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HuardRobertJoseph21 May 193526 Jan 1999Moon
HubardFelicia01 Jan 187505 Dec 1933Maple Hill
HubbardC.W.Unk07 Aug 1914Maple Hill
HubbardDonaldWells27 Jun 192107 Nov 1971Maple Hill
HubbardElizabethJ.Unk07 Feb 2006Maple Hill
HubbardJudithAnnPreiss10 Jan 192423 Aug 2004Maple Hill
HubbardM.R.Unk14 Dec 1965Maple Hill
HubbardMildredRoyceUnk08 Jul 1980Maple Hill
HubbardRobert03 Dec 190902 Mar 1988Maple Hill
HubbertFaliciaUnk01 Jan 1875Maple Hill
HuberJaneGilbert20 Nov 192212 Apr 2002Maple Hill
HuberRoyceUnk31 May 1951Maple Hill
HubertGeorge25 Aug 184515 Dec 1890Maple Hill
HubertGeorgeUnk12 Jul 1885Maple Hill
HubertLovenaUnk27 Oct 1897Maple Hill
HubertMaryC.16 Feb 183511 Jul 1885Maple Hill
HubertSarahUnk29 Oct 1923Maple Hill
HublerJamesH.Unk17 Aug 1862Maple Hill
HuckabeeBarbara11 Apr 196511 Apr 1965Bush
HucksDudleyLeo193307 Aug 1934Maple Hill
HucksGeorgia17 Nov 191128 Apr 1994Maple Hill
HucksHermanO.14 May 189801 Jun 1981Maple Hill
HucksInfantUnk19 Aug 1955Maple Hill
HucksJennie31 Jan 187218 Jul 1898Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
HucksJohnWilliam09 Mar 189311 Oct 1971Maple Hill
HucksLonusD.23 May 193106 Sep 1975Maple Hill
HucksLonus13 Jul 189505 Apr 1956Maple Hill
HucksMyrtle15 Jul 190712 Nov 1990Maple Hill
HucksNannieC.16 Feb 190822 Aug 1994Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
HucksNinRagsdale18671958Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
HucksSallieLonas15 Jun 184121 Oct 1906Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
HucksWilliamDouglas05 Aug 186312 Apr 1940Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
HucksWilliamJackson10 Aug 183517 Jan 1896Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
HuddlestonUnkFemaleUnk25 Oct 1878Maple Hill
HudginsAnnie03 Jan 188919 May 1965Maple Hill
HudginsCurtisUnk01 Aug 1938Maple Hill
HudginsEarl24 Apr 192301 Mar 1986Maple Hill
HudginsElmoreUnk14 Apr 1997Maple Hill
HudginsHorace27 Dec 192210 Feb 1986Maple Hill
HudginsJ.B.09 Mar 191709 Mar 1917Merrimack
HudginsJamesWillis06 Aug 190828 Mar 1992Maple Hill
HudginsJamesUnk11 Jan 1942Maple Hill
HudginsL.T.UnkNDDMaple Hill
HudginsLauraMae16 Aug 191308 Jul 1998Maple Hill
HudginsLucilleB.16 May 190622 Sep 1991Maple Hill
HudginsMaryCleo22 May 192410 Jan 1979Maple Hill
HudginsMaryUnk07 Sep 1940Maple Hill
HudginsMyrticePaulineUnk15 Jun 1932Maple Hill
HudginsR.A.Unk10 Jul 1961Maple Hill
HudginsRobertA.Unk14 Jan 1991Maple Hill
HudginsVirginiaC.08 Jun 191802 Sep 1983Maple Hill
HudginsW.P.Unk27 Feb 1970Maple Hill
HudleyFannieUnk12 Sep 1922Maple Hill
HudsonAlfredUnk22 Nov 1918Maple Hill
HudsonCatherineAnnWampler27 May 195422 Apr 2005Rice
HudsonCecilO.07 Oct 191003 Oct 1988Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HudsonCecil23 Jul 193223 Jul 1932Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HudsonCoraLoreneUnk19 Oct 1964Maple Hill
HudsonE.B.24 Oct 192616 Jan 1984Fowlkes
HudsonEarlLeroy01 Mar 191023 Apr 1998Maple Hill
HudsonErnestDelbert15 Oct 191416 Jul 1996Maple Hill
HudsonFrancesJacks12 Jun 188813 Sep 1941Rice
HudsonFrank04 Aug 187110 Jul 1900Hudson
HudsonGeorgeUnk05 Jul 1957Maple Hill
HudsonHattieUnk05 Mar 1926Maple Hill
HudsonHenryJudson11 Sep 189307 Feb 1973First Flint River Baptist
HudsonIdaLucille27 Jan 190713 Apr 1981Maple Hill
HudsonJamesBerry24 Dec 187908 Jun 1947Maple Hill
HudsonJamesEarl02 Aug 191508 Nov 1986Maple Hill
HudsonLeonaH.23 Jul 191026 Dec 1960Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HudsonLouiseD.10 Mar 190917 Nov 1985Maple Hill
