A compilation of a variety of cemeteries from Madison County, generously submitted by Steve Scott. Listed by surnames:

A’s, Ba’s, Be’s-Bl’s , Bo’s, Br’s, Bu’s-Bz’s, Ca’s, Ce’s, Co’s, Cr’s-Cz’s, D’s, E’s, F’s, Ga-Go’s, Gr-Gw’s, Ha’s, He – Ho’s, Hu – Hy’s, I’s, Ja-Jona’s, Jone-Ju’s, K’s, La’s, Le’s, Li-Lo’s, Lu-Ly’s, Ma’s, Mc’s, Me-Mi’s, Mo’s, Mr-My’s, N’s, O’s, Pa-Pe’s, Ph-Py’s, Q’s, Ra-Ri’s, Ro-Ry’s, Sa-Sc’s, Se-Sl’s, Sm-Sp’s, Sr-St’s, Su-Sz’s, Ta-Th’s, Ti-Ty’s, U-V’s, Wa-We’s, Wh-Wi’s, Wl-Wu’s, X-Z’s

The complete listing of all known cemeteries In Madison County, compiled from official U.S. Geological Survey of Madison County, Alabama.

Adams-Crutcher Cemetery Ardmore
Allison Cemetery Moontown
Arnett Cemetery Madison
Bailey Cemetery Greenbrier
Bailey Cemetery Huntsville
Baker Cemetery Maysville
Baker Cemetery New Hope
Baker Cemetery New Market
Barclay-Teney Mason Ridge
Battle Cemetery Fisk
Battle Cemetery Meridianville
Batts-Ward Cemetery Triana
Bayless Cemetery Meridianville
Bayless Cemetery Toney
Beason Cemetery Moontown
Beaverdam Cemetery Jeff
Belleview Cemetery Maysville
Bentley Cemetery Meridianville
Bethel Cemetery Grant
Betts Cemetery Greenbrier
Bevill Cemetery Fisk
Bibb Cemetery Greenbrier
Big Cove Cemetery Moontown
Binford Cemetery Jeff
Blackburn Cemetery Maysville
Blair Cemetery Moontown
Blankenship Cemetery Meridianville
Bloomfield Cemetery Farley
Bloucher FordCemetery New Market
Boggess Cemetery Guntersville Da
Bone Cemetery Maysville
Booker Cemetery Toney
Bouldin-Hammond Cemetery Jeff
Bradford Cemetery Madison
Bragg Cemetery Maysville
Brandon Cemetery Madison
Brazelton Cemetery Moontown
Briar Fork Cemetery Toney
Britton Cemetery New Market
Browning Cemetery Capshaw
Buford Cemetery New Hope
Burdine Cemetery Maysville
Burns Cemetery Farley
Burton Cemetery Farley
Bush Cemetery New Hope
Byrd Cemetery New Hope
Cabaniss Cemetery Fisk
Campbell Cemetery Farley
Camper Cemetery Madison
Carpenter Cemetery Toney
Carroll Cemetery Capshaw
Cavett Cemetery Meridianville
Cedar Grove Cemetery Maysville
Cedar Grove Cemetery New Hope
Center Grove Cemetery Jeff
Center Hill Cemetery Capshaw
Chandler Cemetery New Hope
Chandler Cemetery Toney
Charity Cemetery Fisk
Clark Cemetery Meridianville
Clark Cemetery Triana
Clift Cemetery Greenbrier
Cloud Cemetery Guntersville Da
Cobb Cemetery Moontown
Cochran Cemetery New Market
Cole-Holloway Toney
Collier Cemetery Mason Ridge
Collier Cemetery Moontown
Concord Cemetery Fisk
Conley Cemetery Fisk
Conley Cemetery Jeff
Conley Chapel Jeff
Connally Cemetery Maysville
Cornelius Cemetery Jeff
Cross Cemetery New Hope
Crowson Hill Maysville
Crutcher Cemetery Ardmore
Davie Cemetery Fisk
Dedman Cemetery Jeff
Dement Cemetery Jeff
Donaldson Cemetery Fisk
Donegan Cemetery Huntsville
Douglass-Pettus Jeff
Drake-Keith Cemetery Maysville
Drake Cemetery Huntsville
Drake Cemetery Moontown
