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McAdooDerrickL.Unk04 Oct 2005Royal
McAlesterThomasUnk01 Jan 1932Maple Hill
McAlisterLesterL.Unk06 Oct 1994Maple Hill
McAlisterWilliamUnk17 Jul 1965Maple Hill
McAllisterA.W.Unk22 Aug 1956Maple Hill
McAllisterAmyUnk28 Dec 1943Maple Hill
McAllisterAndrewUnk16 Feb 1970Maple Hill
McAllisterCharlesLeoUnk21 Jan 1989Maple Hill
McAllisterClaudeUnk01 Jan 1975Maple Hill
McAllisterClydeE.UnkNDDMaple Hill
McAllisterClydeUnk08 Oct 1945Maple Hill
McAllisterDamonJennings30 May 197601 Jun 1976Bevill
McAllisterElizabethL.189111 Feb 1970Maple Hill
McAllisterFrankUnkNDDMaple Hill
McAllisterHazelAnnette09 Dec 193811 Apr 1939Camp Ground
McAllisterJ.W.Unk25 Mar 1967Maple Hill
McAllisterJamesP.26 Jun 193413 Dec 1982Green Valley
McAllisterJohnC.Unk11 Apr 1982Maple Hill
McAllisterJohnUnk01 Oct 1927Maple Hill
McAllisterLeonaUnk03 Mar 1946Maple Hill
McAllisterLouiseB.Unk03 Jun 1990Maple Hill
McAllisterLucileM.27 Apr 191116 Sep 1995Camp Ground
McAllisterMaudUnk23 Dec 1924Maple Hill
McAllisterOliveUnk11 Aug 1884Maple Hill
McAllisterRoyG.24 Jul 191021 Feb 1969Camp Ground
McAllisterShannaLee29 Aug 197718 Nov 1983Bevill
McAllisterWiltonUnk07 Jan 1918Maple Hill
McAllistorMaudUnk23 Dec 1924Maple Hill
McAllistorMaudeUnk26 Jun 1914Maple Hill
McAnaleyRoyEdward10 Dec 194808 Jan 1949Plainview
McAnallyAngelaAnnUnk11 Dec 1974Maple Hill
McAnallyAugustaBettyUnk11 Jan 1997Maple Hill
McAnallyBrendaKayUnk12 May 1969Maple Hill
McAnallyClarenceUnk17 Oct 1985Maple Hill
McAnallyEmilyJ.Unk02 Mar 1893Maple Hill
McAnallyEthelH.Unk06 Apr 1994Maple Hill
McAnallyEthelUnk08 Apr 2006Maple Hill
McAnallyEvelynUnk24 Sep 2005Maple Hill
McAnallyFrankB.Unk15 Aug 1987Maple Hill
McAnallyHurbertUnk22 Feb 1991Maple Hill
McAnallyJackUnkNov 1930Cedar Grove
McAnallyJamesUnk23 Jul 1977Maple Hill
McAnallyJerryUnk11 May 1969Maple Hill
McAnallyLucyMaysUnk16 Aug 1962Maple Hill
McAnallyMabelHillUnk28 Feb 2001Maple Hill
McAnallyNellieUnk15 Oct 2002Maple Hill
McAnallyNelsonUnk27 May 1942Maple Hill
McAnallyOdelleUnk23 Jun 1931Maple Hill
McAnallyOgdenUnk13 Jan 2000Maple Hill
McAnallyOscarN.Unk06 Dec 1976Maple Hill
McAnallyPatriciaUnk06 May 2005Maple Hill
McAnallyRaymondH.UnkNDDMaple Hill
McAnallyRoseUnk15 Apr 1975Maple Hill
McAnallyRussellUnk04 Feb 1985Maple Hill
McAnallyW.A.UnkNDDMaple Hill
McAnallyW.Unk12 Apr 1955Maple Hill
McAnellyCharlesAustinUnk11 Jul 1936Maple Hill
McAnellyErnestUnk15 May 1945Maple Hill
McAnellyHattieS.Unk08 Sep 1932Maple Hill
McAnellyJohnUnk03 Feb 1901Maple Hill
McAnellyOliverUnk22 Aug 1922Maple Hill
McAnellyWilliamB.Unk11 Jun 1995Maple Hill
McAnnBerniceA.Unk26 Jan 2001Maple Hill
McAnnBettyT.02 Jun 187219 Jun 1952Madison Crossroads
McAnnCharlesDemarUnk13 Oct 1963Maple Hill
McAnnDanialB.27 Apr 187326 May 1925Madison Crossroads
McAnnallyErnestOdellUnk28 Oct 1961Maple Hill
McAnnallyHarrisonM.Unk07 Jan 1888Maple Hill
McAnnallyHazelUnk19 Aug 1984Maple Hill
McAnnellyNancyUnk14 Aug 1886Maple Hill
McAnnellyW.E.Mrs.Unk11 Aug 1879Maple Hill
McAssisterBessieCoffeyUnk07 Apr 2001Maple Hill
McBayJanPayneUnk22 Apr 1997Maple Hill
McBayWilliamUnk25 Oct 1931Maple Hill
McBeeHenryUnk31 Aug 1945Maple Hill
McBeeRenaUnk08 Aug 1950Maple Hill
McBrideAnnieUnk16 May 1944Maple Hill
McBrideAppedUnk01 May 1927Maple Hill
McBrideBillyWayne15 Dec 193807 Apr 1987Plainview
McBrideCarolynE.Unk10 Aug 1994Maple Hill
McBrideCassieUnk05 Jul 1933Maple Hill
McBrideCharlesE.24 Feb 192807 Mar 1996First Flint River Baptist
McBrideCharlesWoodardUnk13 Feb 1989Maple Hill
McBrideDavidUnk29 Sep 1937Maple Hill
McBrideDellaUnk10 Apr 1951Maple Hill
McBrideDillardDeeUnk10 May 1993Maple Hill
McBrideDillardEugeneUnk07 Jul 1968Maple Hill
McBrideDollieAnnUnk03 Nov 1991Maple Hill
McBrideDorothy20 May 192906 Aug 1931Merrimack
McBrideElizabethUnk24 Aug 1982Maple Hill
McBrideEstherG.22 May 191304 May 1996First Flint River Baptist
McBrideEvieUnk18 Jul 1972Maple Hill
McBrideFannieUnk23 Feb 1928Maple Hill
McBrideFrankUnk10 Feb 1898Maple Hill
McBrideHoytE.Unk29 Dec 2002Maple Hill
McBrideInfantFemale20 Jan 194220 Jan 1942Plainview
McBrideInfantMale25 Sep 194025 Sep 1940Plainview
McBrideInfantMale26 Feb 193526 Feb 1935Plainview
McBrideJ.P.Unk03 Aug 1961Maple Hill
McBrideJ.Unk07 Feb 1953Maple Hill
McBrideJamesRogersUnk12 Oct 1961Maple Hill
McBrideJamesUnk02 Jun 1973Maple Hill
McBrideJohnC.Unk14 Apr 1986Maple Hill
McBrideLulaMaeUnk02 Nov 1982Maple Hill
McBrideM.K.Unk31 Oct 1956Maple Hill
McBrideMaggieB.01 Sep 191821 Nov 1997Plainview
McBrideMaggieUnk10 Aug 1979Maple Hill
McBrideMargaretJ.09 Oct 195128 Jul 1966Neal Chapel
McBrideNancyB.Unk15 Mar 1999Maple Hill
McBrideOva25 Feb 190127 Dec 1932Plainview
McBrideRuthM.Unk19 Nov 1997Maple Hill
McBrideSharonLones193828 Jul 2004Plainview
McBrideSherryGail10 Jun 195214 Jun 1952Plainview
McBrideStevenG.01 Feb 195617 Nov 1979Plainview
McBrideTheonaMaeUnk15 Jan 1964Maple Hill
McBrideThomasUnk02 Apr 1985Maple Hill
McBrideVirgilUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
McBrideWandaC.27 Jul 195426 Jul 1966Neal Chapel
McBrideWeldon31 Aug 190616 Jun 1996First Flint River Baptist
McBrideWillW.03 Sep 190225 Dec 1974Plainview
McBrideWilliamE.Unk18 Oct 1988Maple Hill
McBrideWilliamWallace05 Apr 192301 Aug 1988Plainview
McBrideWillieOliveneUnk12 Oct 1987Maple Hill
McBrideWinnieUnk13 Jan 1923Maple Hill
McBrowUnkfeaMrs.Unk07 Feb 1898Maple Hill
McCainWilloweeMorringUnk12 Mar 2005Maple Hill
McCalebCora25 Feb 193615 Feb 1945Charity Baptist Church
McCalebEvalineM.Unk07 Jun 1983Maple Hill
McCalebHelenA.Unk08 Nov 1989Maple Hill
McCalebJamesW.18741947Charity Baptist Church
McCalebJohnW.Unk27 Nov 1997Maple Hill
McCalebJohnUnk05 Nov 1971Maple Hill
McCalebJosephUnk23 Feb 1975Maple Hill
McCalebMarthaA.18741914Charity Baptist Church
McCalebMaryE.Unk23 Oct 1983Maple Hill
McCalebNinnieO.18961896Charity Baptist Church
McCalebRobertL.Unk25 Mar 1974Maple Hill
McCalebWestleyE.Unk16 Apr 1989Maple Hill
McCallJamesCollins18 Jan 191713 Jan 1967Northside
McCallMossieR.26 Dec 191717 Sep 1999Northside
McCallebClaraUnk04 Apr 1927Maple Hill
McCallenylMaryA.Unk08 Sep 1884Maple Hill
McCalleyArchieN.Unk23 Apr 1888Maple Hill
McCalleyBettieA.Unk01 Jan 1997Maple Hill
McCalleyCarolineUnk14 May 1875Maple Hill
McCalleyCarrieUnk20 Mar 1944Maple Hill
