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WaddellAnnieLouiseUnk09 Jun 1982Maple Hill
WaddellInfantFemaleUnk03 Mar 1944Maple Hill
WaddingReed26 Aug 188618 Nov 1912Charity Baptist Church
WaddingsOtisUnk15 Jul 1988Maple Hill
WaddingsSarahC.Unk03 Mar 1989Maple Hill
WaddleJammie02 Jan 193027 Oct 2004Royal
WadeBernardPurcell27 Feb 194711 Sep 1998Fleming
WadeCharlieS.Unk08 Feb 1989Maple Hill
WadeDorisHenderson20 Aug 194918 Jan 2003Fleming
WadeFrancesUnk19 Oct 1944Maple Hill
WadeGinnieUnk24 Jul 1926Maple Hill
WadeHarryB.Unk20 Oct 1960Maple Hill
WadeJamesE.16 Apr 193109 Mar 1997Bloucher Ford
WadeJeanneUnk22 May 2004Maple Hill
WadeJohnnyUnk12 Dec 1968Maple Hill
WadeJosephUnk28 Jan 1919Maple Hill
WadeJosephUnk25 Aug 1879Maple Hill
WadeLeonardJames31 May 191728 Nov 1992Fleming
WadeLonnieCurtis03 Jul 192730 Jul 2003Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
WadeLucyEdwards25 Nov 193008 Feb 1985Northside
WadeLucyPattersonUnk08 Jan 1896Maple Hill
WadeLuzellW.11 Dec 194206 Jul 2001Bloucher Ford
WadeMaryBelleUnkNDDMaple Hill
WadeMaryP.Unk16 Jun 1900Maple Hill
WadeMaryUnk10 May 1926Maple Hill
WadeMollieUnk16 Jun 1939Maple Hill
WadeNannieL.12 May 190731 May 1984Northside
WadeOllie27 Dec 190603 Apr 1990Northside
WadeRobertUnk29 Dec 1940Maple Hill
WadeSusieUnk22 Aug 1900Maple Hill
WadeThomasUnk24 Jun 1935Maple Hill
WadeV.V.Unk23 Jan 1977Maple Hill
WadeWilliamUnk30 Jan 1942Maple Hill
WadsworthMaryUnk27 Feb 1930Maple Hill
WadsworthRubyUnk22 Sep 1927Maple Hill
WaescoJohnJ.Unk05 Nov 1980Maple Hill
WaescoUnisUnk18 Jan 2000Maple Hill
WaggonerL.D.Unk22 Sep 1960Maple Hill
WaggonerLydiaUnk07 Mar 1934Maple Hill
WaggonerSaraJaneUnk29 Sep 1998Maple Hill
WaggonerTheodoreParkerUnk23 Feb 1984Maple Hill
WagnerDaleJoshua19 Apr 199122 Apr 1991Bevill
WagnerHelenWilkinsonUnk15 Jul 1998Valhalla Memory Gardens
WagnerMarshaSueUnk11 Dec 1980Maple Hill
WagnerWallaceO.192201 Aug 2003Valhalla Memory Gardens
WagonerBillyEdwardUnkNDDMaple Hill
WagonerClem17 Jan 189731 Dec 1938Charity Baptist Church
WagonerGeorgiaAnnFoster05 Mar 186627 May 1938Charity Baptist Church
WagonerJeanUnk17 Aug 1933Maple Hill
WagonerMaryLou15 Aug 190428 Oct 1967Maple Hill
WagonerRobertLeeUnk14 Aug 1977Maple Hill
WaideNancyKatherineUnk24 Oct 2002Maple Hill
WaiteC.J.Mrs.Unk28 Mar 1974Maple Hill
WaiteClarenceJamesUnk11 Feb 2006Maple Hill
WaiteJacob11 Sep 199626 May 2000Huntsville Memory Gardens
WaiteJerryDeanUnk30 Oct 1996Maple Hill
WakefieldBessieJaneUnk19 Apr 1983Maple Hill
WakefieldElsieS.Unk04 Mar 1926Maple Hill
WakefieldHattieUnk26 Dec 1979Maple Hill
WakefieldJackB.Unk08 Jul 1962Maple Hill
WakefieldJamesAndrew17 Oct 191413 May 1995Camp Ground
WakefieldJamesZ.16 Apr 188624 Mar 1937Camp Ground
WakefieldJimmieS.02 Oct 189225 Mar 1983Camp Ground
WakefieldJohnB.Unk20 Oct 1978Maple Hill
WakefieldJonathanD.05 Jun 199505 Jun 1995Huntsville Memory Gardens
WakefieldJoshuaD.05 Jun 199505 Jun 1995Huntsville Memory Gardens
WakefieldLorieUnk05 Aug 1935Maple Hill
WakefieldMaryAnelleUnk19 Nov 1982Maple Hill
WakefieldNannieB.30 Apr 191226 Jun 1995Camp Ground
WakefieldSaraElizabethUnk03 Dec 1947Maple Hill
WakingusMikeUnk17 Mar 1875Maple Hill
WaldenCharlotteUnk17 Sep 1985Maple Hill
WaldenClayUnkNDDMaple Hill
WaldenE.L.Unk10 Jan 1981Maple Hill
WaldenE.Unk05 Aug 1931Maple Hill
WaldenEugeneUnk17 Sep 1932Maple Hill
WaldenJamesW.Unk08 Jan 1963Maple Hill
WaldenJamesW.Unk13 Oct 1959Maple Hill
WaldenJeanF.Unk13 Jan 1989Maple Hill
WaldenMirandaReneUnk20 May 1982Maple Hill
WaldenSarahElizabeth07 Jan 188709 Feb 1964Maple Hill
WaldieDelilaJ.Unk21 Feb 1987Maple Hill
WaldieHowardUnk28 Dec 2001Maple Hill
WaldonLouisAllenUnk14 Mar 2005Maple Hill
WaldridgeWilliamUnk14 Feb 1879Maple Hill
WaldripMaryA.Unk24 Mar 1958Maple Hill
WaldripVernaMayUnk18 Apr 1984Maple Hill
WaldripWilliamArlissUnk13 Jul 2002Maple Hill
WaldropDaiseyUnk27 Nov 1938Maple Hill
WaldropJohnnyL.Unk18 Sep 1982Maple Hill
WaldropMelbaUnk02 Apr 1945Maple Hill
WaldropW.Unk26 Feb 1953Maple Hill
WalerJosieUnk01 Jul 1927Maple Hill
WalesCharlesWendell16 Jan 193416 Jan 1934St. John
WalesFreddieOtisUnk03 Jul 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
WalesPatriciaS.Unk16 Nov 2003Maple Hill
WalesRuthD.Unk25 Jun 1887Maple Hill
WaligoraMartinP.Unk29 Jun 1964Maple Hill
WalkerAdaFordUnk26 Nov 1959Maple Hill
WalkerAgatha22 Mar 195124 Mar 1951Bevill
WalkerAlbertUnk09 Jun 1984Maple Hill
WalkerAlexanderLevitt187818 Dec 1920Miller
WalkerAllieDayeUnk18 Aug 1964Maple Hill
WalkerAlmaSadler17 Dec 191419 Dec 1991Camp Ground
WalkerAlmerUnk10 Feb 1922Maple Hill
WalkerAlmon30 Mar 191023 Jul 1969Camp Ground
WalkerAlvinT.24 Dec 191203 Apr 1960Camp Ground
WalkerAmandaE.06 Jun 187616 Jul 1966Madison Crossroads
WalkerAnnJ.Unk24 Feb 2000Maple Hill
WalkerAnnaGraceUnk19 Feb 1974Maple Hill
WalkerAnnieMertsUnk20 Nov 2000Maple Hill
WalkerBarbaraUnk05 Jun 1999Maple Hill
WalkerBarbaraUnk09 Jan 1990Maple Hill
WalkerBernardC.Unk25 Apr 1984Maple Hill
WalkerBerthaMaeUnk27 Jun 1990Maple Hill
WalkerBobbieJ.02 May 193302 Aug 1963Royal
WalkerC.J.Unk05 Mar 1957Maple Hill
WalkerCarlO.Unk28 Jul 1989Maple Hill
WalkerCarolynB.Unk27 Dec 1991Maple Hill
WalkerCassieUnk24 Apr 1940Maple Hill
WalkerCayUnk18 Jul 1936Maple Hill
WalkerCebelleHorton26 Feb 190926 Sep 1994Glenwood
WalkerCecilCoyUnk01 Jun 1977Maple Hill
WalkerCharleyB.19061922Madison Crossroads
WalkerChristieUnk23 Jun 1918Maple Hill
WalkerChristineLambUnk15 Oct 2003Maple Hill
WalkerClarenceEugene08 May 195107 Mar 2002Bellview
WalkerClarence19 Nov 193029 Aug 2003Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
WalkerClaudeC.Unk07 Apr 1949Maple Hill
WalkerClydeUnk25 Feb 2004Maple Hill
WalkerCoraUnk07 Feb 1927Maple Hill
WalkerDarrylScott06 Jul 196314 Feb 1989Huntsville Memory Gardens
WalkerDavidG.14 Feb 194415 Apr 1995Northside
WalkerDavidWayne07 May 194626 Mar 1991Huntsville Memory Gardens
WalkerDelmaPattersonUnk20 Mar 2006Maple Hill
WalkerE.FayeUnk28 Jul 1971Maple Hill
WalkerE.O.17 Jul 192327 Jun 1975Huntsville Memory Gardens
WalkerE.Unk26 Jul 1922Maple Hill
WalkerEdnaJ.Unk22 Jun 1969Maple Hill
WalkerEdward13 Dec 193207 Sep 1934Merrimack
WalkerElizaArabellaJones23 Dec 184508 May 1903Miller
WalkerElizabethA.20 Nov 180120 Nov 1837Miller
WalkerElizabethCatherine25 Mar 185231 Aug 1868Rice
WalkerElizabethUnk29 Oct 1984Maple Hill
WalkerEllaUnk24 Dec 1941Maple Hill
WalkerEmilieG.Unk19 Jul 1961Maple Hill
WalkerErvinUnk04 Jan 1926Maple Hill
WalkerEstelleUnk31 May 1984Maple Hill
WalkerEvelynaUnkNDDMaple Hill
WalkerEvelynaUnkNDDMaple Hill
WalkerF.E.Unk27 Oct 1973Maple Hill
WalkerFlossie11 Sep 190727 Nov 1990Bloucher Ford
WalkerFrancesE.Bostick28 Oct 185118 Dec 1875Miller
WalkerFrancesShannonUnk01 Jul 2005Maple Hill
WalkerFrancisUnk19 Aug 1929Maple Hill