HudsonLouiseT.19 Nov 191002 Aug 2003Concord
HudsonMaryJ.Patterson20 Jan 189213 Jul 1977First Flint River Baptist
HudsonMonicaLouiseBuntley21 Dec 188513 Oct 1969Maple Hill
HudsonMonroeUnk06 Apr 1926Maple Hill
HudsonOllieKeel13 Sep 190528 Mar 1931Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HudsonOscarLee04 Oct 188704 Nov 1966Rice
HudsonOscarLeeUnk08 May 1910Maple Hill
HudsonR.L.24 Jul 195328 Nov 1998Fowlkes
HudsonRalphM.18 Dec 190726 Feb 1998Maple Hill
HudsonWilliamAllenUnk17 Jan 1968Maple Hill
HudsonWilliamForrest15 Oct 183019 Dec 1903Hudson
HudsonWilliamJake17 Apr 190716 May 1940Maple Hill
HueterHansH.Unk06 Sep 1970Maple Hill
HueterRuthL.27 Dec 191301 Jan 2005Maple Hill
HuffEdwardH.08 Apr 190924 Dec 1980Maple Hill
HuffHenriettaM.09 Jul 192207 Aug 1997Maple Hill
HuffJessB.30 Jan 192016 Aug 1995Maple Hill
HuffJosephD.Unk21 Feb 1956Maple Hill
HuffL.Unk30 Jul 1901Maple Hill
HuffNellieB.09 Nov 188801 Dec 1983Maple Hill
HuffOraUnk28 Nov 1942Maple Hill
HuffakerLaura21 Mar 192122 Feb 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
HuffmanAlbertR.10 May 192309 Feb 1965Maple Hill
HuffmanArthurAlbert19091968Mt. Zion
HuffmanMargaretS.14 Sep 190005 Aug 1976Maple Hill
HuffmanRobertC.21 Aug 192619 Jan 1975Maple Hill
HuffmanRobertM.UnkNDDMaple Hill
HugelElsieJ.Turner11 Mar 191906 Nov 2000Valhalla Memory Gardens
HugelPhilipR.05 Sep 191717 Dec 1988Valhalla Memory Gardens
HugginsLillieUnkNDDMaple Hill
HugginsWilliamH.14 Feb 190813 Nov 1987Maple Hill
HughLovellaUnk05 May 1928Maple Hill
HughMiltonUnk08 Sep 1921Maple Hill
HughesAlmaS.28 Apr 192009 Mar 1995Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HughesAnnieSueHereford16 Nov 189530 Jul 1953Rice
HughesArthurUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
HughesAubreyLee09 Feb 192816 Mar 2003Maple Hill
HughesBenF.11 Sep 191926 Oct 1986Maple Hill
HughesBenUnk21 Dec 1957Maple Hill
HughesBenUnk14 Nov 1950Maple Hill
HughesBerthaE.14 Sep 191128 Oct 1911Moon
HughesBerthaM.17 Jul 190514 Mar 1989Maple Hill
HughesBettyJean15 Jan 193511 Jan 1997Maple Hill
HughesBillyRay19 Jan 193519 Jan 1935Moon
HughesBurton18881945Charity Baptist Church
HughesC.W.19241969Charity Baptist Church
HughesCalvinL.184729 Sep 1912Charity Baptist Church
HughesCharlesC.UnkNDDMaple Hill
HughesCharlesE.13 Dec 193827 Mar 2004Maple Hill
HughesCharlesE.Unk28 Nov 1974Maple Hill
HughesChristineN.20 Jul 192024 Sep 1997Maple Hill
HughesDavidAlanUnk08 Jan 1997Maple Hill
HughesDavidUnk06 Mar 1954Maple Hill
HughesDonald06 Jan 192928 Jun 1976Maple Hill
HughesDorothyJ.Mabbitt08 Sep 192903 May 2003Maple Hill
HughesEdithA.20 Apr 186903 Jul 1934Moon
HughesEdithIrea31 Jul 1925NDDByrd
HughesEdwardUnk17 Apr 1944Maple Hill
HughesEggwood16 Dec 190004 Sep 1944Charity Baptist Church
HughesEggwood26 May 193721 May 1967Charity Baptist Church
HughesElizabethBranum22 Dec 185930 Apr 1922Moon
HughesEthelM.28 Jan 189319 Oct 1961Charity Baptist Church
HughesFannieWebster08 Jan 186924 May 1956Maple Hill
HughesFlorrieUnk17 Feb 1929Maple Hill
HughesFrank18 Jun 185909 Dec 1945Maple Hill
HughesGeorgeH.01 Aug 189201 May 1981Moon
HughesGeorgeM.10 Oct 1892Jan 1987Charity Baptist Church
HughesGeorgeWashington01 Mar 184915 Sep 1936Charity Baptist Church
HughesGraceLouise11 Apr 190718 Jan 1995Maple Hill
HughesH.Unk20 Oct 1955Maple Hill
HughesHelenBetty14 Apr 193030 Apr 2005Pine Grove - Deposit
HughesHenryUnk25 Jan 1945Maple Hill
HughesHesterE.14 Feb 190005 Nov 1987Moon
HughesHowardS.23 Jan 192223 Jun 1981Maple Hill
HughesIraMaples05 Feb 192026 Oct 1998Moon
HughesJamesH.29 Oct 185330 Jul 1902Moon
