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HeacockAnitaL.03 Dec 191718 Apr 2005Maple Hill
HeacockCadSellers09 May 192025 Apr 1971Maple Hill
HeacoxRenaSherrieUnk30 Sep 1958Maple Hill
HeadGeorgeUnk06 Feb 1918Maple Hill
HeadHenryF.Unk21 Dec 1920Maple Hill
HeadHenryUnk21 Dec 1920Maple Hill
HeadJamesUnk13 Mar 1924Maple Hill
HeadJean06 Jun 192109 Jul 2005Maple Hill
HeadSarahEthelUnk21 Nov 1950Maple Hill
HeadriBabyUnk15 Feb 1903Shady Grove
HeadrickAnnKing12 Aug 188623 Jun 1951Madison Crossroads
HeadrickCharles11 Mar 190227 Aug 1964Maple Hill
HeadrickGeneralUnk12 Oct 1951Maple Hill
HealyKathryn/Catherine09 Nov 188621 Apr 1969Maple Hill
HeamanDorisJ.Rabenort13 Feb 193626 Dec 2005Maple Hill
HeapJohnG.Unk23 Dec 1867Maple Hill
HeardAmandaUnk01 Feb 1935Maple Hill
HeardBessieE.20 Jul 188826 Jul 1889Madison Crossroads
HeardBirdie04 Aug 189525 May 1975Maple Hill
HeardDelbert31 Jan 191908 Oct 1955Maple Hill
HeardElizaUnk29 Dec 1936Maple Hill
HeardEmilyB.10 Oct 188531 Dec 1975Maple Hill
HeardEugeneUnk29 Dec 1952Maple Hill
HeardFloraC.05 Oct 189803 Feb 1981Plainview
HeardFlorenceK.08 Apr 189829 Aug 1976Maple Hill
HeardHomer09 Aug 189206 Jan 1966Maple Hill
HeardInez18 Dec 193127 Jun 1933Charity Baptist Church
HeardJamesLeon15 Oct 192629 Jun 2005Ready
HeardLoisB.Harris14 Oct 193621 Sep 2005Ready
HeardLula18741947Charity Baptist Church
HeardManaUnk21 Mar 1894Maple Hill
HeardMaryUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
HeardMiltonH.11 Aug 189512 Nov 1982Plainview
HeardRichardHenry23 Oct 192116 Apr 2003Plainview
HeardRichardUnk01 Apr 1927Maple Hill
HeardSamDeeUnk30 Nov 1960Maple Hill
HeardSamuelBryanUnk30 Jan 2006Maple Hill
HeardVeraS.16 Dec 189619 Nov 1989Maple Hill
HeardW.R.18711950Charity Baptist Church
HeardZonaF.01 Mar 190106 Mar 1968Charity Baptist Church
HearinRusamUnk27 Aug 1924Maple Hill
HearnGlenn17 Apr 1914Jan 1978Maple Hill
HeasleyJamesC.21 Jul 193616 Feb 2003Maple Hill
HeasleyLyleEugeneUnk05 Apr 1979Maple Hill
HeasleyMildredV.12 Jan 191407 Jan 1994Maple Hill
HeathcoatClaudieT.Unk01 Oct 1899Maple Hill
HeathcoatJoeUnk16 Jan 1899Maple Hill
HeathcoatO.C.Unk15 Jul 1897Maple Hill
HeathcoatRodmanUnk13 Sep 1897Maple Hill
HeathcoatSidneyUnk13 Jul 1915Maple Hill
HeathcockHazelR.22 Mar 193428 Apr 1997Maple Hill
HeatherlyCecilUnk09 Sep 1967Maple Hill
HeatherlyCecilUnk12 Jul 1963Maple Hill
HeatherlyLeeB.Unk19 Jan 1973Maple Hill
HeatherlyLeeUnk14 Feb 1960Maple Hill
HeatherlySusie06 Dec 191225 May 1980Maple Hill
HeauptC.Unk22 Jan 1874Maple Hill
HeckArnoE.Unk11 Apr 1983Maple Hill
HeddenMinnieMarie11 Jan 191402 Jul 1986Maple Hill
HeddenWilliamT.12 Aug 190811 Jul 1991Maple Hill
HedgeThosUnk23 Aug 1926Maple Hill
HedrickMaryMitchell12 Jan 188007 Dec 1910Maple Hill
HedrickThomasEdward09 Apr 192219 Jul 1922Madison Crossroads
HeffernanFannieRehm188010 Mar 1978Maple Hill
HeffernanMortimerL.18801917Maple Hill
HeffingtonLillieUnk13 Aug 1980Maple Hill
HefflefingerMinnieUnk12 Apr 1934Maple Hill
HefflinUnkMaleUnk01 Jun 1917Maple Hill
HegwoodJamesWillie17 Dec 191210 Jul 1979Maple Hill
HegwoodMaryL.Unk23 Mar 2002Maple Hill
HeilersPaulUnkNDDMaple Hill
HeilersVictorC.Unk28 Apr 1959Maple Hill
HeinLeopoldA.26 Jul 192106 Jan 1984Maple Hill
HeinLilliHertaUnk18 Jun 2006Maple Hill
HeinemanCharlesC.27 Sep 183207 Feb 1876Maple Hill
HeinemanEmmaM.13 Oct 187129 Sep 1891Maple Hill
HeintzBessieLewis12 Sep 191619 May 1998Golightly
HeintzDonaldCharles17 Mar 192408 Jul 1995Golightly
HeirsEvelynD.30 Nov 1919NDDMaple Hill
HeirsJamesE.30 Aug 191227 Apr 1972Maple Hill
HeislerAlphonsoMichael03 Aug 190912 Oct 2002Maple Hill
HeislerHazel17 Nov 191207 Oct 1976Maple Hill
HeissRobUnk24 Dec 1898Maple Hill
HeistGeorgeUnk08 May 1953Maple Hill
HeistMaymeUnk24 Aug 1938Maple Hill
HellebrandEmilA.Unk16 Dec 1981Maple Hill
HellebrandKatie01 Dec 191927 Sep 1996Maple Hill
HellerCynthiaE.Unk06 Apr 1989Maple Hill
HellerGerhardBarhard24 Jul 1914NDDMaple Hill
HellerHerthaEmma ElizabethDitmar26 Mar 191414 Jan 2001Maple Hill
HellerMargaretMason15 Sep 189602 Aug 1960Maple Hill
HellmThomasMrs.Unk07 Mar 1875Maple Hill
HelmDorothy09 Jul 190115 Dec 1980Maple Hill
HelmH.W.Unk14 Jun 1889Maple Hill
HelmLouiseUnk26 Jun 1919Maple Hill
HelmRubyUnk30 Jan 1929Maple Hill
HelmcampElroyL.12 Jan 191810 Aug 1993Madison Crossroads
HelmcampNoraLee16 Sep 191928 Jan 1988Madison Crossroads
HelmsFloraC.25 Apr 190522 Jan 1998Maple Hill
HelmsFlorenceUnk16 Nov 1931Maple Hill
HelmsGeorgeKenneth06 Jun 192227 Oct 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
HelmsGussieUnk24 Dec 1973Maple Hill
HelmsHarveyM.10 Mar 190015 Oct 1965Maple Hill
HelmsJamesC.Unk10 Feb 1962Maple Hill
HeltonBelleS.22 Aug 189827 Jul 1970Bellview
HeltonCliffordM.09 Apr 190931 May 1979Maple Hill
HeltonDarrellR.15 Jul 196305 Apr 1972Bellview
HeltonDave02 Jul 192430 Dec 1977Bellview
HeltonErnest28 May 193510 Oct 1999Bellview
HeltonJamesLeeUnk28 Mar 1989Maple Hill
HeltonJamesT.12 Jun 193524 Feb 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
HeltonJames12 Oct 192605 Jul 1994Kennamer
HeltonJamesUnk28 Apr 1931Maple Hill
HeltonJerry26 May 194618 Aug 1977Bellview
HeltonJessT.13 Mar 193106 Jun 2001Bellview
HeltonJessW.13 May 188622 Jan 1964Maple Hill
HeltonJessieT.01 Mar 189722 Jan 1985Bellview
HeltonJoeIngleUnk30 Dec 1935Maple Hill
HeltonJosieWard03 Sep 188625 Dec 1976Maple Hill
HeltonLouise01 Jan 191005 Apr 1981Maple Hill
HeltonLouise19 Mar 192504 Jan 2003Bellview
HeltonMaggieF.01 Nov 193227 Jul 1974Kennamer
HeltonMaryUnk11 Oct 1930Maple Hill
HeltonMattieB.190331 Jul 1930Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HeltonOscarS.09 Sep 190009 Jan 1978Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HeltonPaulDavid12 Mar 194629 Oct 1957Bellview
HeltonRinerBoles01 Apr 190026 Feb 1986Rice
HeltonThomasE.17 Dec 191320 Jan 1989Maple Hill
HeltonViolaM.23 Jul 1909May 1983Bellview
HembrickMattieP.Unk12 May 1982Maple Hill
HemphrusW.Unk05 May 1924Maple Hill
HenardMaryUnk18 Apr 1873Maple Hill
HendersonAlmaJackson05 Jan 189510 Nov 1986Maple Hill
HendersonAnnie10 Jan 188522 Sep 1967Maple Hill
HendersonArthurJames03 Jan 193326 Nov 1998Valhalla Memory Gardens
HendersonCharlesThomas02 Jun 192902 Jun 1929Drake - New Hope
HendersonCurtisT.10 Oct 189512 Feb 1972Maple Hill
HendersonDavidE.25 May 189115 Jun 1980Maple Hill
HendersonEarlA.05 Dec 191330 Jan 1988Maple Hill
HendersonEvaEulene21 Nov 190025 Oct 1976Maple Hill
HendersonFrankM.23 Aug 186015 Jul 1940Maple Hill
HendersonGladysO.07 Jun 194509 Mar 1971Brandon
HendersonGraceB.17 Sep 191009 Dec 1989Maple Hill
HendersonHaughtyG.27 Feb 189014 Jul 1985Maple Hill
HendersonHenryUnk09 Jan 1931Maple Hill
HendersonJamesD.15 Jun 192427 Dec 1996Maple Hill
HendersonJohnC.Unk27 Oct 2005Maple Hill
HendersonJohnD.04 Sep 191023 Jun 1985Maple Hill
HendersonJohnV.19 Jan 189528 Oct 1967Maple Hill
HendersonMaryUnk14 Apr 1954Maple Hill
HendersonMaryUnk19 Jan 1943Maple Hill
HendersonMattieThomas27 Sep 184729 Jan 1883Drake - New Hope
HendersonMinnieC.21 Nov 189908 Jan 1982Maple Hill
HendersonOmaMillsUnk02 Jun 1979Maple Hill
HendersonRichardUnk07 Feb 1979Maple Hill
HendersonRuthD.17 Jun 189411 Sep 1993Maple Hill
HendersonSusanH.13 Dec 186109 Aug 1944Maple Hill
HendersonTaylorW.Unk16 May 1973Maple Hill
HendersonWalkerE.10 Dec 188612 Jul 1955Maple Hill
HendersonWilliamC.Unk10 Aug 1995Maple Hill
HendleyAnnieK.22 Aug 189405 Apr 1977Glenwood
HendleyCharlesVergne31 Jan 189206 May 1967Glenwood
HendleyCharlesDec 185521 Jan 1914Glenwood
HendleyElizabeth24 Aug 186906 Jul 1953Glenwood
HendleyJuanitaUnk18 Jul 1975Maple Hill
HendleyPollyUnk21 Jun 1881Glenwood
HendonUnkFemaleMrs.Unk20 Jul 1898Maple Hill
HendrickCharlesS.20 Mar 189303 Jan 1973Maple Hill
HendrickElzie28 Oct 190127 Jul 1987Maple Hill
HendricksAdaV.Unk29 Mar 1965Maple Hill
HendricksJ.M.Unk02 Mar 1876Maple Hill
HendricksJ.M.Mrs.Unk13 Mar 1876Maple Hill
HendricksMaryK.Unk19 Feb 1977Maple Hill
HendrixCharlesWinston07 Aug 191508 Jan 1971Maple Hill
HendrixClodeanB.07 Sep 191807 Oct 2003Maple Hill
HendrixJamesFloydUnk30 Apr 1995Maple Hill
HendrixLonnieBuford13 Feb 192315 Jul 1959Maple Hill
HendrixNolanEugene21 Aug 192521 Nov 1983Valhalla Memory Gardens
HendrixOliveH.29 Dec 189907 Jul 1996Maple Hill
HendrixOllieArizonaDixon29 May 1902Jul 1990Gatlin
HendrixStanleyJoe09 Aug 194911 Oct 1954Maple Hill
HendrixWillUnk05 May 1953Maple Hill
HendrixWilliamH.Unk02 Jun 1989Maple Hill
HendrixsonAlgieR.14 Jan 192012 Jun 1982Maple Hill
HendrixsonCliftonH.17 Sep 189725 Sep 1978Maple Hill
HendrixsonEverettM.Unk06 Dec 1959Maple Hill
HendrixsonH.P.Mrs.Unk10 Mar 1964Maple Hill
HendrixsonJ.Dillard08 Feb 191810 Jul 1983Maple Hill
HendrixsonPollyMelvina15 Feb 189327 Jan 1982Maple Hill
HendryElizaUnk28 Sep 1898Maple Hill
HenleyEstelleCope24 Aug 192130 Dec 1999Maple Hill
HenleyGladysUnk25 Jan 1972Maple Hill
HenleyJamesM.23 Aug 193028 Aug 1997Maple Hill
HenleyJessieJ.03 Feb 189723 Jan 1992Maple Hill
HenleyLaViniaEloise30 Apr 195515 May 1956Moon
HenleyMonya26 Aug 193503 Jun 2004Maple Hill
HenleyWilliamBryanUnk08 May 1962Maple Hill
HennesseeFloydN.01 Nov 19181967Maple Hill
HenryEmmettUnk02 Mar 1940Maple Hill
HenryFloraUnk22 Jan 1972Maple Hill
HenryIdaUnk19 Dec 1942Maple Hill
HenryJamesT.Unk09 Jul 1980Maple Hill
HenryJamesUnk18 Oct 1876Maple Hill
HenryKatie23 Oct 187901 Sep 1972Maple Hill
HenryKatieUnkNDDMaple Hill
HenryLovellaUnk03 Sep 1950Maple Hill
HenrySamuelE.28 Dec 189102 Dec 1965Maple Hill
HenrySarahUnk11 Nov 1950Maple Hill
HenryThomasBentonUnk09 May 1891Maple Hill
HenryWillieUnk23 Jan 1902Maple Hill
HenryYoungUnk18 Jul 1868Maple Hill
