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HEvaE.18801968Shady Grove
HaagMamieS.Unk08 Aug 1994Maple Hill
HaasJohnJacobUnk27 Jun 1895Maple Hill
HaasRobertUnk24 Nov 1960Maple Hill
HabesJocieUnk04 May 1917Maple Hill
HackJohnUnk26 Dec 1898Maple Hill
HackerGroverC.03 Oct 188730 Aug 1972Maple Hill
HackerLafollette03 Dec 191807 Jan 1980Maple Hill
HackettJ.M.UnkNDDMaple Hill
HacklerWilliamUnk03 Feb 1918Maple Hill
HackworthInfantMaleUnk20 Jun 1917Maple Hill
HaddockRodney17 Nov 196519 May 1966Charity Baptist Church
HaddockUllie03 May 193903 Nov 1984Charity Baptist Church
HadenAnnieLee03 Sep 187112 Mar 1937Maple Hill
HadenJohnTate10 Jul 190217 Oct 1940Maple Hill
HadenLomaLee14 Oct 190103 Jan 1967Maple Hill
HadenNellieParis08 Sep 191309 Apr 1978Northside
HadenWilliamW.03 Sep 189515 Jun 1952Maple Hill
HadenWilliamW.27 May 183714 Aug 1931Maple Hill
HaenischHerthaD.18 Aug 190119 Jul 1993Maple Hill
HafleyClarinda04 Mar 183325 Nov 1880Triana
HafleyLellie01 Jul 188107 Dec 1969Maple Hill
HafleyMarthaA.Unk25 Jul 1853Triana
HafleyR.H.10 Oct 182303 May 1888Triana
HafleyW.Unk23 Dec 1913Maple Hill
HafleyWilliamUnk27 Jul 1928Maple Hill
HafnerDeborahLuskUnk01 Dec 1977Maple Hill
HafnerDonaldJohn27 Feb 192124 Oct 1965Maple Hill
HafnerMarjorieA.08 May 192130 Oct 1996Maple Hill
HafstenHugoVanUnk17 Feb 1969Maple Hill
HagaDannyRayUnk26 Jul 1992Maple Hill
HagenWilliamUnk17 Jul 1897Maple Hill
HaggMamieUnk08 Aug 1994Maple Hill
HaggardCarolynC.Zeitler23 Jul 191903 Jan 1961Maple Hill
HaggardEdna30 Jul 188630 Jun 1974Maple Hill
HaggardFlossieD.18911965Charity Baptist Church
HaggardInfantUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
HaggardJamesN.10 Oct 187009 Mar 1945Charity Baptist Church
HaggardLillieBailey30 Jun 1891Sep 1975Charity Baptist Church
HaggardTomUnk30 Jul 1953Maple Hill
HaglerEmmaW.27 Nov 189711 May 1982Maple Hill
HaglerRoy07 Sep 189513 Sep 1959Hayden
HagoodBonnieMae18 Dec 192124 Oct 2004Huntsville Memory Gardens
HahSolomonL.12 Feb 188215 Oct 1899Maple Hill
HahnRichardL.Unk22 Mar 1960Maple Hill
HahnemannImogene15 May 192704 Jan 2005Maple Hill
HahnemannRobertH.Unk31 Jan 1981Maple Hill
HainesEvanChenoweth04 Aug 192231 Aug 1982Ryland
HainesEvanChenoweth20 Feb 190017 Jan 1976Ryland
HainesMargaretEllenHutchinson19 Dec 192229 Dec 2003Maple Hill
HainesMervilleHughes01 Jan 189702 Sep 1986Ryland
HainesRuthUnk30 May 1925Maple Hill
HainesThomasUnk25 Mar 1918Maple Hill
HairellR.H.UnkNDDMaple Hill
HaislipMarjorieNellLawler11 Aug 192503 Dec 1997Lawler
HaiteBarbaraUnk05 Mar 1951Maple Hill
HajeckAntonJ. WilliamUnk04 Dec 1982Maple Hill
HajeckCassieT.30 Mar 189627 Apr 1980Maple Hill
HajekHelenAnna06 May 190924 Nov 1997Maple Hill
HajosStephenJ.Unk25 Sep 1968Maple Hill
HalcombJenniferSharonUnk18 Sep 1968Maple Hill
HalcombThomasG.Unk14 Mar 1970Maple Hill
HaleA.Unk30 Jan 1919Maple Hill
HaleBenUnk26 Mar 1957Maple Hill
HaleBessieL.15 Mar 191613 Mar 1969Cochran
HaleBettyJaneNov 1953Jul 1968Locust Grove
HaleBillyL.04 Feb 1929Sep 1972Maple Hill
HaleBobbyE.31 Dec 193025 Jun 1976Maple Hill
HaleCarlUnk14 Nov 1918Maple Hill
HaleCarrieUnk04 Oct 1984Maple Hill
HaleCharlesEdward03 Nov 192924 Sep 1935Plainview
HaleClydeB.Unk06 Aug 1994Maple Hill
HaleDennisUnk12 Apr 1919Maple Hill
HaleDora189808 Dec 1965Maple Hill
HaleDorothyUnk03 Aug 1923Maple Hill
HaleElisha21 Feb 191028 Sep 1981Maple Hill
HaleElizabeth31 Oct 189918 Sep 1966Ryland
HaleElizahUnk15 Jan 1949Maple Hill
HaleEstherUnk18 Oct 1921Maple Hill
HaleFiellaM.30 Aug 190830 Aug 1994Maple Hill
HaleGeorgeW.24 Sep 191222 Oct 1998Cochran
HaleGracieE.05 Jul 191229 Oct 1977Maple Hill
HaleJ.B.22 May 192305 Jul 1941Charity Baptist Church
HaleJamesErnest29 Sep 191925 Jan 1962Maple Hill
HaleJamesMorgan18 Feb 189415 Jul 1945Charity Baptist Church
HaleJohnD.05 Aug 186309 May 1947Cochran
HaleJohnDennie28 Jun 189014 Aug 1956Maple Hill
HaleJohnH.15 Oct 189815 Jul 1967Maple Hill
HaleJohnP.09 Jun 19662003Valhalla Memory Gardens
HaleJohnUnk29 May 1925Maple Hill
HaleJohnUnk25 Jul 2003Valhalla Memory Gardens
HaleJoyceEsslinger21 Jul 192520 Oct 1956Bush
HaleKillisGreen06 Sep 185405 Jan 1938Charity Baptist Church
HaleLillieUnk22 Apr 1958Maple Hill
HaleLizzieA.26 Feb 185929 Feb 1894Charity Baptist Church
HaleMarvinKenny08 Apr 194309 Oct 1943Plainview
HaleMayL.03 Jul 190818 Dec 2000Maple Hill
HaleMelvinW.05 Jul 193805 Jul 1938Plainview
HaleMinnieB.27 Jul 188205 Jul 1973Maple Hill
HaleNancyElizabethMiles12 Feb 187222 Nov 1943Cochran
HaleOliverWilson18881949Charity Baptist Church
HaleRobertVester02 Nov 189824 Oct 1968Maple Hill
HaleThelmaUnk25 Oct 1920Maple Hill
HaleUnkFemaleUnk06 Feb 1887Maple Hill
HaleWilliamLuther22 Apr 188231 Jul 1941Ryland
HaleWilliamUnk08 Feb 1871Maple Hill
HaleyAnnieK.Unk29 Aug 1977Maple Hill
HaleyCarrie10 May 192113 Nov 1972Northside
HaleyClareElsieBrude02 Apr 192131 May 2002Maple Hill
HaleyJoeHaroldUnk30 May 1980Maple Hill
HaleyJohnD.21 Feb 191806 Sep 2002Northside
HaleyLawrenceB.22 Oct 190813 Mar 1997Maple Hill
HaleyLindaKaye15 Mar 194606 Jan 1999Northside
HaleyQuay23 Feb 191106 May 1981Maple Hill
HallAlbertUnk19 Sep 1952Maple Hill
HallAlfredF.03 Nov 185430 Jan 1919Maple Hill
HallAlice10 Apr 190611 Oct 1930Ryland
HallAliceArmstrong20 Nov 191310 Sep 1998Maple Hill
HallAliceUnk25 Sep 1951Maple Hill
HallAllen17 Feb 188723 Jan 1917Taylor Chapel
HallAllieF.15 Oct 190015 Jan 1981Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
HallAllieAdams01 May 188229 Oct 1956Gurley
HallAllieMoore14 Apr 188516 Apr 1885Maple Hill
HallAniceC.18621951Charity Baptist Church
HallAnnUnk07 Sep 1964Maple Hill
HallAnnaMaeUnk28 May 2003Maple Hill
HallAnnaR.25 Jan 188424 Sep 1909Glenwood
HallArthurF.17 Jan 192826 Jul 1985Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
HallBarbaraA.12 Jul 194709 Feb 1985Maple Hill
HallBettyJune13 May 193905 Nov 2005Valley View Memorial Gardens
HallBobbyUnk02 Feb 1940Maple Hill
HallCallie23 Sep 184603 Sep 1905Glenwood
HallCatherineLouise14 Aug 193314 Jan 2004Plainview
HallCelia27 Dec 1896Mar 1973Maple Hill
HallCharlesG.15 May 190427 Apr 1987Maple Hill
HallCharlesS.Drake19 Mar 188822 May 1964Drake - New Hope
HallCharlesUnk20 Oct 1920Maple Hill
HallCharlieLaymon16 Jun 189924 Jan 1970Cameron
HallClaraO.Tidwell27 Mar 191209 Dec 1999Maple Hill
HallCliff04 Jul 191916 Mar 1992Penny
HallClydeUnk05 Jun 1956Maple Hill
HallCornelius25 Mar 192314 May 1931Ryland
HallDaisyUnk28 Feb 1964Maple Hill
HallDanielElsieUnk11 Apr 1950Maple Hill
HallDavidLuther14 Feb 192422 Nov 1971Neal Chapel
HallDavid24 Mar 184405 Aug 1902Glenwood
HallDavidUnk29 Jun 1967Maple Hill
HallDeborahUnk30 Nov 1881Maple Hill
HallDebrahAnn21 Nov 195623 Nov 1956Madison Crossroads
HallDeliaJ.08 Jul 189714 May 1991Maple Hill
HallDella06 Oct 189122 Oct 1977Maple Hill
HallDellaMeeksUnk12 Dec 1981Maple Hill
HallDollieB.06 Jan 190629 Sep 1986Golightly
HallDollieMaeThompson27 Mar 191715 Mar 1995Maple Hill
HallDorothyAnn18 Sep 193412 May 2005Maple Hill
HallDorothyUnkNDDMaple Hill
HallEarlD.26 Jan 191303 Sep 1962Byrd
HallEliUnk18 Feb 1943Maple Hill
HallElizaUnk06 Sep 1868Maple Hill
HallElizabethAnnUnk15 Sep 1981Maple Hill
HallElizabethUnk30 Aug 1962Maple Hill
HallEllenJamesUnk23 Oct 1958Maple Hill
HallEstelleUnk31 Jan 1973Maple Hill
HallEthelI.26 Jul 191413 Oct 1993Byrd
HallEvelyn28 May 192901 Jul 1930Ryland
HallEvie03 Dec 194323 Nov 1946Maple Hill
HallFloraWakefieldUnk02 Sep 1941Maple Hill
HallFlossieIrene21 Jan 191005 Mar 1935Maple Hill
HallFloydA.10 May 191102 Dec 1997Maple Hill
HallFloydE.20 Dec 193019 Jan 2005Plainview
HallFranklinUnk18 Jan 1934Maple Hill
HallGaldysSharp19 Aug 191710 Dec 1998Bevill
HallGermanUnk26 Jan 1925Maple Hill
HallGertrudeUnk06 Jan 1958Maple Hill
