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JonesA.B.Unk15 May 1890Maple Hill
JonesAddieLouise05 Aug 1919Feb 1993Maple Hill
JonesAlexanderWynnUnk31 Dec 1948Maple Hill
JonesAlfredMartin07 Jun 192129 Jan 1970Maple Hill
JonesAliceK.Unk07 Jan 1961Maple Hill
JonesAllenHall03 Feb 192007 Oct 1998Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
JonesAlma188708 Feb 1953Penny
JonesAlvaC.15 Dec 190312 Sep 1974Brown
JonesAlvaC.16 Sep 192623 Nov 2003Brown
JonesAnaUnk27 Apr 1925Maple Hill
JonesAndrew21 Jul 190722 Nov 1974Collier - Triana
JonesAndrew03 Dec 193008 Feb 1993Maple Hill
JonesAnnaEvelyn20 Jul 1902Jan 1968Maple Hill
JonesAnnieHumphreyDaniel25 Jan 190125 Nov 1929Maple Hill
JonesAnnieLeeWilliams27 Oct 189615 May 1951Shady Grove
JonesAnnieM.17 Oct 190122 Jul 1984Northside
JonesAnnieRuth29 May 19251999Maple Hill
JonesAnnieHoover27 Feb 190409 Aug 1985Collier - Owens Cross Roads
JonesAnthonyW.Unk16 Aug 1964Ragsdale
JonesArchie15 Jun 193509 Aug 1980Northside
JonesArronElzie01 Nov 192215 Jan 1936Shady Grove
JonesAthaLee04 Feb 188916 Feb 1965Shady Grove
JonesBeltonUnk16 Mar 1990Maple Hill
JonesBenCurryUnk21 Apr 1962Maple Hill
JonesBerthaL.UnkNDDMaple Hill
JonesBerthaUnk18 Feb 1965Maple Hill
JonesBessie11 Apr 189511 Dec 1986Madison Crossroads
JonesBessie15 Aug 189412 Mar 1976Maple Hill
JonesBillUnk10 Nov 1937Maple Hill
JonesBillyJ.Unk26 Nov 1996Maple Hill
JonesBlancheM.Unk23 Nov 1894Maple Hill
JonesBob16 Mar 187324 Jan 1947Norris
JonesBonnieHawksUnk06 Oct 1949Maple Hill
JonesBonnieUnk15 Oct 1949Maple Hill
JonesBudUnk22 Jun 1885Maple Hill
JonesC.L.08 May 188116 Mar 1949Glenwood
JonesCabieLouise07 Jun 192512 Sep 1997Maple Hill
JonesCalvinE.07 Apr 189703 Sep 1973Kennamer
JonesCaptainUnk01 Mar 1885Maple Hill
JonesCarlEugene25 Apr 193526 Mar 1980Maple Hill
JonesCarlJoseph14 Jun 190230 Nov 1966Charity Baptist Church
JonesCarlTannahill12 Dec 190807 Oct 1967Maple Hill
JonesCarrieLeeUnkNDDMaple Hill
JonesCatherineUnk20 Oct 1920Maple Hill
JonesCecilUnk20 Jul 1929Maple Hill
JonesCelineM.Mar 197411 Mar 1974Maple Hill
JonesCharlesEvans13 Apr 1891Jun 1971Maple Hill
JonesCharlesW.10 Mar 193805 Sep 2002Pine Grove - Harvest
JonesCharlesW.UnkNDDMaple Hill
JonesCharlieMack21 Jun 189917 Jul 1927Madison
JonesCharlieT.27 Dec 189111 Oct 1897Ellis, Old Benjamin
JonesCharlie06 Jun 190512 Mar 2001Pine Grove - Deposit
JonesCharlie18 Jan 1922Dec 1975Northside
JonesChildMaleUnk29 Jul 1868Maple Hill
JonesChristineMontague04 Nov 191515 Mar 2005Maple Hill
JonesClarenceO.21 Feb 191503 Sep 1995Maple Hill
JonesClaudB.08 Jul 189614 Dec 1977Maple Hill
JonesClaudeT.04 Sep 189304 Sep 1893Ellis, Old Benjamin
JonesClaude19 Nov 188916 Apr 1976Maple Hill
JonesCliftonA.08 Apr 191612 Nov 1997Maple Hill
JonesCoraLee04 Sep 189304 Sep 1893Ellis, Old Benjamin
JonesCoraUnk07 Jul 1953Maple Hill
JonesCurtis04 Apr 190403 Jun 1966Northside
JonesCynthiaOleneUnk24 Aug 1959Maple Hill
JonesDaisyMaeUnk04 Mar 1949Maple Hill
JonesDaisyTaylorLamb02 May 189425 Sep 1983Cameron
JonesDanLeavern23 Jan 193811 Jul 1939Charity Baptist Church
JonesDanM18421924Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
JonesDaneUnk12 Feb 1920Maple Hill
JonesDanielUnk26 Oct 1921Maple Hill
