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QuallsWilliam04 Aug 195328 Feb 1971Brandon
QuarlesJosieUnk16 Sep 1972Maple Hill
QuickAnnieM.Unk26 May 1996Maple Hill
QuickArthurB.Unk22 Sep 1983Maple Hill
QuickBettyUnk01 Sep 1973Maple Hill
QuickCharlesUnk28 Feb 1944Maple Hill
QuickDorothyUnk14 Dec 1924Maple Hill
QuickFannieUnkNDDMaple Hill
QuickFannieUnk01 Jun 1973Maple Hill
QuickJessieElmerUnk14 Feb 1981Maple Hill
QuickKnoxUnkNDDMaple Hill
QuickMaggieUnk20 Jun 1946Maple Hill
QuickMildredEvelynUnk30 Dec 2001Maple Hill
QuickNoraUnk31 Mar 1977Maple Hill
QuickR.Unk11 Apr 1928Maple Hill
QuickRanseyEarl27 Jul 189812 Jan 1966Maple Hill
QuickRobertE.Unk29 Mar 2004Maple Hill
QuickWilliamM.Unk01 Jan 1956Maple Hill
QuickWilliamUnk31 Mar 1956Maple Hill
QuigleyE.Unk28 Feb 1955Maple Hill
QuillanGusUnk14 Jan 1981Maple Hill
QuillenDavidUnk05 Sep 1942Maple Hill
QuillenPaulJ.09 Jul 187712 Jul 1947Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
QuillenT.S.UnkNDDPleas Mount Baptist Church
QuillenT.S.Mrs.UnkNDDPleas Mount Baptist Church
QuillenVernolaUnk14 Mar 1968Maple Hill
QuillianEdgarR.Unk04 Oct 1947Maple Hill
QuillianHiramUnk13 May 1951Maple Hill
QuillinDaveH.Unk10 Feb 1985Maple Hill
QuillinEdgarRossUnk15 Jul 1958Maple Hill
QuillinElizabethW.Unk27 Aug 1983Maple Hill
QuillinGertrudeUnk20 Jan 1939Maple Hill
QuillinLeroyUnk30 Dec 1973Maple Hill
QuillinMargaretL.UnkNDDMaple Hill
QuillinMaryHellen05 May 193611 Jan 1941Fowlkes
QuillinMaryW.Unk07 Oct 1995Maple Hill
QuillinMaudeUnk26 Jul 1943Maple Hill
QuillinPaulT.Unk15 May 1969Maple Hill
QuillinRubyLeeUnk18 Aug 2003Maple Hill
QuillmanEstelleUnk24 Jan 1999Maple Hill
QuillmanWilmotUnk31 Mar 1991Maple Hill
QuinnAllenUnk24 Dec 1929Maple Hill
QuinnMargaretUnk22 Oct 1933Maple Hill

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