McCalleyCharlesB.Unk01 Jan 1908Maple Hill
McCalleyCharlesUnk13 Feb 1925Maple Hill
McCalleyCharlesUnk26 Jun 1870Maple Hill
McCalleyGeorgeC.Unk01 Mar 1920Maple Hill
McCalleyHarmakUnk06 Nov 1936Maple Hill
McCalleyHattie21 Nov 188118 Jun 1939Royal
McCalleyJackUnk27 Mar 1892Maple Hill
McCalleyJamesRobertUnk25 Apr 1890Maple Hill
McCalleyJohnUnk22 May 1902Maple Hill
McCalleyKateT.Unk27 Sep 1936Maple Hill
McCalleyLouUnk01 Jan 1997Maple Hill
McCalleyLucyUnk12 Feb 1940Maple Hill
McCalleyM.A.Mrs.Unk12 Aug 1868Maple Hill
McCalleyRobertUnk09 Apr 1917Maple Hill
McCalleySusie07 Feb 192021 Mar 1980Northside
McCalleyThomasUnk20 May 1928Maple Hill
McCalleyThomasUnk28 Jan 1875Maple Hill
McCalleyWilliamJ.Unk25 Jun 1915Maple Hill
McCalleyWilliamUnk07 Sep 1881Maple Hill
McCalleyWillieJ.Unk01 Jan 1997Maple Hill
McCallumRobertH.Unk08 Dec 1983Maple Hill
McCallumRubyW.Unk04 Jun 2001Maple Hill
McCameyClaraM.Unk07 Dec 1979Maple Hill
McCameyElizabethF.Unk15 Jan 1981Maple Hill
McCamieGeorgeW.10 May 188829 Nov 1972Maple Hill
McCamieKennethUnk06 Aug 1951Maple Hill
McCamieMaryC.Unk09 Jun 1948Maple Hill
McCamilMaggieUnk12 Dec 1974Maple Hill
McCampbellDavidC.UnkNDDMaple Hill
McCandlishCarlA.Unk15 Nov 1995Maple Hill
McCandlishSandraF.Unk23 Dec 1999Maple Hill
McCantsA.C.04 Feb 188125 Nov 1923Madison Crossroads
McCantsBenUnk30 Jul 1954Maple Hill
McCantsD.E.02 Feb 183706 Apr 1898Madison Crossroads
McCantsDallas13 Oct 187626 Oct 1938Madison Crossroads
McCantsJ.S.04 Dec 187822 Jul 1948Madison Crossroads
McCantsMaryE.27 Jan 184304 Jun 1914Madison Crossroads
McCantsSamuelJ.17 Dec 185021 Nov 1925Madison Crossroads
McCareyR.Unk10 May 1924Maple Hill
McCareyTululahUnk03 Jan 1929Maple Hill
McCarleyDavidT.Unk13 Apr 1989Maple Hill
McCarleyJamesE.Unk10 Jul 1968Maple Hill
McCarleyMaryAnnie24 Aug 190629 Mar 1971Maple Hill
McCarmackWilliamUnk16 Oct 1935Maple Hill
McCarthyMaryEllenUnk23 Jun 1994Maple Hill
McCarthyMaryUnk26 Jan 1900Maple Hill
McCartneyMarthaUnk22 Sep 2000Maple Hill
McCarttLoydCecilUnk01 May 1998Maple Hill
McCartyFrankUnk04 Apr 1974Maple Hill
McCartyFrankieUnk10 Nov 1897Maple Hill
McCartyJamesE.Unk27 Apr 1978Maple Hill
McCarverAnnieL.01 Dec 188706 Mar 1925Merrimack
McCarverCynthiaUnk14 Apr 1954Maple Hill
McCarverFannieUnk23 Nov 1894Maple Hill
McCarverLutherUnk29 Jan 2000Maple Hill
McCarverM.L.Unk11 Dec 1966Maple Hill
McCarverMaryV.Unk14 Oct 1994Maple Hill
McCarverNolanUnk07 Feb 1995Maple Hill
McCarverNoraB.Unk18 May 1993Maple Hill
McCarverRandyLloydUnk08 May 1960Maple Hill
McCarverWalterLeeUnkNDDMaple Hill
McCarverWilliamL.24 Dec 188308 Mar 1965Maple Hill
McCaryAnieUnk02 Oct 1896Maple Hill
McCaryFrancesUnk09 Jun 1958Maple Hill
McCaryHarrisonUnk15 Jul 1900Maple Hill
McCaryHoraceUnk09 Jul 1947Maple Hill
McCaryJ.Unk15 Jul 1918Maple Hill
McCarzumToniUnk19 Apr 1895Maple Hill
McCauleyDanielUnk05 Jul 1983Maple Hill
McCauleyGabrielleR.Unk14 May 1982Maple Hill
McCauleyMatilda15 Sep 191129 May 1986Brandon
McCauleyMaud10 May 188416 Jan 1963Center Grove
McCauleyPercy09 Feb 188109 Mar 1946Royal
McCauleySim04 Jan 190413 Oct 1972Northside
McCauliffW.J.Unk29 Jul 1876Maple Hill
McCaulleyChristine03 Jan 196503 Aug 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
McCaulleyCoraUnkNDDUnion Hill
McCavetSussieUnk25 Jul 1901Maple Hill
McCayArchieF.03 Sep 185705 Jun 1930Moore-Holmes
McCayKate27 Oct 186205 May 1950Moore-Holmes
McCayMaryUnk30 Aug 1920Maple Hill
McCayMattieLou25 Sep 189525 Oct 1902Moore-Holmes
McCayRobertA.Unk03 Feb 1991Maple Hill
McCayRubyL.Unk25 Nov 1993Maple Hill
McCayThomasDanielUnk07 May 2004Maple Hill
McCayThomasUnk12 Apr 1876Maple Hill
McClainAlmaOpalUnk11 Sep 1996Maple Hill
McClainBelleUnk26 Mar 1929Maple Hill
McClainDanielRaeUnk27 Jul 1996Maple Hill
McClainMaxLeeUnk25 Mar 2003Maple Hill
McClardFaithEdithUnk05 Jan 1962Maple Hill
McClellanAddieLeeUnk25 Aug 2001Maple Hill
McClellanLillian12 Jan 189805 Apr 1979Northside
McClellanMaryE.Unk14 Nov 1959Maple Hill
McClellanThomasW.Unk28 May 1996Maple Hill
McClellanWillieS.Unk09 Oct 1957Maple Hill
McClendonLawrenceUnk04 May 1990Maple Hill
McClendonNapoleon25 Dec 194122 Feb 1996Crutcher
McClendonOraMaeUnk26 Jul 1974Maple Hill
McClevelandMaryUnk20 Feb 1902Maple Hill
McClintockJackS.Unk03 Apr 1984Maple Hill
McCloudAlexUnk20 Oct 1935Maple Hill
McClungBellUnk03 Jan 1922Maple Hill
McClungChristineP.Unk09 Apr 1986Maple Hill
McClungMargaretUnk10 Jan 1892Maple Hill
McClungPaulW.Unk19 Jul 1987Maple Hill
McClureC.M.Unk18 Jul 1990Maple Hill
McClureConnieM.28 Dec 188327 Oct 1918Camp Ground
McClureEdnaMiller25 Sep 190705 Jan 1989Madison Crossroads
McClureEllieUnk24 Jul 1978Maple Hill
McClureEmmaE.1900NDDCharity Baptist Church
McClureErnestH.Unk04 Feb 1899Maple Hill
McClureFieldonUnk31 Dec 1939Maple Hill
McClureFredLawrenceUnk04 Feb 2002Maple Hill
McClureFred08 Mar 189504 Dec 1919Camp Ground
McClureGraceBolen15 Jul 190606 May 1927Madison Crossroads
McClureJ.Unk10 Jun 1920Maple Hill
McClureJ.Unk27 Mar 1904Maple Hill
McClureJamesE.Unk22 May 1989Maple Hill
McClureJamesR.01 Feb 193002 Oct 2003Madison Crossroads
McClureJamesReuben27 Jun 190118 Jun 1984Madison Crossroads
McClureJamesUnk28 Jun 1922Maple Hill
McClureJennieUnk10 Aug 1928Maple Hill
McClureJohnUnk21 Jun 1973Maple Hill
McClureJohnUnk26 Nov 1943Maple Hill
McClureJosephUnk06 Mar 1927Maple Hill
McClureLloyd27 Mar 191411 Oct 1920Madison Crossroads
McClureLucindaUnk16 Feb 1919Maple Hill
McClureLula25 Jun 188110 Aug 1966Maple Hill
McClureM.H.30 Jun 188524 Oct 1910Camp Ground
McClureMarthaG.Unk26 Nov 1976Maple Hill
McClureMarthaK.Unk17 Feb 1985Maple Hill
McClureMarthaUnk24 Jun 1952Maple Hill
McClureMaverineUnk11 Jan 1987Maple Hill
McClureNancyUnk16 Jul 2004Maple Hill
McClureNettieRaby09 Sep 187717 Dec 1950Madison Crossroads
McClureOraEthylUnk12 Jan 1949Maple Hill
McClureOvalLeonUnk31 May 1989Maple Hill
McClureSearcyUnk21 Dec 1965Maple Hill
McClureTillmanUnk14 Dec 1922Maple Hill
McClureTracyUnk15 Jan 1968Maple Hill
McClureVirginiaH.Unk08 Jul 1980Maple Hill
McClureW.Unk01 Nov 1914Maple Hill
McClureWatthleyUnk18 May 1929Maple Hill
McClureWilliamH.18931965Charity Baptist Church
McClureWilliamL.02 Dec 187620 Mar 1939Madison Crossroads
McCluskeyEdwardUnk04 Mar 1952Maple Hill
McCluskeyFrankUnk10 May 1952Maple Hill
McCluskeyMarvinE.Unk01 Sep 1979Maple Hill