HughesJamesH.Unk26 Nov 1924Maple Hill
HughesJamesOscar28 Oct 187712 Oct 1965Maple Hill
HughesJames27 Aug 191027 Oct 1913Charity Baptist Church
HughesJamesUnk10 Dec 1937Maple Hill
HughesJamesUnk26 Dec 1924Maple Hill
HughesJennieC.03 May 190219 Feb 1986Maple Hill
HughesJessieG.18 May 191412 Jun 1987Maple Hill
HughesJohnL.Unk01 Mar 1945Maple Hill
HughesJohnLyleUnk27 Jun 1948Maple Hill
HughesJohnMurphy14 Oct 188221 Jan 1919Moon
HughesJohnW.18 Dec 189005 Jun 1984Maple Hill
HughesJohnW.Unk05 Sep 1994Maple Hill
HughesJohnW.Unk18 Sep 1971Maple Hill
HughesJohnUnk12 Aug 1862Maple Hill
HughesJohnUnk10 Jan 1924Maple Hill
HughesJohnUnk07 Oct 1893Maple Hill
HughesJohnnieW.14 May 190226 Jan 1988Maple Hill
HughesJohnnyMack26 Jan 195723 Mar 2003Maple Hill
HughesJosephNewberry03 Dec 187519 Sep 1955Rice
HughesJosieL.11 Dec 187323 Mar 1969Maple Hill
HughesL.B.18 Nov 193105 Dec 1998Fowlkes
HughesLanie29 Oct 188305 Jun 1969Maple Hill
HughesLauraUnk24 Oct 1955Maple Hill
HughesLouiseLittle30 Jul 192419 Mar 1964Charity Baptist Church
HughesLucyA.185803 Oct 1937Charity Baptist Church
HughesLulaUnk14 Mar 1957Maple Hill
HughesLulaUnk11 Dec 1890Maple Hill
HughesLutherErwinUnk13 Dec 1962Maple Hill
HughesLyndellU.28 Feb 192016 Nov 2002Charity Baptist Church
HughesM.J.M.17 Nov 183502 Jul 1888Moon
HughesMaeB.Unk20 Dec 1958Maple Hill
HughesMaggieUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
HughesMamie02 Jan 191125 Oct 1976Maple Hill
HughesMargaretElizabeth24 May 185408 Feb 1907Charity Baptist Church
HughesMargaretUnk01 Jun 1944Maple Hill
HughesMaryD.07 Oct 188823 Jun 1986Maple Hill
HughesMaryE.08 Feb 189512 May 1985Maple Hill
HughesMattieMaeUnk05 Sep 1968Maple Hill
HughesMattie06 Nov 1897Dec 1982Maple Hill
HughesMattie25 May 189501 Apr 1973Maple Hill
HughesMurpheyAllen18 Jan 191530 Jun 1973Moon
HughesMyrtleE.25 Oct 1888Oct 1975Charity Baptist Church
HughesMyrtleM.02 Dec 190606 Mar 1986Moon
HughesNan13 Dec 1942NDDMoon
HughesNancyJaneUnk04 Apr 1969Maple Hill
HughesNellieNoble15 Jul 191002 Jan 1996Northside
HughesOdean14 Jan 192607 Nov 1926Merrimack
HughesOlaMae14 Nov 193406 Oct 1992Moon
HughesOtha04 Dec 194410 Nov 1981Byrd
HughesRebeccaUnk30 Apr 1891Maple Hill
HughesRobertH.30 Nov 188008 Apr 1911Moon
HughesRobertP.25 Sep 192502 Dec 1971Charity Baptist Church
HughesRosetter18651952Charity Baptist Church
HughesRoyEarl25 Nov 193419 Apr 1972Moon
HughesRuthB.Unk28 Nov 1997Maple Hill
HughesSallieD.26 Sep 187820 Feb 1958Charity Baptist Church
HughesSaraUnk22 Apr 1915Maple Hill
HughesSidneyL.Unk18 Apr 1986Maple Hill
HughesT.E.Unk20 Aug 1960Maple Hill
HughesT.H.Unk29 Apr 1958Maple Hill
HughesTennieLouise30 Jul 191705 Mar 2001Green Valley
HughesThomasD.17 Aug 192818 Feb 2002Moon
HughesUnkFemaleUnk03 Apr 1898Maple Hill
HughesW.Leon23 Mar 191814 Jun 1997Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HughesWalterO.13 Sep 189314 Jan 1981Moon
HughesWalterOtha11 Jun 192117 May 1976Byrd
HughesWesleyT.18 Feb 189519 Jun 1969Charity Baptist Church
HughesWillene17 Feb 1947NDDByrd
HughesWilliamD.18621913Charity Baptist Church
HughesWilliamFrankUnk03 Mar 1986Maple Hill
HughesWilliamFrank EdwardOct 195517 Oct 2002Maple Hill
HughesWilliamH.Jun 185124 Jan 1930Moon
HughesWilliamVernon15 Sep 192518 Dec 1936Moon
HughesWilliamUnk27 Dec 1930Maple Hill
HughesWillieBuddy08 Jul 190912 Feb 1989Northside
HughesWornieE.14 Dec 1907Sep 1961Maple Hill
HugheyBelle05 Sep 188925 Apr 1979Charity Baptist Church
HugheyBlakeAllen08 Sep 200308 Sep 2003Hayden
HugheyBlancheE.31 Jul 191107 Dec 1992Maple Hill
