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Last NameFirst NameMiddle NameMaidenBirthDiedCemetery
BeachAlbertE.26 Dec 1889NDDShady Grove
BeachBarbaraB.30 Mar 194504 Apr 1945Shady Grove
BeachChaneyE.19271937Shady Grove
BeachFlorenceB.04 Feb 182810 Jun 1967Shady Grove
BeachJoeNealUnk02 Nov 2005Shady Grove
BeachLucindaAnnUnk16 Feb 1937Maple Hill
BeachP.Mae13 Sep 189006 Mar 1969Shady Grove
BeachW.D.Mrs.31 Mar 185014 MayShady Grove
BeachWillnerD.Mrs.18731944Shady Grove
BeachWillner31 Mar 192110 May 1966Shady Grove
BeadermanUnkFemaleUnk15 Dec 1885Maple Hill
BeadleAnnB.Unk09 Sep 1895Maple Hill
BeadleJoshuaH.06 Oct 181311 Apr 1896Maple Hill
BeadleLizzieUnk22 May 1943Maple Hill
BeadleParmillaUnk10 Oct 1886Maple Hill
BeadlePaulinaG.05 Jan 181710 Oct 1886Maple Hill
BeadleWilliamUnk14 Jan 1926Maple Hill
BealBrownKeith14 Oct 195814 Apr 2004Maple Hill
BealCharles06 Jun 192109 May 1987Maple Hill
BealDonaldD.23 Jul 191425 Dec 1981Maple Hill
BealE.Unk16 Sep 1953Maple Hill
BealElsieI.01 Sep 191423 Jun 1990Maple Hill
BealHelen04 Oct 190229 Nov 1979Maple Hill
BealJudethEliza09 Jun 179302 Jan 1845Maple Hill
BealRoy15 Sep 190018 Nov 1979Maple Hill
BealVeraUnk20 Nov 1972Maple Hill
BealeRuthGaynell23 Dec 192223 Aug 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
BeallOlaUnk05 Nov 1951Maple Hill
BeallWynelleH.01 Mar 192402 Apr 1984Maple Hill
BeamBarbaraUnk07 Jul 1986Maple Hill
BeardAmanda25 Dec 186526 Oct 1944Moon
BeardB.F.Unk10 Jan 1950Maple Hill
BeardBenjaminFranklin24 Dec 188908 Jan 1950Maple Hill
BeardEllaB.Mullins-Peoples02 Dec 187718 Oct 1960Maple Hill
BeardGeorgeC.18951968Neal Chapel
BeardGeorgieE.Unk1931Neal Chapel
BeardIda18951954Neal Chapel
BeardJamesDallas12 Dec 193620 Jan 1992Cameron
BeardJamesWilliamBelton22 Oct 191527 Jun 1939Maple Hill
BeardJohnLenessUnk12 Dec 1896Maple Hill
BeardJohnLeslie05 May 192122 Apr 1952Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BeardJohnWesley190708 Dec 1970Maple Hill
BeardMarthaUnk21 Oct 1916Maple Hill
BeardMynraUnk09 Oct 1942Maple Hill
BeardNinaMaeSwafford09 May 191807 Jun 1982Taylor
BeardThomas13 Jan 194921 Mar 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
BeardWilliamUnk27 Jun 1939Maple Hill
BeardenAldaRuthUnk20 Jul 1987Maple Hill
BeardenArthurL.189909 Jul 1960Maple Hill
BeardenMarjorieMorris12 Sep 190925 Dec 1957Charity Baptist Church
BeasleyClarenceF.16 Aug 189803 Jun 1982Maple Hill
BeasleyClarenceUnk02 Dec 1922Maple Hill
BeasleyCoraL.18631944Maple Hill
BeasleyF.H.Unk05 Feb 1896Maple Hill
BeasleyFlorence185208 Jan 1927Maple Hill
BeasleyHarriettM.182015 Jun 1888Maple Hill
BeasleyJ.A.18161896Maple Hill
BeasleyJ.A.18651904Maple Hill
BeasleyJoseph183918 Feb 1918Fennil
BeasleyLaura18961948Pine Grove - Harvest
BeasleyLucyA.26 Feb 184909 Jan 1911Glenwood
BeasleyMaryUnk23 Dec 1945Maple Hill
BeasleyMaryUnk02 Nov 1944Maple Hill
BeasleyP.F.18571893Maple Hill
BeasleyPattieUnk18 Jun 1893Maple Hill
BeasleyS.A.18541875Maple Hill
BeasleySidneyUnk22 Aug 1875Maple Hill
BeasleySylvia09 May 188414 Dec 1985Northside
BeasleyThomasBass15 Apr 185109 Sep 1890Maple Hill
BeasleyWilliamC.18 Nov 192003 Jun 1979Maple Hill
BeasleyWilliamL.185530 May 1886Maple Hill
BeasleyWilliamUnk02 Dec 1914Maple Hill
Beasley-WilliamsonLucyLynePulliam14 Oct 186006 Jan 1956Maple Hill
BeasonCharleyM.02 Aug 188030 Sep 1881Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
BeasonEleanorLouiseUnk03 Jan 2004Maple Hill
BeasonEliznaG.Unk16 Apr 1982Maple Hill
BeasonFinleyReid15 Sep 186003 Apr 1949Lawler
BeasonGeorgeMilton30 Jul 192128 Feb 2001Maple Hill
BeasonHarrisP.10 Apr 190927 Sep 1975Maple Hill
BeasonHenryOscar20 Oct 188727 Sep 1888Lawler
BeasonInfantMale28 Dec 188928 Dec 1889Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
BeasonJeanUnk13 Nov 1945Maple Hill
BeasonNannieD.Unk23 Mar 1964Maple Hill
BeasonRhodaLawler20 May 186713 Oct 1948Lawler
BeasonRobertUnk06 Aug 1955Maple Hill
BeasonRobertUnk02 Jun 1943Maple Hill
BeasonWileyN.18481931Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
BeathWesleyUnk08 Jul 1903Maple Hill
BeatonMaryElizabethUnk19 Oct 1990Maple Hill
BeatonRalphUnk10 Jul 1977Maple Hill
BeattyAllieMaeUnk15 May 1977Maple Hill
BeattyL.M.Unk05 Feb 1961Maple Hill
BeattyPaulineUnk22 Jun 1990Maple Hill
BeatyJ.Unk17 Jan 1924Maple Hill
BeaufaitLouisK.Unk15 Mar 1992Maple Hill
BeaverJamesEdward24 Sep 192202 Apr 1979Maple Hill
BeaversErsula28 Jul 184407 Apr 1923Madison
BeaversHelenD.03 May 191520 Dec 1985Byrd
BeaversLeeRoy21 May 191008 Feb 1971Byrd
BeaversMarthaE.03 Aug 182409 Dec 1879Madison
BeckAaronUnk05 Dec 1927Maple Hill
BeckDonaldH.Unk08 Dec 1982Maple Hill
BeckElwoodM.Unk17 Aug 1991Maple Hill
BeckIraUnk08 Jul 1954Maple Hill
BeckKendellRoyUnk23 Apr 1963Maple Hill
BeckKennethUnkNDDMaple Hill
BeckMaryB.16 Feb 192018 May 1994Maple Hill
BeckNancyUnk03 Feb 1944Maple Hill
BeckRobertG.Unk23 Jul 1958Maple Hill
BeckardRoosevelt25 Nov 195002 Oct 1985Northside
BeckerJohnUnk22 Jul 1894Maple Hill
BeckmanEmmaRuthUnk10 Jan 1972Maple Hill
BeckmanMaryA.10 Nov 193827 Jun 2005Maple Hill
BeckmanWilliamH.16 Mar 189503 Feb 1984Maple Hill
BeckmanWilliamH.09 Sep 191723 Aug 1974Maple Hill
BecraftBarbaraH.Unk20 Jul 1985Maple Hill
BecraftBartleyE.Unk16 May 1987Maple Hill
BecraftLowellH.20 Sep 191511 Dec 1988Maple Hill
BeddingfieldA.Dewey29 Jul 191717 Apr 1979Charity Baptist Church
BeddingfieldBobbyNeal22 Feb 193030 Jan 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
BeddingfieldEdnaFinley25 Jan 192130 May 1999Charity Baptist Church
BedhearseJohnUnk18 Jan 1929Maple Hill
BedingeW.Unk20 Dec 1932Maple Hill
BedingerAnnaUnk02 Feb 1920Maple Hill
BedingerMaryUnk20 Sep 1945Maple Hill
BedlockWilliamUnkNDDMaple Hill
BeduerftigDortheaUnk26 Aug 1981Maple Hill
BeduerftigHermanUnk18 Mar 1973Maple Hill
BeduerjtigEllyUnk03 Aug 1951Maple Hill
BedwellBarbaraR.16 Oct 194321 Oct 1996Moon
BeechEvelyn11 Oct 194030 Mar 2005Fords Chapel
BeechEvelyneW.31 May 192108 Nov 1964Charity Baptist Church
BeechHerbertS.UnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
BeechMerlen19351936Charity Baptist Church
BeedlesInfantUnk06 Oct 1976Maple Hill
BeedlesJacobUnk16 Oct 1976Maple Hill
BeegleCatherine14 May 184404 Dec 1915Charity Baptist Church
BeegleDavidJ.01 Sep 188311 Apr 1972Charity Baptist Church
BeegleDavid30 Oct 183325 Dec 1917Charity Baptist Church
BeegleFrank18721940Charity Baptist Church