McCluskeyMilnieUnk15 Mar 1944Maple Hill
McCluskeyRayUnk20 Jul 1951Maple Hill
McCluskeyRobertMichaelUnkNDDMaple Hill
McCluskeyRobertMichaelUnkNDDMaple Hill
McCluskeyWilliamUnk04 Jul 1871Maple Hill
McCluskyCharlesUnk13 Apr 1950Maple Hill
McCluskyEthelE.18991973Madison Crossroads
McCluskyLonnieN.18941945Madison Crossroads
McCluskyMinnieUnk21 Jan 1959Maple Hill
McColeJoeM.Unk24 Feb 1961Maple Hill
McColloughHoustonUnk10 Jun 1932Maple Hill
McCollumAlmerClayUnk28 Jul 2000Maple Hill
McCollumAnnB.Unk14 Sep 1981Maple Hill
McCollumClarenceUnk24 Nov 1968Maple Hill
McCollumDovieCauldwellUnk12 Jul 2001Maple Hill
McCollumFlorenceUnk26 Aug 1963Maple Hill
McCollumJamesUnk11 Feb 1979Maple Hill
McCollumJohnCalvinUnk31 Mar 1989Maple Hill
McCollumLillieL.30 Apr 188214 Sep 1960Pine Grove - Harvest
McCollumMaudeE.Unk17 Apr 1961Maple Hill
McCollumRobertUnk29 Jun 1986Maple Hill
McCombElizabethJoiner16 Feb 194723 Oct 1983Northside
McCombEmores03 May 191631 May 2002Northside
McCombLeroy07 Apr 194113 Jun 1971Northside
McCombMadgie06 May 189202 Aug 1971Northside
McConnellKaylaLeeann04 May 199006 May 1990Moon
McCordBarbaraAnnLee09 Jul 193925 Feb 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
McCordBillieC.Unk26 Nov 1978Maple Hill
McCordHoraceClydeUnk16 Jul 1967Maple Hill
McCordJohnUnk08 Oct 1924Maple Hill
McCorkelA.C.Unk29 Nov 1972Maple Hill
McCorkelBirdieUnk06 Dec 1991Maple Hill
McCorkelInfantUnk31 Jan 1951Maple Hill
McCorkelMayE.Swaim22 Dec 187923 Jul 1932Camp Ground
McCorkelMildredUnk27 Aug 1941Maple Hill
McCorkelWillieUnk26 Nov 1944Maple Hill
McCorkleClarenceUnk18 May 1963Maple Hill
McCorkleLoreneUnk29 Mar 1999Maple Hill
McCorkleMarthaUnk27 Jul 1940Maple Hill
McCorkleRobertUnk30 Oct 1916Maple Hill
McCorkleRonnieUnk06 Apr 1918Maple Hill
McCormackJamesOrvalUnk11 Mar 1975Maple Hill
McCormackMinnieUnk22 Aug 1993Maple Hill
McCormickAlbertUnk24 Mar 1981Maple Hill
McCormickCharlesJ.Unk03 Mar 1984Maple Hill
McCormickDorisUnk30 May 1953Maple Hill
McCormickIrmaP.Unk09 Sep 2004Maple Hill
McCormickJayMarionUnk28 Aug 1998Maple Hill
McCormickKennethO.Unk01 Jun 1970Maple Hill
McCormickLillieAnnUnk25 Feb 1964Maple Hill
McCormickMaryJaneUnk01 Aug 1995Maple Hill
McCormickMyrtleO.Unk28 Mar 1991Maple Hill
McCormickOmegaUnk14 Mar 1994Maple Hill
McCormickPaulEdUnk06 Aug 1999Maple Hill
McCormickSelmaUnk07 Apr 1994Maple Hill
McCormickThurmanH.08 Feb 192517 Feb 1997Plainview
McCormickUnkUnk28 Feb 1954Maple Hill
McCormickW.P.Unk12 May 1955Maple Hill
McCormickWilliamH.Unk10 Sep 1978Maple Hill
McCowanAline28 Dec 1909NDDKennamer
McCowanCarla23 Oct 190628 May 1979Kennamer
McCowanCleoLeon04 Apr 191412 Jul 1962Hayden
McCowanEllaUnk12 Jan 1923Maple Hill
McCowanMaryElizabethUnk21 Mar 1989Maple Hill
McCowanOdell12 Jul 190515 Aug 1910Kennamer
McCowanOmaDrucille04 Mar 191417 Jul 2006Hayden
McCowanThomasJ.Unk19 Mar 1898Maple Hill
McCownAliceUnk03 Dec 1985Maple Hill
McCownBonnieBellUnk29 Jun 1990Maple Hill
McCownEdnaC.Unk17 Nov 1988Maple Hill
McCownElizaE.UnkNDDShady Grove
McCownGeorgeD.Unk13 May 1985Maple Hill
McCownHelenUnk23 Jul 1977Maple Hill
McCownJamesRobertUnk02 Jun 1979Maple Hill
McCownJamesW.19201923Shady Grove
McCownJamesUnk04 Dec 1934Maple Hill
McCownJimmieS.UnkNDDMaple Hill
McCownJosephA.Mrs.Unk20 Nov 1976Maple Hill
McCownJoseph18971929Shady Grove
McCownJosephUnk14 Apr 1919Maple Hill
McCownLacyUnk09 Jun 1946Maple Hill
McCownLauraMoselyUnk19 May 1961Maple Hill
McCownLenaUnk29 Jun 1938Maple Hill
McCownLeonardY.Unk24 Mar 1956Maple Hill
McCownMaeMontgomeryUnk27 Jun 1947Maple Hill
McCownMollieUnk09 Mar 1973Maple Hill
McCownPhilC.Unk31 May 1980Maple Hill
McCownPhilMrs.Unk26 Jun 1973Maple Hill
McCownRenaUnk15 Mar 1902Maple Hill
McCownW.G.Unk06 May 1961Maple Hill
McCownWalterW.Unk09 Apr 1992Maple Hill
McCownWalterUnk21 Oct 1941Maple Hill
McCownWilfordUnk26 Mar 1902Maple Hill
McCownWilliamUnk04 Aug 1939Maple Hill
McCoyA.Unk21 Dec 1932Maple Hill
McCoyAlexanderUnk27 Nov 1913Maple Hill
McCoyAltaUnk03 Aug 1929Maple Hill
McCoyAndersonUnk02 Apr 1896Maple Hill
McCoyBessieUnk20 Dec 1976Maple Hill
McCoyDanielB.21 Feb 191925 Nov 1962Ryland
McCoyDorisH.03 Aug 192022 Dec 1996Ryland
McCoyInfantUnk08 Dec 1977Maple Hill
McCoyJamesL.UnkNDDMaple Hill
McCoyJamesUnk02 Jun 1974Maple Hill
McCoyJohnUnk23 Jun 1918Maple Hill
McCoyJohnUnk12 Sep 1914Maple Hill
McCoyOffeeUnk01 Jan 1997Maple Hill
McCoyPhillipDouglasUnk20 Jan 1981Maple Hill
McCoySamUnk26 Apr 1977Maple Hill
McCoySarahElizabethUnk01 Dec 1975Maple Hill
McCoySherryLynnUnk23 Jul 1980Maple Hill
McCoyWilliamD.Unk11 Feb 1947Maple Hill
McCrackenIdaUnk05 Jan 1928Maple Hill
McCrackenLauraUnk02 Aug 1933Maple Hill
McCrackenLulaUnk27 Mar 1935Maple Hill
McCrackenMargretteUnk29 Feb 1896Maple Hill
McCralkenMaryS.Unk10 Apr 1928Maple Hill
McCraneyAmos19331994Bloucher Ford
McCraneyJohnRaymondUnk11 Apr 1976Maple Hill
McCraneyPearlEllisonUnk19 Feb 2001Maple Hill
McCranieVivianUnk10 Sep 2002Maple Hill
McCranyCliffordUnk31 Aug 1949Maple Hill
McCraryAgnesIreneUnk27 Oct 2002Maple Hill
McCraryAndersonC.10 Jul 1917May 1945Penny
McCraryAnnZeitlerUnk03 Oct 1960Maple Hill
McCraryArbelia27 Aug 187727 Aug 1976Northside
McCraryCeliaLoveUnk05 Mar 1948Glenwood
McCraryCharles11 Jul 191202 Mar 1997Pine Grove - Deposit
McCraryCharles19542000Bloucher Ford
McCraryCharlie15 Jul 191502 Jun 2001Bloucher Ford
McCraryDaily19021982Pine Grove - Deposit
McCraryEugene08 Aug 194415 Mar 1995Pine Grove - Deposit
McCraryEva09 Sep 191226 Sep 1997Bloucher Ford
McCraryEvaUnk30 Sep 1960Maple Hill
McCraryFlakieL.09 Sep 188930 Oct 1935Glenwood
McCraryFrank06 Oct 190622 Feb 1993Penny
McCraryFrankieLee12 Feb 194105 Feb 1996Bloucher Ford
McCraryGeorgeAnderson14 Apr 193721 Mar 1994Bloucher Ford
McCraryGeorge10 Jun 190614 Jan 1976Bloucher Ford
McCraryGladysP.23 May 191101 Jan 1984Penny
McCraryIsaiahWallace29 Nov 191026 Jan 1985Glenwood
McCraryJennieUnk25 Nov 1955Maple Hill
McCraryJoeE.21 Aug 188121 May 1967Pine Grove - Deposit
McCraryJohnUnk01 Sep 1963Maple Hill
McCraryJohnUnk24 Feb 1955Maple Hill
McCraryJohnny01 Aug 192718 Jan 1994Green Valley
McCraryLauraA.Kibble26 May 191608 Jan 1971Bloucher Ford
McCraryLouiseUnk02 May 1896Maple Hill
McCraryLucyEzell06 Feb 191507 Mar 2001Pine Grove - Deposit
McCraryLucyJane06 Jun 188427 Aug 1951Penny
