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WhalenAnnaTheresaSchloemer24 Oct 192224 Oct 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
WhaleyAnnieSue21 Dec 194516 Jan 1986Hayden
WhaleyJamesQuincyUnk17 Aug 1988Maple Hill
WhartonAnnieD.Unk09 Feb 1997Maple Hill
WhartonElizaUnk30 Dec 1893Maple Hill
WhartonEllenUnk19 Jun 1934Maple Hill
WhartonInfantUnk02 Sep 1951Maple Hill
WhartonJeffreyKen19 May 196522 Feb 1966Brown
WhartonLettieUnk24 Jun 1923Maple Hill
WhartonLonzoLee17 Sep 1937NDDBrown
WhartonMaryElizabeth13 Mar 194404 Apr 1996Brown
WhartonMichaelA.Unk27 Jan 1979Maple Hill
WhartonMildredIreneUnk23 Apr 1993Maple Hill
WhartonPaulR.Unk08 Jul 1965Maple Hill
WhartonRuthUnk22 Jul 1921Maple Hill
WhartonSheilaGail13 Oct 195922 Dec 1959Brown
WhartonThomasW.Unk29 Jul 1978Maple Hill
WhartonWilmaUnk09 Mar 1980Maple Hill
WhatleyHaroldP.Unk21 Jul 1967Maple Hill
WheatElmoT.Unk17 Jun 1991Maple Hill
WheatVeraP.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WheatVeraP.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WheatcroftFrancisUnk10 Apr 1985Maple Hill
WheelerAnnUnk13 Jan 1894Maple Hill
WheelerB.A.Mrs.Unk15 Oct 1897Maple Hill
WheelerB.Unk03 Mar 1928Maple Hill
WheelerCharlesUnk08 Oct 1898Maple Hill
WheelerGeneralP.Unk23 Jul 1983Maple Hill
WheelerJamesUnk24 Feb 1931Maple Hill
WheelerJohnUnk25 Jan 1898Maple Hill
WheelerJosephUnk20 May 1902Maple Hill
WheelerKatieUnk18 Jul 1996Maple Hill
WheelerLenzieUnk10 Jul 1928Maple Hill
WheelerLeslieJoeUnk07 Apr 2006Maple Hill
WheelerLizzieUnk10 Jan 1971Maple Hill
WheelerLutherE.Unk11 Mar 1895Maple Hill
WheelerMaryUnk18 Jul 1941Maple Hill
WheelerMichaelShaun16 Jan 198201 Sep 1982Pleas Mount Baptist Church
WheelerMillieAnnUnk22 Jan 1894Maple Hill
WheelerMollieUnk25 Feb 1924Maple Hill
WheelerSarahUnk05 Dec 1918Maple Hill
WheelerThomasM.Unk30 Oct 1893Maple Hill
WheelerWalterUnk09 Mar 1961Maple Hill
WheelerWilliamB.Unk18 May 1900Maple Hill
WheelerWilliamCliftUnk08 Nov 1949Maple Hill
WheelingJackUnk29 Nov 1948Maple Hill
WhelanCharlesA.Unk01 Jan 1948Maple Hill
WhelanJamesG.Unk06 Oct 1924Maple Hill
WhelanJamesGuyUnk01 Jan 1924Maple Hill
WhelanJohnC.Unk01 Jan 1948Maple Hill
WhelanPatrickUnk24 May 1904Maple Hill
WhelanPeterF.Unk01 Jan 1904Maple Hill
WhelanSarahDunnUnk01 Jan 1918Maple Hill
WhelchelDavidEdwinUnk15 Jul 1975Maple Hill
WherryAlvinHaughton27 Jan 191026 Apr 1993Pine Grove - Deposit
WherryClara19261993Pine Grove - Deposit
WherryDorothyL.18981979Pine Grove - Deposit
WherryFlorence04 Jul 1918May 1980Pine Grove - Deposit
WherryJessieMae23 Jul 192915 Nov 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
WherryMaryElla20 May 188529 Aug 1986Townsend
WherryMollieBaker10 Sep 191326 May 1961Pine Grove - Deposit
WherryNapoleon19031984Pine Grove - Deposit
WherryWillieMaeTownsend03 May 193222 Oct 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
WhetstoneBlancheJ.Unk23 Nov 1982Maple Hill
WhisanteBrianWayne12 Apr 197312 Apr 1973Moon
WhisenantBaxterW.30 Oct 1915NDDBaker - Owens Cross Road
WhisenantDorothyA.Unk06 Sep 1982Maple Hill
WhisenantJamesE.Unk18 Feb 1984Maple Hill
WhisenantL.D.Unk28 Apr 2002Maple Hill
WhisenantLoreneF.01 May 1913NDDBaker - Owens Cross Road
WhitakerAlanUnk27 Mar 1951Maple Hill
WhitakerAnnUnk25 Dec 1996Maple Hill
WhitakerCarlO.Unk22 Nov 1980Maple Hill
WhitakerCharlottCrawleyMay 1877Nov 1927Camp Ground
WhitakerClaraW.Unk11 Jun 1993Maple Hill
WhitakerE.B.G.12 Jun 190015 Jan 1987Hayden
WhitakerElijahJacksonJan 1878Aug 1956Camp Ground
WhitakerGwendolynH.Unk27 Sep 1988Maple Hill
WhitakerHomerO.17 Aug 191415 Oct 1979Moon
WhitakerJamesUnk27 Nov 1958Maple Hill
WhitakerJaneUnkNDDMaple Hill
WhitakerMarthaUnk19 Feb 1961Maple Hill
WhitakerMattieBell189508 Jul 1972Moon
WhitakerMattieKateUnk04 Feb 1968Maple Hill
WhitakerOllieOran30 Jul 189024 Jul 1968Whitaker
WhitakerOscarC.Unk01 Nov 1976Maple Hill
WhitakerRebeccaH.Herrin04 Oct 191705 May 1999Collier - Owens Cross Roads
WhitakerRenaSue27 Sep 193226 Dec 1996Moon
WhitakerRosa24 Aug 190020 Oct 1948Moon
WhitakerSarahA.24 Dec 186227 Jan 1951Bevill
WhitakerTommieAlma03 Aug 190025 Sep 1967Hayden
WhitakerViolaGainer01 Oct 190313 Jun 1973Whitaker
WhiteA.L.Mrs.Unk02 Mar 1887Maple Hill
WhiteA.L.Mrs.Unk28 May 1878Maple Hill
WhiteA.W.Mrs.Unk24 Apr 1960Maple Hill
WhiteA.Unk23 Feb 1915Maple Hill
WhiteAddisonWalkerUnk10 Feb 2004Maple Hill
WhiteAddisonUnk12 Oct 1943Maple Hill
WhiteAddisonUnk15 Sep 1939Maple Hill
WhiteAlbertC.23 Apr 194322 Dec 1993Moon
WhiteAliceS.Unk26 May 2003Maple Hill
WhiteAlvinUnk10 Jun 1964Maple Hill
WhiteAndrewH.Unk02 Oct 1983Maple Hill
WhiteAndrewMichaelUnk18 Mar 2006Maple Hill
WhiteAneyE.03 Jun 183015 Oct 1899St. John
WhiteAnnUnk22 Apr 2001Maple Hill
WhiteAugustineUnk10 Mar 1951Maple Hill
WhiteAvisRodmanUnk27 Nov 1999Maple Hill
WhiteBarbaraFrenchUnk19 Mar 1994Maple Hill
WhiteBennieG.15 Apr 190322 Oct 1978Brown
WhiteBillyJoeUnk04 Mar 2003Maple Hill
WhiteC.Unk09 Oct 1917Maple Hill
WhiteCalvin23 Oct 195022 May 2001Stewart
WhiteCap09 Apr 190830 Mar 1980Stewart
WhiteCarolineUnk07 May 1930Maple Hill
WhiteCarolineUnk12 Jan 1892Maple Hill
WhiteCarolynUnk15 Apr 1984Maple Hill
WhiteCatherineBattle07 Mar 193005 Oct 1993Northside
WhiteCharlesA.Unk12 Jun 1937Maple Hill
WhiteCharlesCleoUnk10 Oct 1937Neal Chapel
WhiteCharlesO.Unk04 Dec 1988Maple Hill
WhiteCharlesUnk06 Mar 1937Maple Hill
WhiteCharlotteUnk23 May 1985Maple Hill
WhiteCorneliaUnk06 Apr 1977Maple Hill
WhiteCurtisAlexanderUnk12 Aug 1979Maple Hill
WhiteD.S.Mrs.Unk01 Jul 1958Maple Hill
WhiteD.Unk18 Oct 1951Maple Hill
WhiteDavidI.Unk24 May 1959Maple Hill
WhiteDavidM.28 Jan 182827 Sep 1880St. John
WhiteDavidUnk29 Nov 1925Maple Hill
WhiteDawsonMrs.Unk15 Sep 1896Maple Hill
WhiteDonaldRichardUnk24 Jun 1944Maple Hill
WhiteE.LouiseUnk26 May 1978Maple Hill
WhiteEarnestUnk29 Dec 1953Maple Hill
WhiteEarnestUnk02 Nov 1931Maple Hill
WhiteEdithBentonUnk12 Nov 1996Maple Hill
WhiteEdmondD.26 Sep 190003 Aug 1962Northside
WhiteElizabethNance10 Oct 191214 Jul 1966Northside
WhiteEllaS.Unk10 Jun 1977Maple Hill
WhiteEllenM.Unk12 Oct 1934Maple Hill
WhiteElviraUnk14 Apr 1933Maple Hill
WhiteErline01 Jun 193320 Nov 1933Brown
WhiteEvaVirginiaUnk22 Oct 1993Maple Hill
WhiteFannieB.Unk09 Aug 1979Maple Hill
WhiteFlorenceLightfoot10 Apr 193421 Feb 1996Center Grove
WhiteFrancesH.01 Jun 194117 Nov 2004Hayden
WhiteFrankUnk20 Jan 1919Maple Hill
WhiteGarryDonaldUnk12 Apr 2002Maple Hill
WhiteGeneRaymondUnk13 Dec 1999Maple Hill
WhiteGeorgeHenryUnk31 May 1968Maple Hill
WhiteGeorgeW.Unk14 Jul 1948Maple Hill
WhiteGeorgeW.Unk24 Jan 1916Maple Hill
WhiteGeorgeUnk04 Dec 1916Maple Hill
WhiteGeorgiaUnk09 Apr 1942Maple Hill
WhiteGloverUnk27 Jan 1953Maple Hill
WhiteGraceD.10 Dec 191009 Nov 1999Kennamer
WhiteGraceTheolaBateyUnk29 Sep 2005Kennamer
WhiteGradyUnkNDDMaple Hill
WhiteGradyUnkNDDMaple Hill
WhiteHallieCantrellUnk29 Oct 1977Maple Hill
WhiteHarryUnk16 Jul 1892Maple Hill
WhiteHenryUnk21 Mar 1951Maple Hill
WhiteHenryUnk12 Dec 1947Maple Hill
WhiteHowardE.25 Feb 191001 Jun 1975Kennamer