WalkerGaryB.Unk30 Aug 1997Maple Hill
WalkerGeorgeWashingtonUnk10 Mar 1968Maple Hill
WalkerGeorgiaHobbs08 Mar 193708 Jul 2001Bevill
WalkerGordonUnkNDDMaple Hill
WalkerGraceUnk10 Jul 2004Maple Hill
WalkerGracieE.Unk21 Jun 1965Maple Hill
WalkerGregoryToddUnk13 Jul 1985Maple Hill
WalkerH.CareyUnk28 Aug 1990Maple Hill
WalkerH.Leviccie05 Nov 186513 Dec 1954Briar Fork
WalkerH.O.Unk24 Apr 1975Maple Hill
WalkerHattieSue19 Aug 190417 Feb 1979Northside
WalkerHazelUnk01 Feb 1918Maple Hill
WalkerHelenAcklinUnkNDDMaple Hill
WalkerHelenUnk05 Oct 1929Maple Hill
WalkerHerbertH.14 May 189913 Apr 1974Penny
WalkerHerbertUnk27 Nov 1956Maple Hill
WalkerHerbertUnk29 May 1941Maple Hill
WalkerHowardEdwardUnk02 Jul 1937Maple Hill
WalkerHumphreyMontgomery09 Feb 182505 Mar 1886Miller
WalkerI.W.Unk23 Feb 1950Maple Hill
WalkerInfantMaleUnk22 Aug 1946Maple Hill
WalkerInfantMaleUnk02 Nov 1945Maple Hill
WalkerJ.Tom30 Jan 189811 May 1977Charity Baptist Church
WalkerJ.WhitsonUnk18 Jun 1957Maple Hill
WalkerJ.Unk09 Nov 1918Maple Hill
WalkerJamesAnderson15 Sep 182102 Jun 1862Miller
WalkerJamesE.Unk07 Nov 1995Maple Hill
WalkerJamesH.15 Jan 193614 Aug 1936Charity Baptist Church
WalkerJamesL.Unk19 May 1961Maple Hill
WalkerJamesMontgomery09 Aug 183822 Jan 1912Miller
WalkerJamesR.29 Mar 178012 Oct 1845Miller
WalkerJamesReed24 Sep 181318 May 1879Miller
WalkerJamesRobertApr 187030 Dec 1925Miller
WalkerJamesUnk06 Feb 1981Maple Hill
WalkerJamesUnk20 Mar 1942Maple Hill
WalkerJamesUnk02 Apr 1936Maple Hill
WalkerJaneDavis11 Sep 181819 Jun 1896Miller
WalkerJasperPierceUnk27 Jan 2000Maple Hill
WalkerJeanW.Unk14 Mar 1989Maple Hill
WalkerJessieUnk03 Jan 1927Maple Hill
WalkerJimmyC.Unk02 Feb 1973Maple Hill
WalkerJohnB.Unk19 Jun 1974Maple Hill
WalkerJohnBethel22 Mar 186905 Jun 1948Camp Ground
WalkerJohnHarrison06 Aug 184022 Dec 1918Miller
WalkerJohnHouston26 Apr 187631 Dec 1904Miller
WalkerJohnLarry11 Nov 194507 Apr 2001Camp Ground
WalkerJohnP.19 Mar 186103 Mar 1938Madison Crossroads
WalkerJohnReed30 Dec 186713 Aug 1938Walker
WalkerJohnS.11 Nov 188930 Sep 1930Merrimack
WalkerJohnS.Unk09 Jun 1987Maple Hill
WalkerJohnW.Unk22 Jan 1974Maple Hill
WalkerJohnUnk13 May 1931Maple Hill
WalkerJohnUnk23 Jul 1915Maple Hill
WalkerJosephFrankUnk04 Jul 1959Maple Hill
WalkerJosephPayneUnk25 Dec 1993Maple Hill
WalkerJosephRice03 Feb 185002 Feb 1891Rice
WalkerJosephUnk20 Feb 1989Maple Hill
WalkerJosephDeanUnk14 Feb 2003Maple Hill
WalkerJoyceUnk14 Jul 1931Maple Hill
WalkerJuliaUnk17 May 1980Maple Hill
WalkerJuliusB.Unk09 Nov 1983Maple Hill
WalkerKateNobleUnk26 Jan 1994Maple Hill
WalkerKennethUnkNDDMaple Hill
WalkerL.P.Mrs.Unk27 Nov 1885Maple Hill
WalkerLeamon28 Dec 191307 Jun 1976Northside
WalkerLeatonUnk23 Nov 1976Maple Hill
WalkerLenaB.Unk09 Jul 1982Maple Hill
WalkerLeonardUnk18 Jun 1981Maple Hill
WalkerLeroyPopeUnk22 Aug 1884Maple Hill
WalkerLeroyUnk04 Feb 1941Maple Hill
WalkerLilaRickettsUnk26 Dec 1976Maple Hill
WalkerLillianUnk27 Jan 1975Maple Hill
WalkerLinette04 May 187802 Sep 1962Robinson
WalkerLouieE.Unk03 Aug 1980Maple Hill
WalkerLukeUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
WalkerLulaEstellaUnk21 Aug 1917Charity Baptist Church
WalkerLulaMaePeytonUnk02 Nov 1988Maple Hill
WalkerMaggieUnk22 Oct 1898Maple Hill
WalkerMargaretDavidUnk24 Jan 2000Maple Hill
WalkerMarguritteUnk30 Aug 2000Maple Hill
WalkerMariaUnk30 Oct 1919Maple Hill
WalkerMarionMonroeUnk12 Nov 1947Maple Hill
WalkerMarjorieCoreneUnk06 May 2003Maple Hill
WalkerMarshallUnk12 Nov 1984Maple Hill
WalkerMarthaT.06 Apr 194327 May 1995Northside
WalkerMaryAnn29 Mar 184003 Sep 1844Graveyard Hill
WalkerMaryC.Unk30 Sep 1986Maple Hill
WalkerMaryJaneDavis29 Oct 178814 Jul 1843Miller
WalkerMaryUnk19 Feb 1914Maple Hill
WalkerMattie23 Oct 187203 Mar 1964Penny
WalkerMattieUnk13 Dec 1932Maple Hill
WalkerMeadieMartin30 Oct 189029 Oct 1979Camp Ground
WalkerMelvinUnk02 Apr 1920Maple Hill
WalkerMelvinaUnk02 Mar 1922Maple Hill
WalkerMinnieFrancisUnk07 Nov 1977Maple Hill
WalkerMirandaE.18681941Charity Baptist Church
WalkerMoodyUnk16 Dec 1966Maple Hill
WalkerNancyH.Old15 Dec 182926 Feb 1847Miller
WalkerNancyJ.Unk22 Aug 1992Maple Hill
WalkerNannieUnk17 Jan 1924Maple Hill
WalkerNorellaUnk12 Jan 1925Maple Hill
WalkerO.C.Unk18 Jul 1958Maple Hill
WalkerOrineS.Mrs.Unk14 Feb 1981Maple Hill
WalkerOvertonVerlon09 Mar 194122 May 2000Northside
WalkerOwenA.Unk13 Feb 1956Maple Hill
WalkerOwenWayneUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
WalkerPatriciaA.Unk17 Aug 1974Maple Hill
WalkerPattieUnk21 Nov 1946Maple Hill
WalkerPercyUnk31 Dec 1951Maple Hill
WalkerR.W.Unk15 Jun 1874Maple Hill
WalkerRachelE.Unk06 Jan 1994Maple Hill
WalkerRichardWildeUnk27 Feb 2002Maple Hill
WalkerRichardUnk12 Apr 1936Maple Hill
WalkerRobertEarnest20 Nov 192930 Aug 1979Northside
WalkerRobertKevin02 Apr 195523 Aug 1966Northside
WalkerRobert19 May 190030 Nov 1980Northside
WalkerRosaUnk28 Oct 1939Maple Hill
WalkerS.A.1860NDDCharity Baptist Church
WalkerS.Unk11 Dec 1916Maple Hill
WalkerSallieA.22 Apr 190816 Sep 2003Charity Baptist Church
WalkerSamuel12 Dec 179701 Jan 1856Miller
WalkerSaraNannetteUnk02 Jun 1983Maple Hill
WalkerSarahE.Unk02 Jan 2001Maple Hill
WalkerSarahF.Unk07 Dec 1971Maple Hill
WalkerShelleyWhiteUnk14 Mar 1948Maple Hill
WalkerSidneyW.05 Dec 188228 Sep 1958Briar Fork
WalkerSophiaD.Stone16 Apr 188006 Jan 1963Walker
WalkerSusieE.Unk12 Sep 1966Maple Hill
WalkerTalmadgeLevis14 May 193425 May 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
WalkerTassie14 Dec 190029 Mar 1964Penny
WalkerThomasCalvin01 Aug 184507 Feb 1846Miller
WalkerThomasM.19 Nov 187511 Dec 1875Miller
WalkerThomasUnk17 Mar 1982Maple Hill
WalkerTimmieUnk14 Jan 1935Maple Hill
WalkerTimothyT.Unk09 Mar 1980Maple Hill
WalkerTroylousMack27 Jul 182627 Jul 1853Miller
WalkerUnkUnk07 Sep 1924Maple Hill
WalkerUnkUnk02 Feb 1882Maple Hill
WalkerVeraMae03 Nov 191112 Feb 1998Camp Ground
WalkerVivianW.Unk17 Feb 1967Maple Hill
WalkerWalterYarbroughUnk16 Nov 2000Maple Hill
WalkerWilliamAllison08 Aug 182228 Jul 1876Miller
WalkerWilliamJasper16 Dec 184729 Jun 1909Miller
WalkerWilliamLymanUnk25 Dec 1998Maple Hill
WalkerWilliamN.Unk19 Jun 1993Maple Hill
WalkerWilliam24 Dec 187814 Jun 1941Penny
WalkerWilliamUnk15 Sep 1973Maple Hill
WalkerWilliamUnk13 Nov 1936Maple Hill
WalkrDeliaHarrisonBuckner10 Apr 181623 Nov 1875Miller
WallAlfred24 Sep 180917 Feb 1877St. John
WallArthurPatriciaUnk22 Jun 1970Maple Hill
WallBelleUnk06 Jun 1986Maple Hill
WallBettieUnk31 Aug 1928Maple Hill
WallCarlUnk05 Dec 1927Maple Hill
WallCherryClark26 Oct 187224 Feb 1955Ebenezer
WallCrissieUnk25 Jun 1887Maple Hill
WallDavidK.03 Aug 184721 Jan 1924St. John
WallDavidUnk15 Dec 1999Maple Hill
WallEllenUnk05 Mar 1925Maple Hill
WallFannieE.23 Sep 188724 Jul 1888St. John