McCraryMarthaEllen31 Aug 194128 Apr 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
McCraryMaryE.19471990Pine Grove - Deposit
McCraryMaryUnk17 Nov 1958Maple Hill
McCraryMaryUnk04 Feb 1957Maple Hill
McCraryOdellS.08 May 191103 Feb 1986Penny
McCraryOpieL.02 Apr 191928 Mar 2005Valley View Memorial Gardens
McCraryPercy18 Jan 187210 Apr 1962Penny
McCraryPrinceEdwardUnk11 Jul 1990Maple Hill
McCraryRevaJ.18651935Bloucher Ford
McCraryRobertL.17 May 190213 Jun 1971Glenwood
McCraryRuthNell24 Jan 193213 Nov 2000Penny
McCrarySallieB.Unk10 Dec 1889Maple Hill
McCraryStanleyEdwardUnk21 Nov 1971Maple Hill
McCraryThomasEdwardUnk28 Jun 2003Maple Hill
McCraryThomasRobert23 Nov 194915 Sep 1992Cochran
McCraryViolaD.04 Jul 190810 Aug 1980Brandon
McCraryW.E.Unk07 Sep 1960Maple Hill
McCraryW.R.22 Jan 189917 Aug 1951Bloucher Ford
McCraryWilla14 Nov 191014 May 1996Bloucher Ford
McCraryWilliamHarveyUnk19 Jun 1994Maple Hill
McCraryWilliamUnk12 Apr 1939Maple Hill
McCraryWillieColumbus30 Nov 193801 Apr 1974Penny
McCraryWillieW.09 May 191207 Dec 1982Bloucher Ford
McCraryWillie02 Jul 191808 Jul 1971Northside
McCraryWillieUnk08 Jun 1971Penny
McCraveyAliceM.Unk11 Apr 1974Maple Hill
McCraveyBenL.Unk19 Jul 1896Maple Hill
McCraveyEulaF.Unk06 May 1898Maple Hill
McCraveyL.Unk28 Apr 1919Maple Hill
McCraveyLouisUnk13 Oct 1976Maple Hill
McCraveyMaryColemanUnk05 Jan 1893Maple Hill
McCraveyWilliamFranklinUnk10 Jan 1893Maple Hill
McCrearyLucy19161992Pine Grove - Deposit
McCrightJimmyL.Unk17 Sep 1975Maple Hill
McCroryBunnyUnkNDDMaple Hill
McCroryLelaBelleMann08 Nov 193111 Jun 1986Moon
McCroryPaulThomas21 Mar 193004 Sep 1969Moon
McCulleyBobbyG.Unk26 Sep 1991Maple Hill
McCulleyClaraBeaUnk24 Oct 1987Maple Hill
McCulleyGeorgeW.Unk07 Aug 1931Maple Hill
McCulleyLuveniaT.Unk02 Sep 1909Maple Hill
McCulleyR.J.Unk05 Jul 1867Maple Hill
McCulleyRobertSamuelUnk27 Mar 1975Maple Hill
McCulleySythiaJ.Unk16 Apr 1924Maple Hill
McCulleyTerryMichaelUnk26 Apr 1969Maple Hill
McCulleyUlyssesUnk28 Jul 1985Maple Hill
McCulleyVadaUnk19 Mar 1977Maple Hill
McCulleyWilliamUnk06 Jun 1943Maple Hill
McCullickUnkFemaleUnk19 Jan 1879Maple Hill
McCullochAnnaUnk17 Feb 1997Maple Hill
McCullochIreneW.Unk06 Mar 1979Maple Hill
McCullochJamesC.Unk04 Feb 1997Maple Hill
McCullochWilliamUnk12 Feb 1942Maple Hill
McCulloghHowardF.Unk23 Jan 1960Maple Hill
McCullomJamesNewtonUnk05 Feb 1950Maple Hill
McCulloughClarenceH.Unk01 Feb 1981Maple Hill
McCulloughEdithUnk23 Aug 1986Maple Hill
McCulloughEmmaUnk16 Jan 1952Maple Hill
McCulloughEttaUnk21 May 1944Maple Hill
McCulloughG.W.Unk29 May 1888Maple Hill
McCulloughJ.W.Unk12 Dec 1896Maple Hill
McCulloughJamesLeroyUnk28 Feb 1948Maple Hill
McCulloughJamesM.Unk21 Sep 1897Maple Hill
McCulloughJesseB.Unk01 Mar 1963Maple Hill
McCulloughLenaB.Unk07 Nov 1983Maple Hill
McCulloughMaggieD.Unk15 Mar 1989Maple Hill
McCulloughMargaretD.Unk13 Aug 1972Maple Hill
McCulloughMaryUnk02 Apr 1929Maple Hill
McCulloughMayUnk18 Aug 1897Maple Hill
McCulloughShelbyM.Unk31 Mar 1986Maple Hill
McCulloughW.O.Unk02 May 1964Maple Hill
McCulloughW.Unk15 Apr 1898Maple Hill
McCunnyEddieUnk14 Feb 1926Maple Hill
McCurdyGracieM.Unk30 Jan 1988Maple Hill
McCurdyJamesEdward11 Nov 192922 Sep 2005Madison Crossroads
McCurdyMaryE.01 Dec 190601 Jul 1991Madison Crossroads
McCurdyMelvinT.28 Nov 187225 Apr 1960Madison Crossroads
McCurdyMelvinThomas17 Jun 192724 Mar 1974Madison Crossroads
McCurdySallieB.28 May 188313 Aug 1956Madison Crossroads
McCurdySamuelLove12 Oct 193624 Aug 1985Northside
McCurdyVioletRay14 Dec 193812 Sep 1973Northside
McCurdyWilliamT.28 Jul 190110 Dec 1965Madison Crossroads
McCurleyJamesThomas05 Feb 186425 May 1871Madison
McCurleyMyrtleUnk05 May 1934Maple Hill
McCurleySarahE.24 Apr 182519 Apr 1884Madison
McCurreyHullUnk16 Nov 1903Maple Hill
McCurryJackUnk26 Apr 1970Maple Hill
McCurtainLorene16 Nov 191604 Dec 1973Bellview
McCusherHelenC.Unk08 Nov 1997Maple Hill
McCuskerThomasL.Unk12 Sep 1994Maple Hill
McCustionCharlesUnk18 Jun 1955Maple Hill
McCustionPearlUnk26 Mar 1969Maple Hill
McCutchenMaryF.28 Jul 187529 Mar 1969Northside
McCutcheonArthurGlen18 Aug 193027 Nov 1993Moon
McCutcheonBerniceJ.19131941Mt. Zion
McCutcheonBerniceUnk14 Sep 1997Maple Hill
McCutcheonJamesMarcusUnk16 Aug 1948Maple Hill
McCutcheonM.H.Unk06 Feb 1960Maple Hill
McCutcheonRaphaelT.18131860Mt. Zion
McCutonA.Unk01 Oct 1917Maple Hill
McDanielBlancheC.17 Jun 192404 Apr 1975Moon
McDanielCarlUnk07 Jan 1930Maple Hill
McDanielClarenceA.15 Dec 191614 Nov 1972Moon
McDanielIreneUnk08 Jan 1915Maple Hill
McDanielJ.L.Unk06 May 1946Maple Hill
McDanielJ.M.Unk04 Mar 1957Maple Hill
McDanielJ.Unk17 Nov 1922Maple Hill
McDanielJohnL.Unk25 Apr 1947Maple Hill
McDanielLorettaUnk06 Nov 1928Maple Hill
McDanielNina22 Jun 1888Oct 1946Center Grove
McDanielOtis21 Jul 190928 May 1990Center Grove
McDanielW.L.Unk30 Jul 1969Maple Hill
McDavisDruryUnk30 Aug 1932Maple Hill
McDermottAnnieMaeUnk25 Jun 1979Maple Hill
McDermottJohnUnk10 Feb 1969Maple Hill
McDevettJohnF.Unk07 Feb 1898Maple Hill
McDevetteLorettaUnk10 Apr 1889Maple Hill
McDonaldAdaR.FlorenceUnk09 Aug 1971Maple Hill
McDonaldAlonzaUnk19 Sep 1964Maple Hill
McDonaldAnnieUnk08 Jun 1943Maple Hill
McDonaldAnnieUnk29 Jan 1915Maple Hill
McDonaldBenjaminR.Unk06 Jul 1961Maple Hill
McDonaldBonnieUnk23 Oct 1954Maple Hill
McDonaldBurrell23 Jul 191504 Jul 1993Northside
McDonaldChristopheUnk01 Jan 1908Maple Hill
McDonaldClydeUnk13 Dec 1985Maple Hill
McDonaldDanielArcherUnkNDDMaple Hill
McDonaldEarlD.18 Jul 190828 Mar 1986Northside
McDonaldEdnaN.20 Jul 189806 Nov 1979Moon
McDonaldElizabethGraceUnk11 Dec 1983Maple Hill
McDonaldGeorgeUnk16 Oct 1928Maple Hill
McDonaldGeorgeUnk17 Aug 1886Maple Hill
McDonaldGordonC.03 Mar 190112 Oct 1967Moon
McDonaldHarveyT.Unk24 May 1937Maple Hill
McDonaldHenryF.Unk02 Jun 1987Maple Hill
McDonaldHoseaBellUnk10 May 1968Maple Hill
McDonaldIdaM.03 Jun 189727 Sep 1979Kennamer
McDonaldJ.H.Unk23 Mar 1956Maple Hill
McDonaldJack12 Mar 187311 Feb 1962Brandon
McDonaldJamesUnk08 Dec 1926Maple Hill
McDonaldJaneUnk16 Jul 1868Maple Hill
McDonaldJennieUnk31 Dec 1937Maple Hill
McDonaldJohnWilliamUnk04 Apr 1937Maple Hill
McDonaldJohnUnk10 Aug 1927Maple Hill
McDonaldKatieUnk02 Jan 1978Maple Hill
McDonaldLenaF.18 Mar 187503 Dec 1920New Hope
