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RoachGeorgeL.Unk17 Jun 1968Maple Hill
RoachJoeUnk26 Nov 1923Maple Hill
RoachLucilleC.Unk22 Sep 1993Maple Hill
RoachMalcomScottUnk21 May 1969Maple Hill
RoachMaryPerratt07 Mar 181528 Jun 1845Harris Hill
RoachRichUnk05 Nov 1884Maple Hill
RoachTheoUnk15 Sep 1886Maple Hill
RoachTheoUnk21 Aug 1881Maple Hill
RoachTheoUnk21 Nov 1881Maple Hill
RoanMandyUnk06 Dec 1923Maple Hill
RoanW.Unk19 Jun 1915Maple Hill
RobbinsAlbertW.27 Sep 189015 Aug 1966Maple Hill
RobbinsAlbertW.Unk16 Apr 1965Maple Hill
RobbinsMartaUnk05 Apr 1980Maple Hill
RobernatAlleeneUnk02 Aug 1986Maple Hill
RobersonDawsonUnk12 Jun 1950Maple Hill
RobersonHelenL.Unk22 Jun 1979Maple Hill
RobersonHermanWellington03 Nov 191611 Apr 1998New Hope
RobersonJimmieUnk12 Jun 1941Maple Hill
RobersonJoanUnk23 Dec 1994Maple Hill
RobersonKizzieUnk08 Apr 1951Maple Hill
RobersonLeeUnk15 Nov 1978Maple Hill
RobersonLenaUnk25 Jul 1969Maple Hill
RobersonMimmieB.Unk13 Feb 2004Maple Hill
RobersonPaulUnk29 Dec 1987Maple Hill
RobersonRosaleeC.Unk13 May 1981Maple Hill
RobersonRubyUnk09 Apr 1951Maple Hill
RobersonRuthUnk18 Mar 1950Maple Hill
RobersonSarahC.Unk17 Nov 1994Maple Hill
RobersonWilliamC.03 Dec 192418 Jan 1926Charity Baptist Church
RobersonWilliamE.Unk02 Feb 1990Maple Hill
RobertMaryUnk27 Jun 1934Maple Hill
RobertMichaelShawnUnk11 Oct 1959Maple Hill
RobertsAlphaUnk16 Dec 1934Maple Hill
RobertsArcieEugene25 Jan 191121 Dec 1925Charity Baptist Church
RobertsArildaUnk26 Jul 1945Maple Hill
RobertsBerthaGenetta17 Jan 192618 Jan 1926Charity Baptist Church
RobertsBillyRichard29 Dec 193011 Aug 2005Concord
RobertsC.Mrs.Unk05 Nov 1879Maple Hill
RobertsCharlesS.Unk25 Oct 1980Maple Hill
RobertsClennon21 Jan 192606 Jan 1969Northside
RobertsDaisyAnnKirby11 Mar 189529 Apr 1963Concord
RobertsDanielL.Unk20 Apr 1986Maple Hill
RobertsDanielL.Unk19 Apr 1975Maple Hill
RobertsDorisElaineUnk20 Mar 1995Maple Hill
RobertsEarnestUnk09 May 1973Maple Hill
RobertsEllenDouglasUnk19 Aug 1969Maple Hill
RobertsEllisUnk13 Feb 1917Maple Hill
RobertsElziaB.Unk06 Oct 1995Maple Hill
RobertsElziaB.Unk07 Oct 1981Maple Hill
RobertsFate11 Mar 189022 Apr 1957Concord
RobertsFrancesCabinessUnk05 Nov 2000Maple Hill
RobertsFrancesUnk08 Apr 1985Maple Hill
RobertsFredSylvester18 Jan 192114 Oct 1994Concord
RobertsIdaB.06 Sep 188821 Feb 1983Center Grove
RobertsInfantUnk30 Sep 1974Maple Hill
RobertsJ.E.Unk18 Mar 1999Maple Hill
RobertsJ.E.Unk17 Nov 1986Maple Hill
RobertsJackieS.Unk03 Aug 1984Maple Hill
RobertsJamesR.Unk11 Jun 1965Maple Hill
RobertsJamesUnk16 Dec 1929Maple Hill
RobertsJamesUnk14 Jun 1927Maple Hill
RobertsJocieLeeHunt22 Sep 193616 Mar 2004Bevill
RobertsJohnB.Unk12 Feb 1993Maple Hill
RobertsJohnUnk15 May 1941Maple Hill
RobertsKateL.Unk28 Feb 1993Maple Hill
RobertsLennieBellUnk04 Jul 1936Maple Hill
RobertsLoreneBunch11 Sep 192227 Jan 1987Neal Chapel
RobertsLouiseUnk27 Jul 1973Maple Hill
RobertsLucilleUnkNDDMaple Hill
RobertsMarthaMrandaUnk15 Dec 1893Maple Hill
RobertsMaryBonnaUnk09 Jul 1989Maple Hill
RobertsMaryUnk08 Jun 1946Maple Hill
RobertsMattieUnk06 Dec 1920Maple Hill
RobertsNealMrs.Unk18 Feb 1973Maple Hill
RobertsNoraUnk04 Jan 1972Maple Hill
RobertsO.C.UnkNDDMaple Hill
RobertsOliviaUnk14 Nov 1942Maple Hill
RobertsOpalUnk04 Mar 1922Maple Hill
RobertsRichardT.Unk22 May 1993Maple Hill
RobertsRoscoeO.Unk20 May 1984Maple Hill
RobertsSophiaUnk08 Aug 1912Maple Hill
RobertsUnkFemaleUnk10 Aug 1878Maple Hill
RobertsW.Unk17 Nov 1930Maple Hill
RobertsW.Unk24 Jan 1923Maple Hill
RobertsWilliamMartinUnk07 Aug 1989Maple Hill
RobertsZonaUnk29 Sep 1958Maple Hill
RobertsHazelL.Unk23 Dec 1988Maple Hill
RobertsVirginiaUnk05 May 1965Maple Hill
RobertsonAnnUnk14 Feb 1930Maple Hill
RobertsonAnnieDrakeUnk13 Feb 1930Maple Hill
RobertsonBerthaCorrinneUnk05 Sep 1963Maple Hill
RobertsonCalvinUnk01 Jan 1980Maple Hill
RobertsonDouglasB.Unk14 Oct 1995Maple Hill
RobertsonEllenUnk27 Sep 1922Maple Hill
RobertsonEmmaUnk18 May 1948Maple Hill
RobertsonEthelSmith15 Oct 189722 May 1927Locust Grove
RobertsonEvaUnk15 Apr 1978Maple Hill
RobertsonGeorgeUnk05 Apr 1890Maple Hill
RobertsonHenryUnk06 Aug 1868Maple Hill
RobertsonHomerWilliamUnk15 Jul 1993Maple Hill
RobertsonJ.W.18681953Madison Crossroads
RobertsonJamesJohn05 Aug 193802 Jan 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
RobertsonJimmyUnk22 Apr 1985Maple Hill
RobertsonJoeW.Unk11 Nov 1968Maple Hill
RobertsonJohnWashington13 Apr 188027 Jul 1967Maple Hill
RobertsonLauraViolaUnk29 Nov 1988Maple Hill
RobertsonLuddieBellUnk02 Nov 2002Maple Hill
RobertsonMarionA.Unk12 Apr 1980Maple Hill