WallGeorgiaEtta08 Sep 187411 Nov 1889St. John
WallHalTate16 Sep 188812 Aug 1889Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
WallHenryUnk21 Jan 1903Maple Hill
WallHindmanUnk09 Nov 1917Maple Hill
WallInfantFemaleUnk24 Oct 1944Maple Hill
WallInfantFemaleUnk05 Jul 1941Maple Hill
WallJ.L.Unk10 Sep 1965Maple Hill
WallJ.S.Unk26 Jul 1960Maple Hill
WallJ.Unk08 Sep 1954Maple Hill
WallJ.Unk16 Mar 1952Maple Hill
WallJamesS.Unk06 Nov 1990Maple Hill
WallJamesUnk20 Nov 1944Maple Hill
WallJamesUnk28 Nov 1938Maple Hill
WallJeffersonWhitfield27 Jun 189127 Feb 1895St. John
WallJohnDavid23 Apr 191030 Sep 1967Maple Hill
WallJohnHindmanUnk23 Sep 1993Maple Hill
WallJohnUnk17 Sep 1935Maple Hill
WallJohnUnk18 Aug 1904Maple Hill
WallJosephineUnk18 Dec 1970Maple Hill
WallL.D.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WallLesterC.Unk29 Sep 1970Maple Hill
WallLillianBlairUnk16 Jun 1936Maple Hill
WallLizzieJane02 Apr 189319 Dec 1907St. John
WallMaggieJenkinsUnk11 Feb 1961Maple Hill
WallMarionTerryUnk07 Mar 1996Maple Hill
WallMaryMyrtleUnk07 Jul 1965Maple Hill
WallMatilda24 Aug 185405 Aug 1934Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
WallMellieUnk27 Apr 1934Maple Hill
WallMildredElizabethUnk11 Mar 1980Maple Hill
WallMyrtleKendrickUnk31 Jul 2002Maple Hill
WallPeterB.13 Nov 186311 Apr 1941Ebenezer
WallRachel190718 Feb 1969Northside
WallSaraAnnClift02 Sep 185303 Nov 1925St. John
WallSaraEsslinger28 Sep 191123 Aug 1987Maple Hill
WallSarahMableUnk07 Oct 1977Maple Hill
WallStephenHuntUnk17 Jan 1996Maple Hill
WallSterlingUnk28 Jul 1978Maple Hill
WallThomasJefferson07 Dec 184923 Jun 1920St. John
WallVioletS.Unk18 Mar 1997Maple Hill
WallVirginiaE.Hilliard12 Jan 185308 Sep 1932St. John
WallWilliamAlfred03 Aug 188303 Jul 1885Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
WallWilliamAugustus02 Nov 185520 Dec 1893Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
WallWilliamL.Unk08 Oct 1985Maple Hill
WallWilliamUnk23 Aug 1930Maple Hill
WallZackR.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WallDavidLutherUnk01 Oct 1956Maple Hill
WallFredL.Unk23 Apr 1967Maple Hill
WallHallieUnk23 May 1968Maple Hill
WallHoraceDavidUnk29 Mar 2002Maple Hill
WallZackR.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WallaceA.W.UnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
WallaceAlbertW.07 Jun 188628 Jul 1953Charity Baptist Church
WallaceAndrewUnk18 Jun 1934Maple Hill
WallaceAnnieLee08 Mar 188122 Apr 1973Charity Baptist Church
WallaceBeatriceM.10 May 191007 Jul 1985Charity Baptist Church
WallaceBillyDickey29 Apr 194429 Apr 1944Charity Baptist Church
WallaceBonnieC.Unk30 Apr 1996Maple Hill
WallaceCharleyG.10 May 188906 May 1924Charity Baptist Church
WallaceCharlieH.19 Oct 189009 Nov 1964Charity Baptist Church
WallaceClarenceEdwardUnk20 Dec 1960Maple Hill
WallaceDaisyUnk01 Jul 1934Maple Hill
WallaceDavidBruceUnk14 Apr 1968Maple Hill
WallaceDeltonDwain10 Oct 193409 Jan 1939Charity Baptist Church
WallaceDoniaUnk09 Aug 1973Maple Hill
WallaceEffieMayeUnk26 Dec 1987Maple Hill
WallaceElizaJane01 Feb 184713 Oct 1933Charity Baptist Church
WallaceEllen09 May 183716 Mar 1953Graveyard Hill
WallaceElvisD.Unk11 Sep 2005Maple Hill
WallaceFrancisMarionUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
WallaceFrankM.15 Jan 187707 Jul 1905Charity Baptist Church
WallaceHazel19141940Charity Baptist Church
WallaceInaWinsletteUnkNDDMaple Hill
WallaceInfant11 Jul 193511 Jul 1935Charity Baptist Church
WallaceJ.F.31 Jan 185412 Aug 1904Charity Baptist Church
WallaceJ.M.18891967Charity Baptist Church
WallaceJ.Unk28 Sep 1950Maple Hill
WallaceJerryElmore27 May 193628 Sep 1993Camp Ground
WallaceJessieNanceUnk12 Apr 1967Maple Hill
WallaceJohnH.Unk07 Jun 1982Maple Hill
WallaceJohnH.Unk16 Jan 1922Maple Hill
WallaceJohnWalter16 Aug 190318 May 1995Bloucher Ford
WallaceJohnUnk23 Dec 1916Maple Hill
WallaceJohnie09 Aug 189312 Nov 1893Charity Baptist Church
WallaceJudithL.19381941Charity Baptist Church
WallaceKatherineThorntonUnk14 May 1989Maple Hill
WallaceLeamonUnk09 Sep 1954Charity Baptist Church
WallaceLeoV.19161962Charity Baptist Church
WallaceLewisEdwin11 Sep 193208 Nov 1963Charity Baptist Church
WallaceLillie25 Dec 189517 Oct 1974Pine Grove - Deposit
WallaceLonaJ.13 Jun 192010 Oct 1994Neal Chapel
WallaceLouiseH.Unk21 Dec 1992Maple Hill
WallaceLudana31 Mar 189202 Aug 1892Charity Baptist Church
WallaceLurillerA.08 Sep 188620 Mar 1969Charity Baptist Church
WallaceMamieM.09 Feb 1891NDDCharity Baptist Church
WallaceMargaretUnk19 Dec 1988Maple Hill
WallaceMarkO.20 Nov 188223 Feb 1935Charity Baptist Church
WallaceMarshallUnk25 Jun 1956Maple Hill
WallaceMarvinA.26 Oct 190306 May 1973Charity Baptist Church
WallaceMarySusanUnk02 Jul 1936Maple Hill
WallaceMattieMenefee05 Sep 188111 May 1964Charity Baptist Church
WallaceMaudeDeliaUnk04 Mar 2004Maple Hill
WallaceMildredSnipesUnk23 Mar 1968Maple Hill
WallaceNoraE.Unk20 Sep 2000Maple Hill
WallaceO.H.31 May 187614 Jul 1947Charity Baptist Church
WallaceOllieUnkNDDMaple Hill
WallaceOllieUnkNDDMaple Hill
WallaceRayUnk30 Jul 2002Maple Hill
WallaceRobertUnk14 Apr 1943Maple Hill
WallaceSarahC.08 Mar 190414 Oct 1985Charity Baptist Church
WallaceSarahE.11 Feb 185705 Apr 1923Charity Baptist Church
WallaceSarahElizabeth15 Nov 191420 Jan 2005Charity Baptist Church
WallaceSidE.Unk12 Nov 1948Maple Hill
WallaceThomasUnk22 Dec 1964Maple Hill
WallaceTommieDavieMrs.Unk20 Oct 1964Maple Hill
WallaceUnkFemaleUnk12 May 1917Maple Hill
WallaceViolet02 Apr 187710 Jul 1929Charity Baptist Church
WallaceVirginiaA.Unk25 Dec 1893Maple Hill
WallaceW.Herman22 Jan 190831 Dec 1983Charity Baptist Church
WallaceWalterF.21 Sep 190126 Jan 1924Charity Baptist Church
WallaceWandaFay19431944Charity Baptist Church
WallaceWilliamUnk07 Sep 1974Maple Hill
WallaceWillieLee R.09 Jul 191830 Nov 1989Camp Ground
WallaceWillieLewis06 Jan 194627 Feb 1969Burks
WallaceWillieMae07 Sep 191618 Feb 1985Northside
WallaceWillie07 Oct 189514 Mar 1898Charity Baptist Church
WallasMaddieUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
WallerDannyM.Unk25 Jul 1986Maple Hill
WallerFlorenceUnk25 Jun 1939Maple Hill
WallerJamesJ.Unk22 May 1991Maple Hill
WallerJohnH.Unk11 Dec 1981Maple Hill
WallerLonnieJ.Unk22 Jun 1961Maple Hill
WallerMargarieUnk10 Dec 1971Maple Hill
WallerMaryB.18 Jan 188423 Aug 1970Maple Hill
WallerWilliamHarveyUnk20 Apr 1997Maple Hill
WallingAliceMae31 Jul 193116 Oct 1953Hayden
WallingHattyeB.Unk25 Sep 1994Maple Hill
WallingIreneMcWhirterUnk20 Feb 2001Maple Hill
WallingJamesUnk21 Aug 1929Maple Hill
WallingJesseEdward19 Nov 192522 Jan 1996Hayden
WallingJesseUnk26 Dec 1956Maple Hill
WallingJohnnieEugene16 Jun 193619 Jun 1983Hayden
WallingJoshUnk05 Dec 1949Maple Hill