HallGusUnk28 May 1954Maple Hill
HallGussieE.03 Mar 193410 Nov 1997Northside
HallH.E.UnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
HallHallieP.25 Oct 189603 Dec 1973Maple Hill
HallHarrietB.04 Dec 188728 Nov 1978Northside
HallHarvey31 Dec 191201 Feb 1971Maple Hill
HallHattie20 May 188208 Aug 1948Glenwood
HallHelenMcCray15 Jul 192224 Oct 1937Glenwood
HallHelenUnk02 Jan 1986Maple Hill
HallHendlySaunders22 Jun 188923 Dec 1889Glenwood
HallHenryF.06 Jun 192327 Nov 1998Tuck
HallHenryY.Unk07 Jul 1947Maple Hill
HallHerschelD.17 Jan 194312 Jun 1995Neal Chapel
HallHollis30 Nov 192103 Nov 1964Maple Hill
HallHomerUnkNDDMaple Hill
HallIdaUnk23 Jun 1972Maple Hill
HallInfantFemaleUnk24 Dec 1909New Hope
HallInfantMaleUnk24 Dec 1909New Hope
HallInfantUnk17 Sep 1961Maple Hill
HallJ.C.15 Mar 191810 Feb 1978Northside
HallJ.D.Unk03 Dec 1957Maple Hill
HallJackUnk17 Jan 1927Maple Hill
HallJamesA.20 Feb 191122 Jun 1982Maple Hill
HallJamesEdward01 Nov 191021 Dec 1983Bevill
HallJamesManningUnk01 Aug 1936Maple Hill
HallJamesSolomon Henry09 Aug 1876Apr 1949Maple Hill
HallJames30 Nov 183309 Oct 1910Glenwood
HallJamesUnk30 May 1955Maple Hill
HallJamesUnk13 Nov 1923Maple Hill
HallJean13 Jun 189008 Feb 1972Maple Hill
HallJeanUnk19 Apr 1969Maple Hill
HallJessieMelvin21 Oct 191514 Jul 1996Maple Hill
HallJewellCatherine03 Aug 192713 Jul 1928Maple Hill
HallJoannaM.08 Nov 189316 Jun 1985Northside
HallJohnA.24 Oct 188817 Mar 1950Charity Baptist Church
HallJohnC.Unk30 Jul 1975Maple Hill
HallJohnPerry10 Sep 186226 Feb 1945Charity Baptist Church
HallJohnWilson28 Oct 192212 Mar 1925Maple Hill
HallJohnnyMearl28 Apr 190605 Jun 1974Maple Hill
HallJonesEmmett19 Oct 189122 Aug 1962Maple Hill
HallJuneSchumann22 Dec 193417 Aug 1993Maple Hill
HallKathyLynn13 Dec 195518 May 1956Neal Chapel
HallKatieE.Unk03 Dec 1995Maple Hill
HallKnox08 Sep 189701 Sep 1969Lawler
HallL.F.Unk08 Jun 1974Maple Hill
HallLauraM.Unk23 Jun 1982Maple Hill
HallLauraBarley18661895Jordan - Ryland
HallLeeDementUnk19 Nov 1951Maple Hill
HallLenaIreneMcCormick02 Dec 190701 Jan 1991Maple Hill
HallLesterHarvey02 Jan 191522 Jan 1993Maple Hill
HallLillianBriggs16 Apr 192127 Oct 1996Penny
HallLouiseUnk17 Jan 1960Maple Hill
HallLucilleJ.28 Aug 190622 Aug 1995Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
HallLucilleWalkerUnk01 Sep 1966Maple Hill
HallLulaBelleUnk07 Nov 1946Maple Hill
HallLulaBray05 Feb 186006 Sep 1895Maple Hill
HallM.E.13 Apr 184913 Mar 1907Ryland
HallM.R.Unk07 Apr 1954Maple Hill
HallM.Unk07 Apr 1952Maple Hill
HallMamieDoris04 Apr 193529 Jun 1994Moon
HallMargaret14 Jun 189820 Oct 1961Lawler
HallMargaretUnk08 Jul 1934Maple Hill
HallMarvinEliUnk29 Jul 1987Maple Hill
HallMaryAnn12 Feb 193919 Mar 2006Maple Hill
HallMarySusan08 Mar 187604 Feb 1969Maple Hill
HallMaryUnk20 Apr 1898Maple Hill
HallMattieUnk08 Apr 1938Maple Hill
HallMattieUnk15 Dec 1896Maple Hill
HallMilesUnk04 Nov 1943Maple Hill
HallMirnevaElizabethUnk09 Oct 1967Maple Hill
HallMollieB.08 Nov 186916 Mar 1916Maple Hill
HallMollieM.Gurley17 Nov 185619 Jun 1929Gurley
HallMollieUnk14 Mar 1896Maple Hill
HallNancy180325 Mar 1877Glenwood
HallNancyUnk12 Oct 1945Maple Hill
HallNannieLillian26 Jan 188705 Feb 1888Glenwood
HallOdellUnk10 May 1986Maple Hill
HallOllie08 Aug 188016 Aug 1881Glenwood
HallOthellaDaily06 Nov 188908 May 1982Maple Hill
HallPatsyElizabethUnk07 Jan 1979Maple Hill
HallPattieUnk26 Oct 1923Maple Hill
HallPeggySueUnk07 Jan 1979Maple Hill
HallR.A.17 Jun 184401 FebRyland
HallRaymond30 Dec 193002 Dec 2004Maple Hill
HallReubeL.Unk26 Mar 1896Maple Hill
HallRichardDanny22 Nov 196615 Mar 1968Charity Baptist Church
HallRichardE.08 Oct 192708 Nov 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
HallRichardEarly04 May 190102 Aug 1994Maple Hill
HallRichardUnk26 Mar 1922Glenwood
HallRichardUnk04 Jul 1914Maple Hill
HallRobbieUnk28 Mar 1946Maple Hill
HallRobertE.Unk25 Oct 1995Maple Hill
HallRobertEli09 Sep 189916 Jul 1980Maple Hill
HallRussellKelly18 Jul 193112 Jun 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
HallS.P.Unk19 Mar 1978Maple Hill
HallS.Unk12 Jun 1902Maple Hill
HallSamSterling14 Feb 188706 Jan 1964Maple Hill
HallSamUnk13 May 1952Maple Hill
HallSampsonUnk16 Mar 1969Maple Hill
HallSarahUnk14 May 1924Maple Hill
HallSarahUnk02 Jan 1894Maple Hill
HallSharonUnk21 May 1945Maple Hill
HallShelbyJ.31 Dec 191810 Oct 1981Maple Hill
HallSilasRay18 Oct 196820 Nov 1990Plainview
HallSusanGail23 Dec 196123 Dec 1961Hayden
HallTeresa13 May 189705 Nov 1983Maple Hill
HallTerryDavidUnk21 Nov 1958Maple Hill
HallThomasR.24 Jan 184721 Jan 1939Gurley
HallThomasR.Unk02 Jun 1990Maple Hill
HallThomasRutherford27 Aug 188408 May 1962Rice
HallThomasUnk18 Oct 1922Maple Hill
HallTracyWilliamUnk19 Jun 1959Maple Hill
HallUnkFemaleUnk14 Oct 1896Maple Hill
HallUnkFemaleUnk26 Aug 1889Maple Hill
HallVelmaS.05 Oct 191413 Feb 1986Maple Hill
HallVeraH.27 Oct 189201 Jul 1979Maple Hill
HallVirginiaLee13 Mar 193315 Sep 1981Maple Hill
HallW.Unk11 Nov 1951Maple Hill
HallWalterUnk09 Jul 1944Maple Hill
HallWalterUnk06 Jul 1942Maple Hill
HallWilliamO.19 Oct 192807 Jan 1997Maple Hill
HallWilliamUnk24 Nov 1924Maple Hill
HallWilliamUnk07 Sep 1871Maple Hill
HallWillieIrene08 Aug 192018 Nov 1984Charity Baptist Church
HallZinkaDeYoung06 Feb 187602 May 1956Maple Hill
HallenbackKatieUnk10 Jan 1875Maple Hill
HallenbeckRoyE.27 Oct 188416 Jan 1968Maple Hill
HalleyJaboryUnk10 Jul 1929Maple Hill
HallmanHenryUnk12 Mar 1967Maple Hill
HallockWilliamDanielUnk16 Mar 1989Maple Hill
HallowesHenryH.Unk30 Dec 1979Maple Hill
HallowesJohnP.Unk04 Sep 1979Maple Hill
HallowesJohnUnk21 May 1956Maple Hill
HalmanAdaP.Unk04 Nov 1893Maple Hill
HalnerStellaEvaUnk29 Apr 1999Maple Hill
HalpenLeroyUnk22 Dec 1901Maple Hill
HalseyC.Unk13 Jan 1899Maple Hill
HalseyCatherineGreerUnk27 Jan 1895Maple Hill
HalseyCharles185013 Oct 1920Maple Hill
HalseyCharlesUnk12 Jun 1911Maple Hill
HalseyElizabethL.10 May 189605 Dec 1985Maple Hill
HalseyGeorgeL.186218 Nov 1934Maple Hill
HalseyGeorgeL.Unk13 Oct 1887Maple Hill
HalseyHenryF.Unk19 Jun 1887Maple Hill
HalseyJewelF.28 Jan 192230 Apr 1994Maple Hill
HalseyJohnL.179107 Jun 1860Maple Hill
HalseyJulius04 Sep 188816 Nov 1956Brandon
HalseyKateA.186428 Mar 1928Maple Hill
HalseyKatherineS.25 Feb 188129 May 1974Maple Hill
HalseyLauraUnk28 Nov 1927Maple Hill
HalseyLillianUnk19 Jan 1952Maple Hill
HalseyLizzieA.18581911Maple Hill
HalseyLucyUnk13 Apr 1866Maple Hill
HalseyMarthaA.01 Aug 182421 Nov 1867Maple Hill
HalseyMayUnk20 May 1891Maple Hill
HalseyR.S.Unk20 Jun 1900Maple Hill
HalseyRobertS.Unk16 Aug 1883Maple Hill
HalseyRobertUnk21 Feb 1927Maple Hill
HalseyRobertUnk20 May 1922Maple Hill
HalseySarahFrances08 May 185723 Oct 1857Maple Hill
HalseySarahJane11 Aug 183023 Jul 1857Maple Hill
HalseyW.Unk04 Oct 1955Maple Hill
HalseyWilliamUnk15 Sep 1938Maple Hill
HalsleyWilliamUnk15 Jul 1932Maple Hill
HaltiwangerRuthSharp18 Jan 194117 Oct 2005Concord
HamacherLloydDale09 Mar 191617 Feb 2000Maple Hill
HamakerAnnaUnk27 Oct 1941Maple Hill
HamakerCharlesM.Unk29 Jul 1937Maple Hill
HamakerIrmaLocke17 Jan 194226 Feb 1998Mt. Zion
HamakerIrmaUnk22 Dec 1893Maple Hill
HamakerRobertClifton19131977Mt. Zion
HamberReginaUnk12 Feb 1965Maple Hill
HamblinC.C.UnkNDDMaple Hill
HambrickBarbaraCeleste19 Oct 189823 Oct 1902Gurley
HambrickBrownH.31 Jan 190517 Oct 1990Maple Hill
HambrickCarvin12 Mar 191923 Jul 1974Pine Grove - Deposit
HambrickCatherineUnk16 Sep 1939Charity Baptist Church
HambrickDaisyD.20 May 190830 Jun 1983Maple Hill
HambrickElvira13 Apr 192215 Sep 1978Northside
HambrickEmma10 Apr 186823 Jul 1917Pine Grove - Deposit
HambrickGeorgeUnk17 Jun 1921Pine Grove - Deposit
