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SeagleCharlesLee08 Feb 192105 May 1986Cloud
SeagravesArnellFaye18761968Neal Chapel
SeagravesDeloraUnk17 May 1939Maple Hill
SeagravesLillaUnk25 Sep 1901Maple Hill
SeagravesLoisM.Unk12 Nov 1987Maple Hill
SeagravesWilliamWalterUnk17 Dec 1999Maple Hill
SeagroveNeelanUnk11 Nov 1925Maple Hill
SeagrovesC.Unk05 Feb 1951Maple Hill
SeagrovesClydesUnk11 Dec 1940Maple Hill
SeagrovesJamesM.UnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
SeagrovesJimUnk04 Apr 1924Maple Hill
SeagrovesJimmieUnk01 Oct 1970Maple Hill
SeagrovesMargaretL.UnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
SeagrovesSueUnk22 Feb 1968Maple Hill
SeagrovesWilliamH.Unk31 Jul 1936Maple Hill
SealAubryUnk24 Aug 1944Maple Hill
SealFannieLouUnk30 Oct 1958Maple Hill
SealKathleenE.Unk07 Jan 1975Maple Hill
SealLeliaVirginiaLocke28 Dec 192817 Mar 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
SealsElla19441947Charity Baptist Church
SealsFuella02 Oct 189102 Dec 1934Charity Baptist Church
SealsGraceUnk19 Jan 2004Maple Hill
SealsIsaacF.02 May 189127 Mar 1964Charity Baptist Church
SealsJamesE.10 Nov 194512 Apr 1946Charity Baptist Church
SealsLouiseVeraUnk13 Oct 2001Charity Baptist Church
SealsOdellUnk05 Jan 1968Charity Baptist Church
SealsRubyM.23 May 191524 Jul 1962Concord
SeamanB.LoweUnk03 Mar 1961Maple Hill
SeamanJohnA.Unk25 Oct 1975Maple Hill
SearcyAnnieMaeUnk12 Aug 1980Maple Hill
SearcyConnieBinfordUnk07 Nov 1958Maple Hill
SearcyCorrieUnk28 Mar 1893Maple Hill
SearcyDessieMae14 May 192509 Oct 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
SearcyLouisJ.Unk14 Feb 1897Maple Hill
SearcyLouisUnk26 Mar 1928Maple Hill
SearcyR.B.08 Jan 190122 Dec 1967Maple Hill
SearcyR.B.Mrs.UnkNDDMaple Hill
SearcyRobertUnk12 Mar 1938Maple Hill
SearcySarahUnk21 Jan 1940Maple Hill
SearsMarionUnk01 Jun 1923Maple Hill
SeatJamesE.Unk20 Jul 1870Maple Hill
SeatJamesUnk23 Apr 1876Maple Hill
SeatLeliaUnk29 May 1896Maple Hill
SeatonBerthaUnk26 Apr 1924Maple Hill
SeatonBillyGeneUnk02 Nov 1988Maple Hill
SeatonHelenR.Unk09 Dec 1969Maple Hill
SeatonHenryUnk28 Jun 1954Maple Hill
SeatonInezUnk01 Mar 1995Maple Hill
SeatonJesseF.Unk22 Nov 1989Maple Hill
SeatonMaryEffieUnk19 Apr 1979Maple Hill
SeatonMazieUnk22 Mar 1926Maple Hill
SeatonMildredA.Unk27 Feb 1992Maple Hill
SeatonNormaKathleneDuvall31 Jan 192817 Mar 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
SeatonPaulW.Unk27 Apr 1993Maple Hill
SeatonRobertL.Unk13 Apr 1993Maple Hill
SeatonThomasUnk19 Jul 1971Maple Hill
SeatonVernieP.Unk03 Dec 1993Maple Hill
SeaverJamesHoward30 Aug 193020 Jun 2002Valhalla Memory Gardens
SeawrightHaroldB.UnkNDDMaple Hill
SeayAliceHardieUnk12 Mar 1890Maple Hill
SeayCallieUnk20 Jun 1893Maple Hill
SeayDarwinUnk24 May 1895Maple Hill
SeayDoraCrutcher30 May 189417 Jun 1961Crutcher
SeayFannie22 Mar 189023 Sep 1908Madison
SeayFrank28 May 189426 MarRoyal
SeayJadaRenee10 May 200410 May 2004Collier - Triana
SeayJaylonRhone10 May 200410 May 2004Collier - Triana
SeayJermeyUnk12 Sep 1903Maple Hill
SeayKateUnk19 Feb 1903Maple Hill
SeayLeamon30 Jun 192021 Feb 1998Hammond
SeayLittle08 Aug 190418 Jan 1981Northside
SeayRichard24 Apr 192316 Oct 1975Crutcher
SeayRobertLee29 Aug 193007 Apr 1988Northside
SeayWade10 Sep 192727 Mar 1982Northside
SebeckMargaretUnk10 Oct 1919Maple Hill
SebournJackRoy08 Jan 193204 Jan 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
SebronKatherineGardner07 Apr 193113 Jan 1978Northside
SeeThomasUnk05 Sep 1893Maple Hill
SeehaferElroyPeteUnk20 May 1992Maple Hill
SeehaferMargieO.Unk16 Oct 1982Maple Hill
SeeverBessieUnk15 Jan 1901Maple Hill
SeftonFrankNobleUnk26 Aug 2004Maple Hill
SeftonFrankNobleUnk15 May 1993Maple Hill
SeftonFrankNobleUnk19 Jun 1984Maple Hill
SeftonPatrickUnk09 Sep 1966Maple Hill
SegarsNancyE.Unk28 Feb 1950Maple Hill
SeglerLoisL.Unk01 May 1974Maple Hill
SeglerNorrisF.Unk14 Jun 1970Maple Hill
SeibertCarlE.Unk24 Apr 1973Maple Hill
SeibertMaryC.Unk15 Jul 1988Maple Hill
SeitzRuthA.Unk13 Apr 1992Maple Hill
SeldonDorisFayeUnk17 Feb 1983Maple Hill
SelfAgnesE.Unk19 Apr 2003Maple Hill
SelfBessieJ.20 Sep 190507 Mar 1996Brown
SelfBlanchePaseur25 Jan 191817 May 1998Bush
SelfElizaElla05 OctFebReady
SelfFlossieL.19051943Shady Grove
SelfInfantMale19361936Shady Grove
SelfInfantMale19391939Shady Grove
SelfInfantMaleUnkAug 1945Shady Grove
SelfInfantMaleUnkMar 1957Shady Grove
SelfInfantUnk10 May 1931Shady Grove
SelfJamesLeoUnk06 May 2000Maple Hill
SelfJamesP.18781949Shady Grove
SelfJane19351942Shady Grove
SelfJohnnyDrew17 May 193417 Aug 1996Brown
SelfKatieC.22 May 191526 Mar 1997Moon
SelfLillianReedUnk26 Nov 1990Maple Hill
SelfMaymieI.06 Jan 189929 Apr 1978Hayden
SelfOllie18791948Shady Grove
SelfRobertLee19 Jan 191203 Dec 1969Brown
SelfRoyF.Unk16 Aug 1989Maple Hill
SelfRubyBea08 Aug 191321 Apr 1997Brown
SelfTomW.21 Jan 189912 Aug 1962Hayden
SelfW.Wilson20 Jun 191312 May 1980Moon
SelfWilliamE.26 Apr 190405 Apr 1980Brown
SelfWilliamHarveyUnk31 Aug 1985Maple Hill
SellenLucyHyatt04 Dec 194527 Nov 1986Plainview
SellersPamelaRenaUnk19 Jul 1962Maple Hill
SeltonAliceUnk02 Sep 1920Maple Hill