JonesDeborahC.Isbell11 Jan 195319 Oct 1999Pleas Mount Baptist Church
JonesDelithiaUnk12 Apr 1945Maple Hill
JonesDella25 Aug 1877Jun 1972Brown
JonesDelmaEugene03 Apr 192629 Aug 1992Kennamer
JonesDessieCagle14 Jan 190511 Jul 1928Locust Grove
JonesDevonLee09 Aug 200515 Oct 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
JonesDeweyE.18 Nov 189802 Jun 1991Maple Hill
JonesDewittBenton23 Sep 189619 Jan 1990Maple Hill
JonesDonnaD.Unk30 Sep 1970Maple Hill
JonesDorisH.Unk08 Oct 1990Maple Hill
JonesDorothy04 Jun 191527 Jul 1978Maple Hill
JonesDorothyRayeUnk23 Nov 1977Maple Hill
JonesE.C.Mrs.Unk01 Dec 1966Maple Hill
JonesE.F.Unk29 Jun 1958Maple Hill
JonesEdnaM.15 Jan 190001 Jun 1981Maple Hill
JonesEdwardC.Unk20 May 1962Ragsdale
JonesEdwardCleveland21 Oct 188401 Feb 1982Maple Hill
JonesEdwardWhiting07 Dec 189607 Jun 1956Maple Hill
JonesEgbertJ.Unk01 Sep 1861Maple Hill
JonesEliasJ.01 May 190412 Jul 1986Brandon
JonesElizUnk10 Dec 1889Maple Hill
JonesElizabethD.24 Jul 183831 Jul 1838Maple Hill
JonesElizabethF.07 Mar 191027 Jun 1984Maple Hill
JonesElizabethH.07 Oct 190505 Aug 1987Hammond
JonesElizabethDukes14 Feb 179827 Aug 1838Maple Hill
JonesElizabethBryant22 May 191031 Dec 1991Maple Hill
JonesEllickUnk26 Sep 1893Maple Hill
JonesEllinerUnk05 Feb 1895Maple Hill
JonesEllisB.16 Sep 190726 Jul 1974Maple Hill
JonesElvalenaMoore28 Dec 186802 Aug 1948Maple Hill
JonesElverMay06 May 189704 Dec 1965Kennamer
JonesEmeryJacksonUnk09 Jun 1945Maple Hill
JonesEmmaUnk18 Sep 1954Maple Hill
JonesEmoryE.Unk07 Apr 1910Maple Hill
JonesEphriam11 Jan 189002 May 1953Penny
JonesErnestA.03 Apr 192629 Aug 1992Kennamer
JonesErnestA.27 Jun 189916 Oct 1972Kennamer
JonesErnestUnk31 Jan 1922Maple Hill
JonesErvin20 Nov 189527 Mar 1965Maple Hill
JonesEsmaBevel15 Apr 191420 Apr 1942Kennamer
JonesEttaRuthQuinn16 Jul 190401 Oct 1998Maple Hill
JonesF.T.Unk17 Feb 1977Maple Hill
JonesFannieS.28 Jul 190807 Jan 1992Moon
JonesFlorenceGilliannRice25 Feb 183209 Feb 1893Rice
JonesFlorenceM.19 Nov 192426 Nov 2004Maple Hill
JonesFloyd12 Aug 189808 Dec 1990Maple Hill
JonesForest28 Jan 193004 Sep 2001Fowlkes
JonesFrances15 May 188212 Jun 1973Maple Hill
JonesFrancesUnk11 Dec 1953Maple Hill
JonesFrankMossUnk14 Feb 1960Maple Hill
JonesFrankMrs.Unk30 Aug 1922Maple Hill
JonesFred25 Jul 188707 Jun 1965Brandon
JonesFriley21 Jun 183624 Dec 1836Maple Hill
JonesFriley31 Jul 183328 Jul 1935Maple Hill
JonesG.Unk21 Apr 1926Maple Hill
JonesGeneUnk29 Sep 1954Maple Hill
JonesGeorgeDonald08 Jan 192228 Jul 2003Maple Hill
JonesGeorgeJ.HamerJun 18121833New Hope
JonesGeorgeM.Unk22 Aug 1947Maple Hill
JonesGeorgeNeumonUnk09 Jul 1896Maple Hill
JonesGeorgeWalter22 Jun 186614 Jan 1946Maple Hill
JonesGeorgeWashington01 Apr 182211 Mar 1867Maple Hill
JonesGeorge10 Jan 189410 Apr 1943Glenwood
JonesGeorge26 Dec 194413 Dec 1969Northside
JonesGeorge31 Oct 1896Apr 1982Northside
JonesGeorgieLemley13 Apr 1920NDDKennamer
JonesGeraldineW.25 Jun 1929NDDCochran
JonesGladisUnk06 Aug 1930Maple Hill
JonesGordonUnkNDDLocust Grove
JonesGrangerUnk28 Jan 1939Maple Hill
JonesGusPitts28 Apr 190109 Dec 1940State Line
JonesHarceyUnk13 Jun 1920Maple Hill
JonesHarleyMay16 Nov 191623 May 1921Madison Crossroads
JonesHarley02 Mar 189124 Nov 1950Madison Crossroads