WhiteIdaG.11 Sep 191001 Feb 1989Brown
WhiteInfantMaleUnk16 Nov 1941Maple Hill
WhiteInfantSons25 Dec 195114 Apr 1964Kennamer
WhiteJ.B.Unk07 Jul 1885Maple Hill
WhiteJ.Bryan11 Feb 189729 Aug 1970Maple Hill
WhiteJackieUnk04 Oct 1960Maple Hill
WhiteJamesB.Unk05 Oct 1899Maple Hill
WhiteJamesB.Unk03 Apr 1884Maple Hill
WhiteJamesB.Unk28 Apr 1869Maple Hill
WhiteJamesSamuelUnk19 Jan 2001Maple Hill
WhiteJamesW.26 Jan 191705 Oct 1976Northside
WhiteJames03 Dec 190425 Jan 1974Kennamer
WhiteJamesUnk06 Aug 1939Maple Hill
WhiteJamesUnk31 Jan 1871Maple Hill
WhiteJanDeraineUnk28 Nov 2000Maple Hill
WhiteJaneUnk08 Jun 1927Maple Hill
WhiteJanetteUnk04 Sep 1932Maple Hill
WhiteJerryL.01 Apr 195403 Feb 1994Collier - Triana
WhiteJerryUnk30 Dec 1962Maple Hill
WhiteJimmy01 Jul 194922 Aug 1971Northside
WhiteJoannaUnk14 Jul 1975Maple Hill
WhiteJoeWheeler06 Nov 190027 Dec 1969Byrd
WhiteJohnA.Unk30 Dec 1989Maple Hill
WhiteJohnBatesUnk09 Jun 1974Maple Hill
WhiteJohnH.Unk09 Sep 2001Maple Hill
WhiteJohnMayUnk19 Aug 1974Maple Hill
WhiteJohnUnk04 Feb 2002Maple Hill
WhiteJohnUnk26 Dec 1950Maple Hill
WhiteJohnUnk12 Mar 1945Maple Hill
WhiteJosephP.Unk21 May 1977Maple Hill
WhiteJosieB.Unk21 Oct 1979Maple Hill
WhiteJuanitaMcNeillUnk29 Oct 2000Maple Hill
WhiteJuliaUnk22 Jan 1978Maple Hill
WhiteKatieB.06 Nov 191024 Jul 1989Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
WhiteLauraD.06 Jun 188325 Jun 1965Kennamer
WhiteLawrenceWallaceUnk18 Dec 1959Maple Hill
WhiteLawsonW.Unk22 Jul 1969Maple Hill
WhiteLawsonUnk26 Jan 1941Maple Hill
WhiteLenaFlorence23 May 193124 Nov 1955Stewart
WhiteLenaUnk09 Apr 1932Maple Hill
WhiteLillianCorneliaUnk13 Nov 1965Maple Hill
WhiteLillieUnk02 Mar 1921Maple Hill
WhiteLindaF.17 Sep 1946NDDMoon
WhiteLouUnk01 Jan 1904Maple Hill
WhiteLouUnk26 Jan 1953Maple Hill
WhiteLovelleBeeUnk17 Dec 1975Maple Hill
WhiteLucyE.Unk27 Jul 1899Maple Hill
WhiteLucyUnk26 Jul 1939Maple Hill
WhiteLudieMrs.Unk31 May 1975Maple Hill
WhiteMableUnk15 Oct 1895Maple Hill
WhiteMamieEdith26 Feb 190013 Jun 1970Maple Hill
WhiteMargaretE.10 Oct 190925 May 1936Brown
WhiteMargaretFloydUnk12 Dec 1964Maple Hill
WhiteMargaretM.Unk21 Jan 1947Maple Hill
WhiteMarleneG.02 Feb 194804 Feb 1948Kennamer
WhiteMaryEdithUnk07 Jul 1982Maple Hill
WhiteMaryW.Unk19 Nov 1995Maple Hill
WhiteMaryWoodsonUnk20 Mar 1889Maple Hill
WhiteMattieB.Unk04 Apr 1962Maple Hill
WhiteNewtonUnk08 Mar 1913Maple Hill
WhiteNilesConnorUnk24 Dec 2001Maple Hill
WhiteNinaUnk16 Nov 1987Maple Hill
WhiteOliverUnk09 Apr 1924Maple Hill
WhitePaulF.09 Mar 193614 Oct 1973Kennamer
WhitePhoebaK.Albright09 May 194026 Nov 1985Ryland
WhitePhoebeUnk03 Aug 2003Maple Hill
WhiteQ.C.Unk20 Jul 1890Maple Hill
WhiteR.Unk24 Mar 1943Maple Hill
WhiteRachelDorisUnk19 Jan 1962Maple Hill
WhiteRalphE.Unk07 Dec 1993Maple Hill
WhiteRenfroeUnk27 Oct 1980Maple Hill
WhiteRichardWayne13 Nov 192101 Sep 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
WhiteRickyParko17 Aug 196427 Jul 2003Royal
WhiteRobertDoyleUnk19 Mar 1955Maple Hill
WhiteRobertSandersUnk16 Mar 1963Maple Hill
WhiteRobertUnk26 Mar 1969Maple Hill
WhiteRobertUnk24 Jan 1926Maple Hill
WhiteRoceneCrutcher21 Oct 194114 Aug 1974Northside
WhiteRubyA.Unk21 Feb 2000Maple Hill
WhiteRuthIdaUnk17 Apr 2002Maple Hill
WhiteRuthR.Unk28 Jun 1999Maple Hill
WhiteRuthUnk14 Nov 1984Maple Hill
WhiteSallieUnk06 Aug 1944Maple Hill
WhiteSamuelB.15 May 187831 Aug 1959Kennamer
WhiteSarahUnk19 Dec 1945Maple Hill
WhiteShelbyUnk06 Jun 1943Maple Hill
WhiteSulaM.Unk19 Jan 1992Maple Hill
WhiteSusieWithersUnk12 Jan 1893Maple Hill
WhiteSystiniaUnk04 Dec 1919Maple Hill
WhiteTerrilUnk26 Sep 1945Maple Hill
WhiteThelmaUnk16 Jul 1945Maple Hill
WhiteTheolaBatey04 Dec 1930NDDKennamer
WhiteThomasM.Unk30 Apr 1968Maple Hill
WhiteThomasW.Unk30 May 1890Maple Hill
WhiteUnkFemaleUnk28 Oct 1881Maple Hill
WhiteUnkFemaleUnk02 Oct 1878Maple Hill
WhiteUnkFemaleUnk11 Jan 1870Maple Hill
WhiteUnkUnk17 Nov 1957Maple Hill
WhiteUnkUnk14 Feb 1921Maple Hill
WhiteVernonUnk20 Jan 1923Maple Hill
WhiteWhirleyUnk11 Oct 1878Maple Hill
WhiteWilliamClarence22 Sep 196507 Sep 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
WhiteWilliamUnk28 Jun 1946Maple Hill
WhiteWilliamUnk23 Dec 1945Maple Hill
WhiteWilliamUnk02 May 1938Maple Hill
WhiteWilliamUnk28 Jun 1930Maple Hill
WhiteWilliamUnk06 May 1914Maple Hill
WhiteWillieB.05 Feb 190325 Nov 1980Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
WhiteWillieEd21 Dec 191426 Dec 2001St. Ruth
WhiteWinfordEarl18 Sep 196305 Nov 1983Northside
WhiteWinnieP.Unk03 Jul 1987Maple Hill
WhiteZoraWallace20 Feb 192123 Aug 1958Charity Baptist Church
WhiteSidneyUnk11 May 1972Maple Hill
WhiteheadCallieUnk14 Jun 1973Maple Hill
WhiteheadEddieJoe24 Dec 194702 May 2002Taylor
WhiteheadEthelDowdy10 Nov 191521 Mar 1991Brown
WhiteheadIra02 Mar 191107 Mar 1989Brown
WhiteheadJessupJosephUnk12 May 1889Maple Hill
WhiteheadJohnWallace04 Jan 195030 Nov 1996Brown
WhiteheadJordanWallace23 Apr 199823 Apr 1998Gipson
WhiteheadKennethUnk19 Sep 1968Maple Hill
WhiteheadMarionAndrew03 Jan 192324 Apr 1996Taylor
WhiteheadPaulH.22 Jan 191422 Oct 1979Charity Baptist Church
WhitelyHenryUnk14 May 1924Maple Hill
WhitelyMaryE.Nov 185709 Jun 1926Merrimack
WhitesideCharlieUnk18 Feb 1954Maple Hill
WhitesideCorrineUnk26 Jul 1945Maple Hill
WhitesideDorisUnk15 Aug 1978Maple Hill
WhitfieldHelenBlueUnk19 Apr 1994Maple Hill
WhitfieldMarthaUnk06 Mar 1878Maple Hill
WhitfieldW.B.Unk08 Dec 1977Maple Hill
WhitikerLucilleBrowningUnk16 Jul 1956Maple Hill
WhitleyJohnUnk21 May 1928Maple Hill
WhitleyMaryAnnDunn07 Feb 190719 Oct 1934Locust Grove
WhitleyRuthMarieUnk26 Feb 1982Maple Hill
WhitlockEdisonUnk24 Aug 2005Maple Hill
WhitlockEuniceUnk28 Aug 1987Maple Hill
WhitlockLutherUnk27 Dec 1955Maple Hill
WhitlowJimUnk22 Apr 1984Maple Hill
WhitmanAda28 Mar 187307 Feb 1962Pine Grove - Deposit
WhitmanBob17 Jun 1891Nov 1979Pine Grove - Deposit
WhitmanFannie22 Feb 184302 Dec 1917Cochran
WhitmanFrankLee08 Oct 192807 Dec 1953Penny
WhitmanJohnP.08 Nov 184317 Sep 1894Cochran
WhitmanMattiePatton18 Dec 193107 Aug 1979Bloucher Ford
WhitmanRobertH.04 Mar 184825 Apr 1908Cochran
WhitmanSamMilton19 Mar 192402 Nov 1974Bloucher Ford
WhitmanThomasM.28 Feb 180304 Mar 1919Pine Grove - Deposit
WhitmanViolaUnk24 Oct 1941Maple Hill
WhitneyJoyUnk18 Aug 1998Maple Hill
WhitsettMaryUnk08 Sep 1884Maple Hill
WhitsonLulaAnnUnk02 May 1981Maple Hill
WhittAlmaUnk29 Nov 1973Maple Hill
WhittBessieUnk02 Aug 1930Maple Hill
WhittClarenceF.Unk15 Jun 1991Maple Hill
WhittEddieW.Unk19 Jan 1967Maple Hill
WhittEddieUnk18 May 1966Maple Hill
WhittEllaC.03 Jun 188122 Dec 1941Madison Crossroads
WhittElmerUnkNDDMaple Hill
WhittEmmett07 May 188410 Dec 1943Madison Crossroads
WhittFannieLouUnk21 Mar 1958Maple Hill
WhittFrankE.Unk13 Feb 1980Maple Hill
WhittHerman21 Oct 190722 May 1987Huntsville Memory Gardens
WhittIdaPearlUnk20 Apr 1996Maple Hill
WhittJackieLynn21 Oct 196122 May 1997Byrd
WhittJesseC.Unk13 Mar 1957Maple Hill
WhittJesseE.Unk22 Dec 1998Maple Hill