SelvageO.L.Unk25 Apr 1947Maple Hill
SemevolosEddyUnk11 Feb 2005Fowlkes
SemmesBufordBolgerUnk18 Dec 2001Maple Hill
SemmesInfantUnk21 Apr 1954Maple Hill
SemmesLouiseUnk22 Mar 1963Maple Hill
SemmesRaphael29 Dec 188226 Nov 1966Maple Hill
SemmesShelbyM.Mrs.Unk10 Sep 1989Maple Hill
SentonHenryUnk22 Jul 1926Maple Hill
SerrellHazelUnk24 Mar 1923Maple Hill
SertlGertrudeB.Unk09 Mar 1983Maple Hill
SetzerStanleyD.13 Mar 193617 Dec 2004Huntsville Memory Gardens
SeviersC.E.Unk30 Jun 1875Maple Hill
SewellAubrey04 Sep 191006 Dec 1967Maple Hill
SewellVermaC.Unk30 Oct 1998Maple Hill
SextonAnnieL.Unk05 Nov 2004Maple Hill
SextonEdnaPittsUnk26 May 1999Maple Hill
SextonMaryUnk03 Jun 1870Maple Hill
SextonWillie06 Nov 190424 Jun 1970Maple Hill
SeyarsMilesUnk08 Sep 1933Maple Hill
SeyforthMaryUnk23 Feb 1899Maple Hill
SeyforthOttoUnk18 Feb 1899Maple Hill
SeyforthOttoUnk25 Aug 1892Maple Hill
SeymourA.V.Unk14 Nov 1997Maple Hill
SeymourA.V.Unk19 Nov 1957Maple Hill
SeymourAlfredUnk23 Dec 1968Maple Hill
SeymourCarlW.UnkNDDMaple Hill
SeymourCarlW.UnkNDDMaple Hill
SeymourCarlWayneUnk20 Oct 1958Maple Hill
SeymourDeweyC.23 Aug 191014 Jun 1983Charity Baptist Church
SeymourEugeneW.Unk04 Jul 1992Maple Hill
SeymourFrancesUnk18 Apr 2003Maple Hill
SeymourHarveyG.Unk10 Sep 1993Maple Hill
SeymourJackUnk13 Feb 1995Maple Hill
SeymourJamesHowardUnk30 Jul 1976Maple Hill
SeymourJamesT.27 Jun 193322 Apr 1999Green Valley
SeymourJuanitaUnk22 Jun 1977Maple Hill
SeymourL.B.Unk30 Oct 1999Maple Hill
SeymourLarryBruceUnk07 Apr 1948Maple Hill
SeymourLeilaM.Unk07 Feb 1969Maple Hill
SeymourLeonaInezUnk06 Mar 1996Maple Hill
SeymourLillieUnk11 Mar 1962Maple Hill
SeymourMargaretD.Unk01 Dec 1986Maple Hill
SeymourMaryUnk17 Nov 1964Maple Hill
SeymourMattieE.08 Mar 1891NDDCharity Baptist Church
SeymourNormanEdwardUnk27 Oct 1977Maple Hill
SeymourNormanUnk28 Feb 1960Maple Hill
SeymourOliverG.16 Jun 188514 Feb 1968Charity Baptist Church
SeymourRexEdward23 Dec 194006 Nov 1996Charity Baptist Church
SeymourRosieG.Unk07 Jan 1985Maple Hill
SeymourSandraMarieUnk05 Apr 1961Maple Hill
SeymourSteveM.Unk22 Apr 1994Maple Hill
SeymourVeraUnk11 May 2003Maple Hill
SeymourVirginiaUnk26 Jan 1953Maple Hill
ShackelfordUnkFemaleUnk21 Apr 1873Maple Hill
ShacklefordSueUnk31 Jan 1878Maple Hill
ShadickJohnUnk21 Mar 1903Maple Hill
ShadwickElegonUnk16 Feb 1925Maple Hill
ShaferAlfred19 Mar 186320 Apr 1920Merrimack
ShaferArthurUnk13 Aug 1888Maple Hill
ShaferB.Unk07 Apr 1875Maple Hill
ShaferC.T.Unk25 Aug 1974Maple Hill
ShaferJamesUnk09 May 1930Maple Hill
ShaferJimUnk01 Dec 1991Maple Hill
ShaferMartha04 Jul 186121 Jul 1925Merrimack
ShaferOllieB.Unk05 Mar 1961Maple Hill
ShaferSallieUnk17 Dec 1917Maple Hill
ShaferShirleyUnk22 Dec 1996Maple Hill
ShahanDawnMichelleUnk10 Jul 2002Maple Hill
ShahanHowardUnk27 Oct 2001Maple Hill
ShanahanCatherineUnkNDDMaple Hill
ShanahanJohnDanielUnk11 Mar 1980Maple Hill
ShandsCharlotteUnk21 Jun 1914Maple Hill
ShaneckDwightUnk18 Oct 1954Maple Hill
ShaneyfeltAlvieGertrudeUnk12 Oct 2002Maple Hill
ShaneyfeltArizonaJane10 Oct 188123 Apr 1963Camp Ground
ShaneyfeltCharlieL.Unk10 Apr 1980Maple Hill
ShaneyfeltClaraE.21 Mar 191704 Aug 1992Esslinger
ShaneyfeltEra13 Feb 190923 Jan 1945Camp Ground
ShaneyfeltH.G.18 Aug 190104 Sep 1988Camp Ground
ShaneyfeltHubert28 Oct 191815 Feb 1941Camp Ground
ShaneyfeltJackieUnk22 Jan 1990Maple Hill
ShaneyfeltLeelanUnk16 Mar 2006Maple Hill
ShaneyfeltLouisAlbert18751945Camp Ground
ShaneyfeltMableHilliard05 Jul 194003 Apr 2002Fowlkes
ShaneyfeltMillardW.09 Jan 190923 Oct 1991Esslinger
ShankleRachelReed02 Aug 196307 Oct 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
ShanklinS.J.Unk25 Jul 1870Maple Hill
ShannanNeelyUnk03 Oct 1902Maple Hill
ShannonCharlesUnk28 Nov 1927Maple Hill
ShannonJohnT.17 Aug 182908 Feb 1858Drake - Huntsville
ShannonJoyceW.Unk21 Nov 1981Maple Hill
ShannonLewisDonaldUnk18 Aug 2001Maple Hill
ShannonLillieUnk25 Nov 1976Maple Hill
ShannonLucy05 Dec 1894NDDNorris
ShaperLillianUnk11 May 1922Maple Hill
ShapiroSigmonUnk01 Feb 1975Maple Hill
SharblesAlmaB.Unk03 May 1991Maple Hill
SharitDixieJean13 Aug 194907 Sep 1984Bevill
SharmanMaisieM.Unk21 Jan 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
SharmanNanceyUnk03 Jan 1937Maple Hill
SharpAdaRosella18 Jun 1921NDDMadison Crossroads
SharpAliceUnk18 Feb 2006Maple Hill
SharpAllieFisk05 Oct 187001 Aug 1937Concord
SharpAndrewJackson187911 Jan 1914Rice
SharpAnitaC.07 Oct 195107 Oct 1951Cochran
SharpAnnieAnnaCraft30 Oct 186219 Jul 1947Rice
SharpAnnieR.Fanning28 May 189022 Feb 1921Rice
SharpBernise08 May 191928 Feb 1920Moon
SharpBessieA.31 Jan 189004 Nov 1911Madison Crossroads
SharpBessieLorean21 Dec 192321 Dec 1923Charity Baptist Church
SharpBettyJ.Stringer21 Apr 193812 Jan 1953Plainview
SharpBrooksC.25 Dec 189211 Sep 1944Charity Baptist Church
SharpCarlE.Unk17 Jun 1957Maple Hill
SharpCatherineW.Unk14 May 1983Maple Hill
SharpClaudieUnk04 Mar 1892Maple Hill
SharpCleveland24 Mar 188909 Feb 1910Rice
SharpCoraC.Bradley29 Feb 189229 Jun 1967Charity Baptist Church
SharpCreecy31 Oct 188521 Dec 1953Charity Baptist Church