BeegleGladysD.Beech29 Jul 191520 Dec 1963Charity Baptist Church
BeegleLizzie03 Nov 188126 Jun 1954Charity Baptist Church
BeegleMattieSanders25 Dec 188329 Sep 1930Charity Baptist Church
BeegleThurman10 Aug 194002 Mar 2005Gatlin
BeegleW.O.18681943Charity Baptist Church
BeekmanEstherUnk07 Mar 1981Maple Hill
BeeksBurnellEdgarUnk14 Mar 1965Maple Hill
BeeksLulaUnk28 Feb 1937Maple Hill
BeeksRubyUnkNDDMaple Hill
BeelerJ.C.Unk09 Mar 1995Maple Hill
BeelerMaggieA.Unk19 Mar 1974Maple Hill
BeemNathaniel28 Sep 191816 May 1997Maple Hill
BeeneExieM.04 Dec 190627 Jan 2000Maple Hill
BeeneJamesCarroll01 Aug 188901 May 1959Maple Hill
BeeneJohn02 Aug 190301 Mar 1976Maple Hill
BeeneLenaRivers25 Apr 189309 Oct 1978Maple Hill
BeeneSusie04 Dec 191721 Aug 1993Maple Hill
BeernanConradUnk05 Mar 1884Maple Hill
BeeryRuby21 Nov 191321 Aug 2002Maple Hill
BehrCalvinUnk23 Apr 2003Maple Hill
BeidemanHenryUnk29 Apr 1918Maple Hill
BeidmanRudolphA.Unk27 Jan 1887Maple Hill
BeierAntonUnk11 Dec 1960Maple Hill
BeirneE.G.Unk22 Dec 1900Maple Hill
BeirneElizaGreyUnk12 May 1885Maple Hill
BeirneGeorgeUnk14 Jul 1881Maple Hill
BeirneJohnUnk17 Jul 1830Maple Hill
BelcherAltonHarwood02 Feb 195811 Dec 1997Maple Hill
BelcherEttaB.07 May 190316 Aug 1986Maple Hill
BelcherFrancisDykes20 Jun 192516 Jul 1963Maple Hill
BeldenMauriceW.Unk19 Mar 1973Maple Hill
BelessisMarieMohnach02 Sep 192124 Feb 2001Huntsville Memory Gardens
BelewHelenJerenaScheidemantel28 Dec 192521 Jul 2005Maple Hill
BelicovPeterUnk02 Oct 1977Maple Hill
BelkVirginiaS.29 Apr 1919NDDMoon
BelkWoodieL.06 Mar 191416 Aug 1982Moon
BellAdaC.03 Oct 189205 Jun 1977Maple Hill
BellAddieUnk09 Nov 1973Maple Hill
BellAlmaS.18 Oct 192325 Oct 1983Maple Hill
BellAmeliaJFinley29 Oct 190321 Apr 1962Charity Baptist Church
BellBarryK.Unk22 Oct 1994Maple Hill
BellBessieM.18 Jul 191521 Apr 1983Maple Hill
BellBrooksHarmon26 Jul 187925 Jul 1931Maple Hill
BellBrooksUnk13 Mar 1989Maple Hill
BellC.Unk02 Feb 1953Maple Hill
BellCarolinePride13 Jul 191329 Mar 1986Maple Hill
BellDanielDuncanUnk12 Feb 1974Maple Hill
BellDeliaSueUnk19 Oct 1951Maple Hill
BellDustin14 Feb 197022 Jan 2005Maple Hill
BellE.Oscar12 Apr 188026 Oct 1936Ebenezer
BellElla06 Jun 189019 Mar 1968Northside
BellEmlieJane26 Aug 188103 Jun 1959Neal Chapel
BellEnaUnk22 Nov 1986Maple Hill
BellEstonUnk17 Dec 1968Maple Hill
BellEulyessC.Unk24 Mar 1993Maple Hill
BellFloydC.04 Dec 192616 Jul 1995Neal Chapel
BellFrancesMayhew01 Aug 192430 Dec 1992Maple Hill
BellGeorgia20 Aug 188027 Sep 1885Ragsdale
BellGrestonUnk06 Aug 1989Maple Hill
BellH.E.MrsUnk24 Apr 1956Maple Hill
BellH.HoraceUnk16 Nov 1979Maple Hill
BellHamilton10 May 188521 May 1970Maple Hill
BellHarriettH.Unk13 Jan 1978Maple Hill
BellHarriettUnk13 Dec 1990Maple Hill
BellHarryH.22 May 189425 Mar 1961Charity Baptist Church
BellHarryHarrison05 May 193511 Jul 1994Charity Baptist Church
BellHattieUnk12 Feb 1991Maple Hill
BellHazel02 Feb 191729 Dec 2003Maple Hill
BellHelenNance02 Nov 192828 Dec 2003Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
BellHellenGertrudeUnk08 Jan 1923Merrimack
BellHezzieUnk20 Sep 1959Maple Hill
BellHoraceRay05 Sep 196731 Aug 1985Gipson
BellJ.R.22 Jan 1847Feb 1910Ebenezer
BellJamesGordon07 Jun 193306 Jun 2003Maple Hill
BellJamesUnk17 May 1926Merrimack
BellJimmieE.Unk22 Oct 1981Maple Hill
BellJohnR.25 Jun 188327 May 1961Ebenezer
BellJohnUnk17 Nov 1965Maple Hill
BellJohnUnk22 May 1956Maple Hill
BellJosephA.14 Mar 187918 Aug 1952Merrimack
BellJosephHenryUnk25 Feb 1995Maple Hill
BellJoshuaEugeneUnk11 Sep 1981Maple Hill
BellKellyPatriceUnk16 Aug 1981Maple Hill
BellLenaMae10 May 189707 Dec 1977Maple Hill
BellLewisThomas24 Jul 193719 Jan 1965Green Valley
BellLillian09 May 193912 Oct 1996Charity Baptist Church
BellLucianBryan20 Dec 192208 Aug 2003Valhalla Memory Gardens
BellLucileUnk07 Apr 1944Maple Hill
BellMaggieHill18851960Camp Ground
BellMargaretElizabeth18 Sep 191331 Mar 1994Maple Hill
BellMarthaUnk07 Mar 1957Maple Hill
BellMaryHinds21 Dec 189004 Oct 1963Ebenezer
BellMaryKingUnk18 Aug 1967Maple Hill
BellMaudiePearl19 Jan 189229 Jan 1951Merrimack
BellMennieJ.Unk14 Jul 1949Maple Hill
BellNancyUnk23 Jul 1877Maple Hill
BellNannieR.23 Aug 184729 May 1934Ebenezer
BellOscarHaroldUnk05 Jul 2003Maple Hill
BellRobertA.Unk22 Apr 1960Maple Hill
BellRobertK.Unk05 Jun 1966Maple Hill
BellRobertK.Unk31 Dec 1966Maple Hill
BellRobertL.18841943Camp Ground
BellSallieJ.01 Apr 183803 Jun 1905Spriggs
BellThomasMoore04 Feb 188107 May 1958Neal Chapel
BellVictorUnk20 Sep 1938Maple Hill
BellWalterHoraceUnk19 Jan 1990Maple Hill
BellWalterHoraceUnk11 Dec 1980Maple Hill
BellWarrenG.Unk13 Jun 1986Maple Hill
BellWayneAlan25 Mar 195012 Jun 1973Maple Hill
BellWilliamEdward19151945Camp Ground
BellWilliamMonroeUnk28 Oct 1924Maple Hill
BellWilliamUnk02 Feb 1944Maple Hill
BellWilliam12 Mar 190315 Jun 1988Northside
BellWillieE.23 Jul 192926 Nov 1969Maple Hill
BellWondrewB.22 Jan 192720 Sep 1990Northside
BellmonEarnestUnkNDDCenter Grove
BelroseJeffreyUnk22 Apr 1983Maple Hill
BeltsVictorUnk06 Aug 1930Maple Hill
BelyeaHarveyMiltonUnk07 Jul 1975Maple Hill
BelyeaShirleyG.26 Sep 192212 Oct 1997Maple Hill
BendallLoreneKatie01 Sep 192126 Jan 2000Neal Chapel
BenderLewisUnk19 Dec 1889Maple Hill
BenedictL.B.Unk03 Sep 1973Maple Hill
BenishInfantUnk19 Jun 1970Maple Hill
BennersRosaUnk11 Jul 1890Maple Hill
BennersRosalindTardy27 Mar 187111 Jul 1890Maple Hill
BennettAdelineGertrude04 Nov 188704 Nov 1887Gurley
BennettAnna11 May 186812 Nov 1942Gurley
BennettBenard27 Sep 191310 May 1984Maple Hill
BennettBenard28 Feb 194028 May 1982Maple Hill
BennettDaisy29 Apr 190524 Feb 1991Maple Hill
BennettElizabethJ.16 Jun 181909 Jun 1901Gurley
BennettEstelleUnk15 May 1964Maple Hill
BennettFay17 May 193214 Dec 1996Fowlkes
BennettFloyd26 Sep 193017 Jan 1985Fowlkes
BennettFredUnk18 Nov 1930Maple Hill
BennettG.C.03 Jul 185815 Apr 1942Gurley
BennettGilford12 Apr 182016 Jan 1897Gurley
BennettJamesBilly16 Jun 193005 Feb 1951Maple Hill
BennettJamesUnk05 Feb 1951Maple Hill
BennettJeanH.Unk30 Sep 1988Maple Hill
BennettJeannieB.01 Nov 191325 Jun 1988Maple Hill
BennettJohnW.04 Oct 184130 Jul 1898Gurley
BennettJosephB.Unk02 Dec 1959Maple Hill
BennettLottieC.24 Apr 191608 Nov 1996Gipson
BennettMarionC.28 Jun 191005 May 1987Maple Hill
BennettMarthaJane29 Mar 185404 Sep 1934Gurley
BennettMarvinL.16 Aug 191111 Jul 1997Maple Hill
BennettMaryJ.25 Apr 190829 Mar 1983Maple Hill
BennettO.Wilson14 Apr 191001 Oct 1980Gipson
