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SmallBessieUnk01 Jan 1916Maple Hill
SmallBessieUnk23 Nov 1916Maple Hill
SmalleyEllaB.Unk07 Aug 1990Maple Hill
SmallwoodBurettUnk07 Aug 1917Maple Hill
SmallwoodHarryE.Unk27 May 1968Maple Hill
SmallwoodHenryC.Unk10 Oct 1984Maple Hill
SmallwoodMargaretUnk12 Feb 1967Maple Hill
SmartBlanton18871942Graveyard Hill
SmartCliffordM.19 Apr 192410 Aug 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
SmartEmma05 Mar 191330 Jul 2003Valhalla Memory Gardens
SmartErnest18971957Shady Grove
SmartJamesF.UnkNDDMaple Hill
SmartJamesF.UnkNDDMaple Hill
SmartMaryFrances08 Mar 187004 Nov 1936Graveyard Hill
SmarttAddie17 Mar 187712 Aug 1947Madison Crossroads
SmarttCecil23 Feb 190705 Sep 1969Madison Crossroads
SmarttCharlesEdward29 Aug 192024 May 1998Pine Grove - Deposit
SmarttFrances23 Jan 191910 Sep 1958Madison Crossroads
SmarttGeorgeD.19391979Pine Grove - Deposit
SmarttHermanR.19 Aug 190324 Dec 1969Madison Crossroads
SmarttJohnC.22 Jan 189310 Nov 1976Mt. Zion
SmarttMaryElizabethUnk11 Nov 1968Maple Hill
SmarttMaryM.03 Mar 191107 Apr 2002Madison Crossroads
SmarttMichaelRay21 Apr 196802 Jun 1980Madison Crossroads
SmarttOraM.21 Jan 192028 Dec 1989Penny
SmarttWilliam14 Mar 187420 Aug 1929Madison Crossroads
SmelcerGeorgeUnk06 Jul 1933Maple Hill
SmelcerH.Unk03 Oct 1950Maple Hill
SmelcerMattieUnk30 Jan 1931Maple Hill
SmeleerUnkMaleUnk25 Jun 1913Maple Hill
SmiMaggie19071934Shady Grove
SmileyJ.T.Unk15 Dec 1933Glenwood
SmithA.B.Mrs.Unk14 Mar 1879Maple Hill
SmithA.Unk30 Mar 1928Maple Hill
SmithA.Unk18 Apr 1918Maple Hill
SmithAaronLouis04 Nov 192405 Aug 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
SmithAdaL.18 Jan 190924 Nov 1970Hayden
SmithAddie18761965Charity Baptist Church
SmithAddieUnk15 Sep 1991Maple Hill
SmithAdinaUnk29 Jul 1998Maple Hill
SmithAlbertD.UnkNDDMaple Hill
SmithAlbertDewittUnk04 Dec 1986Maple Hill
SmithAlbertaMcCuistonUnk25 Mar 2005Maple Hill
SmithAlfredUnk27 Sep 1957Maple Hill
SmithAliceGaultUnk21 Feb 1949Maple Hill
SmithAllanN.Unk12 Oct 1973Maple Hill
SmithAlleneUnk14 Mar 1980Maple Hill
SmithAlsphaE.Unk22 Feb 1969Maple Hill
SmithAltonF.19591983Pine Grove - Deposit
SmithAlvaB.23 Mar 191814 Nov 1972Maple Hill
SmithAlvaB.Unk01 Mar 1972Maple Hill
SmithAlvieD.Unk27 Dec 1993Maple Hill
SmithAmaranda18441902Shady Grove
SmithAndrewEdward13 Oct 192520 Nov 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
SmithAndrewGordon01 Nov 191202 Sep 1987Green Valley
SmithAnnaUnk11 Dec 1888Maple Hill
SmithAnnieLeeUnk20 Jul 1960Maple Hill
SmithAnnieMaeUnk05 Jul 1989Maple Hill
SmithArcieE.UnkNDDMaple Hill
SmithArthurHallUnk01 Dec 1958Maple Hill
SmithArtieRossUnk23 Sep 1985Maple Hill
SmithAustin03 Apr 192313 Jan 1989Fowlkes
SmithB.A.Unk06 Apr 1956Maple Hill
SmithB.W.10 May 183627 Dec 1900Kennamer
SmithBeller18931968Center Grove
SmithBernanUnk27 Oct 1938Maple Hill
SmithBerthaUnk05 May 1977Maple Hill
SmithBerthaUnk29 Dec 1973Maple Hill
SmithBessieM.188501 Jan 1910Merrimack
SmithBessieM.Unk11 Oct 1987Maple Hill
SmithBessie18861952Center Grove
SmithBettieLee21 Mar 190706 Aug 1995Moon
SmithBettieUnk09 Nov 1932Maple Hill
SmithBettyAnn23 May 193913 Apr 2005Twickenham
SmithBettyB.Unk11 Jun 2001Maple Hill
SmithBettyLynnSavageUnk12 Oct 2005New Sharon
SmithBettyFaulkner03 Sep 195821 Nov 1977Moon
SmithBeulahBrown18841952Charity Baptist Church
SmithBillieJoe25 Feb 193111 Mar 1931Hayden
SmithBillyEzekiel18 Dec 193226 Aug 1987Hayden
SmithBobL.Unk27 Jul 1991Maple Hill
SmithBobLorenUnk14 Sep 1975Maple Hill
SmithBobbyUnk09 Oct 1956Maple Hill
SmithBonnieAnnUnk07 Oct 1998Maple Hill
SmithBonnieUnkNDDMaple Hill
SmithBruceUnk12 Mar 1955Maple Hill
SmithBufordUnk31 May 1972Maple Hill
SmithBurtonMcCordUnk28 Mar 1977Maple Hill
SmithBurtonR.Unk11 Mar 1974Maple Hill
SmithBusterUnk25 Oct 1999Maple Hill
SmithC.J.Unk21 Jun 1974Maple Hill
SmithCaldonia14 Apr 188517 Sep 1916Merrimack
SmithCallieLyon18 Mar 1936NDDBaker - Owens Cross Road
SmithCallieUnk17 Dec 1933Maple Hill
SmithCarlB.Unk14 Nov 1983Maple Hill
SmithCarlUnk16 Dec 1956Maple Hill
SmithCarlUnk15 Jan 1922Maple Hill
SmithCarlenaUnk30 Aug 1998Maple Hill
SmithCarrieMaeUnk13 Dec 1961Maple Hill
SmithCharlesE.Unk11 Aug 1984Maple Hill
SmithCharlesF.Unk15 May 1983Maple Hill
SmithCharlesH.Unk16 Jul 1978Maple Hill
SmithCharlesR.Unk20 Nov 1981Maple Hill
SmithCharlesUnk24 Jan 1991Maple Hill
SmithCharlesUnk18 Apr 1930Maple Hill
SmithCharlesUnk24 Dec 1898Maple Hill
SmithCharlieG.07 May 189404 Jun 1966Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
SmithCharlieUnk13 Jan 1955Maple Hill
SmithCherryWadleyUnk02 Oct 1999Maple Hill
SmithChristineUnk04 Aug 1953Maple Hill
SmithChristineUnk18 Jan 1922Maple Hill
SmithChristineUnk01 Jan 1917Maple Hill
SmithClaraM.Kelly11 Aug 189105 Nov 1973Moon
SmithClara19021979Pine Grove - Deposit
SmithClaraWalkerUnk05 Jan 2006Maple Hill
SmithClaraUnk13 Mar 1896Maple Hill
SmithClarenceD.UnkNDDMaple Hill
SmithClaudeL.Unk08 Sep 1985Maple Hill