SharpDancie29 Jan 189925 Apr 1918Rice
SharpDonaldRayUnk27 Oct 1972Maple Hill
SharpDorisMae17 Jul 193519 Jul 1935Charity Baptist Church
SharpDorothySneed09 Jan 193625 Apr 1995Concord
SharpE.W.11 Oct 185007 Dec 1921Rice
SharpEarlineParker03 May 193409 Dec 2004Concord
SharpEdgarP.26 Apr 189420 May 1985Madison Crossroads
SharpEdwardLowe02 Jul 188220 Aug 1963Maple Hill
SharpEdwardWayne13 Nov 195310 Nov 1995Concord
SharpElisabeth15 Apr 180602 Oct 1896Madison Crossroads
SharpElizaUnk05 Dec 1916Maple Hill
SharpEllen12 Jan 187205 Aug 1911Moon
SharpEly24 Mar 188513 Oct 1916Rice
SharpEmmettP.01 Apr 188625 Apr 1967Charity Baptist Church
SharpEtolyleMaryUnk08 Nov 1984Maple Hill
SharpEuniceMildred14 May 191831 Dec 1935Charity Baptist Church
SharpEvaAdcockUnk25 Jul 1924Maple Hill
SharpEverett14 Aug 192015 Sep 1981Ebenezer
SharpF.E.19 Sep 192820 Sep 1928Madison Crossroads
SharpF.W.Unk16 Dec 1969Maple Hill
SharpFannie15 Nov 187602 Nov 1966Maple Hill
SharpFannie18621942Shady Grove
SharpFannie20 Jan 185112 Apr 1916Rice
SharpFrank02 Feb 187507 Jan 1952Moon
SharpGeorgeErskineUnk14 Sep 1962Maple Hill
SharpGeorgeFrankUnk15 Feb 1949Maple Hill
SharpGeorgeG.Unk23 Mar 1988Maple Hill
SharpGeorgeWashington24 Jan 184631 Oct 1921Rice
SharpGeorgeUnk26 Mar 1958Maple Hill
SharpHannaC.13 Jan 185606 May 1930Charity Baptist Church
SharpHarrisG.Unk16 Jun 1973Maple Hill
SharpHassie28 Feb 189407 Sep 1928Rice
SharpHattieM.07 Oct 1885NDDCharity Baptist Church
SharpHenryA.01 May 191513 Jul 1915Madison Crossroads
SharpHermanW.Unk29 Mar 1972Maple Hill
SharpHuston29 Aug 189211 Mar 1925Moon
SharpIderM.25 Dec 186916 Jun 1915Madison Crossroads
SharpInfantFemale03 May 192203 May 1922Rice
SharpInfantFemale10 Oct 193610 Oct 1936Rice
SharpInfantMale20 May 194620 May 1946Rice
SharpJackS.10 Apr 193614 Dec 1995Murphy Hill
SharpJamesE.14 Aug 192015 Sep 1981Ebenezer
SharpJamesLecilUnk23 Jul 1955Maple Hill
SharpJamesR.Unk10 Sep 1981Maple Hill
SharpJamesWilliamUnk13 Sep 1985Maple Hill
SharpJamesWilliam Washington25 Jan 185313 Jun 1935Maple Hill
SharpJimmieLeeDavis21 Jul 196920 Aug 1992Green Valley
SharpJoeI.02 Sep 190930 Oct 1988Concord
SharpJoeUnk02 Aug 1917Maple Hill
SharpJohnGoodwin26 Sep 190027 Jun 1976Concord
SharpJohnJ.22 May 185805 Jun 1922Charity Baptist Church
SharpJohnL.Unk09 Jul 1917Maple Hill
SharpJohnUnk13 Dec 1932Maple Hill
SharpJosephTrentUnk08 Aug 1961Maple Hill
SharpKarenDeniseUnk14 Jul 1967Maple Hill
SharpKennethM.27 Dec 194024 Feb 1983Murphy Hill
SharpL.C.02 Mar 187427 Mar 1922Ragsdale
SharpLaura24 Dec 188110 Sep 1958Moon
SharpLeeUnk17 Dec 1933Maple Hill
SharpLelon10 Sep 191210 Sep 1912Madison Crossroads
SharpLeonaUnk06 Jun 1998Maple Hill
SharpLevandaWayne25 May 193912 May 1941Charity Baptist Church
SharpLiffordA.25 Feb 190925 Feb 1909Madison Crossroads
SharpLillian10 Sep 191212 Oct 1912Madison Crossroads
SharpLillieEstelleCobb04 Jan 189718 Nov 1933Moon
SharpLisaUnk28 Aug 1980Maple Hill
SharpLitUnk04 Jun 1965Maple Hill
SharpLouiseM.08 Nov 190511 Dec 1990Concord
SharpLuraUnkNDDMaple Hill
SharpM.A.14 Feb 185007 Sep 1901Madison Crossroads
SharpMalcolmC.10 Oct 191431 Mar 1994Murphy Hill
SharpMargaretUnk07 Feb 1953Maple Hill
SharpMarthaKatieUnk17 Jul 1979Maple Hill
SharpMarthaMattieHale Childers08 May 185613 Jul 1932Maple Hill
SharpMaryA.Unk22 Oct 2004Maple Hill
SharpMaryAldaUnk16 Oct 1978Maple Hill
SharpMaryElizabethUnk19 Dec 1987Maple Hill
SharpMaryM.20 Jun 187603 Jan 1928Glenwood
SharpMaryUnk04 Aug 1930Maple Hill
SharpMattieMay25 Apr 187826 Nov 1970Maple Hill
SharpMildredE.18 Feb 186711 Aug 1919Ragsdale
SharpMildredUnk02 Mar 1920Maple Hill
SharpMollyBarley02 Jun 191128 Oct 1984Center Grove
SharpMurphyJ.20 Sep 192012 Aug 1974Plainview
SharpNancyUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
SharpNancyUnk20 Dec 1978Maple Hill
SharpNellieM.UnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
SharpNoraO.KellyMar 19001968Moon
SharpOcieHale18 Apr 191616 Dec 2000Murphy Hill
SharpPaulHowardUnk17 Apr 1952Maple Hill
SharpPaulineUnk04 Nov 1950Maple Hill
SharpPerryBen19 Dec 191412 Aug 1966Charity Baptist Church
SharpRandellP.Unk23 May 1986Maple Hill
SharpRosannaE.Frasier08 Feb 184930 Nov 1921Rice
SharpRoy11 Oct 191915 Jul 1944Charity Baptist Church
SharpRoy17 Jan 190707 May 1911Ragsdale
SharpRubertA.06 May 192206 Aug 1998Charity Baptist Church
SharpSamuelAlleyUnk25 May 1947Maple Hill
SharpSarahCaldonieEdwards29 Feb 189006 Nov 1980Concord
SharpSarahElizabethUnk29 Apr 1972Maple Hill
SharpSerena18 Jun 181918 Jun 1895Ragsdale
SharpShellie17 Dec 189519 Mar 1908Ragsdale
SharpSindieJ.08 Aug 188820 Apr 1917Bush
SharpTerryA.26 Apr 186108 Dec 1918Madison Crossroads
SharpThomasEdward18 May 193014 Apr 1993Concord
SharpThomasUnk09 Nov 1942Maple Hill
SharpUnkFemaleMrs.Unk14 Feb 1894Maple Hill
SharpW.L.06 Jan 183103 Jan 1917Madison Crossroads
SharpW.Oscar18 Aug 1887NDDCharity Baptist Church
SharpW.W.16 Feb 186614 Aug 1912Moon
SharpWatsonM.Unk11 Jan 2005Maple Hill
SharpWilliamH.Unk05 Feb 1976Maple Hill
SharpWilliamRoy26 May 191307 Jul 1913Charity Baptist Church
SharpWillieAlineUnk03 Jun 1989Maple Hill