RobertsonMarthaCatherineUnk01 May 1964Maple Hill
RobertsonNancy18871973Madison Crossroads
RobertsonNancyUnk28 Oct 1923Maple Hill
RobertsonOllieP.Unk22 Mar 1993Maple Hill
RobertsonThomasP.UnkNDDMaple Hill
RobertsonUnkFemaleUnk08 Jul 1869Maple Hill
RobertsonW.P.Unk05 Feb 1889Maple Hill
RobertsonW.Unk01 Jan 1903Maple Hill
RobertsonWilliamUnk06 Apr 1941Maple Hill
RobinsonA.Unk30 Nov 1953Maple Hill
RobinsonAlbert07 Dec 193325 Mar 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
RobinsonAlfonzo04 Oct 193413 Dec 1983Northside
RobinsonAmos25 Apr 191210 May 1970Northside
RobinsonAnnEasonUnk26 Feb 1877Maple Hill
RobinsonArchieUnk20 Dec 1903Maple Hill
RobinsonAvieUnk17 Mar 1974Maple Hill
RobinsonBrazola06 Oct 189401 Jan 1996Northside
RobinsonC.A.Unk26 Jun 1878Maple Hill
RobinsonCanadaC.01 Apr 189622 Feb 1965Camp Ground
RobinsonCarlCleveland13 Apr 191220 Aug 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
RobinsonCarolineUnk08 Nov 1888Maple Hill
RobinsonCarolineUnk31 Jan 1885Maple Hill
RobinsonCharlesGriggUnk10 Dec 1912Maple Hill
RobinsonCharlesUnk09 Jun 1934Maple Hill
RobinsonCharlesUnk13 Jan 1914Maple Hill
RobinsonChristiUnk20 Nov 1922Maple Hill
RobinsonChristopherUnk30 Nov 1927Maple Hill
RobinsonCornell16 Jun 193501 Aug 1999Pine Grove - Deposit
RobinsonCynthiaStarUnk23 Sep 1959Maple Hill
RobinsonDaisyUnk06 Feb 1980Maple Hill
RobinsonDarryl17 Sep 198620 Sep 1986Faith Memorial Park
RobinsonDavidRay17 Sep 198619 Sep 1986Faith Memorial Park
RobinsonEdward19221982Bloucher Ford
RobinsonEdwinR.Unk03 Jun 1994Maple Hill
RobinsonEligah01 Sep 192217 Nov 1960Center Grove
RobinsonErbieS.20 Aug 189623 Jan 1968Brandon
RobinsonErnestUnk27 Nov 1889Maple Hill
RobinsonEstelle25 Feb 193006 Apr 1983Northside
RobinsonEstelleTravisUnk13 Mar 2003Maple Hill
RobinsonFayeUnk31 Jan 1970Maple Hill
RobinsonFlorenceE.26 Sep 1892NDDCharity Baptist Church
RobinsonFlorenceT.05 Dec 192415 Mar 2005Bibb
RobinsonFrankJ.02 Apr 192113 Dec 1984Northside
RobinsonFullin24 Feb 190026 Jan 1926Penny
RobinsonGeorgeN.Unk16 Oct 1993Maple Hill
RobinsonGeorgeNewmanUnk31 May 1952Maple Hill
RobinsonGoldieUnk30 Dec 1916Maple Hill
RobinsonH.C.Mrs.Unk28 Jul 1896Maple Hill
RobinsonHarris02 May 192206 Jun 1998Collier - Triana
RobinsonHenrietta06 Oct 192628 Apr 1969Northside
RobinsonHermanS.03 Feb 192307 Feb 1963Brandon
RobinsonHoustonE.Unk26 Mar 1981Maple Hill
RobinsonInfantUnk04 Jan 1962Maple Hill
RobinsonInfantUnk21 Dec 1961Maple Hill
RobinsonIreneUnk13 Oct 1934Maple Hill
RobinsonJ.A.Toney22 Nov 194715 Nov 1973Green Valley
RobinsonJ.B.13 Feb 192612 Apr 1939Charity Baptist Church
RobinsonJ.M.Unk09 Aug 1878Maple Hill
RobinsonJamesEdward02 Dec 193917 Mar 1995Collier - Triana
RobinsonJamesTuckerUnk23 Aug 1964Maple Hill
RobinsonJamesUnk17 Jan 1886Maple Hill
RobinsonJoeL.18 Jan 194225 Dec 1996Center Grove
RobinsonJoe15 May 189601 May 1959Royal
RobinsonJohanaUnk02 Feb 1920Maple Hill
RobinsonJohnD.Unk26 Apr 1893Maple Hill
RobinsonJohnL.Unk25 Aug 1948Maple Hill
RobinsonJohnUnk20 Nov 1947Maple Hill
RobinsonJohnUnk12 Jun 1919Maple Hill
RobinsonJohnUnk14 Sep 1894Maple Hill
RobinsonJohnUnk28 Aug 1870Maple Hill
RobinsonJosh06 Oct 192117 Aug 1967Northside
RobinsonKatieSmithAug 1893Nov 1989Northside
RobinsonLashondaTennile27 Jul 198004 May 1982Glenwood
RobinsonLillieP.21 Nov 194501 Aug 1999Burks
RobinsonLouis19 Dec 191711 Mar 1980Center Grove
RobinsonLucyAdeleUnk24 Oct 1975Maple Hill
RobinsonMaggieF.18891981Center Grove
RobinsonMamieGriggUnk06 Aug 1952Maple Hill
RobinsonMariaUnk03 Nov 1938Maple Hill
RobinsonMaryE.UnkNDDMaple Hill
RobinsonMaryEthelUnk20 Feb 1967Maple Hill
RobinsonMaryF.Unk20 Feb 1887Maple Hill
RobinsonMaryUnk29 Oct 1919Maple Hill
RobinsonMattieL.04 Jul 189310 May 1985Northside
RobinsonMerritt01 Jan 189906 Nov 1980Collier - Triana
RobinsonMilton26 Mar 1922`12 Feb 1956Royal
RobinsonOteyUnk25 Jun 1918Maple Hill
RobinsonP.B.Mrs.Unk16 Aug 1884Maple Hill
RobinsonPearlUnk13 Oct 1898Maple Hill
RobinsonR.L.Mrs.Unk28 Dec 1896Maple Hill
RobinsonRonaldLeeUnk02 Jan 1976Maple Hill
RobinsonSallieL.Unk28 Sep 1971Maple Hill
RobinsonSarahElizabeth24 May 197424 May 1976Northside
RobinsonThomasP.Unk02 Feb 1886Maple Hill
RobinsonThomasUnk01 Nov 1943Maple Hill
RobinsonToleat22 Sep 192924 Apr 1981Northside
RobinsonTommieL.19571982Bloucher Ford
RobinsonVirginiaUnk16 Jun 1927Maple Hill
RobinsonW.T.30 Jun 188214 Nov 1954Charity Baptist Church
RobinsonWalterUnk20 Mar 1919Maple Hill
RobinsonWalterUnk22 Mar 1885Maple Hill
RobinsonWamonB.Unk13 Jan 1980Maple Hill
RobinsonWilliamL.Unk27 Jan 1991Maple Hill
RobinsonWilliamT.Unk24 Nov 1956Maple Hill
RobinsonWilliamUnk21 Jul 1896Maple Hill