HugheyBoldenG.03 Apr 187723 Feb 1959Charity Baptist Church
HugheyBradleyRay08 Sep 200308 Sep 2003Hayden
HugheyCulleyColumbus18791956Charity Baptist Church
HugheyDovieMay21 Sep 188111 Nov 1913Charity Baptist Church
HugheyEileenW.15 May 191721 Mar 1983Maple Hill
HugheyFlintE.18 Sep 190318 Oct 1965Hayden
HugheyJ.Ausburn13 Oct 190806 Oct 1987Charity Baptist Church
HugheyJanieL.31 May 191307 Feb 1957Hayden
HugheyJanie07 Jun 191501 Oct 1978Maple Hill
HugheyJosieTanner18721950Charity Baptist Church
HugheyLoman02 Oct 1883Nov 1975Charity Baptist Church
HugheyMattieF.12 Dec 185429 Aug 1929Charity Baptist Church
HugheyMelvin05 Oct 185026 Apr 1926Charity Baptist Church
HugheyNinaCooper04 Aug 191913 Oct 1994Maple Hill
HugheyOdenA.05 Oct 191301 Apr 2001Maple Hill
HugheyOllie10 Oct 191004 Jun 1973Maple Hill
HugheyRayE.10 Oct 193714 Jul 1988Hayden
HugheyRoseElla14 Aug 187725 Mar 1962Charity Baptist Church
HugheyRuthR.06 Nov 191214 May 1975Charity Baptist Church
HugheySarahCouch25 Aug 188528 Nov 1965Charity Baptist Church
HugheyStaceyP.11 Jan 188509 Feb 1973Charity Baptist Church
HugheyToneyB.04 Aug 191617 Dec 1994Maple Hill
HugheyWillardT.19 May 191305 Feb 1964Charity Baptist Church
HughleyJohn12 Jul 192912 Jan 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
HughsJessieUnk08 Jan 1946Maple Hill
HuitsJennieUnk05 Feb 1899Maple Hill
HuldaEmmaJones22 Mar 188519 Jul 1888Ellis, Old Benjamin
HullA.F.Unk17 Apr 1885Maple Hill
HullJ.Unk13 Mar 1901Maple Hill
HullMatthewUnk13 Mar 1935Maple Hill
HullumJamesA.18 Sep 186323 Mar 1898Hereford
HulseyCharlesGlen10 Apr 193214 Sep 1999Valhalla Memory Gardens
HulseyDeweyWilson02 Mar 192327 Apr 1997Madison Crossroads
HulseyJackW.13 Aug 188324 Apr 1934Ryland
HulseyJoseph02 Jul 192106 Jun 1925Shady Grove
HulseyW.M.18841953Shady Grove
HulseyW.Unk21 Mar 1924Maple Hill
HumbleWilliamT.Unk21 Feb 1951Maple Hill
HumellEdwinForestUnk07 Jun 1923Maple Hill
HumersWilliamUnk16 Aug 1926Maple Hill
HumesClaraUnk06 Nov 1918Maple Hill
HumesElleleeChapmanUnk24 Jul 1920Maple Hill
HumesMelvinaTorrence31 Jul 194917 May 1997Bloucher Ford
HumesMilton18441908Maple Hill
HumesThomasW.Unk25 Aug 1913Maple Hill
HumesW.Y.C.Unk11 Sep 1883Maple Hill
HummelAlexander20 Jun 186902 Feb 1941Maple Hill
HummelAliceMoore09 Nov 187407 Feb 1949Maple Hill
HummelAlmaJohanne27 Feb 191211 Nov 1914Maple Hill
HummelEdithMaudReedUnk18 Jun 1962Maple Hill
HummelEdwinF.15 Mar 186607 Jun 1923Maple Hill
HummelJohannahBonmgarten10 Dec 184117 Jan 1932Maple Hill
HummelJohnFrederick10 Jun 184125 May 1911Maple Hill
HummelJohnFrederick11 Oct 187418 Oct 1950Maple Hill
HummelMarionB.Unk20 Nov 1977Maple Hill
HummelMarthaLouiseHildebrand27 Aug 188515 Dec 1959Maple Hill
HummelMaudeR.25 Apr 188218 Jun 1962Maple Hill
HummelNinaRoener16 May 189010 Jul 1951Maple Hill
HummelOliverG.12 Mar 188206 May 1970Maple Hill
HummelOscar03 May 190213 Mar 1946Maple Hill
HummelOscar31 Oct 187231 Jan 1956Maple Hill
HummelOtto26 Aug 188419 Jul 1938Maple Hill
HummelWalter10 Oct 187628 Jul 1947Maple Hill
HummellFritzUnk20 Oct 1950Maple Hill
HummerA.Unk12 Dec 1916Maple Hill
HumphreyAnnieMattieParham01 Oct 187205 May 1917Madison
HumphreyAnnieSue26 Apr 190007 Jul 1969Maple Hill
HumphreyArchie01 May 190614 Mar 1997Bloucher Ford
HumphreyBelaA.07 Jun 188703 Feb 1968Big Cove
HumphreyBerritaUnk24 Aug 1950Maple Hill
HumphreyBertha18 Feb 189213 Oct 1964Northside
HumphreyBessieS.08 Apr 187717 Nov 1903Madison
HumphreyBoylP.01 Mar 181123 Nov 1881Madison
HumphreyC.C.Unk09 Dec 1960Maple Hill
HumphreyC.W.Unk05 Mar 1867Maple Hill
HumphreyCatherineBirdsong24 Sep 192728 Sep 1987Northside