JonesHarveyPaul09 Jun 193004 Dec 1998Maple Hill
JonesHattieUnk10 Sep 1929Maple Hill
JonesHazelPhelps22 Jul 190006 Feb 1999Maple Hill
JonesHelen29 Sep 193117 Sep 1976Northside
JonesHendersonE.07 Apr 192204 Dec 1980Maple Hill
JonesHenderson24 Jun 189518 Jun 1975St. Ruth
JonesHenry28 Aug 191824 Jul 1978Northside
JonesHerbertLeeUnk05 Mar 1888Ellis, Old Benjamin
JonesHerbert13 Jan 192623 Jun 1979Maple Hill
JonesHesterB.25 Mar 190910 Sep 1990Maple Hill
JonesHortonT.01 Mar 1889Feb 1984Shady Grove
JonesHowardCriner11 Dec 189019 Dec 1962Maple Hill
JonesHoward08 Apr 191903 Dec 1980Cochran
JonesInezH.23 Apr 191603 Jun 1985Maple Hill
JonesInfantMaleUnk26 Mar 1943Maple Hill
JonesInfantMaleUnk1922Shady Grove
JonesInfantUnk30 Jan 1952Maple Hill
JonesInfantUnk07 Nov 1897Maple Hill
JonesInfantUnk30 Sep 1955Maple Hill
JonesInfantUnk28 Jan 1867Maple Hill
JonesIreneMary13 Apr 189801 May 1981Maple Hill
JonesIrene26 Feb 191626 Jun 1919Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
JonesJA.18771953Shady Grove
JonesJ.C.07 Oct 188526 Jun 1935Redstone
JonesJ.C.Mrs.Unk20 Jul 1899Maple Hill
JonesJ.D.19421991Pleas Mount Baptist Church
JonesJ.D.Mrs.Unk12 Jul 1966Maple Hill
JonesJ.P.Unk27 Jul 1879Maple Hill
JonesJ.Shelby06 Feb 1888Jan 1977Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
JonesJ.Unk02 Aug 1950Maple Hill
JonesJ.Unk25 Jul 1930Maple Hill
JonesJ.Unk29 Jul 1955Maple Hill
JonesJackieUnk26 Apr 1940Maple Hill
JonesJamesA.Unk17 Oct 1947Maple Hill
JonesJamesArbra07 Aug 192926 Mar 1932Bellview
JonesJamesC.Unk18 Jul 1884Maple Hill
JonesJamesClarence23 Jul 190124 Aug 1967Maple Hill
JonesJamesClayton19151940Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
JonesJamesH.18491923New Hope
JonesJamesIsie31 Oct 191322 Aug 1963Kennamer
JonesJamesRobert27 Sep 193706 Nov 1996Pleas Mount Baptist Church
JonesJamesW.188101 Sep 1931Maple Hill
JonesJamesW.UnkNDDMaple Hill
JonesJames02 Nov 194327 Jan 2005Northside
JonesJamesUnk01 Jul 1944Maple Hill
JonesJamesUnk08 Nov 1942Maple Hill
JonesJamesUnk15 Jan 1928Maple Hill
JonesJamesUnk22 Aug 1928Maple Hill
JonesJamesUnk03 Mar 1921Maple Hill
JonesJamesMrs.Unk08 Feb 1886Maple Hill
JonesJaneGastonUnk01 Nov 1864Maple Hill
JonesJanieUnk24 Dec 1962Maple Hill
JonesJanieUnk13 Jun 1933Maple Hill
JonesJasperE.29 Jun 192506 May 1991Maple Hill
JonesJaydaNicole200612 Mar 2006Maple Hill
JonesJeanHelen15 May 194109 Sep 1995Northside
JonesJeffreyDavid08 Feb 186304 Apr 1944Kennamer
JonesJennieUnk01 Jan 1944Maple Hill
JonesJessieF.31 Mar 189225 Aug 1980Cochran
JonesJessieJ.01 Aug 191905 Apr 1976Maple Hill
JonesJessieUnk18 Jan 1967Maple Hill
JonesJim16 Mar 188219 Sep 1942Pine Grove - Harvest
JonesJnoT.Unk09 Jun 1936Maple Hill
JonesJoeB.Unk29 Jul 1948Maple Hill
JonesJoeHoward23 Mar 191921 Jun 1921Maple Hill
JonesJoeLouis27 Mar 193810 Oct 1996Pine Grove - Deposit
JonesJoeW.11 Nov 189025 Sep 1965Maple Hill
JonesJohnDeemer29 Jan 189303 Jul 1979Maple Hill
JonesJohnH.Unk31 Mar 1874Maple Hill
JonesJohnJasper06 Mar 185813 Jan 1935Madison Crossroads
JonesJohnR.15 Jan 187715 Nov 1968Maple Hill
JonesJohnRison23 Mar 188405 Jun 1961Maple Hill
JonesJohnRobert07 Jan 191622 Feb 2003Maple Hill
JonesJohnT.17 Jun 182420 Oct 1825Maple Hill
