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WlodarskiJohnUnk01 Apr 1998Maple Hill
WodeMichaelM.Unk21 Apr 1982Maple Hill
WodePatsyF.Unk03 Aug 1998Maple Hill
WoffardLeonUnkNDDMaple Hill
WojcikRobertStanleyUnk29 Jul 1970Maple Hill
WoldePatriciaA.Unk01 may 1944Maple Hill
WoldridgeHarryUnk18 Jul 1917Maple Hill
WolfFredUnk29 Mar 1883Maple Hill
WolfJamesUnkNDDMaple Hill
WolfUnkMaleUnk11 Apr 1870Maple Hill
WolffMaryAnnUnk05 Apr 1873Maple Hill
WolinDorothyH.Unk01 Oct 1990Maple Hill
WolinSamuelUnk23 Dec 2002Maple Hill
WolkJohnP.Unk25 Jan 1982Maple Hill
WoltersdorfKarlA.Unk23 Sep 1983Maple Hill
WoltersdorfRebeccaUnk15 Sep 1983Maple Hill
WolvertonAndyJ.19 Aug 191101 May 2001Bevill
WomackChildMaleUnk25 Apr 1893Maple Hill
WomackE.N.Unk30 Dec 1976Maple Hill
WomackEarleenUnk19 Dec 1977Maple Hill
WomackEmmaUnk09 Jul 1953Maple Hill
WomackEuclidUnk05 Apr 1969Maple Hill
WomackGlenUnk26 Jun 1937Maple Hill
WomackGussieUnk26 Feb 1981Maple Hill
WomackHaroldWillis08 Mar 194230 Jun 2005Twickenham
WomackHelenY.Unk16 Aug 1996Maple Hill
WomackHenryUnk24 Aug 1926Maple Hill
WomackHurshelH.01 Jan 191001 Mar 1983Charity Baptist Church
WomackJ.A.Unk01 Nov 1984Maple Hill
WomackJamesE.Unk24 Aug 1993Maple Hill
WomackJessUnk22 Nov 1950Maple Hill
WomackJohnHaroldUnk18 Oct 1976Maple Hill
WomackJohnM.Unk09 Feb 1949Maple Hill
WomackKatherineUnk04 Feb 1979Maple Hill
WomackLauraUnk29 Jun 1932Maple Hill
WomackLetha18 Jan 188516 Mar 1953Briar Fork
WomackLilaMaeCarterUnk10 Sep 1991Maple Hill
WomackRobertL.09 Jun 192631 Jul 1989Charity Baptist Church
WomackSamuelUnk28 Sep 1940Maple Hill
WombleJohnW.Unk17 Jul 1985Maple Hill
WoodAndrewsJ.Unk22 Apr 2000Maple Hill
WoodBarbaraA.Unk18 Sep 1962Maple Hill
WoodBillyRayUnk26 Sep 2004Maple Hill
WoodCallieUnk12 Nov 1959Maple Hill
WoodCharlesUnk11 May 1955Maple Hill
WoodDaisyUnk07 Aug 1931Maple Hill
WoodDonnaineM.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WoodDorisE.Unk05 Mar 1992Maple Hill
WoodEdnaKatherine16 Nov 192316 Nov 1923Browning
WoodGaryLynnUnk04 Mar 1960Maple Hill
WoodGeorgeB.Unk05 Jan 1999Maple Hill
WoodHezekiahUnk18 Aug 1870Maple Hill
WoodJamesE.15 Aug 194826 Aug 1972Bloucher Ford
WoodJeffreyK.Unk12 Mar 1996Maple Hill
WoodLelousC.Unk28 Nov 1993Maple Hill
WoodMaryUnk02 Mar 1987Maple Hill
WoodMildredAnneUnk02 Aug 1995Maple Hill
WoodMyrtleA.Finley25 Apr 189123 Mar 1912Maple Hill
WoodR.C.Unk20 May 1960Maple Hill
WoodRobertH.Unk28 Oct 1989Maple Hill
WoodT.Unk01 Mar 1921Maple Hill
