Maple Hill
PruittEarlPatUnk06 Jun 1991Maple Hill
PruittEsleyV.19 Aug 190504 Feb 1993Bevill
PruittFlorenceUnk28 Aug 1934Maple Hill
PruittFrancesM.19 Dec 183610 Mar 1927Rice
PruittFredaMae05 Oct 193815 Oct 1938Bevill
PruittG.W.Unk26 Oct 1894Maple Hill
PruittGreenvilleUnk05 Sep 1984Maple Hill
PruittHaroldUnk15 Jul 1948Maple Hill
PruittHenryCharles06 Jun 191009 Dec 1978Collier - Owens Cross Roads
PruittHenryP.30 Sep 190308 Oct 1977Bloucher Ford
PruittHenryMar 19211970Pine Grove - Deposit
PruittIrmaJoyceParker194504 Mar 1993Moon
PruittJ.W.Unk24 Sep 1889Maple Hill
PruittJennie30 Jan 188910 Nov 1961Bloucher Ford
PruittJessieJ.29 Oct 189908 Jul 1974Collier - Owens Cross Roads
PruittJohnW.Unk22 Jul 1886Maple Hill
PruittJohn18971973Bloucher Ford
PruittJohn19081933Collier - Owens Cross Roads
PruittJohnMrs.Unk17 Mar 1870Maple Hill
PruittLeeL.Unk08 Jan 1920Bloucher Ford
PruittLindaUnk11 Oct 1999Maple Hill
PruittMajorieCollierUnk12 Mar 1984Maple Hill
PruittMarelleT.Unk20 Oct 1988Maple Hill
PruittMargaretR.22 Apr 192926 Sep 2000Bloucher Ford
PruittMaudieL.30 Sep 190801 Apr 1989Bevill
PruittMinnieB.Unk26 Jan 1978Maple Hill
PruittR.W.Unk10 Sep 1871Maple Hill
PruittRichard1845JanBloucher Ford
PruittRobertLee04 Jul 190416 Aug 1977Northside
PruittRobertW.Unk11 Jun 1993Maple Hill
PruittRobertWiltonUnk04 Jun 1957Maple Hill
PruittRobert02 Sep 187224 Sep 1952Bloucher Ford
PruittRobert181710 Dec 1893Charity Baptist Church
PruittRobertMrs.Unk27 Jan 1869Maple Hill
PruittSamuelJ.24 Jul 1853NDDCharity Baptist Church
PruittSamuel29 Jan 192005 Dec 1974Bloucher Ford
PruittSarahE.25 Apr 187619 Mar 1951Collier - Owens Cross Roads
PruittTelaUnk15 Apr 1953Maple Hill
PruittTevinD.19951995Bloucher Ford
PruittTexa12 Aug 191230 Aug 1982Bloucher Ford
PruittTheo27 May 192119 Aug 1943Bloucher Ford
PruittVestaUnk05 Dec 1931Maple Hill
PruittVollieUnk01 Mar 1949Maple Hill
PruittVollieUnk12 Nov 1943Maple Hill
PruittW.L.14 Oct 190430 Jul 1953Bloucher Ford
PruittW.Unk01 Feb 1926Maple Hill
PruittW.Unk02 Oct 1902Maple Hill
PruittWalterO.Unk15 Feb 1973Maple Hill
PruittWilliamR.18561940Collier - Owens Cross Roads
PruittWilliamUnk24 Dec 1867Maple Hill
PruittWillieWalter15 May 189517 Oct 1984Penny
PrummerWallaceUnk21 Dec 1925Maple Hill
PryorGeorgiaMae11 Jul 191226 Jul 1998Center Grove
PryorH.D.Unk16 Feb 1922Maple Hill
PryorThomasSanfordUnk11 Aug 2004Maple Hill
PublesWitkersGoodwynUnk26 Jul 1947Maple Hill
PuckettRichardE.Unk09 Nov 1994Maple Hill
PuckettRobertUnk25 Jul 1933Maple Hill
PugeanUnknown08 Mar 1966Maple Hill
PughAnnaChristineUnk27 Aug 1982Maple Hill
PughBillyGray16 Jul 193007 Feb 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
PughClaraEvelyn23 Mar 191005 Feb 2003Valhalla Memory Gardens
PughEarlineUnk31 Oct 1975Maple Hill
PughEdithG.Unk21 Sep 1974Maple Hill
PughJosephLee02 Jun 196316 Nov 1963Brown
PughJosephTunnyUnk09 Dec 2002Maple Hill
PughRitaUnk31 Mar 1985Maple Hill
PughRoyL.Unk12 Nov 1992Maple Hill
PughRuth29 Oct 192406 Dec 1973Pleas Mount Baptist Church
PughWilliamL.Unk20 Jul 1973Maple Hill
PugheDavidL.Unk27 Jan 1976Maple Hill
PugheMaryCarolineUnk30 May 2004Maple Hill
PugheT.N.L.UnkNDDMaple Hill
PuklDorothyD.Unk04 Feb 2001Maple Hill
PuklStephenAlbertUnk17 Feb 1995Maple Hill
PullamElmerUnk11 Oct 1969Maple Hill
PullamGroverC.Unk09 Aug 1969Maple Hill
PullamJohnUnk08 Jun 1939Maple Hill
PullanWilliamUnk28 Aug 1942Maple Hill