HambrickJamesL.Unk08 Jun 1991Maple Hill
HambrickJohnG.28 Mar 185108 Apr 1942Cochran
HambrickL.R.26 Feb1947Merrimack
HambrickLoreneL.19001963Pine Grove - Deposit
HambrickLydiaR.07 Dec 186724 Apr 1915Gurley
HambrickMargaretAnnWalker24 Oct 181915 Nov 1845Hambrick
HambrickMaryFrances16 Sep 193015 Jun 1999Maple Hill
HambrickMinnieUnk13 Aug 1953Maple Hill
HambrickSamuel18991948Pine Grove - Deposit
HambrickSamuel29 Jan 191120 Jan 1973Northside
HambrickSaraG.30 Sep 194707 Dec 1974Northside
HambrickSophronaD.18 Dec 184024 Jan 1919Cochran
HambrickSusanUnk29 Oct 1950Maple Hill
HambrickWillieG.05 Feb 188708 Jan 1914Pine Grove - Deposit
HambryG.W.Unk01 Nov 1949Maple Hill
HambryMandyUnk20 Aug 1948Maple Hill
HambyAnn02 Apr 191614 Jul 1980Maple Hill
HambyGeorgeHermanUnk05 Jul 1959Maple Hill
HambyGeorge16 Jun 192506 Oct 1966Maple Hill
HambyJennieUnk16 Jun 1970Maple Hill
HambyMaryUnk13 Feb 1970Maple Hill
HambyPaulV.UnkNDDMaple Hill
HameW.Unk18 May 1926Maple Hill
HamelettWilliamP.Unk01 Aug 1925Maple Hill
HamerAlbert186606 Feb 1885New Hope
HamerEdnaD.23 Nov 191120 Jan 1998Moon
HamerEsteeleUnk23 Apr 1967Maple Hill
HamerEvieUnk02 Apr 1923Maple Hill
HamerGracieUnk22 Oct 1968Maple Hill
HamerHarryE.07 Sep 188417 Dec 1912Moon
HamerInfantMaleUnk17 Mar 1943Maple Hill
HamerJamesRobertUnk16 Dec 1996Maple Hill
HamerJamesRobertUnk07 Dec 1967Maple Hill
HamerKateS.15 Oct 188610 May 1966Moon
HamerLeonaP.28 Aug 1895NDDHayden
HamerM.U.22 Nov 188404 Feb 1963Hayden
HamerSam15 Mar 191329 Mar 1992Maple Hill
HamerSarahE.06 Dec 189102 Apr 1986Maple Hill
HamerWilliamErwin13 Dec 184209 Jan 1913Moon
HamerWilliamH.18 Nov 190901 Oct 1960Moon
HamesE.A.18881955Charity Baptist Church
HamesEithelEverlyn30 May 191113 Oct 1936Charity Baptist Church
HamesJ.Nelson26 Mar 194126 Feb 1977New Sharon
HamesJasper16 Jul 183416 Dec 1922Charity Baptist Church
HamesMargaretE.09 Jul 187302 Dec 1938Charity Baptist Church
HamesNancyE.10 Dec 182910 Oct 1910Charity Baptist Church
HamesThomasA.08 Apr 188603 May 1924Charity Baptist Church
HamiltonA.Unk10 Jun 1915Maple Hill
HamiltonBelleUnk28 Feb 1947Maple Hill
HamiltonChildUnk02 Nov 1869Maple Hill
HamiltonEdwardClay31 Oct 192910 Feb 2002Maple Hill
HamiltonGeorgeUnk03 Jul 1900Maple Hill
HamiltonGoldieUnk26 Jun 1913Maple Hill
HamiltonH.Unk30 Jun 1952Maple Hill
HamiltonHughJohn03 Jun 190614 Feb 2005Glenwood
HamiltonJamesO.26 Apr 194409 Jul 1961St. Ruth
HamiltonJamesV.04 Apr 190111 Feb 1972Golightly
HamiltonJohnCelestein07 Apr 192528 Jun 1936Golightly
HamiltonJohnJunior30 May 192721 Jun 1982Maple Hill
HamiltonJohnLouis04 May 1889Feb 1968Northside
HamiltonJudyC.25 Oct 194203 Dec 1983Huntsville Memory Gardens
HamiltonJuliaM.08 Aug 190601 Mar 1980Golightly
HamiltonLafayetteFultonUnk18 May 2003Maple Hill
HamiltonLenoraElizabethCarter18 Dec 192504 Mar 2006Maple Hill
HamiltonMarthaUnk19 Feb 1919Maple Hill
HamiltonNellP.18 Nov 189929 Oct 1986Maple Hill
HamiltonPayneUnk02 Apr 1933Maple Hill
HamiltonRobertN.01 Jan 190325 Dec 1969Maple Hill
HamiltonS.Unk29 Dec 1950Maple Hill
HamiltonSaraMargaretUnk01 Aug 2004Maple Hill
HamiltonTerresiaUnk17 Sep 1940Maple Hill
HamiltonTodieUnk24 Jan 1885Maple Hill
HamiltonUlicyC.25 Sep 192224 Jun 1969Northside
HamiltonWalterUnk10 Jan 1946Maple Hill
HamiltonWilliamElihu191525 Jul 1951Maple Hill
HamiltonWrennieJoe08 Aug 193826 Dec 2004Twickenham
HamiltonZoe07 Dec 188403 Feb 1963Maple Hill
HamletByrdUnk09 Nov 1867Maple Hill
HamletCharlesUnkNDDTaylor Chapel
HamletElizabethUnk11 Mar 1940Maple Hill
HamletIrvinWindham15 Feb 186722 Jun 1934Maple Hill
HamletMaryUnk11 Mar 1913Maple Hill
HamletRobertUnk30 Jun 1870Maple Hill
HamlettAlbertUnk28 Apr 1952Maple Hill
HamlettCharlesH.03 Mar 194731 Jan 1986Maple Hill
HamlettJohnCharlesUnk24 Mar 1947Maple Hill
HamlettJohnF.18821933Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HamlettPearlD.Unk17 Sep 1948Maple Hill
HamlettSallieUnk03 May 1935Maple Hill
HamlinDustyPaul07 Dec 198327 Feb 1984Hayden
HammLadyeE.12 Apr 190004 Jan 1988Maple Hill
HammMaryAnn11 Dec 192423 May 2006Maple Hill
HammMaryJeanUnkNDDMaple Hill
HammW.G.Unk28 Jul 1960Maple Hill
HammWilliamG.11 Jan 192711 Jun 1983Maple Hill
HammerSallieUnk03 May 1925Maple Hill
HammerValcusW.Unk01 Feb 1957Maple Hill
HammettJamesDavisUnk17 Jun 1924Camp Ground
HammettJamesUnk09 Nov 1893Maple Hill
HammettMarieM.Unk12 Dec 1987Maple Hill
HammettMaryFrances02 Jun 192017 Feb 1997Maple Hill
HammettOwenMoore27 Apr 192006 Jul 2001Maple Hill
HammondA.D.11 Sep 193518 Jan 2000Northside
HammondA.D.Dec 19011966Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
HammondAnnV.Blackbourn09 Sep 181303 Mar 1848Bouldin-Hammond
HammondBettie29 Jan 190319 Jan 1977Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
HammondCarrieM.19 May 191302 Apr 1986Hammond
HammondEliS.13 Dec 181310 Sep 1835Bouldin-Hammond
HammondEli16 Mar 176426 Jan 1842Bouldin-Hammond
HammondEllaC.24 Feb 185921 Sep 1940Glenwood
HammondEugeniaMentz27 Mar 188319 Sep 1945Maple Hill
HammondFerdinaL.Unk25 Aug 1886Maple Hill
HammondFerdwardUnk12 Dec 1930Maple Hill
HammondFerryJeter10 Oct 190811 Sep 2003Maple Hill
HammondJasperUnk14 Apr 1952Maple Hill
HammondLouiseJ.05 Nov 190708 Apr 1995Maple Hill
HammondMamieUnk25 May 1984Maple Hill
HammondMaryHelen14 Sep 191918 Jan 1925Maple Hill
HammondMaryOwen13 Nov 178304 Aug 1840Bouldin-Hammond
HammondNanceyMcCraryUnk06 Mar 1947Maple Hill
HammondPriscillaShelby15 Jul 181821 Feb 1841Bouldin-Hammond
HammondSharlot06 Jun 186219 May 1934Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
HammondTeresa18 Mar 196705 Oct 2005Moon
HammondWilliamS.16 Aug 180325 Sep 1826Bouldin-Hammond
HammondCarey09 Aug 191008 Jan 1999Hammond
HammondsAdaline16 Nov 190617 Oct 1978Northside
HammondsAlbert14 Nov 189731 Dec 1979Northside
HammondsBernard10 Apr 192415 Oct 1998Pine Grove - Harvest
HammondsBryanD.Unk03 Mar 1994Maple Hill
HammondsDaisy191317 Feb 1974St. Ruth
HammondsDorothyJean09 Mar 194607 May 1998St. Ruth
HammondsEdRedeemer22 Feb 190704 Dec 1983Hammond
HammondsElijah07 Jun 191507 Jul 1973Hammond
HammondsEllaM.06 May 192319 Feb 1984St. Ruth
HammondsEmmaMoore01 Dec 190710 Jul 1996Hammond
HammondsFlorenceL.15 Mar 189302 Aug 1973Northside
HammondsGladysLelaUnk08 Mar 1963Maple Hill
HammondsHattieMaeLockhart08 Oct 193120 Jun 2005Pine Grove - Harvest
HammondsIdaFletcher06 May 189313 Jan 1967Pine Grove - Harvest
HammondsJ.J.Unk26 Jul 1884Maple Hill
HammondsJ.T.17 Sep 187507 Oct 1944St. Ruth
HammondsJohnMilton20 Jan 191324 Feb 1986St. Ruth
HammondsJoseph07 May 191311 Aug 1993Hammond
HammondsJuliaB.02 Oct 192704 Feb 2002Pine Grove - Harvest
HammondsLula04 Oct 187922 Apr 1968Hammond
HammondsMichaelKeith16 Nov 195805 Mar 2002Hammond
HammondsO.Unk09 Feb 1954Maple Hill
HammondsOlaM.04 May 192828 Aug 1957Penny
HammondsRobbieUnk08 Nov 1933Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
HammondsRonnieRay15 Nov 195526 Nov 1994St. Ruth
HammondsSarahClayburn22 Nov 188608 Nov 1918Madison
HammondsShelby05 Feb 188812 Oct 1964Royal
HammondsUnk01 Dec 198701 Dec 1987Pine Grove - Harvest
HammondsVirgil22 May 189520 Aug 1978Maple Hill
HammondsWillieL.15 Feb 191527 Jun 1963St. Ruth
HammonsJarredLee07 Feb 200107 Feb 2001Green Valley
HammonsLarryD.07 Feb 197129 Sep 1994Green Valley
HammonsMandy188917 Oct 1909Pine Grove - Harvest
HammonsMason17 Aug 190019 Dec 1983Northside
HammonsMollieUnkOct 1909Pine Grove - Harvest
HamnerEdnaHooper24 May 189727 Sep 1980Maple Hill
HamnerJosieS.Unk28 Jan 1875Maple Hill
HamnerMary23 May 192018 Oct 2002Maple Hill
HamnerValcusWilliam13 Jul 192001 Nov 1997Maple Hill
HamondBaldwinNeal25 Apr 196217 May 1999Bloucher Ford
HamondG.W.186302 May 1940Madison
HamptonAnnL.Unk17 Mar 1970Maple Hill