WoodTamathaDecarolUnk20 Feb 1966Maple Hill
WoodUnkMaleUnk01 Apr 1893Maple Hill
WoodWalkerJ.Unk23 Apr 1891Maple Hill
WoodCoraM.Jones26 Aug 188327 Apr 1967Kennamer
WoodWilmaE.Unk30 Mar 1998Maple Hill
WoodallBessieUnk08 Jul 1969Maple Hill
WoodallBillieH.Unk09 Sep 1994Maple Hill
WoodallCarlUnk21 Nov 1977Maple Hill
WoodallDavidUnk23 May 1888Maple Hill
WoodallDonaldMaxwellUnk21 Jul 1975Maple Hill
WoodallDorothyRankinUnk16 Jul 1987Maple Hill
WoodallH.T.Unk11 Jun 1991Maple Hill
WoodallJ.W.12 Nov 181030 Jan 1856Kennamer
WoodallJ.Unk09 Mar 1899Maple Hill
WoodallJohnB.18 Feb 187509 Feb 1966Maple Hill
WoodallLottieCooverDouglasUnk28 Dec 1918Maple Hill
WoodallM.05 Apr 183706 Aug 1842Kennamer
WoodallMargaretUnk04 Mar 1934Maple Hill
WoodallMarionUnk28 Jan 2004Maple Hill
WoodallMaryB.Unk20 May 1984Maple Hill
WoodallMaryLeona18 Mar 1917NDDKennamer
WoodallPaulR.20 Apr 190519 Feb 1925Hayden
WoodallPleasant02 Sep 180726 Jul 1881Kennamer
WoodallR.Unk15 Dec 1917Maple Hill
WoodallRebecca17 Jun 181310 Jul 1887Kennamer
WoodallRobertUnk03 Apr 1938Maple Hill
WoodallSusanH.Douglas08 Jul 183715 Aug 1882Woodall
WoodallTomUnk27 Oct 1968Maple Hill
WoodallWilliamJoseph23 Nov 189418 Jan 1965Maple Hill
WoodallWilliamRichard29 Nov 1918NDDKennamer
WoodallWillisP.27 Dec 183429 Jan 1892Maple Hill
WoodallWillisUnk25 Jul 1889Maple Hill
WoodardBerthaNorrisUnk23 Feb 1986Maple Hill
WoodardBettieUnk29 Feb 1936Maple Hill
WoodardC.L.Unk09 Apr 1962Maple Hill
WoodardC.Unk10 Feb 1926Maple Hill
WoodardCarlUnk05 Jul 1932Maple Hill
WoodardCharlesC.Unk04 Nov 1957Maple Hill
WoodardElizabethUnk02 Sep 1930Maple Hill
WoodardErnieMrs.Unk26 Sep 1974Maple Hill
WoodardJohnC.Unk31 May 1983Maple Hill
WoodardLillieMaeUnk04 Dec 1967Maple Hill
WoodardLoddieUnk03 Nov 1933Maple Hill
WoodardLulaUnk03 Jun 1953Maple Hill
WoodardMagnoliaCarpenter13 Mar 1916NDDMoon
WoodardRobertL.Unk11 Mar 1937Maple Hill
WoodardSallieUnk13 Jul 1925Maple Hill
WoodardWilmaReidUnk01 Jun 2001Maple Hill
WoodfinJeffreyGlenn31 Aug 196204 Sep 1962Huntsville Memory Gardens
WoodfinPaulUnk19 Apr 2006Maple Hill
WoodfinSandraMayNeely21 Nov 194312 Mar 1963Huntsville Memory Gardens
WoodisAnthonyUnk27 Mar 1950Maple Hill
WoodisDelmasE.Unk12 Apr 1982Maple Hill
WoodisLenaUnk28 Oct 2000Maple Hill
WoodisSarahRuthUnk26 Sep 2005Maple Hill
WoodisW.Unk26 May 1954Maple Hill
WoodisWilliamUnk07 Nov 1992Maple Hill
WoodleyAnnieUnk13 Mar 1927Maple Hill
WoodleyFrancisLee04 Aug 192616 Oct 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