SmithCleoUnk27 Jul 1986Maple Hill
SmithCleoUnk30 Nov 1953Maple Hill
SmithColemanM.Unk02 Feb 1957Maple Hill
SmithColemanUnk26 Mar 1970Maple Hill
SmithCora10 Apr 188107 Sep 1967Maple Hill
SmithCoralL.11 Sep 192631 May 1982Moon
SmithCoyleUnk17 Oct 1898Maple Hill
SmithCressieUnk15 Oct 1979Maple Hill
SmithD.N.Unk08 Mar 1900Maple Hill
SmithDaisyB.Unk15 Dec 1962Maple Hill
SmithDanielMurphy01 Oct 191207 May 1985Moon
SmithDavidN.Unk10 Jan 1995Maple Hill
SmithDavidUnk08 Mar 1952Maple Hill
SmithDavidUnk18 Jul 1914Maple Hill
SmithDelmaTurnerUnk15 Jun 2004Maple Hill
SmithDerrylA.Unk15 Nov 1981Maple Hill
SmithDeweyH.Unk13 Oct 1988Maple Hill
SmithDillardL.10 Sep 187123 Feb 1952Fowlkes
SmithDonaldLouis24 Nov 193206 Mar 1993Murphy Hill
SmithDonaldR.Unk16 Jul 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
SmithDorothyF.Unk02 Jan 2004Maple Hill
SmithDorothyUnk06 Jan 1938Maple Hill
SmithDorreneUnk13 Feb 2003Maple Hill
SmithDoyleUnk09 May 1952Maple Hill
SmithE.B.Unk08 May 1958Maple Hill
SmithE.G.Unk11 Jul 1876Maple Hill
SmithEarlH.28 Apr 189507 Mar 1973Charity Baptist Church
SmithEarlUnk14 Feb 1953Maple Hill
SmithEdgarE.Unk15 Aug 1977Maple Hill
SmithEdithHazelUnk31 Jul 2001Maple Hill
SmithEdwardC.05 Dec 187617 Jun 1950Moon
SmithEdwardJamesUnk25 Nov 1999Maple Hill
SmithEdwardTerry18 Jan 193805 Nov 1938Camp Ground
SmithEdwardUnk26 Jan 1915Maple Hill
SmithEileenT.Unk23 May 2000Maple Hill
SmithElaUnk29 Sep 1917Maple Hill
SmithEldridgeLee13 Apr 194102 Jan 1975Booker
SmithElijaJaneUnk05 Aug 1886Maple Hill
SmithElijaMrs.Unk06 May 1958Maple Hill
SmithElisabethMossUnk06 Feb 1987Maple Hill
SmithElizabethA.Unk04 Dec 1977Maple Hill
SmithElizabethM.Unk05 Jan 1985Maple Hill
SmithElizabethUnk26 Dec 2004Maple Hill
SmithElizabethSammonsUnk25 Mar 2003Maple Hill
SmithEllaMay19021941Neal Chapel
SmithElla18801936Charity Baptist Church
SmithEllaUnk22 Jun 1987Maple Hill
SmithEllieV.15 Mar 191517 Oct 1977Northside
SmithEllisE.25 Apr 192130 Oct 1982Moon
SmithEllisEmpson02 Mar 195626 Jan 1978Moon
SmithElmaWhitaker12 Sep 191516 Feb 2003Hayden
SmithElwynCooper25 Jul 195527 Jul 1955Rice
SmithEmmaUnk15 Nov 1941Maple Hill
SmithEmmettH.29 Sep 191420 Mar 1986Charity Baptist Church
SmithErskineUnk07 Jan 1978Maple Hill
SmithEstella23 Mar 191522 Mar 1917Merrimack
SmithEsterB.Unk17 Sep 1987Maple Hill
SmithEthelH.Unk12 Feb 1982Maple Hill
SmithEthelMarieUnk07 Dec 2000Maple Hill
SmithEugeniaUnk17 Jul 1994Maple Hill
SmithEuphiaT.Unk11 Sep 1979Maple Hill
SmithFannieBell01 Nov 191117 Oct 1921Rice
SmithFannieE.29 Sep 187717 Dec 1955Fowlkes
SmithFannieUnk27 Aug 1956Maple Hill
SmithFletcherB.Unk15 Jul 1978Maple Hill
SmithFlorence12 Apr 190401 Mar 1977Fowlkes
SmithFlorenceUnk10 Oct 1934Maple Hill
SmithFloydEarl15 Sep 191406 Feb 1978Moon
SmithFrancesRadneyUnk13 Jul 1995Maple Hill
SmithFrankDanielUnk20 Jun 1909Maple Hill
SmithFrankT.Unk05 Dec 1969Maple Hill
SmithFrankUnk06 Jan 1924Maple Hill
SmithFrankUnk07 Nov 1921Maple Hill
SmithFredA.Unk27 Jan 1990Maple Hill
SmithFredB.Unk07 Jun 1974Maple Hill
SmithG.W.Unk06 Aug 1877Maple Hill
SmithG.W.Unk14 Jul 1869Maple Hill
SmithG.Unk08 Mar 1929Maple Hill
SmithGaryMichaelUnk19 Nov 1946Moon
SmithGaryUnk23 Sep 1959Maple Hill
SmithGeorgeW.06 Jun 184311 Jan 1916Gurley
SmithGeorgiaLeeUnk08 Dec 2004Maple Hill
SmithGertrudeB.02 Jun 189724 Dec 1940Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
SmithGertrudeR.28 Nov 191020 Jul 1998Bevill
SmithGlendaFaye29 Aug 194103 Sep 1941New Hope
SmithGoldenM.Unk27 Nov 1962Maple Hill
SmithGordon01 Dec 190115 Nov 1972Maple Hill
SmithGraceUnk05 Sep 1985Maple Hill
SmithGracieA.02 Oct 192128 May 1947Hayden
SmithGradyUnk09 Jul 1981Maple Hill
SmithGradyUnk27 Sep 1934Maple Hill
SmithGroverUnk03 Nov 1952Maple Hill
SmithGwendolynR.14 Mar 191823 Feb 1978Northside
SmithH.H.09 Jan 187602 Feb 1944Hayden
SmithH.J.Unk19 Jun 1973Maple Hill
SmithHallieUnk27 Feb 1945Maple Hill
SmithHannibalJeromeUnk06 Dec 1965Maple Hill
SmithHaroldUnk01 Jul 1901Maple Hill
SmithHarrisL.Unk19 Jun 2001Maple Hill
SmithHarryUnk20 Jan 1937Maple Hill
SmithHattie18 Mar 189911 Feb 1970Northside
SmithHattieUnk18 Apr 1952Maple Hill
SmithHayden18961953Madison Crossroads
SmithHazelLooney25 Oct 190807 May 1909Neal Chapel
SmithHazelPrinceUnk25 Feb 2005Maple Hill
SmithHazelUnk30 Jan 1984Maple Hill
SmithHelenK.24 Feb 193028 Jan 1990Fowlkes
SmithHelenMaeSimmonsUnk03 Jan 1999Maple Hill
SmithHelenUnk07 Nov 1984Maple Hill
SmithHelenUnk17 Jun 1935Maple Hill
SmithHenryErskineUnk30 Oct 2002Maple Hill
SmithHermanUnk24 Dec 1937Maple Hill
SmithHershelLowe06 Apr 190609 Apr 1906Rice
SmithHildaWomackUnk02 Mar 2002Maple Hill
SmithHolbertR.Unk10 Feb 1973Maple Hill
SmithHomerM.Unk22 Feb 1985Maple Hill
SmithHowardP.27 Jan 1908NDDHayden
SmithHubertD.03 Apr 191312 Apr 1997Neal Chapel
SmithHughAltonUnk21 Feb 1989Maple Hill
SmithImojeanD.Unk28 May 1999Maple Hill
SmithInfantMaleUnk27 Oct 1946Maple Hill
SmithInfantMaleUnk18 Sep 1942Maple Hill
SmithIreneThroneberryUnk13 Jul 1996Maple Hill