SharpWilson12 Aug 188019 Mar 1963Charity Baptist Church
SharpBenA.Unk13 May 1982Maple Hill
SharpOscar21 Sep 190319 Sep 1970Maple Hill
SharpeAlbertC.09 Sep 190604 Dec 1987Moon
SharpeCharlesUnk19 Jan 1954Maple Hill
SharpeDavidMrs.Unk08 Jan 1974Maple Hill
SharpeEmmettUnk26 Jun 1953Maple Hill
SharpeEraOdellUnk13 Jan 1998Maple Hill
SharpeEthelMaeUnk01 Jan 1982Maple Hill
SharpeGenevaR.21 May 190704 Sep 1974Moon
SharpeJosephTrentUnk11 Aug 1965Maple Hill
SharpeLillian01 Dec 191913 Jul 1970Maple Hill
SharpeRogerLee21 Mar 193308 Dec 1979Rice
ShasteenBobbyUnk14 Jul 1939Maple Hill
ShasteenCharlesN.Unk23 Mar 1947Maple Hill
ShasteenHughS.Unk10 Sep 1987Maple Hill
ShasteenIreneUnk27 May 1981Maple Hill
ShasteenJessUnk04 Aug 1934Maple Hill
ShasteenJohnUnk06 Jul 1973Maple Hill
ShasteenMaryLester09 Jul 187310 Mar 1927Merrimack
ShasteenMattieUnk13 Feb 2000Maple Hill
ShasteenThomasUnk14 Nov 1969Maple Hill
ShasteenW.D.Unk03 Oct 1957Maple Hill
ShaudiesElizabethUnk29 Oct 1898Maple Hill
ShaughnessyRichardJ.Unk19 Jul 1980Maple Hill
ShaughnessyRichardUnk05 Apr 1982Maple Hill
ShaverAlfredUnk05 Apr 1918Maple Hill
ShaverAnnM.Unk26 Dec 1979Maple Hill
ShaverCharlesE.Unk11 Jan 1993Maple Hill
ShaverCorneliaUnk21 Sep 1939Maple Hill
ShaverFredrickT.Unk23 May 1957Maple Hill
ShaverFredrickThomas31 Oct 192509 Apr 1965Maple Hill
ShaverHelenUnk24 Mar 1952Maple Hill
ShaverInfantUnk30 May 1974Maple Hill
ShaverSarahMoormanUnk28 May 2004Maple Hill
ShawLoisStevenson06 May 191702 Feb 1996St. Ruth
ShawLoisUnk07 Jul 1944Maple Hill
ShawMelvinLeeUnk13 Mar 1948Maple Hill
ShawRebeccaUnk16 May 1959Maple Hill
ShawRobertA.UnkNDDMaple Hill
ShawburgerMargaretUnk27 Nov 1929Maple Hill
SheadRenaMae11 Dec 190713 Sep 1966Northside
ShearinEvaS.Unk05 Nov 1930Maple Hill
ShederickJaneverUnk20 May 1903Maple Hill
SheehanMinnieUnk26 Feb 1896Maple Hill
SheelyPatrickGrayson196927 Aug 1969Charity Baptist Church
SheelyTammalaKay02 Oct 196709 Nov 1967Charity Baptist Church
SheetsC.C.Unk04 Sep 1888Maple Hill
SheetsMaryUnk28 Sep 1903Maple Hill
SheetzOscarJamesUnk24 May 1968Maple Hill
SheffeyElizabethWhiteUnk14 Apr 1891Maple Hill
SheffeyJaneUnk12 Jan 1946Maple Hill
SheffeyJohnUnk31 May 1903Maple Hill
SheffeyJuanitaE.29 Dec 190806 Jun 1977Northside
SheffeyL.Unk18 Oct 1900Maple Hill
SheffeyLizzieDeanUnk26 Apr 1894Maple Hill
SheffeySerenaHansonUnk05 Nov 1887Maple Hill
SheffieldCoraUnkNDDMaple Hill
SheffieldSamuelUnk17 Jun 1935Maple Hill
ShehanGertrudeArmstrongUnk04 Aug 1999Maple Hill
SheildHenryUnk16 Oct 1924Maple Hill
ShelbyA.Unk02 Aug 1923Maple Hill
ShelbyAnnieUnk19 Feb 1917Maple Hill
ShelbyDavidUnk22 Aug 1914Maple Hill
ShelbyDavidUnk09 Feb 1885Maple Hill
ShelbyLeonardUnkNDDMaple Hill
ShelbyMarionUnk12 Sep 1943Maple Hill
SheldonHughE.Unk12 Feb 1978Maple Hill
SheldonNicieRuthUnk21 Oct 2004Maple Hill
ShellyYanceyUnk01 Aug 1955Maple Hill
SheltonAnnieUnk15 Aug 1959Maple Hill
SheltonBradfordUnkNDDMaple Hill
SheltonBradfordUnkNDDMaple Hill
SheltonBufordUnk23 Feb 2005Maple Hill
SheltonC.D.Unk28 Dec 1900Maple Hill
SheltonCallieUnk12 Jan 1991Maple Hill
SheltonCharlesH.09 Jan 193307 Nov 1995Murphy Hill
SheltonCharlesHowardUnk02 May 1969Maple Hill
SheltonCharles31 Dec 188622 May 1966Maple Hill
SheltonCharlesMrsUnk11 Jun 1956Maple Hill
SheltonClarenceJ.Unk27 Feb 1999Maple Hill
SheltonClarenceUnk29 Apr 1998Maple Hill
SheltonClaudeW.Unk16 Dec 1982Maple Hill
SheltonCliffordUnk17 Dec 1982Maple Hill
SheltonDaisyUnk22 Oct 1918Maple Hill
SheltonDelusUnk03 Mar 1998Maple Hill
SheltonDonaldE.Unk25 Dec 1998Maple Hill
SheltonDoraDeanUnk06 May 1991Maple Hill
SheltonDoraLanier24 Jan 190928 Mar 1943Cedar Grove
SheltonE.Unk22 May 1928Maple Hill
SheltonEdwardT.Unk01 Nov 1969Maple Hill
SheltonEligaUnk09 Oct 1966Maple Hill
SheltonEmmaGertrudeUnk04 Feb 1982Maple Hill
SheltonEthelUnk12 Dec 1929Maple Hill
SheltonEulaNormaBostic06 Jul 188105 Aug 1928Miller
SheltonEvelynUnk26 Apr 1925Maple Hill
SheltonFloydS.Unk18 Oct 1999Maple Hill
SheltonG.B.21 Mar 181317 Dec 1893Ryland
SheltonGladysJ.Unk07 Dec 1999Maple Hill
SheltonHermanGradyUnk20 Jul 1962Maple Hill
SheltonHowardUnk01 Feb 2003Maple Hill
SheltonImogeneUnk21 Jan 2006Maple Hill
SheltonInfantUnk01 Aug 1955Maple Hill
SheltonJadaSusanUnk19 Oct 1962Maple Hill
SheltonJamesThomas187110 Mar 1925Miller
SheltonJamesWillieUnk22 May 1969Maple Hill
SheltonJamesUnk24 Jul 1984Maple Hill
SheltonJamesUnk09 Nov 1931Maple Hill
SheltonJohnDavid24 Mar 185509 Aug 1920Golightly
SheltonJohnS.Unk08 Sep 1891Maple Hill
SheltonLenaMaeUnk31 Aug 1998Maple Hill
SheltonLetta22 Jan 186028 Jul 1889Ryland
SheltonLucilleUnk02 Apr 1985Maple Hill
SheltonMarthaS.16 Oct 187616 Mar 1963Golightly
SheltonMaryE.29 Mar 191802 Feb 1960Briar Fork
SheltonMasonUnk11 Feb 1980Maple Hill
SheltonMattieL.Morring19091931Pleas Mount Baptist Church
SheltonMattieOpheliaUnk28 Apr 1963Maple Hill
SheltonNanUnk08 Sep 1977Maple Hill
SheltonNellieUnk10 Jun 1903Maple Hill
SheltonOpalA.Unk27 Aug 1987Maple Hill
SheltonPorter19081981Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
SheltonR.F.Unk15 Jul 1969Maple Hill
SheltonRichardUnk22 Jun 1977Maple Hill
SheltonRobertF.Unk01 Mar 1971Maple Hill