HumphreyClaudiusBurwell15 Apr 18681916Madison
HumphreyDella12 Apr 188912 Feb 1973Northside
HumphreyDorothyPruitt28 Jun 193812 Dec 1990Bloucher Ford
HumphreyEddUnk21 Aug 1972Maple Hill
HumphreyEddieB.21 Oct 189530 Jan 1975Northside
HumphreyElizabethUnk18 Oct 1896Maple Hill
HumphreyElsieBriggs07 Oct 190812 Feb 2000Penny
HumphreyGarth07 Jan 189322 Mar 1974Northside
HumphreyHelenYeatman13 Jun 187806 Apr 1931Maple Hill
HumphreyHerman14 Jan 188722 Jul 1980Northside
HumphreyIreneC.15 Oct 192506 Feb 1994Bloucher Ford
HumphreyJ.D.Unk16 Mar 1930Maple Hill
HumphreyJ.D.Unk22 Nov 1884Maple Hill
HumphreyJ.Unk23 Apr 1952Maple Hill
HumphreyJamesAlexander08 Apr 18411926Madison
HumphreyJamesE.10 Jun 185906 Feb 1908Bethel/Old Bethel
HumphreyJamesH.22 Jan 181805 Oct 1888Madison
HumphreyJamesO.19241987Bloucher Ford
HumphreyJames02 Feb 195025 Apr 1971St. Ruth
HumphreyJeanE.Unk29 Nov 1959Maple Hill
HumphreyJoeFrank29 Jan 190430 May 1980Maple Hill
HumphreyJohnWalker10 Jul 189916 Jan 1972Northside
HumphreyJohnWilliam29 Apr 193608 Feb 2002Big Cove
HumphreyJohnUnk11 Apr 1914Maple Hill
HumphreyJohnUnk27 Oct 1900Maple Hill
HumphreyL.C.21 Aug 191725 Jan 2002Bloucher Ford
HumphreyL.H.10 Jan 190016 Jan 1935St. Ruth
HumphreyLaura11 Aug 190704 May 1983St. Ruth
HumphreyLouis10 Apr 188529 Apr 1969Big Cove
HumphreyLula31 May 189017 Jul 1977Northside
HumphreyLutherB.25 Dec 192012 Dec 1969St. Ruth
HumphreyMarkUnk07 Dec 1977Maple Hill
HumphreyMarthaE.02 Mar 192703 Feb 2000Hammond
HumphreyMatthewUnk07 Dec 1977Maple Hill
HumphreyMattieM.21 Jun 190622 Jan 1991Northside
HumphreyMattieSaleBurwell01 Oct 18511916Maple Hill
HumphreyMiltonUnk22 Jan 1877Maple Hill
HumphreyMollieA.19 Oct 184303 Jun 1915Madison
HumphreyNancyWadeParham30 Sep 187426 Dec 1948Madison
HumphreyNancy10 Nov 190810 Feb 1981Maple Hill
HumphreyNellieSullivan02 Jul 191007 Mar 1911Madison
HumphreyNervieUnk20 Oct 1988Maple Hill
HumphreyOrlandoO.11 Apr 190308 Mar 1973Northside
HumphreyPosey19 Aug 190015 Dec 1900Madison
HumphreyPoseyBurwell19 Nov 184121 Oct 1899Madison
HumphreyRachelCummings13 Jan 185010 May 1883Maple Hill
HumphreyRoadieM.29 Apr 194026 Jun 1977Northside
HumphreyRobertL.06 Feb 192108 Dec 1983Northside
HumphreyRufus10 May 190607 May 1970Bloucher Ford
HumphreySamuel25 Jul 191204 May 1982Hammond
HumphreySarahNoel04 Jul 191729 Sep 2005Northside
HumphreySophiaF.15 Apr 183630 Sep 1896Madison
HumphreySusannahHarvey06 Dec 181313 Jan 1875Madison
HumphreyTillieUnk05 Apr 1957Maple Hill
HumphreyViolet24 Apr 188511 Mar 1967Penny
HumphreyVirginia01 Feb 187022 Sep 1924Penny
HumphreyW.B.11 May 189903 Mar 1955Madison
HumphreyWaddie01 Jan 187230 Dec 1964Bloucher Ford
HumphreyWalterL.24 Sep 187604 Mar 1934Maple Hill
HumphreyWilliamBenford29 Jun 187118 Jun 1944Madison
HumphreyWilliamJ.23 Feb 184816 Mar 1937Maple Hill
HumphreyWillieBibb21 Jan 1923May 1995Bloucher Ford
HumphreyWillieE.19 May 190915 Apr 1998Northside
HumphreyWillieLee10 Apr 190930 Jul 1989Bloucher Ford
HundleyCliftonUnk27 Nov 1938Maple Hill
HundleyD.R.Unk15 Dec 1949Maple Hill
HundleyDanielR.Unk27 Dec 1899Maple Hill
HundleyFrancesUnk28 Mar 1941Maple Hill
HundleyHattieUnk20 May 1955Maple Hill
HundleyJohnH.Unk12 Sep 1959Maple Hill
HundleyMaryUnk08 Mar 1913Maple Hill
HundleyNannieSmithDonnell27 Apr 186328 Sep 1937Maple Hill
HundleyOllieE.01 Sep 189927 Jun 1999Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
HundleyOrvilleUnk09 Feb 1946Maple Hill
HundleyOscarE.Mrs.Unk28 Aug 1893Maple Hill
HundleyRichardLowe21 Jan 188604 Aug 1947Maple Hill
HundleySarahUnk03 Nov 1923Maple Hill