JonesJohn10 Mar 184918 Feb 1906Shady Grove
JonesJohnUnk22 Aug 1946Maple Hill
JonesJohnUnk18 Dec 1943Maple Hill
JonesJohnUnk12 Dec 1937Maple Hill
JonesJohnUnk25 Jul 1929Maple Hill
JonesJohnnyRayUnk14 Oct 1991Maple Hill
JonesJonasMadisonUnk06 Jun 1965Maple Hill
JonesJordanUnk10 Jul 1926Maple Hill
JonesJosephA.21 Jan 191607 Aug 1981Maple Hill
JonesJosephRice28 May 185513 Oct 1883Rice
JonesJosephUnk13 Oct 1883Maple Hill
JonesJoyceFayeUnk10 Jun 1998Green Valley
JonesJoyceL.01 Sep 191431 Mar 2001Maple Hill
JonesKarenAnn01 Jan 195318 Nov 1973Rice
JonesKatharineT.Unk16 Aug 1997Maple Hill
JonesKatherineB.17 Feb 192001 Feb 1955Bone
JonesKatherineS.13 Dec 189912 Nov 1986Maple Hill
JonesKathlenePaul04 Aug 189423 Dec 1967Maple Hill
JonesKatieL.Sanford23 Aug 188718 May 1963Ebenezer
JonesKenneth10 Mar 192412 Apr 1992Green Valley
JonesL.H.Unk10 Aug 1949Maple Hill
JonesL.Unk08 May 1942Maple Hill
JonesLamar21 Dec 191007 Nov 1998Maple Hill
JonesLansfordUnk08 Sep 1901Maple Hill
JonesLantisW.01 Jun 192720 Jan 1953Golightly
JonesLarryScottUnk10 May 1970Maple Hill
JonesLauraP.Unk13 Mar 1990Maple Hill
JonesLauraUnk06 Feb 1920Maple Hill
JonesLawfordUnk27 Aug 1934Maple Hill
JonesLeonardH.Unk24 Apr 1981Maple Hill
JonesLeroy12 Aug 190624 Jun 2001Northside
JonesLigeA.Unk30 Jan 1961Maple Hill
JonesLillianE.03 Sep 190931 Dec 1999Northside
JonesLillianStevens18791946Charity Baptist Church
JonesLillie20 Jan 189506 Jun 1966Northside
JonesLillyE.Unk29 Mar 1892Maple Hill
JonesLindaFaye16 Feb 196006 Apr 1960Brown
JonesLizzieA.21 Aug 184308 Oct 1857Triana
JonesLockeyUnk01 Oct 1937Maple Hill
JonesLonnie17 Mar 190004 Nov 1974Maple Hill
JonesLouisaA.MoonJan 1850Jan 1914Bethel/Old Bethel
JonesLouiseE.16 Feb 191913 Apr 1984Northside
JonesLouiseBatesUnk21 May 1986Maple Hill
JonesLouiseUnk12 Feb 1923Maple Hill
JonesLowellUnk15 Jul 1954Maple Hill
JonesLucinda20 May 188231 Oct 1953Madison
JonesLucyUnk26 Dec 1929Maple Hill
JonesLulaLee08 Jul 192426 Feb 1926Charity Baptist Church
JonesLulaM.03 Jan 189022 Apr 1969Shady Grove
JonesLutherHorton06 Apr 190629 Apr 1968Maple Hill
JonesM.R.18 May 191102 Nov 1912Golightly
JonesMaeEllen04 Oct 189326 Mar 1973Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
JonesMaggieLee18921926Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
JonesMaggieUnk01 Jan 1893Maple Hill
JonesMalindaUnk28 Sep 1940Maple Hill
JonesMamieLou01 Oct 191229 Jul 1975Maple Hill
JonesMarbleLouise14 Feb 192411 Mar 1997Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
JonesMarcusC.29 Dec 195720 Jun 1988Maple Hill
JonesMargaretLee11 Jun 189728 Apr 1956Maple Hill
JonesMargaretWarwickUnk01 Jan 1893Maple Hill
JonesMargret16 Jul 187302 Mar 1941Norris
JonesMariahUnk17 Oct 1898Maple Hill
JonesMarieDickerson12 Feb 191406 Feb 1996Northside
JonesMarionS.29 Jun 189815 May 1985Glenwood
JonesMarthaSims08 Apr 186425 Jan 1916Kennamer
JonesMartha15 Dec 189030 Aug 1904Madison
JonesMarvinUnk14 Mar 1976Maple Hill
JonesMaryA.Unk18 Feb 1862Drake - Huntsville
JonesMaryAdeliaCampbell01 Sep 184623 Feb 1923Jones - New Market
JonesMaryAlice03 Feb 186329 Oct 1948Madison Crossroads
JonesMaryAliceUnk20 Aug 1939Maple Hill
JonesMaryB.15 Dec 190607 May 1976Maple Hill
JonesMaryE.04 Nov 188628 Oct 1951Pine Grove - Harvest