WoodliffSusanneB.Unk25 Sep 1998Maple Hill
WoodroffJamesUnk02 Nov 1894Maple Hill
WoodroffWilliamWaltonUnk01 Apr 1893Maple Hill
WoodroofAliceDruryUnk02 Aug 1963Maple Hill
WoodroofJamesUnk20 Apr 1920Maple Hill
WoodruffMarthaJaneCageSep 1871NDDFowlkes
WoodruffSarahUnk26 Nov 1929Maple Hill
WoodsArthurUnk05 Jan 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
WoodsBessieM.18971950Pleas Mount Baptist Church
WoodsBettyUnk13 Apr 1926Maple Hill
WoodsEffieW.29 Mar 188626 Aug 1966Center Grove
WoodsEmmaH.25 Aug 190315 Dec 1948Bevill
WoodsGradyEmory21 Jan 192120 Aug 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
WoodsHelenL.20 Sep 1916NDDNorthside
WoodsHeleneVeola24 Jun 196320 Feb 2005Northside
WoodsHobertM.Unk16 May 1937Merrimack
WoodsHosie23 Feb 190916 Jan 1964Northside
WoodsIraLee10 Mar 195211 Aug 1978Northside
WoodsJacquelineRobinson07 Jun 196016 Oct 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
WoodsJewelM.Unk10 Jan 1978Maple Hill
WoodsJuliaUnk03 Mar 1894Maple Hill
WoodsMarcellaUnk31 Oct 1953Maple Hill
WoodsMaryUnk28 Mar 1927Maple Hill
WoodsMattieUnk25 Apr 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
WoodsMelindaRenee10 Mar 196014 Dec 2002Bevill
WoodsNannieLee04 Jan 190024 May 1965Northside
WoodsP.H.Unk30 Sep 1894Maple Hill
WoodsRoman09 Jan 190926 Oct 1981Northside
WoodsSantonyo18 Dec 196314 Oct 1993Northside
WoodsSearcy15 Jan 190428 Dec 1962Northside
WoodsWilliamH.18941961Pleas Mount Baptist Church
WoodsWilliamUnk30 May 1955Maple Hill
WoodwardBettieL.Unk22 Apr 1906Woodward
WoodwardCarrie07 Jun 189120 Jan 1911Woodward
WoodwardCarrie27 Jan 186515 Sep 1908Woodward
WoodwardElinorC.04 Nov 188213 Sep 1886Woodward
WoodwardElizabethUnk10 Mar 1962Maple Hill
WoodwardEugeneC.17 Mar 188528 Oct 1885Woodward
WoodwardFrankUnk15 Apr 1978Maple Hill
WoodwardHarryL.Unk12 Mar 1991Maple Hill
WoodwardHarryLeeUnk09 Oct 2001Maple Hill
WoodwardJohnW.18 Aug 185304 Jan 1913Woodward
WoodwardLeeUnk01 Apr 1944Maple Hill
WoodwardMayUnk14 Oct 1920Maple Hill
WoodwardMildredUnk07 May 1988Maple Hill
WoodwardMurryF.12 Nov 188604 Sep 1908Woodward
WoodwardPaulR.23 Dec 189626 Dec 1906Woodward
WoodwardRubyUnk02 Sep 1985Maple Hill
WoodwardSusan22 Jul 181925 Oct 1885Woodward
WoodwardTommyUnk31 Jan 1998Maple Hill
WoodwardVivianUnk30 Mar 1936Maple Hill
WoodyAdaCollier24 Mar 186024 Oct 1930Bush
WoodyAgnesC.07 Jun 191710 Nov 1998Hayden
WoodyAlbertUnk05 Jun 2000Green Valley
WoodyAllenAlbert17 Aug 191301 Apr 1974Hayden
WoodyAlleneC.08 Apr 1921NDDHayden