SmithIreneUnk20 Jun 1969Maple Hill
SmithIveyB.Unk16 Nov 1978Maple Hill
SmithJ.D.Unk25 Aug 1991Maple Hill
SmithJ.T.11 May 193410 Feb 2002Moon
SmithJ.ThomasUnk17 Oct 1895Maple Hill
SmithJ.W.18651948Charity Baptist Church
SmithJ.W.Unk16 Jun 1896Maple Hill
SmithJ.Unk26 Aug 1951Maple Hill
SmithJ.Unk05 Feb 1929Maple Hill
SmithJamesC.Unk27 Mar 2001Maple Hill
SmithJamesClarenceUnk13 Jan 1981Maple Hill
SmithJamesD.04 Aug 193115 Jan 1932Fowlkes
SmithJamesD.07 Dec 193129 Sep 1983Baker - Owens Cross Road
SmithJamesE.12 Aug 190223 Jan 1973Northside
SmithJamesE.Unk16 Dec 1898Maple Hill
SmithJamesH.Unk19 Oct 1891Maple Hill
SmithJamesMapleUnk11 Sep 1986Maple Hill
SmithJamesMartinUnk28 Jan 1989Maple Hill
SmithJamesMauriceUnk15 May 1966Maple Hill
SmithJamesMurray24 May 191125 Aug 1959Hayden
SmithJamesR.28 Jan 185630 Jul 1921Rice
SmithJamesRandolphUnk13 Oct 1963Maple Hill
SmithJamesRichardUnk20 Apr 1969Maple Hill
SmithJamesRodneyUnk19 Apr 1999Maple Hill
SmithJamesS.Unk10 Dec 1898Maple Hill
SmithJamesSamuelUnk14 Nov 1991Maple Hill
SmithJamesT.18641946Charity Baptist Church
SmithJamesUnk23 Dec 1939Maple Hill
SmithJamesUnk14 Mar 1932Maple Hill
SmithJamesUnk19 Dec 1898Maple Hill
SmithJane17781942Bethel/Old Bethel
SmithJeanUnk24 Jan 1980Maple Hill
SmithJeanLeague11 Jun 193726 Nov 2001Murphy Hill
SmithJeanneE.Unk28 Mar 1984Maple Hill
SmithJeffMrs.UnkNDDMaple Hill
SmithJeffUnk22 Dec 2003Maple Hill
SmithJennieUnk09 Jun 1885Maple Hill
SmithJeromeW.Unk02 Oct 1951Maple Hill
SmithJerryN.Unk17 Jun 1973Maple Hill
SmithJerryWayne19451947Charity Baptist Church
SmithJesseEugeneUnk11 Jun 1999Maple Hill
SmithJesseUnk06 Sep 1945Maple Hill
SmithJessieLeeUnk14 Mar 1989Maple Hill
SmithJessieW.Mrs.Unk21 Aug 1988Maple Hill
SmithJessieUnk16 Oct 1933Maple Hill
SmithJimmyD.04 Sep 195011 Feb 1984Fowlkes
SmithJoAnnUnk27 Jan 2004Maple Hill
SmithJoeAllen30 Jul 193630 Jul 1936Madison Crossroads
SmithJohnAlfordUnk26 Dec 1973Maple Hill
SmithJohnH.C.Unk13 Jan 1899Maple Hill
SmithJohnL.Unk30 Nov 1900Maple Hill
SmithJohnR.Unk08 Oct 1899Maple Hill
SmithJohnRichardUnk05 May 1976Maple Hill
SmithJohnS.24 Oct 187207 Feb 1924Jenkins
SmithJohnW.Unk30 Apr 1979Maple Hill
SmithJohnW.Unk24 May 1960Maple Hill
SmithJohnWendell13 Apr 192529 Sep 1969Northside
SmithJohnWesleyUnk16 Jul 1980Maple Hill
SmithJohnUnk30 Oct 1939Maple Hill
SmithJohnUnk07 Dec 1926Maple Hill
SmithJohnUnk25 Jun 1917Maple Hill
SmithJohnUnk25 Oct 1898Maple Hill
SmithJohnieWilliam25 Jul 192602 Jan 1984Huntsville Memory Gardens
SmithJohnnieA.Unk06 Feb 1983Maple Hill
SmithJosephAtlasUnk04 Jun 1949Maple Hill
SmithJosephBenUnk23 May 1980Maple Hill
SmithJosephEdwardUnk19 Jun 1950Maple Hill
SmithJosephF.30 Aug 188403 Mar 1965Hayden
SmithJosephUnk15 Nov 1937Maple Hill
SmithJosephineL.Unk21 Mar 1992Maple Hill
SmithJosieS.Unk23 May 1931Maple Hill
SmithJuliaMargaretUnk09 Jan 1954Maple Hill
SmithKatherineUnk14 Sep 1975Maple Hill
SmithKatieLou02 Oct 190327 Oct 1967Maple Hill
SmithKelvinAnthony17 Feb 196603 Feb 2005Booker
SmithKennethLaVon12 Nov 196829 Mar 2001Booker
SmithKevinD.30 Sep 197608 Nov 1998Huntsville Memory Gardens
SmithKimberlyElizabethUnk28 Oct 1965Maple Hill
SmithKiplingC.Unk17 Feb 1974Maple Hill
SmithKirbyUnk20 May 1898Maple Hill
SmithLalaDaphneUnk10 Sep 1971Maple Hill
SmithLauraD.Everson15 May 191201 Jan 1975Collier - Triana
SmithLauraE.29 Apr 187829 Apr 1950Jenkins
SmithLawrenceUnk13 May 1968Maple Hill
SmithLawson13 Oct 191316 AprNorthside
SmithLeamonCarlos13 May 190601 Mar 1996Tuck
SmithLeeAlbertUnk19 Jun 1978Maple Hill
SmithLemuelB.Unk17 Mar 1981Maple Hill
SmithLenaA.Fowler27 May 1876Aug 1928Madison
SmithLenaS.Unk15 May 1968Maple Hill
SmithLenoraBeatriceUnk14 Feb 1960Maple Hill
SmithLenwardLeeUnk15 Jul 1989Maple Hill
SmithLeonHarris19011973Fords Chapel
SmithLeonaB.Unk18 Jun 1987Maple Hill
SmithLeonidasHoustonUnk28 Jul 1965Maple Hill
SmithLeroy13 Dec 190418 Feb 1990St. Ruth
SmithLeroy19091980Center Grove
SmithLetaUnk05 Jan 1919Maple Hill
SmithLethaE.Unk16 May 1961Maple Hill
SmithLethaUnk31 Oct 1979Maple Hill
SmithLillianR.Unk28 Dec 1993Maple Hill
SmithLillianUnk12 Dec 1927Maple Hill
SmithLillieMaeUnk02 Jul 1987Maple Hill
SmithLillieMaeUnk24 Jul 1976Maple Hill
SmithLillieV.26 Sep 190606 Sep 1911Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
SmithLillieDorning12 Nov 190931 May 2001Tuck
SmithLillieUnk07 May 1939Maple Hill
SmithLizzie01 Dec 187505 Dec 1931Rice
SmithLoisUnk30 Dec 2004Maple Hill
SmithLoisMcClureUnk18 Feb 2000Maple Hill
SmithLolaMaeHoover19111995Fords Chapel
SmithLoraG.Unk03 Nov 1971Maple Hill
SmithLouiseUnk21 Dec 1994Maple Hill
SmithLouiseUnk14 Apr 1992Maple Hill
SmithLouvenia19091991Valhalla Memory Gardens
SmithLucile26 Dec 192225 Apr 1965Brandon
SmithLucilleS.Unk26 Aug 2000Maple Hill
SmithLucyUnk18 Feb 1992Maple Hill
SmithLukeUnk30 Nov 1900Maple Hill
SmithLulaPurserUnk29 Sep 1962Maple Hill
SmithLutherUnk09 Mar 1986Maple Hill
SmithMableD.Biles14 May 193721 Jun 1992Madison Crossroads
SmithMaggieUnk28 Jan 1965Maple Hill