RobinsonWillie18 Dec 191516 Mar 1998Center Grove
RobisonBillyJoe09 Mar 193906 Jan 1952Moon
RobisonClairA.Unk12 Jul 2002Maple Hill
RobisonElletL.17 Feb 188726 May 1965Charity Baptist Church
RobisonJ.H.18821954Charity Baptist Church
RobisonJ.R.UnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
RobisonJoseph11 Jun 188325 Apr 1957Charity Baptist Church
RobisonJuanitaUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
RobisonKennethW.17 Oct 194225 Nov 1962Charity Baptist Church
RobisonRickeyWayne25 Oct 195916 Jan 1962Fowlkes
RobisonVickieAnn14 Aug 195714 Aug 1957Fowlkes
RobnettJohnP.03 Sep 186305 Jun 1921Steger-Ormond
RobnettMillieA.13 Jun 183018 Jan 1910Vinson
RobyDianneL.Unk24 Jan 1995Maple Hill
RobyJeanneI.Unk25 Feb 1993Maple Hill
RockAmbroseJ.11 Mar 192020 Jan 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
RoddyBrendenKoy28 Apr 197204 Oct 2001Oakwood Memorial Gardens
RodenAnnieUnk10 Dec 1969Maple Hill
RodenBirdieUnk06 Oct 1984Maple Hill
RodenBrosterUnk07 Dec 1900Maple Hill
RodenColumbusA.Unk10 Jun 1959Maple Hill
RodenEthelUnk05 Jan 1977Maple Hill
RodenGeorgeUnk25 Feb 1930Maple Hill
RodenHildaM.Unk03 Apr 1983Maple Hill
RodenJimmyL.27 Nov 188818 Nov 1973Rice
RodenJohnUnk14 Jul 1930Maple Hill
RodenLeliaUnk10 Jul 1918Maple Hill
RodenLeonaM.Unk14 Jan 1994Maple Hill
RodenLonnieUnk27 May 1961Maple Hill
RodenMarcusUnk03 Oct 1941Maple Hill
RodenMarlonThomasUnk16 Mar 2002Maple Hill
RodenNancyUnk08 May 1924Maple Hill
RodenNeidaS.Unk14 Jan 1929Maple Hill
RodenSadieL.08 Jun 189516 May 1988Rice
RodenSidneyD.Unk02 Dec 1987Maple Hill
RodenThomasRichardUnk14 Jun 1957Maple Hill
RodenWilliamStephenUnk12 May 1993Maple Hill
RodenWilliamUnk10 Jun 1922Maple Hill
RodenbaughGeorgeUnk25 Feb 1894Maple Hill
RodenbaughT.P.Unk09 Jun 1890Maple Hill
RodenbawGeorgeUnk16 Jun 1885Maple Hill
RodenhauserCharlesR.Unk17 Jan 1997Maple Hill
RodenhauserJohnA.Unk02 Dec 1979Maple Hill
RodenhauserLouiseUnk07 Jan 1999Maple Hill
RodenhauserMaryC.Unk25 Jul 1981Maple Hill
RodenhauserMyrtleUnk05 Jul 1992Maple Hill
RodenhauserPaulA.Unk05 Feb 1979Maple Hill
RodenhauserRudolphUnk29 Jun 1948Maple Hill
RodenhouserMaryUnk22 Oct 1933Maple Hill
RodgersA.D.Unk15 Mar 1885Maple Hill
RodgersAdlineUnk02 Jan 1868Maple Hill
RodgersAnnieI.25 Nov 1921NDDMoon
RodgersAugustusUnk17 Jul 1933Maple Hill
RodgersClaudeC.Unk15 Apr 1975Maple Hill
RodgersDimpleUnk10 Oct 1918Maple Hill
RodgersDonUnk11 Dec 1967Maple Hill
RodgersDorothyUnk10 Feb 2004Maple Hill
RodgersDorothyUnk01 Jan 1931Maple Hill
RodgersDouglasL.06 Oct 188902 Jan 1948Rice
RodgersDoyle195808 Aug 1958Briar Fork
RodgersE.B.Unk07 May 1966Maple Hill
RodgersEdithUnk10 Dec 1933Maple Hill
RodgersEdnaClaraUnk27 Nov 1962Maple Hill
RodgersElihguhUnk04 Jan 1949Maple Hill
RodgersEllenUnk24 Aug 1898Maple Hill
RodgersEmmaUnk23 Dec 1974Maple Hill
RodgersEnochUnk17 Jan 1887Maple Hill
RodgersEssachUnk17 Jan 1887Maple Hill
RodgersEthelS.02 Jul 189402 Feb 1979Moon
RodgersFlossieM.Fanning12 Nov 188722 Jun 1913Rice
RodgersFruzzie05 Mar 187425 Mar 1949Bone
RodgersG.W.10 Mar 192512 Jan 1989Lawler
RodgersHarrellR.Unk06 Aug 1983Maple Hill
RodgersHenryUnk04 Nov 1954Maple Hill
RodgersHermanUnk04 Dec 1923Maple Hill
RodgersHulanH.Unk20 Mar 2005Maple Hill
RodgersIdaMae14 Feb 193731 Aug 1987Northside
RodgersJ.A.Mrs.Unk20 Jun 1950Maple Hill
RodgersJ.D.Unk29 Jul 1871Maple Hill
RodgersJ.Unk10 Jan 1955Maple Hill
RodgersJ.Unk17 Sep 1953Maple Hill
RodgersJ.Unk16 Mar 1923Maple Hill
RodgersJ.Unk21 Jan 1917Maple Hill
RodgersJamesF.14 May 191012 Nov 1997Moon
RodgersJamesPaulUnk27 Sep 1977Maple Hill
RodgersJennieMcDonnell06 May 188222 Jan 1971Maple Hill
RodgersJesseWhite16 Jan 183424 Apr 1875Rodgers
RodgersJoey18 Mar 191402 Sep 1956Moon
RodgersJohnUnk28 Apr 1870Maple Hill
RodgersJuneUnk23 Jan 1929Maple Hill
RodgersKatieMayUnk15 Feb 1986Maple Hill
RodgersKleberUnk25 Oct 1935Maple Hill
RodgersLeslieE.Unk06 Dec 1985Maple Hill
RodgersLoreneP.30 Oct 1908NDDMoon
RodgersMarthaUnk09 Dec 1985Maple Hill
RodgersMaryHolding07 Jan 188520 Jul 1966Maple Hill
RodgersMattieBellUnk27 Aug 1971Maple Hill
RodgersMelreyUnk02 May 1926Maple Hill
RodgersMinnieAugusta187616 Apr 1970Maple Hill
RodgersNellyUnk01 Feb 1887Maple Hill
RodgersPhoebePauline19 Apr 193911 May 1948Briar Fork
RodgersRebeccaAlice03 Mar 189106 Jan 1963Maple Hill
RodgersRobertUnk01 Jul 1927Maple Hill
RodgersRobertUnk19 Aug 1924Maple Hill
RodgersS.A.Mrs.Unk13 Apr 1960Maple Hill
RodgersSarahUnk10 Jul 1925Maple Hill
RodgersSidneyUnk28 Jun 1903Maple Hill
RodgersTheodore16 Apr 191213 May 1932Bone
RodgersThomasH.13 Jun 1920NDDMoon
RodgersWillR.20 Sep 188729 Apr 1959Moon