WoodyBerthaHardieDrakeUnkNDDDrake - New Hope
WoodyBrittW.26 Feb 188829 Dec 1971Hayden
WoodyCharleyC.06 Apr 186530 Apr 1930Hayden
WoodyDicyWalls11 Aug 188818 Jul 1978Hayden
WoodyEdgarE.06 Mar 189820 Sep 1900Jenkins
WoodyEdnaElizabethTunstill25 Feb 191606 Apr 1989Hayden
WoodyEgzarC.07 Sep 187325 Dec 1937Hayden
WoodyEvaLucille16 Oct 190707 Mar 1981Esslinger
WoodyFrank12 Sep 188831 May 1961Hayden
WoodyFrankieGeorge11 Aug 193116 Mar 2000Hayden
WoodyGladysAnderson01 Nov 192009 Nov 1948Hayden
WoodyGladys20 Apr 192009 Nov 1948Hayden
WoodyHuletB.22 Dec 191709 Oct 1937Hayden
WoodyInfantFemale09 Oct 1957NDDHayden
WoodyInfantMale05 Mar 191805 Mar 1918Hayden
WoodyJamesBeryl14 Nov 195608 Nov 1976Hayden
WoodyJamesRobert14 Jul 189130 Sep 1970Hayden
WoodyJohnL.05 Jan 189616 Mar 1947Hayden
WoodyLillieKathern31 Aug 193726 Feb 1938Hayden
WoodyLucilleBrand04 Jan 192001 Dec 1987Hayden
WoodyMaggieK.11 Dec 189330 May 1963Hayden
WoodyMargieF.13 Jun 1924NDDHayden
WoodyMarthaJaneMoon23 Apr 185316 Sep 1938Hayden
WoodyMatilda18571933Drake - New Hope
WoodyMattieA.15 Jan 189520 Jan 1977Hayden
WoodyMattieS.13 Jan 185927 Dec 1938Jenkins
WoodyNannieL.21 Feb 190325 May 1971Jenkins
WoodyNormanLee01 Jul 189330 Jun 1981Hayden
WoodyOmegaJane22 Jan 192302 Feb 1944Hayden
WoodyOpalInezDurham30 Aug 191321 Jan 1981Maple Hill
WoodyRhettUnkNDDMaple Hill
WoodyRhettUnk10 Dec 1973Maple Hill
WoodyRobertS.04 Nov 185925 Oct 1942Jenkins
WoodyRobertW.06 Sep 186921 Dec 1965Hayden
WoodyRobertZedra22 Aug 191510 Sep 1987Hayden
WoodyRoyA.06 Jan 189418 Jan 1924Jenkins
WoodyRoyE.18 Jun 190803 Dec 1974Hayden
WoodySceanothOpheliaUnk14 Oct 1961Maple Hill
WoodyVivian22 May 189518 Sep 1978Hayden
WoodyWalkerJ.25 Apr 188601 Apr 1968Hayden
WoodyWalterJ.25 May 187603 Jan 1963Hayden
WoodyWilburn18 Mar 191706 Dec 1986Hayden
WoodyWilliamB.28 Dec 185629 Jan 1929Bush
WoodyWilliamC.31 Mar 186708 Apr 1948Hayden
WoodyWillieKenneth31 Aug 193726 Oct 1937Hayden
WoodyZadaPearl16 Feb 188924 Sep 1961Hayden
WooldegeA.NickUnk19 Jan 1900Maple Hill
WooldigeMollieUnk04 Sep 1897Maple Hill
WooldridgeD.H.Unk12 Aug 1878Maple Hill
WooldridgeD.Unk20 Dec 1901Maple Hill
WooldridgeD.Unk12 Jul 1900Maple Hill
WooldridgeMableUnk29 Oct 1944Maple Hill
WooldridgeWilliamUnk08 May 1889Maple Hill
WooldridgeWilliamUnk04 Sep 1878Maple Hill
WooldrigeUnkMaleUnk27 Apr 1917Maple Hill
WoolfBeatriceL.Unk12 May 1982Maple Hill
WoollerBernardUnk27 Sep 2002Maple Hill
WoollerLavadaUnk23 Jan 1998Maple Hill
WoolridgeParaleeUnk08 Jul 1893Maple Hill