BennettOdellW.19 May 191212 Jan 1994Maple Hill
BennettParisFranklin20 Jun 1928Nov 1995Maple Hill
BennettParisFranklinUnk01 Feb 1977Maple Hill
BennettRaymondA.07 Nov 192525 Jan 2005Maple Hill
BennettRobertE.29 Aug 190818 Apr 1987Maple Hill
BennettRosaMaeUnk14 Oct 1957Maple Hill
BennettSusanBeirnePatton04 Feb 187103 Apr 1953Maple Hill
BennettSusanK.Unk28 Jun 1898Maple Hill
BennettSusanUnk04 Apr 1953Maple Hill
BennettT.C.18531914Neal Chapel
BennettThurmanRay17 Jan 194202 Aug 2004Gipson
BennettUnkUnkNDDMaple Hill
BennettUnkUnk24 May 1919Maple Hill
BennettUnknownUnk04 Feb 1953Maple Hill
BennettW.O.Unk28 Dec 1956Maple Hill
BennettWilliamC.18801931Neal Chapel
BennettWilliamF.Unk04 May 1971Maple Hill
BennettWilliamUnk02 Jun 1915Maple Hill
BensonAlice30 Aug 192725 Dec 1996Maple Hill
BensonCharlesF.10 Jun 187130 Aug 1940Charity Baptist Church
BensonCliftonWayneUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
BensonE.Jane03 Jun 183325 Dec 1920Madison
BensonFrancesK.27 Aug 190505 May 1993Maple Hill
BensonFrankL.26 Aug 190716 Jan 1975Maple Hill
BensonGeneva27 Nov 192501 Dec 1996Maple Hill
BensonGeorgeCurtis25 Nov 190418 Feb 1966Ryland
BensonGeorgeUnk13 Sep 1933Maple Hill
BensonGladysF.28 Feb 191511 Apr 2000Maple Hill
BensonJamesS.04 Aug 191817 Nov 1997Murphy Hill
BensonLelandJ.Unk03 Sep 1959Maple Hill
BensonLelandJenkinsUnk19 Dec 1989Maple Hill
BensonLillianUnk22 Feb 1904Maple Hill
BensonLydiaUnk08 Mar 1932Maple Hill
BensonMaeBrown02 Apr 190328 Jul 1990Maple Hill
BensonMarionFrank18841939Charity Baptist Church
BensonMaryCatherineUnk23 Aug 1972Maple Hill
BensonMaryE.18831941Charity Baptist Church
BensonNellieS.13 Oct 193422 Jun 2006Maple Hill
BensonRaymondB.28 Jan 192717 Dec 2001Maple Hill
BensonRichardC.18 May 193227 Apr 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
BensonRoyF.Unk18 Jan 1989Maple Hill
BensonSheilaUnk21 Feb 1938Maple Hill
BensonWilmaClara21 Mar 192231 May 2005Mt. Zion
BensteinJacobUnk28 Oct 1924Maple Hill
BenthrueBenUnk14 Oct 1916Maple Hill
BentleyBirdieL.08 Dec 191002 Sep 2001Maple Hill
BentleyCharlesR.18 Feb 191509 Jan 1977Maple Hill
BentleyCharlesUnk23 Jul 1974Maple Hill
BentleyDavidH.15 Feb 192211 Jun 1994Maple Hill
BentleyDonaldDeanUnk30 Aug 2001Maple Hill
BentleyEffortNov 175902 Jul 1837Harris Hill
BentleyElliottUnk26 Oct 1885Maple Hill
BentleyFloydD.18981984Huntsville Memory Gardens
BentleyG.J.Mrs.UnkNDDMaple Hill
BentleyGardiner06 Jan 190916 Jan 1909Kennamer
BentleyGenevaMorring30 Mar 191724 Sep 2000Maple Hill
BentleyGeorge09 Oct 190420 Jul 1973Maple Hill
BentleyHarley30 Sep 191215 Mar 1913Kennamer
BentleyHenryJ.21 May 188231 Oct 1967Maple Hill
BentleyHowardD.07 Feb 190724 Dec 1980Maple Hill
BentleyIdaBelleBritton28 Oct 1897NDDBriar Fork
BentleyJackHamilton19211990Huntsville Memory Gardens
BentleyJamesUnk16 Jan 1961Maple Hill
BentleyJeffreyKeith21 Jan 196428 Jul 2002Rice
BentleyJohnUnk10 Jul 1941Maple Hill
BentleyLeilaL.19001979Huntsville Memory Gardens
BentleyLulaM.06 Sep 191123 Mar 1960Rice
BentleyMarthaB.Unk12 Dec 1881Glenwood
BentleyMaxine15 May 194415 May 1944Rice
BentleyOdellUnkNDDMaple Hill
BentleyOpheliaL.21 Mar 188520 Aug 1967Maple Hill
BentleyOrvilleB.18 Jul 191424 May 1916Maple Hill
BentleyParaleeJan 185020 Mar 1909Glenwood
BentleyPhilip23 Oct 191730 Jan 2002Maple Hill
BentleyR.Unk04 Oct 1951Maple Hill
BentleyRebekahE.08 Jul 190704 Jun 1973Maple Hill
BentleyRobertW.15 Jan 190415 May 1967Rice
BentleyRobertUnk16 Jul 1930Maple Hill
BentleyRubyUnk31 Aug 1998Maple Hill
BentleyTennieUnk05 Mar 1966Maple Hill
BentleyWilliamM.15 Jul 193426 Feb 1979Rice
BentleyWilliamNelson27 Sep 187629 Feb 1960Briar Fork
BentleyWilliamUnk24 Apr 1936Maple Hill
BentleyWillie12 Jul 194416 Aug 1974Northside
BentonAlice17 Jul 186716 Jul 1889Ragsdale
BergErnestineEugeniaUnk04 May 1999Maple Hill
BergFrankUnk06 Mar 1968Maple Hill
BergelerMagdalene11 Feb 190703 May 2002Maple Hill
BerginJerryLee05 Aug 193523 Feb 2001Bevill
BerglerHerbert16 May 190709 Oct 1996Maple Hill
BergmannCarlF.UnkNDDMaple Hill
BergmannMargaret12 Feb 191714 Oct 1986Maple Hill
BergmannMarthaUnk26 Aug 1976Maple Hill
BergmannRussellA.14 Nov 191711 Jul 2002Maple Hill
BermanAdolphUnk23 Jun 1937Maple Hill
BernardHannah03 Nov 189305 Feb 1958Penny
BernardMarthaAnnBuffaloe18 Dec 183027 Dec 1915Madison Crossroads
BernsAnnieSueUnk05 Aug 1946Maple Hill
BernsteinHilda26 May 191603 Oct 1934Maple Hill
BernsteinJacob15 Sep 188428 Oct 1924Maple Hill
BernsteinMorris182405 Oct 1898Maple Hill
BernsteinSophiaUnk01 Mar 1938Maple Hill
BerryAnniePearl26 Feb 192316 Mar 2006Maple Hill
BerryArthurUnkNDDMaple Hill
BerryBessieUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
BerryBeulahMaeUnk19 Sep 1947Maple Hill
BerryBillyJoe03 Sep 198225 Oct 1995Plainview
BerryBlancheUnk10 Oct 1957Maple Hill
BerryCharlesUnk15 Feb 1941Maple Hill
BerryChildsUnkNDDMaple Hill
BerryCoyLee18 Mar 192702 Sep 1975Northside
BerryDaniel19141973Pine Grove - Deposit
BerryDavid11 Apr 181209 Jan 1894Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BerryDoreenSublettUnk05 Jun 1997Maple Hill
BerryEllaUnk06 Nov 1946Maple Hill
BerryEloraC.25 Mar 189722 Oct 1971Maple Hill
BerryEmily20 Sep 184928 Jan 1918St. Clair
BerryErmaH.Unk30 Jun 1997Maple Hill
BerryErnestA.Unk20 Jan 1978Maple Hill
BerryFannieUnk27 Jun 1924Maple Hill
BerryFrank03 May 192907 Feb 1999Maple Hill
BerryGeorgeFord13 Apr 191211 Oct 1986Brandon
BerryGeorgeW.Unk18 Apr 2006Maple Hill
BerryGeorgeUnk30 Jul 1877Maple Hill
BerryGeorgeUnk06 Jan 1869Maple Hill
BerryHenryBradford27 Oct 190721 Dec 1978Maple Hill
BerryHoraceE.20 Jan 193020 Aug 1977Murphy Hill
BerryInfantMaleUnk23 Apr 1944Maple Hill
BerryInfantUnk18 Aug 1951Maple Hill
BerryJacquelinRobertaUnk26 Dec 1957Maple Hill
BerryJamesE.05 Apr 191715 Dec 1982Maple Hill
BerryJamesSanford07 Oct 190326 Dec 1983Maple Hill
BerryJoeWillie10 Sep 193812 Mar 1939Bellview
BerryJohnT.09 Aug 190801 Mar 1984Moon
BerryJohnThomas13 Jul 192622 Apr 1980Maple Hill
BerryLaviniaCarpenter04 Oct 191812 Nov 1993Moon
BerryLillieMarksUnk29 May 1962Maple Hill
BerryMadelineCertain24 Jul 190613 Jul 2005Maple Hill
BerryMarjorieUnk28 Sep 1956Maple Hill
BerryMarthaAnnUnk05 Jan 1947Maple Hill
BerryMiltonUnk05 Mar 1948Maple Hill
BerryMinnieJones05 Dec 191916 Dec 1965Maple Hill
BerryMoraFowler03 Apr 187631 Mar 1959Ragsdale
BerryMurielE.14 Jun 193105 Mar 1989Maple Hill