SheltonRobertH.Unk14 Feb 1984Maple Hill
SheltonRosieUnk21 Apr 1991Maple Hill
SheltonSarahMaeUnk23 Jun 1981Maple Hill
SheltonShelbyEugene11 Mar 192907 Dec 1983First Flint River Baptist
SheltonTennyUnk07 Apr 1941Maple Hill
SheltonThomasUnk20 Oct 2004Maple Hill
SheltonViola16 Jan 191615 Mar 1918Madison Crossroads
SheltonWilliamL.15 Nov 191427 Dec 1914Madison Crossroads
SheltonWillisN.Unk25 Nov 1969Maple Hill
ShepardCatherineUnk13 Mar 1876Maple Hill
ShepardCharlesUnk27 Apr 1923Maple Hill
ShepardJoeUnk02 Feb 1987Maple Hill
ShepardMaryUnk03 Dec 1952Maple Hill
ShepardSallieS.Unk04 Jun 1929Maple Hill
ShephardCharlesO.Unk27 Apr 1923Maple Hill
ShepherdDanielUnk19 Jan 1990Maple Hill
ShepherdJamesThomasUnk29 Mar 2005Maple Hill
ShepherdMargaretB.Unk12 Apr 1978Maple Hill
ShepherdMarthaA.Unk22 Mar 1987Maple Hill
SheplerHarryMorrisonUnk03 Aug 1919Maple Hill
SheppardAnnaJordan08 Dec 190001 Sep 1968Brandon
SheppardLloydUnk02 Dec 1979Maple Hill
SheppardVoncileE.Unk15 Jun 1990Maple Hill
SheppardWillardR.01 Oct 191913 Sep 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
SheppoMarkLouisUnk01 Apr 1977Maple Hill
SherbertZodieUnk04 Apr 1956Maple Hill
ShereyDorothyUnk07 Jun 1919Maple Hill
SherkWilmaK.Unk22 Jan 1982Maple Hill
SherlockSusanUnk25 Oct 1886Maple Hill
SherrillElsieMaudeUnk01 Dec 1961Maple Hill
SherrillInfantUnk15 Sep 1951Maple Hill
ShetonClarenceUnk13 Mar 1942Maple Hill
ShieldCharlesF.Unk16 Oct 1991Maple Hill
ShieldJamesFranklinUnk10 Nov 1976Maple Hill
ShieldsA.Unk25 Apr 1929Maple Hill
ShieldsBettieUnk30 Mar 1955Maple Hill
ShieldsConnieG.Unk23 Apr 1980Maple Hill
ShieldsHenryUnk25 Mar 1914Maple Hill
ShieldsMaryUnk23 May 1922Maple Hill
ShieldsMattie18991970Center Grove
ShieldsMiles24 Dec 188603 Aug 1952Center Grove
ShieldsMuseUnk09 Feb 1938Maple Hill
ShieldsNinaJoiner20 Nov 189014 Feb 1958Center Grove
ShieldsRosaUnk09 May 1925Maple Hill
ShieldsWilliamG.Unk07 Oct 1988Maple Hill
ShiffmanLeeUnk11 Sep 1895Maple Hill
ShiffmanSolomonUnk16 Mar 1894Maple Hill
ShinaultWilliamP.17 Aug 189423 Oct 1974Northside
ShinglerR.G.Unk18 Jan 1969Maple Hill
ShiphordLowisW.Unk23 Dec 1896Maple Hill
ShippKennethClarenceUnk24 Mar 1970Maple Hill
ShippeyDavidUnk04 Mar 2006Maple Hill
ShirleyGraeneUnk16 Nov 1999Maple Hill
ShirleyLauraFranklinUnk28 Jun 1998Maple Hill
ShirleyRalphUnk05 Apr 1982Maple Hill
ShirlockRufusUnk01 Sep 1937Maple Hill
ShockleyDeborahKay19531954Charity Baptist Church
ShockleyJ.D.Unk02 Jul 1998Maple Hill
ShockleyKathyJo19581958Charity Baptist Church
ShockleyRandallLouis19491949Charity Baptist Church
ShockleyRileyH.19 Jun 184504 Feb 1924Fords Chapel
ShodieJohn04 Apr 189101 Apr 1952Glenwood
ShoemakeJohnUnk14 Jul 1934Maple Hill
ShoenbergerCasandMrs.Unk08 Aug 1870Maple Hill
ShollenbergerDavidE.Unk10 Jan 1998Maple Hill
ShollenbergerMaryVirginiaUnk07 Jun 1999Maple Hill
ShomsherMaryUnk28 Mar 1935Maple Hill
ShonubiAnthonyO.25 Jun 195714 Sep 1978Northside
ShookEvelynRuthUnk04 Apr 2000Maple Hill
ShookEvelynBlackwellUnk01 Jan 1976Maple Hill
ShoresGene11 Mar 193107 Mar 2006Bevill
ShortCharlesUnk01 Apr 1927Maple Hill
ShortEarnestEugeneUnk10 Oct 2003Maple Hill
ShortElizaUnk01 Jan 1943Maple Hill
ShortHerbertUnk29 May 1942Maple Hill
ShortLeonUnk19 Nov 1924Maple Hill
ShortMargaretHelenUnk26 Jun 1990Maple Hill
ShortMaryFlorenceUnk21 Jan 1981Maple Hill
ShortMattieUnk05 Oct 1937Maple Hill
ShortMenaUnkNDDMaple Hill
ShortMenaUnkNDDMaple Hill
ShortR.T.Unk13 Sep 1921Maple Hill
ShortWillC.Unk09 Sep 1965Maple Hill
ShortWilliamF.Unk06 Feb 1974Maple Hill
ShouldersMary27 Sep 193613 Feb 1969Northside
ShraderIreneG.22 Sep 189804 Oct 1900Ryland
ShraderPaulEmonsUnk06 Jun 1906Ryland
ShraderSamuelDavid15 Mar 183706 Oct 1906Ryland
ShrewsburyKernieMelvin30 Jun 192313 Sep 2003Madison Crossroads
ShrewsburyMaryM.03 Mar 191708 Jul 2003Bevill
ShrinerBettyUnk03 Aug 1972Maple Hill
ShroederEllaC.Unk06 Nov 1993Maple Hill
ShroutAmbrosUnk06 Jul 1975Maple Hill
ShroutColemanUnk27 Jan 1988Maple Hill
ShroutLillieM.Unk27 Dec 1987Maple Hill
ShroutThomasA.Unk07 Feb 1983Maple Hill
ShubertAlonzaG.21 Dec 189123 Apr 1966Brown
ShubertDeweyA.02 Feb 190223 Nov 1985Brown
ShubertDewey19 Jun 193201 Apr 1999Brown
ShubertEdithInez10 Feb 1940NDDBrown
ShubertLizaJ.03 Apr 189222 Dec 1973Brown
ShubertRobertAllen22 Jan 191705 Jan 1984Brown
ShubertRubyB.28 May 1919NDDBrown
ShubertTommyeRayUnkNDDCedar Grove
ShubertVelmaB.09 Apr 190923 Nov 1980Brown
ShulmanRebeccaRapportUnk17 Dec 1980Maple Hill
ShulmanSamUnk14 Aug 1985Maple Hill
ShultzH.Unk26 Jul 1955Maple Hill
ShumakeJamesUnk04 Feb 1946Maple Hill
ShumakeMollieUnk23 May 1944Maple Hill
SiasLucileUnk07 Dec 1997Maple Hill
SibleyAlanUnk27 Mar 2005Green Valley
SibleyAnnaMilligan31 Aug 186116 May 1937Camp Ground
SibleyBettyUnk06 Apr 2006Maple Hill
SibleyBloomingToyCrabtree10 Jun 188910 Aug 1957Huntsville Memory Gardens
SibleyCarissaLynnUnk16 Nov 1977Maple Hill
SibleyDianeW.Unk22 Jun 1987Maple Hill
SibleyDormanWadeUnk09 Oct 1967Maple Hill
SibleyEdgarUnk18 Jan 1986Maple Hill
SibleyElsbethL.Unk20 Oct 1981Maple Hill
SibleyFannieM.Unk28 Jul 1898Maple Hill
SibleyFelixUnk20 Jun 1904Maple Hill