JonesMaryE.15 Jan 183207 Apr 1855Maple Hill
JonesMaryEttaUnk23 Aug 1964Maple Hill
JonesMaryGee21 Aug 184504 Sep 1897Maple Hill
JonesMaryJane22 Sep 185720 Oct 1945Shady Grove
JonesMaryJane24 Aug 189804 Sep 1982Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
JonesMaryL.15 Dec 190601 May 1976Northside
JonesMaryLou27 Aug 188810 Sep 1888Simpson
JonesMary04 Sep 189413 Jul 1988Northside
JonesMaryUnk19 Sep 1943Maple Hill
JonesMaryUnk27 Jul 1928Maple Hill
JonesMaryUnk08 Apr 1922Maple Hill
JonesMaryKingMay 1855James Moore
JonesMattieB.22 Aug 190615 Dec 1988Northside
JonesMattieL.30 Oct 190613 Nov 1989Maple Hill
JonesMattie20 Dec 188422 Aug 1939Kennamer
JonesMattieUnk30 Nov 1939Maple Hill
JonesMattieUnk02 Jan 1929Maple Hill
JonesMaybelleChristineMontague04 Nov 191515 Mar 2005Maple Hill
JonesMcKinley26 Oct 189702 Jun 1981Northside
JonesMerleEverett23 Oct 190708 Jan 1989Maple Hill
JonesMichaelKevinUnk07 Aug 1977Maple Hill
JonesMildredS.03 Dec 191212 Sep 1966Northside
JonesMillieUnk13 Oct 1918Maple Hill
JonesMilnerHomer09 May 193323 Dec 1961Moon
JonesMilner11 Mar 190419 Jan 1981Moon
JonesMinnieLeolaUnk30 Apr 1949Maple Hill
JonesMollieUnk27 Dec 1953Maple Hill
JonesMollyUnk21 Jul 1910Maple Hill
JonesMorganFrazierUnk17 May 1989Maple Hill
JonesMyraJamesErwin20 Jun 185915 Oct 1930Maple Hill
JonesMyrtleC.14 Mar 189925 Sep 1985Kennamer
JonesMyrtleE.17 Jun 190526 Jan 1987Kennamer
JonesMyrtleJane09 Mar 191311 Mar 1993Kennamer
JonesMyrtleMoore17 Apr 188503 Aug 1966Charity Baptist Church
JonesNancyE.18611902New Hope
JonesNancyJane15 Apr 192824 Feb 2003Maple Hill
JonesNannieB.Brooks30 Mar 191405 Aug 2005Maple Hill
JonesNannieTaylorUnk26 Feb 1949Maple Hill
JonesNedaPearlineUnk30 NovCharity Baptist Church
JonesNellieO.UnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
JonesNewt25 Dec 185903 Aug 1927Maple Hill
JonesNinaB.Unk29 Nov 1978Maple Hill
JonesNolan02 Mar 1917Dec 1982Bone
JonesO.Unk12 Mar 1923Maple Hill
JonesOdelleUnk01 Nov 1939Maple Hill
JonesOdieB.Mrs.Unk03 Dec 1978Maple Hill
JonesOllie02 Feb 190417 Dec 1968Maple Hill
JonesOpalineUnk11 Nov 1927Maple Hill
JonesOvieBarnes03 Feb 192502 May 1998Maple Hill
JonesPareleeS.05 Apr 188309 Jul 1965Charity Baptist Church
JonesPaulE.29 Oct 193403 Jan 2000Northside
JonesPaulUnk23 Oct 1917Maple Hill
JonesPaulUnk11 Apr 1884Maple Hill
JonesPearlM.03 Dec 188326 Nov 1966Neal Chapel
JonesPermeliaA.18441927Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
JonesPhilipUnk02 Apr 1940Maple Hill
JonesPhyllis28 Jul 191604 Sep 2001Maple Hill
JonesPleasa18771952Charity Baptist Church
JonesR.H.07 Feb 185711 May 1937Kennamer
JonesR.M.Unk11 Oct 1870Maple Hill
JonesR.R.MrsUnk01 May 1956Maple Hill
JonesR.VirginiaOct 1926Oct 1996Green Valley
JonesR.W.Unk30 Aug 1956Maple Hill
JonesRaymondF.30 Dec 191718 Oct 1999Maple Hill
JonesRaymondW.08 Oct 189207 Apr 1931Maple Hill
JonesRebeccaF.07 Jan 191113 May 2004Maple Hill
JonesRegina16 Sep 192307 Jul 1924Maple Hill
JonesRiceyMaeUnk17 Feb 1982Maple Hill
JonesRichardE.28 Sep 190211 Jul 1970Kennamer
JonesRichardRhoton01 Jan 190627 Sep 1933Maple Hill
JonesRichard10 Apr 189928 May 1989Brandon
JonesRichardUnk01 Jul 1927Maple Hill
JonesRickeyUnk04 Nov 1943Maple Hill