WallingLeonaUnk05 Aug 1954Maple Hill
WallingLukeUnk29 Oct 1950Maple Hill
WallingSidneyUnk21 Feb 1935Maple Hill
WallingSusanGilleyUnk24 Mar 1917Maple Hill
WallingWilliamUnk21 Feb 1935Maple Hill
WallingfordKatherineUnk18 Jul 1979Maple Hill
WallsA.C.03 Jan 191913 Oct 1996Green Valley
WallsAlbertE.C.26 Nov 193002 Dec 2000Green Valley
WallsArchiePhillip09 May 191818 Jan 2001Moon
WallsBrendaG.28 Mar 196015 Feb 1993Moon
WallsE.Claburn03 May 190514 Jan 1982Green Valley
WallsEdwinFaye12 Sep 190514 Nov 1986Moon
WallsEllaOdell07 Sep 191030 Dec 1980Green Valley
WallsEmelynJ.24 Jun 192113 Apr 1987Green Valley
WallsEmmettW.Unk30 Mar 1998Maple Hill
WallsGardinerRex06 Feb 193624 Jun 1996Moon
WallsGeorgeD.04 Jan 197612 Nov 1997Plainview
WallsHenryEdward24 Jul 194730 Jul 1947Moon
WallsHenryUnk01 Jan 1943Maple Hill
WallsIdellaMae02 May 191431 Oct 1970Moon
WallsInfantFemale30 Sep 191930 Sep 1919Cochran
WallsInfantMale01 Aug 190501 Aug 1905Moon
WallsIvaE.01 Jun 188629 Aug 1908Ryland
WallsJesseGardiner06 Nov 190704 Nov 1968Moon
WallsJimmyW.22 Aug 190926 Feb 1992Green Valley
WallsJoeC.27 Feb 189721 Jul 1979Moon
WallsJohnH.Unk03 May 1975Maple Hill
WallsJohnRobert03 Nov 193221 Oct 1933Moon
WallsJoyceUnk12 Nov 1953Maple Hill
WallsKarrieLee06 Oct 197706 Oct 1977Green Valley
WallsLenaUnk06 Dec 1982Maple Hill
WallsLillieMay23 May 188422 Jan 1970Moon
WallsMaeBelle09 Sep 190824 May 2003Green Valley
WallsMaryE.06 Apr 184912 Jul 1937Moon
WallsMaryElla10 Sep 188428 Jul 1910Moon
WallsNellieFayeUnk05 Aug 1979Maple Hill
WallsOscarOdell22 Sep 190614 Jun 1961Moon
WallsPaulineJones08 Sep 1927NDDKennamer
WallsR.W.30 Sep 188126 May 1956Moon
WallsRobertWayne19 Dec 193201 Jan 1933Moon
WallsRubyL.Unk16 Oct 1992Maple Hill
WallsSabetha22 Sep 187215 Jul 1966Maple Hill
WallsSallieUnk22 Jul 1979Maple Hill
WallsShirleyMaeDowns28 Jan 192825 Jan 1995Moon
WallsStellaL.05 May 190010 Jun 1945Moon
WallsVersieE.Unk27 Apr 2002Maple Hill
WallsWilliamW.10 Feb 191425 Feb 1914Moon
WallsWilliamWillis04 Mar 184109 Jan 1929Moon
WallyHannahF.Unk11 Dec 1988Maple Hill
WalsonT.Unk22 Apr 1924Maple Hill
WalterBennoUnk19 Oct 1982Maple Hill
WalterGeorgeHenryUnk19 Nov 1957Maple Hill
WalterHansUnk17 Mar 1978Maple Hill
WalterHermannUnk27 Dec 1973Maple Hill
WalterHermineJ.Unk06 Nov 1990Maple Hill
WalthallWilliamFrederick11 Jun 196912 Jun 1969Maple Hill
WaltonAndrewA.Unk11 Dec 1992Maple Hill
WaltonAndrewRobertUnk07 May 1971Maple Hill
WaltonDougD.17 Nov 184030 Oct 1926Cochran
WaltonEvelene28 Nov 189509 Aug 1969Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
WaltonHenry15 Feb 189901 Jul 1987Collier - Triana
WaltonJudson06 Jul 190129 Jan 1966Maple Hill
WaltonKingMarFebCollier - Triana
WaltonRalphVickoryUnk16 Sep 1980Maple Hill
WamplerEffieElizabethUnk18 Mar 1988Maple Hill
WamplerJohnWesleyUnk24 Aug 1992Maple Hill
WamplerRichardA.05 Jun 189415 Feb 1966Maple Hill
WamplerWillardUnk03 Aug 1973Maple Hill
WannEdwardDonUnk17 Aug 1947Maple Hill
WannElizaUnk02 Jun 1940Maple Hill
WannLucindaE.26 Mar 183229 Dec 1906New Hope
WannNeomiaUnk16 Jun 1937Maple Hill
WannW.W.Unk14 Mar 1887Maple Hill
WardAlineLedbetter13 Jul 193330 Sep 1986Hayden
WardAltaUnk06 Jul 1976Maple Hill
WardArthur15 Dec 189115 May 1962Center Grove
WardBerthaB.Unk13 Aug 1993Maple Hill
WardBettyJoWalker14 Feb 194222 Aug 2005New Sharon
WardBlufordF.Unk27 Oct 1986Maple Hill
WardCharlesE.Unk22 Sep 1975Maple Hill
WardCharlesH.Unk03 Jun 1966Maple Hill
WardCharlesT.Unk15 Jun 2001Maple Hill
WardChristopherO.28 Jan 199604 Feb 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
WardCoraG.Unk27 Jan 1999Maple Hill
WardElizabethUnkNDDMaple Hill
WardErnestUnk30 Jul 1983Maple Hill
WardEstell18 Jun 191513 Feb 2000Northside
WardEthelEarline21 Jul 193115 Aug 1931Merrimack
WardFlemingUnkNDDMaple Hill
WardFlorenceUnk22 Jan 1889Maple Hill
WardFrancisEverettUnk20 Jul 1836Triana
WardFredLewis04 Nov 191717 Mar 1995Hayden
WardG.L.Unk31 Jan 1899Maple Hill
WardGeorgeUnk10 Jun 1938Maple Hill
WardGraceR.Unk12 Jan 1976Maple Hill
WardGroverS.Unk29 Apr 1949Maple Hill
WardGroverW.Unk03 Mar 1953Maple Hill
WardHarryDanielUnk28 Jun 1958Maple Hill
WardHarryL.Unk30 Nov 1956Maple Hill
WardHarryUnkNDDMaple Hill
WardHarryUnkNDDMaple Hill
WardHarveyUnk07 Dec 1899Maple Hill
WardHattieUnk23 Jun 1952Maple Hill
WardHazelL.Unk11 Aug 1979Maple Hill
WardHenryUnk14 Mar 1902Batts-Ward
WardHildaUnk04 Mar 2006Maple Hill
WardIdaL.06 Feb 188627 Feb 1947Charity Baptist Church
WardJamesUnk15 May 1915Maple Hill
WardJessiePearlUnk01 Nov 1982Maple Hill
WardJohnUnk05 Jan 1942Maple Hill
WardJohnUnk18 Feb 1824Maple Hill
WardJosephFranklinUnk29 Sep 1958Maple Hill
WardJosephH.Unk17 Feb 1978Maple Hill
WardJosephUnk13 Jul 1934Maple Hill
WardKatherineC.Unk27 Apr 1989Maple Hill
WardKathleenUnk04 May 1942Maple Hill
WardLatriciaLynn16 Jun 199404 Feb 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
WardLaurelUnk11 Mar 1914Maple Hill
WardLillianUnk27 Oct 1924Maple Hill
WardLizzieJoiner03 Sep 190005 Oct 2000Center Grove
WardLouise30 Jul 190202 Mar 1987Taylor Chapel
WardMarthaCaroline12 Nov 182619 Jul 1833Triana
WardMarthaE.Unk12 Sep 1977Maple Hill
WardMarthaUnk13 May 1976Maple Hill
WardMaryUnkNDDMaple Hill
WardMaryUnk18 Nov 1913Maple Hill
WardMattieUnk16 Sep 1934Maple Hill
WardOpalF.Unk21 Jul 1985Maple Hill
WardR.D.Mrs.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WardR.Unk02 Aug 1946Maple Hill
WardReeseL.Unk30 Oct 1981Maple Hill
WardRobertD.Unk03 Oct 1971Maple Hill
WardRobertEdwardUnk18 Oct 1973Maple Hill
WardRobertLee01 Jul 192926 Jan 1970Northside
WardRobertW.Unk14 Nov 1981Maple Hill
WardRobertUnk28 Nov 1932Maple Hill
WardRosaUnk27 Aug 1900Maple Hill
WardRoyUnk24 Jan 1899Maple Hill
WardRuthUnk06 Nov 1924Maple Hill
WardSallieUnk07 Oct 1980Maple Hill
WardSa'MyrinSirvoy25 Nov 200327 May 2005Pine Grove - Harvest
WardSarahUnk15 Apr 1917Maple Hill
WardShaniekaYolanda28 May 199304 Feb 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
WardUnkUnk03 Apr 2005Maple Hill
WardV.Unk13 Oct 1900Maple Hill
WardVirginiaUnk12 Dec 1942Maple Hill
WardW.L.Unk28 Mar 1956Maple Hill
WardWilliamLordUnkNDDMaple Hill
WardWilliamUnk01 May 1919Maple Hill
WardWilsonUnk14 Sep 1914Maple Hill
WardBillyJoe195909 Jan 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
WardFlemingUnkNDDMaple Hill
WardenAddieUnk04 Dec 1922Maple Hill
WardenAltaRickettsUnk09 May 2004Maple Hill
WardenArvieA.05 Jan 192204 Jul 1997Charity Baptist Church
WardenAvisElaine02 Nov 194609 Jul 1948Charity Baptist Church
WardenBarbreyM.21 May 187618 Sep 1964Charity Baptist Church
WardenC.Unk04 Jun 1951Maple Hill
WardenCharlieN.30 Mar 189030 Jul 1973Madison Crossroads
WardenCurtissMrs.Unk14 Feb 1990Maple Hill
WardenDanielL.30 Aug 187704 May 1945Charity Baptist Church