SmithMalcolmE.Unk27 Jun 1987Maple Hill
SmithMamieE.Unk09 Aug 1981Maple Hill
SmithMamieE.Unk18 Feb 1980Maple Hill
SmithMapleW.UnkNDDMaple Hill
SmithMargaretRuthUnk29 Jan 1994Maple Hill
SmithMargaretUnk06 Jan 1971Maple Hill
SmithMargaretUnk08 Jan 1953Maple Hill
SmithMargaretUnk20 Oct 1942Maple Hill
SmithMargueriteCouch05 Feb 191401 Apr 1973Maple Hill
SmithMaryA.19 Apr 1839NDDGurley
SmithMaryElizabeth20 Oct 188929 Dec 1957Glenwood
SmithMaryJaneUnk20 Feb 2006Maple Hill
SmithMaryL.22 Aug 185320 May 1896Tuck
SmithMaryLou28 Nov 193330 Nov 1933Hayden
SmithMaryLouUnk12 Jan 1985Maple Hill
SmithMaryLouiseUnk17 Apr 1959Maple Hill
SmithMaryT.01 Sep 189422 Dec 1977Northside
SmithMaryW.Unk30 Jan 2002Maple Hill
SmithMary19051997Madison Crossroads
SmithMaryAndersonUnk19 Jun 2002Maple Hill
SmithMaryUnk10 Sep 1987Maple Hill
SmithMaryDeamUnk16 Oct 1961Maple Hill
SmithMaryUnk10 Dec 1940Maple Hill
SmithMaryUnk18 Apr 1938Maple Hill
SmithMaryUnk07 Jun 1928Maple Hill
SmithMaryUnk20 Jun 1904Maple Hill
SmithMichaelAndre28 Jan 195928 Dec 1985Northside
SmithMildredO.Unk08 Nov 1992Maple Hill
SmithMinnieDoran01 May 188426 Nov 1950Hayden
SmithMissouriJ.Unk18 Nov 1990Maple Hill
SmithMollyCarolynLemley26 Aug 194116 Oct 1998Cedar Grove
SmithN.A.185323 Sep 1928Rice
SmithNancyE.25 Sep 187723 Feb 1957Moon
SmithNancyEdnaFuller19 May 184712 Aug 1886Cove
SmithNancyLouise29 Jan 193411 Jun 1976Northside
SmithNancyCobb28 Aug 188108 Feb 1968Moon
SmithNancyUnk10 Sep 1953Maple Hill
SmithNannieM.28 Sep 191614 Jul 1958Glenwood
SmithNathan14 Jan 190002 Sep 1975Fowlkes
SmithNellUnk16 Feb 1970Maple Hill
SmithNellUnk05 Dec 1933Maple Hill
SmithNellieJo23 Oct 1935NDDMoon
SmithNellieVirginiaUnk22 Feb 1997Maple Hill
SmithNewtonJasonUnk07 Feb 2005Twickenham
SmithNicolasLathamUnk06 Aug 1996Maple Hill
SmithNinaI.20 Dec 191604 Jul 1997Moon
SmithNormaHiettUnk27 Apr 1928Maple Hill
SmithO.T.Unk28 Aug 1960Maple Hill
SmithOdellUnk21 Jun 1984Maple Hill
SmithO'DelleUnk02 May 1934Maple Hill
SmithOffardUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
SmithOllie02 Sep 194725 Jul 2005Royal
SmithOpalGeorgeUnk28 Jul 1990Maple Hill
SmithOrvilleH.Unk23 Jul 1961Maple Hill
SmithOzellUnk29 Jan 1952Maple Hill
SmithPaulB.Unk12 Jun 2004Maple Hill
SmithPaulineS.Unk24 Dec 1971Maple Hill
SmithPernieO.Unk25 Dec 1985Maple Hill
SmithPeterUnk27 May 1917Maple Hill
SmithPrestonC.Unk14 Feb 1897Maple Hill
SmithR.C.Unk20 Jul 1875Maple Hill
SmithR.C.Unk22 Jun 1874Maple Hill
SmithRaeG.Unk24 Sep 1898Maple Hill
SmithRalphBentonUnk16 Nov 1998Maple Hill
SmithRalphE.16 Jan 190012 Apr 1971Maple Hill
SmithRobertE.10 Jan 193104 Nov 1971Bevill
SmithRobertK.Unk08 Mar 1962Maple Hill
SmithRobertL.Unk27 Oct 2004Maple Hill
SmithRobertL.Unk02 Aug 1898Maple Hill
SmithRobertLee24 Feb 190321 Oct 1992Bevill
SmithRobertTheronUnk24 Jan 1988Maple Hill
SmithRobertUnk19 Mar 1930Maple Hill
SmithRoberta Louise29 Aug 192910 Mar 1983Moon
SmithRogerUnk12 Aug 1945Maple Hill
SmithRollieUnk10 Jun 1938Maple Hill
SmithRonaldGoodmanUnk01 Feb 2003Maple Hill
SmithRonnieUnk22 Feb 1990Maple Hill
SmithRosaUnk24 Jun 1929Maple Hill
SmithRoscoeUnk02 Mar 1999Maple Hill
SmithRoyE.Unk29 Jun 1981Maple Hill
SmithRuby04 Jan 191710 Feb 1922Rice
SmithRubyCross27 Apr 191914 Apr 1985Green Valley
SmithRubyUnk16 Jul 1920Maple Hill
SmithRusselUnk12 Oct 1962Maple Hill
SmithRusselUnk11 Apr 1898Maple Hill
SmithRussellW.13 May 187808 Nov 1941Moon
SmithRuthHazelUnk16 May 1947Maple Hill
SmithRuthM.Unk17 Sep 1989Maple Hill
SmithRuthyUnk26 Jan 1902Maple Hill
SmithSadieUnk28 Feb 1941Maple Hill
SmithSallieE.17 Sep 187518 May 1918Hayden
SmithSamuelC.Unk16 Jul 1970Maple Hill
SmithSamuelThomasUnk10 Nov 2004Maple Hill
SmithSamuelThomasUnk14 Jul 1968Maple Hill
SmithSamuelWesleyUnk09 Feb 1962Maple Hill
SmithSamuelUnk17 Aug 1920Maple Hill
SmithSanfordUnk04 May 1952Maple Hill
SmithSarahC.Unk01 Jan 1929Maple Hill
SmithSarahJ.06 Sep 185020 Sep 1927Hayden
SmithSarah06 Mar 183614 Feb 1898Kennamer
SmithSarahKenneyUnk23 Oct 1996Maple Hill
SmithSarahUnk10 Sep 1929Maple Hill
SmithSarahUnk24 Feb 1927Maple Hill
SmithSheliaDeannaUnk22 Apr 1983Maple Hill
SmithSidneyA.Unk09 Jun 1987Maple Hill
SmithSophiaL.Unk18 Dec 1979Maple Hill
SmithStanleyP.Unk04 Dec 1977Maple Hill
SmithStellaUnk23 Sep 1974Maple Hill
SmithSusanS.Unk13 Feb 1914Maple Hill
SmithSusieUnk22 Jan 1921Maple Hill
SmithSybilDeenUnk15 Feb 2001Maple Hill
SmithT.Ed18 May 190815 Jan 1999Moon
SmithTammyJ.Unk09 Sep 1978Maple Hill
SmithTeletteUnk05 Aug 1978Maple Hill
SmithThomasOwen19081949Fords Chapel
SmithThosUnk27 Dec 1928Maple Hill
SmithTrennaMarieUnk13 Jul 2001Maple Hill
SmithUnkFemaleUnk30 Dec 1901Maple Hill
SmithUnkFemaleUnk14 Feb 1886Maple Hill
SmithUnkS.Unk10 Jul 1903Maple Hill
SmithVelmaUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
SmithVelmaUnk03 Jan 1982Maple Hill
SmithVernaUnk06 Jan 1985Maple Hill
SmithViolaS.Unk05 Jun 1993Maple Hill
SmithViolaMitchell26 Jul 194213 Jan 1998Booker
SmithVioletH.Unk30 Oct 1992Maple Hill