WhittJosephE.14 Aug 192612 Oct 1926Madison Crossroads
WhittLeeWilsonUnk23 Jan 1988Maple Hill
WhittLenaUnk08 Nov 1976Maple Hill
WhittLucilleC.Douglas24 Dec 191515 Apr 1992Huntsville Memory Gardens
WhittMyrtleCampbell25 Apr 188811 Sep 1943Concord
WhittRaymondL.12 Jan 193206 Feb 1932Merrimack
WhittRichardD.13 Jun 196705 Nov 1971Plainview
WhittRoyLee02 Nov 192620 Oct 1989Cloud
WhittRozellaEllaCampbell03 Jan 188122 Dec 1941Madison Crossroads
WhittThursiaL.Unk27 Mar 1980Maple Hill
WhittW.Jeanette28 Nov 1933NDDCloud
WhittWindelUnk18 Apr 1946Maple Hill
WhittakerAnnieUnk25 Mar 1883Maple Hill
WhittenCharlieS.Mrs.Unk20 Jun 1948Maple Hill
WhittenMarySylviaUnk13 Jun 1997Maple Hill
WhittenSolonL.Unk25 Oct 1890Maple Hill
WhittenSolonUnk21 Mar 1923Maple Hill
WhittingMaryHowardUnk15 Nov 1957Maple Hill
WhitworthAlbertaL.Unk16 Sep 1982Maple Hill
WhitworthArthurUnk29 Oct 1900Maple Hill
WhitworthEmmaV.25 Feb 187425 May 1929Madison
WhitworthEricKyle01 Oct 197928 Feb 2002Madison
WhitworthH.C.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WhitworthJaniceUnk08 Feb 1983Maple Hill
WhitworthJohnD.06 Sep 186924 Nov 1955Madison
WhitworthKennethR.19401961Huntsville Memory Gardens
WhitworthL.H.07 Aug 193424 Jul 2003Huntsville Memory Gardens
WhitworthMattieA.14 Jan 186805 Jul 1936Madison
WhitworthMildred05 Nov 184312 Dec 1923Madison
WhitworthMildred14 Apr 190218 Jul 1990Madison
WhitworthOlaJ.19161995Huntsville Memory Gardens
WhitworthSamuelO.19171989Huntsville Memory Gardens
WhitworthTanyaHallUnk11 Nov 2003Maple Hill
WhitworthWilliamArchie30 Mar 186809 Apr 1937Madison
WhitwothBerniceUnkNDDBethel/Old Bethel
WhitwothNancyAnnBrannon22 Apr 184422 Oct 1903Bethel/Old Bethel
WhorterInfantUnk27 Oct 1954Maple Hill
WhortonAnna17 Jan 191311 Aug 1913Ebenezer
WhortonArvieT.18911958Neal Chapel
WhortonDavidAlan13 Jul 194910 Aug 1950Neal Chapel
WhortonEarnest19231972Neal Chapel
WhortonEllenE.19011975Neal Chapel
WhortonEllenL.19011975Neal Chapel
WhortonFloyd28 Mar 192905 Feb 1994Neal Chapel
WhortonInfantMaleUnk16 May 1941Neal Chapel
WhortonJaniceRuthUnk28 Jan 1950Maple Hill
WhortonJosephT.22 May 192111 Aug 1982Neal Chapel
WhortonLeoThomas04 Dec 191925 Oct 1991Neal Chapel
WhortonMaggie20 Mar 192614 Jul 2003Neal Chapel
WhortonNellieFaye13 Jun 193719 Jun 1937Neal Chapel
WhortonRobertEzellUnk25 Jan 2005Neal Chapel
WhortonRobertF.Unk21 Dec 1948Maple Hill
WhortonWillieRay13 Jun 193731 Aug 1987Neal Chapel
WhortorJohnnieWayneUnk18 Feb 1948Maple Hill
WhortorMinnieUnk27 Mar 1925Maple Hill
WhyteAllaMaeUnk11 Oct 1964Maple Hill
WhyteJamesUnk07 Mar 1940Maple Hill
WhyteJohnUnk17 Nov 1955Maple Hill
WhyteSharronKayUnk21 Jan 1969Maple Hill
WhyteSusieUnk09 Aug 1927Maple Hill
WickerElbaGardiner02 Jul 188320 Oct 1968Ebenezer
WidenerNeleyUnk23 Jun 1929Maple Hill
WidinerM.Unk22 Feb 1922Maple Hill
WidnerCynthiaUnk15 Aug 1933Maple Hill
WidnerDoraUnk24 Sep 1960Maple Hill
WidnerElsieD.15 Jun 192915 Jun 1929Merrimack
WidnerElsieM.Unk25 Jun 1989Maple Hill
WidnerElsieMaeUnk12 Mar 2001Maple Hill
WidnerFlorenceUnk17 Sep 1899Maple Hill
WidnerFrankUnk31 Dec 1976Maple Hill
WidnerFredL.Unk06 Apr 1986Maple Hill
WidnerGordonHowardUnk12 May 1995Maple Hill
WidnerGreenW.Unk26 Jul 1937Maple Hill
WidnerHenryW.Unk01 Jul 1924Maple Hill
WidnerHermanT.Unk14 Nov 1960Maple Hill
WidnerHormanRichardUnk20 Jul 1994Maple Hill
WidnerLillieB.Unk23 Feb 1990Maple Hill
WidnerMaryUnk21 Feb 1939Maple Hill
WidnerMattieF.Unk29 Mar 1999Maple Hill
WidnerMelvinUnk06 Oct 1946Maple Hill
WidnerPearlUnk14 Feb 1976Maple Hill
WidnerSladeUnk01 Jan 1914Maple Hill
WidnerVirgilUnk22 Apr 1962Maple Hill
WiederechtFabianUnk18 Sep 2003Maple Hill
WigGeorgeUnk20 Sep 1984Maple Hill
WigginsAnnElizaDunn31 May 181118 Aug 1840Wiggins
WigginsDoraUnk29 Nov 1945Maple Hill
WigginsJackeyGilliamDunn08 Dec 180904 Feb 1860Wiggins
WigginsJames24 Jul 177324 Aug 1834Wiggins
WigginsJohnD.09 Sep 184214 Dec 1842Wiggins
WigginsJunius16 Dec 1851Sep 1858?Wiggins
WigginsMaryLouisa31 Aug 183009 Aug 1834Wiggins
WigginsRichard05 Apr 184623 May 1847Wiggins
WigginsSallyW.Apr 178109 Jan 1842Wiggins
WigginsSarah01 Aug 184020 Sep 1842Wiggins
WigginsWilliamR.22 Nov 1838Sep 1839Wiggins
WiggsA.R.Unk10 May 1879Maple Hill
WigingtonRubyUnk04 Nov 1932Maple Hill
WigleyAnnieLouUnk25 Jan 1970Maple Hill
WigleyEdgarUnk08 Jun 1979Maple Hill
WigleyInfantUnk16 Apr 1952Maple Hill
WigleyMargaretUnk17 Aug 1944Maple Hill
WigleyMyrtleAnnUnk07 Dec 1963Maple Hill
WigleyThelmaLouiseUnk07 Jan 2002Maple Hill
WikleA.M.Unk03 Mar 1976Maple Hill
WikleA.MelvinUnk25 May 1996Maple Hill
WikleAnnB.Unk10 Mar 1990Maple Hill
WikleCliffordO.Unk05 Sep 1979Maple Hill
WikleEdvaR.Unk21 Jul 1981Maple Hill
WikleFannieLacyUnk02 May 1989Maple Hill
WikleH.C.Unk14 Aug 1982Maple Hill
WikleIsabelleG.Unk27 Aug 1974Maple Hill
WikleJaneUnk25 Sep 1939Maple Hill
WikleJesseOllieUnk22 Jul 1950Maple Hill
WikleJessieC.Unk25 Aug 2000Maple Hill
WikleLutherMiltonUnk08 Apr 2006Maple Hill
WikleLutherUnk16 Aug 1941Maple Hill
WikleMargaretUnk05 Mar 2003Maple Hill
WikleMerrittL.Unk03 Apr 2004Maple Hill
WikleMerrittUnk07 Nov 1990Maple Hill
WikleMerrittUnk05 Jan 1923Maple Hill
WikleOraBroyles13 Jun 188820 Nov 1972Madison
WikleWaltonD.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WikmanArtherUnk14 Oct 1900Maple Hill
WilbanksBobbieUnk02 Jan 1971Maple Hill
WilbanksCallieM.18 Nov 189705 Sep 1968Bevill
WilbanksEmmaElizabethUnk05 Apr 2006Maple Hill
WilbanksGennieM.22 Feb 192504 Feb 1992Plainview
WilbanksHomzieLee19 May 192030 Jul 2000Plainview
WilbanksJesseN.Unk23 Aug 2000Maple Hill
WilbanksJohnH.18 Dec 187120 Jun 1954Charity Baptist Church
WilbanksJonnieE.13 Oct 194620 Jul 1947Camp Ground
WilbanksJosephineFinley02 Jan 188418 Nov 1972Charity Baptist Church
WilbanksLizzieBellUnk14 Sep 1983Maple Hill
WilbanksMattieL.01 Aug 191212 Sep 1980Byrd
WilbanksMattieUnk26 Apr 1893Maple Hill
WilbanksMillard18 Aug 192022 Jan 1999Camp Ground
WilbanksPhilipMillandUnk02 Mar 1962Maple Hill
WilbanksRenneyUnk22 Dec 1972Maple Hill
WilbanksRuthieJane31 Aug 187508 Mar 1915Charity Baptist Church
WilbanksShelbyUnk19 Jul 1983Maple Hill
WilbanksShelbyUnk26 Mar 1945Maple Hill
WilbanksUnkFemaleUnk01 Jan 1884Maple Hill
WilbanksW.Unk08 Aug 1950Maple Hill
WilbanksWallace14 Feb 191028 Jun 1969Byrd
WilbanksWalterB.Unk05 Feb 1977Maple Hill
WilbanksWilliamJ.Unk13 Jul 1995Maple Hill
WilbournAdaFlorence11 Jul 187514 Jul 1940Pleas Mount Baptist Church
WilbournAnnieM.10 Aug 191014 Jan 1941Hayden
WilbournAprilLynn31 Jan 197707 Mar 1991Ragsdale
WilbournBillyJ.25 Nov 193920 Aug 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
WilbournDorisUnk03 Apr 1976Maple Hill
WilbournEarvinJ.20 Mar 193120 Aug 2000Ryland
WilbournEnithJ.Unk19 Mar 1998Maple Hill
WilbournGenevaLeaUnk20 Jul 1986Maple Hill
WilbournGradyUnk01 Jun 1989Maple Hill
WilbournHenry17 Mar 191421 May 1978Charity Baptist Church
WilbournHollie18781925Fords Chapel
WilbournInezUnk08 Jul 1957Maple Hill
WilbournJ.N.Unk16 Nov 2002Maple Hill
WilbournJamesN.Unk15 Nov 1982Maple Hill