McDonaldMaggieUnk11 Aug 1899Maple Hill
McDonaldMamie01 Jun 188815 Dec 1965Northside
McDonaldMariaLynneWashington26 Mar 195628 Jul 2003Oakwood Memorial Gardens
McDonaldMartinUnk09 Feb 1897Maple Hill
McDonaldMaryEthelUnk15 Nov 1963Maple Hill
McDonaldMaudieDrake03 Jul 192214 Feb 2002Northside
McDonaldMenervia29 Oct 191121 Nov 2004Glenwood
McDonaldMildredKathleenUnk10 Sep 1999Maple Hill
McDonaldNahomaUnk06 May 1993Maple Hill
McDonaldOlaD.Unk26 Oct 1965Maple Hill
McDonaldRubyL.14 Jul 191015 Mar 1990Northside
McDonaldRussellL.23 Jan 187229 Jul 1886Glenwood
McDonaldSarahUnk19 Jul 1934Maple Hill
McDonaldThomasD.Unk04 Sep 1999Maple Hill
McDonaldVirginiaJ.Unk03 Jul 1983Maple Hill
McDonaldW.E.23 Mar 189824 Nov 1918Hayden
McDonaldWilliamE.Unk21 Jul 1988Maple Hill
McDonaldWilliamE.Unk24 Oct 1975Maple Hill
McDonaldWilliamErnestUnk01 Dec 1979Maple Hill
McDonnallLillianUnk20 Jun 1952Maple Hill
McDonnellArchibald24 Feb 181501 Oct 1892Maple Hill
McDonnellArchieUnk13 Jun 1925Maple Hill
McDonnellBabyMaleUnk10 Jan 1897Maple Hill
McDonnellElizUnk06 Nov 1957Maple Hill
McDonnellElizabethD.Unk26 Dec 1989Maple Hill
McDonnellExie18 Oct 189927 Feb 1971Northside
McDonnellJ.S.Unk07 Jun 1977Maple Hill
McDonnellKateUnk13 Feb 1894Maple Hill
McDonnellUnkMrs.Unk18 Mar 1897Maple Hill
McDonoughMichaelNeilUnk10 Apr 1967Maple Hill
McDougalElla18 Apr 189404 Apr 1979Bevill
McDougalElmer23 Aug 191511 Dec 1980Bevill
McDougalH.C.03 Mar 189019 Mar 1975Bevill
McDougalJohnWillie27 Nov 191026 Apr 1994Concord
McDougalMaryAliceCampbell28 Feb 188425 Dec 1953Concord
McDougalMelvinCarl27 Nov 191811 Mar 1986Bevill
McDougalMildredUnk09 Oct 1923Maple Hill
McDougalPaulineS.Stone14 Aug 192104 May 2003Concord
McDougalRobertJohn20 Oct 187503 Mar 1954Concord
McDougalRuthHunter06 Feb 191622 Dec 2000Bevill
McDowellAlfred13 Oct 191327 Nov 1967Northside
McDowellJohnA.Unk04 Jul 1887Maple Hill
McDowellJohnH.24 Apr 190728 Nov 1980Northside
McDowellLucille21 Nov 190828 Jul 1987Northside
McDowellNevaTaylor18 Nov 189430 Nov 1965Brandon
McDowellSusanUnk24 Jan 1924Maple Hill
McDowellWilliamG.Unk29 Apr 1980Maple Hill
McDuffClintonM.22 Apr 189810 Nov 1899Moon
McDuffElizaElla07 Mar 187606 May 1905Moon
McDuffLafayette29 Dec 182424 Feb 1888Moon
McDuffMaryLizzie03 Jan 187203 Jan 1906Moon
McDuffMary19 Nov 183105 May 1885Moon
McDuffMurphyClemons12 Dec 189415 Apr 1956Moon
McDuffNannieBurten18 Feb 189625 May 1896Moon
McDuffeeFlorenceUnk04 Feb 1900Maple Hill
McDuffieMarguriteFaithUnk01 Jul 1998Maple Hill
McEachinJohnUnk12 Jan 1943Maple Hill
McEachinOpalUnk26 Jan 1968Maple Hill
McElmoreAlineUnk23 Jun 1992Maple Hill
McElmoreJesseJamesUnk27 Aug 1980Maple Hill
McElmoreJohnHenryUnk23 Jan 1948Maple Hill
McElmoreMaryP.Unk04 Dec 1994Maple Hill
McElrathHenryPattonUnk08 Aug 1998Maple Hill
McElrathMcElrathB.Unk07 Jul 1985Maple Hill
McElroyCarlosH.31 Jul 191216 May 1971Maple Hill
McElroyCharlesDee18 Mar 195229 Mar 2005Glenwood
McElroyHenryUnk04 Mar 1971Maple Hill
McElroyLeliaUnkNDDMaple Hill
McElroyLeliaUnkNDDMaple Hill
McElroyRoyalUnk10 Aug 1931Maple Hill
McElyeaAndyUnk24 Feb 1945Maple Hill
McElyeaAnnieUnk24 Feb 1926Maple Hill
McElyeaBarbaraUnk25 May 1945Maple Hill
McElyeaCharlesUnk21 Mar 1987Maple Hill
McElyeaCrawfordUnk16 May 1977Maple Hill
McElyeaEffieUnk13 Apr 1968Maple Hill
McElyeaEugene04 Jan 194319 Jul 2005Twickenham
McElyeaFannie01 Dec 185707 Apr 1941Rice
McElyeaHattieIreneUnk31 Dec 2002Maple Hill
McElyeaHelenReneeUnkNDDMaple Hill
McElyeaInfantMale16 Dec 193916 Dec 1939Cochran
McElyeaJamesE.Unk18 Mar 2001Maple Hill
McElyeaJamesW.Unk14 Sep 1975Maple Hill
McElyeaJessieJ.10 Nov 186618 Jun 1930Rice
McElyeaLelaEdwardUnk24 Aug 2003Maple Hill
McElyeaLulaDelilyCampbell28 Dec 18871907Concord
McElyeaMaryEllenCagle191603 May 1993Maple Hill
McElyeaMurphyUnk19 Jan 1966Maple Hill
McElyeaPaulineUnk29 Jun 1927Maple Hill
McElyeaRobertBurnsUnk16 Dec 1981Maple Hill
McElyeaRubeLeeUnk06 Nov 2004Maple Hill
McElyraNancyUnk27 Nov 1935Maple Hill
McElyreA.Unk21 Aug 1921Maple Hill
McEntireH.Unk02 May 1915Maple Hill
McEntireLauraUnk03 Apr 1969Maple Hill
McEwenCharlesH.Unk06 Apr 1991Maple Hill
McEwenEvalynManleyUnk07 Jun 1996Maple Hill
McFaddenKatrinaLaShawn17 Sep 197114 Nov 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
McFarlandJohnUnk27 Sep 1884Maple Hill
McFarlandPearlUnk16 Nov 1957Maple Hill
McFarlinSarah31 Jul 191224 Oct 2004Huntsville Memory Gardens
McFarlinWendyTrace24 Jul 198124 Jul 1981Charity Baptist Church
McGaborMinorUnk19 Apr 1932Maple Hill
McGahaA.W.Unk01 Oct 1893Maple Hill
McGahaArthurWatkinsUnk29 Nov 1901Maple Hill
McGahaB.Unk19 Sep 1919Maple Hill
McGahaCarrie13 Feb 189810 Feb 1990Bevill
McGahaElizabeth24 May 180029 Jun 1875Moore-Holmes
McGahaHannonUnk08 Aug 1966Maple Hill
McGahaHenryUnk11 Nov 1937Maple Hill
McGahaIke24 Mar 189307 Jul 1959Bevill
McGahaInfantMale25 Feb 195125 Feb 1951Pleas Mount Baptist Church
McGahaJamesElmer17 May 191823 Jun 1945Bevill
McGahaJamesElmer17 May 191823 Jun 1946Bevill
McGahaJames26 Dec 179017 Feb 1857Moore-Holmes
McGahaJim13 Oct 186120 Aug 1932Bevill
McGahaJohnC.22 Apr 183408 Jan 1877Moore-Holmes
McGahaJohnH.Unk13 Aug 1960Maple Hill
McGahaLillianUnk19 Jan 1962Maple Hill
McGahaLulaUnk01 Jan 1903Maple Hill
McGahaMaggieUnk08 Jan 1987Maple Hill
McGahaMaryB.Unk22 Mar 1988Maple Hill
McGahaMattieL.25 Jun 189111 Apr 1907Cameron
McGahaMinorEmmettUnk17 Sep 1962Maple Hill
McGahaMinorUnk19 Apr 1932Maple Hill
McGahaReynoldsWelchUnk29 May 1888Maple Hill
McGahaSueGilesUnk28 Jun 1964Maple Hill
McGahaWilliamG.Unk13 Apr 1976Maple Hill
McGahanLenaUnk24 Oct 1991Maple Hill
McGaheeHastyIreneUnk27 Jan 1996Maple Hill
McGaheeLutherM.Unk26 Apr 1974Maple Hill
McGaheeMarshaUnk06 Nov 1954Maple Hill
McGarthMabelR.Unk15 Feb 2001Maple Hill
McGavockJamesUnk24 Nov 1926Maple Hill
McGavockMarthaUnk20 Nov 1933Maple Hill
McGeeA.S.Unk06 Mar 1964Maple Hill
McGeeBerthaUnk20 Jun 1943Maple Hill
McGeeCarolynRuth29 Nov 193503 Oct 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
McGeeCharlesC.Unk16 Apr 1981Maple Hill
McGeeEssieL.03 Feb 1936NDDKennamer
McGeeGordon189713 Apr 1937Moon
McGeeHenryUnk06 Nov 1953Maple Hill
McGeeHenryUnk20 Jun 1892Maple Hill
McGeeInfantUnk14 Oct 1868Maple Hill
McGeeJennieUnk15 Jan 1941Maple Hill
McGeeJoeB.19252003Madison Crossroads
McGeeJoeUnk11 Mar 1943Maple Hill