HenshawMarthaS.Unk28 Mar 1925Maple Hill
HenshawOllieM.31 Jul 190623 Nov 1967Ryland
HenshawRobertGrady22 May 191006 Jul 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
HenshawRussellC.07 Jul 193223 Sep 1977Ryland
HensleyBessieV.17 Nov 191814 Jan 2001Maple Hill
HensleyElizabethUnk25 Apr 1913Maple Hill
HensleyLouiseB.Unk09 Jun 2000Maple Hill
HensleyMaryByrdUnk23 Oct 1938Maple Hill
HensleyTeresaLynne13 Jun 195816 Apr 1981Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HensleyThomasC.17 Apr 188525 Oct 1975Maple Hill
HensleyTinaDiane06 Mar 19511984Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HensonBessieI.16 Apr 191329 Mar 1994Maple Hill
HensonBunnie12 Jun 188412 Feb 1951Moon
HensonFannieR.Unk30 May 1969Maple Hill
HensonJessieV.12 Jul 1901Sep 1972Moon
HensonLelaMontana09 May 190506 Jun 1906Charity Baptist Church
HensonMollieLee09 May 187816 Dec 1935Merrimack
HensonNettieB.Jan 1895Jan 1979Moon
HensonNonaA.03 Jul 1895Jul 1978Charity Baptist Church
HensonO.A.18 Mar 189715 May 1962Charity Baptist Church
HensonOcieE.15 Dec 192726 Aug 1990Maple Hill
HensonRonnieEdward18 Jul 195116 Apr 1972Maple Hill
HensonWilliamG.Unk27 May 2004Maple Hill
HenstineRobertUnk15 Mar 1904Maple Hill
HentzAdelaideB.18041850Maple Hill
HentzAdelaide18421917Maple Hill
HentzAndrewUnk12 Mar 1894Maple Hill
HentzCaroline183523 Oct 1899Maple Hill
HentzFrancisN.18321832Maple Hill
HentzNicholasR.17861850Maple Hill
HentzUnkFemaleUnk03 Aug 1874Maple Hill
HerefordAlbertU.15 Jun 191517 Jan 1918Rice
HerefordAlbertaFrances18 Sep 190003 Jan 1989Cochran
HerefordAnthonyTobias24 Oct 195424 Feb 2005Indian Creek
HerefordBessieLee06 Feb 192329 Dec 2003Valhalla Memory Gardens
HerefordBeverlyKaye02 Feb 195025 Oct 1965Center Grove
HerefordBoone02 Aug 1888Mar 1966Graveyard Hill
HerefordC.W.Mrs.Unk16 May 1878Maple Hill
HerefordClaraUnk15 Mar 1903Maple Hill
HerefordCleo24 Apr 193415 Dec 1983Brandon
HerefordDonnieMarie19821982Pine Grove - Deposit
HerefordEdwin17 Jun 187026 Aug 1905Rice
HerefordElizabethB.20 Oct 191511 Jul 1989Northside
HerefordEllaBragg07 Aug 186703 Apr 1928Rice
HerefordEricJamel10 Apr 198108 Apr 2005Northside
HerefordFrankM.18 Dec 189615 May 1915Rice
HerefordGenevaBaker28 Oct 192201 Jan 2004Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
HerefordGeorgeH.02 Mar 191416 Apr 1973St. Ruth
HerefordHendley20 Apr 183922 Dec 1918Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
HerefordIdellaBragg27 Mar 187616 Dec 1910Rice
HerefordJimmieF.Unk01 Oct 1970Maple Hill
HerefordJohnD.11 Nov 186716 Dec 1943Cochran
HerefordJohnL.16 Dec 188729 Sep 1945Maple Hill
HerefordJohnW.26 May 191615 Oct 1996Pine Grove - Deposit
HerefordKatieMaeGrays21 Feb 194019 Jun 2005Triana
HerefordLauraMilner18661948St. Clair
HerefordLizzie19491995Pine Grove - Deposit
HerefordLondon23 Sep 1910Nov 1974Pine Grove - Deposit
HerefordLouiseRobinson19 Sep 191915 Apr 2003Twickenham
HerefordLucilleWhitman12 Oct 190203 Jul 1995Cochran
HerefordMagnolia11 Jan 189907 Apr 1970Northside
HerefordMaryRiceFlippin16 Nov 182419 Feb 1866Liberty Hill
HerefordPaul13 Sep 191022 Sep 1911St. Clair
HerefordRandolph25 Sep 190113 Dec 1968Northside
HerefordRebeccaJames09 Dec 187722 Sep 1940Rice
HerefordRobertLee08 Aug 192526 Dec 1962Brandon
HerefordRoseLee19011951Graveyard Hill
HerefordSamuelShelby28 Mar 191909 Apr 1971Northside
HerefordTexiePetty12 Jul 186905 Sep 1942Cochran
HerefordTheresa19201994Pine Grove - Deposit
HerefordWalterM.11 Mar 1879NDDRice
HerefordWalterMercer05 Jan 190521 Aug 1920Rice
HerefordWilliamFrancis25 Jan 182229 Jun 1904Liberty Hill
HerefordWilliamL.28 Feb 194810 Nov 2004Pine Grove - Deposit
HerefordWilliamW.16 Aug 186718 Jun 1948Rice
HerefordWillieL.03 May 189305 Sep 1946Rice
HerifordRobertH.182918 Oct 1854Dement
HerlstonJ.W.02 Jan 190902 Dec 1955Maple Hill
HerlstonJessM.Unk20 Nov 1960Maple Hill
HerlstonLeilaUnk22 Oct 1956Maple Hill
HerlstonR.A.Unk18 May 1981Maple Hill
HerlstonWilliamH.Unk16 Feb 1972Maple Hill
HermanInfantUnk01 Jan 1954Maple Hill
HernPeterZumwoltUnk22 Sep 1979Maple Hill
HerndonAndrewJ.04 Oct 188329 Jan 1943Glenwood
HerndonCharlesL.12 Feb 191717 Dec 1944Glenwood
HernsteinM.C.Unk17 Jul 1893Maple Hill
HerranM.B.22 Feb 190317 Mar 1919Merrimack
HerrellJacobUnk17 May 1886Maple Hill
HerreshoffCarrieRidley18771924Maple Hill
HerrinAdamDecatur25 May 185117 Feb 1927Collier - Owens Cross Roads
HerrinAliceG.28 Oct 191923 Aug 1928Collier - Owens Cross Roads
HerrinBerthaPearl14 Nov 189016 Dec 1955Collier - Owens Cross Roads
HerrinC.W.09 Dec 189630 Sep 1898Neal Chapel
HerrinCharlesFletcher07 spe 192213 Dec 1987Moon
HerrinCharlesWilliam Wesley03 Sep 184715 Jun 1938Neal Chapel
HerrinCharlesUnk03 Apr 1933Maple Hill
HerrinCharlieW.18 Feb 189410 Feb 1951Collier - Owens Cross Roads
HerrinClaudeUdolphus25 Sep 190714 Dec 1988Maple Hill
HerrinDeweyHopkins05 Mar 189902 Jun 1968Collier - Owens Cross Roads
HerrinEdwardW.18401862Neal Chapel
HerrinElizabethV.28 Aug 191225 Oct 1999Maple Hill
HerrinHaroldClayton19 Nov 190209 Nov 1991Maple Hill
HerrinHarryOliver22 Mar 192706 Apr 1927Collier - Owens Cross Roads
HerrinHerbertH.04 Jun 191215 Mar 1958Moon
HerrinHesterAnnLanier29 May 182303 Mar 1904Cedar Grove
HerrinJamesA.182019 Sep 1863Cedar Grove
HerrinJamesThomas28 Sep 187921 Mar 1962Collier - Owens Cross Roads
HerrinJimmieC.Unk15 Aug 1974Maple Hill
HerrinJoelHayden02 Feb 192714 Nov 2000Maple Hill
HerrinJohnA.10 Apr 192515 Jan 1926Collier - Owens Cross Roads
HerrinKen18671908Maple Hill
HerrinLaressaH.Unk14 Feb 1957Maple Hill
HerrinLauraGertrudeMoon24 Aug 189307 Apr 1962Maple Hill
HerrinLoisBaker25 May 1933NDDMoon
HerrinLucyMaeSanford30 Jun 188702 Sep 1927Moon
HerrinLydiaT.Unk19 May 1974Maple Hill
HerrinMamieE.09 Dec 189630 Sep 1898Neal Chapel
HerrinMargaretWhiteside18 Jul 190301 Jan 1992Maple Hill
HerrinMarjorieA.Gipson16 Nov 193006 Mar 1986Moon
HerrinMaryVirginiaCobb07 Nov 192722 Oct 1999Maple Hill
HerrinMattieC.Collier26 Nov 187620 Nov 1964Collier - Owens Cross Roads
HerrinMinnieUnkNDDMaple Hill
HerrinNancyA.Worley19 Oct 185225 Jul 1924Neal Chapel
HerrinNathanielLoyleUnk23 Sep 1980Maple Hill
HerrinRobertE.16 Feb 191627 May 1997Maple Hill
HerrinRobertEdward29 Mar 188601 Mar 1980Maple Hill
HerrinSusieMae01 Jun 189403 Apr 1935Collier - Owens Cross Roads
HerrinTolledaEllinorWoody19 Nov 185715 Dec 1934Collier - Owens Cross Roads
HerrinWilliamN.21 Mar 188130 May 1971Collier - Owens Cross Roads
HerrinWilliamSanford02 Apr 192125 Feb 2000Moon
HerrinWilliamWesley16 Jun 1887Feb 1956Moon
HerringFlossieUnk08 Jan 1918Maple Hill
HerringJasonUnk07 Oct 1927Maple Hill
HerringLennieUnk04 Jan 1923Maple Hill
HerringSaraUnk19 Jul 1922Maple Hill
HerringTheddieUnk06 Jun 1940Maple Hill
HerringWilliamUnk27 Mar 1940Maple Hill
HerrishoffCarrieUnk05 Oct 1924Maple Hill
HerroPeggyFloydUnk29 Apr 1988Maple Hill
HerronAbbie03 Feb 189109 Aug 1974Maple Hill
HerronArmanda06 Jul 187725 Dec 1940Merrimack
HerronGabe22 Aug 185518 Oct 1930Merrimack
HerronGabieWilliam17 Mar 193304 Feb 2003Maple Hill
HerronGaudieA.22 Sep 191125 Jun 1992Maple Hill
HerronHobert18 Feb 187727 Feb 1937Merrimack
HerronJohn03 Apr 190603 Aug 1978Maple Hill
HerronMartha19 Apr 186907 Sep 1934Merrimack
HerronMattieL.09 Aug 191029 Apr 1993Maple Hill
HerronSweetie02 Aug 1898Mar 1973Maple Hill
HerronW.M.Unk09 May 1973Maple Hill
HersteinMiriam18671908Maple Hill
HersteinMonroeC.28 Jul 186217 Jul 1893Maple Hill
HersteinRobert183224 Sep 1878Maple Hill
HersteinRosa18391909Maple Hill
HertelKatherineW.02 Oct 191520 May 2004Maple Hill
HerthaKennethRobert10 Apr 192113 May 1987Maple Hill
HerthaRonaldA.Unk11 Oct 1957Maple Hill
HertzRobertLeeUnk09 Jul 1884Maple Hill
HertzWilliamUnk04 Apr 1879Maple Hill
HertzeAdelleUnk21 Feb 1917Maple Hill
HertzlerAnnaN.Unk10 Nov 1916Maple Hill
HertzlerDanielUnk08 Jul 1917Maple Hill
HertzlerFannieUnk10 Dec 1900Maple Hill
HertzlerIdaUnk15 Mar 1956Maple Hill
HertzlerJohnUnk15 Mar 1916Maple Hill
HertzlerJohnUnk03 Jan 1913Maple Hill
HertzlerLucilleAndersonUnk21 Feb 1948Maple Hill
HertzlerMaryP.Unk14 Sep 1932Maple Hill
HerzMaryA.Unk31 Aug 1893Maple Hill
HesslerHelenO.Unk24 Apr 1974Maple Hill
HesslerRobertM.Unk10 Oct 1989Maple Hill
HesterCharlesEdward19 Nov 193216 Aug 1999Maple Hill
HesterClarenceUnk13 Jan 1945Maple Hill
HesterJoeUnk25 Mar 1923Maple Hill
HesterJohnUnk16 Dec 1924Maple Hill
HethcoatC.E.Unk01 Jul 1894Maple Hill
HethcoatJamesA.24 Nov 187717 Sep 1961Charity Baptist Church
HethcoatOzellaB.08 May 187911 Mar 1958Charity Baptist Church
HethcoatPearlUnk30 Oct 1951Maple Hill
HethcoatSidney18561915Maple Hill
HethcoatValtonUnk03 Apr 1921Maple Hill
HettonSamuelUnk18 Jan 1921Maple Hill
HeusingerBurnoUnk30 Mar 1968Maple Hill
HewesAlmaB.26 May 189721 May 1983Maple Hill
HewesE.ThompsonUnk30 Aug 1970Maple Hill
HewettBillVern24 Jun 193316 Jan 2002Maple Hill
HewettVernonBradleyUnk25 Sep 1982Maple Hill
HewlettEmmaM.Unk18 Jan 1894Maple Hill
HewlettFernandoK.31 Dec 184610 Mar 1914Maple Hill
HewlettHilda25 Nov 191011 May 1990St. Ruth
HewlettJames16 Apr 1916Aug 1985St. Ruth
HewlettJohnW.30 Jan 185115 May 1917Gurley
HewlettLauraM.Unk18 Feb 1948Maple Hill
HewlettMaryAnn09 Nov 185120 Jan 1948Maple Hill
HewlettReaner08 Sep 189002 Feb 1981Northside
HewlettSusanUnk21 Feb 1903Maple Hill
HewlettThomasH.Unk13 Mar 1898Maple Hill
HeybeyIngeG.02 Nov 191208 Feb 2002Maple Hill
HeybeyOtfriedUnk03 Jun 1982Maple Hill
HeybeyRolandT.Unk06 Sep 1959Maple Hill
HeybeyWillie27 Mar 190402 Nov 1985Maple Hill
HeydenDonaldVander09 Mar 192404 Nov 2004Valhalla Memory Gardens
HiattJoanUnk14 Jul 1995Maple Hill