HamptonCecilMiss22 Dec 188919 Sep 1968Maple Hill
HamptonE.Unk01 Mar 1919Maple Hill
HamptonEarl13 Dec 192120 Jun 1998Bloucher Ford
HamptonEarl15 Oct 195101 Jan 1994Bloucher Ford
HamptonElieseUnk18 Jan 1960Maple Hill
HamptonEllaPowers15 Sep 191128 Mar 1979Northside
HamptonGladysS.15 Jun 190805 Sep 1986Maple Hill
HamptonHenryPleas20 Mar 190601 Oct 1988Bloucher Ford
HamptonJamesR.09 Feb 193328 Jan 1982Northside
HamptonJamesW.04 Feb 190303 Jul 1992Maple Hill
HamptonJennieUnk26 May 1944Maple Hill
HamptonJohnS.Unk15 Jan 1899Maple Hill
HamptonJohnUnk04 Nov 1913Maple Hill
HamptonMahalieM.01 Dec 192614 May 1988Bloucher Ford
HamptonMaryA.19021970Pine Grove - Deposit
HamptonMattieB.16 Apr 193828 Mar 1992Northside
HamptonMollieOteyUnk17 Aug 1937Maple Hill
HamptonNannieV.Unk23 Aug 1936Maple Hill
HamptonPearl15 Aug 190225 Feb 1979Northside
HamptonPhillipEverett01 Dec 198808 Jul 1989Northside
HamptonRobertLee22 Oct 194824 Mar 1971Bloucher Ford
HamptonW.Unk17 Jul 1915Maple Hill
HamptonWalterB.04 May 192304 Jan 2005St. Ruth
HamptonWilliamL.23 Dec 1933Jun 1973Bloucher Ford
HamptonWillie19 Mar 1900Apr 1987Pine Grove - Deposit
HanbruckMaryUnk01 Jan 1997Maple Hill
HanbuckMaryE.UnkNDDMaple Hill
HanbuckRuthUnkNDDMaple Hill
HancockJamesUnk14 Aug 1862Maple Hill
HancockJimmyLee08 Mar 192807 Mar 2005Maple Hill
HancockMarthaUnk17 Oct 1939Maple Hill
HancockRobertBradley12 Jun 194025 Nov 1983Maple Hill
HancockWilliamUnk23 Aug 1862Maple Hill
HandClarenceLee09 Nov 189521 Nov 1939Cedar Grove
HandClarenceUnk09 Aug 1939Maple Hill
HandEdithE.15 Oct 190207 Mar 1926Cedar Grove
HandMildredL.20 Dec 1923NDDKennamer
HandRayburnM.02 Feb 1925NDDKennamer
HandSiamColumbus13 Jul 185421 Feb 1935Cedar Grove
Hand/HenryMarthaAnn09 Sep 185721 Sep 1920Cedar Grove
HandsanElmaUnk24 Aug 1901Maple Hill
HandyJuneM.23 Jun 192109 Mar 1982Maple Hill
HandyRobertC.26 Nov 191710 Mar 1971Maple Hill
HanerMaudUnkNDDMaple Hill
HaneyHoraceUnk30 Mar 1938Maple Hill
HaneyPaulEugene10 Jan 196724 Apr 1997Maple Hill
HaneyRobertA.Unk29 Jun 1983Maple Hill
HaneyWilliamH.12 Aug 191205 Apr 1981Maple Hill
HanischWillyM.16 May 189312 Jan 1987Maple Hill
HankMelindaUnk04 Aug 1952Maple Hill
HankinsBettyChambersUnk19 Jun 1959Maple Hill
HankinsBurrisF.18 Apr 192302 Jun 1995Maple Hill
HankinsCaroline25 Dec 191011 Mar 1984Brandon
HankinsGloriaFrancineUnk10 Nov 1986Maple Hill
HankinsHenryP.20 Apr 190008 Nov 1977Brandon
HankinsLaura07 Dec 187705 Aug 1969Maple Hill
HankinsLindaUnk18 May 1951Maple Hill
HankinsSherryM.Unk02 Jan 1947Maple Hill
HannahA.Clifton08 Aug 190608 Aug 1936Byrd
HannahAlmaG.01 Apr 191521 Dec 1994Byrd
HannahHermanO.12 Jul 190916 Mar 1982Byrd
HannahInfantFemale28 Nov 195429 Nov 1954Maple Hill
HannahJames28 Feb 19051917Byrd
HannerCharlie11 Jul 189206 Jan 1975Maple Hill
HannerJ.L.Unk18 Mar 1917Charity Baptist Church
HannerRosie18911955Charity Baptist Church
HannerSnow28 Feb 189417 Dec 1976Maple Hill
HannumChristineMarieUnk18 Jan 1971Maple Hill
HannumW.L.Unk11 Apr 1963Maple Hill
HanselmanAdam18681953Shady Grove
HanselmanAnn18921925Shady Grove
HanselmanAnnieB.Adkins22 Feb 189624 Aug 1986Maple Hill
HanselmanHatchettUnk08 Aug 1973Maple Hill
HanselmanMaryLena28 Mar 191207 Oct 2004Maple Hill
HanselmanSarahUnk25 Nov 1945Maple Hill
HanselmonPhilipS.Unk03 Jun 1963Maple Hill
HansenDonUnk15 May 1959Maple Hill
HansenMonicaDarlene28 Oct 197928 Oct 1979Golightly
HansenNormanHowardUnk02 Feb 1965Maple Hill
HansenRonnieChad17 Sep 198402 Jan 1985Golightly
HansonArthurOtis17 Sep 190807 Nov 1986Maple Hill
HansonRosaNell14 Jan 190012 Jan 1981Maple Hill
HanveyAllie26 Jan 191002 Jan 1991Maple Hill
HanveyAlmaBlacksherApr 187802 Aug 1957Maple Hill
HanveyBillUnk20 Feb 1956Maple Hill
HanveyEthelMae188608 Apr 1929Maple Hill
HanveyInfantUnkNDDMaple Hill
HanveyJamesFranklin28 Jul 186806 Jun 1947Maple Hill
HanveyLeeUnk03 Jun 1985Maple Hill
HanveyLucyBoles25 Oct 190117 Dec 1979Maple Hill
HanveyNewsomeClifton190602 Aug 1962Maple Hill
HanveyThomasLee26 Apr 188710 Sep 1966Maple Hill
HanveyTommieRalphUnk07 Dec 2000Maple Hill
HanveyVelmaM.08 Mar 191920 Jun 1981Maple Hill
HarbinA.M.17 Apr 185728 May 1913Ryland
HarbinAlanDanielUnk12 Feb 1972Maple Hill
HarbinAlexanderUnk15 May 1984Maple Hill
HarbinAliceElizabeth22 Jul 188031 Jan 1962Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
HarbinAltaMaeCagle22 Oct 191831 Aug 1997Maple Hill
HarbinAnnie21 Feb 188616 Jan 1966Maple Hill
HarbinAvaL.11 Nov 189504 Mar 1985Maple Hill
HarbinBennie25 Feb 196227 Oct 2000Maple Hill
HarbinBennyFran09 Sep 189823 May 1937Rice
HarbinBillie14 Sep 192316 Aug 1954Maple Hill
HarbinCatherine21 Dec 193015 Jun 2004Maple Hill
HarbinCharlieMac12 Aug 189729 Dec 1980Maple Hill
HarbinClaude05 Feb 193229 Nov 1997Maple Hill
HarbinClaudeUnk13 Oct 1945Maple Hill
HarbinCordieB.15 Aug 190619 Jun 2000Maple Hill
HarbinDorothyJeanPaschall31 Jul 193215 Dec 2005Maple Hill
HarbinDorothyMae23 Aug 192614 Jan 2000Maple Hill
HarbinEmma13 Oct 1875Aug 1969Maple Hill
HarbinErnestJ.22 Oct 194421 Oct 1945Madison Crossroads
HarbinErnest15 Jun 191907 Nov 1967Maple Hill
HarbinGaryPaul10 Sep 197323 Oct 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
HarbinGeorgeL.08 Oct 189801 Jan 1981Maple Hill
HarbinGeorgeW.Unk03 Dec 1959Maple Hill
HarbinGeorgiaMaeCampbell01 May 1901NDDRice
HarbinGracieUnk12 Mar 1937Maple Hill
HarbinGradyMarshal14 Jun 198227 Jan 2006Maple Hill
HarbinH.Unk25 Aug 1923Maple Hill
HarbinHannahMartha08 Apr 185330 Nov 1944Ryland
HarbinHermanMrsUnk20 Feb 1956Maple Hill
HarbinHermanUnk21 Feb 1955Maple Hill
HarbinInfantUnk07 May 1954Maple Hill
HarbinIraL.Unk12 May 1948Maple Hill
HarbinJ.D.Unk01 Sep 1968Maple Hill
HarbinJamesM.10 Oct 192302 Jun 1983Maple Hill
HarbinJamesUnk10 Apr 1945Maple Hill
HarbinJennie22 Jan 189323 Jun 1934Charity Baptist Church
HarbinJerialStephen17 Jan 195311 Nov 1966Green Valley
HarbinJimUnk12 Jul 1954Maple Hill
HarbinJoeL.18 Oct 188116 Jul 1942Ryland
HarbinJohnUnk09 Dec 1951Maple Hill
HarbinJohnnie28 Dec 189920 Jun 1971Maple Hill
HarbinJudyCarolUnk19 Oct 2004Maple Hill
HarbinLelaM.Unk13 Sep 1960Maple Hill
HarbinLennieM.15 Jun 1925NDDNorthside
HarbinLennieM.Unk11 Dec 1953Maple Hill
HarbinLesterWayne11 Nov 194108 Apr 1990Maple Hill
HarbinLinaM.12 Nov 190007 Mar 1983Maple Hill
HarbinLorene06 Jun 192810 Jan 1987Maple Hill
HarbinMaggie15 Mar 1885NDDRyland
HarbinMarieUnkNDDMaple Hill
HarbinMarthaUnk01 Jun 1976Maple Hill
HarbinMartin13 Mar 191326 Apr 1981Maple Hill
HarbinMaryLouUnk09 Nov 1973Maple Hill
HarbinMary07 Apr 190526 Feb 1978Maple Hill
HarbinMattieM.29 Jan 190517 May 1989Maple Hill
HarbinMorton13 Apr 191618 Sep 1994Maple Hill
HarbinNannieC.16 Dec 186022 Aug 1935Ryland
HarbinOtisAaron12 Aug 193517 Jun 1936Madison Crossroads
HarbinPaulJames06 Sep 191127 Nov 1984Maple Hill
HarbinRubyUnk07 Oct 1967Maple Hill
HarbinRudolph19 Apr 190502 Aug 1988Maple Hill
HarbinSallyE.21 Mar 189914 Sep 1966Maple Hill
HarbinTeresaRogers22 Mar 196203 Mar 1980Charity Baptist Church
HarbinThomasAllen18 Dec 184925 Aug 1934Ryland
HarbinWilliamAlexander28 Aug 187628 Dec 1965Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
HardemanTheodoreUlla19 Feb 191402 Dec 1971Maple Hill
HardenDelphiaG.11 Dec 190819 Sep 1995Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
HardenHelenUnk08 Nov 1978Maple Hill
HardenRichardUnk15 Apr 1925Maple Hill
HardenWillieA.18 Jan 190707 Jul 1973Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
HardgraveKathrynJ.06 Aug 192502 Sep 2002Madison Crossroads
HardgraveLloydH.12 Apr 191517 Mar 1999Madison Crossroads
HardgroveMalcolmK.Unk15 Aug 1981Maple Hill
HardgroveMaryP.27 Jan 191326 Aug 1988Maple Hill
HardieHarriettUnk18 Mar 1890Maple Hill