WilbournJamesTreyUnk23 Feb 1991Maple Hill
WilbournJenelle06 Nov 195127 Jan 1998Ragsdale
WilbournJessieUnk04 Mar 1997Maple Hill
WilbournJoeUnk26 Mar 1987Maple Hill
WilbournKatieMaeUnk27 Dec 1987Maple Hill
WilbournLassieOlaUnk30 Jul 1980Maple Hill
WilbournLeonaUnk28 Jul 1985Maple Hill
WilbournMaryEllaUnk31 Dec 2003Maple Hill
WilbournMaryL.12 Oct 185915 Nov 1914Baker - Greenfield
WilbournMaxieUnk31 Mar 2003Maple Hill
WilbournPearlineI.28 Sep 192011 Apr 1969Charity Baptist Church
WilbournPress18751928Fords Chapel
WilbournRoxieMaeUnk06 Jul 2002Maple Hill
WilbournSamUnk11 Dec 1985Maple Hill
WilbournZellaMaeAnderson27 Aug 193106 Aug 2005Moon
WilbourneCoraUnk15 Nov 1975Maple Hill
WilbourneInfant26 Nov 193226 Nov 1932Merrimack
WilburLettieBelleUnk01 Sep 1983Maple Hill
WilburnBeatriceB.06 Apr 191009 Feb 1980Charity Baptist Church
WilburnBirdieC.30 Mar 192004 Aug 2001Madison Crossroads
WilburnBurlJ.23 Jun 191105 Oct 1987Charity Baptist Church
WilburnC.P.04 Feb 188307 Feb 1919Ready
WilburnCharlesBassettUnk04 Jul 1958Maple Hill
WilburnClarence11 Aug 190720 May 1929Shady Grove
WilburnDanielRay23 Sep 195030 Apr 1989Madison Crossroads
WilburnElizabeth22 Apr 185127 Oct 1919Madison Crossroads
WilburnEmanuel30 Oct 186221 Jan 1955Glenwood
WilburnEzellar05 Dec 188925 May 1917Madison Crossroads
WilburnHoraceL.C.12 Nov 192210 Jan 1992Fords Chapel
WilburnInfant08 Aug 190808 Aug 1908Madison Crossroads
WilburnJamesC.17 Jun 184609 Sep 1905Madison Crossroads
WilburnJoeUnk24 Dec 1963Maple Hill
WilburnJohnKerry05 Aug 196426 Aug 1987Charity Baptist Church
WilburnLula23 Apr 189728 Oct 1980Charity Baptist Church
WilburnMargaretUnk16 Jun 1931Maple Hill
WilburnMaryW.21 May 1890NDDShady Grove
WilburnMyrtleUnk30 Dec 1931Maple Hill
WilburnOwvelE.06 Sep 191410 Feb 1990Madison Crossroads
WilburnRobertB.19 Oct 188110 Nov 1953Charity Baptist Church
WilburnSarahElizabethUnk24 Jun 2004Maple Hill
WilburnShellie17 Jul 193421 Feb 1997Neal Chapel
WilburnUnk12 Nov 192712 Nov 1927Ryland
WilburnWilliamI.UnkNDDShady Grove
WilcoxGeorgeUnk04 Jan 1944Maple Hill
WilcoxGermonUnk15 Dec 1942Maple Hill
WilcoxVirgilLincolnUnk19 Mar 1975Maple Hill
WilcoxonSaraW.Unk17 Dec 1992Maple Hill
WildeFrancesMcArthurUnk15 Oct 1972Maple Hill
WildeGeorgeWilliamUnk17 Sep 1968Maple Hill
WildeHildredLoweUnk10 Jan 1978Maple Hill
WilderAnnieUnk12 Apr 1976Maple Hill
WilderArchieUnk14 Oct 1984Maple Hill
WilderEdnaUnk24 Feb 1946Maple Hill
WilderEstherD.Unk26 Jun 1977Maple Hill
WilderFrederickWilliamUnk02 Dec 1961Maple Hill
WilderFrederickUnk24 Apr 1936Maple Hill
WilderHezekiah12 Oct 181026 Jan 1891Pleas Mount Baptist Church
WilderInfantFemale26 Apr 189926 Apr 1899Pleas Mount Baptist Church
WilderJoeUnk27 Jul 1981Maple Hill
WilderMarindaK.22 Feb 183227 Jun 1902Ragsdale
WilderRobertE.Unk04 Oct 1990Maple Hill
WilderRobertUnkNDDMaple Hill
WilderRuthFrancesUnk06 May 1992Maple Hill
WilderThomasLecroyUnk11 Jan 1959Maple Hill
WilderUnkMaleUnk20 Dec 1903Maple Hill
WilderViolaKircusUnk12 Aug 1999Maple Hill
WildesCharlesR.Unk09 Feb 1996Maple Hill
WildmanJeffryThomas LynUnk23 Sep 1975Maple Hill
WileySonyaReneeUnk25 Jul 1981Maple Hill
WileyTommyRichardUnk23 Jan 1972Maple Hill
WilhelmAlonzaH.07 Dec 188514 Aug 1978Hayden
WilhelmAnnie13 Nov 189309 Apr 1991Hayden
WilhelmDwightMoodyUnk15 Nov 1977Maple Hill
WilhelmGeorgeM.Unk13 Mar 1896Maple Hill
WilhelmLillianDavisUnk22 Dec 1998Maple Hill
WilhelmM.L.14 Oct 1925NDDHayden
WilhelmMattieL.03 Nov 188615 Oct 1925Hayden
WilhelmNannieR.02 Sep 186809 Jul 1909Bethel/Old Bethel
WilhelmRubyM.08 Mar 1926NDDHayden
WilhelmStephanieAnneUnk04 Oct 1980Maple Hill
WilhiteErnestT.Unk15 Sep 1960Maple Hill
WilkersonIdaE.Unk13 Nov 2002Maple Hill
WilkersonJamesMichael28 Dec 195825 Apr 2003Brown
WilkersonJamesW.Unk03 Jan 1959Maple Hill
WilkersonMarthaAnnUnk23 Feb 1999Maple Hill
WilkersonOwenM.22 Oct 190415 Dec 1966Maple Hill
WilkersonVernonUnk22 Dec 1917Maple Hill
WilkesAliceLeeUnk14 Feb 1960Maple Hill
WilkesBradUnk21 May 1972Maple Hill
WilkesEdaPearl21 Aug 192522 Aug 1925Merrimack
WilkesEvelynD.Unk15 Jan 1979Maple Hill
WilkesFredUnk23 Nov 1918Maple Hill
WilkesGeorgeUnk07 Nov 1969Maple Hill
WilkesHenryUnk24 Oct 1950Maple Hill
WilkesIraB.09 Jan 189011 May 1964Maple Hill
WilkesJessieF.Unk27 Aug 1989Maple Hill
WilkesJohnS.18 Oct 187205 Feb 1956Merrimack
WilkesJohnWilliamNov 185015 Sep 1923Merrimack
WilkesKennethJ.Unk25 Dec 1982Maple Hill
WilkesLeslieB.Unk06 Aug 1984Maple Hill
WilkesMyraR.Unk30 Aug 1977Maple Hill
WilkesNedaMurl21 Aug 192501 Dec 1926Merrimack
WilkesVictoriaBell13 Dec 187517 Feb 1948Merrimack
WilkesWilliamI.Unk23 Jun 1995Maple Hill
WilkesWilliamI.Unk23 Jul 1957Maple Hill
WilkieMichaelUnk13 Apr 2001Maple Hill
WilkinJanieUnk15 Aug 1900Maple Hill
WilkinsCrecyUnk10 Jan 1915Maple Hill
WilkinsHenriettaM.10 Nov 190008 Feb 1987Northside
WilkinsSmithUnk16 Mar 1902Maple Hill
WilkinsStanleyC.Unk05 Nov 1986Maple Hill
WilkinsonBenjaminUnk22 Feb 1922Maple Hill
WilkinsonClarenceUnk16 Mar 1973Maple Hill
WilkinsonClarenceUnk19 Mar 1973Maple Hill
WilkinsonCoraM.Unk03 Jan 1990Maple Hill
WilkinsonDewieMaeUnk26 Apr 1981Maple Hill
WilkinsonDorthiaUnk26 Nov 1928Maple Hill
WilkinsonGeorgeS.Unk25 May 1937Maple Hill
WilkinsonGeorgeUnk05 Dec 1983Maple Hill
WilkinsonIlaC.Unk08 Sep 1996Maple Hill
WilkinsonIraUnk21 Oct 1962Maple Hill
WilkinsonJamesC.Unk28 Sep 1988Maple Hill
WilkinsonJohnLeeUnk07 May 1968Maple Hill
WilkinsonJosephineUnk11 Aug 1922Maple Hill
WilkinsonKateUnk06 Aug 1943Maple Hill
WilkinsonLeeColeUnk24 Apr 1949Maple Hill
WilkinsonLeonUnk10 Jan 1959Maple Hill
WilkinsonLucilleUnk28 Oct 1965Maple Hill
WilkinsonMargueriteUnk27 Nov 1939Maple Hill
WilkinsonMaryEthelUnk18 May 1968Maple Hill
WilkinsonMasonUnk03 Nov 1918Maple Hill
WilkinsonRobertM.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WilkinsonWilliamT.Unk02 Oct 1976Maple Hill
WilkinsonWilliamUnk19 Mar 1972Maple Hill
WillardA.D.Unk16 Jul 1974Maple Hill
WillardAnnieRachelUnk15 Jan 1968Maple Hill
WillardBrooksieUnk13 Oct 1984Maple Hill
WillardCharlesR.Unk27 Jan 1968Maple Hill
WillardInfantUnk24 Nov 1968Maple Hill
WillardJamesEdwardUnk14 Oct 1986Maple Hill
WillardM.Unk14 Jul 1955Maple Hill
WillardMaggieLeeUnk08 Jul 1989Maple Hill
WillardMargaretEllenUnk24 May 1896Maple Hill
WillardMargaretMelsonUnk06 Feb 2006Maple Hill
WillardMaryW.Unk20 Jun 1958Maple Hill
WillburnMark03 Nov 196103 Nov 1961Brown
WillcottBirthaUnk25 Jan 1902Maple Hill
WillerfordEvelynGatesUnk08 Apr 1980Maple Hill
WillerfordHenryF.Unk29 Jan 1966Maple Hill
WillettEmmettE.Unk18 Jun 1964Maple Hill
WillettJennieUnk15 Jan 1915Maple Hill
WillettJohnUnk25 May 1915Maple Hill
WillettMaggieUnk18 Jun 1970Maple Hill
WillettW.Unk07 Aug 1950Maple Hill
WillfordAmandaUnk14 Dec 1929Maple Hill
WillhiteGordonUnk19 Jun 1969Maple Hill
WilliamCecilUnk22 Nov 1916Maple Hill
WilliamJamesE.Unk27 Jul 1923Maple Hill
WilliamRichardUnk27 Jun 1930Maple Hill
WilliamThornie191418 Feb 1950Bone
WilliamsA.G.Unk12 Dec 1979Maple Hill
WilliamsAaronUnk14 Jul 1946Maple Hill