HibbsEdwardAlbert06 Mar 191817 Mar 1974Maple Hill
HiceEdwardUnk05 Jan 1938Maple Hill
HiceLucyBobo01 Aug 188006 Aug 1970Maple Hill
HiceWilliamG.Unk28 Mar 1934Maple Hill
HichsW.Unk05 May 1918Maple Hill
HickeyWilliamT.17 Jun 181313 Oct 1834Maple Hill
HicklenJesseL.Unk23 Jun 1954Maple Hill
HicklerInfantUnk24 May 1954Maple Hill
HicklinBen15 Jun 186025 Mar 1907Madison Crossroads
HicklinCharlesM.30 Mar 193317 Oct 1997Charity Baptist Church
HicklinDorothyLucille16 Apr 192610 May 1926Charity Baptist Church
HicklinEllen14 Oct 1899Nov 1978Charity Baptist Church
HicklinLucy11 Jan 186615 Nov 1930Charity Baptist Church
HicklinOscarLee18 Mar 1905Mar 1969Charity Baptist Church
HicklinRolandB.18921942Charity Baptist Church
HickmanAvaUnk23 Apr 1873Maple Hill
HickmanChaney10 May 181017 Feb 1861Maple Hill
HickmanJ.Unk05 Nov 1903Maple Hill
HickmanJim22 Sep 189424 Jan 1923Moon
HickmanOlaMoon23 Sep 190013 Jul 1919Moon
HicksAnnieUnk18 Jun 1965Maple Hill
HicksBenjaminF.16 May 192120 Feb 2000Maple Hill
HicksBillyJoe07 Mar 195121 May 1977Maple Hill
HicksBobbyE.11 Oct 193211 Jan 1981Maple Hill
HicksBooneFrancisUnk04 Nov 1943Maple Hill
HicksBurlin03 Aug 192731 Dec 2003Huntsville Memory Gardens
HicksChildJ.29 Oct 185617 Mar 1936Charity Baptist Church
HicksElisha08 Sep 183806 Jan 1917Charity Baptist Church
HicksElishaUnk19 Feb 1918Charity Baptist Church
HicksElvieLeeWoods25 Nov 191018 Feb 1990Bellview
HicksEmmaM.17 Aug 187821 Nov 1955Charity Baptist Church
HicksEvelynF.Unk25 Mar 1983Maple Hill
HicksFrank02 Mar 191222 May 1969Maple Hill
HicksFranklinKeith05 Jan 195916 Apr 1959Concord
HicksHowardL.26 Apr 192122 Feb 1980Maple Hill
HicksJ.D.21 Oct 191915 Apr 1925Charity Baptist Church
HicksJerryF.30 Sep 193830 Nov 2002Concord
HicksJessiePearl02 Nov 190115 Nov 1982Maple Hill
HicksJohnH.22 May 1892Oct 1977Charity Baptist Church
HicksJohnL.26 Sep 189431 Oct 1977Maple Hill
HicksJohnWilliamUnk11 Apr 1964Maple Hill
HicksJunior24 Mar 192416 Aug 1943Concord
HicksLealO.18971928Charity Baptist Church
HicksLenH.18 Jun 191523 Oct 1989Maple Hill
HicksLucilleUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
HicksLuther07 Mar 1894Jan 1964Charity Baptist Church
HicksMattieJane15 Aug 186815 Jan 1940Charity Baptist Church
HicksMollieMaeHargrove11 Mar 190202 Oct 1977Concord
HicksNellieMaeHughey20 Sep 190014 Apr 1959Charity Baptist Church
HicksNellieMaudeUnk30 Apr 1957Maple Hill
HicksNewmanLafayette06 Jan 189809 Jun 1959Concord
HicksNimrodJones184001 Jan 1928Concord
HicksPaulUnk25 Aug 1904Maple Hill
HicksPrenticeE.12 Oct 192124 Oct 2002Maple Hill
HicksRobertE.12 Oct 1898Feb 1985Charity Baptist Church
HicksSallieRebeccaStephenson21 Oct 188823 Feb 1978Maple Hill
HicksSarahC.Cunningham24 Jun 186618 Sep 1959Charity Baptist Church
HicksSarahT.UnkNDDMaple Hill
HicksSusieJohnson22 Sep 186121 Jun 1930Maple Hill
HicksViolaV.25 Feb 194114 Feb 1998Arnett
HicksVioletM.03 Jul 192128 Sep 1992Maple Hill
HicksVirgilS.15 Jul 187512 Feb 1922Charity Baptist Church
HicksW.B.16 Jan 186005 Jun 1918Maple Hill
HicksZollieLee20 Oct 189916 Feb 1984Bellview
HicksZulaJ.31 Mar 190007 Oct 1963Charity Baptist Church
HicksonCassieUnk23 Jun 1939Maple Hill
HicksonLillieUnk24 Sep 1960Maple Hill
HicksonRobertL.25 Mar 189211 May 1970Maple Hill
HiderLena28 Feb 189627 Sep 1979Maple Hill
HiderWilliamS.15 Mar 189416 Mar 1984Maple Hill
HidginsOlieUnk24 Jun 1922Maple Hill
HiersJamesEdgarUnk27 Apr 1972Maple Hill
HiettPeytonAndrewUnk18 Oct 1921Maple Hill
HiettRebeccaUnk09 Mar 1924Maple Hill
HigdonChildUnk29 Sep 1868Maple Hill
HigginbothamBilly02 Oct 193014 Jan 2004Huntsville Memory Gardens
HigginbothamMaryF.Hawkins25 Dec 186722 Apr 1947Charity Baptist Church
HigginbothamRobert29 Oct 185617 Mar 1936Charity Baptist Church
HigginsAltaMae10 Dec 190022 Jan 1977Maple Hill
HigginsAlvis02 Apr 198015 Mar 1980Maple Hill
HigginsCarlClayUnk03 Dec 1975Maple Hill
HigginsCharlesUnk22 Feb 1946Maple Hill
HigginsDorisUnk10 Jun 1931Maple Hill
HigginsEarlA.08 Jul 192404 Dec 1982Maple Hill
HigginsEarlUnk24 Mar 1946Maple Hill
HigginsEarnestUnk14 Apr 1949Maple Hill
HigginsElvisUnk29 Jan 1945Maple Hill
HigginsFreddyUnk25 Sep 1950Maple Hill
HigginsG.L.Unk28 Mar 1960Maple Hill
HigginsGenevaUnk08 Jan 1939Maple Hill
HigginsHenryUnk03 Aug 1899Maple Hill
HigginsJamesH.Unk10 Mar 1997Maple Hill
HigginsKennethL.28 Dec 193203 Aug 2002Maple Hill
HigginsL.B.Unk20 Apr 1958Maple Hill
HigginsLoisUnk09 Sep 1925Maple Hill
HigginsMaryF.Unk05 Apr 1996Maple Hill
HigginsNannieUnk13 Dec 1986Maple Hill
HigginsOllie15 Jul 189901 Apr 1973Maple Hill
HigginsPeggySueUnk04 Dec 1936Maple Hill
HigginsWilliamUnk26 May 1892Maple Hill
HiggsAngelineRucker19 Jan 191505 Feb 2000Maple Hill
HiggsJohnZachariah06 Jan 190831 Mar 2001Maple Hill
HighAnnieUnk15 Jul 1913Maple Hill
HighArthurUnk12 Mar 1903Maple Hill
HighHenryAlbertMar 187024 Dec 1949Maple Hill
HighIdaJamarUnk04 Mar 1954Maple Hill
HighJohnUnk08 Feb 1938Maple Hill
HighJohnUnk06 Sep 1895Maple Hill
HighLeonaUnk13 Jan 1953Maple Hill
HighMargretteUnk17 Nov 1917Maple Hill
HighMarianUnk07 Oct 1921Maple Hill
HighMaryUnk07 Mar 1933Maple Hill
HighMiltonJamar11 Sep 190522 Dec 1980Maple Hill
HighMiltonTateMar 187211 Mar 1933Maple Hill
HightGeorge24 Mar 1912Jan 1988Maple Hill
HightLouiseR.09 Mar 191306 May 1983Maple Hill
HightowerAldeen07 Dec 191226 Aug 1987Maple Hill
HightowerDavidC.Unk13 Apr 1985Maple Hill
HightowerDavidUnk13 Jul 1976Maple Hill
HightowerEdithB.16 Jun 191228 Jul 2005Maple Hill
HightowerGrover28 Sep 189315 Dec 1969Ready
HightowerJosephPalmer04 May 192323 Jan 1970Maple Hill
HilburnInfantUnk17 Jul 1965Maple Hill
HilburnMaryUnk10 Aug 1924Maple Hill
HildebrandCarryUnk13 May 1899Maple Hill
HildebrandJuliusUnk04 Mar 1939Maple Hill
HildebrandPaulineUnk22 Nov 1939Maple Hill
HileyStuartForbes11 Sep 191213 Jul 1995Maple Hill
HileySusieBarton08 Apr 190511 Jan 1991Maple Hill
HillA.W.Unk03 Apr 1974Maple Hill
HillA.Unk14 Sep 1925Maple Hill
HillAlfredUnk18 Feb 1921Maple Hill
HillAllieMae S.15 May 191026 Sep 2003Moon
HillAlvinMatthews07 Sep 191618 Jan 1993Maple Hill
HillAmySusanJones01 May 188410 Apr 1915Kennamer
HillAraB.11 Jan 192029 Dec 2002Maple Hill
HillArchieW.23 Jul 191906 Aug 1967Maple Hill
HillArchieW.Unk01 Dec 1964Maple Hill
HillBaileyUnk09 Jul 1930Maple Hill
HillBettieUnk10 Aug 1931Maple Hill
HillBettyUnk28 Apr 1930Maple Hill
HillBeulahAnn25 Feb 190302 Dec 1972Bevill
HillBeulahMay06 Jul 190712 Aug 1964Bevill
HillBillyCharles29 Sep 193113 Feb 2001Bevill
HillBrendaK.06 Aug 1948NDDHayden
HillBrysonFloyd06 Aug 189402 Jan 1956Charity Baptist Church
HillBufordUnk10 Feb 1947Maple Hill
HillBufordUnk01 Dec 1913Maple Hill
HillBunnie21 May 190809 Mar 1980Northside
HillC.PaulUnk30 May 1963Maple Hill
HillCarlW.26 Jul 194713 Jun 1992Ragsdale
HillCarrie14 Jun 188809 Sep 1969Maple Hill
HillCatherineLois06 Nov 192329 Mar 1998Moon
HillCharlesH.09 Aug 185029 Sep 1909Maple Hill
HillClaraWhite18 Jan 193806 Apr 1984Northside
HillCoraL.10 Feb 190507 May 2001Bevill
HillDavidUnk12 Jun 1917Maple Hill
HillDessie16 Jul 190206 May 1978Bevill
HillDianneB.08 Nov 194720 Feb 1986Bevill
HillDolphusL.14 Feb 189205 May 1974Bevill
HillEdd09 May 188620 Mar 1972Maple Hill
HillEddieO.22 Sep 192526 May 1985Moon
HillElijah25 Dec 190703 May 1969Maple Hill
HillElisaUnk11 Dec 1930Maple Hill
HillEllaMaggieUnk24 Mar 1967Maple Hill
HillElsieMaeTaylor29 Aug 192230 Oct 2003Maple Hill
HillEmmaJ.Weaver17 Feb 190418 Sep 1966Maple Hill
HillEmmieMae07 Jun 191010 Jun 1962Moon
HillEraI.Drake28 Nov 191623 Mar 1989Hayden
HillEronJuanita16 Nov 192629 May 1929Maple Hill
HillEssie06 Feb 189822 Jan 1973Maple Hill
HillEssie12 May 191217 May 1991Hayden
HillEstelle14 Feb 192407 Sep 2000Green Valley
HillEuniceH.29 Mar 189602 Feb 1931Bevill
HillFloraL.13 Feb 190625 Jan 1986Maple Hill
HillFlorenceSabrinaFisher17 Jan 186820 May 1952Maple Hill
HillFloyd19 Dec 190711 Nov 1996Bevill
HillForrestB.Unk06 Nov 1991Maple Hill
HillFrancesHammond04 Oct 190026 Apr 1969Hammond
HillFrankUnk28 Mar 1932Maple Hill
HillGeorgeRobert02 Feb 190727 Mar 1996Moon
HillGertrudeM.Unk02 Oct 1994Maple Hill
HillGlendaJoyce22 May 194609 Nov 1951Moon
HillGraceA.11 Feb 191621 May 1962Ragsdale
HillGracieLavonne15 Dec 193109 Oct 2005Maple Hill
HillHardyB.Unk04 Nov 2001Maple Hill
HillHarryD.02 Nov 1944NDDHayden
HillHarryRay02 Mar 191225 Nov 1944Byrd
HillHarveyBurton17 Oct 192106 May 1997Maple Hill
HillHattiePearlUnk10 Sep 2004Maple Hill
HillHattie01 Apr 188715 Jan 1975Maple Hill
HillHelenL.03 Dec 194504 May 1999Hayden
HillHelenVirginiaMason29 Jun 191619 Jan 1998Maple Hill
HillHendersonUnk04 May 1915Glenwood
HillHenryW.23 Dec 189126 Dec 1983Maple Hill
HillHerman11 Feb 192227 Nov 1995Bevill
HillIdaMays14 Feb 189816 May 1987Moon
HillInfantFemale08 Oct 195208 Oct 1952Camp Ground
HillInfantUnk22 Nov 1954Maple Hill
HillJamesB.15 Apr 189530 Dec 1968Maple Hill
HillJamesG.Unk14 Jun 1992Maple Hill
HillJamesM.30 Mar 191607 Feb 1986Maple Hill
HillJamesMarvin18 Oct 190315 Jan 1979Maple Hill
HillJamesNolan03 Mar 194312 Jun 2000Hayden
HillJames19 Mar 186127 Jan 1937Merrimack
HillJamesUnk27 Jan 1953Maple Hill
HillJamesUnk02 Jan 1951Maple Hill
HillJamesUnk18 Aug 1930Maple Hill
HillJamesUnk26 Jan 1922Maple Hill
HillJamesUnk30 Nov 1890Maple Hill
HillJaneUnk29 Jul 1893Maple Hill
HillJayUnk27 Feb 1934Maple Hill
HillJayneW.Unk06 Nov 1981Maple Hill
HillJennieL.11 Nov 191327 Jan 1983Bevill
HillJerryLee16 Nov 194628 Jan 1974Hayden
HillJimmyUnk20 Nov 1959Maple Hill
HillJoeW.09 Oct 188601 Jan 1951Bevill
HillJoeB.Unk11 Mar 1958Maple Hill
HillJohnEmmett01 Mar 190425 May 1948Byrd
HillJohnJ.08 Nov 188617 Aug 1961Bevill