SmithVirginiaP.UnkNDDMaple Hill
SmithVirginiaUnk15 May 1943Maple Hill
SmithVirginiaUnk26 May 1903Maple Hill
SmithW.S.Unk11 Apr 1900Maple Hill
SmithW.Unk08 Nov 1898Maple Hill
SmithWalker28 Feb 188709 Feb 1910Glenwood
SmithWalterA.Unk07 Dec 1998Maple Hill
SmithWalterH.21 Aug 186201 Jan 1937Rice
SmithWalterUnk29 Jun 1941Maple Hill
SmithWilfordWarrenUnk09 May 1991Maple Hill
SmithWilliamA.Unk28 Apr 1980Maple Hill
SmithWilliamCharlesUnk04 Sep 2000Maple Hill
SmithWilliamDavid30 Apr 1866Jun 1937Madison
SmithWilliamF.Unk13 Jun 1965Maple Hill
SmithWilliamH.UnkNDDMaple Hill
SmithWilliamH.UnkNDDMaple Hill
SmithWilliamH.Unk16 May 1899Maple Hill
SmithWilliamL.Unk30 Jun 1971Maple Hill
SmithWilliamOtha19 Jan 191118 Apr 1982Northside
SmithWilliamRoscoeUnk25 Aug 1965Maple Hill
SmithWilliamSamuelUnk14 Jun 1950Maple Hill
SmithWilliamShepardUnk24 Apr 1951Maple Hill
SmithWilliamThirloUnk26 Dec 1979Maple Hill
SmithWilliamW.18 Oct 189105 Aug 1936Moon
SmithWilliamW.25 Jan 191224 Jan 1985Moon
SmithWilliamUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
SmithWilliamUnk13 Sep 1958Maple Hill
SmithWilliamUnk25 Aug 1946Maple Hill
SmithWilliamUnk22 Feb 1945Maple Hill
SmithWilliamUnk10 Apr 1943Maple Hill
SmithWilliamUnk01 Jun 1935Maple Hill
SmithWilliamUnk04 Apr 1921Maple Hill
SmithWilliamUnk01 Sep 1920Maple Hill
SmithWillieMariaUnk23 Jun 1937Maple Hill
SmithWillieMartinUnk09 Aug 1906Maple Hill
SmithWilmaO.Unk08 Mar 1986Maple Hill
SmithWilmaBrooks05 Oct 191606 Apr 2005Charity Baptist Church
SmithWilsonD.Unk15 Nov 1981Maple Hill
SmithWinfredUnk05 Oct 1982Maple Hill
SmithWinnieV.Unk25 Aug 1989Maple Hill
SmithWoodieL.01 Mar 189412 Nov 1966Maple Hill
SmithBeatriceUnk09 Nov 1964Maple Hill
SmithenEarerestUnk26 Apr 1930Maple Hill
SmithersRobertUnk04 Aug 1894Maple Hill
SmithersSandy28 Dec 188114 Jan 1975Northside
SmitheyBellUnk25 Feb 1965Maple Hill
SmitheyHooverUnk26 Nov 1923Maple Hill
SmitheyJ.W.18 Jun 191909 Jul 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
SmitheyJ.W.26 Oct 188902 Mar 1919Bellview
SmitheyJohnUnk02 May 1955Maple Hill
SmitheyLexieP.17 Dec 189330 Jan 1990Bellview
SmitheyLulaGeorgiaCampbell29 Oct 187918 Feb 1953Bellview
SmitheyLyle13 Jan 187515 Jun 1962Bellview
SmitheyMaryUnk01 Feb 1941Maple Hill
SmitheyOllaUnk27 Jan 1901Maple Hill
SmitheyOscarUnk03 Jun 1957Maple Hill
SmitheyOtisUnk08 Feb 1915Maple Hill
SmitheyWilliamOscarUnk27 Jul 1964Maple Hill
SmithyHomerUnk14 Dec 1951Maple Hill
SmithyHomerUnk01 Jul 1927Maple Hill
SmithyStephanUnk05 Jan 1930Maple Hill
SmockRichardUnk21 Dec 1984Maple Hill
SmootCoraL.06 Dec 187318 Jan 1927Merrimack
SmootLuellaUnk11 May 2004Maple Hill
SmootSallieUnk23 Nov 1923Maple Hill
SmothermanCora18931941Charity Baptist Church
SmothermanE.Louise09 Jul 191621 Dec 1994Charity Baptist Church
SmothermanMaryLou20 Nov 191404 Oct 1983Moon
SmothermanRiley03 Oct 189026 Aug 1952Charity Baptist Church
SmothermanW.L.16 Aug 191131 Oct 1987Moon
SmothermonTalmageUnk12 Feb 2006Maple Hill
SmothersBerthaK.08 Aug 192410 Sep 1987Northside
SnappJackTiptonUnk18 May 1985Maple Hill
SneedArnoldVaughnUnk11 Feb 1970Maple Hill
SneedBessieH.01 Apr 192712 Dec 1994Sneed
SneedCharlesWesley16 Dec 191107 Sep 1978Sneed
SneedClaytonB.19 Oct 191631 May 1990Sneed
SneedDorisLouiseUnk26 Jan 1931Sneed
SneedJamesWilliamUnk23 Dec 1958Maple Hill
SneedJessieDavid18 Jan 189901 Oct 1981Sneed
SneedJoelDean13 Dec 194924 Oct 1966Sneed
SneedLouiseBirchfield28 May 191806 Dec 1971Sneed
SneedMaryR.Unk10 Aug 2001Maple Hill
SneedNoraL.SneedJan 190023 Oct 1918Ragsdale
SneedW.P.02 Jan 189816 Oct 1918Ragsdale
SneedWilliamAddisonUnk05 Oct 1950Sneed
SnellDonaldL.Unk17 Aug 1978Maple Hill
SnipesEdwardClarenceUnk17 Jan 1963Maple Hill
SnipesEdwardUnk26 Oct 1935Maple Hill
SnipesHazelS.Unk17 Jul 1962Maple Hill
SnipesMinnieL.28 Apr 191208 Oct 1994Kennamer
SnipesNorahDuganUnk11 May 1959Maple Hill
SnipesThomasB.12 Nov 191102 Feb 1988Kennamer
SnipesThomasM.Unk05 Dec 1991Maple Hill
SnipesThomasM.Unk14 Jan 1982Maple Hill
SnipesThomasUnk03 Dec 1943Maple Hill
SnipsInfantMaleUnk31 Jan 1867Maple Hill
SnipsInfantUnk31 Jan 1967Maple Hill
SnoddyMurielC.Unk06 May 1977Maple Hill
SnodgrassHoracePerkins21 Jun 191629 Jul 1973Northside
SnowA.Unk22 Nov 1951Maple Hill
SnowArnoldUnk05 Nov 1919Maple Hill
SnowJamesR.29 Sep 191431 Jul 1986Hayden
SnowJamesR.29 Sep 191431 Jul 1986Hayden
SnowJaniceYvonne08 Apr 195113 Apr 1951Hayden
SnowRosaUnk29 Sep 1946Maple Hill
SnowSusieW.15 Apr 1918NDDHayden
SnowUnkUnk25 Nov 1919Maple Hill
SnowVincentAlbertUnk17 May 1962Maple Hill
SnozleyLacyUnk05 Feb 1919Maple Hill
SnyderDavidAllenUnk06 Jul 1995Maple Hill
SnyderElon07 Apr 189621 Jun 1967Maple Hill
SnyderErnestLarryUnk23 Aug 2002Maple Hill
SnyderHerbertUnk17 May 1928Maple Hill
SnyderJamesE.Unk09 Dec 1951Maple Hill
SnyderJosephUnk05 Aug 1986Maple Hill
SnyderLauraUnk14 Jul 1932Maple Hill
SnyderMaryP.Unk06 Aug 1981Maple Hill
SnyderMaryViolaUnk31 Dec 1999Maple Hill
SnyderUnkUnk29 Jan 1918Maple Hill