RodgersWilliamE.Unk10 Feb 1987Maple Hill
RodgersWillieMae03 Jul 192005 Jul 1978Northside
RodgersZoraUnk29 Nov 1943Maple Hill
RodkinAaronUnk03 Aug 1989Maple Hill
RodkinMollyUnk09 Sep 1987Maple Hill
RodmanBirdieC.Apr 1891Mar 1957Madison
RodmanGeorgeL.15 Dec 191821 Mar 2001Madison
RodmanJamesB.20 Sep 191613 Mar 2005Madison
RodmanJamesRobert28 Apr 1887NDDRodman/Langford
RodmanJames27 Aug 185328 Jan 1907Rodman/Langford
RodmanJaneyElanor22 Apr 1885NDDRodman/Langford
RodmanJanieEdna20 Jun 191326 Aug 1995Madison
RodmanJemmieMarieSep 1929Jun 1930Madison
RodmanJohnE.Apr 1889Oct 1954Madison
RodmanLeffieUnk NDDRodman/Langford
RodmanMaryE.23 Dec 189504 Jun 1998Madison
RodmanWilliamT.Jul 1883May 1950Madison
RoeJamesUnk17 Mar 1927Maple Hill
RoeVernonUnk18 Oct 1952Maple Hill
RogersAlfredL.18801951Charity Baptist Church
RogersAprilisUnk18 Mar 2005Maple Hill
RogersBelindaUnk03 Dec 1993Maple Hill
RogersBessieM.Ward06 Aug 191026 Nov 1946Charity Baptist Church
RogersBeverly07 Nov 188912 May 1977Golightly
RogersClaudeWilliamWard05 May 191105 Jul 1997Charity Baptist Church
RogersDaisyG.01 Sep 191619 Mar 1957Charity Baptist Church
RogersDanielUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
RogersDaveUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
RogersDavidD.Unk26 Jun 1980Maple Hill
RogersDavidEarl22 Feb 189019 May 1891Douglass-Pettus
RogersDouglas15 Feb 192618 Feb 1986Charity Baptist Church
RogersEdgarUnk01 Jul 1945Maple Hill
RogersEffieMaeUnk15 Feb 1959Maple Hill
RogersEmmaE.05 Jan 185520 Jul 1924Charity Baptist Church
RogersEthelE.1888NDDCharity Baptist Church
RogersEthelG.Unk20 Feb 1987Maple Hill
RogersEugene19181938Charity Baptist Church
RogersFlora18941946Charity Baptist Church
RogersGeneva14 Apr 193614 Apr 1936Charity Baptist Church
RogersGeorgeW.31 Dec 187229 Feb 1943Charity Baptist Church
RogersGladisI.28 Aug 191608 Oct 1917Charity Baptist Church
RogersHarveyWayneUnk18 Feb 1945Maple Hill
RogersHezzie29 Jun 191727 Oct 1996Northside
RogersI.C24 Oct 186318 Feb 1926Charity Baptist Church
RogersInaImogene29 Apr 192513 Feb 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
RogersInfantFemaleUnk1939Charity Baptist Church
RogersJ.C.15 May 193120 Dec 1954Charity Baptist Church
RogersJ.P.18911965Charity Baptist Church
RogersJamesC.18 Apr 194402 Jan 1967Charity Baptist Church
RogersJamesEdward12 Oct 192202 Nov 1960Charity Baptist Church
RogersJamesEverett09 Feb 193522 Nov 1935Charity Baptist Church
RogersJasonTerrell02 Dec 197613 Jan 2001Collier - Triana
RogersJennieMcDonald18821971Maple Hill
RogersJoan16 Jan 192912 Oct 1929Charity Baptist Church
RogersJohnC.30 Mar 188624 Nov 1962Charity Baptist Church
RogersJonGuyUnk22 Sep 1968Maple Hill
RogersJosephineKilgoreUnk06 Jan 1999Maple Hill
RogersLeander03 Mar 190425 Jul 1934Charity Baptist Church
RogersLevi18501934Charity Baptist Church
RogersLillianM.06 Jan 192308 Sep 2005Faith Memorial Park
RogersMaggieDanielUnk24 Jul 1937Maple Hill
RogersMaryE.18461925Charity Baptist Church
RogersMaryF.27 May 191908 Jun 1919Charity Baptist Church
RogersMaryL.08 Mar 1897NDDCharity Baptist Church
RogersMyrtle20 Apr 189325 May 1934Charity Baptist Church
RogersNettieB.25 Apr 187612 Jun 1942Charity Baptist Church
RogersPaulUnk28 Jun 1918Maple Hill
RogersRebeccaUnk06 Jan 1983Maple Hill
RogersVernieEarlUnk14 Sep 1959Maple Hill
RogersVictoria17 Mar 186127 Apr 1923Charity Baptist Church
RogersWilliamArnieUnk20 Mar 1975Maple Hill
RogersWilliamH.Unk09 Jan 1988Maple Hill
RogersWilliamM.13 Apr 184312 Jan 1917Charity Baptist Church
RogersWilliamT.UnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
RoggeHuldaUnk06 Jun 1940Maple Hill
RohnBurtonUnk16 Mar 1949Maple Hill
RojasPollyB.Unk04 Nov 1975Maple Hill
RolandDanR.12 Dec 187903 Jun 1941Charity Baptist Church
RolandDonUnk27 Dec 1962Maple Hill
RolandDovieIreneUnk12 Nov 1994Maple Hill
RolandEdnaE.08 Feb 194027 Nov 1986Brown
RolandEdnaRuthUnk13 Feb 1997Maple Hill
RolandHomerUnk30 May 1979Maple Hill
RolandHoward29 Feb 193217 Jul 1933Charity Baptist Church
RolandIdaBellUnk21 Oct 1998Maple Hill
RolandJamesLoyd16 Dec 193328 Oct 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
RolandJohnH.Unk25 Jul 1979Maple Hill
RolandNellieUnk29 Sep 1979Maple Hill
RolandSarahA.12 Mar 188110 Sep 1941Charity Baptist Church
RolandSusieUnk28 Dec 1955Maple Hill
RolandThelmaUnk19 Dec 2000Maple Hill
RolandW.H.19021959Charity Baptist Church
RolfWilliamUnk10 Jan 1935Maple Hill
RolfeCharlesOvertonUnk19 Sep 1958Maple Hill
RolfeCharlesUnk02 Jul 1939Maple Hill
RolfeEdwardC.Unk02 Nov 1984Maple Hill
RolfeElizaUnk16 Nov 1961Maple Hill