WoolseySallieUnk07 Sep 1894Maple Hill
WoosleyJuliasUnk10 Dec 1926Maple Hill
WootenDeborahM.Unk05 May 1993Maple Hill
WootenG.Unk19 Nov 1952Maple Hill
WootenJ.Unk12 Dec 1953Maple Hill
WootenJessieUnk31 Oct 1953Maple Hill
WootenMarthaRowlesUnkNDDMaple Hill
WordAnnieEliza1888Sep 1889Douglass-Pettus
WordAnnieSusie11 Feb 188620 May 1916Douglass-Pettus
WordCharlesJ.185113 Sep 1896Douglass-Pettus
WordCharles180109 Oct 1858Graveyard Hill
WordCharlieMaySep 188313 Dec 1883Douglass-Pettus
WordE.EstelleJul 186103 Jun 1896Douglass-Pettus
WordEllenUnk10 Oct 1938Maple Hill
WordEllieJohn22 May 189206 Oct 1945Douglass-Pettus
WordGeorgeUnk13 May 1923Maple Hill
WordLenoraDewFeb 189012 Oct 1890Maple Hill
WordMaryE.27 Mar 183305 Oct 1844Whitworth
WordMaryE.27 Mar 183505 Oct 1844Bailey
WordNinaLucile18 Jun 189405 Nov 1909Douglass-Pettus
WordOmandaE.30 May 183030 Jul 1831Bailey
WordOmandaF.30 May 183030 Jul 1831Whitworth
WordRobertFisher03 Mar 188524 Jan 1959Douglass-Pettus
WorkJosephBarclayUnk01 Mar 1967Maple Hill
WorkleyCharlieUnk19 May 1917Maple Hill
WorleyAliceUnk28 Oct 1926Maple Hill
WorleyAllisonW.07 Aug 184520 Mar 1910Moon
WorleyAlvayUnk22 Apr 1925Maple Hill
WorleyAlvieL.20 Feb 188715 Oct 1965Moon
WorleyAnnaUnk24 May 1956Maple Hill
WorleyArnoldW.Unk25 Jun 1959Maple Hill
WorleyArthurE.19 Dec 190816 Jul 1970Neal Chapel
WorleyBerneiceCobbOct 185210 Mar 1916Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
WorleyBeulahHollandUnk31 May 1949Maple Hill
WorleyBonnieS.Unk29 Apr 1985Maple Hill
WorleyCarlO.Unk23 Oct 1977Maple Hill
WorleyCatherineMoon22 Jun 184710 May 1918Moon
WorleyCharlesUnk08 Dec 1954Maple Hill
WorleyCharlesUnk24 Jul 1914Maple Hill
WorleyCharlotteCobb22 Sep 17891848Cobb
WorleyChesterE.11 Nov 192705 Sep 1986Neal Chapel
WorleyChristopherC.15 Dec 188325 Aug 1962Neal Chapel
WorleyClaudieW.22 Dec 189725 Dec 1913Esslinger
WorleyConnieGaye01 Dec 195916 Mar 1960Brown
WorleyDoraEtta29 Sep 187816 Apr 1954Moon
WorleyDorothyMcClureUnk07 Dec 1994Maple Hill
WorleyDovie04 Feb 188805 May 1970Maple Hill
WorleyEdUnk30 Apr 1970Maple Hill
WorleyEdnaUnk14 Sep 1937Maple Hill
WorleyElbertUnk10 Jan 1977Maple Hill
WorleyElizaUnk27 Mar 1927Maple Hill
WorleyElizabethUnk10 Jun 1950Maple Hill
WorleyElmerUnk12 Dec 1966Maple Hill
WorleyErnest15 Jul 192007 Jul 1968Crowson Hill
WorleyEthelSelf08 Feb 189807 Jun 1921Ready
WorleyEulaWilliams02 Nov 186026 Jun 1914Esslinger
WorleyEulaPatterson20 May 191518 Apr 1987Esslinger
WorleyEvaRivers30 Dec 189428 Mar 1963Moon