HillJohnJ.16 Feb 189729 Jan 1970Maple Hill
HillJohnPate22 Sep 189229 Aug 1973Maple Hill
HillJohnW.17 Feb 190122 Dec 1962Brown
HillJohnWallaceUnk22 Dec 1956Maple Hill
HillJohnUnk22 Jan 1915Maple Hill
HillJosephE.06 Jan 1925NDDMoon
HillJosephineCortnerUnk03 Sep 1985Maple Hill
HillJosieUnk03 Jan 1926Maple Hill
HillJuliaUnk23 Dec 1944Maple Hill
HillJulieWilson26 Nov 195721 Jul 2005Maple Hill
HillKarenDeniseSep 1972Sep 1972Maple Hill
HillKaseyN.Unk17 May 1986Maple Hill
HillKateHobbs18 Jul 190011 Jul 1967Bevill
HillKevinUnk28 Feb 1969Maple Hill
HillKittyAnn15 Jan 188508 Jun 1958Bevill
HillKittyFoyle08 Nov 194522 Feb 1982Maple Hill
HillLarryJ.23 Apr 194815 Aug 1988Hayden
HillLauraD.16 Jun 189514 Jun 1969Maple Hill
HillLauraO.17 Oct 190924 Aug 2002Maple Hill
HillLauraUnk29 Mar 1932Maple Hill
HillLawrenceG.27 May 191915 Dec 1993Maple Hill
HillLeeUnk03 May 1957Maple Hill
HillLeoT.19 Oct 190401 Feb 1993Maple Hill
HillLillianH.15 Apr 192213 Feb 1991Bevill
HillLindaCraig23 Feb 1946NDDHayden
HillLouiseB.12 Jun 190119 Dec 1973Maple Hill
HillLovellaUnk30 Aug 1955Maple Hill
HillLulaM.Hope30 Nov 189928 Nov 1933Charity Baptist Church
HillMargaretUnk18 Aug 1934Maple Hill
HillMariaBone02 Sep 193012 Oct 1973Bone
HillMarthaUnk06 May 1929Maple Hill
HillMaryE.08 Aug 185417 Jun 1919Maple Hill
HillMaryE.Unk22 Dec 1956Maple Hill
HillMaryLolaUnk31 Dec 1989Maple Hill
HillMaryVirginiaDrake18801953Drake - New Hope
HillMary08 Dec 185804 Sep 1931Merrimack
HillMaryUnk02 Mar 1914Glenwood
HillMaryUnk22 Apr 1920Maple Hill
HillMatilda20 Jul 181925 May 1901Maple Hill
HillMattiePearl01 Oct 189811 Jul 1971Moon
HillMaymeUnk24 Mar 1936Maple Hill
HillMelvinE.25 Apr 191623 May 1944Bevill
HillMelvinWalter23 Jul 192720 Oct 1929Bevill
HillMildredM.01 May 192125 Apr 1994Locust Grove
HillMildredM.13 Sep 1937NDDHayden
HillMollieS.14 Feb 191021 Sep 1987Maple Hill
HillMollyL.05 Feb 1908NDDCedar Grove
HillMonnieLee22 Feb 189520 Jun 1960Bevill
HillMurphy08 Aug 192209 Sep 1972Bevill
HillNellieUnk19 Feb 1918Maple Hill
HillNormanA.09 Jul 191821 Nov 1961Moon
HillOllieJean05 May 193706 Mar 1937Bevill
HillOllie25 May 189414 Mar 1979Bevill
HillOllieUnk29 Sep 1955Maple Hill
HillOmerMilus21 Oct 189923 Jun 1982Maple Hill
HillOra17 Oct 191314 Oct 1963Brandon
HillP.Unk04 Nov 1921Maple Hill
HillPatriciaAnn08 Feb 194712 Feb 1947Bevill
HillRandall29 Oct 195816 Jan 1977New Hope
HillRayThomasUnk04 Nov 1976Maple Hill
HillReedus08 Jan 192016 Jun 1986Bevill
HillRhondaLynn03 Jun 196617 Jun 1996Huntsville Memory Gardens
HillRobertL.Unk07 Jan 1966Maple Hill
HillRobertMcGowanUnk11 Aug 2004Maple Hill
HillRobertR.03 Mar 188431 May 1972Cedar Grove
HillRobertUnk24 Dec 1952Maple Hill
HillRosaUnk01 Aug 1925Maple Hill
HillRuthL.14 Feb 1921NDDMoon
HillRuthMargaret29 Jun 190711 Feb 2002Maple Hill
HillS.Dwight26 Jun 196126 Jun 1961Hayden
HillSarahL.24 Oct 187614 Nov 1970Maple Hill
HillSarahUnk20 Mar 1886Maple Hill
HillSarrahUnk20 Jun 1917Maple Hill
HillShelbyW.16 Nov 1935NDDHayden
HillShirleyUnk22 Jun 1946Maple Hill
HillThomasB.02 Dec 189416 May 1972Moon
HillThomasE.05 Jan 193115 Jul 1986Maple Hill
HillThomasElver24 Aug 193718 Jan 2004Maple Hill
HillUnkMaleUnk02 Jun 1904Maple Hill
HillUnkMrsUnk27 Dec 1955Maple Hill
HillVedithMae19 Jun 192129 Dec 2004Huntsville Memory Gardens
HillVenieA.23 Jul 190101 Jun 1991Maple Hill
HillVernon22 Dec 192109 Jan 1992Bevill
HillVirgilOwen14 Feb 192727 Feb 1969Bevill
HillW.Walstein27 Sep 189418 Mar 1976Moon
HillW.W.B.Unk18 Apr 1870Maple Hill
HillWalterW.09 Jun 191429 Jul 1978Hayden
HillWalter27 Nov 190410 May 1990Bevill
HillWilliamB.19 Mar 190613 Jun 1981Maple Hill
HillWilliamB.Unk01 Nov 1936Maple Hill
HillWilliamE.14 Aug 191028 Sep 1993Bevill
HillWilliamE.22 Apr 195029 Jul 1962Brandon
HillWilliamE.25 May 192115 Mar 1994Maple Hill
HillWilliamFlemon30 Dec 191429 Apr 1982Bevill
HillWilliamPleas03 Nov 194511 Dec 1989Ragsdale
HillWilliamW.27 Dec 182602 Nov 1899Madison
HillWilliam22 Sep 191518 Jun 1960Brandon
HillWilliamUnk19 Feb 1918Maple Hill
HillWilliamUnk14 Nov 1896Maple Hill
HillWillieElizabethJones21 Oct 189928 Sep 1986Maple Hill
HillWillieR.18 Feb 188804 Sep 1974Bevill
HillWillieUnk15 Jun 1917Maple Hill
HillardJoeUnk26 Jan 1973Maple Hill
HillardMarthaA.01 Dec 1926Nov 1983Kennamer
HillardMurphyUnk21 Jan 1976Maple Hill
HillardPearlUnk02 Aug 1971Maple Hill
HillardRethaHardin193024 Jul 2003Fords Chapel
HillardWayneW.05 Oct 194416 Aug 1996Maple Hill
HilldringEdna24 Nov 192426 Nov 1998Maple Hill
HilldringElfring22 Jan 191021 Dec 1980Maple Hill
HilliardBeatrice19 May 191105 Aug 1989Kennamer
HilliardBirtieL.30 Mar 190911 Aug 2005Fowlkes
HilliardClarenceW.27 Apr 190312 Feb 1978Fowlkes
HilliardCorlinC.13 Dec 191118 Dec 1982Kennamer
HilliardE.J.Wall16 Dec 184026 Dec 1928St. John
HilliardEdgar29 Nov 191701 Apr 1988Fowlkes
HilliardEdmond19 Jul 183806 Jun 1904Fowlkes
HilliardFannieMcKinzie07 May 187101 Sep 1917St. John
HilliardGarlandL.13 Jan 193311 Jan 2005Madison
HilliardHazelMaeLanier01 Apr 192205 May 2002Fowlkes
HilliardIliaMae22 Feb 189016 Sep 1955Fowlkes
HilliardJ.W.03 Dec 184030 Jun 1914St. John
HilliardJohnHarry22 Aug 192229 Oct 2003Huntsville Memory Gardens
HilliardLutherJ.27 Mar 193018 Apr 1991Fowlkes
HilliardMaryE.18481926St. John
HilliardMinnieN.03 May 190821 Jan 1996Fowlkes
HilliardW.Larkin18 Feb 186426 Nov 1947St. John
HillinVeraJoyceUnk16 Oct 1997Maple Hill
HillisA.D.10 Jan 190321 Dec 1993Cochran
HillisAdd19 Nov 186823 Dec 1928Cochran
HillisAlfred15 Jul 190115 Mar 1978Cochran
HillisAllison27 Sep 189607 Nov 1985Maple Hill
HillisBenjaminO.Unk18 Jun 1980Maple Hill
HillisBillyHarold02 Apr 193423 Aug 1948Cochran
HillisBobbyJoe14 Oct 194523 Mar 1993Neal Chapel
HillisBoyd17 Mar 193317 Mar 1933Cochran
HillisBurnettA.01 Apr 189815 Jul 1993Maple Hill
HillisClarenceOrva16 Jul 193013 Aug 1934Cochran
HillisDanFranklin24 Jan 194014 Jul 1941Cochran
HillisDavidLee01 Jun 195801 Jun 1958Moon
HillisDavidUnk04 Sep 1928Maple Hill
HillisDellaF.25 Oct 187718 Jan 1946Cochran
HillisE.Maxine02 Jul 194326 Dec 2001Green Valley
HillisEarmanW.09 Jan 190325 Mar 1993Cochran
HillisEarnestE.21 Sep 190416 Jan 1996Cochran
HillisElzaL.12 Feb 187705 Nov 1961Cochran
HillisErnestWade30 Aug 197231 Aug 1972Moon
HillisErvin21 Sep 190409 Aug 1965Moon
HillisErwinEdward05 Jul 193402 May 2001Moon
HillisEttaV.28 Nov 192127 Jan 1922Cochran
HillisFlorenceLueoarie15 Jan 191206 Nov 1973Cochran
HillisFloyd17 Mar 193317 Mar 1933Cochran
HillisGeorgiaE.07 Nov 191410 Nov 1981Cochran
HillisHealth15 Nov 196515 Nov 1965Moon
HillisInfantMale28 Dec 190428 Dec 1904Graveyard Hill
HillisJ.Unk22 Dec 1955Maple Hill
HillisJamesE.09 Dec 191309 Jan 1988Maple Hill
HillisJamesEugene24 Feb 192715 Apr 2003Plainview
HillisJamesW.10 Sep 190126 Jan 1968Cochran
HillisJerryGeorge02 Dec 194108 Feb 1942Cochran
HillisJerryW.30 Aug 195209 Sep 1952Moon
HillisJohnDaniel14 Nov 195914 Nov 1959Moon
HillisJohnnyUnkNDDMaple Hill
HillisJosieE.08 Mar 190618 Apr 1989Cochran
HillisKennethRay10 Jul 195710 Jul 1957Moon
HillisLaudreyW.30 Nov 195005 Jan 2004Miller
HillisLawrenceUnk11 Jan 1955Maple Hill
HillisLenaE.22 Jun 190029 Jan 1996Maple Hill
HillisLevander21 Jun 187830 Jan 1966Cochran
HillisLucilleL.C.13 Sep 193017 Apr 1992Maple Hill
HillisMae28 Mar 1924NDDMoon
HillisManuel08 Dec 189031 Jul 1964Maple Hill
HillisMargaretE.Unk25 May 1974Maple Hill
HillisMaryCheery02 Dec 194130 Apr 1942Cochran
HillisMildredL.02 Aug 1937NDDMoon
HillisMinnieJane22 Jul 189210 Mar 1949Moon
HillisOpalUnk29 Jun 1984Maple Hill
HillisOtisUnk17 Dec 1970Maple Hill
HillisOwenPatrick03 Jan 197515 Feb 2000Neal Chapel
HillisSarah22 Aug 188628 Feb 1971Cochran
HillisSquire28 Jun 188120 Mar 1970Cochran
HillisStephenUnk01 Feb 1944Maple Hill
HillisTheoCantrell09 May 190806 Apr 1988Cochran
HillisThomasNelton24 Oct 195102 Jul 1997Green Valley
HillisVeraV.18 Feb 192026 Jun 1993Maple Hill
HillisVirgilH.12 Dec 188129 Oct 1967Maple Hill
HillisVirgilWade07 Jun 190908 Oct 1975Cochran
HillisVirginiaMae24 Mar 1941NDDNeal Chapel
HillisWilliamD.17 Feb 190830 Sep 1909Graveyard Hill
HillsJ.P.Unk18 Jan 1894Maple Hill
HilsonDorothyEulalia11 Aug 189920 May 1979Maple Hill
HilsonW.H.UnkNDDMaple Hill
HiltonHaroldW.17 Apr 192930 Oct 2003Valhalla Memory Gardens
HimesCleveA.26 Nov 196002 Mar 1978Maple Hill
HimesLloydA.Unk31 Jan 1968Maple Hill
HimesNell05 May 193005 Jul 1976Maple Hill
HimesRuthieA.27 Jun 192205 Sep 2005Maple Hill
HindleyJ.Unk06 Jan 1920Maple Hill
HindmanBertieClem24 Jan 189313 Dec 1977Ryland
HindmanCharlieHoward31 Jan 190930 Apr 1973Moon
HindmanDavidM.24 Aug 189809 Oct 1918Moon
HindmanE.B.28 Sep 186801 Oct 1952Moon
HindmanEdwardAlveston23 Aug 187308 Aug 1956Ryland
HindmanJessie16 Jan 1899Dec 1985Moon
HindmanJohnE.06 Jun 194024 Jan 2005Gurley
HindmanJohnRichard21 Nov 192812 May 1937Moon
HindmanM.Annie28 Jan 187305 Dec 1944Moon
HindmanRobertAllen17 Jul 196109 Dec 1991Moon
HindmanRuthH.02 Sep 190828 Mar 1997Maple Hill
HindmanWilliamMalvin09 Jan 193113 Dec 1977Ryland
HindsByramWilburn14 Apr 183721 Aug 1906New Hope
HindsHannah12 Jan 181506 Oct 1885New Hope
HindsJ.Unk15 Dec 1901Maple Hill
HindsJ.Q.A.Unk20 Oct 1868Maple Hill
HindsJ.V.A.Unk14 Jul 1870Maple Hill
HindsJoeUnk24 Nov 1888Maple Hill
HindsJohnMimoeUnk25 Feb 1884Maple Hill
HindsJosephMonroe06 Jan 184218 Oct 1901Maple Hill
HindsJosephNathaniel02 May 193501 Sep 2005Big Cove
HindsLucyUnk16 Apr 1883Maple Hill
HindsMargaretRebecca06 Oct 184428 Sep 1904New Hope
HineB.F.Mrs.Unk13 Jun 1875Maple Hill
HinesAddie10 Jul 188916 Jan 1971Maple Hill
HinesErnestT.03 Aug 190914 Dec 1975Charity Baptist Church