BerryRobertaUnk12 Nov 1993Maple Hill
BerrySallieUnk01 Jul 1886Maple Hill
BerryThelmaGaynellUnk06 Jun 2001Maple Hill
BerryThomasHuston19 Jan 192925 Aug 1969Bevill
BerryTressieL.21 Nov 190909 Feb 1998Moon
BerryVictorUnk16 Mar 1900Maple Hill
BerryW.H.10 Nov 187020 Jul 1891St. Clair
BerryW.S.Unk06 Jan 1958Maple Hill
BerryWilliamH.Unk22 Oct 1991Maple Hill
BerryWilliamHenryUnk23 Mar 1962Maple Hill
BerryWilliamKurtis10 Jun 188103 Jan 1963Maple Hill
BerryWilliamT.Unk30 Aug 1989Maple Hill
BerryDevitaLynnUnk21 Nov 1968Maple Hill
BerryHarryH.Unk01 Mar 1996Maple Hill
BerryJamesC.28 Jun 191821 Aug 1996Maple Hill
BerryKirbyCartwrightUnk10 Feb 1966Maple Hill
BerryhillAdalineUnk18 Mar 1903Maple Hill
BerryhillAddieUnk17 Nov 1945Maple Hill
BerryhillCharlesEdward19341934Charity Baptist Church
BerryhillClaude10 May 192630 May 1998Maple Hill
BerryhillClaudeUnk29 Sep 1960Maple Hill
BerryhillClydeUnk22 Mar 1966Maple Hill
BerryhillDaiseyV.Unk10 Jul 1967Maple Hill
BerryhillEarnestDavidUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
BerryhillEdnaFoster23 Aug 190605 Mar 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
BerryhillElmaE.Unk28 Feb 1961Maple Hill
BerryhillEthel28 Apr 190331 Mar 1994Maple Hill
BerryhillF.Unk29 Jan 1915Maple Hill
BerryhillFred14 Jul 189912 Oct 1966Maple Hill
BerryhillGeorgeUnk06 Dec 1947Maple Hill
BerryhillHarvey10 Aug 188915 Jun 1968Maple Hill
BerryhillHattieMae18 May 190710 Sep 1999Maple Hill
BerryhillHowardC.21 Feb 190214 Jul 1997Maple Hill
BerryhillJamesWalterUnk29 Sep 1949Maple Hill
BerryhillJamesWhite06 Dec 189424 Jan 1965Maple Hill
BerryhillJames12 Oct 191309 Jun 1982Maple Hill
BerryhillJamesUnk18 Oct 1954Maple Hill
BerryhillJessieL.25 Mar 191603 Mar 1980Maple Hill
BerryhillJimmieUnk11 Mar 1955Maple Hill
BerryhillLeeRamboUnk12 Mar 1963Maple Hill
BerryhillLenaL.27 Jan 190830 Sep 1992Maple Hill
BerryhillLillieBea03 May 191021 Sep 1985Maple Hill
BerryhillLoisC.10 Aug 193007 May 2000Maple Hill
BerryhillLoisBraggUnk07 Oct 1996Maple Hill
BerryhillLucyUnk02 Jun 1989Maple Hill
BerryhillMaryLois23 May 190607 Oct 1996Maple Hill
BerryhillNancyUnk01 Jan 1904Maple Hill
BerryhillOrvilleL.20 Jul 191529 Oct 1986Merrimack
BerryhillR.Unk27 Dec 1914Maple Hill
BerryhillRenaUnk07 Sep 1913Maple Hill
BerryhillRichardUnk29 Jan 1938Maple Hill
BerryhillRobertUnk10 Jul 1959Maple Hill
BerryhillRoscoeL.17 Nov 192402 Jan 1993Maple Hill
BerryhillSarahUnk17 Apr 1919Maple Hill
BerryhillSusanAdline31 Dec 185318 Mar 1903Maple Hill
BerryhillSusieUnk29 Jul 1950Maple Hill
BerryhillW.M.11 Jan 186607 Dec 1913Maple Hill
BerryhillWilliamEdgarUnk31 Mar 1962Maple Hill
BerryhillWilliamUnk08 Dec 1913Maple Hill
BerrymanClayHebronUnk01 Jul 2003Maple Hill
BerrymanJeanSpelce11 Jun 193030 Oct 2004Maple Hill
BerrymanLila19 Feb 192313 Jul 1993Maple Hill
BerrymanMargaretJean11 Jun 193029 Oct 2004Maple Hill
BerrymanMinnieV.Unk26 Jan 1996Maple Hill
BerrymanRobertUnk15 Jun 1953Maple Hill
BersteinHildaUnk02 Oct 1934Maple Hill
BersteinMorrisUnk05 Oct 1898Maple Hill
BertusKeithGerald05 Nov 198227 Jul 2003Green Valley
BertusRoland14 Sep 195431 Aug 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
BeryShirleyUnk05 Nov 2003Maple Hill
BesbisOralUnk27 Jul 1925Maple Hill
BesemerPhilipUnk12 Nov 1900Maple Hill
BeshearsA.Unk20 Jul 1946Maple Hill
BeshearsDecieM.Tucker23 Mar 190503 Oct 1998Maple Hill
BeshearsDennisUnk01 Sep 1984Maple Hill
BeshearsDonnieUnk22 Dec 1978Maple Hill
BeshearsEllaUnk04 Feb 1930Maple Hill
BeshearsEva25 Mar 191307 Mar 1977Maple Hill
BeshearsFloydO.09 Feb 191321 Oct 1992Maple Hill
BeshearsFrancesFann08 Feb 191115 Feb 2001Maple Hill
BeshearsJ.H.12 Jul 189514 Jul 1897Bush
BeshearsJosephLee30 Jan 189802 Dec 1975Maple Hill
BeshearsJosephineJuanitaDaniels26 Jan 192728 Apr 1996Faith Memorial Park
BeshearsKayG.17 Mar 194917 Jul 1976Bush
BeshearsLarryC.23 Mar 194817 Jul 1976Bush
BeshearsMalindaUnk26 Aug 1899Maple Hill
BeshearsMurphyL.22 Aug 188406 Jul 1971Maple Hill
BeshearsOhrnnaW.Unk23 Aug 1936Maple Hill
BeshearsOlaUnk23 Dec 1921Maple Hill
BeshearsOmieBelleUnk16 Oct 1913Maple Hill
BeshearsVernonE.19 Apr 193113 Sep 1979Bush
BeshearsWilliamR.Unk17 Jun 1970Maple Hill
BesherseAlbertLee27 Jan 192711 Jan 1988Maple Hill
BesherseCharlesC.Unk08 Oct 1972Maple Hill
BesherseJohnB.187001 Jan 1929Maple Hill
BesherseJohnBell20 Mar 193003 Mar 1998Maple Hill
BesherseMedie187401 Jan 1953Maple Hill
BesherseObieUnk01 Jan 1934Maple Hill
BesherseOhmnaW.13 Feb 190021 Aug 1986Maple Hill
BesherseThelmaJoyce24 Mar 192824 Jun 2001Maple Hill
BeshmoreObieUnk24 May 1934Maple Hill
BeslerAbramUnk29 Dec 1878Maple Hill
BessHenryUnk21 Jul 1951Maple Hill
BessLeadonna30 Dec 192120 May 1990Maple Hill
BessettGordonUnk30 Mar 1961Maple Hill
BetchieMaryUnk02 Jan 1928Maple Hill
BettertonCeliaClark16 May 184514 Feb 1924Charity Baptist Church
BettertonDavidC.20 May 187919 Dec 1952Charity Baptist Church
BettertonJosephM.01 Mar 191903 Dec 1992Plainview
BettertonLeonaK.Unk15 Apr 1996Maple Hill
BettsAugustaUnk25 Aug 1894Maple Hill
BettsChambersUnk13 Dec 1895Maple Hill
BettsEdwardChambersUnk18 Sep 1891Maple Hill
BettsH.C.Unk19 Jan 1895Maple Hill
BettsInfantTwinsUnk13 Aug 1892Maple Hill
BettsLucyUnk03 Feb 1923Maple Hill
BettsMaudeBrown25 Feb 186302 Jan 1940Maple Hill
BettsR.C.Unk14 Sep 1896Maple Hill
BettsRobertE.25 May 192810 Jul 2004Maple Hill
BettsTancred16 Sep 186124 May 1921Maple Hill
BettsTheodoreUnk02 Oct 1925Glenwood
BettsVictorUnk15 Nov 1900Maple Hill
BettsVirginiaA.Unk13 Aug 1892Maple Hill
BeumerBetty02 Apr 193205 Aug 2003Maple Hill
BeumerJoseph30 Jul 193003 Oct 2005Maple Hill
BevelDennisC.25 Aug 192515 Apr 1993Kennamer
BevelGeorgeT.31 Dec 189513 May 1961Kennamer
BevelGeorgeW.20 Aug 192017 Nov 1970Kennamer
BevelJosephL.06 Jun 192228 Jul 1989Kennamer
BevelL.M.03 Sep 1900NDDKennamer
BevelMyrtleR.25 Jun 189526 Jul 1926Kennamer
BevelNancyE.28 Nov 190214 Aug 1992Kennamer
BevelOlen02 Mar 193326 Jul 1989Kennamer
BevelRuthM.20 Dec 192409 Jul 1996Kennamer
BevelZedaMarie20 Sep 1933NDDKennamer
BevelsMina24 Jul 1881NDDBevill
BevelsRoyF.31 Jul 188302 Nov 1963Bevill
BeverlyAnner20 Mar 188903 May 1911Madison Crossroads
BeverlyB.W.08 Feb 188425 Mar 1925Golightly
BeverlyBirdieEstelle17 Sep 191317 Apr 1984Golightly
BeverlyClintonM.06 May 190514 Oct 1986Golightly
BeverlyHubertLouie15 Jun 191725 Apr 2005Golightly
BeverlyHuedy28 Nov 191011 Dec 1911Golightly
BeverlyIcieB.29 Oct 191009 Jan 2002Golightly