RolfeFlorenceUnk02 Sep 1952Maple Hill
RolfeFrankUnk06 Jun 1949Maple Hill
RolfeMaryUnk31 Aug 1908Maple Hill
RolfePaulineUnk18 Mar 1986Maple Hill
RollerErnestGordonUnk07 Sep 1961Maple Hill
RollerFrancesUnk11 Apr 1962Maple Hill
RollerMaudieUnk01 Apr 1978Maple Hill
RollinsJamesUnk13 Apr 1966Maple Hill
RollinsMaryElizabethUnk07 Sep 1959Maple Hill
RomanOttoJohannUnk25 Apr 1961Maple Hill
RomanoAnthonyUnkNDDMaple Hill
RomanoMollieAnnUnk17 Mar 2004Maple Hill
RomanoffMarziaR.Unk29 Apr 1991Maple Hill
RomejHelenUnk29 Dec 1980Maple Hill
RomineDonaldM.18 Nov 195221 Nov 1990Northside
RomineLulaMildred10 Nov 191923 uag 1995Northside
RomineMaudeB.UnkNDDGreen Valley
RomineRichardHughdon15 May 193711 Jul 1937Merrimack
RomineSilas19 Dec 192630 May 1995Green Valley
RomsseansRichardUnk03 Mar 1932Maple Hill
RomtreeRhodaUnk01 Mar 1930Maple Hill
RonayneJustinM.Unk21 Jan 1886Maple Hill
RonayneJustinUnk16 Aug 1875Maple Hill
RonayneMallieM.Unk21 Jan 1882Maple Hill
RonayneMariumUnk19 Mar 1882Maple Hill
RoofanDallyUnk25 Jul 1916Maple Hill
RookerIreneUnk18 Mar 1936Maple Hill
RookerJamesT.18761941Charity Baptist Church
RookerSamathaWaters18781950Charity Baptist Church
RookerV.Unk18 Mar 1936Maple Hill
RooksAnnieAllison08 Jan 192812 Nov 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
RooksCarnell18 Sep 190528 Jun 1995Northside
RooksEllaHines13 Dec 190306 Oct 1967Northside
RooksIsaacLeo18 Apr 192911 Jan 1986Pine Grove - Deposit
RooksLeolaL.11 Nov 190723 Sep 1990Northside
RooksLucyBelle31 Aug 190302 Sep 1965Northside
RooksMaryElizabeth18 Sep 192520 Jan 1998Northside
RooksSippie13 Aug 192702 Jun 1984Northside
RooksThomas13 Dec 189709 Aug 1976Center Grove
RooksVelma24 Mar 190522 Dec 1971Center Grove
RooneeEdnaUnk09 May 1928Maple Hill
RootBirtieD.Unk02 Jul 1894Maple Hill
RootEdgarUnk28 May 1935Maple Hill
RootSarahMarthaUnk09 Jul 1961Maple Hill
RootV.S.Unk08 Feb 1957Maple Hill
RootVoorheesUnk06 Jan 1945Maple Hill
RoperBeulahM.Unk11 Feb 1991Maple Hill
RoperEarlCliftonUnk17 Apr 1989Maple Hill
RoperHowardMalvin10 Dec 192226 Jul 1973Northside
RoperJohnC.Unk04 Nov 1968Maple Hill
RoperJohnThomas04 Jun 193705 Jan 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
RoperJosieBellUnk12 Feb 1979Maple Hill
RoperLavinaW.08 Jun 181228 Dec 1840Harris Hill
RoperLillinJ.Barge21 Apr 194014 Apr 1970Northside
RoperMargaretUnk27 Jul 1998Maple Hill
RoperNolanUnk05 Mar 1981Maple Hill
RoperTammyChandler11 Feb 196830 Nov 1995Northside
RoperWalterUnk15 Mar 1886Glenwood
RoperWilburnJacksonUnk26 Apr 2002Maple Hill
RosadoTeresaUnk26 Dec 1960Maple Hill
RoseAnnThompsonUnk17 Aug 1994Maple Hill
RoseChildMaleUnk03 Mar 1896Maple Hill
RoseInfantMaleUnk08 Mar 1896Maple Hill
RoseJosephineGriffinUnk25 Oct 1991Maple Hill
RosePearlUnk22 Mar 1984Maple Hill
RoseRobertJ.01 Sep 192817 Dec 2000Moon
RoseVirginiaUnkNDDMaple Hill
RoseWilliamUnk09 Jun 1899Maple Hill
RoseberryE.J.Unk24 Feb 1985Maple Hill
RoseberryJessieLeeMitchellUnk11 Oct 2000Maple Hill
RosemanIkeUnk16 Sep 1881Maple Hill
RosenRonaldJ.Unk05 Sep 1982Maple Hill
RosenberryMaryUnk27 Apr 1902Maple Hill
RosenblemJacobUnk02 Dec 1923Maple Hill
RosenbloomR.Unk05 Apr 1926Maple Hill
RosenblumAbrahamE.Unk13 Sep 1961Maple Hill
RosenblumAdamS.Unk21 Nov 1982Maple Hill
RosenblumEvelynJ.08 Jan 192430 Apr 1925Merrimack
RosenblumGladysMarie03 Sep 193126 Sep 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
RosenblumInfantUnk11 Nov 1953Maple Hill
RosenblumLoisUnk21 Sep 1986Maple Hill
RosenblumMaryAliceUnk18 Oct 1930Maple Hill
RosenblumRobertA.Unk18 Apr 1982Maple Hill
RosenblumThelmaUnk21 Apr 1996Maple Hill
RosenblumThomasUnk16 Jan 1968Maple Hill
RosenblumUnkUnk12 Jan 1918Maple Hill
RosenblumValtenaUnk14 Jun 1999Maple Hill
RosenblumWilliamUnk01 Jun 1953Maple Hill
RosenbroughRoyUnk20 Aug 1983Maple Hill
RosenuoldJuliaKarenUnk03 Feb 1970Maple Hill
RosinbaumTroyMilton16 Oct 192323 Apr 2003Moon
RosinskiErikaUnk26 Aug 2005Maple Hill
RosinskiWernerK.Unk14 May 2000Maple Hill
RossArchieL.29 Nov 188801 Nov 1976Northside
RossBobbyRay06 Sep 194913 Jul 1994Maple Hill
RossCallieUnk22 Mar 1946Maple Hill
RossCarrieUnk29 Jun 1949Maple Hill
RossCharlie10 Sep 190012 May 1967Big Cove
RossCharlie19361998Big Cove
RossCharlieUnk18 Mar 1938Maple Hill
RossCliffordUnk01 Jan 1902Maple Hill
RossEdwardUnk22 Apr 1955Maple Hill
RossElgie05 Oct 190116 Apr 1984Big Cove
RossEltonJ.Unk30 Mar 1986Maple Hill
RossEvaR.Unk03 Nov 1999Maple Hill
RossEveretteLewisUnk15 Apr 1986Maple Hill
RossF.A.Mrs.Unk15 May 1890Maple Hill
RossF.A.Unk13 Apr 1883Maple Hill
RossHendersonUnk25 Aug 1929Maple Hill
RossHerbertUnk29 Sep 1930Maple Hill
RossJacksonUnk29 Apr 1939Maple Hill