SockwellMyrtleH.Unk28 Dec 1983Maple Hill
SockwellRaymondUnk28 May 1926Maple Hill
SockwellSamP.Unk25 Nov 1992Maple Hill
SockwellWilliamStevenUnk02 Jun 1968Maple Hill
SolbergAlbert02 Jul 190705 Mar 1984Plainview
SolbergCharlotteAnn19 Dec 193102 Feb 1990Plainview
SolbergEdnaF.03 Sep 191126 Nov 1976Plainview
SolbergEmilyR.25 Jan 191402 Oct 1987Plainview
SolbergInfantMale05 Jul 193505 Jul 1935Plainview
SolbergJohnnyRay28 Nov 195603 Oct 2004Plainview
SolbergOscar25 Nov 190515 Dec 1978Plainview
SollieMollyElizabethUnk12 Jan 1997Maple Hill
SolmayOscarUnk17 Oct 1961Maple Hill
SolmonBeaJ.03 Feb 191417 Sep 2003Brown
SolmonJamesAlonzo23 Jul 191407 Feb 1997Brown
SolomanCarlUnk05 Feb 1987Maple Hill
SolomonElizabethDeyoungUnk18 Dec 1974Maple Hill
SolomonsonHenryLouisUnk24 Dec 2001Maple Hill
SolowayBerthaUnk01 Sep 1958Maple Hill
SoltersJamesAnderson27 Oct 187029 Dec 1943State Line - Hazel Green
SoltersOtisUnkNDDMaple Hill
SolwayEdwardW.Unk04 Sep 1980Maple Hill
SolwayEthelC.Unk25 Dec 1993Maple Hill
SolwayEugeneUnk03 Jan 1914Maple Hill
SolwayGeorgeWalterUnk07 May 1949Maple Hill
SolwayJ.W.Unk10 Jul 1960Maple Hill
SolwayJamesW.Unk20 Jul 1992Maple Hill
SolwayLauraUnk23 Feb 1918Maple Hill
SolwayMattieUnk02 Mar 1941Maple Hill
SolwayMinnie19171943Charity Baptist Church
SolwayRachelJ.28 Dec 193512 Oct 1938Charity Baptist Church
SolwayW.Unk11 Aug 1951Maple Hill
SomervilleArlene16 Aug 192207 Jun 2005Twickenham
SommerLesterH.Unk15 Oct 1983Maple Hill
SondleyMinnieUnk29 Nov 1931Maple Hill
SonsAnnieUnk28 Aug 1969Maple Hill
SonsClifordUnk14 Aug 1939Maple Hill
SonsDannyLeeUnk15 Jul 1976Maple Hill
SonsGeorgeWylieUnk08 Apr 1937Maple Hill
SonsTammyDorisUnk23 Aug 1960Maple Hill
SootsJackClemsonUnk18 Jun 1995Maple Hill
SootsLolaCarkUnk08 Jan 2004Maple Hill
SorensenAndrewE.Unk07 Jul 1960Maple Hill
SorensenNolaGeorgiaUnk27 Jun 1997Maple Hill
SorrellBerniceUnk12 Nov 1985Maple Hill
SorrellEdwardS.Unk19 Jul 1971Maple Hill
SorrellJennieUnk01 Jun 1941Maple Hill
SorrellLloydA.Unk27 May 1958Maple Hill
SorrellMarySueUnk11 Jul 1976Maple Hill
SorrowW.Unk05 Mar 1926Maple Hill
SorrowsDonaldEugene05 Jan 194229 Oct 1991Ragsdale
SoryAugustaUnk21 Jul 1975Maple Hill
SouthardEllaL.05 May 188603 Sep 1964Pleas Mount Baptist Church
SouthardFranklin24 Mar 186422 Apr 1926Madison
SouthardJessT.14 Dec 185907 Dec 1960Pleas Mount Baptist Church
SouthardJesseL.13 Aug 194304 Feb 1982Pleas Mount Baptist Church
SouthardLeeMilton15 Sep 191815 Dec 1990Pleas Mount Baptist Church
SouthardLindaD.21 Jun 195621 Jan 1959Pleas Mount Baptist Church
SouthardLolaUnk19 Feb 2005Maple Hill
SouthardLorinE.04 Nov 185618 Jun 1933Madison
SouthardMaryTaylor22 Nov 182412 Aug 1899Madison
SouthardNial10 Jul 182010 Dec 1914Madison
SouthardVivianM.16 Nov 193621 Feb 1999Pleas Mount Baptist Church
SouthardWallaceC.14 Jul 191903 Jun 1985Pleas Mount Baptist Church
SoutherlandL.D.Unk17 May 1984Maple Hill
SoutherneMaryUnk20 Feb 1917Maple Hill
SowersBenjamin29 Feb 191221 Jun 1994Northside
SowersJudgeW.12 Aug 188617 Jun 1978Northside
SowersMaryA.16 Sep 191005 Feb 1986Northside
SpadlerWilliamUnk31 May 1927Maple Hill
SpanglerMichaelC.Unk10 Jun 1960Maple Hill
SparkmanA.Unk27 May 1953Maple Hill
SparkmanAerinUnk26 Jun 1917Maple Hill
SparkmanBerthaUnk28 Oct 1968Maple Hill
SparkmanBillyUnk07 Nov 1933Maple Hill
SparkmanBobbieE.Unk25 May 1960Maple Hill
SparkmanDruellaUnk26 Oct 1928Maple Hill
SparkmanEffieB.Unk24 Apr 2002Maple Hill
SparkmanEraUnk05 Dec 1978Maple Hill
SparkmanFernUnkNDDMaple Hill
SparkmanFinnUnk21 Nov 1951Maple Hill
SparkmanG.Unk01 Apr 1951Maple Hill
SparkmanGeorgeW.Unk26 Feb 1948Maple Hill
SparkmanHomerH.Unk04 Jan 1992Maple Hill
SparkmanIvoHallUnk20 Oct 1999Maple Hill
SparkmanJ.Unk07 May 1913Maple Hill
SparkmanJamesD.14 Sep 195724 Feb 1991First Flint River Baptist
SparkmanJohnJ.Unk16 Nov 1985Maple Hill
SparkmanJohnUnk19 Nov 1941Maple Hill
SparkmanJuliaHargroveUnk14 May 1999Maple Hill
SparkmanLamontUnk27 Dec 1968Maple Hill
SparkmanLauraC.Unk01 Oct 1971Maple Hill
SparkmanLillieE.UnkNDDMaple Hill
SparkmanM.D.Unk19 Jun 1984Maple Hill
SparkmanMargaretLouiseFrasier03 Feb 190806 May 1970Maple Hill
SparkmanMarthaUnk27 Jan 1903Maple Hill
SparkmanNellJ.Unk31 Oct 1978Maple Hill
SparkmanNonaH.Unk16 Oct 1993Maple Hill
SparkmanOcieBrownUnk01 Aug 1982Maple Hill
SparkmanOrvalUnk15 Oct 1944Maple Hill
SparkmanRectorUnk04 Oct 1938Maple Hill
SparkmanRobertE.Unk22 Oct 1993Maple Hill
SparkmanWilliamE.Unk20 Feb 1967Maple Hill
SparkmanWilliamL.Unk03 Sep 2003Maple Hill
SparksAnnieChristine23 Aug 193515 Mar 1994Kennamer
SparksEdithS.Unk16 Dec 1997Maple Hill
SparksEthelUnk20 Jun 1983Maple Hill
SparksGoldieUnk17 Jan 1935Maple Hill
SparksHaroldW.Unk12 Aug 1984Maple Hill
SparksJosephUnk14 Dec 1926Maple Hill
SparksLeahUnk02 Jan 1942Maple Hill
SparksLesterLeeUnk30 Jul 2000Maple Hill
SparksLesterUnk01 Sep 1964Maple Hill
SparksMargaretTannerCraig12 Sep 194905 Mar 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
SparksPaulAnnShepard04 Oct 191405 Oct 1976Memorial Garden