JonesRobertC.28 Feb 191619 Sep 1970Maple Hill
JonesRobertE.UnkNDDMaple Hill
JonesRobertFranklin15 Feb 186804 Jun 1946Neal Chapel
JonesRobertGraham04 Aug 193111 Apr 2003Maple Hill
JonesRobertGraham17 Nov 192026 May 1985Maple Hill
JonesRobertH.16 Aug 193511 Aug 2005New Sharon
JonesRobertRayUnk13 Apr 1967Maple Hill
JonesRobert06 Jan 192013 Nov 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
JonesRobert17 Sep 193529 Aug 1990Crowson Hill
JonesRobertUnk20 Jan 1955Maple Hill
JonesRollinUnk09 Nov 1882Glenwood
JonesRoosevelt05 May 195505 May 1996St. Ruth
JonesRoosevelt24 May 193726 Jul 2003Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
JonesRosaA.23 Feb 189615 Sep 1983Kennamer
JonesRostonW.03 Jun 189629 Aug 1956Maple Hill
JonesRubyLillace25 Jul 191824 Apr 1926Kennamer
JonesRuthHudsonRhyne18 Apr 189201 Jun 1984Maple Hill
JonesRuthK.15 Sep 192402 Apr 1983Maple Hill
JonesRuth10 Mar 190824 Mar 1974Northside
JonesSallieW.17 Mar 18808 Nov 1955Glenwood
JonesSallie27 Dec 1883May 1976Kennamer
JonesSallyMyrtleUnk07 May 1966Maple Hill
JonesSamW.Unk27 Mar 1956Maple Hill
JonesSam20 Sep 189730 Jun 1964Brandon
JonesSamuelH.04 Aug 187813 Oct 1960Charity Baptist Church
JonesSamuel19 Mar 190518 Mar 1962Kennamer
JonesSarahB.24 Sep 191712 May 1984Maple Hill
JonesSarahM.20 Sep 193427 Nov 2000Brown
JonesSarahMargaret12 Sep 190922 Jul 1999Maple Hill
JonesSarahUnk07 Jun 1892Maple Hill
JonesSarahUnk11 Mar 1888Maple Hill
JonesSertieG.06 Dec 190220 Aug 1994Maple Hill
JonesStellaUnkNDDMaple Hill
JonesStuartH.29 Jun 191622 Dec 2000Maple Hill
JonesSueUnkNDDMaple Hill
JonesSusanR.10 Jan 1957NDDCochran
JonesT.D.Unk17 Apr 1970Maple Hill
JonesT.JeanetteUnk23 Oct 1994Maple Hill
JonesTalleyUnk10 Feb 1928Maple Hill
JonesTannerUnk10 Aug 1930Maple Hill
JonesTelfordE.07 Nov 1923NDDHayden
JonesTennessee21 Jun 190822 Jan 1973Maple Hill
JonesTerryAlan02 Aug 195606 Feb 1993Cochran
JonesThelmaM.Mefford21 Jun 192407 Aug 2005Hayden
JonesThelmaMaeMefford02 Jun 192407 Apr 2005Hayden
JonesTheoC.03 Jun 1922Sep 1945Brandon
JonesThomasAllen19 Sep 194820 Sep 1948Charity Baptist Church
JonesThomasApplewhiteUnk03 Dec 1971Maple Hill
JonesThomasS.10 Jun 190830 Nov 1969Northside
JonesThomasWilliam18 Dec 1876Jan 1958Maple Hill
JonesThomas01 Jan 181809 Jun 1868Jones - New Marker
JonesThomasUnk08 Jul 1939Maple Hill
JonesThurman01 Sep 1935Jan 1979Northside
JonesTicieCarolynBynum17 Oct 189403 Jan 1961Maple Hill
JonesTurnieP.19 Dec 189218 Aug 1976Maple Hill
JonesU.B.18731961Shady Grove
JonesUnkFemaleUnk21 Feb 1893Maple Hill
JonesVeronica27 Apr 195820 Aug 1975Maple Hill
JonesVinnieCothren15 Aug 1900Dec 1978State Line
JonesVirginiaBell02 Aug 192802 Sep 1928Madison Crossroads
JonesVirginia17 Jul 192828 Jun 1977Kennamer
JonesW.L.30 Jun 190902 Jun 1964Charity Baptist Church
JonesW.R.02 Mar 189411 Oct 1967Kennamer
JonesW.R.11 Dec 188505 May 1971Cochran
JonesWalterA.05 Nov 192529 Dec 1972Glenwood
JonesWalterBryan25 Feb 189503 May 1977Maple Hill
JonesWalterLeeUnk14 Nov 1942Maple Hill
JonesWalterNelsonUnk15 Dec 1986Maple Hill
JonesWashUnk13 Mar 1867Maple Hill
JonesWilburnHarveyUnk03 Nov 1955Maple Hill
JonesWilburnUnk29 Jun 1913Maple Hill
JonesWillE.12 Mar 190010 Mar 1953Charity Baptist Church