BeverlyJamesR.16 Jun 192824 Dec 1952Madison Crossroads
BeverlyJamesT.07 Dec 189922 Jun 19211Madison Crossroads
BeverlyJamesW.19 Feb 186101 Apr 1920Golightly
BeverlyJoyL.27 Oct 193827 Oct 1938Golightly
BeverlyJoyW.24 Sep 190805 Oct 1976Golightly
BeverlyLelaFrances20 Jun 189904 Oct 1908Madison Crossroads
BeverlyLesterL.24 Feb 191111 Jan 1983Golightly
BeverlyLulaB.04 May 18445 Nov 1910Golightly
BeverlyMartha23 Dec 186401 Sep 1931Madison Crossroads
BeverlyPleasantO.03 Jul 190802 Apr 1938Madison Crossroads
BeverlyTreaseAnn27 Sep 197227 Sep 1972Golightly
BeverlyWilliamEarl20 Apr 193806 Aug 1994Golightly
BeverlyWilliamJ.20 Aug 185929 Aug 1915Madison Crossroads
BeverlyWillisT.31 May 188614 Jan 1914Madison Crossroads
BevilJerriUnk08 Jun 1963Maple Hill
BevilJerryWayneUnk05 Dec 1993Maple Hill
BevilJerryUnk31 Jul 1966Maple Hill
BevilMagdalene15 Apr 191223 Oct 1991Charity Baptist Church
BevillAgnes29 Mar 191708 Sep 1986Bevill
BevillArthurA.20 Jan 188330 Jan 1970Bevill
BevillBessieM.12 Mar 191106 Mar 2000Bevill
BevillBob07 Dec 189127 Oct 1918Bevill
BevillC.D.27 May 186006 Jul 1893Bevill
BevillE.B.11 Aug 185115 Jan 1906Bevill
BevillEd06 May 189307 Mar 1970Bevill
BevillEdgieM.10 Oct 190103 Apr 1974Bevill
BevillEverett15 Jun 191304 Sep 1984Bevill
BevillFrancesLouise10 May 192824 Dec 1932Bevill
BevillHelenG.01 Dec 191511 Aug 2004Bevill
BevillIdaS.Unk23 Jan 1918Maple Hill
BevillInfant13 Apr 192113 Apr 1921Bevill
BevillInfant25 Feb 193525 Feb 1935Bevill
BevillIreneManley04 Jul 188625 Mar 1935Bevill
BevillJ.G.17 Jul 185311 Feb 1888Bevill
BevillJamesE.07 Jan 190810 Aug 1996Bevill
BevillLeeRoy26 Apr 188303 Mar 1955Bevill
BevillLeonardA.23 Jun 191028 Jan 1989Bevill
BevillM.G.11 Feb 188907 Jul 1910Bevill
BevillMatthew13 Aug 189403 Apr 1974Bevill
BevillMinnieN.06 Mar 189018 Sep 1958Bevill
BevillMinnie07 Jan 189108 Jan 1892Bevill
BevillParaZada07 Jul 186017 Jan 1943Bevill
BevillWilliamHoward16 Sep 192204 Apr 1974Bevill
BeyerRoselUnk30 May 1997Maple Hill
BeyerRudolfErnstUnkNDDMaple Hill
BibbCordeliaElizabeth183224 Jul 1915Maple Hill
BibbDaiseyMassey27 Sep 190327 Nov 1978Maple Hill
BibbE.Unk13 Sep 1903Maple Hill
BibbElleleeBoswellUnk12 Feb 1979Maple Hill
BibbFannyMarsh01 Jan 186108 Aug 1867Maple Hill
BibbJamesEdward27 Dec 186711 Feb 1871Bibb
BibbJamesH.12 Mar 182602 Apr 1870Bibb
BibbJamesM.Unk30 May 1868Maple Hill
BibbJamesPorterUnk21 Jan 1976Maple Hill
BibbJames18 Feb 177804 Feb 1826Maple Hill
BibbJohn18 Sep 180529 Sep 1862Maple Hill
BibbKathrynMarsh26 Jan 183015 Oct 1905Maple Hill
BibbLauraM.22 Oct 183502 Feb 1859Bibb
BibbMaryS.ChambersOct 181626 May 1835Maple Hill
BibbNimrodUnk27 Jun 1868Maple Hill
BibbPamelia22 Mar 178405 Sep 1854Maple Hill
BibbPattyLou10 Apr 192316 Jan 2005Maple Hill
BibbRobertChambers14 Feb 191630 Oct 2000Maple Hill
BibbSarahGarrett07 May 178515 Apr 1838Maple Hill
BibbThomas13 May 181627 Aug 1853Maple Hill
BibbThomas178320 Sep 1839Maple Hill
BibbThomasUnk22 Apr 1871Maple Hill
BibbWilliamG.Unk02 Oct 1868Maple Hill
BibbWilliamGarrett08 Aug 182329 Sep 1867Maple Hill
BibbWilliamL.27 Oct 180317 Sep 1851Maple Hill
BibbWilliamT.20 Oct 186504 Apr 1868Bibb
BibbWilliam13 Jun 178331 May 1884Maple Hill
BibbWilsonCaryUnk30 Nov 1879Maple Hill
BiblesAnnieUnkNDDMaple Hill
BiblesArthurLeonardUnk24 Apr 1966Maple Hill
BiblesCharlieEdward08 Sep 190827 Sep 1971Maple Hill
BiblesJ.C.15 Mar 191421 Jul 1992Maple Hill
BiblesSarahUnk11 Jun 1946Maple Hill
BiblesWalterUnk21 Nov 1946Maple Hill
BiceAnnieJo31 Jul 190903 May 1987Maple Hill
BiceClarenceEdwinUnk30 Apr 1964Maple Hill
BiceTamaraL.Barr08 Aug 196225 Oct 2004Twickenham
BickerstaffGladysUnk01 Sep 1985Maple Hill
BickerstaffJamesA.Unk20 Jan 1983Maple Hill
BickleyAubreyW.25 Aug 190431 Mar 1971Maple Hill
BickleyFlorenceElizabethUnk25 Oct 1959Maple Hill
BickleyJoeM.Unk09 Nov 1970Maple Hill
BickleyLizzieMae12 Jul 190908 Aug 1996Maple Hill
BickleyW.H.10 Jun 187627 Oct 1926Maple Hill
BickneyMaryUnk17 Jul 1933Maple Hill
BiddulphFrederickUnk26 May 1942Maple Hill
BierneWilliamH.Unk19 Sep 1949Maple Hill
BiggMyrtleUnk12 Jan 1966Maple Hill
BiggsAllen11 Feb 195115 Nov 2004Maple Hill
BiggsFrederic13 Mar 188528 Aug 1969Maple Hill
BiggsGeorgeUnk29 Jun 1895Maple Hill
BiggsGraceUnk17 Nov 1955Maple Hill
BiggsGroverC.Unk20 Nov 1974Maple Hill
BiggsJamesW.23 Jun 191426 Mar 1977Maple Hill
BiggsJosephArthur17 Mar 188304 Apr 1971Madison Crossroads
BiggsLodaMcNatt05 Aug 188829 Mar 1968Madison Crossroads
BiggsLoisH.14 Jan 192820 Apr 2001Maple Hill
BiggsMarkAllenUnk15 Nov 2004Maple Hill
BiggsSaraUnk30 Nov 1939Maple Hill
BiggsVernonEdwardUnk17 Aug 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
BighamMary25 Dec 189713 Nov 1965Byrd
BiglerLeoJ.Unk15 Nov 1973Maple Hill
BiksonAnneFanningUnk02 Jan 1998Maple Hill
BilakClaraM.Unk16 May 2000Maple Hill
BilakGeorge24 Apr 191606 Apr 1983Maple Hill
BilbroAnnieUnkNDDMaple Hill
BilesAltonA.18951927Charity Baptist Church
BilesB.F.UnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
BilesBillie19211926Charity Baptist Church
BilesHaskel18971926Charity Baptist Church
BilesJamesA.19191948Charity Baptist Church
BilesT.Unk22 May 1954Maple Hill
BilesT.Unk13 Sep 1954Maple Hill
BileyThomasRay14 May 194410 May 2003Charity Baptist Church
BillRobertA.Unk08 Mar 1983Maple Hill
BillingsDorisS.31 Aug 191021 Jan 1975Maple Hill
BillingsEdwardR.20 Oct 190915 Sep 1985Maple Hill
BillingsleyElizabethUnk07 Aug 2001Maple Hill
BillingslySamW.Unk26 Dec 1898Maple Hill
BillionsArviMae08 Jun 189022 Jan 1907Golightly
BillionsBettyJoyce25 Jan 193731 May 1938Charity Baptist Church
BillionsBirdieE.02 Apr 191819 May 1985Charity Baptist Church
BillionsCindy09 Nov 188525 Nov 1971Charity Baptist Church
BillionsClara18891966Charity Baptist Church
BillionsClevelandW.02 Nov 190812 Mar 1978Charity Baptist Church
BillionsElbert07 Jul 193404 May 1997Charity Baptist Church
BillionsFlorenceB.15 Jan 190817 Mar 1985Charity Baptist Church
BillionsJ.A.20 Mar 183825 Dec 1908Center Hill
BillionsJessieL.06 Apr 191818 Jun 1976Madison Crossroads
BillionsJohnOct 1886Jan 1965Charity Baptist Church
BillionsLelaMUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
BillionsLelaOleneHeart16 Dec 193323 Mar 2005Ready
BillionsLonnie15 Jan 188210 Nov 1970Charity Baptist Church
BillionsLulaMae04 Jul 190903 Nov 1909Golightly
BillionsMyrtle10 Jun 188429 Jan 1937Charity Baptist Church
BillionsNaomiA.20 Oct 190719 Jun 2000New Sharon