SparksRobertOwenUnk11 Oct 2003Maple Hill
SparksSusannaGrace23 Oct 199623 Oct 1996Huntsville Memory Gardens
SparksV.WayneUnk17 Jul 1996Maple Hill
SparksViolaCoskreyUnk29 May 2000Maple Hill
SparksWalterCharlesUnk16 Jul 1998Maple Hill
SparksWilliamG.Unk14 Feb 1988Maple Hill
SpauldingJ.H.Unk14 Jan 1870Maple Hill
SpeakH.Unk08 Dec 1900Maple Hill
SpeakHenryUnk17 Nov 1891Maple Hill
SpeakeEleanorDillard29 Feb 187704 Mar 1963Memorial Garden
SpeakeFlorenceHayUnk17 Jan 1960Maple Hill
SpeakeJamesHerschellUnk16 Aug 1972Maple Hill
SpeakeMargaretHoughUnk06 Aug 1982Maple Hill
SpeakeMargeryUnk24 Feb 1941Maple Hill
SpeakePaulUnk06 Dec 1937Maple Hill
SpeakePaulM.Unk18 Feb 1996Maple Hill
SpeakmanHarriettUnk20 Feb 1883Maple Hill
SpearEugeneHaroldUnk12 Nov 1961Maple Hill
SpearMaryElizabethUnk15 Jul 2004Maple Hill
SpearmanKatie30 Oct 188818 Dec 1972Maple Hill
SpearsAndrewDavid27 Jul 1989NDDGipson
SpearsAngelaKay28 Jun 196804 Jul 1968Byrd
SpearsAnnaJoRich03 Dec 1933NDDByrd
SpearsAshleyNicole10 Jun 1986NDDGipson
SpearsDenverUnk23 Sep 1974Maple Hill
SpearsGlennW.07 Sep 194202 Feb 1952Byrd
SpearsHubert18 Apr 192021 Feb 1984Byrd
SpearsJackUnk04 Aug 1871Maple Hill
SpearsJamesF.15 Apr 192313 Jun 2003Huntsville Memory Gardens
SpearsJohnE.08 Dec 191128 Oct 1977Byrd
SpearsJohnH.30 Nov 190016 Dec 1971Byrd
SpearsJohnW.01 Oct 187431 Dec 1911Byrd
SpearsMabelViolaGarner04 Sep 190702 Sep 1996Byrd
SpearsMalissaCobb21 Oct 187203 May 1928Byrd
SpearsMaudieEthelUnk04 Aug 2001Maple Hill
SpearsMollieB.22 Mar 190002 Jun 1976Byrd
SpearsRobertEd31 Jan 190502 Jan 1990Byrd
SpearsRuthMathisonUnk07 Sep 1987Maple Hill
SpearsSybilIreneUnk07 Mar 1999Maple Hill
SpearsTheresaLynn26 Mar 1967NDDGipson
SpearsVioletA.31 Aug 1916NDDByrd
SpearsWilliamRobert29 May 193831 Aug 1997Byrd
SpeckClaraMcCordUnk01 Nov 1979Maple Hill
SpeckGraceW.Unk12 Jul 1985Maple Hill
SpeckGuyW.11 Sep 191230 Jul 1951Cochran
SpeckIdaUnk06 Dec 1933Maple Hill
SpeckInfantUnk02 Dec 1953Maple Hill
SpeckJohnUnk18 Feb 1974Maple Hill
SpeckLemUnk22 Dec 1933Maple Hill
SpeckOllieMissUnk13 Aug 1980Maple Hill
SpeegleGeorgiaL.Unk20 Dec 1988Maple Hill
SpeegleJamesM.Unk28 Jul 1979Maple Hill
SpeegleMadisonUnk13 May 1929Maple Hill
SpeegleMarthaAnnUnk23 Mar 1941Maple Hill
SpeegleMyrticeUnk13 Jul 1961Maple Hill
SpeeglsThomasUnk06 May 1930Maple Hill
SpeerJewelUnk20 Aug 1930Maple Hill
SpeerThurmanUnk29 Jul 1943Maple Hill
SpeerWilliamMackUnk21 Mar 1973Maple Hill
SpelceAlvinW.04 Oct 188710 Sep 1971Concord
SpelceBeatriceNeely17 Mar 192128 May 2005Concord
SpelceE.B.Unk11 Mar 1960Maple Hill
SpelceEdwardGaylorUnk10 Jun 1996Maple Hill
SpelceElizabethUnk21 Sep 1953Maple Hill
SpelceEugeneUnk05 Nov 1945Maple Hill
SpelceGeorgeUnk22 Aug 1934Maple Hill
SpelceJ.Unk10 Jun 1953Maple Hill
SpelceLillieBates01 May 1896NDDConcord
SpelceNellieAveryUnk11 Feb 1937Maple Hill
SpelceOrvalK.22 Dec 190103 Dec 1967Concord
SpelceOsceolaWilliamson02 Mar 186929 Dec 1941Concord
SpelceRuthM.09 Jul 1892NDDConcord
SpelceSarahA.17 May 183504 Feb 1905Concord
SpelceSarahE.03 Nov 184728 May 1895Hereford
SpelceT.Walker01 Jul 185829 Nov 1935Concord
SpelceThomasRice21 Apr 189315 Oct 1956Concord
SpelceWilliamK.15 Mar 183028 May 1903Concord
SpelceZimaria08 Aug 181602 Feb 1901Hereford
SpeleeEdwardUnk12 Nov 1932Maple Hill
SpenceAliceB.Unk22 Jul 1887Maple Hill
SpenceBertUnk04 Feb 1967Maple Hill
SpenceCoraLeeUnk23 Sep 1958Maple Hill
SpenceJamesP.Unk18 Jun 1888Maple Hill
SpenceJohnBakerUnk11 Jun 1888Maple Hill
SpenceJohnP.Unk30 Sep 1890Maple Hill
SpenceJohnUnk13 May 1939Maple Hill
SpenceMarshalUnk08 Apr 1923Maple Hill
SpenceMarshallD.Unk08 Apr 1924Maple Hill
SpenceW.Unk31 Jan 1902Maple Hill
SpenceFlossie18571933Drake - New Hope
SpencerAnnaUnk04 Mar 1966Maple Hill
SpencerDaisyCulpsUnk06 Jan 2003Maple Hill
SpencerEdwinUnk02 Oct 1959Maple Hill
SpencerElizabethUnk13 Jan 2006Maple Hill
SpencerGertrude21 Sep 190108 Jun 1970Maple Hill
SpencerGuyP.Unk17 Jan 1972Maple Hill
SpencerGuyUnkNDDMaple Hill
SpencerGuyUnk13 Oct 1955Maple Hill
SpencerJ.E.Unk29 Sep 1972Maple Hill
SpencerJ.Unk12 May 1952Maple Hill
SpencerJ.Unk30 Nov 1925Maple Hill
SpencerJimmieMaeUnk01 Sep 1986Maple Hill
SpencerJodyRobertUnk03 Jul 1995Maple Hill
SpencerKatieV.UnkNDDMaple Hill
SpencerMargaretGayle08 Nov 193608 Nov 1939Charity Baptist Church
SpencerMaryKatePhillips08 Jan 190708 Jul 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
SpencerRubyPorterUnk17 Sep 1988Maple Hill
SpencerVernonL.Unk08 Jul 1961Maple Hill
SpencerVernonLeonUnk08 Aug 2002Maple Hill
SpiersOlenUnk11 May 1950Maple Hill
SpillmanC.G.Unk02 Nov 1893Maple Hill
SpillmanM.B.Unk15 Oct 1876Maple Hill
SpillmanNellieUnk08 Jul 1904Maple Hill
SpilmanBertUnk05 Dec 1900Maple Hill
SpindlerFrederickB.02 Oct 192621 Feb 1997Bevill
SpinelliFloydS.Mrs.Unk13 Dec 1979Maple Hill
SpinelliJosephUnk06 Feb 1996Maple Hill
SpitzerDorthyDoyle04 Nov 191211 Aug 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
SpiveyBennyE.17 Nov 194127 Apr 2002Moon
SpiveyBobbyUnk22 Nov 1951Maple Hill