HardieJohnByron03 Dec 184908 Dec 1880Maple Hill
HardieJohnFeb 181416 Dec 1877Maple Hill
HardieMaryUnk15 Apr 1818Maple Hill
HardimanE.Unk05 Aug 1950Maple Hill
HardimanJamesCalvin06 Jul 187903 Oct 1907Madison
HardimanLoreneP.19 Dec 191802 Apr 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
HardimanRobertJ.26 Dec 196017 Aug 2003Murphy Hill
HardinDebraUnkNDDMaple Hill
HardinDockC.01 Jan 187522 Oct 1973Booker
HardinEarlineM.23 Mar 193206 Nov 2004Pine Grove - Deposit
HardinErnest24 Mar 191016 Dec 1977Booker
HardinJeff04 Jul 191421 May 1993Pine Grove - Harvest
HardinJohnW.08 Mar 190511 Oct 1969Chandler - Carter Grove
HardinLee19411958Chandler - Carter Grove
HardinMaryRuth24 Feb 191710 Feb 1994Chandler - Carter Grove
HardinMattieUnk01 May 1918Maple Hill
HardinOdieL.C.18 Dec 191024 May 1991Booker
HardinPaulA.24 Nov 194625 Nov 2002Fowlkes
HardinRobert12 Mar 190807 Jan 1977Booker
HardinShanikaDenise21 Aug 198423 Dec 2002Chandler - Carter Grove
HardinSusanReneeUnk21 May 1972Maple Hill
HardinVileanN.26 Aug 192013 Jul 2003Pine Grove - Harvest
HardingJohnW.Unk29 Oct 1956Maple Hill
HardisonAliceUnk28 Sep 1920Maple Hill
HardrawCarolineUnk21 Oct 1922Maple Hill
HardwickDorisC.13 Apr 191806 Feb 1991Maple Hill
HardwickGeorgeC.25 Aug 191301 Apr 1998Maple Hill
HardyC.K.Unk09 Aug 1962Maple Hill
HardyCarlK.Unk16 Jun 1960Maple Hill
HardyClifton31 Aug 191917 Jun 2006Maple Hill
HardyEstelleL.25 Oct 189208 Apr 1981Glenwood
HardyHurshellE.14 Sep 191712 Aug 1983Maple Hill
HardyInfantUnkNDDMaple Hill
HardyJoeR.Unk21 Dec 1974Maple Hill
HardyMildredL.13 May 192317 Dec 1996Maple Hill
HardyOliver25 Jan 189427 Dec 1950Glenwood
HardyPorterB.Unk26 Feb 1982Maple Hill
HardyWilliamD.18 Nov 187422 Nov 1942Merrimack
HargrassMarjorieUnk28 Jan 1935Maple Hill
HargravesOviaUnk25 Apr 1884Maple Hill
HargroveA.D.09 May 191326 Mar 1994Maple Hill
HargroveAnna1891NDDCharity Baptist Church
HargroveAnnieBellUnk18 Sep 1960Maple Hill
HargroveGeorgie08 May 190519 Jul 1995Maple Hill
HargroveHomer19081938Charity Baptist Church
HargroveInfantTwins19171917Charity Baptist Church
HargroveIrene22 Aug 190831 Oct 1932Charity Baptist Church
HargroveJimmyClayton06 Nov 193302 Mar 1934Merrimack
HargroveLulaMaeUnk18 Jan 1964Maple Hill
HargroveMamieSueUnk01 Aug 1961Maple Hill
HargroveOpalVirginia27 Sep 193023 Jan 1931Merrimack
HargrovePatriciaUnk29 May 1994Maple Hill
HargrovePaulineBird29 Apr 192305 Nov 1999Neal Chapel
HargroveRobertLeeUnk09 Mar 1947Maple Hill
HargroveRoyP.12 Dec 189708 Feb 1976Maple Hill
HargroveThomasJames04 Apr 192306 Jan 1945Charity Baptist Church
HargroveVirginia19131913Charity Baptist Church
HargroveWillM.18871930Charity Baptist Church
HargrovesImogeneUnk27 Aug 1952Maple Hill
HargrovesJames30 Jun 191220 May 1974Golightly
HargrovesLossieL.Unk27 Jun 1973Maple Hill
HargrovesM.L.30 Nov 192202 Nov 1923Merrimack
HargrovesNellieUnk12 Nov 1954Maple Hill
HargrovesUnkUnk19 May 1884Maple Hill
HargusBulaUnk01 Jul 1896Maple Hill
HarlandJosephUnk23 May 1925Maple Hill
HarlessBessieW.10 Jan 189323 Dec 1993Hayden
HarlessJennieR.15 Jul 186503 Apr 1911Bush
HarlessJessieS.18 Jul 187816 Oct 1947Maple Hill
HarlessJohnW.17 Dec 185626 Jun 1920Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
HarlessJosephH.19 Jun 191525 May 1942Maple Hill
HarlessJuliaG.15 Jul 189720 Apr 2001Maple Hill
HarlessLeeD.24 Nov 189126 Oct 1982Maple Hill
HarlessLelaHall25 Jun 191319 Apr 2005Gurley
HarlessMargaretS.30 May 188302 Feb 1970Maple Hill
HarlessSheilaE.15 Mar 195127 Sep 1992Green Valley
HarlessVivian10 Jan 190411 Mar 1906Bush
HarlessWalterB.04 Jun 189628 Nov 1969Hayden
HarleyEdwardSmith28 Mar 191221 Oct 2001Kennamer
HarlissJ.S.Unk17 Oct 1947Maple Hill
HarlowBobbyT.04 Aug 193606 Oct 1991Valhalla Memory Gardens
HarlowGeorgeV.26 Jul 192328 Oct 1991Maple Hill
HarlowJoeUnk17 Jul 1953Maple Hill
HarlowLoyal20 Nov 192816 Feb 1994Valhalla Memory Gardens
HarlowMontinaDelyte18 Mar 192603 Apr 2002Valhalla Memory Gardens
HarlstonChristophe06 Feb 193209 Aug 1980Maple Hill
HarmonJessieUnk24 Apr 1945Maple Hill
HarmonRobertHenry20 Mar 1884Apr 1954Maple Hill
HarnedPerryMcKay01 Jan 190129 Aug 1975Cochran
HarnedRosaCochran15 Dec 190412 Jul 1980Cochran
HarperCUnk25 Jul 1955Maple Hill
HarperC.F.25 Apr 185013 Jan 1912Madison
HarperCarl14 Oct 190025 Nov 1980Maple Hill
HarperDonaldH.30 Jun 192625 May 2001Maple Hill
HarperElizabethRuch06 Feb 191208 Feb 1998Maple Hill
HarperHenryC.Unk07 Jul 1958Maple Hill
HarperJasonPaulUnk15 Feb 2000Maple Hill
HarperListonC.Unk17 Apr 1961Maple Hill
HarperLucilleK.Unk10 Apr 1991Maple Hill
HarperLulaWingo17 May 186507 Jun 1885Madison
HarperMaryUnk23 Dec 1901Maple Hill
HarperShirleyGlynMiller23 Nov 193412 Dec 2003Camp Ground
HarperUnkMaleUnk17 Dec 1917Maple Hill
HarperWalter16 May 191416 Nov 1968Maple Hill
HarperYvonne06 Jan 192431 Jan 2004Maple Hill
HarrJamesUnk10 Mar 1901Maple Hill
HarrJohnGarnerUnk06 May 1892Maple Hill
HarrLauraUnk05 Oct 1927Maple Hill
HarreldL.E.Unk04 Mar 1966Maple Hill
HarreldLauraUnk03 May 1965Maple Hill
HarreldShelbyUnkNDDMaple Hill
HarrellAbigail03 Jul 181427 Nov 1880New Sharon
HarrellKristinaM.Unk09 Jan 1992Maple Hill
HarrellMinnieNanceUnk07 Oct 1964Maple Hill
HarrillPriscilla29 Feb 187807 Aug 1964Royal
HarrisAliceC.01 Nov 188015 Jun 1967Charity Baptist Church
HarrisAltaMar 1933Mar 1933Camp Ground
HarrisAnnHalesClopton06 May 1808NDDClopton
HarrisAnnL.25 Jan 191014 Feb 1988Maple Hill
HarrisAnnieUnk18 Jul 1943Maple Hill
HarrisAnnieUnk16 Jul 1915Maple Hill
HarrisArthurL.Unk25 Apr 1892Maple Hill
HarrisArthurR.12 Mar 192818 Sep 2000Maple Hill
HarrisArvieC.Unk24 Jul 1991Maple Hill
HarrisBarbaraDeanUnk24 Mar 1958Maple Hill
HarrisBennieL.15 Jan 191520 Jul 1994Pine Grove - Harvest
HarrisBessieO.21 Jul 190009 Jan 1985Maple Hill
HarrisBill20 Jun 189111 Jul 1995Chandler - Carter Grove
HarrisBillyRayUnk01 Mar 1994Maple Hill
HarrisBuck25 Aug 189117 Oct 1972Maple Hill
HarrisChessie16 Jan 190609 Jun 1997Northside
HarrisClaraB.Unk04 Mar 1981Maple Hill
HarrisClarenceO.15 Jan 191828 Dec 1986Maple Hill
HarrisClarenceO.Unk23 Aug 1948Maple Hill
HarrisCyndiUnk29 Jul 1986Maple Hill
HarrisDaveL.UnkNDDBeaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
HarrisDixieI.09 Oct 190205 Aug 1986Maple Hill
HarrisDonaldRay09 Jul 193210 Aug 1999Green Valley
HarrisDorothyElizabeth20 Feb 193220 Aug 1978Northside
HarrisDorothyJeanTurner17 Nov 194726 Dec 2004Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
HarrisE.A.24 Mar 189307 Apr 1928Glenwood
HarrisEdna10 Dec 192621 Sep 1996Penny
HarrisEdward20 Jan 191816 Jun 1972Northside
HarrisElbertL.15 Sep 190307 Feb 1979Rice
HarrisEleanorMcAllister08 Dec 190721 Jul 1986Maple Hill
HarrisEliseMaeUnk13 Dec 2000Maple Hill
HarrisElizaUnk13 Feb 1913Maple Hill
HarrisEliza04 Oct 191405 Oct 1976Meridianville
HarrisEmmieBell14 Jun 189101 Nov 1945Charity Baptist Church
HarrisEssie08 Oct 191110 Dec 1985Maple Hill
HarrisEstellaUnk11 Oct 1945Maple Hill
HarrisEvaMuriel18 Jun 192525 Oct 2004Maple Hill
HarrisFannie06 Jun 19041 Jan 1998Northside
HarrisFannie12 Apr 188805 Jul 1961Brandon
HarrisFrank02 Oct 191510 Jan 1976Northside
HarrisFrank24 Dec 194026 Aug 1981Northside
HarrisFreddieLee04 Apr 193027 Dec 1980Northside
HarrisFullerD.01 Sep 190325 Dec 1903Charity Baptist Church
HarrisGenevaAnders25 Dec 191521 Jan 1998Charity Baptist Church
HarrisGeorgeF.17 Jan 189504 Aug 1988Northside
HarrisGeorgeG.17 Feb 192709 Dec 2005Maple Hill
HarrisGeorgeM.Unk26 Apr 1900Maple Hill
HarrisGeorgeW.13 Oct 186617 Apr 1921Merrimack
HarrisGeorgeW.13 Oct 190720 Aug 1984Northside
HarrisGeorgieMaeUnkNDDMaple Hill
HarrisHamptomRhodes22 Oct 190204 Feb 1959Maple Hill
HarrisHarry06 Dec 189805 Jan 1973Northside