WardenDavidUnk20 Nov 1944Maple Hill
WardenDorisL.01 Mar 192611 May 1982Bevill
WardenEssieUnk20 Aug 1941Maple Hill
WardenEuniceUnkNDDMaple Hill
WardenEuniceUnkNDDMaple Hill
WardenFranklinRosseveltUnk29 Nov 2000Maple Hill
WardenGordonE.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WardenGordonE.Unk25 Feb 1982Maple Hill
WardenJ.E.05 Nov 188822 Oct 1941Charity Baptist Church
WardenJamesA.Unk10 Nov 1967Maple Hill
WardenLawsonUnk05 Oct 1945Maple Hill
WardenLucyMaeUnk25 Dec 1937Maple Hill
WardenLulaE.19 May 190027 Mar 1974Madison Crossroads
WardenLula05 Aug 189225 Mar 1917Charity Baptist Church
WardenMariettaStegerUnk09 May 1947Maple Hill
WardenMaryAmmieUnk05 Apr 1947Maple Hill
WardenMattieA.10 Jan 196801 Feb 1960Charity Baptist Church
WardenMattie18711913Madison Crossroads
WardenRobertFranklinUnk21 Jun 1963Maple Hill
WardenRobertL.Unk28 Feb 1981Maple Hill
WardenShirleyC.Unk27 Sep 1960Maple Hill
WardenThomasWillia21 Aug 191806 Mar 2003Madison Crossroads
WardenTom18701935Madison Crossroads
WardenW.W.Unk22 Dec 1956Maple Hill
WardenWalterD.01 Aug 192430 May 2005Bevill
WardenWilliamA.Unk28 Dec 1926Maple Hill
WardenWilliamFranklinUnk18 AprCharity Baptist Church
WardenWilliamFranklinUnk13 Apr 1942Charity Baptist Church
WareAlonzoUnk27 Nov 1914Maple Hill
WareAnnieUnk15 Nov 1957Maple Hill
WareBeulahUnk31 Aug 1977Maple Hill
WareCharlesH.02 May 185206 Nov 1915Glenwood
WareClarenceUnk27 Dec 1955Maple Hill
WareEllaH.Unk15 Oct 1960Maple Hill
WareFrankEwittUnk11 Mar 1948Maple Hill
WareGeorgeUnk13 Jul 1892Maple Hill
WareH.Unk01 Oct 1922Maple Hill
WareHannahJan 186410 Jul 1928Pine Grove - Deposit
WareJ.H.Unk17 Sep 1960Maple Hill
WareJamesHamiltonUnk08 Oct 1959Maple Hill
WareJamesUnk07 Aug 1890Maple Hill
WareJamesUnk27 Oct 1884Maple Hill
WareJaneS.30 May 193207 Jun 2001Madison Crossroads
WareKinneyUnk03 Dec 1926Maple Hill
WareMacUnk15 Aug 1894Maple Hill
WareMarthaUnk15 Apr 1958Maple Hill
WareMaryHeathUnk12 Jun 1900Maple Hill
WareMollieUnk26 May 1896Maple Hill
WareN.Unk18 Jul 1922Maple Hill
WareNancyE.Unk19 Feb 1968Maple Hill
WareNancyUnk26 Jun 1933Maple Hill
WareRobertUnk29 Jul 1941Maple Hill
WareSallieUnk19 May 1935Maple Hill
WareThompsonUnk14 Jan 1915Maple Hill
WareVirginiaBarrettUnk07 Jul 1965Maple Hill
WareWalterUnk07 May 1956Maple Hill
WareWilliamUnk16 Mar 1877Glenwood
WareWilliamUnk22 Mar 1930Maple Hill
WarleyJamesUnk05 Oct 1932Maple Hill
WarnerEdwardW.Unk08 Jun 1977Maple Hill
WarnerInfantUnk01 Aug 1969Maple Hill
WarnerLewisUnk09 Nov 1990Maple Hill
WarnerMarthaOpalUnk29 Dec 2002Maple Hill
WarnerMaryUnk14 Jan 1951Maple Hill
WarnerMinnieL.Unk03 Mar 1869Maple Hill
WarnerR.Unk06 Jan 1952Maple Hill
WarnerStellaElizabethUnk11 Aug 1859Maple Hill
WarnerThomasUnk10 Jun 1929Maple Hill
WarnerWilliamUnk17 Mar 1943Maple Hill
WarrenA.J.19 Apr 184715 Jun 1901Madison Crossroads
WarrenBelleUnk26 Dec 1999Maple Hill
WarrenBettyUnk19 Apr 2004Maple Hill
WarrenBillyC.02 Aug 193121 Jun 1991Brown
WarrenBirdieMae19041962Charity Baptist Church
WarrenCarolynJoUnk26 Oct 1935Maple Hill
WarrenCharlesEdwardUnk06 Aug 1978Maple Hill
WarrenCleoUnk10 Apr 1973Maple Hill
WarrenDonnieShannonUnk10 Sep 2004Maple Hill
WarrenDorisH.Unk11 Dec 1989Maple Hill
WarrenDorisS.15 Sep 1934NDDBrown
WarrenEarlG.Unk13 Aug 1988Maple Hill
WarrenEarlUnk27 Oct 1935Maple Hill
WarrenEdwinR.Unk20 Sep 1994Maple Hill
WarrenEmmaF.01 Sep 187602 Apr 1927Charity Baptist Church
WarrenEmmaF.24 Dec 189426 Oct 1973Moon
WarrenEulisE.17 Apr 190704 Oct 1966Charity Baptist Church
WarrenEwingW.21 Nov 189224 Aug 1967Briar Fork
WarrenGeneUnk09 Jan 2001Maple Hill
WarrenHattieLee14 Feb 189205 Feb 1917Merrimack
WarrenJamesL.Unk14 Aug 1967Maple Hill
WarrenJimE.13 Feb 188613 Nov 1957Moon
WarrenJohnE.18701931Briar Fork
WarrenJohnM.03 May 1897NDDBriar Fork
WarrenJohnT.13 Jul 191504 Oct 1981Moon
WarrenJohnWesleyUnk04 Mar 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
WarrenJohnnie18 Mar 193826 Oct 2000St. Ruth
WarrenKareyE.Unk08 Aug 1984Maple Hill
WarrenLinaR.Unk25 Jan 1996Maple Hill
WarrenLula05 Aug 189224 Mar 1917Charity Baptist Church
WarrenMaeStephens27 May 1899NDDBriar Fork
WarrenMaryJ.08 Sep 184712 Jan 1921Madison Crossroads
WarrenMaryLouUnk23 Apr 1985Maple Hill
WarrenMattieA.10 Jan 186801 Feb 1960Charity Baptist Church
WarrenMiloW.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WarrenMiloW.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WarrenMinnieB.07 Mar 190009 Feb 1966Briar Fork
WarrenOrenUnk24 Oct 1967Maple Hill
WarrenPaulUnk26 Mar 1983Maple Hill
WarrenPaulD.Unk31 May 1987Maple Hill
WarrenPrescillaUnk25 Dec 1973Maple Hill
WarrenRobertH.Unk08 May 1980Maple Hill
WarrenRobertUnk16 Mar 1924Maple Hill
WarrenRogerDoyle05 Jul 194117 Jun 1942Charity Baptist Church
WarrenRubyM.Unk05 Oct 1993Maple Hill
WarrenRuthE.01 Sep 1916NDDMoon
WarrenSallieB.28 Dec 190705 Oct 2001Charity Baptist Church
WarrenThomasH.Unk17 May 1982Maple Hill
WarrenTomH.188416 Aug 1912Merrimack
WarrenU.E.19071966Charity Baptist Church
WarrenUnkMaleUnk21 Apr 1917Maple Hill
WarrenVarinaT.Unk09 Aug 1973Maple Hill
WarrenVeronicaAnne05 Jan 197109 Jul 1997Moon
WarrenVirgaL.18731933Briar Fork
WarrenWilliamBonnerUnk21 Apr 1991Maple Hill
WarrenWillieM.01 Apr 189708 Dec 1959Moon
WarrenZ.Taylor18 Dec 188713 May 1954Moon
WarsawLelaAyers14 Feb 189102 Feb 1967Brandon
WarshamIderL.Jackson28 Feb 187801 Jun 1912Charity Baptist Church
WarwickGeorgeH.Unk30 May 1893Maple Hill
WarwickJamesP.Unk17 Mar 1890Maple Hill
WarwickJohnOgdenUnk01 Jan 1907Maple Hill
WarwickMariaLymanUnk03 Mar 1930Maple Hill
WarwickMaryElizabethUnk02 Nov 1897Maple Hill
WarwickNannieB.Unk27 Dec 1887Maple Hill
WashingtonBellUnk14 Dec 1903Maple Hill
WashingtonDicieGarnerMayo25 Dec 188209 Jun 1945Pine Grove - Harvest
WashingtonEmmaUnk09 Jan 1939Maple Hill
WashingtonGracieLockhart24 Jul 191615 Dec 1991Pine Grove - Harvest
WashingtonHarryUnk28 Dec 1884Maple Hill
WashingtonJohnnySnyder14 Sep 191502 Sep 1987Pine Grove - Harvest
WashingtonLeahR.10 Mar 190922 May 1998Collier - Triana
WashingtonWillieJoe28 Apr 194903 Oct 1989Arnett
WasmundJamesUnk14 Mar 1961Maple Hill
WassonJohnUnk10 Feb 1927Maple Hill
WatersChrista ElizabethMarrianneSeaman18 Oct 195313 Nov 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
WatersElsieUnk27 Aug 2005Maple Hill
WatersOllieWomackUnk15 Nov 1977Maple Hill
WatersWilliamE.Unk22 Apr 2005Maple Hill
WatersWilliamR.Unk20 Dec 1899Maple Hill
WatersZelmaUnk08 May 1997Maple Hill
WatersonLouisaUnk03 Dec 1937Maple Hill
WatkinsA.L.Unk07 Aug 1966Maple Hill
WatkinsBettyH.Unk20 Feb 1961Maple Hill
WatkinsCynthiaDeloriseUnk14 Aug 2005Northside
WatkinsDavid09 Sep 194111 Jan 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
WatkinsEdgarR.Unk28 Jul 1948Maple Hill
WatkinsEdnaA.Unk07 Sep 1884Maple Hill