WorleyEvelynCarpenter21 Jun 192619 Jun 1980Moon
WorleyFannieUnk22 May 1920Maple Hill
WorleyFlossieB.Unk25 Dec 1970Maple Hill
WorleyFrancis3 Feb 178808 Apr 1853Cobb
WorleyGertrudeUnk13 Jul 1928Maple Hill
WorleyGladysLina12 Sep 190205 Sep 1984Esslinger
WorleyGordonA.04 Jun 1925NDDMoon
WorleyGrady31 Mar 189113 Nov 1925Esslinger
WorleyHenryF.15 Dec 185010 Mar 1916Worley Marker
WorleyHughUnk08 Feb 1958Maple Hill
WorleyJ.G.Unk18 Jan 1957Maple Hill
WorleyJ.Unk28 Jan 1918Maple Hill
WorleyJamesUnk08 Jun 1918Maple Hill
WorleyJasperC.Unk11 Aug 1948Maple Hill
WorleyJimmieH.Unk25 Jan 1963Maple Hill
WorleyJoeBen29 Nov 187801 Nov 1962Moon
WorleyJohnL.Unk09 Jan 1981Maple Hill
WorleyJohnWesleyUnk28 Jan 2003Maple Hill
WorleyJohnWilliam13 Sep 187412 Sep 1954Moon
WorleyJohnUnk16 Jan 1951Maple Hill
WorleyJohnUnk12 Apr 1942Maple Hill
WorleyJohnnieL.Unk11 Mar 1977Maple Hill
WorleyJonnieLee19 Apr 191819 May 1918Neal Chapel
WorleyKaieE.03 Dec 190220 Feb 1966Esslinger
WorleyKateUnk21 Jan 1899Maple Hill
WorleyKateUnk20 Sep 1899Maple Hill
WorleyL.Unk15 Oct 1952Maple Hill
WorleyLauraCarolineGrayson10 Dec 186603 Sep 1957New Hope
WorleyLeeG.02 Apr 188223 Feb 1974Moon
WorleyLester29 Nov 191508 Aug 1976Moon
WorleyLethaUnk14 Sep 1963Maple Hill
WorleyLoydT.Unk03 Nov 1969Maple Hill
WorleyMargieBellZolaUnk09 Sep 1987Maple Hill
WorleyMariaMagnolia26 Aug 1889NDDMoon
WorleyMarthaUnk30 May 1991Maple Hill
WorleyMaryJaneUnk26 Jan 1937Maple Hill
WorleyMaryPearl12 Mar 192518 Oct 1937Neal Chapel
WorleyMaryRoseUnk25 Sep 1986Maple Hill
WorleyMaymeConnally22 Mar 190125 Apr 1925Esslinger
WorleyMeritaUnk30 Nov 1946Maple Hill
WorleyMildredUnk29 Jun 2000Maple Hill
WorleyMiltonBirnon08 Oct 193212 Jan 2005Twickenham
WorleyMontraville26 Nov 1827NDDCobb
WorleyMyrtleUnk14 Dec 2003Maple Hill
WorleyNellieI.02 Mar 189303 Nov 1958Moon
WorleyNewtonCobb02 Jun 186018 Sep 1909New Hope
WorleyNortheyN.26 Jun 1812NDDCobb
WorleyOscarU.18 May 191205 Oct 1973Esslinger
WorleyRichardC.UnkNDDMaple Hill
WorleyRichardE.Unk27 Jan 1994Maple Hill
WorleyRobertClifton03 Oct 188412 Jun 1953Moon
WorleyRobertUnk14 Jan 1945Maple Hill
WorleyRoxieUnk12 Jul 1964Maple Hill
WorleyRoyOdell28 Dec 189421 Apr 1978Esslinger
WorleySilasB.Unk18 Jul 1948Maple Hill
WorleySilasJosephUnk03 Nov 1964Maple Hill
WorleySilasUnk26 Jun 1914Maple Hill
WorleyThomasUnk08 Aug 1922Maple Hill
WorleyViolaUnkNDDMaple Hill
WorleyW.P.186523 Sep 1937Beason
WorleyW.P.27 Feb 186627 Sep 1937Esslinger