BillionsNaomiUnk12 Sep 1913Maple Hill
BillionsNathan29 Jul 190626 Nov 1981New Sharon
BillionsRubyE.24 Sep 191707 Jan 2001Madison Crossroads
BillionsWalterC.15 Feb 191302 Feb 1997Charity Baptist Church
BillionsWalter08 Feb 194623 Nov 1946Charity Baptist Church
BillionsWillieVann07 Oct 191002 Apr 1968Charity Baptist Church
BillmayerHannsL.19 Nov 191024 Jul 1999Maple Hill
BillsWalterM.16 Sep 190809 Jan 1977Maple Hill
BillupsMerrillT.20 Aug 193010 Feb 1978Maple Hill
BinfordAbnerH.25 Dec 179409 Jul 1851Binford
BinfordAnnieMaeCaudle10 Apr 191713 Jan 2004Collier - Triana
BinfordBerryL.06 Dec 191617 Nov 1965Northside
BinfordCarrie31 Jul 190231 Mar 2001Maple Hill
BinfordCharlesKing19 Nov 187711 Sep 1940Glenwood
BinfordEverleneScruggs04 Apr 193105 Jan 1988Brandon
BinfordFannieMae11 Oct 191112 Apr 1992Collier - Triana
BinfordFrancesA.22 Dec 185218 Jun 1919Glenwood
BinfordH.N.Unk02 Dec 1871Maple Hill
BinfordHenryClaxton28 Sep 185104 Jun 1911Glenwood
BinfordHenryUnk16 Apr 1875Maple Hill
BinfordJ.Allen27 Sep 188126 Dec 1937Glenwood
BinfordJohnH.08 Aug 186327 Aug 1895Glenwood
BinfordMilton07 Jun 189910 Jun 1968Royal
BinfordPearlA.11 Oct 187524 Jul 1936Glenwood
BinfordPeter11 Feb 178610 Jan 1839Binford
BinfordT.Unk15 Sep 1875Maple Hill
BinfordThomasUnk26 Dec 1874Maple Hill
BinfordWilburnAllen15 Apr 187322 Oct 1912Maple Hill
BingBertha29 Nov 190816 Aug 1909Merrimack
BinghamBettyF.18 Dec 188928 May 1970Maple Hill
BinghamBobbyGeraldUnk20 Jul 1993Maple Hill
BinghamEliza04 Oct 186106 Sep 1908Maple Hill
BinghamGerald22 Oct 192720 Jul 1993Maple Hill
BinghamHershelO.Unk31 Jan 2006Maple Hill
BinghamJohnL.24 May 185427 Mar 1910Maple Hill
BinghamLilaT.15 Feb 191408 Mar 1996Maple Hill
BinghamLouraMcCormack13 Oct 192707 May 1992Plainview
BinghamMonroeJacksonUnk02 Jul 1959Maple Hill
BinghamRubyDee13 May 192721 Feb 2005Maple Hill
BinghamStephenUnk06 Oct 2003Maple Hill
BirchfieldAnnieKeel07 Sep 189614 Jun 1968Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BirchfieldEdwardUnk02 Aug 1951Maple Hill
BirchfieldEmmaC.07 Nov 190526 Jun 1981Charity Baptist Church
BirchfieldJamesF.30 Sep 186220 Feb 1966Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BirchfieldJamesPaul30 Oct 193414 Feb 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
BirchfieldJamesSamuel03 Oct 192425 Jun 1944Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BirchfieldJessieG.04 Mar 188529 Jun 1951Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BirchfieldJohnJ.18831941Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BirchfieldLawsonUnk25 Feb 1958Maple Hill
BirchfieldMarthaJ.29 Jan 188803 Oct 1967Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BirchfieldMorgan18871930Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BirchfieldPauline23 Aug 191420 Apr 1920Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BirchfieldSallieLee18931973Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BirchfieldThomasHarold27 Apr 193310 Apr 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
BirchfieldW.W.05 Dec 189211 Jan 1935Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BirdBessieF.22 Mar 190724 Dec 1985Maple Hill
BirdCathyLajuanUnk17 Mar 2000Green Valley
BirdClaudeA.18 Jan 187422 Sep 1952Neal Chapel
BirdDorisR.10 Apr 191710 Jul 2002Maple Hill
BirdEuniceC.18881986Neal Chapel
BirdFlorence25 Nov 189918 Jun 1992Neal Chapel
BirdHelenJoyce01 Jan 194608 Jan 1951Neal Chapel
BirdJacobWheeler09 Mar 191416 Apr 1983Maple Hill
BirdJoeOliver13 May 193411 Jul 1943Neal Chapel
BirdJohnG.Unk22 Jun 1959Maple Hill
BirdKateC.18961945Neal Chapel
BirdKateE.UnkNDDNeal Chapel
BirdLoreneAdams05 Nov 191429 Nov 1975Neal Chapel
BirdMinnieBea19 Oct 190305 Dec 1990Neal Chapel
BirdOlinUnk19 Aug 1945Maple Hill
BirdWalterL.08 Jul 191227 Feb 2003Neal Chapel
BirdWileyV.18931947Neal Chapel
BirdsJ.Unk03 Jan 1920Maple Hill
BirdsonOscarUnk16 Sep 1975Maple Hill
BirdsongAndrewUnk08 Nov 1918Maple Hill
BirdsongAndyUnk22 Jul 1902Maple Hill
BirdsongArchyUnk03 Sep 1900Maple Hill
BirdsongArchyUnk05 Sep 1899Maple Hill
BirdsongAteyUnk29 May 1922Maple Hill
BirdsongBobbyFay08 Apr 193914 Dec 2002Maple Hill
BirdsongCharlie09 Jul 188604 Apr 1926Charity Baptist Church
BirdsongDoraG.Unk18 Aug 1898Maple Hill
BirdsongHarrisC.1898NDDCharity Baptist Church
BirdsongHowardL.06 Jul 193028 Jan 1981Northside
BirdsongInfantUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
BirdsongMariahP.23 Dec 190629 May 1995Maple Hill
BirdsongSallieP.19041954Charity Baptist Church
BirminghamEllaM.20 Dec 190724 Jul 1974Maple Hill
BirminghamW.A.Unk02 Jan 1958Maple Hill
BirtMaryJohnson25 Dec 190005 Dec 1980Brandon
BisbinM.Unk13 Sep 1913Maple Hill
BishopAlanBartley08 Jan 194520 Aug 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
BishopAlliceE.23 Oct 192329 Jun 1994Ragsdale
BishopCecilB.Unk13 Jan 1984Maple Hill
BishopCecilB.Unk19 May 1958Maple Hill
BishopCharles05 Jul 189229 Jul 1912Ebenezer
BishopDennis09 Sep 192518 Jul 1974Maple Hill
BishopGeorgeLeon23 Jan 192107 Dec 1980Pleas Mount Baptist Church
BishopGlenEugene02 Aug 191023 Dec 1998Maple Hill
BishopGordenUnk03 Feb 1955Maple Hill
BishopGuyS.31 Jul 189711 May 1990Maple Hill
BishopHarrisE.Unk14 Jul 1980Maple Hill
BishopHazelP.Unk17 May 1979Maple Hill
BishopIda24 Jul 188817 Dec 1973Maple Hill
BishopJamesS.05 Apr 187120 Nov 1949Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
BishopJamesUnk09 Aug 1940Maple Hill
BishopJerryUnk18 Feb 1973Maple Hill
BishopJohnnieM.27 Oct 190921 Feb 1991Maple Hill
BishopJuliaS.29 Sep 187519 Aug 1953Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
BishopMabelUnk01 Sep 1960Maple Hill
BishopMaggieUnk30 Jan 1935Maple Hill
BishopMargieHortase16 Apr 192705 Nov 2001Maple Hill
BishopMarieD.Unk11 May 1994Maple Hill
BishopMarthaNannieUnk30 Jul 1949Maple Hill
BishopNolaBethel23 Apr 189818 Jul 1937Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
BishopOcie30 Oct 190330 Oct 1911Ebenezer
BishopPatriciaAnne29 Sep 193814 Jun 2005Maple Hill
BishopRenaB.01 Feb 190312 Oct 1984Maple Hill
BishopRogerWayneUnk20 Jun 1963Maple Hill
BishopSallieHill10 Sep 190418 Oct 1981Maple Hill
BishopVirginiaSteele26 Dec 192215 Jun 2006Maple Hill
BishopWilliamH.01 Nov 189219 Jul 1968Maple Hill
BishopWilliamVan15 Jan 188922 Feb 1969Maple Hill
BissC.Andrew05 Nov 190603 Jan 1982Maple Hill
BissMarianC.23 Aug 190506 Feb 2006Maple Hill
BissRuthBell19 Sep 193121 Apr 2001Maple Hill