Drake Cemetery New Hope
Driskill Cemetery Fisk
East Cemetery Madison
Echols Cemetery Fisk
Echols Cemetery Moontown
Eldridge Cemetery Meridianville
Ellis Cemetery Toney
Faith Memorial Madison
Fanning Cemetery King Cove
Farley Cemetery Farley
Farley Cemetery Madison
Fearn Cemetery Jeff
Fennil Cemetery Madison
Fleming Cemetery Moontown
Fletcher Cemetery Greenbrier
Flint River Cemetery Fisk
Ford Cemetery Meridianville
Fords Chapel Cemetery Jeff
Foster Cemetery New Market
Fowlkes Cemetery Jeff
Freeman Cemetery Toney
Garner Cemetery Jeff
Gibson Cemetery New Hope
Gladstone Cemetery Jeff
Glenwood Cemetery Huntsville
Glover Cemetery New Hope
Golightly Cemetery Ardmore
Golightly Cemetery Toney
Gowan Cemetery Madison
Graveyard Hill Cemetery New Market
Grayson Cemetery Huntsville
Green Grove Cemetery Madison
Griffie Cemetery Jeff
Groves Cemetery Triana
Hambrick Cemetery New Market
Hammond-Roult Cemetery Jeff
Hammond Cemetery Capshaw
Hammond Cemetery Jeff
Hancock Cemetery Madison
Harris Cemetery Meridianville
Hayes Cemetery Moontown
Hazle Cemetery Fisk
Hereford Cemetery Jeff
Hereford Cemetery New Market
Hewlett Cemetery Maysville
Hewlett Cemetery Meridianville
Hines Cemetery Moontown
Hobbs Cemetery Farley
Holder Cemetery Jeff
Holding Cemetery Greenbrier
Horton-Joiner Triana
Howard Cemetery Union Grove
Hudson Cemetery King Cove
Humphrey Cemetery Meridianville
Hunt Cemetery Meridianville
Huntsville Memory Gardens Jeff
Hutchings Cemetery Capshaw
Hymen Cemetery Fisk
Indian Creek Cemetery Jeff
Inman Cemetery Madison
Jacks Cemetery New Market
Jamar Cemetery Madison
James Moore Cemetery Fisk
Jenkins Cemetery Moontown
Johnson Cemetery Meridianville
Joiner Cemetery Farley
Jones Cemetery Greenbrier
Jones Cemetery Huntsville
Jones Cemetery Jeff
Jones Cemetery Madison
Jones Cemetery Meridianville
Jones Cemetery New Market
Jordan-Lanier Cemetery Madison
Jordan Cemetery Madison
Jordan Cemetery Maysville
Joyner Cemetery Capshaw
Jude Cemetery Meridianville
Keel Cemetery Grant
Kelly Cemetery Jeff
Kennamer Cemetery Grant
Kincaid Cemetery Fisk
Kincaid Cemetery Toney
King Cemetery Jeff
King Cemetery Moontown
King Cove Cemetery King Cove
Lacey Cemetery Farley
Landman Cemetery Madison
Lanier Cemetery Huntsville
Lanier Cemetery Madison
Lanier Cemetery Triana
Lawler Cemetery Moontown
Lee Cemetery Farley
Liberty Hill Cemetery Jeff
Lipscomb Cemetery Madison
Locust Grove Cemetery Maysville
Logan Cemetery Farley
Love-Wilburn Cemetery Jeff
Lyon Cemetery Huntsville
Maddera Cemetery Jeff
Madison Cemetery Madison
Madison Crossroads Toney
Manning Cemetery New Market
Maple Hill Cemetery Huntsville
Matkins Cemetery Huntsville
Matlock Cemetery Fisk
McCaleb Cemetery Fisk
McCrary Cemetery Maysville
McDavid Cemetery Fisk
McDonnell Cemetery Huntsville
Meridianville Cemetery Meridianville
Merrimack Cemetery Huntsville
Miller Cemetery New Market
Minor Cemetery Ardmore