WilliamsAlonzoC.18861943Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
WilliamsAlonzoIrvin22 Jan 187721 Mar 1961Esslinger
WilliamsAlvanUnk29 Dec 1917Maple Hill
WilliamsAndrewUnk19 Oct 1920Maple Hill
WilliamsAnnBirchfield18951967Pleas Mount Baptist Church
WilliamsAnnUnk30 Mar 1978Maple Hill
WilliamsAnnaLeeUnk27 Oct 1995Maple Hill
WilliamsAnnaUnk19 Apr 1975Maple Hill
WilliamsAnnaUnk18 Jul 1893Maple Hill
WilliamsAnnieG.Unk26 May 2002Maple Hill
WilliamsAnnieLou08 Oct 189822 Feb 1963Fords Chapel
WilliamsAnnieUnk01 Feb 1955Maple Hill
WilliamsArthurL.09 Jul 193306 Oct 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
WilliamsB.E.Unk06 Jun 1879Ready
WilliamsBascombMrs.Unk16 Jun 1884Maple Hill
WilliamsBeatrice02 Mar 192207 Aug 1981Northside
WilliamsBeatrice23 Sep 1930NDDBrown
WilliamsBeatriceUnk07 May 1934Maple Hill
WilliamsBeatriceUnk26 Dec 1927Maple Hill
WilliamsBentonE.09 Feb 187331 Oct 1960Ready
WilliamsBerthaW.Unk14 Jan 1973Maple Hill
WilliamsBeviaM.28 Mar 191905 Nov 1954New Sharon
WilliamsBillyE.05 Jan 193523 Jan 1997Fowlkes
WilliamsBillyRay03 Jul 193614 Jul 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
WilliamsC.M.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WilliamsC.Unk02 May 1921Maple Hill
WilliamsCharlesA.16 Mar 1925NDDBrown
WilliamsCharlesC.Unk17 Oct 1991Maple Hill
WilliamsCharlesDickson23 Jun 183411 Jun 1922Collier - Owens Cross Roads
WilliamsCharlesDixon11 Jun 190327 Feb 1975Byrd
WilliamsCharlesF.Unk29 Jan 1978Maple Hill
WilliamsCharlesJ.18751938Madison Crossroads
WilliamsCharlesUnk26 Dec 1919Maple Hill
WilliamsChildUnk27 Jan 1869Maple Hill
WilliamsChristine15 Mar 190906 Feb 1996Charity Baptist Church
WilliamsClarenceDesso04 Nov 193530 Jan 1945Camp Ground
WilliamsClydeUnk18 May 1963Maple Hill
WilliamsConellaUnk05 Jan 1979Maple Hill
WilliamsConellaUnk05 Jan 1979Maple Hill
WilliamsConstanceAnnUnk11 Jun 1990Maple Hill
WilliamsCoraReed18981964Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
WilliamsCora22 Jan 191230 May 1981Northside
WilliamsDanE.Unk16 Feb 2001Maple Hill
WilliamsDanielP.Unk24 Dec 1973Maple Hill
WilliamsDavidA.01 Sep 195815 Mar 1992Ryland
WilliamsDavidDewayne14 Dec 197103 Apr 1990Moon
WilliamsDavidLewis09 Nov 1957NDDMoon
WilliamsDavidM.06 Oct 195316 Oct 2005Fords Chapel
WilliamsDavid09 Jul 194120 Nov 2003Oakwood Memorial Gardens
WilliamsDavid13 Mar 191131 Jul 1995Baker - Owens Cross Road
WilliamsDelilahCampbell16 Apr 184127 Apr 1884Miller
WilliamsDeloraUnk03 Mar 1918Maple Hill
WilliamsDeweyM.Unk27 Jul 1899Maple Hill
WilliamsDorothyA.Unk15 Nov 1929Maple Hill
WilliamsDorothyB.19492000Crowson Hill
WilliamsDorothyW.Unk17 May 2003Maple Hill
WilliamsDorothyThomas28 Nov 191616 Dec 1917Browning
WilliamsDorothyFrenchUnk21 Jan 2001Maple Hill
WilliamsDovieH.18771960Madison Crossroads
WilliamsEarnestUnk23 Oct 1931Maple Hill
WilliamsEddieCarolynUnk11 Jul 1995Maple Hill
WilliamsEddie29 Aug 194205 Jul 1988Northside
WilliamsEdgarRandUnk19 Jun 1999Maple Hill
WilliamsEdgarUnk17 Feb 1934Maple Hill
WilliamsEffieUnk31 Oct 1972Maple Hill
WilliamsElijahG.Unk02 Mar 1993Maple Hill
WilliamsElisabeth22 Aug 183619 Jan 1909Collier - Owens Cross Roads
WilliamsEliza20 Aug 189001 Jul 1899Madison
WilliamsElizabethC.01 Jan 189227 May 1978New Sharon
WilliamsElizabethGertrudeUnk24 Jan 2006Maple Hill
WilliamsElizabethMoon18 Oct 184022 Sep 1880Jenkins
WilliamsEllaMaeUnk05 May 1984Maple Hill
WilliamsElvert03 May 195306 Jun 2003Oakwood Memorial Gardens
WilliamsEmelineHall08 Jun 183708 Jan 1902Ready
WilliamsEmmaT.Unk12 Aug 1969Maple Hill
WilliamsEmmaUnk02 Nov 1885Maple Hill
WilliamsEphrian11 Oct 181110 Jul 1897Ready
WilliamsEstoreUnk27 Nov 1922Maple Hill
WilliamsEthelFayeUnk30 Dec 1994Maple Hill
WilliamsExieB.25 Mar 191801 Sep 1931Concord
WilliamsEzelleJ.23 Apr 191428 Nov 1974Northside
WilliamsFelixUnk15 Jul 1988Maple Hill
WilliamsFlorenceUnk03 Dec 1932Maple Hill
WilliamsFrancesMarionUnk01 Nov 1999Maple Hill
WilliamsGene24 Dec 191109 Feb 1996Madison Crossroads
WilliamsGeorgeJosephUnk01 Mar 1977Maple Hill
WilliamsGeorgeWashington10 Mar 183826 May 1905Miller
WilliamsGeorgeUnk23 Feb 1920Maple Hill
WilliamsGordonUnk20 Apr 1941Maple Hill
WilliamsGwenUnk22 Nov 1966Maple Hill
WilliamsHarrisonUnk11 Jan 1978Maple Hill
WilliamsHarryS.Unk12 Sep 1972Maple Hill
WilliamsHenryTaylor08 Oct 191511 Feb 1989Huntsville Memory Gardens
WilliamsHerbertE.Unk08 Sep 1981Maple Hill
WilliamsHermanIsac24 Jan 190726 Jul 1908Esslinger
WilliamsHiramUnk30 Aug 1955Maple Hill
WilliamsHobertE.28 Dec 190522 Mar 1988Fowlkes
WilliamsHubertH.Unk15 Jun 1979Maple Hill
WilliamsInfant05 Sep 191411 Sep 1914Jenkins
WilliamsInfantUnk10 Mar 1953Maple Hill
WilliamsIzoraLacy08 Jun 190824 Jun 1949Brown
WilliamsJ.A.Unk07 Dec 1961Maple Hill
WilliamsJ.B.20 Nov 183603 Jan 1908Moore-Holmes
WilliamsJ.Unk08 May 1952Maple Hill
WilliamsJ.Unk27 Jan 1933Maple Hill
WilliamsJack09 Mar 192712 Apr 1969Byrd
WilliamsJamesDelbertUnk05 Nov 1975Maple Hill
WilliamsJamesE.Unk11 Feb 1967Maple Hill
WilliamsJamesGodfreyUnk03 Dec 1956Maple Hill
WilliamsJamesH.25 Jul 191114 Apr 1928Ready
WilliamsJamesHenryUnk07 Jan 2006Maple Hill
WilliamsJamesLouis09 Apr 194016 Jun 1964Camp Ground
WilliamsJamesNathanUnk06 Nov 1993Maple Hill
WilliamsJames18941971Pleas Mount Baptist Church
WilliamsJamesUnk08 Apr 1921Maple Hill
WilliamsJennieE.18 Oct 189719 Apr 1974Northside
WilliamsJenningUnk19 Jul 1931Maple Hill
WilliamsJessieSue30 Apr 188402 Dec 1953Fowlkes
WilliamsJnoWesleyUnk01 Dec 1979Maple Hill
WilliamsJoeUnk13 Jan 1898Maple Hill
WilliamsJohnB.Unk18 Nov 1959Maple Hill
WilliamsJohnM.14 Feb 1896Aug 1977Bone
WilliamsJohnW.Unk29 Nov 1898Maple Hill
WilliamsJohnnieUnk29 May 1920Maple Hill
WilliamsJosephS.14 Feb 188106 May 1965Fowlkes
WilliamsJosephUnk07 May 1979Maple Hill
WilliamsJosephineMar 185131 Jan 1919St. Ruth
WilliamsJosieUnk18 Feb 1975Maple Hill
WilliamsJuliaL.24 Nov 191715 May 2002Baker - Owens Cross Road
WilliamsKatherineDeloresUnk13 Sep 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
WilliamsKathrynUnk04 May 2000Maple Hill
WilliamsKatieM.03 Dec 189325 Jul 1982Moon
WilliamsKevinLee11 Jul 197511 Jul 1975Kennamer
WilliamsKisarahLovis13 Jan 181315 Sep 1897Jenkins
WilliamsKisiah27 Jun 189331 Jul 1894Madison
WilliamsL.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WilliamsLauraAnn24 Jan 196404 May 1964Camp Ground
WilliamsLawsonUnk27 Feb 1951Maple Hill
WilliamsLeonardA.Unk25 May 1975Maple Hill
WilliamsLeroyUnk23 Dec 1952Maple Hill
WilliamsLillieIreneCobb25 Sep 187425 Mar 1952Esslinger
WilliamsLillieMaeUnk13 Jul 1937Maple Hill
WilliamsLinnardUnk16 Dec 1916Maple Hill
WilliamsLizzie16 Apr 188923 Apr 1931Merrimack
WilliamsLoisEstelle24 Jul 192408 Oct 1925Fords Chapel
WilliamsLorenL.Unk12 Jun 1973Maple Hill
WilliamsLottieC.Unk05 Sep 1997Maple Hill
WilliamsLouWillie26 Jul 187701 Sep 1966Ready
WilliamsLouiseC.17 May 192629 Jan 1995Locust Grove
WilliamsLouiseUnk16 Aug 1944Maple Hill
WilliamsLucilleA.06 May 191816 May 1960Bone