JonesWillUnk23 Nov 1918Maple Hill
JonesWilliamB.Unk07 Aug 1883Maple Hill
JonesWilliamBrandon02 Dec 189928 Mar 1957Maple Hill
JonesWilliamBrandon02 Dec 189917 May 1997Maple Hill
JonesWilliamD.21 Jun 191520 Aug 1987Maple Hill
JonesWilliamHenryUnk02 Mar 1896Maple Hill
JonesWilliamLeon09 Oct 193328 May 1934Charity Baptist Church
JonesWilliamM.Unk10 May 1937Maple Hill
JonesWilliamOdie29 Jul 191804 Jun 1980Kennamer
JonesWilliamThomas04 Feb 188131 Dec 1935Maple Hill
JonesWilliam13 Feb 185408 May 1942Maple Hill
JonesWillieA.26 Sep 192001 Nov 1986Kennamer
JonesWillieL.20 Nov 190113 Jul 1925Merrimack
JonesWillieLucille14 Dec 191217 May 1988Maple Hill
JonesWillieMaeUnk30 Sep 1989Maple Hill
JonesWylieAmos22 Feb 190721 May 1941Rice
JonesZelmaE.19 Jul 190726 Feb 1980Brown
JonesZulaMae10 Apr 189622 Jul 1980Maple Hill
Jones-MooreLillieMae07 Dec 194419 Mar 2005Valley View Memorial Gardens
JordanA.J.Unk29 Nov 1874Maple Hill
JordanAdaW.28 May 193721 Jul 2003Bone
JordanAdd24 Dec 191625 Jun 1979Northside
JordanAlexDock12 Jan 192613 May 1990Maple Hill
JordanAlex16 Mar 190607 Jun 1977Brandon
JordanAlexUnk25 Feb 1925Maple Hill
JordanAlexanderNapoleon15 Sep 186605 Jan 1938Maple Hill
JordanArieElizabeth11 Apr 191901 Apr 1922Bellview
JordanBeulah02 Dec 189311 Apr 1978Maple Hill
JordanC.Unk13 Sep 1940Maple Hill
JordanCarrolindaUnk30 Jun 1980Maple Hill
JordanCharlesE.Unk16 Jun 1911Jordan - Ryland
JordanCharlesEdwin28 Aug 191502 Sep 1953Ryland
JordanCharlesJ.Unk25 Sep 1939Jordan - Ryland
JordanChildMaleUnk18 Sep 1868Maple Hill
JordanDavidB.21 Mar 193013 Aug 1969Bone
JordanDavid19631969Pine Grove - Deposit
JordanDylanJaredOct 2005Oct 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
JordanEdnaUnk25 Jan 1899Maple Hill
JordanEdwinR.18771903Jordan - Ryland
JordanElbertEugene12 Nov 194716 Nov 1979Maple Hill
JordanEllaL.Unk18 Mar 1912Jordan - Ryland
JordanElyest10 Dec 192131 Aug 1969Center Grove
JordanEthelC.28 Jun 190504 Jul 1977Maple Hill
JordanEugene18 Mar 189404 Aug 1966Bellview
JordanEuniceTeen25 Oct 194316 Nov 1989Neal Chapel
JordanFleming11 Jul 180424 Dec 1882Jordan - Ryland
JordanFleming12 Feb 176312 Aug 1831Jordan - Ryland
JordanFrankE.23 Sep 191819 Jan 1990Penny
JordanFrankUnk20 Jan 1899Maple Hill
JordanG.D.Unk09 Oct 1969Maple Hill
JordanG.Unk04 Oct 1954Maple Hill
JordanGeorgeT.19 Jun 191103 Jul 1960Bone
JordanGlendaJaneUnk04 Aug 1999Maple Hill
JordanGracie23 Nov 192628 Aug 1980Maple Hill
JordanGracieRagland24 Oct 191203 Feb 1994Northside
JordanHaskallUnk22 Dec 1914Maple Hill
JordanHattieJobe21 Apr 189001 Aug 1968Penny
JordanHelen01 Mar 190208 Feb 1980Center Grove
JordanHenry02 May 191807 May 1980Northside
JordanHerbert28 Dec 188905 Jul 1975Center Grove
JordanJamesD.18791897Jordan - Ryland
JordanJamesL.16 Mar 191702 Nov 2005Maple Hill
JordanJamesLloyd20 Apr 194502 Oct 2000Maple Hill
JordanJamesUnk21 Mar 1939Maple Hill
JordanJeffersonDavis07 Jun 186116 Sep 1868Maple Hill
JordanJeffie22 Sep 191919 May 1988Brandon
JordanJessieMary02 Jun 187705 Mar 1945Ryland
JordanJim05 Jan 188806 Oct 1968Center Grove
JordanJoeLouise30 Mar 193520 Jul 1970Northside
JordanJohnMrs.Unk23 Dec 1879Maple Hill
JordanJordanC.30 Nov 186521 Jun 1924Big M Acres on Powell St.