HarrisHarwellUnk28 Jun 1923Maple Hill
HarrisHelenP.07 Jan 192103 Jul 1988Pine Grove - Harvest
HarrisHoyettS.22 Sep 191409 Sep 1977Maple Hill
HarrisHughT.25 Oct 189929 Aug 1938Glenwood
HarrisInaM.Unk08 Dec 1973Maple Hill
HarrisJ.D.01 Sep 191616 Jun 1997Maple Hill
HarrisJ.W.26 Jul 186824 Feb 1932Graveyard Hill
HarrisJamesC.19 Apr 193424 Aug 2000Maple Hill
HarrisJamesUnk05 Dec 1931Maple Hill
HarrisJennie13 Jan 189609 Apr 1984Maple Hill
HarrisJessD.18771958Charity Baptist Church
HarrisJesseW.Unk26 Sep 1976Maple Hill
HarrisJnoUnk11 Dec 1934Maple Hill
HarrisJohnL.15 Jan 188510 Dec 1975Maple Hill
HarrisJohnUnk05 Apr 1951Maple Hill
HarrisJosephUnk23 Mar 1939Maple Hill
HarrisJosephUnk04 Mar 1923Maple Hill
HarrisJudithW.Sims24 May 177518 Nov 1837Harris
HarrisJunior29 Feb 187704 Mar 1963Meridianville
HarrisKate02 May 190603 Jan 1982Hayden
HarrisKate184617 Oct 1916Taylor Chapel
HarrisKatherineEngle24 Jun 194226 Dec 2004Maple Hill
HarrisLarryRay26 Dec 194708 Nov 1982Maple Hill
HarrisLawsonE.Unk05 Apr 1943Maple Hill
HarrisLelaS.09 Oct 191024 May 2000Rice
HarrisLeonaM.20 Jul 191512 Jun 1998Maple Hill
HarrisLillieUnk20 Jan 1926Maple Hill
HarrisLorene08 Mar 193721 May 1939Rice
HarrisLouisaM.Unk14 May 1893Maple Hill
HarrisLouiseUnk12 Jun 1973Maple Hill
HarrisLucyE.03 Mar 189520 Dec 1988Maple Hill
HarrisLucyL.10 Jul 194420 Apr 2005Royal
HarrisMaberine15 Jan 191404 Nov 1975Maple Hill
HarrisMargaretUnk18 Jan 1929Maple Hill
HarrisMarionA.Unk07 Jan 1979Maple Hill
HarrisMarthaUnk18 Jun 1934Maple Hill
HarrisMaryE.Unk02 Nov 1889Maple Hill
HarrisMaryFrances30 May 190608 Mar 2002Maple Hill
HarrisMaryS.29 Apr 190510 Dec 1987Maple Hill
HarrisMattie22 May 189215 Jun 1938Meridianville
HarrisMaudUnk19 Mar 1930Maple Hill
HarrisMorganC.Unk19 Feb 1974Maple Hill
HarrisNancyHalesClopton06 May 1808NDDHarris
HarrisNorman07 Apr 190021 Mar 1946Hayden
HarrisOscarC.22 Dec 1886NDDCharity Baptist Church
HarrisOssieV.Unk29 May 1984Maple Hill
HarrisPamelUnk14 Oct 1952Maple Hill
HarrisR.Thomas27 Mar 193807 Apr 2005Maple Hill
HarrisRaymondUnk27 Oct 1972Maple Hill
HarrisReddinUnk27 Oct 1884Maple Hill
HarrisRichardBenjamin1806NDDHarris Family
HarrisRichard20 Nov 175823 Jan 1853Harris
HarrisRobertB.Unk02 Apr 1959Maple Hill
HarrisRobertLee13 Jan 191509 Sep 1984Charity Baptist Church
HarrisRosieBell08 Oct 191015 Dec 1968Northside
HarrisRubyP.Unk08 May 2000Maple Hill
HarrisRuthD.Unk01 Jan 1976Maple Hill
HarrisSamUnk28 Aug 1977Maple Hill
HarrisSamuelUnk04 Dec 1933Maple Hill
HarrisSavannahJoanUnk29 Jan 1992Maple Hill
HarrisSidneyDarwinUnk30 Aug 1894Maple Hill
HarrisStanleyUnk16 Jan 1956Maple Hill
HarrisStephenW.Unk20 Nov 1895Maple Hill
HarrisStephenUnk08 Oct 1930Maple Hill
HarrisTheoElizabethUnk15 Aug 1971Maple Hill
HarrisTheodoreUnk12 Dec 1937Maple Hill
HarrisThomasB.21 Jul 183905 Oct 1869Madison
HarrisThomas25 Jan 190916 Oct 1963Northside
HarrisUnkMaleUnk10 Jun 1896Maple Hill
HarrisVera19281928Charity Baptist Church
HarrisVernonMilton13 Aug 19291986Valhalla Memory Gardens
HarrisW.H.Unk05 Dec 1884Maple Hill
HarrisW.Unk09 Dec 1950Maple Hill
HarrisWalterJames04 Aug 193108 Dec 1997Northside
HarrisWalter27 Jul10 AugPenny
HarrisWilliam01 Feb 179613 Apr 1831Harris
HarrisWilliamUnk11 Apr 1904Taylor Chapel
HarrisWillieB.19051969Charity Baptist Church
HarrisWillieEdd10 Feb 191824 Dec 1993Pine Grove - Harvest
HarrisWinnieLee09 Mar 191511 Jan 2002Chandler - Carter Grove
HarrisGraceUnk02 Jun 1952Maple Hill
HarrisHoytO.Unk16 Sep 1981Maple Hill
HarrisJamesEdwardsUnk06 Apr 1982Maple Hill
HarrisJoeBaxterUnk30 Mar 1968Maple Hill
HarrisonBerniceM.07 Jan 192709 Mar 1988Kennamer
HarrisonCarrollDrakeUnk30 May 1958Maple Hill
HarrisonCarrollDrakeUnk30 May 1958Maple Hill
HarrisonCharlsieG.Unk30 Oct 1999Maple Hill
HarrisonClyde02 Sep 190930 Mar 1970Northside
HarrisonCoraS.Unk18 Mar 1936Maple Hill
HarrisonD.Unk08 Jun 1922Maple Hill
HarrisonDanielF.Unk23 Jul 1981Maple Hill
HarrisonDanielUnk24 Apr 1940Maple Hill
HarrisonDockE.25 Aug 190827 Sep 1963Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HarrisonEdwardE.01 Aug 192901 Aug 1929Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HarrisonElizabethCertainUnk11 Sep 1969Maple Hill
HarrisonElsieUnk25 May 1919Maple Hill
HarrisonEverettHubert06 Sep 193127 Dec 1989Kennamer
HarrisonFrankUnk07 May 1946Maple Hill
HarrisonHelenE.Unk02 Oct 1992Maple Hill
HarrisonHelenUnk07 Dec 1953Maple Hill
HarrisonInfantFemale27 Apr 190014 Nov 1964New Hope
HarrisonInfantUnk19 Oct 1969Maple Hill
HarrisonJ.T.21 Aug 179908 NovNew Hope
HarrisonJamesT.Unk25 Jul 1984Maple Hill
HarrisonJamesW.19381944Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HarrisonJohnS.Unk22 Nov 1990Maple Hill
HarrisonJohnW.Unk27 Dec 1983Maple Hill
HarrisonJohnUnk02 Jun 1914Maple Hill
HarrisonLincolaUnk17 Feb 1887Maple Hill
HarrisonLouis12 Mar 188913 Mar 1968Maple Hill
HarrisonLucilleCoonsUnk20 Oct 1983Maple Hill
HarrisonMahanRutlandUnk25 Feb 2003Maple Hill
HarrisonP.Unk18 Jan 1902Maple Hill
HarrisonPerryL.Unk13 May 1885Maple Hill
HarrisonPerryUnk04 Aug 1890Maple Hill
HarrisonQ.Unk29 Jul 1917Maple Hill
HarrisonRobertUnk06 Jan 1952Maple Hill
HarrisonRoseGinsburg30 Aug 189403 May 1974Maple Hill
HarrisonSarahUnk05 Aug 1934Maple Hill
HarrisonTinaMae26 Jan 189531 Jan 1984Maple Hill
HarrisonToddHaywardUnk22 Jun 1889Maple Hill
HarrisonUnkFemaleUnk03 Dec 1895Maple Hill
HarrisonUnk28 Jul 179626 Mar 1868New Hope
HarrisonVelmaA.Unk20 Sep 2002Maple Hill
HarrisonWilliamGaines26 Aug 191910 May 1981Maple Hill
HarrissWilliamH.Unk22 Nov 1884Maple Hill
HarroldLauraUnk03 May 1965Maple Hill
HarroldWilliamW.26 Aug 186411 Nov 1903Madison
HarryMildredBrazelton21 May 191824 Jul 2001Bush
HarryVirginiousUnk09 Aug 1889Maple Hill
HarshM.G.Unk16 Dec 1965Maple Hill
HarshawAnnieUnk16 Mar 1954Maple Hill
HarshawEarlT.05 Aug 190929 Jun 1979Maple Hill
HarshawHenryUnk29 Nov 1942Maple Hill
HarshawLillianB.09 Aug 191307 May 1994Maple Hill
HarshborgerJuanitaUnk18 Oct 1981Maple Hill
HartCharlesM.Unk10 Apr 1979Maple Hill
HartEdeneweUnk24 Mar 1920Maple Hill
HartGeorgeF.04 Sep 190922 Oct 1965Maple Hill
HartJohnGarrett31 Aug 186317 Nov 1940Maple Hill
HartJuliaUnk18 Jun 1934Maple Hill
HartThomasJosephUnk17 Oct 1965Maple Hill
HartViolet21 Oct 191012 Aug 2001Maple Hill
HartWilliamMartinOct 18721948Charity Baptist Church
HartSeatonB.Mrs.Unk18 Jul 1969Maple Hill
HartfieldClaytonUnk03 Nov 1920Maple Hill
HartgroveJamesUnk12 Dec 1924Maple Hill
HartmanA.M.Mrs.UnkNDDMaple Hill
HartmanAlvenUnk05 May 1921Maple Hill
HartmanJamesNorman27 Oct 191628 Nov 2000Maple Hill
HartmanJessie12 May 190416 Apr 1976Maple Hill
HartmanJosephL.19 Apr 191609 Nov 1992Maple Hill
HartmanMargaretPettyUnk20 Apr 1948Maple Hill
HartmanPaulineHolman09 Apr 191824 May 1995Maple Hill
HartmannRosemaryTheresaGraham19 Mar 195116 Feb 2000State Line - Plevna
HartnessEdwinJohnUnk06 Sep 1895Maple Hill
HartonCoraUnk22 Apr 1944Maple Hill
HartonWilliamUnk06 Aug 1946Maple Hill
HartsellOllieH.10 Nov 191523 Mar 2002Maple Hill
HartsellRobertRayUnk21 Feb 1999Maple Hill
HartselleRuthleeE.16 Apr 192621 Nov 1996Maple Hill
HartsfieldJuneM.Unk09 Mar 1969Maple Hill
HartsfieldVelmaUnk09 Feb 1973Maple Hill
HartzFriedaUnk09 Mar 1978Maple Hill
HartzJosephM.01 Apr 192115 Jan 1988Maple Hill
HarveyArthurE.07 May 191805 Nov 2000Maple Hill
HarveyDonnaMarkhamUnk17 Apr 1997Maple Hill
HarveyEulaMae01 Jun 192627 Sep 1997Charity Baptist Church
HarveyJerryWayne08 Jun 194210 Jun 1943Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HarveyLennieUnk29 Dec 1918Maple Hill
HarveyMildredC.06 May 191617 Jun 1998Green Valley
HarveyThomasL.11 Apr 192314 Apr 1997Charity Baptist Church
HarvilleArthurM.08 Apr 191426 Aug 1966Maple Hill