WilliamsLutherUnk06 Jul 1954Maple Hill
WilliamsMaconJamisonUnk29 May 1962Maple Hill
WilliamsMaggieUnk03 Jan 1945Maple Hill
WilliamsMamieC.Unk29 Jul 1975Maple Hill
WilliamsMargaretDarwinUnk04 Oct 1987Maple Hill
WilliamsMarilynO.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WilliamsMarthaGonder27 Jan 189102 Jul 1964Charity Baptist Church
WilliamsMarthaUnk19 Aug 1952Maple Hill
WilliamsMaryAnn16 Aug 195016 Mar 1998Moon
WilliamsMaryElizabethCampbell183919 Oct 1928Miller
WilliamsMaryL.Unk02 Nov 1971Maple Hill
WilliamsMaryPearlineCobb10 Jun 191305 Oct 2005Byrd
WilliamsMaryJonesUnk15 Dec 1993Maple Hill
WilliamsMaryUnk02 Nov 1972Maple Hill
WilliamsMaryUnk08 Dec 1932Maple Hill
WilliamsMattieB.Unk12 Oct 1952Maple Hill
WilliamsMattie28 Dec 186222 Mar 1897Bone
WilliamsMattieUnk14 Oct 1952Maple Hill
WilliamsMaudeUnk16 Nov 1957Maple Hill
WilliamsMelissaDanelle198330 Dec 2003Huntsville Memory Gardens
WilliamsMelodyElaine08 Nov 197703 Oct 1992Moon
WilliamsMichaelGlen24 Sep 196320 Jan 1986Pleas Mount Baptist Church
WilliamsMildredHowardUnk29 Jan 1989Maple Hill
WilliamsMiltonC.08 Dec 191206 Jul 1964New Sharon
WilliamsMinernUnk30 Jan 1927Maple Hill
WilliamsMinnieUnk23 Jun 1992Maple Hill
WilliamsMinnieUnk08 Mar 1943Maple Hill
WilliamsMollieUnk24 Jan 1914Maple Hill
WilliamsMourningUnk03 Dec 1875Maple Hill
WilliamsMycahUnk29 Oct 1998Huntsville Memory Gardens
WilliamsNancyE.Unk18 Feb 2000Maple Hill
WilliamsNathanP.Unk17 Apr 1966Maple Hill
WilliamsNewtUnk09 Apr 1956Maple Hill
WilliamsNoraC.Faust12 Feb 192125 May 1996Huntsville Memory Gardens
WilliamsOliverB.Unk21 Mar 2000Maple Hill
WilliamsOllieRaySchrimsher12 Sep 190507 Jan 1992Byrd
WilliamsOllie03 Sep 187318 Oct 1879Madison
WilliamsOllieUnk06 Mar 1977Maple Hill
WilliamsOma07 Feb 189820 Sep 1902Ready
WilliamsOziaUnk11 Feb 1929Maple Hill
WilliamsPearlUnk19 Sep 1963Maple Hill
WilliamsPennieJaneUnk23 Oct 1958Maple Hill
WilliamsPerryL.09 Jun 187712 Jun 1902Ready
WilliamsR.J.02 Jul 185829 Sep 1939Bellview
WilliamsRileyUnk11 Jun 1934Maple Hill
WilliamsRobertCraigUnk08 Aug 1920Bellview
WilliamsRobertE.Unk22 Sep 1970Maple Hill
WilliamsRobertL.20 Sep 192418 Sep 1993Northside
WilliamsRobertM.Sep 1987Sep 1987St. Ruth
WilliamsRobert15 Apr 189703 Mar 1969Northside
WilliamsRobertUnk13 Apr 1926Maple Hill
WilliamsRobertUnk12 Oct 1918Maple Hill
WilliamsRoxieGainesUnk02 Sep 1975Maple Hill
WilliamsRoyceBrownMrs.Unk30 Jul 1967Maple Hill
WilliamsRoyceHesterMartin22 May 191517 Nov 1991Huntsville Memory Gardens
WilliamsRubilee20 Dec 193106 Jun 2004Green Valley
WilliamsRuthBruce01 Feb 191715 Jul 1956Madison Crossroads
WilliamsSallie13 Apr 180924 Feb 1886Graveyard Hill
WilliamsSamuelG.18 Nov 186818 Jun 1944Madison Crossroads
WilliamsSarahM.Unk15 Dec 1984Maple Hill
WilliamsSealeyUnk27 Dec 1942Maple Hill
WilliamsSophieElizabeth29 Mar 190004 Oct 1974Northside
WilliamsT.J.Unk28 Feb 1966Maple Hill
WilliamsTeresaAnn23 Aug 196023 Oct 2004Royal
WilliamsThomasI.01 Sep 190610 May 1993Locust Grove
WilliamsThomasL.Unk28 May 1997Maple Hill
WilliamsThomas15 Mar 193123 Jul 1998Locust Grove
WilliamsThomasUnk31 Aug 1917Maple Hill
WilliamsThomasUnk23 May 1900Maple Hill
WilliamsTillmanUnk15 Jul 1948Maple Hill
WilliamsToneyM.10 Dec 194826 Aug 1966Moon
WilliamsUnkFemaleUnk10 Sep 1878Maple Hill
WilliamsUnkMaleUnk25 May 1917Maple Hill
WilliamsUnkMaleUnk15 Dec 1884Maple Hill
WilliamsUnkMrs.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WilliamsUnk17 Apr 191030 Aug 1958Locust Grove
WilliamsVernaV.20 Dec 191406 Nov 1991Brown
WilliamsVirginiaAnnCarpenter03 Mar 18701917Byrd
WilliamsW.C.Unk11 Mar 1871Maple Hill
WilliamsW.Gordon22 Sep 189226 Aug 1973Moon
WilliamsW.IdaUnk19 Dec 1895Maple Hill
WilliamsWalterW.Unk08 Sep 1996Maple Hill
WilliamsWilliamA.02 Oct 189621 May 1948Charity Baptist Church
WilliamsWilliamA.Unk10 May 1985Maple Hill
WilliamsWilliamC.07 Nov 191221 Mar 2000Huntsville Memory Gardens
WilliamsWilliamE.Unk13 Aug 2001Maple Hill
WilliamsWilliamUnk11 Jun 1940Maple Hill
WilliamsWillieB.22 Nov 191106 Jun 1972Brown
WilliamsWillieLeeUnk10 Dec 1979Maple Hill
WilliamsWillieLeeUnk19 Jan 1975Maple Hill
WilliamsWillieMae27 Jul 191730 Jul 2003Hayden
WilliamsWillieUnk04 Feb 1955Maple Hill
WilliamsDonaldE.Unk07 Sep 1982Maple Hill
WilliamsJamesA.Unk24 Nov 1983Maple Hill
WilliamsLawrenceW.Unk14 Feb 1982Maple Hill
WilliamsRogerUnk25 Dec 1976Maple Hill
WilliamsW.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WilliamsonA.J.18 Apr 186728 Aug 1942Gurley
WilliamsonAddieM.Unk22 Feb 1995Maple Hill
WilliamsonAlfredO.18 Oct 183003 Mar 1905Gurley
WilliamsonArkansasUnk21 Jul 1900Maple Hill
WilliamsonBenF.Unk03 Mar 2006Maple Hill
WilliamsonBerthaT.11 Jul 190328 Aug 1965Bevill
WilliamsonBrandyMarieUnk26 Jan 1984Maple Hill
WilliamsonC.R.Unk03 Jun 1998Maple Hill
WilliamsonEthelUnk24 Feb 1967Maple Hill
WilliamsonEuniceUnk29 Dec 2001Maple Hill
WilliamsonFelixO.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WilliamsonFelixO.Unk20 Oct 1961Maple Hill
WilliamsonFrankUnk14 Feb 1952Maple Hill
WilliamsonFranklinE.Unk05 Aug 1983Maple Hill
WilliamsonGlennEdward23 Sep 195121 Feb 1952Concord
WilliamsonH.R.08 Mar 183319 Apr 1918Concord
WilliamsonInfant08 Jul 190808 Jul 1908Concord
WilliamsonJamesE.12 Jan 192415 Nov 1957Concord
WilliamsonJamesMollon18 Nov 193918 Nov 1939Bevill
WilliamsonJames06 Jul 191425 Jun 1917Merrimack
WilliamsonJerryUnk06 Mar 1978Maple Hill
WilliamsonJohnStanton06 Jan 186214 Oct 1923Charity Baptist Church
WilliamsonJohnThomas29 Jan 192912 Jun 1930Bevill
WilliamsonKatherineUnk14 Aug 1999Maple Hill
WilliamsonLeliaC.Unk23 May 1949Maple Hill
WilliamsonLindaFaye28 Nov 194921 Feb 1952Concord
WilliamsonLoneyH.189502 Feb 1973Concord
WilliamsonLoweUnkNDDMaple Hill
WilliamsonLucyP.Unk10 Jan 1956Maple Hill
WilliamsonLucy AnnFrancesFlynt07 Oct 183424 Aug 1917Gurley
WilliamsonMargaretUnk16 Jul 1932Maple Hill
WilliamsonMatthewUnk09 Aug 1900Maple Hill
WilliamsonMyrtleInez08 Sep 187624 May 1927Gurley
WilliamsonNelleUnk29 Sep 1976Maple Hill
WilliamsonNoahW.09 Jan 189821 Nov 1972Bevill
WilliamsonOrionW.26 Jan 189614 Sep 1898Gurley
WilliamsonOscarC.24 Dec 188210 Dec 1889Concord
WilliamsonRosaM.06 Mar 191019 Jul 1998Bevill
WilliamsonRoyLee20 Jan 193620 Jan 1936Bevill
WilliamsonSudie14 Jan 187321 Apr 1904Concord
WilliamsonThomasUnk11 Aug 1900Maple Hill
WilliamsonThurmanWalter09 Sep 194023 Mar 2005New Sharon
WilliamsonW.H.24 Dec 189508 Jan 1975Bevill
WilliamsonW.R.Unk30 Nov 1901Maple Hill
WilliamsonWillieUnk06 Dec 1973Maple Hill
WilliardBufordUnk08 Nov 1973Maple Hill
WillickMaryUnk08 Jun 1884Maple Hill
WillieWalker25 Mar 191909 Mar 1979Northside
WillisCharity06 May 191225 Mar 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
WillisCharityUnk25 Mar 2005Royal
WillisEuniceLouis08 Aug 191601 Sep 2005Oakwood Memorial Gardens
WillisJamesUnk11 Aug 2003Maple Hill
WillisJaneW.Unk06 Jan 2005Maple Hill
WillisAlbertE.Unk10 Jan 1998Maple Hill
WillissonEllenUnk09 Feb 1996Maple Hill
WillissonLauraUnk08 Jul 1999Maple Hill