WatkinsEdwardUnk30 Oct 1921Maple Hill
WatkinsFosterWayne23 Dec 191006 Nov 1976Northside
WatkinsGraceT.Unk18 Jun 1976Maple Hill
WatkinsInfantUnkNDDMaple Hill
WatkinsIshamUnkNDDMaple Hill
WatkinsJ.W.24 Aug 194608 May 1982Brandon
WatkinsJ.Unk10 Oct 1923Maple Hill
WatkinsJamesLawrenceUnk24 Jan 1892Maple Hill
WatkinsJamesUnk11 Nov 1934Maple Hill
WatkinsJaneUnk05 Nov 1903Maple Hill
WatkinsJanieS.17 Oct 187923 Aug 1964Brandon
WatkinsJessieE.04 Sep 193223 Mar 1975Northside
WatkinsJessieE.22 Feb 189812 Aug 1983Northside
WatkinsJimmieL.Unk27 Mar 1971Northside
WatkinsJohnUnk14 Oct 1868Maple Hill
WatkinsLauraJ.25 Dec 190905 Sep 1983Northside
WatkinsLizzieUnk09 Aug 1948Maple Hill
WatkinsLouThomas05 May 193128 Nov 1981Northside
WatkinsLucyUnk13 Nov 1914Maple Hill
WatkinsMackC.29 May 192926 Jun 2001Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
WatkinsMattieLeeUnk16 Jul 1980Maple Hill
WatkinsNannieL.06 Nov 190706 Jun 1928Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
WatkinsP.Mrs.Unk20 Oct 1867Maple Hill
WatkinsPearlLee28 May 192831 May 1986Northside
WatkinsRichardUnk20 Jan 1945Maple Hill
WatkinsRobertThomas15 Aug 192805 Sep 1975Northside
WatkinsRobertUnk08 Nov 1898Maple Hill
WatkinsRoxie11 Feb 192304 Jun 1990Northside
WatkinsW.P.Unk22 Jul 1882Maple Hill
WatkinsWilliamUnk10 Jan 1941Maple Hill
WatkinsWilliamUnk22 Jul 1918Maple Hill
WatkinsWilliamsUnk09 Feb 1920Maple Hill
WatkinsWillieB.25 May 193029 May 1974Northside
WatleyG.W.09 Jun 192803 Oct 1930Merrimack
WatleyJ.H.Unk26 Feb 1958Maple Hill
WatleyJamesUnk06 Jan 1919Maple Hill
WatleyJohnUnk15 Aug 1923Maple Hill
WatleyLillianUnk18 May 1925Maple Hill
WatleyRoyUnk06 Dec 1930Maple Hill
WatleyT.Unk25 Apr 1951Maple Hill
WatsonAmandaG.Unk10 Oct 1993Maple Hill
WatsonCharlesH.03 Jan 186712 Mar 1935Bush
WatsonCharlesO'NealUnk08 Sep 1999Maple Hill
WatsonClaranceBelle26 Jan 187731 May 1903Bush
WatsonDaisyC.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WatsonDaisyC.Unk05 Sep 1972Maple Hill
WatsonDeliaUnk28 Oct 1940Maple Hill
WatsonDellaUnk29 Jun 1958Maple Hill
WatsonEdwinD.Unk20 Feb 1992Maple Hill
WatsonElizaAnnLock22 Dec 184730 Apr 1898Bush
WatsonElsieB.20 Oct 190716 Mar 1982Bush
WatsonFannieMae19 Dec 1940NDDGipson
WatsonFlorenceUnk22 Jun 1925Maple Hill
WatsonGenevaGloverUnk09 Aug 1988Maple Hill
WatsonGraceA.Unk01 Jan 1973Maple Hill
WatsonHarryJ.Unk31 Oct 1986Maple Hill
WatsonHenryD.25 Apr 193510 May 1970Bush
WatsonJamesA.24 Jan 184126 Jun 2000Cherry Tree (Rigney)
WatsonJamesHollimanUnk09 Apr 1956Maple Hill
WatsonJamesM.Unk15 Mar 1990Maple Hill
WatsonJames01 Sep 184118 Jun 1911Bush
WatsonJessieLee07 Nov 192717 Oct 2004Concord
WatsonL.C.Unk17 May 1972Maple Hill
WatsonLauraAnne28 Sep 1968NDDGipson
WatsonLillieMayUnk21 Aug 1948Maple Hill
WatsonLloydL.Unk17 Jul 1978Maple Hill
WatsonLoraineUnk27 Nov 1985Maple Hill
WatsonLuciusUnk08 Sep 1937Maple Hill
WatsonMadge06 Jan 193309 Jan 2004Huntsville Memory Gardens
WatsonMarthaAnnCollier11 Feb 186426 Nov 1950Bush
WatsonMarvinUnk13 Nov 1968Maple Hill
WatsonMaryUnk10 Jan 1899Maple Hill
WatsonMyrtleBarnesUnk15 Jan 1978Maple Hill
WatsonPaulineC.Unk14 Apr 1996Maple Hill
WatsonRogersR.06 Mar 192526 Sep 1925Merrimack
WatsonRubyPearlUnk30 Jan 2000Maple Hill
WatsonThomasUnk11 Mar 1900Maple Hill
WatsonTineyEllenUnk10 Sep 1962Maple Hill
WatsonVernettVannUnk14 Apr 1965Maple Hill
WatsonWaltonW.05 Apr 193002 Feb 1958Bush
WatsonWannie04 Feb 190029 Feb 1952Bush
WatsonWilliamSteven26 Sep 1968NDDGipson
WatsonWilliamT.28 Sep 1940NDDGipson
WatsonWillieB.Unk08 Jun 1972Maple Hill
WattersGeorgeT.Unk11 Mar 1983Maple Hill
WattersonAlfredUnk01 Jan 1927Maple Hill
WattsClarenceUnkNDDMaple Hill
WattsDaisyP.10 Feb 193912 Jul 1975Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
WattsDonnieG.11 May 196216 Dec 1994Byrd
WattsEdUnk23 Mar 1887Maple Hill
WattsEloise27 Oct 195914 May 1990Chandler - Carter Grove
WattsFrederickL.04 Jan 1933NDDKennamer
WattsInezLooneyUnk18 Sep 1957Maple Hill
WattsJamesF.Unk29 Jan 1978Maple Hill
WattsJamesUnk13 Aug 2004Maple Hill
WattsJnoUnk23 Dec 1933Maple Hill
WattsR.D.16 May 1934NDDKennamer
WattsShirleyA.26 Apr 1937NDDKennamer
WattsSusanS.Unk25 Jan 1978Maple Hill
WattsWilliamParkUnk26 May 2004Maple Hill
WattsWillieUnk29 Oct 1898Maple Hill
WatwoodGeorge26 Dec 190229 Jul 1966Ryland
WatwoodJasonDeWayne08 Jul 198719 Sep 2001Ryland
WatwoodMaryE.18 Feb 191723 Mar 1996Ryland
WatwoodRobertCecil16 Aug 193908 Dec 1939Ryland
WearBillyDeanUnk07 Jul 2003Maple Hill
WearMaryAnnUnk31 May 1974Maple Hill
WearerDorothyUnk10 Jun 1928Maple Hill
WearerJ.Unk01 May 1927Maple Hill
WearerLouisUnk18 Apr 1935Maple Hill
WeatherbeeJamesE.Unk25 Sep 1990Maple Hill
WeatherbeeKathleenUnk31 Oct 2001Maple Hill
WeatherleyWilliamUnk29 Apr 1942Maple Hill
WeatherlyC.E.Unk13 Sep 1948Maple Hill
WeatherlyGeorgieUnk22 Apr 1920Maple Hill
WeatherlyJamesE.Unk10 Dec 1991Maple Hill
WeatherlyJamesEdwardUnk13 Apr 1929Maple Hill
WeatherlyJeanUnk15 Jul 1975Maple Hill
WeatherlyLucyM.Unk06 Jan 1976Maple Hill
WeatherlyPeteUnk22 Apr 1920Maple Hill
WeatherlyPeterUnk21 Oct 1922Maple Hill
WeatherlyWilliamE.Unk23 Mar 1964Maple Hill
WeathersLewisR.Unk12 Sep 1984Maple Hill
WeathersMaryLouUnk26 Sep 1997Maple Hill
WeathersT.D.Unk13 May 1977Maple Hill
WeatonWilliamUnk11 May 1926Maple Hill
WeaverAlbertUnk17 Mar 1919Maple Hill
WeaverAllenM.13 Nov 189619 Sep 1931Maple Hill
WeaverAllenMillerUnk13 Mar 1952Maple Hill
WeaverAllenUnk14 Mar 1952Maple Hill
WeaverAlterUnk06 Feb 1966Maple Hill
WeaverArdisM.192725 Oct 1993Maple Hill
WeaverBessieMaeUnk10 Mar 2005Maple Hill
WeaverBurby22 Nov 191523 Feb 1918Merrimack
WeaverCharlieJosephUnk17 Jul 1963Maple Hill
WeaverClarenceF.Unk01 Feb 1975Maple Hill
WeaverDaisyUnk29 Aug 1996Maple Hill
WeaverEdwardUnk01 Jul 1941Maple Hill
WeaverEffieLulaUnk05 Feb 1990Maple Hill
WeaverElizabethUnk01 Nov 1894Maple Hill
WeaverEllenS.Unk01 Jan 1915Maple Hill
WeaverEugenieB.Unk26 Jun 1993Maple Hill
WeaverEunicePeace189521 Feb 1930Maple Hill
WeaverFelixMrs.Unk13 May 1973Maple Hill
WeaverGaryWayneUnk13 Mar 1952Maple Hill
WeaverGeorgeJ.Unk03 Dec 1896Maple Hill
WeaverGeorgeWatson20 Aug 183801 Nov 1838Union Hill
WeaverGeorgeUnk02 Jan 1872Maple Hill
WeaverInfantFemaleUnk1923Shady Grove
WeaverJ.W.Unk01 Aug 1925Maple Hill
WeaverJamesE.13 Jun 189901 Oct 1962Maple Hill
WeaverJamesEdwardUnk23 Sep 1999Maple Hill
WeaverJeromeJ.Unk02 Nov 1985Maple Hill
WeaverJohnH.Unk23 Aug 1888Maple Hill
WeaverLeroy17 Jan 192930 Jan 1991Pleas Mount Baptist Church
WeaverLillianIrene26 Sep 192723 Jun 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
WeaverLillieM.Unk15 Jan 1990Maple Hill
WeaverLouisR.05 Oct 1895Apr 1935Maple Hill
WeaverLucindaW.Jude28 Oct 181806 Sep 1838Union Hill
WeaverLudieUnk04 Jun 1980Maple Hill