Mitchell Cemetery Meridianville
Moon Cemetery New Hope
Moore-Holmes Huntsville
Moore Cemetery Jeff
Moore Cemetery Madison
Moore Cemetery Triana
Moore Chapel Ardmore
Morgan-Thompson Jeff
Morris Cemetery Huntsville
Mount Zion Jeff
Murphy Hill Toney
Nance Cemetery Jeff
Neal Chapel New Hope
Nelson Chapel Maysville
Nelson Chapel Moontown
New Haven Cemetery Greenbrier
New Hope Cemetery New Hope
New Sharon Toney
New Triana Triana
Newby Cemetery Toney
Nickle-Martin- Madison
Normal Cemetery Meridianville
Norris Cemetery New Market
Northside Cemetery Madison
Palmer Cemetery Greenbrier
Parker Cemetery Moontown
Patton Cemetery Maysville
Penland-Cooper Triana
Penny Cemetery Meridianville
Perkins Cemetery Madison
Pettus Cemetery Jeff
Petty Cemetery New Market
Pike Cemetery Capshaw
Pine Grove Capshaw
Pine Grove Maysville
Plainview Cemetery Fisk
Pleasant Grove New Market
Pleasant Mount Hollytree
Pope Cemetery Meridianville
Potts Cemetery Moontown
Powell Cemetery Meridianville
Powers Cemetery Capshaw
Powhatan-Toney Madison
Pruit-McCaa Fisk
Pulley Cemetery Ardmore
Ragland Cemetery Madison
Ready Cemetery Toney
Rice Cemetery New Market
Robinson Cemetery Meridianville
Rowe Cemetery Huntsville
Rowe Cemetery Mason Ridge
Royal Cemetery Madison
Russell Cemetery Farley
Ryland Cemetery Maysville
Saint Clair Maysville
Saint James Jeff
Saint John Jeff
Saint Rebecca Fisk
Sandidge Cemetery Fisk
Scruggs Cemetery Jeff
Scruggs Cemetery Meridianville
Seay Cemetery Jeff
Shady Grove Toney
Simpson Cemetery Triana
Sisco Cemetery Maysville
Sivley Cemetery Huntsville
Smith Cemetery Capshaw
Smith Cemetery Farley
Smith Cemetery Toney
Springs Cemetery Maysville
Stanford Cemetery Moontown
State Line Fisk
State Line New Market
Steele Cemetery New Market
Stewart Cemetery Meridianville
Stewart Cemetery New Hope
Stewart Cemetery Paint Rock
Stone Cemetery Maysville
Strawder Cemetery Meridianville
Strong-Douglas Jeff
Strong Cemetery Meridianville
Sublett Cemetery Moontown
Tate Cemetery Triana
Taylor Cemetery New Market
Taylor Chapel Meridianville
Thomas Cemetery Fisk
Thompson Cemetery Fisk
Tibbs Cemetery Ardmore
Tiller Cemetery Meridianville
Toney Cemetery Greenbrier
Townsend Cemetery Fisk
Townsend Coover Fisk
Triana Cemetery Triana
Tuck Cemetery Capshaw
Turner Cemetery Ardmore
Turner Cemetery Toney
Union Cemetery Maysville
Union Hill Meridianville
Valhalla Memorial Meridianville
Vann Cemetery New Hope
Vasser-Pettus Capshaw
Vinson Cemetery Moontown
Wade Cemetery Meridianville
Walls Cemetery Toney
Washington Greenbrier
Welbourn-King Fisk
White Cemetery Jeff
Whitman Cemetery New Market
Whittaker Cemetery Grant
Whitworth Cemetery Greenbrier
Wiggins Cemetery Greenbrier
Wilburn Cemetery Jeff
Williams Cemetery Huntsville
Woodward Cemetery Triana
Wright Cemetery Moontown

Posted here with written permission of the Old Huntsville Magazine. No other permissions granted.