WillissonWalterScottUnk17 Nov 1982Maple Hill
WilloughbyHarveyD.Unk05 Feb 1984Maple Hill
WilsonAldrich26 Mar 190020 May 1970Northside
WilsonAlexPenland07 Jan 187719 Oct 1906Ebenezer
WilsonAlexanderE.Unk16 Aug 1996Maple Hill
WilsonAlexanderErwinUnk29 Jul 1965Maple Hill
WilsonAmandaUnk15 Feb 1888Maple Hill
WilsonAnnieB.Unk21 Aug 1987Maple Hill
WilsonAnnieUnk15 May 1930Maple Hill
WilsonArthurE.Unk13 Mar 1937Maple Hill
WilsonArthurUnk19 Apr 1934Maple Hill
WilsonArthurUnk23 Oct 1919Maple Hill
WilsonBeadieUnkNDDMaple Hill
WilsonBenEddie21 Mar 192117 Sep 1977Northside
WilsonBessieKirby10 Sep 190010 Jan 1991Bevill
WilsonBillyBobUnk03 Mar 1949Maple Hill
WilsonBrandyUnk28 Mar 1984Maple Hill
WilsonBrendaUnk11 Sep 1952Maple Hill
WilsonBufordL.28 Sep 189814 Mar 1972Glenwood
WilsonCT.Unk24 Jan 1955Maple Hill
WilsonC.E.Unk29 Aug 1897Maple Hill
WilsonC.M.Unk21 Feb 1975Maple Hill
WilsonC.Y.Unk22 Feb 1967Maple Hill
WilsonCarolynUnk24 Oct 1945Maple Hill
WilsonCharlesT.Unk06 Aug 1995Maple Hill
WilsonCharlesThomas15 Apr 192505 Jan 1959Bevill
WilsonCharlesThomas24 Mar 194519 Apr 2002Moon
WilsonCharlesWesley08 Oct 191317 Jun 1984Northside
WilsonCherylLucille11 Feb 195106 Jan 2005Fords Chapel
WilsonClaraN.Unk23 Dec 1990Maple Hill
WilsonClemmieJaneUnk29 Aug 1994Maple Hill
WilsonColieK.24 Aug 187005 Dec 1944Fords Chapel
WilsonCowanUnk26 Jan 1944Maple Hill
WilsonD.H.Unk21 Jan 1961Maple Hill
WilsonD.L.Unk28 Dec 1969Maple Hill
WilsonD.L.Mrs.Unk18 Jul 1960Maple Hill
WilsonDavid12 Mar 190722 Mar 1978Northside
WilsonDavidUnkNDDMaple Hill
WilsonDonnieP.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WilsonDoraEllenUnk27 Aug 1979Maple Hill
WilsonDoraMcKelveyUnk24 Aug 1989Maple Hill
WilsonDorothy02 Mar 193227 Jun 2000Pine Grove - Harvest
WilsonDorothyUnk13 May 1941Maple Hill
WilsonEarlUnk26 Apr 1952Maple Hill
WilsonEddieB.Unk02 Sep 1949Maple Hill
WilsonEdithFayeUnk19 Mar 1967Maple Hill
WilsonEdward18 Oct 193017 Jul 1990Bevill
WilsonEdwinT.Unk16 Apr 1956Maple Hill
WilsonElizabethT.Unk22 Dec 2004Maple Hill
WilsonElizabethWallUnk08 Mar 1980Maple Hill
WilsonElizabethUnk06 Nov 1937Maple Hill
WilsonEllenUnk01 Sep 1933Maple Hill
WilsonElmerUnk05 Dec 1955Maple Hill
WilsonEmmettT.Unk13 Aug 1996Maple Hill
WilsonEmmettWayneUnk14 Apr 1964Maple Hill
WilsonErelineUnk07 Mar 1928Maple Hill
WilsonEthelAnnUnk23 Sep 1963Maple Hill
WilsonFannieE.08 Feb 190918 Mar 1989Northside
WilsonFaye22 Apr 193518 Feb 2004Bevill
WilsonFinleyUnk31 Aug 1926Maple Hill
WilsonFlanieE.Unk02 Oct 1936Maple Hill
WilsonFlorenceElizabethUnk17 Jan 1967Maple Hill
WilsonFrancesH.Unk24 Oct 1974Maple Hill
WilsonFultonUnk05 Oct 1946Maple Hill
WilsonHaroldUnk07 Jul 1973Maple Hill
WilsonHenryUnk21 Jun 1945Maple Hill
WilsonHermanL.Unk23 Oct 1945Maple Hill
WilsonInfantUnk18 Feb 1954Maple Hill
WilsonInfantUnk17 Jun 1947Maple Hill
WilsonInfantUnk19 Aug 1891Maple Hill
WilsonInfantUnk28 Aug 1871Maple Hill
WilsonIreneUnk16 Nov 1922Maple Hill
WilsonIvaMarieUnk27 Jun 2002Maple Hill
WilsonJ.Unk06 Jan 1928Maple Hill
WilsonJ.Unk09 Aug 1920Maple Hill
WilsonJamesE.30 Jun 193330 Dec 1991Northside
WilsonJamesE.Unk21 Apr 1977Maple Hill
WilsonJamesP.Unk24 Jun 1983Maple Hill
WilsonJamesRayUnk25 Jul 1981Maple Hill
WilsonJamesUnk28 Mar 1922Maple Hill
WilsonJarvisUnk21 Dec 1958Maple Hill
WilsonJesseW.Unk16 Sep 1983Maple Hill
WilsonJessicaM.13 Jan 198812 May 1994Cedar Grove
WilsonJessieUnk30 Jan 1939Maple Hill
WilsonJimmieG.Unk22 Dec 1991Maple Hill
WilsonJoe06 Apr 193423 May 1982Bevill
WilsonJohnDanielUnk20 Feb 1969Maple Hill
WilsonJohnH.11 Jan 187925 Jun 1899Ebenezer
WilsonJohnnieHughesUnk22 Mar 1968Maple Hill
WilsonJudithB.Unk01 May 1988Maple Hill
WilsonKatieUnk23 Jun 1900Maple Hill
WilsonKennethWyattUnk14 Apr 1995Maple Hill
WilsonL.H.Unk02 Feb 1879Maple Hill
WilsonL.H.Unk25 Dec 1875Maple Hill
WilsonLauraD.Unk23 Feb 1908Maple Hill
WilsonLauraN.Unk24 Mar 1975Maple Hill
WilsonLeroyUnk14 Feb 1933Maple Hill
WilsonLittieUnk29 Aug 1952Maple Hill
WilsonLockieBarley21 May 190319 Jul 1990Glenwood
WilsonLouEllaUnk08 Jul 1943Maple Hill
WilsonLucilleWard28 May 192607 Jul 2005Bevill
WilsonLucyMaeFarrell24 May 190122 Jun 1997Maple Hill
WilsonM.Eudora16 Nov 186210 Nov 1907Ebenezer
WilsonMack02 Feb 189911 Jan 1971Bevill
WilsonMaggieJane27 Jun 189621 Oct 1964Maple Hill
WilsonMamieBerthaUnk25 Jun 1948Maple Hill
WilsonMargaretD.Unk13 Aug 1996Maple Hill
WilsonMargaretUnk04 Feb 1990Maple Hill
WilsonMargaretUnk29 Oct 1938Maple Hill
WilsonMargueriteUnk04 May 1998Maple Hill
WilsonMarieD.Unk19 Jul 1994Maple Hill
WilsonMarvinGarrettUnk10 Jul 1962Maple Hill
WilsonMaryBeatriceUnk04 Oct 1981Maple Hill
WilsonMaryC.Unk10 Dec 1936Maple Hill
WilsonMaryE.Feb 185219 Jun 1883Ebenezer
WilsonMaryE.Unk31 May 1983Maple Hill
WilsonMaryE.Unk03 Aug 1971Maple Hill
WilsonMaryE.Unk22 Apr 1937Maple Hill
WilsonMaryL.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WilsonMelvinE.Unk03 Jun 1921Maple Hill
WilsonMettieUnk12 Dec 1901Maple Hill
WilsonMildredA.Unk20 Jan 1997Maple Hill
WilsonMurrayBriscoeUnk10 Oct 1987Maple Hill
WilsonNancyUnk17 Mar 1930Maple Hill
WilsonNathanUnk18 Feb 1969Maple Hill
WilsonNettieWallaceUnk11 May 1937Maple Hill
WilsonOdellWoodrowUnk06 Apr 2003Maple Hill
WilsonOpalKathleenUnk27 Dec 1964Maple Hill
WilsonOraUnk25 Oct 1969Maple Hill
WilsonOzellUnk14 Dec 1975Maple Hill
WilsonPaskelE.Unk18 Jul 1980Maple Hill
WilsonPaula15 Dec 1908Jul 1932Madison Crossroads
WilsonPeteUnk26 Dec 1979Maple Hill
WilsonPeytonCamer05 Aug 188902 Mar 1964Maple Hill
WilsonR.D.Unk23 Apr 1893Maple Hill
WilsonRaymondRobertUnk04 Apr 2003Maple Hill
WilsonReubenE.31 Oct 191410 Aug 1982Northside
WilsonRobertGeneUnk07 Jul 1958Maple Hill
WilsonRobertGradyUnk05 Mar 1982Maple Hill
WilsonRobertGradyUnk03 Oct 1976Maple Hill
WilsonRobertT.Unk08 Jan 1981Maple Hill
WilsonRobert03 Sep 184817 Aug 1934Fords Chapel
WilsonRobertLeeUnk06 Jun 1991Maple Hill
WilsonRubyWynona09 Jan 192421 Mar 2002Madison Crossroads
WilsonRubyUnk17 Nov 2002Maple Hill
WilsonRussellS.Unk10 Jan 1991Maple Hill
WilsonSallyUnk21 Oct 1943Maple Hill
WilsonSammieUnk05 May 1925Maple Hill
WilsonSamuelUnk03 Jan 1946Maple Hill
WilsonSarahAnn16 Feb 183827 May 1870Bass
WilsonSarahUnk24 Mar 1949Maple Hill
WilsonSarahUnk20 Sep 1942Maple Hill
WilsonStanHopeUnk14 Dec 1945Maple Hill
WilsonStanUnk14 Dec 1946Maple Hill
WilsonSueJennieUnk17 Dec 1957Maple Hill
WilsonThomasB.Unk01 Apr 1972Maple Hill
WilsonThomasW.26 Dec 185208 Feb 1937Fowlkes
WilsonThomasUnk15 Jun 1953Maple Hill
WilsonThomasUnk28 Oct 1929Maple Hill
WilsonTom11 Sep 191918 Dec 1974Northside
WilsonToneyElbert14 Mar 196614 Mar 1966Moon
WilsonUnkFemaleUnk23 Oct 1875Maple Hill
WilsonVirgilO.Unk05 Mar 1900Maple Hill
WilsonW.Unk30 Sep 1928Maple Hill
WilsonWalterB.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WilsonWalterB.Unk03 Mar 1969Maple Hill
WilsonWillUnk22 Oct 1918Maple Hill
WilsonWilliamB.Unk15 Aug 1977Maple Hill
WilsonWilliamH.Unk08 Oct 1888Maple Hill
WilsonWilliamMarkUnk03 Jan 2003Maple Hill