HundleyWarrenH.Unk10 Oct 1897Maple Hill
HundleyWilliamMay186013 May 1934Maple Hill
HunemillerAlethaCrumUnk20 Nov 1996Maple Hill
HunkapillarJ.C.19 Sep 183316 Jul 1904New Hope
HunkapillarNannieS.14 Jan 183530 Nov 1918New Hope
HunkapillerCorneliaM.27 Apr 192101 Apr 1994Hayden
HunleyO.Unk09 Jul 1903Maple Hill
HuntAliceP.06 Aug 190915 Jan 1989Maple Hill
HuntAltonElmor04 Mar 186926 Aug 1929Camp Ground
HuntArdellaPippin23 Jun 192424 Apr 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
HuntArmentiaUnk09 Jun 1933Maple Hill
HuntBenUnk13 Mar 1937Maple Hill
HuntBenUnk15 Dec 1921Maple Hill
HuntCharlesH.03 May 188220 Nov 1970Moon
HuntCharlesH.15 Jul 188207 Jul 1960Bush
HuntCharlesM.07 Jan 191428 Jan 1914Moon
HuntCharlesM.24 Jul 192007 Apr 1952Charity Baptist Church
HuntCharlotteOvaRhodes16 Jan 1905Oct 1991Maple Hill
HuntClaraLavonia09 May 189501 Aug 1903Ebenezer
HuntClaraUnk06 Jan 1929Maple Hill
HuntCordelia187810 Aug 1900Maple Hill
HuntCoyC.21 Oct 192208 Sep 1997Maple Hill
HuntDannyRay24 Jul 195608 Jan 2005Concord
HuntEarnestUnk03 Aug 1951Maple Hill
HuntEdgar18831937Shady Grove
HuntEdnaE.Unk16 Jan 1965Maple Hill
HuntEllenW.Unk26 Mar 1869Maple Hill
HuntEllen20 Aug 183109 Feb 1892Maple Hill
HuntEmmettO.23 Sep 1919Aug 1987Maple Hill
HuntErnestG.13 Jul 190215 Jan 1981Maple Hill
HuntFannieUnk28 Sep 1941Maple Hill
HuntFloraA.12 Jul 182712 Sep 1910Neal Chapel
HuntFrancesWrigglesworth06 Jun 179807 Jan 1879Maple Hill
HuntGeorgeE.15 May 182502 Aug 1891Neal Chapel
HuntHattieUnk31 Dec 1928Maple Hill
HuntHazelR.21 Mar 192113 Mar 1976Maple Hill
HuntHenry19 Apr 190305 Jan 1968Maple Hill
HuntHerbertArley22 Nov 191924 Apr 1983Maple Hill
HuntJ.C.12 Apr 189416 Apr 1964Ebenezer
HuntJamesEmoryUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
HuntJamesNathanielUnk13 Mar 1945Maple Hill
HuntJanieUnk29 Sep 1950Maple Hill
HuntJerryDavid10 Feb 194025 Feb 2002Maple Hill
HuntJohnH.14 Feb 187113 Jun 1900Bush
HuntJosephFred06 Jan 189415 Oct 1952Bush
HuntLouie12 Oct 190912 Nov 1928Bush
HuntMaggieBell10 May 189822 Dec 1973Bush
HuntMarthaJ.10 Mar 188405 Oct 1974Moon
HuntMaryElizabeth05 Jan 182502 Aug 1895Maple Hill
HuntMaryN.10 Nov 190818 May 1985Maple Hill
HuntMattie19 Jun 188414 Oct 1967Shady Grove
HuntMittie30 Jul 189310 Dec 1972Maple Hill
HuntNettieUnk05 Apr 1915Maple Hill
HuntOtisUnk02 Aug 1862Maple Hill
HuntOvaRhodes16 Jan 190511 Mar 1991Maple Hill
HuntRebeccaE.22 Apr 185515 Feb 1934Bush
HuntRobertE.27 Feb 189216 Apr 1960Bush
HuntRobertJesse21 Mar 187617 Feb 1962Maple Hill
HuntRuth07 Jan 192205 Dec 1988Maple Hill
HuntRuth22 Jun 188829 Dec 1955Hayden
HuntSallieUnk17 Dec 1887Maple Hill
HuntSallyLanierUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
HuntSarahJane08 Apr 182828 Aug 1908Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
HuntStanley10 Dec 189529 Dec 1895Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
HuntSueCarole F.25 Feb 193326 Mar 2003Maple Hill
HuntSusanUnk17 Dec 1913Maple Hill
HuntThomasUnk13 Oct 1941Maple Hill
HuntUnkUnk10 Jan 1878Maple Hill
HuntVernonUnk26 Jul 1963Maple Hill
HuntWalterD.15 Nov 188615 Nov 1933Charity Baptist Church
HuntWill10 Jun 188416 Jan 1976Hayden
HuntWilliamP.25 Jan 190631 Mar 1966Maple Hill
HuntWilliamUnk15 Sep 1900Maple Hill
HuntBenUnk13 Mar 1937Maple Hill
HuntBertha23 Sep 189312 Nov 1970Maple Hill
HuntOmieSueUnk17 Oct 1995Maple Hill
HunterAltonMcKella11 Dec 192016 May 2000Maple Hill
HunterAndyNolan14 May 192114 May 1921Gipson
HunterAngieG.14 Sep 190019 Dec 1984Cloud
HunterAnnieB.09 Aug 190009 Aug 1994Northside
HunterAnnieLee11 Aug 191614 Aug 2005Maple Hill