WorleyWilliamE.Unk08 Apr 1974Maple Hill
WorleyWilliamUnk04 Aug 2000Maple Hill
WorleyWilliamUnk28 Sep 1953Maple Hill
WorleyWillieC.Chandler09 Sep 187223 Aug 1951Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
WorleyWinnieLeeOlaUnk17 Nov 1998Maple Hill
WorleyWinstonH.Unk24 Aug 1972Maple Hill
WorleyWinstonUnk21 Apr 1945Maple Hill
WormackJamesUnk14 Jul 1922Maple Hill
WorshamAcyT.06 Jun 189819 Oct 1986Bevill
WorshamBettyUnk08 Aug 1870Maple Hill
WorshamLuskyUnk07 Jun 1902Maple Hill
WorshamMargaretUnk27 Mar 1914Maple Hill
WorshamMilton23 Nov 193512 Jan 1988Bevill
WorshamOlaDee13 Jun 190231 Mar 1989Bevill
WorshamThelmaD.07 Jul 192520 Feb 1972Bevill
WorshamTonyD.25 Oct 196017 Jun 2001Bevill
WorshawJamesM.Unk11 Jun 1965Maple Hill
WorthamL.A.28 Dec 182726 Jul 1888Eva Court Road
WorthamMargaretJ.14 Aug 183911 Nov 1872Eva Court Road
WorvilleJohnUnk30 Apr 1919Maple Hill
WrayGeorgeUnk14 Sep 1953Maple Hill
WrayScottAllenUnk11 Jan 1982Maple Hill
WreeksElizaUnk26 Oct 1931Maple Hill
WrennClaraUnk25 Jan 1975Maple Hill
WrightAnnie22 Jan 189215 Sep 1969Neal Chapel
WrightBelle09 Jun 18861906Ebenezer
WrightCatherineBillsUnk19 Mar 1980Northside
WrightClaudeE.17 Jun 189215 Jun 1965Neal Chapel
WrightDavid09 Jun 187222 Jan 1946Kennamer
WrightDellaUnk29 Apr 1993Maple Hill
WrightDovieLynnUnk17 May 1993Maple Hill
WrightEdmundD.Unk16 Nov 1995Maple Hill
WrightElizaAnn28 Dec 186323 Jan 1957Cochran
WrightEllisUnk21 Mar 1940Maple Hill
WrightErnestUnk25 May 1960Maple Hill
WrightEsthaM.16 Apr 191129 May 1970Kennamer
WrightGladysMae20 Nov 1919NDDKennamer
WrightHenryR.04 May 190013 Apr 1970Kennamer
WrightHomerUnk07 Dec 1938Maple Hill
WrightHopeUnkNDDMaple Hill
WrightJ.D.08 Jun 191501 May 1993Kennamer
WrightJacquesM.Unk10 Dec 1986Maple Hill
WrightJamesW.Unk18 May 1895Maple Hill
WrightJamesUnk16 Apr 1926Maple Hill
WrightJanettaJoyceUnk16 Jun 1958Maple Hill
WrightJohnAlbert07 Apr 188922 Jan 1966Cochran
WrightJohnS.13 Jul 191611 Dec 1977Kennamer
WrightJohn03 Feb 179123 Oct 1872Moon
WrightJohnUnk08 Aug 1940Maple Hill
WrightJoyA.Unk18 Sep 1981Maple Hill
WrightJoyceAileneUnk19 Mar 1966Maple Hill
WrightJoyceUnk12 Jul 1966Maple Hill
WrightLeoSep 192323 Oct 1985Neal Chapel
WrightLeroyJones10 Jun 185322 Oct 1913Ebenezer
WrightLilaManning02 Jun 194115 Nov 1996Kennamer
WrightMaggieUnkNDDMaple Hill
WrightMargaretD.06 Mar 1938NDDKennamer
WrightMarthaUnk10 Sep 1993Maple Hill
WrightMaryUnk11 Nov 1926Maple Hill
WrightMerleL.Unk18 Oct 1980Maple Hill
WrightMinnieA.01 Dec 188701 Aug 1962Rice