WilsonWilliamUnk21 Dec 1921Maple Hill
WilsonWilliamUnk08 Jul 1881Maple Hill
WilsonWilmaLouiseUnk15 Oct 1968Maple Hill
WilsonZ.L.Unk21 Aug 1973Maple Hill
WilsonZelmaLeeUnk14 Mar 1975Maple Hill
WimberlyAnnEdithUnk11 Feb 1937Maple Hill
WimberlyCalvinUnk26 Jul 1955Maple Hill
WimberlyEalyUnk10 Aug 1951Maple Hill
WimberlyEdithJoanUnk25 Sep 1984Maple Hill
WimberlyRichardJ.13 Oct 195915 Jul 1985Charity Baptist Church
WimberlyWilliamTravisUnk16 Jan 2006Maple Hill
WindAlbertUnk08 Jun 1929Maple Hill
WindIgnaezUnk05 Dec 1902Maple Hill
WindIsidoreUnk03 Nov 1964Maple Hill
WindMamieC.Unk19 Oct 1956Maple Hill
WindPhilipB.Unk13 Feb 1981Maple Hill
WindRuthUnk29 Aug 1951Maple Hill
WindhamIrwinUnk25 May 1875Maple Hill
WindhamJ.Unk17 Sep 1902Maple Hill
WindhamJohnW.Unk11 Sep 1985Maple Hill
WindhamMaryS.Unk15 Feb 1915Maple Hill
WindrossOmaUnk11 Jul 1974Maple Hill
WindsorCarltonRay02 Aug 196212 Jan 1964Kennamer
WindsorDannyJoe12 May 196102 Apr 1962Kennamer
WindsorL.G.30 May 1943NDDKennamer
WindsorLutherGrady25 Sep 191529 May 2001Kennamer
WindsorPhillipJerome12 Aug 196823 Sep 1968Kennamer
WindsorRosiaMae17 May 191913 Jul 1997Kennamer
WindsorRubyAnderson29 Oct 1949NDDKennamer
WindsorVirgieWane05 May 196126 May 1961Kennamer
WinegardnerThelmaUnk10 Jun 1951Maple Hill
WinfreeJohnLeonardUnk01 Jul 1967Maple Hill
WingoCarlosC.Unk23 Dec 1980Maple Hill
WingoCarlosUnk08 Jan 1930Maple Hill
WingoE.B.Unk01 Jan 1958Maple Hill
WingoElizabethN.Unk08 Dec 1961Maple Hill
WingoMarthaUnk02 May 1953Maple Hill
WingoMaryElizabethUnk01 Aug 1958Maple Hill
WingoMaryUnk12 Oct 1953Maple Hill
WingoOllie01 Jan 189701 May 1966Maple Hill
WingoWalterUnk27 Jan 1958Maple Hill
WinkleThomasUnk03 May 1926Maple Hill
WinklerAndrewP.Unk22 Oct 1974Maple Hill
WinklerBessieGertrudeUnk25 Aug 1955Neal Chapel
WinklerErnestW.18761968Neal Chapel
WinklerForrestUnk30 May 1975Maple Hill
WinklerLesterUnkNDDMaple Hill
WinklerLesterUnk01 Apr 1973Maple Hill
WinklerMaybronLeeUnk04 Dec 1975Maple Hill
WinklerNettieC.Unk08 Jul 1979Maple Hill
WinklerReginaDesirieUnk17 May 2000Bevill
WinklerSallieUnk25 Jan 1903Maple Hill
WinklerTillieB.18761950Neal Chapel
WinklesCharlieM.02 Jul 190902 Oct 1988Fowlkes
WinklesChattieUnk23 Apr 1958Maple Hill
WinklesEmmaUnk11 Jun 1972Maple Hill
WinklesErnestHowardUnk30 Jun 1981Maple Hill
WinklesIsaacUnk23 Jan 1976Maple Hill
WinklesJamesEdwardUnk20 Jan 1991Maple Hill
WinklesJamesG.18 Oct 190605 Feb 1949Merrimack
WinklesJamesWesleyUnk08 Nov 1979Maple Hill
WinklesJessieR.Mrs.Unk17 May 1994Maple Hill
WinklesJosephWesley25 Feb 189612 Sep 1971Maple Hill
WinklesMargieN.Unk30 Mar 2001Maple Hill
WinklesNellieUnk04 May 1982Maple Hill
WinklesOdessaR.30 Dec 192223 Apr 1998Fowlkes
WinklesOlaWilsonUnk09 Apr 1997Maple Hill
WinklesW.Unk08 Jan 1954Maple Hill
WinnCarrieUnk23 Oct 1985Maple Hill
WinnettHarryW.Unk01 Aug 1959Maple Hill
WinnettKennethUnk18 Dec 1929Maple Hill
WinnettMaryUnk12 Feb 1945Maple Hill
WinnettMinnieUnk07 Apr 1969Maple Hill
WinnetteC.R.Unk19 May 1965Maple Hill
WinnetteDorothyUnk10 Mar 1970Maple Hill
WinnetteEllaUnk22 Sep 1951Maple Hill
WinnetteJerryE.Unk06 Sep 1986Maple Hill
WinnetteJoeH.Unk13 Jun 1961Maple Hill
WinnetteOlaC.Unk04 Mar 1993Maple Hill
WinnetteRubenH.Unk07 Feb 1979Maple Hill
WinnetteTommieO.Unk14 Nov 1964Maple Hill
WinnetteWalterR.Unk23 Oct 1976Maple Hill
WinnetteWilliamUnk03 Feb 1919Maple Hill
WinnetteWillieMaeUnk04 May 1994Maple Hill
WinsettAshleyGlen31 May 187221 Jun 1945Ebenezer
WinsettWilliamAshley18 Aug 191030 Aug 1925Ebenezer
WinsettWillieOrrick20 May 187531 Jul 1925Ebenezer
WinstonAnnieS.Unk07 May 1928Maple Hill
WinstonEdnaG.20 Jan 188314 Dec 1967Maple Hill
WinstonGraceT.Unk17 Jan 2002Maple Hill
WinstonIdaUnk13 Mar 1930Maple Hill
WinstonIkeN.Mrs.Unk24 Mar 1974Maple Hill
WinstonIkeUnk11 Oct 1950Maple Hill
WinstonIsacW.Unk08 Feb 1884Maple Hill
WinstonIvahJeanetteUnk11 Jul 1965Maple Hill
WinstonJeromeW.Unk12 Apr 1899Maple Hill
WinstonJoeUnk01 Jan 1898Maple Hill
WinstonJosephUnk01 Jun 1867Maple Hill
WinstonLeeannUnkNDDMaple Hill
WinstonLeeannUnkNDDMaple Hill
WinstonMildredC.Unk20 Aug 2002Maple Hill
WinstonT.A.Unk16 Jan 1974Maple Hill
WinstonThomasB.Unk20 Jan 1891Maple Hill
WinstonThomasG.Unk14 May 1885Maple Hill
WinstonVictorC.Unk08 Aug 2001Maple Hill
WinstonWalterE.Unk19 Mar 1984Maple Hill
WinstonWalterUnk30 Dec 1937Maple Hill
WinstonWilliamUnk26 Mar 1894Maple Hill
WinstonWilliamUnk14 Jul 1874Maple Hill
WinstonWillieUnk09 Feb 1920Maple Hill
WinterJuliaUnk30 Mar 1944Maple Hill
WintersClarenceUnk25 Jul 1897Maple Hill
WintersMichelleC.10 Oct 195513 Nov 1999Northside
WintersMollieUnk11 Jan 1929Maple Hill
WintersZ.Unk29 May 1928Maple Hill
WintonAltonUnk15 Jul 1946Maple Hill
WintonArieLeeMrs.Unk03 Nov 1947Maple Hill
WintonLuraM.Unk03 Jan 1956Maple Hill
WintonSamuelUnk12 Apr 1941Maple Hill
WirshupMaryVirginiaUnk21 May 1976Maple Hill
WiscovichSandraUnk21 Mar 1969Maple Hill
WiseAnnaUnk13 Jan 1938Maple Hill
WiseBettyJaneUnk30 Apr 1999Maple Hill
WiseBlancheUnk13 Jan 1914Maple Hill
WiseBulahMaeUnk26 Mar 1950Maple Hill
WiseClarenceE.Unk21 Oct 1965Maple Hill
WiseDavidHerman17 Mar 190831 Dec 1970Maple Hill
WiseEdwinRandallUnk13 May 1977Maple Hill
WiseG.Canter25 Oct 189821 Mar 1902Madison
WiseGeorgeW.Unk11 Mar 1957Maple Hill
WiseGeorgeUnk15 Apr 1923Maple Hill
WiseGrantlandUnk23 Jan 1948Maple Hill
WiseHattieUnk26 Oct 1915Madison
WiseIsaacUnk27 Jun 1881Maple Hill
WiseJ.Arthur186025 Jan 1889Madison
WiseKatherineB.Unk02 Mar 1968Maple Hill
WiseLouisL.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WiseMabelUnk24 Nov 1944Maple Hill
WiseMallieUnk28 Oct 1924Maple Hill
WiseMariaUnk21 Dec 1945Maple Hill
WiseMaryBurt25 Mar 188530 Dec 1965Maple Hill
WiseMaryCarolineUnk01 Jan 1924Maple Hill
WiseMaryUnk02 Oct 1928Maple Hill
WiseNobukoIshiiUnk12 Oct 2003Maple Hill
WiseNoraUnk19 Nov 1991Maple Hill
WiseRobertWilliamsonUnk27 Aug 2005Maple Hill
WiseRobertUnk21 Sep 1953Maple Hill
WiseSamuel20 Apr 181108 Nov 1876Madison
WiseSarahA.16 Mar 181620 Jan 1895Madison
WiseVirginiaUnk13 Dec 1992Maple Hill
WisemanThomasH.Unk15 Feb 1994Maple Hill
WisnerPaulA.Unk12 Mar 1996Maple Hill
WisniewskiJohnS.Unk11 Sep 1991Maple Hill
WisniewskiKimikoUnk03 Jul 1978Maple Hill
WithersJoeUnk15 Mar 1955Maple Hill
WithersLee26 Mar 190214 Oct 2000Conley Chapel
WithersLillianB.08 Dec 190820 Aug 2000Conley Chapel
WithersMelvinUnk29 Mar 1978Maple Hill
WithersWallaceUnk06 Aug 1978Maple Hill
WittAllieBell21 Dec 191822 Sep 1977Plainview
WittBilliePrice29 Aug 194029 Aug 1940Madison Crossroads
WittDennisWayne22 Sep 194722 Sep 1977Charity Baptist Church
WittDowdy07 Oct 189408 Apr 1982Plainview
WittFlorenceMae09 Feb 189805 Dec 1980Plainview
WittLorene24 Jun 192108 Jul 1934Madison Crossroads
WittPlummerG.05 May 192316 Dec 1978Charity Baptist Church
WittRuthA.09 Aug 192824 Oct 2002Charity Baptist Church
WittenhagenBarbaraLipscomb28 Sep 194822 Sep 2006Hayden
WittensteinInfantUnk23 Dec 1972Maple Hill
WittmannAlbinEgonUnk23 Aug 1988Maple Hill

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