HarwellAlbertSidney21 Aug 188524 Apr 1953Maple Hill
HarwellC.GuyUnk03 Feb 1960Maple Hill
HarwellC.Unk14 Apr 1951Maple Hill
HarwellEstelleM.05 Sep 190906 Aug 1984Maple Hill
HarwellEwen11 Oct 190317 Apr 1988Maple Hill
HarwellGloriaM.30 Mar 192406 Nov 1993Maple Hill
HarwellJamesLeeUnk12 Feb 1980Maple Hill
HarwellJamesM.Unk28 Aug 1980Maple Hill
HarwellJamesV.22 Apr 189330 Sep 1918Charity Baptist Church
HarwellJocie16 Jan 191110 Sep 1971Maple Hill
HarwellLeraP.17 Oct 188704 Dec 1990Maple Hill
HarwellMabelP.30 Aug 191203 Dec 1983Maple Hill
HarwellMarcus05 Feb 190828 Aug 1980Maple Hill
HarwellMaryTeresa30 Nov 191331 Oct 1976Maple Hill
HarwellMurtieAdellClark04 Mar 188612 Oct 1975Maple Hill
HarwellOzella01 Jan 189422 Jun 1982Maple Hill
HarwellRobertI.22 Nov 188306 Mar 1965Maple Hill
HarwellRobertMrs.Unk09 Aug 1975Maple Hill
HarwellSalliePolkMilam05 Feb 189228 Aug 1968Charity Baptist Church
HarwellThomasB.09 Sep 191113 Feb 1972Maple Hill
HarwellWilliamA.09 Dec 191314 Jun 1998Maple Hill
HarwickCatherineUnk16 Sep 1939Charity Baptist Church
HashBessieB.Unk01 Jul 1997Maple Hill
HaskinsEmma25 Nov 186708 Dec 1920Maple Hill
HaskinsEvaE.Unk04 Feb 1980Maple Hill
HaskinsGordonUnkNDDMaple Hill
HaskinsIkeUnk05 May 1949Maple Hill
HaskinsMollieWattley15 Jun 189101 Feb 1912Maple Hill
HaskinsOscarUnk31 Aug 1956Maple Hill
HaskinsSamuelUnk01 Oct 1942Maple Hill
HaskinsSamuelUnk24 Jul 1930Maple Hill
HasseltineBettyJ.22 Feb 192019 Feb 1996Maple Hill
HasseltineCarrollUnk19 Mar 1969Maple Hill
HassengerLouisUnk14 Jan 1899Maple Hill
HassettA.Z.Unk06 Jul 1888Maple Hill
HassettJessieP.Unk11 Apr 1894Maple Hill
HassettMaryUnk14 Aug 1867Maple Hill
HassettRichardUnk24 Jul 1871Maple Hill
HastingCallieDixon18 Dec 189606 Sep 1988Madison Crossroads
HastingKirbE.07 Oct 189531 Dec 1963Madison Crossroads
HastingMaurieUnk03 Sep 1927Maple Hill
HastingsBarneyW.31 Mar 192107 Apr 1990Maple Hill
HastingsBeulahUnk07 Jun 1963Maple Hill
HastingsCalvin29 Jun 194401 Feb 2006Maple Hill
HastingsClairMayUnk15 Jun 1981Maple Hill
HastingsFrankUnk26 Jan 1901Maple Hill
HastingsMarilynRuthUnk22 Sep 1949Maple Hill
HastingsOllieEarl26 Jan 188506 Sep 1969Maple Hill
HastingsRoy11 Apr 191227 Apr 1979Maple Hill
HastingsShelbyL.31 Aug 190107 Jan 1968Maple Hill
HastingsWilliamE.Unk17 Dec 1959Maple Hill
HastyArthur27 Jul 190222 Oct 1939Maple Hill
HastyJamesUnk01 Jul 1927Maple Hill
HastyLloydL.01 Aug 193318 Jul 1997Maple Hill
HastyLoisUnk04 Feb 1952Maple Hill
HastyMaryEllenUnk15 Sep 1974Maple Hill
HatchJohnE.05 Nov 191906 Mar 1987Maple Hill
HatchJohn11 Aug 189212 Nov 1972Maple Hill
HatchMinnieBellUnk06 May 1998Maple Hill
HatcherCecilR.Unk01 Jul 1980Maple Hill
HatcherCharlie01 Aug 190517 May 1974Northside
HatcherDellaLandmanUnk13 Jul 1964Maple Hill
HatcherEugeneHobson24 May 189805 Aug 1954Kennamer
HatcherGaryL.Unk05 Nov 1982Maple Hill
HatcherJamesLawson27 Mar 184709 Feb 1937Maple Hill
HatcherJohnF.16 Aug 190817 Oct 1987Maple Hill
HatcherOttoL.07 Dec 192530 Jul 2004Maple Hill
HatcherPearlMae11 May 190717 Feb 1977Northside
HatcherSueJ.Unk22 Jan 1991Maple Hill
HatcherSusanJaneUnk11 Aug 1949Maple Hill
HatchettMinnieUnk28 Apr 1938Maple Hill
HatchettO.J.21 Sep 192315 Mar 1999Plainview
HatchettWilliamUnk29 Oct 1953Maple Hill
HatefieldLawrenceUnk09 Oct 1920Maple Hill
HatfieldClaraUnk23 May 1964Maple Hill
HatfieldElvinUnk19 Feb 1932Maple Hill
HatfieldH.B.Mrs.Unk06 Jun 1978Maple Hill
HatfieldHenryBeauregard11 Nov 189015 Sep 1956Maple Hill
HatfieldIcieUnk15 Jan 1941Maple Hill
HatfieldJamesE.Unk18 Aug 1970Maple Hill
HatfieldJoeUnk17 Apr 1922Maple Hill
HatfieldJohnOliver15 Jul 185625 Dec 1928Maple Hill
HatfieldJohnnieSidney25 Sep 189909 Aug 1972Maple Hill
HatfieldL.C.22 Sep 192201 Mar 2006Valhalla Memory Gardens
HatfieldMarthaL.Unk02 Jan 1992Maple Hill
HatfieldMaryIdaLamb11 Jan 18661926Cameron
HatfieldMaryW.02 Oct 191424 Jan 1991Maple Hill
HatfieldMaryUnk07 Dec 1942Maple Hill
HatfieldRobert LeeBragg15 Sep 189106 Jun 1978Maple Hill
HatfieldSammieE.11 Mar 191519 Nov 1979Maple Hill
HatfieldShirleyFayUnk08 Nov 1996Maple Hill
HatfieldThomas17 Oct 192427 Mar 1985Maple Hill
HatfieldUnkMaleUnk25 Aug 1903Maple Hill
HatfieldVivianM.Keel03 Jul 191207 Jun 1946Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HatfieldWilliamS.Unk09 Jun 1968Maple Hill
HatfieldWilliamUnk14 May 1925Maple Hill
HathawayJettieSueRae05 Nov 191026 Apr 1979Maple Hill
HathcoatMartha05 May 191612 Dec 2004Maple Hill
HathcoatRitaV.Unk25 May 1980Maple Hill
HathcoatThomas23 Sep 192110 Jan 2001Maple Hill
HattenThomasUnk10 Apr 1920Maple Hill
HattonJamesUnk23 Feb 1847Triana
HattonJohnRobert10 Apr 184329 Dec 1844Triana
HauerAnnaLee25 Oct 190018 Dec 1989Maple Hill
HauerChris24 May 189826 Feb 1964Maple Hill
HauerChristianUnk12 Oct 1902Maple Hill
HauerEdwardJ.17 Sep 186727 Dec 1949Maple Hill
HauerGeorgeUnk05 Nov 1947Maple Hill
HauerJ.O.Unk15 Apr 1900Maple Hill
HauerJean02 May 187722 Mar 1968Maple Hill
HauerJessieMay07 Feb 190909 Jun 1910Maple Hill
HauerJoeG.28 Feb 190316 Nov 1990Maple Hill
HauerJohnEdgarUnk28 Dec 1949Maple Hill
HauerLaurenceUnk14 Jul 1974Maple Hill
HauerMaryH.14 Aug 190027 Sep 1992Maple Hill
HauerMary26 Apr 191315 May 1973Maple Hill
HauerMildredS.19 Mar 190706 Mar 1976Maple Hill
HauerOraAnn22 Sep 187528 Apr 1966Maple Hill
HauerRuthS.23 May 189607 Jun 1994Maple Hill
HaundPhillipUnk08 Dec 1921Maple Hill
HauptAugustusUnk31 Mar 1914Maple Hill
HauptCarolineUnkNDDMaple Hill
HauptCletusCharlesUnk25 May 1987Maple Hill
HauptDora187701 Dec 1953Maple Hill
HauptEra02 Mar 189418 May 1978Maple Hill
HauptGusUnk26 Mar 1886Maple Hill
HauptGustaveC.18471914Maple Hill
HauptHenryUnk05 Jan 1956Maple Hill
HauptThelmaM.04 Dec 193210 Sep 1983Maple Hill
HauptWinnieAnn18511916Maple Hill
HaurChristianUnk22 Jun 1894Maple Hill
HaurstonJincyUnk20 Sep 1941Maple Hill
HauthJohnA.Unk07 Aug 1997Maple Hill
HaverJohnUnk27 Sep 1950Maple Hill
HavisLaDanaChenelle18 Dec 198622 Dec 1986Northside
HawkAnnaUnk13 Sep 1885Maple Hill
HawkB.Unk29 Sep 1955Maple Hill
HawkB.Unk03 Apr 1934Maple Hill
HawkBenE.UnkNDDMaple Hill
HawkCharlieW.21 May 194624 Nov 1997St. Ruth
HawkCharlieUnk03 Nov 1916Maple Hill
HawkChildUnk17 Oct 1868Maple Hill
HawkJamesUnk27 Sep 1892Maple Hill
HawkJohnUnk13 Aug 1900Maple Hill
HawkJohnUnk15 Feb 1872Maple Hill
HawkLeonardF.17 Aug 195031 May 1998Valhalla Memory Gardens
HawkMary10 Mar 188909 Sep 1958Penny
HawkMattieB.03 Jun 192114 Feb 1941Penny
HawkNovellaF.07 Sep 190029 Dec 1983Penny
HawkRoosevelt23 Apr 190027 Sep 1987Penny
HawkWilliamH.20 Mar 192209 Feb 1987St. Ruth
HawkWillieMae23 Sep 192401 Mar 1948Bloucher Ford
HawkinsAllen10 Jan 186305 Mar 1926St. Ruth
HawkinsAnnieLeeLakey18811931Shady Grove
HawkinsBerdieCorum20 Jun 190406 Dec 1997Maple Hill
HawkinsBerthaL.Jordan17 Feb 194310 Feb 1988Northside
HawkinsBessieI.Unk24 Feb 1993Maple Hill
HawkinsCharlesAllen31 Dec 192101 May 2005Maple Hill
HawkinsClifton16 Dec 188808 Dec 1976St. Ruth
HawkinsCoraLeeClardyOct 188929 Nov 1922Maple Hill
HawkinsElizaM.20 Sep 192127 Oct 1998Moon
HawkinsEllaSullivan23 Feb 190422 Sep 1992Big Cove
HawkinsEllaUnkNDDMaple Hill
HawkinsEllenIsbell05 Apr 186305 Sep 1955Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HawkinsEmmaJean28 Nov 191622 Feb 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
HawkinsEugeneB.23 Aug 192018 Feb 2004Maple Hill
HawkinsFannieUnk10 Apr 1992Maple Hill
HawkinsInfantMaleUnk30 Mar 1888Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HawkinsJ.R.12 Aug 185606 Oct 1922Ragsdale
HawkinsJames14 May 191914 Jun 1919Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HawkinsJaneL.16 Apr 192315 Jun 1993Maple Hill
HawkinsJimByrd22 Sep 189429 Jun 1980Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HawkinsJohnL.Unk30 Jul 1966Maple Hill