BittingWilliamC.10 Apr 191510 Aug 1980Maple Hill
BittsT.Unk24 May 1921Maple Hill
BitzerLilaB.Unk30 Aug 1899Maple Hill
BlackClaudeE.26 Jul 189719 Dec 1979Maple Hill
BlackG.Unk08 Dec 1903Maple Hill
BlackGeorge31 Jul 191213 May 1984Maple Hill
BlackH.E.Unk16 Feb 1961Maple Hill
BlackHelenaUnk26 Mar 1973Maple Hill
BlackHermanMack25 Sep 192430 Jan 1998Maple Hill
BlackIvyShaw12 Jul 190610 Jun 1982Maple Hill
BlackJackLee14 Nov 193129 Mar 2000Bevill
BlackJamesR.Unk15 Nov 1989Maple Hill
BlackJohnUnk30 Oct 1942Maple Hill
BlackLelaUnk05 Feb 1944Maple Hill
BlackMavisFranklin30 Jun 191531 May 2006Maple Hill
BlackMayE.Unk23 Oct 1895Maple Hill
BlackRobertD.Unk11 Jan 1971Maple Hill
BlackSusanElizabethUnk12 Oct 1948Maple Hill
BlackCarlElby07 Aug 192520 Feb 2001Maple Hill
BlackCarolineUnk17 Aug 1986Maple Hill
BlackEssieH.05 Aug 189613 May 1979Maple Hill
BlackFannieA.07 Aug 189521 Aug 1993Maple Hill
BlackJanieB.12 May 190624 Jul 1979Maple Hill
BlackJohnUnk29 May 1958Maple Hill
BlackKenneth20 Sep 189828 Oct 1972Maple Hill
BlackLula09 Sep 189927 Feb 1988Maple Hill
BlackMackUnk16 Aug 1957Maple Hill
BlackburnAmandaWashingtonJohnson05 Feb 185923 Jan 1929Vann
BlackburnAndrew18901965Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
BlackburnBessieC.25 Jul 190430 Dec 1988Vann
BlackburnBobUnk03 Mar 1960Maple Hill
BlackburnCallie08 Feb 186606 Feb 1930Vann
BlackburnChristineC.Unk09 Oct 1993Maple Hill
BlackburnColumbus05 Dec 183113 Oct 1911Vann
BlackburnDavidL.14 May 185325 Aug 1854Bailey
BlackburnDavid05 Jul 195719 Jul 2003Maple Hill
BlackburnDorothy06 May 192501 Nov 1998Maple Hill
BlackburnEarnestC.05 May 190707 Dec 1989Maple Hill
BlackburnEliza02 Dec 184503 Dec 1946Bailey
BlackburnElizabethC.11 May 183224 Mar 1913Vann
BlackburnGabrielR.184918 Oct 1919Anderson
BlackburnGeorgeWashington01 Jan 186113 Oct 1901Vann
BlackburnGracePearl07 Dec 190525 Jan 1911Vann
BlackburnHarryW.05 Sep 189330 Oct 1969Vann
BlackburnHarveyO.Unk18 Apr 1990Maple Hill
BlackburnHelen16 Oct 185112 Aug 1852Bailey
BlackburnInfantFemaleUnk13 Aug 1942Maple Hill
BlackburnJ.T.23 Dec 190112 Feb 1907Vann
BlackburnJ.Unk18 Mar 1952Maple Hill
BlackburnJamesMahlon14 Sep 192202 Jun 1927Vann
BlackburnJamesS.17 Sep 189507 Aug 1988Maple Hill
BlackburnJames17 Sep 184727 Sep 1850Bailey
BlackburnJessieGains25 Jan 185503 Jan 1900Vann
BlackburnJohnH.04 Jul 189119 Nov 1972Camp Ground
BlackburnLauraMayNov 1922Sep 1959Glenwood
BlackburnLeraL.Unk28 Dec 2005Maple Hill
BlackburnLillieUnk17 Nov 1951Maple Hill
BlackburnLindelEarlUnk16 May 1970Maple Hill
BlackburnLizzieD.08 Sep 190323 Oct 1970Maple Hill
BlackburnLolaBell20 Sep 191709 Dec 2001Maple Hill
BlackburnM.L.29 Jan 188228 Mar 1907Vann
BlackburnMargieMarie07 Mar 192908 Apr 1929Vann
BlackburnMarieJuanita24 Dec 192519 Jul 1986Maple Hill
BlackburnMaryLou22 Aug 189220 Jul 1942Camp Ground
BlackburnMattieUnkNDDMaple Hill
BlackburnMilton02 Oct 191319 Jan 1948Locust Grove
BlackburnNellieUnk13 Feb 1971Maple Hill
BlackburnOpalUnk19 Jul 1993Maple Hill
BlackburnPaul12 Apr 194321 Jun 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
BlackburnRoyM.08 Sep 190812 Feb 1986Maple Hill
BlackburnRoyManellUnk18 Jan 1988Maple Hill
BlackburnRufusT.12 Oct 191213 Jul 2001Maple Hill
BlackburnSallie18 Jul 188014 Mar 1977Northside
BlackburnWilliamLaymon15 Nov 189302 Jan 1940Locust Grove
BlackestonJosephG.Unk30 Aug 1862Maple Hill
BlackmanBessieUnk07 Apr 1900Maple Hill
BlackmoreFrancisUnk26 Nov 1927Maple Hill
BlackstonJohnB.24 Nov 187309 Apr 1960Mt. Zion
BlackwellClaraD.Unk09 Jun 1958Maple Hill
BlackwellDavidS.Unk21 Feb 1945Maple Hill
BlackwellFrankUnk14 Sep 1902Maple Hill
BlackwellFrankUnk07 Oct 1900Maple Hill
BlackwellGertrudePrice16 Aug 191829 Jan 1999Maple Hill
BlackwellKittyUnk26 Dec 1891Maple Hill
BlackwellLauraG.Unk09 Jan 1962Maple Hill
BlackwellLawrenceMiltonUnk21 Jan 1960Maple Hill
BlackwellMableV.10 Oct 189723 May 1978Maple Hill
BlackwellMattieUnk17 Aug 1889Maple Hill
BlackwellRuthGeorge21 Apr 190617 Jun 1990Maple Hill
BlackwellThomasAlvin22 Nov 191811 Mar 2005Maple Hill
BlackwellWilburMasten04 Sep 192306 Aug 2003Charity Baptist Church
BlackwellWilliamD.Unk02 Dec 1945Maple Hill
BlackwellWilliamD.Unk04 Oct 1929Maple Hill
BlackwellWilliamUnk10 Oct 1929Maple Hill
BlackwoodBerdieB.04 Mar 191508 Nov 1999Gipson
BlackwoodEvelyn16 Nov 191117 Feb 1973Maple Hill
BlackwoodJamesM.24 Feb 191905 Nov 1989Gipson
BlackwoodJamesThomas02 Nov 192507 Oct 1951Gurley
BlackwoodJesseBurton01 Apr 192201 Apr 1922Gurley
BlackwoodLutherHowardUnk22 May 1975Maple Hill
BlackwoodRodaMae11 Mar 195724 Sep 2003Gipson
BlackwoodRuth16 May 189130 Apr 1992Gurley
BlackwoodWilliamJ.16 Jul 1948NDDGipson
BlagburnAnnieE.12 Apr 188208 May 1909Charity Baptist Church
BlairDonUnk10 Jan 1963Maple Hill
BlairDorothyC.02 Nov 191002 Apr 1999Maple Hill
BlairDorothyScott16 Mar 191431 Mar 2001Northside
BlairEmilyJohnsonUnk19 Sep 1891Maple Hill
BlairEvelyn19 Jun 192123 Nov 1974Maple Hill
BlairHowardWilson08 Jun 191920 Apr 1982Maple Hill
BlairHughUnk05 May 1942Maple Hill
BlairJ.B.Unk15 Jan 1964Maple Hill
BlairJ.M.Mrs.UnkNDDMaple Hill
BlairJ.Unk10 Aug 1953Maple Hill
BlairJamesUnk09 Jan 1928Maple Hill
BlairJaneUnk27 Sep 1886Maple Hill
BlairLutherW.03 May 191421 Oct 1983Maple Hill
BlairLutherW.Unk29 Jun 1947Maple Hill
BlairMaiUnk16 Sep 1918Maple Hill
BlairMariePollardUnk11 Jun 1964Maple Hill
BlairMaryElizabethUnk22 May 2006Maple Hill
BlairMiltonUnk25 May 1924Maple Hill
BlairMiramUnk12 Apr 1938Maple Hill
BlairPoseyDematraUnk24 Jun 1941Maple Hill
BlairRobertEdbertUnk09 Mar 1961Maple Hill
BlairRobertUnk03 Aug 1919Maple Hill
BlairRoyEgbert12 Jul 191521 Jul 2005Maple Hill
BlairRuthUnk04 Feb 1918Maple Hill
BlairS.M.Unk06 Oct 1919Maple Hill
BlairS.Unk01 Jan 1918Maple Hill
BlairSarahJ.Unk21 Oct 1911Maple Hill
BlairUnkFemaleUnk11 Apr 1913Maple Hill
BlairW.A.Unk26 Sep 1870Maple Hill
BlaiseEdwardVirginiaOlea14 Apr 190805 Dec 1975Huntsville Memory Gardens
BlaiseMaryVirginiaOlea07 May 192421 Mar 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
BlakeF.W.22 Jul 184921 Jun 1915Madison Crossroads
BlakeH.Unk19 Jun 1915Maple Hill
BlakeHaleUnk09 Oct 1895Maple Hill
BlakeJamesUnk28 Jul 1930Maple Hill
BlakeMernivaJ.07 Dec 188920 Aug 1944Madison Crossroads
BlakeRodneyUnkNDDMaple Hill
BlakeSarahUnk15 Feb 1901Maple Hill
BlakeWilliamF.18 Sep 188623 Nov 1908Madison Crossroads
BlakeHallClarenceUnk14 Jul 1937Maple Hill