SpiveyDarrellL.03 Dec 197419 Nov 1994Ragsdale
SpiveyDavidW.18341914Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
SpiveyDonnaL.10 May 197210 May 1972Ragsdale
SpiveyFannieFrances18 Apr 192514 May 1935Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
SpiveyFredC.18 Sep 190217 Jan 1909Moon
SpiveyJ.R.02 Dec 190901 Aug 1969Moon
SpiveyJamesC.19 Sep 186625 Sep 1958Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
SpiveyJudithFrancesSteger18861918Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
SpiveyMarthaCollier18 Aug 184504 May 1923Wright
SpiveyMattieL.15 Jun 189801 Oct 1980Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
SpiveyMattieThelma15 Mar 190020 Mar 1973Moon
SpiveyModenaW.27 Oct 1910NDDMoon
SpiveyMyrtle17 Oct 189225 Jan 1899Moon
SpiveyRobertL.23 May 196723 Aug 1970Ragsdale
SpiveyRubyLee28 Oct 191417 Oct 1988Ragsdale
SpiveyRubye02 Jul 190525 Aug 1910Moon
SpiveyThomasWilliam23 Apr 190501 Mar 1993Ragsdale
SpiveyWilliamE.15 Aug 189725 Jan 1899Moon
SpivyThomasUnk01 May 1975Maple Hill
SpotswoodJ.C.Unk31 Mar 1886Maple Hill
SpotswoodJ.C.Mrs.Unk13 Nov 1879Maple Hill
SpotswoodMarthaH.Unk11 Mar 1901Maple Hill
SpradlinJimUnk26 Dec 1981Maple Hill
SpradlingAdeleC.Unk07 Oct 1980Maple Hill
SpragginsFannieS.25 Dec 187408 Aug 1962St. Ruth
SpragginsJamesE.10 Jun 188516 Jul 1941Mt. Zion
SpragginsJohnMar 189030 Jul 1956Graveyard Hill
SpragginsLizzieUnk09 Nov 1897Maple Hill
SpragginsOraB.19061991St. Ruth
SpragginsRobertGladyceWall08 Jan 194725 Apr 1995Mt. Zion
SpragginsSusieUnk28 Mar 1918Maple Hill
SpragginsUnkEarl31 Oct 189023 Nov 1945Mt. Zion
SpragginsUnkFemaleUnk10 Feb 1874Maple Hill
SpragginsW.T.Unk12 Nov 1888Maple Hill
SpragginsWillie02 Oct 190715 Jun 1979St. Ruth
SpraginsBeirneUnk28 Oct 1979Maple Hill
SpraginsBierneMrs.Unk14 Jan 1970Maple Hill
SpraginsJamesBibb30 Nov 187228 Feb 1874Bibb
SpraginsLilieUnk04 Feb 1952Maple Hill
SpraginsM.B.Unk24 May 1973Maple Hill
SpraginsMargaretteUnk03 Oct 1982Maple Hill
SpraginsRobertLily12 Nov 189028 Dec 1964Maple Hill
SpraginsRobertStith Bolling02 Dec 182216 Mar 1875Maple Hill
SpraginsRuthPettusUnk26 Aug 1980Maple Hill
SpraginsSarahAgnesCrutcher18351916Maple Hill
SpraginsWilliamEcholsUnk10 Feb 1964Maple Hill
SpragueSusanUnk17 Apr 1893Maple Hill
SprayAlbert06 Jun 188824 Jul 1935Charity Baptist Church
SprayAlvin18851970Charity Baptist Church
SprayBirdieUnk01 Nov 1936Maple Hill
SprayDonnieLourena VirginiaJones28 Feb 190631 Mar 1978Charity Baptist Church
SprayDorisJ.Unk19 Mar 1973Maple Hill
SprayGilbertH.UnkNDDMaple Hill
SprayGilbertH.Unk01 Apr 1973Maple Hill
SprayInezUnk21 Jul 1972Maple Hill
SprayJames16 Sep 192903 Feb 1979Briar Fork
SprayJennieUnk01 May 1927Maple Hill
SprayJohnL.03 Jan 190303 Mar 1929Charity Baptist Church
SprayJohnLouis26 Jun 192601 Nov 1995Charity Baptist Church
SprayJohnnieWood18891948Charity Baptist Church
SprayJohnny12 Feb 184826 Sep 1934Charity Baptist Church
SprayLillianMathiasUnk26 Jan 1999Maple Hill
SprayLoisS.17 May 193122 Feb 1993Briar Fork
SprayLulaUnk17 May 1939Maple Hill
SprayRebecaL.14 Sep 190101 Sep 1995Briar Fork
SprayRethaUnk01 Jul 1927Maple Hill
SprayRobertL.08 Mar 192622 Jul 1961Briar Fork
SprayRobertL.15 Sep 190102 Feb 1967Briar Fork
SprayRubeUnk03 Jun 1958Maple Hill
SprayTexanna18751956Charity Baptist Church
SprayWillieB.08 Apr 190810 Mar 1925Charity Baptist Church
SprayWillieE.18751923Charity Baptist Church
SpriggsAlmaJ.28 Dec 188012 Jun 1907Big M Acres on Gurley Pike
SpriggsAlmaJ.28 Dec 188012 Jun 1907Spriggs
SpriggsFlorenceA.04 Nov 185515 Oct 1882Big M Acres on Gurley Pike
SpriggsFlorenceA.04 Nov 185515 Oct 1882Spriggs
SpriggsJ.W.13 Dec 185109 May 1912Big M Acres on Gurley Pike
SpriggsJ.W.13 Dec 185109 May 1912Spriggs
SpriggsMargaretP.23 Feb 184405 May 1903Big M Acres on Gurley Pike
SpriggsMargaretP.23 Feb 184405 May 1903Spriggs
SpriggsMaryA.07 Dec 181919 Jan 1855Spriggs
SpriggsMaryAnnL.03 Nov 184616 May 1848Spriggs
SpriggsMaryAnnUnk16 May 1848Big M Acres on Gurley Pike
SpriggsMatildaJ.08 Jun 188807 Feb 1902Spriggs
SpriggsMiltonG.16 Jun 181425 Oct 1877Spriggs
SpriggsPerryAlma11 Aug 187511 Dec 1876Spriggs
SpriggsSalleyHess24 Jun 183113 Jun 1844Spriggs
SpriggsSallyHessUnk13 Jun 1844Big M Acres on Gurley Pike
SpriggsWhitenUnkNDDBig M Acres on Gurley Pike
SpringfieldGraceUnk23 Oct 1942Maple Hill
SpringsNinaM.20 Jul 195025 Mar 1996Brandon
SprolesWillnerUnk19 Jul 1899Maple Hill
SprostonJohnnyMorganUnk15 Oct 1998Green Valley
SpryLaurenceUnk01 Apr 1920Maple Hill
SpurlockArmentaUnk11 Sep 2000Maple Hill
SpurlockChristopherMarlowUnk02 Dec 2002Maple Hill
SpurlockHattieUnk02 Jan 1957Maple Hill
SpurlockJamesPaul02 May 192120 Mar 2002Moon
SpurlockLecil25 Oct 188524 Apr 1935Merrimack
SpurlockLillieBeard21 Dec 188613 Mar 1980Moon
SpurlockLouis21 Jan 193426 Feb 1942Merrimack
SpurlockMarthaUnk08 Aug 1979Maple Hill
SpurlockNettieA.Unk18 Aug 1969Maple Hill
SpurrierSamuelL.Unk29 Aug 1974Maple Hill

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