RossJamesUnk21 Dec 1948Maple Hill
RossJeanEubanks07 Sep 192928 Oct 1981Maple Hill
RossJulianUnk19 Jul 1979Maple Hill
RossKatherineUnk24 Jan 1919Maple Hill
RossLenaWallUnk31 May 1959Maple Hill
RossMacyeB.Unk28 Oct 1988Maple Hill
RossMaryFrancesUnk28 Sep 1960Maple Hill
RossNelsonUnk16 Jan 1982Maple Hill
RossNoraT.Unk18 Oct 1964Maple Hill
RossRobertCarmack02 Jun 187226 Mar 1998Maple Hill
RossRubyC.Unk28 Jan 1973Maple Hill
RossSylviaJennetteDavis24 May 193330 May 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
RossThomasE.Unk03 Nov 1952Maple Hill
RossThomasWillardUnk13 Jan 1968Maple Hill
RossToyUnk30 Jun 1925Maple Hill
RossVanceUnk22 Feb 1925Maple Hill
RossWestleyA.Unk22 Feb 1960Maple Hill
RossWilliamE.Unk18 May 1900Maple Hill
RossWillieMae20 May 190729 Aug 1999Northside
RosserPatriciaGay07 Jan 194302 Sep 1993Bevill
RossieSierraF.Chapman29 Oct 191930 May 2002Huntsville Memory Gardens
RossonBernardA.Unk03 Mar 1972Maple Hill
RossonGladysG.Unk31 Jan 1997Maple Hill
RotenberryLouiseT.Unk24 Jul 1998Maple Hill
RotenberryWilliamCliftonUnk29 Jun 1972Maple Hill
RothDonaldUnk22 Feb 1965Maple Hill
RothJohnR.Unk23 Aug 1992Maple Hill
RothMarkPatrickUnk28 Nov 1981Maple Hill
RothMaryM.Unk05 Mar 2005Maple Hill
RothWilfredUnk01 Apr 1975Maple Hill
RotheGertrudeUnk21 Sep 1976Maple Hill
RotheHeinrichCarlUnk21 Feb 1994Maple Hill
RothlishburgerMarieUnk07 Feb 1925Maple Hill
RouchUnkFemaleUnk10 Dec 1885Maple Hill
RouhierCarolineCahillUnk14 Aug 1988Maple Hill
RoulandMinnieUnk30 Jan 1890Maple Hill
RoundtreeConstanceUnk03 Sep 1940Maple Hill
RoundtreeJohnUnk24 Dec 1946Maple Hill
RoundtreeMattieUnk07 May 1902Maple Hill
RountreeNinaO.Unk15 Apr 1979Maple Hill
RousseauAlbertChapmanUnk14 Jan 1979Maple Hill
RousseauC.B.Unk15 Aug 1960Maple Hill
RousseauCharlieMrs.Unk20 Apr 1960Maple Hill
RousseauConradUnk25 Jul 1985Maple Hill
RousseauDorothyF.Unk23 Dec 1947Maple Hill
RousseauFedeliaUnk16 Mar 1941Maple Hill
RousseauGeorgeL.Unk24 May 1960Maple Hill
RousseauGladysModenaUnk26 Aug 1962Maple Hill
RousseauInfantUnk06 Aug 1971Maple Hill
RousseauJohnVannUnk14 May 1926Maple Hill
RousseauJohnUnk29 May 1941Maple Hill
RousseauJuliusUnk03 Jul 1933Maple Hill
RousseauLoreneHallUnk21 Mar 1983Maple Hill
RousseauLouieUnk 29 Mar 1987Maple Hill
RousseauLouisC.Unk09 Dec 1971Maple Hill
RousseauLucyUnk01 May 1933Maple Hill
RousseauMarieUnk24 Aug 1999Maple Hill
RousseauMaymieUnk13 Sep 1968Maple Hill
RousseauMinnieE.Unk08 Jun 1947Maple Hill
RousseauPatriciaUnk05 Dec 1940Maple Hill
RousseauPearlUnk30 Jan 1939Maple Hill
RousseauPeggyA.Unk09 Mar 1979Maple Hill
RousseauWilliamDeeUnk15 Dec 1978Maple Hill
RousseauWilliamL.Unk13 Jul 1958Maple Hill
RouthJamesH.Unk28 Aug 1982Maple Hill
RouttClaraT.Unk10 Aug 1981Maple Hill
RouttElizabethC.Boultin23 Feb 182711 Apr 1844Bouldin-Hammond
RouttRuthUnk08 Oct 1969Maple Hill
RouttSpelmanC.26 Mar 181608 Mar 1844Bouldin-Hammond
RouttW.Unk22 Nov 1951Maple Hill
RouttWilliamCloughton06 Jan 184412 Jul 1849Bouldin-Hammond
RowanBertEdwardUnk15 Aug 1994Maple Hill
RowanBillyJoeUnk01 Sep 2000Maple Hill
RowanGladysP.Unk19 Sep 1979Maple Hill
RowanMaryH.Binford26 Jun 1813Aug 1842Binford
RowanRobertM.Unk10 Jan 1978Maple Hill
RoweAdrieanaH.Unk22 Nov 1990Maple Hill
RoweAuroraKellyUnk04 Apr 1985Maple Hill
RoweHomerM.Unk06 Oct 1977Maple Hill
RoweHomer07 Aug 189006 Oct 1967Maple Hill
RoweLelaB.Unk19 Jun 1982Maple Hill
RoweLenardL.Unk05 May 1945Maple Hill
RoweSallieUnk15 Oct 1952Maple Hill
RoweyT.Unk02 Dec 1922Maple Hill
RowlandLoreneS.Unk11 Dec 1990Maple Hill
RowlenE.T.Mrs.Unk12 Sep 1895Maple Hill
RoyalEuniceSkurlockUnk04 Sep 1990Maple Hill
RoyalsJamesC.18 Jan 188716 Nov 1974Bellview
RoyalsVeraR.01 Oct 191411 Jan 2000Bellview
RoyersNancyUnk15 Feb 1982Maple Hill
RozellAdolphusUnk14 Jun 1995Maple Hill
RozellAnnaP.21 Jun 188427 Jan 1919Briar Fork
RozellAnthonyDavid16 Feb 196204 Dec 1962Briar Fork
RozellAshleyE.19 May 189224 Nov 1941Charity Baptist Church
RozellDavidS.18781954Briar Fork
RozellDorseLue18 Nov 193118 Sep 1932Briar Fork
RozellEdithUnk13 Nov 2000Maple Hill
RozellEdwadLee30 Oct 191705 Oct 1978Charity Baptist Church
RozellEdwardLee25 Sep 194403 Dec 1944Charity Baptist Church
RozellGregoryDawsonUnk26 Oct 1998Maple Hill
RozellJamesA.Unk18 Mar 1978Maple Hill
RozellJamesUnk14 Jun 1930Maple Hill
RozellJerryW.19401941Briar Fork
RozellLucyA.12 Apr 190718 Oct 1909Briar Fork
RozellMarySue25 Feb 192304 Oct 1924Briar Fork
RozellMiltonR.Unk11 Apr 1982Maple Hill
RozellNancySue13 Nov 184922 Aug 1932Briar Fork
RozellNellieShortUnk04 Aug 1972Maple Hill
RozellNora19071948Briar Fork
RozellRufordA.28 Mar 185102 Jul 1931Briar Fork