WeaverMaconL.Unk09 Feb 1995Maple Hill
WeaverMaryA.Unk11 Jun 1894Maple Hill
WeaverMaryAnnUnk09 Dec 2003Maple Hill
WeaverMaryUnk01 Dec 1898Maple Hill
WeaverMaryUnk02 Aug 1884Maple Hill
WeaverMinnieUnk08 Oct 1948Maple Hill
WeaverPaulC.Unk23 Sep 1970Maple Hill
WeaverPaulUnk26 Sep 1984Maple Hill
WeaverPearlG.Unk17 Oct 1971Maple Hill
WeaverRobertH.191924 Mar 1949Maple Hill
WeaverS.MattUnk26 May 1896Maple Hill
WeaverSamUnk15 Apr 1875Maple Hill
WeaverSamuelUnk02 Aug 1926Maple Hill
WeaverShannonEugeneUnk25 Jun 1967Maple Hill
WeaverTedUnk29 Jan 1938Maple Hill
WeaverTommyWayne04 Aug 196526 Sep 1965Pleas Mount Baptist Church
WeaverUnkUnk04 Feb 1918Maple Hill
WeaverVirginiaUnk08 Jul 1970Maple Hill
WeaverW.W.Unk01 Jun 1961Maple Hill
WeaverWillaDayUnk09 Dec 1978Maple Hill
WeaverWilliamC.Unk09 Nov 1889Maple Hill
WeaverWilliamEdwardUnk30 Dec 1999Maple Hill
WeaverWilliamL.Unk04 Oct 1994Maple Hill
WeaverWilliamR.Unk26 Feb 1978Maple Hill
WeaverWilliamW.Unk01 Sep 1997Maple Hill
WebbAliceOpheliaUnk02 Jan 2004Maple Hill
WebbAnnieOzellUnk27 Jun 1998Maple Hill
WebbAudrey06 Oct 1921NDDBrown
WebbAzileeM.Unk23 Sep 1983Maple Hill
WebbBennyL.28 Jul 192211 Feb 1998Brown
WebbBettyJ.21 Mar 193525 Jun 1992Madison Crossroads
WebbClidaMaeUnk25 Oct 1969Maple Hill
WebbClydeD.04 Mar 192810 Jun 1994Madison Crossroads
WebbCrawfordUnk16 Feb 1972Maple Hill
WebbDeweyL.Unk14 Mar 1998Maple Hill
WebbDeweyUnk22 Oct 1940Maple Hill
WebbDoffie19 Feb 192728 Aug 2000Neal Chapel
WebbElizabeth12 Nov 193822 Jul 1992Neal Chapel
WebbEmmaUnk23 Jan 1938Maple Hill
WebbEvaUnk24 Feb 1995Maple Hill
WebbG.Forrest14 Feb 188917 Jan 1969Charity Baptist Church
WebbHattieUnk23 Jul 1965Maple Hill
WebbJ.Unk20 Feb 1954Maple Hill
WebbJamesAnselUnk09 Feb 1986Maple Hill
WebbJamesM.Unk27 Feb 1948Maple Hill
WebbJohnUnk02 Sep 1892Maple Hill
WebbKatieUnk05 Sep 1987Maple Hill
WebbLeonardL.12 Mar 192715 Feb 1987Charity Baptist Church
WebbLeroy02 Sep 189711 May 1918Gipson
WebbLillianUnk22 Jan 1982Maple Hill
WebbLizzieNorrisUnk13 Feb 1948Maple Hill
WebbM.Unk08 Jun 1914Maple Hill
WebbMandyUnk19 Nov 1951Maple Hill
WebbMaryJ.20 Dec 189918 Aug 1973Northside
WebbMaryWord29 Aug 185511 Jul 1920Gipson
WebbMelvinT.Unk28 Apr 1977Maple Hill
WebbOzellUnk06 Feb 1934Maple Hill
WebbPearlR.18 Jun 1888NDDCharity Baptist Church
WebbSallieUnk25 Mar 1888Maple Hill
WebbUnkFemaleUnk12 Feb 1869Maple Hill
WebelFlorence05 Jun 192419 Oct 2003Bevill
WebelRobertD.13 Jul 192331 May 1995Bevill
WeberAnniUnk04 Nov 2004Maple Hill
WeberCraigW.Unk08 Nov 1979Maple Hill
WeberElizabethUnk27 Jun 1971Maple Hill
WeberFritzH.Unk04 Aug 1996Maple Hill
WeberHelenUnk14 Nov 2003Maple Hill
WeberRaymondG.Unk17 Sep 1994Maple Hill
WeberT.P.Unk26 Jul 1877Maple Hill
WeberWilliamArthurUnk05 Feb 2001Maple Hill
WebsterAlvieJ.17 Feb 190030 May 1988Camp Ground
WebsterAmyKristenUnk14 Jun 2002Maple Hill
WebsterAnnaH.11 Apr 188529 May 1963Byrd
WebsterBelindaSusan18 Oct 195719 Oct 1957Charity Baptist Church
WebsterBettieLeonaUnk21 Feb 1897Maple Hill
WebsterBillR.Unk05 Aug 1995Maple Hill
WebsterCarolineUnk14 Mar 1914Maple Hill
WebsterCharlesLesterUnk07 May 1979Maple Hill
WebsterClemmieElizabethUnk09 Sep 1996Maple Hill
WebsterDavidUnk23 Aug 1898Maple Hill
WebsterDorthy24 May 1923Oct 1929Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
WebsterEmmaH.29 Dec 188502 Nov 1969Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
WebsterEmmett08 Apr 193406 Nov 1974Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
WebsterEthel16 Mar 192415 Aug 1993Brown
WebsterEvelynG.Unk25 Apr 1991Maple Hill
WebsterEvelynUnk24 Nov 2002Maple Hill
WebsterFelixUnk13 Nov 1918Maple Hill
WebsterFredHowardUnk07 Apr 2006Maple Hill
WebsterG.Max28 Sep 190824 Apr 1966Camp Ground
WebsterGarrisonBeardUnk06 Nov 1961Maple Hill
WebsterGeorgeB.05 Sep 186130 Nov 1935Camp Ground
WebsterGeorgeGary24 Mar 1945NDDBrown
WebsterGeorgeS.10 Jan 192429 Dec 1983Brown
WebsterGeorgeUnk18 Jan 1927Maple Hill
WebsterGladysJ.11 Aug 190323 Nov 1931Camp Ground
WebsterGroverC.19 Nov 188623 Sep 1970Camp Ground
WebsterH.M.Unk31 May 1959Maple Hill
WebsterHazelUnk25 Feb 2005Maple Hill
WebsterHenryEdwinUnk18 Jan 1937Maple Hill
WebsterHenryUnk15 May 1924Maple Hill
WebsterHerbertL.04 Dec 189724 Sep 1950Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
WebsterHomer25 Mar 191414 Jul 1918Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
WebsterHughMartinUnk14 Jul 1961Maple Hill
WebsterHughaH.09 Sep 188519 Nov 1954Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
WebsterJ.A.03 Dec 185413 Feb 1930Moore-Holmes
WebsterJamesA.29 Sep 185902 Aug 1939Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
WebsterJamesA.Unk21 Aug 1981Maple Hill
WebsterJamesMaurice02 Apr 191101 Mar 1912Ryland
WebsterJamesOthor22 Oct 188931 Jul 1919Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
WebsterJanieUnk20 Apr 1968Maple Hill
WebsterJasonH.Unk20 Oct 1990Maple Hill
WebsterJesseJ.25 May 191324 May 1969Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
WebsterJimUnk06 Jul 1924Maple Hill
WebsterJinnieMaeUnk08 Jul 1981Maple Hill
WebsterJohnFelix29 May 193118 Apr 1999Charity Baptist Church
WebsterJohnW.31 Mar 187613 Jun 1956Byrd
WebsterJohnUnk30 Oct 1900Maple Hill
WebsterJuliaC.30 Jul 187924 Dec 1957Byrd
WebsterJulieUnkNDDMaple Hill
WebsterJulieUnkNDDMaple Hill
WebsterKathyUnk26 Aug 2005Maple Hill
WebsterLauraSep 1895Dec 1967Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
WebsterLeeOscar19 Oct 188118 May 1967Ryland
WebsterLindaUnk05 Dec 1950Maple Hill
WebsterMaggieLee07 Aug 1887Dec 1976Camp Ground
WebsterMarkK.10 May 190625 Jan 1989Fowlkes
WebsterMarthaJaneUnk27 Dec 1920Maple Hill
WebsterMarvin18 Jul 192413 Sep 1924Ryland
WebsterMaryL.12 Aug 186416 Mar 1959Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
WebsterMattieBelle13 May 189313 Dec 1963Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
WebsterMinnieH.02 Jan 187207 Dec 1935Camp Ground
WebsterMollie07 Jan 188229 Oct 1918Ryland
WebsterMollieUnk12 Nov 1930Maple Hill
WebsterMoveleeMeeler18881971Camp Ground
WebsterNannieUnk10 Nov 1941Maple Hill
WebsterOdell17 Jun 190709 Sep 1926Camp Ground
WebsterOllie18 Apr 189407 Oct 1969Bush
WebsterOmaMorring20 Feb 190031 Aug 1960Ryland
WebsterRobertA.15 Jul 191801 Feb 1971Maple Hill
WebsterRobertH.15 Dec 191518 Aug 1944Camp Ground
WebsterRobertL.10 Aug 189103 Aug 1920Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
WebsterSallieGentry13 May 190019 Dec 1988Ragsdale
WebsterSarahAnn26 Jan 185918 Nov 1920Moore-Holmes
WebsterSarahAnn28 Jan 191928 Mar 2003Byrd
WebsterThelma05 Sep 192318 Jan 1926Camp Ground
WebsterVeraWade11 Sep 190928 Mar 1928Byrd
WebsterVioletChander14 Jun 189017 Apr 1982Gurley
WebsterW.P.09 Dec 187323 Aug 1962Camp Ground