McGeeKateHowardUnk18 Jan 1891Maple Hill
McGeeL.H.16 May 190926 Mar 1971Maple Hill
McGeeLileUnk16 Feb 1933Maple Hill
McGeeLillianUnk05 Jan 1962Maple Hill
McGeeLouiseGainer19232004Madison Crossroads
McGeeMargaretReevesUnk27 May 1982Maple Hill
McGeeMaryE.Unk15 Jun 1974Maple Hill
McGeeMaryUnk05 Aug 1919Maple Hill
McGeeRosie15 Jun 191704 Aug 1980Northside
McGeeS.Unk04 Aug 1952Maple Hill
McGeeWesleyUnk12 Jul 1930Maple Hill
McGeeWillardS.Unk25 Sep 1990Maple Hill
McGeeheeFannieLue15 Sep 193828 Oct 1938Kennamer
McGeeheeHenryLee22 Aug 192725 Oct 1984Kennamer
McGeeheeJosephT.Unk03 Mar 1900Maple Hill
McGeeheeTaylorUnk01 Jan 1918Maple Hill
McGeheeAudrey07 Nov 189921 Feb 1995Kennamer
McGeheeBillyUnk15 Mar 1927Maple Hill
McGeheeDoraF.05 Feb 1931NDDKennamer
McGeheeH.Unk18 Jan 1920Maple Hill
McGeheeHuletL.04 Aug 190609 Aug 1981Kennamer
McGeheeJohnT.UnkNDDBaker - Owens Cross Road
McGeheeJohnWilliard08 Feb 194105 Mar 1941Kennamer
McGeheeLawrenceLee31 Dec 194501 Jan 1946Kennamer
McGeheeMaryElizabethChilders192623 Jul 2003Kennamer
McGeheeMyrtleF.26 Jul 190529 May 1983Kennamer
McGeheeS.Unk29 Mar 1919Maple Hill
McGeheeThomasP.09 Aug 193007 Oct 1998Kennamer
McGeheeWalterMilamUnk15 May 1999Maple Hill
McGeheeWalterUnk09 Sep 1969Maple Hill
McGeheeWilliamR.21 Oct 189325 Mar 1971Kennamer
McGheeElizabethUnk19 Apr 1921Maple Hill
McGheeHarvieUnk08 Nov 1923Maple Hill
McGillJohnnieMaeUnk27 Feb 2002Maple Hill
McGinleyDanielUnk16 Nov 1881Maple Hill
McGinleyJohnJosephMrs.Unk08 Feb 1961Maple Hill
McGinleyJohnJosephUnk09 Dec 1940Maple Hill
McGinnCaraUnk02 Jul 1920Maple Hill
McGinnessLizzieC.Unk04 Apr 1988Maple Hill
McGinnessMaudieL.Unk31 Dec 1981Maple Hill
McGinnessNancyUnkNDDMaple Hill
McGinnessNewtonUnk13 Feb 1933Maple Hill
McGinnessNolaM.Unk07 Sep 1995Maple Hill
McGinnisAlvieUnk11 Mar 1941Maple Hill
McGinnisBurtonUnk08 Jul 1928Maple Hill
McGinnisDorothyUnk10 Sep 1929Maple Hill
McGinnisEarnestine13 Mar 192408 Jun 1995Northside
McGinnisJames25 Aug 192111 Dec 1971Northside
McGinnisJosephUnk13 Aug 1930Maple Hill
McGinnisLowneUnk05 Feb 1925Maple Hill
McGinnisWilliamUnk21 Sep 1930Maple Hill
McGlacklinImogineUnk14 Mar 1935Maple Hill
McGlanthenNellieUnk20 Jan 1934Maple Hill
McGlatheryAnnaLangford12 Jan 191329 Oct 2005Groves
McGlatheryCoraSmith07 Jan 190619 Sep 1973Northside
McGlocklinAlineConnelly05 Mar 1955NDDGipson
McGlocklinBobbyUnkNDDMaple Hill
McGlocklinCharlesEdward05 Mar 1942NDDGipson
McGlocklinGusUnk07 May 1968Maple Hill
McGlocklinIvaMaeUnk09 May 1998Maple Hill
McGlocklinPamelaD.28 Oct 196328 Oct 1963Gipson
McGlothenJoannUnk02 Apr 1980Maple Hill
McGonagillNormaB.Unk02 Aug 1978Maple Hill
McGoughJuliaUnk21 Aug 1899Maple Hill
McGoughSharonMichelle26 Apr 196729 Apr 1967Moon
McGouirkRenderF.Unk27 Jul 1979Maple Hill
McGradyJohnUnk17 Jun 1960Maple Hill
McGrathPhillipA.Unk21 Dec 1981Maple Hill
McGrawMarySusanUnk10 Aug 2005Maple Hill
McGrawSusanMargaretUnk04 Jul 2005Maple Hill
McGregorEdwinUnk09 Jan 1971Maple Hill
McGregorJ.W.Unk18 Aug 1960Maple Hill
McGregorLauraUnk16 Oct 1966Maple Hill
McGuiganDorisM.Unk17 Jul 2003Maple Hill
McGuiganJosephJamesUnk11 Jan 1965Maple Hill
McGuinessThomasJ.Unk24 Apr 1976Maple Hill
McGuireAlice31 Oct 1858NDDBrown
McGuireHoraceUnk28 Feb 1928Maple Hill
McGuireHoralyUnk23 Feb 1928Maple Hill
McGuireJohnR.Unk20 Mar 1971Maple Hill
McGuireLorrianeI.Unk23 May 1971Maple Hill
McGuireM.Unk03 Oct 1887Maple Hill
McGuireRobert05 Feb 184825 Mar 1913Brown
McGuireUnkMaleUnk05 Sep 1893Maple Hill
McGuireWilliamUnkNDDMaple Hill
McGumsusJamesUnk01 Oct 1925Maple Hill
McGwynnGladysT.Unk25 Oct 1988Maple Hill
McHooperThomasUnk10 Apr 1920Maple Hill
McIlwainLyleDuvallUnk21 Jul 1968Maple Hill
McIntireEmmaUnk06 Aug 1942Maple Hill
McIntoshJosieUnk11 Feb 1970Maple Hill
McIntyreCharlesAugustaUnk07 Sep 1962Maple Hill
McIntyreClaraUnk19 Dec 1974Maple Hill
McIntyreInfantUnk15 Nov 1967Maple Hill
McIntyreJohnHenryUnk03 May 2001Maple Hill
McIntyreSheilaM.Unk25 Jul 1994Maple Hill
McIntyreThomasUnk28 Jul 2001Maple Hill
McKameyJamesE.Unk09 May 1983Maple Hill
McKameyJewelFrancesUnk28 Jun 2001Maple Hill
McKayAndrewB.Unk20 Dec 1932Maple Hill
McKayBeulahM.Bowers21 Jul 189006 May 1964Camp Ground
McKayCharlesUnk12 Jan 1943Maple Hill
McKayJ.T.Unk03 Mar 1893Maple Hill
McKayJohnUnk12 Aug 1965Maple Hill
McKayMaryUnk12 Feb 1968Maple Hill
McKayNannieUnkNDDMaple Hill
McKayPrenticeAndrew29 Jun 188926 Jan 1968Camp Ground
McKayRubyIreneUnk04 Jun 1999Maple Hill
McKayRuthUnk07 Jun 1983Maple Hill
McKayThomasJ.Unk24 Oct 1991Maple Hill
McKayThomasUnk18 Dec 1923Maple Hill
McKeeBellE.Unk10 Dec 1952Maple Hill
McKeeCalvinB.11 Nov 192107 Mar 1968Bevill
McKeeCoraM.Unk17 Sep 1972Maple Hill
McKeeDaisyBevill18 Jun 188621 Jul 1972Bevill
McKeeElmerUnk26 Dec 1930Maple Hill
McKeeGroverC.22 Jul 188426 Apr 1962Bevill
McKeeHannahJaneUnk07 Apr 1895Maple Hill
McKeeHomerBuford21 Nov 189618 Sep 1936Shady Grove
McKeeJamesUnk17 Nov 1923Maple Hill
McKeeJohnA.30 Aug 186209 Feb 1926Shady Grove
McKeeJohnWilliam14 Feb 192321 Aug 2000Green Valley
McKeeJohnieA.29 Apr 191020 Aug 1926Shady Grove
McKeeJuliaFayeUnk27 Sep 1998Maple Hill
McKeeMargaretThompson18421918State Line - Hazel Green
McKeeMary15 Oct 1868NDDShady Grove
McKeeRobertMarkUnk19 Jun 2004Maple Hill
McKeeThelmaUnk17 Feb 1995Maple Hill
McKeeThomasC.UnkNDDMaple Hill
McKeeThompsonBenjaminUnk23 Jan 1963Maple Hill
McKeeThurstonB.Unk29 Oct 1951Maple Hill
McKeeVanDouglasUnk06 Feb 2006Maple Hill
McKeeWilliamEarlUnk27 Aug 1999Maple Hill
McKeeWilliamFloyd08 Jan 189206 Mar 1937Shady Grove
McKeeWilliamLeon01 Jan 194524 May 1967Green Valley
McKelveyClaudeUnk04 Dec 1953Maple Hill
McKelveyDanielColeUnk28 Jul 2003Maple Hill
McKelveyDavidUnk06 Mar 1971Maple Hill
McKelveyFredE.Unk15 Jan 1981Maple Hill
McKelveyHerbertWallUnk24 May 1999Maple Hill
McKelveyHurbertWallUnk06 Nov 1948Maple Hill
McKelveyJ.C.Unk01 Jun 1951Maple Hill
McKelveyJamesAlbertOct 188522 Apr 1954Camp Ground
McKelveyLucindyHulsey21 Oct 186428 Dec 1941Camp Ground
McKelveyMargaretL.CowleySep 188711 Apr 1977Camp Ground
McKelveyRobertAllison20 Jan 186213 Aug 1934Camp Ground
McKelveyTerryLeeUnk07 Sep 1948Maple Hill
McKelveyVirgieJuanitaUnk24 Mar 2001Maple Hill
McKelveyWilliardUnk15 Mar 1954Maple Hill
McKelvieAnnieUnk12 Jan 1906Maple Hill
McKelvyWilliamUnk18 Mar 1901Maple Hill