HinesGertrudeL.15 Jul 189908 Feb 1989Lawler
HinesJackUnk17 Feb 1959Maple Hill
HinesJessieM.31 May 192227 Aug 1997Charity Baptist Church
HinesJohnD.02 Oct 194324 Dec 1983Northside
HinesJohnH.Unk13 Sep 1957Maple Hill
HinesLilaM.09 Nov 190807 Mar 1991Northside
HinesLloydL.12 Aug 189120 Feb 1957Lawler
HinesMaryUnk01 May 1922Maple Hill
HinesMattieStewart06 Sep 191428 Dec 2004Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
HinesMayUnk26 Feb 1920Maple Hill
HinesMinnieB.11 Jan 188703 May 1963Charity Baptist Church
HinesPerryUnk13 Apr 1915Maple Hill
HinesSarahUnk16 Jan 1934Maple Hill
HinesWilburnEarl06 Jun 190826 Dec 1988Charity Baptist Church
HinesWillieW.26 Dec 188408 Nov 1971Charity Baptist Church
HinesleyJosephDock29 Jan 191904 Aug 2003Maple Hill
HinesleyLenaGrace11 Apr 191601 Jul 1999Maple Hill
HinkleCharlotte25 Sep 191506 Nov 1986Maple Hill
HinkleDeweyM.28 Apr 189819 Oct 1986Maple Hill
HinkleHattieB.22 Dec 189917 Jul 1988Maple Hill
HinklePaulS.Unk28 Sep 1965Maple Hill
HinshawClaud17 May 190612 Oct 1978Maple Hill
HinshawGertrudeRowe21 Oct 190703 Jan 1990Maple Hill
HinshawHoward01 Jan 190906 Oct 1977Maple Hill
HinshawIraEmmett16 Jun 189622 Jan 1982Neal Chapel
HinshawMaryT.09 Apr 190916 Jun 1996Maple Hill
HinshawNannieJ.13 May 190103 Jan 1945Neal Chapel
HinshawNellMcLaughlinUnk11 Mar 1995Maple Hill
HinshawPaulUnk10 Sep 1939Maple Hill
HinsonWilliamHumphries05 Sep 193626 Dec 2004Maple Hill
HintonAbram23 Oct 193016 Aug 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
HintonAnneM.Unk20 Jul 1978Maple Hill
HippAndrewL.21 Jul 187718 Sep 1971Maple Hill
HippArvilleL.05 Nov 193815 Apr 1996Maple Hill
HippEdwardJ.19 Mar 192127 Oct 1994Maple Hill
HippElizabethCarolynUnk21 Oct 1969Maple Hill
HippMildredUnkNDDMaple Hill
HippRaymondUnk10 Feb 1955Maple Hill
HirschEvaR.Unk19 Jun 1994Maple Hill
HirschIsaacL.22 Sep 189527 May 1983Maple Hill
HirschJosephine24 Jan 191309 Jun 1983Maple Hill
HirschJulieAnnUnk25 May 1999Maple Hill
HirschOliverMartin21 Jul 191103 Jan 1990Maple Hill
HirschburgBrianA.Unk18 Aug 1980Maple Hill
HirschburgIvan22 Dec 191625 Nov 2004Maple Hill
HirschenhoferCarlG.Unk11 Mar 1960Maple Hill
HirschlerIlseJ.Unk19 Aug 1990Maple Hill
HirschlerMargarethaE.07 Mar 188406 May 1982Maple Hill
HirschlerOttoH.14 Dec 191302 Feb 2001Maple Hill
HirschlerWolf20 Jan 194319 Dec 2003Maple Hill
HissamZacharyD.Unk07 Feb 1995Huntsville Memory Gardens
HisterR.P.Unk21 Jul 1899Maple Hill
HitchcockJackC.Unk17 Dec 1989Maple Hill
HitchcockJohnR.05 Sep 195105 Sep 2003Maple Hill
HittOwenE.Unk18 Apr 1976Maple Hill
HixWilliamP.Unk12 Nov 1975Maple Hill
HobbAnnie04 Feb 188307 Feb 1919Lacy
HobbAnnie04 Feb 188307 Feb 1919Redstone
HobbsAgnesUnk09 Apr 1938Maple Hill
HobbsAuvergneJ.17 Jan 189418 Mar 1967Maple Hill
HobbsC.D.Mrs.UnkNDDMaple Hill
HobbsCarlR.18961897St. John
HobbsCharlieUnk28 Jan 1882Maple Hill
HobbsClarence03 Feb 191318 Mar 1976Maple Hill
HobbsColumbusDavid23 Mar 188409 Jun 1966Maple Hill
HobbsDanM.12 May 187225 Feb 1947Charity Baptist Church
HobbsDavidF.14 Oct 187804 Sep 1889Golightly
HobbsE.Pierce12 Feb 187311 Apr 1896Golightly
HobbsEdward17 Oct 193619 Jan 1981Charity Baptist Church
HobbsEzelle21 Jan 190121 Aug 1963Charity Baptist Church
HobbsFloraUnk27 Jul 1937Maple Hill
HobbsFrankUnk14 Jun 1940Maple Hill
HobbsIshamHubbard22 Oct 181410 Feb 1890Hobbs
HobbsIsham28 Jan 188206 May 1944Maple Hill
HobbsJ.T.13 Aug 188312 Aug 1901Golightly
HobbsJ.W.08 Jul 188312 Mar 1917Golightly
HobbsJackieNell19 Mar 195512 Feb 1981Charity Baptist Church
HobbsJamesS.07 Apr 188917 Apr 1980Maple Hill
HobbsJoeUnk23 May 1893Maple Hill
HobbsJohnHenry02 Jul 188508 Apr 1968Maple Hill
HobbsJohn07 Jan 178118 Jul 1833Hobbs
HobbsJohnUnk08 Jul 1945Maple Hill
HobbsKeziahFennell15 Jul 1788NDDHobbs
HobbsLucilleF.26 Dec 191811 Dec 1991Maple Hill
HobbsM.A.29 May 183903 Apr 1918Golightly
HobbsM.Unk12 Feb 1984Maple Hill
HobbsMarthaGayleUnk24 Dec 1961Maple Hill
HobbsMarthaH.04 Aug 187611 Jun 1902Golightly
HobbsMaryE.02 Feb 191711 Jul 2005Maple Hill
HobbsMaryE.D.Unk10 Nov 1893Golightly
HobbsMatildaEleanor184412 Feb 1920Maple Hill
HobbsPaulina22 Oct 187611 Jun 1966Charity Baptist Church
HobbsRoyWilson19321939Charity Baptist Church
HobbsSamuelH.23 Apr 191116 May 1972Maple Hill
HobbsSarahCaruther179405 Feb 1874Golightly
HobbsSheadDeWayne23 Oct 197210 Apr 2005Royal
HobbsThomasA.27 Feb 181406 Mar 1887Golightly
HobbsVictorenUnk06 Sep 1956Maple Hill
HobbsWilliamFredrick10 Feb 181916 Jul 1834Hobbs
HobbsWorkL.27 Oct 1898Jun 1975Charity Baptist Church
HobergOttoA.Unk27 Jan 1991Maple Hill
HoblackDallaWardenUnk21 Mar 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
HochholzerLouis28 Nov 191003 Sep 1997Maple Hill
HockadayBettyUnk18 Jun 1951Maple Hill
HockadayLucy19 Jun 190218 Aug 1979Maple Hill
HodgeEvelynHayden01 Nov 190724 Mar 2000Maple Hill
HodgeFrancisSmithUnkNDDMaple Hill
HodgeHoward08 May 193408 Jan 1976Maple Hill
HodgeJesseBrooks31 May 190910 Oct 2004Maple Hill
HodgeMarianneUnk16 Feb 1988Maple Hill
HodgeMinnie24 Aug 188225 Aug 1969Maple Hill
HodgeOleanUnk26 Aug 1946Maple Hill
HodgeWilliamL.Unk25 May 1949Maple Hill
HodgesAlfredW.18641924Bethel/Old Bethel
HodgesAnthonyUnkNDDMaple Hill
HodgesArthurJ.09 Oct 190701 Dec 1979Bellview
HodgesBobbyCharles02 Oct 193309 Nov 2004Maple Hill
HodgesClaytonEugene19311931Charity Baptist Church
HodgesClaytonM.15 Jan 191329 Mar 1995Bethel/Old Bethel
HodgesDanD.16 Oct 188923 Dec 1965Hayden
HodgesDeweyUnk18 Feb 1948Maple Hill
HodgesEdnaE.19 Apr 191405 Jul 1996Maple Hill
HodgesF.N.UnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
HodgesFrank13 Feb 187822 Jul 1935Charity Baptist Church
HodgesGeorgeW.08 Mar 185725 Nov 1936Bethel/Old Bethel
HodgesHarrietK.22 Feb 190803 Oct 1998Hayden
HodgesHomerUnk11 Nov 1951Maple Hill
HodgesIrmaUnkNDDMaple Hill
HodgesJohnDavid27 Mar 1943NDDHayden
HodgesKatherineUnk25 Nov 1929Maple Hill
HodgesKennethEdward25 Apr 195202 Sep 1954Bellview
HodgesKennethWayne18 Apr 199018 Apr 1990Bellview
HodgesLeRoyS.19001943Bethel/Old Bethel
HodgesLizzieUnk27 Feb 1882Maple Hill
HodgesLoreneW.01 Sep 191811 Feb 1973Bethel/Old Bethel
HodgesMargaretE.18721954Bethel/Old Bethel
HodgesMaryA.10 Jan 183010 Jul 1853Moore-Holmes
HodgesMaryA.11 Aug 189201 Oct 1973Hayden
HodgesMaryMoonUnkNDDBethel/Old Bethel
HodgesRobertDavid28 Nov 196418 Aug 2000Hayden
HodgesRobertH.28 Mar 192407 Nov 1963Hayden
HodgesRobertW.12 Sep 191107 Jul 1986Hayden
HodgesRosieM.08 May 191725 Jan 1995Bellview
HodgesSarah06 Mar 182627 Jan 1896Bethel/Old Bethel
HodgesSarahM.22 Jul 186317 Mar 1926Bethel/Old Bethel
HodgesUnkFemaleMrs.Unk03 Feb 1894Maple Hill
HodgesUnkMaleUnk06 Nov 1881Maple Hill
HodgesW.E.14 Sep 182405 Nov 1881Maple Hill
HodgesWilliamHarwoodUnk28 Nov 1999Maple Hill
HodgesWilliamLeslieUnk19 Nov 1961Maple Hill
HodgesWilliam29 Aug 190213 May 1976Maple Hill
HodsonAnitaCarolClark07 Jul 18572000Maple Hill
HodsonAnneElizabethUnk02 Apr 1963Maple Hill
HoekenschniederElsieAgnesStolz28 Feb 192403 Dec 2004Maple Hill
HofmanHelmut23 Dec 191424 Jun 1978Maple Hill
HoganD.H.07 Feb 1865Sep 1940Plainview
HoganDavidCraig17 Aug 196211 Jan 2005Maple Hill
HoganErnestS.06 Oct 191628 Apr 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
HoganHenryUnk16 Nov 1927Maple Hill
HoganStevenPatrick23 Apr 196411 Jan 2005Maple Hill
HoganUnk17 Aug 1885NDDPlainview
HogeboomChasUnk12 Jan 1938Maple Hill
HoglundCharlieL.Unk14 Feb 1960Maple Hill
HogonDorothyUnk28 Dec 1924Maple Hill
HogueBillOliverUnk27 Jun 1969Maple Hill
HogueCarolynA.19 May 193814 Feb 2004Maple Hill
HogueCharlesL.31 Jul 189101 Jul 1973Maple Hill
HogueJackPryor16 May 192818 Nov 1982Maple Hill
HogueKimUnk02 Jul 1969Maple Hill
HogwoodCharlesF.Unk29 Jul 1989Maple Hill
HogwoodMarvelyneBetty24 Dec 192208 Oct 2005Maple Hill
HogwoodMaryEdna15 Dec 190920 Aug 1991Maple Hill
HogwoodSamuelWilliamUnk09 Jan 1959Maple Hill
HogwoodWalterG.Unk17 Aug 1969Maple Hill
HokeCraigBishop06 Nov 196401 Jul 2003Maple Hill
HoladayB.G.Unk12 May 1988Maple Hill
HoladayGarnettErlUnk01 Sep 1979Maple Hill
HolcombAngelaJo30 Oct 196031 May 1998Byrd
HolcombBryanJ.Unk31 Jan 1958Maple Hill
HolcombCharlieA.18 Jan 193112 Sep 2001Kennamer
HolcombElizabethUnk19 Mar 1966Maple Hill
HolcombInfantUnk23 Aug 1954Maple Hill
HolcombJ.U.Unk23 Mar 1978Maple Hill
HolcombJamesJacobUnk01 Feb 1949Maple Hill
HolcombJohnUnk25 Jul 1951Maple Hill
HolcombJosephC.15 Jan 190023 Jul 1986Kennamer
HolcombJosephineUnk06 Aug 1939Maple Hill
HolcombKatherineLouise21 Sep 193519 Oct 2000Charity Baptist Church
HolcombMamieR.25 Apr 191109 Dec 1992Maple Hill
HolcombObediahUnk29 Mar 1929Maple Hill
HolcombeClara06 Jun 190710 Nov 1969Maple Hill
HolcombeDavieRomenaUnk27 Jan 1962Maple Hill
HolcombeJosephUnderwood23 Jun 192924 Jan 1994Maple Hill
HolcumWisemanUnk23 Aug 1862Maple Hill
HoldenArthurLee13 Jan 196827 Jul 1969Northside
HoldenCarrieUnk01 Sep 1938Maple Hill
HoldenCoraL.18 Mar 192615 Dec 1962Brandon
HoldenEdwinUnk06 Apr 1992Maple Hill
HoldenEuniceBelle18 Apr 191606 Aug 1997Maple Hill
HoldenJimW.24 May 194427 Sep 2002Pine Grove - Deposit
HoldenLula04 Sep 190622 Jul 1988St. Ruth
HoldenMattie04 Jan 188519 Sep 1962Center Grove
HoldenMattie05 Feb 189821 Dec 1965Northside
HoldenWilliamG.03 Sep 195401 Nov 2004Huntsville Memory Gardens
HolderAngel09 Apr 196410 Apr 1964Charity Baptist Church
HolderAnnieUnk14 Feb 1902Maple Hill
HolderBettyJane04 Oct 192920 Aug 1954Maple Hill
HolderBeulahL.Unk24 Jul 1936Maple Hill
HolderC.E.MrsUnk31 Aug 1956Maple Hill
HolderCharlesA.04 Jan 190230 Mar 1968Maple Hill
HolderCharleyWinford22 Nov 190114 Sep 1994Maple Hill