WrightNannieWadeUnk18 Mar 1969Maple Hill
WrightPaulEdwin31 Jul 193726 May 1994Kennamer
WrightPaulineM.Unk09 Mar 1999Maple Hill
WrightPutmanC.Unk14 Feb 1961Maple Hill
WrightRebeccaArleneMarie12 Aug 198408 Jan 2000Cochran
WrightRonnieLonnie18 Apr 195504 Jun 2005Miller
WrightRuthFerryUnk09 Apr 1986Maple Hill
WrightSallie15 Feb 178803 Dec 1877Moon
WrightSamJ.27 Jul 1919NDDKennamer
WrightSueUnk16 May 1902Maple Hill
WrightSusie15 Aug 1879NDDKennamer
WrightThomasW.Unk09 May 1951Maple Hill
WrightTrudyL.09 Nov 195318 Feb 1997Valhalla Memory Gardens
WrightViolaS.Unk07 Mar 1974Maple Hill
WrightW.W.19 Jul 191424 Jan 1966Neal Chapel
WrightWanahUnk05 Jun 1946Maple Hill
WrightWilliamL.16 Jan 193430 Sep 1991Kennamer
WrightWilmaChildress21 Mar 192707 Jan 2005Cochran
WrightZeraL.14 Aug 191715 Mar 1986Kennamer
WuenscherHansF.Unk13 Dec 1980Maple Hill
WuenscherHerthaW.Unk05 Jun 1992Maple Hill
WunJoeyNganUnk24 Mar 1981Maple Hill
WunWongUnk20 Oct 1987Maple Hill
WungoMaryUnk18 Aug 1928Maple Hill
WyattEuniceUnk18 Feb 1926Maple Hill
WyattHopeUnk26 Sep 2004Maple Hill
WyattInzerB.Unk17 Jan 1990Maple Hill
WyattInzerUnk01 Nov 1940Maple Hill
WyattJohnDanielUnk26 Sep 1997Maple Hill
WyattJohnsonUnk23 Oct 1968Maple Hill
WyattKathleenHatchettUnk25 Aug 2002Maple Hill
WyattKathleenUnk30 Jan 1979Maple Hill
WyattMaryE.Unk16 Nov 1996Maple Hill
WyattRobertL.Unk06 Jun 1982Maple Hill
WylesJoeUnk19 Nov 1901Madison
WylieMattieLouUnk20 Dec 1936Maple Hill
WylyLoisF.15 Nov 198110 Nov 1997Ryland
WylySallieL.09 Aug 188509 Mar 1975Ryland
WylyThomasF.05 Jul 188204 May 1964Ryland
WymanDakotaMason02 Jul 200026 Jul 2003Valhalla Memory Gardens
WynnAlvinLavoid26 Sep 192531 Jan 1926Merrimack
WynnCollinsE.19221970Huntsville Memory Gardens
WynnDoraE.1878NDDBethel/Old Bethel
WynnHelenM.Unk07 Nov 1987Maple Hill
WynnJ.R.Unk30 Oct 1896Maple Hill
WynnJ.W.Unk27 Mar 1967Maple Hill
WynnJosephW.28 Feb 186913 Sep 1904Kennamer
WynnLonnie23 Jan 192701 Mar 1980Northside
WynnMarilynBrazelton19191982Huntsville Memory Gardens
WynnMarthaS.24 Oct 187601 Oct 1951Kennamer
WynnNarcissusJ.15 Aug 193520 May 1986Moore
WynnSamA.12 Jan 188021 Jun 1961Kennamer
WynnWilliamT.18771943Bethel/Old Bethel
WynnWileyL.Unk13 Feb 1993Maple Hill
WynneAdaFrancesUnk02 Jul 1996Maple Hill
WynneDonnieUnkNDDMaple Hill
WynneLauraUnk24 May 1946Maple Hill
WynneLizzie19161987Center Grove
WynneRobertD.Unk25 Sep 1978Maple Hill
WysenAlexanderUnk16 Nov 1897Maple Hill

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