SibleyFrankL.Unk14 Sep 1991Maple Hill
SibleyHesterA.Unk06 Jul 1961Maple Hill
SibleyInfantFemale11 Nov 191011 Nov 1910Camp Ground
SibleyIraT.Jr.Unk04 Sep 1957Maple Hill
SibleyIraTaylorSr.Unk04 Sep 1957Maple Hill
SibleyJamesL.Unk14 Oct 1990Maple Hill
SibleyJohannaD.LewisUnk28 Jun 2000Maple Hill
SibleyJohnWilliam18 Aug 185419 Sep 1927Camp Ground
SibleyLorraineJoyce04 Dec 192904 Jan 1933Camp Ground
SibleyLutherArnoldUnk14 Feb 2005Maple Hill
SibleyMadgeStognerUnk06 Mar 1936Maple Hill
SibleyMattieElizabeth27 Mar 191817 May 1919Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
SibleyPearlA.Unk02 Mar 1980Maple Hill
SibleyRobertJ.Unk06 Jan 1983Maple Hill
SibleyRobinAnnette09 May 196211 Jul 1962Hayden
SibleySueMaeUnk12 May 1988Maple Hill
SibleyTennieAllen10 Feb 188613 Aug 1923Camp Ground
SibleyWilliamA.13 Feb 192411 Mar 1924Chandler - Owens Cross Rds
SickW.Unk29 Jun 1920Maple Hill
SidesAlbertH.Unk26 Apr 1983Maple Hill
SidesJamesSamuelUnk16 Dec 2002Maple Hill
SidesMaryUnk27 Feb 1995Maple Hill
SidickJamesGaryUnk23 Dec 1982Maple Hill
SidonsL.M.Unk18 Oct 1896Maple Hill
SieberErikaUnk02 Jan 2004Maple Hill
SieberKatherineArlineUnk22 Jun 2005Maple Hill
SieberWernerH.Unk03 Apr 1995Maple Hill
SiegelElsieCatherineUnk08 Mar 2005Maple Hill
SiegmundErinL.Unk17 Oct 1973Maple Hill
SifrittElvaD.11 Sep 188313 Jan 1967Maple Hill
SilasVinardD.Unk14 Aug 1978Maple Hill
SilerDonnaEvelynGardner28 May 189429 May 1979Maple Hill
SilerElsieE.Unk17 Apr 1978Maple Hill
SilerHarveyLeRoy11 May 189826 Jan 1977Maple Hill
SilerHarveyUnk25 Feb 2004Maple Hill
SilerJohnW.Unk13 Aug 1995Maple Hill
SilerMildredJ.Unk31 Dec 2004Maple Hill
SilvisBudG.Unk18 Oct 1968Maple Hill
SimiltonLeonardAndreUnk13 Aug 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
SimlarB.Unk27 Jan 1915Maple Hill
SimlerLauraUnk20 Oct 1947Maple Hill
SimlerWilliamUnk13 Sep 1871Maple Hill
SimmermanAnnaBagwellUnk14 Aug 1969Maple Hill
SimmonsA.Nichols14 Jun 189204 Dec 1972Mt. Zion
SimmonsAlfredJ.23 Apr 1922NDDByrd
SimmonsAnnUnk01 May 1952Maple Hill
SimmonsBessieJaneUnk12 Jan 1964Maple Hill
SimmonsBessieL.21 Mar 191828 Oct 2000Ryland
SimmonsBessieUnk07 Jun 1980Maple Hill
SimmonsBillUnk26 Jul 1952Maple Hill
SimmonsCarlM.Unk03 Mar 1976Maple Hill
SimmonsCarlR.UnkNDDMaple Hill
SimmonsCharlesH.Unk02 May 2000Maple Hill
SimmonsChesterW.Unk30 Mar 1998Maple Hill
SimmonsCynthiaCordeliaUnk03 Apr 1997Maple Hill
SimmonsDaiseyUnk11 May 2003Maple Hill
SimmonsDorisChristineUnk21 Jul 1987Maple Hill
SimmonsDorisUnk08 May 1985Maple Hill
SimmonsDorothyH.Unk21 Jul 2005Cochran
SimmonsEddieC.Unk02 Jan 1981Maple Hill
SimmonsEddie21 Oct 192614 Nov 1934Neal Chapel
SimmonsEllaPayton15 Oct 194609 Jun 1984St. Ruth
SimmonsG.O.UnkNDDMaple Hill
SimmonsG.O.UnkNDDMaple Hill
SimmonsGordonOliverUnk20 Apr 1991Maple Hill
SimmonsHaroldC.Unk06 Dec 1983Maple Hill
SimmonsHarveyC.Unk27 Nov 1973Maple Hill
SimmonsJamesAlonzoUnk24 Aug 1965Maple Hill
SimmonsJamesH.Unk03 Feb 2003Maple Hill
SimmonsJamesWilliamUnk05 Dec 1964Maple Hill
SimmonsJohnE.05 Feb 192409 May 1980Pine Grove - Harvest
SimmonsJohnF.UnkNDDMaple Hill
SimmonsJohnUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
SimmonsJohnUnk23 Dec 1951Maple Hill
SimmonsJohnnieRay18 Aug 195119 Aug 1951Ebenezer
SimmonsLarryPeytonUnk21 Jun 1972Maple Hill
SimmonsLewisN.19111994Valhalla Memory Gardens
SimmonsLorenaH.Unk19 Apr 1995Maple Hill
SimmonsLucyFrancesWalker30 Jan 185112 Jul 1930Miller
SimmonsLutherUnk09 Sep 1950Maple Hill
SimmonsMaeUnk03 Nov 1975Maple Hill
SimmonsMarthaA.I.30 Jul 191714 Jul 1986Byrd
SimmonsMarthaUnk13 Aug 1956Maple Hill
SimmonsMildredD.Unk13 Jan 1978Maple Hill
SimmonsNellieUnk13 Mar 1926Maple Hill
SimmonsPearlUnk19 Jan 1992Maple Hill
SimmonsPeterUnk26 Dec 1913Maple Hill
SimmonsRhondaUnk19 Aug 1975Maple Hill
SimmonsRoyS.Unk17 Jun 1975Maple Hill
SimmonsRoyUnk20 Aug 1959Maple Hill
SimmonsS.Unk06 Feb 1930Maple Hill
SimmonsSeptimaUnk26 Jan 1972Maple Hill
SimmonsSusanUnk20 May 1922Maple Hill
SimmonsT.C.Unk04 Apr 1978Maple Hill
SimmonsTaurUnk14 Mar 1900Maple Hill
SimmonsWillUnkNDDCharity Baptist Church
SimmonsWilliamPaulUnk24 Jul 1990Maple Hill
SimmsAlvaUnk25 Mar 1970Maple Hill
SimmsDonaldUnk30 Dec 1984Maple Hill
SimmsEloiseUnk06 Dec 1987Maple Hill
SimmsElsaUnk1949Neal Chapel
SimmsGordonW.Unk04 Sep 1958Maple Hill
SimmsLeroyA.Unk07 Sep 1990Maple Hill
SimmsMabelF.Unk04 May 1994Maple Hill
SimmsNona06 Mar 190010 Jan 1958Penny
SimmsNoraElizabethUnk17 Apr 1964Maple Hill
SimmsVirginiaHammillUnk08 Oct 1966Maple Hill
SimmsWoodrowE.Unk15 Jun 1949Maple Hill
SimoninLindaRodenUnk29 Jan 1994Maple Hill
SimonsJohnRobertUnk10 Mar 1981Maple Hill
SimpsonAmeliaUnk25 May 1892Maple Hill
SimpsonCecilClark26 Jan 192104 Oct 1993Locust Grove
SimpsonClydeEugeneUnk19 Jan 1949Maple Hill
SimpsonFloraL.18581919St. John
SimpsonJamesBradford24 Mar 195925 Feb 1984Valhalla Memory Gardens
SimpsonJohnUnk16 Nov 1922Maple Hill
SimpsonJohn181127 Jan 1876Simpson
SimpsonJohnnyUnk04 May 1969Maple Hill
SimpsonMargaretA.Dickson09 Aug 181631 Aug 1874Simpson
SimpsonMarionE.25 Nov 18461910Simpson
SimpsonMaryAgnes07 Apr 192121 Feb 2004St. Ruth