HolderCleberetUnk28 Jan 1923Maple Hill
HolderClebertEugene25 Oct 188911 Nov 1963Maple Hill
HolderElahJ.Unk24 Jan 1995Maple Hill
HolderEstelleMorgan28 Jun 189723 Jun 1966Camp Ground
HolderFelixEllisUnk05 Apr 1925Maple Hill
HolderFelixUnk16 Feb 1918Maple Hill
HolderFlorenceE.Unk12 Jan 1961Maple Hill
HolderFlossieM.04 Feb 192520 Nov 1930Cochran
HolderFloyUnk07 Apr 1919Maple Hill
HolderFrankUnk09 Feb 1917Maple Hill
HolderGeorgiaLela08 Dec 189922 Sep 1955Cochran
HolderGeorgiaM.Unk23 May 1937Cochran
HolderHarryUnk28 Nov 1931Maple Hill
HolderHenry11 Sep 191125 Feb 1998Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HolderJennyDilworth24 Nov 190219 Oct 1968Maple Hill
HolderJohnUnk26 May 1922Maple Hill
HolderJuliusUnk09 Feb 1915Maple Hill
HolderKennethEdward20 Dec 194828 Mar 2005Holder
HolderLillian14 May 188923 Sep 1948Bellview
HolderLouisThomasUnk12 Nov 1939Maple Hill
HolderMableUnk18 Nov 1959Maple Hill
HolderMargaretUnk07 May 1958Maple Hill
HolderMarvaleenUnk03 Mar 1930Maple Hill
HolderMaryEllenUnk02 Feb 1993Maple Hill
HolderMaryJulie05 Mar 1917NDDRagsdale
HolderMaryUnk22 May 1939Maple Hill
HolderMattieO.29 Jul 191216 Jul 1985Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HolderMilford13 Mar 191228 Apr 1980Maple Hill
HolderRobertC.03 May 190922 Jun 1995Ragsdale
HolderRobertUnk12 Oct 1954Maple Hill
HolderRogerC.24 Jan 193201 Feb 2005Rice
HolderRoyAllen19 Aug 192612 Sep 1997Charity Baptist Church
HolderRubyleeR.Unk15 Nov 1942Maple Hill
HolderSarahAnnUnk06 Oct 1963Maple Hill
HolderT.L.Unk04 Dec 1957Maple Hill
HolderThomasW.02 Nov 192129 Jan 1987Maple Hill
HolderThomasW.Unk22 Jul 1949Maple Hill
HolderUnkUnk10 Nov 1923Maple Hill
HolderUnkUnk25 Sep 1922Maple Hill
HolderVictorUnk09 Oct 1931Maple Hill
HolderW.N.15 Apr 186806 Mar 1909Bellview
HolderWilliamE.Unk05 Jan 1961Maple Hill
HolderWilliamHarryUnk17 Apr 1947Maple Hill
HolderWilliamT.29 Apr 189520 Sep 1972Cochran
HolderWilliamT.Unk23 Jun 1961Maple Hill
HolderWilliamUnk01 Mar 1929Maple Hill
HolderWilsonL.19 Feb 187523 Jun 1941Bellview
HoldererHelenOma12 Mar 188613 Jun 1974Maple Hill
HoldingAmeliaW.Martin180718 Feb 1846Madison
HoldingBenjaminF.04 Jun 183020 Feb 1848Madison
HoldingHendersonUnk02 Feb 1930Redstone
HoldingRichard179007 Oct 1863Madison
HoldingWilliamUnk11 Dec 1899Maple Hill
HolebanLamorUnk21 Mar 1932Maple Hill
HolemanBettieUnk19 Apr 1873Maple Hill
HolidayB.Unk05 Oct 1918Maple Hill
HolidayThomasJ.18 Aug 193804 Dec 1988Ragsdale
HollHerbertBarthold26 Jun 191314 Oct 2000Maple Hill
HollHildegardUnk02 May 2000Maple Hill
HollLuiseA.09 Jul 192019 Jun 1997Maple Hill
HolladayJ.Unk27 Jun 1935Maple Hill
HolladayRalphUnk28 Jan 1951Maple Hill
HollandAddieUnk31 Jan 1904Maple Hill
HollandAyanaJanae25 Aug 200313 Jan 2004Northside
HollandBeatriceMaryThomasUnk16 Apr 1971Maple Hill
HollandBettieUnk27 Jan 1904Maple Hill
HollandBobbieUnk06 Aug 1941Maple Hill
HollandBobbyEarlUnk31 Sep 2000Green Valley
HollandDollieUnk07 Feb 1961Maple Hill
HollandEarlP.Unk01 Oct 1898Maple Hill
HollandEdUnk20 Dec 1955Maple Hill
HollandGaryO.15 Nov 193423 Feb 1937Merrimack
HollandGordonR.UnkNDDMaple Hill
HollandJ.Unk12 Aug 1918Maple Hill
HollandJohnnyE.14 Aug 191716 Jul 1977Neal Chapel
HollandMableWestUnk21 Jan 1966Maple Hill
HollandMamieUnk14 Jun 1961Maple Hill
HollandMaymie07 Sep 192108 Jul 1994Neal Chapel
HollandRosaUnk31 Dec 1901Maple Hill
HollawayEthel23 Feb 192728 Dec 2005Maple Hill
HolleyJessieM.Unk24 Dec 1985Maple Hill
HolleyMardellS.22 Feb 192716 Nov 1991Charity Baptist Church
HolleyOllieJ.12 Aug 189825 Sep 1974Maple Hill
HolleysJamesUnk16 Mar 1926Maple Hill
HollidayAllieC.06 Aug 190812 Apr 1997Maple Hill
HollidayCeileDonkinUnk08 Jul 9164Maple Hill
HollidayWilliam09 Mar 191113 Nov 1998Maple Hill
HollimanJosephineN.13 Aug 189621 Nov 1994Maple Hill
HollingsworthAdaJaneWilliams23 Mar 187411 May 1956Jenkins
HollingsworthAlvin23 Sep 190923 Jun 1982Maple Hill
HollingsworthAnnieLouiseUnk07 Jan 2002Maple Hill
HollingsworthBobbyWayne12 Apr 195606 Jan 1990Moon
HollingsworthBrendaUnk17 Jun 1971Maple Hill
HollingsworthDavidUnk04 Apr 1968Maple Hill
HollingsworthFreddieMae18 Dec 190127 Apr 1998Maple Hill
HollingsworthGeorgeUnk03 Jun 1892Maple Hill
HollingsworthHelenL.30 Aug 192210 Sep 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
HollingsworthInfantUnk19 Sep 1951Maple Hill
HollingsworthJohnAlvey01 Jan 186903 Mar 1936Jenkins
HollingsworthLulaE.21 Feb 192029 Nov 1986Maple Hill
HollingsworthMalissaUnk13 Aug 1953Maple Hill
HollingsworthMucieLee187711 Jun 1956Maple Hill
HollingsworthOwenUnk23 Nov 1917Maple Hill
HollingsworthRebaL.04 Jul 190719 Mar 2000Maple Hill
HollingsworthRobertLee10 Aug 191520 Dec 1967Maple Hill
HollingsworthSamUnk17 Mar 1959Maple Hill
HollingsworthW.Unk17 Nov 1902Maple Hill
HollingsworthWayneUnk16 Jan 1949Maple Hill
HollingsworthWilkieF.31 Jan 190321 Dec 1960Jenkins
HollingsworthWilliamC.09 Oct 192811 Jun 2005Maple Hill
HollingsworthWilliamH.187230 Sep 1935Maple Hill
HollingsworthWilliam04 Jul 195421 Jun 1985Maple Hill
HollingsworthWilliam19 Jun 190701 Apr 1986Maple Hill
HollinsworthInfantUnk15 Mar 1955Maple Hill
HollisCurtisEdwardUnk07 Jul 2001Maple Hill
HollisPollyUnk19 Jun 1989Maple Hill
HollmanDavidRandall13 Jul 196416 May 2006Maple Hill
HollowayArthur30 Jul 193226 May 1975Northside
HollowayBrownieJonesUnk11 Jul 1956Maple Hill
HollowayCharlesW.28 Oct 191812 Dec 1995Maple Hill
HollowayCharlie16 Feb 188220 Oct 1967Maple Hill
HollowayCharlieUnk13 Nov 1967Maple Hill
HollowayEllaWard22 Apr 190601 Jan 1973Northside
HollowayFrancesM.11 Oct 191903 Jul 2005Valley View Memorial Gardens
HollowayGladysKellyUnk20 Apr 1968Maple Hill
HollowayJ.C.18691892Briar Fork
HollowayJ.Unk24 Nov 1927Maple Hill
HollowayJim15 Oct 189313 Sep 1968Northside
HollowayLevernM.27 Jan 192101 Jul 1972Northside
HollowayMauriceB.13 Jul 191226 Jul 2000Maple Hill
HollowayRoxie15 Aug 188326 Sep 1967Maple Hill
HollowaySamuelUnk20 Mar 1892Maple Hill
HollowayUnkMaleUnk19 Jan 1901Maple Hill
HollowayWillieMae25 Feb 192026 Feb 1985Maple Hill
HollowellLutherArthur182715 Mar 1836Maple Hill
HollowellWilliamD.05 Oct 180020 Jan 1890Maple Hill
HollowellWilliamE.03 Aug 183225 Dec 1868Maple Hill
HollyRoscoUnk04 Aug 1902Maple Hill
HollyfieldRubyLou03 Dec 193916 May 1994Charity Baptist Church
HollyfieldSusanRenee23 Aug 195720 Dec 1982Charity Baptist Church
HolmanAaron07 Oct 191530 Nov 1980Maple Hill
HolmanAlbin25 Sep 189805 May 1970Maple Hill
HolmanArchieHarveyUnk11 Aug 1962Maple Hill
HolmanBlanche21 Jun 189816 Nov 1969Maple Hill
HolmanColumbia30 Mar 188730 Mar 1975Maple Hill
HolmanE.Unk11 Oct 1952Maple Hill
HolmanEdnaCrowl27 Sep 192708 Jan 2004Fowlkes
HolmanEugeniaC.16 Jan 191710 Feb 1982Maple Hill
HolmanFannie03 Jul 190225 Feb 1985Maple Hill
HolmanHardie06 Aug 186924 Apr 1945Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HolmanIdaUnk28 Nov 1955Maple Hill
HolmanJamesUnk12 Apr 1918Maple Hill
HolmanJamesMrs.Unk17 Oct 1918Maple Hill
HolmanLizzieHill11 Aug 187204 Dec 1920Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HolmanMaggie08 Jul 192423 Oct 2005Royal
HolmanMalcolm20 May 190915 Oct 1979Maple Hill
HolmanMamieLee13 Apr 193926 Nov 2003Royal
HolmanMaryAlice18 May 190422 Mar 1997Crowson Hill
HolmanOlaMaeLee Lones11 May 190914 May 1994Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HolmanRichardAaron05 Nov 189818 Apr 1969Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HolmanRubyViolaUnk26 Feb 1896Maple Hill
HolmanSamuelB.31 Dec 189416 Mar 1977Maple Hill
HolmanVirginiaUnk24 Dec 1931Maple Hill
HolmanWilliamAndrew09 Nov 189202 Mar 1972Royal
HolmbergEleonoraS.24 Oct 188819 Nov 1974Maple Hill
HolmbergEmmaOsalene29 Sep 191804 Nov 2003Maple Hill
HolmbergH.Unk30 Apr 1956Maple Hill
HolmbergHilding02 Nov 191726 Nov 1987Maple Hill
HolmbergHilding14 Oct 188829 Apr 1956Maple Hill
HolmbergOsalene29 Sep 191804 Nov 2003Maple Hill
HolmesAngelPerry03 Jul 198002 Feb 2002Charity Baptist Church
HolmesByrtleO'Neil01 Mar 190727 Dec 1996Maple Hill
HolmesCleoL.06 Nov 191628 Jun 1999Brandon
HolmesEleasieUnk19 Jun 1933Maple Hill
HolmesEricCharles09 Jun 199702 Feb 2002Charity Baptist Church
HolmesGeorgeUnk24 Dec 1928Maple Hill
HolmesGeorgia29 May 191512 Jul 2002Maple Hill
HolmesJ.RandallUnkNDDMaple Hill
HolmesJamesE.Unk11 Apr 2005Maple Hill
HolmesJamesUnk26 Aug 1885Maple Hill
HolmesJohnArthur27 Oct 190101 May 1994Maple Hill
HolmesJohnD.190527 Nov 1963Maple Hill
HolmesJohnJ.Unk15 Oct 1954Maple Hill
HolmesLillianLuskUnk06 Aug 1969Maple Hill
HolmesLucyUnk29 May 1956Maple Hill
HolmesRobertUnk02 Feb 1868Maple Hill
HolmesS.Unk22 Nov 1954Maple Hill
HolmesSamuelO.03 Mar 190914 Sep 1986Maple Hill
HolmesSamuelOtisUnk04 Mar 1947Maple Hill
HolmesWalter08 Jul 191105 Nov 1963Brandon
HolmesZacharyPierce24 Jul 200102 Feb 2002Charity Baptist Church
HoltAltaUnk02 Nov 1972Maple Hill
HoltClarenceUnk27 Aug 1934Maple Hill
HoltClariceG.Unk02 Dec 2000Maple Hill
HoltDellaMaeSullivan18891920Charity Baptist Church
HoltEdwardC.27 Dec 192728 Mar 1996Bush
HoltElizabethA.05 May 192724 Oct 2004Gurley
HoltFredUnk04 Aug 1955Maple Hill
HoltHardyJ.Unk22 May 1958Maple Hill
HoltHenryUnk14 Oct 1886Maple Hill
HoltIdaGibsonUnk07 Mar 1947Maple Hill
HoltInfantUnk08 Mar 1952Maple Hill
HoltJ.W.Unk12 Dec 1949Maple Hill
HoltJamesE.30 Sep 191211 Apr 2005Maple Hill
HoltLeslieC.17 Oct 192822 May 2003Maple Hill
HoltLeta30 Apr 189723 Apr 1924Charity Baptist Church
HoltLula18791935Charity Baptist Church
HoltMattie25 Oct 189014 Jul 1967Maple Hill
HoltMildredL.17 Aug 191319 Feb 1991Maple Hill
HoltMyrtleB.19011964Charity Baptist Church