WebsterW.Robert23 Nov 190929 Oct 1977Fowlkes
WebsterW.Robert23 Nov 190925 Jan 1989Fowlkes
WebsterWalterT.28 Oct 192518 Feb 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
WebsterWilliamC.Unk23 Apr 1989Maple Hill
WebsterWilliamUnk12 Jun 1935Maple Hill
WebsterWilliamUnk24 May 1924Maple Hill
WebsterWillieLee18861945Camp Ground
WebsterWillieMar 1880Dec 1942Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
WebsterWilson20 Jul 191607 Dec 1925Ryland
WebsterWoodallL.Unk19 Aug 2000Maple Hill
WeddingtonAnnieUnk25 May 1941Maple Hill
WedingtonMaryA.24 Mar 192513 May 1989Steele
WedingtonSarahA.20 Sep 183003 Jul 1861Steele
WednerIdaUnk18 Mar 1899Maple Hill
WeedEmilyDavisUnk24 Jun 2005Maple Hill
WeedJohnJosephUnk31 Oct 1995Maple Hill
WeedenArthur16 Jul 191516 Sep 1970Northside
WeedenKateUnk06 Nov 1921Maple Hill
WeedenMattieMaeUnk30 Jan 1942Maple Hill
WeedenMattieUnk16 Jan 1933Maple Hill
WeedenRobertUnk19 Dec 1955Maple Hill
WeedenWilliamUnk13 Feb 1889Maple Hill
WeedmanH.E.05 Jun 192415 Jan 1996Madison Crossroads
WeedmanMargaret17 Feb 192722 Jan 2003Madison Crossroads
WeedonMattieUnk16 Jan 1932Maple Hill
WeeksCharlesUnk27 May 1914Maple Hill
WeeksJackUnk27 Nov 1898Maple Hill
WeeksSallieMaeUnk23 Dec 1980Maple Hill
WeeksWalterLeeUnk18 May 1971Maple Hill
WeemsMortimerWynnUnk18 Dec 1973Maple Hill
WeemsRachelRuthUnk18 Sep 2005Maple Hill
WeemsRaymondUnk08 Jul 1978Maple Hill
WegtonSallieUnk18 Jul 1928Maple Hill
WeilBelleUnk21 Aug 1926Maple Hill
WeilEmmaUnk09 Mar 1929Maple Hill
WeilFannieUnk07 Oct 1902Maple Hill
WeilI.Unk13 Jul 1898Maple Hill
WeilM.L.Mrs.Unk05 Jul 1960Maple Hill
WeilMargaretP.Unk22 Nov 1996Maple Hill
WeilMortimerL.Unk03 Dec 1964Maple Hill
WeilMortimerLeeUnk08 Feb 1989Maple Hill
WeilSamuelUnk13 Feb 1940Maple Hill
WeilerBernardUnk01 Dec 1958Maple Hill
WeilerKerryD.Unk12 Oct 1979Maple Hill
WeilerMadgeDrakeUnk01 Feb 1979Maple Hill
WeilerOraJ.26 Nov 188120 Oct 1966Maple Hill
WeilerPrinceOrienUnk15 Nov 1997Maple Hill
WeimerHarryR.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WeimerLyshaGayleUnk07 Mar 1979Maple Hill
WeinbachElisabethUnk19 Mar 1976Maple Hill
WeitenbeckPeggyJoyceUnk01 Jul 1979Maple Hill
WeitenbeckRalphUnk17 Sep 1968Maple Hill
WelburnBugUnk09 Oct 1935Maple Hill
WelchCoraUnk16 Nov 1893Maple Hill
WelchDavidUnk17 Aug 1978Maple Hill
WelchPatriciaUnk23 Mar 1975Maple Hill
WeldonEvelynMooreUnk10 Jun 1979Maple Hill
WeldonMarvelDonnellyUnk23 Jan 1981Maple Hill
WelkerEvelynMaples14 Oct 1927NDDGreen Valley
WellGaryUnk25 Sep 1968Maple Hill
WellStewart19 Aug 191905 Aug 2003Valhalla Memory Gardens
WellbornEliasUnk30 May 1895Maple Hill
WellickMaryUnk15 Feb 1869Maple Hill
WellmanHelenUnk12 Sep 1934Maple Hill
WellmanLeverettR.Unk08 Dec 1903Maple Hill
WellmanMaryA.Unk09 Jul 1911Maple Hill
WellmanWillardUnk23 Mar 1922Maple Hill
WellsBenjaminUnk07 Jul 1956Maple Hill
WellsBrendaUnk04 Mar 1950Maple Hill
WellsCarolynW.Unk03 Jun 1981Maple Hill
WellsEarl23 Jan 188605 Oct 1952Rice
WellsEdwinBoydUnk02 May 1999Maple Hill
WellsElizabethUnk23 Apr 1977Maple Hill
WellsEmmaE.Unk18 Dec 1899Maple Hill
WellsEunnerUnk05 Jan 1917Maple Hill
WellsFrancis26 Dec 181822 Sep 1902Graveyard Hill
WellsFredH.Unk08 Dec 1991Maple Hill
WellsGeorgeUnk17 Jul 1879Maple Hill
WellsGlennUnk18 May 1913Maple Hill
WellsHazelUnk22 Jun 1915Maple Hill
WellsHubertUnk21 Jun 1998Maple Hill
WellsJamesC.Unk15 Jul 1985Maple Hill
WellsJamesUnk23 Jan 1897Maple Hill
WellsJohnA.Unk20 Apr 1892Maple Hill
WellsJohnFranklinUnk23 Apr 1958Maple Hill
WellsJohnHenry26 Dec 191005 Feb 2005Northside
WellsJohnMarionUnk16 Sep 1948Maple Hill
WellsJohnMrs.Unk02 Sep 1963Maple Hill
WellsLillianUnk24 Dec 1983Maple Hill
WellsMartha23 Feb 188727 Jul 1964Rice
WellsMaryLouAllenSep 190817 Oct 2004Locust Grove
WellsMaryUnk17 Feb 1970Maple Hill
WellsMaryUnk11 Nov 1916Maple Hill
WellsMollieUnk18 Sep 1941Maple Hill
WellsNannieUnk15 Apr 1953Maple Hill
WellsPerryUnk11 Jan 1951Maple Hill
WellsPerryUnk06 Mar 2006Maple Hill
WellsRalphEugeneUnk12 Oct 1975Maple Hill
WellsRobertaA.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WellsRobertaA.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WellsRobertaWalkerUnk09 Feb 1999Maple Hill
WellsSerenaUnk17 Feb 1938Maple Hill
WellsUnkUnk20 Sep 1920Maple Hill
WellsWillUnk25 Apr 1903Maple Hill
WellsWilliamR.Unk16 Nov 1968Maple Hill
WellsWilliamUnk28 Feb 1900Maple Hill
WellsWoodrowW.Unk13 Apr 1958Maple Hill
WeltyReginoldP.Unk14 Jan 1980Maple Hill
WennekerGordonUnk22 Mar 1961Maple Hill
WenttangKathrynFrancesUnk30 Jun 1964Maple Hill
WesleyColumbus29 Sep 192115 Feb 1996Bone
WesleyEvaMaeUnk30 Oct 1970Maple Hill
WesleyFoshinR.13 Sep 194820 Jan 1992Gipson
WesleyJohnE.09 Oct 184421 Dec 1924Baltimore Hill
WesleyJohnNelson16 Jun 191606 Mar 1999Northside
WesleyJohnUnk03 Feb 1971Maple Hill
WesleyLawrenceAllen16 Jun 195429 Aug 1989Bone
WesleyLillianB.Unk06 Sep 1967Maple Hill
WesleyLucilleA.08 Dec 191012 Mar 1979Northside
WesselAngelUnk02 Jun 1969Maple Hill
WesselGeorgiaUnk01 Sep 1944Maple Hill
WesselJohnFredrickUnk23 Jun 1995Maple Hill
WessonAnnieMaeUnk07 Dec 1993Maple Hill
WestAdaIsomUnk07 Jan 1949Maple Hill
WestAlmaL.Unk25 Jun 1998Maple Hill
WestAnnS.Unk18 Feb 1984Maple Hill
WestBerniceUnk10 Aug 1927Maple Hill
WestCharlesE.11 Dec 193120 Feb 1934Merrimack
WestClaudeH.Unk28 Aug 1976Maple Hill
WestClaudeUnk25 Nov 2003Maple Hill
WestDorothyO.Unk09 Dec 1985Maple Hill
WestHurlonUnk06 Oct 1980Maple Hill
WestJohnE.Unk10 Mar 1994Maple Hill
WestJohnE.Unk16 Jun 1974Maple Hill
WestJohnF.Unk11 May 1961Maple Hill
WestJohnUnk15 Apr 1917Maple Hill
WestLarryDavidUnk10 Jan 2000Maple Hill
WestLeeMaeMrs.Unk15 Sep 1949Maple Hill
WestMaggieJoUnk07 Nov 1973Maple Hill
WestMallieUnk25 Sep 1930Maple Hill
WestMaryCaledonia21 Feb 186210 Dec 1862Maple Hill
WestMaryEllenUnk25 Mar 1950Maple Hill
WestMoraUnk16 Aug 1899Maple Hill
WestOliverUnk05 Nov 1916Maple Hill
WestOscarUnk20 Dec 1953Maple Hill
WestRaleighCalvinUnk28 Feb 1992Maple Hill
WestRosieM.Unk29 Dec 1989Maple Hill
WestRoyUnk21 Jan 1902Maple Hill
WestRoyUnk25 Jul 1884Maple Hill
WestSueUnk11 Apr 1919Maple Hill
WestVirgieUnk17 Feb 1940Maple Hill
WestWilliamA.Unk16 Feb 2000Maple Hill
WestWilliamE.Unk16 Sep 1974Maple Hill
WestmarkMattieEllaUnk15 Dec 1992Maple Hill
WestmorelandCarlH.Unk17 Jul 1988Maple Hill
WestmorelandCharlesUnk17 Oct 1928Maple Hill
WestmorelandElaUnk10 Sep 1968Maple Hill
WestmorelandIdaB.29 Jul 186124 Feb 1883Madison
WestmorelandJ.E.01 Feb 185124 Jun 1881Madison
WestonJohn22 Mar 190430 Jun 1957Fowlkes
WestonMilesJ.09 Jun 191319 May 1983Moon
WestonSueNeil10 Oct 1919NDDMoon
WestonWanahDianeWestUnk27 Sep 2001Maple Hill
WettaEddieVirginiaUnk09 Mar 1998Maple Hill
WettaSteveTaylorUnk10 Jan 1998Maple Hill

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