McKendryUnkFemaleUnk16 Sep 1867Maple Hill
McKenneyUnkUnk17 Feb 1885Maple Hill
McKenneyWilliamUnk06 Sep 1869Maple Hill
McKenzeeWilliamUnk31 Jan 1926Maple Hill
McKenzieCloraMaeUnk17 Apr 2000Maple Hill
McKenzieEarlDavis06 Jul 192913 Oct 2000Neal Chapel
McKenzieFrankL.05 Apr 187526 Jan 1899Fords Chapel
McKenzieFrankL.Unk28 Jul 1980Maple Hill
McKenzieFrankL.Unk18 Sep 1949Maple Hill
McKenzieGeorgeUnk01 May 1984Maple Hill
McKenzieGeorgeUnk09 Aug 1926Maple Hill
McKenzieJamesL.Unk10 Mar 1979Maple Hill
McKenzieJeanW.Unk26 Mar 1995Maple Hill
McKenzieJohnnieB.Unk14 Jul 1962Maple Hill
McKenzieMaryMollieUnk19 Aug 1958Maple Hill
McKenzieMattieLouUnk25 Jul 1992Maple Hill
McKenzieRosaM.Unk02 Oct 1899Maple Hill
McKenzieW.H.Mrs.Unk07 Jan 1957Maple Hill
McKenzieWayneUnk26 Feb 1984Maple Hill
McKerallPaulaUnk04 Feb 2003Maple Hill
McKinleyMyrtleUnk23 Apr 1977Maple Hill
McKinleyNoahUnk27 Aug 1977Maple Hill
McKinleyRobertEugeneUnk07 Oct 2002Maple Hill
McKinneyAdelaideConley02 Mar 188014 Apr 1958Moon
McKinneyAmyJoSchrimsher02 May 190326 Oct 1988Moon
McKinneyF.R.14 Oct 185727 Sep 1897Ryland
McKinneyGregoryLeeUnk21 Oct 2005Twickenham
McKinneyGuinO.Unk04 Oct 1983Maple Hill
McKinneyHowardConnally17 Oct 190606 May 1981Moon
McKinneyJamesR.22 Feb 182401 Dec 1890Ryland
McKinneyJohnnieUnkNDDMaple Hill
McKinneyKimbelD.06 Jul 196230 Mar 1967Charity Baptist Church
McKinneyMableUnk01 Apr 2003Maple Hill
McKinneyMaeCobb09 Dec 191510 Jan 1999Moon
McKinneyMargaret15 Feb 190307 Sep 1957Moon
McKinneyMarthaE.Unk26 Jan 1881Maple Hill
McKinneyPearline06 Mar 191927 Mar 1966Northside
McKinneyTillmanE.29 Sep 187919 Jul 1950Moon
McKinneyWendellUnk27 Feb 1966Maple Hill
McKinneyWilliamElton07 Mar 191424 Nov 1977Moon
McKinneyWilliamM.Unk06 Sep 1979Maple Hill
McKinnieOliviaUnk12 Nov 1896Sanford
McKinseyJohnnyB.J.Unk20 May 1983Maple Hill
McKinsyG.Unk31 Aug 1900Maple Hill
McKinzieMollieUnk01 Sep 1900Maple Hill
McKissackR.J.Unk10 Dec 1969Maple Hill
McKissackR.T.Unk27 May 1957Maple Hill
McKissackWilliamM.Unk05 Jan 1990Maple Hill
McKnightBerthaUnk12 Aug 1950Maple Hill
McKnightBurchUnk14 May 1920Maple Hill
McKnightBurtonAllen05 Oct 187710 May 1935Fowlkes
McKnightC.N.18851960Charity Baptist Church
McKnightClaudeUnk24 Dec 1901Maple Hill
McKnightD.Unk04 Mar 1923Maple Hill
McKnightDaisyWarnesUnk03 Oct 1964Maple Hill
McKnightFannieUnk08 Dec 1978Maple Hill
McKnightMaud18921942Charity Baptist Church
McKnightNettieS.Unk22 Dec 1982Maple Hill
McKussackKatherineUnk08 Aug 1930Maple Hill
McLainA.D.Unk20 Aug 1957Maple Hill
McLainDavidI.23 Sep 190731 Dec 1972Maple Hill
McLainDoraWhiteUnk02 Sep 1959Maple Hill
McLainE.C.Unk06 Oct 1960Maple Hill
McLainElizabethRuthUnk09 Oct 1994Maple Hill
McLainMinnieUnk02 Jan 1947Maple Hill
McLainWalterUnk17 Apr 1937Maple Hill
McLainWarrenUnk15 Dec 1984Maple Hill
McLainWilliamW.Unk12 Dec 1962Maple Hill
McLainWillieH.Unk15 Jul 1980Maple Hill
McLameUnkUnk09 Nov 1884Maple Hill
McLaneBelleUnk06 Jul 1929Maple Hill
McLaneBettyJ.08 Jul 192829 May 1995Brown
McLaneE.CMrs.UnkNDDMaple Hill
McLaneFlorenceUnk27 Jun 1919Maple Hill
McLaneHaskelGene22 Feb 194831 May 2001Brown
McLaneJamesB.12 Apr 192420 May 2001Brown
McLaranSusanCribbsHammond03 May 180718 Jan 1830Bouldin-Hammond
McLaranWilliamP.05 Jun 182929 Oct 1829Bouldin-Hammond
McLaughlinAnnieFraserUnk27 Dec 1951Maple Hill
McLaughlinAnnieUnk28 Sep 1938Maple Hill
McLaughlinBenUnk05 Jul 1940Maple Hill
McLaughlinC.Unk24 Sep 1923Maple Hill
McLaughlinDanUnk02 Jun 1889Maple Hill
McLaughlinDanielUnk05 Dec 1938Maple Hill
McLaughlinFrankUnk27 Mar 1899Maple Hill
McLaughlinG.C.Mrs.Unk25 Feb 1961Maple Hill
McLaughlinGeorgeCarrollUnk27 Jul 1987Maple Hill
McLaughlinGeorgeUnkNDDMaple Hill
McLaughlinGeorgeUnk15 Sep 1953Maple Hill
McLaughlinGertrudeUnk22 Dec 1979Maple Hill
McLaughlinJ.H.Unk26 Mar 1897Maple Hill
McLaughlinJ.Unk17 Dec 1952Maple Hill
McLaughlinJamesE.Unk15 Aug 1887Maple Hill
McLaughlinJamesUnk04 Mar 1933Maple Hill
McLaughlinJessS.Unk02 Oct 1978Maple Hill
McLaughlinJimmieUnk01 Jun 1889Maple Hill
McLaughlinJohnUnk20 Aug 1887Maple Hill
McLaughlinLauraUnk29 Mar 1919Maple Hill
McLaughlinLawrenceUnk12 Aug 1946Maple Hill
McLaughlinLeoD.Unk30 Jun 1966Maple Hill
McLaughlinLouiseUnk29 May 1905Maple Hill
McLaughlinMabelUnk29 Jun 1906Maple Hill
McLaughlinMaggieUnk27 Feb 1925Maple Hill
McLaughlinMarcusUnk03 Oct 1927Maple Hill
McLaughlinMaryCarrollUnk07 Jul 1896Maple Hill
McLaughlinMaryN.Unk01 Mar 1977Maple Hill
McLaughlinMaryUnk16 Mar 1943Maple Hill
McLaughlinPeggieUnk02 Jul 1940Maple Hill
McLaughlinRuthUnk23 Oct 1972Maple Hill
McLaughlinUnkFemaleUnk21 Feb 1887Maple Hill
McLaughlinWillaB.Unk08 Jun 1977Maple Hill
McLaughlinWilliamPatrickUnk14 Jun 1972Maple Hill
McLaughlinWilliamUnk02 Jan 1942Maple Hill
McLaughlinWilliamUnk08 Jul 1940Maple Hill
McLauglinDorothyFrancesUnk16 Apr 1997Maple Hill
McLeanSadieBeatriceUnkNDDMaple Hill
McLeauIsabelleUnk18 Jan 1922Maple Hill
McLeishThomasUnk05 Sep 1968Maple Hill
McLemoreBrice16 Apr 192010 Feb 2001Madison Crossroads
McLemoreIreneUnk05 Jun 1938Maple Hill
McLemoreLoreneUnk07 Jun 1938Maple Hill
McLemoreNormaO.17 Jul 192218 Jan 1996Madison Crossroads
McLemoreThomasUnk28 Oct 1938Maple Hill
McLemoreThomasUnk01 Feb 1935Maple Hill
McLereNanUnk13 Sep 1934Maple Hill
McLureJ.S.Unk16 Apr 1958Maple Hill
McLureJohnUnk18 Jul 1976Maple Hill
McLureL.Unk21 Sep 1902Maple Hill
McMahanDavidT.Unk21 May 1978Maple Hill
McMahanDentonO.Unk06 Jan 2006Maple Hill
McMahanJohnUnk21 Apr 1892Maple Hill
McMainsEuniceDraperUnk22 Dec 1982Maple Hill
McMainsHarrisonUnk29 Apr 1998Maple Hill
McMeanJesseEarnestUnk23 Aug 1957Maple Hill
McMeansJ.E.Unk08 Mar 1956Maple Hill
McMeansJ.Unk11 Jun 1953Maple Hill
McMillanJosephWarren1850NDDCedar Grove
McMillanLeslieV.Unk05 Oct 1979Maple Hill
McMillanNevaBea18 Dec 190024 Sep 1984Hayden
McMillanPeytonD.18371879Cedar Grove
McMillanWesleyW.17 Jun 183302 Mar 1907New Hope
McMillanWillHines01 May 188629 Jun 1940Hayden
McMillanWitnelG.07 Jul 192010 Jan 1972Northside
McMillenFrancisUnk03 Sep 1898Maple Hill
McMillionCarlL.Unk27 Mar 1973Maple Hill
McMillionDollyUnk19 Sep 2005Maple Hill
McMinnBaby20 Jan 192220 Jan 1922Gipson
McMinnDonaldP.04 May 190803 Jun 1978Bush
McMinnDoraMaeUnk10 May 1997Maple Hill
McMinnJamesG.Unk26 Aug 1994Maple Hill
McMinnJamesGarlandUnk02 May 1976Maple Hill