JordanJosephB.15 Sep 193404 Jul 1981Center Grove
JordanJulius26 Jan 191307 Aug 1985Maple Hill
JordanLelandV.08 Oct 192208 Jun 1989Maple Hill
JordanLevon07 Jul 194817 Nov 1953Center Grove
JordanLibbyC.13 Jul 196213 Jul 9162Bone
JordanLoisAnnWhite17 Sep 194823 Mar 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
JordanLouiseUnk08 Jun 1951Maple Hill
JordanLuchienUnk14 Jun 1924Maple Hill
JordanLucyG.Unk30 Nov 1919Jordan - Ryland
JordanLucyJaneMoore03 Aug 180920 Nov 1885Jordan - Ryland
JordanLucyUnk11 Dec 1914Maple Hill
JordanLudoraMaeRoden10 May 189103 Nov 1914Merrimack
JordanM.Alice18671924Jordan - Ryland
JordanM.OpheliaUnk05 Feb 1912Jordan - Ryland
JordanMableM.22 Oct 192315 Mar 1989Bone
JordanMableToney06 Jul 193306 Oct 1974Northside
JordanMaggie17 Jan 185923 Mar 1910Charity Baptist Church
JordanMargaretElizabeth10 Jun 193624 May 1993Bone
JordanMaryD.10 May 180310 Dec 1830Jordan/Lanier
JordanMaryFruzanneGrier07 Feb 190816 Jan 1999Ryland
JordanMaryJaneUnk06 Jul 1991Maple Hill
JordanMaryKatherine15 Jul 192018 Mar 1999Maple Hill
JordanMaryL.Unk11 Jun 1915Jordan - Ryland
JordanMaryL.Unk25 Feb 1950Jordan - Ryland
JordanMaryFruzan18451881Jordan - Ryland
JordanMatthew11 Jan 191524 Sep 1960Bone
JordanMattieCarter09 Jan 187222 Dec 1927Taylor Chapel
JordanMezzieUnk27 Dec 1929Jordan - Ryland
JordanMildredBarnard06 Apr 192828 Aug 2003Valhalla Memory Gardens
JordanMinnieW.18 Nov 187917 Apr 1963Jordan - Ryland
JordanNannie01 Nov 183121 Dec 1879Maple Hill
JordanNedUnk01 Dec 1922Maple Hill
JordanNorris18891979Center Grove
JordanOlaUnk30 Jul 1956Maple Hill
JordanOttis28 Aug 1937Dec 1980Northside
JordanRachelUnk31 May 1930Maple Hill
JordanRilenL.08 Feb 187409 Jan 1957Taylor Chapel
JordanRilenL.22 Feb 190001 Jul 1971Taylor Chapel
JordanRobert19 Apr 1916Jun 1977Northside
JordanRoosevelt07 Nov 194726 Jun 1999Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
JordanRufusE.24 Nov 189425 Feb 1985Maple Hill
JordanSarahJ.Unk20 Feb 1912Jordan - Ryland
JordanSarahUnk05 Sep 1935Maple Hill
JordanThirza12 Nov 189831 Dec 1971Bellview
JordanVirginiaBinford14 Oct 191521 Jun 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
JordanWesleyF.28 Aug 193827 Oct 2005Faith Memorial Park
JordanWilliamA.27 Oct 192629 Jan 1971Bellview
JordanWilliamC.04 Apr 185804 Oct 1927Charity Baptist Church
JordanWilliamMatthew13 Nov 187531 Aug 1940Ryland
JordanWilliamMellette27 Apr 191005 Apr 1970Ryland
JordanWilliamMoore26 Apr 184611 Feb 1924Jordan - Ryland
JordanWilliam18341884Jordan - Ryland
JordanWyatt15 Nov 189024 May 1971Taylor Chapel
JordenAlexUnk28 Dec 1919Maple Hill
JordenBelleUnk28 Feb 1921Maple Hill
JordenMaryUnk30 Jan 1922Maple Hill
JordenWalterUnk16 Jan 1922Maple Hill
JordonJuliusUnk26 Aug 1941Maple Hill
JoyceGilmerUnk29 Aug 1964Maple Hill
JoycePhillipUnk12 Nov 1942Maple Hill
JoynerCarrie08 Jun 189728 Feb 1969Northside
JoynerJohnB.29 Jun 191427 Oct 1986Maple Hill
JoynerJohnL.09 Mar 191825 Aug 1971Northside
JoynerWilliamCarroll15 Feb 1909Sep 1980Northside
JuanaisGuntis11 May 192708 Apr 1983Huntsville Memory Gardens
JuddMattiePearl02 Oct 189623 Dec 1976Maple Hill
JuddTrudieM.Unk05 May 1949Maple Hill
JuddUnkMaleUnk26 Jan 1917Maple Hill
JuddUnkMaleUnk26 Apr 1915Maple Hill
JuddWilliamL.18 Sep 188215 Jan 1966Maple Hill
JudeBen04 Jul 190220 Apr 1983Big Cove
JudeFayetteN.10 Dec 181307 Feb 1836Union Hill
JudeGeorgeJ.14 Dec 178610 Jul 1872Union Hill
JulienLouise04 Jul 189813 Mar 1986Maple Hill
JumbroThomasUnk05 Nov 1937Maple Hill
JumbroUlaUnk04 Nov 1937Maple Hill
JuniorGracieL.20 Nov 191022 Dec 2002Maple Hill
JuniorVirgilB.08 Sep 190711 Nov 1974Maple Hill
JupiterSylviaUnk23 Dec 1999Maple Hill
JustasFannieUnk10 Jan 1929Maple Hill
JusticeAliceJ.11 Mar 192201 Apr 1993Cochran
JusticeBruceAllen12 May 198525 Oct 1989Glover
JusticeDavidW.Unk21 Oct 1961Maple Hill
JusticeDorothyI.09 Aug 192808 Feb 1979Pleas Mount Baptist Church
JusticeEmmaAlneUnk04 May 1965Maple Hill
JusticeHaroldW.17 Oct 195912 Apr 1993Glover
JusticeJamesF.27 Dec 194330 Mar 1996Green Valley
JusticeJamesFrederick02 Feb 192011 Jan 1967Maple Hill
JusticeJamesHenry189115 Nov 1965Maple Hill
JusticeNormaParkerUnk03 Oct 1961Maple Hill

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