SimpsonO.Unk28 Mar 1955Maple Hill
SimpsonRuthUnk28 Nov 1899Maple Hill
SimpsonSamuelL.18481929St. John
SimpsonTommie19131962Center Grove
SimsAlbertG.Unk04 Nov 1989Maple Hill
SimsBernice23 Oct 1938Apr 1987Pine Grove - Deposit
SimsBertieD.23 Sep 191621 Jun 1997Moon
SimsCollisHoward09 Sep 191704 Feb 1966Maple Hill
SimsDwightE.17 Jul 196529 Feb 2004Pine Grove - Deposit
SimsFlorenceUnk17 Apr 1993Maple Hill
SimsHelenMorrisUnk07 Jul 1977Maple Hill
SimsJ.08 Jun 191009 Mar 1984Moon
SimsJamesWillardUnk04 Oct 1996Maple Hill
SimsJoeUnk29 Dec 1993Maple Hill
SimsJohnD.Unk20 Nov 2000Maple Hill
SimsJosephUnk28 Dec 1928Maple Hill
SimsJulianE.Unk13 Aug 1970Maple Hill
SimsMaryUnk06 Feb 2003Maple Hill
SimsMattieE.Unk25 Aug 1976Maple Hill
SimsMaudeG.Unk28 Apr 2001Maple Hill
SimsParileeUnkNDDMaple Hill
SimsRobertLeeUnk08 Feb 1991Maple Hill
SimsW.T.Unk25 Nov 1983Maple Hill
SimsWoodrowUnk13 Jun 1983Maple Hill
SimsYvonneUnk21 Jun 2004Maple Hill
SingeltonA.L.Unk31 Mar 2005Maple Hill
SingletaryMarikaFaye15 Mar 198109 Sep 1999Northside
SingletonAnnaUnk30 Jan 1956Maple Hill
SingletonEdmundAndrew09 Apr 186102 Sep 1938Mt. Zion
SingletonEmmaLouUnk15 Jun 1981Maple Hill
SingletonEvaMaeUnk15 Jul 1965Maple Hill
SingletonIdaLoreneUnk13 Mar 2006Maple Hill
SingletonJamesF.Unk14 Jun 1964Maple Hill
SingletonLeldonDudleyUnk25 Dec 1991Maple Hill
SingletonLillieMaeUnk02 Jun 1981Maple Hill
SingletonMarcelKenneth02 Jun 190729 Nov 2001Huntsville Memory Gardens
SingletonNolenE.Unk25 Jan 1990Maple Hill
SingletonOthellaMaeUnk27 Jan 2003Maple Hill
SingletonThomasB.Unk20 Jan 1983Maple Hill
SingletonThomasUnk04 Jan 1943Maple Hill
SingletonTildenR.Unk06 Jul 1979Maple Hill
SingletonWillieMay29 Mar 189421 Dec 1925Merrimack
SiniardWilliamE.Unk03 Feb 2005Maple Hill
SippleEthelineCloudUnkNDDMaple Hill
SiscoAllenT.11 Jan 190202 Mar 1978Bellview
SiscoAnneF.Unk14 Sep 1978Maple Hill
SiscoBenjamin15 Feb 185019 Dec 1931Sisco
SiscoBobL.Unk14 Feb 1983Maple Hill
SiscoCymanthiaUnk07 Aug 1999Maple Hill
SiscoEdgarLeonUnk06 Jun 2003Maple Hill
SiscoEmmettF.08 Jan 190401 May 1966Moon
SiscoFrancesBalchUnk19 Jul 2001Maple Hill
SiscoInezB.Unk23 Jan 1993Maple Hill
SiscoJennieB.Unk29 Jul 1976Maple Hill
SiscoKathleenUnk26 Feb 1988Maple Hill
SiscoLillieAnnMcLeod23 Aug 189003 Aug 1950Mt. Zion
SiscoLillieS.23 Oct 191022 Dec 1975Moon
SiscoMarthaM.Jenkins25 Feb 184105 Apr 1917Sisco
SiscoMaryEllenCombs07 Sep 188313 Mar 1917Bragg
SiscoNevaS.24 Sep 190114 May 1983Bellview
SiscoRobertElbert24 Jun 189421 Sep 1947Sisco
SiscoRubyFlorenceFowlkes15 Jan 189413 Sep 1984Gurley
SiscoWilburnOliverUnk06 Apr 1969Maple Hill
SiscoWilliamAlexander07 Jun 192826 Aug 2003Mt. Zion
SiscoWilliamBlanton12 Feb 188029 Jul 1928Bragg
SiscoWilliamC.06 Jan 187426 Jun 1949Madison
SiscoWilliamC.07 Aug 190809 Jan 1982Moon
SiscoWinbernUnk13 Dec 2002Maple Hill
SiscoZechW.24 Mar 181828 Jan 1844Massengale
SiskAnnieUnk04 Nov 1986Maple Hill
SiskB.Eugene07 Nov 193223 Dec 1966Pleas Mount Baptist Church
SiskCharlesA.10 Feb 190902 Nov 1969Rice
SiskCoraH.29 Jun 191108 Jan 1994Rice
SiskDeloresAnnUnk29 Mar 1948Taylor
SiskDorisE.Unk16 Jan 1983Maple Hill
SiskHenryHartfordUnk27 Apr 1959Maple Hill
SiskJ.W.Mrs.Unk10 Mar 1960Maple Hill
SiskJ.W.Unk04 Jun 1960Maple Hill
SiskJerryH.Unk21 Mar 1961Maple Hill
SiskJessieUnk11 Sep 1920Maple Hill
SiskJohnR.Unk14 Feb 1890Maple Hill
SiskJohnRayUnk06 Sep 1887Maple Hill
SiskJohnW.08 Mar 1860NDDPleas Mount Baptist Church
SiskJohnWesley30 Jun 183822 Jun 1915Rice
SiskJohnUnk02 Feb 1882Maple Hill
SiskKennethW.19561957Pleas Mount Baptist Church
SiskLanceGorden19411942Pleas Mount Baptist Church
SiskLouCathren09 Feb 184509 Jun 1927Rice
SiskMandieUnk03 Sep 1928Maple Hill
SiskMattieS.Campbell06 Dec 188819 May 1964Rice
SiskMinnieF.19 Dec 188522 Jan 1910Merrimack
SiskNannie14 Oct 187704 Aug 1945Pleas Mount Baptist Church
SiskNewtonA.14 Jun 192922 Oct 1988Camp Ground
SiskRobertUnkNDDMaple Hill
SiskRobertUnk09 Nov 1985Maple Hill
SiskRogerG.19571958Pleas Mount Baptist Church
SiskRoyA.Unk05 May 1983Maple Hill
SiskRufusL.04 Jun 189212 Apr 1954Camp Ground
SiskSallieP.Brown14 Dec 187430 Jun 1905Rice
SiskSamanthaUnk14 Nov 1945Maple Hill
SiskSarahUnk07 Jan 1970Maple Hill
SiskSusieE.16 Feb 190220 Jun 1978Camp Ground
SiskUnkFemaleUnk21 Dec 1900Maple Hill
SiskVinaJaneUnk17 Aug 1981Maple Hill
SiskWendellE.19551965Pleas Mount Baptist Church
SiskWesleyA.Campbell28 Feb 188423 Apr 1956Rice
SiskWilliamW.Unk19 Oct 1983Maple Hill
SiskeHalH.Unk21 Jul 1958Maple Hill
SitzP.T.11 Nov 186805 Feb 1924Ryland
SitzPete27 Dec 191316 May 1975Ryland
SivleyUnkFemaleUnk18 Mar 1883Maple Hill
SizerKennethUnk13 Jun 1951Maple Hill
SkeenClarenceA.Unk19 Jan 1979Maple Hill
SkelliamSueUnk14 Jan 1899Maple Hill
SkeltonJamesUnk09 Nov 1931Maple Hill
SkeltonLulaUnk01 Nov 1916Maple Hill
SkinitisChrisostmaEliasUnk04 Dec 1978Maple Hill
SkinnerC.Unk05 Nov 1953Maple Hill
SkinnerCareyUnk27 Dec 1951Maple Hill
SkinnerDeliaUnk11 Apr 1936Maple Hill
SkinnerDorisUnk06 Oct 2003Maple Hill
SkinnerEllaUnk06 Sep 1969Maple Hill
SkinnerEllaUnk10 Mar 1920Maple Hill
SkinnerJ.Unk09 Nov 1913Maple Hill
SkinnerMaryUnk02 Feb 1920Maple Hill