RozellSadieC.01 Feb 198619 Jan 1974Charity Baptist Church
RozellSadieElizabeth21 Nov 194108 Feb 1988Charity Baptist Church
RozellSarahUnk28 Sep 1918Maple Hill
RozellT.E.19041961Briar Fork
RozellThomasOliverUnk19 Aug 1948Maple Hill
RozellTurney1881NDDBriar Fork
RozellUnkUnkNDDBriar Fork
RozellV.M.Mrs.13 Feb 189523 Dec 1912Charity Baptist Church
RozellW.Unk10 Jan 1952Maple Hill
RozellWilsonLee03 Jul 196504 Jul 1965Bevill
RubicamMaryS.17 May 183610 Jun 1911Douglass-Pettus
RubinEleanorHarrisonUnk19 Sep 1986Maple Hill
RubleeLucyUnk09 Jul 1875Maple Hill
RuchR.Unk21 Jul 1968Maple Hill
RuchR.Unk21 Aug 1868Maple Hill
RuckerBillyJoe19 Oct 195405 Dec 1957Fowlkes
RuckerEllenJean19 Sep 196619 Sep 1966Fowlkes
RuckerInfantUnk21 Sep 1953Maple Hill
RuckerMargaretHelen12 Jan 193228 Aug 1995Fowlkes
RuckerMattieM.Unk05 Mar 1981Maple Hill
RuckerWalterUnk23 Sep 1944Maple Hill
RuddEdwinA.Unk03 May 1995Maple Hill
RuddMollieLeeUnk26 Apr 1969Charity Baptist Church
RuddWillieE.12 Jan 189126 Sep 1955Charity Baptist Church
RudjleJesseUnk18 Jan 1899Maple Hill
RudyAdaUnk03 Feb 1926Maple Hill
RufeElmerF.Unk29 Jun 2000Maple Hill
RufertW.Unk08 Feb 1917Maple Hill
RuffardUnkFemaleUnk06 Feb 1917Maple Hill
RufferEmilyUnk10 Dec 1898Maple Hill
RugeH.C.Unk06 Jul 1960Maple Hill
RuggD.C.Unk24 Jul 1870Maple Hill
RundelHenryUnk10 Aug 1867Maple Hill
RunnAnnieUnk18 Jun 1904Maple Hill
RunnelsM.S.Unk15 Jul 1867Maple Hill
RuppCharlotteG.Unk16 Feb 1997Maple Hill
RuppHenryC.Unk03 Mar 1981Maple Hill
RuscoeCharlesM.Unk21 Nov 1994Maple Hill
RuscoeSaraS.Unk14 Mar 1991Maple Hill
RushDorisJ.Saba04 Jan 195106 Aug 1982Huntsville Memory Gardens
RushEmilyAlicia03 Aug 198204 Aug 1982Huntsville Memory Gardens
RushJ.Unk04 Jan 1890Maple Hill
RushJamesW.Oct 186115 Oct 1902Neal Chapel
RushMarthaUnk06 Jan 1896Maple Hill
RushNoah04 Jul 185214 Apr 1889Madison
RushScottGregoryUnk29 May 1976Maple Hill
RushbrookBeulahLarkinUnk22 Jul 1988Maple Hill
RushbrookCharlesW.Unk04 Nov 1986Maple Hill
RushbrookCharlesUnk29 Oct 1952Maple Hill
RushbrookClaraUnkNDDMaple Hill
RushbrookClaraUnkNDDMaple Hill
RushbrookJamesA.Unk20 Apr 1982Maple Hill
RushbrookWalterUnk24 Jan 1915Maple Hill
RushtonJ.N.Unk04 Feb 1969Maple Hill
RuskKatherineG.Unk29 May 1996Maple Hill
RussEbenezerH.15 Feb 18561933Taylor
RussJack03 Mar 192308 Aug 1987Bush
RussJamesE.02 Jun 189307 Jan 1950Bush
RussLauraEllenUnk26 Aug 1989Maple Hill
RussLillieM.07 Oct 190215 Feb 1974Bush
RussSandraDee16 Jul 196824 Aug 2002Bush
RusselCharlieUnk19 Sep 1962Maple Hill
RusselLeebieUnk30 Jul 1960Maple Hill
RussellAddieUnk03 Apr 1953Maple Hill
RussellAlfred18 May 191703 Jun 1975Bush
RussellAliceR.02 Aug 189003 Mar 1911Bush
RussellAliceWatkinsCollier17 Oct 185707 Jun 1906Bush
RussellAmandaBell25 Oct 186031 Oct 1918Merrimack
RussellAnnieT.Unk31 Oct 1974Maple Hill
RussellBessieC.29 Jul 189817 Feb 1978Bush
RussellBessieKingUnk10 Dec 1981Maple Hill
RussellBessieUnk28 Mar 1922Maple Hill
RussellBeulah18841970Charity Baptist Church
RussellBurnellUnk19 Jul 1933Maple Hill
RussellC.H.Unk20 May 1950Maple Hill
RussellCarmenM.Unk07 Aug 1982Maple Hill
RussellCharlesS.06 Dec 188415 Mar 1957Mt. Zion
RussellCharlesUnk25 Feb 1922Maple Hill
RussellCharlie18811949Charity Baptist Church
RussellClaraLouUnk12 Jan 1970Maple Hill
RussellDavidAllen22 Jul 196310 Nov 1995Bush
RussellDavidW.Unk05 Apr 1947Maple Hill
RussellDonaUnk04 Dec 1929Maple Hill
RussellEdnaUnk26 Jul 1924Maple Hill
RussellEmmere30 Jul 192631 Jul 1926Charity Baptist Church
RussellEthelB.Unk26 Feb 1992Maple Hill
RussellEthelT.Unk12 Dec 1970Maple Hill
RussellEvelynUnk07 Jun 1933Maple Hill
RussellFernUnk18 Sep 1934Maple Hill
RussellFlorenceM.03 Dec 189614 Mar 1969Bush
RussellFrankW.Unk25 Aug 1936Maple Hill
RussellFredGene13 Dec 193513 Apr 1937Merrimack
RussellGarnerJ.Unk20 Jul 1981Maple Hill
RussellGeraldineUnk14 Feb 1926Maple Hill
RussellGladysUnk25 Jan 1950Maple Hill
RussellGlenG.11 Nov 190120 Sep 1931Bush
RussellGlennAllen27 Dec 194002 Feb 1980Bush
RussellHannahAug 179812 Aug 1848New Hope
RussellHarryLee24 Nov 189109 Jan 1966Bush
RussellHarveyUnk04 Apr 1930Maple Hill
RussellHarveyUnk30 Mar 1923Maple Hill
RussellHelenO.Unk01 Nov 1979Maple Hill
RussellHenryH.09 Aug 181106 Aug 1886Bush
RussellIdaM.30 Aug 188820 Jul 1967Bush
RussellIdaMae18 Apr 191709 Jan 1982Brandon
RussellIda22 Oct 190319 May 1964Northside
RussellJ.Archie01 Aug 188827 Oct 1968Bush
RussellJ.E.Weiss01 May 187022 Jan 1941Mt. Zion
RussellJ.Ethel17 May 189316 Jan 1969Bush
RussellJ.T.27 May 186026 Nov 1915Bush
RussellJamesE.13 Oct 191827 Aug 1985Brown
RussellJamesW.13 Apr 192113 Apr 1921Bush