BlakemanJimUnk23 Mar 1923Maple Hill
BlakemooreGeorgeUnk05 Mar 1943Maple Hill
BlakemoreA.Unk19 Dec 1903Maple Hill
BlakemoreCarrieUnk27 May 1923Maple Hill
BlakemoreClarenceL.Unk06 Aug 1977Maple Hill
BlakemoreHenryC.29 Jun 188410 Feb 1964Maple Hill
BlakemoreJamesH.23 Oct 191206 Jul 1984Maple Hill
BlakemoreLera13 Sep 189805 Oct 1971Maple Hill
BlakemoreLouisaC.Carmichael20 Oct 184727 Jul 1915Maple Hill
BlakemoreMaeOla06 Feb 190726 Feb 1999Maple Hill
BlakemoreParileeCagle06 Feb 187324 Apr 1934Camp Ground
BlakemoreThomasUnk11 Mar 1992Maple Hill
BlakemoreWilliamH.Unk17 Sep 1887Maple Hill
BlakemoreWilliamHenry10 Dec 184625 Feb 1937Maple Hill
BlakenshipWalterUnk19 May 1945Maple Hill
BlakmoreJamesUnk31 Dec 1921Maple Hill
BlandAdoraReynolds25 May 187015 Jan 1916Charity Baptist Church
BlandAlvinUnk23 Jul 1935Maple Hill
BlandBeulahUnk29 Jan 1977Maple Hill
BlandEarlUnk24 Mar 1924Maple Hill
BlandGenevaUnk19 Feb 1919Maple Hill
BlandIrieElwain23 Aug 191209 Jun 2004Maple Hill
BlandJamesUnk07 Apr 1924Maple Hill
BlandLessieM.Unk04 May 1965Maple Hill
BlandLessieUnk04 May 1982Maple Hill
BlandMildredIreneUnk18 Jun 2003Maple Hill
BlandW.R.UnkNDDMaple Hill
BlandW.Unk23 Feb 1923Maple Hill
BlankenshipAdaMiller17 Sep 188809 Dec 1980Maple Hill
BlankenshipEthelLou10 May 189624 Dec 1980Maple Hill
BlankenshipLena04 Jan 188722 Sep 1967Madison Crossroads
BlankenshipLillieS.20 Oct 189219 Apr 1977Big Cove
BlankenshipOrdenDale10 Dec 192403 Apr 1945Maple Hill
BlankenshipRobertE.10 Nov 187801 Dec 1953Madison Crossroads
BlankenshipStuartM.10 Nov 191605 Apr 1993Maple Hill
BlankenshipThomasDaniel02 Jan 188626 Oct 1971Maple Hill
BlankenshipWalterBrantley26 Mar 189919 May 1945Maple Hill
BlanksEugeneH.09 May 192719 Apr 1994Locust Grove
BlanksonFranceUnk20 Aug 1921Maple Hill
BlantonCharlesE.28 Jan 185320 Feb 1920Norris
BlantonClarence29 Feb 188801 Mar 1969Maple Hill
BlantonEllenRoper08 Mar 185115 Jan 1920Norris
BlantonFrancesUnk15 Oct 1921Maple Hill
BlantonG.W.Unk17 Jul 1870Maple Hill
BlantonGeorgeW.31 Jul 189912 Sep 1975Maple Hill
BlantonGeorgeW.Unk30 Apr 1888Maple Hill
BlantonGeorgeUnk15 Apr 1932Maple Hill
BlantonHattieL.Unk10 Sep 1887Maple Hill
BlantonHelenL.30 May 191503 Oct 1992Maple Hill
BlantonHelenUnk20 Aug 1904Maple Hill
BlantonIdaW.Unk18 Sep 1948Maple Hill
BlantonJamesLeeUnk28 Sep 1964Maple Hill
BlantonJerryUnk27 Nov 1940Maple Hill
BlantonJohnD.Unk31 Dec 1978Maple Hill
BlantonLawsonUnk04 Apr 1955Maple Hill
BlantonLilaUnk26 Jan 1970Maple Hill
BlantonLucyUnk29 Dec 1930Maple Hill
BlantonMaggieLou10 Dec 190421 Jun 1999Maple Hill
BlantonMargaretInez31 May 192016 Oct 2001Maple Hill
BlantonMary11 Dec 189019 Sep 1891Norris
BlantonMattieJaneUnk06 Aug 1965Maple Hill
BlantonMattieUnk10 Apr 1884Maple Hill
BlantonOdellE.25 Jan 191429 Jan 1988Maple Hill
BlantonOrvilleUnk10 Mar 1901Maple Hill
BlantonS.Unk12 Sep 1921Maple Hill
BlantonSarahJaneUnk06 May 1957Maple Hill
BlantonSarahUnk01 Dec 1945Maple Hill
BlantonThomasUnk10 Nov 1878Maple Hill
BlantonWilliamH.23 Jan 188901 May 1973Maple Hill
BlasingameEdnaR.06 Aug 192229 Nov 2005Maple Hill
BlassC.MarionUnk25 May 1976Maple Hill
BlassJeffreyWhite04 Mar 195613 Apr 1998Maple Hill
BlattmanHarry15 Aug 188707 Apr 1965Maple Hill
BlaumEdwardJ.16 Mar 193919 Dec 2004Huntsville Memory Gardens
BlaylockDavidUnk16 Sep 1875Maple Hill
BlaylockUnkFemaleUnk16 Sep 1875Maple Hill
BledsoeAlvinL.09 Aug 191312 Jan 1990Bevill
BledsoeAnnieM.25 Aug 192721 Feb 1996Maple Hill
BledsoeAvoUnkNDDMaple Hill
BledsoeElganF.Unk23 Mar 1989Maple Hill
BledsoeJesseC.23 Feb 192509 Jul 1981Maple Hill
BledsoeJoeAllen05 May 192315 Jul 1990Bevill
BledsoeMarionUnk29 Apr 1951Maple Hill
BledsoeMaryJaneUnk30 Jun 1964Maple Hill
BlevinsCoraLynnUnk06 Sep 1996Maple Hill
BlevinsDovieM.Unk07 Feb 1989Maple Hill
BlevinsFernS.01 Nov 191625 Feb 1994Maple Hill
BlevinsGraceUnk05 Oct 1998Maple Hill
BlevinsHenryR.08 Jun 190504 Dec 1988Maple Hill
BlevinsJerryNeilUnk17 Mar 1977Maple Hill
BlevinsMillardUnk25 Feb 1990Maple Hill
BlevinsSallieJane03 Apr 192512 Oct 2001Maple Hill
BlileyTeresaUnk06 Sep 1961Maple Hill
BlockerA.TheodoreUnkNDDMaple Hill
BlockerCarolynUnk01 Dec 1984Maple Hill
BlockerJohnLesterUnk05 Aug 1958Maple Hill
BlockerLesterUnk16 Jul 1934Maple Hill
BlockerLindaUnk07 Dec 1987Maple Hill
BlockerMattieL.UnkNDDMaple Hill
BlockerRichardEarl27 Feb 191708 Mar 1990Maple Hill
BlockerSarahMatgaret09 Apr 191919 Feb 1994Maple Hill
BlomyerFrancisUnk12 Apr 1985Maple Hill
BlomyerGeraldE.Unk07 Jan 1985Maple Hill
BloombergElaineUnk25 Sep 1970Maple Hill
BloomberyArthurE.Unk11 Mar 1967Maple Hill
BlountAltonC.10 Jan 190619 Oct 1987Maple Hill
BlountAnnieMaeUnk16 Oct 1971Maple Hill
BlountElizaUnk22 Nov 1901Maple Hill
BlountElizabethUnk24 Jun 1979Maple Hill
BlountEvelynUnk16 Oct 1947Maple Hill
BlountFlorenceUnk13 Nov 1913Maple Hill
BlountG.C.18721909Maple Hill
BlountHaskellT.23 Jul 191017 Dec 1975Maple Hill
BlountIda05 Dec 190631 May 1978Maple Hill
BlountJamesMarvinUnk15 May 1979Maple Hill
BlountJamesUnk05 Mar 1939Maple Hill
BlountJamesUnk27 Oct 1914Maple Hill
BlountJennieUnk19 May 1924Maple Hill
BlountLeeIla17 Jan 191108 Mar 1988Maple Hill
BlountM.Unk22 Mar 1914Maple Hill
BlountNancyUnk07 Aug 1938Maple Hill
BlountPoperS.16 Aug 190602 Apr 1993Maple Hill
BlountRoyL.24 Oct 189507 Feb 1970Maple Hill
BlountVirginiaW.12 Jan 192721 Jun 1992Maple Hill
BlountWillE.Unk15 Jan 1904Maple Hill
BlountWilliamEdward21 Feb 190121 Dec 1969Maple Hill
BlountWilliamRed01 Jul 192010 May 1984Maple Hill
BlountWilliamUnk25 Dec 1987Maple Hill
BlueJamesE.10 Aug 192821 Apr 1993Maple Hill
BlueJohnUnk20 Jun 1988Maple Hill
BlueMarthaB.14 Aug 194928 Dec 2003Maple Hill
BlueMaryLouUnk16 Jun 1988Maple Hill
BlumrichPeterScottUnk03 Apr 1970Maple Hill
BluntA.L.Unk21 Feb 1899Maple Hill
BluntBessieLeeUnk09 Jun 1959Maple Hill
BluntHowardUnk14 Feb 1929Maple Hill
BluntJ.A.09 Dec 186227 Oct 1914Maple Hill
BluntJ.R.UnkAug 1870Maple Hill
BluntJamesA.Unk05 Dec 1884Maple Hill
BluntMattieStrong11 Nov 186313 Nov 1925Maple Hill
BluntMazieUnk13 Sep 1963Maple Hill
BluntThomasHoward09 May 188813 Feb 1929Maple Hill
BluntW.T.Unk25 Jun 1867Maple Hill
BlyteAustinUnk16 May 1928Maple Hill
BlythEllisUnk10 Feb 1938Maple Hill
BlytheJamesMitchellUnk14 Apr 1948Maple Hill
BlytheLulaDanielUnk02 Jun 1959Maple Hill
BlytheMaggieUnk15 May 1942Maple Hill
BlytheR.C.Unk19 Jul 1938Maple Hill

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