HunterBarbaraM.Unk20 Apr 1996Maple Hill
HunterBeauregardG.19 May 189827 Jan 1983Brown
HunterCarrieL.Campbell28 Aug 189707 Feb 1981Concord
HunterCatherineA.Jacks01 Dec 192808 Feb 2005Maple Hill
HunterCornelieM.06 Jun 190411 May 1983Northside
HunterDanielKeith12 Sep 179930 Oct 1863Camp Ground
HunterDouglasWayne31 Mar 193209 Mar 2005Maple Hill
HunterDouglasUnk13 Jan 1932Maple Hill
HunterEdithL.Turner09 Oct 190523 Jul 1926Glenwood
HunterEdwardMark03 Nov 191205 Jun 1962Maple Hill
HunterEmmetT.13 Apr 191029 Jan 1980Brown
HunterEthelA.07 May 190416 May 1992Maple Hill
HunterEvieMae18 Nov 192314 Dec 1997Maple Hill
HunterFaye15 Jul 1942NDDBrown
HunterFloraAnn25 Dec 191611 Sep 1985Northside
HunterFrancisAnneUnk02 Feb 2004Maple Hill
HunterFrankUnk20 Feb 1974Maple Hill
HunterGeneralLee24 Sep 190020 Jan 1981Cloud
HunterGertrudeEmma17 Mar 190321 Apr 1966Brown
HunterGracieMae19 Aug 191504 May 2003Brown
HunterHenryS.02 Sep 191917 Dec 1992Bevill
HunterHerodE.10 Jan 187429 Sep 1964Brown
HunterIrisLouise21 May 190731 Jul 1999Maple Hill
HunterJamesA.04 Dec 191831 Mar 1987Bush
HunterJamesErvin16 Jun 191017 Jun 1978Maple Hill
HunterJamesR.Unk21 Apr 1996Maple Hill
HunterJamesUnk17 Jan 1938Maple Hill
HunterJoeA.19 Apr 188905 May 1971Concord
HunterJoeUnk10 Aug 1917Maple Hill
HunterJohn10 Nov 178619 Mar 1836Maple Hill
HunterKellyHouston31 May 192826 Jun 1995Maple Hill
HunterKelly22 Nov 189220 Sep 1984Maple Hill
HunterLeroyDick30 Dec 1920NDDHayden
HunterLouiseC.30 Sep 191719 Jan 2001Bush
HunterLouiseFlynt26 Oct 192002 Sep 2003State Line - Hazel Green
HunterLucille21 Mar 193023 Sep 1931Camp Ground
HunterMaeElla17 Apr 193423 May 1936Brown
HunterMargaretIdella18 Feb 187819 Jan 1962Brown
HunterMarthaSusanUnk02 Jun 1989Maple Hill
HunterMattieLeltaleeUnk28 Oct 1970Maple Hill
HunterMelvinLawrence13 Jan 1921Dec 1978Northside
HunterMelvin11 Nov 190012 Jun 1986Northside
HunterNeltaJeanUnk25 Feb 1964Maple Hill
HunterPatsyDoran17 Feb 1940NDDHayden
HunterRachelElizabethBass04 Apr 187421 Feb 1962Camp Ground
HunterRandal20 Feb 193921 Aug 1991Brown
HunterRobbieElizabeth11 Oct 191110 Jun 1989Maple Hill
HunterRobertOlan14 May 192115 Apr 1998Bush
HunterSamuelP.15 Oct 191826 Aug 1982Maple Hill
HunterSarahH.Unk25 Jun 1966Maple Hill
HunterSusanP.Middleton12 Apr 190505 Jan 1861Camp Ground
HunterThelma30 Jul 191805 Feb 1996Maple Hill
HunterThomasDavid05 Nov 192310 Jan 1983Northside
HunterTimothyScottUnk08 Mar 1963Charity Baptist Church
HunterToddUnk30 Dec 1963Charity Baptist Church
HunterTracyC.12 Oct 189621 May 1975Northside
HuntsJ.Unk16 Mar 1926Maple Hill
HuppertJeremyUnk05 Jun 1998Maple Hill
HurdElizabethAdalineUnk25 Aug 1840Maple Hill
HurdMinnieC.Unk26 Apr 1996Maple Hill
HurdleyAnnieUnk04 Oct 1920Maple Hill
HurleyAlvaUnk01 Jan 1918Maple Hill
HurnGertrudeCraft03 Jun 190122 Jun 1979Moon
HurstGilda29 Oct 195610 Oct 1969Charity Baptist Church
HurstMarthaUnk11 Feb 1954Maple Hill
HurtCharley01 Mar 192025 Aug 1983Conley Chapel
HurtCharlieHenry17 Sep 194018 Nov 2004Valley View Memorial Gardens
HurtJohnny05 Jul 191521 Jan 1993Northside
HurtLiza15 Jun 189613 Mar 1976Northside
HurtMarthaElizabethFlemings22 Apr 192111 Sep 2005Northside
HurtMaryRogers05 Jan 194707 Feb 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
HurtMattieR.B.08 Oct 190310 Jun 1992Northside
HurtMollie21 Dec 192011 Mar 1970Conley Chapel
HurtRoosevelt19 Apr 194328 Oct 2004Valley View Memorial Gardens
HusbandVictorUnk13 Jan 1989Maple Hill
HuseCynthea30 MaySepBailey
HusebyKatrinaUnk07 Sep 1966Maple Hill
HushawClaudeUnk13 Oct 1926Maple Hill
HuskeyArthurH.25 Jan 188703 Dec 1970Maple Hill