RussellJamesUnk16 Jan 1930Maple Hill
RussellJamesUnk26 Oct 1927Maple Hill
RussellJayceleinUnk02 Jan 1928Maple Hill
RussellJessCalvinUnk18 May 1969Maple Hill
RussellJessieHarm11 Aug 190918 Dec 1909Charity Baptist Church
RussellJim18891973Pine Grove - Deposit
RussellJohnThomas28 Jan 193129 Jun 1959Charity Baptist Church
RussellJohnW.18831956Charity Baptist Church
RussellKennethCarlton14 Feb 193403 Dec 1987Bush
RussellLenzieL.06 Oct 191208 Feb 1990Bush
RussellLorenzaUnkNDDMaple Hill
RussellLoueEmmere19301930Charity Baptist Church
RussellLovenaUnk01 May 2005Maple Hill
RussellLuease26 Apr 192013 Jan 1923Charity Baptist Church
RussellLydaMarksUnk10 Mar 1948Maple Hill
RussellM.L.Unk29 Sep 1971Maple Hill
RussellMadgeUnk26 Dec 1940Maple Hill
RussellMagdalenJ.17 Aug 1917NDDBrown
RussellMaggieH.04 Sep 189412 Jun 1953Merrimack
RussellMargaretUnk30 Sep 1903Maple Hill
RussellMarjorieUnk17 Jul 1977Maple Hill
RussellMaryRebeccaLatham07 Dec 181922 Apr 1885Bush
RussellMary186421 Jul 1934Pine Grove - Deposit
RussellMaryUnk15 Oct 1866Bethel/Old Bethel
RussellMaryUnk14 Oct 1899Maple Hill
RussellMaryUnk24 Oct 1885Maple Hill
RussellMiltonUnk01 Sep 1933Maple Hill
RussellMinnie1885NDDCharity Baptist Church
RussellNellieMae24 Feb 188501 Aug 1885Bush
RussellNonaO.Unk19 Jun 1973Maple Hill
RussellNovieUnk31 Dec 1979Maple Hill
RussellO.B.19 Jul 190204 Jul 1970Maple Hill
RussellO.B.Unk03 Aug 1979Maple Hill
RussellOscarC.Unk18 Aug 1992Maple Hill
RussellOscarF.14 Feb 189221 Apr 1964Bush
RussellPattiUnk27 May 1974Maple Hill
RussellPaulineC.Unk01 Sep 1985Maple Hill
RussellPhoebeEsslingerUnk17 Mar 2001Maple Hill
RussellRichardL.11 Oct 189405 Aug 1980Bush
RussellRichardL.26 Jul 195328 Jul 1953Bush
RussellRobertE.29 Jun 183629 Nov 1937Bush
RussellRobertKelly10 Jun 189816 Apr 1947Charity Baptist Church
RussellRobertL.10 Feb 194717 May 1976Bush
RussellRobertUnk09 Aug 1972Maple Hill
RussellRobertUnk20 May 1930Maple Hill
RussellRonaldRaymondUnk27 May 2005Maple Hill
RussellRuby08 Dec 192201 May 1988Bush
RussellSallieUnk26 Jan 1902Maple Hill
RussellSamuelUnk16 May 1914Maple Hill
RussellSimonFate11 Apr 189322 May 1956Merrimack
RussellSuesyUnk27 Jan 1890Maple Hill
RussellThomasArchibald22 Feb 183706 Jun 1909Bush
RussellUnk02 Dec 191802 Dec 1918Bush
RussellW.Unk17 Feb 1953Maple Hill
RussellW.Unk21 Mar 1913Maple Hill
RussellWalterL.19302002Pine Grove - Deposit
RussellWilliamBrown28 Jun 190428 Nov 1914Charity Baptist Church
RussellWilliamFloyd18 Sep 190701 Jun 1920Charity Baptist Church
RussellWilliamH.25 Jun 192506 Mar 1983Bush
RussellWilliamL.Unk04 Oct 1979Maple Hill
RussellWilliamS.Unk30 Jan 1968Maple Hill
RussellWillieH.29 Jul 190002 Aug 1900Bush
RusslerBethT.Unk21 Sep 1983Maple Hill
RuthfordEstleUnk14 Sep 1928Maple Hill
RuthfordH.Unk14 Sep 1928Maple Hill
RuthledgeJanitaUnk22 Sep 1930Maple Hill
RuthlisbergerJohnUnk21 Mar 1932Maple Hill
RutlandAliceM.02 Mar 193512 Mar 2000Pleas Mount Baptist Church
RutlandAlice01 Jul 191713 Jan 1920Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
RutlandL.P.04 Aug 183312 Jul 1913Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
RutlandMarianna18691943Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
RutlandMarthaW.07 Dec 184213 Aug 1909Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
RutlandT.Howard19121939Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
RutledgeCharlesFranklinUnk11 Apr 1969Maple Hill
RutledgeDanielR.Unk10 Dec 1970Maple Hill
RutledgeEdnaUnkNDDMaple Hill
RutledgeErnieUnk07 Jul 1959Maple Hill
RutledgeGeorgeW.Unk21 Aug 1982Maple Hill
RutledgeJamesWarrenUnk09 Sep 1989Maple Hill
RutledgeMargaretE.Unk26 May 2002Maple Hill
RutledgeMarionUnk08 May 1951Maple Hill
RutledgeNancyCarolUnk03 Dec 2001Maple Hill
RutledgeR.MichaelUnk21 Nov 1978Maple Hill
RutledgeT.M.Unk24 Mar 1968Maple Hill
RutledgeWilliamSaundersUnk09 Oct 2000Maple Hill
RutledgeWillieFayeUnk27 Mar 1971Maple Hill
RuylondsR.M.Unk16 Mar 1961Maple Hill
RyalsM.E.11 Jan 186416 Aug 1933Madison Crossroads
RyalsThomasN.05 Oct 185617 Mar 1926Madison Crossroads
RyanAliceV.Unk20 Jan 1891Maple Hill
RyanDorothyBriggsUnk15 Jul 1968Maple Hill
RyanGeorgeH.30 Dec 191927 Nov 1989Fords Chapel
RyanH.P.Unk12 Sep 1882Maple Hill
RyanKathrynG.03 Oct 190806 Dec 1969Green Valley
RyanLaland19 Apr 191022 Apr 1973Green Valley
RyanLeslieToddUnk24 Jan 2006Maple Hill
RyanM.RussellUnk25 Jul 1874Maple Hill
RyanMarieH.Unk17 Jul 1991Maple Hill
RyanNannieUnk11 Oct 1989Maple Hill
RyanRupertE.Unk24 Oct 1971Maple Hill
RyanWilliamTrumanUnk26 Nov 1996Maple Hill
RyanWilliamUnk26 Apr 1888Maple Hill

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