PullenBuelElmer29 Nov 191430 Nov 1994Bush
PullenCharlG.24 Apr 190317 May 1974Maple Hill
PullenLillianT.Unk24 Feb 2004Maple Hill
PullenPaulineEllenUnk07 Sep 2000Maple Hill
PulleyCharlesHerefordUnk07 Sep 1948Maple Hill
PulleyCharlesTownsend03 Aug 192824 Mar 1997Pulley
PulleyFannieS.04 Dec 189508 Apr 1999Pulley
PulleyFrancesNolenUnk25 Sep 1931Maple Hill
PulleyG.Unk29 Dec 1919Maple Hill
PulleyHubert18 Feb 191719 Mar 1944Pulley
PulleyIsaacH.05 Feb 189407 Aug 1961Pulley
PulleyJamesCarlton13 Jan 190231 May 1975Pulley
PulleyJessieMarie11 Nov 192125 Oct 2000Pulley
PulleyJohnLewis23 Dec 190728 Jan 2003Pulley
PulleyLamar16 Jul 194923 Jul 1949Pulley
PulleyLucy02 Jan 193904 Jan 1939Pulley
PulleyNapoleon27 Nov 194125 Mar 1963Pulley
PulleyR.L.Unk15 Sep 1875Maple Hill
PulleyRolandAbraham28 Mar 191203 Jul 1991Pulley
PulleySallieUnk04 May 1934Maple Hill
PulleyStephanieJeanUnk16 Apr 1953Pulley
PulliamHenryW.08 Apr 192302 Aug 1925Merrimack
PulliamMyrtleM.Unk23 Feb 1977Maple Hill
PulliumArthurS.UnkNDDMaple Hill
PurcellDonaldC.Unk26 Oct 1973Maple Hill
PurdomMayUnk27 May 1940Maple Hill
PurdonAmandaE.Unk30 Aug 1936Maple Hill
PurdyAlanUnk09 Apr 2005Maple Hill
PurdyAliceMarieUnk11 Mar 2005Maple Hill
PurdyIvaDellUnk01 Jan 1973Maple Hill
PurdyJohnHenryUnk27 Jun 2005Maple Hill
PurdyJohnHenryUnk04 Mar 1981Maple Hill
PurdyJohnL.Unk02 Jul 1996Maple Hill
PurdyJohnUnk06 Jan 1941Maple Hill
PuringtonDeloresUnk05 Aug 1999Maple Hill
PuringtonGeorgeI.Unk14 May 1983Maple Hill
PurserDanielUnk01 Jun 1897Maple Hill
PursleyEllaUnk08 Oct 1968Maple Hill
PursleySimeonUnk23 Mar 1943Maple Hill
PutmanAliceUnk04 Jan 1961Maple Hill
PutmanBaseUnk13 Oct 1974Maple Hill
PutmanBenjaminFrankUnk16 Jun 1932Maple Hill
PutmanChristopherUnk04 Oct 1937Maple Hill
PutmanClaraUnk17 Dec 1991Maple Hill
PutmanDanvisLeroy22 Jan 192614 Jul 1999Huntsville Memory Gardens
PutmanElijahUnk26 Jul 1981Maple Hill
PutmanGradyG.Unk18 Feb 1984Maple Hill
PutmanJamesH.Unk24 Jun 1948Maple Hill
PutmanJimNorman29 Aug 195627 Jan 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
PutmanLauraUnk24 Dec 1944Maple Hill
PutmanLuviceK.Unk11 Nov 1986Maple Hill
PutmanMalindaB.11 Jul 191520 Sep 1986Bush
PutmanMargaretUnk24 Mar 1970Maple Hill
PutmanOdellWatkins18 Feb 190114 May 1970Huntsville Memory Gardens
PutmanPaulG.Unk09 Oct 1982Maple Hill
PutmanRubyLee22 Nov 19001982Huntsville Memory Gardens
PutmanShermanL.Unk03 May 1977Maple Hill
PutmanThurmanUnk20 Dec 1946Maple Hill
PutmanVirginiaH.Unk11 Aug 1982Maple Hill
PutmanW.T.Unk03 May 1948Maple Hill
PycheonSallyUnk13 Jun 1924Maple Hill
PyeseWilliamUnk21 Oct 1898Maple Hill
PylantAlmaToonUnk24 Dec 1984Maple Hill
PylantAnnieD.Unk27 Jan 1991Maple Hill
PylantE.E.27 Jun 191107 Aug 1911Rice
PylantEdithJ.Unk19 Jun 1996Maple Hill
PylantEstelle21 Apr 192024 Sep 1921Rice
PylantG.T.MrsUnk27 Nov 1956Maple Hill
PylantGenevaUnk11 Feb 1950Maple Hill
PylantGroverA.Unk12 Oct 1982Maple Hill
PylantJamesLelandUnk29 Mar 1971Maple Hill
PylantJoeB.UnkNDDMaple Hill
PylantLeslieM.Unk22 Mar 1974Maple Hill
PylantLoraM.Unk24 Nov 1995Maple Hill
PylantMaeBraggUnk02 Apr 2005Cameron
PylantMaggieUnk26 Mar 1946Maple Hill
PylantMelvinWalker28 Dec 192820 Jun 1930Rice
PylantMontezeWardUnk21 Nov 2000Maple Hill
PylantW.F.Unk18 Jun 1985Maple Hill
PyleFrancesBrownUnk27 Oct 1968Maple Hill
PynchonUnkFemaleUnk16 Feb 1872Maple Hill

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