HawkinsJohnW.18 Aug 190208 Jan 1972Maple Hill
HawkinsJohnW.19 Aug 1893Mar 1986Cochran
HawkinsJohnWill25 Jan 188111 Nov 1961Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HawkinsJohnWilson08 Aug 192113 Feb 1989Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HawkinsJohn25 Aug 1906Apr 1949Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HawkinsJohnUnk04 Jul 1924Maple Hill
HawkinsJosephHiran1869NDDShady Grove
HawkinsJosephPassenDec 186025 Aug 1943Maple Hill
HawkinsKatherineMarkham13 Jul 191920 Sep 2005Gurley
HawkinsLucyB.05 Oct 188206 Feb 1906Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
HawkinsLucyBell30 Dec 192706 Mar 1942St. Ruth
HawkinsM.E.27 Jan 188729 Mar 1888Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HawkinsMadisonAndrewUnk19 Dec 1953Maple Hill
HawkinsMargaretM.26 Aug 189314 Feb 1978Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HawkinsMargaretKelly23 Jul 191111 Feb 1998Maple Hill
HawkinsMaryKathrynScroggins18 Jan 192406 Jan 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
HawkinsMaryL.30 Aug 190424 Jul 1985Maple Hill
HawkinsMaryM.31 Oct 1897Apr 1978Cochran
HawkinsMary18 Nov 181210 May 1841Nickle-Martin-Rathbone
HawkinsMattiePearl17 Sep 1894NDDPleas Mount Baptist Church
HawkinsMingoL.18 Mar 194309 Nov 1963Penny
HawkinsMinnieW.Unk17 Jan 1872Maple Hill
HawkinsNancyUnk03 Aug 1881Maple Hill
HawkinsNoraKuykendall17 Aug 189719 Sep 1988Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HawkinsOlaUnk14 Jan 1959Maple Hill
HawkinsOscarP.31 Jan 1901Jan 1966Huntsville Memory Gardens
HawkinsReubenF.17 Feb 188912 Mar 1978Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HawkinsRobertL.28 Nov 188626 May 1973Maple Hill
HawkinsRosieM.Unk09 Jun 1989Maple Hill
HawkinsRoyLee17 Jun 191211 Jun 1997Maple Hill
HawkinsRubin20 Jan 192720 Feb 1927Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HawkinsSarahUnk22 Nov 1944Maple Hill
HawkinsT.Unk21 Jun 1954Maple Hill
HawkinsThomasW.13 Apr 191814 May 1918Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HawkinsThomasW.17 Nov 186227 Nov 1946Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HawkinsVirginiaF.13 Nov 192027 Oct 1991Maple Hill
HawkinsVirginiaUnk01 Jan 1937Maple Hill
HawkinsWarrenArchie11 Jan 188616 Jul 1962Maple Hill
HawkinsWarren07 Sep 192530 Nov 1981Maple Hill
HawkinsWilliamB.28 Feb 190702 Nov 1996Maple Hill
HawkinsWilliamUnk24 Sep 1934Maple Hill
HawkinsWilson10 Feb 193301 Jul 1984Maple Hill
HawkinsZoraPearl12 Feb 189725 Mar 1986Maple Hill
HawksHarryUnk16 Jun 1989Maple Hill
HawlettMarthaUnk23 Jan 1921Maple Hill
HawlettWilliamUnk01 Jan 1997Maple Hill
HawnerJeffersonUnk25 Feb 1925Maple Hill
HawthorneHughRobertUnk12 Jan 1962Maple Hill
HawthorneMargueriteUnk17 Mar 1990Maple Hill
HawthorneWillieJ.13 Sep 193008 Nov 1990Moore
HawthorneWillieJ.29 Jun 195608 Mar 1993Moore
HayAnnWhite17 Jan 193006 Sep 1995Maple Hill
HayAnnieUnk27 Feb 1956Maple Hill
HayAnnieUnk17 Jul 1951Maple Hill
HayC.Unk07 Feb 1929Maple Hill
HayClaraUnk19 Nov 1934Maple Hill
HayJohnCarrol09 Jul 192507 Dec 1991Maple Hill
HayJohnCarrollUnk03 Mar 1959Maple Hill
HayJohnUnk24 Jan 1941Maple Hill
HayJohnUnk10 May 1894Maple Hill
HayKatieUnk10 Jul 1958Maple Hill
HayLillianL.19 Apr 189604 Feb 1976Maple Hill
HayLillianUnk12 Mar 1900Maple Hill
HayRobertLeeUnk28 Nov 1948Maple Hill
HayThomasP.Unk12 Dec 1965Maple Hill
HayThomasP.Unk03 Oct 1947Maple Hill
HayWilliamRodneyUnk10 Nov 1890Maple Hill
HaydenAlbert18 May 188912 Mar 1962Penny
HaydenEvelynB.13 Apr 190503 Sep 1995Maple Hill
HaydenGeorgeM.04 Jan 191003 Sep 1975Maple Hill
HaydenJamesL.09 May 191625 Feb 1998Maple Hill
HaydenJoseph02 Jan 188711 Jul 1972Penny
HaydenMargaretL.Unk22 Jul 2005Maple Hill
HaydenMaryE.02 Aug 188902 Jul 1973Penny
HaydenWillaC.Unk03 May 1986Maple Hill
HayeJohnUnk28 Jul 1875Maple Hill
HayesAmeliaH.16 Oct 188819 Dec 1981Charity Baptist Church
HayesBettie18821956Charity Baptist Church
HayesBettyUnk01 Jan 1917Maple Hill
HayesBradO'Neal17 Jul 198408 Nov 1985Northside
HayesChesterT.25 Nov 190404 Dec 1981Big Cove
HayesCletiesLee27 May 191424 May 1992Maple Hill
HayesEdith06 Dec 191125 Apr 1987Maple Hill
HayesEmoryL.11 Aug 190627 Feb 1981Maple Hill
HayesErrolE.01 Nov 192728 Nov 1997Maple Hill
HayesEthelM.17 Apr 192530 Jun 1997Maple Hill
HayesHattieMar 189222 Dec 1981Maple Hill
HayesHelenR.Ford22 Dec 193917 May 2002Moore
HayesInfantUnk21 Oct 1952Maple Hill
HayesIssacNewtonUnk01 Jan 1911Maple Hill
HayesJ.Unk26 Jan 1923Maple Hill
HayesJenniferNicole10 Jul 197005 Aug 1996Maple Hill
HayesJewellWayneUnk05 Oct 1998Maple Hill
HayesJohnUnk09 Sep 1903Maple Hill
HayesMargaretF.28 May 192709 Oct 1997Maple Hill
HayesMartha01 May 193009 Mar 1994Maple Hill
HayesMichaelB.Unk25 Apr 1982Maple Hill
HayesPearlEmma17 Dec 189715 Aug 1989Maple Hill
HayesPearlieBell25 Jun 191731 Oct 1919Dallas Mill
HayesRobertB.18681935Charity Baptist Church
HayesRobertUnk10 Aug 1953Maple Hill
HayesUnkFemaleUnk22 Apr 1917Maple Hill
HayesWalterM.Unk14 Jul 1914Maple Hill
HayesWaymanUnk17 Mar 1913Maple Hill
HayesWillieMaeUnk29 Dec 2002Maple Hill
HaygoodAnnaL.16 Nov 188428 Jan 1969Bone
HaygoodDaphnieA.26 Nov 190523 Sep 1980Haygood
HaygoodDeuntaeRayshawn16 Mar 199913 Dec 2002Haygood
HaygoodJohnT.31 Jan 192131 Dec 1970Northside
HaygoodJohnny04 Jul 188928 Jan 1989Haygood
HaygoodRobertLee04 Jul 189702 Feb 1982Haygood
HaygoodWilliam03 Feb 187922 Aug 1956Bone
HayleBrianG.Unk23 Aug 1990Maple Hill
HayleFlorenceMay30 Aug 190507 Oct 1994Maple Hill
HaymanHattie29 Sep 1883Nov 1973Northside
HaynesAshunnaDiannaUnk03 Jan 2004Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
HaynesDorothyUnk05 May 1968Maple Hill
HaynesE.H.Unk02 Apr 1989Maple Hill
HaynesEllaUnk23 Apr 1974Maple Hill
HaynesFlarnceB.27 Apr 190925 Jul 1975Moon
HaynesFlossie15 Aug 189030 Apr 1982Maple Hill
HaynesFrancesG.08 Nov 192501 Apr 1993Maple Hill
HaynesGayeS.16 Aug 195628 Apr 2003Maple Hill
HaynesHerman04 Dec 1879Jul 1968Maple Hill
HaynesHettieH.25 Apr 189504 Sep 1988Maple Hill
HaynesJ.Unk11 Aug 1924Maple Hill
HaynesJamesA.Unk03 Oct 1916Maple Hill
HaynesJoeDaniel10 Oct 192330 Oct 1985Northside
HaynesLenaB.31 Mar 188717 Jul 1966Maple Hill
HaynesMallieS.Unk03 Mar 1921Maple Hill
HaynesMaryIdaUnk22 Oct 1958Maple Hill
HaynesPeterUnk01 Sep 1868Maple Hill
HaynesRussellR.20 Sep 192523 Jun 1991Maple Hill
HaynesSarahUnk06 Mar 1917Maple Hill
HaynesThomasHenry22 Jul 188814 Mar 1964Maple Hill
HaynesWillUnk02 May 1950Maple Hill
HaynesWilliamG.Unk10 Jan 1988Maple Hill
HaynesWilliamUnk10 Nov 1950Maple Hill
HaynieDelilahW.Unk10 Jul 1971Maple Hill
HaynieRoyCarl11 Dec 195413 Aug 1972Huntsville Memory Gardens
HaynieWilliamR.11 Jan 193831 Aug 1983Maple Hill
HaysAnnieWadeStreet07 Nov 190711 Mar 2000Maple Hill
HaysClevieW.28 Jan 191919 Aug 1992Maple Hill
HaysHenriettaUnk28 Jun 1966Maple Hill
HaysJ.Unk02 Dec 1951Maple Hill
HaysJamesDeford20 Aug 190904 Apr 1998Maple Hill
HaysLillianUnk31 Dec 1999Maple Hill
HaysMalorM.Unk21 Jun 1980Maple Hill
HaysMarthaD.Unk04 Jun 1992Maple Hill
HaysMarthaO.Unk17 Jan 1898Maple Hill
HaysRenaErestineUnk18 Feb 1962Maple Hill
HaywardDavidC.Unk24 Jan 1971Maple Hill
HaywoodEssieP.17 Jan 191607 Jan 1991Maple Hill
HaywoodJamesP.15 Mar 191415 Mar 1999Maple Hill
HaywoodMarionUnk09 May 1898Maple Hill
HazelD.Unk20 Jun 1917Maple Hill
HazelMaryUnk03 Mar 1930Maple Hill
HazelPatChristine15 May 193027 Dec 1993Moon
HazelPeteElgin D.27 Jan 1935NDDMoon
HazelrigDonaldH.15 Mar 193206 Jun 1977Maple Hill
HazelwoodFlossieStewart23 Feb 190703 Aug 1997Bevill
HazenWilliam04 Nov 186217 Jul 1897Maple Hill
HazleyEllieUnk01 Feb 1952Maple Hill

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