SkinnerRubyUnk07 Sep 1998Maple Hill
SkipperOttisClarkUnk18 May 1981Maple Hill
SkipworthJohnUnk28 May 1977Maple Hill
SkirlockHarryUnk28 Mar 1934Maple Hill
SkirlockRebaUnk27 Mar 1929Maple Hill
SkurlockSamUnk17 Jul 1961Maple Hill
SkurlockStephenUnk19 Oct 1923Maple Hill
SlagleCelianC.04 Oct 189031 Dec 1966Maple Hill
SlagleJesseUnk02 Dec 1948Maple Hill
SlagleNoraUnk08 Jan 1994Maple Hill
SlagleR.P.Unk18 Nov 1957Maple Hill
SlaneC.Unk13 Aug 1902Maple Hill
SlanePerdieUnk31 Jan 1904Maple Hill
SlantonJ.Unk05 May 1922Maple Hill
SlantonMaryL.Unk23 Aug 1887Maple Hill
SlaterSallieUnkNDDMaple Hill
SlatonD.Unk19 Jan 1899Maple Hill
SlatonGeorgeH.Unk25 Apr 1898Maple Hill
SlatonGeorgeUnk23 Jan 1899Maple Hill
SlatonJamesUnk15 Mar 1927Maple Hill
SlatonJamesUnk28 Apr 1919Maple Hill
SlatonJohnUnk21 Jul 1919Maple Hill
SlatonLutherUnk20 Jul 1917Maple Hill
SlatonMattieUnk10 Jan 1919Maple Hill
SlatonNaltaS.Unk26 May 1925Maple Hill
SlatonStellaM.Unk04 Jan 1899Maple Hill
SlatonWilliamUnk27 May 1940Maple Hill
SlatteryAneceC.Unk06 Apr 1996Maple Hill
SlatteryBartJ.Unk22 May 1985Maple Hill
SlattonAndrewUnk08 Apr 1919Maple Hill
SlattonAnthonyUnk15 Jul 1965Maple Hill
SlattonJames07 Aug 189326 Jun 1967Maple Hill
SlattonJamesUnk11 Oct 1945Maple Hill
SlattonJamesUnk13 Jun 1928Maple Hill
SlattonNoraUnk20 Aug 1955Maple Hill
SlattonWilliamUnk18 Jan 1949Maple Hill
SlaughterA.L.Unk01 Aug 1925Maple Hill
SlaughterA.Unk01 Jan 1997Maple Hill
SlaughterDorothyJoyce14 Mar 192829 Jan 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
SlaughterFlorenceUnk31 Dec 1984Maple Hill
SlaughterJ.R.Unk30 Sep 1881Maple Hill
SlaughterJennieUnk28 Dec 1963Maple Hill
SlaughterJohnR.Unk19 Mar 1894Maple Hill
SlaughterLawrenceW.24 Feb 190506 Jun 1945Madison
SlaughterMaryS.UnkNDDMaple Hill
SlaughterRobbieRene26 Nov 197010 Dec 1983Northside
SlaughterWilliamUnk19 Jan 1919Maple Hill
SlaughterWilliamUnk07 Nov 1918Maple Hill
SlaughterWilliamUnk27 May 1900Maple Hill
SlavenJohnE.Unk09 Jul 1957Maple Hill
SlayBessieBishop03 Mar 188927 Jun 1975Northside
SlayGeorge12 Aug 190527 Sep 1976Northside
SlayInezR.14 Jul 191311 Jul 1986Northside
SlaydenHowardAnderson23 Feb 191306 Oct 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
SlaytonAnnaMargureteUnk01 Oct 1987Maple Hill
SlaytonBobbyGeneUnk08 Oct 1995Maple Hill
SlaytonBobbyUnk25 Sep 1967Maple Hill
SlaytonBobbyUnk28 May 1965Maple Hill
SlaytonBufordH.Unk10 Jan 1979Maple Hill
SlaytonCharlesUnk31 Oct 1937Maple Hill
SlaytonClementineCountess03 Jul 185613 Feb 1940Maple Hill
SlaytonClydeW.11 Apr 191824 May 1970Bevill
SlaytonDerrilG.Unk10 May 1986Maple Hill
SlaytonEdgarR.Unk09 Mar 1994Maple Hill
SlaytonElsieLouiseUnk11 Jul 1998Maple Hill
SlaytonErnestUnk07 Dec 1930Maple Hill
SlaytonGladysLucilleUnk14 Oct 1997Maple Hill
SlaytonJ.N.Unk16 Jan 1961Maple Hill
SlaytonJohnW.06 May 187620 Aug 1945Charity Baptist Church
SlaytonLeahBeth09 Sep 196910 Sep 1969Bevill
SlaytonLucile14 Oct 191509 Nov 2004Bevill
SlaytonMaryJ.11 Aug 188024 Aug 1944Charity Baptist Church
SlaytonSallieMay08 Jan 190008 Apr 1900Charity Baptist Church
SlaytonThomasW.11 Nov 187812 Dec 1968Maple Hill
SledgeAnnieL.30 Dec 188311 Sep 1969Charity Baptist Church
SledgeBettieUnk26 Oct 1916Maple Hill
SledgeByramH.08 Feb 190524 Feb 1959Charity Baptist Church
SledgeEllenS.Unk03 Aug 1930Maple Hill
SledgeGeorgiaMae05 May 192106 Oct 1982Brandon
SledgeHattieM.Jordan06 May 189627 Sep 1968Brandon
SledgeHelenOdell191124 Jul 2003Valhalla Memory Gardens
SledgeIreneUnk15 Sep 1917Maple Hill
SledgeJamesMay19221935Charity Baptist Church
SledgeJamesUnk16 Jan 1928Maple Hill
SledgeJamesUnk05 Jun 1922Maple Hill
SledgeJim05 Sep 189204 Sep 1953Penny
SledgeJohnD.19091990Charity Baptist Church
SledgeJohnH.15 Mar 190429 Mar 1976Northside
SledgeJuliaAnn19331995St. Ruth
SledgeMarthaHammonds10 Sep 1884NDDHammond
SledgeMary19061939Charity Baptist Church
SledgeMatilda23 Apr 187324 Aug 1908Charity Baptist Church
SledgeMatildaUnk21 Jul 1914Maple Hill
SledgeMinnie19101973Charity Baptist Church
SledgePeggyJean25 Dec 193225 Jul 1933Charity Baptist Church
SledgeSamUnk22 Oct 1918Maple Hill
SledgeSamuelAnderson17 Apr 193607 Jan 1978Charity Baptist Church
SledgeSarahUnk06 Oct 1930Maple Hill
SledgeZullieB.11 Mar 190902 Mar 1984Northside
SlegarJ.Unk14 Jul 1924Maple Hill
SlinkarShirley06 Jul 194424 Sep 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
SlivettKatieUnk30 Sep 1927Maple Hill
SlizEdwardUnk10 Dec 2005Maple Hill
SloanCecilM.23 Aug 189530 Oct 1978Mt. Zion
SloanEarlW.Unk23 Apr 1985Maple Hill
SloanHomerL.Unk07 Jan 1978Maple Hill
SloanHoraceUnk02 Dec 1947Maple Hill
SloanJ.S.Unk23 Nov 1956Maple Hill
SloanJamesS.Unk25 Jan 1961Maple Hill
SloanJessieB.Unk06 Sep 1986Maple Hill
SloanKatherineL.Unk25 Feb 1989Maple Hill
SloanLomaVirginiaUnk06 Oct 1993Maple Hill
SloanLucyA.Unk03 May 1982Maple Hill
SloanRobertJ.Unk11 Jul 1890Maple Hill
SloanThomasW.Unk06 Jun 1960Maple Hill
SloanVirginiaUnk04 May 1987Maple Hill
SloanWilliamThompsonUnk07 Jun 2000Maple Hill
SlossMallieUnk06 Jun 1885Maple Hill
SlossMaryUnk27 Jan 1915Maple Hill

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