HuskeyBessieMaeUnk24 Dec 1962Maple Hill
HuskeyLottieN.11 Jan 192211 Dec 1991Maple Hill
HuskeyMamieR.15 Aug 189213 Sep 1986Maple Hill
HuskeyMarvinThomas10 Oct 191828 Oct 1999Maple Hill
HuskeyThomasUnk15 Dec 1970Maple Hill
HustonCharlesUnk13 Mar 1961Maple Hill
HustonFredL.25 Jun 191906 Apr 1996Maple Hill
HustonJackEdwardUnk05 Apr 2006Maple Hill
HustonJohnEdwardUnk20 Mar 1965Maple Hill
HustonWilleneB.12 Feb 192820 Feb 1993Maple Hill
HutchensAllenUnk10 Mar 1913Maple Hill
HutchensCharlesUnk15 Apr 1914Maple Hill
HutchensCharlesUnk06 Jun 1890Maple Hill
HutchensCleveL.17 Apr 191007 Dec 1992Kennamer
HutchensComer27 Feb 191426 Aug 1977Maple Hill
HutchensElizabethR.19001955Maple Hill
HutchensFannieUnk18 Aug 1923Maple Hill
HutchensFred25 Sep 192427 Feb 1944Byrd
HutchensGaleUnk25 Dec 1891Maple Hill
HutchensGurthaK.14 May 1914NDDKennamer
HutchensJamesM.Unk22 May 1892Maple Hill
HutchensJamesUnk08 Aug 1950Maple Hill
HutchensKatieAnn10 Apr 1999NDDCloud
HutchensLucy19 Dec 191208 Oct 1986Maple Hill
HutchensMargaretN.30 Aug 189502 Aug 1983Maple Hill
HutchensMaryE.Unk29 Aug 1961Maple Hill
HutchensMaryLoreneUnk09 Jul 1957Maple Hill
HutchensMaryUnk23 May 1896Maple Hill
HutchensMawdUnk28 Apr 1896Maple Hill
HutchensMortonM.25 Jan 188904 Dec 1965Maple Hill
HutchensNewtonUnk10 May 1887Maple Hill
HutchensPearlUnk09 Jun 1946Maple Hill
HutchensSaraLou24 Dec 188319 Jun 1958Byrd
HutchensSusie04 Apr 189410 Jul 1976Maple Hill
HutchensV.Unk20 Oct 1955Maple Hill
HutchensVernonF.03 Aug 189905 Sep 1971Maple Hill
HutchensVernonUnk04 Dec 1930Maple Hill
HutchensWillardUnk18 Jun 1951Maple Hill
HutchensWilliamT.Unk26 Oct 1972Maple Hill
HutchensWilliamThomas24 Dec 185924 Feb 1940Maple Hill
HutchensWillieArmstrong07 Sep 186703 Oct 1925Maple Hill
HutchensWillieUnk14 Jul 1893Maple Hill
HutchesonLloydD.19 Dec 190706 Aug 1978Maple Hill
HutchingsJohn177520 Nov 1817Hutchings
HutchinsonAllieUnk11 Nov 1967Maple Hill
HutchinsonJohnW.09 Jan 189315 Jan 1967Maple Hill
HutchinsonNonaUnk15 Jun 1939Maple Hill
HutchinsonWilliamUnk26 Apr 1922Maple Hill
HutchisonSusieUnk15 Nov 1894Maple Hill
HuthChaunceyW.28 Oct 191302 Dec 1988Maple Hill
HuthMaryG.17 Jul 191531 Aug 1995Maple Hill
HutonPeytonUnk18 Oct 1921Maple Hill
HutsonSharonUnk14 Jan 2006Maple Hill
HuttRebeccaUnk09 Mar 1924Maple Hill
HuttoAliceD.UnkNDDMaple Hill
HuttoBerthaJeanUnk15 Jul 1957Maple Hill
HuttoGrover04 May 193427 Oct 2001Maple Hill
HuttoGrover14 Nov 189220 Mar 1968Maple Hill
HuttoRaymondUnk06 Jan 1939Maple Hill
HuttoSarahF.02 Jan 186621 Mar 1938Locust Grove
HuttoWilliamRayUnk17 Oct 2005Maple Hill
HuttonRoseJeanette04 Apr 195829 Aug 2002Bevill
HyattAnthonyL.26 Dec 195712 Jul 1971Plainview
HyattGeorgeBrent01 Oct 198402 Aug 2002Moon
HyattHarlanH.05 Oct 196607 Oct 1966Plainview
HyattStephenA.05 Jul 195822 May 1973Brown
HyerJohnUnk24 Jan 1945Maple Hill
HymerBirdie07 Sep 189527 Apr 1978Maple Hill
HymerDaisyLue29 Sep 190522 Oct 1993Maple Hill
HymerDeliaL.Unk12 Jun 1968Maple Hill
HymerIda11 Nov 188505 Nov 1944Merrimack
HymerJack02 Sep 190227 Mar 1984Maple Hill
HymerJamesP.188010 Jan 1944Maple Hill
HymerLolaMamieUnk24 Feb 1982Maple Hill
HymerS.L.Unk06 Jul 1968Maple Hill
HymerWilliamH.13 Oct 191519 Jun 1978Maple Hill
HyndsMarthaBradfordUnk23 Oct 1990Maple Hill
HyterHiramM.20 Mar 189515 Sep 1967Northside
HyterJamesN.17 Mar 192116 Nov 1994Northside
HyterJesseLee17 Feb 194307 Jan 1996East
HyterJoeAllen29 Apr 194106 Oct 1997East
HyterLauraDec 188710 Oct 1944Royal
HyterLillieM.01 Aug 189821 Dec 1985Northside

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