HoltN.J.21 Nov 187914 Sep 1928Charity Baptist Church
HoltOdie13 Sep 189208 Jan 1940Charity Baptist Church
HoltRobertT.UnkNDDMaple Hill
HoltRose31 May 1893Feb 1986Bush
HoltSarahCatherine191914 Feb 1921Charity Baptist Church
HoltW.R.19101943Charity Baptist Church
HoltWalterE.04 Jan 189310 May 1954Charity Baptist Church
HoltWillT.1897NDDCharity Baptist Church
HoltWilliamB.18691909Charity Baptist Church
HoltWinford19101943Charity Baptist Church
HoltonMargaretUnk08 Aug 1933Maple Hill
HoltonPolmaUnk26 Sep 1979Maple Hill
HolyfieldEdwardJ.20 Sep 189222 Jan 1970Northside
HolzgrebeGeorgeJ.Unk21 Jun 1956Maple Hill
HolzgrebeJaneUnk02 Dec 1950Maple Hill
HoneC.Mrs.Unk22 Mar 1878Maple Hill
HoneChristopher24 Dec 181506 Jun 1893Maple Hill
HoneJamesC.04 May 184508 Sep 1875Maple Hill
HoneLandisC.28 Sep 194528 Sep 1945Plainview
HoneLester20 Jan 191118 Nov 1968Maple Hill
HoneLucyM.01 Aug 191003 Oct 1990Maple Hill
HoneMargaretM.28 Aug 181920 Mar 1878Maple Hill
HoneNancyAnn13 Mar 187116 Aug 1946Golightly
HoneRoscoeUnk04 Nov 1964Maple Hill
HoneaAlice10 Sep 188908 Jul 1908Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HoneaCarlJackson04 Aug 190221 Sep 1978Maple Hill
HoneaCarlW.19 Nov 193522 Apr 1995Byrd
HoneaCarlW.19 Sep 193430 Apr 2000Byrd
HoneaClaraB.23 Sep 190923 May 1967Byrd
HoneaDaisyE.Tripp24 Jun 189103 Jan 1977Rice
HoneaDoshiaAnnWarden22 Apr 190519 Oct 1989Maple Hill
HoneaElbert06 Jan 192615 Feb 1928Charity Baptist Church
HoneaElizabethT.02 Mar 192023 Nov 1988Byrd
HoneaEllaLee04 May 187206 Sep 1912Rice
HoneaErnestP.01 Sep 190425 Sep 1986Moon
HoneaEulaE.06 Sep 192001 Apr 1924Byrd
HoneaFrancesT.14 May 191212 Aug 1981Byrd
HoneaFrankA.30 Apr 187228 Aug 1912Moon
HoneaGenevaOdell15 Dec 193013 Mar 1934Charity Baptist Church
HoneaGeorgeH.06 Jun 189206 Nov 1971Rice
HoneaInfantFemale19281928Charity Baptist Church
HoneaInfantMale03 Jul 191403 Jul 1914Rice
HoneaInfantMale12 Aug 191212 Aug 1912Rice
HoneaInfant27 Aug 190403 Sep 1904Byrd
HoneaIsabell03 Oct 184928 Dec 1922Byrd
HoneaJohnE.16 Oct 191105 Jul 1976Byrd
HoneaJohnL.16 Jun 182406 Jan 1925Charity Baptist Church
HoneaJohnnieCarl08 Jun 192213 Dec 1972Moon
HoneaLauraC.01 Sep 189814 Mar 1975Rice
HoneaLewisMelton11 Aug 185305 Jan 1923Charity Baptist Church
HoneaMamieS.UnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
HoneaMaryE.12 Dec 188412 Dec 1924Byrd
HoneaMurphyL.03 Dec 190114 Oct 1984Moon
HoneaMurphy09 Jan 193306 Jun 2003Moon
HoneaNellieE.10 Feb 191315 Nov 1976Moon
HoneaNoahW.08 Jan 191223 Mar 1982Byrd
HoneaOscarL.21 Jun 190525 May 1965Charity Baptist Church
HoneaRobertA.16 May 191405 Jul 1994Byrd
HoneaSallyP.25 Apr 190627 Nov 1967Moon
HoneaSamM.30 Aug 186807 Apr 1943Rice
HoneaSaraElizabethMarshman23 May 185727 Jul 1932Charity Baptist Church
HoneaSueCraft01 Dec 1935NDDMoon
HoneaW.T.11 Feb 184808 Jul 1920Byrd
HoneaWilliamGreenville19 May 187318 Dec 1932Byrd
HoneayDechard18 Dec 189407 Jun 1911Rice
HoneyBirdieR.02 Aug 190706 Oct 2000Maple Hill
HoneyEllenUnk09 Jan 1972Maple Hill
HoneyGlendonB.14 Feb 190425 Sep 1977Maple Hill
HoneyJ.Unk09 Jun 1954Maple Hill
HoneyJamesLarry23 Oct 197323 Oct 1973Hayden
HoneyJamesLogonUnk01 Oct 1956Maple Hill
HoneyJohnHenry05 Jan 195901 Nov 1972Byrd
HoneyLoganNewtonUnk19 Jan 1962Maple Hill
HoneyLogan30 Aug 192916 Feb 2003Maple Hill
HoneyLulaUnk22 Oct 1956Maple Hill
HoneyMaryEllenUnk27 Jul 1959Maple Hill
HoneyMaryOzellaUnk19 May 1987Maple Hill
HoneyMinnie18 Dec 191402 Jan 1986Maple Hill
HoneyNannieLamb19 Sep 191030 Nov 1993Maple Hill
HoneyPaulUnk27 Jan 1951Maple Hill
HoneyRobertDavid15 Dec 191730 Dec 1999Maple Hill
HoneyRoyLee07 Sep 192230 Jun 1991Maple Hill
HoneySaraLeeUnk07 Jul 1948Maple Hill
HoneyThelma28 Oct 192703 Dec 2004Valley View Memorial Gardens
HoodAliceUnk14 Apr 1953Maple Hill
HoodCarolynL.UnkNDDMaple Hill
HoodCarolynL.Unk03 Sep 1972Maple Hill
HoodDollieUnk15 Dec 1948Maple Hill
HoodEdwinUnk25 Sep 1941Maple Hill
HoodHenry30 Jun 190006 Jun 1974Maple Hill
HoodMyrtleHybart18 Aug 190025 Apr 1976Maple Hill
HoodRobertWilliamUnk16 Oct 1970Maple Hill
HooieWalterHenry31 Mar 189108 Mar 1957Maple Hill
HookBettyJ.30 May 193531 Jul 2002Moon
HookeClaraWiseUnk10 Oct 1910Maple Hill
HookerMargaretLeeUnk15 Sep 1981Maple Hill
HooksInfantUnk25 Dec 1977Maple Hill
HoopJamesM.14 Sep 192813 Aug 2002New Sharon
HoopNettieF.09 Feb 192612 Oct 1976New Sharon
HooperAlbertW.12 May 190501 Jun 2001Maple Hill
HooperBeatriceH.27 Mar 192501 Sep 1994Maple Hill
HooperDavidMichael26 Oct 194503 Sep 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
HooperEugheniaUnk24 May 1932Maple Hill
HooperGeorgiaP.10 Sep 191417 Apr 1986Maple Hill
HooperHannahUnk05 Jul 1913Maple Hill
HooperJohnWestUnk21 Nov 1973Maple Hill
HooperLorenaM.03 Sep 191507 Jul 1995Maple Hill
HooperMollieUnk24 Jun 1942Maple Hill
HooperNolaUnk13 Oct 1942Maple Hill
HooperOpalB.30 Aug 191921 Feb 1990Maple Hill
HooperThelmaI.25 Jul 190616 Nov 1995Maple Hill
HooperThomasM.23 Jun 192120 Apr 1988Maple Hill
HooperThomasUnk03 Nov 1937Maple Hill
HooperWilliam12 Aug 191028 Apr 1978Maple Hill
HooperWilliamUnk28 Feb 1920Maple Hill
HoopesPatriciaUnk05 May 1961Maple Hill
HootsLloydP.14 Jul 192310 Jul 1965Maple Hill
HootsLloydUnk05 Oct 1950Maple Hill
HootsMaudeGraham1919Jun 2003Huntsville Memory Gardens
HooverBarneyL.11 Oct 186419 Apr 1938Charity Baptist Church
HooverBillyJoe29 Jun 197023 Feb 1974Pleas Mount Baptist Church
HooverClaraB.30 Aug 1910NDDCollier - Owens Cross Roads
HooverDoraM.07 Jan 191107 Aug 1982Collier - Owens Cross Roads
HooverGleniceM.05 Nov 193505 Nov 1935Fowlkes
HooverJohnnyM.17 May 190603 Jan 1974Collier - Owens Cross Roads
HooverRenaMay23 Oct 188116 Apr 1966Charity Baptist Church
HooverS.Unk02 Jul 1917Maple Hill
HooverSamUnk25 Jul 1893Maple Hill
HoovesAnnieGordanUnk06 Jun 1898Maple Hill
HopeBenUnk06 Aug 1921Maple Hill
HopeHarleyD.Unk11 Sep 1958Maple Hill
HopeLizzieUnk11 Jul 1937Maple Hill
HopeNannieB.11 Aug 190005 Jul 1993Maple Hill
HopkinsAllin16 Jun 191608 Jul 1916Golightly
HopkinsAlphonse19471991Center Grove
HopkinsAmbersD.25 Jan 189026 Oct 1954Charity Baptist Church
HopkinsAndrewJackson20 Dec 196601 Sep 1978Golightly
HopkinsBettyJ.27 Dec 193513 Jul 2004Cochran
HopkinsBillyG.28 Apr 193525 May 1991Golightly
HopkinsBonnieH.28 Jan 191303 Jan 1993Cochran
HopkinsBrendaUnkNDDMaple Hill
HopkinsCecilH.27 Apr 192610 Apr 1995Moon
HopkinsCharleyB.11 Jan 188328 Jul 1922Golightly
HopkinsCora25 Aug 188604 Dec 1950Charity Baptist Church
HopkinsDeborahOdell28 Jan 196501 Sep 1978Golightly
HopkinsDesso12 Oct 192513 Mar 2001Charity Baptist Church
HopkinsEdwardA.07 Feb 1903Jan 1969Golightly
HopkinsEffieP.20 Oct 1900Nov 1977Charity Baptist Church
HopkinsElizabeth20 Jul 190812 Apr 1981Maple Hill
HopkinsElmerF.08 Sep 190719 Jul 1986Cochran
HopkinsEvelynP.06 Oct 1924NDDMoon
HopkinsFlorence29 Sep 194320 Apr 1944Charity Baptist Church
HopkinsGeorge18771946Charity Baptist Church
HopkinsGertrude188401 Jan 1909Maple Hill
HopkinsHowardAlfred03 Sep 191610 Jun 1997Golightly
HopkinsHowardE.02 May 193111 Jun 1972Cochran
HopkinsIdaPryor28 Jun 188616 Sep 1966Madison
HopkinsJamesB.04 May 185426 Nov 1911Maple Hill
HopkinsJoeUnk02 Mar 1967Maple Hill
HopkinsKennethC.08 Jun 193212 Jan 2003Golightly
HopkinsLawrence14 Feb 190528 May 1967Charity Baptist Church
HopkinsLola1899NDDCharity Baptist Church
HopkinsLonnie15 Jun 191827 Apr 1934Charity Baptist Church
HopkinsLucyMae09 Jun 189408 Feb 1944Charity Baptist Church
HopkinsLuduraUnk16 Jun 1913Maple Hill
HopkinsMadelineSanders185728 Jan 1894Maple Hill
HopkinsMildredMarieWalls02 Aug 193620 Apr 2001Golightly
HopkinsNancyUnk19 Dec 1924Maple Hill
HopkinsPerryC.UnkNDDMaple Hill
HopkinsSamuel18861934Charity Baptist Church
HopkinsSueUnk16 Mar 1867Maple Hill
HopkinsSusieC.21 Oct 183221 Aug 1866Maple Hill
HopkinsUnkUnk16 May 1879Maple Hill
HopkinsVastiVeeUnkNDDMaple Hill
HopkinsVerna18981931Charity Baptist Church
HopkinsVickiReneeUnk20 Mar 1959Maple Hill
HopkinsWileyH.28 Apr 189429 May 1963Charity Baptist Church
HopperAlbertaS.Unk30 Jun 1995Maple Hill
HopperArnieUnk29 Mar 1923Maple Hill
HopperBruce10 Aug 195322 Aug 2005Twickenham
HopperBufordB.27 May 188603 Dec 1967Maple Hill
HopperBufordBurrowUnk14 Apr 1963Maple Hill
HopperBurrowM.Unk01 Jan 1917Maple Hill
HopperCharlesE.09 Apr 192220 Oct 1999Maple Hill
HopperDaiseyUnk07 Mar 1951Maple Hill
HopperDaisyP.Unk17 Feb 1978Maple Hill
HopperE.N.Unk18 Nov 1964Maple Hill
HopperEdward22 Jan 192618 Aug 1973Maple Hill
HopperEnnis25 Oct 192626 Sep 2005Maple Hill
HopperEvelynUnk12 Mar 1966Maple Hill
HopperHomer11 Jul 189022 May 1968Maple Hill
HopperIaleenW.Unk21 Feb 1970Maple Hill
HopperJ.T.Unk10 May 1961Maple Hill
HopperJessieFranklinUnk21 Oct 1959Maple Hill
HopperJohnD.12 Mar 192228 May 2001Maple Hill
HopperRobertN.Unk01 Jan 1910Maple Hill
HopperRobertW.13 Mar 191417 Jul 1997Maple Hill
HopperSarahJ.Unk07 Apr 1969Maple Hill
HopperSueUnk19 Feb 1942Maple Hill
HopperSusieMae25 Oct 191026 Jan 1989Maple Hill
HopperThomasO.Unk20 Mar 1971Maple Hill
HopperVirgieLouiseUnk13 Nov 1997Maple Hill
HopperVirginiaUnk04 Jul 1999Maple Hill
HopperWilliamC.Unk08 Apr 1948Maple Hill
HopperWilliamUnk09 Mar 1924Maple Hill
HoppingNormanW.30 May 188811 Aug 1964Maple Hill
HoppingOzellLeeUnk27 Mar 1993Maple Hill
HoppingRodneyUnk16 Aug 1954Maple Hill
HopsonAlvinH.04 Feb 191531 Aug 1982Maple Hill
HopsonEdnaB.16 Apr 191418 Apr 1991Maple Hill
HopwoodJessicaJulia04 Sep 191607 Jul 2005Maple Hill
HopwoodJosephN.11 Mar 191629 Mar 1983Maple Hill
HornAllanClyde13 Dec 193622 Dec 1994Maple Hill
HornHelmutUnk20 Jan 1994Maple Hill
HornJeanStewart02 Aug 1913Apr 1992Maple Hill