McMinnLuverne23 Feb 193019 Apr 1931Gipson
McMinnMarieP.21 Nov 186827 Jun 1936Bush
McMinnMurrayElo05 Jan 192023 Apr 1939Gipson
McMinnWallaceA.Unk27 Oct 1989Maple Hill
McMinnWilliamT.02 Mar 194504 Nov 1945Gipson
McMinnWilliamT.24 Oct 188307 Oct 1939Gibson
McMinnWilliamT.24 Oct 188307 Oct 1939Gipson
McMullenAmandaJaneFulgham27 Jul 183526 Nov 1903Maple Hill
McMullenEmmaUnk16 Apr 1922Maple Hill
McMullenHermanArthurUnk02 Aug 1977Maple Hill
McMullenInfantUnk22 Mar 1955Maple Hill
McMullenMaryE.Unk08 Jun 1992Maple Hill
McMullenRileyA.1808NDDCamp Ground
McMullenWilliamL.Unk09 Jul 1956Maple Hill
McMullenWilliamR.Unk25 Oct 1956Maple Hill
McMurtreeEmmaDemastersUnk29 May 1937Maple Hill
McMurtrieAliceMaeUnk15 Apr 1980Maple Hill
McMurtrieEmmaUnk20 Mar 1974Maple Hill
McMurtrieLloydF.Unk15 Oct 2002Maple Hill
McMurtriePaulThomasUnk22 Apr 1996Maple Hill
McMurtriePaulUnk25 Aug 1946Maple Hill
McNaetDavidUnk21 Sep 1934Maple Hill
McNamaraJeanUnk16 Feb 2005Maple Hill
McNameeJamesUnk09 Feb 1879Maple Hill
McNameeWilliamUnk29 Dec 1991Maple Hill
McNaronAbnerC.Unk15 Aug 1976Maple Hill
McNattBelleUnk03 Dec 1899Maple Hill
McNattEmmaUnk13 Feb 1940Maple Hill
McNattGeorgeRileyUnk18 Sep 1959Maple Hill
McNattGeorgeUnk07 Nov 1960Maple Hill
McNattJohn18741899Madison Crossroads
McNattLue18541917Madison Crossroads
McNattRebeccaUnk01 Feb 1928Maple Hill
McNattW.R.18501899Madison Crossroads
McNaulHenrySpencerUnk10 Oct 1948Maple Hill
McNealBrendaCarol10 Mar 194810 Mar 1948Madison Crossroads
McNealCoraJ.15 May 188420 Aug 1968Fowlkes
McNealDeborahLynnUnk06 Dec 1952Maple Hill
McNealEarlUnk11 Oct 1994Maple Hill
McNealFranklinDelanoUnk30 Oct 1961Maple Hill
McNealJamesUnk26 Feb 1898Maple Hill
McNealJennieT.19 Nov 187518 Apr 1929Tuck
McNealJoe08 May 186524 Nov 1944Charity Baptist Church
McNealJohnC.01 Apr 186927 Oct 1946Tuck
McNealLauraM.Unk18 Jun 1950Maple Hill
McNealRichardLewisUnk23 May 1951Maple Hill
McNealRichardUnk15 Dec 1966Maple Hill
McNealRichardUnk01 Apr 1936Maple Hill
McNealWilliamE.Unk16 Sep 2000Maple Hill
McNealWilliamUnk08 Dec 1952Maple Hill
McNeeceOlaUnk16 Apr 1915Maple Hill
McNeeleyEllaBeatrice S.15 Feb 192202 Nov 2001Charity Baptist Church
McNeeleyHoward18 Jan 192114 Feb 1999Charity Baptist Church
McNeeleyWilliamH.Unk23 Jan 1979Maple Hill
McNeelyLucilleUnk14 Jun 1896Maple Hill
McNeeseJ.E.UnkNDDMaple Hill
McNeeseMargariteUnk28 Mar 2003Maple Hill
McNeeseRobertWayneUnk26 Nov 1969Maple Hill
McNeeseSandraKayUnk29 Apr 1964Green Valley
McNeilArlenUnkNDDMaple Hill
McNeilJohnUnk08 Aug 1950Maple Hill
McNeilWilliamAlfredUnk09 May 1947Maple Hill
McNeilWilliamUnk29 Apr 1924Maple Hill
McNeillBarbaraJean16 Nov 194116 Nov 1941Fords Chapel
McNeillC.N.29 Dec 180310 Jan 1898Jenkins
McNeillNancyUnk17 Feb 1942Maple Hill
McNeillW.Unk18 Sep 1952Maple Hill
McNeleyWilliamUnk24 Jul 1879Maple Hill
McNelleyRobertUnk15 Apr 1940Maple Hill
McNorthonNettieLou02 Feb 192318 May 1991Arnett
McNultyDorothyUnk24 Jan 1984Maple Hill
McNultyJamesJ.Unk21 May 1971Maple Hill
McNuttGladysC.Unk24 Sep 1995Maple Hill
McNuttKatherineSiobhan14 Jun 199514 Jun 1995Huntsville Memory Gardens
McNuttRobertDavidUnk05 Jan 2001Maple Hill
McNuttWilliamPaulUnk19 May 1998Maple Hill
McPetersAlbertD.19331935Neal Chapel
McPetersAlbert18941936Neal Chapel
McPetersBetty06 Oct 185803 Dec 1928Neal Chapel
McPetersCharlesH.Unk28 Aug 1977Maple Hill
McPetersDavidE.Unk08 Mar 1971Maple Hill
McPetersEdithGentlesUnk16 Jan 1959Maple Hill
McPetersElizabethAnnUnk02 Jul 1996Maple Hill
McPetersEstelleW.Unk29 Nov 1981Maple Hill
McPetersInfantUnk21 Sep 1953Maple Hill
McPetersJamesOllie27 Sep 189520 Oct 1970Maple Hill
McPetersJohnW.Unk03 Jan 1956Maple Hill
McPetersJohnUnk03 Jan 1955Maple Hill
McPetersLillyV.Unk18 Mar 1969Maple Hill
McPetersMableUnk22 Aug 1978Maple Hill
McPetersMaggieElizabethUnk14 Feb 1964Maple Hill
McPetersMattieUnk06 Sep 1927Maple Hill
McPetersMaudeB.18 Aug 188702 Feb 1966Neal Chapel
McPetersMyrtle22 Jul 189720 Nov 1965Moon
McPetersOllieJ.Unk28 Jul 1967Maple Hill
McPetersPaulUnk10 Nov 1959Maple Hill
McPetersRichardH.25 Jul 188607 Feb 1966Neal Chapel
McPetersSusanE.08 Jul 185527 Jan 1923Ryland
McPhersonJemimaUnk24 Oct 1942Maple Hill
McPhersonJesseUnk25 Dec 1965Maple Hill
McPhersonRichardUnk10 Jun 1957Maple Hill
McPhersonRossieM.11 Apr 189801 Jan 1916Merrimack
McPhersonTommieUnk30 Aug 1959Maple Hill
McPikeAdelaideB.Unk09 Sep 1976Maple Hill
McPikeE.24 Aug 184523 Dec 1929Mt. Zion
McPikeRaphaelThomasUnk02 Sep 1976Maple Hill
McQuarrieGaryAllenUnk24 Jun 1981Maple Hill
McQuestoGeorgeUnk07 Nov 1947Maple Hill
McQuintonEdgarUnk16 Jun 1930Maple Hill
McQuistenCarolynJeanUnk15 Oct 1957Maple Hill
McQuistonEdwardJ.12 Sep 193206 Jan 1986Gipson
McQuistonJohnnyO'Neil20 Jul 197314 Aug 1987Gipson
McQuittWilliamUnk03 Oct 1898Maple Hill
McRaeAlanUnk09 Jun 1987Maple Hill
McRaeDorothyUnk11 Jun 1978Maple Hill
McRaeJamesD.Unk14 Aug 1985Maple Hill
McRayJulie11 Jul 187922 May 1964Bloucher Ford
McReaVerchallaUnk05 Mar 1931Maple Hill
McReeErnestUnk02 Apr 1934Maple Hill
McReeJessieUnk11 Jun 1935Maple Hill
McRoryEdwinUnk14 Jul 1969Maple Hill
McRoryErnestLeeUnk24 May 1980Maple Hill
McRoryPeggySuePirkle17 Dec 193125 Mar 2005Garden of Crosses
McVayAlfredO.Unk07 Jan 1980Maple Hill
McVayCharlieUnk11 Nov 1977Maple Hill
McVayJerryWayneUnk09 May 1968Maple Hill
McVayJosephUnk10 Jul 1942Maple Hill
McVayMaryOpalNicklesUnk12 Oct 2000Maple Hill
McVayOpheliaUnk17 Nov 1959Maple Hill
McVayVinnieColbert28 Oct 190913 Dec 1946Charity Baptist Church
McWharterJ.Unk10 Jan 1920Maple Hill
McWharterJohnUnk12 Jun 1929Maple Hill
McWhorterGeorgeUnk23 Jun 1952Maple Hill
McWhorterGraceT.Unk20 Jan 2004Maple Hill
McWhorterHillmanUnkNDDMaple Hill
McWhorterJ.B.Unk23 Aug 1970Maple Hill
McWhorterJ.B.Unk03 Jul 1957Maple Hill
McWhorterJamesE.UnkNDDMaple Hill
McWhorterJamesUnk04 Jan 1948Maple Hill
McWhorterJohnL.04 Jun 192810 Jun 1919Ebenezer
McWhorterLillianH.Unk14 Dec 1986Maple Hill
McWhorterMinervaPopeUnk25 Feb 1979Maple Hill
McWhorterRandyJoeUnk18 May 2004Maple Hill
McWhorterRichardC.Unk03 May 1974Maple Hill
McWhorterRobertUnkNDDMaple Hill
McWhorterStellaTolbertUnk19 Jan 1959Maple Hill
McWilliamsCharles04 Jul 194107 May 1971Northside
McWilliamsJ.Unk11 Jun 1920Maple Hill

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