HornJessieC.Unk27 Feb 2004Maple Hill
HornMarieUnk26 Jul 1938Maple Hill
HornRubyUnk25 Jul 1951Maple Hill
HornbuckleBerta31 Jan 190712 Dec 1987Maple Hill
HornbuckleBertieEugene23 Jul 1880Feb 1962Maple Hill
HornbuckleBillUnk12 Aug 1968Maple Hill
HornbuckleBilly06 Aug 193319 Mar 1996Maple Hill
HornbuckleCharleyG.01 Dec 186124 Oct 1934Cedar Grove
HornbuckleClaraF.27 Dec 193806 May 1942Maple Hill
HornbuckleClarenceH.24 Sep 1903Apr 1940Byrd
HornbuckleClarenceUnk08 Mar 1946Maple Hill
HornbuckleClyde15 Apr 191420 Jun 1946Byrd
HornbuckleEdwardLee15 Aug 187806 Nov 1966Maple Hill
HornbuckleElizabethS.07 Jul 182418 Jan 1910Cedar Grove
HornbuckleEvaG.24 Feb 190205 Jul 1903Bush
HornbuckleFannieLeeUnk27 Sep 1936Maple Hill
HornbuckleFloydC.27 Feb 189914 Nov 1952Byrd
HornbuckleFloydNolen27 Dec 192508 Aug 1993Byrd
HornbuckleFrankG.17 Feb 192601 Mar 1999Maple Hill
HornbuckleFredUnk08 May 1935Maple Hill
HornbuckleGeorgeRobert187316 Aug 1935Maple Hill
HornbuckleH.Unk30 Jun 1904Maple Hill
HornbuckleHarrisF.28 Sep 186512 Apr 1905Maple Hill
HornbuckleHerbertF.Unk17 Jul 1960Maple Hill
HornbuckleJamesNathaniel18 Jul 184517 Jun 1922Bush
HornbuckleJamesUnk21 Oct 1944Maple Hill
HornbuckleJaniceAnn15 Apr 195915 May 1959Maple Hill
HornbuckleJewelUnk14 Jun 1926Maple Hill
HornbuckleJohnFranklinOct 1874Apr 1927Maple Hill
HornbuckleLillieMaeHonea01 May 190810 Jan 2001Byrd
HornbuckleLoisUnk03 Mar 1943Maple Hill
HornbuckleLoneyD.01 Sep 187626 Jul 1951Byrd
HornbuckleLoyalFelton09 Aug 193607 Jun 1938Byrd
HornbuckleMarthaJaneClarkFeb 183512 Dec 1915Maple Hill
HornbuckleMaryNeel15 May 187815 Dec 1963Byrd
HornbuckleMaybelle19 Apr 192816 Aug 1970Maple Hill
HornbuckleMinnieUnk04 Mar 1940Maple Hill
HornbucklePinkieL.Moon13 Apr 190208 Sep 1958Byrd
HornbuckleRobertC.06 Sep 190009 Apr 1980Maple Hill
HornbuckleRobertClamons03 Sep 190731 May 1993Maple Hill
HornbuckleRobertHorace13 Feb 192911 Apr 1987Maple Hill
HornbuckleRubyUnk28 Jan 1951Maple Hill
HornbuckleUnk08 Jun 193908 Jun 1939Bush
HornbuckleVinnie13 Nov 188416 Dec 1974Bush
HornbuckleW.P.24 Jan 182306 Aug 1897Cedar Grove
HornbuckleWannieT.14 Apr 191925 Dec 1973Maple Hill
HornbuckleWestonNeal08 Sep 190621 May 1976Byrd
HornbuckleWilliamAnderson15 Jan 191218 Aug 2005Maple Hill
HornbuckleWilliamCalvin21 Feb 194227 May 1943Maple Hill
HornbuckleWilliamUnk24 Dec 1921Maple Hill
HorneBeatrice18991964Shady Grove
HorneFredB.UnkNDDMaple Hill
HorneFredR.05 Jan 190512 Jan 1970Maple Hill
HorneJamesE.23 Jan 191310 Sep 1975Maple Hill
HornsbyB.W.Unk20 Feb 1957Maple Hill
HornsbyCarsonL.Unk16 Jan 1989Maple Hill
HornsbyMargaretElizabeth27 Jul 192215 Jan 2002Maple Hill
HornsbyMaryT.05 May 191227 May 1996Maple Hill
HornsbyWilliamDuncanUnk01 Sep 1998Maple Hill
HortanAsaUnk01 Aug 1920Maple Hill
HortenberyAlvieUnk15 Jul 1900Maple Hill
HortonAndreD.09 Apr 197126 Mar 1999Crowson Hill
HortonAndyYancy29 Aug 192216 Dec 1967Glenwood
HortonBeulahWilliams28 Aug 192615 Dec 1973Northside
HortonBillyJoe05 May 196113 Sep 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
HortonBookerT.26 Sep 190706 Apr 1938Glenwood
HortonConnie13 Aug 188225 Mar 1966Northside
HortonEverettS.17 Jul 190802 Jan 1958Glenwood
HortonEverettT.07 Apr 187216 Jan 1937Glenwood
HortonFlorence20 Aug 190516 Jun 1974Maple Hill
HortonFrancesL.19 Apr 187326 Apr 1954Glenwood
HortonFrankW.15 Feb 191825 Apr 1986Glenwood
HortonGraceTolen16 Dec 191819 May 2000Maple Hill
HortonGraceUnk31 Oct 1985Maple Hill
HortonJ.C.Unk10 Oct 1961Maple Hill
HortonJ.Unk09 Dec 1925Maple Hill
HortonParthinaJoiner27 Jul 189312 Apr 1974Northside
HortonPearlC.17 Feb 189321 Jan 1957Glenwood
HortonPerryR.22 Feb 189806 Feb 1984Maple Hill
HortonPerryUnk09 Oct 1951Maple Hill
HortonSuBetty03 May 188721 Oct 1967St. Ruth
HortonTempieM.25 Jan 191110 May 1999East
HortonUlyss01 May 188018 Dec 1950St. Ruth
HortonWalter07 Jun 190525 Jun 1996East
HortonWillUnk19 Sep 1919Maple Hill
HortonWilliamPreston20 Dec 192522 Apr 2006Maple Hill
HortonWillieJames12 Jan 189101 Dec 1922Glenwood
HortonYanceyS.15 Aug 188814 Jun 1967Glenwood
HortonYancyUnk14 Oct 1943Glenwood
HoschAlfredEarl08 Dec 192105 Jun 1999Camp Ground
HoschCoraEthel10 May 191027 May 1984Maple Hill
HoschGeorgiaSwaim13 Sep 191903 Aug 2003Camp Ground
HoschIdaB.31 Nov 187518 Apr 1961Madison Crossroads
HoschJamesE.25 Feb 190121 Jul 1965Maple Hill
HoschJewellAdmiralUnk03 Sep 1959Maple Hill
HoschJohnWesley18 Sep 184311 Aug 1928Madison Crossroads
HoschMadielean15 Aug 192226 Apr 1924Madison Crossroads
HoschMarySalmon14 Jul 192716 Sep 2005Brown
HoschMillieM.14 Jul 194920 Sep 1993Brown
HoschMinnieUnk28 Aug 1952Maple Hill
HoschPearlLouise28 Dec 190330 Nov 2003Maple Hill
HoschRollieLee18 Dec 190215 Mar 1967Maple Hill
HoschRoy16 Sep 190229 Oct 1972Maple Hill
HosmerA.N.Unk12 Dec 1896Maple Hill
HossettKateUnk13 Mar 1890Maple Hill
HotzclauJamesKennethUnk16 May 1948Maple Hill
HoukAgnesBailey17 Feb 191923 Jan 2002Maple Hill
HoukAprilLynnRoland02 Apr 196210 Aug 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
HoukBobbyGene09 Oct 193607 Nov 2003Maple Hill
HoukClarenceE.10 Feb 192005 Mar 1983Maple Hill
HoukClayAlanUnkNDDMaple Hill
HoukElizaUnk25 Oct 1868Maple Hill
HoukFranklin17 Jul 191621 Aug 1970Maple Hill
HoukJohnUnk27 Aug 1897Maple Hill
HoukLeonardBrambal16 Jun 192631 Aug 1998Valhalla Memory Gardens
HoukSophroniaGail26 Oct 194115 Mar 2001Maple Hill
HoukStarB.31 Jul 192213 May 1989Maple Hill
HoukVernie28 Jun 191813 Jun 1970Maple Hill
HoukZelmaIrene16 Sep 191619 May 1999Maple Hill
HoukeMalindaUnk01 Aug 1953Maple Hill
HoultEmmaKatherineUnk20 Jan 1996Maple Hill
HoultOtisF.UnkNDDMaple Hill
HoultPauline06 Jan 191024 Oct 1982Maple Hill
HouseLouiseLonnieUnk03 May 1979Maple Hill
HouseMaggie24 Feb 190615 Apr 1980Maple Hill
HouseWilliamC.28 May 192021 Apr 2004Maple Hill
HousmansAlfredUnk10 Sep 1946Maple Hill
HousmansBlancheS.15 May 189722 Oct 1982Maple Hill
HoustonBettyUnk15 Mar 2006Maple Hill
HoustonDavid18 Aug 195015 Aug 1987Big Cove
HoustonFrancesT.07 May 179805 Sep 1859Harris Hill
HoustonInezC.25 Dec 189713 Jan 1990Northside
HoustonJamesW.21 Dec 192102 Dec 1992Big Cove
HoustonMaggieChunn07 Jul 192215 Jul 1995Big Cove
HoustonMarthaLouUnk01 Feb 1962Maple Hill
HoutzJohnW.05 Oct 192011 Aug 1968Maple Hill
HovikOscarUnk18 Mar 1965Maple Hill
HovisElizaJane06 Jan 187518 Dec 1931Madison Crossroads
HovisH.Bruce11 Sep 191604 May 1979Maple Hill
HovisJamesO.31 May 193124 Dec 2003Green Valley
HovisTollieOvil18 May 190306 Mar 1937Madison Crossroads
HovisWilliamPerry10 Oct 1865NDDMadison Crossroads
HovisWilliam19271955Madison Crossroads
HowardAlbertUnk25 Apr 1946Maple Hill
HowardAliceUnk24 Sep 1932Maple Hill
HowardAliceUnk24 Oct 1932Maple Hill
HowardAlvisUnk15 Mar 1951Maple Hill
HowardAmandaAllison24 Feb 191611 Aug 1986Maple Hill
HowardBarbaraKayBuckner03 Feb 193710 Aug 2004Bevill
HowardBelleCole20 Aug 191725 Nov 1982Maple Hill
HowardBenjaminC.Unk12 Jan 1956Maple Hill
HowardBerniceH.21 Apr 193823 Nov 1984Maple Hill
HowardBonnieL.19 Nov 191026 Apr 1992Maple Hill
HowardC.L.Unk01 Mar 1879Maple Hill
HowardConrowD.04 Feb 191607 Oct 1996Maple Hill
HowardConrowD.05 May 189131 Dec 1976Maple Hill
HowardCoraT.11 Dec 190114 Jul 1980Maple Hill
HowardE.D.Unk16 Mar 1974Maple Hill
HowardE.R.Unk19 Jun 1986Maple Hill
HowardEdward17 Sep 194821 Jan 2006Maple Hill
HowardEffie11 May 188624 Jan 1973Maple Hill
HowardElijah181117 Aug 1864Gipson
HowardEllie09 May 189415 Apr 1986Maple Hill
HowardEverettDale25 Jul 192226 Nov 2003Maple Hill
HowardFrancesEthel18 Dec 190402 Feb 1981Maple Hill
HowardFredPruitt28 Nov 188802 Aug 1964Maple Hill
HowardFredUnk02 Sep 1960Maple Hill
HowardFredaUnk20 Mar 1988Maple Hill
HowardFrederickFrancisUnk13 Nov 1987Maple Hill
HowardHenrietta14 May 189715 Nov 1992Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
HowardHenryFrancis02 Jul 188524 Apr 1963State Line - Hazel Green
HowardHenryG.Unk28 Jun 1987Maple Hill
HowardIsaacWilliam17 Apr 187019 Mar 1938Steger-Ormond
HowardJamesR.28 Jun 190012 Jan 1985Maple Hill
HowardJohnChristopherUnk09 Feb 1959Maple Hill
HowardJohnThomasUnk25 May 1937Maple Hill
HowardKathrynD.Unk19 Jun 1986Maple Hill
HowardLeeUnk28 Jul 1867Maple Hill
HowardLucille06 Jul 190203 Oct 1975Maple Hill
HowardLucindaCarolineCarlton15 Feb 182020 Jan 1886Miller
HowardMaryAnne04 Mar 192803 Feb 2005Maple Hill
HowardMaryLoraJacks06 Jul 186421 Dec 1933State Line - Hazel Green
HowardMaryOrmond10 Aug 186908 Mar 1948Steger-Ormond
HowardMichael05 Feb 181121 Feb 1881State Line - Hazel Green
HowardNewtonEli23 Sep 185511 Mar 1950State Line - Hazel Green
HowardRichardWiggins28 Sep 185524 Aug 1856Wiggins
HowardRoyUnk12 Mar 1957Maple Hill
HowardThomasC.03 Dec 191125 Oct 1990Maple Hill
HowardTomS.16 Feb 188510 Mar 1963Maple Hill
HowardVannKelly10 Sep 195703 Apr 1998Maple Hill
HowardVirginiaW.Unk14 Mar 1990Maple Hill
HowardWilliamAlbert10 Nov 185224 Nov 1904Maple Hill
HowardWilliamHaynes23 Aug 189114 Jul 1961State Line - Hazel Green
HowardWilliamLonnie10 Nov 188503 Jun 1963Maple Hill
HoweMinnieS.Unk11 Jun 1930Maple Hill
HowellAlbertaAnn182831 May 1837Lacy - Redstone
HowellC.H.Unk29 Oct 1970Maple Hill
HowellChildUnk09 Sep 1890Maple Hill
HowellCrawfordL.21 Nov 192921 Nov 1929Camp Ground
HowellEdithS.Unk26 Jan 1982Maple Hill
HowellJamesE.Unk08 Dec 1976Maple Hill
HowellLarryAndrew08 Dec 194104 Apr 1974Green Valley
HowellPrudenceKasandrea02 Jul 183008 Dec 1840Lacy - Redstone
HowerFlossieIreneUnk28 Feb 1968Maple Hill
HowgateErikaLeithUnk20 Mar 1969Maple Hill
HowseFrankB.Unk11 Jan 1897Maple Hill

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